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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Salem experienced a blackout that led to spontaneous romance for Chloe and Lucas, and E.J. and Nicole, but more problems for John and Marlena, and Chelsea and Daniel.

At the DiMera mansion, Marlena walked into the basement laboratory to find John and Ava standing in the midst of broken glass and equipment, and John's memory disk shattered on the floor. Marlena, viewing the lab in shambles, told John that she was disappointed in him. In anger, she told John that his actions were careless and thoughtless and that he destroyed any chance at restoring his past memories. John told Marlena that he thought about his decision and he would not apologize for his actions. Marlena told John that he was a hateful person and a mere shell of the man she once knew and loved. Marlena left and John turned to Ava and told her that he did not mean to hurt Marlena. Ava supported John and told him that he did what was right for him.

Marlena went upstairs and found Sami lurking around in the dark and looking for a clue to find Lucas who seemed to be missing. Marlena told Sami that it was over between her and John. Sami tried to comfort Marlena and convince her that maybe it was time for her to start a new life without John.

Just then, John and Ava entered the room, and Sami blasted John for breaking Marlena's heart. She called him a coward and a fool for throwing his life away. Marlena told John that she wanted others to help him remember his past, and was disappointed that he turned to Ava, who was a stranger. Ava told Marlena and Sami that she and John were victims, and that she understood John's helplessness. Ava said that John decided not to remember his past and that she had nothing to do with it. Marlena reminded John that he did not lose his memory, but it as taken from him and most people in a similar situation desired to find their way back to their loved ones. John told Marlena that he was in charge of his life and that he did not have any interest in recapturing his past.

John left the room, went upstairs to change his clothes, and asked Ava to accompany him.

Marlena continued her conversation with Sami and asked her about her relationship with Lucas and E.J. respectively. Sami told Marlena that she loved Lucas, but she could not ignore what had happened between her and E.J. Marlena urged Sami to talk to Lucas and tell him that she loved him until he finally believed her. Sami told Marlena that she told Lucas, and that she would do everything in her power to win back his love. Sami told Marlena that she was too upset to discuss her love life and that she needed to take the twins to the Salem Inn, where there was air conditioning. Sami asked Marlena to join her, but Marlena said that she wanted to stay at the mansion for a while longer. Sami told Marlena that she loved her and wished that she could make things better for her, but then left for the Salem Inn.

Marlena returned to the lab to view the destruction and found pieces of the disk on the floor. She picked up some of the pieces and vowed that she would not give up and was determined to help John regain his memory.

Upstairs, John and Ava toasted to a new era introducing John Black DiMera.

At the Salem Inn, with the power out, Lucas and Chloe were stuck in one of the elevators. Chloe told Lucas that she was claustrophobic and frightened in confined spaces. Lucas spontaneously kissed her and told her to concentrate on him, try to relax, and forget about her fears. Lucas told Chloe that he was happy that she called him, but Chloe told Lucas that she felt guilty that she might be jeopardizing his freedom for her. Lucas kissed her again, told her that he was glad to be of service, and asked her not to worry.

Lucas confided to Chloe that he could not understand Sami and that Sami did not know if there was a future for her and Lucas. Lucas kissed Chloe repeatedly, but she felt awkward. Chloe told Lucas that she felt as though she was betraying Philip. Lucas told Chloe that he understood because he felt the same way, but that maybe it was time to think about their happiness. The mood was right and they decided to forget about their problems and made mad, passionate love.

Afterward, Lucas told Chloe that he might have to return to prison to finish out the remainder of his sentence, but that their time together was worth the risk. Chloe tried to be optimistic and encouraged Lucas to have hope.

Meanwhile, in another elevator at the Salem Inn, Nicole and E.J. took advantage of the blackout, gave in to their feelings, and made love. However, during their lovemaking, E.J. ruined the mood and called Nicole, Samantha. Nicole told E.J. that she would not take second place to anyone, especially Sami Brady. E.J. apologized and told her that he did not mean to hurt her and coaxed her into resuming their lovemaking. Nicole told E.J. that she thought of him as a sincere and considerate person who cared about her feelings. After they made love, E.J. told Nicole that she must work on improving her self-confidence because she deserved someone better than him to make her happy.

Later on, E.J. told Nicole that it was hot and hard to breathe in the elevator, but Nicole did not seem to mind and enjoyed spending more time in E.J.'s arms.

Sami arrived at the Salem Inn with the twins and asked the security officer if she could register for a room for her and the twins. The guard told her that the hotel was in a temporary blackout and not admitting guests and that there were several guests stuck in the elevators.

At the Brady Pub, Nick walked in as Max and Stephanie were rushing to close up so that they could enjoy the holiday. Max told Nick about Trent's photograph and said that he was anxious to learn the identity of the girl pictured with his mother. Max told Nick that Trent would not tell him who she was and that he had to find a way to get the information. Nick told Max that he was having a hard time getting used to the idea that Trent was Max's biological father, but agreed to help Max get information from Trent.

Nick called Trent and asked him to meet him in front of the pub. Nick told Trent that he needed a ride to the university and Trent agreed to take him there. Max told Trent that he had to go back into the pub to get his books. On his way into to the pub, Nick faked bumping into to Trent, picked his pocket, and retrieved Trent's cell phone to give to Max. Max located an international telephone number in the address book and Max and Stephanie called the number and a young girl answered the phone and said, "Dad, Dad. "

Kate arrived at Bo and Hope's Fourth of July cookout and fainted after she noticed Daniel and Chelsea kissing. Daniel and Lexie tended to Kate and checked to make sure that she did not have a serious medical problem. Meanwhile Victor, Bo, and others were upset that Daniel and Chelsea were so demonstrative about their feelings for each other in the middle of a family cookout.

Kate seemed to be feeling better and said that she was a little light-headed. Daniel asked Kate to stand up and then Kate asked Chelsea to go with her into the house because she wanted to talk to her.

In Bo and Hope's living room, Kate told Chelsea that she agreed with Victor that Chelsea and Daniel's behavior was inappropriate. Chelsea asked Kate why she did not approve of Daniel, and Kate replied that she did not think that Daniel was the right man for Chelsea. Kate told Chelsea that Daniel would hurt her and ruin her life, and ordered Chelsea to end her relationship with Daniel immediately.

Lexie spotted Daniel outside and asked him why he decided to date Chelsea after all. Lexie warned Daniel about continuing his relationship with Chelsea because of his past and said that being with Chelsea could be a disaster. Daniel told Lexie that he could not stop fate or his feelings for Chelsea. He told Lexie that it felt right being with Chelsea regardless of the consequences.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Max used Trent's phone to call an overseas number. On the other end of the line, a young, female voice answered, "Dad?" Taken by surprise, Max said nothing in response. Eventually Max finally worked up the nerve to speak on the phone and asked the girl who she was. The girl hung up the phone, and Max told Stephanie what had happened and that the girl on the phone might be his sister. Stephanie excitedly wondered aloud whether Max had other siblings out there, and when Stephanie verbalized that possibility, Max began to freak out. Seeing that Max was disturbed by the thought of other siblings out in the world, Stephanie advised him to concentrate on the girl in the picture for the moment. Max looked through Trent's recent local phone calls and noted that all the names associated with the numbers were initials instead of names.

Roman arrived at the pub and asked Max and Stephanie to prepare the pub to use as an emergency shelter during the blackout. Since the pub's solar panels meant there was air conditioning and cold water for children and the elderly, Roman urged Max and Stephanie to get the word out to the community in order to prevent heat stroke and dehydration throughout town. After Max promised to keep Roman updated, Roman headed out to work on enacting the police department's emergency plans.

Once Roman had gone, Stephanie apologized to Max for bringing up the idea that there were more siblings out there. A much calmer Max wondered aloud about the possibility that Trent could trace his phone back to Max. Max copied down the number of the girl he had called in order to track her down later. After Max thought about the night Trent admitted he was Max's father, bribed him, and explained that he had left Max behind because Max was better off with the Brady family, Max ranted about it to Stephanie. Playing the devil's advocate, Stephanie suggested that Trent might actually have been sincere when he left Max behind with the Brady family because it was the best thing for Max. Max had definite reservations about the possibility, stating that it would mean Trent actually had a heart. Max then went on to explain that he had been obsessed with his abandonment and real family all his life, and that he was confused by the fact that the girl on the phone seemed to actually like Trent. Sensing Max's anger, Stephanie urged Max to talk to Bo about his feelings and to use Trent's reappearance as an opportunity to find answers to the questions that had haunted him since childhood. Max planned to call his possible sister back again, but he decided to prepare himself for the call first.

In an elevator of the Salem Inn, E.J. and Nicole continued to make love to one another. In the midst of their passion, Nicole fantasized about marrying E.J. In the dream Sami begged E.J. to get rid of Nicole, but Nicole wiggled her hand at Sami saying, "The ring is on my finger now, Sami, and it is staying there." "No! E.J. is mine," Sami wailed in return. Quickly intervening, E.J. added, "No I'm not, Samantha. And thank you for turning me down 'cause if you hadn't I wouldn't have met the love of my life."

After making love again, E.J. sat on the floor with his arms wrapped around Nicole and nuzzled her neck. As E.J. joked about the empty bottle of champagne, Nicole remained suspiciously quiet. When E.J. asked Nicole if she was okay, she quietly began to cry. "Everything is perfect," Nicole whispered, pulling away from E.J. Nicole explained that she was not used to tenderness from men, and pulling her close, E.J. told her that she deserved to be treated that way. "You've reminded me how special making love is. Thank you," said Nicole. Smiling, E.J. thanked her as well, and the two fell into each other's arms as the elevator shook.

In the lobby of the Salem Inn, Sami desperately and repeatedly tried to call Lucas, but each call to his cell phone went straight to voicemail. Sami called Roman to ask about the blackout and Roman teased Sami about how the heat always made her grumpy. Roman suggested she head over to the pub or Bo's house since both had power thanks to their solar panels, but Sami declined in favor of the possibility of getting the twins to bed faster at the inn than heading out somewhere else.

Across the room a group of firefighters worked to manually lower the two elevators of the Salem Inn. As the firefighters pried the doors of one of the elevators open, they found a half dressed Nicole and E.J. inside. From across the room Sami spotted the barely clad E.J. and Nicole, rushed over to them and yelled, "Oh my God. In an elevator?" Disgusted, Sami started to walk away as E.J. rushed after her asking why she was at the Salem Inn with the twins. Annoyed, Sami called E.J. a hypocrite for rattling on about his feelings for her and then having sex with Nicole in an elevator. "None of this would have happened if you hadn't forced my hand!" E.J. yelled out, exasperated. E.J. reminded Sami that she had told them they were through because she chose Lucas. Sami rolled her eyes and explained how thankful she was to have a real love with Lucas. "'Cause I can tell you one thing for sure. He would never be caught dead doing some tramp in an elevator," Sami said with a smirk.

Frustrated with Sami's remarks, Nicole stepped forward to defend E.J. and told Sami that E.J. never would have had sex with her if Sami had not been so stupid. "I don't know what you said to him earlier but you blew it," Nicole said. "Good. I don't want him. I want, Lucas," Sami returned. Sami started to walk out with the twins, but Roman stopped her at the doorway. Roman explained that he had stopped by to assist with the elevator rescues.

E.J. thanked Nicole for standing up for him with Sami and told her that he was glad they had waited to make love. Nicole agreed. "And every time I go in an elevator I will think of you," E.J. said as he smiled at Nicole.

In the other elevator at the Salem Inn, Lucas and Chloe kissed passionately. Lucas pulled away from Chloe long enough to say "I never thought being trapped in an elevator could feel so good." As Lucas attempted to kiss Chloe again, she pulled away in order to ask Lucas whether he was doing this because he was mad at Sami. "I'm not mad at Sami. I'm through with Sami," Lucas said firmly. Lucas explained that he gave her another chance after finding her in bed with E.J. but he was sure it was finally over between them. Satisfied with Lucas' answer, Chloe fell into his arms and the two made love.

Afterward, Chloe breathily told Lucas that "that was amazing." "It better be amazing. I've been in prison," Lucas quipped. Chloe told Lucas that she felt guilty because she worried that Lucas might feel like he betrayed Sami. Trying to assuage her discomfort, Lucas told Chloe that Sami betrayed him first, and he was glad he made love to Chloe. As the two got dressed, Lucas told Chloe that he felt confidant that he could sneak out of the elevator without being noticed. The firefighters contacted Chloe through the intercom, and after determining that the trap door in the ceiling was locked with no way to exit except through the doors, Chloe and Lucas hatched a plan to sneak Lucas out of the elevator when the firefighters pried the doors open. As the firefighters opened the elevator door, Chloe threw herself into the arms of the firefighters and screamed, creating a diversion for Lucas to scurry out of the elevator behind her. Despite the fact that Lucas had a baseball cap pulled low over his face, Sami spotted Lucas immediately and rushed to his side. Lucas kept heading to the exit with Sami in tow asking him what was going on. As Lucas crossed the lobby floor, a stunned E.J. and Nicole spotted him and Nicole called out, "Lucas?" Hearing Nicole's question, Roman turned toward Lucas and headed over with the cop that had previously arrested Lucas.

As Roman placed Lucas under arrest, he lectured him about his continued efforts to break house arrest. Panicked, Sami interrupted to claim he had only left because it was an emergency, but Roman was unmoved, stating that no matter the reason, Lucas had to go back to prison and serve the rest of his sentence.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

At the Brady Pub, Max was busy serving bottled water to people displaced by the blackout. He and Stephanie were discussing how the power seemed to be coming back on around town when Steve and Kayla arrived. Max told Stephanie that he'd called them to help with finding his sister. Steve and Kayla were surprised to hear Max even had a sister, so he filled them in. Afterward, they agreed to help in the search. Kayla assured Max that they understood his need to learn about his biological family, but urged him to tell Caroline the whole story. Max agreed and left to find his mom.

Stephanie declared to her folks that Max's biological father was an arrogant creep. A worried Steve ordered her to stay away from Trent. Stephanie refused, maintaining that Trent didn't seem dangerous. She then showed Steve the European phone number they'd retrieved from Trent's phone and said that when Max had called, the woman who answered had said, "Dad." Steve left to try to match the phone number with an address. Kayla admitted that Max's curiosity about his sister worried her, but only because she didn't want him to get hurt.

Max found Caroline and sat with her at a table, where he finally divulged that Trent Robbins was his biological father. Caroline was stunned, but said she remembered seeing him around the time she and Shawn had adopted Max. Max told her that he might also have a sister, and that he wanted to try to find her. Caroline said she was glad Max had told her, and they shared a hug.

After Max had rejoined Kayla and Stephanie, Steve returned and informed them that he'd learned the phone number was registered to a woman named Melanie Layton. Privately, Steve urged Max to find out more about the woman before he contacted her again-and to keep Stephanie out of it. Max agreed.

E.J. bumped into Nicole in front of the pub and said he'd been looking for her because he wanted to talk about what had happened the night before. Nicole shrugged it off as just sex-"no big deal." E.J. maintained that it was more than that, and that it had been special. Nicole smiled a bit shyly and admitted she felt the same way. Just then, Trent walked up and greeted Nicole with a kiss on the cheek, and told E.J. that he and Nicole were old friends. The two men introduced themselves, and when Trent said he was looking for a new attorney, E.J. gave him his card. Trent told E.J. that he was dean of the physics department at Salem University, and that he had met Nicole when he'd been working on his dissertation. He then told Nicole he'd like to catch up some more, and she suggested they do it right then. E.J., a bit surprised, left the two of them alone but told Nicole that he wanted to continue their conversation.

Trent demanded to know what Nicole and E.J.'s relationship was, but Nicole claimed that he was just her lawyer. Trent wasn't convinced and ordered her to cut all ties with E.J. immediately. Nicole adamantly refused, but Trent declared she wouldn't like the consequences unless she did.

Nicole reluctantly went inside and joined E.J. at a table. She told him that, although she had no regrets, their relationship had to remain strictly professional. E.J. accused her of shutting him out, but she countered that she wanted more than he could give her since he was still in love with Sami. Nicole left a baffled E.J. and rejoined Trent outside. When Trent asked her, with a smug smile, how it had gone, she merely gave him a heartbroken look and walked away.

Caroline found Trent and returned his cell phone, and told him it had been in the lost and found. He realized she knew who he was, and she admitted that she remembered him from when Max was a boy. "Max is my son," she declared. "I love him and I will do anything to protect him, so I'm putting you on notice: If you hurt him, you're gonna have to answer to me."

Morgan knocked on Roman's door at the police station, where Roman was discussing Paul Hollingsworth's disappearance with Abe and Bo. Roman handed Morgan a letter addressed to her from her father, which he told her they'd found when they searched Paul's luggage. Philip eavesdropped outside the door while they speculated about why Paul might not have simply mailed the letter, and why he had checked his bags at the airport but had not made it onto the flight. Finally Philip made his presence known. Bo asked him to leave, but Philip didn't think Morgan should be alone. Morgan assured Philip that she would be all right.

After Philip left, Morgan read her father's letter. In it, he told Morgan he loved her and was proud of her, but admitted he'd done things he wasn't proud of. Before signing off, he added, "Because you're the only person I trust, I'm going to give you something very important. You'll need it if anything happens to me."

Once Morgan had finished reading the letter, she recalled the night she'd said goodbye to her father on the pier. She told Bo and Roman she felt like something bad must have happened to him. Roman asked Morgan what Paul had given her, and he and Bo offered helpful suggestions as to the types of things he could have meant, but she couldn't remember her father giving her anything. Bo declared that, whatever the item was, it was crucial to find it because it might be the key to the whole case.

Philip bumped into Chloe in the hallway. She assumed Lucas had called him-then she saw Morgan in Roman's office. She blasted him for always preferring Morgan to her. When he learned she was there to go over her statement about Paul with Roman, he reminded her that Morgan believed she was lying. Chloe declared that she didn't care what Morgan thought, and besides, she'd moved on. Philip asked if that meant Chloe was seeing someone else, and demanded to know who it was just as Lucas was being led past in handcuffs.

Philip wanted to know why Lucas had broken his house arrest, but Lucas refused to discuss it. Chloe worriedly asked how he was, and Lucas reassured her that he was all right. Once Lucas was gone, Chloe implored Philip to try to keep Lucas out of prison. Philip didn't understand why Chloe would care what happened to Lucas. She defiantly declared that not only was she the reason Lucas had broken house arrest the night before, but the two of them had slept together.

Lexie arrived at the station with Theo to surprise Abe. One of the officers let them wait at his desk until Abe's meeting was over. Theo took off running and a frantic Lexie chased after him. Abe emerged from the office a bit later and was relieved to see that Lexie had found their son. He chided the boy for not obeying his mother, but Theo only replied, "One, two, three, four." Lexie asked if Abe were going to be free later in the week so she could make an appointment with Theo's doctor. Abe said he'd make time, whenever it was, because nothing was more important than his family.

A while later, Lexie took Theo to the pub for lunch. Caroline greeted them warmly, but was a bit taken aback when she asked Theo what he wanted for lunch and he replied, "One, two, three, four." She quickly recovered and seated them at a table, then left to get their order. After they'd gotten their food, Lexie asked Theo to eat his vegetables, but instead he threw them on the floor.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caroline tried to cheer up Victor with some apple pie so he would feel better about having to give Nicole money in his divorce settlement. Max told Stephanie about Lucas' arrest and how it was his third violation. The power was back on in Salem, and the crowd that was seeking shelter at the Brady Pub was clearing out. Stephanie suggested Max tell Caroline to take the afternoon off, but Max didn't think she would want to leave, because she was spending time with Victor. Stephanie was surprised that Caroline was so supportive of Max and his quest to find his sister, Melanie.

Nicole met with EJ at the Brady Pub to sign her divorce settlement. EJ thought it was best to meet there, because it was neutral territory. Nicole said she was anxious to end the depressing chapter in her life, and EJ wondered if that included their relationship. Nicole was reluctant to talk about what happened between them in the elevator of the Salem Inn. She told him they had sex and that was the first and last time it would happen.

Trent showed up at the Brady Pub at Max's request, and Max told him he was tired of hating Trent and wanted to come to an understanding. Max said he let his anger towards Trent poison his relationships with those he loved. Max suggested he and Trent call a truce and go their separate ways.

Victor tried to calm Caroline's worries about Max and his search for his sister. He told her that Max was well equipped to handle anything that might come up. Caroline said she couldn't believe what Nicole had put Victor through. He suggested Caroline go with him to the movies later, and Caroline agreed. In walked Nicole, who asked Caroline to get them some champagne so they could celebrate Victor and Nicole's divorce. Victor told Nicole they had some interesting times together, and he suggested they drink in anticipation of them signing the divorce papers. EJ poured the champagne, and Nicole made a toast to happy endings and good health. Then Victor's vision went blurry. EJ and Nicole suggested Victor go to the hospital, but Victor stopped EJ from calling 9-1-1. He said it was just hot, and EJ got him some water. Nicole said she was sure Victor was fine. He was probably just excited to get rid of her, Nicole said. Victor said he would be glad to see her go.

Stephanie thought it was strange that Nicole and Victor were laughing and drinking champagne together, but Caroline told her about Victor and Nicole signing their divorce papers. Stephanie suggested Caroline go out on a date with Victor. She said she didn't want Caroline to be alone, but Caroline said she wasn't alone because she had family. Stephanie said she meant a partner. Caroline said Shawn was her partner, and even though he was dead, she was fine. Besides, Caroline said, she couldn't imagine what her kids would say if she started to date. Caroline said she was worried about Max, because he was so excited about his sister and he would be so disappointed if his search wasn't successful. Caroline said they had to pray that Melanie was nothing like her father.

Stephanie wondered what Trent and Max were talking about. Caroline said Max was lucky to have Stephanie, but Stephanie said she was the lucky one. Caroline was impressed that Stephanie stuck with Max even though he was angry all the time. Caroline said Max would need Stephanie's support if the situation with his sister didn't work out.

Max gave back the picture of his sister to Trent. Trent said he had no intention of leaving Salem, and Max said he didn't expect him to. He said if they passed each other in the street, they should turn around and walk the other way. Trent said he had no problem pretending Max didn't exist. He asked Max if he'd ever forgive him for abandoning Max and his mother, and Max said no, but he didn't hate Trent anymore.

Stephanie asked Max if Trent gave him any information about his sister, and Max said he didn't. Stephanie said Max could still find his sister with the information that her father gave him and she was going to help him. Max said he didn't want her to help. Max said he changed his mind and decided not to find his sister. Stephanie didn't understand, so Max said he wanted to cut all ties with Trent, including his sister. Stephanie asked Max what was going on with him, and he lied and said he was okay with not finding his biological sister. Stephanie couldn't understand why Max couldn't cut ties with Trent and still meet his sister, but she said if that was what he wanted, she would support him. Stephanie said if Max changed his mind about contacting his sister, he could count on her to help him. Max said to himself that he had to find his sister on his own.

Trent noticed Nicole laughing and drinking champagne with EJ and Victor. She excused herself from the table, went over to Trent and asked him if he was spying on her. Trent said she still didn't sever her relationship with EJ, and she explained that EJ was her lawyer and told Trent to stay out of her life. Caroline told Trent not to come to the pub, and Trent said he would keep his visits there to a minimum.

After Nicole and Victor signed the divorce papers, Victor got up from the table and said goodbye to Nicole. EJ said for a woman who just got everything she wanted, Nicole didn't look very happy. EJ asked her out to dinner to celebrate, but she turned him down. EJ wondered why Nicole was trying to cut him out of her life. EJ asked why he and Nicole couldn't be friends-or lovers. Nicole said EJ was in love with Sami and until that changed, they had nothing left to say to each other. Victor asked Caroline if they were still on for the movies, and Caroline said it was a date. Then, Victor's sight blurred again, and he passed out.

At the police station, Bo and Hope questioned Lucas behind closed doors on why he left the DiMera mansion and broke the terms of his probation, but he refused to tell them why he went to the Salem Inn. Lucas said since it was his third offense, Bo and Hope couldn't keep him from going back to jail. Bo thought the judge might be more lenient this time around, but Lucas wasn't convinced. Bo asked Lucas when he was going to start thinking about what was best for the twins. Hope continued to question Lucas about why he was at the Salem Inn, but he refused to answer. Hope asked if he was protecting someone.

Chloe rubbed it in Philip's face that she and Lucas slept together. Philip asked Chloe why she slept with Lucas, but she said she didn't owe Philip any explanation. Morgan suggested Chloe and Philip have their conversation elsewhere. Then, Sami showed up. She demanded to know why Chloe was at the police station too. Sami thought Chloe was using it as an opportunity to get close to Lucas. Sami told Philip that Chloe thought she and Lucas were friends and she'd been after him for awhile. Sami asked Bo if she could speak to Lucas, but he told her he couldn't allow it. Sami asked Bo if Lucas said why he violated his probation, but Bo said he couldn't tell her that. He agreed, however, to let her speak to Lucas.

Philip was also waiting around to talk to Lucas. Philip asked Bo if there were any developments in Paul Hollingsworth's case, but Bo couldn't talk to Philip about it. Bo thought it interesting that Philip and Morgan were friends, given that Morgan was Paul's daughter. Bo told Philip that John believed Philip paid Paul to plant drugs on his ship. Philip said he had nothing to do with the drugs, and Bo said if he weren't telling the truth, he would be arrested. Philip was anxious to talk to Lucas, but Sami wanted to speak with him first. She said Lucas couldn't go back to prison, and Lucas said he didn't have much choice. Lucas asked to speak with Sami alone, and Philip told Lucas he wanted to talk to him. Sami said she felt like she was losing Lucas all over again, and he said she wasn't going to lose him. Sami asked him what was so important that he would risk going back to prison, and Philip wanted to know that answer too. Bo and Hope compared notes on Lucas' questioning and Philip's account of his involvement with Paul. Sami asked for some time alone with Lucas, but Philip demanded to know why Lucas was at the Salem Inn. Lucas refused to answer.

Chloe left, and Morgan followed her to the Salem Inn. Chloe didn't want to talk to Morgan, but Morgan was determined to give Chloe a piece of her mind. Morgan challenged Chloe to admit that she said she saw Paul on the pier the night that John's shipment was destroyed because she was jealous of Morgan's relationship with Philip. Chloe said she was trying to protect Philip by telling the police what she saw. Morgan said Chloe was jealous of her and Philip, and Chloe was mad at Philip so she slept with Lucas. When Lucas and Philip's argument escalated, Bo decided to take Lucas off to processing.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Kate ran into Chloe in front of the Brady Pub and began sniping at her to stay away from Philip. Chloe informed her that she and Philip had broken up. Kate was pleased, but before Chloe could tell her the rest of the story, Kate noticed the commotion inside the pub. She rushed in and was shocked to see that Victor had collapsed.

Caroline knelt on the floor next to Victor and frantically tried to rouse him. Max ordered Stephanie to call 9-1-1 as he and his mother worked to revive Victor.

The paramedics arrived at the pub and soon had Victor strapped to a gurney and then wheeled him out. Caroline followed behind them after urging Max to take some time off to find the answers he was looking for. Max and Stephanie agreed that Caroline couldn't take losing anyone else she cared about. Stephanie pleaded with Max to let her help him find his sister, but he insisted he'd made up his mind not to. She suddenly realized that Chelsea had just started her new job at the hospital and would be there when they brought Victor in. She kissed Max and then left to be with Chelsea. As soon as she'd gone, Max hurried upstairs.

At the police station, Hope questioned Philip as to why he and Lucas had been arguing. Bo soon joined them and started in on Philip too, but Philip refused to divulge any details, only allowing that it was between him and Lucas and not a police matter. Before a clearly steamed Bo could get any more information from him, Philip's cell phone rang. It was Morgan, calling from the pub to tell him what had happened to Victor. When Philip hung up, he quickly filled Bo in, and the two of them left together to meet the ambulance at the hospital.

Once they were alone, Hope tried to get Lucas to open up to her, since they were family. Although he acknowledged he regretted what he'd done, he still wouldn't tell her why he'd done it.

After her first day at the hospital as an "occupational therapist in training," Chelsea bumped into Daniel and excitedly told him about her new job in the child development center. They were discussing getting together later when a nurse rushed up and informed Daniel that paramedics were bringing Victor in. After Daniel sent the nurse off with instructions for Victor's emergency care, he assured a worried Chelsea he'd do all he could for her grandfather.

The paramedics brought Victor in and apprised Daniel of his vital signs. Kate and Caroline arrived shortly thereafter. Daniel quickly determined that Victor couldn't speak and was weak on his left side. He was ordering a battery of tests just as Philip and Bo came in.

Daniel pulled some strings and got Victor settled into a private room so he wouldn't have to endure the chaos of the emergency room. He injected some medication into Victor's I.V. and told him that he was in good hands.

Philip stunned Kate with the news that Lucas was back in jail. She was further shocked to hear that Lucas had broken his house arrest to visit Chloe at the Salem Inn, and that they'd slept together. Both of them were furious that Lucas would risk so much for Chloe. Philip declared that if Lucas wanted Chloe, he could have her.

Caroline and Bo tried to make sure that Chelsea had realistic expectations about Victor's recovery, and reminded her that it wasn't the first stroke he'd had. Chelsea wisely observed how much Victor loved Bo, in part because he'd never gotten over Caroline. Stephanie arrived to lend her support to the Bradys. Caroline confided that she was worried about Max. Privately, Stephanie told Chelsea she felt like Max was up to something.

Daniel emerged from Victor's room and informed the family that Victor had indeed had a stroke. He said it was too early to tell the full extent of the damage, but he'd administered a medication to dissolve the clot that had caused the stroke. Daniel then amazed Caroline and Kate with the news that the drug had worked very quickly and not only was Victor talking again, he'd asked to speak to both of them.

In a weak voice, Victor haltingly told Caroline and Kate, "I'm leaving behind my sons. Your sons. I'm so proud of them both." The two women looked at each other helplessly.

Morgan came to the hospital to support Philip, because, she said, "I know what it's like to worry about your father." A grateful Philip tried to reassure her that her dad could still turn out to be all right.

Caroline and Kate came out of Victor's room and said he'd asked to see Bo and Philip next. Caroline then had to return to the pub, but Chelsea promised to call if there were any news.

As Chelsea slipped into Victor's room behind Bo and Philip, Kate quietly told Daniel that she was glad Chelsea had him to lean on. Daniel was skeptical, but Kate maintained, "All I want is for her to be happy- and she can never find out what happened between us, because it would kill her." Just then, Chelsea reappeared, and her eyes widened with disbelief.

Max returned downstairs with his suitcase. Though Pete was worried Max would miss his flight, Max sat down and wrote letters to Caroline and Stephanie. Afterward, he left the letters with Pete, who wished him luck in Europe. Max picked up the picture of Shawn behind the bar and remembered visiting his grave in the snow. He then left out the back door of the pub.

Stephanie arrived shortly after Max left and asked Pete where Max was. Pete handed her the letter and explained that Max had left it for her.

Outside the pub, Chloe remembered her encounter with Lucas in the elevator, and their conversation. She sat on a bench and dialed her mom and asked if she had time to talk. She described how she'd called Lucas because she'd been upset over Philip, but then Lucas had broken his house arrest to come see her and because of that, he was back in jail.

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