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Justin's best efforts failed as the judge sentenced Hope to twenty-five years without parole. A shocked Jennifer fainted when she saw Abigail standing at her front door. Gabi walked out on J.J. After setting up a plan to drive Brady away, Theresa said goodbye to her parents and Tate and left Salem. Justin stopped Adrienne and Lucas' wedding.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 14, 2016 on DAYS
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Hope prepares for her trial Hope prepares for her trial
Monday, November 14, 2016
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor found Theresa passed out on her bed. A trail of drool was trickling out of her mouth, and between that and the empty pill bottle sitting atop the dresser, it was obvious to him that she had overdosed. He shook her a few times, but she didn't respond. After checking for a pulse, he contacted Kayla and filled her in on what had happened.

When Kayla arrived at the mansion a short time later, Victor refused entrance to the EMTs who were accompanying her, explaining that privacy was of the utmost importance. Annoyed, she prepared to pump Theresa's stomach herself, hoping that it wasn't already too late to prevent brain damage. Meanwhile, he contacted different EMTs -- ones who worked for him and knew not to ask questions.

Kayla managed to revive Theresa while waiting for the EMTs to arrive. She informed Victor that Theresa was groggy but responsive. He outlined his plan to get Theresa into the hospital undetected -- a plan that involved sneaking in through a private back entrance for donors and registering her under an alias. Kayla wanted to know why he was being so secretive, but he said he couldn't tell her. "Trust me, you don't want to know," he stressed. He agreed to let her fill Shane and Kimberly in on what had happened, but he insisted that she couldn't say anything to anyone else -- including Brady.

After getting Theresa admitted to the hospital, Kayla contacted Kimberly and told her about the apparent suicide attempt. Believing that Kimberly and Shane were in California, Kayla wondered if there was any way they could put their lives on hold to travel to Salem and help Theresa get better. Kimberly claimed that she and Shane were actually already on their way to Salem because Brady had called them the previous day to share some concerns about Theresa's recent behavior. She said goodbye to Kayla then quickly filled Shane in on what had happened. "This is a nightmare! What have we done?" she muttered as she followed him out of the pub.

Later, Theresa woke up and found her parents waiting at her bedside. Shane wondered why she had decided to take a bunch of drugs. "Escape? I couldn't get Brady to stop loving me. He wouldn't hate me. He just -- he wouldn't stop trying to save me, and I -- there's just no way out," she tearfully explained. She promised that she would never try anything like that again, and in exchange, Shane and Kimberly promised that they would help her make Brady and Tate walk away from her for good.

At the Horton house, Gabi reluctantly agreed to give J.J. a chance to explain the circumstances surrounding his one-night stand. She was horrified to learn that she had been sleeping with someone who couldn't even remember who he'd cheated on her with -- or how many times it had happened. He stressed that he was just as disgusted about the whole thing as she was.

Gabi wondered why J.J. had suddenly decided to tell her about the one-night stand. He explained that he had wanted to tell her when he had first returned to Salem, but with everything that had been going on since then, there had never seemed to be a good time to do so. He added that he had considered keeping the secret forever but had decided that he respected her too much to do that to her.

Stressing that he still loved Gabi, J.J. hoped she could somehow find a way to forgive him. She admitted that she still loved him, too. "[But] you cheated on Paige, and now [you've] cheated on me! You're a cheater, okay? That's who you are, down to the bone, and you're never gonna change, J.J.! God, I never want to see you again!" she added before storming off in tears.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre followed Abigail into the study and quietly wondered why she had returned to Salem. Before she could respond, Chad called out to Andre from the hallway, wondering who he was talking to. When Chad entered the study a few seconds later, Andre was standing near Thomas' crib, and Abigail was nowhere to be found.

Andre claimed that he had simply been talking to Thomas about what might happen at Hope's trial the following day. Chad pointed out that it wasn't appropriate for Andre to keep showing up without warning because the mansion was no longer his home. Andre apologized and assured Chad that nothing like that would ever happen again. He started to ask some questions about a business deal as a way of explaining his unexpected visit, but Chad didn't have time to answer them because Brad was expecting a call from him.

Andre offered to keep an eye on Thomas while Chad was dealing with Brad, but Chad didn't think that was a good idea. "[Thomas will] be sleeping. It won't be that traumatic," Andre assured Chad. "I'm not worried about him being traumatized. I just don't think --" Chad started to explain. "No, I meant for me," Andre clarified with a chuckle. He promised that he would yell for help if Thomas crawled out of the crib and tried to overpower him.

Chad hesitantly accepted the offer then exited the study. After breathing a sigh of relief, Andre opened the secret entrance to the tunnels and quietly informed Abigail that the coast was clear. She stepped back into the study and thanked him for helping her stay hidden. He dryly pointed out that she should have broken into a different house if she had wanted to avoid running into Chad.

Abigail explained that she'd needed to see Thomas, and she reminded Andre that she had a key to the mansion and also knew the security code because she had once lived there. She added that she had heard about what had happened to J.J. and had wanted to check on him and Jennifer. "Look, I know you're not happy that I'm here, but you're not gonna tell anyone, are you? I mean, we can still be friends, like it was at the beginning...right?" she asked. He confirmed that he had no intention of turning on her. "But I did you a favor, and one day, I will collect. Know that," he added.

Abigail recalled that when she had escaped from Shady Hills months earlier, she had run into Andre while trying to leave a note for Chad at the mansion and had spontaneously decided to ask him to help her disappear so she wouldn't be a burden to her loved ones. "Abigail, I don't know how much you know about death, but I understand it's permanent," Andre pointed out. "Very funny, coming from you," she countered.

Abigail reiterated that she had simply wanted to check on J.J., Jennifer, and Thomas. She added that she had planned to stay hidden but had been forced to change course after Thomas had lost one of his favorite stuffed animals in the town square earlier. She didn't think she was well enough to reveal herself to anyone else yet, but she wanted to at least hold Thomas for a few minutes before sneaking back out of the mansion.

Andre didn't have any objections, but as Abigail started to pick up Thomas, Chad returned and tried to enter the study. Andre ushered Abigail back into the tunnels then let Chad in, apologetically explaining that he had locked the door to keep Harold out so Thomas wouldn't be disturbed. "He doesn't do much, does he?" Andre mused as Chad approached Thomas' crib to check on the boy. Andre quickly excused himself, claiming that he had changed his mind about discussing a business deal with Chad because he found such conversations quite boring. After Andre left, Chad curiously noted that Thomas' lost stuffed animal had resurfaced.

At the police station, Rafe arranged a private visit with Hope, who was worried about what might happen at her trial the following day. Justin soon joined them and revealed that he was working on a last-minute deal that might allow her to avoid prison time completely. Rafe was furious to learn that the judge who was going to oversee the trial was a known DiMera lackey, but Justin assured him that the woman would be on her best behavior because of that fact.

After Justin left, Hope received a visit from Jennifer, who was armed with a few wardrobe choices for the first day of the trial. She urged Hope to try not to worry about Ciara. When she returned to the Horton house later that night, she quickly deduced that J.J. was upset about something. "I told her. The whole story. She never wants to see me again," he sadly revealed before retreating to his bedroom. Outside, Abigail watched through a window. Jennifer glanced over at it when she sensed that something was amiss, but she couldn't see anything -- or anyone -- outside.

Justin rejoined Hope and Rafe at the police station and revealed that he had managed to get Andre to agree to talk the district attorney into dropping the charges of wrongful imprisonment and conspiracy to commit fraud, leaving only one charge to deal with: first-degree murder. He said there was a chance of getting that reduced to negligent homicide, but he stressed that either way, he planned to approach the trial with the same strategy of a temporary insanity defense.

At the Martin mansion, Andre stared contemplatively at a chessboard. He eventually settled on moving a white knight. "Moves...and countermoves...right, Father? Tomorrow, I will be the white knight [and] prove that Hope framed me. Rafe and Roman as her co-conspirators -- I'll keep that one in my pocket, just for a rainy day, eh? But make no mistake: tomorrow, your killer will face justice head-on. This town will have a brand-new villain -- and this time, it will not be a DiMera," he mused with a smile.

Hope's sentencing hearing begins Hope's sentencing hearing begins
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

At the Martin house, Kate chatted on a phone call in Chinese. Kate spoke with Mr. Wu, a businessman in Asia, as the doorbell rang. Kate opened the door and found Eduardo talking on his phone. Eduardo commented that he was talking to his diary. As Kate attempted to resume her call to Mr. Wu, Eduardo's mumbling frustrated her until she lost her concentration and could no longer speak to Mr. Wu in Chinese. Kate promised Mr. Wu she would call him back.

As Kate arched an eyebrow at Eduardo, he pocketed his phone and pulled a rose out of his jacket. Eduardo told Kate he was courting her. Eduardo then reminded Kate that it was not good to work all the time. Kate responded that she needed to work, but with a grin, Eduardo argued that he had read a study that alcohol was good for language proficiency. Eduardo suggested that they drink a couple of Bloody Marys in the town square before she called Mr. Wu back. With a small smile creeping onto her face, Kate agreed.

In the town square, Blanca and Dario talked about the renovations at the club. Blanca liked the work so far. Pleased, Dario kissed Blanca. While they drank coffee in the café, Blanca told Dario that she wanted to take their relationship slowly. Dario agreed. Blanca added that Guillermo had seemed like a nice guy at first, so she wanted to be careful with any new relationships.

Dario commented about his new business with his dad. Suspicious, Blanca asked what Dario meant. Kate and Eduardo interrupted to say hello. Dario invited the couple to join them. Before Eduardo could answer, Kate's phone rang. Mr. Wu was on the phone, so Kate stepped aside to take the call.

Eduardo said he wanted to join Blanca and Dario, and Blanca stiffened. Eduardo told her that he appreciated that she was protective of Adriana. Eduardo stressed that his relationship with Adriana had ended because he was not the man that Adriana thought she had married. With a nod, Eduardo added that Adriana's husband was a better man than him. Blanca smiled.

The hospital called Blanca's phone, so she stepped aside to take the call. Dario thanked Eduardo for smoothing things over with Blanca. Eduardo asked about Dario's relationship with Blanca, and Dario admitted that things were going slowly. When Dario asked about Kate, Eduardo shrugged and said he and Kate were just friends. Dario chuckled. Dario noted that Eduardo did not look at Kate like a friend. Eduardo said he did not think Dario looked at Blanca like a friend either.

Worried, Dario asked Eduardo how Kate would react to the news about the business in the club. Dario reminded Eduardo that Kate was friendly with the DiMeras. Eduardo asked Dario to keep the information secret from Kate. As Blanca returned to the table, she heard the tail end of Eduardo's statement. Blanca curtly said goodbye and stomped off. Dario chased after her in the park.

When Kate returned, she asked Eduardo what she had missed. Eduardo said he did not want to meddle in his son's life. Kate commented that she stayed out of her children's lives. With a chuckle, Eduardo joked that he was amazed Kate had said that with a straight face. Shaking her head, Kate said that she had changed her ways. Kate said she was not getting involved in Lucas' wedding, which was a Herculean effort to maintain. Kate asked Eduardo if he had planned their encounter with Dario. With a nod, Eduardo said he wanted Kate to get to know his family.

In the park, Blanca asked Dario what secret he was keeping from her. Dario said he was only keeping a secret from Kate. Suspicious, Blanca pushed for more details. Blanca added that if Dario was into any shady businesses, she did not want to be a part of his life. Dario lied and said that the secret was only meant for Kate. Dario explained that he and Eduardo were expanding the business and using a competitor of Kate's for the work. As Blanca softened and apologized, Dario hugged her closely and promised her that he would not let her walk away.

In the square, Jennifer and Adrienne talked about the Spectator coverage of Hope's sentencing hearing. Jennifer was dead set on reporting the story herself. Though Adrienne was preparing for her wedding that afternoon, she told Jennifer that she would be at the courthouse with her and could help with the story. When Jennifer noted that it was a shame that most of the attention would not be on the wedding, Adrienne smiled and said that she and Lucas did not want any attention.

"It's not about the wedding but about our life together," Adrienne said. Smiling, Jennifer commented that Lucas had never been with a woman as loving and kind as Adrienne. Jennifer thanked Adrienne for making her brother happy. "Lucas is perfect for me in every way," Adrienne said.

After Jennifer left, Adrienne called Lucas about the wedding flowers. Justin walked into the square and over to Adrienne as she ended her call. Cocking her head in confusion, Adrienne noted that she had never been able to tell when Justin was nervous. Justin said that a lawyer needed to look like he would win. Smiling, Adrienne assured Justin that Hope was lucky because Justin was a good lawyer.

"Even after everything that's happened, all our disagreements lately, I want you to know how very proud I am of you and how grateful that you're doing this for Hope," Adrienne said. With a sheepish grin, Justin thanked Adrienne for the vote of confidence.

In the park, Kayla told Steve that Theresa was doing better. Steve told Kayla that John was still looking for evidence to help Hope, but he had been unable to find anything useful. Steve and Kayla hoped for the best.

At the Horton house, Doug told Julie about his fears for Hope. Doug said that the DiMera family had likely paid off Hope's judge. Julie begged Doug to keep quiet so that he would not upset Ciara. Across town, Marlena told Roman that she had filed a report on Hope's mental state. Roman grumbled that Stefano had pushed Hope's buttons. When Roman said many had attempted to kill Stefano, Marlena chimed in with the reminder that she had once shot Stefano herself.

When Roman returned to the police station, he talked to Justin about the case. Justin informed Roman that he had convinced Andre to drop all the charges except for the murder charge. When Roman asked how, Justin said he had implied to Andre that if he attempted to go after the police department, he would be overreaching. Justin added that if Andre changed his mind, it would reflect poorly on him because Andre was on the record dismissing the other charges.

Justin confided to Roman his fear that D.A. Trask would push to convict Hope in the hopes that the win would secure the district attorney position permanently. Roman asked about the plan. Justin explained that he did not plan to contest the shooting. Justin only wanted to contest whether the murder was premeditated. Justin noted that Hope had been a victim too.

In the interrogation room, Rafe informed Hope that Andre had dropped the framing, conspiracy, and fraud charges. The only charge against Hope was the murder charge. Rate assured Hope that Justin would get the judge to eliminate the death penalty as an option. Shawn arrived to see his mother. Hope was equally happy and annoyed to see Shawn. Fighting tears, Hope said she had not wanted Shawn to know that she had murdered Stefano. Shawn argued that Stefano had deserved to die for everything he had done through the years.

Hope thanked Rafe for all his help through the ordeal. "Stefano won. Even if I don't get the death penalty. Stefano won," Hope said sadly. With a nod, Rafe escorted Hope over to the courthouse. At the courthouse, Jennifer and Julie worried together over whether Hope would get a fair hearing from a judge with ties to the DiMera family. Across the room, Adrienne assured Justin that he was the best lawyer for Hope.

When Hope arrived, Justin seated her at the table in the courtroom. D.A. Trask cautioned Justin that she planned to tear apart his case. Adrienne took Justin aside and gave him a stern pep talk. Adrienne concluded with a threat to pulverize Trask if Justin could not manage it. Justin laughed in amusement. Justin returned to Hope's side and advised her not to look at her friends and family, but instead to focus on the judge and the case.

When the sentencing hearing started, the judge announced that she had reviewed the briefs and had decided that Hope was eligible for the death penalty. Trask started the hearing by recounting all the reasons she believed that Hope deserved the death penalty. When Justin had his turn to speak, he argued that the shooting had not been premeditated. Justin said, "The real victim here is Hope."

Hope learns her fate Hope learns her fate
Wednesday, November 16, 2016
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady told Nicole about Theresa's recent change in behavior. "Well, whenever I get close to being really, really happy, I always find a way to screw it up. I mean, you've observed that for years. [So] maybe that's what Theresa's doing," she suggested. He said he had considered that possibility but couldn't make it fit the situation. He vowed to figure out what was really going on, one way or another.

At the hospital, Theresa assured Shane that she would never try to kill herself again. As she was signing her discharge papers, she made a mental note to thank Kayla for saving her life and checking her into the hospital under an alias to keep Brady from finding out about what had happened. She was surprised when Shane revealed that Victor had played a part in saving her life, too. Smiling, she admitted that Victor's support had been an unexpected ray of light in an otherwise horrible situation.

Later, in a secluded section of the town square, Shane listened as Theresa contacted Mateo and informed him that she needed more time to convince Brady to let her go. "I know something you can do -- something that will make Brady hate you and never want you back," he replied. After hearing Mateo's plan, she went to the Kiriakis mansion to put it in motion.

When Brady returned home after a failed attempt to locate Theresa, he found a hotel room number scribbled on a notepad in the living room. Recognizing the handwriting, he stormed over to the Salem Inn and knocked on the hotel room door. A shirtless Guillermo opened it and wondered if Brady wanted to join the party. Brady shoved his way into the room and gaped at Theresa, who was lying on the bed in lingerie, preparing a line of cocaine.

At the courthouse, Justin began Hope's defense, explaining, "In the defendant's mind, when she shot Stefano DiMera, she was protecting herself and her family from a man who presented an imminent threat to her life. When a mother's children are in danger; when a wife's husband has been tortured and has died in her arms; when years of captivity, [abuse], and persecution overwhelm you, and the monster before you owns it all and laughs with delight as you emotionally unravel before him...what would you do?"

Justin produced a bulging folder that contained a history of Stefano's crimes against Hope, prompting an immediate objection from Trask, who insisted that it was wrong to put the deceased victim on trial. Justin countered that Stefano had never been forced to stand trial when he had been alive because he had always had law enforcement officials in his pocket to help him avoid paying for his crimes. The underlying message was clear to the judge, who overruled the objection and promised to look over the contents of the folder before making a ruling.

"Your Honor, the law states clearly that an individual may use deadly force in an act of self-defense if they reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent another individual from inflicting great bodily harm or death," Justin pointed out. He argued that Stefano's history of violence toward Hope and her loved ones had given her every reason to believe she would have to take drastic measures to stop the cycle. Trask objected when he offered two psychiatric evaluations to support his argument, but the judge agreed to take them into consideration, as well.

Justin proceeded to call Hope to the witness stand so she could explain, in her own words, what had happened during her confrontation with Stefano. She admitted that she couldn't remember most of the details. She stressed, however, that she hadn't gone to the DiMera mansion with the intent to kill Stefano; she had simply wanted him to confess to her husband's kidnapping because she had found convincing evidence that he had orchestrated it. She added that although she couldn't remember shooting him, she knew she was indeed the person who had pulled the trigger, and she would never forgive herself for that.

After Hope finished her testimony, Trask called Stefano's family members into the courtroom so they could testify. Andre glared at Hope as he swapped places with her on the witness stand. Chad took a seat next to Trask, while Theo chose to sit next to Ciara. After Hope rejoined Justin, Andre began his testimony, explaining that he had gone to extreme measures to expose her crimes to the world because he had been concerned that her friends at the Salem Police Department would help her get away with what she had done unless he took that power out of their hands. He promised to accept whatever ruling the judge decided to issue.

Next, Chad stepped forward to give his testimony. He, like Andre, promised to accept whatever ruling the judge decided to issue, but he made it clear that he wanted Hope to be held accountable for her actions. "I'm well aware that there was no love lost between my father and the citizens of Salem. However, when Hope Brady took his life, love, um, was lost -- his love...for his family...[and] for me," he stressed.

"The opportunity for me, my brother, [and] his grandsons, Theo and Thomas, to love him back was also lost, and that saddens me because it had had been my hope that someday that love would inspire my father to become a better man -- to change," Chad continued. He said Hope had robbed him and his family of that chance. "And yet, because of his past sins, all of you are gonna sit in this court and expect that she gets off easy, despite the fact that when she went into [his] home, my father -- he was unarmed, infirm, and frail, and the only visible threat was the memory of what he had done in the past," he incredulously added, choking up as he spoke. He concluded that although Hope was a member of his family through marriage, he couldn't just sit back and silently watch her get away with her crimes.

After Chad finished testifying, court was adjourned for deliberation. Hope was escorted out of the room, and Rafe went with her for moral support. Theo and Ciara comforted each other with a hug. Meanwhile, Trask warned Justin that there was no way the judge was going to buy his defense. Steve overheard and angrily insisted that Hope deserved a medal for ending Stefano's reign of terror for good.

Andre pulled Chad aside and quietly assured him, "You did that really well. Father would have been proud of you." After Andre left the room to answer a phone call, Jennifer approached Chad and stressed that she would always be there for him and consider him a part of her family. She then went to find Andre, unaware that he was talking to Laura about Abigail. He ended the call as she approached. She pointed out that Hope had plenty of support, while Chad was all alone in the courtroom. She knew Abigail wouldn't want that. Andre agreed and followed her back into the courtroom to keep Chad company.

The bailiff soon announced that the judge was ready to issue a ruling. Julie wondered if Justin thought the quick turnaround was a good sign. "I wish I knew," he replied. After everyone returned to the courtroom, the judge resumed the sentencing hearing, revealing that she had decided to take the death penalty off the table. As Hope and her loved ones breathed sighs of relief, the judge added that she had concluded, based on the psychiatric evaluations, that Stefano's murder had not been premeditated. "Therefore, I am sentencing Hope Brady to the maximum time allowed by law for second-degree murder: twenty-five years in a maximum-security facility with no possibility of parole," she announced.

Andre and Chad left the courtroom as Hope's loved ones voiced their displeasure. The judge ignored their objections and ordered Hope to be taken into custody immediately. As the bailiff was cuffing her, she asked Rafe to look after Ciara, who rushed off in tears while Hope was being ushered out of the room. Julie and Doug chased after Ciara, worried about what she might do if left alone. Meanwhile, Justin assured the rest of Hope's loved ones that he would do everything he could to fight the ruling.

Jennifer gets a pleasant surprise Jennifer gets a pleasant surprise
Thursday, November 17, 2016
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole, certain that Philip knew more than she did about Chloe's pregnancy, tried to convince him to open up to her about it. She stressed that she wanted to help Chloe, just as Chloe had helped her after Daniel's death. Philip conceded that Chloe did need Nicole's support.

"And after everything you've been through, you deserve to --" Philip started to add, but before he could finish the sentence, Deimos entered the mansion and greeted Nicole warmly -- and Philip tersely. Nicole asked Deimos to give her and Philip a few more minutes of privacy. Deimos argued that he and Philip were family and therefore didn't keep secrets from each other -- except when paternity tests were involved, of course. He added, however, that because his top priority was Titan, he was willing to forgive and forget for the sake of the company and the family, as long as Philip was willing to do the same.

Philip stressed, through gritted teeth, that nothing was more important to him than the continued success of his father's company. He then stormed off, ignoring Nicole's attempt to stop him. He paused in the foyer and tried to contact Chloe. When she didn't answer the call, he left her a voicemail message suggesting that it might be time for her to share the truth with Nicole, who really cared about her and the baby she was carrying. Meanwhile, Nicole admonished Deimos for picking a fight with Philip. "You're kidding, right? After what he did to me, he got off easy," Deimos insisted.

Later, Nicole overheard Deimos talking to someone on the phone about bribing a customs agent. He tried to cover when he realized he wasn't alone, but she assured him that he didn't have to lie to her because she had already seen him at his worst and his best. Pleased to hear that, he set aside his phone and promised not to let business matters take up any more of his remaining time with her. She reminded him that she was only going on a business trip and wouldn't be gone forever, but he insisted that wasn't going to make it any easier to say goodbye to her.

Nicole told Deimos about what was going on with Theresa. Nicole didn't really want to leave Salem while Brady was going through such a difficult time, but she knew it was important to go to Paris and meet with some designers there, so she asked Deimos to look after Brady while she was gone. "Done. He's family," Deimos assured her without hesitation.

Nicole suggested keeping Brady busy with Titan operations to keep his mind off his personal troubles. "As far as I'm concerned, the more time Brady spends at Titan, the better. He's really impressing me, you know? I used to think that Philip was the heir apparent, but it's becoming clearer to me that Brady is much more suited to the position," Deimos replied. Nicole agreed, stressing that Brady had certainly earned the honor.

Philip, having overheard the exchange from the foyer, contacted Chloe again and left her another voicemail message. "I spoke too soon. You were right all along. As long as Nicole's with Deimos, she can't be trusted -- not with the truth about the baby, [and] not with anything [else]," he insisted.

Later, while Deimos was in bed with Nicole, he told her he loved her. She wished she could return the sentiment, but she apologetically admitted that she simply wasn't ready to open herself up like that yet. He understood her hesitation, and although he assured her that he would never hurt her the way some other men had, he added that he was actually happy that she wasn't ready to give him her whole heart yet, since that meant he had something to work toward. "And we both know how determined I can be when I set my mind on something," he pointed out before giving her a passionate kiss.

At the Salem Inn, Guillermo asked Theresa if she wanted him to throw Brady out. She assured him that Brady was a friend of hers. "I'm your husband," Brady protested. Theresa giggled and reminded Brady that they weren't really married. "That was just pretend -- like a game. And Guillermo knows I like to play games," she suggestively added.

Theresa invited Brady to join the party, but he ignored the offer. After chasing Guillermo off, Brady told Theresa that he was going to take her to rehab. She pointed out that he couldn't force her to do anything she didn't want to do because they weren't really married. Undeterred, he said he would find a way to get her declared mentally incompetent if he had to.

"Just stop, Brady! God, stop it! Stop it! When are you just gonna give up on me already?" Theresa asked. Brady insisted that he was never going to give up on her because he loved her. He warned, however, that if she didn't seek help right away, he would be forced to take Tate away from her. "Oh, well, just -- just go ahead! Go ahead! You know what, he -- I'm better off without him," she spat.

Theresa poured herself a shot of vodka as Brady protested that she loved being Tate's mother. She claimed that had always been nothing more than an act -- one that was getting pretty tiring. After gulping down the drink, she turned her attention to a tray that held several lines of cocaine, but Brady quickly grabbed it and tossed it across the room. "I can't live with this. I can't live with you like this, baby," he warned.

"Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Brady, you finally get it! I'm not gonna get clean, okay? I'm not going to rehab, and I'm not going home," Theresa stressed. Stunned, Brady wondered if she was really planning to just walk out on him and Tate. Her voice wavered a bit as she dismissively pointed out that Brady could take care of Tate on his own -- and the boy was so young that he would soon forget all about her, anyway.

Brady wondered where Theresa was planning to go. Shrugging, she said she might move to Las Vegas -- or even Europe. She added that she was open to suggestions. "I have a suggestion for you -- you go to hell," Brady spat before storming off. Once the coast was clear, she breathed a sigh of relief, pleased that she had finally managed to push him away.

Later, at the Brady Pub, Theresa told Shane and Kimberly about what had happened. She assured them that she hadn't really used the drugs that had been present in the hotel room -- and she hadn't slept with Guillermo, either. She tearfully admitted that making Brady believe she no longer loved him and Tate had been a truly awful experience.

Kimberly left the room so Shane could have a moment alone with Theresa. He stressed that making sacrifices to keep his family safe had always been the hardest part of his work for the ISA. "The first few times, I tried to compartmentalize everything -- completely shut your mother out of my mind -- [but] that didn't work [because] I had nothing to hold on to. So what I learned was that that's what you do -- you hold on. You create a place for Brady and Tate where neither Mateo nor anyone else can touch them. That's what keeps you alive. And then you do your job, play your part, and keep the faith that someday you'll come home to the people you love," he advised. Theresa feared that after what she had done to Brady and Tate, she might not have anything to return home to in the end.

Dario and Blanca ran into Gabi while passing through a secluded section of the town square. Realizing that something was wrong, Blanca excused herself so the siblings could talk privately. She did a bit of shopping then ran into Guillermo outside the Brady Pub. She demanded to know why he was still in Salem. He explained that he had been helping a friend with something. "I know all about your friends. I know what you do and how you hurt people. I'm done with all of that, okay? I can't be around you anymore. I can't be around a guy like you ever again," she insisted before storming off.

Meanwhile, Dario guessed that Gabi had gotten in a fight with her boyfriend about something. She clarified that J.J. was her ex-boyfriend. "Did he forget an anniversary? Cancel a date? Look, guys can do stupid stuff sometimes. If things are good between you and J.J., you should try to be a little more forgiving," Dario advised. She clarified that J.J. had slept with another woman. "Now I'm gonna have to kill him," Dario spat.

Blanca arrived as Gabi was protesting that Dario couldn't do that. Staying out of sight, she eavesdropped as Dario told Gabi, "Fine, then I will hurt him -- bad." Gabi pointed out that hurting J.J. wouldn't make the situation any better. "It'll make me feel better," Dario countered. He insisted that J.J. needed to be taught a lesson about the consequences of disrespecting women.

Gabi warned that Dario could get arrested if he tried to hurt J.J. Dario dismissively countered that he knew guys who could do the job without getting caught. She reminded him that he had promised to change his ways. "This is different!" he insisted, but she disagreed. "I am sick from what J.J. did to me, but you can't go around beating people up. That is your 'Dario' way. That is not mine," she stressed before storming off.

Blanca quickly revealed herself and stopped Dario from chasing after Gabi, telling him, "Let her go. I'll run away, too." He tried to explain, but she interrupted, assuring him that she understood that seeing his sister in pain made him want to inflict his own kind of pain on the person who had hurt her. "I know too many people like you. That's why I can't be around you anymore," she added before walking away.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad received an unexpected visit from J.J. Chad guessed that J.J. wanted to yell at him for the things he had said during Hope's sentencing hearing. J.J. clarified that he understood Chad's position on the matter and actually wanted to talk to him about something else.

J.J. explained that he had screwed things up with Gabi. He wanted Chad to talk to her on his behalf and try to convince her to give him a second chance, but Chad refused after learning that J.J. had slept with another woman. "Don't you remember what it was like when you found out Abigail was gone?" J.J. asked.

Chad confirmed that he did, but he pointedly added that he hadn't tried to numb the pain with anonymous sex. He admitted that although it had been hard for him to move on after Abigail's death, he had eventually realized that if he tried to forever hold on to something that was no longer there, he would risk losing everything that still was. "I feel like I already have," J.J. sadly replied.

Meanwhile, Gabi entered the study in search of Chad. J.J. tried to talk to her, but she asked him to leave, insisting that she didn't even want to look at him, let alone hear what he had to say. He nodded and reluctantly showed himself out. Once the coast was clear, Chad apologized for the ambush, stressing that he hadn't expected to receive a visit from J.J.

Chad told Gabi about the conversation he'd had with J.J. She admitted that she still loved J.J. and had actually believed that he loved her, too. "I wish I could delete him from my brain and my heart, like I did from my phone," she added. She wondered how she could ever look at J.J. again without thinking about him being in bed with another woman. "I don't know. I'm sorry," Chad quietly replied as she seized a hug from him.

Gabi tearfully wondered why she hadn't been enough for J.J. "Do not say that, okay? This is not your fault," Chad insisted. He assured her that any man would be lucky to have her because she was smart, strong, loyal, passionate, and insanely beautiful. She locked eyes with him for a moment then abruptly excused herself and rushed off.

Outside the Horton house, Abigail watched through a window as Jennifer began angrily typing an article about Hope's sentencing hearing. Jennifer eventually decided to get some air, and when she opened the front door, she was shocked to see Abigail standing outside -- so shocked that she quickly fainted. She regained consciousness a short time later and was overjoyed to see that Abigail hadn't disappeared and was, in fact, real.

Once Jennifer was back on her feet, she went to the kitchen to make tea for herself and Abigail. When she rejoined Abigail in the living room, Abigail apologetically explained that she had faked her death to avoid being a burden to her loved ones. "But a miracle happened, Mom. I met someone that believed that I could get better, and I got the right treatment and the right medication, and I -- I just -- I started thinking clearly again," she added.

Abigail continued that she had decided to return to Salem after she had heard about J.J.'s shooting. As if on cue, Jennifer heard someone inserting a key into the lock on the front door. Guessing that J.J. had just returned home, she started to rush off to tell him about his sister's return, but Abigail stopped her, insisting that he couldn't know yet.

Abigail hid behind a chair as J.J. entered the house and started complaining about how much easier life would be if there were a rule book for relationships. He cut his rant short when he realized that Jennifer seemed upset about something. She began to clarify that she was overjoyed, not upset, but she quickly stopped herself and decided to play along, claiming that she was upset about what had happened to Hope. J.J. said he was, too.

Changing the subject, Jennifer asked J.J. to finish what he had been trying to say about relationships. He explained that he had gone to Chad for help with Gabi because the two of them had been getting closer lately, but Chad had refused to get involved. "Did he talk about Abigail? Did he ask about her?" Jennifer wondered. "He said that he misses her, but he had to learn to let her go for Thomas' sake," J.J. reported.

Jennifer claimed that she had only asked because she sometimes worried about Chad, whom she still considered to be a part of the family. J.J. said he felt the same way about Chad, and that was why he had assumed that Chad would be willing to help him fix things with Gabi. "[But] I guess [she's] more important to him," he grumbled. Jennifer assured J.J. that Gabi just needed some time to cool off. "I hope you're right," he replied.

J.J. decided to head upstairs to take a shower, but as he was leaving the living room, he noticed two cups of tea sitting on the coffee table. "Was someone else here before I came in?" he asked. Jennifer claimed that she had been so upset about Hope earlier that she had poured herself a second cup of tea without realizing it. He offered to take the second cup off her hands, and she encouraged him to do so. He picked it up and took a sip of it as he started to walk away. "Honey. Abs liked it that way," he mused before heading upstairs.

"J.J. cheated on Gabi?" Abigail asked Jennifer once the coast was clear. Jennifer explained the circumstances, prompting Abigail to sadly realize just how much trouble she had caused her loved ones as a result of her decision to fake her death. Jennifer pointed out that Abigail could easily make things better, but Abigail insisted that she didn't want to reveal herself to anyone else yet.

Abigail started to leave, but Jennifer refused to let her go, not wanting to lose her a second time. She offered to let Abigail hide in the attic for a while. "You don't want to be alone, do you?" she reasoned. Sighing, Abigail tearfully admitted that although she had originally decided to fake her death so her loved ones could move on with their lives, seeing them actually do that was proving to be more difficult than she had anticipated.

Adrienne's wedding is jinxed Adrienne's wedding is jinxed
Friday, November 18, 2016

At the Brady Pub, Kim stopped in with Tate so that Theresa could say goodbye. Theresa promised her parents that she would be fine. Shane promised to support Theresa during her mission with El Fideo. After Kim left with Tate to return him home, Theresa told Shane that she needed to fix her mess. Theresa hugged her father goodbye, and she left to go home to pack.

When Kim returned, she and Shane reminisced about Theresa when she had been a little girl. Laughing, Kim said that she was amazed that they had managed to reconcile with Theresa after her rocky period. Shane assured Kim that Theresa had an iron will and would be fine.

In an alley down by the docks, Philip saw Brady sitting on a barrel. Philip hesitantly asked Brady if he was okay. Without looking at Philip, Brady said he was fine. Annoyed, Philip argued that Brady could not look him in the eye because he felt guilty for sucking up to Deimos. Brady said that he could not care less about Titan. When Philip persisted in talking about Titan, Brady told him to go away. Philip started to leave then he stopped to complain that he was tired of family members dismissing him.

"Shut up!" Brady bellowed at Philip. Brady then apologized and stressed that he had more important things to worry about than work. Brady told Philip about what had happened at the hotel with Theresa. Shaking his head, Brady admitted that when he had seen Theresa at the hotel, he'd realized that she would never get clean. Brady added that Theresa had said that she had faked her love for Tate. Confused, Philip said that did not make sense. Brady shrugged in agreement. Brady said he felt like he was missing something.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa walked into the mansion and found Victor in the foyer. Victor promised to make sure that Theresa had a private moment with Tate to say goodbye. When Theresa asked Victor to watch over Brady, Victor promised that he would make sure that Brady stayed sober. Fighting tears, Theresa swore that she had been forced to hurt Brady in order to protect him. Victor wished Theresa luck in defeating El Fideo.

"I'm very proud of what you're doing," Victor said. Victor added, "And I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always consider you a part of the Kiriakis family." Breaking down in tears, Theresa hugged Victor. "Come back to us," Victor said. Theresa nodded.

Theresa went upstairs to see her son one last time. Theresa gave Tate some advice then she broke down in tears. Holding her son in front of her, Theresa told him that she was proud of him and loved him. Theresa promised to find her way back home. "When I do, please find it in your heart to forgive me. Please forgive me," Theresa whispered.

After packing a bag, Theresa walked downstairs and ran into Brady. Brady asked Theresa if she planned on leaving without saying goodbye. When Theresa refused to face Brady, he asked her what she was hiding from him. Theresa denied that she had any secrets. Brady asked Theresa to look him in the eye and tell him that she did not love him. Theresa steeled herself then spun around to face her heartbroken lover.

"I'm not sure I ever did, really," Theresa said sternly. Brady did not believe her, and he begged her not to go. Theresa handed Brady the engagement ring. Incredulous, Brady asked Theresa if she was leaving her son. Theresa growled that she had not carried or given birth to Tate and had no bond with him. "He has you and all your money," Theresa said gruffly before leaving.

On the porch, Theresa broke down in tears. In the living room, Brady looked at the decanters of alcohol. Devastated, Brady knocked all the decanters to the floor. Victor entered the room and hugged his grandson as he cried.

In the town square, Theresa met up with Mateo. Mateo handed Theresa a rose, and he promised her that things would be like they had been before. Mateo promised that they would have fun together again. As Mateo escorted Theresa out of the square, Shane watched and signaled the ISA that Theresa was on the move with El Fideo.

At the police station, Sonny stopped by to check on his father. Justin said he was upset about Hope's sentence. When Sonny asked if that was the only thing bothering Justin, Justin groaned. Justin stressed that Hope's case was enough of a reason to be upset. Sonny argued that Justin had to still care for Adrienne because he had climbed through a window to help her when he had thought she was in danger. Sonny admitted that although he liked Lucas, he was not sure that Lucas was right for his mother.

"I was a bastard to your mother. She deserves to be happy now," Justin said. With a sad smile, Sonny noted that it was the first time that Justin had ever admitted that he had been a bastard. Sonny reasoned that Justin had changed, but Justin disagreed. Justin said that Lucas had been there for Adrienne when he had not, and Adrienne had moved on. Shaking his head, Sonny said he believed Adrienne had dated Lucas to get back at Justin, but Justin disagreed. Sonny reminded Justin of what Justin had said to him and his brothers in their youth: "There is always something you can do."

In the square, Lucas attempted to avoid Kate when he saw her, but Kate called out to him. Kate asked Lucas if he was unhappy. Lucas stressed that he and Adrienne were doing well. Lucas explained that he was unhappy because he had learned that J.J. could not attend the wedding because of work, and Jennifer could not attend the wedding because of an emergency. With a raised eyebrow, Kate asked if that was a sign.

Lucas said he was determined to marry Adrienne because she was the sweetest person he had ever known. Kate reminded Lucas that Adrienne had not been sweet to Will when he had started to date Sonny. Lucas countered that Adrienne had made it up to Will. With a shrug, Kate turned her chatter to comments about Steve. Kate made snide comments about Adrienne's family. Lucas reminded Kate that she had married into the DiMeras. When Kate countered that the family had drama, Lucas said that after marrying Sami, Nicole, and Chloe, he was no longer interested in drama.

In the park, Joey met up with Jade to talk. Joey asked Jade to swear that she was pregnant. Hurt, Jade said she was sure. Jade explained that she had run out of her birth control pills, and that was how she had been able to get pregnant. When Joey noted that the timing was conveniently as he had attempted to break up with her, Jade firmly said that she was pregnant and that it had not been on purpose. Jade said that Joey needed to take care of her and the baby. Overwhelmed, Joey walked away. Jade yelled at him not to leave her.

At the Salem Inn, Kayla helped Adrienne get ready for the wedding. Kayla told Adrienne that she needed to get married because she was the bright spot on a horrible day. Cursing, Adrienne pointed out that she had torn her stockings. As Kayla started to leave to buy more, Steve showed up. Steve informed the ladies that Jo would not be able to attend the wedding because of a reaction to her radiation treatments. Kayla added that J.J. and Jennifer would not be able to attend either. With a groan, Adrienne added that Kate would be at the ceremony.

Adrienne wondered aloud if she should elope with Lucas. Steve said no. Pulling out his harmonica, Steve played a tune and noted that for her something blue, he would play the blues for her. Kayla gave Adrienne the locket she had loaned Abigail for her wedding for the something borrowed. For something old, Steve laughed and pointed at himself. Steve said he wanted to see Adrienne get married, so she could not elope.

While Kayla was out buying new stockings for Adrienne, Steve asked Adrienne if she wanted to postpone the wedding to make sure she was ready to marry Lucas. Adrienne assured Steve that she loved Lucas and wanted to marry him. When Steve asked Adrienne if she was sure about closing the book on Justin, Adrienne explained that she was working to be friends with Justin, and that was tough enough. Smiling, Adrienne said she was happier than she had ever been.

On the Kiriakis porch, Justin stopped at the door. Staring off into the sky, Justin thought about the night he had proposed to Adrienne in the pouring rain. Justin had promised Adrienne that he would make her happy and be with her forever. Shaking his head, Justin turned around and walked out into the night.

At the church, Lucas and Sonny talked about Will. Lucas told Sonny that it meant a great deal to him that Sonny was standing in for Will as his best man. Sonny smiled. Sonny added that his wedding to Will had been the happiest day of his life. Clapping an arm around Sonny, Lucas guided him up to the altar to wait. In the entryway, Steve confirmed to Adrienne that the florist had failed to show up, and Kayla countered that the photographer had been delayed by a flat tire. Adrienne overheard and was upset. Steve and Kayla assured Adrienne that they would handle the situation. Sarcastically, Adrienne said the wedding was not jinxed at all.

When the processional started, Joey joined Steve at the altar, watching Kayla walk down the aisle. Joey insisted on talking to Steve. Steve attempted to quiet his son, but Joey whispered that Jade was pregnant with his baby. Steve's eyes bugged out in quiet shock. At the head of the aisle, Adrienne started to walk. Beaming, Adrienne stared at Lucas. Justin ran in behind her and interrupted the ceremony.

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