Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 18, 2013 on DAYS
Brady proposed to Kristen. Daniel and Jennifer reconciled and made love at the Horton cabin. Parker inspired Chloe to devise a new plan to break up Daniel and Jennifer for good. Sami and E.J. agreed to move into the DiMera mansion. Gabi learned that Nick had forced Will to give up his parental rights.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 18, 2013 on DAYS
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Monday, March 18, 2013
by Mike

At the Horton house, Abigail could tell that Jennifer was upset about something, but Jennifer refused to discuss the matter with Abigail. Jennifer encouraged Abigail to spend some time with Cameron, and Abigail reluctantly agreed to do so.

In Cameron's apartment, Cameron received a phone call from someone. "Yes, I have it. I know I was late, but -- oh -- fine. Just -- just try not to be obvious," Cameron told the caller. After ending the call, Cameron sighed as he retrieved a stack of cash from a box that had been hidden under his bed.

Later, at the hospital, Cameron asked one of the nurses if anyone had been looking for him earlier. As the nurse shook her head, Abigail stepped off of the elevator and greeted Cameron, wondering if he was busy. After a moment of hesitation, Cameron offered to take a break so that he and Abigail could spend some time together.

After purchasing two cups of coffee, Abigail and Cameron returned to the waiting area. Abigail could tell that Cameron, who had been working a lot of double shifts lately, was exhausted, and she urged him to take better care of himself. Cameron assured Abigail that he would be fine, and she agreed to drop the subject.

Abigail invited Cameron to attend a dominoes tournament that she and a few friends were going to be hosting in the near future. "I used to play all the time with my dad. He was convinced that it would improve our brainpower. Unfortunately, it did not have that effect on me. But it will just be a bunch of us who like the game, and we'll probably be doing more talking and laughing than actual dominoes playing," Abigail explained.

Cameron apologetically declined the invitation, claiming that he would be working another double shift that night. Abigail seemed disappointed, but she agreed to give Cameron a rain check. Later, after Abigail left, someone entered the waiting area and discreetly caught Cameron's attention. Cameron informed the nurse that he was going to purchase another cup of coffee, and he quickly walked off, with the unidentified man in tow.

Abigail reentered the waiting area so that she could return a pen that she had accidentally taken from Cameron, and the nurse pointed Abigail in his direction. Meanwhile, Cameron and the unidentified man entered an empty break room, leaving the door slightly ajar. Abigail arrived a short time later, and she lurked behind the door and watched as Cameron handed the man a large stack of cash, which the man counted to ensure that it was all there.

Elsewhere, Maggie tried to ask Daniel about his earlier argument with Jennifer, but he wasn't in the mood to talk about it. Daniel told Maggie that he'd prefer for her to refrain from ever mentioning Jennifer's name in his presence again. Undeterred, Maggie warned that it would be a mistake for Daniel to give up without a fight, but he insisted that he wasn't the person who had given up.

Changing the subject, Daniel told Maggie that he had agreed to cover for a colleague at a medical conference that was scheduled to take place in San Francisco in the near future. Maggie asked Daniel if attending the medical conference was really more important than repairing his relationship with Jennifer. Daniel believed that the relationship was beyond repair, but Maggie insisted that Jennifer still loved him.

"After what Jennifer's been through this last year, I don't think she can take another loss. Look, I'm not putting the responsibility on you, Daniel -- I'm really not. If you don't love Jennifer the way that she loves you, then you absolutely should walk away. But if you do, then why should you both be so miserable?" Maggie asked. Daniel remained silent, so Maggie took the hint and reluctantly excused herself.

In Daniel's apartment, a messenger delivered an envelope to Chloe. Chloe cryptically informed Nancy that the envelope contained the key to winning Daniel's heart. Nancy wondered why Chloe still wanted to be with Daniel, who had repeatedly chosen Jennifer over Chloe. Theorizing that Chloe's love for Daniel had addled her brain, Nancy expressed some concerns about Chloe's plan to steal Daniel away from Jennifer.

"There better be a magic wand in that little package there, because you're gonna need it," Nancy muttered as she eyed the envelope. Chloe excitedly opened the envelope, but its contents disappointed her. "It's Parker's birth certificate. I asked the state's records office to remove Philip's name and replace it with Daniel's. It only took me seven forms and two hours on the phone, and instead, the incompetent idiots left it blank!" Chloe explained.

Nancy assured Chloe that the error could easily be rectified, but Chloe impatiently whined that she needed it done right away. Chloe wanted something that she could shove in Jennifer's face later that day, as well as something that could be used as the perfect excuse to talk to Daniel, who was probably still upset about what had happened the previous night. Seemingly on cue, Chloe received a phone call from Daniel, who announced that he would soon be visiting her.

Later, Daniel arrived at the apartment and told Chloe and Nancy about the medical conference. The conference was a week-long event, but Daniel didn't think that he would be able to stay away from Parker for that length of time. "Actually, um, Chloe and I were just speaking about when I could take Parker to New York to see Craig and Joy, and -- Daniel, if we work out our schedules, then we could do everything! You could go to the entire conference, and Parker would never even know you were gone," Nancy impulsively suggested.

Nancy excused herself so that she could rouse Parker from his nap to give Daniel an opportunity to spend some time with the boy. After Nancy left, Daniel guessed that she was homesick. Daniel suggested that it might be best for him and Chloe to hire a real nanny so that Nancy could leave Salem, since Nancy's visit hadn't been working out as well as he had hoped that it would.

Chloe said that she was sorry, but Daniel countered that, despite her apologies, the situation had been getting worse instead of better. Misreading the situation, Chloe defensively demanded to know what Jennifer had said to Daniel. Chloe insisted that her earlier apology to Jennifer had been sincere. Confused, Daniel wondered what Chloe was talking about.

Chloe claimed that she had apologized for kissing Daniel the previous night. Before Daniel could respond, Nancy reentered the room, with Parker in tow. Daniel told Chloe that he was going to take Parker to the town square for an hour or two, and he and Parker quickly exited the apartment. After Daniel left, Nancy started to justify her earlier impulsive suggestion, but Chloe interrupted and insisted that she wasn't worried about that.

Chloe cryptically stated that things were finally starting to go her way, adding that something amazing had just happened. Chloe triumphantly informed Nancy that Jennifer had stopped talking to Daniel, who still had no clue what had happened the previous night. "Chloe, I hate to be a Negative Nancy, but...when Daniel does talk to Jennifer and get a clue...what are you gonna do then?" Nancy wondered.

At the Brady Pub, Marlena tried to find out about John's true agenda, but he refused to discuss the situation with her. "I don't owe you any explanations. In fact, I don't owe you anything at all," John coldly stated. Marlena warned John that their marriage would not survive without communication. John replied that he didn't know what to say to Marlena, whom he had always been able to count on in the past.

"I'm still that person. I love you so much. I've missed you so much. Will you look at what we have been through, what we have survived? Other couples couldn't begin to imagine that. And seriously? Seriously? This is what's gonna tear us apart?" Marlena asked incredulously, slamming her hand on the table to emphasize her frustration. Before John could respond, Roman entered the pub and interrupted the conversation.

John gave Roman an icy greeting, and Marlena politely asked Roman to give her and John some privacy. After Roman walked away, Marlena reminded John that he had originally dismissed her concerns about Kristen, despite everything that Kristen had done to them in the past. John snapped that things would have been different if Marlena had told him the truth about Kristen and Brady's relationship earlier.

"There it is -- you know exactly what she's up to. You haven't changed your mind about her, and you're only doing all of this as a way to get through to Brady. Honey, if you don't trust me enough to tell me the plan...that's okay with me, but please, just tell me that we're going to be --" Marlena started to say, but John interrupted her, insisting that he couldn't do what she wanted him to do. As Roman watched from the bar, John abruptly exited the pub.

Roman wished that he could do something to make Marlena feel better. Marlena appreciated Roman's concern, but she gently pointed out that her marriage wasn't his problem to deal with. "You know I cherish our friendship -- maybe even more than you know. Right now, things are so...fragile. I can't do anything to put my marriage in jeopardy," Marlena tactfully added.

Roman summarized that Marlena was asking him to keep his distance, and he assured her that he would do so. Roman added that if Marlena ever needed him, he would never be more than a phone call away. Marlena sighed as Roman exited the pub.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Brady acknowledged that Marlena was the love of John's life, hoping that the statement would not hurt Kristen's feelings. Kristen assured Brady that she had gotten over John years earlier. "Well, I'm sure he thought he was over you, too, but...why is he giving you all these chances? I don't know; I guess -- I guess...he thought he could move on, but not you. And now that you're moving on -- with me, of all people -- I know my dad well enough to know that he's going crazy," Brady said.

Brady told Kristen that John had recently revoked an earlier claim that she had admitted that she had been using Brady to hurt John. Brady recalled that Kristen had once warned him that John would be willing to say or do anything to ruin Brady and Kristen's relationship. Kristen nodded and wondered why John's opinion about her relationship with Brady had suddenly changed.

Kristen suggested that John might have lied about his change of heart in order to repair his relationship with Brady. Brady conceded that Kristen might be right, but he hoped that John, who had never lied to him about anything before, was being sincere. Brady assured Kristen that any attempts to ruin their relationship would fail.

As Kristen hugged Brady, she announced that she had just thought of the perfect way to figure out John's true intentions. Kristen predicted that Brady wasn't going to like the idea, but he urged her to elaborate anyway. Kristen suggested that she and Brady could get married. Brady started to protest, but Kristen clarified that she wasn't talking about actually getting married.

"I'm just saying that...maybe if we kind of casually dropped the idea at dinner tonight with John, you know, we'd see how he reacted to it, and we'd find out how he really feels," Kristen explained. Brady said that he didn't want to lie to John, since that could ruin the relationship that they were trying to rebuild. Kristen assured Brady that she understood, but she allowed herself to secretly pout for a moment as she hugged him.

Changing the subject, Kristen said that she had been worried about Jennifer, whose relationship with Daniel had hit a rough patch. Kristen considered going to the Horton house to check on Jennifer, and Brady encouraged her to do so. Kristen was glad that she and Jennifer had been able to repair their friendship. Kristen admitted that she had once believed that no one in Salem would ever be able to forget about her past sins.

Summarizing that Kristen was referring to the things that she had done after John had broken her heart, Brady promised that John would never be able to hurt her again. Kristen assured Brady that she wasn't worried about that, and she gave him a quick kiss before walking away.

Later, at Common Grounds, Brady greeted Maggie and asked if she was all right. "You mean, uh, except that I'm worried about almost everyone I care about?" Maggie replied with a heavy sigh. Maggie wondered if Brady had talked to Daniel recently. Brady shook his head and informed Maggie that he didn't know anything about Daniel's recent fight with Jennifer. Brady promised to find out if there was anything that he could do to help Daniel.

Changing the subject, Maggie wondered if Brady was enjoying his new home. Brady admitted that living at the DiMera mansion wasn't as bad as he had originally feared that it would be. Brady told Maggie about John's surprising reaction to the news. As Brady continued to talk about the situation, Maggie realized that he suspected that John was jealous of Brady's relationship with Kristen.

"Brady, you were very young when all this happened. I saw with my own eyes what Kristen did to your father, and to Marlena. Oh, John -- he would never be jealous of his own son, but he could never, ever forget!" Maggie insisted. Brady defended Kristen, pointing out that she had never done a single thing to hurt Maggie, who seemed completely unwilling to give Kristen the benefit of the doubt.

Brady wondered if Maggie believed that John's new attitude was nothing more than a ruse. Maggie said that neither she nor Brady could definitively answer that question, and she urged him to give John the benefit of the doubt.

At the Horton house, Kristen listened as Jennifer recapped the events that had led to her latest fight with Daniel. Kristen's suspicions were aroused when she learned that Chloe had voluntarily admitted that Jennifer had misinterpreted the situation, but Kristen dismissively stated that Chloe's true motives didn't really matter. "You have to fight for your man. You can't just let that twit win," Kristen insisted.

Kristen urged Jennifer to find out what had really happened the previous night. Kristen said that she would never let anything or anyone stand between her and Brady, adding that they had survived obstacles that had been much worse than Chloe Lane. Later, Jennifer thanked Kristen for the advice, admitting that talking about the situation had made her feel better.

Kristen wondered if Jennifer was actually going to take the advice. Jennifer shook her head and said that she was simply going to walk away from Daniel. "Jennifer, if you love him, you owe it to both of you to fight for him! Try again!" Kristen impatiently stated, clearly unsatisfied with Jennifer's answer.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, Daniel apologized for missing out on the first two years of Parker's life, and he promised that he would always be there for Parker. Jennifer approached Daniel and Parker, and she wondered if she could talk to Daniel for a minute. Daniel jokingly asked if a slap would be involved, and Jennifer shook her head, explaining that she simply wanted to talk about their relationship -- and about Chloe.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen silently recalled some of the things that John had said to her after he had learned the truth about her deception years earlier. "Whatever you're up to, John, you will know the pain I felt that day," Kristen vowed.

In John's hotel room, John received an unexpected visit from Marlena. "I just need to understand something. How is it you are so sincerely willing to try to reach out to Kristen after all she's done, but not to me -- your wife, the woman you love?" Marlena demanded to know. John said that he couldn't tell Marlena what she wanted to hear, and he coldly asked her to leave.

Marlena started to exit the room, but she changed her mind and stepped back inside, insisting that John couldn't get rid of her that easily. "I am your wife. I deserve an answer, and I am not leaving here until I get one. John, listen to me -- I know all that's wrong with this marriage is because I was not honest with you, but if you respond in kind, we don't have a prayer of fixing this," Marlena firmly stated.

"All I can say is this -- I would not give Kristen a second chance -- not in a million years -- but right now, Brady can't know that, 'cause if he does, I'm afraid I will lose him for good," John replied. Marlena breathed a sigh of relief, pleased to learn that Kristen wasn't going to win again. Meanwhile, something caught John's attention. John rose from his seat and approached the door, which was slightly ajar.

When John opened the door, he found Brady standing on the other side.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

At the hospital, Abigail returned to the waiting room in time to see Cameron handing a large envelope stuffed with cash to another man. She watched, unseen, as the man counted the money, and she quietly slipped back into the hallway and shut the door. Just then, Anne appeared and demanded that Abigail move out of the way of the door to the waiting room. Abigail refused.

Anne lashed out angrily and reminded Abigail that she didn't even work there. "And hopefully soon, you won't either," Abigail countered. Anne indignantly demanded, "Do you know who I am?" Abigail replied, "Yes, I do. You're the jealous bitch who's going to pay for stabbing my mom in the back." Abigail turned and walked away.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room, the man was satisfied that all the money was there, but he warned Cameron that it had better not be late the next time. The man shoved the envelope in his pocket and left.

Anne followed Abigail out to the nurses' station and read her the riot act. Abigail demanded to know what she'd done to Anne besides refusing to get out of her way. Anne hotly pointed out that after assaulting Chloe, Abigail would have gone to jail if she weren't a Horton and if Chloe hadn't shown her kindness and pity instead of pressing charges. "Believe what you want to believe, Anne, but I know the truth," countered Abigail. "The truth is you're an elitist little snoot who thinks the world revolves around her, just like your mommy. You know what? You're even worse," Anne spat.

Cameron showed up just then and admonished Anne. Anne called Cameron "nepotism's poster child" and hinted that, unlike his late sister, he hadn't earned his place at the hospital. She continued that some people didn't have ties to the Hortons or DiMeras and had to actually work their way up the ladder. Cameron acknowledged that he had connections, which he did not like to use, but he would not hesitate to do so if Anne didn't choose her words more carefully.

Anne snarled that she didn't answer to Cameron. Cameron strongly suggested that Anne apologize to Abigail, but Anne refused. With one last glare at Abigail, Anne strode back toward her office. Cameron couldn't believe that Anne had gone after Abigail apparently because she didn't like Abigail's mother. Abigail apologized that Cameron had gotten "sucked in" to their quarrel. She noted that he seemed tense and asked if he were all right. When Cameron replied that he wasn't, Abigail offered to listen, especially since he'd spent so much time listening to her problems.

Cameron maintained that he put in extra effort at work so that no one would question whether he deserved his job or not. Abigail asked if that were why he had been taking so many additional shifts. Cameron said that everyone had loved and respected Lexie, so he had a lot to live up to. Abigail returned Cameron's pen and explained that she'd accidentally walked off with it. Abigail said that she knew it was very special because Lexie had given it to him. After thanking Abigail, a downbeat Cameron announced that he had to get back to work but he looked forward to seeing Abigail soon.

At Daniel's apartment, Nancy asked how Chloe could be sure that when Daniel and Jennifer finally talked that Daniel wouldn't figure out that Chloe had drugged him so that Jennifer would think they'd slept together. Chloe pointed out that Jennifer seemed incapable of talking to Daniel without doing something that only pushed him away.

Maggie arrived just then to talk to Chloe. "I've got you're number. I always have, remember? And this time, Chloe, you're not going to get away with it," Maggie cautioned. Chloe was annoyed that Maggie seemed to be threatening her. Nancy tried to intervene, but Maggie firmly stated that she needed to talk to Chloe alone. Nancy grudgingly left the apartment but promised to return soon.

Maggie warned Chloe, "My son doesn't love you. And you're never going to hurt him again, ever. Do you hear that? Not on my watch." Maggie continued that Chloe had been the cause of all of Daniel and Jennifer's problems because she'd had an agenda ever since she'd first returned to town. "Don't you have anything better to do than play matchmaker between your niece and your son?" Chloe asked snidely.

Chloe maintained that Daniel and Jennifer's relationship was doomed. She pointed out that Jennifer and Daniel had broken up and fought countless times long before she had shown up, which indicated to Chloe that they just weren't meant to be. Maggie reiterated that Chloe was the real problem, and soon Daniel would get fed up and throw Chloe out.

Jennifer approached Daniel in Horton Square as he sat playing with Parker. She asked if they could talk about the two of them, and about Chloe -- but she added that if Daniel didn't want to talk in front of Parker, it was all right. Daniel replied that it was important for them to talk as long as they could be civil. He said that he knew Jennifer and Chloe had talked the night before. Jennifer was surprised but assumed that Daniel would understand why she'd lashed out.

Daniel wanted Jennifer to enlighten him, because he was sure that Chloe had told Jennifer that he hadn't reciprocated. As Jennifer began to get defensive, Daniel stopped her and reassured that he wasn't angry any longer. He continued that Chloe was going to be in the picture because she was Parker's mother, and Daniel had done everything that he could to make things as painless as possible for everyone involved -- but Jennifer continued to doubt him. Jennifer maintained that she doubted Chloe, as well as Daniel's ability to set the boundaries necessary to keep Chloe from taking advantage of him.

Daniel took Jennifer by surprise when he asserted that it wasn't about the two of them or Chloe; it was about Jack. Jennifer was incredulous. Daniel pointed out that their relationship had been complicated while Jack had been alive, but since he had died, it had become even more complicated. Daniel continued that Jennifer had been very protective of him when he'd been involved with Nicole, but he believed it was partly because Jennifer felt like she owed him. Jennifer reminded him that he had saved her life.

Daniel explained that because their experiences had been very intense, they had gotten together very quickly, but it had been too soon for Jennifer. He believed that she was still afraid of betraying Jack, and that was why she was using Chloe as an excuse to push Daniel away.

Nancy arrived just then and spotted Daniel and Jennifer from across the square; she hid behind a flower cart to watch them, although she couldn't hear their conversation.

"You think that...I'm unknowingly sabotaging my own happiness -- our happiness? It's not about Chloe playing games? It's not about you trying to keep her from doing that? It's not about any of that -- it's about me?" Jennifer asked incredulously. Without answering, Daniel said that he had to leave for a medical conference in San Francisco, where he would be for a few days, and he thought both of them could use the time apart. He picked up Parker and left.

Nancy observed Jennifer sink onto the couch with a crushed look on her face. Grinning, Nancy left.

Maggie was on the phone at the Horton house, talking to Charlie about how the cell phone service on the island was back on. Jennifer arrived just as Maggie was hanging up. Maggie explained that Charlie was going to Smith Island the next day to open up the cabin for the season. Maggie observed that Jennifer looked miserable, and Jennifer admitted that she felt even worse than she looked. Maggie urged Jennifer to sit down and talk with Daniel.

Jennifer replied that she had just returned form doing exactly that, and things were worse than they had ever been. Maggie asked if Jennifer had told Daniel everything she'd wanted to. Jennifer replied that she hadn't been able to. Maggie encouraged Jennifer not to keep it inside, and expressed her hopes that Daniel might surprise Jennifer. Jennifer didn't seem receptive, so Maggie reassured her, "I love you, Jennifer Rose. Whatever happens, I just want you to be happy." Maggie embraced Jennifer warmly and left.

Jennifer called Charlie and told him that she wanted to get the cabin ready to open. She explained that she just needed to go somewhere quiet and be alone for a little while.

When Daniel returned Parker to the apartment, Chloe noticed that Daniel seemed a little stressed. Daniel claimed that he just didn't like being away from Parker. As Daniel gave Chloe a copy of his itinerary and said that he had to go, Nancy returned. She and Daniel wished each other a good trip. Daniel said goodbye to Parker and headed out.

Nancy divulged that she had just seen Daniel and Jennifer arguing in Horton Square -- and it had not ended well. She suspected that Daniel still didn't know why Jennifer had slapped him. Although Chloe wondered why Jennifer hadn't told Daniel the truth, she really didn't care about the reason.

Daniel was in his hotel room, packing, when he ran across a strip of photo-booth pictures of himself and Jennifer. "I have to make this right," he declared.

In John's hotel room, John admitted to Marlena that he would never in a million years give Kristen another chance -- but he didn't want Brady to know that, lest John lose Brady forever. Marlena was utterly relieved that Kristen would not win again. As she stroked John's shoulders, his attention was suddenly drawn to the door, so he went over and opened it. A seemingly displeased Brady was on the doorstep.

John asked Brady why he hadn't knocked. Without answering the question, Brady said that he was surprised to find John and Marlena together, but he was glad to see the two of them doing so much better. Brady asked if John had invited Marlena to dinner and added that it would mean a lot to him if they could all start acting like a family again, despite Marlena's hatred of Kristen. Marlena looked hopefully at John, who nodded. Marlena said that it would mean a lot to her, and John continued that he and Marlena had more talking to do before they were ready for that, so dinner would still just be John, Brady, and Kristen.

Brady explained that he had stopped by to thank John. He clarified that he had initially thought John hadn't been honest about wanting to give Kristen a second chance, but Maggie had convinced Brady that John was really doing an amazing thing. Brady showed Marlena the plaque from the gondola that John had given him as a housewarming gift to remind him how much his mom had loved him. Marlena wondered why Brady had wanted to tell her about it.

Brady acknowledged that he, John, and Marlena had been having problems, and all he had ever wanted was to feel like he was part of a family. John reassured him that they had always been a family, and he hoped the dinner would be a way to begin resolving their issues. "You lying son of a bitch!" Brady spat. He raised his voice as he continued that he'd heard John and Marlena plotting against him and Kristen. Marlena insisted that wasn't the case, but Brady ordered her to be quiet.

Brady tossed the plaque on the desk and accused John of buying him presents and apologizing all as a ploy to reel Brady back in. "I love my son!" John shouted emphatically. "I'm glad you love me, but I am finished with you! I am sick of your lies!" Brady yelled. He pointed at Marlena as he roared, "I'm done with you," then turned to John and bellowed, "and I'm done with you!" As Brady charged toward the door, John pleaded for his son to just listen.

When Brady turned and saw the stricken look on Marlena's face, he declared that she had gotten exactly what she'd wanted by turning John against Brady. Marlena insisted that wasn't true. Brady accused Marlena of believing that "dumb Brady" couldn't possibly figure out that Kristen was using him and didn't really love him. John begged Brady again to hear him out, but Brady angrily declared that he wasn't in the mood to listen anymore. "Go to hell, both of you!" Brady shouted as he stormed out.

Later, Marlena chased after John into Horton Square. She begged him to talk to her, but he ordered her to leave him alone. "Doc, don't you understand -- you've ruined everything," John growled. Marlena insisted that Brady would come to his senses soon and be grateful to John. John barked in return, "Stay out of my son's life. Stay out of mine." He turned and left a crestfallen Marlena behind.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen vowed to make John feel the same pain she'd felt all those years earlier. As she poured herself a drink, E.J. entered and chided her for drinking so early in the day. Kristen offered to make him one, too, but E.J. replied that he wanted to be sober when he talked to Stefano. Kristen informed him that their father was not home. E.J. was glad for the chance to spend some time alone with his sister.

After E.J. noted that John Black was back in Salem, Kristen downed her drink. E.J. observed, "That doesn't look like a celebratory cocktail you're craving. Kristen, you look like you're about to jump out of your skin." E.J. added that instead of seeing it as a setback in her relationship with Brady, Kristen could view it as an opportunity. He asked how John had taken the news that Brady had moved into the mansion. Kristen replied that it had gone better than she'd expected. E.J. said with a gleeful grin, "Just wait until he finds out that I asked Samantha to move in, as well."

Although she acknowledged that it would be good for Stefano to have the whole family there, Kristen didn't exactly look happy about that news. E.J. asked if Kristen and Brady were living together because they were in love or if it were all part of Kristen's scheme. Kristen countered that if E.J. didn't get in the way of her agenda, she wouldn't get in the way with his. E.J. happily pointed out that his plan was only to marry Sami. Kristen admitted that she was a little competitive, because she had hoped she and Brady would be the first to the altar.

When Kristen started in about how many times Sami had been married, E.J. called her out for always changing the subject when he asked about Brady. E.J. implored Kristen to simply talk to him, because he cared about her, yet he felt as if he barely knew her. E.J. added that he'd assumed that Kristen had moved Brady into the mansion to further her plan, but E.J. sensed that she had genuine feelings for Brady, and he just wanted to know where things stood. "When you find out, would you tell me? I'd love to know, too," Kristen replied quietly, then snapped at E.J. that it was none of his business.

Kristen immediately apologized and admitted that she wasn't used to opening up about her feelings. She confided that she cared deeply about Brady, and she hoped that even if they couldn't live happily ever after, they wouldn't be miserable. E.J. pointed out, "That's exactly the same way that I felt about Samantha, and look at where we are now. I owe a lot of that happiness to you. Maybe you'll let me return the favor." Kristen exploded again, demanding, "Do you honestly think that I can't succeed without you pulling the strings?"

Kristen apologized again. She explained that she was feeling emotional because the only other time she'd been ready to marry the man of her dreams, it had gone to hell, so she had locked up those childish dreams forever. E.J. gently asked, "And now?" Kristen admitted that she still didn't feel like talking about it. She gave E.J. a grateful embrace as he left.

When Brady arrived a little later, Kristen was in the foyer, retrieving her cell phone. Brady seemed very happy to see her, so Kristen inquired what was going on. "Nothing you can't fix -- right here, right now," Brady replied. Kristen asked what Brady thought she could fix. Taking Kristen by the hand, Brady got down on one knee and proposed, "You can marry me, because I love you more than anything in the world."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In the park, John left a message for Brady, "Come on, kid. Call me back. I really need to talk to you. We can work this out; I know we can," John implored his son.

In the foyer of the DiMera mansion, Brady got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Kristen. An ecstatic Kristen accepted, and the two shared a passionate celebratory kiss. Suddenly Kristen pulled away and asked what had changed Brady's mind. Before Brady could answer, Kristen covered his mouth and declared that the reason didn't matter. Kristen acknowledged that Brady's proposal had been very sudden after all his worries about how John and Marlena would feel.

Brady reassured Kristen that he had no reservations about marrying her because it felt right. He remarked that she looked very happy, and she admitted that she was. She kissed him again to demonstrate how happy she was.

Kristen retrieved a bottle of sparkling cider and took it into the living room so she and Brady could celebrate their engagement. Brady informed her that he had something extremely important that he had to do first, so Kristen agreed to keep the champagne on ice until he got back. After Brady had gone, Kristen told herself, "This is really happening! I've got to share this news with somebody." She stuck the bottle in the champagne bucket and hurried out.

Brady met John in the park and demanded to know what his father wanted. John admitted that he'd been wrong to mislead Brady about accepting his relationship with Kristen, but he had only done it because he loved Brady and wanted to protect him. John hoped that Brady could give him a second chance.

Brady gave his father the silent treatment, so John pleaded with him to say something, anything, even if it was to curse at John. Finally, Brady declared, "I am marrying Kristen." After allowing the news to sink in for a moment, Brady left.

When Abigail spied Jennifer's suitcase near the front door of the Horton house, she asked her mom where she was going. Jennifer explained that she was going to Smith Island for a couple of days because she needed to get away. Abigail asked if it were because of Daniel. Jennifer replied that Daniel had apparently decided that their relationship was too much work -- and she wasn't sure that he was wrong.

Abigail asked why Jennifer was so angry with Daniel, but Jennifer didn't want to talk about it. Although Abigail offered to accompany Jennifer to the cabin, Jennifer declined. Abigail suggested that Jennifer try calling Daniel one last time. Jennifer declared firmly that she and Daniel had talked things though, and she did not want to hear from him.

Nicole was drinking coffee alone at Common Grounds, looking through some papers and trying not to worry about the ex-con who was about to move into St. Luke's. Her gaze fell on a small manila envelope. She picked up the envelope and declared, "Someone's got to do God's work. It might as well be me."

At Daniel's apartment, Nancy found Chloe trying to book a flight to San Francisco. Pointing out that Chloe had already overplayed her hand, Nancy ordered her daughter to put the phone down. When Chloe ignored her, Nancy asserted that Chloe was about to drive Daniel back into Jennifer's arms. Chloe conceded that she wanted Jennifer out of Daniel's life, and all of their lives, for good -- and that Nancy was right.

Chloe agreed to think about it before acting. A relieved Nancy asserted that Chloe had to strategize if she wanted Daniel back. After Chloe concurred, she announced that she was going to take Parker for a walk to figure out how the two of them and Daniel could be a family again.

Nicole knocked on the door a little while later. When Nancy informed her that Chloe was out, Nicole barged into the apartment uninvited, to Nancy's dismay. Nancy demanded to know why Nicole was there. "To make sure Chloe knows her place," Nicole replied. As Nicole got comfortable on the sofa, she noticed the changes that Nancy and Chloe had made to the apartment since Daniel had moved out. Nancy insisted that Daniel had told them to make themselves at home.

When Nicole referred to Chloe's pursuit of Daniel as "desperate," an offended Nancy accused Nicole of being a fair-weather friend. Nicole testily pointed out that she had been there for Chloe more than Nancy had. Nancy ordered Nicole to leave, but Nicole refused because she had business with Chloe. "I hope you brought an umbrella, because I'm about to rain all over Chloe Lane's parade," Nicole warned.

In his hotel room, as Daniel finished packing for his medical conference, he decided that he couldn't leave things with Jennifer the way they were. He checked his phone to see if he had enough time before his flight and told himself that he had to make things right. Instead of calling Jennifer, Daniel thought that it would be better if he just showed up and told her that he loved her, and then he could take it from there. He grabbed his jacket and rushed out.

Jennifer was walking through Horton Square on her way to the ferry when she ran into Chloe and Parker. Chloe helpfully pointed out the quickest way to the dock, but Jennifer said that she'd grown up in Salem. Chloe sweetly insisted that she merely wanted to avoid having anything ruin Jennifer's trip. As Jennifer tried to walk away, Chloe started talking about how happy she and Lucas had been living at the cabin. Jennifer demanded to know why Chloe was trying to provoke her instead of letting her leave.

Feigning innocence, Chloe reminded Jennifer that they had been family once. "No, you were just a horrible mistake that my brother made," Jennifer retorted, adding that Daniel wasn't there, so Chloe didn't have to put on a performance. Chloe claimed that she was just trying to make conversation. Jennifer accused Chloe of purposely making it look like she'd slept with Daniel and then putting on an innocent act when she tried to convince Jennifer that it hadn't happened.

Chloe pretended not to know what Jennifer was talking about, but Jennifer spat, "You are a duplicitous little tramp." Chloe replied calmly, "I had my doubts about you, but now I'm a hundred percent certain that Daniel will never, ever, ever want to be with you." Jennifer declared that Chloe was deluded if she thought she had any insight into Daniel or Jennifer. An indignant Chloe was furious that Jennifer would talk like that in front of Parker. After reminding Jennifer that Daniel loved Parker more than anything in the world, including Jennifer, Chloe took Parker and stormed off.

A very cheerful Chloe returned to the apartment with Parker, and Nicole wondered why Chloe was in such a good mood. Nancy took Parker into the bedroom for his nap after Chloe insisted that she didn't need her mom's help with Nicole.

Chloe demanded to know why Nicole was there. Nicole replied, "I wanted to talk to you about your application for the music board at the church... It's been reviewed -- and rejected." Nicole picked up the manila envelope and dumped what was left of Chloe's application -- tiny bits of paper after it had been run through a shredder -- on the table. Chloe maintained that it was no big deal and asked Nicole to leave. As Nicole gathered her things, she declared, "Daniel might be okay with you shacking up here with Parker and your mom, but I'll be damned if you're going to use Eric and the church to further your sinful agenda."

Nancy returned from the bedroom as soon as Nicole was gone and asked what the shreds of paper were. "Confetti. We're going to celebrate!" Chloe replied. She explained that Daniel and Jennifer were finally over. A confused Nancy asked if Chloe had thought of a plan. Chloe explained that she'd just run into Jennifer, who'd been heading for the cabin -- and Daniel was headed for San Francisco, which meant that the two would spend the night thousands of miles apart.

Abigail answered the door when Daniel showed up at the Horton house. She informed him that Jennifer had gone to Smith Island to be alone. Daniel expressed his frustration as Abigail let him in. Abigail said that she'd gotten the idea from her mom that Daniel and Jennifer's last conversation hadn't gone well. As Daniel recalled that discussion, he admitted, "I probably shouldn't have come by." He gave the photo-booth pictures he'd found while packing to Abigail to give to her mom. Abigail noted that Daniel and Jennifer looked really happy in the photos.

Abigail stepped away to take a phone call, so Daniel started to head back out, but when he opened the door, Kristen was just about to knock. She hugged Daniel excitedly, but when he glumly informed her that Jennifer wasn't there, Kristen figured out that he and Jennifer hadn't patched thing up. Kristen declared that she cared about Jennifer, so Kristen needed to know if Daniel had really slept with Chloe.

A bemused Daniel firmly declared, "That doesn't even make sense because that never happened." Kristen divulged that Jennifer had gone to Daniel's room the night before, and Chloe had opened the door -- and a half-naked Daniel had been passed out on the bed. Afterwards, Chloe had gone to the house to reassure Jennifer that Chloe and Daniel had not had sex. "Oh, my God -- thank you!" a relieved Daniel said, giving Kristen an impulsive hug before running out.

Jennifer arrived at the cabin, let herself in, and looked around the familiar surroundings. She recalled how Daniel had removed her appendix there on the sofa. "Everything was so right. How did it go so wrong?" Jennifer wondered. She grabbed her coat and strode purposefully back outside.

Daniel arrived a bit later and rushed through the cabin, calling Jennifer's name. When it was obvious that she wasn't there, he opened the door to leave again -- just as Jennifer was opening it from the outside. Holding a bouquet of flowers she'd picked, Jennifer let out a startled gasp.

Brady was already back at the mansion and pouring the sparkling cider when Kristen returned. As he handed Kristen a glass, Brady remarked, "Something's wrong here. We're missing something." He set their glasses on the bar and produced an engagement ring. Grinning happily, Kristen held up her hand so that Brady could slip the ring on. "You're making all my dreams come true," Kristen declared softly, throwing her arms around Brady's neck.

As Eric and Hope arrived at St. Luke's rectory with Vargas, they noticed that it was far too hot inside. Eric saw that the thermostat read over one hundred degrees, and he went out into the hallway to see if he could turn the heat off. Vargas asked Hope if she could recommend some counseling that would be available to him, since he was just out of prison. "I can't imagine anyone spending time locked up and not wanting to talk about it," Vargas noted.

Hope agreed to look into it. She told Vargas that she was impressed that he was looking at the prison outreach program as an opportunity to turn his life around. Eric returned and said that he hadn't been able to turn the heat down, and the three of them should go out for lunch until someone showed up to fix it.

In Gabi's room, Nick and Gabi made love for the first time since their wedding that morning. Nick asked if it had felt different to Gabi, and she replied that it had felt better. Nick promised that he would make every moment of their lives together perfect. He continued that since he had to continue living with a family member until his parole was over, Maggie had offered to let Gabi move into the mansion with him, but after the baby was born, he thought they could look into getting their own place.

Gabi thought it was a great idea. Her cell phone rang just then. When she hung up, she informed Nick that Caroline had asked her to work for a little while because Caroline had therapy. Nick was disappointed, but he understood and pointed out that they had the rest of their lives to spend together.

As Hope, Eric, and Vargas arrived at the Brady Pub, Hope noticed that Vargas seemed a little tense. Vargas admitted that it would take him a while to get used to being out in public again.

While Eric and Vargas sat down, Hope greeted Gabi but wondered why Gabi was working when she'd just gotten married that morning. Gabi explained that she was covering for Caroline, who had therapy, and Gabi was happy to do it. A grateful Hope embraced Gabi.

Hope went upstairs to see Nick and greeted her cousin with a warm hug. She thanked Nick for letting Gabi cover for Caroline on his wedding day. Nick reminded Hope that Caroline had always been in his corner, so it was the least he could do. Hope declared that she was very proud of Nick for the way he'd gotten his life back on track, but she still thought that he should talk to someone about his time in prison. She assured Nick that she hoped he and Gabi were happy together for a lifetime, but she didn't want any baggage he might be carrying from his time in prison to return to haunt him.

Eric told Vargas that the parishioners were running a job bank and would help Vargas write a résumé and look for a job. Vargas didn't know what kind of job opportunities there would be for an ex-con, but he was willing to work hard for what he wanted. Vargas added that he'd been in and out of institutions his whole life, so it was all he really knew. Eric was confident that everything would work out for Vargas. Vargas vowed to make the best of the opportunity that Father Eric was giving him so that he never returned to prison.

Hope returned and joined Eric and Vargas at the table. When they were finished with lunch, Eric assured Vargas that the church would take care of the tab. As Eric went to the bar to pay the check, Vargas thanked Hope for her help. Hope asserted that she believed that people could change if given the right opportunity and support -- and a second chance.

Hope added, "My cousin, Nick Fallon, just recently got out of prison, and I have to say he's really gotten his life back on track." Noting that Nick and Vargas had been at Statesville at the same time, Hope asked if Vargas had known Nick. Acknowledging that he'd known of Nick, Vargas asked if Nick were also part of the prison release program. Hope replied that he wasn't.

At the bar, Eric congratulated Gabi on her marriage. Gabi apologized for not being upfront with Eric about everything before her first wedding. Eric understood. He gave Gabi a wedding gift and urged her to go ahead and open it. Gabi was a bit taken aback to find a bottle of wine in the gift bag. Eric explained, "Christ's first miracle was turning water into wine, in the spirit of celebration. I think there's a message in there that with love and faith, you can turn a very bad situation into something wonderful -- something that you and Nick and Will have done with this baby."

Eric acknowledged that wine wasn't an appropriate gift for a pregnant woman, but he hoped that Gabi and Nick would celebrate with it after the baby was born. A grateful Gabi walked out from behind the bar to hug Eric and tell him how much his forgiveness meant to her.

Eric returned to Hope and Vargas and explained to Vargas that Gabi had just gotten married to Nick that day. "Lucky guy," Vargas remarked. Eric announced that it was time to return to the church. With a final, long look at Gabi, Vargas followed Eric and Hope out.

Gabi returned to her room after Kayla returned Caroline to the pub, and Nick was surprised when she showed him the wine from Father Eric. Gabi said that she wanted to share the wine with Will after the baby was born. When Nick asked why, she explained that for the first time in a long while, she finally felt like everything was going to be all right. "Once Arianna's here, I want to make a toast with my husband and my baby's father," Gabi continued.

Nick declared that Will couldn't be a part of that. Gabi questioned Nick as to why, but he told her just to drop it. "What is it about Will that you're not telling me?" Gabi demanded, adding, "I really need you to explain to me why you're acting like this. I mean, we both know perfectly well that Will is going to be a part of our little girl's life." Nick informed Gabi that Will had signed away his parental rights, which meant that Will was no longer the father of her child in the eyes of the law.

The church was still extremely hot when Eric and Vargas returned. Spying a toolbox on his desk, Eric left to ask if Father Matt had tried to repair the radiator or if it had been someone he'd hired. Vargas removed his shirt, then took some tools out of the toolbox and began to work on the radiator.

Vargas was hidden behind Eric's desk, still working on the radiator, when Nicole arrived. She fanned herself with a folder, and when that didn't succeed in cooling her off, she peeled off her sweater, under which she was wearing only a sleeveless shell. When Nicole placed a file on Eric's desk, Vargas stood up, revealing his chiseled torso and startling Nicole.

Thursday, March 21, 2013
by Mike

In Daniel's apartment, Chloe wheeled some luggage into the living room. Incredulous, Nancy recalled that she had already warned that following Daniel to San Francisco would be a bad idea, but Chloe was undeterred.

Chloe placed a phone call to a friend whom she had met in Chicago, who quickly managed to schedule an audition for a voice-over role for her in San Francisco. Still concerned, Nancy wondered if Chloe really expected Daniel to believe that the timing of Chloe's audition was purely coincidental.

Chloe conceded that Daniel wasn't an idiot, but she reasoned that his recent fight with Jennifer had left him vulnerable. Chloe added that she was convinced that, deep down, Daniel still wanted to be with her. Later, Chloe called the San Francisco hotel that Daniel had said that he would be staying at, hoping to reserve a room that was on the same floor that he had been assigned to.

Chloe was frustrated to learn that Daniel had cancelled his reservation earlier. Chloe frantically tried to contact Daniel, who wasn't answering his cell phone. Chloe wanted to track Daniel down, but Nancy suggested that it would be best for Chloe to let him and Jennifer self-destruct on their own, since they had a history of doing so.

At the Horton cabin, Daniel told Jennifer about his earlier conversation with Kristen. After clearing up the misunderstanding, Daniel reluctantly told Jennifer about the kiss that he had received from Chloe. Daniel insisted that Chloe didn't matter, adding that what did matter was the fact that he loved Jennifer.

Jennifer remained silent, so Daniel started to excuse himself so that she could have some time to absorb all of the information that she had just received. As Daniel continued to talk, Jennifer interrupted him with a passionate kiss, and they started to make love. Later, Chloe arrived at the cabin and peered through a window, horrified to see Jennifer and Daniel making love again.

At Common Grounds, E.J. handed Eric another donation for the church. Eric said that Nicole would send E.J. a receipt for tax purposes, prompting E.J. to wonder how she had been doing lately. E.J. laughed as he noted that the church wasn't exactly Nicole's natural habitat. "Well, she's doing much better since we put the wet bar in the rectory," Eric joked.

Eric pointed out that, while the church might not be Nicole's natural habitat, it was at least a stable one. Before Eric left, E.J. guessed that it had been difficult for Eric to accept money from a DiMera. Eric jokingly replied that God had taught him to reach out to sinners -- especially sinners who happened to have deep pockets.

At St. Luke's, Vargas apologized for scaring Nicole, who assumed that he was a repairman. As Vargas buttoned his shirt, Nicole wondered if he needed her to leave. Vargas assured Nicole that she wouldn't be in his way, but he warned that it might take a while for him to repair the radiator. Nicole dismissed the warning -- perhaps too eagerly -- and took a seat at her desk, discreetly checking out Vargas as he resumed his task.

Later, Vargas announced that he had managed to fix the issue, and he observed that it seemed like the temperature had already started to decrease. Vargas momentarily left the office, and Nicole quietly muttered that she still felt like the room was extremely hot.

Later, Eric found Nicole talking to Vargas. Eric was surprised to see Nicole, whom he had expected to stay far away from the church that day. Nicole reminded Eric that someone would need to be present when the paperwork arrived for the potential murderer whom Eric had invited into their home. Eric started to introduce Nicole to Vargas, but she interrupted and stated that they had already met each other.

Nicole asked Vargas for the bill, and he informed her that he wasn't a repairman -- he was the person from the prisoner release program. Nicole apologized, blaming her big mouth, but Vargas took the comment in stride, stating that, compared to the things that he had heard in prison, Nicole's greeting had been warm and inviting.

Later, after Vargas left, Eric tried to use Vargas' good deed as a way of proving that Vargas was worthy of a second chance, but Nicole wasn't convinced, theorizing that Vargas might have simply been trying to give them a false sense of security. Nicole said that she was still unhappy about living under the same roof as an ex-convict.

Eric reminded Nicole that she was also an ex-convict, but she countered that the difference was that she wasn't afraid that she was going to kill herself while she was sleeping. Eric assured Nicole that Vargas wasn't planning to kill her while she was sleeping, either, adding that he was actually more concerned about her influence on Vargas. Offended, Nicole assumed that Eric had told Vargas about her past.

Eric assured Nicole that he would never do that, and he added that she had changed anyway. Eric pointedly stated that he had expected Nicole to be more willing to give Vargas the same opportunity to turn his life around. Elsewhere, Vargas muttered that the blonde wasn't quite as naïve as the priest, adding that he still believed, despite Nicole's suspicions, that his new arrangement was going to work out well for him.

In Gabi's room above the Brady Pub, Gabi demanded to know why Will had signed away his parental rights. Before Nick could respond, Gabi grabbed her cell phone so that she could call Will, but Nick took the phone away from her. Nick insisted that it didn't matter why Will had given up the rights to the baby, but Gabi disagreed. Gabi knew that Will would never have agreed to do something like that unless someone had been holding a gun to his head.

Nick claimed that the reality of the situation had actually been similar to what Gabi had described. "Look, Will knows that his baby almost died because of his mother. Maybe he signed his rights away in order to make sure that she left you and the baby alone. Yeah, and -- and maybe now that he's back with Sonny, he thought it would be best for the baby if -- if he stepped aside. Like I said, it's exactly where we were before -- putting the baby first, so that when we sign Arianna Grace's birth certificate, I'll be the father, and the three of us can be the perfect little happy family we always dreamed of," Nick reasoned.

Refusing to believe Nick, Gabi guessed that he had done something to make Will walk away from Will's daughter. Gabi recalled that Nick had once mentioned that he had obtained some incriminating evidence that could be used against the Hortons, and she realized that he had blackmailed Will. Nick tried to justify his actions, insisting that he had done what he had needed to do to protect Gabi from Sami.

Gabi countered that Nick should not have forced Will out of Will's daughter's life in order to achieve that goal. Nick reasoned that as long as Will had access to the baby, Sami would, too. Realizing that Gabi still wasn't convinced, Nick quickly added that he had something else to tell her. Nick sighed heavily, feigning reluctance, and he revealed that Sonny had been at the hospital the night that Gabi had gone into premature labor.

"Gabi, they made threats. They started talking about a custody battle. They started talking about my prison record, and how they were gonna use that to keep our baby away from us. How Will and Sonny were gonna raise the baby together," Nick claimed. Gabi noted that Sonny hated her, and Nick concluded with a shrug that removing Will from the equation had been the only option.

Gabi reminded Nick that he was still on parole, but he assured her that he would be safe, since he had backed Will into a corner. Gabi insisted that Will didn't deserve to be treated like that, but Nick countered that Gabi needed to start thinking about what their family deserved. Nick clarified that he had not blackmailed Will, claiming that they had simply made a deal.

Gabi wanted to know the details of the deal, but Nick refused to share them with her, vaguely stating that he had simply agreed that he wouldn't reveal incriminating information about Will's family if Will agreed to stay out of the baby's life. Nick reiterated that he had not blackmailed Will.

"Well, it sure sounds like it, Nick, okay? And other than Sami, Will's family has been so good to me -- to us, okay? His grandmother, his mother -- they set up this amazing wedding for us. You know, Father Eric -- you know what he told me today? He said that we were making something great out of something bad, and it feels like I am lying to a priest again. I don't want to do that!" Gabi insisted.

Nick told Gabi to calm down, assuring her that Eric didn't know anything about the deal. Gabi demanded to know the identities of the people who did know the truth, so Nick revealed that Will, Sonny, Sami, Lucas, and E.J. were the only people who knew about what had happened. Nick asked Gabi to promise that she wouldn't tell anyone else about the situation.

Gabi reminded Nick that Will was her friend, but Nick countered that they couldn't be sentimental about the situation. Before Gabi could respond, Nick received a phone call, and he excused himself so that he could sign for a package that was waiting for him in the main section of the pub. When Nick returned, he discovered that Gabi was gone.

In a secluded section of Horton Town Square, Sami continued to blame herself for Will's predicament. Will explained that Sonny had helped him realize that Nick would have blackmailed Will regardless, and that Nick had simply used Sami's behavior as an excuse to justify his actions. Sami assured Will that she wasn't going to let Nick win, adding that she might have already found a way to resolve the situation.

Impressed with Sami's consistency, Will reminded her that he had already asked her countless times to stay out of the situation. Sami said that the situation was untenable, insisting that Will would not be able to simply spend the rest of his life pretending that his daughter didn't exist. Sami warned Will that being excluded from his daughter's life was going to eat him up inside.

"'Untenable.' You don't use words like untenable, but E.J. uses words like untenable, so that means not only are you not keeping out of this, you're taking your cues from him," Will observed, ignoring Sami's other comments. Sami continued her statement, warning Will that every new day that he spent away from his daughter was going to be more painful than the previous day had been.

Will assured Sami that he was acutely aware of that fact, defeatedly adding that he had already signed away his rights, which meant that there was nothing left to discuss. Sami insisted that the document that Will had signed was not legally binding, since he had been blackmailed into signing it.

"What Nick is doing is morally, ethically, and legally wrong. You just give me the green light, and I can make sure that you are a part of your daughter's life, and I can make sure that Gabi and Nick are shut down. I can make sure that you are the one who decides how you want your daughter raised," Sami promised. Will insisted that he, unlike Nick, did not think that it would be appropriate to take the baby away from one of her biological parents.

Sami assured Will that she wasn't trying to encourage him to take his daughter away from Gabi. Sami said that she was simply trying to ensure that Will would remain a part of his daughter's life. Sami pointed out that if the evidence that Nick had blackmailed Will with suddenly disappeared, Nick would no longer be able to force Will to stick to the agreement that Will had signed.

Will sarcastically agreed that it would be extremely simple to destroy the evidence. Forgetting to filter herself, Sami blurted out that it wasn't impossible, since she and Lucas had almost managed to destroy the evidence earlier. Will shook his head in disbelief. "I signed that damn piece of paper to protect Dad, and you talked him into trying to steal something from the police station?" Will asked incredulously.

Sami assured Will that she had devised a better plan. Sami said that she had someone in mind who would barely need to lift a finger in order to make the evidence disappear, adding that it would simply take some time to convince the person to help Will. "So, let me get this straight -- you involved Dad, and now you want to involve Grandpa, right? Why don't we get Great-Grandma involved, too? Why don't we make Ciara the lookout?" Will sarcastically suggested.

Sami clarified that she had been referring to Stefano. After explaining the plan, Sami assured Will that it could work. "The last time that I saw Stefano, I was pointing a gun at him because he blackmailed me and ruined my life. You know what should happen, though? Nick, Stefano, and E.J. should all get together, and they should all have a beer and talk about how they all blackmailed me about the same thing," Will dryly stated.

Sami admitted that she had expected Will's reaction, but she insisted that they had to do something to prevent him from missing out on his daughter's life. Will asserted that Sami was talking about doing something that would be worse than what Nick had done, since Sami wanted to commit one or more crimes in order to cover up a crime. Sami scoffed and said that she was going to tell Will exactly what she thought about his statement.

"That's new," Will dryly stated. Sami reasoned that what Nick was doing was worse than what Will had done, because Nick was hurting Will and Will's helpless, innocent child. Will countered that Nick was simply threatening to tell the truth. Sami couldn't believe that Will was actually defending Nick.

"Well, I can't believe you're moving back into the scene of your own crime. Do you remember when you snuck in there and shot E.J. in the head? Are you at least gonna have a different bedroom?" Will asked. Sami insisted that she and E.J. were in love with each other, adding that she would do anything for Will.

Will said that he didn't want Sami's help, since he always ended up needing more help from other people as a result of Sami's interference. "I deserve that. I know I deserved that, Will. I guess I just push too hard because I am always trying to make up for...everything. I'm trying to make up for the time I spent away from you. You just have to ask yourself this -- do you want to someday be saying the same thing to your child?" Sami pointedly asked before walking away.

Later, a young girl approached Will. "Daddy, why didn't you want me?" the girl asked. Shocked, Will stared at the girl, who politely wondered if he had heard her question the first time that she had uttered it. Repeating the inquiry, the girl asked Will to point her in the direction of the library. Will apologized and led the girl in the right direction, sighing as he watched her walk away.

At Common Grounds, E.J. asked Sonny about Will. Sonny admitted that Will wasn't doing very well. "Losing the rights to his kid's bad enough, be shoved around by that sniveling, low-life piece of --" Sonny started to say, but he stopped himself before he could finish the sentence. Somewhat surprised, E.J. observed that it seemed like Sonny wanted to rip Nick apart. Sonny confirmed E.J.'s suspicion.

"I knew there was a reason I liked you," E.J. stated with admiration. E.J. wondered what Sonny would say if he knew that there might be a way for them to make Will's pain go away. Intrigued, Sonny asked E.J. to elaborate. E.J. observed that it seemed like Will had adopted a defeatist attitude, essentially accepting the fact that Nick had won. Sonny regretfully admitted that he had not been able to think of any other options.

"There are always other options. The question is whether or not you have the stomach to exercise them," E.J. said. Sonny guessed that E.J. was referring to some sort of illegal option, but E.J. countered that Nick was blackmailing Will, which wasn't legal. Sonny guessed that E.J. wanted to enlist Sonny's help so that E.J. would have a better chance of convincing Will to go along with the plan.

Sonny confirmed that he wanted to help Will, but he added that he didn't want to manipulate Will into doing something that Will didn't want to do. Sonny wondered why E.J. cared enough to get involved in the situation. "I like William, and I want his mother to be happy, and I think it would be great fun to crush Nick Fallon like a bug. Don't you think it would be fun?" E.J. whispered conspiratorially before exiting the coffeehouse.

Later, at the Horton Town Square, E.J. and Sami told each other about their earlier conversations with Sonny and Will, respectively. Sami hoped that Will would eventually change his mind. Sami told E.J. that she was ready to move in with him, but she admitted that she still had reservations about the location that he had suggested.

"I'm not thinking about me. Normally when I say that, it's a punch line, but right now, I'm serious. For me, it will be great to live there, and to butter Stefano up. I want to make sure I get him on my son's side, but I'm thinking about you, too," Sami said. E.J. reasoned that Will's happiness was more important than anything else, since Sami's happiness was directly related to Will's happiness. E.J. promised that Will's daughter was going to know that Will was her father.

At Common Grounds, Gabi asked Sonny about Will, who hadn't been answering her text messages. Sonny explained that he and Will had mistakenly grabbed each other's phones that morning. Sonny added that Will had nothing to say to Gabi. Meanwhile, Will entered the coffeehouse and said that he needed to be the one who made that decision. Gabi wanted to talk to Will privately, so they went to a secluded section of the town square.

"Look, I know what you did, but I want to hear it from you. Are you really okay with giving up your daughter?" Gabi asked.

Friday, March 22, 2013

In the town square, a beaming Sami told E.J. that his willingness to deal with his father in order to help Will was a beautiful romantic gesture. E.J. smiled and kissed Sami. Narrowing her eyes, Sami added that if Kristen got in Sami's way, Sami would punch her.

In the DiMera mansion, a giddy Kristen celebrated her engagement with Brady. Kristen informed Brady that she had not told Stefano the news because he was out of town. Brady admitted that he had not told anyone except John, and John had not taken the news well. Furrowing his brow, Brady said that he needed to break the news to someone in person.

After Brady left, Kristen changed into lingerie and eagerly awaited his. When the doorbell rang, Kristen answered it and was surprised to find Sami and E.J. on the doorstep. E.J. explained that they were there to talk to Stefano. When Kristen informed them that Stefano was out of town, a sheepish-looking E.J. explained to Kristen that he was moving into the mansion with Sami and the kids.

Kristen smiled widely, congratulated Sami and E.J., and then brushed her bangs off of her face in order to show off her engagement ring. Shocked, Sami goggled at the ring. Kristen admitted that she and Brady were engaged. Kristen poured Sami and E.J. a glass of champagne, and they toasted the news. Looking awkward, Sami noted that they should head home to get ready for the move. E.J. handed Sami the car keys and told her he would meet her outside.

Once Sami had left, E.J. asked, "Now that you have what you wanted, are you sure you still want it?" "As sure of this as anything I've ever done," Kristen responded cheerily. E.J. sat on the couch, and Kristen curled up next to him. Kristen joked that with all the people moving into the house, it felt like the beginning of an Agatha Christie novel. When E.J. joked that they should make a list of suspects, Kristen retorted that in the DiMera family, there would be more than one.

In the church rectory, Brady informed Eric about his engagement to Kristen. Eric called Brady a moron. "I'm glad you don't judge," Brady quipped. Eric thanked Brady for telling him the news in person. Sighing, Brady explained that he had told John about the engagement, and John had not taken it well. Eric noted that he wished Brady happiness, even if he wished it were with someone else.

Brady admitted that he was scared because his last two engagements had ended with the deaths of his brides-to-be. Eric counseled Brady to remember that the deaths had been a coincidence and were not part of God's plan. "I don't want to lose her. I can't," Brady said sadly. Eric said that he had forgiven Kristen for her past, but he wished Kristen was moving on with someone outside the family. Brady thanked Eric for his honesty.

Brady informed Eric that John had lied to him in order to get closer to Kristen and hunt down incriminating evidence against her. Getting frustrated, Brady stressed that he believed Kristen had changed. When Brady asked if Eric believed that people could change, Eric agreed. Brady asked Eric to focus on how happy Brady was with Kristen. Nodding, Eric agreed to work on eradicating his misgivings about Kristen.

After talking to Eric, Brady returned to the DiMera mansion. Kristen informed him about her chat with Sami and E.J. and said that they knew about Kristen's engagement to Brady. Brady announced that he was not worried about anything anymore and that he was eager to set a date for the wedding.

At the Horton cabin, Chloe stood outside and stared through the window at Jennifer and Daniel as they made love in front of the fireplace. Crushed, Chloe stood there, tears streaming down her face. Daniel and Jennifer heard a noise, so Daniel walked outside to check on it. Chloe hid behind a tree. Seeing nothing, Daniel returned inside to make love to Jennifer again.

Chloe returned to Daniel's apartment and informed Nancy about what she had seen at the cabin. "It's over. I've lost Daniel for good," Chloe said hollowly. Chloe added that Daniel loved Jennifer and that Jennifer knew that Daniel loved only Jennifer after they slept together. Nancy counseled Chloe to think of the long term and wait for Daniel to tire of Jennifer.

Shaking her head, Chloe said that Daniel had never cheated on her and would not cheat on Jennifer. Nancy pointed out all of Daniel's past relationships, and she asked Chloe why she had believed Vivian's story that Daniel had cheated on Chloe with Carly. Chloe explained that she had been insecure and gullible. Chloe admitted that Daniel appeared to love Jennifer in the same way he had loved his first wife, Rebecca.

Tears streaming down her face, Chloe cried out that she did not believe she could have a happy life and family without Daniel. Parker cried in the other room, and Nancy rushed to attend to her grandson. Alone in the living room, Chloe muttered to herself about Jennifer then picked up a photo of Daniel with Parker.

"Everything is going to be okay," Chloe said calmly. When Nancy returned to the living room, she told Chloe that it was a good thing to give up on Daniel. "Who says I'm giving up? Finally everything has become crystal clear. I know what I need to do for Daniel, for myself, and most importantly, for Parker. And I will," Chloe said.

Back at the cabin, Daniel gave Jennifer a necklace with her birthstone set in it. Jennifer admitted that she was happier than she had been in a long time. "This is a whole new beginning," Daniel exclaimed. Jennifer thanked Daniel for fighting for her, and Daniel countered that they had fought for each other. "The fight is over," Daniel said.

At the coffeehouse, Nick stomped into the empty business and demanded that Sonny tell him where Will had taken Gabi. Sonny said that he did not have to tell Nick anything. Angry, Sonny argued that Nick's true goal was to keep Gabi's daughter from being raised by two gay men. Nick agreed. Sonny noted that Nick was not the good person that his family had purported him to be. When Nick muttered a threat about Will and walked toward the door, Sonny grabbed Nick's shoulder and stopped him.

"Get your hands off me, faggot!" Nick growled. Sonny punched Nick, knocking him into a table. Nick struggled to his feet and tackled Sonny. The two men pushed each other around the room until Nick backed off and accused Sonny of luring him into a fight in order to have Nick's parole revoked. Sonny urged Nick to get counseling. When Sonny asked why Nick wanted to hurt Will, Nick responded that Will had Sonny and that he would be fine.

In the park, Gabi asked Will if he was okay with giving up his rights to his daughter. Will admitted that his decision was tearing him apart. Gabi told Will that they would work the situation out with Nick. As Will grew silent, Gabi noted that she had heard that Nick had convinced Will to sign away his parental rights, but Nick had not told her the details. When Gabi noted that Nick wanted to protect her and the baby, Will asked Gabi if the baby needed protection from him.

Gabi admitted that she only wanted to keep the baby safe from Sami. When Will noted that Nick had said Will would not be allowed to see the baby, a defensive Gabi remarked that Will had started the problems by pushing for a paternity test. Gabi stressed that Sami had talked Will into asking for the test and that Sami would have convinced Will to let her into the baby's life. Will asked Gabi if she believed that he was a pushover.

Gabi promised not to keep Will from his daughter. Will countered that Gabi did not know Nick very well. As Gabi asked Will to explain what he meant, Nick rushed into the clearing. Nick nervously asked what was going on. Gabi asked Nick if he wanted to exclude Will from the baby's life. Playing innocent, Nick swore that he had not said that to Will and that he had left the decision up to Gabi. Nick urged Gabi to rest, and he escorted her back to the pub.

In Gabi's room at the pub, she was noticeably quiet. When Nick asked Gabi what was wrong, she explained that Will had said something that had shaken her. "He said I don't know you. Do I?" Gabi asked. Nick told Gabi that she knew him better than anyone. As Nick kissed Gabi gently, she softened.

A confused Will walked to the coffeehouse and hugged Sonny. Will informed Sonny that Gabi had said that she wanted Will to be a part of the baby's life. Shrugging, Will admitted that he would have to trust Nick. "You have no reason to trust Nick," Sonny said. Sonny argued that Nick had Gabi convinced that Nick was not out to hurt Will.

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