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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 22, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Marlena struggles to cope the day after John's funeral. Belle and Sami arrive to support her, and surprise their mother with the news that they're moving in. Marlena graciously declines, insisting she can take care of herself. Marlena and Belle argue against Sami's plan to marry E.J. to fulfill the terms of ending the vendetta. Sami remains adamant that it's the only way to protect her family from any more senseless tragedies. Marlena worries Sami is getting in over her head. Once she marries E.J., he'll never let her go. Sami insists she can handle E.J. His love for her gives her the power. Sami leaves, but Marlena calls her back, not comfortable with the way they left things. Suddenly, Sami's water breaks. She's going into labor!

Bo tries to not-so-subtly talk Shawn out of becoming a police officer. Bo and Hope just lost one of their closest friends and the fact that John was a victim of a hit-and-run has tapped into their painful memories of losing Zack. Shawn makes a powerful argument why he has to live his own life. Bo ultimately relents but he's still uneasy about his son entering such a dangerous profession. The Police Academy Commander invites Shawn to breakfast before he begins his first day of training.

Kayla, Steve and Philip gather at the hospital after learning Pocket was brought in again for symptoms of poisoning. Dr. Davidoff explains that Pocket wasn't poisoned; he suffers from a rare genetic condition called MMA. Philip insists on taking Pocket home with him but Mrs. Meyers from Child Protective Services reminds him his paternity has not been legally established. Pocket's new foster parents, Ruth and Wayne Wilkens, arrive. Philip, Kayla and Steve are all struck by the tight, loving bond between Pocket and Ruth and Wayne. Steve points out that the kind of love the Wilkenses have for Pocket is something money can't buy. Kayla has a private moment with Philip and points out that his biological son can't fill the hole in his heart. Sometimes doing the right thing means letting go. Philip goes to church to be alone with his thoughts and runs into a grieving Belle. He admits he's thinking of letting his son stay with his new parents. The truth is, he still loves Belle and wants their old life back. Philip pulls her into a surprising kiss, just as Shawn is about to enter the church.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sami goes into labor in Marlena's bedroom. With the twins coming faster than expected, Marlena is left with no choice but to deliver them herself. Sami calls Lucas, who is arguing with E.J. at Brady's Pub. She informs him she's having their babies, and he promises to be at her side. E.J. overhears and wants to go, but with a little help from Bo, Lucas handcuffs E.J. to the bar. E.J. calls Kate and tries to trick her into helping him escape. He finally manages to free himself.

Lucas arrives just as Sami gives birth to a boy. They get emotional but Marlena reminds them there's another baby on the way. Unfortunately, the umbilical cord is tangled around the baby's neck. Sami and Lucas fight panic as Marlena draws upon her considerable medical skills to safely deliver the second baby, a girl. Just then, E.J. and Kate burst in, and E.J. "casually" observes the twins don't look anything alike. It's almost as if they have two different fathers.

Shawn enters the church seconds after Belle pulls away from Philip's kiss, and sensing the tension, questions what's going on. Belle downplays. Shawn is sidetracked by a phone call from Bo asking to meet him at the station. Belle assures him she can drive herself home, but later, her car won't start so she asks Philip for a lift. In Belle and Shawn's room above the pub, Philip apologizes for the mistakes he made and points out that Belle kissed him back earlier. It's obvious they're attracted to each other so why is she fighting it? Belle maintains it's wrong, but chemistry overtakes them and they start to make love.

Abe tells Bo they ran the serial number he retrieved from the broken headlight. The car that hit John belongs to a man named Harry Jenks. Bo hopes he can prove the hit-and-run was not DiMera-related so Sami won't have to marry E.J.

Bo gets a call from the Police Academy Commander asking to see him and Shawn right away. The Commander is sorry to inform them he's learned about Shawn's defiance of a court order. Someone sent in a letter about Shawn detailing his flee during the custody fight for Claire. He doesn't think Shawn is Academy material. Bo and Shawn want to know who sent the letter but the Commander won't tell them. The trustees will review Shawn's record, make their final decision regarding his admission to the Academy and get back to him. Shawn suspects it was Philip who ruined his chances and takes off to confront him.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sami and Lucas discuss E.J.'s observation that her newborn twins don't look alike. Is it possible E.J. could've fathered one of the babies? Kate tells E.J. not to get his hopes up, but he points out Marlena is meeting with a lab tech to determine if the original DNA results were compromised. Marlena returns from her meeting to overhear E.J. exulting with Kate. Furious he raped her daughter with the intention of impregnating her and is now celebrating, she slaps him hard across the face. Marlena joins Sami and Lucas and reluctantly advises them to have a second DNA test done -- in secret. At first Sami refuses, but Marlena points out that if the twins aren't related to E.J., she'll eventually be free of him. Sami consents. Meanwhile, Lucas confronts E.J. and threatens to kill him in front of the whole hospital staff.

At the pub, Shawn tells Hope his enrollment in the Police Academy has been postponed pending further review. He thinks Philip is behind it as part of his ongoing attempt to make him look bad to Belle.

Upstairs, Philip and Belle make love! Afterwards, Belle is flooded with guilt. Philip begs her not to treat their lovemaking as a mistake but Belle makes clear it will never happen again. Meanwhile, Shawn realizes Philip's car is in the pub's parking lot. Not happy about the idea of Philip being alone with Belle, Shawn is about to charge upstairs when Philip comes down, claiming he was just seeing Belle home. Shawn accuses him of wanting Belle. Philip claims Belle wants him back. Meanwhile, Hope discovers Belle crying in the room upstairs, the bed in disarray. It's clear something just happened, and Hope isn't leaving until Belle tells her the truth!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shawn is angry with Philip and tells him to leave him and Belle alone but Philip is telling him that she is happiest with Philip. Shawn says he is crazy and that Belle loves him. Philip says he can provide for her. Philip says that Belle is only marrying him out of obligation. Shawn reminds him that he walked out on Belle and Claire. Philip says Shawn fails at everything but Shawn thinks he's grasping. Shawn says he'll never have Belle in his bed again and Philip says, "Who says she's not already there" then a fight breaks out. They are beating each other up and Shawn's face is bloodied. Caroline runs in and breaks up the fight and tells Philip to leave and not come back. Caroline tries to stop the bleeding and Shawn vows to get the pub back to new as he leaves the room. Caroline calls Bo and leaves a message. Bo shows up as Shawn is cleaning up the mess. Shawn explains what started the fight. Bo tells him that the commissioner got a letter about Shawn's past giving them the heads up. Shawn believes it was Philip. Bo tells him to trust Belle and let Philip spin his wheels. Bo asks if Shawn trusts Belle and he says yes.

Hope is confronting Belle about what happened with Philip. She knows Philip was with her. Belle is in a robe, crying, sheets have been ripped off the bed and a vase is broken. Hope knows she has just cheated on Shawn. Belle makes the bed as she denies cheating. Hope wants the truth. Belle says that she doesn't know how it happened and says she hasn't been cheating, but this was just a mistake. Hope knows she has been finding any excuse to be with Philip. She denies it. She swears she never meant to hurt Shawn and wishes she could take back that foolish moment. Hope says her heart goes out to Belle but she cannot accept Belle using John's death as a reason to cheat on Shawn. Belle says it will never happen again and she begs for her not to tell Shawn. Belle says she's never gotten over the guilt with her marriage to Philip ending so abruptly. She cries that she's always been in love with Shawn and she needs him. Hope agrees to keep her secret on one condition. That she cuts Philip out of her life completely. Belle agrees. Hope says that if she suspects this again, she will tell Shawn everything. Bo and Shawn arrive and Belle and Hope ask what happened to his face. Shawn tells them he and Philip fought and Belle wants to know why. The question is avoided and Bo and Hope leave. Shawn wonders why new sheets are on the bed and looks suspicious. Belle cleans him up and tells Shawn that Philip won't be around anymore. He doesn't need to be a part of their lives anymore. Shawn is loving the good news especially after what he said downstairs but doesn't tell Belle what that was.

Bo, Roman and Abe confront the man they believe hit John. He says he doesn't know John, E.J. or Stefano and asks for his lawyer. Abe calls for E.J. to be picked up in a squad car. They know he is using an alias and he has been jailed for armed robbery. E.J. arrives and denies knowing the man. They believe him but Abe tells them that this man's cell mate was Andre. Tony (a.k.a Andre) is on his cell phone's speed dial and they arrest him. Roman says they are not going to tell Sami. Bo wants to tell her. Roman says he's going to see the babies and he won't be telling her.

Lucas kisses a sleeping Sami in the hospital then goes to chat with the new babies. He tells them that they are everyone in their family wrapped up. The babies are waking and Lucas picks up the girl as he has a picture of the future of Sami with E.J. and his 2 kids. They have differences of opinion on who the kids will be studying under for violin lessons. His daughter throws a tantrum. Another flash forward, this time of three young men in the pub making fun if a heavy set teen who would be Lucas' daughter. One of the teen boys is E.J.'s son, his pair of the twins. They call her a loser and leave. Back in real time, Lucas assures the baby that it won't be like that. Lucas sitting next to Sami now, pledging he will protect his babies then flash forwards to a young girl and boy at the grave of Sami DiMera. She says her father and mother died of a broken heart. A young man says she is going to die of cirrhosis because of her drinking. She says her mother never stopped loving her dad as Johnny says that was her mistake. She asks for money and he gives it to her saying, "for booze so you can die earlier? My pleasure." She weeps at the grave as Lucas goes back to real time. Sami wakes and Roman arrives with gifts. They tell Roman that E.J. is demanding another DNA test. Sami asks about the investigation and Roman says they are running down some leads then says he has to get back to the office. E.J. is looking at the babies in the nursery as a nurse walks up and asks which one is his. Back in Sami's room she and Lucas are discussing the DNA test. Lucas again brings up leaving Salem with the babies. She doesn't want to and says that Lucas agreed to let her marry E.J. He doesn't want to argue and says no matter what, he will always love her and the kids. Bo and Hope arrive to visit. They tell them about running the DNA test again. Sami asks Bo if the man they suspect has any ties to the DiMeras and Bo tells her about him being a cell mate of Andre's. She now believes that it was a warning to her to marry E.J. Lucas leaves and Bo follows him. Hope comforts Sami and tells her that she doesn't have to marry E.J. E.J. vows to the babies to be a good father. Bo tells Lucas that they will figure out a way to convince Sami not to marry E.J.

Friday, October 26, 2007

With the annulment already settled, E.J. urges Sami to fly down to Santo Domingo with Lucas to get a legal divorce. In private, E.J. gets an idea to insure Lucas grants Sami the divorce. Meanwhile, Lucas finds Kate looking through the nursery window at the twins. He admits to Kate he got the forms to change his last name to Horton. He no longer wants to be her son. Kate is devastated, and falls apart. Lucas doesn't back down, but he feels guilty, so he allows Kate to visit with her grandchildren.

Chelsea and Stephanie show up at the Alpha Chi Theta house to move in, and walk smack dab into a party, with Morgan, Carmen, Max and Ford already there. Everything is put on hold when Cordy returns and drops a bombshell: she's dropping out of college. Chelsea notices how on edge Cordy is around Ford, and starts to suspect all is not right with him, as does Max. Ford is kicked out of the party for harassing one girl too many. Morgan and Chelsea try to break through to Cordy and find out what's going on, but she completely shuts them out. Max and Morgan decide to give commitment a try. Stephanie is hurt to see them together and rushes out into the night. Chelsea gets a call about leaving her headlights on, but when she leaves the house, she's grabbed from behind by an unknown assailant.

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