Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on DAYS
Hope served Bo with divorce papers. Frankie interfered with Jennifer and Jack's reconciliation. Bo disowned Chelsea for ruining his marriage. Sami prepared for her wedding day. Chelsea learned that Shawn was Claire's biological father. Abe told Lexie that their marriage was over, and he planned to sue for full custody of Theo.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on DAYS
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Monday, August 14, 2006

It was a day before their wedding, and Sami and Austin were scrambling to finalize their plans. E.J. stopped by the apartment and pitched an idea that would involve him, Austin, and Kate going into business together, a business in which they promoted a celebrity racecar driver. Later, E.J. approached Stephanie about being that driver.

Chelsea learned that her community service job would entail working in the hospital file room. Later, when she went to Max's garage to sulk, she found him with Stephanie. Meanwhile, when E.J. approached Stephanie about the "opportunity," it clearly didn't sit well with Max.

Patrick comforted Hope after learning that she had decided to proceed with her plans to divorce Bo. Patrick had plans of his own; he wanted the two of them to move forward in their relationship. Later, Patrick told Hope he'd like to become a cop. Hope encouraged him, and Bo entered the house and found the two in an embrace.

At the pub, Bo, Steve, Billie, and Kayla had an enjoyable time playing darts, and there were subtle hints of chemistry between Steve and Billie. Later, Steve called Kayla "sweetness," which made it seem as if he might be regaining his memory. Also, Bo was served divorce papers and stormed out of the pub.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sami was on a roll, making last-minute arrangements for her wedding to Austin. Kate was desperate for a way to stop it. Sami and Austin went to the hospital to invite guests in person. Austin invited Lexie, and Sami inwardly freaked out. Lexie, however, turned down the invite. She had something important to do that would change a lot of lives.

Sami was terrified that Lexie planned to sabotage the wedding. Later, Sami realized she couldn't stay with Austin that night, so E.J. gallantly offered to let her stay with him. Sami eagerly accepted. As Sami went off with E.J., it was clear Austin was not a happy camper.

E.J. convinced Stephanie to sign on with the company he was starting with Austin and Kate. Lucas overheard Stephanie on the phone and tried to talk her out of signing with the competition. Working with Kate and E.J. was a bad idea. Kate interrupted. She wanted Lucas to help her stop Sami and Austin's wedding. Lucas vowed that if his mother lifted a finger against Sami, she would lose two of her sons.

An angry Bo showed Hope the ripped-up court summons. He vowed to fight the divorce, but Hope was resolved to go through with it. Patrick told Bo that he was applying to the police academy. Bo reacted by saying it would only happen over his dead body.

Later, when Bo was alone with Hope, he realized someone had to have changed his email reply when Hope had first asked for a divorce. Bo had never agreed. He loved Hope, and he'd fight for their marriage. Bo realized Chelsea had changed the email. He asked if that changed Hope's mind about the divorce. Emotionally, Hope shook her head. Too much had happened.

John worked undercover to help Bo prove he hadn't stolen evidence to clear Chelsea. Zeroing in on Officer Eve as a suspect, John asked her out on a date. Kate overheard. She was stunned -- and inwardly pleased -- when she heard that John and Marlena had separated. However, she was wary about John getting to know Eve.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

E.J. surprised Sami with a romantic dinner for two to celebrate on the eve of her wedding. He gave her a lovely pair of pearl earrings in oyster shells. While he helped her eat the oysters, Sami spilled dipping sauce all over their clothes. E.J. suggested they change.

When Austin stopped over to say goodnight to Sami, he found her and E.J. half-naked, Sami explained about the dipping sauce and tried to laugh it off, but Austin wasn't amused. Sami promised Austin she was faithful to him, and they kissed passionately. After Austin left, the gloved figure lurked outside Sami's apartment.

At Dune, Bo bought Steve a beer. They saw John on his date with Officer Eve. John kept trying to make inroads with Eve, but she was guarded after Kate had warned her about John. John did get Eve to commit to another date.

Hope and Kayla caught up and revealed their old closeness. But there was one sticking point: the subject of Bo. Hope was determined to go ahead with the divorce while Kayla wished she'd reconsider. Later, Patrick arrived, and Hope quizzed him on his police academy material. When she showed him how to cuff a suspect, they got cuffed together without a key. They were forced to go to the Salem Police Station, where Bo was less than thrilled to see the two in such a compromising position.

Steve ran into Stephanie at Dune, where she was celebrating her business deal as spokesperson for E.J., Kate, and Austin's company. Steve was proud of her. He said he'd be in the front row, cheering his daughter. Emotionally, Steve hugged her and vowed that from that point on, he'd always be there for his little girl.

Billie worked on her self-esteem as a single woman. She thought Chelsea needed to work on hers, as well, and concentrate on her community service work. It was time for Chelsea to do good deeds for others. A selfish Chelsea was skeptical.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Abby wanted to throw a picnic for Jack and Jennifer. Unfortunately, Jennifer had plans with Frankie; they were going to Sami's wedding. Abby tried to persuade her mom to change her plans, but Jack urged her not to. Upset, Abby told her dad that she was going to hang out with E.J. instead.

Jack reacted; he didn't want Abby near E.J. Jack remembered meeting him in Europe and thought it was best if Abby steered clear. The guy didn't exactly have a great reputation. Jennifer stepped in, but Abby insulted her and exited. Later, Jennifer and Jack shared a close moment, and it was obvious both were still very affected by each other.

Billie and Chelsea were at the pub, having dinner. Chelsea called Max and wanted to blow off her shift at the hospital, but Billie urged her daughter to do the right thing. Later, Lexie arrived, and Billie invited her to join them. Lexie talked about her situation with Abe, and it was obvious how much it had truly affected her. Abe arrived but froze her out. Lexie tried talking to him, but it was no use. He warned her that he intended to proceed with the divorce as well as custody of Theo.

At the hospital Chelsea was facing a pile of reports when Abby called her, venting about her mom. Distracted, Chelsea failed to see the mysterious gloved figure place a folder on her stack. Later, she saw the folder was marked, "Claire Kiriakis." She opened it and was stunned by the contents.

Mimi, Belle, Shawn, and Philip discussed a custody agreement pertaining to their babies. Shawn and Belle weren't thrilled about it, but Philip thought it was a good idea. Talks broke down, and Shawn stormed out, followed later by Philip. Mimi and Belle were left together, and it was unclear if they were ever going to reach a resolution.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Belle and Mimi, still at odds after the custody argument, worried that they hadn't heard from Shawn and Philip. It turned out the guys were at the pub, trying to figure out a solution to their problems. Philip thought Shawn and Mimi should move away from Salem. Shawn refused. Instead of a fistfight, the boys battled it out in a drinking contest. Shawn "won," but when he got home, he passed out. When Mimi found Shawn, he was unconscious.

Bo confronted Chelsea about changing the email he'd sent to Hope. Because of Chelsea, Bo and Hope's marriage was falling apart. Billie was furious when she heard what Chelsea had done. Bo vowed he would have nothing to do with Chelsea if she kept acting in selfish and destructive ways. Chelsea ran out in tears. Later, Chelsea ran into Belle at the garage. Seeing Belle with Claire, and knowing that Shawn was the baby's father, made Chelsea realize it was time for her to do the right thing.

Caroline tried to convince Bo and Hope to attend Sami's wedding together. Hope refused. They were getting divorced. In private, Bo tried to change Hope's mind. He reminded her about Chelsea changing the emails. He would not give up on a future with Hope.

Later, when Bo was with Billie, she wondered if he'd meant what he'd said to Chelsea about kicking her out of his life. Bo was firm: unless Chelsea cleaned up her act, he was washing his hands of her.

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