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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, August 17, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Arianna and Brady kissed passionately while they were still wet from their evening swim. They were going at it on the patio when Daniel barged in looking for Brady. Arianna and Brady stopped kissing. Brady introduced Daniel to Arianna, and Arianna made a Freudian slip, telling Daniel that it was okay that he interrupted her and Brady, because they "were just sexually..." She realized what she said and quickly excused herself so the men could talk. Daniel asked Brady to help him save Chloe.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the nurses checked Chloe's vital signs and realized that they were losing her. Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel insisted that he was innocent and said he was locked out of the hospital and couldn't do anything, so he needed an ally. Brady agreed to help Daniel save Chloe. Victor walked in on them talking and asked what was going on. Daniel said he knew that Victor could only do so much to help Daniel prove his innocence, and Victor told Daniel to rely on Brady, because Brady would give Daniel any support he needed.

Stephanie felt guilty for hurting Melanie by talking to Nathan while they were out together. Nathan tried to downplay his relationship with Melanie by saying they were just two friends who went out together, but Stephanie knew she had to smooth things over with Melanie before it was too late. Stephanie said that when Melanie got angry, she usually sought revenge.

Nathan said that Melanie had no reason to get upset, because Stephanie just interrupted two people talking. Stephanie explained that Melanie thought that Nathan asked Stephanie out on a date while Nathan was on a date with Melanie. Nathan denied it and felt offended that Melanie assumed that, and he said it wasn't Nathan's or Stephanie's fault that Melanie was upset.

Nathan told Stephanie not to feel guilty for upsetting Melanie, and Stephanie said she didn't feel guilty, she was just worried that Melanie was angry with Stephanie. Nathan told Stephanie that Melanie would get over it, and he asked Stephanie to focus on spending time together. Stephanie agreed to hang out with Nathan and stop worrying about Melanie.

Melanie ran into Philip at the park and noticed how upset he was. She told him she planned to make him feel better. Melanie asked if Philip was going to make a decision. At first Philip didn't understand what Melanie was saying, but she explained that he would never be at peace until he figured out what Stephanie meant to him. Melanie asked if Philip loved Stephanie and wanted to be with her. He said it was hard to turn those feelings off. Philip acknowledged to Melanie that he knew she wanted what was best for him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip overheard Victor's conversation with Daniel and Brady, and demanded to speak to his father immediately. Daniel explained that he needed Brady's help to access Chloe's medical records, but he knew that everyone close to Chloe was probably being monitored, so he couldn't figure out another way to get to her, but Brady came up with an idea.

Philip demanded to know why Daniel was in their house, but Victor told him it was because Daniel was Victor's godson and family. Victor criticized Philip for being soft, but Phillip got fed up with his father's attitude and quit. Philip reminded Victor about all that he had given up for the family, and he was turned off by Victor's cold attitude about Carlos' death. Philip said he wasn't Victor and couldn't keep trying to prove his worth to Victor. Victor assumed Stephanie was behind Philip's change of attitude, but Philip said it wasn't about that.

Meanwhile, Brady said he had an idea about how to help Daniel save Chloe, and said he needed until the next morning, possibly, to see if he could pull it off.

Bo found Ciara's teddy bear and told Hope. They frantically searched for their daughter. Meanwhile, Ciara told the man who kidnapped her that she wanted to go home. The kidnapper tried to calm her by telling her she still had him and that there was no reason to be afraid. He asked her to be very quiet and not to talk unless he said it was okay, or she would never see her parents again.

Hope asked Bo if the vision had included any more details that might lead them to Ciara. The rest of the police force showed up, and Bo filled them in on what Ciara was wearing and then sent them out to search for his little girl. Then Bo had a vision of Ciara holding a unicorn, smiling, and waving at him.

The kidnapper realized that the police were gone from the area where he stashed Ciara, and then decided to tie up Ciara. Meanwhile, back at the police station, Bo told his officers to check the area again and to put out an Amber Alert. Hope wanted to go back into the field and help with the search, but Bo said they would be better served if they stayed at the station and contacted other police precincts and manned the phones. Justin agreed with Bo and said that the search area had expanded.

Hope raised the possibility that the bear wasn't Ciara's, but Bo said that he was certain Ciara dropped the bear. Then he asked Hope if she was trying to tell him something. Hope was just trying to look at the case from all angles, but Bo wanted to know if Bo gave Ciara the bear. Hope said she had no idea how Ciara got the bear, and she asked what Bo was implying with his line of questioning. Bo said the most important thing was that they get their daughter back.

Justin pointed out that the tests were not back on the bear that Ciara dropped to prove that it was Ciara's. Meanwhile, after the kidnapper tied up Ciara and put a blindfold and headphones on her, someone tried to get into the shed where they were hiding. Bo and Hope received a ransom note, demanding $5 million by the evening, and Hope wondered how they were supposed to get that kind of money that quickly. Justin suggested that Victor might be able to help. Then Hope realized that the kidnappers took Ciara because they read the news article about the donation Hope made.

Bo tried to assuage Hope's guilt, saying that kidnappers knew that she had money, but that knowledge could give them insight into how kidnappers thought. Hope realized that Bo was having visions about Ciara before the article was written. She thought that the money might be irrelevant, and she wondered how Ciara got the bear back. Hope wondered if Bo thought that she disregarded the safeguards that they had discussed.

Meanwhile, the kidnapper was joined by two more people who were part of the plan to kidnap Ciara -- a guy named Dean and a girl. Dean started to leave, but the girl urged him not to leave her with the other man. Dean reassured her that their plans would pay off.

Nathan vented to Stephanie about how much pressure he was under trying to measure up to his great-grandfather, Tom. Then Nathan realized he was probably boring Stephanie with his conversation and suggested they go to the carnival, but Stephanie said she would rather to talk to Nathan about himself.

While Arianna was at the Brady Pub trying to weigh the drugs that were smuggled into the pub in wine bottles, Melanie stopped by to talk. She vented to Arianna about her feelings for Philip, but Arianna tried to tell her that it wasn't a good time to talk. Melanie finally got the hint and left, so Arianna went back to weighing the drugs.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Daniel thought about how he could save Chloe if he could only gain access to her room. Then he had a vision of Chloe, and she told him not to worry, because he would save her. A woman sitting next to Daniel tried to flirt with him, but he wasn't interested and stormed out. Later, he saw Chloe again in a vision at the pier. She told him that he was helping but she felt how much he cared about her and, no matter what happened, Daniel would always be in her heart. Daniel asked for Chloe to fight to stay alive while he worked on trying to save her.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, the nurses noticed that Chloe was improving, because she was fighting to stay alive.

At the park, Philip left a message on Stephanie's phone to tell her that he did something that might change everything. Then he noticed her and Nathan walking nearby. Nathan was trying to get Stephanie to eat cotton candy. Philip got jealous and punched Nathan. Stephanie pushed Philip off of Nathan and reminded him that they weren't together anymore.

Philip tried to explain what had happened with his father, but she didn't want to hear it, and she stormed off. Melanie saw Philip sitting on the bench and approached him. She noticed the cut on his face, but he said he was okay. She asked what happened when he went home, and Philip said things became clear. Then he kissed Melanie.

There were no fingerprints or DNA left on the ransom note, but the teddy bear was confirmed as belonging to Ciara. Meanwhile, the original kidnapper took Ciara's blindfold off, and she told him and the girl that she wanted her mother. The girl told her to shut up, because they all wanted something they couldn't have.

Justin went to the DiMera mansion to tell Victor about Ciara's kidnapping. Meanwhile, the female kidnapper told Ciara that if her parents were smart, she would see them soon, and Dean would let her know if Ciara's parents were being smart. The woman made a phone call. Back at the police station, Bo told the officers to search the area again, even if they had to work through the night. Meanwhile, Dean, one of the kidnappers, walked into the room dressed as one of the officers.

Brady stopped by the pub to see Arianna, and explained that he was helping Daniel, so if she didn't hear from him by the morning, it was because he was busy. Arianna thought it was cute that Brady was being so thoughtful. They kissed, and then Brady noticed a bag of cocaine on the floor. He picked it up and showed it to her. Arianna asked what it was, and he said it was cocaine.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin told Victor about the ransom. In business mode, Victor called Philip to have him arrange for the money to be readied for the ransom. When Philip failed to answer his phone, Victor made the arrangements for the money himself.

"Things became clear," Philip whispered to Melanie as they stood in the park. Under the lamppost light, Philip pulled Melanie to him and kissed her. Startled, Melanie pulled back and then slapped Philip. Confused, Philip questioned whether she wanted him or not. Melanie admitted that although she still wanted Philip, she was working on improving her sense of self respect.

"I'm not someone's rebound girl," Melanie said. "And that's not what you are to me. You are the only person who accepts me for who I am. The only woman I want to be with. Only you," Philip cooed. As Philip and Melanie began to kiss again, Philip's cell phone started to ring. Smiling good naturedly, Melanie urged Philip to take the call from Victor, but he refused. Philip explained to Melanie that he had quit his job and that he was thrilled he no longer needed to seek Victor's approval.

When Melanie tried to be supportive and talk about how hard it was to be your own person outside of the influence of your father, she became emotional. Philip apologized for dredging up memories of her father, and complimented Melanie on her beauty and sense of humor. Feeling better, Melanie thanked Philip and told him how pleased she was to see him happy.

"I feel like I should for the first time in my life," Philip said. When Melanie told him that Stephanie was right about changing his life, Philip disagreed. With a devilish smile on his face, Philip told Melanie that she was the one who saved his life, not Stephanie. Philip again began to kiss Melanie passionately. "This whole time it was you. I was waiting for you," Melanie said in a swoon. Smiling, Philip suggested that they go someplace private.

Due to the lack of hotel rooms in the city, Philip and Melanie ended up at a dive motel and rented a room. Philip offered to whisk Melanie away to a fancy hotel, but she suggested that to keep things private they should avoid anyplace where he could be recognized. Philip pulled Melanie on to the bed and asked if she was sure that she wanted to stay with him. Melanie kissed Philip, and the two made love.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Stephanie put ice on Nathan's wounds from his run in with Philip in the park. Stephanie confided that she was embarrassed by Philip's behavior, but Nathan asked whether she was still in love with Philip. Nathan theorized that Philip was jealous because he saw that Nathan and Stephanie were connecting. Smiling, Stephanie agreed that Nathan was right.

While Nathan walked Stephanie home through the park, Victor spotted them across the clearing. "Moving on already I see," said Victor before calling Stephanie a tramp. Nathan stood up to Victor on Stephanie's behalf, which only angered Victor further. Still reeling from his fight with Philip earlier, Victor accused Stephanie of being the reason that Philip renounced his family. His lip curling, Victor told Stephanie that since she had moved on, Philip truly had nothing any more.

Surprised, Stephanie stuttered out that she was just friends with Nathan, but unconcerned, Victor interrupted her to say that someone kidnapped Ciara. Victor told Stephanie to tell Philip the news, and then he stormed off down the pathway. Worried, Nathan headed home to check on Maggie, and Stephanie went to find Philip.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Justin decided to have a drink to calm their nerves. Victor reminded Justin about the property in Greece he wanted to buy to make the Kiriakis compound, and Justin laughed at the memory of Victor's old quest. Grinning, Victor informed Justin that he had finally been able to secure the coveted land. As the two toasted the deal, Victor bragged about how there would be enough room for all of the Kiriakis clan. "From the youngest Ciara . . .," Victor said before trailing off to silence.

At the Brady Pub, Brady showed Arianna the baggie of cocaine that he found on the floor. Arianna pretended not to know whose baggie it was, and Brady urged her to think about who was in the pub that evening. "You better than anyone would be better to pick up the signs," Brady said to a flummoxed Arianna. Noting Arianna's confused expression, Brady explained that he said that because she had once been involved with a drug addict.

Worried that Arianna might think the drugs belonged to him, Brady firmly denied that he had started using drugs again. Arianna said she did not believe the drugs were his but that she wanted to handle the situation since they were found in the pub that she managed. Brady gave her his phone to call the cops, but Arianna declined to make the call citing the possibility that the cops would see Brady as a suspect. As Brady thought about her suggestion, Arianna added that she was worried that word would get out about the drugs and sully the reputation of the pub.

When Brady remained quiet, Arianna acted as if she remembered something. Arianna lied that there was a group of businessmen in earlier that were using the bathroom a lot. When Arianna assured Brady that they were not regulars, Brady agreed that calling the cops would probably not find the culprits and it could hurt the Brady Pub's reputation.

Staring at the baggie, Brady swore that he would never go back to being addicted to drugs. Arianna promised to be a good friend and get rid of the drugs for him. With a pained look on his face, Brady declined her offer. "I need to do this myself," Brady said. Brady walked over to the sink behind the bar and dumped the contents of the baggie down the drain.

While Brady and Arianna talked, Brady got a text message from Victor asking him to come home because of a family emergency. Brady and Arianna thanked one another for their honesty and support, then Brady rushed off to meet Victor. Once the door was locked and Arianna was alone, she called her drug supplier and asked for as much cocaine as he could offer.

In a shack, an exhausted Ciara slept as the remaining two kidnappers wondered where their partner Dean was. The female kidnapper starting eating all the candy, so the kidnapper who had lured Ciara away asked the woman to stop eating Ciara's treats. "She's a nice little girl," he said.

At the police station, Dean called his partners frat the shack to let them know that he was going to start phase 2 of the plan. "Cause I can't wait to see that bitch's face when the call comes in," Dean muttered. When Dean was finished with his phone call, he returned to the main room of the police station to help Bo and Hope with the search for Ciara.

As Bo and Hope waited for word about their daughter, Hope theorized that whoever kidnapped Ciara knew that she would be at the carnival away from her parents. Ellen interrupted with her daughter Tracey in order to tell Bo and Hope about some information. Tracey remembered that Ciara had her bear and that a man had given her candy. Hope remembered that Ciara had said a friend had given her the candy, and she cursed herself for not asking Ciara more questions and warning her about strangers. Frustrated, Hope broke down in tears.

Bo urged Hope not to blame herself and to stay strong. Drying her tears, Hope said she was confused as to why Ciara was targeted. Hope turned to Bo and asked whether the real target was Bo since he was both a Brady and a Kiriakis. Bo countered that the news clipping that came with the ransom note was not in the style of a DiMera plot, but Hope urged Bo to keep the idea in mind.

Dean announced that he had a lead from the amber alert, but quickly informed Bo and Hope that it was a dead end. Shaken by the false hope of a lead, Hope fell into Bo's arms. Victor arrived to inform Bo that the ransom money would be ready by morning, but Bo vowed to find Ciara before then.

Bo took Victor aside and asked for him to make a list of his enemies. Raising an eyebrow, Victor refused to make the list and urged Bo to pay the ransom. Furious, Bo told Victor that he did not want a repeat of what happened with Stephanie's kidnapping, and he ordered Victor to stay out of the case. Nodding, Victor agreed to call Bo when the money was ready.

As Hope paced the station, she received a phone call. Once Dean noted that he was tracing the call, Hope answered the phone and was greeted with the disguised voice of the female kidnapper. The woman chided Hope that she had let her son Zack down and he died, so she should be careful not to make the same mistake with Ciara. Heartbroken, Hope collapsed in tears.

Wednesday, August 192, 2009

On the pier, Daniel left a message for Brady that he needed to get in to see Chloe, though he understood that Brady was probably occupied with Ciara's kidnapping. When Kate showed up, Daniel vowed to prove, with Justin's help, that she had poisoned Chloe. Kate wasn't worried, but was clearly uncomfortable when Daniel surmised that she couldn't stand the idea of Chloe being with him. Kate replied that Daniel was his own worst enemy, because he couldn't control his urges. She cited how he'd run right to Chloe's room when he made bail. Daniel asserted that Kate was "one sick lady."

Kate countered lightly that when Chloe died, Daniel would get the death penalty, "And I'll be in the visitors' room, watching...smiling." Daniel reminded Kate that Chloe had saved her life, but Kate was unmoved. He declared that he'd fallen in love with Chloe because she was a sensitive, generous human being-"Not whatever evil life form you've turned into." Kate tried to slap him, but Daniel caught her by the arm. After a long glare, Kate yanked her arm away. "I guess we've said all there is to say," Daniel stated evenly. "Just remember, I'll be in the visitors' room, and I'll be smiling," Kate icily replied before striding away.

Philip and Melanie awakened at the motel, after having had sex the night before. Philip admitted that he was surprised it had taken them so long to get there. They agreed that there had always been a spark between them, and Philip declared that he and Stephanie were through. Melanie wondered what happened next for them. Philip didn't know, but assured Melanie that he didn't regret anything.

Suddenly, they heard loud, banging noises in the hallway. Melanie wrapped herself in a sheet and hid in the bathroom, as Philip pulled on his pants and opened the door. He found the motel manager working on the air conditioning. When he saw the bed, the manager made a crude allusion to Melanie being a prostitute. Philip threw him against the wall, threatening to rip the man's throat out if he said another word about Melanie. "I didn't mean nothin'," the manager insisted, and hurried off.

When Philip closed the door, Melanie grinned. "It's kind of nice to see a man defend your honor," she declared, adding that Philip was her hero. He told her that he wanted to explore things between them, to see where they could go, and she agreed. As they prepared to leave, he noticed that his cell phone had died. They planned to meet at his house later, and Philip pulled Melanie into a steamy kiss.

Stephanie went to the hospital to ask if Philip had been admitted the night before. Nurse Maxine replied that he hadn't. Lucas arrived to visit Chloe and overheard, and was shocked when Stephanie told him about Ciara's kidnapping. Stephanie was upset that Philip seemed to have disappeared, so Lucas tried to reassure her that Philip had probably just turned his phone off.

After Stephanie left, Lucas removed an envelope from his pocket and contemplated its contents. Spotting Nathan at the nurses' station, Lucas asked if Nathan had heard anything about Ciara. Stephanie returned as Nathan was replying that there wasn't any news. Lucas then went into Chloe's room, while Stephanie continued worrying that something had happened to Philip.

Nathan tried to ease Stephanie's fears, and she admitted that she was probably just overreacting. Nathan wanted to know what Stephanie thought after learning that Philip had walked away from his family for her. Stephanie knew only that she wanted to talk with Philip, but not what she planned to say. She thanked Nathan for helping her feel better, but he insisted he hadn't done anything.

A chipper Melanie dropped by the hospital to tell Maxine that she was taking a personal day and cutting her nursing classes. When Nathan returned, Maxine informed him, "Little Miss Attitude here thinks she's got better things to do than become a nursing student." Nathan assumed that Melanie was dropping out because of him. Melanie laughed it off, declaring that the world didn't revolve around him. When she drolly referenced how Nathan had ditched her for Stephanie the night before, he apologized sincerely for what had happened. Melanie cryptically declared that his two-timing her might have been the best thing that had ever happened to her, and strolled away cheerfully.

In Chloe's room, Lucas told his wife that their house was as quiet as a tomb, and lamented the kids they'd never have together. When Nathan entered to check Chloe's chart, Lucas showed him a document he'd found while cleaning out some boxes. Nathan noted that it was Chloe's living will, explaining that it meant she didn't want any extraordinary measures taken to save her life or keep her alive, unless there was a good chance that she would survive. Lucas asked him to translate, so Nathan clarified that if Chloe's prognosis was eventual death, or chronic vegetative state, the doctors legally could do nothing. But if Chloe hadn't registered the living will with an attorney or the hospital, Lucas would still make the decisions regarding her treatment. "So her life is in my hands," Lucas mused, regarding Chloe with a frown.

Philip arrived at the Kiriakis mansion, where a relieved Stephanie greeted him. He was stunned when she brought him up to speed about Ciara's kidnapping. She added that Victor had told her Philip had quit his job and renounced his family, and Philip assured her that he was only at the mansion to pick up a few things. Stephanie was proud of him for doing something so brave, and wanted to talk about it. Philip didn't think there was anything to talk about, because she had broken things off with him and moved on. Stephanie thought she had perhaps influenced his decision to leave his family, and was moved that he'd done it for her. Philip seemed confused. "I don't know what to say here," he stammered.

Melanie arrived just then, and ducked back into the entryway as Stephanie was saying, "Look, I don't want to rush anything with you, especially after you've just made this decision..." Philip asked if she meant that she wanted to get back together with him. "Sounds like something you don't want," Stephanie replied evenly, noting his lack of enthusiasm. "What's the matter; did something happen?"

At the police station, Bo brought Roman up to speed about the kidnappers' ransom demands. As Hope cried softly that the kidnapper had said it would be her fault if Ciara died, Dean watched furtively, smiling to himself. Justin arrived with a briefcase, explaining that it was filled with small, non-consecutive bills. Dean took note and skulked away. Bo tried to reassure Hope that the money would bring their little girl home.

In the kidnappers' shack, the man who had abducted Ciara from the carnival tried to feed his hostage. Ciara, bound at the wrists, refused to open her mouth. The female kidnapper cruelly threatened Ciara that if she starved to death, she would never see her mommy and daddy again. Ciara reluctantly took a tiny bite.

When Dean called to announce that the money had arrived, the woman stepped outside to take the call. They agreed that they were ready for the next step of their plan. "You know what you have to do, right? With that little kid?" asked Dean. "We can't take any chances." The woman replied, "Don't worry-when I'm done with her, she won't be a problem for anybody." As soon as he hung up, a glove-wearing Dean smashed his cell phone in the park, tossing the pieces in different directions.

Bo and Hope were worried because the kidnapper hadn't contacted them again since the initial call demanding the money. Bo explained to Justin and Roman that they hadn't been able to trace the call, because it had been made from a disposable cell phone and bounced between towers, but they were ready to trace any further calls to any of their phones. Roman left to check out some possible leads.

Dean arrived at the shack, where, in addition to the rope around her wrists, Ciara was blindfolded and wearing headphones. Dean informed the female kidnapper that Hope had been a basket case-which pleased them both, because Dean blamed Hope for his not having made detective yet. The woman cheered Dean on as he ranted about how Hope had been promoted, thanks to her connections in the police department, but he'd done all the work. Dean declared that it was time for payback. "And payday," the woman chimed in gleefully, and they kissed. Dean then left.

As Dean slipped back into the station, Roman informed Bo that four convicts whom Hope had helped send away had recently been released from prison-but Roman didn't think the kidnapping seemed like the work of an angry ex-con. Dean updated Bo that there was nothing new to report from the field, and pointed out a possible connection between Justin's arrival and the kidnapping. Bo told Dean that it was just a coincidence, but thanked him for the hard work.

Hope's cell phone rang just then. Once Roman gave the signal, Hope answered. The female kidnapper, her voice digitally disguised, was pleased when Hope stated that they had the ransom money. Hope broke down when the kidnapper threatened Ciara's life, so Bo took the phone and warned that there would be no ransom until they knew Ciara was all right. The woman instructed Bo to check Hope's email, and then hung up abruptly. Roman angrily informed them that he hadn't been able to trace the call.

Dean tried not to smirk as Bo rushed to a computer and a distraught Hope followed, apologizing for falling apart. Bo quickly pulled up a picture of Ciara holding that morning's Chicago Daily Dispatch. Hope broke down in sobs, and Bo choked back tears, both noting how scared Ciara looked. Bo barely managed to keep it together as he issued instructions to have the picture enhanced to try to discern where the kidnappers were holding Ciara, and to try to track down the email's origins.

Just as Hope was getting anxious because there had been no instructions about what to do with the money, the kidnapper called back. The woman told Hope where to drop off the money in one hour, ordering Hope to arrive alone-no backup, no snipers, no wires, and no weapons. "And remember, you're the reason your daughter's in this mess," the woman added. "Now only you can get her out of here." Hope held it together until the line went dead, then collapsed in tears in Bo's arms.

Bo began ordering the area to be surrounded, but Hope stopped him, insistent on obeying the kidnapper's orders to go alone. They argued about whether to follow standard police procedure, and Hope concluded that Bo not only didn't trust her to handle things herself, he also blamed her for everything. Bo insisted he wasn't thinking anything of the sort.

As Bo and Hope's voices rose in fear and anger, Justin quietly stepped in to mediate. He urged Bo to just hand over the money and get Ciara back safely. Bo maintained that he couldn't put his daughter in danger, and Roman agreed that the odds would only be in their favor if they went by the book.

As Roman left to talk to a reporter, Bo and Hope tried to discuss things more calmly, each sure that their way was the only way to keep Ciara safe. Hope quietly pleaded with her husband to let her make things right, the way the kidnappers wanted. An anguished Bo grabbed her and held her tightly. "You come back to me, you hear?" he managed. "You bring our daughter home." They held each other for a moment, crying together, and finally Bo handed the briefcase to Hope. She kissed him goodbye and rushed out.

Dean stepped into a conference room to send a text message to the woman. When she read it, she pulled a pistol out of her backpack and gave it to her partner, who removed Ciara's blindfold and headphones. "Okay, Squirt, come on," the woman said as the man helped Ciara sit up. "Mommy's going to show us the money."

As Hope arrived in the woods with the briefcase, Bo sat looking at the ransom photo of Ciara. Suddenly, he had a vision that two kidnappers, wearing ski masks and clad in black from head to toe, met Hope in the woods. Just as Ciara was running into her mother's outstretched arms, they shot her. Hope shrieked in agony, cradling her bleeding child in her arms. When his vision ended, Bo was shaking with terror. "God no!" he whispered.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

At the Brady Pub, Rafe found someone online who agreed to meet him to give him information on Dr. Baker. Meanwhile, Nicole called Dr. Baker to see if he got the money she had wired into his account. The doctor nonchalantly confirmed that he received the money, and she demanded that in turn he not contact her again. Dr. Baker teased Nicole about Sydney being Sami's biological daughter. She confided in Sydney that since Dr. Baker was paid off, he would disappear and Sydney was truly hers.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told E.J. some news that could jeopardize their plans. E.J. set up a meeting at the pier with someone, but Stefano was worried that it could be an ambush. E.J. felt that wouldn't happen, but they could take precautions. Nicole interrupted them, so E.J. asked Stefano to leave them alone. He told her about Ciara's kidnapping.

E.J. felt sorry for Bo and Hope even though their families didn't get along. He said there was nothing worse than a child being taken away from their parents. Nicole couldn't think of anything more tragic than a child being taken from her parents unless that child was better off with someone else. E.J. wondered what she meant, and she said she wasn't referring to Bo and Hope – she was just speaking in generalities. E.J. said he related to what Bo and Hope were going through, because of how he never knew about Grace being his child until she was gone.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Stephanie asked Philip why Melanie was there, and Melanie gave him the chance to explain. Philip told Stephanie that he vented to Melanie about the stress he was under because of his father. Stephanie asked why Melanie was at Philip's house, and she asked him where he went after he saw Melanie, because Stephanie had tried to reach him, but his phone was off. Melanie said that Philip was with her, because they spent the night together.

Stephanie asked Philip whether he and Melanie spent the night together, and he changed the subject, telling her that they needed to focus on Ciara. Philip planned to call Victor to see if he needed any help. Stephanie planned to contact her family as well. Then she changed her mind and decided to press Philip about what happened with Melanie the night before.

Stephanie changed her mind again and said that whatever happened between Philip and Melanie was his business, and she didn't have the right to be jealous. Philip reminded her that she broke up with him. Stephanie said the reason she broke up with him was because he was committed to being a Kiriakis and living that life, but his willingness to leave his family proved he was really the man that she fell in love with.

Philip said he walked away from his family because Stephanie always believed in him and that he could be a better man. Philip said it took some time for it to register, but once it did, she left him. Stephanie pointed out that his timing was off. He asked if she was willing to give him another chance, and she said what happened next depended on what happened between Philip and Melanie.

Stephanie said she didn't want to focus on them while Ciara was missing. Philip agreed. Stephanie wondered if Ciara's ordeal would pull Philip back into the Kiriakis fold. He said that because of the situation, some things would be unavoidable, but he said once Ciara was back with her family, that part of his life was over. Stephanie hoped that Philip would stick to the vow he made to walk away from his family and not just for her. Philip said he meant what he said.

At the drop off site, Hope waited for the kidnappers to show to hand them the ransom money. Meanwhile, one of the kidnappers told Ciara that she would see her mother soon. The female kidnapper chastised him for giving the girl false hope. Then she set out to see if Hope arrived with the money and make sure the police weren't pulling anything. If Hope followed her directions not to bring the cops to the location, she planned to send for Ciara. If not, "that's another story," the female kidnapper said.

Bo had a vision that when Hope handed over the ransom, Ciara ran to Hope and the kidnappers shot her to death, so he ran off to stop Hope because he wasn't able to reach her by phone. Hope asked what changed, and Bo told her that he had a vision of Ciara getting shot. Dean, an officer who was behind the kidnapping, went to the drop off site to find out what happened, and Bo told him that they decided not to pay the kidnappers.

Dean offered to stay behind and see if the kidnappers were there and might have dropped something. Bo assured Hope that they were doing the right thing. Dean was angry that Bo changed his mind. He decided to go back to the station to figure out why Bo interfered with the drop-off. Dean predicted that Hope wouldn't stop until she got her way and saved her daughter.

Victor arrived at the police station, and Justin told him how Bo hurried to the drop off location to tell Hope that she couldn't deliver the money. Justin said it was as if Bo had some new information, but Justin didn't know what it was. Victor wondered how Bo would forgive himself if he messed up the rescue. Meanwhile, Bo told Hope that she couldn't pay the ransom or else Ciara would die. Victor decided to check something to see if Ciara's kidnapping had nothing to with her being a Kiriakis.

When Bo and Hope returned to the station, Justin asked why Bo changed his mind about paying the ransom. Bo said that the act of paying the kidnappers the ransom would lead to Ciara's death. Justin asked how Bo knew that. Bo got angry that Justin questioned him about his decision. Hope got upset that Bo kept referring to Ciara as his daughter. She reminded him that Ciara was her daughter too. Hope was upset that Bo denied her the only chance she had to get Ciara back.

Bo told Hope that she wouldn't have gotten Ciara back, because she would have been killed. Hope told Bo that his vision was all in his head and might not be real. Bo said he couldn't ignore the vision. Hope asked whether Bo had a plan other than what not to do. Hope asked if the kidnappers called again and the drop-off point was different could she pay them the ransom then. Bo said the drop-off point was irrelevant – the issue was the ransom, and he refused to let her pay it.

Bo asked Hope to trust him. She said that the kidnappers were angry and if they called them again and they refused to give them what they wanted, they would kill Ciara. Justin told Bo that he agreed with Ciara. Bo insisted that Ciara's life would be in danger if they paid the kidnappers' ransom. Bo said that Ciara knew one of the kidnappers as her friend from the park who gave her candy, and they couldn't afford to let Ciara live, because she could describe him. Bo said, therefore, she was only safe if they don't pay the ransom. Bo said if the kidnappers got the money, they couldn't afford to let her go.

Suddenly, Dean ran into the room to show Bo and Hope something that might be connected to Ciara's kidnapping. It was research that Dean did – a list of kidnapping cases that were similar to Ciara's. Dean said that in each of those cases, the abductors were only after the money, and the child was returned once the money was received. That was enough to convince Hope to push for them paying the ransom after all.

The kidnapper called again. Dean worked on tracing the call. The female kidnapper, whose voice was disguised, asked if Hope was backing out of their agreement. Hope said she would go back to the drop-off point alone. Bo grabbed the phone and told the kidnapper that he would take the $5 million and pay off every snitch and street rat that he could find. He vowed to hunt the kidnapper down and make the kidnapper suffer.

Rafe found someone with information on Dr. Baker through the clinic's Web site by posing as a disgruntled former patient whose child had medical problems and needed to information about the birth. He went to the clinic to get more information about the doctor and tried to access the clinic's computer.

A young woman walked into the clinic and was startled by Rafe, who she thought was a burglar. He explained that he was there to meet someone. The woman realized that he lied about being a woman who gave birth at the clinic, and she was reluctant to tell him anything. Rafe said that he never said he was a woman. He said he was there on behalf of a friend and former patient, who needed to speak with Dr. Baker right away.

The woman said she couldn't help, because she didn't know where Dr. Baker was and didn't want to know. Rafe asked why the woman didn't want to talk about Dr. Baker. She said she was a nurse who worked closely with him, and something terrible happened at the clinic.

Dr. Baker decided to use the money he owed Nicole to gamble with instead, so he called his bookie. Later, the horse he bet on lost, and when the bookie told him to pay up, Dr. Baker assured him that he would get his money.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie was eager to tell Arianna about her night with Philip. She asked Arianna not to tell anyone anything, because he was dealing with a family crisis and because he was talking to Stephanie, who was probably begging him to take her back. Melanie wasn't worried about Stephanie and Philip talking though, because once Stephanie found out about them sleeping together, she would change her mind about wanting to be with Philip.

Philip told Stephanie that he and Melanie spent the night talking and venting to each other and that Melanie knew how much he loved Stephanie. Philip said that Melanie understood that what he and Stephanie had wouldn't just disappear. He was eager to get back together with Stephanie. Stephanie remembered a book she left in his bedroom, so she left the room to check for it, but once outside the living room, she stopped to calm down.

Melanie showed up and asked Philip if Stephanie was upset when he told her about them. Philip told Melanie that he and Stephanie might have a chance of getting back together. Melanie assumed that having sex with her meant nothing to him. Philip said that wasn't what he meant and what happened between them couldn't happen again. He said he said things in the heat of the moment, and he meant it. Philip apologized, but she didn't believe he was sorry.

She said Philip got what he wanted – sex with her and winning Stephanie back. Philip urged Melanie not to tell Stephanie what happened, because it wouldn't gain anything. Melanie disagreed. She thought that by telling Stephanie, she might "come to her senses" and tell Philip to "go to hell."

At the pier, Victor met with Stefano and E.J. E.J. asked if there was any news on Ciara, and Victor said there were no new developments unless the DiMeras knew something. Stefano said they didn't know anything, which was why they called the meeting. E.J. said they had nothing to do with Ciara being taken. Victor didn't want to take E.J. at his word, because if E.J. had an opportunity to make Victor's family suffer, E.J. would disregard the truce.

E.J. admitted that as DiMeras, they did a lot of bad things, but he could look every man in the eye and tell him why. What the DiMeras did not do, E.J. said, was harm children. E.J. said if anyone ever took a child from E.J., he would make sure that person and anyone who supported that person died a slow and painful death.

Nicole went to the Brady Pub and expressed her remorse to Arianna about Sami and Rafe breaking up. Arianna asked why Sami and Rafe's relationship was Nicole's business, because Rafe and Nicole weren't friends – they were more like enemies. Nicole got paranoid and asked what Rafe said about her.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bo, Hope, Justin, and Officer Dean were gathered in the police station conference room when the kidnapper called Hope's cell phone. Dean quickly set up to trace the call, while Hope put her phone on speaker to answer. Her voice disguised, the female kidnapper, Brenda, berated Hope for backing out of their meeting. Hope insisted that it would not happen again, and she would meet whenever and wherever the kidnappers wanted. Suddenly, Bo seized the phone from Hope, angrily declaring that he would use the five million dollars to hunt the kidnappers down. Brenda threatened that Ciara would be dead before that could happen, but Bo vowed that he'd make sure the kidnappers got the death penalty if they killed Ciara. "You have to find us first," Brenda replied before snapping her phone shut.

Brenda's partner, Kyle, thought that because Bo had blown up, it might mean he was closer to paying the ransom, but Brenda disagreed. She was worried about the wisdom of kidnapping the child of two cops, and thought that maybe listening to Dean had been a bad idea. "It's time we ditch the kid and get the hell out of here," she declared. Kyle tried to talk her out of it, but she started throwing things in a backpack. Kyle called the station to tell Dean that Brenda was leaving, and an angry Dean ordered Kyle to stay put until he got there.

Hope was devastated, and furious with Bo. Justin also disagreed with Bo's decision. Dean tapped on the door to ask if it were all right for him to step out for a few minutes, because he had a slight headache. Bo consented, since he didn't think the kidnappers would call back for a while, and then he followed Dean out to address the press.

Hope turned to Justin. "He doesn't think he does anything wrong," she said miserably. "He doesn't think anyone can question what he does." Justin urged her to let it go--for Ciara's sake. He declared softly that no one should have to be a cop and a parent at the same time. Hope hated seeing her husband in so much pain; she acknowledged that Bo had only done what he thought was right.

Bo returned and asked Justin to give him and Hope some time alone. Once she and Bo were alone, Hope said she wanted them to be on the same side, but worried that the kidnappers would take their anger out on Ciara after Bo threatened them. Bo replied that he would never forgive himself if that happened. He promised not to spring any more surprises on Hope, and they agreed to work together. Hope reminded him that after Zack died, they almost hadn't made it, but Bo reassured her that nothing would happen to Ciara.

In the park, Roman and Abe discussed the lack of progress in Ciara's kidnapping case. Roman hoped that Ciara's little friend, Tracy, who had been at the party when the man had given Ciara the lollipop, might have a little more information. Both men agreed that it was always difficult to question a child. Lexie arrived with Theo, who got very upset when he overheard his dad say that Ciara was missing. Lexie tried to comfort her wailing child. When Roman gently questioned the boy, Theo replied, "Saw her. I saw Ciara." Lexie and Abe tried to get Theo to divulge more details, but the most they were able to get out of him was, "Saw Ciara and the angel!"

Kyle, the tattoo of an angel plainly visible beneath his cut-off shirt sleeve, was tenderly making sure that a bound and blindfolded Ciara was comfortable when Dean knocked on the door of the shack. As soon as Kyle unlocked the door, Dean burst in and confronted Brenda angrily. She defensively replied that the police commissioner had threatened their lives. Dean reminded her that she'd signed on for the kidnapping. "You're not going anywhere until I say so," he declared.

Kyle complained that he and Brenda were in the line of fire while Dean only had to hang out in the air-conditioned police station. In a flash, Dean deftly grabbed Kyle in a chokehold, warning that he'd kill Kyle if he didn't follow orders. While Kyle struggled and fought for breath, Brenda shouted for Dean to let him go. At last, Dean released Kyle, reminding the others that he was the brains of the outfit. He asserted that he knew exactly how they would get the ransom money. Looking down at Ciara, Dean declared, "We can't underestimate a mother's love for her child."

On the docks, E.J. and Stefano discussed whether Victor actually suspected they were behind Ciara's kidnapping. E.J. sympathized with Bo and Hope, and admitted that he was still angry because he might have been able to prevent Grace's death had he only known she was his daughter.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole tried to commiserate with Arianna about Rafe and Sami's breakup. Arianna replied that it really wasn't any of Nicole's business, and let it slip that Rafe couldn't stand Nicole. A suspicious Nicole caught it and demanded to know what Rafe had said about her. Arianna insisted she merely meant she wasn't comfortable discussing her brother with Nicole or anyone else. After Arianna returned to work, Nicole muttered to herself that she knew Rafe was up to something.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano tried to persuade E.J. that Samantha was a good mother, and had made sure that Grace got very good care. E.J. was only convinced that he needed to set up a full panel of genetic tests for Sydney, as well as for himself and Nicole, so they knew everything possible about Sydney's health.

Nicole returned home in time to overhear what E.J. was planning, and hit the roof. She pointed out that such grueling, invasive tests would only traumatize their daughter, but E.J. stood firm. After E.J. had left the room, Stefano mused, "You're probably starting to think that this is the beginning of the end, huh?" With tears in her eyes, Nicole vowed that if she went down, she was taking Stefano with her. Stefano reminded her that threatening him was stupid, because he was the only person in the world who could help her.

On his way upstairs, E.J. announced that he'd made an appointment for Sydney, and they were leaving immediately. Stefano promised a panicked Nicole that he would ensure that no one could ever prove she wasn't Sydney's mother.

At the clinic, Rafe asked Dr. Baker's former nurse what she'd meant when she said something terrible had happened there. She replied that she had only sensed that something was off. She explained that although Dr. Baker was a wonderful, caring doctor, he'd started meeting patients at the clinic at odd hours, and some of their files were either vague or incomplete. Rafe asked if Nicole Walker had been one of Dr. Baker's patients, but the woman didn't recognize that name.

Rafe asked the nurse for the password so he could check the computer for Nicole's records. "Trifecta," the woman revealed reluctantly, explaining that Dr. Baker was a gambling man. Rafe quickly found Nicole's patient file, but her records had all been deleted. Reading over his shoulder, the woman noted from the entry codes that Nicole had first been to the clinic for an emergency, and had later given birth there. The nurse realized from the date that she had been in the clinic that night, so she must have helped deliver that baby.

Rafe excitedly showed the woman some pictures on his phone. Although she didn't recognize Nicole's picture, she did remember E.J. from his. Rafe asked the nurse what her name was. "Sarah," she replied. Rafe grabbed her face and kissed her. "I love you, Sarah!" he declared. He thanked her for her help, continuing to scroll through his pictures. Suddenly, Sarah exclaimed, "That's her! That's the woman who gave birth here that night." Rafe asked if she were sure it was the same woman who had been there the same night as E.J. DiMera. Sarah said she would never forget the woman's joy when she'd finally gotten to hold her baby. "Come on, who could forget a smile like that?" she added, indicating a picture of a beaming Sami.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie excoriated Philip for going back on his word, for seducing and then dumping her, and for not telling Stephanie that they had slept together. Philip tried ineffectually to apologize, but Melanie didn't buy a word he said. Stephanie returned from upstairs just then and asked what was going on. Melanie claimed to be happy that Philip and Stephanie were getting back together.

Surprised that Philip had discussed it with Melanie, Stephanie thought that was a bit premature, since she and Philip had only agreed to try to work things out, and take things step-by-step. Noting how upset Melanie clearly was, and how uncharacteristic it was for Philip to confide in Melanie, Stephanie demanded that the two of them tell her what was really going on. Melanie sardonically urged Philip to tell Stephanie the truth, but then maintained that Stephanie was leading Nathan on. Stephanie insisted that she and Nathan were just friends. After a few more pointed remarks, an eerily calm Melanie left so Philip and Stephanie could be alone.

Stephanie remarked that she felt bad for Melanie. Philip tried to change the subject, citing everything else that was happening in their lives. Stephanie immediately caught on that he was deflecting, and asked what he wasn't telling her. A call from Victor interrupted them, and when Philip hung up, he admitted that he wished his dad didn't have to deal with Ciara's abduction and Philip's renouncing the family at the same time. Stephanie then left to see how her grandmother was holding up during the kidnapping ordeal.

Melanie stalked into the Brady Pub and plopped down at the bar. Arianna asked what had happened to Melanie's earlier great spirits. Melanie ranted and raved, explaining that Philip and Stephanie were getting back together, and Philip was never going to tell Stephanie that he'd slept with Melanie. Arianna argued that maybe Melanie had actually done the right thing by not telling Stephanie--but for herself, not Stephanie.

Philip called Melanie and asked her to return to the mansion so they could talk. When she arrived, Philip acknowledged that she had every right to be angry, because everything had changed after they made love. "Was this before or after you told me that Stephanie was your past and I was your present?" Melanie demanded. Philip admitted that although he hated hurting Melanie, he still loved Stephanie, and he couldn't just turn off his feelings.

Fighting back tears, Melanie declared that she wouldn't tell Stephanie that they had slept together. She explained that being with him had meant something to her, and she refused to cheapen it by trying to get revenge. Philip thanked her, pulling her into an embrace. "It stays between us," Melanie promised.

Meanwhile, at the motel where Philip and Melanie had spent the night, the manager watched a video on his computer of Philip and Melanie having sex.

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