Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on DAYS
Jennifer and Frankie proposed to each other and celebrated at a party at the Brady Pub. Shawn wanted Chelsea in prison. Kate was horrified to learn that Sami and Austin were engaged. John rescued Marlena and freed her from Alex's control. Hope realized that John and Bo were right about Patrick shady side.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, May 15, 2006

John crashed Marlena and Alex's honeymoon. He was thrown to see Hope with Patrick. John revealed that Alex had called him and that he was selling Marlena's penthouse. Marlena was surprised until Alex convinced her they had discussed it together.

Alone, Hope tried to get John to calm down, but he vowed he would stop Alex from hurting Marlena. Hope admitted that Marlena had been acting strangely. Privately, Alex went over his plan to have Patrick help him kill John. Marlena told John he needed to stop. He had to leave her alone. Angry, John said he couldn't, and he attacked Alex.

Carrie said none of Kate's designs were going to work for her. Carrie asked for some time alone with Lucas; she needed to talk to him. Sami freaked out, thinking Carrie was breaking it off with Lucas. Austin was stoic. Sami and Austin were about to leave when Carrie returned.

Carrie and Lucas announced Carrie was pregnant. Sami was thrilled. Austin congratulated them, and Sami suggested they all celebrate. Lucas put the arrangements together for a special evening while Sami gloated to herself about the situation being perfect. Sami thought Carrie and Lucas were permanently bonded, and Sami didn't have to do a thing.

Bo wrestled with his decision not to tell Hope about Chelsea's trial date. Chelsea learned the news and realized if Bo changed his mind, her life would end -- quickly. Frankie still thought Bo needed to tell Hope, but he couldn't. Billie told Bo he was doing the right thing. Frankie asked Chelsea to put herself in Hope's place. Chelsea genuinely felt for Hope, but she also noted that Zack wouldn't want her to go to jail.

Jennifer confided in Maggie about her relationship with Frankie. Maggie had some sage advice for her niece. She thought it was time she moved on, like Maggie had with Don Craig. Alice arrived, and Jennifer got all the support she needed to move on with Frankie. Little did Jennifer know, though, Jack was alive.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bo wrestled with his guilt. He ran into Jennifer, who was at his house, cleaning out Zack's room per Hope's request. Bo wasn't happy Jennifer was doing that. She told him that she was sorry and offered to leave. Bo and Jennifer talked about his being with Billie, and Patrick being with Hope. Jennifer left. Bo happened upon a stuffed leprechaun and remembered a happier time with Hope. He feared there was no going back.

Frankie talked to Caroline about his dilemma as Chelsea's attorney. While he couldn't say anything specifically, he hated that he was a part of an equation that would keep Bo and Hope apart. Jennifer went to the pub and talked to Frankie about their relationship. She admitted she was concerned about sneaking around with him. Jennifer thought they needed to take their relationship to the next level -- as husband and wife!

Jack was alive, and the doctors believed that there might be a procedure that could give him another chance at the life he deserved.

Lucas threw a lovely dinner for Carrie in honor of their baby-to-be. Austin admitted to Sami that he was jealous that Lucas and Carrie were having a child. He really wanted a family. Austin took Sami aside, and it looked like he was proposing to her.

As Hope and Marlena looked on, John and Alex began throwing punches. Patrick broke up the fight, and John wondered whose side he was on. Alone with Hope, John seemed intent on giving up Patrick to Bo, but Hope wouldn't let him. John vowed to protect Doc, and he asked for Hope's help.

Privately, Alex and Patrick were in cahoots. Alex confided that he had returned to Salem for revenge on Marlena, but since he had reconnected with her, he wanted to possess her.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sami erroneously thought Austin had proposed to her. Carrie overheard and was excited for them. Before Austin could get a word in, Sami made it worse. When she heard Austin was not ready to settle down with her, she was mortified. Lucas and Carrie gave Sami and Austin some space.

Emotional, Sami was beside herself, realizing that Austin wouldn't commit to her. She reached a momentous decision: she wanted Austin to move out of her apartment. It was time for her to move on with her life without Austin.

In a romantic gesture, Lucas carved his and Carrie's initials into the wall. They went downstairs. Lucas surprised his fiancée with lavish gifts for the mother-to-be.

John was determined to get Marlena away from Alex once and for all. Hope helped him with his plan. After John cut in to dance with Marlena, Hope kept Alex busy gambling. John got Marlena to remember their past by giving her an antidote to the drug Alex had been keeping her on.

Marlena reeled when her memory flooded back. She begged John to get her out of there -- immediately. John and Marlena exited. Alex saw they were gone and freaked out. Hope was very pleased because Marlena was with the man she truly loved. Angry, Alex approached Patrick and gave an order: Patrick had to eliminate John Black.

Chelsea surprised Max with a new designer racing outfit. She also had a custom jacket for herself with Max's name on it. Shawn moved in to work and sniped that Chelsea was not fit to wear the Brady name. Max tried to mediate between the warring half-siblings, but Shawn refused to forgive Chelsea.

Shawn had an automotive invention he thought could make a lot of money. He and Max decided to go into business together to market it. Chelsea was not pleased to see Shawn and Max drawing closer. She wanted Max to fire Shawn, but he refused. Chelsea saw Shawn could be a big problem. She realized she might need to get him out of the way.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sami told a stunned Austin that she wanted him to move out. If he couldn't commit to her, she had to forget about loving him and move on with her life. Sami wanted to find a man to love her, and she wanted to have more kids. Austin realized Sami was right. Time was flying by, and they were not getting any younger. Sami's ploy seemed to be working. Austin said he wanted to be with her and made a very romantic marriage proposal.

Kate visited Lucas and Carrie. She was floored by the news that Carrie was pregnant. She was very happy for them but was upset when she heard that Sami was trying to get Austin to propose. Kate wanted to put a stop to it. Carrie was upset. She still thought Austin and Sami belonged together. Kate said it would have to be over her dead body. Lucas had to mediate.

Sami and Austin arrived downstairs. Sami was delighted as Austin toasted his new fiancée. Kate was stunned. She would not let it happen.

Mimi and Shawn, and Chelsea and Max got ready to go to Victor's birthday party. Chelsea begged Mimi to work on Shawn, to try to get him to not testify against her. Mimi said she'd see what she could do. Chelsea knew she had made terrible mistakes, and she wanted to make up for them.

Mimi said she had done terrible things, too, and she hoped she wouldn't be punished. Chelsea realized that Mimi had a secret. If Chelsea could find out what it was, she thought it might help her muzzle Shawn. Chelsea vowed she would do whatever it took to stay out of jail, even if it meant hurting Shawn and Mimi.

Grandpa Shawn and Caroline prepared the pub for Victor's party. Victor arrived and was surprised by the gesture. Mimi, Shawn, Philip, Max, and Chelsea arrived to help celebrate. Victor secretly made a birthday wish that he would be with Caroline. In talking to Chelsea, Victor let slip that he was concerned about Claire's situation. He covered his slip, but Chelsea didn't buy it. She suspected something was going on.

Frankie and Jennifer agreed to get married. She knew it was what Jack had wanted. Frankie gently pointed out that it had to be Jennifer's decision. She couldn't be doing it for Jack's sake. Emotional, Jennifer said she did love Frankie, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, and the Brady family celebrated the news.

Jack was at death's door, but the doctor said there was a chance his life could be saved by a certain procedure. Jack didn't believe it was possible. He was sticking to his plan to die alone and spare Jennifer and his family any further grief. Jennifer had to be with Frankie already, and she deserved to be happy. News arrived that Jack was no longer eligible for the procedure.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Alex was desperate to find Marlena and John, who had taken off together. Hope still believed in John and his love for Marlena and was suspicious and distrustful of Alex. She ran interference. Patrick arrived, and Hope told him not to help Alex. Patrick and Alex went off to look for John and Marlena, and Hope alerted John. Patrick returned, and he and Hope guessed that John and Marlena were at the tent. Alex overheard.

On the beach, Marlena remembered her love for John, but the talisman prevented her from remembering what Alex had done to her. John was determined to get her away from Alex and back to Salem. Alex and Patrick found John and Marlena. Alex ordered Patrick to shoot John. Hope arrived. She was horrified and railed at Patrick that Bo had been right about him all along.

Sami reveled in being engaged to Austin. Kate was horrified and angry. She lashed out, to no avail, as Austin, Lucas, and Carrie defended Sami. Will arrived and was thrilled to hear about his mom's engagement and that Carrie was pregnant. Lucas told Kate to leave. During the celebration, Sami broke the champagne bottle and was terrified it portended bad luck.

Abe planned a romantic dinner in an attempt to renew his relationship with Lexie. Theo broke the mood by telling his dad he wanted a little brother and sister. Abe reacted, his bitterness over his impotence resurfacing. Tek arrived with reports for Abe to review and noticed the tension between Abe and Lexie.

Kate arrived and privately demanded to know what Lexie had on Sami Brady -- or what Sami had on her. Lexie denied there was anything. Kate vowed that if Lexie wouldn't tell her, one way or another, Kate would find out.

Shawn and Mimi visited the hospital to begin the in vitro fertilization process.

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