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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, August 7, 2006

Mimi confronts Belle and Shawn. Not only did she see them kissing, she read Belle's diary and knows for a fact that she wants Shawn back. Belle is upset that her best friend read her diary. Mimi explains that she "stumbled across" it and wonders if what Belle wrote is true. Belle covers, saying that when she wrote about her feelings for Shawn she was undergoing hormone treatments which made her irrational and emotional. She insists she's committed to Philip. Later, Philip shows up and, sensing the tension, wonders if something is wrong.

Kate returns home from a business trip and learns from Bonnie about everything that went on while she was away. She's shocked to hear about the in vitro mix-up and the fact that her son was in a bad car accident. Both women vow to help save their kids marriages.

Stephanie and Kayla share a piece of chocolate cake and discuss their relationship problems. Meanwhile a depressed Steve realizes that he misses Kayla, so he returns to Salem and asks her if she'll give their relationship another chance. Kayla responds by pulling Steve in for a heated kiss.

Sami, Austin, Lucas, Carrie and E.J. discuss taking a trip to Europe. We see Austin and Carrie stealing glances at each other. Later, Carrie tells Austin that what happened between them can never happen again. Meanwhile, Sami tells E.J. that everyone's happy, so there's no reason for her to tell Austin her secret.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

After Lucas is called away on an errand for Will, Austin tells Carrie they need to talk. Reluctant Carrie agrees to meet Austin on the roof. Meanwhile, Sami and E.J. go to the police station. Sami wants to check for prints on the envelope of the threatening note that was just sent to her. She's on fire to learn the identity of the person who's blackmailing her and stop him (or her) dead! Meanwhile, Austin tries to convince Carrie that they belong together. Wracked with guilt, Carrie sadly refuses. Austin realizes he's losing Carrie forever. He gives her one last kiss goodbye, but the kiss grows passionate.

Belle, Shawn and Mimi cover in front of Philip. They don't tell him that Mimi caught Belle and Shawn kissing. Alone with Belle, Mimi lays into her friend. Mimi won't allow Belle to steal her husband! Meanwhile, Philip and Shawn iron out their tension over the fact that they will be raising each other's biological child. Later, Philip brings up a disquieting theory: what if the egg fertilization mix-up was done on purpose? Shawn reels at the thought. But if it's true, they have to find out who would do this to them.

Steve goes to Bo with a proposition. He'll help Bo get Hope back, if Bo helps Steve get back with Kayla and solve the mystery of who erased his past. Bo resets he was responsible for taking Steve's eye out back in Stockholm. Steve says that Kayla told him the story and he has forgiven Bo. They decide to work together. Steve helps Bo come up with his first lead -- Kate Roberts.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Sami tells Bo she wants him to get the crime lab to dust an envelope for prints. Bo is suspicious, but Sami convinces him to cooperate. Sami reacts when Bo hauls Kate in for questioning. Bo questions Kate behind closed doors. Was she involved in the disappearance of incriminating evidence at Chelsea's trial? Kate maintains her innocence and Bo has no proof otherwise. Later, Kate privately assures Officer Eve that Bo will never trace the crime to them. But Eve is still worried.

The lab results come back. Sami is stunned: the only other prints on the envelope are E.J.'s! Taken aback, E.J. explains: he picked up the note before Sami did. It must have slipped his mind. Sami knows E.J. can't be the one sending the notes. He was there when she received one of them. Frustrated that she's hit a brick wall, Sami goes home (and to bed) with Austin. Sami tells Austin that she can't wait to be Mrs. Austin Reed, while he has a fantasy of Carrie expressing the same sentiment.

Earlier, Austin kissed Carrie goodbye, while a mystery figure spied on them. Later, in a private moment, Carrie tells E.J. she's so ashamed that he saw her making love with Austin on the roof. E.J. vows he won't tell Sami or Lucas.

Jennifer and Frankie give Jack good news: he's well enough to go home! Unfortunately, it's a bittersweet moment for Jack, who still isn't sure he's make a full recovery. He also isn't sure where his home is right now. Jennifer insists that Jack come home with them to recover and Frankie agrees.

When they return to the house, Jack insists on taking the guest bedroom. Jack learns Frankie and Jennifer have already been together as husband and wife. Covering his hurt, Jack says it is understandable. He's the one who pressed Frankie to be with Jennifer. Jack goes up to his room. Frankie knows Jack is the love of Jennifer's life. If she wants him to bow out now, he will. Tearful Jennifer knows she has to make a wrenching decision. Will she choose to be with Frankie or with Jack?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Marlena returns to Salem and John after attending a seminar in New York. John is thrilled to see his wife, but shocked when she says she wants a separation. Marlena assures him it has nothing to do with their love/relationship. In fact, as far as she's concerned, they're better than ever. It's just that after everything she went through with Alex, she needs time to reclaim her own life. John understands and agrees to give Marlena her space. Belle arrives and we play the joyous mother-daughter reunion. John and Marlena offer Belle tough love about her baby situation. She may be pregnant with Shawn's baby, but that baby was not created by their love. We get the feeling John and Marlena's words hit home with Belle as she plans to say good-bye to Shawn.

At the garage, Abby asks Shawn for a job. As she waits to talk to Max, she has some one-on-one time with E.J. and is majorly charmed.

Mimi stops by the garage and she and Shawn exchange words. Shawn wants her to trust in their love. Mimi acquiesces but she still wants him to talk to an attorney about some sort of custody arrangement. Shawn isn't so keen on this, but before they can get into it further Belle arrives. She apologizes to Mimi for her actions and tells Shawn she wants to say good-bye.

E.J. offers to help Carrie and Lucas rebuild their apartment. Meanwhile, Austin wants to move up his wedding plans to Sami. She's thrilled! They tell Lucas and Carrie the good news. Carrie's taken aback and privately upset.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Belle and Shawn have a heart-to-heart and the two former lovers say good-bye. Shawn thinks it's for the best and Belle returns the ring he gave her, years earlier. Belle feels Mimi deserves to wear it now. Meanwhile, Mimi talks to Philip about the possible custody agreement and he thinks it's the right thing to do.

Marlena and John make love. John tries to talk to her about their separation but she won't hear it. She needs to do this on her own. Later, Marlena goes to work where we find out she intends to start an empowerment group for women. When Roman stops by to say hello, she tells him about her separation from John and what she hopes to gain from it. Roman wishes her luck and promises to support her any way that he can.

Jennifer dotes on a sick Jack and Frankie witnesses their connection. Later, Frankie and Max talk about his future with Jennifer. Frankie vows to fight for the woman he loves if Jack comes out of remission. Meanwhile, Jack tells Jennifer he's optimistic about living. This is music to her ears. When Abby arrives home we learn she got the job at Max's Garage.

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