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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 24, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, October 24, 2011
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Sami tried to convince Rafe that he could trust Austin. Rafe said that Sami should have checked with him before she had invited Austin to stay at their apartment. "Oh, please -- like I ever run anything by you," Sami pointed out. Rafe grinned, and he reluctantly agreed to let Austin stay at the apartment for a few nights.

Later, at Sami and Rafe's apartment, Austin excused himself so that he could take a shower. After Austin left, Sami realized that Rafe was upset about something. Rafe admitted that he was worried about disappointing Sami and the kids. Rafe noted that the kids had always been proud of the fact that he was a cop, and he wondered how he was going to tell them that he had lost that job.

Sami assured Rafe that everything would be all right, but Rafe wasn't convinced. "Sami, I'm a detective. That's pretty much what I've done for my whole life. There's not a lot of use for serial-killer profiling on the assembly line," Rafe dryly stated. Sami suggested that Rafe could start a private detective agency. Rafe reminded Sami that it would be expensive to start something like that.

Sami remained optimistic, and she pointed out that she had managed to find a great job. "Look, we don't have to tell the kids anything until you have a plan, okay? They're not gonna notice any difference -- they'll just think you're between assignments, and that you just have more time to be with them," Sami added. Rafe agreed that it would be nice to be able to spend more time with the kids.

Rafe kissed Sami, and he thanked her for her support. Meanwhile, Austin emerged from the shower, wearing a robe and a pair of boxer shorts. Rafe claimed that he and Sami were going to get some sleep, and they abruptly excused themselves. After Sami and Rafe left, Austin removed his robe, and he walked over to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Austin returned to the sofa, and he accidentally spilled the glass of water on his lap. Austin checked to make sure that no one was around, and then he started to remove his boxer shorts. Meanwhile, Sami entered the room, carrying some fresh towels for Austin. Sami gasped and quickly turned her head in the opposite direction.

Austin explained that he had spilled some water. Sami tossed Austin a towel, and she offered to clean the spill so that he could get dressed. Austin started to leave, but he bumped into Sami on his way past her. Sami landed on the couch, and Austin lost his balance and fell on top of her. Meanwhile, Rafe entered the room, and he wondered what was going on.

At the Horton house, Daniel conjured up an excuse to see Jennifer, and he admitted that he missed hanging out with her. Before Jennifer could respond, Abe arrived, and he said that he needed to talk to Jennifer about something. "It dawns on me that E.J. has Nicole doing his public relations for him, and I need somebody to manage my PR for me -- somebody with good contacts in the media -- and I immediately thought of you," Abe explained.

Jennifer said that she had never worked in politics before, but Abe reminded her that she had covered the political section of the Spectator for years. Jennifer admitted that the idea intrigued her, and she wondered if Abe would be willing to give her some time to discuss the idea with her family. Abe agreed, and Jennifer promised that she wouldn't keep Abe in suspense for long.

After Abe left, Jennifer excitedly asked Daniel if she was dreaming. Daniel assured Jennifer that Abe had really asked her to be his PR manager, and he wondered why she was surprised. Daniel pointed out that the PR position would give Jennifer the chance to utilize all of her talents. Jennifer explained that Jack had always warned her not to get involved with politics.

"But that was his family, you know? This is Abe -- Abe understands the meaning of family," Jennifer added. Jennifer nervously wondered if she would be able to handle being Abe's PR manager. Daniel assured Jennifer that he would be there to support her. Jennifer decided that she wanted to celebrate, and she excused herself so that she could retrieve a bottle of wine from the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang. When Daniel opened the door, he found a large box on the doorstep. Jennifer opened the box and found an oversized, heart-shaped cookie that had been decorated with frosting. Jennifer realized that Jack had ordered the cookie, and she started to tell Daniel about her date with Jack.

"It wasn't what I expected, actually...I thought that he would use our history to try to sway me, but he didn't do that," Jennifer admitted. Jennifer apologized for mentioning the date, and Daniel assured her that it was all right. Daniel said that Jennifer did not need to hide the fact that she had enjoyed her date with Jack.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chad showed Sonny some mysterious messages that had appeared on their website. Sonny agreed that something was wrong. "Okay, so he's definitely posting odds...what if he takes it a step further and figures out a way to start betting on our site? Betting on a school website is against the law," Chad pointed out, as he and Sonny read one of the messages that a user had posted on the website. Sonny suggested that they should keep an eye on the situation.

At the Horton Town Square, Lexie spotted E.J., and she tried to avoid him. E.J. begged Lexie to stay, and he said that he missed talking to her. E.J. added that he needed some advice about Johnny and Sydney. Lexie reluctantly agreed, and she and E.J. started to talk about Johnny, Sydney, and Theo.

Later, E.J. changed the subject, and he started to talk about his election campaign. Lexie angrily stopped E.J., and she started to walk away. E.J. claimed that he had been trying to tell Lexie that one of the debates had been scheduled for the day of Lexie and Abe's wedding anniversary. E.J. suggested that Lexie could ask Abe to reschedule the debate so that she and Abe could celebrate.

"Look, I told you, my reasons for getting involved in this campaign are not personal. I don't want to hurt you; I want to win, but not at the expense of my relationship with you," E.J. added. Lexie suggested that E.J. could prove that he was telling the truth by agreeing to drop out of the race. E.J. refused to do so, and he wondered if Lexie would have asked any other candidate to drop out.

E.J. wondered if Lexie was afraid that Abe would not be able to win on his own merits. Lexie assured E.J. that Abe was an excellent mayor, and she added that Abe deserved a second term. "And he'll get one, my dear, if that's what the people think, okay? And if not, I will get my first term -- that's how it works. It's fair," E.J. claimed.

"No, it's been anything but fair, E.J. -- you have been playing dirty since day one. Admit it!" Lexie insisted, but E.J. feigned ignorance. Meanwhile, Sonny and Chad walked by, and they quietly observed the argument between Lexie and E.J.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?! On the night that Abe planned to announce, you crashed the party, stole the spotlight, and then you exploited his relationship with John Black. John did not steal that money -- he was framed, and you know it. Probably by our father, with help from you, no doubt. It's more than possible that you had a hand in setting John up, which is why your running for mayor is such a freakin' joke," Lexie snapped. E.J. sarcastically replied that he was glad to know that he could count on Lexie's support.

"Wow. And you wonder why I don't want to be part of this family," Chad said, as he approached Lexie and E.J. Lexie said that she was sorry that Chad had witnessed her heated exchange with E.J. Chad said that he was glad that he had heard Lexie and E.J.'s argument, and he added that the DiMeras were constantly at each other's throats.

"How did this even happen, anyway? You two hanging out? Shouldn't you guys be planning smear campaigns or something?" Chad asked. Lexie admitted that she was just as shocked as Chad was, but Chad corrected her. Chad said that he was confused, but he assured Lexie that he wasn't shocked.

"Well, no matter how crazy this one makes me, he's still my brother. We're family -- he reached out to me, and for me not to make an effort...I mean, it just wouldn't feel right, you know? I mean, I feel the same way about you, you know -- and so does E.J.," Lexie explained. Lexie invited Chad and Sonny to join her and E.J., but Chad quickly declined. Sonny added that he and Chad needed to get back to working on their website.

E.J. said that he had heard that the website had gotten off to a great start. Chad wondered how E.J. had heard about the website. E.J. claimed that he wanted Chad to succeed, and he explained that he had been keeping an eye on Chad's activities. "Oh, yeah? And how far would you go to make sure I didn't fail, or embarrass the DiMera name during the middle of your stupid campaign? How far, E.J.?" Chad asked.

E.J. claimed that he didn't know what Chad was talking about. "Just answer the question -- have you done something to our website, or not?" Chad asked. E.J. deflected, and he reminded Chad that he had offered Chad some money to help him get the website started. "Look, I only want what is best for you -- that's why I keep an eye on things. I recognize that you have some issues with this family, Chad, but I -- we -- hope that you will come back into the family fold," E.J. added.

Chad realized that he wasn't going to get a straight answer from E.J., so he abruptly excused himself. After Chad and Sonny left, Lexie wondered why Chad was suspicious. E.J. claimed that he didn't know what was going on. "It's sad, really, when you think about it -- I mean, because of our family, he sees manipulation, even when there isn't any," E.J. added. Lexie wondered if E.J. could really blame Chad for being cautious.

E.J. insisted that he didn't want to hurt Chad, and he added that he didn't want to hurt Lexie, either. E.J. proposed a truce with Lexie. After a long pause, Lexie reluctantly agreed, but she warned E.J. not to make her regret her decision.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Madison and Brady were having breakfast at the Mandalay Cafe in Horton Town Square when Marrlena walked over and said hello. After Brady introduced Marlena to Madison, Marlena asked to speak to Brady privately. Brady was reluctant, but Madison announced that she needed to make some phone calls. When Madison walked away, Brady firmly stated that he did not wish to talk about John. Marlena said that John needed the support of his family.

When Brady offered to text John, Marlena noted that Brady's suggestion was not good enough. Marlena informed Brady that he was one of the main reasons that John had wanted to return to Salem. Through gritted teeth, Brady countered, "I don't need his help now any more than I ever have." Brady swore he had not abandoned John, and that he had stopped calling because he was tired of John's comments about Brady's life choices.

"He only thinks I need him when I screw up, and I don't need that kind of parent," Brady said. When Brady explained that he felt like John was always judging him, Marlena assured Brady that John loved Brady.

Marlena reminded Brady that he had made mistakes, just as John had made mistakes, and she asked Brady to forgive his father. Brady asked Marlena to let him handle the situation in his own way, and he promised that he would reach out to John.

Across the square, Madison received a call from someone. Madison begged the caller not to go to Salem as it "could jeopardize everything." The caller hung up on Madison, and she caught her breath as she contemplated the phone call. When Madison returned to the table, she heard Brady's promise to Marlena.

When Marlena left, Madison asked Brady if he was close to John. Brady admitted that some of his problems with John would always be an issue but that he was not ready to reach out to John. Madison suggested that Brady was keeping his distance because he believed John was guilty of the crimes he was charged with by the police. Shaking his head, Brady explained that John was not the kind of person to steal from his employees or the town's pension funds. Madison wondered aloud whether Brady cared for John more than he was admitting.

At the fertility clinic, Bo, Hope, and Maggie met with Dr. Susan Gilman. Bo and Hope explained the history off Maggie's eggs and asked Dr. Gilman to show them her records. Citing privacy concerns, Dr. Gilman explained that she could not help Maggie. Hope clarified the situation and explained that the eggs were taken without Maggie's consent. Empathetic, Dr. Gilman offered to see what she could find out.

While the doctor was gone, Maggie told Bo and Hope how supportive Victor had been. Maggie noted that Victor had agreed to postpone planning their wedding until Maggie had finished her investigation into her missing child. Maggie admitted that she had thought about reuniting with her child, but she was not sure whether her child would be happy to see her.

Dr. Gilman returned and explained that the information Maggie needed was in the computer. When Dr. Gilman checked the records, she learned that the physician who transferred the eggs to the clinic had claimed the eggs as her own. As the physician was a patient of the clinic, Dr. Gilman could not divulge the identity of the physician or the child because of medical privacy laws. Hope argued that a crime had been committed, but Dr. Gilman noted that without a court order, she could not reveal the information to Maggie, Bo, or Hope.

After Dr. Gilman left the office, an emotional Maggie swore that she would hire Justin to plead her case and get a court order for the information. Bo told Maggie that a court order would be difficult to obtain in the case of medical privacy laws, but Maggie was not swayed. Maggie stared at the computer and announced how frustrating it was to stand in front of a computer that contained all the information she needed. "I may need to face that I may never find out," Maggie said. Upset, Maggie went to the bathroom to wash her face.

With Maggie and the doctor both gone, Hope stared at the computer. Hope wanted to look at the information in the computer, but Bo cautioned Hope that she could lose her job on the force if she peeked at the records without consent. When Hope insisted, Bo relented, but reminded Hope to be careful not to get caught.

At Sami and Rafe's loft, Austin sullenly folded the blankets on the couch while Rafe typed on his computer. Sami attempted some small talk to break the silence, but Rafe and Austin would only answer her in short sentences. Frustrated, Sami demanded to talk about what Rafe had walked in on. Sami and Austin explained how she had fallen on a half naked Austin in the living room. Rafe noted that he trusted his wife but that he was not happy with the living arrangements.

Rafe's cell phone rang. Sami picked up the phone and rolled her eyes as she announced that Carrie was calling. Rafe smugly said hello to Carrie on the phone while Sami and Austin listened to his side of the conversation. When Rafe informed Carrie that he had been fired from the police force for talking to the defense, Carrie apologized to Rafe for ruining his career. Carrie suggested that she should leave Rafe out of the investigation, but newly unemployed, Rafe noted that he had "nothing left to lose."

Carrie informed Rafe that she had found an employee of the clinic that could testify that John had been at the clinic at the time that the prosecution claimed John had been in Paris. Rafe ordered Carrie to keep tabs on the employee in order to secure John's alibi. "We're a great team," Rafe said cheerfully as Sami grunted in the corner in annoyance. Rafe informed Carrie that Austin was staying at Rafe's apartment, and then put Austin on the phone with Carrie.

Angry that Austin had given up his hotel room to stay with her sister, Carrie pointedly informed Austin that he would have to track down another hotel room before she returned to town. Sighing with annoyance, Carrie noted that things had been good between her and Sami before Carrie and Austin's return to town, but that she was concerned about Sami's involvement in Austin's living situation.

When Austin hung up the phone, Sami asked Rafe what Carrie had told him about John's case. "I can't tell you, please don't ask again," Rafe said dismissively. Angry, Sami asked Rafe why he was shutting her out. With a side glance at Austin, Rafe noted that he would not say anything in front of Austin, since he was pushing to get John convicted. Rafe left to shower, and Austin and Sami complained about Rafe's stubbornness. Austin admitted that Rafe's secrecy might be to protect Carrie.

While Austin called local hotels, looking for a room, Sami went into her bedroom and got undressed. Sami slipped into the shower behind Rafe. "I'm still not talking to you," Rafe said gruffly. "I know your lips are sealed," Sami said sweetly. Holding her husband's body against her, Sami kissed Rafe passionately. "I just want to get naked with the only man I love," Sami said.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was livid over a newspaper story with the headline, "DiMera Win = Salem's Demise." He furiously demanded to know how Nicole could not have known about the story before it had hit the press. Stefano entered and angrily echoed his son's sentiments. Nicole apologetically explained that her contacts hadn't told her about the column, but added that she had hired a top-notch crisis-management firm to do damage control. Stefano agreed that the company was the best in the business -- and that was why he had already arranged a meeting with them that morning.

Stefano pointedly asked for a few minutes alone with his son, so Nicole left the room in a bit of a huff. Stefano criticized the job that Nicole was doing, but E.J. defended her performance so far. Stefano wondered why Nicole would want to help E.J. after all the ways he'd wronged her. E.J. maintained that he trusted Nicole. Stefano maintained that either Nicole had intentionally caused the mistake with the newspaper or she was completely incompetent -- either way, she was not going to get Elvis elected, and he should fire her immediately.

E.J. insisted that Nicole was not out to sabotage him, and asked Stefano to respect E.J.'s judgment. E.J. added that he trusted and needed Nicole, and so he was not letting her go. Chortling with disbelief, Stefano said, "God help us. Don't tell me that you are in love with Nicole." E.J. calmly denied that he was in love with his wife. Nicole entered and announced the arrival of the crisis-management team.

After the meeting, Nicole declared, "I really want to get you on YouTube, ripping that column to pieces." E.J. agreed. Stefano grudgingly admitted that Nicole had impressed the men in the meeting -- although she had not impressed Stefano yet. Nicole hotly vowed that she would help E.J. win the election, and then Stefano would have to admit that he'd been wrong about her.

Once the elder DiMera had left the room, Nicole realized that that Stefano wanted E.J. to fire her. E.J. reassured Nicole that he wasn't going to fire her, because the reason he'd hired her was still valid -- plus she was great in a tough spot. Nicole thanked him for his faith in her. She lightheartedly pointed out that everything the article had said about E.J. had been true. E.J. grabbed the front of her dress playfully.

The tension between them palpable, E.J. said softly, "Do you know what I like about you? You really know me, and you have the brass to call me out to my face. You know, you have assets no one else has. And I wouldn't want to lose your gifts." He pulled Nicole closer to him, and she submitted to the flirtation for a moment, but then she pulled away, because she had to go to a meeting. As she left, E.J. stopped her, and stated, "Nicole, just know that you are not the only one who was affected by a brush with death."

Kate and Austin were at a table at the Brady Pub, while Marlena grabbed a cup of coffee at the bar. When Marlena turned to leave, she had to pass right by Austin and Kate's table. She inhaled sharply, gave Austin a cold look, and then walked out without a word. Kate was a bit taken aback that Austin's mother-in-law had so obviously snubbed him. Austin confessed that because of his job, his relationships with the rest of the family were suffering.

Lowering her voice, Kate asked if Austin believed John was guilty. Austin admitted that the prosecution had an airtight case against John. Pointing out that the charges simply didn't fit the John they all knew, Kate asked if Austin could use John's character and reputation as a man of integrity instead of just the physical evidence against him. Bristling, Austin pointed out the physical and mental trauma that John had been through -- trauma that might have had a lasting effect, such as memory lapses. "Maybe John embezzled those billions and doesn't remember doing it," Austin theorized.

Austin then filled Kate in about how he'd lost his hotel room. She suggested that even if he didn't want to stay at the DiMera mansion, she could have pulled some strings to help him get the room back. Austin reluctantly admitted that he was staying with Sami and Rafe. Kate flipped out, and asserted that staying with the Hernandezes was a disaster waiting to happen. "[Sami] is, was, and always will be trouble!" Kate declared.

Austin remarked that Rafe, not Sami, was the problem. Austin explained what had happened with Rafe's firing, and how Rafe blamed Austin for it, but Austin denied alerting the FBI. "He said the truth is more important than what side you're on," Austin continued, adding, "Rafe is not wrong -- and I respect him -- but what he did is wrong." Kate wondered how many people would end up getting hurt because of John's troubles.

As Kate was leaving the pub, Stefano found her, and suggested that the two of them stay and have some hot cider. Kate declared that she'd had a great lunch with Austin, because she really enjoyed her son's company. Stefano expressed his wish that he had a similar relationship with Chad. Kate reminded him that until Chad stopped rejecting his father, at least Stefano still had E.J., of whom Stefano should be very proud. Stefano confided that he was concerned about Elvis, who had ignored Kate's sage advice and seemed to have fallen in love with Nicole again.

As the younger crowd was decorating Horton Town Square for Halloween, Marlena greeted Will and Gabi and announced her intention to help out. Marlena thanked Will for having cheered John up by emailing some pictures to the Blacks. She informed Will that the FBI was interviewing John at the townhouse at that moment, so she was glad for the distraction of putting up Halloween decorations. While Will left to get some bottled water, Gabi and Marlena chatted. Acknowledging how much Gabi and Will loved each other, Marlena promised to invite them both to a huge family celebration as soon as John was found innocent.

Meanwhile, Chad showed Sonny some more worrisome posts on their message boards that appeared to be betting odds. When Will walked past, Chad and Sonny showed him the messages in question. All three guys were concerned that the university could shut the site down, but agreed that the best thing to do was keep an eye on things.

Nearby, Abigail asked if Melanie had enjoyed shopping for costumes with Chad. Melanie enthused that Chad was the "easily perfect guy." She surprised Abigail by revealing that Chad was afraid of ghosts and Frankenstein's monster, and referred to Chad as sweet, funny, and "stupid hot." "And he likes you so much," an oblivious Melanie added. Abigail and Melanie discussed how strange the situation was with each of their dads dating Jennifer at the same time.

Marlena stopped Will before he could join the others, so the two of them could have a chance to catch up privately. Will confided that one of his classes wasn't going well. Marlena reminded him that he could talk to her about anything, and asked if he remembered writing to her about some things he would prefer to discuss with her in person.

As Gabi joined Abigail and Melanie, Abigail asked if Gabi thought Will was talking to his grandmother about sex. Grossed-out, Gabi explained for Melanie that she and Will hadn't had sex since their first time together -- although he had been much better about expressing his feelings. Melanie and Abigail were a little surprised, but Abigail assured Gabi that Will was probably just preoccupied with everything that was going on with his family.

Gabi interrupted Marlena and Will's conversation before he could tell his grandmother what was on his mind. After Gabi left again, Marlena asked Will if everything was going all right with him and Gabi. He insisted a little too adamantly that everything was great, and Marlena recognized how uncomfortable he seemed as he jumped up to help put up handbills.

Chad invited Abigail to a Scorsese film retrospective playing that weekend at Salem University. Abigail surprised him by turning him down, since she was absolutely not a Scorsese fan. Melanie overheard Chad mentioning Taxi Driver. She agreed with him about the best line in the movie, and they uttered it simultaneously -- while Abigail clearly fought back some jealousy.

A little later, Abigail agreed to go to the film retrospective with Chad. "I'm sure if I'm with you, then Scorsese will grow on me," she declared.

After checking the message boards again, Chad showed Sonny another post that referenced gambling. "Put a hundred on Salem'?" an incredulous Sonny read aloud. Chad grimly declared that their suspicions had been true. "Someone's using our website to place illegal bets." As they were discussing how to handle the situation, they noticed that the post had been deleted. The guys concurred that they had to find out who was responsible, lest the site get shut down and the three of them get in big trouble.

Austin approached Marlena in the square. Although she clearly did not want to talk to him, he assured her, "I get why you're angry with me. I just don't want you to think that I'm turning on John." Marlena pointed out that Austin was working for the very same people who were trying to put John in prison for life. Austin assured Marlena that he and Carrie both hated what he had to do for work.

Austin declared, "We tried not to let John's case come between us, but it has -- and now it's come between you and me." He added that Rafe had accused Austin of not caring about family. Austin reiterated that although he worked for the SEC, he would never turn against John. "I believe you," Marlena conceded.

Thursday, October 27, 2011
by Mike

In one of Titan's offices, Madison and Sami greeted Brady. Madison thanked Brady for letting her use one of his offices while Mad World's building at the Horton Town Square was being remodeled. Brady wondered what Madison and Sami were working on.

Brady was shocked when he realized that Madison was planning to launch a new line of cosmetic products for men. "You're brilliant when it comes to the women's line, but honestly, men? A little soap and water, that's all we need. I think you're gonna find most men will agree with me completely," Brady said. Madison corrected Brady, and she explained that there was a growing market for male cosmetic products.

"Men need all the help they can get, Brady -- appearances count...for everyone," Madison said. Brady was still skeptical, but he agreed to trust Madison. Meanwhile, Sami received a text message, and she apologetically informed Madison that their male model was stuck at a photo shoot in Chicago. Madison and Sami scrambled to think of someone else who would be able to serve as their model for the day.

Madison told Sami that Brady could be their new model. Brady adamantly refused, but Madison and Sami ignored his protests. Sami assured Brady that she wouldn't tell anyone, but Brady pointed out that his face would be plastered all over the city. Madison explained that Brady would not be modeling for an advertising campaign. Sami told Brady to think of himself as a guinea pig.

Madison started to unbutton Brady's shirt, and she wondered if Brady was feeling insecure. "I'm not insecure. I am fine, okay? And my manliness is intact, no matter what kind of cream you put on me, all right?" Brady firmly stated. Brady ripped his shirt off so that Madison could get started.

Madison seductively applied various products to Brady's chest and face. Sami watched uncomfortably for a short time, then she abruptly excused herself from the room. After Sami left, Madison continued to apply various lotions and creams to Brady's body. Later, Madison reclined Brady's chair, and she told Brady that she had one final product that she needed to test.

Madison started to give Brady a sensual massage. Madison asked Brady to close his eyes, and she told him to imagine that he was on a tropical island. Meanwhile, Sami returned to the office. Sami nervously cleared her throat as she waited for Madison to finish massaging Brady's chest.

Later, Brady admitted that he had been wrong about the male cosmetic products. Brady conceded that the line had the potential to be a huge success, if Madison and Sami could convince men to try the products. Madison cryptically assured Brady that she had figured out a way to handle that problem. Brady jokingly asked if Madison's plan involved giving every man the hands-on treatment that he had received. Brady promised Madison that a plan like that would work perfectly.

Before Madison could respond, Sami received a text message from her babysitter. Madison told Sami to go home and spend some time with her kids. Madison added that she could take care of everything that needed to be done at the office. Brady eagerly agreed, and Sami eyed Brady and Madison suspiciously as she exited the room.

After Sami left, Brady wondered when Madison was planning to launch the new line. Madison shrugged and said that she was going to wait until the products were perfect. "I think you've hit perfection, actually. Just don't ask me to give a personal testimonial, Madison, okay? The man who heads up a company called Titan -- I can't have people running around saying how much he likes to be pampered," Brady said.

Madison assured Brady that his secret was safe with her. Madison started to excuse herself, and Brady wondered why she was leaving. Madison explained that she needed to get some more work done so that she would be able to get the new line launched right away. Madison added that she had assumed that she and Brady were on the same page. Brady muttered that he was starting to think that he and Madison were reading entirely different books.

At the fertility clinic, Bo and Hope posed as members of a cleaning crew so that they could determine who had received Maggie's eggs. Bo and Hope went to the administrator's office, and Hope noted that there was an electronic lock on the door. Bo used a device to crack the security code, and he managed to unlock the door. Bo and Hope entered the office, and Hope quickly managed to log in to the administrator's computer.

"It's surprising how many people actually use the word password for their password," Hope explained. As Hope started to search for Maggie's file, Bo and Hope heard a security guard walking down the hallway. Bo and Hope waited for the guard to leave, then Hope retrieved Maggie's file. Hope copied the file to a memory stick, and she and Bo rushed out of the office without being detected.

At the Horton house, Jennifer wondered what Daniel had planned for their date. Daniel avoided Jennifer's question, and he asked if Jennifer had made a decision about Abe's job offer. Jennifer admitted that she had not made a decision, but she added that every member of her family had urged her to accept the offer.

"I'm a reporter. I don't have any experience getting a candidate's campaign message out there. It's a completely different job, and I don't want to let Abe down," Jennifer explained. Daniel reached into his pocket, and he pulled out a business card. Daniel cryptically explained that the business card belonged to a man who would be able to help Jennifer.

Jennifer inspected the business card, which belonged to a man named Mansfield Wilcox. Daniel explained that one of his patients was related to Wilcox. "He is a professional political operative. He's done it all when it comes to campaigns, and apparently, his specialty is publicity. This guy has been working at the national level for the last two decades -- I mean, with everyone from Bob Shrum to Mary Matalin," Daniel said.

Jennifer pretended that she didn't recognize those names. "You know, when I was an intern at the Spectator, I mean, I loved the whole political beat, and Jack would get so mad at me -- you know, being the son of a senator," Jennifer explained. Daniel suggested that Jennifer could ask Wilcox for advice. Jennifer wondered why a successful guy like Wilcox would want to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to her.

"Oh, he already has. Twenty minutes from now -- he's waiting for you at the Mandalay Café," Daniel casually mentioned. Jennifer was excited, but she pointed out that the meeting would interfere with Daniel's plans for their date. Daniel explained that Wilcox was only going to be in Salem for one night. Daniel noted that he would have other opportunities to go on a date with Jennifer.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Jennifer met with Mansfield Wilcox. After the meeting, Jennifer rushed over to a bench where Daniel had been waiting, and she started to gush about Wilcox. Jennifer said that Wilcox had answered all of her questions, and she insisted that Wilcox was a genius. Daniel jokingly wondered if he and Jack were going to have to compete with another man for Jennifer's affections.

Jennifer nervously noted that the job would require her to think on her feet. Jennifer added that she would need to respond to unexpected questions quickly and confidently. Daniel said that the job sounded exciting, and Jennifer agreed. "This is one of the most exciting things that's ever happened in my whole life. How could I not do this, Daniel? How could I pass up an opportunity like this?" Jennifer asked.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie wondered if Maggie was all right. Maggie admitted that she was still worried about her missing child, and she said that she would welcome a distraction. Maggie asked about Dario, and Melanie sighed heavily.

"We were fine at first -- we were texting, video-chatting, all that good stuff -- and then the distance kind of got in the way. He's just busy -- he works all the time. I don't even know when I'm gonna see him again. It's okay...we just kind of realized we have different lives, you know? So we started drifting apart -- which I guess we knew was gonna happen, so it's not like it's a big shocker, it just...isn't easy," Melanie admitted. Maggie realized that Melanie was trying to say that her relationship with Dario was over. Maggie wondered if Melanie was all right. Melanie quietly stated that she was fine, but Maggie wasn't convinced.

"My curse...Melanie's curse -- it struck again. There's a curse. It's a bummer. Ending things with Dario made me realize that it's happened again. I just don't think finding love is in the cards for me," Melanie said. Maggie insisted that Melanie was wrong. "Well, let's look -- Dario, Philip, Nathan, Nick...those are just the boys you know of. How much time do you have?" Melanie jokingly asked.

"I think maybe the universe is punishing me for all the bad things I've done, and I think I'll be paying for that for potentially the rest of my life," Melanie added. Maggie pointed out that Melanie had done a lot of great things, but Melanie shrugged and claimed that those things were irrelevant.

"It's not the past that matters. What matters is who you are right now. I mean, are one of the most warm, loving people that I know, and great things are waiting out there for you, honey. Love is going to find you. Look at me -- you see, when I lost Mickey, I was so sure I'd never find love again, and now...I'm head over heels in love with Victor, so if love can surprise me, you bet it can sneak up on you...when you least expect it," Maggie insisted. Melanie smiled and changed the subject, and she asked to see Maggie's engagement ring again.

Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie thanked Maggie for cheering her up. Melanie excused herself so that she could fix her makeup. After Melanie left, Bo and Hope arrived. Hope announced that she and Bo had some good news, and she handed Maggie a piece of paper. "We believe that...that is the name of the woman who took your eggs," Hope explained.

Maggie wondered how Bo and Hope had found the woman's name. Hope started to answer, but Bo stopped her, and he assured Maggie that it would probably be better if she didn't know the details. Maggie nodded and inspected the piece of paper that Hope had given her. "Lilian Parker? It's not ringing any bells. Is she from Salem?" Maggie wondered.

Bo said that he and Hope had searched the Salem Police Department's database earlier. Bo explained that several Lilian Parkers had lived in Salem during the period of time when Maggie's eggs had been implanted. Maggie realized that Bo and Hope didn't know which Lilian Parker had given birth to Maggie's child. Bo assured Maggie that he and Hope would continue the search the next day. Hope hugged Maggie, and she and Bo exited the mansion.

Later, Melanie entered the living room, but Maggie wasn't there. Melanie spotted the piece of paper on the coffee table. "Lilian Parker? Why's my grandma's name on this paper?" Melanie wondered.

Friday, October 28, 2011

As costumed children ran amok at the Brady Pub, Bo promised to settle the kids down by telling them all a scary story. The children crowded around Bo, who was dressed as a pirate, while the amused adults -- also in costumes -- listened in from outside the story circle. Bo told a tale of a man who'd been publicly, and wrongly, hanged in the town square two hundred years earlier, and how the ghost of the man's widow roamed the town square on Halloween every year, vowing revenge. Bo revealed that when the woman's ghost was about to appear, the lights in the town began to flicker -- and the kids all shrieked, because the lights in the pub flickered on cue.

Afterward, Maggie and Hope each denied that they'd done anything to make the lights flicker. Maggie informed Bo and Hope -- who was also dressed as a pirate -- that Victor would not be at the party, as he was out of town on business. Maggie confided that she could think of little else but finding out more about Lilian Parker, the woman who had given birth to Maggie's child. Hope cautioned Maggie that they had to make sure they had the right Lilian Parker before they could proceed. Bo divulged that they might know by the end of the night who Maggie's child was.

As John did his exercises at the penthouse, he asserted that Marlena should get out of the house and have some fun with Bo and Hope at the big Halloween party in Horton Town Square. Marlena was getting dressed when Bo and Hope arrived to take her to the party. When Marlena emerged from the bedroom, wearing a dressy black pantsuit with a ruffled white blouse underneath, John joked that she should stay home with him instead. He then assured her that he was kidding, and he wanted her to try to have some fun without him.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole showed off her Priscilla Presley costume, and a very unenthusiastic E.J. modeled his Elvis Presley costumes for her. E.J. wanted to change into a business suit, but Nicole pointed out that his dressing up as Elvis would show his constituents that he had a sense of humor and didn't take himself too seriously. Elvis grudgingly escorted "Priscilla" out the door.

Chad, clad in a Renaissance-style costume, escorted Abigail down the stairs into Horton Square, where they bumped into Melanie. It turned out that Melanie and Abigail had chosen identical French maid costumes, complete with frilly aprons, hairnets, and petticoats under very short skirts.

Jennifer and Daniel arrived dressed in medieval garb. She encouraged him as he bobbed for apples, but he was disappointed that his only prize for success was an apple. As the two kissed, a figure wearing a black hood and a very scary skull mask watched.

Abe, in costume as an Old West sheriff, officially welcomed everyone to the first official Horton Town Square Halloween celebration. He urged everyone to have fun and be careful, then returned to Lexie, who was dressed as a dance-hall girl. E.J. and Nicole's arrival then dismayed the Carvers.

Daniel and Jennifer deemed Melanie's costume a bit revealing, and when Jennifer heard that Abigail was wearing the same thing, she went off to find her daughter. Daniel and Melanie discussed the situation with Jennifer and Jack. When Jennifer found Abigail, Abigail apologized for getting so angry because her mom wanted to give Jack a second chance. Jennifer gratefully hugged her daughter for understanding. Clearly still torn between Daniel and Jack, Jennifer admitted that she had to make a decision soon about which man to be with. Abigail was surprised that Jack wasn't at the party, but Jennifer explained that he had gone to London to see J.J.

E.J. made a quick, lighthearted speech, and a photographer asked to take Nicole and E.J.'s picture together -- while "Elvis" and "Priscilla" kissed. E.J. and Nicole very reluctantly obliged.

Melanie was rifling through her purse when Chad approached her from behind, grabbed her, and pulled her into a passionate kiss -- just as Abigail returned. "Chad! What the hell are you doing?" Abigail shouted, appalled. Stammering and just as horrified, Chad and Melanie pulled apart, and tried to explain that Chad had thought Melanie was Abigail because of the identical costumes. Chad swore that it had been a mistake, and a mortified Melanie hurried away. Chad assured Abigail that it had just been a mix-up because of the costumes, and begged her to forgive him. Abigail agreed, but warned him that it was his only chance. Chad reassured Abigail that she was the only girl he wanted to kiss, and demonstrated by kissing her right there.

Marlena, Bo, and Hope arrived, and greeted Abe and Lexie warmly. Marlena admitted that she was worried that John would be bored all alone at the penthouse. Meanwhile, the living room at the penthouse was empty, but John had left a complicated-looking setup with his laptop in a chair.

Jennifer approached Abe and Lexie, and thrilled them both by happily accepting Abe's job offer. Only half-joking, Abe maintained that Jennifer's first order of business was to stop E.J. from hogging the spotlight, and Lexie offered her help in finding skeletons in DiMera's closet. As Lexie and Abe wandered off, Jennifer realized that the man in the cape and skull mask was still following her. She confronted him, but he ran off. Jennifer chased him down. "Who are you? I know you've been following me; you've been watching me all night. Why?" she demanded. As the man ran away, Jennifer wondered aloud, "Jack?"

Rafe and Sami made an energetic arrival at the party, but Sami stopped cold when she saw the look on Marlena's face. Marlena chastised her daughter for not stopping by or calling since they'd returned to town, even after Roman had admonished her to. Sami explained, "I'm sorry. Maybe Daddy didn't explain that the reason I haven't been around, the reason I haven't called is I don't know if I can lend my support to John. I read the paper; I've seen the evidence: I don't know that he's innocent." Marlena expressed her disappointment and disapproval. Sami apologized again, and Rafe followed after her as she walked away.

As they entered the Brady Pub, Rafe asked Sami if she really believed John was guilty. Sami admitted that she didn't want to, but she'd seen the evidence. Rafe declared that she sounded like Austin.

A masked, hooded figure suddenly grabbed Marlena by the shoulder, and she shrieked and recoiled. "How dare you touch me like that!" Marlena hissed, but the man lifted his mask to reveal that he was her husband. Giggling, Marlena admonished John for sneaking out, but he refused to go home. He kissed Marlena, but she wouldn't let him kiss her another time because she didn't want him to get caught. John wasn't worried, but Marlena pointed out that if E.J. figured out who the man in the mask was, John could go back to jail -- for good.

E.J. sat and chatted with Sydney and Johnny for a moment, and explained that he was dressed as Elvis because his mother had been a huge fan. After the kids had left and Nicole returned, E.J. confided that his children seemed afraid of him. Nicole reassured him that it wouldn't last too long. She gently confronted him about the kiss, but he reminded her that, legally, she was still his wife. Nicole asserted that they should rectify that as soon as possible.

Bo and Hope found Maggie, and informed her that they had narrowed down the search: they had learned when Maggie's eggs had been implanted, and after some research, they'd discovered that a Lilian Parker had given birth approximately nine months later, on December eighteenth. Bo apologetically explained that he couldn't give Maggie more information yet, since the computers at the station had gone down; all he could tell her that Lilian Parker was deceased.

Melanie arrived just then and overheard part of the conversation. "Lilian Parker? Why are you guys talking about my grandma?" Melanie asked. Utterly floored, Maggie responded with a gasp, "Lilian Parker is your grandmother?" Pointing out that Chloe had named her son Parker because it was his grandmother's maiden name, Melanie asked why they were all talking about Lilian. Hope asked when Daniel's birthday was, and a bemused Melanie replied that it was December eighteenth, and asked why they wanted to know.

Hope reminded Melanie that Maggie had been trying to find her child. Taken aback with the potential realization, Melanie dropped her feather duster, and her eyes widened as she covered her mouth with her hands. Bo summed up, "The name of the woman who made the switch with Maggie's eggs is Lilian Parker, and she had a son -- and his birthday is December eighteenth."

Maggie tearfully told Melanie, "I think your father... I think he's my son." While Bo and Hope grinned and giggled happily, Melanie could not react except to gape at Maggie in shock. "So if Daniel's your son..." Melanie finally managed. "That would make you my granddaughter," an elated Maggie finished. Melanie began to cry, and the women embraced joyfully.

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