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Eric made peace with his feelings for Nicole. Serena's news stunned Daniel. Daniel asked Nicole to tell him the truth. Nicole could not believe the extent of Daniel's love for her. Paul had his first run-in with gay bashing. Chad told Abigail they should be together. Ben asked Abigail to marry him.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 27, 2015 on DAYS
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Serena decides to get revenge Serena decides to get revenge
Monday, July 27, 2015
by Mike

Paige refused to leave while J.J. was changing his clothes in Sonny's office at Club TBD, insisting she had more to say. J.J. guessed Paige was going to once again rant about how he had ruined her life and had no right to say anything to her about the people she chose to hang out with. Paige clarified that, while all of that was still true, she really just wanted to stress that he didn't have to be worried about her.

"You go off with a guy like Kyle, and nobody should worry about you?" J.J. asked incredulously. Paige insisted Kyle couldn't possibly hurt her -- and neither could any other guy, for that matter -- because she wasn't the same girl she had once been, and she no longer had that girl's naïve views about love. "Nobody could hurt me the way you did, because I'll never feel that way about anyone else," Paige added.

As J.J. started to respond, Bev barged into the office to tell him something, unaware that he wasn't alone. After Paige rushed off, J.J. tried to focus his attention on Bev, wondering what she had been excited about telling him. Bev started to explain that she had just scored VIP tickets to a music festival, but she eventually stopped herself. "You know what? I can't do this anymore. I'm done," Bev declared.

J.J. assured Bev that he and Paige were over for good. "Yeah, you are. But you don't believe it, and you should," Bev replied. Bev wondered if J.J. wanted to know what Paige had recently said to her about him. "Paige said something about me?" J.J. asked optimistically. "God, if you could look at yourself in a mirror right now. Yes, Paige told me I was welcome to you, but that I should keep you away from my mother. Yeah, so there's still that. She won't get over it. And I won't get over the way you look at her," Bev said.

J.J. started to stress that what Bev had just walked in on had been completely innocent, but she stopped him. Bev revealed that her parents had been begging her to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Europe for the summer, but she had turned down the offer -- which, incidentally, had been their big attempt to get her away from J.J. "I stayed because I thought we were starting something. And I am so tired of being the thing that you sometimes use to try and forget about Paige," Bev added. J.J. insisted that wasn't true, but Bev disagreed and said she had changed her mind about leaving.

Bev encouraged J.J. to go find someone else but guessed that wouldn't work out, either, since he definitely wasn't over Paige yet -- and he might never be. J.J. tried to apologize, but Bev assured him that she knew he had never meant to hurt her. "You're just...a mess, so it kind of had to happen," Bev added. J.J. hugged Bev and told her to take care of herself. Bev wished J.J. luck getting Paige back or getting over her. "Whichever comes first?" J.J. asked. "Whichever you can do," Bev replied.

Kate went to Will and Sonny's apartment to drop off something for Arianna, unaware that Adrienne had been asked to watch the girl for a while. When Adrienne started gushing about the gift Kate had gotten for Arianna, Kate warned Adrienne not to try taking credit for it. Adrienne insisted she would never stoop that low -- or be that dumb. "Well, you were dumb enough to divorce Justin. Who knows how low you'd go?" Kate countered.

Adrienne refused to discuss that particular matter with Kate, who nevertheless maintained that, while there was probably plenty of blame to go around, it had been foolish of Adrienne to walk out on Justin. Adrienne informed Kate that the divorce had been a mutual decision. "Do you really think this is what Justin wants?" Kate asked. Adrienne started to respond, but Kate interrupted and abruptly excused herself so she could get back to work.

Lucas went to the Kiriakis mansion to serve Justin with an unfair trade complaint Countess Wilhelmina had filed against Mad World. Justin dismissively tossed the document aside without even bothering to look at it. Lucas advised Justin to reconsider that decision, warning that Justin and Kate were skating on very thin ice. "I deal with five cases like this before breakfast. I'm a lawyer, as opposed to...whatever it is you are," Justin replied.

Lucas wondered if Justin was sniping at him because of Adrienne. Justin insisted the matter wasn't personal; it was just good business. "We are well inside the law, so suck it up and get used to it. Or let Stefano find another whipping boy," Justin added. Lucas started to leave after once again advising Justin to read the document, but Justin stopped him and apologized for what he had just said.

Justin reiterated, however, that the move Mad World had made against Countess Wilhelmina really hadn't been personal at all. Justin acknowledged that he no longer got to have a say in what happened in Adrienne's life. Lucas asked if Justin was really going to just give Adrienne up without a fight. Justin wondered why Lucas cared. Lucas explained that Adrienne was, first and foremost, his friend, and he just wanted her to be happy.

"You know, I've been where you are, Justin -- probably a hell of a lot more than you know. And looking back, I begin to wonder...if I gave up too soon. Now I'm starting to wonder if you and Adrienne are gonna feel that same way, too," Lucas added. Lucas left after once again advising Justin to read the document. Later, Justin received a visit from Adrienne, who was eager to show off some new pictures of Arianna.

Justin told Adrienne about Lucas' earlier visit, revealing that Lucas had actually delivered a truce of sorts in the war between Countess Wilhelmina and Mad World. Justin failed to elaborate but added that Lucas had also suggested that Justin and Adrienne might be making a mistake. Adrienne was surprised that Lucas had talked to Justin about the matter, and Justin admitted that he had been surprised, too. "[Lucas] cares about you. No matter what I may think of him, I know that much is true. He wants what's best for you, even if that turned out to be me. We both care about you. And I think you and I made the right decision," Justin added.

Will entered Club TBD and found Paul talking to Sonny at the bar. Will smiled and said he was really glad to see Paul. Paul started to explain why he was at the club, but Will insisted that wasn't necessary. After explaining that Arianna was going to be with the babysitter all night, Will suggested he and Sonny could go out later. "Sounds like fun," Sonny replied. "But it might be more fun if you come with us," Will told Paul.

Paul said he didn't want to horn in on Will and Sonny's date night, but Will assured him it wouldn't be like that at all. Will stressed that, while he and Sonny would get their alone time later, it had recently been pointed out to him that they didn't really have any gay friends. Paul started to clarify his comment, but Will interrupted and admitted Paul wasn't the only person who had made the observation -- Marlena had, too. "And you're both right. Sonny and I -- we should be out in every way. I don't know how we got to be so old and boring," Will added.

Sonny pointed out that he and Will had a kid and also had demanding jobs, but Will insisted they could do a better job of balancing things so they could still have a social life. Paul laughed awkwardly, admitting the situation with him, Will, and Sonny still felt kind of weird to him. "Just bring somebody," Will suggested. As if on cue, Derrick entered the club and greeted Sonny, explaining that he had been saddled with coffee duty at his job. As Sonny started to fill Derrick's order, Will began to suggest that Derrick could attend the outing as well. Will quickly stopped himself and stepped aside, joking that he was going to chew on his foot for a while.

Sonny excused himself and went to talk to Will, who apologetically acknowledged that he had just made a dumb move. Sonny disagreed, admitting that he understood what Will was trying to do -- and he actually thought it was a good idea. Meanwhile, Derrick wondered what he had just walked in on. Paul explained that Will had just invited him to go out with Will and Sonny later that night. "Oh, like a threesome?" Derrick asked. Paul clarified that he had been encouraged to invite a friend along, and he wondered if Derrick was interested.

Derrick wondered if Paul was just asking because Derrick had walked into the club at the right moment and Paul didn't have anyone better to ask. Paul stressed that he was asking because Derrick was his friend, and he wanted Derrick to attend the outing. Derrick agreed, and Paul quickly announced the news to Will and Sonny. Will excitedly rushed off to finalize all the details. Later, Kate met with Paul, and when Sonny served them their drinks, he made a joke about the name of their new cologne. "[Vanquish] sounds like a male enhancement drug that's sold on late-night TV," Sonny mused as he took a seat at Kate and Paul's table.

Kate observed that, while everyone always assumed Sonny was really nice, he was actually a very mean young man. Sonny protested that he was nice -- nice enough to tell Kate the truth. Kate defended the name, explaining that it had tested well. "I would demand a recount. With all due respect, Kate, it's horrible -- it really is. We were playing basketball, and we came up with a better name in two minutes," Sonny teasingly countered.

After Sonny left, Kate impatiently demanded to know what the guys had thought of as an alternative option for the name of the cologne. "Narita by Mad World," Paul revealed. "Let me guess -- did your mother come up with that, or your agent?" Kate wondered. Paul clarified that it had actually been Will's idea.

Kate was surprised to hear that, and Paul admitted that he had been surprised, too. Paul shrugged and guessed Will had probably just been trying to be nice. "To you?" Kate asked skeptically. Paul nodded and informed Kate that he, Will, and Sonny were all trying to just get along with each other -- and maybe even be friends. "When pigs fly," Kate muttered. Paul told Kate about the plans he had made with Will and Sonny. Kate guessed Paul was crashing Will and Sonny's date, but Paul clarified that Will had invited him -- and another guy would be joining them, too.

Lucas spotted Will talking to Derrick in the town square. Will took Derrick to a more secluded area so they could talk privately. Derrick admitted he had felt a bit awkward at the club earlier. "Well, that couldn't be avoided. The important thing is that it worked. That's what matters," Will stressed. Will wondered if Derrick had found time to read the files he had sent earlier. Derrick confirmed that he had read most of them and had also looked up a lot of old articles online. Will told Derrick to focus solely on the files he had sent, since they would give Derrick the inside scoop on Paul -- the personal stuff Paul had never said publicly.

"Yeah, those interviews of yours were very in-depth, huh?" Derrick joked. "Okay, you're gonna want to let go of those bitchy comments if we're gonna work together," Will warned. Derrick told Will to relax, promising to have everything read before the outing that night. Derrick hoped Paul and Sonny wouldn't find out what he and Will were up to. "There's nothing to find out. I'm just helping two friends get together," Will insisted.

Derrick wasn't particularly optimistic about his chances with Paul, but Will assured him that it was just a matter of time before something would happen with Paul -- if Derrick played his cards right. Derrick hoped Will was right, admitting he had been into Paul since their first meeting. After Derrick left, Lucas revealed himself and said he had been under the impression that things between Will and Sonny had been going well lately. Will confirmed that he and Sonny were finally getting back on track.

Lucas wondered why Will was risking everything. Will clarified that he wasn't risking anything -- he was just fixing up a friend, something people did all the time. Lucas didn't think Will would be skulking around and hiding things if he really believed that what he was doing was completely innocent, but Will countered that he simply didn't want to put any pressure on Paul. Will added that he wanted things to work out between Paul and Derrick. "Right, so you want Paul to be interested in this guy so he's not, know, going after your husband," Lucas guessed.

"Yeah, obviously," Will impatiently confirmed. Lucas wondered if Derrick was a good guy. Will stressed that Derrick wasn't just a good guy -- he was also really into Paul, not to mention extremely attractive. Will insisted the outing he had planned for that night would be fun. Lucas shook his head skeptically. "I just think you should put more effort into just being with Sonny instead of all these schemes, you know? You'd be a lot better off. You're worse than your mother," Lucas said before walking away.

Serena continued eavesdropping on Eric's confession from the comfort of her hotel room, getting more and more upset as he talked about how he had been unable to resist the urge to be with Nicole during their time in the crawlspace. When Eric angrily slammed his fists against an armrest, he disturbed the listening device, which promptly stopped working.

Serena tossed her recorder aside in frustration. "I knew it. I knew something happened. That witch slept with Eric. I could kill her!" Serena muttered. Serena held back tears as she listened to the recording again. When it finished playing, she grabbed her purse and stormed off to the Brady Pub, where she encountered Xander. Serena started to go off on Xander, but he reminded her that he hadn't singlehandedly ruined her life. Serena conceded that Xander was right, and she mused that, while she would love to see him pay for everything he had done, there was someone else who needed to pay, too -- and she could actually make that happen.

In Daniel's apartment, Nicole was disturbed when she suddenly got a strange feeling of foreboding. Daniel assured Nicole that there was nothing to worry about, but she admitted she was still struggling to believe that because of her history. Daniel hugged Nicole and reminded her that nothing bad was hanging over her head for once.

Later, Maggie arrived and saw the pictures Parker had drawn for Nicole. "She's gonna stay forever!" Parker excitedly informed Maggie. Daniel confirmed that was the plan, and he asked Nicole to give him a few minutes alone with Maggie so he could share their news with her. After Nicole and Parker left the room, Daniel told Maggie that Nicole had agreed to marry him. "Hmm. Fast," Maggie observed, forcing a smile.

Daniel disagreed, and he stressed that, while he would love to have Maggie's blessing, he and Nicole were going to get married either way. Daniel reminded Maggie that it had been hard for people to accept her relationship with Victor at first, too. Daniel insisted that what he had with Nicole was true love -- something he knew Maggie wasn't against. "Who could be?" Maggie conceded.

Maggie hugged Daniel and said she hoped he would be very happy with Nicole. When Nicole and Parker returned, Maggie congratulated Nicole and offered her a hug, as well. Daniel decided to take Parker out for ice cream so Nicole and Maggie could talk privately. After Daniel and Parker left, Nicole jokingly promised to never call Maggie "Mom." Nicole stressed that she loved Daniel and, like Maggie, didn't want to see him or Parker get hurt. Nicole added that Daniel also just happened to be her best friend, and she knew just how lucky she was. Maggie hoped that was true, since love was something she believed Daniel really needed in his life.

After finishing his confession, Eric walked through the park while thinking about how Father Louis had advised him to ask God for guidance. After doing just that, Eric spotted Daniel and Parker, who were eating ice cream together on a nearby bench. Eric listened as Daniel and Parker talked about how much fun they were going to have living with Nicole.

When Daniel and Parker returned home, Maggie offered to throw an engagement party for Daniel and Nicole, and they happily accepted. After Maggie and Parker left, Nicole received a text message from Eric, who wanted to see her right away. Nicole excused herself, not bothering to correct Daniel when he assumed her abrupt departure was work-related.

When Nicole arrived at Eric's place, Eric assured her that, while he still loved her -- and always would -- he wanted her to have the life she wanted to have, so he would never tell Daniel about what had almost happened in the crawlspace. Meanwhile, Daniel received a visit from Serena, who said she had something he needed to hear.

Serena plays the recording for Daniel Serena plays the recording for Daniel
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa and Brady interviewed nannies from the agency. Brady was frustrated because none of the applicants were qualified to nanny for his son. Theresa assured Brady that they were not being too picky. As Theresa left for work, she overheard Maggie and Brady talking about the fruitless search for a nanny. On her way out the door, a smiling Theresa muttered, "Yeah it's really hard. When you've rigged the system."

In the living room, Brady and Maggie talked about the nanny search. Brady told Maggie that Theresa had downloaded a questionnaire from the Internet for the interview process and that no one had made the cut based on the interviews. Brady expressed his worry that the process was taking too long.

When Brady noted that Theresa had found the nanny agency and set up the interviews, Maggie asked if Brady believed that Theresa was "dragging her feet." Brady shook his head. Brady wondered aloud why every applicant had been unqualified, and he swore to track down the head of the nanny agency to discuss the parameters for the nanny position. Maggie advised Brady to think of A.A. and "change the things that you can."

Aiden talked to Ben in his office about the police case in Florida. Confused, Ben asked why the police had reopened the case. Aiden asked Ben if he was withholding any information. Ben swore that he had told Aiden everything about his time in Florida. With a reassuring smile, Aiden said that the issue was probably nothing and that Ben should not worry. Ben smiled nervously and left.

In the park, Clyde made arrangements on the phone with an employee about dealing with a lab technician. After talking to his employee, Clyde called Ben on the phone, and they talked about his summons to Aiden's office. When Clyde asked why the police had reopened the case in Florida, Ben said he had no idea why but that Aiden thought there was nothing to it.

Concerned, Clyde went to Aiden's office to talk. Clyde asked Aiden for information, but Aiden declined on the basis of client confidentiality. When Clyde took issue with Aiden's answer, Aiden countered that he would be equally discreet with Ben if he asked about Clyde's business. Clyde thanked Aiden for his honesty and left. Aiden returned to work and made a few calls. After hanging up the phone, Aiden was startled to see someone standing in the doorway.

In the park, a giggling Theresa thanked Anne for setting her up with her friend, Gloria, at the nanny agency. Anne reminded Theresa that Gloria would expect something in return for sending a bunch of terrible applicants to interview with Theresa and Brady. Theresa assured Anne that she would not forget Gloria. With a sigh, Theresa reminded Anne that she did not love Brady for his money but because of his personality. Theresa was anxious to meet with the nanny, Megan, that Gloria had picked to help gently nudge Brady toward Theresa.

When Megan arrived, Theresa appeared less that impressed with her as she ate a bag of pork rinds. Megan informed Theresa of her past experience as a nanny, and Theresa softened a bit, but Theresa still looked uncomfortable. When Anne noted that Megan loved kids, Theresa scoffed at the notion.

"Come on, Anne, let's be real. What she loves is the salary I'm offering," Theresa said. Theresa stressed that there would be cameras throughout the mansion, watching Megan. Megan assured Theresa that she would be helpful. Theresa asked Megan to frequently mention to everyone in the house that Theresa was a great mother and that Theresa would make a great couple with Brady. Megan shrugged, and she agreed to the terms. Theresa agreed to hire Megan.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa told Megan to wait a few minutes before ringing the doorbell. As Megan chomped on gum, Theresa ordered her to spit the gum out. Megan nonchalantly spit the gum onto the sidewalk, disgusting Theresa. Theresa shook off the sight and entered the house. When Theresa entered the living room, she found Brady talking to an elderly woman. "I have found the perfect nanny," Brady announced.

At the hospital, Kayla informed Abigail that she would administer a paternity test, since Abigail was eight weeks along. Kayla said she would use Chad's DNA from his medical file to check the results. When Abigail asked about the ethics of using Chad's medical file, Kayla said the issue was gray and that it was a minor privacy issue because they were only using the information to check for a paternity match.

Abigail remained tense. When Kayla asked what was wrong, Abigail explained that she was worried that people would learn about the pregnancy before her family. Abigail added that she had told Hope about the pregnancy. With a shake of her head, Abigail said she was fearful of her family's reaction if Chad was confirmed as the father of the baby. Kayla reminded Abigail that her family loved her and would love her baby.

"Does anybody in this family love Sydney or Johnny any less because of who their father was?" Kayla asked. Abigail nodded. Kayla urged Abigail to concentrate on the possibility that Ben was the father. When Kayla asked if Ben would be happy with the news, Abigail quietly said that he would. When Kayla asked how Abigail would feel if Ben was the father, she stared silently at her hands. Kayla asked Abigail if she wanted to keep the baby.

Abigail said she had not changed her mind about keeping the baby. Kayla assured Abigail that he hospital technician, Martin Hines, would handle the paternity testing and that Abigail and Chad's names would be kept confidential. Relieved, Abigail hugged Kayla and agreed to meet with her in the morning for the test.

Kayla walked down the hall and talked to the technician, Martin, about the paternity test she needed him to run in the morning. As Kayla talked to Martin, a bearded man eavesdropped from nearby. The bearded man called Clyde on the phone to inform him about Kayla and Martin's conversation, and the man told Clyde that he would follow Martin home. After hanging up on the call, Clyde called someone else on the phone and told them, "It's a go."

As Martin walked home from the hospital through the park, he ran into Clyde. Clyde told Martin that he wanted to talk to him.

At Will and Sonny's apartment, Chad cooed over Arianna while Will thought about his conversation with Abigail about the paternity of Abigail's baby. Will put Arianna down for bedtime, and Chad stared at the family photos in the living room. When Will returned to the living room, he saw the sad look on Chad's face as he stared at the photo on the table. Chad remarked that Grace would have been six if she had lived. Chad lamented that he had not been able to get to know his daughter, and he admitted that Arianna reminded him of Grace.

When Will asked what Chad wanted, Chad said he wanted to talk about Abigail. Chad pleaded with Will to help him get in touch with Abigail. Chad explained that he had seen her at the hospital but that Abigail had been angry with him and sent him away. When Will asked why Chad was so desperate to talk to Abigail, Chad admitted that he had said something horrible to Abigail. Will asked why, and Chad said, "Because I love her."

Chad said that he needed to explain to Abigail why he had hurt her before Ben took his relationship with Abigail to the next level. When Will asked what Chad would do if Abigail was set on Ben, Chad shrugged and said that he would back off of Abigail for good. Shaking his head, Chad said he needed to attempt to talk to Abigail first. Chad begged for Will's help. Will texted Abigail to meet, and Abigail texted back that she would stop by the apartment.

An elated Chad told Will that he would wait in the bedroom while Will talked to Abigail, but Will refused to help Chad ambush her. Will said that if Abigail refused to talk to Chad, then Chad would need to respect her decision. Will ordered Chad to leave, and he agreed to wait in the park for Will to call. Chad thanked Will, and he left.

As Abigail arrived at Will's apartment, the babysitter left with Arianna. Will explained that he was spending the evening with Sonny and that the babysitter was taking Arianna overnight. When Will asked Abigail if she had any news, Abigail informed him that the paternity test had been scheduled for the morning. Will nodded, and he told Abigail that he wanted to talk about Chad. Abigail grew defensive and hurriedly explained her run-in with Chad at the hospital.

Will interrupted to note that he had heard what happened and that Chad had "missed his chance." Will said that Chad had stopped by the apartment to talk. Angry, Abigail demanded to know what Will had said to Chad. Will swore that he had not told Chad anything about Abigail. Abigail said she did not feel she could trust Will if he had talked to Chad behind her back. Raising his voice, Will stressed that Chad had stopped by on his own.

Will said that Chad was desperate to talk to Abigail. Emotional, Abigail refused to talk, and she marched for the door. Will grabbed Abigail's wrist and shouted, "Chad is in love with you!"

In the park, Chad waited nervously, and he hurriedly answered his phone when it rang. Zoe had called to talk to Chad, but he politely made an excuse and hung up. As Chad turned around, he saw Ben staring at him from across the park clearing.

In Eric's apartment, Eric promised Nicole that he would not tell Daniel about their kiss on the night they almost died. When Nicole asked about Eric's feelings, he confirmed he still felt the same way about Nicole and that he did not think that would change. Nicole said she was worried that Eric's feelings would change his mind. With a sigh, Eric explained that he had prayed for a sign, and he had realized that he had wanted to tell Daniel about the kiss because it might give him a chance with Nicole.

"But that's not love. It's selfishness. And if I love you, honestly love you -- and I do -- what I should want is for you to be happy. What makes you happiest and what you deserve, is to be with Daniel," Eric said. Overcome, Nicole hugged Eric and thanked him. "We still have to worry about Serena," Nicole said. Eric assured Nicole that Serena had no evidence of anything. Eric swore he would never tell anyone about their night in the crawlspace.

Eric walked Nicole to the door. As Nicole stood in the hallway, the two agreed that they would always care about one another. Eric kissed Nicole on the cheek as Caroline walked up the hallway. Flustered, Caroline apologized for interrupting and for forgetting that Eric and Nicole were back together. Eric corrected Caroline, and he explained that he had been congratulating Nicole on her engagement to Daniel. After Nicole left, Caroline lamented that Eric was not happy. Eric stressed that he had everything that he needed, and he hugged Caroline tight.

At Daniel's apartment, Serena told Daniel that she needed to talk to him about Eric. Daniel admitted Serena into the apartment but noted that he did not want Serena to talk to him about helping her reconcile with Eric. Serena shook her head and said that she wanted to help Daniel. After Daniel confirmed that Nicole was not home, Serena said she would wait for Nicole to hear what she had to say.

Frustrated, Daniel said he did not want Serena to wait for Nicole to return home. Startled by Daniel's choice of words, Serena asked why Daniel had used the word "home." Daniel explained that Nicole had moved into the apartment and that they were engaged. Serena groaned.

"We need to do this right now. You deserve to know what's going on," Serena said. Daniel warned Serena not to make threats. As Daniel opened the door to show Serena out, a steely Serena asked, "You don't want to know that Eric and Nicole slept together the night they almost died?" Daniel was incensed by the accusation. Serena played the recording.

"I loved her. She loved me. Time was running out. We started to make love," Eric's voice said on the recorder. Serena stopped the recording and explained that Eric had been confessing to his priest. As Serena left, she warned Daniel, "There are liars, there are cheaters, and then there is Nicole." Furious, Daniel slammed the door behind Serena.

In the town square, Eric walked with Caroline, and she asked him not to give up on looking for love again. Eric smiled and told her he was happy with his friends. As Caroline walked away, Eric turned and saw Serena staring at him from across the square.

Maggie called Daniel to talk about the engagement party, but he told her they would talk later. When Maggie asked what was wrong, Daniel said he was fine. Daniel wrote down the possible dates for the engagement party, and he reiterated to Maggie that he was fine. Sniffling, Daniel promised to get back to Maggie and hung up the phone.

As Daniel stared at the dates on the pad of paper, Nicole returned home. Nicole cozied up behind Daniel and hugged him, talking about how perfect life was at home. Daniel turned to face her. Noting the look on Daniel's face, a worried Nicole asked what was wrong.

Nicole confesses all to Daniel Nicole confesses all to Daniel
Wednesday, July 29, 2015

While Megan, Theresa's nanny candidate, waited outside, Theresa entered the Kiriakis mansion and found Brady in the living room with a gray-haired woman. He announced that he had found the perfect nanny. "No!" Theresa blurted. Privately, she explained to Brady that the agency was sending over another candidate, who would be there any minute. On cue, the doorbell rang. Brady said although he hadn't interviewed the woman yet, he could tell she was far more qualified than anyone else they'd seen -- and besides, he didn't have time to conduct two interviews.

Pointing out that it would be rude to send the other woman home after she'd made the trip there, Theresa stomped off to answer the door, since Henderson hadn't yet. Brady apologized to the women and explained that he hadn't realized Theresa had already lined up another candidate when he'd asked a friend for a nanny recommendation, and the friend had gotten him in touch with Emma. Theresa wanted to know why, with such a glowing recommendation from Brady's friend, Emma was available. Emma explained that the children she'd been looking after were old enough that they no longer needed a nanny.

Brady turned to Megan, who handed him a crumpled copy of her résumé as she explained that the agency had asked her to return from retirement to take that job. Since Brady had an appointment at his office and would have to leave soon, and because he didn't feel right asking one of the women to reschedule, he asked if he could interview them at the same time. Emma was more than happy to, but Megan let out an exasperated sigh, earning her a dirty look from Theresa.

Theresa fetched Tate from the nursery and carried him into the living room so he could meet the potential nannies. Emma gushed that Tate's was the sweetest face she'd ever seen. After Theresa shot her a pointed look, Megan finally got out of her chair and agreed that the baby was "a cutie." Emma asked to hold Tate, and the little one hardly fussed at all when she took him from his mommy. Theresa suggested that Megan should get to hold Tate, as well, so Emma handed him over.

After just a few uncomfortable seconds, Megan thrust the baby back at Emma and declared, "You know what? You got the job. I'm out of here." Theresa followed Megan to the door and asked what the problem was. Megan replied, "You are never going to convince Daddy Warbucks in there to hire me over Julie freaking Andrews." Theresa pointed out, "You're mixing your musical metaphors."

Megan asserted that Theresa should have hired an actress instead of a nanny, because Megan would never be able to do the job Theresa wanted, which was to convince Brady that Theresa was a great mother -- especially not at the insulting salary Theresa had offered. "Good luck, honey. You're gonna need it," Megan said, chuckling scornfully as she left.

Emma confirmed that she could start immediately, adding as she cuddled Tate, "I can't wait to take care of this little angel." After Brady sent Emma off to have Henderson show her around and introduce her to the staff, he noted to Theresa that since they'd finally hired a new nanny, she could start looking for a new place to live. When Brady left the room, Theresa fretted, "What am I going to do?"

When Eric ran into Serena in Horton Square, he started to walk away without saying a word, but she stopped him by calling him a hypocrite. Serena explained that she had finally found out the truth about Eric. "Looks like I'm not the only one who's good at keeping secrets," Serena added. She urged Eric not to make the worst mistake of his life by going back to Nicole. "I guess you haven't heard: Daniel and Nicole are engaged," Eric said. Serena stomped off without another word.

As Nicole returned home, she realized that something seemed off with Daniel and asked what was wrong. Daniel said it wasn't anything important. Nicole asked about the legal pad Daniel was holding, and he explained that Maggie wanted to throw them an engagement party. Touched, Nicole said that made it all suddenly seem very real. "Because it is. I hope you know how much I love you. I really do," Daniel declared, his voice breaking, his eyes filling with tears.

After echoing Daniel's words, Nicole asked what was going on with him. Daniel asserted that he never wanted to be without Nicole in his life. Beaming, Nicole declared that she was happier than she'd ever been, and she was very grateful they'd been able to get past the "hard stuff" and move forward so they could spend the rest of their lives together. "In the interest of moving forward, I just need to know that...nothing's been left unsaid between us," Daniel stated.

Daniel asked if there were anything about what he and Nicole been through over the previous few months that he didn't know but should know. After a moment's hesitation, Nicole took a deep breath and fought back tears as she admitted that there was something Daniel didn't know. "The night Xander tried to kill me and Eric, Eric and I almost made love," Nicole confessed tearfully. She continued that she and Eric had thought they were going to die. "I am so sorry. I am so sorry!" Nicole wailed, sobbing.

Daniel said everything made sense because he'd seen it in Nicole and Eric's behavior afterward -- but he didn't understand why Nicole hadn't just told him the truth in the first place. "Were you ever going to tell me?" Daniel asked. Nicole said she'd nearly told Daniel more than once, but she just hadn't been able to because she hadn't wanted to hurt Daniel over something that hadn't happened. "I knew I was rationalizing, and I couldn't live with that lie. Shocking, I know -- but how could I convince you to forgive me if I couldn't forgive myself?" Nicole explained.

Nicole reminded Daniel that she'd tried to give him a way out by trying to warn him of what he was in for, but he'd insisted that he'd already seen the worst of her. She assured Daniel that she loved him very much, and although Eric had been a problem for them before, he wasn't any longer because he understood. "What happened that night -- I was delirious; I was panicked. And it's not an excuse. I am just trying to tell you that it meant nothing. The only man that I love is you... My love for you has never, ever wavered," Nicole declared emphatically.

Nicole added that she had wanted to preserve what she and Daniel had, and the only way she knew how had been to lie. Nicole expressed her regrets that she hadn't handled things differently and that she'd waited so long to tell Daniel the truth. "But now you know. And what I need to know is will you forgive me, or is what the two of us have -- is it over?" Nicole asked, beginning to cry again.

Aiden was on the phone in his office, instructing the person on the other end to keep digging for information about Clyde Weston, when Rafe walked in. Rafe explained that he was there to drop off the lineup for the Little League All-Star game, which Chase was on. Hope arrived outside the door just in time to hear Aiden asking Rafe for discretion with whatever he might have heard while Aiden had been on the phone.

After Hope entered the office, Rafe explained what he was doing there. Since Rafe was headed to work, Hope said they would likely see each other very soon because she intended to take Aiden out dancing. After Rafe left, Aiden complimented Hope on her outfit, something clearly designed for a night out, and accepted her invitation to go dancing. Semi-reclining across the desk, Hope flirtatiously asked if Aiden were sure she wasn't pulling him away from something important. Aiden assured her that it was nothing that couldn't wait. He kissed Hope to prove how serious he was.

After Rafe reported for work at the Edge of the Square, he called his friend Tim with the FBI to ask him to find out if there were any active investigations on Clyde Weston, who Rafe suspected was up to something. When Rafe escorted Hope and Aiden to a table a little later, the club was starting to fill up. Before Hope could even get settled into her chair, Aiden asked her to dance. Rafe watched a bit wistfully from behind the bar as Hope and Aiden kissed and canoodled on the dance floor.

Aiden spotted a client across the club and went over to talk to the man before he buttonholed Aiden. Hope asked Rafe why Aiden had asked for his discretion earlier. Rafe pointed out that he couldn't tell Hope because he was being discreet. Aiden returned to the table and ordered a bottle of Champagne from Rafe. As Rafe left to get it, Aiden spotted a flyer for the Salem Bicentennial. He and Hope agreed that it would be a great celebration. Aiden grabbed Hope and headed back to the dance floor.

In the park, as Chad ended a phone call from Zoe by explaining that he was waiting on an important call, he turned and spotted Ben a few yards away. Ben wondered what was so important. Chad lightly replied that it was none of Ben's business.

In the park outside Horton Square, while one of Clyde's goons stood guard, Clyde talked to Martin, the lab technician from the hospital. Clyde explained that he needed a favor from Martin regarding a certain paternity test in which Clyde had a "vested interest." An uncomfortable Martin tried to leave, but Clyde's man stopped him. Clyde instructed Martin to call home and tell his "pretty little wife" that he was running late. Clyde also knew the names of Martin's wife and daughter.

Martin obeyed, and when he reached his wife, he blanched when she informed him that a man from the city inspector's office was at the house. After Martin hung up, Clyde stressed that Martin shouldn't even think about calling the authorities, pointing out how easy it had been to get one of his men inside Martin's home. Martin asked what it was that Clyde wanted from him. Clyde explained that Dr. Kayla Brady would soon be taking a paternity test to Martin, whose expression indicated that it had already happened, but he told Clyde that the test hadn't been completed yet.

Clyde wanted to know how the lab had gotten the DNA from the potential father, and Martin explained that the man's blood work was already in the hospital database. Clyde said he would call Martin later that night with further instructions. After Clyde reiterated his warning about not calling anyone about their deal, Martin left for home.

The goon was gone a few minutes later when Ben arrived to meet his dad. Clyde explained that he no longer trusted Aiden and was running a background check on the attorney. Clyde asked if Ben recalled any more details about his most recent meeting with Aiden, but Ben didn't. Clyde said he'd seen Abigail at the hospital earlier when he'd been there to discuss making another donation. Clyde praised the hospital as a "wonderful facility" and asked if Ben had ever been treated there.

Ben said he'd never been a patient at the hospital and hadn't even seen a doctor in a long while. Clyde remarked that since he was healthy, he should donate blood, and he asked if Ben ever had. Ben said he hadn't but thought he should, as well. "Good man," Clyde commended his son.

At Will and Sonny's, Will informed Abigail that Chad was in love with her. That news greatly upset Abigail, who was completely skeptical after the cruel, hateful things Chad had said to her. Will suggested that Chad had been trying to push Abigail away and urged her to hear Chad out. Abigail insisted that she'd already seen Chad that day and didn't have the energy to deal with him anymore. Will thought it would be better if Abigail had a conversation with Chad before she had the paternity test -- that way she would be sure that Chad didn't have an agenda.

"He's a DiMera! He always has an agenda!" Abigail pointed out. Will believed that Chad only wanted to let Abigail know how he felt, before things with her and Ben got even more serious. Abigail said it was a little late for that. Will offered to let Abigail and Chad use the apartment to talk, where they would have complete privacy since Sonny and Will were going out and Arianna was with a sitter. Will added that Chad was in the park waiting for his call. Abigail reluctantly agreed to hear Chad out. Will called Chad and gave him the good news. Thrilled, Chad promised to be right there.

Will made a cup of tea for Abigail and offered to wait with her, but Abigail assured him that she could handle Chad on her own. Will hugged his cousin, wished her luck, and left. Will ran into Chad just outside the door and urged Chad not to hurt Abigail. Chad promised he wouldn't. As Will left, Chad composed himself before knocking on the door.

Ben was in the park, about to call Abigail, when Will showed up.

Abigail let Chad in and waited silently for him to speak. Chad thanked her for agreeing to see him. "The only reason I did was because Will asked me to... Let's go ahead and get this over with. Why don't you just say what you came here to say?" Abigail requested.

After Ben had gone, Clyde called Martin and instructed, "Tomorrow when you go to work, the person whose DNA you're testing for Doctor Brady, he is not the father of that baby. That understood?" Martin assured Clyde that he understood.

Paul faces bigotry during a night out Paul faces bigotry during a night out
Thursday, July 30, 2015
by Mike

Daniel stopped a distraught Nicole from leaving his apartment, insisting he wasn't going to let her just walk out of his life like that. Daniel said he believed Nicole had been completely honest with him about what had almost happened in the crawlspace, and he understood why she hadn't told him the truth sooner.

Nicole started sobbing tears of joy when Daniel added that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Later, after having sex on the couch, Nicole and Daniel started talking about the amazing life they were going to have together with Parker -- and the mention of the boy made them scramble to get dressed as they suddenly remembered he was due home soon.

Jennifer returned home and found J.J. meeting with Watts in the living room. Watts abruptly excused himself after receiving a phone call. J.J. explained to Jennifer that he had just tried to set up a meeting with Kyle but had been blown off. Jennifer admitted that, while she was proud of J.J., she was also really worried about him. J.J. hugged Jennifer and assured her that he understood the risks and would be okay. Jennifer pointed out that Paige might get upset if she ever learned what J.J. was up to, but he claimed he didn't care. J.J. promised he would keep Jennifer in the loop and would never take drugs into the house.

Paige spotted Eve while on a date with Kyle at the Horton Town Square. Kyle could tell something was wrong, so Paige explained that her mother was nearby -- and they weren't exactly on speaking terms. Kyle excused himself, assuring Paige he would handle the situation for her. Kyle introduced himself to Eve and apologetically informed her that Paige really didn't want to talk to her at that time. Kyle added, however, that Paige probably just needed some time to deal with everything. Kyle warned that, while Eve would always be Paige's mother -- and Paige would eventually need Eve again -- she might just make things worse if she pushed Paige too hard.

Paige was shocked when Eve walked away without saying a word to her. Paige wondered how Kyle had managed that, and he coyly replied that he was just that good. J.J. passed through the town square in time to spot Kyle reaching for Paige's hand. J.J. hid nearby so Paige and Kyle wouldn't see him. Paige declined Kyle's offer to take her to Edge of the Square and hook her up with a fake ID, but she gave him a kiss on the cheek before heading back to her dorm room.

After Paige left, J.J. tucked the envelope of drug money between the pages of a magazine and discreetly delivered it to Kyle, reasoning that it would be silly to wait until the next day when their paths had already crossed. Kyle wondered if J.J. had just seen him with Paige. "Your problem, not mine, man," J.J. dismissively replied, adding that Kyle would soon realize Paige was extremely high-maintenance. Kyle left after suggesting he and J.J. could meet the following day to do some more business together.

Eve ran into Jennifer at Club TBD and bragged that Paige was seeing someone new -- a very charming young man named Kyle. Jennifer wondered if Kyle was a student at Salem University. "Mm-hmm. I think," Eve replied with a shrug, prompting Jennifer to guess Eve didn't really know anything about Kyle at all. "Except that he's not J.J., because that's all you really care about, isn't it?" Jennifer added.

Eve unapologetically confirmed the suspicion. "Right, because it's always about you. It's never about Paige. And any decent parent would put their child first, but, yeah, not you. Never you, Eve," Jennifer mused. Eve countered that Jennifer might want to look in the mirror before calling her a bad mother. "Sanctimonious bitch. I can't let it go. I'm not gonna let it go. I'll find a way. I always do," Eve muttered after Jennifer left.

At the park, Will told Ben he had just seen Abigail -- and she had mentioned that she would be working late that night at the hospital. Meanwhile, Ben received a call from Rafe, who needed someone to cover the Edge of the Square bar for a bit. Will said he was headed to the same place and would see Ben there later.

Derrick went to Club TBD to meet up with Will, Sonny, and Paul, not realizing Edge of the Square was the club Will had been referring to in the text message he had sent Derrick earlier. Sonny was just about to leave, so he invited Derrick to join him. Derrick nervously wondered if the outing was intended to be a casual thing or if it might be a double date instead.

Sonny shrugged and said Derrick's relationship with Paul was none of his business. Derrick agreed but admitted he sometimes got the impression that Paul wasn't over Sonny yet, even though Paul knew nothing was ever going to happen with Sonny. Derrick added that Paul was a great guy, and he didn't want to move too fast if Paul wasn't ready to be more than friends yet. Sonny nodded and awkwardly excused himself so he could finish getting ready.

When Sonny and Derrick arrived at Edge of the Square, Will and Paul were already waiting for them at one of the tables. As the men talked, Derrick revealed that, while he had been born and raised in Salem, he hadn't seen his family in over a year because they had disowned him after he had told them he was gay. "I pretty much don't have a family anymore," Derrick added. "Sure you do," Paul replied, grasping Derrick's hand. Sonny's facial expression suggested -- not for the first time that evening -- that seeing Paul and Derrick together might be making him feel a bit jealous. Meanwhile, two other guys lurked in the background, also observing Paul's gesture.

Later, Sonny complained to Paul and Derrick about how Will kept getting pulled away to say hello to coworkers. Derrick offered to go track Will down and rescue him. Derrick found Will outside and admitted that Will had been right about how Derrick's story about his homophobic parents would resonate with Paul. "This could be your lucky night," Will assured Derrick.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Paul talked about how great Derrick had turned out to be. "So, are you two still just friends, or what?" Sonny asked. Paul shrugged and admitted he wasn't sure what to think yet. Before Paul could say anything else, two guys approached the table -- the two guys who had been watching him earlier. "Never thought I'd see this -- baseball legend Paul Narita, hanging with a bunch of fairies," one man said. "Isn't that what he is -- a fairy?" the other added.

Meanwhile, at the bar, Rafe received a phone call from his FBI contact. "You sure there's nothing new on Weston in the FBI database?" Rafe asked, unaware that Ben was standing right behind him. Seemingly oblivious, Ben interrupted to ask Rafe if it would be okay to leave, since another bartender had just arrived. Rafe nodded and turned his attention back to his phone call, wondering if his contact was absolutely sure there wasn't a connection to be made between Clyde and the prison inmate who had died a few months earlier.

Chad entered Will and Sonny's apartment and thanked Abigail for agreeing to see him. Abigail stressed that she had only agreed because Will had repeatedly asked her to, and she impatiently urged Chad to go ahead and say whatever it was he wanted to say so she could leave. After making it clear that he hadn't mentioned Abigail's name, Chad explained that he had gone to Marlena for advice, and she had told him that if he had feelings for someone, he owed it to that person -- and himself -- to be open and honest about those feelings. "So that's why I'm here. The truth is...I am in love with you, Abigail Deveraux," Chad admitted.

Abigail refused to believe that, but Chad insisted it was the truth. "I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life, and I am going out of my mind, thinking about how crazy it was that -- how I screwed everything up," Chad added. Abigail angrily countered that no one else had ever treated her the way Chad had -- not even Sami, who had at least had a reason to hate Abigail and be cruel and vindictive toward her. Abigail conceded that Chad might have believed he'd had a reason, too. Chad insisted that wasn't true, prompting Abigail to wonder what was true.

Chad revealed that he had lashed out at Abigail after overhearing her talking to Ben on the phone, telling him how much she loved him. "So you were jealous? That's why you said all of those hateful things to me?" Abigail asked incredulously. Abigail ordered Chad to leave, but he refused to give up his one opportunity to tell her how he felt about her. Abigail tried to leave herself, but Chad blocked her path and stressed that the night they had spent together had been amazing -- for him, at least. Chad said that was when he had realized just how much he loved Abigail.

"[But] before I could act on how I felt, my father came back to town. I got a quick reminder of who I really am, and how my being with you could affect you -- and him," Chad added. Chad said he had been telling himself he wouldn't turn out like the other DiMeras since the day he had discovered he was one of them, but he had started getting more and more like them over time. Chad clarified that he had lashed out at Abigail not because he had been jealous of her relationship with Ben but because he had realized she deserved to be with a good guy who wouldn't hurt her.

"I forced myself to say all of those horrible things to you. They were all lies -- every one of them. But I had to be as cold and cruel as possible to make sure that there would never be another chance between us again," Chad tearfully explained. "Well, you certainly succeeded, didn't you, Chad?" Abigail replied. Abigail wondered what had caused Chad to suddenly change his mind about pushing her away to protect her from Stefano. Chad admitted that, while he had tried to move on and forget about Abigail, he simply couldn't get her out of his head.

Chad reiterated that he had never loved anyone else the way he loved Abigail, and he hoped that, deep down, she felt the same way about him. "What you have with [Ben], Abby -- it's not what we have. No matter how hard we try to deny it...we can't," Chad said as he leaned in closer to Abigail and rested a hand on her neck. Meanwhile, Ben's tracking app led him to Will and Sonny's apartment, and as he stood outside the entrance, he wondered what Abigail was doing inside.

After Chad'S declaration of love, Ben proposes After Chad'S declaration of love, Ben proposes
Friday, July 31, 2015

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin happily informed Kate that the new name for their men's cologne, Narita by Mad World, had tested very well. After Justin mixed a couple of martinis so they could celebrate, he told Kate that he'd gotten rid of Lucas' lawsuit. Kate was ready to leave, but Justin announced that he wanted to talk to her about Clyde Weston.

Kate wondered if Victor had put Justin up to it, but Justin insisted that wasn't the case. Justin explained that even though he didn't know much about Clyde, the man "smelled like trouble." Kate declared that trouble didn't scare her. Justin admitted that he was only worried because he cared about Kate. "You've done a great job at Mad World, and having you at the top keeps Lucas off-balance, which is an added bonus. And, more importantly, you've been very decent with me," Justin said.

Kate asked if Justin were trying to return the favor by warning her about Clyde. "Exactly. You are an important asset to me, and now a friend, so just be careful," Justin explained. Touched, Kate assured him that she would be. She thanked Justin and headed out.

Hope and Aiden were stargazing in the park. Hope enthused that the stars were beautiful, but Aiden declared that it was Hope who was beautiful. He added that he had never thought he would find happiness again like he'd found with Hope. She declared that she felt the same way. Aiden used an app on his phone to point out constellations to Hope then he used the phone to play some music. He stood and indicated that he wanted to dance with Hope.

Hope and Aiden swayed to the music for the length of the song then Hope reluctantly admitted that she had to leave. They agreed to do it all again soon. Aiden fantasized aloud about building a house for them with an observatory.

Will and Derrick were outside the Edge of the Square when John and Marlena arrived. Will introduced them to Derrick then Derrick and Will headed inside to rejoin Paul and Sonny.

A couple of guys approached Paul's table and called Paul and his friends "a bunch of fairies." Paul started to get up, but Sonny put a hand on his shoulder while urging the other guys to walk away. The taller, more talkative of the two men referred to Sonny as Paul's "girlfriend" just as Will and Derrick entered. "That's not his girlfriend, jerk. That's my husband!" Will shouted. The tall guy complained that the club had never been a "fag bar" before then he rattled off a bunch of other offensive homophobic slurs.

Fed up, Paul rose to confront the guy, who refused to back down from the gay-bashing. Paul ordered the man to apologize to his friends, but the guy shoved Paul hard, nearly knocking him down. Derrick stepped in, but the tall guy walloped Derrick across the face for his efforts. Paul threw the next punch then it turned into a free-for-all, with the tall man's friend, as well as Sonny and Will, joining the melee.

John ran inside while Rafe rushed over from behind the bar to break up the fight. The tall guy ordered John to mind his own business, but John flashed his police badge. When the guy learned that Paul was John's son, he asked, "Whoa, you're his dad? What'd you do to him to turn him?" Rafe grabbed the two guys and dragged them out of the club. John offered to run the guys in if they'd been harassing Paul, Derrick, Will, and Sonny. "They're idiots... It was nothing we haven't heard a hundred times," Sonny said.

Will went behind the bar to get some ice for Derrick's eye while Paul stepped outside to get some air. Marlena volunteered to follow Paul and try to talk to him. Outside, Paul confided to Marlena that he sometimes wished he still lived in the bubble he'd lived in while he'd played baseball. Marlena reminded Paul that he had helped a lot of people when he'd come out.

Rafe apologized for the two "kooks'" behavior and offered to buy a round of drinks for Will, Sonny, and Derrick, but they declined. Holding ice wrapped in a towel to his eye, Derrick blamed himself for what had happened, but Sonny assured him that the guys had decided to start trouble the minute they'd seen Paul.

As John and Rafe drank a couple of shots, John noted that he dealt with stupid criminals all day long, so it shouldn't surprise him when people behaved that way elsewhere. Rafe countered that it could be startling when the stupid people were dressed nicely and in a nice place.

Paul went back inside and thanked his dad for stepping in with the two homophobes. Paul headed over to his friends' table and offered some advice to Derrick on how to treat the black eye. Will and Sonny had to leave to pick up Arianna at the sitter's. On his way out, Will wished Derrick luck.

At Will and Sonny's, Chad moved closer to Abigail and began to kiss her -- just as Ben arrived outside after locating Abigail with his phone tracking app. Ben's phone rang just then, and Abigail realized that the sound had originated right outside the door. She opened the front door to investigate, but no one was there. As Abigail headed back inside, she reproached herself for nearly making a big, stupid mistake. Chad insisted that wasn't how it had felt -- to either of them.

Abigail tried to leave, but Chad stopped her. "I love you. Tell me you can feel that," he implored. Crying, Abigail said it was the wrong time and pleaded with Chad not to pressure her. Chad pointed out that things between her and Ben were likely to get more serious, and Chad was worried that he was already too late. Abigail reminded Chad that she and Ben were living together. Chad countered that Abigail had just moved in -- plus it had happened very shortly after she'd been with Chad.

Chad started pleading his case again, but an upset Abigail ordered him to stop. Chad acknowledged that he'd put a lot on Abigail, and it probably seemed out of the blue to her. He reassured her that he had not used her, and no matter what she decided to do, he loved her more than anyone or anything else. "I don't expect you to make any promises," Chad assured Abigail. "I couldn't, Chad, even if I wanted to. I really can't right now," Abigail replied. Chad said he would be there, and he reached for Abigail, but she pulled away and headed out without another word.

Outside, Abigail sobbed for a moment then steadied herself before taking her phone out of her purse.

Chad was about to leave when Will returned home. After explaining that Sonny was picking up Arianna, Will asked how it had gone for Chad with Abigail. Chad said Abigail had at least heard him out, and she seemed to believe that he loved her. Chad intended to give Abigail the time she'd said she needed to figure things out and to respect whatever decision she made.

Chad declared that he'd felt the strong connection between him and Abigail again, and when he'd looked in her eyes, he'd been able to tell that she still loved him. Will urged Chad to be careful, but Chad was too happy to listen. Chad asserted that he and Abigail were meant to be together -- and they would be together. As Chad left, Will stared worriedly after him.

As Paul and Derrick walked home through the park, Paul asserted that what had happened had been his fault because he was famous. Derrick countered that the two homophobes would have "spewed their ignorance" even if Paul hadn't been there. Paul admitted that he'd never been hassled like that before. Acknowledging that he had, Derrick noted, "It's a fact of life." He said he usually handled it by making a joke or simply walking away, but that night, that man had taken things too far by pushing Paul.

Paul took a closer look at Derrick's black eye, touching it gently with his thumb. Derrick flinched, and Paul assumed that it had to hurt. "Not really," Derrick assured him. He took Paul's hand and placed it back on his face. Paul caressed Derrick's cheek gently before leaning in to kiss him. As Paul and Derrick were making out, Sonny arrived in the park on his way home with Arianna. He stopped when he spotted Derrick and Paul then he turned and walked the other direction.

Ben returned a phone call from his dad, who asked to see Ben right away. When Ben met Clyde in the park outside Horton Square, Clyde declared that they needed to discuss Abigail. Clyde had to remind Ben that it was Ben's mother's birthday. Ben was ashamed that he'd forgotten, especially since he and Jordan had always done something to mark the day. Clyde handed Ben a ring box and said he wanted Ben to have the diamond solitaire inside to give to Abigail.

Clyde explained that he hadn't been able to afford a nice ring like that for Ben's mom when they had first gotten engaged, but later on, he'd bought that one to give to her on her birthday -- but she had died before he'd been able to give it to her. Clyde continued that he wanted Ben to put the ring on Abigail's finger that very night, because although love could last forever, life could be short. Ben was hesitant about proposing to Abigail because they had just moved in together.

Clyde listed what he saw as Abigail's good qualities and emphasized that Ben should not let her get away -- and Clyde thought finding the ring on Ben's mother's birthday had been a sign. "If you love her, why wait?" As he gazed at the ring, Ben said that although he loved Abigail, he didn't want to pressure her. He got a text message from Abigail, letting him know that she was heading home. Before Ben left, Clyde reiterated that Ben should not let Abigail get away.

Marlena was still outside the club, on the phone, when Clyde arrived. As soon as Marlena hung up, Clyde said hello and informed her that he'd made an appointment with her. He escorted Marlena inside. Rafe and John watched Clyde enter and agreed that there was a "certain stench" about the man. John wondered why Hope would never talk to him when he asked her about Clyde. Rafe maintained that he had no idea. Marlena strolled over and asked John to dance, and he happily accepted.

Rafe observed John and Marlena share a slow dance and daydreamed about watching Hope and Aiden on the dance floor earlier. Clyde noticed and remarked that it appeared Rafe would prefer to be on the dance floor instead of tending bar. "So, did you get stood up, or did Kate finally kick you to the curb?" Rafe asked as he poured a drink for Clyde. Clyde maintained that Kate preferred powerful men. "And criminals," Rafe pointed out.

On the dance floor, Marlena tried to reassure John that Paul would be all right. John expressed regrets about not being there when Paul had been a kid. "If I had, maybe this wouldn't..." John stopped himself mid-sentence. "Do you believe what that cretin said? you think, really, that if you'd been there when he was growing up, he wouldn't be gay?" Marlena asked. John assured Marlena that he knew being gay wasn't a choice, and Paul would have been gay regardless of who had raised him.

John clarified that perhaps if he'd been there during Paul's formative years, he could have helped Paul be more accepting of who he was. "Honey, it's a miracle that you know him at all. Come on, you connected. He knows you love him. That's all that matters," Marlena assured John.

As Hope and Aiden were walking through Horton Square, he tried to persuade her to let him walk her to her car. Hope reminded Aiden that she was a cop and could take care of herself, so he kissed her goodnight and left. As soon as Aiden had gone, Hope checked her phone for messages. The blank screen disappointed her, so she called Rafe to ask if there were any news from his contact about Clyde. Rafe couldn't talk right then, and he was going to visit Gabi the following day, but he promised to talk to Hope soon. After Rafe hung up, Hope's dissatisfied expression changed to cheerful optimism when she found a flyer for the Salem Bicentennial on a bench.

Ben was looking at the ring when Abigail returned to their apartment. He quickly stuffed the ring box in his pocket, but she noticed and asked what it was. Ben said it was nothing. Abigail noted that the "nothing" was sticking out of Ben's pocket, so he should stash it better if he didn't want to lose it. Ben took the ring back out of his pocket and reminded Abigail that they'd promised to be honest with each another. He opened the box and showed Abigail the ring.

Abigail was clearly thunderstruck, as she could only stammer, "Did you buy that?" Ben briefly explained the ring's origin. Taking the ring out of the box and holding it toward her, Ben proposed, "Abigail, I love you. You are all I think about, and there is nothing in the world that would mean more to me than if you agreed to put this ring on your finger and marry me." He quickly apologized for it being a "lousy" proposal, but he assured Abigail that he never wanted to be with anyone else.

Ben clarified that he wasn't talking about getting married right away. He promised that when the time was right, they would have the perfect wedding, exactly the way she wanted it. "Just think about it, okay?" Ben requested. He kissed Abigail tenderly and headed for the bathroom to take a shower, leaving the ring box on a table. Abigail managed to keep smiling until he'd left the room, then she broke down.

Will called Abigail a few minutes later to report in. "He's cautiously ecstatic. He thinks that you two are on the same page," Will said. Abigail cried that everything was just a mess. Will thought things would be clearer once Abigail had the paternity test, and she would be better able to make a decision about Ben and Chad. Abigail exclaimed, "Yeah, but, I mean, to have to make a decision, this way, for this reason... Why do I do this to myself, Will?"

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