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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, June 26, 2006

After she faints at the church, Bo takes an unconscious Hope to the hospital. Lexie gives Hope a physical to try to find out what is wrong with her. Hope learns about Lexie's affair, then tells Lexie about possibly moving forward with Patrick. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to trust Bo again. Bo tells Patrick there's no need for him to be at the hospital. He and Hope are getting back together. Patrick says he'll step aside, if Hope really wants him to. He loves her. Patrick goes to see Hope and she wants to talk about their future.

Jennifer and Frankie bring Steve, Jack, Kayla, Abby, Jo and Max back to the house. Everyone is happy that Jack is alive. Kayla and Steve talk, as he struggles with not remembering anything.

Jennifer scolds Jack for letting his family think he was dead. She wants to know what they're supposed to do now. Jack says they should let him die.

Max asks Frankie what's going to happen with Jennifer now that Jack is really alive. Frankie asks Jennifer the same question.

Austin, Carrie, Sami and Lucas come home after the wedding. Sami is suddenly anxious to elope which only makes Lucas more suspicious. Lucas tells everyone he knows why Sami's acting so strange.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lucas tells Austin and Carrie why he thinks Sami is acting different. She did something wrong and she's nervous she'll be found out. Sami covers but Lucas pressures her to tell the truth. Lexie arrives ready to blow Sami out of the water.

Shawn arrives at the hospital after hearing about his mom fainting. He and Bo fight, and Belle, Mimi, and Philip overhear as Shawn admits he already knows what it means to lose the love of his life (Belle). Mimi storms out in tears, and Philip predicts she will leave Shawn. He wants to know if Belle will stay with him if Shawn comes back to her. Shawn finds Mimi and she demands a divorce!

Bo and Patrick both hear the doctor tell Hope she's pregnant!

Jennifer tells Frankie she considers them married, and they kiss. They make plans to be there for Jack as he dies.

Jack reunites with Jack Jr. He talks to Abby about why he chose to stay away. After Abby and JJ leave, Jack sees Jennifer and Frankie embracing.

Steve tells Kayla about his first memories after everyone thought he was dead. He woke up in a seedy motel and went to the address on his driver's license, where he was attacked. At the hospital, he found a new lease on life and decided to pursue a career there. Jennifer, Frankie and Abby join Steve and Kayla as Jack comes down the stairs. He's decided he wants to go to a hospice to die.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sami nearly breaks down as it appears Lexie is about to lower the boom on her. Sami tries to stall but it's no use -- not even her alter ego will support her. Lexie tells Carrie, Austin, Lucas, Will and Kate that Sami blackmailed her. Curious Austin can't help but wonder why. Sami realizes she's about to lose everything.

Hope learns she's pregnant. Bo thinks it's wonderful but Hope worries the child might be Patrick's. Bo is not happy about this and confides in Billie, saying if the child is his it could help him and Hope get back together but if it's not any hope the two of them have of reconciling may be gone. Hope talks to Patrick and he assures her they'll do what's right. Hope guesses she better figure out exactly who the father is. She pages Dr. Stuart who unfortunately can't give her an immediate answer. The only thing she can do is wait.

Jack wants to die in a hospice but Frankie and Jennifer won't hear of it. Frankie is tough with Jack, telling him not to run out on his family again. Jack agrees to stay, and Abby thanks Frankie for putting her family first.

Kayla tells Steve she wants to try to jog his memory about his past. He agrees.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

After being accused of blackmail in front of Carrie, Lucas, Austin, Will and Kate, Sami attempts to turn the tables on Lexie. Furious Lexie says it's gone on long enough and is about to blow Sami out of the water when she receives a mysterious phone call from "the gloved hand."

While Lexie is on the call, Austin urges Sami to come clean. She tells the group the only reason she blackmailed Lexie and Tek was to protect her "Uncle Abe." Lucas doesn't buy it but Sami swears it's true. During this, Lexie receives instructions from the gloved hand which she's not happy about. Kate believes Lexie will set the record straight but she doesn't. The only thing Sami has done wrong is blackmail her. Kate and Lucas can't believe it. While Austin isn't thrilled that Sami blackmailed Lexie, he's believes it was for "noble" reasons. Carrie agrees, and it looks like Sami's dodged a major bullet, but we see the gloved hand has set its sight on her.

Shawn tries to get Mimi to talk to him but she still wants a divorce. Shawn approaches Belle about helping him with Mimi but she refuses. It's up to him to get through to Mimi. Shawn tells Belle he does still love her but he's with Mimi. Belle agrees; she's with Philip. Philip overhears this and is proud of Belle. Belle pledges her love to Philip. At the same time, Shawn tries to get through to Mimi, saying a lie destroyed his parent's marriage. He won't let the same thing happen to them. Thinking of keeping the truth from Shawn about Claire, Mimi breaks down and throws her ring at him, telling him it's over.

Jack has a hard night, encountering much pain. He wants Frankie to promise to stay by Jennifer's side until the end. Frankie agrees. Frankie encourages Jennifer to get some rest. She crawls into bed next to Jack and he dreams of her.

Kayla tries to jog Steve's memory with a magical mystery tour through Salem and at the end of the day, it looks like it might have worked.

Friday, July 30, 2006

Sami attempts to make Lucas, Will and Austin breakfast. Lucas takes a moment to apologize for thinking the worst of her regarding blackmailing Lexie. Sami ruins breakfast. The men go to the pub and meet up with Kate, who is intent on finding out why Lexie is covering for Sami.

Frankie and Max talking about Jack. Max goes off to get flowers for Chelsea. Chelsea and Abby talk about Max wanting to be "exclusive." Chelsea's going to say no to play the game. When Max presents her with flowers, she plays him like a fiddle. He runs out angry and Frankie follows after him.

Carrie has breakfast with Roman and Kate to discuss last minute details for her wedding. Lexie later meets up with Roman and asks him to talk to Abe on her behalf. Sami asks Lexie why she didn't spill the beans, but she deflects. Unfortunately, Kate has caught wind that there's more to this little partnership than meets the eye.

Bonnie dishes out some tough love with Mimi. She better shape up or she'll lose Shawn. Philip finally confronts Shawn on his feelings for Belle. Shawn doesn't deny that he once cared for Belle, but assures Philip that he only has eyes for Mimi now. Shawn gets on one knee and asks Mimi to stay his wife. She accepts. He puts the ring back on her finger. Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip go to the hospital to submit sperm samples. A mysterious gloved hand switches the petri dishes.

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