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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 1, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, August 1, 2011

by Mike

Outside the Brady Pub, Vivian greeted Quinn, and she praised him again for managing to destroy Carly's life. Quinn admitted that it was difficult for him to take pride in that particular accomplishment. Quinn added that revenge was never pleasant.

Vivian disagreed, and she said that getting revenge on Carly was like slipping into a warm bath. Vivian noted that she was happier than she had been in a long time. Quinn wondered why Gus wasn't with Vivian. Vivian dismissively explained that Gus was upset about something, and she added that he would get over it. Quinn started to excuse himself, but Vivian stopped him.

Vivian reached into her purse and retrieved a package, which was wrapped in brightly colored wrapping paper. "It's something very important. I bought it for you when you were -- I don't know -- ten or eleven; I sent it to you in Australia, hoping to hear from you, but your father intercepted it and threatened me, and he said never to contact you, so I've carried it ever since," Vivian explained. Quinn opened the package, and he smiled when he saw the baseball cards that were tucked inside.

"I wanted you to feel that you were...half American and...half me, and that you would look at those cards and think about a mother who...would like to have done you better," Vivian explained. Quinn said that he had loved American baseball as a kid, and he added that his love for the sport had angered his father. Quinn flipped through the cards and found one of the players that he had loved as a boy. Vivian immediately started to list a few interesting facts about the player. Quinn was visibly moved by Vivian's gesture, and he thanked her for the cards.

In Quinn's room, Carly shivered uncontrollably, as she struggled to cope with her withdrawal symptoms. Carly tried to assure herself that the previous night had just been a horrible nightmare. Carly told herself that her family was still unaware that she was abusing drugs.

When Quinn returned from the store, Carly noticed that he was carrying a box of baseball cards. Carly recalled that Nicholas had always loved baseball. Carly realized that she was probably never going to see Nicholas again. Carly admitted that her life was a mess, and she added that she couldn't blame Nicholas for not wanting to see her. "If it hadn't been for you...I know I've been trying to get out of here and leave you alone; I tried again while you were gone, but my legs just go out from underneath me. Would you mind -- may I stay a little while longer?" Carly asked.

Quinn was hesitant, and he pointed out that Carly's family was probably getting worried about her. Quinn suggested that Carly might want to go to a rehab clinic, but Carly insisted that she didn't want to deal with things like group therapy sessions. Carly said that she just needed a quiet place where she could regroup, and she added that she felt safe in Quinn's room.

As Quinn contemplated Carly's request, Carly realized that Quinn probably didn't need any extra drama in his life. Carly assured Quinn that she understood; she started to leave, but Quinn stopped her. "You have a son who needs you, whether he knows it or not, and until you're strong enough to tell him that yourself, you can stay here," Quinn said, as Carly started to cry on his shoulder.

At the police station, Dario and Melanie greeted Rafe. Rafe assured Melanie that Bo and Hope were still looking for Carly. Dario suggested that Rafe might be able to get the FBI to help with the search. Rafe explained that the FBI only handled federal cases, and he added that Carly's disappearance didn't qualify. Dario wondered why Rafe wasn't searching for Carly himself. Rafe explained that Bo and Hope were handling the case, and he said that they had not asked for his help.

Dario wasn't pleased with Rafe's answer, and he wondered why Rafe was suddenly so concerned about following the rules. Rafe explained that the department was under a lot of pressure from the D.A.'s office because of the fake Rafe fiasco. Melanie assured Dario that she understood Rafe's position, and she thanked Rafe for his help. Rafe asked Melanie to give him a moment alone with Dario, so Melanie excused herself so that she could check in with Daniel.

After Melanie left, Rafe assured Dario that he would conduct his own investigation into Carly's disappearance. "I'll see what I can come up with; I'll make some calls down to the Bureau and see if there's anyone who can help me there...unofficially. But I don't know what I can do to convince you that I am not the jerk that you think that I am," Rafe added. Dario explained that he had moved to Salem so that he could find out the truth about Arianna's death. Dario said that he had asked fake Rafe for help with the investigation, and he added that fake Rafe had refused to do anything to help Dario.

"Look, what I'm trying to say is that I stopped expecting anything from you...because I didn't know who you were; I hadn't seen you in such a long time," Dario explained. Rafe wondered if Dario was trying to make him feel guilty. Dario said that he was trying to say that he was sorry. Rafe shrugged and admitted that he wished that he had been less focused on his career. Rafe added that he should have been more focused on being a big brother to Dario.

Rafe noted that he had always been too hard on Dario, especially after their father had left. "Well, you know what? You finding Arianna's killer, and doing what you're doing for Melanie right makes me really proud that you're my brother, okay? So how about this -- I'll stop trying to tell you what's what, and you stop trying to be angry at me all the time, okay?" Rafe asked. Dario agreed, and the brothers embraced.

Melanie walked back into the police station, and she apologized for interrupting. Rafe said that he had just promised Dario that he would help with the search, and he excused himself so that he could get back to work. After Rafe left, Melanie noted that Dario and Rafe seemed to have worked things out. Dario admitted that he had finally realized that he had a great brother, and he assured Melanie that if anyone could find Carly, it would be Rafe.

At the Sapphire Club, Gus walked up to Vivian's table and offered her a martini. Vivian assumed that Gus had stopped by to apologize for his earlier outburst, but Gus said that he just wanted to tell Vivian that she would be nothing without him. Gus said that Quinn wasn't going to magically fix all of the mistakes that Vivian had made in her life.

Vivian insisted that Gus was wrong. Vivian pointed out that her life had never been better, and she claimed that she had Quinn to thank for that. Vivian said that she and Quinn were an unstoppable team. Gus sighed as he reached his breaking point, and he stormed off in disgust. Vivian shrugged and wondered if she had said something that had angered Gus.

At the pier, Nicole was shocked when she ran into E.J. E.J. explained that he had checked himself out of the hospital. Nicole wondered if that was a good idea; she quickly added that she didn't want to give E.J. the mistaken impression that she actually cared about his well-being. E.J. shrugged the incident off as a momentary, stress-related episode. E.J. said that he had things that he needed to take care of, and he announced that he was certain that Brady Black was the person who had attacked him.

Nicole stressed that she didn't believe that E.J. was right about his attacker's identity. Nicole tried to find out what E.J. was planning to do about his suspicions, but E.J. claimed that he had not made a decision about the repercussions. Nicole wondered if Stefano was aware of what was going on. E.J. laughed, and he assured Nicole that Brady would already be dead if Stefano knew about E.J.'s theory.

Nicole tried to convince E.J. that he didn't need to go after Brady. "You've gotten lucky twice, E.J., but if you go after Brady, don't you think your luck will run out? I hate your guts, and for some reason -- maybe it's because I carried your child -- I don't want to see you dead," Nicole said. Before E.J. could respond, Nicole walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady started to load his gun; meanwhile, Taylor entered the living room. Taylor insisted that there had to be another way for Brady to protect himself. Brady said that he could always leave Salem with Nicole. Brady reminded Taylor that she had been opposed to that idea. "Well, that was before I realized that this actually is exciting to you; you like this," Taylor realized.

Brady assured Taylor that the DiMeras were going to try to retaliate. Taylor insisted that there had to be a way to defuse the situation, but Brady wasn't convinced. Taylor realized that Nicole had been right all along, and she told Brady that he needed to leave Salem with Nicole -- permanently. Brady suggested that Taylor might want Brady to leave town so that she wouldn't have to deal with her feelings for him.

Taylor said that the only thing that she felt when she looked at Brady was a sense of terror; Taylor noted that Brady seemed to have some sort of death wish. Taylor picked up Brady's phone, and she asked the operator to connect her to the Salem P.D. Brady grabbed the phone out of Taylor's hand, and he tossed it across the room.

Taylor explained that she just wanted to ask Bo to put Brady in protective custody, but Brady insisted that Taylor needed to just stay out of it. Taylor angrily agreed, and she started to storm out of the living room. After Brady turned his back, Taylor stopped. Taylor picked up a nearby vase, and she hit Brady in the back of the head with the vase. After Brady was unconscious, Taylor grabbed his gun, and she muttered that she was going to take care of the situation on her own.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. caught up with Nicole. "Look, you said you don't want me dead. I don't really wish to get overly sentimental about it, but you did say it with a certain amount of sincerity. And you helped me when I was in a tremendous amount of pain, so...I just want you to know that, from me to you, if there's anything that I can do for you, just let me know," E.J. said. Nicole quickly stated that she didn't want E.J. to kill Brady.

"That's what I want -- don't kill Brady, don't even make a move on him, because if you do, then he'll come gunning for you, and then he'll wind up dead or in prison. You know how you keep trying to tell my sister that you're this changed, sensitive, new-age guy? Well, why don't you actually try being that guy?" Nicole asked. E.J. tried to convince Nicole that there were more important things that she could be asking E.J. for, such as a fresh start in a new city, but Nicole wasn't convinced.

Nicole warned E.J. that she was going to make him pay if Brady ended up dead. E.J. pointed out that Brady was the one who had started the war. "I don't care. If he dies, I will spend every dime I have, and every ounce of strength in my body to make sure justice is done, and when it is, I will be the one sitting in the front row when the needle is injected," Nicole vowed.

At Chez Rouge, Maggie listened as Victor barked orders at someone. After Victor ended the phone call, Maggie cleared her throat; Victor was embarrassed, and he immediately tried to explain that he was trying to get the Titan TV news crew to lead every broadcast with information about Carly's disappearance. Maggie said that she thought that was a great idea; Victor was surprised, and he admitted that he had expected Maggie to question his true motives. Maggie assured Victor that she wasn't going to do that, and she explained that she had invited him to dinner because she owed him an apology.

"Since I've got to know you better, all you've tried to do is make me happy. I've always been suspicious of that, and of you, so I want to apologize...for being scared...and judgmental. And for putting up roadblocks that shouldn't be there," Maggie started. Victor jumped in and assured Maggie that he was willing to accept her apology. Victor quickly tried to change the subject, but Maggie stopped him. Maggie said that there was more that she wanted to say.

"We don't see eye-to-eye most of the time, but when it's just you and me, and the rest of the world is outside of these four walls...I feel very cherished, and adored...and loved. I've been so busy putting my defenses up, I'm not sure I made you feel that way. I know we're not as young as we used to be, but we're certainly not dead, either, so I've just come to realize that I don't want to waste any more time," Maggie said. Victor was thrilled by Maggie's announcement, and he agreed that he felt the same way. Victor immediately grabbed his phone. Maggie was confused, and she wondered who Victor was trying to call.

Victor explained that all of the distractions that Maggie had mentioned were in Salem. Victor announced that he was going to show Maggie the rest of the world. Maggie shook her head in disbelief; Victor dryly asked if Maggie was about to revoke her earlier apology. "Do I have to spell it out for you again? Our families are here, and our businesses are here, and my friends are here...of course, that isn't a problem for you, since you don't have any friends," Maggie stubbornly added.

Maggie folded her arms and turned her back on Victor. "I wasn't talking about leaving for good. I just thought that maybe Doug and Julie could look after the Horton family matters for a while, and I could ask Bo to do the same thing in my family; I mean, there's not much for me to do at Titan anymore, thanks to Brady. So what I was trying to say, in my own ham-fisted way, is that I just want to spend all my time now...focused on you. Would that be all right?" Victor asked. Maggie was touched by Victor's sentiment, and she assured him that she liked his idea.

After their dinner, Maggie offered Victor an after-dinner drink; Victor declined, and he said that his doctor had advised him to give up that particular vice. Maggie said that she was glad that he had taken his doctor's advice, because she wanted him to remain healthy. "You know, of all the women I've been with in my life, I think you're the first one that ever felt that way. And to think...I tried to walk away from you," Victor noted.

Maggie admitted that she had started to get scared after Victor had claimed that he wasn't worthy of her love. Victor joked that his plan had worked perfectly. "Oh! You think you're so tough and unsentimental; I hate to break it to you, but you're just a mush. If I hadn't seen that tender heart that beats under all that bluster...I never would have fallen in love again," Maggie said.

"So, you're in love? Fancy that -- me too," Victor said, as he kissed Maggie. Later, Victor walked Maggie back to the door of her house. Victor started to excuse himself, but Maggie stopped him. Maggie admitted that she wasn't tired; Victor agreed, and Maggie offered him some decaffeinated coffee. Victor said that he hated that type of coffee. "Well...then how about you stay...for breakfast?" Maggie suggested, as Victor smiled.

Back at the pier, Taylor reached into her purse and grabbed Brady's gun. As Taylor turned the gun over in her hand, E.J. walked up behind her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. thought about recent events in his life as he paced the living room. With a sigh, E.J. signed a paper on the desk. A frustrated Stefano entered the living room and informed E.J. that his informant at the police station was off the case and could not help them. Worried, Stefano explained that he had a plan.

At the police station, Bo and Hope were excited about the strength of their case against E.J. since the faux Rafe, Arnold, had agreed to testify. While Bo and Hope reviewed the case file, District Attorney Woods walked in and was annoyed to see Hope was in the station. Bo informed D.A. Woods that the governor had pardoned Hope and had officially reinstated her to the police force. With a grin, Bo told the district attorney that Hope had cracked open the Rafe case.

Arnold's attorney presented Bo and Hope with an addendum to the plea deal, which asked for money on top of Arnold's amnesty. Painted in a corner, Bo had an officer escort Arnold from his cell to Bo's desk. Bo warned Arnold that he was a murderer and that Arnold's best option was to take the plea deal "as is." As Arnold smirked, an officer led in a line of prisoners chained together. When the prisoners leered at Hope, she leaned over and informed Arnold that if he did not take the agreement, he would never be closer to a woman than the prisoners were to her.

When the lawyers returned, Arnold's lawyer counseled him to take the deal that the district attorney was offering. With a smirk, Arnold asked to review the papers again. Bo ordered Officer Lopez to escort Arnold to his cell so that he could review the plea deal. Once Arnold was gone, Bo expressed his confidence that Arnold would sign the plea deal.

At the hospital, Abe informed Lexie that Stefano and E.J. were likely going to go to jail. With a sigh, Lexie thanked Abe for telling her the news in person. Abe kissed his wife goodbye and then headed back to work. Once alone, Lexie received a phone call from her father. Stefano asked Lexie if he and E.J. should leave town. Stunned, Lexie said she could not answer the question. Stefano stressed that he would always love Lexie. Devastated, Lexie wiped away a tear and hung up the phone.

Turning on his heel in the DiMera living room, Stefano announced to E.J., "They're coming to arrest us. We have to get out of town. Now." E.J. asked if there was an indictment. With a shrug, Stefano announced that judging by the sound of Lexie's voice, they needed to leave town immediately. Stefano called the airport to get his plane fueled and ready, but he learned the plane was grounded. Refusing to quit, Stefano began to march out of the living room to make plans. When E.J. asked Stefano why they should bother leaving, Stefano reminded E.J. that there was nothing left in Salem.

Shaking his head, E.J. asked whether Stefano could leave Kate and Chad behind. "Don't be ridiculous. Once we are safe, I will send for the family," Stefano said. Rolling his eyes, E.J. noted that the family would be thrilled with Stefano's decision. Defensive, Stefano warned that E.J. needed to let go of Taylor. Before E.J. could answer, there was a bang at the door, and the sounds of Marco yelling in the foyer could be heard. As E.J. and Stefano entered the foyer, they found Marco ordering two police officers to leave the property while he exposed the gun on his hip.

Waving Marco away, E.J. noted that Marco could not send away police officers. The officers informed E.J. that they had orders not to let anyone leave the house. E.J. turned to Marco and whispered to Marco to put his gun away and stand down. Once Marco was gone, E.J. invited the officers into the house. Annoyed, Stefano took E.J. into the living room and shut the door. Stefano chastised E.J. for thinking that if he turned over a new leaf that Taylor would return to E.J.

As Stefano started to work up a head of steam, he noticed the signed piece of paper on the desk. Concerned, Stefano asked what E.J. had done. E.J. noted that he was working on their legal defense. Pleased, Stefano noted that since the police officers had not arrested them, it was possible that Arnold would not confess.

At the loft, Dario reeled over the news about the fake Rafe. As Dario shook his head, there was a knock at the door. Rafe opened the door to reveal Sophia, who had stopped by with good news about her undercover work. As Sophia smiled, Rafe swooped her up in his arms and cried out with joy. Spotting Dario, Sophia hugged him hello. Flummoxed, Sami introduced herself as Rafe's wife and asked Sophia who she was. With a chuckle, Rafe introduced Sami to Sophia as his former FBI partner.

Curious about Rafe's smile, Sami asked Rafe what Sophia had done. Sophia explained that she had visited Arnold in prison and convinced Arnold that she was going to help him out of jail. Sophia announced that Arnold was likely giving a confession to the police at that moment. After telling Sami how she had gained admittance to Arnold's cell and convinced him that she could get him extracted to Colombia, Sophia explained that Arnold had been intent on confessing to his crimes by the time she left.

After some awkward small talk with Sami, Dario excused himself to leave. When Dario asked Sami to say hello to the kids, Sophia shook her head. Sophia explained that she found it hard to believe that Rafe was a father to four kids. Curious, Sami asked Sophia what she meant by her statement. Sophia admitted that though she had always thought Rafe would make a great father, Rafe had always laughed at her when she said it. Defensive, Rafe explained that he had been a lot younger when he was partners with Sophia. Sophia wished Sami and Rafe luck, kissed Rafe goodbye, then left.

After Sophia was gone, a jealous Sami asked Rafe why he had not informed her of his plan with Sophia. Rafe assured Sami that he trusted her but that he had needed to move quickly. When Sami noted that Sophia was flirtatious, Rafe corrected Sami and said that Sophia had been happy to see him. Rafe reiterated that he and Sophia were just friends. Sami asked Rafe why he'd had an intimate conversation about fatherhood with Sophia if they were just friends. Shrugging his shoulders, Rafe noted that he did not remember having that conversation with Sophia when they were partners.

"She obviously had a major thing for you," Sami said. Rafe told Sami that Sophia's feelings were irrelevant because he only felt friendship for Sophia. "Okay, you were just friends. Look I get it; I see why she's interested in you. Look at you, you're you, and obviously I don't blame her. I just can't help but be suspicious that she is going to try and steal you from me. I mean, that's what I would do," Sami admitted. Chuckling, Rafe told Sami that she was the cutest thing in the world and that he loved her.

Thinking about the case, Rafe picked up Arnold's case file. Curious, Sami asked if she could look through the file. With Rafe's blessing, Sami flipped through the pages of Arnold's criminal file. "I can't believe what he did to me and what he did to you and that E.J. was behind it," Sami said brusquely. Shaking her head, Sami apologized for her jealousy. Sami noted that although she wanted Stefano and E.J. to pay for their crimes, she was concerned that Arnold would not be punished. Rafe promised that Arnold would never get near Sami or the kids again.

In the Cheatin' Heart, Taylor met with Brady to inform him that E.J. had realized that Rafe was not the one that had beaten him up on the pier. Taylor warned Brady to be careful, but Brady noted that E.J. would likely be in jail before he got his memory back. As Taylor cautioned Brady to be careful who he spoke to, Abe entered the bar. A protective Nicole rushed across the room to intervene and warn Brady and Nicole of Abe's arrival. A bit breathless from his rush to get over to the bar, Abe informed Nicole and Taylor that their mother's murderer was going to be set free so that they could get Arnold to flip on the DiMeras.

"Stefano and E.J. are gonna go to prison for a very long time. But the man who actually killed your mother with his own hands, isn't," Abe announced. Angry, Abe apologized to Nicole and Taylor for having to let Arnold walk free. "It's the only way we could get to the source," Abe said. Abe assured Nicole and Taylor that Arnold's confession would be able to provide answers about Fay's death. With a sigh, Nicole thanked Abe. Once Abe was gone, Nicole admitted that though she was upset that the imposter was going to go free, she was relieved that E.J. would be punished.

Shaking her head, Taylor stated that she did not believe that E.J. had known that Arnold would hurt Fay. Shocked, Nicole urged Taylor not to buy into E.J.'s argument that he was not responsible for Fay's death. Taylor explained that she was reacting to the news that their mother's murderer was about to be set free. "I'm not saying that E.J. is blameless," Taylor added. Softening her voice, Nicole reminded Taylor that E.J. had set everything in motion leading up to Fay's murder.

Taylor explained that she was going to go to the police station to protest the release of Fay's murderer. "If you try to stop what the cops are doing then E.J. and Stefano will get away with murder," Nicole said. "Devil's bargain, right?" Taylor sighed. As Taylor walked out of the bar, Brady stopped Nicole from following her sister.

Frustrated, Nicole informed Brady that Taylor had visited her at the hotel to inform her that she hated E.J. "Well, Nic, you know about that thin line between love and hate," Brady pointed out. Worried, Nicole explained that Taylor had blamed E.J. for Fay's death but was backing off. Brady assured Nicole that Taylor's protest would not change a thing. Nicole admitted that the only time she was ever happy was with Brady. "I wish I could go back there. To that feeling again," Nicole whispered.

Lexie met up with Abe at the police station and asked him if he was ready to answer questions about her family. With a solemn nod, Abe left to meet the press. As Lexie stood in the police station, D.A. Woods approached her and asked her if Abe's arrest of Stefano and E.J. would hurt the mayor's chances of reelection. With pursed lips, Lexie told the district attorney that she was thinking about how Chad was going to lose his father and his brother. "Chad's already lost his mother, so maybe, just once, you could show him a little decency and be there for him," Lexie said. "Go to hell," the district attorney mumbled.

Arnold's attorney hurried into Bo and Hope's office to show them the signed plea agreement. Elated, Bo called for a stenographer to head to Arnold's cell. Meanwhile, the officers at the DiMera mansion marched into the living room to arrest E.J. and Stefano. As the officers escorted E.J. into the police station, E.J. spotted Taylor approaching the front door. "Am I too late? The man who killed my mother walks and you go to prison?" Taylor asked. "Isn't that what you want?" E.J. asked softly. "No," Taylor admitted.

At the loft, Sami received a call from Abe informing her that E.J. and Stefano had been arrested. Elated, Sami told Rafe the good news. "E.J. and Stefano are on their way to jail, and they are finally [getting] what they deserve," Sami cheered.

Back in Arnold's cell, the chained prisoners were placed in Arnold's cell. When Arnold made a joke about the prisoners being losers, one took offense to the statement. When Arnold continue to make cracks, the offended prisoner noted that he remembered Arnold and that he was FBI agent Rafe Hernandez, who had previously arrested him for bank robbery. Sensing he was in danger, Arnold explained that he was not Rafe. "I never forget the face of someone that screwed me," the prisoner said as his hands gripped onto Arnold's shoulders.

In the main room of the police station, Abe was looking over some paperwork when he overheard Officer Chan inform Officer Lopez that he had placed the bank robbery suspects in the cell with Arnold. Shocked, Abe spun around and noted, "He is supposed to be in solitary. He is a witness protection candidate" "I vetted them. They had no ties to the DiMeras. What's the big flippin' deal?" Officer Chan said.

Bo and Hope arrived at Arnold's cell and were concerned to find a gaggle of prisoners standing around. As Bo opened the door to the cell, he was shocked to find Arnold's bloody body on the floor. After feeling for a pulse, Bo announced that Arnold was dead.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kinsey was outside the Cheatin' Heart, on the phone with T, who evidently wanted to see her again that night, but she informed him that she had other plans. Kinsey then went inside, and paused uncomfortably when she saw that Chloe was there. Chloe spotted Kinsey, and immediately picked up on her hesitation. Kinsey blurted, "I saw that creepy guy giving you money last night. Was he paying you for sex?" Although Chloe tried to insist that Kinsey had just misinterpreted things, Kinsey didn't buy it.

Chloe finally admitted that she had started working as a prostitute in order to raise money to get her son back. She was worried that it had all been in vain since Kinsey had found out, but Kinsey reassured her that she would never tell anyone. Chloe asserted that she would soon be able to pay for things with legitimate work, like her singing gig in Brookville that night. Kinsey pointed out that she had no room to judge after the way her dad had lost all of their money, and then offered to drive Chloe to Brookville. Chloe gratefully accepted.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate plotted on the phone with Randy, Chloe's client, about how he was to attend Chloe's singing performance that night, and expose Chloe as a prostitute in front of her caseworker. As Kate was heading out to give Randy his ticket for the nightclub, Chad stopped her in the foyer. He confronted her about how she'd set Abigail up to see him working for his father on the pier -- but it hadn't worked, because the two of them were closer than ever. Chad walked off confidently, and Kate said to herself with a shrug that she would have to deal with that another day.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer informed Abigail that despite all the favors she'd called in with her reporter friends, she still hadn't been able to find Carly. Jennifer blamed herself for Carly being missing, because she'd handled things "abysmally" when she'd learned about Carly's drug problem, and she didn't know if she could ever make things right with Daniel. Abigail asked if Jennifer planned to tell Daniel how she felt, since he knew the truth about Carly, but Jennifer didn't think there was a point. Abigail countered that Jennifer had nothing to lose by trying again with Daniel.

Nurse Elise overheard Daniel and Melanie discussing Carly's whereabouts, and informed them that Dr. Manning had called in the night before to let the staff know that she was taking some time off. Daniel and Melanie peppered Elise with questions, but the nurse apologetically told them that she didn't know any more than that, although Carly had sounded fine. After Elise had gone, Melanie and Daniel were hopeful that only a few people had seen the picture of Carly that had circulated on the Internet, and that Carly would return home to get the help she needed.

When Jennifer arrived at the hospital, she heard Daniel telling Elise to page him if Carly called again. Daniel cautioned Jennifer that they still didn't know much, but she was very relieved that at least Carly had called. Jennifer quickly surmised from his demeanor that Daniel hadn't planned to tell her about Carly's call, but Daniel claimed that he just hadn't gotten the chance yet. Jennifer acknowledged Daniel's anger and disappointment in her, but asked if they could put aside their differences for Carly's sake.

Daniel and Jennifer went to the waterfront to continue their conversation. Daniel expressed his anger with Jennifer for making decisions for both of them without consulting him, and declared that they needed to end their relationship for good. Jennifer grabbed his hand as he tried to leave, and apologized for how she'd pushed him away out of a misguided effort to help Carly. Daniel pulled away, but Jennifer blurted out that she had cared about him for a long time. She stopped herself, but then gulped and admitted, "I love you, Daniel." Daniel reacted with stunned silence, and Jennifer started to back away, mortified, but he grabbed her and pulled her into an embrace. "I love you, too," he whispered finally, and then kissed a pleasantly surprised Jennifer.

When Chad and Abigail entered the Brady Pub together later, Melanie was sitting alone. Chad encouraged Abigail to talk to her friend, but Abigail reminded him that Melanie was still furious with her. Chad urged her to make the first move, so Abigail approached Melanie tentatively. When she overheard Melanie say on the phone that Carly had called the hospital, Abigail excitedly asked if that meant Carly was all right.

Melanie snapped that she still didn't know where Carly was or when she was returning. Abigail apologized for not telling Melanie about Carly's drug problem. "I'm mostly sorry because now I can't even be your friend. I can't even help you through this," Abigail added sadly. She rose to leave, but Melanie stopped her. "I do need my friend," Melanie admitted, putting her arms around Abigail.

After Melanie left, Abigail declared that it had been "sweet and sensitive" of Chad to have been able to tell how upset she'd been, and to encourage her to talk to Melanie. "Whoa -- let's not get carried away here," Chad remarked, but Abigail kissed him anyway.

Gus accompanied Vivian as she visited Lawrence's monument at the cemetery. Vivian hoped that her nephew was at peace after she'd avenged his death with the help of her son Quinn. When Vivian took credit for posting the incriminating photo of Carly on the Internet and getting the pills with which to drug Carly, Gus became enraged. Vivian accused him of being surly, and then declared that she didn't want her son to make the same mistake with the woman in his hotel room that her nephew had. After Vivian charged off, Gus remarked, "Maybe Kate DiMera will be more loyal after all."

In Quinn's hotel room, Carly dreamed about all the terrible things that had happened to her since she'd started using drugs. She thrashed and moaned in her sleep until Quinn shook her gently awake. After he got Carly tucked back into bed, he made a furtive phone call. "I've got a real problem on my hands. I have someone here in my hotel room, and I need for her to stay here. I need you to make sure she doesn't leave while I'm out," Quinn instructed. When he hung up, he saw that Carly's eyes were open, so he told her that he had to go out for a while, but she was welcome to stay. Carly was grateful to him for saving her life.

As soon as the door closed behind Quinn, Carly got out of bed, but she was so weak that she crumpled to the floor. She hallucinated that Daniel and Melanie showed up to berate her for what she'd put them through. When Melanie and Daniel's images evaporated, Carly climbed shakily back into bed and began to sob.

Carly was sleeping a bit later when Vivian pounded on the door. Carly had a nightmare that she opened the door, and Vivian mocked her for the many ways she'd failed. Soon, a vision of Lawrence showed up to taunt Carly that because she'd murdered him, she was stuck with him. "Lawrence" then invited her, "Come with me. It's hell, yeah, but it's got to be better than hell on earth." Carly seemed to consider the offer, then dived across the bed to grab the phone. As she dialed Melanie's number, she saw that Lawrence had vanished.

Melanie was leaving the pub when her phone rang, but Carly was unable to say anything. "Hello? Is anyone there?" Melanie repeated, and when no one responded, she hung up. Carly began to sob. She fumbled in her purse until she found the drug dealer's phone number. "Whatever you got," she told him. "I need to stop the pain -- forever."

Vivian found Gus drinking from a flask on a bench outside the Brady Pub, and admonished him for his "unseemly" behavior. Gus snarled that he thought Vivian was looking for her son. Vivian replied that Quinn wasn't at home, and he wasn't answering his phone. Gus declared that Quinn had the right idea, and stomped off, leaving Vivian with her mouth hanging open.

When Kate arrived on the pier to meet Randy, Quinn showed up instead. "This is the last time you get in the middle of my business," he warned. Kate feigned ignorance, so Quinn informed her that Randy had called him about what she wanted Randy to do at Chloe's performance. Quinn returned the money that Kate had given to him and to Randy, and declared, "As far as I'm concerned, we were never in business together. Understood?" Kate assumed that Quinn had threatened his client, but Quinn noted that Randy was more afraid of being charged with soliciting a prostitute than he was of the DiMera name.

Quinn angrily continued that Kate had crossed a line, because if the caseworker had investigated claims that Chloe was an escort, the investigation could have led straight to him. Kate demanded to know why Quinn wouldn't simply give her the proof she needed to expose Chloe, and wondered why he was so protective of Chloe. Quinn asserted firmly that it was none of Kate's business. When Kate threatened him, Quinn countered that he wasn't afraid of her or her husband. "Don't mess with me. You have no idea who I am," Quinn growled menacingly. "You are right; I don't," Kate muttered after Quinn left, and added, "But I am going to find out."

Quinn met Vivian in the cemetery. She showed him Lawrence's headstone, and lamented that it was all she had left of her nephew, thanks to Carly. Vivian continued that she was grateful to have Quinn in her life, and she needed him to understand why it was so important that she avenge Lawrence's death. She then informed Quinn that she had stopped by his room, and had resisted the temptation to break in. Vivian noticed how jumpy Quinn seemed, and he admitted that he had just made a new enemy: Kate DiMera. A livid Vivian demanded to know how Quinn had gotten involved with her worst enemy. Quinn asserted that he could handle Kate, but Vivian warned, "Don't let that cobra make the first move -- ever!"

Kate was at the Cheatin' Heart when Kinsey and Chloe returned from Brookville. The other women didn't see her, so Kate eavesdropped on their conversation. Kinsey seemed even more excited than Chloe that the manager of the club had offered Chloe another job the following week. Kinsey declared that she would be Chloe's personal assistant. Chloe was just glad that the caseworker had told her that she was one step closer to shared custody of Parker. Fed up, Kate stormed over and bragged to Chloe about how Parker had just said "daddy" during their video chat. Kate continued snidely that the boy would never need to learn to say "mama."

Kinsey defended Chloe, and asserted that Parker would never be taught the word "Granny." Kate left after warning Chloe that she would never have Parker back in her life. Kinsey was still furious, but Chloe shrugged off Kate's behavior as tame for Kate. "Oh, my God, if my ex-mother-in-law found out how I'd been making money the last few weeks..." Chloe began. Kinsey assured Chloe that Kate would never find out. "I just want you to know that I didn't have a choice," Chloe maintained, and Kinsey understood. When Chloe went to the bar to buy Kinsey a soda, her cell phone rang. Chloe didn't hear it, so Kinsey answered. The caller asked if he could book Lola. Kinsey was confused for a moment, but then agreed to take down his information.

In the alley, Kate cursed Quinn for ruining everything. Gus appeared from around the corner, and slurred, "Well, what do you know? You hate that joker, too, eh?" Kate asked why Gus hated Quinn so much. Gus stumbled away after vaguely stating that Kate didn't know the half of it. Kate repeated her earlier vow, "No, I don't, but I am going to find out."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

by Mike

At the police station, Bo and Hope continued to worry about Carly. Roman reminded Bo and Hope that Carly had checked in with the hospital staff earlier. Roman added that the investigation into Carly's disappearance had been officially closed. Roman announced that he had another case that he wanted Bo and Hope to work on.

Roman explained that a prostitute had been stabbed the previous night. Roman said that the woman had been taken to the hospital. Roman added that the officer who had responded to the call had not been able to get a lot of information out of the woman. Roman said that he wanted Bo and Hope to try to convince the woman to talk about the attack.

After Bo and Hope left, Roman handed Rafe a stack of folders. Roman said that he needed Rafe to go through all of the files to make sure that each case was ready to be sent to the D.A.'s office. Rafe wondered why he was being asked to waste his time on paperwork. Roman claimed that everyone was going to have to do some extra work because of the budget cuts, but Rafe wasn't convinced.

Rafe realized that Roman didn't think that Rafe was ready to return to active duty. Rafe wondered if Roman believed that Rafe was going to use his badge to go after the DiMeras. Rafe insisted that he wasn't going to do anything stupid, but Roman refused to reconsider his decision.

At the hospital, Hope tried to talk to the assault victim; meanwhile, Bo went to check out the crime scene. The woman, who introduced herself as Charity, told Hope that she had been attacked from behind. Charity insisted that she had not seen her attacker's face. Charity added that she wasn't sure about the assailant's gender.

Hope realized that Charity believed that the cops were not going to take the case seriously. Hope said that she was genuinely concerned about protecting Charity. Hope said that she wasn't going to judge Charity for being a prostitute, and she promised to find Charity's attacker. Charity warned Hope that there would always be plenty of other attackers.

Back at the police station, Hope told Roman about her earlier conversation with Charity. Bo told Roman that he had not been able to find anything at the crime scene. Roman apologetically informed Bo and Hope that they were going to have to drop the case; Roman explained that he didn't have the manpower to continue the investigation. Hope offered to work on the case on her own.

"You do that, and somebody else will have your job by the time you get back to your desk," Roman said, as Rafe listened nearby. Hope tried to protest, and she wondered if Roman would have taken the case more seriously if the victim had not been a prostitute. Roman warned Hope not to push him. Hope muttered that she wouldn't dream of doing that; before Roman could respond, Hope stormed off, and Bo followed her.

Later, back at the hospital, Hope tried to question Charity again. Maxine explained that Charity was heavily sedated, and Hope promised that she would return the next day. After Maxine left, Hope realized that Bo had been standing nearby. Bo assured Hope that he wasn't going to tell Roman about her plan, and he added that he was going to help her with the case.

As Bo and Hope started to leave, they ran into Rafe. Rafe said that he had guessed that Bo and Hope would ignore Roman's orders. Rafe promised that he wasn't going to tell Roman that Bo and Hope were still working on the case. Rafe added that he wanted to help with the investigation.

At Maggie's house, Maggie called Victor to let him know that he had forgotten his cuff links at her place. Maggie added that she was looking forward to having dinner with Victor later that night. After Maggie ended the call, Adrienne stopped by to talk to Maggie about the hospital's Labor Day fundraiser. Adrienne quickly realized that something was different about Maggie. Adrienne wondered if Maggie had met someone.

Maggie said that she had known the person for a long time, and Adrienne gasped as she realized that Maggie was talking about Victor. Maggie wondered if it was really that shocking to think about her and Victor as a couple. Adrienne explained that she was just surprised that Maggie and Victor had finally managed to deal with the problems that had been keeping them from being together. Maggie agreed that she had been ambivalent about getting involved with Victor.

"I just...felt disloyal to Mickey; to care about another man was a betrayal. But I've worked on it -- those feelings -- and I've decided that that doesn't make any sense; that being shut down and sad --'s too short, right?" Maggie asked. Adrienne agreed, and Maggie added that Mickey would want her to feel loved and cherished. Maggie admitted that Victor made her feel that way. Maggie wondered how Adrienne felt about Maggie's announcement.

Adrienne hesitantly stated that she just wanted Maggie to be happy. Adrienne added that she was skeptical about Victor. Maggie pointed out that Adrienne had married Victor's nephew, but Adrienne insisted that Victor and Justin were complete opposites. Maggie disagreed, and she wondered if Adrienne had heard about the way that Victor had defended Sonny at the Brady Pub. Adrienne said that Sonny had told her that Victor had been incredibly supportive.

"He was, and when I saw that, Adrienne, I...I was reminded how good and honorable Victor kind and loving," Maggie said. Maggie added that she and Victor made each other laugh. Adrienne conceded that laughter was a very important ingredient for a successful relationship. "I just feel lighthearted when I'm with him; he makes me feel young. I think I do the same for him," Maggie explained. Adrienne smiled as she hugged Maggie, and she said that she was happy for Maggie -- and for Victor.

At the Brady Pub, Taylor insisted that E.J. wasn't going to hurt Brady, but Nicole wasn't convinced. Nicole pointed out that Taylor just wanted E.J. to be a better person. "The only way you're gonna help E.J. and Brady from killing each other, and to stop this war with the Kiriakis and DiMera families, is to go to E.J.; tell him you love him, and you forgive him, and you want to spend the rest of your days as his wife," Nicole said.

Taylor insisted that she wasn't going to be able to forget about the fact that E.J.'s actions had caused Fay's death. Nicole reminded Taylor that forgiving E.J. would be the best way to save Brady's life. Nicole added that saving Brady's life would effectively save E.J.'s life, and she knowingly stated that Taylor was probably more concerned about saving E.J. Nicole guessed that saving Brady was just a bonus.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Adrienne told Justin about her earlier conversation with Maggie; meanwhile, Sonny entered the bar. Sonny said that he needed to tell his parents something, and he warned them to brace themselves. When Sonny realized that Justin and Adrienne looked worried, he quickly assured them that the news was good. Sonny announced that he was planning to stay in Salem for the rest of the summer.

Adrienne was thrilled, and Justin wondered if Sonny was going to be staying at their house. Sonny said that he was hoping to sublet an apartment, and he added that he was going to need to find a summer job. Sonny explained that he had met with someone about a potential job opportunity earlier that day. Justin was anxious to hear about the job, but Sonny said that he didn't want to get into the details right away. Sonny promised that he would tell his parents everything after he heard back from his potential employer.

Later, Justin wondered what kind of job Sonny had applied for. Adrienne said that she didn't care, as long as Sonny was happy. Meanwhile, outside the bar, Sonny received the call that he had been waiting for. When Sonny reentered the bar, he announced that he had been given the job. "I'm gonna be working as an assistant in the District Attorney's office," Sonny said.

Adrienne and Justin's smiles quickly faded, and Justin wondered if Sonny had lost his mind. Sonny defensively pointed out that working in the D.A.'s office would be a great experience. Justin agreed that it might be a great experience for someone who wasn't a Kiriakis. Justin added that he had faced off against the D.A. multiple times in the courtroom, and he said that the battles had never been pretty. Adrienne suggested that Sonny could just take a job at Justin's office.

Sonny said that he didn't want his father to just hand him a job. Justin tried to delicately explain that the D.A. had ulterior motives for hiring Sonny. Justin suggested that the D.A. was planning to use Sonny in order to gain sensitive information about the Kiriakis family. Sonny gasped and feigned shock. "Oh, no, it can't be! Come on -- you don't think I know that? That's one of the main reasons I want this job, all right? I'm doing this for you and Uncle Vic, and our family. I'm doing it to help you," Sonny said, as Adrienne and Justin beamed with pride.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady told Victor about E.J.'s visit to the mansion the previous night. Victor was shocked that Taylor had given Brady's gun to E.J. Brady theorized that Taylor might have been trying to test E.J.; he added that E.J. had passed the test, because Brady was still alive. Brady explained that E.J. had returned the gun. "He said he wanted to play fair the next time," Brady said.

Victor noted that E.J.'s words sounded like a threat, and Brady agreed that the sentence could be interpreted in that manner. "This has gone far enough; we have to solve this problem -- once and for all," Victor said with a sigh. Brady wondered what Victor was planning to do. Victor assured Brady that he would handle the details himself, and he warned Brady to stay away from E.J.

"Things are already near the breaking point with that family and ours; the trick here is to move our knight before they move theirs," Victor said. Brady pointed out that E.J. had already had the perfect opportunity to retaliate. Victor pointedly stated that he wasn't worried about E.J. Brady said that he didn't want Victor to get in the line of fire.

Victor said that the entire family was already in the line of fire, thanks to Brady's actions. Victor quickly admitted that he probably would have done the same thing, if he had been in Brady's shoes. Brady wondered what Victor was going to do. Victor refused to answer, and he warned Brady to stay out of trouble. Before Brady could respond, Victor exited the room.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano realized that E.J. had remembered the identity of his attacker. E.J. claimed that the details were still hazy, but Stefano wasn't convinced. Stefano theorized that E.J. wanted to handle the situation on his own. "And what am I supposed to do -- just stand back and let you go ahead and try to solve this, the way you solved the Rafael mess?" Stefano asked.

E.J. said that he didn't want Stefano's help. "Because, naturally, when you go out on your own, and I let you, you succeed so magnificently," Stefano sarcastically noted. Stefano said that E.J. had almost ruined the family the last time that he had gone rogue. Stefano insisted that he wasn't going to let that happen again. E.J. started to get offended by Stefano's comments, and he stormed off.

Back at the Brady Pub, Brady ran into Nicole. Nicole chastised Brady for not answering his phone earlier, and she said that she had been worried that he might have been in a ditch somewhere. Brady assured Nicole that he was all right, and he apologized for neglecting to return her calls. Nicole conceded that Brady didn't have any reason to make her one of his priorities, because she had never been willing to make him one of hers. Nicole said that she was sorry for all of the pain that she had caused Brady.

Brady assured Nicole that he understood, and he told her about his earlier encounter with E.J. Nicole was worried about the veiled threat that E.J. had made. Brady said that Victor had claimed that he was going to take care of everything. Brady added that he wanted Nicole to keep a low profile. Nicole admitted that she didn't know what she would do if she ever lost Brady.

Brady tried to change the subject, and he reiterated that he was sorry that he had worried Nicole earlier. Nicole said that she just wanted Brady to be safe. Brady told Nicole that she was going to need to keep her distance from him; he said that he was going to be persona non grata. Nicole wondered how long that was going to last. Brady said that he wasn't sure, and he added that Nicole would find out eventually.

At the pier, E.J. ran into Taylor. E.J. told Taylor that he had returned Brady's gun to its rightful owner. E.J. said that he had decided that he wasn't going to retaliate against Brady. E.J. noted that if he did anything to Brady, the entire Kiriakis family would be gunning for him. E.J. said that he didn't need that, because he wanted to see his kids again someday. Taylor said that E.J. had made the right decision, and she added that she was proud of E.J.

E.J. sullenly stated that it was too late for that, and he quickly changed the subject. E.J. wondered what Taylor and Nicole had been talking about earlier. Taylor claimed that she had assured Nicole that E.J. would do the right thing in the end, and she added that Nicole had not been convinced. E.J. noted that Nicole didn't think very highly of him. Taylor said that she had seen a side of E.J. that Nicole had never seen.

Taylor tenderly stroked E.J.'s face, and she reiterated that she was proud of him. E.J. pulled away from Taylor's touch, and he recalled something that Taylor had said to him after she had learned the truth about the fake Rafe scheme. "You said that I just glide through life; I take chance after chance because I never get caught. Of all the things that you said to me, that was what stuck with me the most. Ultimately, it was what made me realize that my children were better off without me, and that I'd lost you -- any chance of a future with you -- because I just treated you as a...fait accompli," E.J. said.

E.J. admitted that his children didn't deserve that, and he added that Taylor deserved to be with a better man. "It doesn't really matter how you slice it; ultimately, the responsibility for your mother's death comes back to me. You can't forgive me for that. That's okay -- I can't forgive myself," E.J. said. E.J. kissed Taylor's forehead, then he quietly walked away. Later, Taylor sobbed as she recalled some of the happier moments that she had shared with E.J. Brady walked up behind her, and he gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. ran into Nicole. E.J. told Nicole that he wasn't going to retaliate against Brady. Nicole was skeptical, but E.J. assured her that she didn't know him as well as she thought that she did. E.J. promised Nicole that the feud was over.

Back at the DiMera mansion, Stefano received a phone call from Victor. Victor said that he wanted to have a conversation with Stefano about the mounting tension between their families. Victor said that he wanted to put a stop to the bloodshed. Victor added that an all-out war between the Kiriakis and DiMera families would not accomplish anything. Stefano wondered what Victor was proposing as a way to end the feud.

"We talk...together, alone. E.J. and Brady started this mess; we have to be the heads of the families and put an end to it, put it to bed," Victor said. Victor said that he wanted to protect his family, and he added that he was sure that Stefano wanted to protect the DiMera family. Stefano growled softly as he realized the truth about E.J.'s attack.

Victor wondered if Stefano was at a loss for words. "Hardly; I think your idea is splendid, and we, as heads of our family, must put this to rest," Stefano agreed. Stefano and Victor arranged to meet later that night.

Back at Maggie's place, Maggie started to prepare for her date with Victor. As Maggie was leaving, she passed a photograph of Mickey. "Mickey, my do know that you'll always be in my heart. That will never change. I've convinced myself, though, that this is what you want for me. You do want me to be happy, don't you, my love?" Maggie asked softly, as she clutched the photograph against her chest.

Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor called one of his men, Dimitri, and he asked Dimitri to head over to the mansion as quickly as possible. Victor said that something was going to happen, and he explained that he wanted Dimitri to be in the loop. After Victor ended the call, Maggie entered the mansion. Maggie said that she had decided to deliver Victor's cuff links personally, and she added that she was going to drive him to dinner. Victor apologetically informed Maggie that he was going to have to cancel their dinner plans.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano was moving some pieces around on his chessboard when Marco entered the living room. Stefano told Marco that he was going to be meeting with Victor later that night. "Brady the one who tried to kill my son. Now Kiriakis wants to meet with me alone. If he thinks no one is gonna pay for this...he is wrong," Stefano vowed.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sami was putting away the kids' toys at the loft when she found Nigel, Johnny's stuffed penguin. Rafe returned home and found his wife telling Nigel that he was her favorite of all the toys. Sami admitted that she was glad she'd made Rafe go out to buy the penguins for Johnny and Allie, because that had been when she'd fallen in love with him. She then informed Rafe that the twins were both at sleepovers, Sydney was spending time with Caroline, and Will wasn't due home until late -- so the two of them had the house to themselves.

Rafe and Sami began kissing, but just as they had moved to the couch, Johnny's broken train set caught Rafe's eye and distracted him. He jumped up to get some tools, and explained that he had promised to have the tracks fixed before Johnny got home from his sleepover. Sami was disappointed for a moment, but then offered to get the train-set manual from Johnny's desk. Soon, the two were bickering as Sami helped Rafe try to repair the broken tracks. When he finally fixed the train set, Sami praised her husband, and the two celebrated with some popcorn and beer. Sami proclaimed that they made a good team, and Rafe playfully pretended to disagree. They resumed kissing.

Outside the Brady Pub, E.J. informed Nicole that he was serious about not seeking revenge against Brady. Nicole was momentarily skeptical, but as she studied E.J.'s demeanor, she realized that he meant it -- but she wondered how he planned to convince Brady. E.J. asserted that he could handle Brady. He added that he understood Nicole's doubts, but he really was trying to change. "Nikki, giving up my children, stopping this senseless war -- it's all part of the bigger picture. This war with Brady ends tonight," E.J. declared. As she left, Nicole said, "Thank you for not getting the man I love killed."

Brady found Taylor crying on the pier, and asked her what was wrong. She assured him that things were actually good, because E.J. had promised to drop his vendetta against Brady. Brady didn't buy it for a second, and asserted that Taylor was far too smart to be as gullible as she was. Taylor maintained that she knew in her heart that E.J. had been telling the truth -- and Brady was free. "Free to do what?" Brady asked. Taylor replied that Brady should find true love.

Brady responded with sarcasm, and asked Taylor to point him in the right direction. "I need to know where she is, and I need to know who she is," he said. Brady's childish behavior angered Taylor, and she started to leave, so Brady apologetically insisted he'd been kidding. He added, "It would be helpful if you could be a little specific." Smiling, Taylor noted, "What, you didn't think I had someone in mind?" Before Taylor could reveal more, E.J. called Brady to request a meeting between the two of them in a clearing outside of town. Brady hung up, and told Taylor that their "love chat" would have to wait. He left before she could object.

Nicole was in her hotel room when Taylor knocked on the door later. Taylor wanted to tell Nicole that E.J. was dropping the vendetta, but Nicole already knew. Taylor divulged that E.J. hadn't done it for her, because she hadn't gotten the chance to tell him that she wanted him back. Taylor hoped that she and Nicole could move forward, but Nicole didn't seem to think they could. Taylor stated optimistically, "The future, for me, will be much better with my sister in my life."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie was peeved when Victor refused to tell her why he had to cancel their dinner date. Sonny interrupted to talk to Victor, but Victor told his nephew that it wasn't a good time. After Sonny left again, Maggie pointed out how rude it was for Victor to cancel plans without an explanation, especially since they had just spent the night together. Victor gently reminded Maggie that he'd cautioned her that there were certain aspects of his business that he couldn't discuss with her.

Maggie unhappily said that she couldn't accept that any longer, and started to leave, but Victor stopped her. He declared that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Maggie wanted to know if Victor was in danger, and he swore that he was not. He promised to make it up to her the following night. Maggie wryly noted that she was crazy about him, so she would let him off the hook -- that time. Victor thanked her for being so understanding. Outside, Maggie muttered to herself, "And now it starts: the lies."

After Maggie returned home, Melanie dropped by for a visit. Maggie confided that Victor had just cancelled their dinner date, but he had refused to tell her why, though she acknowledged that it had to be something very serious. Melanie divulged that the night before, E.J. had been very close to remembering who had beaten him up; she'd informed Brady, who had assured her that he would handle it. Maggie deduced that Brady had told Victor, and Victor had cancelled on her because the Kiriakises were mobilizing against the DiMeras.

After Melanie tried unsuccessfully to reach Brady by phone, Maggie complained that Victor had assured her that what he was doing was not dangerous. Melanie tried to persuade Maggie to be optimistic that everything would be fine. Maggie noted with a sigh that her relationship with Victor was just getting started after they'd managed to put aside the differences that had been pulling them apart. Before Melanie could stop her, a determined Maggie left to find Victor and demand an honest answer from him.

Victor sat down for a drink with Dmitri to discuss the situation with the DiMeras. Victor maintained that while Stefano was passionate about his family, he was a businessman at heart, so Victor planned to extend a couple of very generous proposals. Sonny returned then, so Dmitri left the room to give them some privacy. Sonny informed his uncle that he had taken a job with the D.A., and admitted that his dad thought the only reason Woods had hired Sonny was to have a Kiriakis family insider on staff. Victor asserted that Sonny was much too shrewd to let the D.A. play him. Victor then announced that he had to leave -- and he hoped what he had to do would make Sonny's new job a bit easier.

When Maggie showed up at the Kiriakis mansion a little later, Dmitri politely refused to tell her where Victor had gone. "If you think your boss is going to be happy when he finds out how unhelpful you've been to me, the woman he loves, he's going to fire you," Maggie maintained, but Dmitri held firm. Dmitri then got a phone call, so he asked Maggie to show herself out. As Dmitri went into the living room, Maggie noisily opened and closed the front door, then crept back into the parlor to eavesdrop. Dmitri's phone call revealed that Victor was meeting with Stefano at the docks. Maggie tiptoed out, determined to show up at the meeting, as well.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano instructed Marco to put all the men on full alert, because Victor Kiriakis had called for a meeting to prevent a war between the families. Stefano asserted that the attack on Elvis would not go unavenged, just as Chad arrived outside the parlor door. Chad listened in while Stefano growled, "I can never trust Kiriakis. I mean, this could be a trap. But they're going to find out what it means to cross a DiMera."

Chad entered then, and asked what was going on. Stefano claimed that he and Marco had been discussing business, but Chad asserted that he could tell just by looking at Stefano that they'd been dealing with something personal. Stefano conceded that Chad deserved to know what was going on. After Marco left to give them some privacy, Stefano admitted to Chad that the attack on E.J. had been an attack on the entire family, so it was, indeed, personal. He asked if he could count on Chad's help in avenging the attack.

Chad pointed out that E.J. didn't remember anything about the beating. Stefano explained that someone from the family was supposed to meet an informant just outside out of town; in exchange for a large sum of money, the man would produce information about E.J.'s beating. After mulling it over for a second, Chad agreed to meet the informant. Stefano gave Chad a wad of cash, and then Chad left.

When Marco returned, Stefano instructed him to make sure there was someone unfamiliar to Chad to take the money in exchange for an envelope. He explained that he wanted Chad as far as possible from what might happen on the pier later, and asked Marco to keep tabs on Elvis, as well. "He did not trust me enough to tell me that it was Brady Black who attacked him, see? So I have to attack first, before he finds out that I know what happened," Stefano elaborated, just as Chad returned to the foyer.

Chad listened as Marco guessed that Elvis wanted to personally handle the situation, and Stefano acknowledged that Marco was right. As Chad headed out the front door unseen, he wondered to himself what was going on. Marco and Stefano then left together, as Stefano vowed to get retribution for Elvis and for the family.

Chad bumped into Sonny when he went to the Brady Pub to look for E.J. When Sonny said that he hadn't seen E.J., an edgy Chad started to leave again, but Sonny stopped him. "I'm a Kiriakis, Chad, and I happen to know something's going down between my family and yours. If it's been escalating, I want to know," Sonny demanded. Chad admitted that the situation was getting worse, and he was looking for E.J. because he hoped E.J. could try to circumvent whatever might happen. The young men compared notes about Brady's attack on E.J. Chad suggested that they try to find E.J. or Brady -- or both -- to try to put a stop to things before someone got killed. Sonny concurred, so they left together to start the search.

When arrived at the clearing, E.J. thanked Brady for meeting him. Just then, Sonny and Chad showed up. Exasperated, E.J. suggested, "Looks like the word's getting, so why don't we just get this over with?" The younger men looked on in disbelief as E.J. extended his hand, and, after a moment's hesitation, Brady shook it.

As they arrived at the docks, Stefano instructed Marco to stay hidden, since Victor had promised to show up alone. Marco assured his boss that they also had men covering the perimeter. Stefano warned Marco, "Just keep your eye on him, and make sure you watch every move he makes very closely, because the old goat may get it in his head to end this himself." Marco headed up the stairs to keep watch on things from above.

Meanwhile, Victor put some papers into a small folder, which he slipped into his jacket pocket, and then left for the pier. When Victor arrived at the docks, Stefano pointed out, "This is where it happened, Victor. This is where your precious grandson tried to kill my son." Hidden by fishnets and crates above them, Marco readied his gun. Victor asserted that there was no point in rehashing the past. Maggie arrived and hid behind a stack of crates as Stefano was ordering Victor to admit what Brady had done to Elvis. Victor refused, and reached into his coat pocket for the papers. As Marco took aim at Victor, Maggie rushed protectively forward, shouting, "Victor!" Marco pulled the trigger -- and Maggie collapsed into Victor's arms.

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