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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 5, 2007 on DAYS
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Monday, November 5, 2007

Shawn learns his acceptance to the Police Academy has been deferred until January on the condition that he stays out of trouble. Bo suggests Shawn do grunt work at the station in the meantime to earn some points with the force. He also advises his son not to take out his anger on Philip, even though Shawn strongly believes he sent the anonymous letter to the Academy.

Meanwhile, Philip tries to get Belle to admit she has the same feelings for him that he has for her. Belle insists she loves Shawn and only slept with Philip out of guilt. She tells him Hope knows what happened and she won't tell Shawn as long as Belle stays away from Philip. Shawn arrives home and interrupts them. He confronts Philip about the letter, which he denies sending. Philip leaves, and Shawn is about to take off after him when Belle blurts out she was the one who sent the letter!

Hope confides to Kayla about Belle and Philip's affair. Hope wants to tell Bo, but Kayla warns her that Bo will blab to Shawn. Bo returns home and informs them that Shawn was rejected by the Academy – for now – because of the letter questioning his character. Kayla leaves, and Hope confesses to Bo that Belle and Philip had an affair.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shawn asks Belle why she would send that damning letter about him to the Police Academy. She explains that after losing her father, she didn't want to lose another loved one. She doesn't want him to become a cop; it's too dangerous. Shawn is angry about her deception, but understands and forgives her. In fact, he wants to set a wedding date, suggesting Thanksgiving. Belle is hesitant, but her guilt about Philip prompts her to agree.

Meanwhile, Hope urges Bo not to tell Shawn about Belle's affair. Bo balks at the idea of keeping a secret from his son. Hope insists it's best for Shawn if they don't tell him. Shawn would likely do something rash and jeopardize his future at the Academy. Bo is non-committal. When Belle and Shawn call his parents over to announce the wedding date, Hope wonders what Bo will say.

Back at home, Lucas and Sami discuss their future. E.J. waltzes in with brochures for his and Sami's honeymoon, which Lucas and Sami rip up. An irked E.J. informs them the wedding has been planned for the next night! He demands to see his son and wants to take him home, but Sami pleads with E.J. to let the newborn stay where he is for now.

The college crowd gathers at the Cheatin' Heart for a "Save the Earth" benefit. Stephanie flirts with Max as they work together at the bar, but she's jealous when Morgan steals away his attention. Meanwhile, Jett informs Chelsea and Nick that Ford's wealthy and powerful father is trying to get his son's rape charges dropped. Cordy is going to have a fight ahead of her. Ford crashes the festivities and brags that he'll have no problem avoiding jail time or any disciplinary action from the school. Max orders him to leave and the party resumes. Stephanie has disturbing memories.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

E.J. has just informed Sami and Lucas that he's made all the arrangements to have their wedding the following night. They protest, but he insists they can't wait because Stefano's about to return to Italy and E.J. wants his father at the wedding. Lucas leaves, and E.J. demands to see his son. Sami brings out the baby, and convinces E.J. to let him spend this one last night with his sister.

Lucas appeals to Stefano not to make Sami go through with the marriage. Stefano won't be swayed. He also denies any knowledge of the attempted shooting of Kate. Realizing Stefano is telling the truth, Lucas goes to see Kate and accuses her of faking the shooting with E.J. Kate denies it, but Lucas calls E.J., who says it was her idea.

Later, E.J. tells Stefano that everything is going according to plan, but Stefano worries that his son is too eager to please Sami. Little Johnny must be raised by DiMera men, just as Stefano and E.J. were before him. If E.J. can't do that, Stefano will. Meanwhile, Colleen appears to Sami and calls her on her feelings for E.J. Sami says this whole vendetta is Colleen's fault for not seeing what kind of man Santo was, but Colleen admits she knew exactly what he was. That's why she fell in love with him, and why Sami loves E.J. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Bo and Hope he wants the entire family to stage an intervention to stop Sami from marrying E.J.

Shawn and Belle have just told Bo and Hope they want to get married on Thanksgiving. Knowing Belle's secret, Bo and Hope aren't immediately excited, which Shawn notices. Bo quickly takes him down to the pub for a drink, leaving Hope alone with Belle. Hope tells her that Bo knows about the affair. Belle assumes he hates her, but Hope says he knows people make mistakes. But she can't be sure he won't tell Shawn. Meanwhile, Bo tries to convince Shawn he's rushing into marriage, until Shawn finally asks if he has something against Belle. Bo denies. Later, they return to Hope and Belle, and Shawn tells his fiancée that Bo approves of their wedding. Bo and Hope leave, and Shawn and Belle start to make love.

Kate finds Philip hard at work, trying to forget about Tyler. He tells Kate that Belle is pushing him away. Philip insists Belle loves him, not Shawn. Kate warns him not to interfere, but Philip fires back, pointing out her years of interfering with Sami and Lucas. Kate insists it's different. Later, Philip calls Belle to ask if she'll see him. She hangs up on him, but not before stunning him with the news that she and Shawn will be marrying very soon.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

E.J. assures Stefano that Sami will raise their son on his terms. Kate arrives, angry at both of them for revealing to Lucas that she and E.J. faked the shooting. She holds them at gunpoint, but E.J. gets the gun from her and calms her down. He takes the bullets before handing it back and then leaves for the wedding. Stefano tells Kate that Lucas will come back if she's patient.

Things are tense between Lucas and Sami as she gets ready to leave for the wedding. Will tells Sami he can't stand the idea of her living with E.J. and wants to move back in with Carrie and Austin. They agree to discuss it later. Sami leaves for the wedding, and Kate comes to see Lucas, who says he'll only accept her back in his life if she stops the wedding. Outside, she reloads her gun and takes off. Later, a nurse comes to stay with the twins, and Lucas leaves, possibly with a gun of his own.

At the church, Sami is still agonizing over her decision. Colleen appears to her and tells her again that she's doing this because she wants E.J., not just to save her family. Bo, Hope, Roman, Steve and Kayla arrive and stage the intervention Lucas suggested. However, Sami is unswayed, and the disheartened Bradys return to the pub. Steve goes off on an errand, and Roman leaves with a second revolver after Bo takes his service weapon. Back at the church, Sami starts down the aisle and sees a mystery woman dressed all in black. The ceremony begins as three different guns aim at the groom.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Sami and E.J. take their vows and the priest declares them man and wife -- just as three shots ring out! E.J. is hit in the back and rushed to the hospital. Bo arrives and takes charge of the crime scene. Stefano tells Bo that Kate threatened him and E.J. with a gun earlier that day. Sami points out to Stefano that she kept her end of the bargain, but he says she has to get E.J. through this by promising to be a real wife or their deal is off. At the hospital, E.J. is taken to surgery, and the doctors aren't sure he'll make it. Stefano warns Sami that if E.J. dies, his vendetta against the Bradys will go on forever.

Steve hides a gun at Brady's Pub and is almost caught by Caroline. Meanwhile, Kate brings her gun to Philip at the hospital and asks him to get rid of it for her. Back at the apartment, Lucas meets with Billie and confesses he was at the church when E.J. was shot. He swears he's innocent, but he's afraid he'll be a suspect. He lies that he doesn't have a gun. She advises him to tell the police the truth. When she's gone, he takes out his gun, then hides it again when Bo and Shawn arrive to question him.

Shawn works his first night at the police station. He tells Bo how much he likes it. At the pub, Philip comes in with a box of toys and Claire runs to him, calling him "Daddy." Philip apologizes to Belle for causing trouble. She says she'll talk to Shawn about letting him spend time with Claire. During their conversation, Claire tries to get to the box of toys and spills hot coffee on herself. Belle and Philip rush her to the hospital. Belle tries to call Shawn, but he left his cell phone behind when he went with Bo to the church

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