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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 29, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, August 29, 2011
by Mike

At the hospital, Rafe anxiously waited for news about Sami's surgery. Roman greeted Rafe, and Rafe admitted that he was glad that Roman had figured out the truth about Sami's procedure. Rafe wondered why Sami had refused to tell Marlena about the surgery. Roman explained that Sami's relationship with Marlena was complicated. Rafe said that he looked forward to meeting Marlena in the future.

Roman explained that Bo and Hope were preparing to take Mandy's statement, and he wondered if Rafe wanted to observe the interview. Roman pointed out that Rafe was the person who had taken Mandy to the hospital after her attack. Roman suggested that Mandy might feel more comfortable if Rafe was in the room during the interview. Rafe reluctantly agreed.

In Mandy's room, Roman and Rafe joined Bo, Hope, and Daniel, and Mandy told Hope that she was ready to begin the interview. Mandy stated that her full name was Amanda Raye Pierce, and she explained that she was a professional escort. Hope asked Mandy to tell her about the night of the attack. Mandy said that she had gone to the pier to meet a friend.

"I thought I heard something, then this guy appears out of nowhere, holding some kind of stick, and he started hitting me with it...and then I blacked out," Mandy said. Hope wondered if Mandy had seen her assailant's face. Mandy hesitated, so Hope added that even small details would be helpful. Hope suggested that Mandy might be able to recall the attacker's height, or his build, or the shoes that he had worn.

Mandy closed her eyes, and she briefly recalled the attacker's nightstick. Mandy screamed, and Daniel rushed over to calm her down. Mandy said that she couldn't continue to talk about that night. Daniel asked everyone to leave so that Mandy could get some rest.

In the waiting area, Hope worried that she might have pushed Mandy too hard during the interview. Bo said that Mandy just wasn't ready to talk about her attack. Hope noted that the attacker had approached Mandy from the front. Hope said that she was certain that Mandy had seen something that would help them identify the assailant. Later, Bo and Hope asked if they could talk to Mandy again, but Daniel explained that she had been sedated.

After Sami's surgery, Lexie waited for Sami to regain consciousness. As the anesthesia started to wear off, Lexie explained that the surgical team had successfully removed the cysts. Lexie added that the cysts had been sent over to the lab so that they could be biopsied. Lexie told Sami to rest, and she excused herself so that she could find Rafe. Before Lexie could leave, Sami's monitors started to beep, and Sami started to gag. As Lexie called for some assistance, Sami started to flatline.

Later, Lexie went to the waiting area to talk to Rafe. "She had complications. We've given her medication to address the situation; now, we wait, and let the meds do their work. Look, I wish I had more information for you right now, but I don't -- I have to get back to Sami," Lexie said. Later, Roman and Rafe nervously waited for more information about Sami's condition.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Adrienne and Justin surprised Chloe by setting up a video conference for her and Parker. Chloe was overjoyed when Parker called her Mama, and she wondered if that was his first word. Later, Chloe tearfully said goodbye to Parker. After the laptop screen went blank, Chloe thanked Justin, and she said that she really wanted to be Parker's mother again.

Chloe said that she had found a kid-friendly apartment, and Justin wondered if Chloe was going to be able to afford the rent. Chloe said that she had accepted three new students for singing lessons, and she added that the club in Brookville had booked her for two full weeks of gigs. "You know, for the first time since Daniel and I split, I finally feel like I'm starting to get my life back," Chloe said. Chloe thanked Justin again, then she excused herself so that she could make a phone call.

As Chloe rummaged through her purse, one of her clients, Randy, entered the bar. Randy approached Chloe, and he said that he had an hour to kill. Randy said that he really wanted to spend that hour with Chloe. Chloe claimed that she was busy, but Randy was undeterred, and he offered to pay Chloe more money.

Chloe glanced over at Adrienne and Justin, and she explained that she couldn't talk to Randy at the bar. Chloe asked Randy to pretend that he didn't know her. Randy assumed that Adrienne and Justin were cops, and he agreed to leave Chloe alone.

Later, Justin told Chloe that he was going to let Philip know about all of the positive things that were happening in Chloe's life. Adrienne added that she and Justin were on Chloe's side. After Adrienne and Justin left, Randy walked over to Chloe. Randy said that he looked forward to seeing Chloe again. Before Chloe could respond, Randy exited the bar.

Outside the Brady Pub, Vivian greeted Gus, and she wondered why Gus was holding a bouquet of flowers. Before Gus could respond, Vivian said that she had something important that she needed to say to him. Vivian admitted that she should never have agreed to trust Quinn. Vivian said that she had realized that Gus was the most important person in her life, and she added that she loved him.

Vivian snapped Gus out of his daydream, and she wondered why he was carrying a ridiculous bouquet of flowers. Before Gus could respond, Vivian said that she needed Gus to find Quinn right away. Vivian said that she needed to tell Quinn that she had forgiven him, and that she wanted him back in her life. Gus tried to say something, but Vivian ignored him, and she walked into the pub.

Gus followed Vivian into the pub, and he pointed out that Quinn had undermined Vivian's plot against Carly. Gus suggested that Vivian needed to avoid contact with Quinn, but Vivian insisted that she couldn't do that, because Quinn was her flesh and blood. Vivian said that Lawrence was dead, Philip had moved away, and Carly had driven Nicholas away. Vivian claimed that Quinn was the only person who was left.

"Oh, bollocks! You have me!" Gus blurted out. Vivian laughed, and she said that she wasn't talking about devoted employees. Vivian explained that she needed Gus to help her find a gift for Quinn. Vivian said that the gift needed to be tasteful, and she urged Gus to hurry. Gus sulked as he exited the pub, and he angrily tossed the bouquet of flowers into a nearby trash can.

At the pier, Taylor met with Quinn. Taylor explained that Mandy was ready to talk to the police, and she said that Quinn needed to leave town right away. Quinn refused to leave, and he noted that Taylor seemed disappointed. Quinn said that he wasn't worried about Mandy, and he pointed out that he wasn't the person who had attacked her.

Taylor pointed out that Mandy had already uttered Quinn's name once, but Quinn said that he wasn't worried. "No good call girl will ever give up her talent manager. Oh, come on, Taylor -- you should know that better than anyone," Quinn said. Taylor noted that Quinn had a habit of throwing the past in her face when he knew that she was right about something. "Do you have any idea what it took for me to put that time behind me? And once I did, I wanted to come here to remind myself who I used to be," Taylor said.

"You were shagging your sister's husband. Don't make yourself out to be Joan of Arc," Quinn said. Quinn said that Taylor couldn't deny the fact that they had made a good team. Taylor said that meeting Quinn was the worst thing that had ever happened to her. Taylor insisted that she never would have given Quinn the time of day if she had not been broke and desperate.

"All right. If we're gonna do this little death march down memory lane, you could at least be accurate. I seem to recall taking you in and helping you," Quinn said. Taylor corrected Quinn, and she insisted that Quinn had destroyed her. "Is that what you do...with all your girls? Do you get them trust you, and open up to you, and feel like they owe you, and then you suggest the dandy little way that they can repay you for the kindness?" Taylor asked.

Taylor admitted that she had believed that Quinn really cared about her, until he had asked her to start turning tricks for him. Quinn insisted that he had never asked her to do that. "Okay, we obviously do have two different memories of our time together. You remember the high roller party? You remember buying me a designer dress? What about telling me that there were gonna be all kinds of major players at the party, and it would be okay if I went home with one of them?" Taylor asked.

Quinn said that there was nothing wrong with an open relationship. Taylor pointed out that Quinn had negotiated a fee for the encounter. Quinn said that Taylor had needed the money, and he claimed that he had just been trying to help her. Taylor sarcastically agreed that Quinn was always looking out for others. "What are you going on about? You got to the party, and you said you couldn't go through with it, and what did I say, huh? What did I say? I said, 'Go home, don't worry about it; I'll see you there later,'" Quinn said.

"Right, right. And before I could leave, the police came, and they raided the party. And all of the johns -- including you -- got sent home, and all of the girls -- including me -- got booked for prostitution, and because there were a couple of joints in an ashtray, they added on possession of marijuana, as well," Taylor snapped. Quinn said that he had hired a lawyer for Taylor, and he pointed out that Taylor had not spent a single night in jail.

"Oh, my God. Am I supposed to be grateful for that? Really?! Because I have a record now, and I know you remember that, because you throw it in my face every chance you get. I did nothing wrong that night. It is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life!" Taylor snapped. Quinn tried to change the subject, and he reminded Taylor that she had warned him earlier about a problem that they were going to have to deal with.

"My sister, the human barracuda, did some investigating, and she found my mug shot. She is threatening to go to my boss with it, who is Commissioner Roman Brady," Taylor explained. Taylor said that she had claimed that she had been arrested for protesting at a demonstration. Taylor said that Nicole had believed the lie, because it went along with her image of Taylor as a self-righteous, high-minded crusader.

Taylor warned that if Nicole ever learned the truth, she would make sure that the rest of Salem knew the truth, as well. Quinn said that he understood that Taylor didn't have a lot of faith in him. Quinn insisted that he would protect Taylor if the truth was ever revealed. "Because you're still one of my girls, and despite what you think, you're still very important to me," Quinn said.

"I don't need your protection, and I was never one of your girls," Taylor said, as she stormed off. Later, Vivian and Gus found Quinn at the pier. Vivian said that she had realized that there was more to life than revenge. Vivian added that she had not been able to eat or sleep since their argument. Quinn was skeptical, and he wondered if Vivian was actually admitting that she was wrong.

"Yes! I admit it. I'm human. Well, I'd be lying if I said I might not make another mistake. I just want you to be in my life. I just want us to be okay. Is that possible?" Vivian asked, as Gus sighed impatiently. Quinn admitted that Vivian always managed to find a way to make life interesting. Quinn hugged Vivian, and he said that he was willing to forgive her.

Vivian smiled, and she announced that she had purchased a present for Quinn. "It is absolutely gorgeous. It's an antique wine goblet from -- oh, I don't know, the Victorian era, or something like that. Anyway, we can both drink out of it and toast our rapprochement. Give it to him, Gus," Vivian said, as she looked at Gus expectantly. Gus purposely dropped the box on the ground, and the contents shattered loudly.

Vivian called Gus a stupid oaf, and she assured Gus that she was going to make him pay for the goblet himself. Quinn told Vivian to give Gus a break, and he noted that accidents happened. Quinn suggested that they could still share a bottle of champagne together, and he invited her to Chez Rouge.

"Oh, Quinn, we have so much to catch up on. I don't know where to start. I know -- we'll go chronologically. I want to hear everything you've ever done in your entire life -- morning, noon, and night, every single day, from the time you were born. I want to hear everything," Vivian gushed, as Gus glared at Quinn with a look of contempt.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gabi and Will packed a picnic at the Brady Pub, while Chad and Abigail made out on the sidewalk out front. As Will and Abigail walked to the car, they teased Chad and Abigail and ordered them to grab the other cooler and meet them at the lake. Chad and Abigail reluctantly stopped smooching as a smiling Sonny approached and said hi. Abigail asked Sonny if he had a music mix for the picnic. Sonny noted that he was going to skip the picnic because he was busy, but Abigail urged Sonny to join them at the lake. With a grin, Sonny agreed.

At the lake, Daniel prepped a barbeque grill as Jennifer unpacked food. Melanie, Dario, Kinsey, and T arrived at the picnic site, and T joked about inviting grandma and grandpa to the picnic. Melanie was not amused by T's joke, but Daniel and Jennifer made jokes about their Vitrola record player for the kids. Dario suggested to T that he apologize, and T did. Embarrassed, Kinsey urged T to join her down at the water before he made any more stupid comments.

"Is he a friend of yours?" Jennifer asked Melanie. Scoffing, Melanie admitted that she had no desire to become friends with T. After Melanie and Dario left for the pub for more supplies, Abigail, Chad, and Sonny arrived at the site of the picnic and greeted Daniel and Jennifer. When Jennifer joked about clearing out from the picnic because she was too old, Sonny asked who had commented on Jennifer's age. With a shrug, Jennifer noted that T had made the comment.

Will and T returned from the water, and T was unnerved to see Sonny at the picnic. When T asked who had invited Sonny, Chad and Abigail collectively took credit. T noted that Sonny had pushed his way into the group, and Daniel interrupted to note that T was getting on his nerves. "Ultimatum time. The gay guy goes, or I go," T said gruffly. Will urged T to calm down, but upset, T marched off. Shrugging it off, Sonny joked that T was always fun to spend time with.

Taken aback, Jennifer asked Abigail in a whisper whether T was truly that bigoted. "I don't know. He never used to be like that," Abigail noted. Sonny suggested that they erase what had happened with T and play a game of volleyball. Abigail left to check on Melanie while Chad and Sonny went over to the nets to play volleyball. Alone, Daniel agreed with Jennifer that he was surprised by T's reaction, and then he added that he was pleased by the response of the rest of the kids.

Back at the pub, Melanie and Dario packed up the last of the supplies for the picnic. When Abigail arrived, Dario went into the back to get the other cooler, while Abigail filled in Melanie on what happened with T at the picnic area. When Abigail noted how mad Jennifer had become at T's comments, Melanie commented that Carly had mentioned that Jennifer did not get mad that often. Concerned, Abigail asked Melanie how Carly was doing. Melanie admitted that she had not spoken with Carly since she had checked into the clinic, but that she was hoping that Nicholas would reach out to Carly.

Back at the lake, Sonny returned to the picnic area and found Will all alone. Will apologized for T's behavior, but Sonny told Will not to worry. Gabi ran back to the blanket and invited Will and Sonny to join her in the water. Sonny declined the invite, and Gabi and Will ran off to swim.

Abigail and Melanie rejoined Sonny at the picnic. Sonny worked on his computer while Melanie and Abigail chatted about Carly. When Chad and Dario returned from the volleyball game, Sonny asked Chad for advice on the website. Abigail leaped to her feed and chastised Sonny for talking about work on their day off. While Abigail, Sonny, Chad, Dario, and Melanie laughed and joked, T approached the picnic area, stewing.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Jennifer and Daniel played pool and talked about T. "He has a problem with self-esteem," Jennifer said about T. Daniel admitted that he was annoyed that T had called him grandpa, but then he felt worse when he realized he was actually old enough to be a grandpa. "I am too immature to be old," Daniel added. When Jennifer complimented the "old guy" on his pool shot, Daniel thanked his "fellow senior citizen" for the compliment.

Jennifer worried aloud about T, but Daniel reminded Jennifer that the other kids had handled the situation, and she did not need to worry. Changing the subject, Jennifer suggested they have dinner. After eating sandwiches and making more jokes about their age, Jennifer urged Daniel to dance with her. Daniel broke out "the sprinkler" dance move, then commented on how his back hurt. Jennifer rushed to Daniel's side, and he put his arms around her and pulled her into a slow dance. "Works every time," Daniel said with a grin. "Good thing you're cute. And old," Jennifer joked in return.

At Salem Oaks rehabilitation clinic, Nicholas visited Carly. Carly confided that she was on her way to her first meeting with Dr. Liv Norman. Nicholas walked Carly to Liv's office, and Liv asked Nicholas to stay. "I think you two have a lot to explore," Liv said. Carly was hesitant to have her son join the therapy session, and she noted that she did not want to drag Nicholas into her problems. When Liv explained that addiction problems tended to stem from family problems, Carly insisted that Nicholas was not a part of her issues.

"I thought maybe the two of you could start telling each other the truth for a change," Liv said. Carly countered that Nicholas was honest with her. Liv explained that she was referring to emotional honesty. When Nicholas agreed to stay and talk, Liv asked Carly how she had felt when she saw Nicholas in the clinic for the first time. Holding back tears, Carly admitted that she had thought it was a miracle to see her son.

Pushing Carly, Liv asked Carly to explain what she had felt besides gratitude for seeing Nicholas in the clinic when she woke up. "Terrified," Carly said breathlessly. "Terrified of hurting him more than I already have. Of finding out how he really feels about me. He hates me," Carly whispered. Sitting at his mother's side, Nicholas apologized for what he had said previously and insisted that he wanted to stand by Carly. "I think you decide about what Nicholas feels and then you don't want to talk about it," Liv said to Carly. Nicholas reminded Carly that it was his choice to be there at the clinic.

Sniffling, Carly admitted that she was worried that Nicholas would not be able to forgive her for killing Lawrence. Feeling awkward, Nicholas announced that he wanted to leave. When Liv asked Nicholas how he was feeling, he yelled, "She just said she killed someone, and you're just sitting there like she said she burned dinner." When Nicholas asked Liv for a reaction, Liv countered that she was interested in why Nicholas was directing his anger at her rather than his mother.

Liv suggested that Nicholas was more comfortable yelling at a stranger than confronting how he felt about what Carly did to Lawrence. Nicholas admitted that he was avoiding the issue because he did not know how to talk to Carly. "Did he really deserve to die? What if he had it in inside? What if he had it in him to change?" Nicholas asked. Nicholas noted that Carly had the chance to change, but Lawrence did not have that chance because he was dead.

Carly admitted that Nicholas was right. Liv suggested that it would do more harm than good to shield Nicholas from the truth about his father. Nodding her head, Carly explained to Nicholas that Lawrence had had a good side but that it had disappeared after he became sick. "I felt like I had no choice," Carly said. "You took away any chance of him getting better," Nicholas countered.

Carly explained that Lawrence had become physically and emotionally abusive and that she had stuck by Lawrence's side, hoping he would get better. With tears streaming down her face, Carly continued that once Lawrence had threatened her daughter Melanie, she'd had to act. "If he had threatened you, I would have done the same thing," Carly said of Lawrence. "I had no choice," Carly reiterated.

In the hospital waiting area, Lexie informed Rafe and Roman that Sami had suffered an adverse reaction to the anesthetic and was unconscious. While Lexie went to run tests, Roman encouraged Rafe to keep calm and remember that Sami was a fighter. "I'm supposed to protect her," Rafe lamented. Roman reminded Rafe that he could not control everything. "You don't have to actually be in that room for her to know that you're there," Roman said.

When Sami woke up, Lexie took Rafe and Roman to see her. Lexie explained that Sami had experienced an allergic reaction to the anesthetic and that the cysts were being tested in the lab. Roman urged Sami to call Marlena, but Sami insisted that they keep the surgery secret until they received the test results. Sami wanted to go home, but Lexie insisted that Sami stay in the hospital for observation. While Sami protested, Rafe excused himself to make a phone call.

After making arrangements for a surprise ice cream delivery, Rafe returned to Sami's side. Sami was thrilled by the giant ice cream sundae and fought good-naturedly with Roman, who stole a couple of bites. While Roman, Rafe, and Sami chowed down on the sundae, Lexie went into the hallway and learned that Sami's test results were ready. Dismayed by the results, Lexie asked the lab to run the tests again.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daniel led a blindfolded Jennifer into a hotel room, where a bottle of champagne was chilling next to a large bouquet of flowers, and candles were burning around the room. When Daniel removed her blindfold, Jennifer gasped with thrilled disbelief. As Daniel hugged her from behind and kissed the back of her neck, Jennifer joked that for an old geezer, he still had some good moves. Daniel then picked Jennifer up and carried her to the bed, where the two made love.

Afterward, they opened the champagne, and talked about how much simpler life had been when they were younger. Daniel asserted that it had taken his whole life up to that point to realize that nothing mattered but love and family. "And when I look in your eyes, I feel like there's just no one on earth that I want to spend the rest of my life with," Daniel declared. A shocked Jennifer asked, "Daniel, are you proposing to me?"

Daniel awkwardly noted that it was customary to propose with a ring, and he was "ringless." A mortified Jennifer admitted that she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion. Daniel assured Jennifer that he had only been expressing what had been in his heart at that moment, and he hadn't intended to freak her out. Jennifer affirmed that the previous few months with Daniel had been very special. They proclaimed their love for one another, and then made love again. When Daniel fell asleep, Jennifer kissed him softly on the cheek. She got out of bed and gazed pensively out the window.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate spoke on the phone with Stefano, and lied to her husband that she had no plans that night.

In her room at the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie wobbled a bit, but Melanie was there to help her sit down on the bed. Maggie noted that the staff was waiting on her hand and foot, and admitted that she wasn't accustomed to not doing things for herself. Melanie assured Maggie that it would help her recover more quickly. Maggie asked how Carly was doing in rehab. Melanie had only talked to her mom's doctor, who had said that Carly was working very hard. Melanie added that she planned to visit her mother that evening.

Downstairs, Victor escorted Kate into the living room, and admitted that he'd been surprised to receive her proposal. "Are you ready to jump back into bed with your ex-wife?" Kate asked Victor -- just as Maggie entered the room. Kate was taken aback to learn that Maggie was staying there while she recuperated. Victor asked Maggie to join them, and noted to Kate that it would be a "dream come true" if Maggie decided to move in permanently.

While Brady read Kate's proposal, Kate reminded Victor that Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics had once made a fortune for Titan. She believed that with the new products she was adding with the re-launch of the company, its potential was limitless. Maggie remembered fondly that she and Alice had been the first investors in the original Countess Wilhelmina, and Kate informed the group that she had gotten Billie's blessing to use the name again.

Victor demanded to know why Kate had approached him and not her husband with the idea. Kate replied that she wanted the project to be hers, independent of Stefano, and with the new accord between the families, she wanted to make the offer to Victor first. Victor believed that Kate had taken the idea to him because Stefano had turned her down, but Kate maintained that she hadn't even told Stefano about it. Brady, who had been quietly reviewing the proposal, started to say that Titan would be happy to invest, but Victor cut Brady off to declare that Titan was not interested.

"Wilhelmina is just not a good fit with Titan any longer," Victor maintained, although Brady respectfully disagreed. Kate urged Victor to reconsider, but he declined. She asked Brady if he could overrule Victor. "I can. But I won't," Brady replied. "You are making a huge mistake," Kate huffily warned Victor. As Maggie walked Kate to the door, Brady demanded to know why Victor had passed on such a profitable business venture. "Because I have something much, much bigger in mind. Watch and learn, grandson," Victor replied.

A depressed Carly sat alone in the garden at the rehab center, convinced that Nicholas had left without saying goodbye because he hated her. When Nicholas arrived, Carly was startled but thankful. She asked why he'd returned, and he admitted, "I never should have come here. It was a terrible mistake." Carly stated that although the therapy session had been difficult, she thought the two of them had made progress.

Nicholas admitted that he'd thought he could help her get better, but he hadn't realized how angry he still was about her killing his father. He continued that while he understood intellectually what a terrible, abusive person Lawrence had been, Nicholas did not think he could ever forgive Carly. Carly pleaded with her son not to give up on mending their relationship, or on her. Nicholas acknowledged that he loved Carly, but he thought he should keep his distance, so he was returning to Europe. Carly begged him not to go, but Nicholas kissed her goodbye and left.

Nicholas was leaving the rehab clinic just as Melanie arrived. Recognizing her brother from his pictures, she introduced herself. After they shook hands awkwardly, Melanie asked if Nicholas had gotten her emails. He admitted that he had, and apologized for not responding. Melanie was just grateful that Nicholas was visiting when their mom needed him the most. Nicholas declared that it had been a huge mistake for him to show up there, and he'd told Carly that, as well. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Melanie demanded.

Nicholas angrily pointed out that Melanie was assuming things had gone wrong because of him, when Carly was the one who was in rehab -- and who had killed a man. Melanie pronounced Nicholas a "selfish bastard" for not wanting to be a loyal son and help their mom in her recovery. Noting that Melanie had no idea what he had been through, Nicholas demanded, "Do you know how hard it is... to know that my own mother is responsible for my father's death?" Softening, Melanie wanted to know if Carly had been good to Nicholas when he was a child.

Nicholas replied sincerely that even though he had only found out Carly was his mom when he was around twelve, she had been an amazing mother. "I didn't get her till I was much older -- because your dad made her give me up," Melanie stated, adding, "I missed out on a whole childhood of her love, and my real father's love." She continued that forgiving her mom had been the best thing she'd ever done. "Your dad is gone, and nothing you do or say will ever bring him back. Do you want to lose your mom, too?" Melanie asked softly.

Carly was back in her room when Dr. Norman arrived. Carly angrily lashed out at the therapist for forcing Nicholas into family counseling, and blamed her for his decision to return to Europe. Dr. Norman tried to apologize, but Carly continued raking her over the coals, and accused the doctor of ruining Carly's life. Carly finally stopped ranting, and admitted it was her own fault that Nicholas had left. Dr. Norman asserted that with time, Carly and Nicholas would be closer to reaching an understanding. Carly confided that it had been very difficult to hear her son say that he couldn't even be near her, and she didn't think she was strong enough to deal with it.

Dr. Norman said that they would work on helping Carly identify her strengths and weaknesses in therapy. Carly calmly declared that she didn't want to be there anymore, so she was checking out of rehab. While Carly packed her suitcase, Dr. Norman urged her to reconsider, since Carly had just begun the program. "Do you really think you're ready to go home?" Dr. Norman asked. Carly stated that she wasn't going home; she was going to find somewhere far away from people who knew how low she'd sunk. Dr. Norman admitted that she was afraid that without a support system, Carly might start using drugs again. "I don't care!" Carly retorted.

"I do," Nicholas said from the doorway. He asked his mom for a "do-over," and Carly gratefully agreed. She asked why Nicholas had changed his mind. "I met my sister," Nicholas replied, just as Melanie appeared. Carly pulled both of her kids into an appreciative embrace.

At the Brady Pub, Kinsey asked why Chloe was in such a good mood. Beaming, Chloe divulged that she'd gotten to video-chat with Parker, who had called her "Mama." Kinsey was happy for her friend. Chloe added that she was optimistic that the court would soon grant her shared custody of her son. A phone call from the club in Brookville where Chloe was singing interrupted the conversation. When she hung up, an upset Chloe informed Kinsey that the club was closed indefinitely while they repaired flood damage from a broken pipe.

Chloe was worried that without a steady flow of income -- and the ability to pay her rent and bills on time -- she might never get custody of Parker, and she wasn't earning enough from the few voice lessons she was giving. When Quinn walked in, Kinsey realized that Chloe was thinking about returning to work for him. "Don't even think about it," Kinsey warned, and reminded Chloe insistently, "There is some lunatic attacking prostitutes, and the police have zero leads. Take your own advice, please. It's too dangerous out there right now." Kinsey urged Chloe to find some other way to make money, but Chloe asked Kinsey to stay out of it.

After Kinsey left, Chloe approached Quinn, and asked if he had any work for her. Pointing out that Chloe had wanted to quit, Quinn declared that until the police caught the man who was attacking prostitutes, they were both out of the business. Chloe reminded him that she needed the money to prove to Social Services that she was fit to care for Parker, but Quinn maintained that it just was too dangerous.

Almost as soon as Quinn had gone, Chloe called one of her clients. A bit later, she arrived on the docks to meet the client, but he was not there, so Chloe called him. After making sure the man wasn't going to stand her up, she instructed him not to let Quinn know that they were meeting. As Chloe hung up, a shadowy figure watched from behind some crates, and prepared to attack.

Thursday, September 1, 2011
by Mike

At the hospital, Abe offered to take Lexie to dinner, but Lexie declined. Lexie explained that she had scheduled a consultation with a patient for later that night. "This is the kind of news I really, really wish I never had to give," Lexie said with a sigh. After Abe left, Lexie called Sami and Rafe, and she asked them to meet her at the hospital.

Later, in Lexie's office, Lexie told Sami and Rafe that Sami's biopsy results had revealed some abnormalities. Lexie admitted that she wasn't sure about the cause of the abnormalities. Rafe tried to assure Sami that everything was going to be all right, but Sami wasn't convinced. "Lexie, just say it. I have cancer, don't I?" Sami asked.

Lexie explained that she had arranged for a specialist to look at Sami's test results. Lexie reluctantly admitted that the specialist was an oncologist, but she quickly added that she didn't want Sami and Rafe to jump to the wrong conclusion. Sami reminded Lexie that Marlena was a doctor, and she pointed out that she was aware that an oncologist was a cancer specialist.

Lexie admitted that Sami might have cancer. Lexie added that there was still a possibility that something else might be wrong. Sami wondered what else could have caused the abnormalities. Lexie hesitated, and she explained that she didn't want to play guessing games.

As Lexie and Rafe talked about the importance of seeking a second opinion, Sami stared at the wall with a dazed expression on her face. Lexie wondered what Sami was thinking. "I'm thinking about my kids. I'm thinking that I can't have cancer, because my kids need me," Sami calmly stated. Rafe comforted Sami, and he asked Lexie to confirm that the odds were in Sami's favor.

Lexie admitted that she would need to figure out what was going on before she would be able to answer Rafe's question. Lexie reminded Sami and Rafe that they needed to stay positive. Rafe wondered who the specialist was. Lexie said that the specialist was a doctor at the University of Chicago, and she added that he was one of the best in his field.

Sami thanked Lexie for being a good friend. "Well, um, as your friend...Sami, there's something I just have to say. I know you don't want to worry your family until you know what you're dealing with, you said, you are a doctor's daughter, and if Marlena knew that you were going through this without her, you know how upset she'd be. Honey, I know you feel like you're protecting her, but do you really think that's what she'd want?" Lexie asked.

Lexie excused herself so that she could head over to the emergency room. After Lexie left, Rafe hugged Sami, and she started to cry on his shoulder. "Why is this happening? I mean, we just got the kids back, and we're finally together, and we're happy together, and's just not fair! It's not fair!" Sami shouted, as Rafe tried to calm her down. Rafe reminded Sami that she wasn't alone, and he promised to protect her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor showed Brady some documents. After Brady examined the documents, he admitted that he should not have doubted Victor earlier. Brady said that he understood why Victor had turned down Kate's offer for Countess Wilhelmina. "You know, as much as I appreciate Kate's olive branch, I will be more than pleased to put Countess Wilhelmina Personal Care out of business before they even begin," Victor said.

Nicole entered the living room, wearing a slinky, bright pink nightgown. Victor reminded Nicole that it was rude to interrupt a private conversation. Nicole explained that she was having trouble sleeping, and she said that she had decided that a fresh cup of tea might help. Nicole walked over to Brady, and she seductively asked if Brady would be willing to bring some tea up to her room after he was finished talking to Victor.

Brady agreed, and Nicole abruptly excused herself. After Nicole left, Victor said that he wanted Nicole out of the house right away. Victor pointed out that Nicole had received a hefty divorce settlement, and he insisted that she could afford her own place. Brady explained that the divorce still needed to be finalized. Victor started to list all of Nicole's failed relationships, and Brady pointed out that Victor needed to include himself in that list.

Brady wondered if Nicole had wounded Victor's pride. Victor insisted that he had moved on. Brady sighed and said that he was tired of constantly arguing with Victor about Nicole. Victor urged Brady to take charge of the situation.

Later, Brady took a cup of tea to Nicole's room. Nicole thanked Brady, but she admitted that she had been joking earlier about wanting a cup of tea. Nicole wondered if she needed to pack her bags. Brady assured Nicole that he wasn't going to throw her out of the mansion.

Nicole wondered how he had convinced Victor to let her stay at the mansion. Brady reminded Nicole that he was in charge. Nicole pointed out that Victor still owned the mansion. Brady explained that the situation had changed, and he started to kiss Nicole passionately.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate realized that E.J. was aware that she had met with Victor earlier. E.J. said that he was also aware that Victor had turned Kate down. E.J. pointed out that Victor was a shrewd businessman, and he suggested that Victor had to have some reason for refusing Kate's offer. E.J. wondered if Kate knew what Victor was up to.

Kate shrugged, and she admitted that she had not considered the possibility that he might have been hiding something from her. E.J. said that they needed to stay a step ahead of Victor. "Why don't you do yourself a big favor...and call corporate? Call corporate -- call them, and tell them I approved funding for the Countess Wilhelmina transaction," E.J. suggested, as he handed Kate the phone.

Kate wondered why E.J. had approved the offer. "I'm going to tell you the same thing that I told Victor. I want this company to be all mine, and if I take that financing, then it won't be," Kate said. E.J. pointed out that Kate didn't really have a choice, because she wouldn't have enough money to fund the company unless she accepted E.J.'s help.

"No offense, E.J., but you and Victor aren't the only game in town. I own Hearth and Home. I have a proven track record. The investors that I'll be courting -- they know I'm a safe bet," Kate pointed out. E.J. reminded Kate that she had begged him for money earlier. Kate said that her plans had changed.

"Times, Kate, have changed. If you think that some stranger's money is worth more than family equity, you're mistaken. Just think about this -- it's a win-win situation. You get to run your little company, and we get to share the profits, so how could you possibly lose?" E.J. asked. E.J. assured Kate that his offer was genuine. E.J. extended his hand, and he explained that Stefano had taught him that a handshake was binding.

Kate considered E.J.'s offer, then she explained that she had a few conditions. "If I do accept this financing, I still retain control of the company; that means day-to-day business operations are entirely my responsibility," Kate said. E.J. smiled and assured Kate that he wasn't the least bit interested in the day-to-day operations of a cosmetics company. E.J. added that the only thing that he wanted to see was a quarterly profit.

"Well, just as long as we're clear here -- this doesn't only mean you, it means anyone who works for you, or with you, or under and your cohorts will not be telling me what to do, ever," Kate added. E.J. agreed, and he gave Kate his word. E.J. said that he was making a business deal with Kate, and he assured her that he didn't take those lightly. E.J. extended his hand again, and he warned Kate that he wouldn't offer it a third time.

Kate shook E.J.'s hand, and E.J. smiled and said that he was pleased. Kate dryly stated that she was concerned. E.J. assured Kate that there wasn't anything to be worried about. Kate noted that a pact with E.J. was like a pact with the devil, but E.J. insisted that he would be more helpful than the devil.

Kate said that she had enjoyed E.J.'s comment about how binding his handshake was. Kate added that she hoped that E.J. wouldn't mind if she called her lawyers and asked them to draw up some paperwork to secure the transaction. E.J. agreed, and Kate excused herself. After Kate left, E.J. placed a phone call to someone. "Hey, it's me. So, um...go ahead and put through that transaction we talked about earlier. Do me a favor. Watch her closely -- watch every single penny she spends, and make sure she has no idea," E.J. said.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Quinn told Taylor that he was shutting down his business. Taylor said that she was pleased to hear that, and she wondered when Quinn was planning to leave town. Quinn said that he wasn't leaving Salem. Taylor started to leave, but Quinn begged her to give him a chance to explain.

"I want you to know I'm truly sorry for pulling you in the way I did all those years ago. You didn't do anything wrong, and you ended up with a criminal record nonetheless, and I understand why you're furious with me. Look, I should have protected you back then, and maybe it's too late to make it up to you now, but I'm gonna protect the women who trusted me enough to work for me," Quinn vowed. Taylor laughed, and she noted that Quinn was being a noble pimp.

Taylor said that Quinn was just ending his business so that he could protect himself. Quinn insisted that Taylor was wrong, and he said that Taylor knew who he really was in her heart. Taylor stormed out of the bar, and she warned Quinn not to follow her.

Outside the bar, Taylor ran into Abe, and he wondered if everything was all right. Taylor claimed that she was just upset because she had been arguing with Nicole earlier. Meanwhile, Quinn observed Taylor and Abe's conversation from a nearby window. Abe assured Taylor that he and Lexie would always be there to support her.

After Abe left, Quinn rushed out of the bar so that he could talk to Taylor. Quinn said that Taylor was one of the only people who had ever made a difference in his life. "I cared about you back then very much, and I still do, Taylor -- I do," Quinn insisted. Taylor reminded Quinn that he had blackmailed her earlier, but Quinn insisted that he had done that to protect himself.

Taylor told Quinn that she would continue to protect him. "Because I know that if I don't, you will screw me over. But do not pretend that it's about anything more -- some deeper meaning...or feeling that you have for me, because it wasn't when we first met, and it isn't now," Taylor added. Quinn pointed out that Taylor had always been able to trust him in the past, and he wondered what had changed.

"I was a scared little girl then. That Taylor doesn't exist now, all right? So I will do your bidding for you, at the police station, because self-preservation is all I have left. But don't go after my heart, and don't go after my pride. You owe me that son of a bitch," Taylor snapped. Before Quinn could respond, Taylor stormed off.

At the pier, one of Chloe's clients, Eliot, met with Chloe. As the gloved assailant lurked nearby, Chloe and Eliot left the pier. Later, at the Sapphire Club, Eliot paid Chloe for her time, and he said that he was giving her more than her usual fee. Chloe wondered why Eliot had decided to do that. Eliot shrugged and explained that Chloe was special.

Eliot wondered if he could ask Chloe a personal question. Chloe nodded, and Eliot wondered how Chloe had ended up as a call girl. Chloe admitted that she had screwed everything up, and she started to tell Eliot about her life. Chloe admitted that she hated her job, and Eliot wondered why she was doing it. "I have a son...and this is the only way that he can be in my life," Chloe explained, and she started to tell Eliot about her son.

"Well, you just be careful out there. This guy -- this one who's attacking the prostitutes --" Eliot stopped himself, and he apologized for calling Chloe a prostitute. Chloe said that Eliot didn't need to apologize, and she admitted that she was a prostitute. "No, you're not. You're just a mother who's trying to help her kid," Eliot said. As Eliot turned to leave, he wondered what Chloe's son's name was. Chloe smiled as she answered Eliot's question, and he wished her luck with Parker.

Later, at the pier, Chloe called Kinsey, and she arranged to meet Kinsey at the Brady Pub. After Chloe ended the phone call, she turned around -- and found herself face-to-face with the assailant.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jennifer and Hope arrived at the Kiriakis mansion with a flowering plant, a get-well gift for Maggie. Maggie hugged them affectionately. Both women noted how great their aunt looked, and Maggie stated that Victor was taking very good care of her. Hope and Jennifer then revealed their true motive in visiting: they wanted to take Maggie back home to her house. They were both very eager to help Maggie recuperate, and explained that they had filled her kitchen with snacks. But Maggie told them frankly, "I'm not going anywhere." Jennifer and Hope insisted that they wanted to wait on Maggie hand and foot, because she was family and they adored her.

Maggie assured them that she was happy there, and spending time with Victor had been "wonderful medicine." Maggie acknowledged that Hope and Jennifer were worried about her because of the shooting, but reminded them that the DiMeras and Kiriakises had called a truce -- and she trusted Victor not to let anything happen to her. Hope and Jennifer still strongly objected, so Maggie declared bluntly, "I love him. It's just as simple as that. I see him for who he is, all sides, the good and the bad. I'm not deluded." Jennifer argued that if Victor loved Maggie the way she deserved to be loved, he wouldn't put her in harm's way -- just as Victor entered the room.

"I have never denied my responsibility in what happened to Maggie, but I can assure you, my sole focus now is on her recovery," Victor stated gently. Hope asked Victor to prove just how much he loved Maggie by letting her go home to her family, but Victor maintained that Maggie was safe in his house. Hope suddenly realized that she was late to interview a witness at the hospital. Maggie thanked her nieces for visiting, and promised to take them up on their offer if the need arose.

After Hope and Jennifer had gone, Maggie apologized to Victor, but he assured her that there was no need. Maggie said that she'd hoped for a new beginning for everyone when the families had made peace in her hospital room, but she understood that it was a decades-long war that might not end immediately. Victor stated that he had invited Maggie to stay there to keep her safe, but he would set up security for her if she preferred to be in her own home. Maggie seemed to think that Victor might have been trying to get rid of her, but he assured her that he loved having her there. Victor added that he understood the importance of family -- and Maggie didn't need any more conflict in her life.

At the hospital, Bo and Roman tried to convince Daniel to let them re-interview Mandy, but Daniel was very reluctant after what had happened the last time the cops had questioned her. Bo pointed out that none of them wanted anyone else to get attacked because the next victim might not survive. When Daniel left to examine Mandy, Roman and Bo expressed their hopes that Mandy could remember at least some small detail about her attack to help them solve the case. They agreed that the culprit was probably a john who hated women and targeted prostitutes because he viewed their sexuality as power. Daniel returned, and informed Bo and Roman that Mandy was ready to talk. Bo noted that Hope was late, and worried that things hadn't gone well at Victor's.

Hope and Jennifer soon arrived at the hospital. After Jennifer left to check her email, Bo asked Hope how Maggie was. Hope replied that Maggie was doing much better, but she'd refused to let Hope and Jennifer take her home. Hope and Bo concurred that the truce wouldn't last, but they knew that Victor believed the mansion was the safest place for Maggie. Acknowledging that Hope was worried about Maggie, Bo reminded his wife that Maggie was a grown woman whom they had to trust to make her own decisions. Hope relaxed a bit, and asked about their interview with Maggie. Bo informed her that Daniel had cleared Mandy for questioning, and Mandy had insisted that Hope conduct the interview again.

Daniel was happy to see Jennifer when he returned to the waiting area. He promised that they would talk as soon as he got the police set up to talk to his patient. Daniel then warned Bo, Hope, and Roman that if Mandy got upset, the interview was over.

After the cops had gone into Mandy's room, Jennifer wondered aloud to Daniel, "I am so happy that [Maggie] has found love again, but why does it have to be with Victor, and why does it have to be right now?" Eyes twinkling mischievously, Daniel asked what Jennifer would do if her daughter didn't want Jennifer to be with him. Jennifer admitted that she would take Abigail's feelings into consideration -- but she could never walk away from Daniel after falling "crazy in love" with him.

"And how is that different from your Aunt Maggie?" Daniel asked. Jennifer complained that her daughter and her aunt had fallen in love with men who were part of dangerous families, and while she trusted Abigail and Maggie, she did not trust Chad or Victor. Daniel encouraged Jennifer to try to let go and hope for the best.

Jennifer then called Maggie to apologize if she and Hope had crossed a line. "And I just want to tell you that if you want to stay with Victor, you know what? I support you," Jennifer added lovingly. Maggie asked what had changed Jennifer's mind. Jennifer admitted, "It was Daniel, actually. We were both talking about how blessed we are to have fallen in love again. And you don't walk away from the man you love with all of your heart." Beaming, Maggie noted, "It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?"

When she hung up, Jennifer kissed Daniel, and explained that it was to thank him for helping her see that Maggie deserved the happiness that Victor gave her -- even if Jennifer didn't necessarily approve.

Maggie happily filled Victor in about what Jennifer had said. Maggie added, "I just want them to realize the joy that it's brought me -- loving you. And you know what makes it all the more precious? How unexpected it was." Victor blissfully concurred.

Roman set up the video camera in Mandy's room, and then Hope sat on the edge of Mandy's bed. Mandy apologized for not being able to finish when they'd done the interview before, but Hope assured her that it was completely understandable. After making sure that Mandy didn't want to have Daniel present, Hope asked if Mandy had seen her attacker's face. Mandy replied that she had. She described how the man had been wearing a mask, but she'd pulled it off, trying to get him off of her.

Hope asked if Mandy remembered anything about the man's appearance. Mandy stated, "His hair was dark... His face, it was round. And his eyes, they were boring into me, darting all over the place -- like, wild." Mandy finished by saying that she couldn't remember anything else, but she hoped it would help. Roman asked if Mandy could identify her attacker if they showed her some mug shots, and she replied that she thought she could. Hope acknowledged that it wasn't easy to relive something traumatic, but the police were very grateful to Mandy.

Bo expressed his appreciation to Hope for how she'd helped Mandy, and proclaimed that his wife was "a damn good cop." Hope declared that Bo was, as well. They agreed that if Mandy could pick out her attacker's mug shot, they could catch the guy.

Kinsey arrived at the Brady Pub, and anxiously asked Pete if Chloe had ever arrived the night before. Pete informed her that he'd been there until closing, but Chloe had never shown up. Kinsey dialed Chloe's cell phone, but got no answer.

When Nicole and Brady awakened together, they agreed that the previous night had been great. Nicole remarked that it proved that Brady had made the right decision in letting her continue to stay there. "What we proved last night is that we're great in bed," Brady countered. "So, what now? You're going to listen to Grandpa Victator and make me move out after all?" Nicole asked. Brady reminded her that he didn't make decisions before his first cup of coffee, so Nicole began to kiss him to persuade him to let her stay.

After they had sex, Nicole purred that they could do that every morning if she lived there. Brady pointed out that he'd only asked her to stay there because of the family's feud with the DiMeras, but before Nicole could get too huffy, Brady had to answer the phone. Kinsey was on the other end, but before she could even identify herself, Nicole grabbed the phone, told the caller to try again later, and hung up. Nicole then demanded to know whether Brady wanted her there or not.

Brady hedged that the end of the feud wasn't the only change that had occurred within the family, but Nicole wasn't buying it. Brady reminded Nicole that he hadn't wanted to have a serious discussion before breakfast. Nicole started kissing him again, but then Brady's phone alerted him that he had a text message. "Very important: Chloe's in trouble. Kinsey," Brady read aloud. Nicole explained that Kinsey was Chloe's friend, and urged Brady to call Kinsey back.

When Brady called, Kinsey explained, "[Chloe] told me once that if anything was ever really wrong, I should call you... She was supposed to meet me last night for coffee at the pub, but she never showed up, and she hasn't been returning my phone calls from last night or this morning." She continued that she'd left a note at Chloe's apartment, but Chloe still hadn't checked in. Brady tried to reassure Kinsey that the independent Chloe was probably fine. Kinsey replied uneasily, "You don't know the whole story. Trust me, Brady -- she could be in serious trouble." Brady promised to meet Kinsey at the pub right away. When he hung up, he explained what was going on to Nicole, who anxiously declared that she was going with Brady to meet Kinsey.

Kinsey was grateful when Nicole and Brady arrived at the pub. They tried to reassure Kinsey that she was probably worried for nothing, but she was clearly quite upset. Nicole asked what Kinsey wasn't telling them, and Kinsey stared tensely at the tablecloth. Brady urged the girl to trust him. Finally Kinsey began babbling nervously about how she and Chloe had both known that what Chloe was doing was a mistake, and then a man had started assaulting women. "You mean the guy who's been attacking prostitutes?" Nicole whispered.

After much prodding, finally Kinsey stammered almost inaudibly that Chloe had been "hooking" for a couple of months, but only because Chloe desperately needed the money to get custody of Parker. Nicole and Brady were completely thrown -- especially when they learned that Chloe also had a pimp. Although they protested disbelievingly that Chloe could have asked either of them for money, they realized that they had to first focus on finding Chloe. Brady noted that all of the attacks had happened on the pier, so the three of them hurried out to search.

Chloe lay on the pier after an obviously savage beating, unconscious, bruised, and bloodied. She slowly, painfully opened her eyes, and saw the contents of her purse -- including her phone -- strewn on the concrete nearby. She stretched her arm as far as she could, but couldn't reach the phone only a couple of feet away. Summoning all her strength, she managed to drag herself by one hand to her phone, but when she picked it up, the battery was dead. Spying a photograph of Parker on the ground, she reached for it, sobbing, "I'm so sorry!" Determined to get to her son, Chloe struggled to stand, using crates to pull herself up, crying out in pain with every inch gained.

When Brady, Nicole, and Kinsey got to the docks and still hadn't found Chloe, Brady decided that they should split up. He sent the girls back in the direction of the pub while he checked the alleys.

Meanwhile, a determined Chloe had managed to reach an alley. Panting for breath, she stopped to rest against a crate, but fell, facedown, behind some metal barrels. A minute later, Brady arrived, shouting Chloe's name. He didn't see her behind the barrels, and she didn't stir. Nicole called Brady to check in, but no one had seen Chloe yet. "Brady, I'm starting to get a really bad feeling about this," Nicole fretted. Brady urged her to try to stay calm -- and to keep looking.

Chloe finally heard Brady's voice as he spoke with Nicole. "Brady," Chloe whispered faintly. As Brady hung up and started to walk away, Chloe managed to grab an empty soda can and toss it a couple of inches. Brady heard it, and searched until he found Chloe behind the barrels. He picked her up, and cradled her limp body in his arms. "Chloe, honey? Oh, my God!" he shouted frantically, just as Nicole and Kinsey reached the alley. "Oh, my God, Brady! Is she dead?" Nicole exclaimed, her voice breaking. Unable to look, Kinsey buried her face in Nicole's shoulder, and the women held each other tightly as they wept fearful tears.

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