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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, February 9, 2009

E.J. ordered Nicole to check on Sydney while he confronted Brady about why he was there to see Nicole, and when she looked in on the baby, Nicole realized that Sydney wasn't breathing. Nicole felt it was too late to wait for an ambulance, so E.J., Nicole and Brady took the baby to the hospital for Lexie to examine. Lexie put the baby on a ventilator until they could figure out what was wrong, but Nicole was sick with worry. Nicole confided in Brady that she felt like God was punishing her because of what she'd done.

Brady told her it wasn't her fault and that she needed to focus on the baby. Nicole pointed out that he couldn't even say her baby he referred to the baby as "the baby." Brady said that God wouldn't punish Nicole by using the baby to do it. And while they were talking, E.J. interrupted them and told Brady he could go home because Nicole didn't need another shoulder to cry on.

Nicole tried to get E.J. to back down, but E.J. insisted that Nicole tell him what was going on between her and Brady. Brady made up some explanation about how being a friend and being supportive was part of his 12-step recovery program. E.J. didn't buy it, and he got angry and ordered Brady to leave. After Brady left, Nicole admitted to being a fool and said she had to tell E.J. everything.

Stephanie and Philip got into an argument over Philip's conversation with Victor about Melanie. Stephanie was turned off by Philip saying he would destroy Melanie for walking away from Titan and taking her alternative fuels project to the DiMeras. Philip apologized for his verbiage and explained that it was just business. Stephanie was appalled that Philip found nothing wrong with promising to destroy someone over money. Philip raised his voice at Stephanie, and she yelled at him not to shout at him.

Philip explained that the company didn't get so far by playing nice, and he told Stephanie she could walk away since she had gotten an idea of who he really was. Stephanie assumed that Philip wanted her to break up with him, since he told her she was free to leave him. Philip thought Stephanie wanted him to be someone he wasn't, but she wanted him to be someone who was capable of making the right decision without hurting anyone. And she said if he wasn't capable of being that person, it wouldn't work out for them.

Philip said he and Stephanie had a difference of opinion on what the right thing was. He said if he let Melanie get away with breaking their agreement, Victor would fire him. Philip told Stephanie she shouldn't have eavesdropped on his conversation and tried to run his life. He also didn't want to be around someone who thought she was better than him.

Melanie was desperate to reach E.J. so that she could talk about the alternative fuels project, but he wasn't answering his phone. Max ran into Melanie in the park, and he warned her not to start a bidding war between the DiMeras and Titan. He wondered what was really in it for Melanie. Max suggested that Melanie was in love with Philip, but she denied it. Max said Philip didn't have any feelings for Melanie, but Melanie remembered when she and Philip kissed right after her father was murdered. She planned to play E.J. against Philip and predicted that her plan would work out perfectly, but Max had his doubts.

Max tried to convince Melanie that she was in over her head, but Melanie was convinced that she could get Philip to fall in love with her by using the alternative fuels project as bait. She thought that Max didn't believe in her, but he was only trying to protect her from getting hurt. And if Melanie's plan to seduce Philip didn't work, she planned to take Philip down. She told Max to keep quiet about her plan.

Abe visited Bo at home to discuss the shooting of the mayor's assassin at the hospital, but Bo was feeling guilty about not telling Hope about his vision of her shooting Kayla. Bo explained how his vision helped save Theo's life when he fell down the stairs at the DiMera mansion. Abe told Bo to explain to Hope that Bo didn't want to alarm her and that's why he didn't tell her about her vision. But Bo said he tried to explain it to Hope, but it didn't work.

Hope visited Kayla at the hospital and asked for forgiveness for shooting Kayla. Kayla said she forgave Hope and told her not to blame herself. Hope said she wished she could have prevented the shooting. Then she filled Kayla in on Bo's visions, including the vision of Hope and Kayla. Hope admitted that Bo told one other person about his visions and then Steve walked in as if on cue. Kayla couldn't believe that Steve knew about Bo's vision about the shooting and said nothing to Kayla about it.

Steve apologized for not telling Kayla about Bo's vision and begged her for a chance to make it up to her. He offered to quit the detective business if that would have made her happy, but she just wanted him to hold her. She realized how ironic it was that she worked in a hospital and ended up getting shot, not Steve. He felt so guilty that she was hurt and wondered what he would have done if she had died. Kayla told him that what was important was that she was still alive.

When Hope returned home, Bo offered her plane tickets to Hawaii and asked her to go away with him. She wasn't in the mood to go away with Bo. She kept obsessing about how she could have done things differently, but Bo told her she did all she could in the situation given the circumstances. Hope told Bo of her plan to take Ciara and move into Doug and Julie's place while they were away. Bo demanded to know what the point was that Hope was moving out, but she didn't know. She said she needed some space to think. Bo told her to leave and to take care of herself.

Sami woke up in the convent, and Rafe was nowhere to be found, so she panicked. Sister Theresa explained that Rafe got called into his superior's office, but Sami was worried that she would never see Rafe again. Sami realized how much she would miss Rafe if he left. By the time he had returned, Sami was outside walking the grounds, so Sister Theresa asked how his meeting with his boss went. Rafe said it was a disaster. He said he lied to his boss about Sami's pregnancy and also left out the part where he got stabbed by the killer.

Sister Theresa surmised that Rafe went to such great lengths to continue to guard Sami even though she didn't need to be guarded and put his whole career on the line because he cared very deeply for Sami. When Sami returned from her walk, she asked him what his boss said. Rafe told her his boss agreed to let them stay in the convent for a few more days after Rafe explained how the killer could have been working with someone else. Sami was overjoyed and hugged Rafe.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stephanie visited her mother in the hospital. With one look at her daughter's face, Kayla knew that Stephanie was bothered by something. Kayla asked Stephanie to open up and hesitantly, she did. Stephanie talked about Philip and said, "I think it's over." When Stephanie explained that it was because Philip seemed to be ruthless like Victor, Kayla chuckled. Kayla reminded Stephanie that when she first met Steve he was "a genuine bad guy." Stephanie asked whether Kayla had changed Steve, but Kayla noted that it was Steve's character that motivated the change. Wiping her tears, Stephanie wondered aloud whether Philip was capable of changing into a more caring person. Kayla advised Stephanie not to settle for anyone that she did not find trustworthy, honorable, and able to put her first. Gently touching Stephanie's arm, Kayla concluded, "I don't think that's Philip, no matter how much he changes." Fighting more tears, Stephanie thanked Kayla for her honesty.

Philip stopped by Maggie's to ask Melanie why she was taking the patent away from Titan. Melanie launched into an explanation about how the deal had nothing to do with Philip, but Philip interrupted her speech to inform her about his breakup with Stephanie. Melanie was suspicious, but Philip reassured her that it was over and that the fight had been over Melanie. When Melanie pressed Philip for details, Philip explained that Stephanie disagreed with Philip over his treatment of Melanie. "I was a jerk," Philip said. Philip argued that he did not mean to be negative toward Melanie, just that he only wanted to make sure she understood where they stood with one another. Philip warned Melanie that if she took the patents to the DiMeras that she would "lose the only thing you really want - me."

Melanie snorted and then joked about how she could not live without Philip, then accused him of only wanting what he could not have. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, which Philip answered, grinning ear to ear. Philip admitted a process server, who gave Melanie a court-ordered injunction to keep the patents with Titan. Melanie was livid with Philip, but he explained that he had given her the opportunity to stay of her own free will, and when she insisted on going to the DiMeras, she had forced his hand.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas asked Chloe where she had been. Chloe guiltily thought about her latest tryst with Daniel, but Lucas snapped her out of her reverie. With Kate grinning at his side, Lucas asked Chloe whether she would like to get married on Valentine's Day. Victor walked in and immediately made a crack about Chloe's past love life, saying the wedding date should be "the week after never." Chloe agreed to the date and fell into Lucas' arms. Kate took Victor aside to chide him for his continued cruelty toward Chloe, but Victor said he still felt the relationship was doomed.

At Chez Rouge, Kate rushed in to tell Maggie about Lucas' wedding date. While Maggie was stunned into silence by the announcement, Kate asked her to cater the wedding. Maggie explained that she could not do the work, since that was the date of her own anniversary. Disappointed, Kate said that she understood, and then went inside with Lucas to practice her speech for the Salem Hospital fundraiser.

Maggie took Chloe aside and asked her about whether Daniel knew about the wedding date. Chloe assured Maggie that she had ended things with Daniel forever. However, her body language told a different story when Daniel entered the room. Chloe was dancing with Lucas when Daniel caught her eye and she stiffened in Lucas' arms, prompting Lucas to question the change in her posture. Chloe assured Lucas that she was fine, and looked away from Daniel, who continued to stare at her.

Kate gave her speech asking for donations to Salem Hospital followed by the opening of the silent auction. When Kate stepped off the stage, Stefano asked why she had not put herself up for auction. Based on their past history, Kate countered that she was not on sale that day. Understanding her meaning, Stefano smiled and made small talk with her. Leaning in close, Stefano asked her out on a date. Responding to Kate's facial response, Stefano retracted the offer and urged her to call him when she was free.

The silent auction ended well with a $100,000 anonymous donation in Kate's name. Also winning for the evening was Lucas, who bid $1,000 for Chloe to sing him a love song. Smiling, Chloe began to croon a love tune and was staring into Lucas' eyes, but her eyes could not help but drift across the room to Daniel. Victor made another crack about Chloe, prompting Daniel to defend her again. Growing suspicious, Victor theorized that there was something going on between Chloe and Daniel. Daniel argued that he was tired of Victor's cruelty and insinuations, and insisted that he was just friends with Chloe. Victor shrugged at Daniel's speech and told him that Lucas and Chloe had set a wedding date. Saddened by the news, Daniel looked over at Chloe, barely holding back his emotions. Chloe saw Daniel's face as she was singing, and overcome, ran out of the restaurant. Daniel went over into the corner and called Chloe's cell phone to check on her. Leaving a message on her voicemail, Daniel concluded, "I love you."

Philip arrived at Chez Rouge and updated Victor on the situation with Melanie. Victor was pleased with Philip's work and congratulated him. Preoccupied, Philip asked Victor whether he had seen Stephanie. Before Victor could answer, Stephanie walked into the room, which caused Philip's face to light up.

In the park, a crying Chloe frantically tried to pull her engagement ring off of her finger. Lucas ran up behind Chloe to check on her. When Lucas asked why Chloe was crying, she turned to him and said, "I'm sorry, Lucas, but I can't marry you."

At Salem Hospital, Nicole told E.J. that Sydney's illness was her fault, and then thought about how she had switched the babies. Lexie returned to the waiting room to tell them that Sydney was off the ventilator and doing fine. Lexie explained that she wanted to run some tests for the apnea, but that she first needed to obtain a family medical history from Nicole. With each question Lexie asked, Nicole became more agitated and worried. When Lexie mentioned Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), E.J. shook his head and said that Sami had worried about the syndrome but had never explained why. Overcome with the idea that there might be a history of SIDS in Sami's family that she was not aware of, Nicole started to faint.

E.J. sat Nicole in a chair, and she seemed okay. E.J. asked Nicole what she was going to tell him earlier, and sighing, Nicole began, "I think I need to..." Just as Nicole was about to finish her thought, Stefano came rushing into the waiting room and accused Nicole of being an "irresponsible idiot." E.J. immediately defended Nicole to Stefano, arguing that Sydney's illness was not Nicole's fault and that they needed to come together as a family. Lexie returned to the waiting room and announced that Sydney's breathing problems were caused by reflux, which was treatable.

Relieved, Nicole and E.J. went in to check on Sydney. Suspicious, Stefano told Lexie that he did not trust Nicole, because she was a schemer. "There is something nefarious going on and I will find out what it is," Stefano vowed. Annoyed by Stefano's statement, Lexie urged Stefano to let E.J. be happy, especially since Sydney's illness was not Nicole's fault. Stefano grudgingly admitted that he overreacted and he agreed to apologize.

While E.J. was getting Sydney's discharge papers prepared, Nicole held the baby and confided to her that she had almost told E.J. the truth about her parentage. Nicole explained that if telling the truth would have saved Sydney's life that she would have gladly shouted the truth. Citing Sydney's good health, Nicole announced that God did not want the truth to come out. "Mommy's secret is gonna be safe forever," Nicole cooed as E.J. stood in the doorway behind her. E.J. asked what Nicole was saying to the baby, but Nicole avoided the question, saying that it was girl stuff. E.J. admitted that he was no longer angry about missing the birth because he felt blessed to have Nicole and Sydney in his life. "I'll always be with you. Forever," Nicole whispered to E.J.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole put Sydney to bed in her bassinet and cuddled up to E.J. on the couch, watching their daughter sleep. Just as the two were settling in, E.J. received an angry call from Melanie, demanding to know why he had not called her back. E.J. explained that his daughter had been in the hospital, but Melanie ignored this statement and demanded to meet with him that night. E.J. grudgingly left to go meet with Melanie, leaving Nicole alone with Sydney. The doorbell rang, and Nicole opened the door to find Dr. Baker.

Down on the docks, E.J. met up with Melanie, and warned her that she did not call the shots in their relationship. Melanie countered that there would be no relationship unless E.J. did her a favor. "Eliminate Philip," Melanie demanded.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At the hospital fundraiser, Philip strolled across Chez Rouge to greet Stephanie, and asked what she'd decided. Stephanie confided that she'd sought her mother's advice after their argument, and Kayla thought Stephanie should break up with Philip. She added that she'd gone to the fundraiser to say goodbye, but when she saw Philip, she realized she couldn't-because she loved him. Philip kissed her happily.

Nearby, Daniel quickly downed his drink to chase after Chloe. Maggie stopped him and demanded that he let Chloe have some time alone with Lucas, but Daniel bluntly replied that it was none of her business.

Victor was nursing a drink at the bar, where Stefano approached him. Stefano pleasantly stated that he knew Victor had served Melanie with an injunction to prevent her from moving the fuel project from Titan. Victor refused to discuss it, asserting that the law must be upheld. Stefano remarked that he was just glad they had established the rules of the game, adding, "May the best man win."

Brady arrived just as Stefano was leaving, and apologized to his grandfather for being late. Victor was none too pleased when he learned that Brady had been with Nicole. Brady argued that Nicole's baby had been rushed to the hospital, and that he should be allowed to be friends with whomever he wished. Victor accused Brady of being nave and disloyal. When Brady declared that he wasn't going to close the door on a friend, Victor ominously warned, "In that case, certain doors may be shut on you." Victor then left for a meeting.

When Stephanie pulled away from Philip, she observed that they were the only ones left in Chez Rouge. Maggie peeked in and gave Philip a quick thumbs-up, and Stephanie realized that he'd arranged it. They shared a romantic dance, and then decided to head to the Cheatin' Heart for a game of pool. Stephanie went to freshen up in the ladies' room, and Maggie emerged to tell Philip what a lovely couple he and Stephanie made.

Derek, the process server, arrived to speak to Philip. Philip handed Derek some cash and thanked him for his hard work, and they laughed about how unhappy Melanie had been about the injunction. Stephanie returned in time to overhear, and, after Derek had gone, she asked Philip what was going on. Philip explained that it was just business. She frowned disapprovingly when she realized that he was still trying to ambush Melanie. Philip declared that he wasn't going to apologize for his business philosophy, and urged her to forget it. Stephanie gathered up her purse and coat, and politely told Philip that she'd had a nice time. "But now I know what I need to do," she stated, then added with finality, "Goodbye, Philip," before walking out.

In an alley near the docks, E.J. pretended to go along with Melanie's demand to "eliminate" Philip. She stressed that she hadn't literally meant that Philip should be killed, only that she would do whatever it took to keep the fuel project-which she believed was rightfully hers. When E.J. made a quick phone call, she was horrified, assuming that he'd put a hit out on Philip, but soon figured out that he was putting her on. E.J. then declared that he had a solution to their mutual problem. He noted that no one at DiMera Enterprises had seen the blueprints for the fuel project, making it difficult to fully commit to it. Melanie replied that she didn't have a copy of the blueprints, but quickly assured him that she didn't think it would be a problem.

When E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion, he told his father that he'd been out taking care of family business. Stefano wanted to know how the meeting with Melanie had gone. E.J. assured him that she'd taken the bait. Stefano said that his only concern was for what Melanie might do, because he'd heard she was something of a loose cannon.

E.J. headed for the stairs to check on Sydney, and ran into Mary, the housekeeper. Mary gave him the bottle she was about to feed the baby, and informed him that Nicole had to go out for a while.

Melanie, armed with a flashlight, crept into the Titan offices and sat down at a computer. She tried to guess Philip's password, but after a few attempts, an alarm sounded on the computer. Once she managed to turn it off, she called security. Pretending to be Stephanie, she laughed that she'd somehow hit a wrong key, and assured them that they didn't have to send anyone to check it out. After Melanie hung up, she realized she could log onto the system as an administrator. "Oh, E.J., you are so going to thank me!" she said happily when she finally succeeded in logging in.

In the park near the waterfront, Lucas asked a tearful Chloe why she'd said she couldn't marry him-and what had changed since they'd set a date earlier that evening. Chloe only cried harder. She tried to explain that although she loved him and had wanted nothing more than to be a good wife to him, the best thing she could do for him was to walk away, because she wasn't good enough for him. Lucas grew increasingly confused and frustrated, angrily insisting that she stop the "it's not you, it's me" routine. Chloe maintained that she'd ruined her relationships with Philip and Brady, and that she'd managed to break the heart of every man she'd ever cared about. Lucas argued that her previous relationships were in the past, and that she wasn't going to break his heart. Chloe sadly stated, "I already have."

Lucas asked Chloe to clarify, but before she could answer, her cell phone rang. She ignored the call when she saw that it was Daniel. Lucas pleaded with her to explain what was going on, but Chloe could only cry that she was a horrible person. When Lucas pointed out everything she had done for his family, including saving his mom's life, Chloe blurted, "You don't know what I've done."

Lucas demanded to know what Chloe meant, but she didn't answer. She simply sobbed that he deserved better than her, and that her breaking up with him was for the best. Lucas quietly affirmed that she-and their life together-was what was best for him. Chloe removed her engagement ring and handed it to him, asking him to forgive her. Lucas tried to refuse to take it, but she closed his fingers around it. He reminded her how he'd jumped in after the ring the day she'd lost it in the river, and how they'd both sworn she'd never take it off again. Chloe, still weeping, shook her head and said, "I'm sorry Lucas. You'll never know how much." She fled, leaving a devastated Lucas wondering what had just happened.

Daniel went to the hospital to check on Kayla, and filled her in that the fundraiser had been a success. Kayla wanted to know if Daniel had met any nice women. Daniel was clearly uncomfortable, so she immediately apologized for being nosy, explaining that she was only concerned because she liked him-and he seemed lonely. When he assured her that he wasn't, Kayla assumed that he had someone special in his life, and that was why he hadn't wanted to be auctioned off at the fundraiser. She added that he'd seemed unhappy since his breakup with Kate, so she hoped he truly was moving on with his life and would soon be back to his old, effervescent self.

A little later, Daniel was at home when Chloe knocked insistently on his door. He was stunned when she implored him, "Run away with me-tonight."

Nicole opened the door of the DiMera mansion to find Dr. Baker, and coldly demanded to know what he wanted. Dr. Baker pushed past her into the foyer, and claimed he just wanted to check on the baby. They argued about who had the upper hand in their respective blackmail schemes: Nicole pointed out that he could go to prison, but Dr. Baker warned that the DiMeras would have her killed if they found out what she'd done.

Nicole angrily declared that Sydney would have died if Nicole hadn't rushed her to the hospital. Dr. Baker was relieved to hear that the problem had merely been reflux, but then sarcastically told Nicole that she was delusional if she thought her actions were selfless and noble. He then demanded that she pay him $10,000, or he would expose her charade. He said he would be back later to collect. Nicole closed the door behind him, then rushed to the phone to call Brady.

A little later, Brady admitted Nicole into the Kiriakis mansion. He was thankful that Sydney was going to be fine, but then Nicole told him that Dr. Baker had blackmailed her for more money. She begged Brady to help her baby. Brady warned her that he couldn't get his hands on that kind of cash. Nicole pleaded with him to borrow the money from Titan, promising to pay it back, but he urged her to come clean before she got even more attached to Sydney. Nicole became indignant, and launched into a tirade about how much she loved her baby-but accidentally let Sami's name slip.

Brady wanted to know what Sami had to do with anything. Nicole covered, and asked Brady what he thought would happen-to her and to Sydney-if she told E.J. the truth. She pointed out that she would likely go to prison, and argued that his helping the baby would be the right thing to do. Brady argued that the truth would inevitably come out. He added that Victor was already furious with him for being Nicole's friend, so Victor would probably disown Brady if he simply took the money. Brady then reluctantly admitted that he had a hard time saying no to her, and agreed to help.

Brady went to the safe, and made Nicole turn her back as he opened it. He pulled out a stack of bills and handed them to her. She was hugging him gratefully when Victor walked in and demanded to know what was going on.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brady gave Nicole the $10,000 she needed to pay off Dr. Baker, but when he handed it over, Victor caught them red-handed. Brady admitted to stealing the money for Nicole, but said his reason for taking it was personal. Victor suspected she needed the money for nefarious reasons and chided her for involving Brady. Victor demanded Nicole tell him why she needed the money, but Brady spoke up and said he would explain. He said he borrowed money from Nicole when he first came to town, so he needed to pay her back.

Victor said Nicole was not leaving the mansion with any of his money, and Brady threatened to leave with her and not come back. Brady told Nicole to leave because it was between him and Victor. Brady asked Victor if Brady had asked Victor for money, but couldn't say why he needed it. He wondered if Victor trust him, and Victor said no. Brady had assumed that Victor didn't trust him, but Victor pointed out that Brady got caught breaking into his safe, so he shouldn't talk about trust.

Brady said he found it difficult to live up to Victor's standards without lying, and he refused to lie. Victor was angry that it seemed like Brady was saying it was Victor's fault. Brady said he didn't think he should work for Victor if Victor didn't have faith in him. Brady said Victor did not have the right to pick Brady's friends. Victor asked Brady again why he gave Nicole the money from Victor's safe, and Brady repeated his earlier explanation about paying Nicole back the money Brady owed her.

Victor wanted to know if Brady and Nicole were more than friends, but Brady said she had just had E.J.'s baby. Victor pointed out that according to Brady, Nicole's baby almost died, yet Nicole was out trolling for cash. Brady was adamant that Nicole loved the baby, but Victor said Nicole probably gave birth and slithered away. Brady left.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. called Nicole's cell phone, angry that she left the house after their baby's medical scare and that she turned her phone off. Dr. Baker walked in the living room and interrupted E.J. He told E.J. that he stopped by to see if the baby was okay, because Nicole told him about the baby's health scare. E.J. told him that the baby was okay and that Nicole wasn't there, so Dr. Baker said he'd see Nicole another time. Instead, E.J. told Dr. Baker to leave Nicole alone. Dr. Baker asked E.J. if there was a problem, but E.J. said that Nicole was planning to see her own personal doctor.

As Dr. Baker started to leave, E.J. asked him what he was doing and what he wanted with Nicole. When Nicole got home, E.J. demanded to know where she'd been. Nicole asked if something was wrong with Sydney, and he said Sydney was fine and he insisted she tell him what was so important that she left the baby at home. Nicole said he would feel like a jerk, and she shoved her shopping bag at him and explained that she'd bought an apnea monitor so they would know if the baby stopped breathing again. E.J. said he was sorry, and Nicole said he should be.

Nicole joined E.J. in the living room after installing the apnea monitor. E.J. felt guilty about getting angry with Nicole for leaving the house without his permission. While he and Nicole were getting cozy, Nicole's cell phone rang, but she stopped E.J. from opening her purse. She said there was something she didn't want him to see, because she was planning a surprise.

Nicole sent E.J. upstairs to check on the baby, while she was going to lock something in her trunk to keep him from seeing it. Instead, she went to the front door, where Dr. Baker was waiting for his money. She said that was all she had and told him to make sure they never saw each other again. Dr. Baker agreed. Then he pointed out that losing all that Nicole had would probably be unbearable. She vowed to herself that she wouldn't lose any of it - no matter what.

Lucas was about to throw away Chloe's engagement ring, but he changed his mind, hoping that Chloe might change her mind about calling off their engagement. Kate found Lucas outside and asked if he knew why Chloe ran off from the hospital benefit, and he told Kate how Chloe dumped him. Kate's immediate reaction was to demand to know what Lucas did to Chloe.

Lucas told Kate he was clueless as to why Chloe broke up with him, and Kate demanded he find her and work things out. Lucas figured either Chloe got cold feet or she just didn't want to be married to him. Kate thought at first that setting the wedding date put too much pressure on Chloe. Lucas felt like Chloe just didn't want to marry him, but Kate said that wouldn't mean that Chloe didn't want to marry him.

Kate assumed that her cancer diagnosis and Chloe volunteering to be Kate's donor, plus having to take care of Allie, must have been too much for Chloe. Lucas was upset that Chloe was unhappy and he didn't realize it.

Chloe showed up at Daniel's apartment and begged him to run off with her. Daniel refused to go anywhere until she told him why. Chloe said she told Lucas that it was over between him and her, and had broken their engagement. Chloe admitted she wanted to run away because she didn't want to be there when Lucas found out the truth about her and Daniel, but Daniel was adamant about staying in Salem.

Daniel commended Chloe for breaking up with Lucas, because she made a decision. Daniel pointed out that her breaking up with Lucas was a good thing, because Lucas would be free. Chloe didn't want to think about how Lucas would be affected in the long run - she just wanted to skip town - but Daniel said he wouldn't leave Salem, because it was a bad idea and he didn't want to do that to Chloe.

Chloe was angry that Daniel wouldn't run away with her after she broke up with Lucas for him, but he said she shouldn't have done it for him. Daniel said they couldn't just leave town like they did something wrong. She pointed out that she was sleeping with Daniel while she was engaged to Lucas.

Daniel got a page and realized it was from Kate. Chloe realized she was being foolish by asking him to run away with her, because he was a doctor and people depended on him. He comforted her and asked her to spend the night. Then he left.

Melanie attempted to break into Philip's computer at Titan to get the alternative fuel's project blueprint, but Philip caught her before she could retrieve a copy of the blueprints from the printer. Philip shredded the blueprint and reminded her that he had an injunction, barring her from taking the project elsewhere. Then, Philip admitted that he set her up. Melanie threatened to give Titan bad publicity if he tried to turn her in.

Melanie asked Philip for another way to resolve things, but Philip called security to have her thrown off the property and said that if Melanie showed up again, security was to call the police. Melanie said Philip couldn't have her thrown out of the building, because she owned the prototype, but he said possession was nine-tenths of the law.

At the bar, Max talked to Nick on the phone and told him how everyone was doing. Melanie vented to Max about how Philip got an injunction to prevent her from taking the prototype elsewhere. Max offered to get Mickey to represent her, but Melanie wasn't interested.

She mentioned something about the video, and Max assumed at first that Melanie had done something sleazy like have sex on videotape, but she told him how she tried to hack into the company computer and steal the blueprints. Melanie said she was motivated by money at first, but she decided that it was personal. Max showed Melanie the package that Nick sent, which contained a copy of the alternative fuels project blueprint.

Philip went home to the Kiriakis mansion and told Victor how he caught Melanie hacking into the office computer, and Victor said he wanted the company's lawyers at the arraignment. Philip said there wouldn't be an arraignment because he didn't have Melanie arrested, because he wanted the company to avoid the bad publicity. Philip could tell Victor was angry, and Victor realized that he and Philip disagreed on the definition of nailing Melanie.

Victor was concerned that Philip wanted Melanie, but Philip called Melanie a lying, money-grubbing thief, and Victor said sometimes men liked women who were less than virtuous: case in point -- Victor's marriage to Nicole.

At the hospital, Daniel met with Kate, thinking she had a medical emergency, but she explained that she called because she was worried about Lucas. Daniel said it was a good thing Chloe broke up with Lucas before they got married, but Kate wondered why they broke up.

Brady ran into Lucas at the park and said he was sorry he missed the hospital benefit at Chez Rouge, because he heard that Chloe was singing and sounded great. Hearing Brady mention Chloe's name was too much for Lucas to bear, so he left. Then, Chloe arrived and asked Brady if he had been talking to Lucas. Chloe asked what Lucas said. Brady said Lucas seemed upset, and he started to make a joke, but Chloe told him not to joke about it. Chloe asked what Brady was doing there, and he said he was there to clear his head, so she started to leave, but Brady offered to listen what was bothering her.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Melanie found Max as he was sweeping up at the Cheatin' Heart. She asked him to give her his copy of the fuel-project plans, but he flatly refused, maintaining that Nick had sent them to him for safekeeping. Max was also concerned because Melanie was playing two large, powerful corporations against each other, simply for revenge against Philip. Melanie insisted that she had a foolproof plan-then offered to give Max a cut of the profits in exchange for the blueprints. He declined. When Max had to sign for a delivery, Melanie snuck behind the bar to take a quick look at the plans. She was busily poring over them when Max returned and busted her. Melanie pointed out that she didn't understand any of it, that it was all just lines and symbols to her. She then left, declaring to herself with a sly smile that Philip was going down.

Brady arrived at the Titan offices, and asked Stephanie why Melanie had cleared out all of her stuff. Philip overheard and informed them both that he'd fired Melanie, because he'd caught her trying to steal the plans for the prototype. Brady was sure that Philip must have done something to anger Melanie, since she had a deal with Titan. When Philip replied that he'd served Melanie with an injunction, Brady responded with annoyed sarcasm. Philip argued that he'd initially tried to convince Melanie to stay, but she'd only wanted to make his life miserable.

At the convent, baby Grace was in her bassinette, crying. Rafe called for Sami, then, in desperation, picked the baby up. Sami returned, and smiled at his awkwardness in trying to soothe her infant. She took the baby from him, and Grace quickly calmed down. Rafe remarked that Sami was an excellent mother. She wasn't convinced, citing how she was planning to leave Grace with Sister Theresa, and how much she missed her other kids. Rafe thought there must be some way Sami could take the baby with her when she returned home. She reminded him that she'd worked too hard to protect Grace from the DiMeras, and that she was already worried about how Nicole was treating Johnny. Rafe didn't believe Nicole would do anything to harm an innocent child, but Sami asserted that Nicole was capable of almost anything. When she declared that she was sure E.J. would leave Nicole if he knew about Grace, Rafe held out his phone. "E.J.'s just a phone call away," he said.

Nicole was feeding a bottle to baby Sydney on the sofa in the living room at the DiMera mansion, and cooing to the little one about how much she meant to her mommy and daddy. A beaming E.J. came in, and informed Nicole that he had a surprise for her. He added that she might be cross that he hadn't consulted her first, and then showed her their wedding announcement on that day's society page. Nicole was furious that he'd set a date without asking her, but especially because it was only four weeks away. They made up quickly, and Nicole happily agreed to choose another wedding date, but one that would give her a couple more weeks to plan. E.J. then wrote a check for $10,000 so Nicole could have a wedding gown made, and insisted that she go shopping right away. Nicole was stunned but thrilled. E.J. took the baby upstairs to put her down for a nap, and as soon as he'd gone, Nicole called Brady and asked him to meet her at the pier immediately.

Sami rejected Rafe's suggestion to call E.J., but insisted she was right. Rafe reminded her that she had essentially been lying to E.J. for months. He added that if E.J. learned the truth, he might stay with Nicole anyway-and take Grace from Sami. Sami vowed that she'd never let that happen, but Rafe argued that a judge might take into consideration how she'd kept the baby's existence a secret. Sami reluctantly conceded that Rafe was right, and that she only wanted to do what was right for Grace.

When Rafe left to get some lunch for the two them, Sami started straightening their room. She found the newspaper with E.J. and Nicole's wedding announcement, and was stunned to read that she and Nicole had both given birth-to E.J.'s babies-on the same day. As Rafe returned with a tray of food, he overheard Sami reassuring Grace that she would always do what was best for her.

On Nicole's way out of the mansion, she nearly bumped into Melanie, who had come by to see E.J. When E.J. came downstairs, Melanie insisted that they urgently needed to discuss the proposal, so E.J. and Nicole kissed goodbye. Melanie then informed E.J. that she had the blueprints, but wouldn't produce them until the time was right. E.J. was coldly skeptical, reminding her about the injunction and her subsequent firing, but Melanie assured him that she hadn't left Titan empty-handed. She asked for a pencil and paper, then sat down at the desk and began to draw.

A short time later, Melanie handed a still-dubious E.J. the sketch she'd done. She explained that she'd been a card-counter for her father, because she had a photographic memory. She guaranteed that her drawing was an exact replica of the fuel project's formula-but only half of it, to prove it was legitimate-and she would only deliver the other half after E.J. paid her. E.J. agreed, stipulating that he first must have his people look it over.

After Brady left the Titan offices, Philip tried to find out where he stood with Stephanie. She confessed that the side of him she saw at work scared her, because that wasn't the guy she fell in love with. Philip maintained that he could never be someone else-like Max. Stephanie argued that Philip had only pretended to be a nice guy to get what he wanted from her, but Philip countered that she really wanted a bad boy. Stephanie indignantly denied it, but he believed that it was because she was, deep down, a bad girl herself. Angry and disgusted, she turned and walked out.

Stephanie ran into Philip shortly afterwards at the Brady Pub. He asked if they could start over, with a clean slate, because she said she didn't know the real Philip, and he'd obviously been reading her wrong. Stephanie was doubtful, but Philip stuck out his hand. "Allow me to introduce myself," he said. "I'm Philip Kiriakis. And you are?" Stephanie reluctantly allowed him to shake her hand, which he chivalrously kissed.

When Nicole met up with Brady at the pier, she paid him back the money she'd borrowed. She told him she'd paid off Dr. Baker, but she was worried that the doctor wasn't finished blackmailing her. Brady tried to convince her that Baker, as a baby broker, had much more to lose than she did. He pointed out that she hadn't actually bought Sydney, but had adopted her from Mia. Nicole abruptly declared that she had to go, but Brady stopped her and asked why she'd reacted like that to hearing Mia's name. Nicole confessed that there was more going on than he knew about, but refused to tell him any more. She insisted that she was only trying to protect him, then kissed him on the cheek and left. Brady immediately pulled out his cell phone and called one of Victor's henchmen to track down Dr. Baker.

Nicole returned home just as Melanie was leaving. She admitted to E.J. that she was glad he'd put the wedding announcement in the paper, because it would force her to get organized. After the two of them had spent some time kissing on the sofa, E.J. had to leave to take care of some work, but vowed to return very soon. He'd only been gone a few moments when Nicole's cell phone rang. She was clearly not pleased when she heard Mia's voice saying, "I know you said never to call again, but I need to talk to you about my baby."

Philip and Stephanie sat at a table and made small talk, pretending they were just getting to know each other. Philip ended the charade first, and assured Stephanie that he wanted things between them to work. He was leaning across the table to kiss her when Melanie walked in the door. Melanie apologized about her earlier misunderstanding with Philip, and then declared, "I'm willing-if you are-to let bygones be bygones." As Melanie walked away, Stephanie wondered what Melanie had meant. Philip was sure it couldn't be good.

Brady was in an alley, lying in wait, when Dr. Baker showed up. Brady cautioned the doctor that his days of using Nicole as his personal ATM were over. He grabbed Dr. Baker by the lapels and threw him up against a wall, bellowing. "You go near her one more time, and I will break your freakin' neck!"

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