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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Kayla enjoys fond memories of Steve while Jennifer receives a surprise visitor -- Frankie. She chastises him for stopping by the night before their wedding but Frankie doesn't care. He wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Jack and Steve are headed back to Salem.

Chelsea is tipsy, and Max does his best to keep her safe, although he tells her to grow up. Chelsea shows up late to see Abby. To their surprise, Max is right outside the window. Alone with Chelsea, Max asks her to be exclusive. She doesn't know how to respond, but Abby overhears and urges her friend to say yes.

Bo has kidnapped Hope and taken her to the Horton cabin. He feels it's the only way to get her to listen to him. Hope tells Bo there is nothing to talk about. Their relationship is over. Bo wants her to hear him out, but when the subject of the evidence room arises, he realizes Hope thinks he tampered with the evidence. He says if she doesn't believe and trust him, then maybe their relationship is over.

Sami and E.J. enjoy the tango, but when she spots Austin, she falls off the pier. E.J. fishes her out. Sami is worried Austin's going to think she was cheating on him, but he surprises her and laughs. Austin and Sami dance. Lucas, with Carrie, is watching E.J. like a hawk.

Abe catches Lexie and Tek doing the nasty. Abe rails at Lexie and Tek and tells Lexie it's over. Angry Lexie thinks Sami's responsible, but we see the mysterious latex gloved hand outside the window.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The big day has finally arrived and the residents of Salem are preparing to go to Frankie and Jennifer's wedding.

In the hallway, Lucas warns E.J. that nice guys always finish last when they get involved with Sami. Carrie comes to her defense and tells E.J that Lucas just has a sore spot when it comes to Sami. Sami, of course, is eavesdropping on the conversation and E.J. calls her on it. Lucas just states that it is typical Sami behavior, and asks her how long she has been listening. "Long enough to remember what a jerk you are," Sami retaliates. Austin comes out into the hall and everyone heads back inside the apartment. Lucas warns Austin of the chemistry that is going on between Sami and E.J as they look at the proofs from the photo shoot. Austin shrugs it off. Austin talks Sami into going to the wedding.

Lexie tells Celeste that Abe knows about Tek. Tearfully she tells her that Abe plans on filing for a divorce and custody of Theo. When she asked Lexie how Abe found out, Abe came in and said hatefully, "Somebody sent me a note. I found out my wife was cheating on me from a damn note." Lexie's mom tries to talk to Abe but he informs her it is between Lexie and him. She goes up to sit with Theo. A tearful Lexie asks Abe if she could ride to the church with him. He responds with "If you need a ride, call your lover" and rushes out the door. Lexie and her mother believe Sami sent the note to Abe. Lexie vows that Sami will lose everybody that is close to her and hopes she is at the wedding.

Meanwhile, back and Jen's, everything is hectic as she prepares for the big event. She tries to get Abigail to accept her upcoming marriage to Frankie but Abby refuses. Kayla and Chelsea talk in the kitchen. Kayla knows how much her little brother cares for Chelsea so there must be something in her to like. Kayla tells Chelsea they will talk more after the reception. Vodka is delivered and Chelsea helps herself to a flask. Kayla goes to answer the door and is surprised that Jack's mom is standing there. They catch up a bit before Jen comes in. Congratulations go around. Abigail tells her grandmother that she still thinks it is wrong for her mom to marry so soon and that she will never be able to accept it. Mrs. Horton comes in and tells her that is a mistake, one she may live to regret.

Steve and Jack continue their Journey to Salem. Jack is having second thoughts about just showing up unannounced; after all, he doesn't want to shock anyone. He asks Steve for a cell phone so he can call Jen. Steve looks at him bewildered and sort of laughs stating "Like the sound of your voice won't be a shock".

Jack calls anyway, and Chelsea answers the phone. She refuses to believe Jack and is even more skeptical when Jack tells her that he is bringing Steve Johnson with him. She tells him Jennifer is busy and promptly hangs up on him.

Everyone arrives at the church including Jack and Steve, who are unaware of the events about to take place inside.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jack and Steve arrive outside the church. Jack wants to say a prayer before going home to see his family. Also, Jack thinks seeing the church will help jog Steve's memory. Steve and Jack refrain from entering, aware a wedding is going on. Jack has romantic memories of marrying Jennifer, and he's drawn inside the church.

Inside the church, Kayla has emotional memories of marrying Steve. Overwhelmed, she tells Caroline that she has to go out to get some air. As she leaves, we think she sees Steve, but it's Roman. They have an emotional brother and sister reunion. Later, Kayla places flowers on Steve's grave, and breaks down in tears. Kayla notices Zack's grave. As she goes over, Steve moves in and sees his own gravestone. Steve hears a woman crying in the graveyard. He goes to see if he can help. Kayla turns and comes face to face with her dead husband!

Jennifer and Frankie share a romantic wedding, as Caroline, Grandpa Shawn, Alice, Maggie, Jo, Chelsea, Abby, Max, Lexie, Abe, Bo and Hope look on. Abby wants to stop it, but Chelsea and Max won't let her. Hope is moved by the romantic service. She locks eyes with Bo. He prays this wedding will change her mind about divorcing him. Jack is thunderstruck when he walks in on Jennifer and Frankie's wedding! Jennifer is blindsided, as she sees Jack in the back of the church. She cries out in shock.

Sami, Austin, Carrie, Lucas and Will are running late for the wedding. Lucas warns that Sami and weddings are a disastrous combo. Austin and Carrie defend Sami.

At the church, Lexie knows she's lost Abe and wants to make Sami pay. Sami arrives and Tek takes her aside. He gives Sami the bad news: someone sent Abe an anonymous note and now he knows about Lexie and Tek's affair. And now, nothing will stop Lexie from blowing Sami out of the water. She'll tell Austin, Lucas and Carrie what Sami has done, how she forced Lexie to lie. They will realize Sami has schemed and manipulated all along to ruin their lives. Sami's life will be ruined! Sami is shaken to the core.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

At Jennifer and Frankie's wedding, everyone reels at seeing Jack alive! He had no idea he was walking in on Jennifer and Frankie's wedding. Abby is thrilled to see her father. She knew he'd come back to them! Tearful Jack breaks the bad news. He's still dying. He doesn't have much time left. He only came back to say goodbye. Jennifer is very upset. Why did Jack leave them? He wanted to spare them the pain of watching him die. He wanted Jennifer to move on with her life with Frankie. In tears, Jennifer asks why Jack changed his mind? Jack realizes there's something important he forget to tell them. His brother Steve is also alive!

Kayla sees Steve in the churchyard. At first, she thinks she's dreaming, but she soon sees he's real. He's alive! Steve knows from her photo that this is Kayla, but he doesn't remember her as his wife. He doesn't recall their child or the life they shared together. Kayla promises she will help him get his memory back. Kayla pulls Steve into a soul-stirring kiss!

Sami is on fire to get out of the church before Lexie has a chance to blow her out of the water. Lexie is determined to tell Austin, Lucas and Carrie how Sami schemed, but she doesn't get the chance. Wary Lucas can see something is up with Sami. Shaky Sami has to cover. She tells them she's upset because she just heard that Uncle Abe and Lexie are divorcing. Abe caught Lexie having an affair with Tek.

Abe comes across Lexie and Tek with their heads together. He tells Lexie she'll be hearing from his attorney.

Belle is late for the wedding because Claire is fussy. Shawn is the only one who can calm her. Belle and Shawn talk about the future. Shawn is committed to being with Mimi and having a family. Belle reads between the lines and realizes there can be no future for her and Shawn now.

Philip confides in Mimi that he's determined to have another baby with Belle. He also wants Shawn and Mimi to start a family. Philip gets the Kiriakis Foundation to fund fertility research at University Hospital. The foundation will also sponsor a surrogate mother for Shawn and Mimi. Shawn and Belle are blown away, as Philip announces that they're not going to the wedding. He got Belle and Mimi appointments with the fertility specialist. Soon Mimi and Shawn will have a baby of their own and Belle and Philip will give Claire a baby brother or sister!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Steve responds to Kayla's kiss. He's deeply drawn to her, but he still doesn't remember her or the life they shared together.

Everyone in the church is rocked when Jack shares the news that his brother Steve is still alive. They all go out to greet Steve, who is overwhelmed by all these strangers who claim to be his family and friends. Steve reunites with his mother. Jo can't believe that her two dead sons have come back to her! Abby is upset that her father is still dying. She's still praying for a miracle. Kayla confides in Jennifer that she couldn't bring herself to ask Steve if there's been another woman in his life. Jennifer assures her friend that Steve will remember his love for her and the two of them will be together forever. Kayla is saddened to hear that Jack is still dying. He is in bad shape. Lexie wants to take Jack to the hospital, but he wants to go home to die.

Hope is lightheaded and dizzy. She covers with Bo. He hopes the wedding, and seeing Kayla reunited with Steve, will make her change her mind about divorcing him. Hope is torn. Bo urges Hope to forgive him and give their love another chance. Before she can respond, Hope faints in Bo's arms and he cannot revive her!

Lexie finally gets Sami alone. It's payback time. Sami is going to get what's coming to her. Lexie will tell everyone the truth. When Austin, Lucas, Will and Carrie find out what Sami has done, they'll never speak to her again. Desperate Sami threatens and cajoles and pleads, to no avail. Lexie is just about to blow Sami out of the water when she's called away to help Jack.

Austin and Lucas talk about Carrie and Sami. Lucas warns his brother about Sami and points out she seems interested in E.J. Austin admits that if Carrie had chosen him, they'd be together now. Eavesdropping, Sami realizes she doesn't have much time left. She has to find a way to be with Austin before Lexie ruins everything!

Shawn and Philip take Belle and Mimi to the hospital to have their eggs harvested. Belle's egg will have to be artificially inseminated due to Philip's low sperm motility. Mimi will try once again for an in vitro pregnancy, this time using a surrogate. Dr. Jaynes gives them the news. As expected, there was no trouble harvesting eggs from Belle. Mimi's case is more complicated. Though they were able to harvest an egg, they're not sure it will be viable. Mimi is crestfallen. Shawn urges her not to give up, though Mimi wishes she could be as lucky as Belle. Belle watches Shawn loving Mimi and doesn't feel lucky at all.

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