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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Marlena and Belle are stunned that a comatose John won't let go of Belle's hand. The doctor checks John's vital signs and determines that he's responding to Belle's voice. He gets John to signal his awareness by moving a finger. Marlena takes over and gets John to open his eyes. Belle asks if John remembers coming to her in a dream, telling her Claire is alive -- is it true? John nods yes. He still can't speak, but he later writes on a pad that he'd like a toothbrush so he can kiss his wife.

Willow confronts Shawn with proof that he's the father of her baby -- the results of a DNA test from an amnio she had in prison. Shawn finally believes her, but she says she doesn't want him to be part of her baby's life. She has someone else to take care of her and Shawn didn't exactly do a great job with Claire. Hope intervenes, telling Willow to stop using her baby for her own selfish needs. Shawn wants to be part of the baby's life, but all Willow wants is for the Bradys to keep her out of jail. Shawn and Hope claim they can't do that, but Willow knows they have a lot of influence. After Willow goes, Hope advises Shawn to tell Belle about the baby.

Tony reveals he intends to take Sami's fetus for stem cells. E.J. defies him and leads Sami out. Tony orders his gunman to stop them, but when E.J. calls his bluff, he lets them go.

In the car, Sami can't believe Tony didn't shoot them, but E.J. knew he would never kill Stefano's favorite son. Sami worries her whole family is in danger now, but E.J. is sure Stefano won't hurt her or his unborn grandchild, even if it is half-Brady. Sami suggests it's time for a truce between the two families and challenges E.J. to bring a proposal to Stefano: if he guarantees peace between the Bradys and DiMeras, she'll let him extract stem cells from her baby. E.J. agrees to take her offer to his father, and tells her once again how amazing he thinks she is.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stephanie tells Chelsea she wants to go to Salem U. and has an idea for the two of them to make money as flight attendants during the summer. Stephanie's boyfriend is starting a shuttle business between Salem and Las Vegas. Chelsea hesitates because of Nick.

Meanwhile, Willow wants Nick to give her a check and sign a lease for an apartment. Nick refuses to pay. Willow knows Chelsea is behind his change in attitude, and she threatens to have her lawyer investigate the missing hairbrush. Nick relents. Willow kisses him and he tells her to stop acting like a whore. Later, Nick visits Chelsea and tells her about caving into Willow's threat. In private, Chelsea tells Stephanie she will take the flight attendant job.

Marlena and Hope visit a recovering John. Roman asks if John can identify E.J. as his shooter. John shakes his head no, he doesn't remember what happened at the boathouse. Later, during an exam, John surprisingly regains his voice. The doctor tells Marlena there may be side effects of the trauma, but she can take John home. Alone, Hope and John share a tender moment, and Bo is also reunited with his friend.

Belle is upbeat about Claire, but Shawn is skeptical that their daughter survived. Philip says he'd like to believe Claire is alive. Bo arrives at Belle's hospital room with a paper bag and takes out Claire's life vest, which was recovered. They all notice that the vest, with the tracking device, was cut off of Claire. It appears she might still be alive and has been kidnapped! Later, Shawn tells Belle that Willow is pregnant with his baby.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tony tells E.J. that Stefano will not end the vendetta in exchange for stems cells from Sami's unborn child. Stefano will get the stem cells no matter what and Sami will pay for her mistake. Tony taunts that E.J. is no longer under Stefano's protection.

At the pub, Sami tells Lucas about the deal she made with E.J.: Stefano would get stem cells from her baby in exchange for dropping his vendetta against the Bradys. Lucas thinks she's out of her mind.

Marlena, John, Bo and Hope arrive at the pub. Sami is overjoyed to see that John is out of his coma. Lucas tells them about Sami's attempt to cut a deal with the DiMeras. Sami tries to convince everyone to let her handle this her way. E.J. calls Sami and says he needs to meet with her. Under pressure from Bo, Sami reluctantly asks E.J. to come to the pub so Bo can surprise him and take him in for questioning. John hides so he can be sprung on E.J. later. E.J. arrives and Bo tells him he's taking him down to the station. In private, E.J. tells Sami his family didn't go for her deal. Worse than that, both she and E.J. are now in danger.

Willow is moving into her new place when Philip drops by to ask her to play fair with Shawn about their baby. Willow thinks Philip wants her to distract Shawn with parenthood so Philip can move in on Belle.

Meanwhile, Belle is upset that Shawn is the father of Willow's baby and is scared she will use the new baby to manipulate him. Shawn swears he'll keep Willow in check. Reassured, Belle tells Shawn she will welcome his new child. Belle and Shawn are locked in a kiss when Philip enters. Shawn leaves to talk to Willow. Philip tells Belle he asked Willow to be cool with Shawn. Belle is grateful, and she's even more so when Philip tells her he's started a massive search effort to find Claire. Philip invites Belle and Shawn to live with him at the Kiriakis Mansion while the search goes on. Meanwhile, Shawn is surprised to find Willow receptive to the idea of him being a father to their child. He's taken aback when Willow warns him not to trust Philip.

Thursday, June 31, 2007

Bo takes E.J. down to the police station for questioning while Marlena, Hope and Sami discuss the long-standing feud between the families, wondering where and why it began. This reminds Sami of the letter she and Lucas discovered at the DiMera estate in New Orleans. She retrieves the letter and Hope, who speaks some Italian, is able to tell Sami and Marlena that the letter was written by Santo DiMera on his death bed to his son, Stefano. Apparently, Santo had been in love with a woman, but she was taken away from him. Hope also makes out the word "Brady" in the letter -- but that's all she can read. Sami leaves with the letter to have it translated by an Italian teacher at Salem U. -- but she is waylaid outside the pub by Tony's henchman, Bart, who drugs her and then locks her inside her car -- as a hose pumps in gas fumes.

At the police station, E.J. is stunned when John walks through the door and tells him he remembers what happened at the boathouse. E.J. doesn't fall for John's bluff and says if he is intimating that he was the one who shot him, his memory has been affected by the coma. E.J. warns that Sami's life will be in danger if he's locked up and not around to help her. He explains that Tony intends to take Sami's baby from her and kill her -- but E.J. is trying to get to his father and persuade him to stop Tony. Lucas calls Sami, but is unable to reach her. At the same time, E.J. gets a call on his cell and then bolts out the door.

Shawn learns that Philip wants him and Belle to move into the Kiriakis Mansion. Philip feels it will facilitate the search for Claire because the three of them can work on the case twenty-four/seven. Shawn balks at the idea and tells Philip he doesn't want to be in debt to him. He's not talking about a monetary debt; he's referring to an emotional debt. Shawn feels if he accepts Philip's generosity, Philip will have the upper hand. When Philip leaves, Shawn divulges the real reason he doesn't want to move into the Kiriakis place: he doesn't trust Philip. Belle tries to persuade Shawn that he can put his faith in Philip by revealing that Philip talked to Willow on Shawn's behalf. Belle finally compromises with Shawn. They'll move in with Philip until Shawn finds a job.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Bo and John show up at the DiMera mansion to see Tony. Ushered inside by a reluctant Bart, Bo and John are stunned when Tony enters the living room -- on horseback! Bo asks Tony where Sami is and he feigns ignorance. John says he'll ask Stefano where Sami is and starts for the stairs. A furious Tony asks if he has a search warrant. Bo and John admit they don't, and Tony insists they leave his house immediately.

E.J. rushes to save Sami, who is duct-taped to the steering wheel of her car, slowly being poisoned by carbon monoxide gas. E.J. rescues unconscious Sami from the car and performs mouth-to-mouth, trying to revive her. Lucas arrives and takes over. Sami regains consciousness, overwrought when she realizes how close she came to dying. Lucas accuses E.J. of being in love with Sami and warns him in no uncertain terms to stay away from his wife. Bo and John arrive as Sami taken away by ambulance. Bo gets in E.J.'s face, warning him to stay away from Sami. If he or his family goes anywhere near her, Bo will consider it a declaration of war.

Stephanie introduces Chelsea to her boyfriend Jeremy Horton and his best friend Jett Carver - Abe's nephew. These are the guys who want to start a shuttle service between Salem and Las Vegas. Jeremy and Jett sadly inform the women their investor dropped out so there isn't going to be a shuttle service. Eetermined to save Jeremy's dream, Stephanie calls Max and asks him about investing. Max ultimately agrees to borrow $25,000 against his garage business to invest in "Touch the Sky" Airlines. Stephanie can't wait to tell her friends and relatives about the new start-up company but Jeremy warns her to keep it to herself until they're established. Stephanie teases Jeremy about his overreaction. She thought he was hiding something. Jeremy laughs it off but his face darkens when she turns away. Chelsea is put off by Jeremy's obnoxious attitude, but Jett uses his charm to calm her down.

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