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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 14, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, November 14, 2005

At Sami's apartment, Nicole could barely contain her excitement over the presentation to Dr. Schnitzel, and she felt that their experience working together would win them the account. Nicole again made a push to get rid of Sami, but Austin felt what occurred previously was an accident and that he did not want to fire her. Austin said he thought Sami had learned her lesson but as they were walking out, Nicole warned him that Sami could be the end of the company. Sami heard the last part as she exited her bedroom and tried to brainstorm a way to earn Austin's trust. When the business proposals failed to make sense to Sami, she went to plan B, which was to figure out how to get rid of Nicole. Frustrated, Sami took her anger out on a red negligee she found, assuming it was Nicole's. Hoping to think more clearly, Sami went out to drink coffee in the park and read her tabloid. After reading her horoscope that advised that a stranger would be a key to her future success, a scantily clad but jewelry rich blonde woman asked to share the park bench with Sami. Sami agreed and the stranger introduced herself as Lulu. The two chatted about marrying a rich boss, and Lulu informed Sami that since she fetched coffee, she was a secretary. A little depressed, Sami sat quietly listening to Lulu and when Lulu mentioned her last name was Weiner, a grinning Sami informed her that she was the key to her future.

At Titan, a nervous Lucas fretted about his meeting with Dr. Schnitzel as a smitten Eugenia tried to calm his nerves and flirt with him. Oblivious to Eugenia's subtle advances, Lucas asked her to answer the knock at the door. Instead of Dr. Schnitzel, Billie was waiting. Billie entered Lucas' office and advised him that Lucas needed her for the presentation. Lucas was reluctant but when Billie tipped Lucas off to Dr. Schnitzel's soft spot for ladies and the likelihood that Nicole would be a part of Austin's presentation, Lucas relented and let her help present. Dr. Schnitzel then entered and acted indifferent to Lucas who introduced himself. However, once Billie introduced herself, Dr. Schnitzel perked up. The two were just about to begin their pitch when Nicole and Austin barged in. A frustrated Lucas tried to kick them out but Nicole told Lucas that Dr. Schnitzel had invited them to make their presentation there since he was low on time. Dr. Schnitzel confirmed Nicole's story and after flipping a coin, Nicole and Austin presented first.

Outside Lucas' office at Eugenia's desk, Eugenia suggested that Billie spruce up in order to woo the account. Billie reluctantly agreed and once she was out of earshot, Eugenia eagerly jumped behind her desk and flipped on the intercom to listen in on Nicole and Austin's presentation. Lucas took notes and Eugenia shut off the intercom just before Billie returned and Nicole and Austin exited. When Lucas and Billie went in, Nicole forced Eugenia to fetch her coffee from downstairs. After getting rid of Eugenia, Nicole went for the intercom but Austin stopped her, stating that he wanted to win the account fairly. Later, Billie and Lucas returned and the whole group waited for Dr. Schnitzel to make a decision. Lucas overheard Nicole imagine taking over Titan and firing Lucas, and when Lucas suggested Nicole would replace Eugenia with Sami, Nicole giddily informed Lucas that Sami would be out on the street soon enough. In the other corner, Billie and Austin jokingly offered each other the opportunity to work for one another until Dr. Schnitzel came out and announced he had reached a decision. Dr. Schnitzel said he decided to go with name recognition and therefore, desired that Titan distribute his product. A deliriously happy Lucas reached for the contracts to sign, but Sami forced her way into the office. Before Sami could be escorted out, she asked Dr. Schnitzel to ask his fiancée for her opinion. Right on cue, Lulu rushed in and jumped in the arms of Dr. Schnitzel.

At the penthouse, Marlena stated that she finally knew the person she needed to spend the rest of life with. Alex said they would abide by her decision, and John agreed. John then asked to speak with her privately first, and then he reminded her that Alex's trustworthiness was in question, not to mention his ethics.

On the other side of the living room, Kate asked Roman if he was nervous and an unflinching Roman told Kate he hoped Marlena picked him because he never said he did not love Marlena. Roman then turned it around on Kate and asked if she was hoping Marlena would not pick John either so that she could have him. Kate merely stated that John deserved happiness but Roman responded that John could only be happy with Marlena and suggested they both might not like Marlena's answer.

Marlena again began to announce her decision when John interrupted to remind her that Alex had filled her head with lies and that she should not take their conversation from yesterday into account for her decision. Smiling sadly, Marlena told John that though she may not remember their past, she did not doubt his love for her. Roman interjected to ask if she doubted his love, which produced three kids. Marlena began to say that Alex was right when a stricken John asked whether she had chosen Alex. Marlena confirmed his fear by announcing that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Alex. John immediately proclaimed that the decision was a product of brainwashing, but Marlena disagreed and handed over a FAX with pictures of Marlena marrying Alex. A disbelieving John asked if she was married to Alex, and Marlena nodded yes.

At the loft, Mimi stopped by Belle's to keep her company. At first, Belle was upset that Philip sent her over, believing he did not trust her with their baby. Eventually, Belle calmed down and apologized to Mimi when Mimi suggested that Philip just wanted them to be friends again. Smiling, Mimi told Belle that she was actually on her way over to visit Claire when she ran into Philip. Belle was relieved but told Mimi that Claire was already asleep. The two awkwardly tried to chat, and Mimi apologized for taking out her anger on Belle and Claire. Belle responded that there was nothing to forgive and the two hoped to put the past behind them and focus on what they did have, like their friendship. Eventually Mimi mentioned her date with Shawn that night. When Belle asked what they planned on doing, Mimi mention a particular pizza place that Belle used to frequent with Shawn and she told Mimi that. Mimi then suggested Chinese food, but Belle reminded her that one particular restaurant was another favorite of theirs. Frustrated, Mimi asked if Belle was okay with her dating Shawn. Belle told her that a lot had changed and that she was okay with it if Mimi was. Pushing further, Belle warned Mimi that she and Shawn should be careful since they both were still getting over lost loves. Upset, Mimi suggested that Belle was still thinking of Shawn, and Belle became very agitated, telling Mimi that she was offended by the suggestion that she did not love her husband. After a moment, the two calmed down and agreed they didn't want to fight anymore. After Mimi checked on Claire, she brought down a scrapbook. Belle and Mimi were looking at photos of Claire for the scrapbook when Mimi asked Belle whose family she looked more like. Belle dreamily responded that she thought Claire looked just like her daddy, Shawn as a shocked Mimi stared back at Belle.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Startled when Belle states that Shawn is Claire's father, Mimi asks Belle what she meant. Belle insists she said Philip was Claire's father but Mimi asks for the truth. She accuses her of still having feelings for Shawn but Belle denies it and suggests that Mimi's moving too fast in starting to date Shawn. Upset, Mimi counters that rebound is the perfect description of Belle's marriage. Fighting for the rights to "Clear Visage," Sami and Billie argue over who works for the bigger company, a concern for Dr. Schnitzel. Hans takes Lulu into the other office to "discuss" the proposals but when Eugenia switches on the intercom to spy, everyone hears moaning coming from the room. They finally emerge and Hans announces that he has chosen the Austin Reed Company. Hans also asks that Sami be placed in charge of the account. While Sami, Nicole and Austin leave, Lucas announces to his staff that he intends to fight back. In spite of the photo, Marlena tells everyone she has no memory of being married to Alex. Egged on by Kate, Marlena asks Alex to tell her everything about their past. Alex describes how they met in medical school, went skiing together, and how he proposed to her in the classroom where they first met. Continuing, Alex admits they had a baby but "it's gone" and he suggests it's a story she's not ready to hear. Crying, Marlena claims that she remembers and though John and Roman order Alex to leave, Marlena asks him to stay.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Belle lies to her husband that he's the only man she really loves. In private, Mimi demands the truth. Belle won't specify, but a part of her wants Shawn. Mimi won't back off to spare Belle! Philip encourages Mimi to fight for Shawn, but thinks he's already hers. They plan to double date.

Mickey offers to tend Maggie's bar. Nicole orders a Cosmo, but Roman spills it. He replaces it and tries his own. After claiming he's moved on from Marlena, he calls Kate for an upsetting update. Nicole taunts Sami about her "daddy," who decides to enjoy a pitcher with Nicole.

Sami and Austin celebrate with champagne. He's proud of her. She's willing to compete against Lucas because focusing on work is better than fixating on a man. Austin has a surprise for her.

Lucas recalls his defeat; Maggie tells him to put down his drink. He settles for smelling it. She gives him a pep talk. Sophie offers to fool around at his place anytime. When Sami says business is business, Lucas prepares a counterstrike.

John won't believe Marlena married Alex. Blushing, she vividly recalls winning Roman's heart at strip poker, his snowy proposal, and "lighting the fire" in their chalet. Kate buys it because of the details. Marlena is sad to hurt John. Outside, a pleased-as-punch Alex gives her a book of their memories. John (again) finds computerized proof Alex is a phony.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

John has checked and can't find a record of Alex and Marlena ever having been divorced. He believes this is proof that they were never married in the first place. Alex shocks them all when he tells John, Marlena and Kate that he and Marlena aren't together because he was declared dead. Alex was a special ops agent who was captured. Marlena was told that he died and suffered her first bout of hysterical amnesia. All memory of Alex was erased. When Alex finally was found and returned, he learned Marlena had moved to Salem. When he tracked her down, he saw that she was married to and had children with Roman and Alex couldn't break up a family. When he heard she had amnesia again, he couldn't stay away. John verifies that Alex was in special ops, but that doesn't prove he and Marlena were ever married. He wants all the details of their relationship because Marlena's still his wife. Marlena says no, she's not... If what Alex said is true, then Alex and Marlena are still married.

Austin takes Sami to see the space he's considering for his offices. Sami's shocked when she sees it is Brandon's old loft. She thinks this is a bad idea but Nicole disagrees. They need a space that's more credible than Sami's place. Austin's torn; he's usually conservative, but now that they've landed the Clear Visage account, he thinks they should go for it!

Lucas is at Chez Rouge with Sophie when Hans Schnitzel and Lulu arrive. Sophie recognizes her as the "diamond divorcee.".. a woman who marries, then divorces wealthy men, bleeding them dry. Lucas uses this info to blackmail Lulu into convincing Hans to take the Clear Visage account away from Austin and give it back to him/Titan. Lulu has no choice and Lucas celebrates having stolen Clear Visage back from Austin, Sami and Nicole.

Jack is going to take pills tonight and has arranged a final, ultra romantic dinner for himself and Jennifer. They share memories and make love. After Jennifer falls asleep in his arms, Jack stares at the bottle of pills, knowing that the end is near...

Friday, November 18, 2005

An ice storm is brewing as Marlena realizes that if she's married to Alex, then her marriages to Roman and John were never legal. John quizzes Alex and he explains why he waited to reenter Marlena's life. He explains that everything he has done is to help Marlena remember not only Alex but her entire past. From the talismans to hypnosis, he only had Marlena's well being in mind. Alex tells Marlena he wishes he could give her the proof that would convince her that she belongs with him, but unfortunately the only thing he can offer her is a kiss. Marlena responds. On the terrace, Kate is chilled by the weather and John offers her his coat. John confides that he's afraid of losing Doc and Kate thinks that John might not have a choice. When the four reconvene, John asks for some face time with Marlena. Kate tells Alex she believes what he's saying is true, but Marlena will always love John. Alex disagrees and vows not to give up. Marlena wants some time alone. John and Kate start to go when Alex says he's not going anywhere.

Frankie confides in Billie about Jack's plan for Frankie and Jennifer. Billie's worried about Chelsea and Abby out in the storm. Jennifer sees the two of them outside and invites them in. Jennifer is worried about Abby too. Jack tells Jennifer that he loves her and Jennifer leaves with Frankie to look for Abby; Billie stays with Jack. Jack comments how hard it is for him to say good-bye. Billie tells Jack Jennifer will be back but Jack admits that he's already taken all of his pills...

Mimi tries to create a romantic evening for her and Shawn, but Shawn's oblivious. Mimi fantasizes about making love with Shawn in the shower. Meanwhile, Belle sees how much Philip loves her, as he makes dinner for them while he's still in pain. Philip has inadvertently made too much food and thinks they should invite Shawn and Mimi over. The duo agree and Belle witnesses Mimi and Shawn in a kiss.

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