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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Lexie and Daniel examined Chelsea to determine the cause of her relapse. Daniel told Kate that Chelsea was suffering from a complication of the transplant surgery. Lexie and Daniel ordered a series of tests in order to determine the problem and recommend appropriate treatment.

Nick arrived to visit Chelsea and assured her that he would be there for her if she needed him. Chelsea told Kate and Nick that she was in good hands as long as she was in Daniel's care.

After Kate and Nick left the room, Chelsea asked Daniel to tell her the truth about her condition. Daniel asked Chelsea to wait until all the test results were in before he could give her an answer. Daniel told Chelsea that she was a great patient and shared a story with her about a previous patient.

Daniel asked Chelsea to think positive and focus on other fun things like where she would like to go on vacation after she left the hospital. Daniel and Chelsea talked about various places they had visited. Chelsea got lost in the moment and started to daydream and then fantasized that Daniel kissed her.

In the meantime, Kate tried to contact Bo to tell him that Chelsea was hospitalized, but thought it was strange that she could not locate him so soon after he was released from the hospital.

Nick and Kate returned to visit Chelsea and told her that they would be by her side. Chelsea told them that the best way to help her was to act normal and go about their regular daily activities and not to treat her as though she were dying.

In the hallway, Daniel told Lexie that he received all of Chelsea's test results and that they did not look good.

E.J. returned home excited to tell Sami about his new office at Mickey Horton's law firm. Sami was in a foul mood and about to take the twins for walk in the park. E.J. offered to accompany Sami and the twins, but Sami refused. She told E.J. that unless he dropped Nicole's case, he would never be allowed to go anywhere with her or the twins.

E.J. was angry at Sami for using such tactics and for trying to blackmail him. E.J. told Sami that he thought she understood why he took on Nicole's case. E.J. reminded her that he had no income and was taking this case to help their family. E.J. asked Sami if she was going to play dirty to keep him away from Johnny as she did before when she lied about Lucas drinking in front of Will. Sami was furious at E.J.'s remarks and reminded him that Nicole's schemes and misdeeds were far worse than hers.

E.J. accused Sami of being jealous of Nicole, and Sami vehemently denied it. Sami lashed back at E.J. and told him that he was probably falling for Nicole. E.J. denied it, but reminded Sami that any man would be attracted to Nicole. Sami became even more agitated, ended their conversation, and left for the park.

At the Vitale mansion, Ava was devastated after she explained to Steve, Kayla, Bo, and Hope that she was never the same after Steve left her standing at the altar. Steve tried to apologize to Ava but she screamed at him and told him that she could never forgive him. Ava blamed Steve for her years of psychiatric treatment that included isolation, confinement, and various drug regimens. Ava told them that she had been through hell. Ava's state of mind was drifting in and out of reality and her behavior became very erratic. She lovingly approached Steve and fantasized about their wedding day. Ava thought about how happy she and Steve would have been if he hadn't left her at the church that day. As Kayla watched Ava embrace Steve, Kayla became hysterical and yelled at Ava as the one responsible for her father's death and for taking everyone hostage. Ava became violent and ordered Angelo and George to kill everyone. Kayla intervened and pleaded with Ava to think about her actions. Kayla let Ava feel her baby move and told Ava that this baby was innocent and should not die because of what happened in her past. Kayla told Ava that they were all sorry for what had happened to her.

Steve asked Angelo to get help for Ava because if she killed them, Ava could spend the rest of her life in prison. Angelo agreed with Steve and convinced Ava to cancel the hit. Ava told Steve that her life was meaningless without him and left the room. Angelo had everyone restrained. Hope's condition worsened and eventually she passed out from her gunshot wound. Bo tried to revive her but could not break free from his restraints. Bo, Steve, and Kayla told George that Hope needed medical treatment and to call 9-1-1. George checked on Hope and said she was fine, but Bo was not happy with George's answer and kicked him. George hit Bo in the face with his gun and knocked him unconscious.

Ava returned to the room with Angelo and told Steve and Kayla that she was going to spare their lives under one condition-she wanted Kayla's baby as her own, and Kayla would agree to be the surrogate. Ava told Steve that he and Kayla already had a child together and they owed her this child as payback for the pain Steve had caused her. Ava told Steve and Kayla that after the baby was born, she would decide which of them would live or die. Steve screamed back at Ava and told here that there was no way she would take his and Kayla's baby. Steve turned to Kayla and apologized for all the pain he was causing her as a result of his past.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Chelsea's hospital room, Victor arrived just as Daniel reached a diagnosis: Chelsea had peritonitis, an infection that had been caused by pancreatic enzymes seeping into her abdomen. Kate immediately blamed Daniel, but Daniel reminded her that Chelsea had been well aware of the risks when she'd agreed to donate a portion of her pancreas to Bo. When Victor asked where Bo was, Chelsea replied that Lexie was looking for him. Daniel informed the group that although the infection was serious, it was treatable, and that he and the medical team were treating it aggressively with antibiotics as well as probiotics. Chelsea weakly but confidently assured her family she'd be better before they knew it. Nick commended her for her bravery, and Daniel echoed that thought.

Outside in the hallway, Lexie left an anxious voice mail for Bo, stressing that his daughter needed him. Victor stepped out of Chelsea's room and asked Lexie if she'd had any luck tracking Bo down. Lexie said she hadn't, and recounted how Kayla and Bo had taken off from the Pub shortly after being released from the hospital the night before-and Hope and Steve were also mysteriously missing. When Victor pressed her to divulge anything else she knew, Lexie reluctantly filled him in about how worried Bo had been because he hadn't been able to reach Hope, and how he'd insisted the police not get involved. Victor frowned and told Lexie that Bo had recently asked him about the Vitali family. Lexie said she was familiar with the name from when she was a cop. Victor concluded the Vitalis were somehow involved in the foursome's disappearance, but urged Lexie not to speak with Abe about it. He said Bo would not have said "no cops" without a good reason.

Daniel went over treatment instructions with Nurse Jenny, who then left to retrieve Chelsea's medications. Daniel pulled a stool up to the bed and applied a cold compress to Chelsea's forehead, and she giggled a bit deliriously at his attempts to cheer and distract her. Nick peeked in and observed this fairly intimate moment between doctor and patient, and quietly closed the door before they noticed him. A little later, Chelsea joked that Jenny had just stuck her with a knitting needle. Daniel explained that Jenny been extracting fluids from her abdomen so they could target the infection more effectively, and then he instructed Jenny to put a rush on the lab work. Kate and Nick return and asked how Chelsea was, but she was struggling to keep her eyes open, so Daniel advised her to just get some rest. Jenny brought in the results of Chelsea's CT scan, and he quickly reviewed them. Encouraged because they'd identified the problem, the doctor grabbed a syringe and injected it into Chelsea's IV. He sat next to the bed again and quietly implored his patient to fight with all she had, while Nick and Kate worriedly looked on.

A short time later, Daniel checked Chelsea's temperature, and showed the thermometer's readout to Nick and Kate. Kate sighed with relief as Nick noted that Chelsea's fever had come down. Chelsea awoke and was soon making jokes and requesting something to eat, which got a laugh out of Kate. Kate then pulled Daniel aside to apologize, but he said he understood, and assured her Chelsea was responding well to the medication and should make a full recovery.

Daniel stepped into the hallway to update Victor, who was also very relieved and grateful to hear how much better Chelsea was doing. When Daniel asked about Bo and Hope, Victor sighed and admitted he didn't know where they were. Daniel was a bit peeved that Bo had defied his orders for bed rest, but Victor advised him that he was doing everything in his power to find them.

Kate told Chelsea how worried they had been that they might lose her, but Chelsea quipped that she wasn't going anywhere yet because she still had to surf in Australia. As she was telling Kate and Nick how confident she was in Daniel's skill as a doctor, Daniel returned in time to overhear, but slipped back out unnoticed.

Later, as Chelsea slept, she dreamed about Daniel professing his love for her and kissing her passionately, and was startled when she awakened to find Nick sitting at her bedside instead.

John summoned Paul to the DiMera mansion and accused him taking money from Philip and Victor. Paul vehemently denied it, claiming he was loyal to John, not Victor, but admitted they had tried to bribe him. John wanted to know how Paul planned to prove his loyalty. Paul declared that going to jail for John should be proof enough, but John didn't buy it and rather rudely dismissed him. When Paul took offense, John threatened to put a stop to the plans to clear his name. Paul asked what John wanted from him, and John replied that Paul was going to help him take down the Kiriakis shipping business. Paul acknowledged that he really didn't have a choice but to do what John wanted, and asked what he should do while he waited for John's "magic fix." John replied, "You will simply keep your head down and your nose clean," but refused to divulge what he had planned. He handed Paul a wad of cash and poured drinks for the two of them, then toasted to Paul's rebirth and the Kiriakis empire's demise.

Morgan ran into Philip working out at the Salem Health Club and complimented his biceps. They flirted a bit, then the talk turned to her father's business relationship with Philip and Victor. Philip advised her to warn her father not to continue doing business with John. Morgan was insulted that Philip thought she'd actually do his bidding like that. She said if her father had made a mistake, he'd admit to it, but Philip wondered if Paul would have ever made mistakes without John's influence. He added that he thought she'd want to help her father, implying she was something of a helpless Southern belle, but she cautioned him that she was tougher than she looked. She acknowledged that she didn't want her father anywhere near John, and then asked if they could change the subject. Philip asked what was bothering her, and she told him that Chelsea was in the hospital. He was surprised to hear the news, but when Morgan told him she hadn't been allowed to visit yet, he offered to call Victor to find out how Chelsea was. She gratefully accepted. Philip phoned Victor and then reported back to Morgan that Chelsea was going to recover, and even said he'd help her get in to see her friend. She thanked him, but when he asked her once again to warn her father about John, she demanded to know why. He confessed that he didn't want her to get caught in the crossfire.

John arrived at the gym and eavesdropped on Philip and Morgan's conversation. After hearing about Chelsea's illness, he called Paul. He said that, with Victor distracted by this family crisis, it was a good time for them to act.

Sami was also working out at the Salem Health Club, where E.J. found her running on the treadmill and asked why she hadn't taken the twins to the park. She replied that she'd needed to blow off some steam after their conversation earlier, so she'd left the children with the gym's babysitter. As E.J. climbed onto the treadmill across from Sami, Nicole wandered by and made a catty remark about Sami's baby weight. Sami retorted that Nicole should be drinking from a reusable water bottle like her own, and they continued to trade insults until E.J. tried to break it up. Sami stomped off to refill her water bottle from the cooler. E.J. followed and tried to discuss taking the twins to the park so they could get some fresh air, but Sami was still angry so they began bickering. Nicole soon joined them and used their argument as an opening to snipe at Sami again, and when Maggie showed up, Nicole managed to insult her as well. Maggie's trainer, Jillian, arrived and commended Maggie for a great workout earlier. Maggie admitted that Jillian had been tough on her, but Jillian assured her that she'd be pleased with the results later. Jillian then suggested Nicole should sign up for her training sessions, as Sami had, because she wouldn't be young forever. Nicole scoffed, because she said there was nothing wrong with her body. Jillian was not impressed and said Nicole was too skinny to be hot. She then smacked Maggie and Sami on their behinds and left the gym. E.J. congratulated Maggie on Chez Rouge's recent certification as a "green" restaurant, but Nicole was clueless as to what he meant. Maggie just rolled her eyes and left to take a shower.

Nicole and E.J. went to the juice bar to discuss her divorce. He warned her that Victor would do everything in his power to keep her from getting a cent in their settlement, but she was confident that E.J. would help her get what she deserved. When he left to visit the twins in the nursery, she followed.

Maggie pulled Sami aside and expressed concern for her situation. Sami admitted she was having a tough time living in the DiMera mansion and pretending to be happily married to E.J. so he wouldn't get deported. Maggie asked if Sami had visited Lucas, but Sami replied that he had refused to see her. Maggie sympathized with the challenges Sami was facing. Suddenly Sami noticed E.J. and Nicole playing with the twins nearby, so she stormed over and warned Nicole to stay away from her children. After Sami had secured the twins in their stroller, she demanded that E.J. keep them away from Nicole. Once again, Nicole said something offensive, but this time it pushed Sami over the edge because it was about the twins. She grabbed Nicole by the shoulder and punched her in the face, sending her flying into the coffee bar. Nicole threatened to sue or get a restraining order, then taunted Sami with the news that she had a date with John Black later. She stalked off, leaving Sami vowing revenge.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Sami found John in the living room and asked if he'd seen E.J., but then admitted she didn't actually want to speak with her husband. E.J. returned from the gym shortly after Sami had gone back upstairs, and asked John where Samantha was so he could avoid her. As E.J. made his way into the kitchen, John chuckled to himself and said, "And people think I have a bizarre marriage." He was settling in at the computer when Marlena entered, and he rose to greet her, clearly surprised and happy to see that she'd returned home. After politely asking about her vacation, he got right to the point and asked if she'd reached a decision about their relationship. Taken somewhat aback by his directness, Marlena replied that, after some soul-searching, she'd realized she had no choice but to accept him as he was, but emphasized that she wasn't giving up on the old John. When he touched her hand and she flinched and withdrew from him, he accused her of being afraid to get to know the new John. She claimed she was just tired from traveling, and needed to take a bath and relax. He followed her into the foyer and mischievously offered to join her in the tub, then he spotted a lacy black nightgown in one of her shopping bags and pulled it out. Both Sami and E.J. returned just in time to witness her mother and stepfather playing keep-away with the negligee. E.J. welcomed Marlena home and headed upstairs as Sami excitedly hugged her mom. John shouted for Rolf, whom he ordered to help carry Marlena's bags, and then followed the women up the staircase. Rolf looked up at his former boss's portrait and shook his head. "I'm not sure I like this monster you've created, Stefano." A bit later, Rolf opened the safe behind the portrait and pulled out the disc that contained John's memories, just as Marlena returned from upstairs. Though he managed to replace the disc and the picture before she noticed, she asked what he was up to. He claimed he was straightening the painting, and hurried out of the room.

Sami came in and thanked her mom for the things she'd bought for the twins, and then teasingly asked about the negligee. Marlena insisted she hadn't bought it to show John, adding that she could take care of herself. Sami cautioned her to be careful, because, she declared, "Men are pigs. All of 'em." When Marlena asked what had happened, Sami recounted how, even though she'd forbidden it, E.J. had taken on Nicole as a client. Marlena gently asked her daughter if she'd developed feelings for E.J., just as E.J. came down the stairs and overheard. He paused outside the door to listen in, as Sami denied being jealous of Nicole. Marlena suggested that Sami examine her true feelings. Sami countered that she thought Marlena hated E.J. Marlena acknowledged that she did, but continued that she also believed people could change-and he was clearly trying to. She pointed out that he'd defied his father to tell them that John was alive, so she wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. E.J. emerged from behind the door. "Maybe you should listen to your mother, Samantha," he said softly. Sami blew up at him for eavesdropping, but he claimed he'd just been passing by and overheard. John came in and asked them to quiet down so he could work. Sami and E.J. continued bickering until the baby monitor alerted them that Johnny was crying. John angrily stalked back out of the room, and Marlena went to check on the twins. Sami waited anxiously while E.J. took a call from Mr. Burke, the immigrations officer.

Morgan dropped by the Brady Pub and asked Max if she could put up some flyers for a Theta House electronics-recycling project. He asked for some extras for the Cheatin' Heart, then inquired about her dad. She confided that things weren't going so well, and when he saw how upset she was, he took her in his arms to comfort her-just as Stephanie came in the front door. She paused as she watched them, then greeted them brightly and offered to take over flyer duty for Morgan. After Morgan excused herself, Max assured Stephanie that the hug was innocent. When she told him she still hadn't heard from her parents, he embraced her sympathetically, as a man dining solo nearby surreptitiously spied on them.

Stephanie sat next to Morgan at the bar and Max brought them some pie. Morgan told them about her internship. Meanwhile, the stranger who had been watching them phoned Angelo, who ordered him to keep his eye on Stephanie. "We just may need her for leverage," Angelo said. When Morgan casually touched Max's hand, Stephanie excused herself rather abruptly to retrieve her cell phone from her car. Angelo's man followed, and was still close behind her when she returned. Morgan was chatting with a man at the bar while Max cleared tables. He asked Stephanie if she were feeling better, and she played dumb until he accused her of being jealous. She reluctantly admitted it, and said it made her uncomfortable to watch Morgan be so "touchy-feely" with him. He shrugged it off as just her Southern charm, and pointed out that Morgan was behaving the same way with the man she was currently talking to. He joked that it was sexy to imagine two girls fighting over him, then began to describe them pulling each other's hair and mud-wrestling for his affections. "And then you woke up!" Stephanie retorted with a laugh. She then walked over to the bar so she could apologize to Morgan. Morgan introduced her to Joel, whom she said worked at the health club, then Joel had to leave. Morgan apologized for upsetting her friend, and a surprised Stephanie replied that she should be the one to apologize for behaving childishly. Morgan assured her that she and Max were just friends, and encouraged Steph to tell Max she loved him.

Stephanie approached Max while he cleared tables and asked if they could talk. She began by confessing that she wanted to talk about her feelings for him, then, clearly uncomfortable, stopped and said she preferred to do it in private. Max instructed her to stay put, and disappeared into the back of the Pub. Morgan rushed over to ask if Stephanie had told him, then suddenly the lights flickered and went out. Max reappeared and announced to the patrons that lunch was on the house, because they had to close the restaurant for a while due to an electrical problem. He apologized as everyone, including the man shadowing Stephanie, filed out. He disappeared again, and the lights came back on. The girls smiled at his ingenuity. When he returned, Morgan made a hasty exit to give them some privacy, gesturing on her way out for Steph to call her later. Max asked Stephanie what she'd wanted to tell him, so she told him that the situation with her parents had made her realize she should stay close to the people she cared about. She continued that she'd wanted to tell Max how she felt about him for a long time, and couldn't put it off any longer. She paused a moment, her eyes filling with tears, and finally she said, "I love you, Max."

When he didn't immediately reply in kind, she got upset and admitted she shouldn't have sprung it on him because it hadn't gone the way she'd hoped. He asked her to tell him what she had imagined, so she described a romantic scene on the beach with wine and cheese, including how he'd react when she told him she loved him. He went behind the bar and retrieved a carafe of wine and some glasses, turned on some music, and, after stalling a little, at last he said, "Stephanie Johnson, I know it's not how you pictured it-not by along shot-but, um...I love you. I do." She smiled and took his face in her hands and kissed him tenderly. He led her to the middle of the restaurant, where they danced and kissed-as Angelo's goon watched them through the window.

Kayla was anxiously pacing, alone in a locked room at the Vitali compound. When Angelo and Mikey entered, she demanded to know where the others were and if they were all right. Angelo, clearly irritated by her questions, assured her Hope's gunshot wound was being taken care of, then he instructed Mikey to take Kayla to her new room. Kayla refused to go with them, and told them she wanted to see Ava. When Angelo threatened her, she stood up to him, and reminded him she was carrying the baby Ava wanted.

Angelo returned shortly with Ava in tow, and, after she'd ordered her cousin to leave, Ava asked what Kayla wanted. Kayla said she wanted to discuss Ava and Steve's relationship, and emphasized that the man Ava had fallen in love with didn't exist anymore. Ava insisted, somewhat uncertainly, that he was coming back. As she argued with Kayla, Ava removed a tablet from a small gold compact, and then slipped the pill into her mouth. Kayla asked what the pills were, but Ava refused to answer. Kayla tried to reassure her, reminding her that she was a doctor and declaring that she just wanted to help. Ava tossed the pills at Kayla, who deftly caught them, and then she pressed Ava for more details. Ava's replies were argumentative and flippant, but Kayla persisted. Finally she confided that she just wanted to make sure Ava was healthy enough to take care of a baby. Ava earnestly swore that she'd make a good mother. Kayla pleaded with Ava to let her help, if only for the baby's sake, and expressed sympathy for Ava's situation. "This is no way to live your life-locked in your room, held like a prisoner," she said kindly. Ava bitterly replied that she'd seen lots of doctors, none of whom had been able to help her, so she didn't think Kayla could, either. Kayla deduced that Ava had tried to commit suicide, and asked when it had happened. "Right after Patch left," Ava answered resignedly, and her eyes briefly filled with tears as she confessed that she wished it had worked.

When Kayla asked what the doctors had diagnosed her with, Ava replied, "Brief psychotic disorder," and added that she thought they'd made it up. Kayla assured her it was real, and explained that it was usually triggered by a traumatic event, such as what had happened between Ava and Steve. She also said that the symptoms shouldn't have lasted so long. Ava asked if she'd been misdiagnosed, and Kayla picked up the pillbox from where Ava had left it and said if that were the case, the pills could do more harm than good. Ava snatched the pills away from Kayla, maintaining that her father had handpicked her doctors and that no one would deliberately hurt her. Kayla asserted that perhaps Ava should get a second opinion, and asked her gently how the drugs made her feel. Ava snapped, "They relax me, all right? Stop with your damn questions!" She was suspicious of Kayla's motives, but when Kayla told her that it had been Steve who had asked her to help, it caught her off-guard. This time when Kayla questioned her about the medication and how often she took it, Ava answered honestly. Kayla hinted that it was possible the doctors didn't have Ava's best interests in mind, because the pills seemed to make her agitated rather than relaxed. Ava became angry again and blamed her mood on Kayla. She then banged on the door and shouted for Angelo, who opened the door and ordered Mikey to take Kayla out. Ava urged Mikey not to hurt Kayla, lest he harm the baby that would soon be Ava's. After the other two had gone, Angelo informed Ava that Patch was still unconscious but should be awake soon. "Good," she replied with a sly smile. "We need to spend some time together-up close and personal."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

John told Paul Hollingsworth that with Victor preoccupied with Chelsea's health problems, it was the perfect time to strike. Marlena walked in wondering what the two were talking about. She asked Paul if John had asked him to use his position to cause problems with the Kiriakis shipment. The doorbell rang, and in walked Philip, who was not at all surprised to find Paul and John together. John tried to dismiss Philip, but Philip told Paul it was a matter of time before he was brought up on charges. Paul accused Philip and Victor of framing him. Philip said it wasn't possible to frame a guilty man. Paul told Philip to prove that he was guilty. John assured Paul that he had nothing to worry about.

After Paul left, Philip said the DiMera and Kiriakis families always found a way to coexist. Marlena tried to play referee between the two, but John told her to stay out of it. Marlena said she wouldn't butt out and let John drag everyone into a war. John told Philip he wasn't trying to destroy Philip's family, just trying to make sure the DiMera empire grew. Philip said whoever owned the docks owned Salem, and John said he would own Salem while the Kiriakis family could own the rest of the world. Philip told John that Victor made Salem his home and John couldn't take that away. John told Philip that Salem was his home too and in order for him to succeed, Philip and Victor would have to step aside. Philip told John he felt sorry for him, but he felt more sorry for Marlena.

After Philip left, Marlena told John she was disappointed in him, and John told her she wouldn't be disappointed if she stopped comparing him to the old John. Marlena said life wasn't about winning and losing. John told her he needed a reason to get up in the morning, and Marlena said she would give him a reason to get up in the morning and kissed him. Marlena said while she was away she decided she needed to be more aggressive in getting John to remember. John pulled away from Marlena and told her he had a hot date.

Kate told Daniel that Chelsea felt like her temperature had gone up. Tony brought Chelsea flowers and told Kate he was there to talk to her about their commercial. Chelsea encouraged Kate to talk to Tony about the account, saying she was in good hands with Daniel. Chelsea's temperature was slowly coming down, and Chelsea thanked Daniel for taking good care of her. Abe questioned Chelsea about Bo and Hope's whereabouts while Tony pressed Kate for feedback on his company's campaign, but Kate wasn't able to concentrate on anything else but Chelsea. Chelsea told Daniel she wished he wasn't her doctor, because if she wasn't his patient, they could be something more. Then Chelsea took back what she said and blamed it on the fever and drugs. As Chelsea slept, Daniel got bad news from her test results.

Steve woke up in bed next to Ava, who welcomed him back to "the good ole days." Steve wondered what happened to his clothes, and Ava said she knew he was out of it and needed time to regroup but added that they hadn't slept together. Steve asked about Kayla, Hope, and Bo. Ava assured him that they were all fine. She said that taking Kayla's baby was payback for Steve running out on her. Ava said she believed his version of what happened on their wedding day when Steve was kidnapped by Stefano's men. Steve said even if he wasn't kidnapped, he wouldn't have gone through with the wedding because Kayla was the one he was meant to be with. He encouraged Ava to put the past behind her and move on with her life. Ava tried to convince Steve that he was the exact same man that she knew years ago, but Steve said their romance was in the past and if she ever cared about him, she would accept it and let him go. Ava said she couldn't let it go, because if she did, her life would be over. Steve told Ava he wouldn't fight her anymore. He said he would have a baby with Ava if she would let Bo, Hope, and Kayla go. Ava told Steve she wanted his heart and soul, not just his body, and he told Ava that if she wanted him, she would have to accept him the way he was-still in love with his wife. Ava agreed to Steve's terms and said she wanted to make a baby.

Lexie told Abe that Bo went missing after he left the hospital. She said Steve and Kayla were also missing. Abe said Bo had been worried about Hope earlier. Lexie said Bo admitted that Hope was missing prior to his release from the hospital. Abe filled Lexie in on Ava and the role she played in John's plane crashing on the way back from Ireland.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Victor went to visit Chelsea at the hospital, but found her bed empty. The nurse informed him that his granddaughter had just left for more testing. As the nurse left, Nicole stormed in and began yelling at Victor because he'd had a maid pack her things and throw her out of the house. He warned her that he'd have her arrested for trespassing if she returned, and she countered she'd take him to court if he didn't abide by their lawyers' agreement to let her stay. When he welcomed her challenge to play dirty, she threatened to blab something she was sure he didn't want everyone to know. Victor confidently told his wife that he didn't have any secrets, and since she wouldn't divulge what she claimed to know, he accused her of bluffing. She declared he'd regret not believing her, and then strode out of the room.

As John lit candles in the living room of the DiMera mansion, an elegantly dressed Marlena joined him, and complimented him on how nice he looked. She told him that she'd assumed he had been teasing when he'd told her he had a date, and then was taken aback when he informed her that he did indeed have a date, and that it was with Nicole Kiriakis. Marlena admonished him that they were still married, and that he should behave like her husband. He countered that perhaps he would if she would act like his wife and sleep with him, and told her she was sexy when she was jealous. She urged him not to go through with his date with Nicole. He smiled slyly and confided that the date was "strictly business." The doorbell rang, and Rolf showed Nicole in. John helped her off with her coat, revealing a very low-cut, leopard-print halter dress underneath.

After Marlena had left, John and Nicole sat on the couch and sipped champagne. When Nicole said that she'd been surprised to learn that he and Marlena still lived together, he touched her face and said he'd prefer to talk about how good the two of them could be together. Marlena walked by the door and paused to listen, and when she heard this, she turned to leave and nearly ran into Rolf. She pulled him aside and quietly gave him a piece of her mind. She blamed him for the loss of John's memories, and vowed she would soon find out how he'd done it and make him restore them. Rolf sighed exasperatedly as she stormed off.

Meanwhile, Nicole and John continued to flirt, and he suggested the two of them take a trip to Napa Valley and Paris. When she asked if he could afford to leave his business for that long, and mentioned his war with Victor, he asked if she'd come there to spy on him. She claimed not to know what he was talking about, but he calmly told her that he wasn't fooled by her blatant come-ons or her tacky dress. As he asked if she'd been sent by Victor or by Philip, Marlena passed by the doorway again and overheard. Nicole indignantly accused John of being paranoid, and stood up to retrieve her coat. Marlena entered and agreed when Nicole said that John was nothing like the man he used to be, but then reminded Nicole that she and John were married to other people. When Nicole became hostile, Marlena just sweetly told John that Nicole's lies weren't very convincing. He concurred, and Nicole left in a huff. Marlena complimented John on how he'd handled Nicole. He poured them some wine, and asked Marlena to admit she had been jealous. She didn't deny it, but also advised him, with a warm smile, not to read too much into her reaction. He then criticized Philip for using Nicole to try to spy on him, and said he was disappointed that Victor and Philip had fought him when he'd tried to take control of the docks. "And now I'm going to put and end to this," he concluded.

Stephanie and Max continued their dance at the Brady Pub while Angelo's man lurked outside. Pete arrived and reopened the restaurant, and agreed to cover for Max for a while. Max noted that the pub had started to fill up, and suggested they go up to his room. Once upstairs, he put on some romantic music and turned down the lights. The two kissed and moved to the bed. Max stopped to tell Stephanie they didn't have to go through with it, as he knew how worried she was about her parents, but she assured him that she wanted to be with him. They lay back on the bed and kissed some more, then began undressing each other. Finally Max pulled away. He told Stephanie he loved her, but added that their first time should be perfect-not while she was so worried about her parents. She reluctantly agreed, though she said she couldn't wait much longer. She snuggled up to his chest, and he assured her he wanted their relationship to work.

Chloe rushed up to Philip outside the Pub and informed him that Victor had kicked her out of the house. They went inside and sat down, and after Chloe related that she had found one of the Kiriakis maids packing her bags, Philip assured her that he'd convince his father to let her stay.

Later, Nicole spotted Chloe sitting alone and asked her where Philip was. After briefly sniping at each other, they compared notes on being kicked out of the mansion, and even shared a laugh. Nicole remarked that Chloe had become a woman with a backbone since they'd last seen each other. When Chloe stood to leave, Nicole asked her to sit back down because she had something to tell her about Victor. Annoyed, Chloe sat, then her eyes widened in disbelief when Nicole informed her that Victor had known all along where Brady was.

Philip found Victor waiting in Chelsea's hospital room. He asked his father why he'd kicked Chloe and Nicole out, and Victor replied that he didn't trust either woman. When Philip questioned him further, Victor angrily demanded to know why Philip was supporting Chloe and Nicole against the family.

Roman and Abe entered the pub and found a table. Abe quickly brought a stunned Roman up to speed about how Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla were all missing, and that Ava Vitali was likely responsible. Roman agreed that they needed to figure out where Ava had taken them, because if the Vitalis had anything to do with their disappearance, the four of them were in great danger.

A short time later, Roman and Abe met Earl, Bo's informant, in front of the Pub. Earl initially refused to talk with them about the Vitalis, but Roman threatened to throw him in jail for resisting arrest. Earl reluctantly divulged the location of the Vitali compound in Brookville. Roman paid Earl for his trouble and told him to get lost, while Abe called for backup.

At the Vitali compound, Angelo and Mikey held guns on their tied-up captives, Bo, Hope, and Kayla, and led them through the hallway. Kayla stopped and defiantly demanded to see her husband.

In a nearby bedroom, a naked Ava kissed Steve passionately and told him how much she'd missed him. The door slammed, and they looked up to find a horrified Kayla. Steve leapt out of bed and accused Ava of setting the whole thing up, and she freely admitted she wanted Kayla to catch them together. Steve blasted Ava for what she'd done and for living in the past, then softened a bit as he reminded her how she and Kayla had been through similar ordeals when each had lost him. Ava became enraged and started yelling for Angelo.

Angelo heard Ava's shouts and ordered Mikey to lock up their hostages in separate rooms. In a flash, Bo untied himself and punched out both men, then grabbed Mikey's gun. While he untied Hope, the two agreed they should both get to a hospital, but first they had to rescue Steve and Kayla. Bo retrieved the keys from Mikey's pocket, and gave Angelo's gun to Hope.

Steve and Kayla heard the commotion in the hallway, and rushed to the door. Kayla put her ear to the door while and Steve searched for something to open it with. While they were thus distracted, Ava opened the nightstand and pulled out a gun. "Patch," she said quietly, and the two of them turned to see the gun pointed at them. "You're not leaving me." Steve asked her to put the gun down, but she refused, and threatened to shoot anyone who entered. Bo announced he was coming in, then he and Hope burst through the door. Steve immediately wrestled with Ava for the gun, which went off, firing harmlessly into the ceiling, and then he slapped Ava hard across the face. She held her cheek in horror and disbelief as Bo, Hope, and Steve kept their guns on her. Bo asked if they were all right, and Kayla and Steve exchanged a long look before Kayla nodded and replied softly, "Yeah. We're fine."

Steve informed the others that Ava had paid off Stephanie's bodyguard, so Bo handed him Angelo's phone to call and check on her. Steve dialed his daughter's cell, but got no answer, so he tossed the phone back to Bo and told him to call for backup. Steve sat on the sofa next to Ava, who looked bewildered and asked him what happened. Steve gently asked her to come with him and led her out the door, as Kayla quietly slipped Ava's pillbox into her pocket. The five of them went into the hallway, and just then Angelo's walkie-talkie crackled as one of his men tried to call in. Bo threatened to shoot Angelo if he answered, so he grudgingly handed it to Bo. Bo then shoved Angelo and Mikey into the bedroom and locked the door.

Meanwhile, Roman and Abe had arrived on the grounds, and crept up to the house with guns drawn until they heard Bo calling out to them. Bo and Hope emerged from the shadows, followed by Kayla and Steve, who held his arm around Ava protectively. Abe asked if they were all right, and they told him that Hope had been shot and both she and Bo needed to get to the hospital. Abe read Ava her rights and handcuffed her, while she just stared somewhat blankly at Steve. As Abe led Ava away, Roman assured Steve and Kayla that he'd sent a squad car to check on Stephanie. Roman then followed Bo and Hope to the ambulance. Steve tried to comfort a worried and upset Kayla, whispering "Sweetness," and caressing her cheek tenderly.

Mikey and Angelo, tied up back to back, managed to get free. Angelo used Mikey's phone and told the person on the other end, "It's a go."

At the pub, Max led Stephanie downstairs and apologized for having to go back to work, but she assured him she'd stick around for a while. After making sure she was comfortably seated at the bar, he went into the back room. Angelo's goon moved to the stool next to Stephanie's and held a knife blade to her side. "Make a sound, and you're dead," he growled.

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