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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, October 24, 2005

A giggly Sami gratefully accepted Austin's job offer as a personal assistant for his new start up company. Austin quickly told her she needed to accept the ground rules first. Thrilled, Sami told him she would do whatever he asked. Austin told her that the first rule was that during business hours, he was her boss and nothing else. After Sami agreed, Austin told her that the second rule was that after work they would be roommates and friends but nothing non-platonic. A surprised Sami agreed to the rules and Austin excused himself to go meet with Mickey.

Lucas got ready for work at Titan while his night guest, Sophie, complimented him. "Call if you need anything," Lucas told her before kissing her in the doorway. Down the hall, a visibly upset Sami watched Lucas kiss Sophie goodbye. After Sophie walked away, Sami strutted down the hallway and told Lucas about her new job. A smirking Lucas refused to believe it and asked who would be foolish enough to hire her. Sami eagerly informed him that Austin had hired her as a personal assistant, but Lucas could only ask her, "why?" Angry, Sami told him that Austin's new start up was going to compete with Basic Black and Titan and that they would make a great team. Lucas laughed about what a mistake Austin had made, while a furious Sami wondered why Lucas wanted her to fail. Lucas disagreed and explained that he was just skeptical. Sami reminded Lucas that only Austin stood by her after her failed wedding to Lucas. She continued that she and Austin were going to live and work out of her apartment, to which a disbelieving Lucas could only laugh. Lucas swore he didn't care about them but merely felt that in time Sami and Austin would be at each other's throats. As Sami started to leave, Lucas asked what information she had on Nicole, but Sami only told him that she had enough information to ruin her if she did not stay out of her face. When Sami questioned whether Will saw Sophie, Lucas angrily reminded her that Will was at his friend Arthur's and did not want to spend time with Sami anyway. Furious, Sami stormed back to her apartment.

At Mickey Horton's office, Nicole stopped by for her meeting with Mickey about her divorce. While in the lobby, the receptionist informed Nicole that Mickey had to cancel his meeting with her for another important appointment. Before Nicole could protest, Donald Trump walked in for his meeting with Mickey. Practically salivating, Nicole threw herself at Trump, telling him about her soon to be divorce. Unfazed, Trump walked past her into Mickey's office. A stunned Nicole stood in the lobby as Frankie Brady came out to inform Nicole that he would be helping with her divorce.

Later in Mickey's office, Mickey thanked Trump for his donation to the Horton Foundation and Trump congratulated Mickey on the 4oth anniversary of the foundation. When Mickey jokingly asked Trump whether the town's residents should make a reality show to compete with "The Apprentice," Trump responded that the town would make a better soap opera. As Trump was leaving, Nicole tried a different tactic by explaining to him her extensive resume as a CEO of Titan, but Trump once again informed her that he was not interested. Fuming, Nicole followed Frankie into his office where she informed him that she did not want Frankie handling her case instead of Mickey. A stone faced Frankie informed her that Victor was offering no alimony and no portion of his estate. A shocked Nicole swore to fight but Frankie told her she was dreaming. As Nicole grumbled about all the money she made for Titan in Victor's absence, Austin overheard while he was wrapping up his meeting with Mickey over the plans for his new business. Mickey introduced Frankie to Austin and then Austin took Nicole to the side to discuss a proposition. Austin told Nicole about his new corporation and told Nicole how impressed he was with her work at Titan and offered her a position at his new company.

After Nicole and Austin left, Mickey and Frankie discussed their new partnership and reminisced about the old days. Mickey commented about how messy the divorces of Nicole and Victor and John and Marlena would be. On the latter, Mickey said "I thought they'd be together forever." To which Frankie replied that he thought that of Jack and Jennifer as well. Switching into business mode, Frankie told Mickey that he wanted to help Jack and make sure all his insurance and business information was in order. Mickey expressed his gratitude to Frankie for helping Jack and Jennifer and thought about back when he was younger and dating Jennifer. Frankie told Mickey that he promised to be there for Jennifer when Jack died.

Back at Sami's apartment, Austin came home to tell Sami about the new executive VP he hired. Sami swore she would work with anyone just as Nicole entered the room smiling. Close behind, Lucas stopped in the hallway to express more skepticism.

At Bo and Hope's house, Chelsea arrived and asked Bo if she could talk to him about Abby and Jack. Bo commented that Abby was lucky to have a caring friend like Chelsea, but Chelsea thought Hope would still call her spoiled. Bo protested and explained that Hope was just concerned and knew that Chelsea had been through a lot of rough stuff. Chelsea was thankful that Bo was cool with everything, but Bo told her he still was not cool with Patrick. When Chelsea explained that Patrick had helped her with money and other things, Bo told her he did not want her to depend on Patrick but instead know that she could always count on her parents. Bo asked Chelsea about the $250.00 he gave her, but Chelsea explained that she already spent the money on a donation to the leukemia walk and underwear. Slightly embarrassed, Bo admitted that he did not realize how much more expensive things were for daughters. Chelsea happily explained that she had dry cleaning and her hair to pay for as Bo handed her another $250.00. After Bo asked her to promise to be more responsible with her money, Chelsea asked him to promise not to tell Billie, just as she walked in. Chelsea avoided the question by thanking Bo before heading out. Billie questioned Bo about their chat, and Bo told her that he tried to instill in her the importance of holding on to her money. When talk turned to Patrick again, Billie tried to reassure Bo that Patrick was only interested in her and not Chelsea. Billie asked Bo to trust her, but Bo responded that if she was wrong, their daughter would suffer.

Hope arrived at Jennifer's to whisk her away to a day spa to relax. Jennifer resisted but Jack insisted that it would be better for both of them if she went to the spa. Jennifer reluctantly agreed and left with Hope. Once they were gone, Jack hopped onto the computer and then called Billie over for "a matter of life and death." When Billie arrived, Jack asked her to keep another secret for him. Billie refused at first, but relented when she realized she could not let Jack down. Once Billie promised to keep his secret, Jack asked her to help him commit suicide.

At the day spa, Jennifer tried to beg off but Hope would not let her leave. After getting a relaxing massage, Jennifer thanked Hope for helping her but insisted that she had to get home to Jack and figure out what he was hiding to protect her and Abby. Later at the spa, Chelsea showed up and ordered the platinum package while Hope watched nearby as Chelsea gave an employee a wad of cash.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Billie is horrified that Jack wants her to help him commit suicide. She tries to talk him out of it but Jack won't be dissuaded. Jack accepts that Billie won't help him but wants her to keep her promise not to tell Jennifer. Billie thinks Jennifer has a right to know what Jack is planning. She tells Jack she's sorry, but she can't keep her promise.

Hope sees Chelsea ordering an expensive spa treatment... wasting money. Jennifer is affected, talks about the poverty in Africa and the terrible AIDS epidemic that could be helped by donations. Hope doesn't think Chelsea would care... and wonders where Chelsea got the money. Jennifer gets ready to go and Hope plans to confront Chelsea.

Chelsea enjoys her luxurious treatments, treating the attendants poorly but leaves them a big tip. She is content, thinking that there's more money where that came from -- Bo.

Sami is shocked that Austin has hired Nicole as his executive vice president. Austin tells them they have to get along or they'll both be out. Sami and Nicole snipe at each other but put on happy "harmonious" faces for Austin's benefit. Sami insists she'll do anything she can to help Austin and his company be successful. Austin tells them both he won't be able to pay them much to start. Nicole says she needs money for a place to live. Austin suggests she move into Sami's apartment with him and Sami. Trapped by her own "good intentions", Sami, to her horror, has no choice but to agree.

Lucas meets with Maggie before he starts work at Titan. Lucas admits today would seem easier with a drink or two but both agree that would be a bad idea. They discuss Sami. Lucas admits he still loves her, but knows they can't have a future. He has to keep his focus on work and make sure he succeeds... for his own sake... and for his son Will's.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mimi can't afford tuition. Shawn offers to ask grandfather Victor for an advance on his trust fund. Mimi will just take a semester off to save. She breaks off Shawn's kissing to go job hunting. Billie vouches for her with Gloriane, who hires her on the spot. Bo drops by with job news, and ends up accepting Shawn's plan to quit college.

Max's only garage customer, Bo, suggests Shawn run things while Max races. He can't pay for his tune-up because his money went to his boat and daughter. Bo warns Chelsea's vulnerable. Max gives his word he won't take advantage of his niece. Frankie worries Max will lose control. Max shouts that he's in control.

Gloriane gives Chelsea a massage. The latter cries because her mother couldn't go. Hope doesn't care for Chelsea's spa spending. She should save for college. Chelsea accuses her of not wanting Bo to pay for it. Hope just wants her to spend wisely. She suggests a donation to MADD. Chelsea grudgingly offers $10. Hope wants Chelsea to meet her brothers at a family dinner. Chelsea rejects her with a warning that Billie can steal Bo. Billie's dismayed to learn Chelsea's there. She takes Hope's advice to confront her daughter. Chelsea intends to use a post-dated check to buy a dress. She's sure her dad will cover it.

Jennifer and Hope wrap up a spa day. Jennifer cries over her Jack and Abby keychain. Hugs. If Billie tells Jennifer about Jack's suicide plans, he'll disappear. Before leaving, she seconds Jack's lie that they were just reminiscing. Jennifer's found a way to beat Jack's illness: diet and vitamins. Her husband doesn't think he'll live long enough for it to take effect. She tries to download her research results from the hospital mainframe. Jack unplugs the computer so she can't see his chosen suicide method. They disagree about whether to fight for his life. Jennifer wants to be there when he dies.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hope talked to Bo about how upset she was that Shawn wasn't going back to school. He's a grown man, Bo pointed out. He has to make his own decisions. The conversation turned to Chelsea. You've got your hands full, Hope sighed. The two bickered over the teen.

Chelsea visited Max at the garage. When she went to get a soda, Shawn came in. Max met his nephew for the first time and hired him to work at the garage. Chelsea overheard the guys talking about Shawn not returning to school and warned him that Hope wouldn't be happy about it. Chelsea then told him that Hope "chewed her out" at the spa earlier that day. Shawn defended his mother. Chelsea and Max went on a date to the church rec room. Shawn talkd to Mimi and learned that she inadvertantly told Hope that he dropped out of school.

Mickey and Frankie worked together at the law office. John came in to discuss his divorce from Marlena. Mickey had to go to court, so Frankie took the meeting. John briefed him on what was going on with Marlena and Alex. John said he suspected Alex was brainwashing Marlena so he could have her for himself.

At the penthouse, Alex gave Marlena a scrapbook of photos from her past with him. What about John's, she asked. She looked through the album, but didn't recall the photos. Alex hypnotized her. He asked her to sign an important document that he claimed would ensure her future happiness. She did, without realizing they were her divorce papers. She saw the Swiss clock John gave her and had a memory of him. Alex faxed the divorce papers over to Mickey's office. John was not pleased to see them. He stormed over to the penthouse, with Frankie on his heels. Alex answered the door; John demanded to see his wife. Marlena came down and heard the men fighting.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Bo and Hope discussed Shawn's decision not to return to college. Hope was very upset and accused Bo of not trying hard enough to change Shawn's mind. She also told Bo about running into Chelsea at the spa, and Chelsea's resistance toward making peace with Hope and getting to know Shawn and Zack. After discussing Chelsea's money situation, Bo realized that it was his money Chelsea had used to pay for the spa, and admitted it to Hope. She tried to make Bo see that Chelsea is playing him.

Shawn met Max at Max's new garage and the two hit it off. Max agreed to take Shawn on and possibly make him his new business partner. Shawn was excited at the opportunity. Chelsea showed up and told Shawn that she would hate to be him when Hope finds out he doesn't plan to return to school.

Jennifer continued to try to convince Jack to follow her regimen of vitamins and diet. After agreeing to take the meds, Jennifer ordered a pizza and invited Bo and Hope over. Jennifer answered the phone as Jack answered the door and someone on the other line said something about suicide, which made Jennifer question Jack.

John visited Frankie to discuss his divorce strategy. After explaining Dr. North's unorthodox methods, Frankie agreed he was up to no good and to help John. While at Frankie's office divorce papers signed by Marlena were sent over. John got upset and headed for the penthouse.

Dr. North showed Marlena the photo album of them together and told her he hoped it would jog her memory. She questioned why he wouldn't want her to look at the pictures of John and her family. Dr. North wondered to himself why she was still having thoughts of John and hypnotized her again. But when John showed up Marlena agreed to go out with him alone. John told Frankie not to let North follow them but North ran out before Frankie could catch him.

Austin, Nicole and Sami continued to work in strained conditions, with Nicole taunting Sami every chance she could get. She brought up the fact that Will wasn't speaking to Sami, and when she saw Sami get upset, she fabricated an email from Will on Sami's computer saying he never wanted to see her again. Sami got upset and ran into the hall crying, where Lucas ran into her.

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