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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, June 1, 2009

In the morgue, Philip called out to Stephanie, who woke up from the sedative Owen gave her. Stephanie was grateful Philip was there. He explained that he smuggled himself into the morgue, but since he and Stephanie were in morgue drawers, he couldn't get to her. She explained that Owen was following orders from the DiMeras, and then went rogue and planned to take Stephanie away.

Philip assured her that he would save her. He tapped on the side of the drawer where Stephanie was, and she tapped back. Philip realized Owen wasn't in the room, so he tried to text Brady and Stephanie for help. Stephanie was amazed at the risk Philip took to rescue her. He told her he would do anything for her, because he loved her more than his own life.

Faced with the possibility of dying in the mausoleum with Brady, Melanie regretted not going to the police about Stephanie's whereabouts. She started panicking, and Brady tried to calm her down so they could look for a way out. Melanie wished she had stayed in France. She also regretted that she didn't have a chance to atone for her actions and thought she would go to hell, and Brady assured her that she would not go to hell because she wasn't going to die there.

Melanie was cold, so Brady gave her the shirt off his back. Melanie freaked out when she thought she saw a rat, but it was a bouquet of flowers on the floor. Brady looked at the flowers and got an idea. He asked for wire from Melanie's bra. Then he tried to boost the signal from his cell phone. He got a signal but quickly lost it because his battery went dead. He couldn't use Melanie's phone, because her battery was dead, too.

Brady hoped the police would be able to trace their signal during the brief time they had service. Melanie noticed Brady wrapping up the flowers with the wire again, and she wondered why he bothered, since Isabella - the person they were intended for -- didn't need them anymore - whoever she was. Brady said Isabella was his mother.

Brady told Melanie that his father had to tell him about his mother because she died when he was a baby. He said John used to bring him to the mausoleum to put flowers on her grave, but Brady had not been there in a long time. He found it ironic that it took them getting locked in the mausoleum for him to visit her. He felt like Isabella watched over him and protected him. Melanie wished she knew how that felt. She said maybe Brady's mother would find a way to watch over them and protect them.

Melanie found a candy bar in her purse and offered to give half to Brady, but he refused it. He still felt guilty about not visiting his mother's grave. Melanie tried to cheer him up, saying Isabella had a good life - she found true love and left behind a son that she would be proud of -- but Brady didn't feel Isabella would be proud of him. Melanie said if she could die in Isabella's shoes, she would be a happy woman. Brady promised Melanie would have a chance at love and a family.

Owen was surprised his father had cancelled his vacation and returned home. His father asked Owen if he was in trouble, but Owen said he wasn't in trouble - he just needed to hide out. He encouraged his father to go on vacation, but his father said he couldn't because a body was delivered from the hospital, and he had to take care of it.

Owen told his father it wouldn't take long for his father to embalm the body, but his father wanted Owen to help, since Owen had expressed an interest in learning the family business. Meanwhile, Stephanie wondered what was taking Brady and Melanie so long. Philip thought it was because they didn't get his text.

Owen and his father entered the room, and when his father approached the drawer where Stephanie was, Owen's father heard a noise and asked Owen if someone was in the room. Owen suggested the noise he heard was from someone walking into the funeral parlor. Once his father was out of the room, Owen opened the door to the drawer where Stephanie was and accused her of making the noise. He promised not to keep her in the drawer much longer and urged her to be quiet. Then he closed the drawer and left the room.

Stephanie asked Philip what they should do. Philip thought he would be able to take Owen on once he got out of the drawer, but Stephanie told him that Owen had a gun. Owen came back and told Stephanie it was time to go. He pulled her out of the drawer, and she reminded him that they had to stay there, since he was worried Melanie was looking for them. Owen told her that her friends weren't a problem anymore. She walked over to the drawer where Philip was and tried to stall.

Stephanie asked for something to eat because she felt weak. Owen said they would get something on the way out of town. She suggested he say goodbye to his father first, and Owen realized she didn't want to go. He said it was "now or never" and, if she refused to go, he might need to kill her.

Stephanie swore to Owen that she wanted to go away with him, but he didn't believe her. He grabbed her and pulled a gun on her. Philip found a way to turn around in his drawer. He kicked at the drawer door. Owen was distracted by the noise, and Stephanie was able to grab the gun from him. She held the gun on Owen and told him he was right - she wasn't planning on leaving with him.

Stephanie glanced over at the drawer where Philip was hiding, so Owen took advantage of her momentary distraction. He knocked the gun out of her hands and forced her down on the table. Philip got out of the drawer, and Owen went for the gun. Philip held Stephanie in his arms. Owen warned Philip not to move.

Bo and Hope waited until Victor and his guards left the Kiriakis estate before knocking on the door. Lucas answered it, and told Bo and Hope that Victor wasn't there. He told them Kate, Chloe, and Daniel were there, but Philip wasn't. Bo and Hope convinced Lucas to let them in, saying they were there as family.

Kate caught Chloe and Daniel out on the terrace embracing, and accused them of resuming their affair behind Lucas' back. Daniel and Chloe tried to defend their actions. Daniel told Kate it wasn't what it looked like, and Chloe said she and Daniel were just friends. Chloe said she was upset at how Victor treated her, so Daniel comforted her. Kate thought about it and said just because Chloe was a "lying slut" didn't mean she wasn't capable of telling the truth sometimes.

Daniel stood up for Chloe, asking Kate why she spoke to Chloe that way. Kate said it was because Chloe made a mockery of Lucas' love for her, but Chloe said she had been faithful to Lucas since the day they were married. Kate asked if Chloe was faithful to him the day before they got married. Then, Kate called for Lucas to join them on the terrace so he could learn the truth.

Chloe said she loved Lucas and if she had chosen to be unfaithful to him, she would not do it at the Kiriakis mansion with people around. Kate thought it was possible for Chloe to cheat on Lucas despite being around other people, because she was "out of control" and "incredibly self-absorbed." Daniel urged Kate to think it through, but Kate reminded them that they promised to stay away from each other, and despite their insistence that they had, they broke their promise.

Daniel told Kate to calm down, but she said she was calm and Lucas deserved to know the truth. Kate called for Lucas, and insisted on telling him what she knew. Daniel thought Kate was acting out of anger because he said nothing happened between him and Chloe. Kate said Daniel's definition of nothing differed from hers.

Bo asked Lucas if he knew where Brady was, but Lucas hadn't seen him since Victor kicked Brady out of the house the night before. Hope reminded Lucas that until the Kiriakis-DiMera feud was over, they were all in danger. Lucas agreed to let Bo and Hope look around. They didn't get far, though, because Henderson stopped them, asking to see their search warrant.

Bo told Henderson he didn't need a warrant to visit family, but Henderson said he had orders not to let Bo in. Bo agreed to leave, but insisted on taking Henderson with them. Hope told Henderson it was for Philip, and Bo told him they didn't need a warrant to bring him in for questioning, so Henderson left with them.

Kate called out for Lucas, and she found him in the living room. Chloe and Daniel trailed behind her, afraid that she would spill the beans. Kate thought Lucas might fall off the wagon again, so she changed her mind about telling him. She said she was worried about Philip and needed Lucas, but Lucas didn't think that was what Kate had wanted to tell him. Lucas felt like they were keeping something from him.

Chloe said no one was keeping anything from Lucas, and Daniel came up with an excuse to get Kate out of the room. Daniel said Kate looked pale, and he insisted on getting her some air. After they left the room, he reminded her that she said she owed him for saving Philip's life as well as Kate's.

Chloe accused Lucas of being paranoid, and Lucas noticed she was trying to change the subject, the same way she did at the Java Café when he told her and Maggie that he was remembering some things from the night he started drinking again. Lucas suspected she and Maggie were keeping something from him.

Chloe brought up the dream Lucas had and said it might still be bothering him. She assured him he had no reason to be insecure, but he felt he had a bad habit of picking the wrong women. She said things would be different this time, because she was happy with him and they were perfect. Lucas wondered why, if they were so perfect, she had broken off the engagement.

Chloe told him that he couldn't trust his memories from that night, since he had blacked out. Lucas said if she couldn't be honest with him, maybe they didn't need to be married, because he didn't want her pity. He knew she was afraid of hurting him and he urged her to say what she had to tell him. Chloe agreed to tell him. She lied and said Maggie was going to tell Lucas that Chloe was going to leave town without saying goodbye to Lucas or Allie.

Lucas wanted to know why she planned to leave, and Chloe said it was because she was "screwed up" and had a bad history with men. She felt he deserved better than her, which was why she broke up with him then. Lucas said he had never been happier with anyone but her.

Kate and Daniel took their conversation outside, and Daniel reminded her that she'd promised to drop it. Kate was having second thoughts about that decision. She didn't plan on sitting back and letting Daniel and Chloe get away with betraying her son. Daniel accused her of being jealous of Chloe. Kate said while Daniel once satisfied a need, when she got to know him, she found him disgusting. In fact, she found him to be the most repulsive of all the men she had slept with. Kate said she wanted to ensure her children's happiness after she was gone.

Daniel advised Kate to let her sons live their lives if she wanted them to be fine without her. Kate pretended to agree with Daniel and give up on telling Lucas. Daniel was satisfied, so he said goodnight and left, but Kate told herself that Daniel broke his promise to stay away from Chloe, so she needed to break her promise.

At the Brady Pub, Bo asked Henderson when he last saw Brady. Henderson said Brady was at the house the day Victor disowned Brady, but he added that he saw Brady walking near the river by the cemetery with Melanie. Henderson said Melanie and Philip were friends again, even though she had betrayed Philip with the DiMeras. Bo and Hope took off to investigate Brady's whereabouts. Bo and Hope searched the cemetery grounds, and Hope found Melanie's hospital badge.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the woods outside the mortuary, Bo and Hope found Melanie's hospital ID tag and a set of footprints. As the two continued their search, they called out Brady's name.

In the Kiriakis crypt, Brady attempted to scale the wall in order to reach the window at the top. As Melanie pointed out that Brady's idea was a bad one, Brady slipped on a planter and fell to the ground. While Brady lay on the floor unconscious, Melanie frantically called out his name in an attempt to revive him. When Brady woke up, he was more determined than ever to break the window of the crypt. As Brady got to his feet, he heard Bo and Hope calling his name outside.

Bo and Hope forced open the crypt door, freeing Melanie and Brady. Brady updated Bo and Hope about Philip's plan, and noted that Owen was inside with a gun and Stephanie. Bo ordered Melanie and Brady to wait outside, but no sooner had Bo and Hope run in to the mortuary than Brady ran in after them.

Inside the mortuary morgue, Philip broke out of the body drawer and fought with Owen. As the two men struggled for the gun, Stephanie looked on in horror as the gun went off. Philip knocked the gun out of Owen's hand, and Owen grabbed Stephanie and held her in a choke hold. Worried, Philip tried to calm Owen by admitting that he was to blame for the DiMeras targeting Stephanie.

As Stephanie looked at Philip pleading for help, Philip leveled his gaze at Owen and informed him that Stephanie was pregnant. Stunned, Owen loosened his grip on Stephanie's neck, and she elbowed him in the stomach. As Stephanie dove out of the way, Philip charged at Owen and began to repeatedly punch him in the face. Terrified, Stephanie begged Philip to stop hitting Owen.

Stephanie pulled Philip off of Owen just as Bo and Hope raced through the door to the morgue. While Bo checked on Owen, Brady and Melanie raced into the morgue and were relieved to learn that Philip and Stephanie were unharmed. Stephanie thanked Melanie for risking her life to help her, and Philip said he was grateful, as well. After Stephanie refused medical attention, Philip held her in his arms to comfort her. Melanie watched Philip and Stephanie with a look of sadness on her face.

Seeing the look on Melanie's face, Brady excused himself and left the mortuary. Brady went back to the crypt and talked to his mother's headstone. As Brady told Isabella how much he loved her, Melanie watched him from the doorway to the crypt.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was elated when E.J. returned home from jail. E.J. immediately began to make calls. When Nicole noted that E.J. was probably worried about Stephanie, E.J. muttered, "I don't care if Stephanie is alive or dead, but Owen, I've got to find Owen fast." Nicole looked stunned for a moment, and then she plastered a smile on her face and attempted to calm E.J. down.

E.J. called the hospital and learned that Stefano was doing much better. When Nicole expressed delight at the news, E.J. appeared skeptical. Nicole expressed her hope to build a relationship with Stefano in the future. Smiling, E.J. assured Nicole that Stefano had a soft heart when it came to those he loved and trusted, and he promised her that Stefano would come around. E.J. confided in Nicole that he was worried about doing the right thing, but Nicole smiled serenely at him. "You're only doing what's best for your family," Nicole said.

As E.J. waited for news about Owen, Nicole changed the subject to Sami. When Nicole mentioned that she had some information on Sami, E.J. asked her to tell him the truth. Nicole explained that Rafe was adopting Grace. Outraged, E.J. yelled, "I'm not going to allow this!" Taken aback, Nicole wondered aloud if E.J.'s reaction was out of jealousy. E.J. told Nicole that her theory was off base and that his concern was for his son, Johnny.

Frustrated with the lack of news about Owen, E.J. said he was determined to accomplish something that evening. As E.J. gathered his things to head over to Sami's house, Nicole begged E.J. to put his family first and not confront Sami.

Sami answered the door to her apartment and found a smiling Rafe waiting in the hallway. Dressed for his new job as a construction worker, Rafe cracked a joke about making a service call at the apartment. Laughing, Sami kissed Rafe passionately and the two sat on the couch.

With her brow slightly furrowed, Sami pulled away from Rafe and told him that she felt guilty that he had lost the job that he loved at the FBI because of her. Rafe assured Sami that he loved carpentry and, prior to working at the FBI, he was a successful carpenter. Soothed, Sami began to kiss Rafe again and the two went back to her bedroom and made love.

As Sami lay sleepily in Rafe's arms, he told her that he had a present. Rafe leaned over the bed and picked up an envelope with adoption forms inside. Pleased to see that Rafe had already filled out all the forms, Sami looked up at Rafe adoringly. "I'm lucky to know you, to have met you," Sami whispered. When Sami mentioned that she felt like crying because she was so happy, Rafe encouraged her to forego the tears and show her appreciation in another way. The two laughed and began to make love again, until they were interrupted by Grace's crying in the next room. Rafe offered to check on Grace since he was her father.

Once Rafe had gotten Grace to go back to sleep, he sat on the couch with Sami and they watched her sleep. "I have everything I want as long as I've got you," Rafe said. Sami looked into Rafe's eyes and admitted that she felt the same way. Smiling wistfully, Sami noted that in the past, any happiness she had was accompanied by a big secret hanging over her head. Sami explained that she was thrilled to finally find real happiness.

After Rafe headed off to work at his construction job, Sami called the doctor's office to reschedule Grace's appointment to an earlier time. While Sami talked on the phone, she glanced over at Grace and noticed that something was wrong. Terrified, Sami dropped the phone and ran over to her daughter.

At the Brady Pub, Mia informed Will that she was going to have to leave town because the lease on her apartment was up. When Mia wondered aloud whether it was a good thing for her to remove her bad influence from Will's life, he disagreed with her. As Will started to count out the reasons he wanted her to stay, Lucas walked over to their table and interrupted the conversation.

Will introduced Mia to Lucas, and then excused himself to get some homework out of his car. While Will was gone, Lucas asked a couple of friendly questions about how Mia knew Will. Smiling, Mia talked about how she had met Will. Lucas flipped through Mia's math book as she talked and found a leaflet for a twelve-step program. Upset, Lucas asked Mia whether Will was drinking. Mia noted that the pamphlet was hers and that she was going to meetings since she got out of rehab. Lucas wished Mia luck with her recovery, and then left abruptly.

Outside the Brady Pub, Lucas ran into Will and asked to talk to the boy about Mia. When Will asked what was wrong, Lucas explained that Mia had told him about rehab. Lucas admitted that he appreciated her honesty but then he noted that anyone fresh out of recovery should not be getting into a relationship. Will denied that there was anything romantic going on, and argued that he was just friends with Mia. "No. No you're not," Lucas said firmly. Lucas explained that it was obvious that there was a romantic link there and that Will should stay away from her. "I'm not going to give Mia up," Will responded.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outside the Brady Pub, Mia listened in while Will argued with his father about her. Lucas thought Will was too young to have to deal with everything that went along with dating an addict. Mia ducked back inside, just as Will accused his dad of hypocrisy and stormed off.

Will found Mia at their table, packing up her books to leave. He tried to convince her to stay, but she countered that she'd overheard what his dad had said, and he was probably right. Although Will argued that he didn't agree with Lucas, Mia reminded him that she had to leave town anyway. Will declared that he intended to keep his promise to find her a place to stay in Salem.

When Maggie arrived just then, Will invited her to join them. He explained Mia's situation to his aunt, while Mia insisted that she would be fine on her own. Maggie gently pointed out that Mia was still in recovery, and needed love and support. She then invited Mia to move in with her. Mia was floored by Maggie's generosity, and happily accepted-on the condition that Maggie let her pay rent once school was out. Maggie agreed, as long it didn't interfere with Mia's twelve-step program meetings. Mia promised to stay clean and sober.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole and E.J. argued about whether he should visit Sami. Nicole reluctantly admitted that even though they were married, she was still insecure, especially where Sami was concerned. Nicole hated that side of herself, and knew that E.J. did, too.

E.J. reassured her that he loved every side of her, because she made him happier than anyone ever had. He acknowledged that he'd overreacted about Rafe's plans to adopt Sami's baby, and agreed that going to confront Sami was a bad idea. Nicole granted that she had overstepped, as well.

As they were kissing and making up, E.J.'s cell phone interrupted them. The caller informed him about Owen's arrest at the morgue, and when E.J. hung up, he quickly filled Nicole in. She was worried that Owen had implicated E.J., but E.J. assured her that Owen hadn't talked-at least not yet. E.J. then left to discuss the situation with Stefano, kissing Nicole goodbye on his way out.

Rafe arrived for his construction job down on the docks, and got instructions from the foreman. He switched off his cell phone when the foreman told him they were against the rules, and then got to work.

As Daniel showered in the hospital locker room, he fantasized that Chloe had joined him under the running water. When his reverie became too steamy, he stepped out of the shower, admonishing himself for not being able to stop thinking about her. He irritably pulled on his scrubs, and stalked out.

At the townhouse, a terrified Sami called 9-1-1 because Grace was having a seizure. As she waited for the ambulance, she left a hurried message for Rafe, telling him that she was taking Grace to the hospital. When she heard the siren outside, Sami ran out the door, carrying Grace in her arms.

The paramedics rushed Grace into the emergency room, with Sami running alongside the gurney. Daniel dashed out to meet them, and the paramedics quickly apprised him of Grace's condition. Daniel quickly got to work on Grace, ordering Nurse Maxine to administer anti-seizure medication. When Sami grew increasingly hysterical, Maxine gently but firmly made her leave. Daniel and Maxine continued trying to stop Grace's seizures.

Outside, E.J. was asking about Stefano at the nurses' station. He was surprised to see Sami, who tried to maintain her composure when he asked why she was there. Instead, she began to cry, tearfully filling E.J. in about Grace's seizures, and how she hadn't been able to reach Rafe. E.J. promised to stay with Sami as long as she needed.

Chloe dropped by the mansion to visit Nicole and Sydney. Nicole informed her that E.J. had finally realized how upsetting his involvement in Sami's life was to Nicole, and had promised to prove how much Nicole and Sydney meant to him. Chloe was pleased to see her friend so happy.

Nicole sensed that Lucas' clinginess had started to bug independent Chloe, but Chloe insisted that her marriage was going well-although she still couldn't forget about Daniel. She wistfully confided that knowing she couldn't have him only made her want him more. Nicole was sympathetic. When Chloe heard that Nicole was going to visit Stefano in the hospital, she asked Nicole to give E.J. her best. Chloe then left to meet Lucas.

Arianna stopped by the construction site while Rafe was on a break, and they immediately began to quarrel about Sami. Arianna insisted that she cared about Rafe, but worried that he was making the same mistakes he had in the past. She maintained, "This whole thing with Sami-it's just like before." She also pointed out that being a father was going to be much harder work than he'd considered.

Rafe argued that he loved Grace, and that made the hard work worthwhile. He declared that he was also crazy about Sami, which he knew made Arianna feel abandoned. Arianna denied it, and reiterated her concerns that history was repeating itself. Rafe declared, "My relationship with Sami-and her kids, for that matter-has nothing to do with Heidi. It's good, it's real, and it's honest."

Nicole arrived at the docks just as Rafe was telling Arianna that he wasn't going to discuss Sami anymore. Nicole hung back and eavesdropped until Arianna left in a huff. Nicole then approached Rafe, making a joke about his new job, but he ignored her. She changed tactics, asserting that Grace was a lucky little girl for such an admirable guy to want to be her daddy.

Nicole continued despite Rafe's silence, making small talk about baby food. Rafe asked what she really wanted, sure that she had an ulterior motive. Nicole insisted that she truly believed the adoption would be great for Grace, and she hoped everything worked out for Rafe and his new family. Rafe shook his head skeptically as he watched her leave. He then pulled out his cell phone, and cursed because he'd accidentally let the battery die.

Chloe met Lucas and Allie at the pub, greeting them both with kisses. Chloe was appalled when Lucas told her that he'd forbidden Will to see a girl who'd just gotten out of rehab. Chloe reminded him that teenagers usually did the opposite of whatever their parents wanted. They laughed as Lucas, remembering his mom's similar tactics, declared that he should just suggest that Will marry the girl.

As Lucas took Allie to the kitchen to get some more drawing paper from Grandma Caroline, Chloe spotted Maggie and invited her over. She confided that she'd been thinking about telling Lucas about her affair with Daniel. Maggie briefly played devil's advocate, but pointed out that she'd always thought Chloe should come clean. She gave Chloe an encouraging pat on the shoulder as she left.

Lucas returned to the table without Allie, whom he'd left baking pies with Caroline. Chloe was glad for a few moments alone. "Lucas, I need to tell you something," she began glumly.

As Sami was leaving a message for Will, after waiting outside the exam room for a long while, Nurse Maxine emerged. Sami ran over to ask how her daughter was, but Maxine asked her to wait for Dr. Jonas. E.J. quietly admonished Maxine not to dismiss Sami. E.J. then reassured Sami that he knew Grace would be all right-because Sami was her mother.

Will and Mia went back to the townhouse, and discussed ordering a pizza. Will was happy that Mia would be staying in town. Mia said that she'd been serious about getting a job, so he offered to ask his mom if she could use a part-time nanny for Grace.

Mia wondered if Will's dad would like her more if she'd never had a drug problem. Will urged her to forget about what his dad had said, because she'd been fine since getting help for her problem. Mia seemed unconvinced. "Look, nobody-not my dad, not the kids at school-nobody's going to say anything that will change my mind about you," Will stated.

Will's phone chirped, alerting him that he had a message from Sami. As he listened to it, his expression grew grim. Mia asked what was wrong. "She's at the hospital," he replied worriedly. "Grace is really sick."

At last Daniel exited the exam room. He informed Sami that he'd stopped Grace's seizures, which he believed were a harmless type called febrile seizures. Sami was happily relieved, until Daniel cautioned that they needed to keep Grace overnight for further testing, to ensure the seizures weren't caused by something more serious -- like a condition she'd inherited from her biological parents.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the hospital, Daniel told Sami that he needed to run more tests to confirm his diagnosis, but it could be some other illness associated with Grace's biological parents. Sami said she knew more about Grace's birth parents than what the paperwork suggested. Nicole spied on Sami and E.J., hoping that Sami wouldn't tell E.J. that E.J. was really Grace's father.

Sami said there was no need to run tests on Grace, because she knew who Grace's biological parents were -- she had been protecting Grace from them. Daniel told Sami it was possible there was a genetic component to what was making Grace ill, but either way, the more information he had, the better.

Sami thought if she told Daniel everything she knew about Grace's birth parents, that would preclude the need to run extra tests on Grace, but Daniel said it would still be necessary. He said anything she could tell him would complement what they found. The head nurse interrupted their conversation and told Daniel that Grace had spiked a fever again. Daniel asked Sami for permission to do a lumbar puncture.

Sami gave her consent, so Daniel ran off to perform the test. She wanted to go along to be there for Grace, but E.J. stopped her and tried to calm her down. E.J. told her to let the doctor and nurse do their job. Stefano snuck up on Nicole, and he compared Sami to a spider that pulled E.J. back into her web. He said it was just a matter of time before Sami gobbled E.J. up.

Stefano told Nicole that Sami and E.J. looked like long-lost lovers, but Nicole said she was okay with E.J. offering a shoulder for Sami to cry on. Stefano wondered why Nicole was okay with E.J. comforting Sami. Nicole pointed out that Sami's baby's life was at stake, and Stefano said there was much more at stake than Grace's life.

Sami needed to do something to keep busy and keep her mind off Grace, so she decided to call her family. Nicole told E.J. that she was there to visit him and Stefano when she heard about Sami's baby. E.J. explained that Grace was having seizures. Nicole said what happened to Grace was a shame, because she was such a beautiful baby. E.J. said he didn't really notice how beautiful Grace was.

Sami called Rafe again and left a message for him. Meanwhile, Daniel performed the lumbar procedure on Grace, while Sami promised that Grace would be okay and Sami would take her home and never let her go. Stefano asked E.J. what was wrong with the baby, and E.J. explained that the doctors were performing tests. E.J. asked Nicole to let him have time alone with his father, and Stefano told him not to be concerned about Owen. E.J. was worried about what Stephanie would say, and Stefano told him that Stephanie wouldn't say anything because they would make sure of that.

Stephanie and Philip returned to the Kiriakis mansion after going to the police station to give their statements, but Bo and Hope hadn't been there, so they had to wait to give their statements later. They kissed, and Philip told Stephanie that he wouldn't know what to do if anything had happened to her. She said she knew once she heard his voice that she would be okay and Philip would save her.

Kate was relieved to see that Stephanie and Philip were safe. Stephanie asked how Billie was in London, and Kate said Billie's condition had improved. Stephanie showed Kate her engagement ring, and Kate said Philip had excellent taste in jewelry and women. Philip said asking Stephanie to marry him was the smartest move he made in his life. Kate welcomed Stephanie to the family and her new home, but Roman walked in and said he wouldn't allow Stephanie to stay there.

Will tried to reach Sami and Rafe on the phone, to no avail, so he decided to go to the hospital. Mia volunteered to go with Will and brought Grace's baby blanket with her.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas noticed Chloe was on the verge of tears. He said he thought she was excited about their future. Chloe told Lucas that she misspoke because what she had to say was about their past. Lucas told her that he didn't want to hear about it, because he promised Maggie that he would concentrate on the future. He said all that mattered was that they loved each other. Lucas told her that their life was perfect and there was nothing to worry about. Chloe told him he was wrong.

Lucas asked what Chloe meant. While they were talking, Will called Lucas on his cell phone to tell him about Grace being sick. Lucas decided to give Will a ride to the hospital. He filled Chloe in on the news, and told her not to worry about anything in the past because they loved each other.

Roman asked to speak to Stephanie alone, and told her how worried the family was about her. He felt responsible for looking after Stephanie, because Stephanie's parents made him promise to protect her. He told her to pack her belongings, because she was moving out.

Stephanie said she was capable of making her own decisions and she was not moving out. Philip made her feel safe, she said. Roman pointed out that how Philip made Stephanie feel and what was real were two different things. He said once Stephanie married into the Kiriakis family, she would become part of something that was dark, and she needed to seriously consider if that was what she wanted.

Philip told Kate that the DiMera-Kiriakis feud was over. He said he was afraid he had lost Stephanie and never planned to let her go again. Stephanie said she wanted her life to be with Philip. Roman asked if she thought that justified what she had to go through. Stephanie chalked her kidnapping up to a random event and said that, despite the feud, Owen snatching her was just bad luck. She was confident that it wouldn't happen again.

Roman explained that when she gave her statement to the police, she would have to divulge information that would be damaging to both families. He challenged her to think about how the Kiriakis family would feel about her then.

Will and Mia arrived at the hospital, and Sami was happy to see him. Mia gave her Grace's blanket and then ran into Nicole in the waiting room, and Nicole demanded to know what Mia was doing there. Mia explained that she was there with Will, but Nicole reminded her that Nicole warned her to stay away from Will. Mia said that Nicole didn't run Mia's life and Mia had no intention of staying away from Will. Mia told Nicole that she was there for Grace, and Mia had grown attached to Grace after babysitting her.

She wondered why that was such a problem for Nicole. Nicole assumed that Mia was attached to Grace because she wanted to score points with Will, but Mia said it was because Grace was sweet. Mia lamented that her relationship with Will already got off on the wrong foot, and she explained how she lied to Will about the real reason she was at Salem High School. Nicole told Mia that she needed to continue to lie, because when Will found out the truth, he would never forgive Mia.

Nicole seemed to convince Mia that Will would have nothing to do with her once he found out the truth. Nicole warned her to stay away from Nicole and Sydney. Mia agreed to do as Nicole asked. Nicole asked E.J. how Grace was and whether the doctors still planned to do genetic testing. E.J. said Daniel had taken a wait-and-see approach. Nicole worried that Sami could find out that Grace wasn't Sami's and then all hell would break loose for Nicole.

Sami filled Will in on the doctor's procedure. Then, she warned Will that some information might come out about Grace's birth parents that might upset Will. Will was confused, but Sami didn't elaborate. The nurse took the fluid from Grace's spine to the lab. Daniel asked Grace to fight to get better.

Will asked Sami to elaborate on what she meant about Grace's biological parents. Sami started to tell Will the truth, until Lucas walked in and interrupted them. Daniel looked at the test results, then ordered the nurse to give Grace antibiotics. Sami asked Will to pick up some of Grace's things from the townhouse. Lucas asked Sami if she really planned to tell the truth about Grace's parentage. Lucas reminded her that E.J. would find out the truth, too, and Sami felt she had no choice.

Stephanie told Roman that she knew he meant well, but she assured him that she would be okay. Stephanie made it clear that she wasn't going anywhere. Stephanie was glad when she and Philip were finally alone. Philip wondered what Roman told her, and she explained that Roman was concerned that she would say something in her statement that would upset Philip's family.

She told Philip that she wouldn't lie to the police, but she wouldn't hurt Philip, especially after what Philip did for her. Philip said he loved her more than she would ever know. He picked her up and carried her upstairs to make love. Afterwards, Philip promised always to protect Stephanie, and she said she knew that already. She said that was why she would always feel safe with Philip. Then they made love again.

Chloe agonized over what Lucas' reaction would be when she told him about her affair with Daniel. On one hand, she thought about how understanding he could be, rationalizing that the affair was in the past. On the other hand, she thought about how Lucas could fly off the handle and start drinking again. Kate stopped by the pub to see Chloe and offer her back her job as talk show host. Chloe accepted Kate's offer. She thought that since Kate offered her the old job back, Chloe didn't have to worry about Kate seeking revenge. Meanwhile, Kate's job offer was just part of her plan for revenge.

Roman talked to Sami on the phone and agreed to go by the construction site to inform Rafe about Grace's condition. Sami thanked Lucas for being there for her, but she said she needed to tell E.J. on her own that he was Grace's father. Nicole watched Sami talk to herself about telling E.J. about Grace. Nicole went to the chapel to think about how to stop Sami from telling E.J. the truth. Then, she realized she couldn't stop the truth from coming out. She worried about what would happen.

Stefano asked Sami if she'd heard anything about Grace's condition, and she said she hadn't. She wanted to talk to E.J. alone about something important. Sami started to tell E.J. the truth, when Daniel interrupted and said Grace's illness was more serious than they originally suspected.

Nicole realized the only thing she could do was face Sami head-on and figure a way out of the mess Nicole had made. While she was talking to herself, Stefano snuck up behind her. He said there was no way to reverse what Nicole had done and not even God could help her. Nicole played dumb, saying she was just praying for Sami's baby, but Stefano said Sami's baby was fine. He said he knew that Grace was not really Sami's baby and Nicole should know that, too, since she had Sami's real baby.

At the townhouse, Will and Mia packed up some more things to bring to Grace. Mia assured Will that Grace would be okay, because she was strong.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Stephanie and Philip made love in his bed at the Kiriakis mansion. Afterwards, as they lay each other's arms, Stephanie hoped she could someday enjoy being with him without associating it with the night he was shot. Philip suggested that the only cure was to just keep practicing. They laughed, but Stephanie was still worried about the ongoing war with the DiMeras, and the aftermath of her kidnapping. Philip tried to reassure her that the war was over, but she wasn't convinced. He vowed that he would always protect her.

Later, as they slept, Stephanie suddenly awoke with a start, remembering being locked inside the morgue drawer. She gasped for air, trying to calm herself, then got up to wash her face. When Philip awakened, he was alarmed to find Stephanie gone, and called out for her. She returned to bed, assuring Philip that she was fine, but he could tell she really wasn't. Stephanie admitted that she just couldn't stop thinking about what Owen had done.

As Sami prepared to tell E.J. that Grace was really his daughter, Daniel returned from the baby's room. He informed Sami that Grace had bacterial meningitis, which they were treating with powerful antibiotics, but his tone and expression troubled an already frightened Sami. "You don't think she's going to make it, do you?" she asked, her voice trembling, her face growing even paler.

Daniel stated that they were very concerned about Grace, but hoped the antibiotics would do their job. Sami was distraught that perhaps she should have known that Grace's fevers had been due to more than teething. E.J. tried to calm her, reminding her that she was a wonderful mother. Just as it seemed as though Sami might faint, Rafe walked in. Sami rushed into his arms, sobbing.

Will returned to the living room at the townhouse with a bag full of Grace's things, and found Mia weeping on the sofa. "I'm sorry," Mia cried. "She's just so little, you know?" Will reassured her that Grace would be home soon. Mia tried to smile, declaring that she would always imagine that adopted babies went to families as wonderful as Will's. "Grace is a really lucky girl," she added. Will agreed, wiping away his own tears.

Stefano found Nicole as she prayed for Grace in the hospital chapel. He declared that Sami's baby was just fine, adding ominously, "And you, of all people, Nicole, should know that, since you have Sami's real baby." Nicole tried to bluff her way out of it, feigning concern for Stefano's mental health, but Stefano let her know in no uncertain terms that he knew everything. He referenced the convent, the clinic, Nicole's miscarriage, Sami's baby, Mia's baby, and Dr. Baker.

Stefano maintained that he'd even rooted for Nicole at one point, because her improvisation had been so brilliant-although it had all been just to snag E.J. and his money. Nicole insisted that she truly loved E.J. She pointed out that she had been an accessory to kidnapping, and had stood by E.J.'s side-and learned the DiMeras' secrets-while the Kiriakises were holding Stefano hostage. Stefano chuckled, impressed with Nicole's bravado.

Daniel brought Rafe up to speed about Grace's condition. Rafe was angry with himself for not being there sooner. Sami wanted to know whether Grace was in pain, and Daniel replied that Grace was probably only uncomfortable, and somewhat lethargic. He stressed that they knew from Grace's previous fevers that she was a fighter, but all they could do for the time being was wait. E.J. asked whether it would help to find Grace's birth parents, but Daniel replied that since they had a diagnosis, it wasn't necessary.

When Daniel returned to Grace's room, E.J. offered the DiMera resources for help with finding Grace's biological parents, should Sami change her mind. Speaking to E.J. privately, Sami declined, but thanked him for wanting to help. E.J. nodded. He gently kissed the top of her head as he embraced her comfortingly. "I'll be praying for you."

Sami joined Rafe in the waiting area. She confessed that she'd nearly told E.J. the truth when Daniel had thought it might help to know more about Grace's parents. Rafe assured her that he understood. She believed that Daniel really thought Grace would be all right, because he'd said she was a fighter.

Nicole wondered why Stefano had so uncharacteristically tipped his hand-and why he was talking to her instead of E.J. about what he knew. Stefano merely asserted that so far, the timing hadn't been right. Nicole adamantly declared that she cared nothing for the DiMera money, and that she had done everything for E.J.-who was raising his own daughter, thanks to her.

Stefano argued that when the truth inevitably came out, Samantha could file for custody. "Elvis would never be able to beat Samantha in a custody battle if he is married to the perpetrator of the fraud," he pointed out darkly. Just as Stefano was threatening that Nicole would suffer the consequences if they lost Sydney, E.J. entered the chapel.

Stefano lied that he'd been comforting Nicole, who was distraught about Samantha's baby. Nicole asked about Grace, and E.J. informed her of the child's grim diagnosis. Nicole fought back tears. E.J. asked to speak to Stefano privately, so Nicole left them alone.

E.J. then informed Stefano that there was a problem, and asked how they were going to handle Owen. Stefano assured his son, "You will never have to worry about being implicated in that young lady's kidnapping."

E.J. and Stefano returned to the DiMera mansion later, after Lexie had released Stefano. Stefano wanted to celebrate his return home with a drink, which E.J. quickly nixed. E.J. repeated his earlier concerns, and Stefano again promised to take care of Owen.

After Rafe and Sami had gone into Grace's room, Will and Mia arrived at the hospital. Will asked Daniel about Grace. Daniel informed him that it was meningitis, and that it was very serious. The teens were both devastated. Mia chastised herself for crying, because Will and his mom shouldn't have to deal with her tears. "This is happening to your family, not to me," she stated. Will reminded her that she'd loved Grace even before he had.

Rafe and Sami watched over a sleeping Grace, whispering encouragement to the child-and to each other. Sami hung her medallion from the convent over Grace's crib, hopeful that God would watch over the girl. She tearfully fretted that God was punishing her for originally telling Lucas that her baby had died. Rafe asserted that God had wanted her and Grace to be together-and He still did. Sami sobbed, knowing that her heart would break if they lost Grace.

When Mia went to the ladies' room, Will told Daniel how much he hated not being able to do anything. Daniel thought that Sami should have her family around, and suggested that Will go and get them. Will agreed, and left to do so, after asking Daniel to tell Mia where he'd gone.

Daniel went in to do some more tests on Grace, promising that Rafe and Sami could return very soon. The two of them whispered goodbyes, and then left their little one in Daniel's care.

Nicole found Mia crying about Grace in the waiting area. Mia admitted that she wanted to stop crying, but explained, "It's like I'm losing my own baby all over again." Nicole nodded, her eyes filling with tears, too. She gently assured Mia that she understood: "Once you're a mother, and you see another mother go through something like this, it gets to you in ways you never imagined it could."

Mia was surprised to see that Nicole was just as upset as she was, considering that Nicole hated Sami. Nicole firmly stated that she knew Sami loved her children, and she would never wish what Sami was experiencing on anyone. They both fervently hoped that Grace would get better. Mia said that although she knew giving her baby up had been for the best, she still regretted not holding the baby when she was born. "I will never forget bringing that beautiful baby into this world," Nicole said, remembering, as she put her arm tenderly around the teen.

Daniel gave instructions to a nurse, who promised to take good care of Grace. Daniel cautioned her that Grace's level of consciousness seemed to be deteriorating, so the nurse should call a code blue if there were any changes. He added that the baby's parents were the only visitors he would allow for the time being. Daniel paused on his way out. "If you think it'll help, say a prayer." She replied, "I will-and for the poor family."

In the chapel, Sami expressed remorse for a life filled with scheming to get what she wanted. "And now my little girl-our baby-is fighting for her life," she added, choking back tears, "and there's nothing I can do except sit here and pray."

Though clearly just as devastated as she was, Rafe tried to comfort her. Sami was grateful for Rafe's presence, because she knew she couldn't make it without him. He reassured her that he wasn't going anywhere, and that Grace would get better. "We'll do this together," he vowed. They knelt together at the altar to pray.

Nicole and Mia entered Grace's room, because Mia wanted to ask a question about the baby. The nurse asked if Mia was the baby's mother. Holding onto Mia protectively, Nicole replied, "Yes. Yes, she is."

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