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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Nicole surprised E.J. with a wet, juicy kiss, but E.J. pulled away and told Nicole that he could not have a relationship with her. Nicole told E.J. that she knew he was madly in love with Sami, but asked him to consider the possibility of getting involved with another woman. E.J. warned Nicole to stop manipulating him by using the fact that he was no longer married to Sami and holding it over his head. Nicole called Sami a piranha and could not understand how E.J. could love her. E.J. told Nicole that her lust for money was her downfall. Nicole lashed out at E.J. and told him that she cared about more than just money.

Ava arrived to see Nicole and apologized for interrupting Nicole and E.J.'s meeting. Ava asked Nicole if she wanted to have a girl's night out. E.J. immediately spoke up and told Ava and Nicole that it would be inappropriate for them to go out together. E.J. warned Nicole that her association with Ava, who was out on bail for attempted murder, could jeopardize her divorce settlement from Victor. Nicole told E.J. to mind his own business and informed E.J. that she planned to go out with Ava. Ava and Nicole left the room to get ready for their night out.

Nicole and Ava ended up at the Java Café and Ava told Nicole that drinking coffee in a neighborhood café was not her idea of fun. Stephanie was at the café with Nick and Max for Dean Robbins' book signing event. Ava glanced over and mentioned to Nicole that people still looked at her with contempt. Nicole suggested that they leave and go somewhere else where they could make their own fun.

Nicole and Ava picked up two men who were attending the Fitness Convention at the Salem Inn and decided to party with them. Nicole and Ava agreed to join them after their meeting, but for the moment said that they would settle for a dance. While Nicole and Ava were dancing with their dates, Nicole kept thinking about her kiss with E.J. and Ava was thinking about John's dinner invitation. Ava and Nicole feigned headaches and discouraged their dates from sharing the remainder of the evening with them. Ava asked Nicole not to get mad at her for ending the evening early. Ava was honest with Nicole and told her that a casual date with someone she did not even know was not the answer to her problems. Nicole, in a serious moment, agreed with Ava. They decided to finish the night off by drinking their problems away.

Ava told Nicole that she wanted to fall in love again. Nicole asked her if she wanted Steve back, but she said no. Ava told Nicole she was interested in someone else. Nicole asked who it was and laughed when Ava told her that she was interested in John Black. Nicole mentioned that she had an unusual date with John, but explained to Ava that John was a changed man. Ava told Nicole that she thought John seemed unpredictable and that she could relate to him in a strange way. Nicole encouraged Ava to go after John if he could bring happiness back into her life.

Bo and Hope arrived at the DiMera mansion and presented John with a warrant to search the mansion. Bo and Hope told John that if he was innocent he should not object to the search. John asked Dr. Rolf to show Bo around the house. Hope stayed in the living room with John. John got right to the point and asked Hope if she enjoyed the time that she had sex with him on the DiMera submarine. Hope was shocked and embarrassed that John would ask her about a personal matter that happened so long ago.

Hope asked John how he found about it and he told her that he had his ways. Hope told John that the conversation was inappropriate and that she did not want to rehash the time when Stefano held her captive. John told Hope that he had to question her about the details of their time together to make sure that Hope did not have a grudge against him that might interfere with the drug trafficking investigation. Hope told John about how Stefano manipulated both of them and affirmed that it was over. John taunted Hope and told her that they probably enjoyed their time together and that the sex was hot. Hope did not dare mention to John that there was some truth to his words about their sex-filled encounter.

John told Hope that he would not discuss the subject again and then asked Hope if she liked the new John as much as the old John. Hope told John that she was starting to get used to him. Bo returned from his search of the premises and started to leave the mansion. John stopped Bo and Hope and reiterated to them that Philip set him up and that Philip had several meetings with Paul Hollingsworth. Bo suggested that John was concerned that Paul was working for Philip while on John's payroll. John dismissed Bo's comment and restated his case that Philip set him up and to question Paul Hollingsworth.

Chelsea arrived at the mansion and asked E.J. if he knew if Victor was home. E.J. told her that he had not seen Victor and then said goodbye and left the room. Chelsea was alone and daydreamed about a romantic interlude with Daniel. While in deep thought, Victor walked into the room and asked Chelsea what she was doing there.

Chelsea asked Victor for a summer job at the hospital as opposed to working at Titan. Chelsea explained that after working a meaningless job at the airlines during the previous summer, she wanted to do something worthwhile and thought working at the hospital would fit the bill.

Victor suggested that Daniel would be a good resource and they left for the hospital to meet Daniel.

Kate arrived at the hospital, asked Daniel to help her, and told him that she'd had severe stomach pain for the past few days. Kate told Daniel that she feared there was something terribly wrong with her health. Daniel examined Kate and suggested she have a series of tests.

While Daniel was examining Kate, Victor and Chelsea arrived at the hospital, were surprised to see Kate in the examining room, and asked Kate what was wrong. Kate said she was having stomach pain, but that she did not feel it was serious. Daniel hesitantly agreed but insisted Kate stay overnight until he could review the test results to determine the appropriate treatment.

Victor later caught up with Daniel and told him that he wanted to know the truth about Kate's condition. Victor reminded Daniel that, because of his past relationship with Kate, it was important to know the extent of her condition. He emphasized to Daniel that Kate was the mother of his son, and that Kate and Chelsea had become very close since Billie left town. Daniel told Victor that he could not discuss Kate's case with him and that he did not have a diagnosis.

In the examining room, Kate asked Chelsea if she would be able to work with Daniel due to their complicated relationship. Chelsea told Kate that Daniel ended their romantic relationship and that she was making every effort to accept his decision. Chelsea told Kate that she would be able to work with Daniel without it interfering with her assignment at the hospital.

Daniel arranged to admit Kate to the hospital and then asked to speak with Chelsea privately. While Daniel and Chelsea were talking, Kate screamed out in pain and Daniel ran to check on her condition.

Max agreed to go with Stephanie and Nick to attend a book signing at the Java Café. Max appeared to have no interest in the event, but after Nick left, Stephanie told Max to stop pretending and admit that he was interested in scientific formulas and wanted to be there. When Nick returned, he questioned Max about Max's attitude. Nick told Stephanie that he respected Max's friendship. Nick promised Max that he would wait for Max to open up to him. Max complimented Nick and told him that he was a driven, focused, intelligent friend whom he respected.

Dean Robbins walked into the Java Café and Max asked Nick what the Dean was doing there. Max was surprised to learn that the book signing was for Dean Robbins' book. Nick asked Max if he had a problem with Dean Robbins. Max had to cover his anger and told Nick and Stephanie that he did not even know the man. Max said that he was bored and tired and wanted to leave. Before Max could leave, Dean Robbins walked over to them and Nick introduced Max to the dean.

Dean Robbins addressed the crowd and Max appeared bored and disinterested. Dean Robbins agreed to sign copies of his book, and Stephanie and Nick decided to have the dean sign a copy of the book for each of them. Stephanie asked Max to join them, but he snapped at her and said that he did not want a copy of Dean Robbins' book. Max, Nick, and Stephanie left the café, but Max slipped away and returned to the café to confront Dean Robbins. Dean Robbins was shocked and stunned when Max accused him of being a con man and a fraud and told the dean that his book was a bunch of garbage. Dean Robbins told Max that he must be mistaken, but Max was relentless and continued to berate him. Max told Dean Robbins that he understood all of the concepts in the book. In detail, Max pointed out that the book did not address issues correctly and that Dean Robbins' scientific premises and theories were invalid and illogical. Max went on to tell Dean Robbins that he intended to inform everyone in town that Dean Robbins was a fraud.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie stopped by to see Max. When Dean Robbins walked through the front door, Stephanie hurried over to greet him and compliment him on his lecture. The two joked amiably until Max marched up and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Dean Robbins stayed calm and after Max berated him for a few minutes, Dean Robbins explained that he was at the pub to see "the young man with the audacity to discredit my book." Stephanie was stunned by the revelation, and Dean Robbins filled Stephanie in on the events from the night before. Max reiterated that he thought Dean Robbins was a fraud and then demanded that Dean Robbins leave immediately. Dean Robbins lingered for a moment, but finally left. Stephanie begged Max to explain what was going on, but, still angry, Max pulled away and rushed back over to the bar. At her wit's end, Stephanie hurried upstairs.

A short time later, Stephanie came back downstairs and held out a picture and asked Max who the woman was. Max was furious that Stephanie had rifled through his stuff upstairs, but Stephanie stood firm and explained she would not leave until he forgave her. After he settled down, Max revealed that the woman in the picture was his biological mother. Stephanie gently asked Max to tell her about his mother, but Max explained that he only had a few memories and he was not really sure whether those memories were real or imagined. When Stephanie then suggested they try to track down Max's mother, Max declined and instead asked Stephanie not to tell anyone. "No more secrets, right?" Stephanie asked hopefully. Max nodded in agreement, and hugged Stephanie, but his face seemed pensive.

At the Java Café, John received a phone call from Ava asking whether his offer for dinner was still open. John told her it was, and they made plans to have dinner together that evening. Just as John was getting off the phone, Paul hurriedly sat down at John's table. John asked Paul how his meeting with Philip went and when Paul played dumb, John asked Paul point-blank whether he had planted drugs on John's ship. Paul denied John's charges, and John reminded Paul that due to Victor's past dealings with drugs, the Kiriakis clan was the most likely suspects for the drugs. While Paul tried to avoid an implication in the drug issue, his daughter Morgan interrupted the conversation and demanded to know why John was still talking to her father after she had told him not to. Smiling just a little, John said, "As you wish," as he walked out of the café. Sighing, Paul told Morgan that her interference was unnecessary.

Meanwhile, back at the DiMera Mansion, Lucas talked to someone on the phone about "cash" as Sami entered the living room. Curious, Sami asked what Lucas was doing. Caught on the phone, Lucas pretended to be placing an order for a pizza before hanging up the phone. Trying to throw Sami off his trail, Lucas started to ask her about E.J. After a bit of arguing, Sami firmly reminded Lucas that she chose him to spend the rest of her life with. The two talked about their future together, but Lucas told her he was not so sure he could imagine it anymore. Sami continued to push Lucas for reconciliation, but Lucas told Sami that he would not attempt one until her divorce was final. Just as the argument began to heat up, a happy looking John entered the mansion and asked for feedback on the cologne he bought. "Which one releases your feminine desires?" he asked Sami. Reluctantly Sami sniffed the two colognes and picked one. John gave the rejected cologne to Lucas and then happily explained that he had a hot date coming over. Horrified, Sami reminded John that he was married. "I could say the same for you," Lucas muttered from the corner. Exasperated with both of the men, Sami asked John what Marlena would think of the matter. John explained that he was moving on and asked Sami and Lucas to keep out of sight for the evening. Frustrated, Sami stormed out of the house.

Lucas assured John that the twins were with Caroline, and happy with the thought of a baby-free house, John went upstairs to get ready. Just after John left, the doorbell rang and Lucas hurriedly went to answer it. Lucas opened the front door to find a man with a package. Lucas exchanged an envelope of money for the package, and then he hurried back into the living room. Lucas eagerly pulled an electronic device out of the paper bag and held it next to his electronic ankle bracelet.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe lugged a suitcase down the stairs when Philip came out of the living room and spotted her. Philip helped her with the bag, but was surprised when Chloe handed him her key to the house. Philip insisted Chloe keep the key, and when she was reluctant to take it back, he put it in her purse. Chloe admitted that she missed him the night before, and Philip agreed that he felt the same way. Looking a little hurt, Chloe suggested that she would not have moved out if Philip were willing to fight for her. Though Philip protested, Chloe pointed out that his relationship with his father was more important. Philip attempted to explain that there were extenuating circumstances to the tension with his father, but he also reassured Chloe that he told Victor that he would not let Victor control his life. Softening, Philip asked Chloe if they were still on for dinner and after she agreed, the two kissed. Philip then attempted to give Chloe money for her hotel, but Chloe refused. When Chloe told Philip of her plans to get an apartment by the university, a horrified Philip begged her to let him help her with money. Just as Chloe was about to refuse again, Philip received a call on his cell phone. As Philip went into the living room to talk, Chloe snuck out of the mansion without a word.

At the Java Café, Chloe was getting a cup of coffee when a smirking Sami crept up behind her and joked about her dinner for one. Chloe denied the charge and explained that she was having dinner with Philip later. Sami continued to joke and give Chloe a hard time until Chloe gave an impassioned speech about how much she cared for Brady and how much she had lost because of his addiction. Eventually, Sami seemed to realize that Chloe's feelings for Brady were genuine and asked her why she did not fight for her marriage. Unsure, Chloe told Sami that she did not know if she ever could have made her marriage work. Chloe explained that Brady still would not take her calls, and that the part of her that held out hope that they would reconcile was finally starting to realize that it was over. Seeming to sympathize with Chloe, Sami gently told her that she spoke with Brady a week earlier. Her eyes lighting up, Chloe hurriedly asked how he was doing. Pleased, Sami told her that he was doing well. Chloe again told Sami that she just wanted to see Brady happy and asked Sami to tell Brady hello the next time they spoke. Chloe turned to leave, but stopped and told Sami to try to work things out with Lucas.

Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Philip talked on the phone to someone about the encrypted disk he stole from John. According to the caller, the disk had brainwaves on it. Confused, Philip demanded that the caller find out more and then call him back. Just as Philip hung up, Morgan barged into the Kiriakis Mansion and urged Philip to help her stop John Black. Curious, Philip asked Morgan what had happened. Morgan explained that she had seen her father in a heated conversation with John at the Java Café, and was worried that he might be working for John. Philip attempted to comfort Morgan, but when his phone rang, he took the call immediately. On the phone was Morgan's father, Paul, and he was calling Philip to tell him that John was suspicious. Once Paul assured Philip that he had continued to keep quiet, Paul demanded that Philip pay him the rest of the money that Philip owed him. Sneering, Philip suggested that he was not sure that Paul deserved the money. Angry, Paul countered, "Don't you forget that I'm the one who planted those drugs on John's ship! So I deserve it!" Philip hung up and, smiling devilishly, he turned toward Morgan and asked her to stay and have a drink. As Philip mixed drinks and the two laughed together, Chloe came back into the house dressed for dinner. As soon as she saw Philip and Morgan together, she stumbled out of the house, shocked. Not noticing that Chloe had arrived and left, Philip sat on the couch with Morgan and flirted. When Morgan asked about his girlfriend, Philip told her that since he and Morgan were just friends, there was nothing improper about their drink together.

Down at the docks, a free Lucas wandered along, staring at the water. Suddenly, Lucas heard footsteps and ducked behind some equipment to hide. With tears streaming down her face, Chloe appeared on the docks. Lucas continued to try tp hide, and hurriedly rushed to quiet his vibrating cell phone when Sami called looking for him.

Back at the DiMera mansion, a confused Sami hung up her phone and continued to search the house for Lucas. Sami asked John for help, but an excited John remarked that he didn't want to find Lucas or anyone downstairs that evening. Frustrated, Sami headed over to couch and absentmindedly fiddled with her cell phone in her hands. While Sami sat there thinking, she accidentally dropped her phone on the floor and when she went to retrieve it, noticed a paper bag. Suspicious, Sami opened the bag and was shocked to find Lucas' electronic ankle bracelet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Max sat at a table with Stephanie and they exchanged apologies-him for not having been himself recently, and her for snooping in his room and digging up a picture of his biological mother. Despite his obvious reluctance to talk about it, she broached the subject of what had been going on with him, and suggested it had to do with how Nick was getting recognition for his genius while Max was not. Max confided that it was more about Dean Robbins than Nick. Just as Stephanie was asking him to clarify, Nick and the dean came in front door.

At University Hospital, Daniel complained to a nurse that, despite a battery of tests, they still didn't know what was wrong with Kate. He repeated this to Chelsea when she arrived, and when she expressed her surprise, he practically took her head off. Chelsea didn't seem to take it too personally. The nurse arrived with more of Kate's test results, and Chelsea urged him to go and look at them so he could figure out what was wrong with her grandma.

Max brought beers for Nick and Dean Robbins, then abruptly cut Nick off and went into the back. Stephanie pulled Nick aside and confided that Max and the dean had argued. When Nick asked Dean Robbins about it, he replied that Max had disparaged Robbins's theories.

Chelsea arrived at the pub and told her friends that Kate was in the hospital, and ordered a snack to go. Stephanie began telling her what she'd learned about Max, but they were interrupted and then Chelsea had to leave, but promised they'd continue their conversation later.

A nurse wheeled Kate back from having tests run, and Kate asked where Chelsea was. Daniel confessed that he'd probably scared her off. When Kate declared that she didn't want to see Chelsea hurt, Daniel went off on a rant about how he just wanted to be left alone at the end of a day of saving lives. He said things could never work out with Chelsea, so he was keeping his distance even if she started working at the hospital.

Chelsea returned and overheard the end of Daniel and Kate's conversation. Annoyed, she told them she was perfectly capable of making her own decisions about her life. After the nurse took Kate off for more tests, Daniel asked Chelsea not to criticize him, because it wasn't a good time. Chelsea declared that it was never a good time, and added, "Don't worry. No matter how I feel, I get that you're not in love with me," and quickly left before he could even turn to face her. "The problem is, I am," Daniel said quietly after she'd gone.

Nick confronted Max and asked what was going on between Max and the dean, and, as usual, Max clammed up. This time Nick refused to drop it until Max gave him a straight answer, and asserted that Max clearly knew more about physics and the like than he'd ever let on. Max shrugged it off as just having changed a few equations on Nick's proposal, and Nick asked why he hadn't admitted to doing so before then. He added that they could have worked together if he'd just come forward, then accused Max of thinking he was too brilliant to work with Nick. When Max had no reply, Nick marched over to Dean Robbins and announced that he was returning the grant money. Robbins was confused and annoyed, but Nick declared that Max should get credit for the prototype.

As they sat having drinks in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, Philip tried to convince Morgan to have dinner with him. She replied that she didn't think Chloe would appreciate their seeing each other. He admitted that he cared for Chloe, but when he explained how he'd asked for some space because he didn't know if they had a future, Morgan called him out for his clichéd behavior. He was impressed with her spirited determination. She took a cell phone call from her father, who urged her to stay away from Philip but refused to say why. She asked Philip about it, but he claimed not to know why either.

Lucas watched from behind some crates on the pier as Chloe wiped away tears. He pulled out his cell phone and called her, speaking quietly as he apologized for being rude and hurtful earlier. She was surprised to hear from him, but suggested that since they were both having problems with their exes, they should "form an alliance." He thought it sounded like a good idea.

After Chloe had left, Lucas realized he should probably get back to the mansion, and as he emerged from behind the crates, he ran right into Paul Hollingsworth. Paul thought he recognized Lucas, but Lucas said he was mistaken. Lucas hurried away from the docks, leaving Paul with a perplexed frown.

Morgan was starting to leave when Philip's cell phone rang. It was Paul, who declared it would be bad for everyone if Morgan found out he'd been helping Philip. Philip cut him off and hung up. He returned to Morgan but she made her exit anyway. Just as Morgan was leaving, Chloe entered to retrieve some forgotten earrings. Though Philip tried to assure her nothing was going on between him and Morgan and that he only wanted to be with Chloe, Chloe didn't buy it. She told Philip to go to hell and, as she turned to leave, he grabbed her and kissed her.

Sami was looking at Lucas's ankle monitor in horror when she heard Rolf answer the front door. She stashed it back in its paper bag under the end table as Rolf ushered Ava into the living room. John greeted Ava and dismissed an obviously smitten Rolf, then asked Sami to give them some privacy. Sami lit into him for dating while he was still married to Marlena. Unfazed, John reiterated his request. So, after snapping a picture of the two of them with her cell phone and snidely telling them she was sending it to Marlena, Sami left.

As she closed the living room doors behind herself, Sami's cell phone rang; it was Roman, looking for Lucas. When she lied that Lucas was busy changing Allie's diaper upstairs, Roman said he was going to be in the neighborhood and would be right over. When he arrived, Sami tried to stall him by running up to check on the twins when one of them began crying.

John poured wine for himself and Ava while they chatted and laughed. She told him she'd prefer not to refer to their dinner as a date, and asked if he was still in love with his wife. He explained that his relationship with Marlena was complicated because he didn't remember anything about his past, including his family. She began comparing his situation to her relationship with her father, then became emotional and changed the subject. He expressed sympathy for what had happened, and admitted that it was sometimes liberating not to remember his past.

After Rolf brought dessert for the two of them, John granted that it was sometimes frustrating not to remember his former life. When Ava tried to joke that she'd like to erase certain things about her past, he divulged that he'd prefer to remember his, because, he declared, "Even a past you regret is important. It makes you who you are now."

Later, John poured the last of the wine and admitted with a bit of surprise that he'd had a nice time. Ava agreed that she had as well. When he asked for permission to kiss her, she granted it, and he kissed her gently. Afterward, they laughed somewhat awkwardly, so she then asked for a tour of the mansion. John happily obliged.

In the foyer, they bumped into a returning Sami, who called John a bastard. He just ignored her and led Ava by the hand out of the room. Sami told Roman that John was betraying her mother. He reminded her that she'd have to let Marlena handle it, and demanded to know why Sami was giving him the runaround about Lucas. Just then, Lucas emerged nonchalantly from the living room. "Somebody say my name?"

Thursday, June 12, 2008

At the DiMera mansion, Ava told John his house reminded her of the house she grew up in. John said her father and he were a lot alike, but Ava disagreed. She said her father controlled her. While John gave Ava a tour of the kitchen, Sami questioned Lucas about where he was that night. Lucas lied, and when Sami tried to get him to trust her, Lucas told her he couldn't trust her because she slept with E.J. She asked for the chance to earn his trust. She said if she found out something he didn't want anyone else to know she would keep his secret. He said at some point she'd get angry and throw it back in his face. She said she'd keep that in mind the next time he left the house. He asked what she knew, and the two started fighting. In walked John, who told them to stop. Lucas wouldn't explain to John why they were fighting. John complained that ever since Sami moved in, it was noisy and all he was trying to do was spend a quiet evening with his lady friend. Sami asked John if he understood how wrong that was because he was married to Marlena. Then she turned to Ava and asked if there were enough single men in Salem. John asked Sami and Lucas to leave and then apologized to Ava.

Chloe warned Morgan to be careful and stay away from Philip because of the feud between him and John. Morgan said she didn't trust John, but she trusted Philip. Chloe said since John claimed Philip planted the drugs on his ship, it proved John would do anything to get at Philip, and anyone involved with him was not safe. Morgan said she appreciated the warning and would be careful. Chloe said she wouldn't want Morgan to get hurt and advised her to tell her father to stay away from John too. Philip received a call from Morgan's father, Paul Hollingsworth, who told him he did what Philip wanted him to do and John wouldn't know what hit him. Paul told Philip the problem with the shipment had been taken care of. When Morgan's father hung up, Morgan told Philip she knew he was a good person and would do what was right.

At the Brady Pub, Nick told Dean Robbins he would return the grant money, but the dean asked Max if he altered Nick's work without his knowledge. Max said he double-checked some of his work with a calculator but it wasn't a big deal. Nick said the big deal was that he did it behind his back. Max said the reason he didn't tell Nick was because he knew he would be willing to give up years worth of work just because Max checked his work. Nick told Max he did more than proof the work; he changed it. The dean asked Nick if he reviewed the changes, and Nick said no, but he planned to. The dean asked if Max did anything to the original theorems or hypotheses, and Max said no. Nick said Max corrected his work without his knowledge or approval. Nick said he would have double-checked his work but Max sent it in before had a chance to proof it. Max said he did it so Nick could meet the deadline. Max asked what was more important to Nick-getting his prototype or double-checking his work himself. Max said it was stupid for Nick to give up on his grant because Max stepped on his toes. The dean agreed with Max, but Nick still didn't feel comfortable taking all the credit for his project. The dean told Nick it was highly unlikely that Max could have made a big impact on Nick's work and Max probably just plugged the numbers in on a calculator without knowing what the results meant. Stephanie stood up for Max and told the dean he was being insulting and Max was far from stupid. Max said the dean based his book on a faulty hypothesis, so what would he know? The dean called Max destructive and jealous of Nick, and he said if Max didn't stay away from him, he would call the police. Kayla interrupted their fight to see if everything was okay. Nick asked Max to go somewhere private to talk.

Stephanie told Kayla that Max was going through something and wouldn't talk to her mother about it. She said she found out Max had a gift he was hiding from everyone and she didn't feel like she knew him anymore. Stephanie asked about her baby brother, and Kayla told Stephanie that Joey was getting stronger every day.

Max and Nick met on the docks and saw that there was a fire at the warehouse where they stored impounded cargo. Nick asked Max to explain his recent behavior, and Max told him that he understood more than people thought he did. He said he understood things that he hadn't actually learned and he hid his gift from everyone, including his teachers, because he just wanted to be normal. Max said he couldn't deal with being smart. Nick asked whether Max would at least go to the university and take an IQ test. Max refused. He said he was happy being a member of the working class like his family. Nick refused Max's request to tell the dean that he had nothing to do with Nick's project, and Max got angry and stormed off.

Stephanie told Kayla about Max's special gift, and she was surprised too. While they were talking, Max returned to the pub followed by Nick. Stephanie asked Nick how his talk with Max went, and he said it didn't go well. Kayla asked Max if he wanted to talk about what was bothering him, but he wasn't interested.

Hope arrived at the DiMera mansion and found John with Ava. She asked Ava what she was doing there. John told her Ava was his guest and asked Hope to explain why she came by. Hope told him the warehouse that housed all the goods obtained from John's ship had burned down and everything was a total loss. John said Philip's name as Lucas spied on them from the next room. John said the shipment was worth millions. Hope pointed out that John had insurance, but John said the insurance company would probably not cover it because it was suspect and impounded. Ava agreed. Hope told John the cause of the fire was still under investigation, and John took that to mean they had no evidence. Ava suspected they were destroying the evidence and told John to go to the warehouse and check on things himself. John started to leave, but Hope ordered him to stay out of it and let the police handle it. John said he told her that Philip and Paul were working together, but she did nothing and he suffered a loss. John said Philip had Hope snowed, but he said he would take care of it-one way or another.

Lucas snuck off. Ava offered her help, but Hope warned her to stay out of it. Ava said she wouldn't let John get railroaded by anyone, and Hope told her to remember the police were watching her and not to make things more difficult for herself. John told Hope to leave, but before she did, she warned John again to stay home and let the cops handle it. As she left, he said under his breath that she had her chance. Meanwhile, Bo stopped by the Kiriakis mansion and questioned Philip about the fire at the warehouse. Philip denied having anything to do with the fire. Bo warned Philip that he would run the investigation by the book and if Philip had anything to do with it, Bo planned to arrest Philip. After Bo left, Chloe asked Philip if he did it. Philip denied any involvement or knowledge of the fire. She thought it was suspicious that Philip wasn't surprised by the news of the fire, and he said nothing surprised him. Chloe said her moving out would make it easier for him to see Morgan, but Philip told her she was the only one he wanted to be with. He also said not to worry about the incident with the warehouse, because it would all be sorted out. Philip kissed her, and they agreed to get together later. After she left, Philip got another call from Paul and told Paul he didn't ask him to burn down the warehouse. Chloe walked along the docks and realized that the only way Lucas could have known she was crying when he called her earlier was if he was on the pier watching her.

At the DiMera mansion, Ava offered her help again, and John said if he needed her advice, he would ask for it. John promised he wouldn't let Philip ruin the new life he was building for himself. Ava told John she was impressed with what he had accomplished. She said it was very sexy, and the two kissed. In the foyer, Sami noticed that something was wrong with Lucas, and she reminded him that he could trust her. Sami hinted that Lucas must be getting restless having to stay inside all the time, and Lucas told her if she had something to ask then ask. Sami told him if there was something he wanted to tell her about that night or anything, he could tell her. Inside the living room, Ava said goodbye to John, and he invited her to stay, but she felt it was a bad idea because he needed to focus on what was going on with his business. She asked him why he didn't follow his instincts and fight dirty. Marlena walked in and told Ava it was because she didn't want him to.

At the pub, Hope and Bo compared notes on their visits to the DiMera mansion and the Kiriakis mansion, respectively. Bo said he believed Philip was lying about the fire, and Hope told Bo that John was angry and blamed Philip. She told him that Ava was at John's place. They ran into Kayla and asked about her baby. Kayla told them she was worried about Max. Stephanie and Nick noticed Max getting close to the dean. Max leaned in and whispered to the dean that he'd better let Nick finish his prototype or he would let everyone know who he really was.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nicole joined E.J. at the Brady Pub, where E.J. informed his client that he'd found a way to ensure she received a hefty divorce settlement without even having to go to court. He added that the only way he'd go forward was if she swore to keep quiet that his annulment was valid. Nicole replied that she really just wanted his respect-because she hadn't already told Sami, even though she thought Sami wasn't right for him. She told him he deserved to be with someone who actually wanted him. Though he said he wasn't interested in anyone but Sami, E.J. thanked Nicole for her candor. She then showed him how to "pinky swear," and did so to promise she would keep his secret.

Stephanie seated herself at the bar and greeted Max flirtatiously. He tersely replied that he was busy, and then told Caroline he was going to bed. Stephanie asked what had happened between him and Nick, but he said he didn't want to talk about it, then kissed her cheek and went upstairs.

Kayla arrived and sat Caroline down to tell her what a genius Max was at math and physics. She related how Max had redone some of Nick's grant proposal. Caroline was happily surprised to hear that her son was so brilliant, but wondered why she'd never known, and why such a big secret was just coming out.

Stephanie let herself in to Max's bedroom with his spare key. He told her he needed to be alone, but she pressed him to tell her why he felt the need to hide the fact that he was so gifted, even from his family. No matter how hard she tried to get him to open up, Max insisted it was something he just couldn't talk about. Stephanie assured him that she loved him and was there for him. She kissed him, and it soon became more intense and the two made love. Afterward, as she slept in his arms, he whispered, "I'm so sorry, Steph. I wish I could tell you more, but no one can ever know about him."

At University Hospital, Daniel sat at Kate's bedside and asked her to go over her medical history again. Chelsea arrived and when she saw how much pain her grandma was in, she lashed out at Daniel because he hadn't figured out what was wrong with Kate yet. When the nurse came to draw more blood from Kate, Chelsea pulled Daniel aside in the hallway and apologized for snapping at him. She assured him she still had complete faith that he would cure Kate soon, and that she believed he was an amazing doctor. "I just made the stupid mistake of falling in love with you," she added. Daniel seemed shocked at her use of the word "love," but Chelsea urged him to get back to work on diagnosing Kate. She then went back into Kate's room.

Victor asked Philip if he had anything to do with the arson at John's warehouse. Philip denied it and assured his dad he was trying to find out who had set the fire. Victor was worried that Philip was in over his head when it came to dealing with John. He then informed Philip that Kate was in the hospital. Philip, in turn, called Lucas to tell him.

Victor and Philip arrived at the hospital, but Kate was upset that Victor had called Philip. Kate insisted she hadn't wanted her sons to know because she didn't want to worry anyone. Philip assured her he wanted to be there for his mom, and informed her that, despite her wishes, he had called Lucas, too. Suddenly she cried out, clearly in great pain. A worried Chelsea called Daniel, who rushed in with Lexie. Lexie ordered everyone else out as Daniel asked Kate again about her medical history, or anything that might have happened to her recently, from international travel to some sort of trauma. Kate remembered that she'd taken a power kick to the stomach in self-defense class recently, but she hadn't been concerned about it because it hadn't seemed serious at the time.

A short time later, Daniel returned and announced that he'd reviewed Kate's CT scan again and had a diagnosis: Kate had omental torsion. Lexie was surprised, since it was rare and difficult to diagnose. Daniel explained, "It's a condition where the tissue in your abdomen gets twisted and creates a vascular constriction, cutting off the blood supply." He added that he couldn't be certain until he operated, but once he did, and after some rest, Kate would be fine.

Lexie stepped into the hall to tell Kate's family that Kate needed immediate surgery. When Daniel had finished discussing the surgery with Kate, he joined the others in the hall. He explained to them what omental torsion was, and assured them that Kate should be fine after the surgery. Lexie praised him, the others thanked him, and Chelsea gave him a grateful hug.

E.J. arrived at the hospital and told Victor they needed to talk. Victor said it wasn't a good time, but E.J. said that he had a deal to offer Victor regarding his divorce, and that it was about to expire. Victor, annoyed but unconcerned, told E.J. to go away.

In the DiMera Mansion living room, John welcomed Marlena home. Marlena greeted Ava as warmly as she could, but wanted to know why she was there. John replied that he'd invited Ava for dinner. Marlena noted that John had replaced her portrait with a landscape, just as Sami bounded excitedly down the stairs. She hugged her mom happily and asked about Eric. Marlena informed her that, other than a few broken bones, Sami's twin brother would be fine. When Marlena asked if she and Sami were interrupting something, John said they were, then rather smugly asked if Marlena was jealous. Marlena quietly reminded him that they were still married. He countered that they hadn't been living as such. Embarrassed that he was discussing this in front of Sami and Ava, Marlena said she'd thought that he was committed to working on their relationship. He replied that she was still in love with a man who no longer existed, not the man who stood before her, and declared that he was moving on. Marlena was stunned.

As John returned to Ava's side, Sami filled Marlena in about the warehouse fire, then rushed upstairs when one of the babies cried. Marlena asked John what he planned to do regarding the turf war with the Kiriakis family. He replied that he'd been trying to play by the rules in order to please her, but it had gotten him nowhere, so he was going to do things his way. Marlena seemed to think that was Ava's doing. Ava insisted she hated violence but thought John should stand up and fight for what was his. Marlena urged him not to fight violence with violence, but he told her it was no longer her call. He declared that he was focusing on the future now, and that it was a new beginning. Marlena wanted to know if that meant he was turning his back on their past, and what it meant for the two of them. John asserted that he would never be the old John, and that she was actually in love with someone else. "Yes, that's true. I have admitted that," she acknowledged. He responded, "Well, then I believe you have your answer." Eyes glistening, she quietly told him she would pack her things.

Marlena passed Sami and Lucas in the foyer and announced that she was moving out. Sami ran after her up the stairs and begged her not to leave. Marlena replied that she would do anything for Sami, but she just couldn't live there with John any longer. She said she'd send for the rest of her things, and then walked out the front door.

John told Ava how he'd been told that he and Marlena had once been deeply in love, but he didn't remember it. He said he'd been unable to get Marlena to love him for who he was, and he was tired of disappointing her. He declared that he liked Ava because she had no expectations of him. She confessed that she liked him too, because he made her feel good about herself. He asked her how it felt to be in love, and she told him it was the best feeling in the world-but when she was left at the altar, she'd felt lost and alone. He realized that was probably how "Blondie" was feeling just then. John then suggested that he and Ava get in the hot tub, but she declined with a laugh. She thanked him sincerely for a nice evening-even though it hadn't turned out as they'd planned-and reminded him she was available if he ever needed a friend. After Ava had gone, John wandered over to the French doors and, with a pained expression, whispered, "Doc," before walking away.

Chloe rang the doorbell, and when Lucas answered it he tried to put her off because his mom was in the hospital. When he said he had to go, she said, "Where? You can't leave." He replied, "Like hell I can't!" A bit later, Chloe followed him into the living room and asked why he was acting like he could just leave the mansion to go see his mom. She told him she thought he'd been on the pier when he called her, because he'd known she was crying. Lucas denied it, claiming he was just intuitive, but Chloe wasn't convinced.

Ava found Nicole at the pub and snatched up her new friend's martini and took a drink. Nicole laughed and excitedly asked about Ava's date with John. Ava summed him up aptly when she replied, "He's very intense, but he's playful." She recounted the details of their dinner and John's tour of the mansion. She then shocked Nicole with the news that not only had Marlena returned home during their date, but that-after John and Marlena had discussed everything in front of Ava-Marlena was moving out of the mansion. Nicole thought that was great news for Ava, and announced that she had good news of her own: she would soon be single-and wealthy-again.

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