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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on DAYS
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Philip called Chloe to Maggie's house to give her a gift for the baby, but he didn't want Daniel to know about it. Chloe said that if Daniel couldn't know, she didn't want it, but Philip said that she would change her mind once she knew what it was. Philip told Chloe that he and Melanie wanted to have a baby, and Chloe was happy for them. He said he'd found something when he went through some boxes from high school -- it was a song that Chloe had written for her sister Joy. Philip and Chloe remembered how she had written the song when she thought that she wasn't going to find a bone marrow donor. Philip thought that she might want to sing the song to Parker.

Chloe thanked Philip for giving her back the gift and for being the first boy who had ever looked at Chloe twice. Chloe admitted that Philip was the first person that she had ever really loved. "I blew that, didn't I?" Philip joked. Chloe said she had blown it, too, and she was glad that they were still friends. She thanked Philip for being a part of her life, and Philip said he was glad she was a part of his life too.

Melanie went to Daniel's apartment to see Parker, and she mentioned to Daniel that she and Philip had stopped taking precautions against pregnancy. When Daniel questioned her further about it, Melanie didn't want to talk about it with her father. Daniel told Melanie that having a baby was a lifetime commitment, and he asked if Philip was in on the plan. Melanie said it was Philip's idea. Daniel was relieved but said that Philip had blown it "the first time around."

Daniel tried to make sure Melanie was certain that she was ready to have a baby. Melanie said that it was important to her to give her child all the things she never had when she was growing up. Daniel reminded Melanie what she had said when she was sick about how she couldn't live without Nathan. Melanie said she hadn't known what she was saying at the time. Daniel said that if she had been attracted to Nathan, having a baby with Philip was not going to change that, and if she and Philip had been having problems, a baby was not going to solve them.

Chloe returned home in the middle of Daniel and Melanie's conversation, followed by Philip. While Philip looked at Parker, Daniel noticed the baby had a dimple and wondered what side of the family that was from.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie told Caroline that she had decided against telling Nathan about Philip being the father of Chloe's baby. Stephanie said she was doing it to protect Caroline and because she didn't want to "rock the boat" with Nathan. Stephanie said that she had convinced Nathan to get married as soon as possible. Caroline was worried that if Stephanie got married, Kayla would return to Salem and wonder why Stephanie hadn't told the truth about the paternity results. Nathan overheard Caroline say something about "some kind of problem" and asked what was going on.

Stephanie told Nathan that her parents had been assigned to somewhere in Zanzibar, and Nathan said they would postpone the wedding until her parents returned to the states. However, Stephanie said she didn't want to wait. Nathan said they couldn't get married without her parents at the wedding. She said she didn't want to put her life on hold just because her parents weren't available.

Will went to the Brady Pub to see Gabi. Caroline offered him some breakfast, but he told her that he was there to see Gabi. Gabi explained to Will that she was missing her sister and he had been upset about Sydney and Johnny, so she thought they had just gotten caught up in their grief when they had kissed before. Will said he wasn't sorry about their kiss at all.

Gabi didn't want Will to think she was the type of girl that "comes on to every guy she sees." Will didn't think that way, and joked, "What's wrong with girls like that?" He asked her to go out with him after school, but she said she would let him know if she would be available. She showed him the pictures she had taken at Sami's wedding. Will looked at the photos, and something caught his eye. Will decided to show the pictures to Rafe.

At the hospital, Stephanie left a message for Adrienne. Caroline showed up, and they discussed Stephanie's wedding plans and how disappointing it would be that Kayla wouldn't be there. Stephanie thought it was a sign that everything would be okay. She tried to rationalize her decision not to reveal the truth about Parker's true paternity. "The way that things are proceeding now, no one ever needs to know that Philip cheated on Melanie," Stephanie said. Daniel overheard Stephanie.

Sami was gift-wrapping presents, but she got mad and threw something at the door just as Rafe was entering. Sami said that looking at Sydney's present made her sad, so she decided to get angry instead. Rafe was glad that Sami was angry instead of sad and said that throwing Christmas ornaments was preferable to throwing in the towel. She said she had thought about how hard Christmas would be for Johnny, judging by how hard it was on Sami. Sami and Rafe started making out, but Rafe had to stop her so that he could go to work. Rafe told Sami to stay mad.

At the Dimera mansion, E.J. tried to cheer Johnny up by talking about Christmas, but Johnny accused E.J. of hating him because he wouldn't let Johnny see Sami. E.J. tried to comfort Johnny, but Johnny told E.J. not to touch him. E.J. told Johnny that he planned to take Johnny and Theo to see "Father Christmas," to which Johnny replied, "His name is Santa, stupid!" E.J. told Johnny not to use that word with him. E.J. showed Johnny the picture that Johnny had drawn, detailing what he wanted for Christmas.

E.J. pointed out the picture Johnny had drawn of Allie, Sydney, and Will, and Johnny pointed out that Sami and Rafe were in the picture as well. E.J. said he wished that he was in the picture, but Johnny said he couldn't be. Johnny grabbed the picture and tore it in half. E.J. called Sami to the mansion. When she showed up, E.J. explained that Johnny had been acting out and had begged to see his mother. Sami was eager to see Johnny, and E.J. said he might let her see Johnny, but they needed to get some things straight first.

Sami accused E.J. of torturing Johnny by keeping him from her. E.J. ordered Sami to leave, but she refused. He told her to behave, or he would show her videotaped confession to the police. She pointed out that he had called her to the mansion because Johnny was upset and needed to see his mother. E.J. said that Johnny needed closure. He ordered her to tell Johnny that she didn't love him anymore. He said he wanted her to make him believe that she didn't love him.

Sami said that would destroy Johnny, but E.J. thought it would make it easier for Johnny to move on with the rest of his life. E.J. said that if Johnny held onto a sentimental image of Sami, it would stop Johnny from growing, moving forward, and becoming more independent. Sami said it would make Johnny bitter like E.J. E.J. reminded Sami that she didn't have a say in the matter. Sami told E.J. to go to hell.

Abe visited Lexie and Theo at the hospital, where Lexie had given Theo a booster for the measles vaccine. Theo showed Abe that he could read a book all by himself. Abe was amazed. Abe mentioned the book's ending, but Theo didn't seem to remember what he had just read. Lexie took Theo to the bus stop for school, and she asked Abe to wait for her. When Lexie returned, she vented her frustration to Abe that Theo was reading sentences but hadn't understood what he was reading.

Lexie said that Theo's friend Charlie had been reading chapter books. Abe said that kids would read when they were ready, even kids that were not autistic. Lexie told Abe that she had seen Johnny at the DiMera mansion, because Sami had given E.J. full custody of Johnny and Sydney. Abe wondered why, and Lexie said that E.J. must have leverage on her.

Abe went to the police station to confront Bo about what was going on between Sami and E.J. Abe reminded Bo of his oath and said he needed to find whoever had shot E.J. Abe threatened to have Bo fired if he didn't follow up on the case.

Rafe went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Victor. Rafe told Victor that he had been offered a job as detective for the police department and wanted to offer Victor a deal. Victor asked what that deal was, and Rafe said he was giving Victor the chance to get back at the DiMeras. Victor rejected Rafe's deal at first, so Rafe told Victor that he wasn't wearing a wire. Rafe said that he could prove it, by saying he wanted E.J. out of Sami's life permanently. Rafe asked Victor to give him any information that could take down E.J. Victor asked what was in it for him. Rafe said that when E.J. was arrested or killed, Victor could deliver the news to Stefano.

Bo called Sami to the police station. Abe chewed Bo out for hiring Rafe, Sami's husband, for the police department when Sami was the prime suspect in an attempted murder investigation. Bo asked if Abe's stance was about doing the right thing or about Abe's re-election. Abe said it was about protecting the police department. He said that Bo and Roman needed to do the right, or Abe would fire both of them. Sami overheard them talking.

Sami reminded Abe how Lexie had stolen Bo's child and got away with it, but Abe hadn't resigned from the police department then. Sami also reminded him how Lexie had cheated on Abe with Sami's fiancé and Abe's son, Brandon. She told Abe to get his own house in order. Bo ordered Sami to stop, and he said that Abe needed her assurance that no one would accuse Rafe of being an accessory to attempted murder. Sami assured him that no one would. Bo said he thought that Rafe should stay on the force. Abe hoped that the department wouldn't regret that. Bo walked Abe out.

E.J. told Johnny that he had called Sami, but she hadn't wanted to see Johnny, however, she would see Johnny soon. Sami called E.J. to tell him that she would say what he wanted her to say to Johnny, but E.J. needed to do something for her in return. Sami went to the mansion and told E.J. that he needed to make sure he didn't do anything to stop Rafe from getting the job at the police department. E.J. said he didn't care if "there was another bumbling idiot at the Salem PD."

E.J. agreed to the deal, so Sami agreed to his terms. He called Johnny into the hallway, and Johnny ran to her and hugged her. Sami said she needed to tell him something. E.J. said that Sami needed to say goodbye, because she had married Rafe, and she didn't need too many children, so Johnny and Sydney would live with E.J. Johnny kept trying to hug Sami, but Sami tried to keep him from hugging her. Sami said she had decided that she wanted to be with Rafe, and she didn't love Johnny enough to have Johnny stay with her.

E.J. tried to "correct" Sami, saying that wasn't what she had told E.J. earlier. "You don't love him at all, isn't that what you said?" E.J. asked. Sami agreed with E.J.'s statement. "That's what I said, Johnny. I don't love you, and I'm sorry," she said, holding back tears. Then she discreetly held her hand up to signify that she loved him like she had promised Johnny she would do earlier. E.J. picked Johnny up and said they would be fine and didn't need Sami. "Nope, we don't need you," Johnny said to Sami, and behind E.J.'s back he held up his hand, too, in their secret language that meant "I love you."

Sami held her hand up again, too, and then quickly put it down when E.J. turned back around. E.J. said goodbye to Sami, and Sami told Johnny she was sorry and that E.J. would take good care of him. After she left, E.J. told Johnny that he was a brave boy, but that it wasn't his fault -- it was Sami's fault. Johnny said he was fine. Once outside, Sami cried and vowed that it wasn't over by a long shot.

Rafe went to the police department to begin his job, and Bo wondered where Sami had gone. Gabi and Will went to see Rafe at the police station and showed him the photos.

At the hospital, Ben walked into the exam room, where Lexie was feeling emotional about Theo. He asked if she was okay, and she said she was, but he didn't believe her. Lexie explained her disappointment at realizing that Theo had not had a "magical breakthrough" from autism. Ben comforted Lexie as Abe watched from the hallway.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At the police station, Rafe examined the photos of Johnny that Gabi and Will had showed him. Noting the whiteness in one of Johnny's eyes, Will added that he was concerned because the white spot was visible in every photo. Will was concerned how Sami would react to the pictures, so Rafe suggested they reprint the photos to double-check the issue before doing anything else.

Once they returned to the loft, Rafe took the memory card from Gabi and inserted it into the computer. After reprinting the photos, Will, Gabi, and Rafe realized that the whiteness was still visible in Johnny's eye in all the wedding photos. Rafe asked Will and Gabi not to tell Sami.

Melanie confronted Nathan about the fact that he had moved up his wedding date to Stephanie. "We both said some stuff in quarantine, and I told you that I loved you," Nathan said. When Melanie asked if he had lied, Nathan responded, "Hell no." "If you love me then why are you marrying Stephanie?" Melanie asked. Nathan explained that he had been planning to tell Stephanie the truth but that he'd had a conversation with a patient, which had changed his mind. Nathan added that he was happy with Stephanie and that he believed he could have a wonderful life with her. When Melanie stared at Nathan, he reminded her that Melanie was still married.

Nathan admitted he had a connection to Melanie but that they could not destroy their lives for a relationship that might be nothing more than lust. "I'm sure if we got together, we'd just annoy each other like we always do," Melanie said with a smile. Melanie noted that she was lucky that Philip enjoyed her quirkiness unconditionally. Melanie and Nathan agreed that they did not want to throw out the two people who understood them in order to act on their attraction.

As Melanie sat and talked to Nathan, she informed him that she and Philip were attempting to get pregnant. Unnerved, Nathan joked that he hoped Philip and Melanie would get pregnant right away. When Nathan started to leave, Melanie admitted that she could not stop thinking about what had happened in quarantine. "Well, we were both sick and not in our right minds," Nathan said. Nodding, Melanie left for work.

At the hospital, Caroline talked to Stephanie about the wedding and expressed her dismay that Stephanie's parents would not be able to attend the ceremony. Stephanie said she was at peace with the fact that she and her mother disagreed. "No one ever needs to know that Philip cheated on Melanie," Stephanie confided in Caroline as Daniel overheard from the workstation nearby. Alarmed, Daniel muttered to himself, "Cheating on my daughter and telling her you want to have a baby? I will kill you."

Caroline spotted Daniel across the hall and called out to him. After Daniel said hello, Caroline told Daniel that Stephanie had moved up her wedding date. While Stephanie and Caroline joked, Daniel looked on with a dour expression. Preoccupied with what he had overheard, Daniel excused himself and walked away. While Stephanie and Caroline chatted, Nathan and Melanie arrived to start their shift. Nathan kissed his fiancée while Caroline awkwardly greeted Melanie.

Caroline offered to throw Stephanie a wedding shower, and Melanie abruptly walked away. Ben asked Nathan if he had overheard Caroline mention a wedding shower. When Nathan confirmed the news that he was marrying Stephanie sooner than originally planned, Ben disagreed and urged Nathan to wait until he had fully recovered from his illness. Incensed, Nathan complained that everyone appeared to forget that he was a doctor. "If I had any issues or felt I wasn't up to speed, I think I would know," Nathan argued.

During her shift, Melanie daydreamed about her conversation with Nathan when they were in quarantine. Nearby, Ben and Nathan exited a patient's room and Ben apologized for his behavior earlier. Ben congratulated Nathan on his engagement. "She's the best thing that ever happened to me," Nathan said before glancing across the room at Melanie.

While Stephanie was on the phone with the florist, Melanie worked nearby and rolled her eyes as Stephanie talked. Once Stephanie was off the phone, she chattered to Melanie about how excited she was for the wedding. "I've always known that Nathan loved me. It just wasn't until recently that I realized how committed he was," Stephanie said happily. Annoyed, Melanie asked Stephanie if she was aware of how "Nathan really feels."

Abe arrived at the hospital to find Ben hugging Lexie. Noticing Abe's hostility, Ben excused himself, leaving Abe to talk to Lexie alone. Abe asked Lexie what was going on with Ben. Lexie explained that she had opened up to Ben about Theo and that he had comforted her. "Should I find it heartwarming that my wife gets along so well with her coworkers?" Abe asked accusatorily. Angry, Lexie lashed out and told Abe that she was worried about Theo's reading problems. Abe assured Lexie that Theo would improve, but Lexie argued that Abe could not eradicate her angst by telling her not to be worried.

Abe was angry that Lexie had run to Ben rather than talking to her husband about her concerns. Concerned, Lexie asked Abe why he was acting so jealous. Abe admitted that he had yelled at Sami earlier for her relationship with E.J. and that it had dredged up his memories of his rocky past with Lexie.

Abe apologized for overreacting. "You're a beautiful, extraordinary women. What man wouldn't be interested in you?" Abe said with a sly smile. "I'm only interested in one man: you," Lexie said quietly. Abe then apologized for failing Lexie and Theo.

Stunned, Lexie asked Abe why he felt like he had failed her and Theo. With a sigh, Abe noted that he should have been more sympathetic with Lexie's concerns about their son. Abe worried that he was in denial. When Abe wondered aloud whether he could have been a better husband, Lexie urged him to forget about his argument with Sami. "She was trying to hurt you because she's hurting," Lexie said. Lexie assured Abe that she loved him with "all her heart and soul." "I love you, Lexie. More than you'll ever know," Abe said softly.

Philip visited Chloe at her apartment and gave her takeout from the Brady Pub. Chloe thanked Philip for the gesture and put the food away for dinner later. While Philip stood in the living room, Brady knocked on the front door. Chloe greeted Brady, and he gave her a stuffed elephant for the baby. When Chloe asked about Nicole, Brady was forced to admit that they had broken up.

When Chloe asked what had happened, Brady explained that they had fought and had then realized they would not be able to make their relationship work. Changing the subject, Brady cooed over Parker. Shaking her head, Chloe scooped Parker up into her arms and took him into the bedroom to change his diaper. While Chloe was out of the room, Philip asked Brady whether he could trust Nicole. "That bitch could bring us all down," Philip said. Lowering his voice, Brady asked Philip to table their discussion about Vivian and Nicole until later.

When Chloe returned with Parker, Philip excused himself to leave for work. Once Philip was gone, Chloe asked Brady why there was tension between him and Philip. Brady explained that the tension was over a work issue and that he did not want to talk about it. Chloe handed Parker to Brady to hold. While Brady rocked Parker in his arms, Chloe asked Brady why he had broken up with Nicole. "Don't feel bad. Believe me, breaking up, it's for the best. Believe me," Brady said.

Daniel walked down to the pier to think. "Maybe I'm making too much of this. Maybe I heard wrong. Maybe I heard right, and Stephanie is wrong," Daniel muttered to himself. While Daniel stared out over the water, Chloe called him to inform him that she would meet him at the pier soon. Concerned by the tone of her husband's voice, Chloe asked Daniel if he was okay. Before Daniel could answer, he looked across the pier and saw Philip approaching.

Daniel advised Chloe that he was fine and that he would see her soon as he stared at Philip. After hanging up the phone, Daniel asked Philip whether he had cheated on Melanie. When Philip asked why Daniel was asking him about infidelity, Daniel countered that Philip had looked "cozy with that woman from Titan" at the pub. Philip denied Daniel's accusation, but Daniel demanded that Philip tell him the truth. "I would never hurt Melanie. She is my life," Philip answered firmly.

Daniel looked into Philip's eyes and responded, "You son of a bitch. You're lying." Furious, Daniel grabbed Philip. "You sleazy bastard. You did. You did cheat on Melanie," Daniel growled. "You cheated on my daughter. You didn't think I'd find out," Daniel yelled as Chloe walked onto the pier.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. opened the door and was greeted with a slap from Nicole. "You bastard!" Nicole barked at E.J. Calm, E.J. asked Nicole if she was there to blame him for everything that was wrong with her life. E.J. asked Nicole how she had ended things with Brady. Nicole pushed past E.J., demanding to see Sydney, but E.J. grabbed her arm to stop her. E.J. noted that Nicole was not allowed to see Sydney until she had moved out of the Kiriakis mansion.

Nicole explained that she needed to find an apartment first. "Move in with me," E.J. said. Shocked, Nicole asked E.J. to explain. E.J. reminded Nicole that there was a cottage on the property and that she could move in. Quick on the uptake, Nicole noted that E.J. wanted to keep an eye on her. With a grin, E.J. told Nicole to move in immediately and then left the living room.

After her encounter with E.J., Nicole went back to the Kiriakis mansion to have a drink with Brady. "So how did it go with E.J.? Did he buy it?" Brady asked eagerly. When Nicole looked across the room, she saw Henderson approaching. Attempting to cover her tracks, Nicole threw her glass at the wall and screamed at Brady for lying to her. Playing along, Brady berated Nicole for not getting over Sydney and demanded that Nicole choose whom she wanted to be with. Backed in a corner, Nicole said that she chose Sydney. Uncomfortable, Henderson left the room.

Once Henderson was gone, Nicole broke out a big smile for Brady. Brady kissed Nicole passionately and joked, "We should break up more often." Brady and Nicole sneaked up to the bedroom, and Nicole shoved Brady onto the bed while she told him they were over. As Nicole climbed on top of Brady, he asked her why she was not packed already. After making love, Nicole informed Brady about E.J.'s offer to move in to the cottage. Nicole admitted that she wanted to move closer to Sydney, but that she did not want to give up on Brady. "I have to do this," Nicole pleaded quietly.

Unsure, Brady worried that E.J. would have people watching Nicole at all times. With a grin, Nicole noted that the sneaking around was part of what excited Brady about their relationship. "I do like a challenge," Brady joked. Laughing, Brady pulled Nicole close and they made love again.

E.J. was annoyed to find Rafe on his doorstep when he answered the doorbell. When E.J. started to close the door in Rafe's face, Rafe asked E.J. to hear him out, since he was there to talk about Johnny. E.J. accused Rafe of cooking up a scheme with Sami. "No wonder she gave into my demand so easily today," E.J. said quietly. Confused, Rafe asked E.J. what demand he was referring to. "She didn't tell you, did she?" E.J. said with a grin. E.J. explained that he had ordered Sami to tell Johnny that she would never see him again.

Shaking his head, Rafe noted that he had stopped by to show some photos to E.J. When Rafe held out the photos to E.J., E.J. cautiously took them. E.J. kept avoiding looking at the photos, so a frustrated Rafe ordered E.J. to look closely at Johnny in the pictures. "I know what's going on. You want to see Johnny so that he can realize how much he misses you," E.J. theorized aloud. Frustrated, Rafe assured E.J. that he did not need to see Johnny, but that E.J. needed to examine Johnny's left eye.

"My son is fine," E.J. said sternly. When Rafe renewed his plea to have E.J. examine Johnny's eye, E.J. closed the door in his face. E.J threw the photos down on the coffee table in frustration. While E.J. examined a portrait of Johnny on a nearby table, Mary entered the room and asked E.J. if he needed anything. Worried, E.J. asked Mary to alert him when Johnny was up from his nap.

As Rafe returned to the loft, there was a hurried banging on the door to the apartment. Rafe opened the door to find a frantic Lexie rushing into the living room and asking for Sami. "Your timing is perfect. I was just about to call you. Listen, Sami and I really need your help," Rafe said.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the pier, a furious Daniel accused Philip of having cheated on Melanie. As Chloe arrived, Philip insisted that he hadn't, but Daniel punched Philip hard enough to knock him down. Chloe shrieked for Daniel to stop, but when Philip stood up, Daniel hit him again -- several times. Daniel threw Philip onto the stairs, and Philip managed to get in a couple of blows before two men showed up and pulled Philip and Daniel apart.

While Daniel struggled to get free from the man who was holding him back, Chloe asked, "Wait -- so you think that Philip cheated on Melanie?" She began to apologize, but Philip's shouting stopped her. "Daniel doesn't know what he's talking about," Philip declared before she could say anything further. Daniel vowed to make Philip admit that he'd cheated on Melanie, "Even if I have to beat it out of you!"

It took both men to keep Daniel from carrying out his threat. "I don't know why he's making these insane accusations!" Philip insisted. "Maybe you can talk some sense into him," he added to Chloe. As Philip left, Daniel shouted that Melanie deserved better than Philip. The men let Daniel go, and then they left. Chloe demanded to know why Daniel had accused Philip of cheating on Melanie. "I have my reasons," a still riled-up Daniel replied. "No matter what he says, I know in my gut he did it. Philip cheated on my daughter. And that son of a bitch is gonna pay."

After he calmed down a little, Daniel explained for a perplexed Chloe that he'd overheard Stephanie telling her grandmother that Philip had cheated on Melanie. Chloe pointed out that Stephanie could have simply been repeating vicious gossip, but Daniel asserted that he'd seen guilt in Philip's eyes. Daniel then declared that he had to tell his daughter the truth, but Chloe refused to let him leave. "You are not going to tell Melanie," she ordered firmly. "You are not going to tell anyone ever."

Chloe maintained that they should stay out of it, but Daniel argued that Melanie needed to know that Philip was a lying snake. Chloe reminded her husband that Melanie and Philip loved each other very much, and were planning to have a baby. Daniel countered, "All the more reason to tell her what's going she's not tied to this creep forever." When Chloe argued that Melanie had taken marriage vows, Daniel pointed out that Philip had broken them. "It was just one time! It's not like he's gonna do it again," Chloe insisted.

Daniel wondered how she could possibly know that. Realizing her mistake, Chloe backpedaled, asserting that Philip would never repeat such an error. Daniel didn't buy it, arguing, "[Melanie] needs to know what kind of filth this guy is as a husband, so she can break all ties. It's what I'd do." Chloe quietly conceded that Daniel was right -- but she pointed out that he didn't know the whole story.

Daniel agreed, adding that before he talked to Melanie, he was going to "have it out" with Philip. Chloe argued that Daniel was only going to make things worse, but he was determined. As Daniel left the pier, Chloe started to freak out. "If he finds out the truth, then it's over. I'm gonna lose him forever."

Maggie was babysitting for Parker at Daniel and Chloe's apartment, when Victor arrived to see the baby. Maggie informed him that Daniel and Chloe were on a date. After reassuring Maggie that he hadn't known she would be there, Victor started to leave, but she invited him to stay. Victor happily agreed. Lifting Parker out of the crib, Victor beamed as he held the infant.

When the baby spit up on Victor, Maggie helped him clean off his suit. Victor spotted Daniel's christening gown, and began to reminisce. "I can still picture him in this little thing," Victor said, grinning. "It seems like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms, promising him that I'd look out for him always." He noted that some people thought he sometimes went too far when protecting the people he loved. He asserted that he had only kept Vivian locked up to protect his family -- and Maggie.

Although Maggie understood, she maintained, "I still find it reprehensible. However, I do appreciate how you look out for the people you love. That's why I feel so safe, knowing that Philip and Melanie are now living with you." Victor then revealed that Kate had also moved into the mansion. Appalled, Maggie pointed out that Kate was a married woman. "Oh, didn't you hear?" Victor said. "Morticia and Gomez are no longer together."

Maggie and Victor agreed that it was only a surprise that Kate and Stefano had stayed together as long as they had. Victor asked slyly if it bothered Maggie that Kate was living under his roof again. Maggie insisted it didn't, but wondered why it didn't bother Victor, since Kate was "a homicidal psychopath." Maggie then politely but firmly suggested that it was time for Victor to leave. After she closed the door behind him, Maggie declared to herself, "I don't care!" Meanwhile, Victor told himself with a pleased grin, "She definitely cares."

Adrienne bumped into Nathan at the hospital, and explained that she was meeting Stephanie. "Ah, she must want to tell you how she finally 'fessed up to me," Nathan surmised. Adrienne assumed that Stephanie had told him that Philip was really the father of Chloe's baby, but quickly realized that perhaps that wasn't it. Nathan explained that Stephanie had moved up their wedding date, and he'd guessed that it was because her family had been going through a rough time and needed a celebration. Adrienne said that Stephanie was lucky to have such a loving, thoughtful man.

In an exam room, Stephanie demanded, "What did you mean by that? You said you wondered if I knew how Nathan really felt. As if there was something I didn't know?" Melanie divulged that Nathan had confessed something to her while they had been in quarantine. Stephanie accused Melanie of making things up, but instead of getting angry, Melanie backed down. "Nathan loves you, and he's gonna commit himself to you a hundred percent," Melanie stated. Exasperated, Stephanie retorted sarcastically, "That's so sweet, Melanie. I've been waiting on pins and needles to be reassured by you."

Just then, Nathan and Adrienne entered. Melanie declared that she was going to try to end her shift early because she didn't feel well, and then left. Nathan wanted to know if Stephanie and Melanie had been arguing, but Stephanie assured him that they hadn't.

After Nathan left to return to work, Adrienne crossly pointed out that Stephanie had promised to tell Nathan -- and everyone else -- that Philip, not Daniel, had fathered Chloe's baby. Stephanie insisted that she had intended to, but she no longer could, because she'd learned that her grandmother had been the one who had switched the paternity test results. Adrienne was shocked, but she was adamant that Stephanie still needed to tell the truth.

Stephanie declared firmly, "If you betray my trust again, I will never forgive you." Adrienne pointed out that Kayla also felt strongly that the truth should be revealed. Stephanie maintained that Kayla would change her mind if she knew what the family was going through, like Sami losing her kids. Stephanie begged Adrienne not to say anything lest it destroy numerous lives. Adrienne reluctantly agreed, but promised that the two of them would discuss it again soon.

When Philip arrived at the hospital, looking for Melanie, he ran into Nathan. Nathan found the cuts and bruises on Philip's face very amusing, but urged Philip to let Nathan take a look so they didn't get infected. Philip flatly refused. Nathan finally informed Philip that Melanie had left early, and asked if the fight Philip had been in had something to do with her. Philip ordered Nathan to stay out of it. Nathan maintained that he couldn't, because Melanie was his friend.

A nurse then told Philip that Melanie had left her cell phone behind, so Philip promised to take it to his wife. Philip explained to Nathan, "I was flipping out earlier because I couldn't reach Melanie, and now I know why. It's not a big deal -- there's no reason to tell her about this." Nathan refused to lie to Melanie, especially since Philip seemed to be hiding something. Philip asserted that Nathan should stop worrying about Melanie, and start focusing on Stephanie. He stomped off.

After Adrienne left, Nathan told Stephanie about his "strange encounter" with Philip. He explained that Philip had been in a fight, and Nathan was pretty sure it had been related to Melanie. Stephanie let out an exasperated sigh. "I don't want to get involved in other people's drama right now," she declared. "All I want to do is think about and talk about us, and how happy we are going to be when we're married." Nathan kissed her.

Philip pounded on Daniel and Chloe's door, shouting Daniel's name. Maggie threw the door open, and demanded to know what Philip was yelling about -- and what had happened to his face. Philip maintained that it had just been a misunderstanding, and he wanted Daniel to take a look at it. Maggie suggested that Philip try calling Daniel's cell phone. As he left, Philip asked Maggie not to say anything to Melanie, because he didn't want to upset her until he could tell her what had happened.

Philip was closing the door behind him when Chloe got off the elevator. She asked what Philip was doing there, and he told her that he was looking for Daniel. "Well, he's looking for you," Chloe warned.

Melanie went to Maggie's to look for Philip. While she waited, Daniel showed up, and the minute Melanie saw his face, she demanded to know what had happened.

An irate Lexie showed up at Sami and Rafe's loft, and demanded to see Sami. "What a coincidence; I was just coming to find you," Rafe said. "Sami and I really need your help." Lexie declared that she was through helping Sami, and when she realized that Sami wasn't home, Lexie asked Rafe to pass along a message: "You tell her to go to hell." Lexie tried to storm out, but Rafe barred the door. He explained that he needed her help because he thought something might be wrong with Johnny.

Lexie's fury immediately changed to concern. Rafe showed her the photographs of Johnny from the wedding, and pointed out that there was a white spot on Johnny's left eye in every shot. "I did some research," Rafe stated. "That white spot -- it could be serious, couldn't it?" Lexie worriedly replied that she needed to see Johnny in person. Although Lexie didn't think it was a good idea for Rafe to go along, the two of them left for the DiMera mansion.

E.J. was in the parlor of the DiMera mansion, frowning over the pictures of Johnny that Rafe had given him, when the doorbell rang. E.J. answered it to find Nicole -- and her suitcases -- on the doorstep. She informed him that she had done as he had instructed and moved out of the Kiriakis mansion, and asked if he wanted to know how it had gone. "Not really," he replied distractedly. "I have slightly more important things on my mind, like my son."

A concerned Nicole asked if something were wrong with Johnny, but E.J. downplayed it as just Johnny having trouble adjusting to life without his mommy. Nicole then divulged that Brady had thought their breakup was a good idea, and no longer wanted to have anything to do with her. E.J. suspected that wasn't the whole story, and Nicole confessed that she hadn't been able to sever all ties with Brady.

Nicole explained that Vivian was out for revenge because of a "prank" Nicole and Brady had played on her, and so they would still have to meet in order to plan their defense. E.J. forbade such meetings, and pointed out that the mansion had plenty of security; if Nicole still didn't feel safe, he would get an additional guard for her. Nicole wanted to go upstairs to see Sydney, but E.J. declared that until he felt he could trust Nicole, he was only going to allow her limited access to Sydney. Nicole seemed amenable, so E.J. agreed that she could see Sydney then.

Nicole and Sydney were playing in the parlor when the doorbell rang again. E.J. was annoyed to find Rafe and Lexie on the doorstep, but Lexie urged E.J. to hear them out before he slammed the door. "It's about Johnny; he could be sick," Lexie explained. E.J. retorted that he wasn't going to fall for the game Sami and Rafe were playing. Rafe reminded E.J. that Lexie was a doctor, and she was also concerned about Johnny.

Nicole heard the commotion, and went into the foyer to see what was going on. Lexie suggested that Rafe should leave, and promised to keep him in the loop. After Rafe grudgingly left, E.J. argued that whatever Rafe had told Lexie had been a lie. Lexie assured him that she'd seen the pictures. Nicole again asked what was going on, but Lexie declared that she had something to discuss with E.J. privately.

Nicole decided to take Sydney for a walk, and as they exited through the front door, Rafe appeared. "Are you spying on me?" Nicole demanded accusingly. Rafe informed her that he was just waiting for Lexie, and noted disapprovingly that Nicole certainly seemed to have made herself at home. "Well, that is the difference between Sami and me," she noted. "I would do anything for this little angel, including leaving the man I love. And if Sami had done that -- well, it doesn't take a genius to realize that things would be different. The only reason that E.J. cut Sami off from her kids is you."

Lexie reviewed the photographs with E.J., but he didn't understand what the white spot in Johnny's eye meant. "It could mean a number of things, E.J.," Lexie asserted. "Some serious, and some not so serious." E.J. still wasn't convinced that Sami and Rafe hadn't doctored the pictures, so Lexie asked to examine Johnny.

When E.J. returned from upstairs with Johnny a few minutes later, the boy ran excitedly to give his Aunt Lexie a hug. Lexie let Johnny inspect the light she wanted to shine in his eyes, and asked for his permission. Johnny was reluctant, but agreed, so Lexie did a quick examination of both of Johnny's eyes. Afterward, she encouraged the boy to go to the kitchen for a glass of juice, and Johnny obediently ran out of the room. E.J. became concerned when he saw Lexie's anxious expression. "It's nothing, right? I mean, my son is fine?" he asked hesitantly. "No, E.J.," Lexie replied grimly. "He's not."

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chloe told Philip that if the truth had to be revealed about Philip cheating on Melanie, Chloe would make sure that Daniel knew the whole truth so that Philip didn't take the blame by himself. Philip didn't think it was a good idea. Maggie stepped out into the hallway to take Parker for a walk and interrupted their conversation.

After Maggie was gone, Philip told Chloe that Daniel had thought Philip had cheated with a girl at Titan, and Philip had denied it. Chloe said that Daniel had believed he'd seen the guilt in Philip's eyes. Philip said that was because he had felt guilty about sleeping with Chloe. Chloe said that Daniel wasn't the only one who knew about it -- Stephanie knew too -- and it was only a matter of time before the truth became known.

Chloe said she didn't know how Stephanie knew about their affair. Before they could continue their conversation, Maggie returned with Parker, who was crying inconsolably. Chloe comforted the baby and told him that everything would be okay no matter what. Maggie put Parker down for a nap, and Philip said he would deal with Stephanie later. First Philip needed to talk to Daniel before Daniel talked to Melanie. Chloe insisted that they tell Melanie and Daniel the truth, because she assumed that Stephanie would tell them no matter what.

Daniel went to Maggie's house, looking for Philip, but Melanie answered the door, to Daniel's surprise. Melanie noticed Daniel's injuries and asked if he and Philip had been fighting. Daniel said they had. Daniel tried to convince Melanie that Philip wasn't good enough for her. Melanie believed that Victor had told Daniel something negative about Philip. Melanie defended Philip from what she thought was her father just being overprotective.

Melanie told Daniel about the time that Philip had seen Melanie kissing Nathan and that Philip had blamed himself. Melanie said she needed Philip and Daniel to get along. Daniel called Philip and asked to see him. Daniel explained that he was with Melanie. Philip told Chloe that Daniel was with Melanie and had asked to meet him at the pier. Chloe assumed that Daniel and Melanie knew about their affair, so she wanted to go with Philip. Philip insisted that she stay at home and said that Daniel knew he had cheated but didn't know whom he had cheated with. After Philip left, Chloe asked Maggie to stay awhile longer so Chloe could take care of something.

Chloe stopped by Maggie's house and asked Melanie where Daniel was. Melanie felt responsible for Daniel and Chloe not going on the date they had planned, because Daniel and Philip had gotten into a fight. Melanie felt so bad that she couldn't drink her coffee. Chloe asked if Melanie might be pregnant and asked if Melanie would be happy if that was the case. Melanie said that she would be happy, because that was what she and Philip wanted. Philip showed up at the pier to meet Daniel, and Daniel insisted that he knew Philip had cheated. Philip admitted to cheating on Melanie.

Hope asked the warden if the prison transfer was back on, and she worried that the warden wanted to get rid of her permanently. Hope said the women who had died had no one to ask about them, and the warden said Hope was the same way. Hope said the women who'd died hadn't had families, so it wasn't just like her. The warden thought that Bo had understood that Hope was a danger to herself and others. Hope said that Bo wouldn't believe the warden. The warden said that the last time she had spoken to him, Bo had seemed concerned about Hope, but the warden's motto was "out of sight, out of mind."

Hope told the warden that Bo wouldn't forget about the mother of his children, and she warned the warden that if anyone else mysteriously disappeared from the prison, Bo would have the warden locked up. The warden claimed that Hope sounded like she had taken one of the "mysterious blue pills" she had taken before her arrest. The warden encouraged Hope to eat her lunch, and Hope wondered if the warden was planning on poisoning her.

Hope looked at the picture of Ciara on her wall. The prison guard asked why she didn't eat, and Hope said she wasn't hungry. The guard said that the warden didn't want any personal items in the cells. Hope said she didn't have anything, and the guard insisted she did. The guard ripped the picture of Ciara off the wall and destroyed it. Hope prayed about how scared she was, saying she had nothing left but God. She asked for a Christmas miracle. She asked God to help Bo understand her message, because he was her only hope.

Bo told Jennifer about Hope's letter, and Jennifer insisted that they find a way to help Hope. Jennifer said that Hope had seemed fine when she visited Hope in jail. Bo pointed out that Hope had spelled Ciara with two "R's." Jennifer thought that Bo assumed that Hope was really losing it while in jail. Bo said that Hope wasn't losing it and hadn't forgotten how to spell Ciara's name. Bo explained Hope's theory to Jennifer.

Bo said he had no plan yet, because he had some things to work out first. Jennifer assumed that Bo was dragging his feet because of Carly, but Bo said that the reason he didn't have a plan had nothing to do with Carly -- it was because he hadn't spoken to Hope. Jennifer said if there were a way to get Hope out, she would find it. Bo said if he devised a plan, he would let her know. As Jennifer was leaving the police station, she said, "Sorry, Bo. I can't sit and do nothing." Bo looked at Ciara's present, then a picture of Ciara and Hope. He vowed that he would find Hope and help her.

Gabi and Will worried about what could be ailing Johnny, and Gabi wanted Will to remain optimistic about it. Will thought that he was being insensitive by talking about Johnny's condition when Gabi had lost her own sister. Gabi comforted him and said that it helped her to deal with her grief by focusing on other things.

Rafe called Sami and said he might have something to report on E.J. soon. He told her to stay by her phone. Sami looked through Allie's backpack and found a note saying that Johnny was supposed to take cookies to school. Sami got a bright idea to bake cookies on Johnny's behalf and take them to Johnny and Allie's school so she could see her son. Sami noticed that Johnny's raisins and note were still in Allie's lunch bag, and Allie said that Johnny hadn't been at school, but she didn't know why.

Gabi and Will went to Sami's place, but Sami had stepped out. They were talking about not saying anything about Johnny when Sami returned and overheard them. She asked what Will had said. Will claimed it was about a Christmas gift. Sami asked Will to promise that they not take any family photos until she got Sydney and Johnny back from E.J. Sami asked to see the photos of the wedding, and Gabi and Will stammered, which aroused Sami's suspicions.

Will told Sami about the reflection on Johnny's eye from the pictures and how Rafe had said not to say anything to Sami. Sami asked why, and Will said it was because Sami had gone through so much with Grace. Sami started to panic and asked if something was wrong with Johnny. Sami asked if the issue with Johnny was the reason Johnny wasn't in school. Allie called for Sami, so she had to tend to her daughter.

Lexie told E.J. that she saw an abnormality in Johnny's eye, but she wasn't an eye doctor. She recommended he see an eye doctor right away. E.J. wondered why it was such a rush. Lexie scheduled an appointment for a doctor to look at the unusual spot on Johnny's eye. E.J. told Johnny that whatever was wrong with the boy, they would fix it. Lexie tried to explain what the procedure to calm Johnny down would be. Johnny asked for his mother.

As Lexie, E.J., and Johnny were leaving, Rafe was at the door. Lexie told him they were going to take Johnny to be examined. E.J. told Rafe to go home, but Johnny yelled for his mother again, so Rafe said that he would have Sami meet Johnny at the hospital. Privately, E.J. told Rafe that he was grateful for Rafe having alerted him to Johnny's medical issue, but that thank you was all Rafe was going to receive. E.J. said that Sami had no right to any information about Johnny and Sydney and no right to be in contact with them. E.J. claimed that Sami had done nothing for Grace until it was too late, and Rafe said, "We all know that's not true."

Rafe returned home, and Will filled him in on his confession to Sami that something was wrong with Johnny. Rafe said it was fine, because he needed to talk to her anyway. Rafe told Sami that E.J. and Lexie had taken Johnny to the hospital. Sami worried, and Rafe said that Johnny had asked for Sami. She wanted to see him, too, but she knew that E.J. forbade it. "Screw E.J. He doesn't have a choice," Rafe said. Will and Gabi agreed to watch Allie while Rafe and Sami went to the hospital.

The doctor examined Johnny and said he needed to give Johnny general anesthesia in order to take pictures of Johnny's eye. Sami showed up at the hospital after Lexie took Johnny away to be examined. E.J. said that Johnny was undergoing tests to determine what was wrong. Sami asked what the doctor had said, and he said the doctor would explain it to E.J. E.J. realized that Sami had been at the mansion to see Johnny and accused Sami of trying to work her way back into her son's life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

After returning to Chloe and Daniel's apartment, Chloe put Parker down to sleep, then sat with Melanie. Melanie tried to reassure Chloe that Daniel and Philip would work everything out. Chloe was worried about what would happen if they didn't. Just then, Carly arrived to visit Parker. As Carly hugged Melanie, an edgy Chloe grabbed her coat. Chloe asked if Melanie and Carly could stay with Parker while she ran out to get some diapers and formula. They were happy to watch him, so Chloe dashed out.

"Is it me, or is something going on with her?" Carly asked lightly. Melanie believed that Chloe was overreacting -- and blaming herself -- because Daniel and Philip had gotten into a fight. Carly was surprised that Melanie wasn't upset about it. Melanie admitted she wasn't thrilled, but she knew that Philip and Daniel would work it out. She added that her life had been going really well, and "I'm finally getting that 'happily-ever-after' I've been wanting -- that I want for you, too."

Carly confessed that she didn't know if that were possible, because Bo had been so preoccupied with what was going on with Hope. Carly then asked if Melanie had been getting along better with Chloe. Melanie replied that she was trying, because Chloe made Daniel so happy. She added that she truly believed that Chloe would never cheat on Daniel again, so Melanie had resolved not to tell him. Carly agreed that it was right to keep Chloe's infidelity a secret.

Melanie asserted that Carly and Bo would get through their rough patch, because their love was "the forever kind." She added, "I think you'll be a great influence on my kids, and I want you to be a big part of their life. So if I have kids now, then you'll get to spend time with them, and it'll make up for the time that we lost." Carly was touched.

On the pier, a contrite Philip admitted that he had cheated on Melanie, and he regretted it deeply. Daniel accused Philip of having taken advantage of a subordinate at work, and Philip didn't deny it. Philip explained that he had been drunk when it had happened, because he had seen Melanie and Nathan kissing. Daniel was utterly unsympathetic -- and furious, although strangely calm. Philip insisted that he had made one mistake, and swore that he would never do it again. He begged Daniel not to tell Melanie, because it would break her heart.

Daniel was disinclined to lie to his daughter, especially since she was planning to have a baby with Philip. Philip reiterated that it had been a one-time thing that would never happen again. Daniel demanded to know whether Sabrina, Philip's employee, knew that it was over with Philip, or if she might tell Melanie the truth. Philip suggested that he would transfer Sabrina to Europe, since she had expressed a desire to go there.

Still unconvinced, Daniel quietly demanded, "I want you to leave Melanie and move on." Philip was adamant that was the last thing he wanted to do. He reminded Daniel, "Melanie loves me. She chose me. She married me. She wants to have a life and a family with me. You know how happy I make her, and how happy she makes me." Philip pointed out that Melanie could have left him for Nathan, but she hadn't. "Do you really want to let my stupid mistake destroy your daughter's life?" Philip pleaded quietly.

Daniel conceded that he didn't want to hurt Melanie, and he knew that she loved Philip, so he wouldn't tell her -- for the time being. "If you ever hurt her again -- if you ever so much as tell her you'll call her, and you don't," Daniel vowed, "I will make sure you suffer for the rest of your life." Daniel then demanded to know what Philip planned to do about Stephanie and her grandmother, the other people who knew. Philip gave his word that he would take care of it. As Daniel stalked away, Philip punched Stephanie's number into his cell phone with a vengeance.

Philip was leaving an urgent but annoyed message for Stephanie when Chloe arrived. Chloe was relieved and grateful when Philip informed her that Daniel had agreed to keep quiet. Philip then told Chloe that he had to get Stephanie not to talk. They concurred that they would "rip [Stephanie] to pieces" if she didn't agree.

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie told Nathan about a 400-year-old church she'd learned about, where she wanted to have their wedding. Beaming, Nathan assured her that he was fine with wherever she wanted to get married. When Stephanie mentioned the honeymoon, Nathan divulged reluctantly that Johns Hopkins had offered him a research fellowship. Stephanie was thrilled and excited, and reassured Nathan that they could take their honeymoon later. Nathan was surprised that she was willing, even eager, to relocate to Baltimore, but she asserted that it was a sign.

When Nathan had to step outside to take a phone call, Caroline, who had been eavesdropping, slid into his chair. Caroline excitedly declared that Nathan and Stephanie building a life together in a new city -- far away from Melanie -- was a great idea. Although the two women agreed that they had made the right decision to keep the switched paternity-test results a secret, Caroline was still worried about Kayla. Stephanie maintained that her mom would eventually realize that it would be a disaster for everyone involved if anyone else found out that Parker was really Philip and Chloe's baby.

Nathan was talking to Adrienne on the phone when he returned from outside. He promised that he would be right over, and then hung up. "Is my aunt okay?" Stephanie asked. Nathan said that Adrienne had been feeling a little dizzy, so he was going to check her out, even though she'd admitted that she hadn't slept much the night before. He kissed Stephanie goodbye and left.

Daniel entered the pub just as Nathan was leaving. Daniel sat across from Stephanie, and got right to the point: "I overheard you telling your grandmother that Philip cheated on my daughter." Stephanie tried to insist that Daniel had misunderstood, but he informed her that he'd confronted Philip, who had admitted everything.

"Philip told you everything?" asked a surprised Stephanie. "Let's just say he opened up about what he did, and it involves some woman from Titan," Daniel replied. He continued that he didn't care how Stephanie and Caroline had found out, but he didn't want them talking about it, even between the two of them. Stephanie assured him firmly that neither she nor Caroline would ever say another word to anyone.

Nathan arrived at Adrienne's apartment, but before he knocked, he heard baby Parker crying across the hall. He knocked on Daniel and Chloe's door, and was surprised when Melanie answered, holding Parker. Melanie somewhat frenetically admitted that when Parker hadn't stopped crying when she'd picked him up, it had made her freak out that maybe he didn't like her -- and she wasn't cut out for motherhood. Chuckling at her hysterics, Nathan reassured her, "You're going to make an amazing mother."

At the police station, Bo told Officer Morgan, "So, this situation I'm dealing with is rather urgent, and I gotta see it through to its resolution." When Morgan asked how long he would be gone, Bo replied that it would be "for a while," and asked her to fill in the other officers. Just then, Ciara ran in, followed by Julie, who immediately wanted to know where Bo was going. Bo asked Officer Morgan to watch Ciara for a few minutes while he talked with Julie.

After Morgan and Ciara had gone, Bo informed Julie that an investigation he was working had become critical, and he thought it was a good time to try to resolve it, since Ciara was already staying with Doug and Julie. Julie assured him that she and Doug would be delighted to let Ciara keep staying with them. Bo hoped that the investigation would only take him a day, but it could be longer.

When Bo and Ciara were alone in his office, she spotted a small gift with her name on the card on his desk. "You know what? Even though it's not Christmas, I think it'd be okay for you to open that gift," Bo told his daughter. Ciara wanted to wait to open presents with her mommy. Bo patiently explained Hope was still sick, so she wouldn't be home at Christmas -- and they couldn't visit her for a little while.

Bo told his daughter that the present was from her mommy, who wanted Ciara to open it before Christmas, "Because she knows that it'll make Christmas a lot better for you." Ciara lifted out a silver cross on a chain, and exclaimed excitedly, "It's Mommy's necklace!" She threw her arms around her dad to thank him, and then he helped her put it on. Bo explained, "Mommy wanted you to have this, so that when you miss her, you can look at it and remember how much she loves you, and how she's always thinking about you."

Bo then told Ciara that he had to go away for a few days, but if she got lonely, all she had to do was hold the necklace close to her heart. Ciara was momentarily upset, but Bo calmed her by reminding her how much fun she had staying with Grandpa Doug and Grandma Julie. Ciara took one of the little pink barrettes out of her hair, and handed it to Bo. "Take this Daddy, for when you miss me," she said. Bo fought back tears as he gave his "Little One" a grateful hug.

Carly arrived at the station after Ciara and Julie had gone. "What'd you want to talk to me about?" Carly asked. When she saw the worried expression on Bo's face, she asked what was wrong.

At the hospital, E.J. accused Sami of having faked Johnny's health scare so that she could spend time with her son. Furious and incredulous, Sami slapped E.J. and called him a "sick son of a bitch." While they were shouting at each other, Rafe arrived -- just in time to keep Sami from attacking her ex. Rafe was equally angry and appalled when Sami told him about E.J.'s accusation. Rafe maintained that E.J. was oblivious to how cruel he was being by keeping Johnny from his mother.

Rafe and E.J. were arguing loudly when Dr. Kim arrived. After everyone had sat down in the waiting area, Dr. Kim told Sami and E.J. that he didn't yet have a diagnosis for Johnny, and he explained for Sami that the white spot in Johnny's pupil could indicate a number of things. He promised to let them know as soon as he knew more, and urged the parents to go in and see their son.

When Sami walked into Johnny's room, the little boy was elated to see his mommy. Rafe beamed and E.J. scowled, while mother and son shared a long-overdue hug. Sami asked how Johnny was feeling. "I want to go home," he replied. "I want to go home with you, Mommy!" E.J. asked to speak to Sami outside. Johnny was reluctant to let his mommy out of his sight, until Rafe promised to show the boy some magic.

As Sami and E.J. left, Rafe declared that he was very proud of Johnny for having been so tough that day. "Can I have your FBI jacket now?" Johnny wanted to know. "Absolutely -- it's all yours, big guy," Rafe agreed.

Outside, E.J. grudgingly told Sami, "I just wanted to say that I have noticed how much Johnny needs you. It was wrong of me to accuse you of deliberately harming him." He added that he'd realized that if the two of them had spent less time fighting and more time watching Johnny, they might have noticed that something was wrong much earlier. Sami agreed, "We have to think about helping Johnny get through this. We have to do what's best for him right now." E.J. concurred that they would put Johnny first.

Rafe had just turned a penny into a dime for an appreciative Johnny, when Sami returned. Sami explained to her son that his dad was making some phone calls to make sure that Johnny had the best doctors in the world. "No more doctors!" Johnny whined. Sami promised that she would be right there with Johnny through everything.

E.J. opened the door a crack, just as Sami was reminding Johnny, "Do you remember the secret signal that we had at Daddy's house?" Johnny held up his hand in their open-palmed sign, and Sami did the same. "It means I love you -- forever, no matter what happens," Sami promised. Grinning, Johnny held up his other hand to Rafe, and in the doorway, E.J. cleared his throat pointedly.

The three adults went into the hallway. "Secret hand signals?" E.J. said furiously. "I knew it -- I knew I couldn't trust you!" Rafe countered, "What was she supposed to do, let her kid think she's abandoned him?" E.J. ordered Sami and Rafe to leave, and declared that Sami was never going to see her son again. Sami hotly reminded him that they had just agreed to do what was best for Johnny.

Their argument escalated until Dr. Kim interrupted, and ordered Sami and E.J. to stop. "I have the test results," Dr. Kim stated. "I'm sorry; the news is not good."

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