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Ciara talked to Hope about the rape. John escaped from Yo Ling and saved Paul. Adriana was reunited with her children but furious with Eduardo. Philip and Belle offered Claire stardom. Maggie told Victor that Summer was her daughter. Deimos tried to make peace with Victor. Maggie started to feel the effects of the drug Deimos had switched with her meds.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 21, 2016 on DAYS
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Roman decides Joey's fate Roman decides Joey's fate
Monday, March 21, 2016
by Mike

At Edge of the Square, Ciara chugged some alcohol at the encouragement of her peers then dropped the bottle while dancing on top of the bar. The mishap caused the onlookers to cheer even louder, but their cheers turned to groans when the music abruptly stopped. "Hey, what the hell?" Ciara complained as she looked around the room -- and spotted Hope, who demanded to know what was going on.

The bartender tried to help Ciara step down from the bar, but she pushed his hand away. "If no one can touch me, no one can hurt me," Ciara explained to Hope while settling into a barstool. The bartender stressed that he wasn't the one who had supplied Ciara with the alcohol. Nodding, Hope loudly announced that the party was over. Most of the teens hastily exited the club in frustration, but Claire and Theo insisted on staying behind.

Theo knelt to pick up the shards of glass as Hope admonished Ciara for once again choosing to drink while underage. After Claire helped Theo finish cleaning up the mess, Hope thanked them and asked them to give her some time alone with Ciara. Theo and Claire headed to the town square, where Claire fretted that she had ruined Ciara's party. Theo insisted that Chase was the one who had done that.

Claire was shocked when she saw her father nearby, walking arm-in-arm with Lani. "When did that happen?" Theo wondered. Shrugging, Claire admitted that she wasn't sure. "I knew my mom was all about moving on, but I thought my dad still wanted to work things out," Claire muttered with a hint of disappointment.

Meanwhile, at Edge of the Square, Ciara apologized for breaking Hope's trust. "I just thought that this party was going to help me forget, and... It was too hard to pretend," Ciara explained. Hope stressed that Ciara didn't need to -- and, for her own sake, couldn't -- pretend that nothing had happened. Ciara reluctantly admitted that she couldn't help feeling ashamed because she had liked Chase, and she had liked that he had liked her. "I hate that I felt that way. How could I have trusted him? How could I have had those feelings?" Ciara tearfully wondered.

Hope admitted that she had asked herself that same question about Aiden countless times. Ciara started to apologize, realizing that she was just dredging up painful memories for Hope. "This isn't about me; this is about helping you to heal by making sure that you understand that what happened is in no way a reflection of what a wonderful person you are -- and always have been," Hope insisted, wrapping her arms around Ciara.

After Hope and Ciara finished their conversation, Hope suggested that it was time to return home so Ciara could get some rest. "When can we go home home?" Ciara wondered. Hope assured Ciara that they wouldn't have to stay at the Horton house much longer. "Every time I walk in [there], I feel like I'm gonna throw up. I stare at the ceiling all night. After what happened there, I can't get him out of my mind," Ciara explained.

Hope reminded Ciara that Chase could no longer hurt her. Ciara admitted that there was a part of her that wished that she had hurt him when she'd had the chance to do so. "I wish I [had been] brave enough kill him, so I [wouldn't] have to be afraid anymore," Ciara added. Hope insisted that she never wanted to hear Ciara say that again, adding that turning Chase in to the police had been the right thing to do.

Hope promised that Chase would answer for his crime in a court of law. "Juries let people off all the time. Look at the DiMeras," Ciara pointed out. "We are not... Do not compare us to the DiMeras. We are nothing like them," Hope insisted. Hope warned that if Ciara ever did something violent, the guilt would eat at her for the rest of her life. "How do you know?" Ciara wondered.

Hope explained that taking a life was every cop's worst nightmare. "Mom, have you ever done that?" Ciara asked. After a moment of hesitation, Hope started to respond that she wanted to talk to Ciara about something, but Theo and Claire returned before she could continue. Hope thanked them for being good friends to Ciara but warned that their parents would still be alerted about what had happened at the party. Ciara stressed that she was the only person who had consumed alcohol, prompting Hope to wonder who had supplied her with it. "Nobody you know," Ciara evasively replied. "But I will," Hope countered.

Ciara didn't want to stay at the Horton house that night, so Hope reluctantly agreed to let her spend the night with Claire instead. Before leaving the club, Ciara pulled Theo aside and apologized for kissing him earlier, admitting that it had been really inappropriate of her to do so. "Why? I'm not complaining," Theo pointed out. Smiling, Ciara rushed off to help Claire carry a heavy box of gifts out to Hope's car. Hope approached Theo and thanked him for looking out for Ciara earlier. Theo wondered if Ciara was ever going to be okay again. "She will be. It'll just take time," Hope assured Theo.

At the Horton Town Square, Shawn and Lani shared a slice of pie. Lani guessed that Caroline's pie was probably better, and Shawn confirmed the suspicion. Shawn apologetically admitted that he and Lani probably should have just stayed at the Brady Pub, but Lani assured him that she was glad that he had told her that Belle had caught them kissing. Shawn insisted that he hadn't wanted to leave the pub for that reason. "It was Philip. He just, uh...he gets under my skin. He always has. But he's her problem now, not mine. As long as it doesn't interfere with my daughter, Belle can do whatever the hell she wants," Shawn added before kissing Lani.

Outside John and Marlena's townhouse, Philip told Belle that he'd had a nice time with her that evening. Belle returned the sentiment, but Philip wasn't convinced that she really felt the same way. Philip suspected that Belle might have been trying to prove a point to herself when she had kissed him earlier: that she was okay with Shawn moving on with his life. "Why wouldn't I be?" Belle reasoned with a shrug before giving Philip another kiss.

When Belle entered the townhouse, she immediately realized that Marlena was upset about something. After Philip left, Marlena reluctantly filled Belle in on everything that had happened that day. Belle insisted that Marlena couldn't participate in the rescue mission, but Marlena was determined to do so, pointing out that she was a trained professional who had dealt with hostage situations before. "I will be home [later]...with your father," Marlena promised before rushing off.

Steve tracked Roman, Kayla, and Joey down at the police station and wondered what was going on. Joey explained that he had just told Roman everything. Steve started to insist that Joey was lying to protect him, but Roman interrupted and assured Steve and Kayla that he had no intention of arresting Joey for Ava's murder.

"Uncle Roman, you don't understand -- my dad's the one who's lying!" Joey protested, but Roman maintained that Steve was going to be held accountable for the crime because it was his fault that Ava had entered Joey's life in the first place. "This began with him years ago. It will end with him, too," Roman insisted. Joey threatened to find someone else to share his confession with -- someone who actually cared about the truth -- but Roman warned that Joey's life would be ruined if he did that. "You don't need jail time; you need counseling," Roman stressed, adding that Joey needed to learn how to control his anger to prevent future outbursts.

Joey argued that a judge would show him more leniency because he was still a kid, but Roman pointed out that Joey couldn't be certain of that. Roman added that Steve would have to face perjury charges if Joey chose to confess to anyone else. "So you've decided for me? I'm the one who finally does something to get Ava out of our lives, and now I can't do anything on my own because you're treating me like a child!" Joey complained before storming off, ignoring his parents' attempts to stop him.

Steve chased after Joey, but Kayla stayed behind to thank Roman for putting everything on the line to keep Joey's secret. "You know what, sis? I've been doing this a long time -- this, uh, law-and-order thing -- and I have come to acknowledge the fact -- actually, to accept the fact -- that sometimes there are different ways to make sure justice is done," Roman mused.

Kayla argued that real justice would have involved Ava being put behind bars so Joey wouldn't have felt compelled to take matters into his own hands. Roman felt guilty for failing to arrest Ava when he'd had the opportunity to do so, but Kayla assured him that she understood why he had decided to let Ava go. Kayla fretted that the worst part about the whole thing was that Steve couldn't claim self-defense, even after everything that Ava had done to him and his family. Kayla feared that the jury might believe that murdering Ava had actually been a crime of passion.

Roman asked if Kayla was trying to work through things with Steve. "I can't even think about that right now. My only real concern is Joey. My God, he took another person's life! I mean, I don't care what the circumstances are; I don't care how much he was provoked. How's he gonna deal with that?" Kayla wondered. Kayla continued that she was also concerned about Steve. Roman wished he could make the whole mess go away, but Kayla assured him that his support was enough. "Yeah, well, I'm not sure how much I actually helped. I'm afraid Joey is going to be haunted by what he did for a very, very long time," Roman predicted.

Steve caught up with Joey in a secluded section of the town square. Joey insisted that he couldn't keep lying. "How am I supposed to live with myself, knowing that you went to prison for something that I did? All that time that you were away, I was so angry that you were away from your family, but now, if you leave, it's because of me!" Joey tearfully continued.

Steve argued that Joey had needed a father to stand up for him back then. "Let me be the father I should have been all those years," Steve begged Joey. Steve reiterated Roman's earlier point, insisting that he was ultimately responsible for Ava's death because he was the reason she had entered Joey's life in the first place. Joey maintained that he couldn't forgive himself for what he had done, but Steve reasoned that confessing would only break Kayla's heart.

Changing the subject, Steve explained that he needed to leave town for a while because a good friend was in trouble. Joey wanted to know who Steve was talking about, but Steve declined to provide additional details. "I can't go if you're gonna be a loose cannon," Steve stressed. Joey reluctantly promised to keep his head down and his mouth shut, conceding that he couldn't break Kayla's heart or be the reason Steve was unable to help a friend in need. Satisfied, Steve hugged Joey and declared that Joey was a good man. Joey watched in silence as Steve walked away, promising to be back home soon.

While passing through the town square a short time later, Joey ran into Jade, who wondered why he had skipped Ciara's party. Dodging the question, Joey wondered why Jade wasn't still there herself. Jade explained that Hope had crashed the party. Jade pointed out that Joey hadn't answered her question yet. Joey revealed that he had been at the police station earlier, prompting Jade to wonder if he had turned himself in.

"I tried, but I couldn't do that right, just like I can't do anything right, because the only thing I'm good at is killing people," Joey dramatically replied. Jade couldn't help laughing, teasingly pointing out that Joey sounded like the title character of The Godfather. "You know, I'm glad you were such a total failure at turning yourself in. I have been on some really weird dates, but never with a guy I could only see through a glass partition," Jade added.

"Who says we're dating?" Joey wondered. Jade urged Joey to go ahead and ask her out, reasoning that they both knew they were going to start dating sooner or later, anyway. Joey reminded Jade that he had killed the last woman he had been crazy about. "If you're looking for quality boyfriend material, you should probably look somewhere else," Joey advised.

"Maybe I kind of like that you're so screwed up," Jade countered. Confused, Joey wondered why Jade wasn't scared of him. Jade admitted that she actually found Joey exciting. "Kind of noir-ish," Jade mused. "What-ish?" Joey replied. Laughing again, Jade observed that she clearly had a lot to teach Joey. Before Joey could respond, Jade leaned in and gave him a kiss.

Roman entered the Brady Pub and joined Philip at the bar. "Rough night?" Philip guessed. "I've had better," Roman confirmed. Philip mused that every cop he had encountered lately had been in a bad mood, prompting Roman to suggest that Philip might need to take that as a hint. Roman warned that he had his eyes on Philip because Philip was seeing Belle, whom Roman still thought of as family. "It doesn't make me happy to hear you may or may not be in the pocket of Deimos Kiriakis," Roman added. Philip wanted to know who had told Roman that, but Roman said that didn't matter because Philip had much bigger things to worry about.

Steve returned to the police station and was surprised to see that Kayla hadn't left yet. Kayla explained that she had stuck around to answer a phone call from Stephanie. Kayla admitted that she hadn't told Stephanie the truth about what the rest of the family was going through. Kayla quietly mused that she was getting frighteningly good at lying. "I hope it's not all for nothing," Kayla added.

Steve told Kayla that he was pretty sure that he had managed to get through to Joey. "I think he finally understands that what we're doing is best for everyone," Steve added. Kayla hoped that Steve was right. Changing the subject, Kayla wondered if Steve was still planning to participate in the search for John. Steve confirmed that he was. "Sweetness --" Steve started to add, but Kayla interrupted and asked him not to call her that.

"I can't call you anything else," Steve replied. Steve assured Kayla that John would be rescued and that no one would be hurt in the process. Kayla argued that Steve couldn't promise such a thing. "Hey, hey, come on -- you know me, baby. I'm your one-eyed tomcat. Nine lives, remember?" Steve countered, eliciting a weak laugh from Kayla. Steve told Kayla he loved her then leaned in and gave her a kiss, which she responded to.

"You better come back," Kayla warned after pulling away from Steve, who watched as she exited the police station without waiting for a response.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In the hospital, Eduardo woke to find his son Dario staring at him from a nearby chair. Eduardo was surprised that Dario had stayed all night. When Eduardo asked why, Dario said he wanted to know about Eduardo's life as an assassin. Eduardo said he had been trained as a child to not care about anyone or anything. Shaking his head, Dario asked how many people Eduardo had killed.

Avoiding the question, Eduardo said he had been embedded in communities all over the world. Eduardo added that sometimes he'd had to stay in one place with a family. Eduardo said he would not be able to make peace with what he had done to his family. Furious, Dario argued that the family had not been happy either. Eduardo quietly said that he had thought his relationship with Dario's mother had been a tactic, but he had grown to love her and had loved his children.

"Yeah? Well you must have loved killing even more. Destroying families. Cause you destroyed the hell out of ours," Dario said. Eduardo stressed that he had had to leave in order to protect his family. Shaking his head, Dario asked Eduardo if Eduardo's boss would have murdered everyone in the family if Eduardo had not left them. Eduardo nodded yes. Dario accused Eduardo of spinning the story in his favor.

Dario asked Eduardo if he had returned to Salem to ask for forgiveness. As Eduardo nodded, Dario argued that Eduardo had been wrong when he had thought he had left his blood-soaked life behind him, and it had almost gotten Rafe killed. Dario added that his family would always be in danger as long as Eduardo was with them. As Eduardo stared in silence, Dario asked his father to disappear. Eduardo agreed.

"You're right. I gotta admit, I really believed I could make this work. It was over. I was out. I'd come back here and make things good with my family. But that was wrong. I never should have come back into your lives," Eduardo said.

At the police station, Rafe and Steve grumbled about the fact that after searching all the ISA safe houses, they had not found John. Steve learned that someone named Yo Ling had overthrown the Phantom Alliance. Confused, Steve grabbed a map and examined it with Rafe. As Rafe stared at the map, he wondered aloud if Yo Ling had remained in the same warehouse as the shootout because no one had seen them escape the building. Rafe reasoned that the cops would not have looked where they had already been. Steve and Rafe agreed that they should look underneath the warehouse.

Rafe retrieved the blueprints for the warehouse, and he reviewed them with Steve. The two men realized that there was a new wall that was not on the blueprints. Rafe looked at photos from the crime scene and noticed that the air duct in the photo was oversized. Steve noted that the assailants had likely crawled through the air duct into the hidden area. With a plan set, Steve and Rafe grabbed their gear and ran out.

In the abandoned warehouse building, a handcuffed John refused to eat when Yo Ling offered him food. John demanded to know what had happened to Paul. When Yo Ling mentioned he had plans for Paul, John asked Yo Ling if he planned to drain Paul's blood as well. Yo Ling stressed that he would retransfuse new blood into John and that there would be benefits to the medical process that would outweigh the risks of the procedure. Angry, John yelled, "I am your son!"

Yo Ling walked down the hall into another room and watched as two henchman strapped an unconscious Paul into a chair. After Paul woke up, he was startled to see Yo Ling smiling at him from nearby. Yo Ling told Paul that Paul had been talented once and would be talented again. As Paul raised an eyebrow in puzzlement, Yo Ling nodded at a guard. The guard placed an ocular headset over Paul's eyes in order to start the process of brainwashing.

Alone in his cavernous room, John struggled to break the pipe to which he was handcuffed. Nearly free, John quickly fell limp as a guard walked into the room. John attempted to reason with the guard to set him free. The guard ordered John to stop making noise then he left. As soon as the man left, John resumed his struggle with the pipe. The pipe broke free, sending John toppling to the floor.

In another part of the warehouse, Rafe and Steve arrived and quietly started their search. Avoiding surveillance cameras, Rafe and Steve gently pushed a crate below a camera. Steve climbed the crate, took a photo of the room with his camera, and unplugged the camera. Steve then taped his phone to the front of the camera and plugged the feed back in. In the control room, a guard hit the monitor until the camera turned back on. With a shrug, the guard sat back down, believing all was well.

As Rafe and Steve crept along farther into the warehouse, they heard a noise. The men turned, guns raised, to find Marlena. "Don't shoot!" Marlena cried in a whisper. In disbelief, Rafe and Steve sighed. Rafe asked Marlena to leave. Rafe and Steve argued in a whisper with Marlena, but she refused to go. Frustrated, Rafe agreed to let Marlena tag along. Steve handed Marlena a gun. "Please don't shoot me," Steve said. "Please don't tempt me," Marlena retorted.

Rafe, Steve, and Marlena crept down the hallways, looking for John. While Steve looked around, a guard jumped out from the shadows and grabbed him. Marlena rushed back and hit the guard over the head with her gun. As the guard crumpled to the ground, a thankful Steve nodded at Marlena. The group traveled onward.

When a guard returned to John's room, he was surprised to see that John was gone and all the lights were out. The guard turned to inform everyone of the escape, and he ran into the waiting arms of John, who choked the guard until his neck snapped. John stole the keys to his handcuffs from the body of the guard, and he freed himself from the cuffs. There were footsteps in the hall. John took the keys and opened a door on the other side of the room. When John opened another door, he found someone sleeping under a blanket. Believing the figure to be his son, John rushed over and pulled back the blanket and found a sleeping woman. John attempted to rouse the woman from sleep, but she remained unconscious.

John continued down the hall and found Paul in the next room, strapped to the chair. Upset, John rushed to his son's side and unbuckled the straps. With the ocular headset still on Paul, John went to the nearby computer to turn off the program. With the program shut off, John pulled the headset off of Paul's face. Groggy, Paul stared at John. John shook his son. When John asked if Paul remembered him, Paul whispered, "Dad?"

Relieved, John told Paul that they were escaping. John pulled Paul to his feet then threw Paul over his shoulder. With Paul in a fireman's carry, John retraced his steps back into the room where John had been held captive. As John walked into the room, two guards with guns and Yo Ling walked out of the shadows toward John. One guard stepped forward and pulled Paul off of John's shoulders.

"I like to give credit where credit is due. You almost escaped. Very daring, son. You clearly learned very well at Winterthorne. Excellent training never leaves you, does it?" Yo Ling asked. "That's right! It never does," Steve chimed in as he entered the room with Rafe and Marlena. Rafe ordered the guards to drop their weapons. As the guards complied, John and Yo Ling stared at one another. With a grunt, John went over to Paul. John gently told Paul that they were going home.

Worried, Marlena rushed over to John to examine Paul. John explained that Paul had been kidnapped. Paul said he was fine. Yo Ling complimented Marlena's bravery for risking her life to save her husband. Confused, Marlena asked Yo Ling who he was. John grunted that Yo Ling was his father. Amending his statement, John said that Yo Ling had fathered him. Stunned, Steve blurted out, "The head of the Phantom Alliance is your father?" John nodded.

Yo Ling offered the group tea, but Rafe countered that he preferred to read Yo Ling his rights. Yo Ling scoffed at the idea. As they handcuff Yo Ling, he bit down on a poison capsule. Yo Ling foamed at the mouth as a frustrated John begged for answers. Yo Ling died on the floor as a stunned John watched. While backup secured the rest of the building, Rafe and Steve led the handcuffed guards outside.

John returned to Paul and Marlena's side. When John asked how Paul felt, Paul said his eyes were not working properly yet. Paul asked about John's crooked wrist, and John waved him off. Marlena assured both men that they would be examined at the hospital. John informed Marlena about the brainwashing, and she nodded. When Rafe returned, John asked him about Eduardo. Rafe updated John on his condition.

"Look, Rafe, I don't know where things stand between you and Eduardo, but I hope it is something you can work out because your father loves and cares about you more than you'll ever know. So just think about your father as who he is now, not how he used to be," John said. As Rafe helped Paul, John, and Marlena exit the room, John stopped them and noted that he had found a woman in the warehouse.

John escorted Rafe to the room where he had found the unconscious woman. As Rafe followed John in, he pulled back the blanket and found his mother. "Mami?" Rafe asked urgently as she groaned.

Adriana is reunited with Rafe, Gabi, and Dario Adriana is reunited with Rafe, Gabi, and Dario
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

To thank J.J. for watching over her and Arianna the previous night, Gabi treated him to lunch in Horton Square, with Arianna accompanying them. J.J. promised that neither he nor Gabi would let Arianna out of their sight until the people who'd kidnapped the little one were found.

As Chad and Abigail returned to the DiMera mansion after their honeymoon, Chad dropped their suitcases in the living room while Abigail took Thomas upstairs. When she returned, Abigail shakily admitted that she felt freaked out and vulnerable because she saw Ben everywhere, though no one could find him. Chad tried to reassure Abigail that the police would do their best to find Ben. Abigail pointed out that Ben was so cunning, he had convinced everyone that he'd been in Louisiana when he'd actually been in Salem.

Chad reluctantly admitted that he had lied to her about Ben being in Louisiana. Through angry tears, Abigail tore into Chad. Chad argued that he hadn't wanted to ruin their wedding day, plus his entire security team had been watching the place. Abigail pointed out that Ben had gotten through the so-called DiMera security before -- and he'd done it again during the wedding. Chad reminded Abigail that there had been no trace of Ben on the property that day. Abigail asked if Chad thought she was losing her mind or making things up. Chad guessed that Abigail's fear had been manipulating her imagination.

Abigail strode over to her suitcase and got out her shredded nightgown, which she held up for Chad to remind him. "Ben is back! He's stalking me! I know he is," Abigail declared adamantly. Chad confessed that he'd doubted Abigail's ability to handle knowing that Ben had been nearby. Chad took Abigail into his arms as she fought back anxious tears. He earnestly apologized and asked her to forgive him. Abigail asserted that, as a married couple, they had to deal with things together, as partners, and not keep things from each other. Chad agreed, declaring that they needed to go on the offensive -- but they would need help to carry out his idea.

J.J. arrived and inspected the slashed nightgown. Abigail said she was absolutely sure that Ben had done it. J.J. promised to take the nightgown back to the police station and have it tested for evidence. The men concurred that Ben had so far been amazingly good at hiding his tracks. "I have an idea... It's a way that we can trap Ben. But we're going to need your help, J.J.," Chad said. After Chad had detailed his plan, J.J. asked Abigail how she felt about it. "I will do whatever it takes to put that psycho back in jail," Abigail declared.

After Ben went upstairs to check on Thomas, J.J. apologized for lying to her about Ben's whereabouts. Abigail forgave him but firmly reminded him that they were siblings and had to stick together. In a brotherly way, J.J. asked Abigail how she was doing. She confided that since Ben had escaped, she'd been remembering the terrible things Ben had done and the people he'd murdered. J.J. promised his sister that the police would catch Ben.

Chad returned, carrying Thomas in his car seat. Because "psycho serial killer" Ben still believed that Thomas was his son, Abigail fretted that Ben would try to take or harm Thomas. She said she'd reconsidered the plan and thought they should leave Salem -- and go to Europe -- immediately. Chad maintained that doing so would only prolong Ben's hold on them. "We have to stop him!" Chad asserted, reassuring Abigail he wouldn't allow anything to happen to her or Thomas. "All right. Let's do it. Let's trap that son of a bitch," Abigail declared quietly, although she did not look at all convinced.

In Eduardo's hospital room, Dario ordered Eduardo to get out of town as soon as he was released from the hospital. Eduardo seemed reluctant, but Dario hotly pointed out that he, Rafe, and Gabi had been fine for all the years Eduardo had been gone.

When John, Marlena, and Adriana arrived at the hospital, Kayla rushed up to ask about Steve. Marlena reassured her that Steve was fine. Rafe introduced Kayla to his mamí and said Adriana had been drugged and kidnapped by the same people who'd taken John. Although Adriana insisted that she was fine, Kayla instructed Rafe to take her to an exam room for some testing. As Rafe escorted his mother away, Steve and John arrived with Paul. Almost immediately after John and Steve helped him off the elevator, Paul convulsed as if in pain and passed out.

When Paul regained consciousness, Kayla put him in a wheelchair and took him to an exam room. As Kayla left, she advised John that he needed testing, as well. Rafe said he didn't understand why his mother had been held in the warehouse. John guessed that she had been part of Yo Ling's backup plan. John expressed his gratitude to Rafe, Steve, and Marlena for saving his life, and those of Adriana and Paul.

Once Paul was settled into a hospital room, Kayla advised Paul, John, and Marlena that the lab had run a toxicology screening, and they were flushing the drugs out of Paul's system. After Kayla left, John regretted that his search for his father had harmed Paul. John added, "Now that I know what my real mother and father were like, I think the past was better left behind." Marlena left to call Belle and give John and Paul some time alone.

John apologized to Paul, who understood John's need to find his roots. Paul affirmed that the experience had taught him that his father was a brave, strong, intelligent man who would do anything for his family. "I'm proud to have your DNA," Paul added.

Outside with Steve, Kayla admitted that she'd been worried about him. "I've never stopped loving you. That's what makes this all so difficult. I just don't know if I can forgive you," Kayla added. Steve promised that he would be waiting for Kayla, no matter how long that took.

Later, John pronounced Steve "a hell of a friend and a bona fide hero." Steve asserted that Marlena had been the real hero because she'd knocked a guy out cold to save Steve. Since Paul would have to spend more time at the hospital, Marlena suggested that John go home to get some rest, and Kayla agreed. John said he would as soon as he'd taken care of one more thing.

Gabi arrived at the hospital with Arianna and was relieved to see that Rafe had returned, safe and sound. Dario soon joined them. Before Rafe could tell Gabi and Dario that their mother was back, Adriana returned and exclaimed, "Gabi! Dario!" when she spotted her children. Gabi and Dario ran over excitedly and hugged their mamí.

Rafe took his family into a private waiting room so he and Adriana could explain what had happened to Adriana. Adriana recounted how some men had grabbed her, shoved her into a van, and drugged her, though there was none of it left in her system. She couldn't remember anything else until she'd awakened in that room in the warehouse. She asked Rafe how she was connected to what had happened to John and Paul. Adriana could tell that the others were keeping something from her and demanded they tell her. Rafe, Gabi, and Dario just looked at each other guiltily.

Rafe hedged that the police were still investigating and asked if Adriana had talked to Tía Estrella. Realizing with a shock that she had forgotten, Adriana rushed out with Gabi and Arianna to make that phone call. Rafe explained to Dario that he hadn't told their mother about Eduardo because she had already been through enough trauma without having to see the man who'd broken her heart and abandoned the family.

When Adriana, Gabi, and Arianna returned, Adriana reported that Estrella had gotten an email from Adriana's account, telling Estrella that Adriana had gone to Salem to deal with an emergency with Gabi and Dario. Changing the atmosphere, Adriana declared that it was wonderful to be home with her family, each of whom she touched gratefully.

Adriana remarked sadly on the absence of her late daughter, Arianna, for whom baby Arianna had been named. They all agreed that Arianna would always be in their hearts. After Gabi left to check on Paul, Adriana turned to her sons and demanded again to know what they were hiding, asserting that she had always been able to tell when they were lying.

Gabi silently peeked into Paul's room and found him half-awake. After assuring Paul that he didn't have to talk about it, Gabi asked what had happened. "Everything's a little bit fuzzy. I do know one thing, though: my grandfather was a freak. He wanted to turn me into some kind of soldier-puppet. He wanted to take my dad's blood...and transfuse it to rejuvenate himself," Paul related, still horrified and sickened. Gabi expressed her relief that Paul was all right. After Paul thanked her for checking on him, Gabi departed to rejoin her family. When Gabi returned to the waiting room, Rafe and Dario both gave lame excuses to leave.

John went to visit Eduardo, who apologized for turning his back on John. John warmly asserted, "You saved your son's life. Never apologize for that." John was grateful because, without the information Eduardo had supplied, John and Paul wouldn't have survived. Eduardo wanted to know who'd been behind the kidnappings. "A man named Yo Ling," John replied, although Eduardo didn't recognize the name. "He was my father," John said softly, advising Eduardo that the demented Yo Ling -- as well as his Phantom Alliance -- were dead. Eduardo noted, "We may be free from the threat...[but] the past is something you can never fully escape from."

Back at the townhouse, John and Marlena nestled quietly together on the couch. John fretfully stated that, while he was grateful to Marlena for risking her life to save his, he believed she shouldn't have done so, because there were too many people who needed her. Marlena gently reminded him that she wasn't the kind of woman who could just wait and worry when something needed to be done.

"I don't understand why you resent me for rescuing you when you were grateful to Rafe and Steve for doing the same thing. Is it because I'm a woman?" Marlena demanded. "No, you're my woman!" an agitated John proclaimed. John apologetically explained, "Doc, you're my life." Marlena tearfully assured John that she felt the same way about him.

John described his father's madness, and Marlena was sorry for the way John's search for his past had ended. Showing Marlena the box of his father's medals, John said he chose to remember and mourn Timothy Robicheaux, the man who'd been a war hero. "You know how strong Paul is, both mentally and physically, so you can only imagine how effective he would have been if Yo Ling was successful in turning him into his new soldier... Thank God it's all over," John said.

Meanwhile, Paul lay in his hospital bed, Yo Ling's deranged manifesto echoing in his head. A tear slid from Paul's eye as he stared blankly into space.

Rafe entered Eduardo's room and angrily informed Eduardo that Adriana had been kidnapped and held in the same warehouse where they'd found John. Eduardo wanted to see Adriana, but Rafe pushed his father back onto the bed. "For God's sake, just stay away from her," Rafe ordered his father. "I don't think she can handle coming face-to-face with the man who abandoned her and her family all those years ago -- and you risked her life because of your past. John's father obviously kidnapped her because of you," Rafe spat.

Dario entered, and the three men instantly began arguing, their voices raised in anger. Eduardo insisted that he felt terrible about what had happened, but his sons, especially Dario, weren't convinced. "The moment I'm able, I'm out of town!" Eduardo practically shouted. Adriana showed up, looking for Rafe and Dario. After a moment, Adriana spotted Eduardo and froze. "¿Qué demonios pasa aquí? It cannot be!" a wide-eyed Adriana whispered in horror.

Hope gets some bad news Hope gets some bad news
Thursday, March 24, 2016
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Victor was on the phone with his secretary, asking for a list of missed calls to be prepared so he could return them when he got back to the office later that day. "[And] send a memo out to all the department heads: from now on, they report to me, and only to me," Victor added before ending the call.

Nearby, Brady was on the phone with John, inviting him and Marlena to a small party at Edge of the Square later that day. "I know the timing isn't great, but I have an announcement to make, and I wanted the whole family there," Brady explained. After receiving confirmation that John and Marlena would be in attendance, Brady ended the call and found Victor standing behind him. "So, what's your big announcement?" Victor asked.

Brady coyly replied that Victor and Maggie were invited to the party but would have to wait until then to find out what the announcement was. "If this has anything to do with Theresa Donovan, you can count me out," Victor warned. Brady defended Theresa, insisting that he was very happy to have her in his life. Brady hoped that Victor and Maggie would attend the party and at least pretend to be happy for him.

Victor promised to think about it but pointedly added that he had a lot of catching up to do at the office because he had been out with a cold the previous day and was running things on his own at that time. Nodding, Brady said he was sorry that Philip had let Victor down. "Yes, well, I'm getting used to that experience with family members," Victor replied before walking away.

Victor returned home and joined Maggie in the study. Maggie was glad to hear that Victor was feeling better, since she had something she wanted to discuss with him. Victor guessed that Maggie wanted to talk about Brady's party. "I overheard something about a big announcement he was going to make. I'm sure it's about that damn Theresa," Victor gruffly added.

Maggie urged Victor to attend the party, knowing that he missed Brady. "All right, if you insist," Victor agreed. Changing the subject, Maggie hesitantly clarified that she had actually wanted to talk to Victor about something else. Before Maggie could continue, Brady arrived and wondered why she had asked to see him. Victor started to leave, assuming that he wasn't welcome, but Maggie asked him to stay.

Maggie apologized for the way she had reacted to Brady's news the previous night. Brady understood, admitting that he should have realized that the news would be hard for Maggie to hear. Confused, Victor demanded to know what Maggie and Brady were talking about. Maggie explained that she had learned the previous night that Summer was her daughter. The news stunned Victor, who wondered how it could possibly be true.

"I was very young, and I got pregnant. And, um, they gave me...they gave me something called Twilight Sleep during the birth. I don't remember anything at all. And when I came to, they told me that the baby was stillborn," Maggie explained. Maggie said she had never told anyone about what had happened. "It was so awful. I just -- I guess I just -- I pushed that memory down, and I just went on with my life," Maggie tearfully continued.

At Victor's request, Brady explained how he had found out about Summer. Victor was quite skeptical, but Brady stressed that Summer couldn't be running a con because he had personally seen the DNA test results that confirmed the biological link between her and Maggie. "Doesn't mean she's not after something," Victor warned.

Brady vouched for Summer, but Victor wasn't eager to trust the judgment of someone who was living with Theresa Donovan, of all people. Victor backed down, however, when Maggie gently informed him that he wasn't helping. Maggie was concerned about Summer, given the way things had ended the previous night. "I mean, I ran out of the room without even talking to her. I abandoned her again!" Maggie fretted.

Victor wondered who Summer's father was. "A, who worked on the farm," Maggie replied. Maggie didn't want to answer any more questions at that time, so Victor agreed to drop the matter but warned her to be careful around Summer. "As somebody who's already found out that he had a son he didn't know about, I can tell you it's filled with emotional complications," Victor noted.

Maggie said she needed support, not suspicion, from Victor at that time. Maggie started to excuse herself so she could get some rest, admitting that she hadn't been feeling well that day, but she wobbled a bit as she rose from the couch. Concerned, Victor wondered if Maggie had remembered to take her medication that day. Sighing, Maggie admitted that she hadn't, and she quickly gulped down a pill with a sip of water.

Victor offered to escort Maggie to their bedroom so she could get some rest, but she abruptly changed her mind, announcing that she was feeling better and would like to go out for a while instead. After Maggie left, Victor admonished Brady for failing to consider the consequences before springing Summer on Maggie with no warning. Brady said he had simply been trying to do the right thing. "Daniel would have wanted it," Brady added.

"Oh, and, of course, he speaks to you from the other side. Behold, the Oracle of Salem!" Victor mockingly countered. Annoyed, Brady wondered why Victor always believed that everyone was working some sort of angle. "Because I do. And I'm usually right," Victor matter-of-factly replied. Brady said he liked to believe that everyone was just trying to do their best at all times. "I'm hoping that belief of mine will keep me from turning into you," Brady added before showing himself out.

Maggie met with Julie at the Brady Pub and told her about Summer. Julie wondered if Summer planned to try tracking down her biological father next. Maggie didn't think that would be possible, since the man had moved away with his family before she had even realized that he had gotten her pregnant. Julie wondered what he had been like. "Handsome. Funny. Very sweet. At least, that's what I thought. I was a young girl with a disability; I didn't know very much about boys. So when he started paying attention to me, I felt like my dreams had come true. And then...when he got what he wanted, he forgot all about me," Maggie recalled.

Maggie had no idea why she had been led to believe that her baby had been stillborn. Maggie was touched that Daniel was the one who had reunited her with her long-lost daughter, but she tearfully mused that she wasn't sure how to accept his final gift to her, since a lot of pain was attached to it. Julie advised Maggie to take some time to absorb the news before deciding what to do about it, but Maggie was worried about the message that might send to Summer.

Julie argued that Maggie didn't need to worry about Summer because Summer was a grown woman. Maggie clarified that Summer actually had some serious emotional problems and had recently been suicidal. Julie was sorry to hear that but pointed out that Maggie couldn't blame herself for Summer's issues. "You didn't even know she existed, darling," Julie reasoned. "But I do now. And if I turn my back on her now because it's too difficult to face that she exists, isn't that pretty heartless?" Maggie countered. Insisting that she had never met anyone who had a bigger heart, Julie advised Maggie to listen to it, since it would never lead her astray.

At Brady and Theresa's townhouse, Theresa excitedly informed Nicole that Brady had proposed the previous night. Theresa warned that, while she and Brady had already shared the news with her parents and Eve, his family didn't know yet. Nicole promised not to say a word to anyone. Nicole abruptly changed the subject back to business, prompting Theresa to guess that the news had upset her.

"I just got everything you ever wanted," Theresa realized. Nicole dismissed the concern, insisting that she was genuinely happy for Theresa and Brady. Tate started fussing, and after Theresa went to check on him, Nicole stared sadly at her own engagement ring, which she was still wearing. Nicole tried to excuse herself when Theresa returned with Tate, but Theresa asked her not to rush off.

"I should have realized how hard this is for you. You know, I just -- I'm an idiot, okay? And I, uh -- I'm sorry," Theresa stressed. Nicole insisted that Theresa had nothing to feel guilty about. Nicole admitted, however, that it was hard to hear such news and not think about what might have been with Daniel. "But I have to figure out a way to deal with it," Nicole concluded.

"And I have to figure out, you know, how to be more sensitive. Which is gonna be a whole new experience for me, because I'm not used to putting other people first," Theresa joked. Nicole protested that Theresa put Brady and Tate first every single day. Theresa countered that she wanted to show Nicole the same courtesy, since they were partners. "And...if you're okay with it, I'd like to consider you a friend," Theresa added. "You already are," Nicole replied.

Later, after Nicole left, Brady returned home and told Theresa about the party he was planning. Theresa was worried about how Brady's family would react to the news of their engagement, but he assured her that she would win them all over eventually, just like she had eventually won him over.

After deciding not to tell Brady that she was leaving town, Summer grabbed her luggage and started to exit her hotel room. Summer was surprised when she ran into Maggie on the way out. Maggie apologized for the way she had reacted to the news that Summer was her daughter. "It's obvious you and I need to talk," Maggie added. Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor contacted someone and requested a thorough background check on Summer Townsend.

At the hospital, Eduardo greeted Adriana, who somewhat bitterly admitted that she was surprised that he had recognized her. Eduardo wondered if Adriana was all right, and she confirmed that she was, pointedly adding that raising four children on her own had made her a very strong woman.

Dario interrupted and angrily shouted that Eduardo needed to get down on his knees and beg forgiveness for the things he had put Adriana and Arianna through. Dario stormed out of the hospital room without waiting for a response. Confused, Adriana demanded to know what was going on. "You and little Arianna were kidnapped because of me," Eduardo explained, and he proceeded to share the whole story with an outraged Adriana.

Eduardo apologetically conceded that it had been foolish of him to think that he could be around his family without putting them in danger. Eduardo added that it would be best for everyone if he just left home again. "Salem has never been your home," Adriana pointed out. "Well, I just don't know where else to call home," Eduardo explained.

Eduardo wondered what Adriana had been doing since they had last seen each other. "Being a mother and a father," Adriana answered. Adriana added that she had also worked as a nurse in a clinic for a while. Observing that Adriana had clearly done a great job of being a mother and a father, Eduardo said he owed her a debt of gratitude. "I don't want your gratitude. I don't want anything to do with you. And why your children are still dealing with you is beyond me!" Adriana spat before storming off.

Eduardo conceded that he wouldn't be able to blame Rafe and Gabi if, like Dario, they decided that they wanted nothing more to do with him. Gabi dismissively insisted that Dario was a hothead. "You know, when I saw everybody together here -- I know we were all mad at each other, but...I don't know, it made me realize that I'd love to have my family back," Gabi added before leaving the room.

Eduardo observed that Rafe had been pretty quiet the whole time. "Try not to open my mouth till I know what I want to say. I need time," Rafe replied before following Gabi out of the room. Rafe headed to the police station and tried to distract himself with work. Hope soon arrived and told Rafe she was glad that he hadn't gotten hurt while trying to save John. Hope suspected that something was on Rafe's mind, but he said he was fine.

Changing the subject, Rafe asked about Ciara, and Hope proceeded to tell him about what had happened at the birthday party. Rafe guessed that Hope was having a hard time watching Ciara try to cope with what had happened to her. "What really gets to me is I couldn't see that Chase was going off the rails. I left my daughter alone in the house with a potential rapist. I should have sensed it; I should have sensed that something was off," Hope insisted. Rafe argued that no one could have predicted Chase's descent into violence. Rafe added that Hope needed to stop blaming herself for what had happened because that wasn't helpful to her or Ciara.

Smiling, Hope admitted that she didn't know what she would do without Rafe's friendship, since he always knew just what to say to make her feel better. Rafe promised that Hope would never have to worry about that because he would always be there for her. Meanwhile, Adriana arrived to see Rafe, who excitedly introduced her to Hope. Hope offered a warm greeting, and Adriana stiffly returned it.

Hope took the hint and excused herself so Rafe and Adriana could have some privacy. "I hope you know you just froze out my partner and friend," Rafe told Adriana after Hope left. Adriana protested that she had been perfectly polite. "And I'm afraid that impressing your friends from work is not that important to me today," Adriana bluntly added.

Adriana announced that she had decided that she wanted to stay in Salem with her family. Rafe was delighted to hear that, but Adriana added that she was concerned that Gabi might be considering forgiving Eduardo -- and that Rafe might not be completely opposed to the idea himself. "What do I have to do to convince you that Eduardo can never be part of our family again?" Adriana wondered.

Rafe revealed that Eduardo had returned to Salem not just to seek forgiveness from the Hernandez clan but also to attend the funeral of a murder victim who had been his daughter -- the result of a relationship he'd had with another woman. "And yet you can stay with this man in the same room?" Adriana asked incredulously. Rafe clarified that he hadn't wanted to have anything to do with Eduardo at first. Rafe added, however, that Eduardo had been persistent and had shown genuine grief over the loss of a child he had never really known. "So, he lured you in?" Adriana guessed.

Rafe confirmed that Eduardo had been on the road to doing just that -- until the truth about his past had been revealed. Adriana couldn't believe that Gabi knew about Eduardo's past and still wanted him to stay in Salem. "Well, he says he's leaving town," Rafe pointed out. "We have to make sure that he does. Don't let him convince you that he's a changed man. Eduardo will never change," Adriana insisted.

Nicole ran into Dario in the town square and observed that he looked like he could use a friend. "You look like you could use one, too," Dario replied. Dario reminded Nicole that they had talked about getting together for a drink the previous night, but she had never gotten back to him with the details. Nicole admitted that it had completely slipped her mind. "What about now?" Dario suggested.

Nicole pointed out that it was a bit early for drinks, but Dario clarified that he would be happy to buy her a cup of coffee instead. "I'm just sick of being alone," Dario admitted. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Eduardo climbed out of his bed, with great effort, and grabbed his clothes. "Time to hit the road, Eddie," Eduardo muttered as he slowly started to get dressed.

After Adriana left the police station, Rafe apologized to Hope for the way Adriana had greeted her earlier. Hope told Rafe not to worry about it. "Seems like all of a sudden you're overrun by family," Hope observed. Meanwhile, Hope received a phone call from someone. "Who the hell let that happen?" Hope demanded to know after listening to what the caller had to say.

While Ciara was searching for something in a secluded section of the town square, someone approached and wondered what she had lost. "My keys. I just --" Ciara began, but she stopped herself when she turned to face the person and realized that she was talking to Chase.

Backing away, Ciara demanded to know why Chase had been released from jail. Chase explained that he had made bail. Ciara wondered how Chase had managed to get that kind of money, but he dodged the question and said he was simply trying to figure out what he was going to do and where he was going to stay. "Well, I can tell you where to stay, and it's the hell away from me," Ciara spat as she shoved past Chase and walked away.

Maggie and Summer get to know each other Maggie and Summer get to know each other
Friday, March 25, 2016

At the Brady Pub, when Belle wouldn't tell him what had happened the previous night, Philip guessed that her reticence meant that it had to do with the two of them. Belle called Philip a narcissist. When she mentioned Brady's party to announce some big news regarding him and Theresa, Philip said he wasn't surprised he hadn't been invited. Belle coquettishly asked him to attend as her date. Unable to resist Belle's flirting, Philip agreed.

Belle asked what Philip intended to do, since he no longer worked at Titan. Philip said he had a great idea, if Belle's offer to back a new business was still good, because he wanted to use his talent for being cutthroat at something he was passionate about: discovering new musical talent by starting a record label. After Philip roughly outlined his idea to Belle, she declared, "I know exactly who your first client should be... Claire!"

Philip was reluctant because he hadn't even heard the inexperienced Claire sing. Belle lauded her daughter's talents, but Philip was also worried that signing Claire could be perceived as nepotism. Laughing ironically, Belle pointed out, "Says Philip Kiriakis, whose father got him every job he's ever had." Philip countered that the record company would be his own. Belle warned him, "No Claire, no cash." Philip teased Belle that her so-called taste had led to dragging him to a Spice Girls concert when they'd been in junior high, but he agreed to have the papers drawn up.

Claire soon joined Belle and Philip. When Claire learned that Philip wanted her to sign with his new record label, she wondered why, since even she wasn't sure she was ready. Philip assured her that they would develop her as an artist by getting her a vocal coach, a great band, and fantastic songwriters, and when she debuted at the Edge of the Square, they would make sure all the right people were there to hear her. A skeptical Claire told Philip, "It just feels like a bribe, so maybe I won't hate the idea of you and my mom being together so much." Belle and Philip reassured Claire that they believed in her talent. Claire conceded, "How could I say no?" Belle was ecstatic.

At the mirror in his apartment, Deimos studied his scar from Victor's branding. He opened a small box on the table and dug out an old black-and-white photograph of himself and Victor when they'd been much younger. After a moment, Deimos phoned Victor and requested an audience.

Victor was coughing and dabbing at his nose with a handkerchief when Deimos arrived. "I come in peace. I'd like to end this war between us," Deimos proclaimed. Victor instantly took control of the conversation, and the brothers began sniping at one another, each blaming the other for what had happened years before. Victor testily pointed out that Deimos had tried to turn Victor's family against him.

Deimos contended, "I simply wanted you to know how it felt to be betrayed by your own flesh and blood, just as you did to me." Victor was unconvinced that Deimos had changed his agenda. Deimos maintained that he'd taken some wise advice and had decided to "make love, not war." "And what brought on this change of heart? You see an image of Mother Teresa in your toast this morning? Or was it one too many downward dogs?" Victor asked. Deimos asserted that a wise woman had suggested that his hatred was like poison, and the only cure was to let it go. "What was her name? Oprah?" Victor asked.

"Didn't the love of a woman turn you into the warm, fuzzy teddy bear of a man everyone thinks you are today?" Deimos asked snidely. "Talk is cheap. You want to show me that you've changed? Then show me... Leave town and never come back," Victor commanded. Deimos refused. "Why do you feel so compelled to get my approval so that you can stop hating me?" Victor demanded, but Deimos wouldn't answer.

Deimos wondered why Maggie had kept their conversation the previous day a secret from Victor. Victor guessed that Maggie believed as much in Deimos as Victor did. Deimos declared that he wasn't leaving Salem, but it was up to Victor whether they were civil to each other or "mortal enemies." Victor wasn't the least bit interested in the former option. "[I'm] willing to let it all go on one condition... [you] look me in the eye and say 'I'm sorry,'" Deimos adamantly maintained.

Victor was incredulous. Deimos hotly pointed out that Victor had turned his back on Deimos when he'd been imprisoned for Helena's alleged murder. Victor responded by staring impassively at his brother. "All you have to do is say you're sorry, and I will forgive you!" Deimos beseeched Victor. Stone-faced, Victor's expression didn't change. "Oh, my God. What was I thinking? All right, so it is. I should've known," an exasperated Deimos said, shaking his head. As he headed for the door, Deimos reminded Victor of an expression their father had used, "How you make your bed is how you're going to sleep."

After Deimos had gone, Victor opened a drawer and took out the same grainy photo that Deimos had stared at earlier.

When Maggie arrived at Summer's hotel room, Summer addressed her as "Mrs. Kiriakis." Maggie urged Summer to call her "Maggie." Maggie apologized for reacting badly when Summer had announced that Maggie was her mother, and Summer apologized for the way she'd handled things. Observing Summer's suitcase, Maggie asked where Summer was going. Summer revealed that she was returning to L.A. because she knew Maggie didn't need another complication in her life. "You're not a complication. You're my d--" Maggie began, stumbling on the word before continuing, "You're my daughter. I want to get to know you."

A tearful Summer whirled on Maggie, demanding, "Really? Because if that's true, why did you give me up in the first place?" Maggie related the story of how, after she'd been crippled, she'd been flattered by the attention of a young, charming man named Noah, who'd worked on her family's farm. When Maggie had found out about her pregnancy, Noah had already fled, and she'd never seen him again. Because her parents had died in the same accident that had crippled Maggie, a farmhand named Hank had acted as a surrogate father to her. When she'd given birth, Hank had told her that the baby had died.

Maggie continued that she'd blamed herself for her baby's death, and later, when she'd been unable to have children, she'd believed it had been her punishment. "Summer, I want you to know that losing you was one of the most painful things I've ever endured. And to have you here now, it's a gift. It is. And I have Daniel to thank for that," Maggie said, struggling to keep her emotions in check.

Summer and Maggie moved on to the park outside Horton Square. Summer told Maggie about being a rebellious free spirit with mood swings growing up in her rigidly religious family in Texas. Maggie shared that her daughter's first boyfriend had been in a gang, but the two of them had later been in a double wedding with Maggie and Mickey. Summer told a story about how her parents had punished her once, and Maggie noted, "They shamed you." Summer insisted that her childhood hadn't been completely terrible and assured Maggie that it hadn't been her fault. Maggie asked about Summer's parents, and Summer said they'd died a few years earlier.

Maggie asked how Summer had gotten by on her own, and Summer recounted some of the minimum wage-type jobs she'd held. Summer confided that she'd gone to jail after stealing from her landlady. Maggie tried to excuse Summer's behavior by pointing out, "Everyone makes mistakes," but Summer admitted that she'd continued stealing after that. Maggie admitted her surprise that Summer had been so forthcoming.

Summer explained that she'd reformed because Daniel had been so supportive, adding that she'd blurted out the whole story because she wanted to tell Maggie everything, and she knew Daniel would have wanted that, too. Maggie was glad that Summer had told her. Maggie rose to leave but stumbled a little, and Summer caught Maggie's arm. A few minutes later, Maggie was in Summer's hotel room, and Summer got her some water. Once she felt less dizzy, Maggie wanted to go home and lie down. "You can lie down here," Summer suggested hopefully.

Although touched, Maggie declined. Summer escorted Maggie to the door and watched her leave, but Maggie paused in the hallway. With a sigh, Maggie turned and tentatively put her arms around Summer, who was also a bit hesitant to return the hug. After a moment, both women relaxed a little and cried as they shared their first embrace as mother and daughter. As Maggie left again, she promised Summer that they would see each other soon.

Alone in her room, an angst-ridden Summer paced, fretting, "God, she hates me!" Summer stopped pacing and began rocking herself back and forth on the bed. "She's just shocked. It's going to be okay. It has to be," Summer told herself.

Over coffee at the café in Horton Square, Nicole apologized to Dario for being emotional. She explained that everything made her think about Daniel. An understanding Dario suggested that Nicole try finding a new place to live, away from the reminders of Daniel. Nicole brightened as she said she didn't want to leave Daniel's apartment because she wanted his son, Parker, to have a familiar home to visit. Dario and Nicole commiserated about their lousy fathers. "It's unfair, isn't it? People who should be parents are, and the people who should be parents never get a chance," Nicole observed.

Nicole changed the subject when she realized she'd been droning on morosely about herself. She asked about Eduardo, and Dario said he'd seen his father in the hospital the night before. After somewhat unemotionally informing Nicole that Eduardo had been shot, Dario disclosed that Eduardo had left the Hernandez family because he'd been a trained assassin. Nicole started to laugh but quickly realized that Dario was dead serious.

Nicole was utterly shocked. Dario told Nicole about the earlier kidnappings at the hands of John and Eduardo's former teacher, John's "pure evil father, Yo Ling." Although the story floored Nicole, she suggested that Eduardo might have changed. Dario declared scornfully, "There is no way in hell he's getting a another chance from me!" Dario apologized for being curt. They agreed that they should exchange war stories about their respective fathers.

Just then, Maggie entered the square, and when she saw Nicole and Dario, she hurried over -- but lost her balance and nearly fell. Nicole and Dario jumped up and helped Maggie into a chair. Surprised to see Dario, Maggie admitted that she hadn't eaten lunch. Nicole gently insisted on taking Maggie home, so Maggie left with Dario and Nicole. Hidden behind a ficus tree, Deimos observed Maggie's behavior with interest.

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