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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 10, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Lucas and Carrie's romantic wedding unfolds, while Sami holds her breath, praying Kate won't pull a fast one. Kate is determined to find out what really went on between Sami and Lexie. She grills Lexie to find out, but she stays tight lipped. Carrie has some wistful moments. She pledges her lifelong commitment to Lucas, but at the same time, she realizes she's giving up her love for Austin forever. She finally says, "I do" much to Sami's relief. The happy couple is cheered by the wedding guests. Sami hugs Austin -- their wedding is next, and she is convinced nothing can spoil it now. But Kate has other ideas. She will pull out all the stops to keep Sami from marrying Austin. And the key to her success just might be E.J. Wells.

E.J. recognizes the mystery woman who arrives with Max. Chelsea and Abby see Max with a gorgeous girl. Abby thinks Chelsea blew it by not accepting Max's offer to date him exclusively. Max flirts with the beautiful girl and Chelsea sees green. Max figures out his "date" is sitting on the Brady side and wonders how he could not know her. She knows a great deal about Max's past.

Kayla takes Steve to the church garden where they were married the second time, but his memory still isn't coming back. Kayla hope meeting their daughter might be a breakthrough. As they go to enter the church, Kayla and Steve run into Max and his beautiful female companion. Kayla has a pronounced reaction: it's Stephanie. Floored, Stephanie can't believe that her father is alive. Steve takes Stephanie in his arms while Abby and Chelsea look on. Chelsea is relieved to know that Max and Stephanie are related. Abby points out that they're not blood relatives. Max was adopted. Stephanie, Steve and Kayla have an emotional reunion. Unfortunately, it does not jar Steve's memory. Max is miffed to find out that Stephanie and E.J. are old friends/competitors from racing together in Europe. Chelsea secretly hopes that E.J. keeps Max from getting too close to Stephanie.

After the wedding, Shawn gets an emergency call from the hospital. Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Philip arrive at the hospital to have their embryo's implanted. Mimi will use a surrogate. They have no idea that Mimi and Belle's eggs have been switched.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Carrie and Lucas hear from Mike Horton at their wedding reception. E.J. wants Sami and Austin to focus on their business plan, not wedded bliss. Hope arrives with Patrick, and Bo arrives with Billie. Bo tries to talk to Hope but makes no headway. Meanwhile, Billie talks to Patrick who says if Hope is pregnant with his child, he'll do the right thing. Roman corners Kate. He wants her to lay off Sami. To Roman's surprise, she agrees. Later, E.J. asks Kate about Sami, but thinking of Roman's request, she keeps mum. At the same time, Caroline secretly wonders why Carrie's pregnancy is not showing. Max makes overtures to Chelsea, but she ignores him. Later, he receives a call from Stephanie and agrees to meet her. This makes Chelsea crazy, so she follows. Kayla works with Steve on regaining his memory and they share a kiss.

Mimi and Shawn's surrogate hits a snag while the mysterious latex gloved figure is about to cause one for Belle and Mimi. The surrogate is fine and she and Belle go through with the insemination, while the gloved figure watches from afar.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The in vitro takes place and Mimi and Belle are very happy. However, the mysterious gloved hand has switched their petrie dish vials and has implanted Belle and the surrogate with the wrong egg. Later, Nurse Betty realizes she may have a potential problem on her hands.

Kayla and Steve kiss and things heat up, but he pulls back. He feels lost and thinks making love to Kayla would be wrong. Kayla worries he will never get his memory back, but Steve urges her to have faith.

Carrie and Lucas begin their honeymoon night. He carries her over the threshold, telling her she doesn't feel like she's gained any weight during her pregnancy. They make passionate love.

Sami, E.J., Austin, Chelsea and Max all end up at Dune. Sami decides to ask Chelsea to be a bridesmaid. Chelsea is distracted. Max thinks she's jealous, but she covers. But when Stephanie shows up, we see he's right. Chelsea retaliates against her cousin but Stephanie remains cool. Meanwhile, E.J. tells Austin he needs to focus on their business, not his wedding to Sami. Austin agrees, but says he won't put his wedding to Sami off forever. E.J. agrees; he wouldn't want anyone else to snatch her up. At the same time, we see Sami receive a note from the mysterious gloved hand and she freaks.

Jack is near death and Frankie thinks he's found a way to save his life. Lexie thinks Frankie is incredibly selfless but notes if he saves Jack's life he'll lose Jennifer for good.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bo, Hope and Patrick return to the hospital so that they can finally have an ultrasound performed to determine the paternity of the baby. The ultrasound is inconclusive and a blood test must be taken. Later, we see that the blood test results are in.

Bonnie joins Mimi at the hospital. Mimi can't shake the feeling that something's going to go wrong with the implantation. Bonnie tries to alleviate her concerns. Meanwhile, Nurse Betty realizes that they implanted the wrong fertilized eggs into the surrogate and Belle. Later, Dr. Jaynes tells Mimi that something is wrong.

Abby goes to Dune to tell Chelsea about the good news about her father being accepted into a medical trial that could possibly save his life. When Abby arrives she finds Chelsea dancing with a hot guy, to Max's obvious dismay. Abby tells Chelsea to shape up or she'll lose Max. Chelsea realizes that Abby may be right when she learns that Max and Stephanie left the club together.

Max and Stephanie survey his damaged car. We see the pair growing closer, to the point that Stephanie kisses Max. He tells her that he's involved with Chelsea but we see that both he and Stephanie share a definite bond. Later, Chelsea apologizes to Max and they kiss, while Stephanie watches.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Belle, Philip, Mimi and Shawn learn of a possible mishap at the hospital involving Mimi and Belle's embryos. While they wait for answers we see how hard this potential mix-up is on Mimi and Belle... meanwhile, the lab uncovers something rather shocking and later, Dr. Jaynes explains the women's embryos have been fertilized by the wrong sperm. Philip and Mimi are having a baby... and Belle and Shawn are having a baby...

Panicked Sami is still reeling from the blackmail note she received at dune. E.J. senses her upset and asks her to confide in him. Sami fears if she tells E.J. the truth he'll hate her like everyone else in Salem. E.J. says that's not the case and later, Sami hands the blackmail note to E.J. Meanwhile, Lucas and Carrie enjoy their honeymoon night but when a candle sets a curtain on fire, their wedding night could become their funeral...

Austin runs into Billie and the siblings have a heartfelt talk about Billie's future with Bo and Austin's future with Sami...

Hope awaits word on who the father of her baby is. Meanwhile, Patrick and Bo have words. Bo tells Patrick he's not giving up on Hope... even if he's not the baby's father. Later, Hope calls Bo and Patrick in and we will learn who the baby's father is...

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