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Chad told Rafe that he had news that could help Hope's case. Brady caught Deimos drugging Philip. Kate was there for Adrienne. Andre told Chad about his new business deal. J.J. kept another secret from Gabi. Gabi ran to Chad for comfort. Abigail was ready to tell Chad that she was alive. Abigail walked in on Chad and Gabi in a steamy kiss.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 12, 2016 on DAYS
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Deimos tries to get answers out of Philip Deimos tries to get answers out of Philip
Monday, December 12, 2016
by Mike

Chad went to the police station to fill Rafe in on what Harold had told him about Stefano. Rafe was thrilled with the development, knowing that it would make a huge difference in Hope's appeal, especially since Harold was willing to testify about what he had heard. Rafe tried to express his gratitude to Chad, but Chad dismissively insisted that sharing the information had simply been the right thing to do.

At the prison, Roman met with Hope to discuss Hattie's case. He wasn't sure if he could do anything to help Hattie, but he was willing to try, since he had heard about what she had been doing to help Hope. Hattie soon entered the visiting room, wearing a bright red bow in her hair, and beamed as Roman stood to greet her. "Been too long -- too long since I saw that handsome face," she gushed.

Hattie told Roman about how she had met someone through a speed-dating service -- Alfonso Clarizo, otherwise known as Alfie. "I know he's the one that framed me. He sweet-talked me to the point where I couldn't even see the nose in front of my face. Then, before you knew what happened, billions of dollars went missing, Alfie went missing, and I got arrested," she explained.

As Hattie was starting to add that she could still see Alfie's lying face in her dreams, she suddenly changed the subject, remembering that Roman had been promoted to the role of police commissioner since their last encounter. Impressed, she congratulated him, flirtatiously musing, "That's a really powerful position, you know? And you know what they say about power: [it's] the real aphrodisiac." Chuckling, Roman said he was sorry about what Alfie had put Hattie through, and he vowed to do everything in his power to help her. "Oh! Isn't he just the bee's knees?" Hattie asked Hope, who smiled and nodded in agreement.

Roman started to add that he was grateful to Hattie for looking after Hope, but a guard soon entered the room and cut the conversation short, informing Hattie that she was needed in the kitchen. "Grr! Just as we were getting to know each other better," Hattie grumbled as she batted her eyelashes at Roman. She reluctantly excused herself, adding, "I'm thinking that maybe, you know what, I'll -- I'll just go make my specialty. It's a soufflé, and I make it real sweet -- like you."

After Hattie left the room, Roman sighed as he admitted to Hope that he was worried about getting Hattie's hopes up. "There's just not a hell of a lot to go on here," he fretted, guessing that Alfonso Clarizo wasn't even the guy's real name. "And a lot of time has passed," Hope pointed out. Changing the subject, she wondered if he had noticed that Hattie had a crush on him. "Must have missed that," he jokingly replied before excusing himself.

Later, Hope received a visit from Rafe, who filled her in on what Chad had told him earlier. Rafe was certain that Harold's testimony would make a huge difference in Hope's appeal, but she still had doubts, having seen judges ignore new evidence before.

At the Horton Town Square, Jennifer tried to ignore Brady's question about her prescription, making small talk with Eve in an effort to change the subject. Refusing to drop the matter, Brady asked to talk to Jennifer for a moment, and she reluctantly agreed. Eve stepped aside with Tate to give them some privacy.

Once the coast was clear, Brady demanded to see Jennifer's pills. She handed them over with a sigh, assuring him that they were just non-habit-forming antidepressants that her mother had prescribed for her after Abigail's death. She blamed her shifty behavior on her awareness that he would make a big deal out of the whole thing if he saw the pills. He accepted that explanation and apologized for having jumped to the wrong conclusion, stressing that he had simply been trying to look out for her. Knowing about her family's history of mental illness, he promised not to tell anyone that she was taking the medication.

Shortly after Eve returned with Tate, Brady received a phone call and stepped aside to answer it. Eve seized the opportunity to ask Jennifer about J.J., having heard that he had recently been shot in the line of duty. "Yeah, we don't need to talk about J.J.," Jennifer tersely replied before starting to walk away. Eve stopped her and stressed that she was sorry about what had happened to Abigail. "If you ever want to talk to anyone, just know that I'd be available to you," Eve added. Jennifer thanked Eve for the offer and expressed hope that Eve would one day find happiness again. "You, too, Jennifer. You, too," Eve softly replied.

Later, Jennifer ran into Chad, who told her about the latest developments in Hope's case. Jennifer wanted to make the information front-page news in the Spectator right away, but Chad warned that she might want to talk to Justin first, since judges didn't always like to see things show up in the press before being presented to the court. She conceded the point but decided to take Chad's statement as soon as possible so she could be ready to publish it the moment Justin gave her permission to do so. She started to voice her thoughts about what Stefano had done to Hope, but she soon stopped herself, noticing that Chad seemed uncomfortable.

"Honestly, I don't know how to feel. At first, I thought he was a victim, and now I find out that maybe he manipulated the whole thing. I mean, honestly, it's like every single time I think my life is about to get back on track, something comes up, and it just knocks me right out [again]," Chad explained with a sigh. Jennifer tried to hide her feelings of guilt as Chad continued talking, musing, "I don't know, maybe things just affect me more now. My life's always been complicated,, after -- God, it just seems like nothing goes right lately, ever since that plane went down, and I found out that Abby was gonna be gone forever."

Chad quickly apologized for having mentioned Abigail's death. Jennifer insisted that he could always talk to her about Abigail. "I really believe that things are gonna get better. Just hang on," she urged him. He promised her that he would never forget about Abigail. He added that he was, in fact, planning to arrange for a memorial to be set up in Abigail's honor. "It's gonna be just like the one the town did for your grandparents," he explained. Jennifer stammered as she tried to advise him not to rush into anything. He dismissed her concern, assuring her that he had already put a lot of thought into the idea and was ready to move forward with it.

Later, Chad went to the prison to see Hope, who confirmed that Rafe had already told her about the latest development in her case. Chad apologized for what Stefano had done to Hope. He also made it clear that he was sorry for the things he had said about her during her sentencing hearing. "I want you to know that I'm not angry, and I hate seeing you punished," he stressed. She assured him that she wasn't holding a grudge against him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole drifted off to sleep while looking at sketches for future Basic Black designs. During her nap, she had a dream about Daniel, who encouraged her to move on with Deimos. He assured her that falling in love with someone new wouldn't diminish the love they'd had for each other. "I know you will always love me. But I can't be there anymore -- not when you're stressed out, or you need a shoulder, or another opinion, or just someone to hold you in his arms. All I want is for you to be happy. And you can't do that if you don't let go and just live," he stressed. He added that he would always be with her -- one way or another.

When Nicole woke up and saw that Daniel was no longer in the room with her, she began to sob while staring at the engagement ring he had given her, which she was still wearing. Later, after regaining her composure, she went downstairs to get some food from the kitchen. As she was heading back upstairs with her snack, Brady returned home with Tate and Eve. He rushed off to the nursery with Tate so Nicole and Eve could catch up.

Nicole asked Eve to fill her in on what had happened with Theresa, explaining that Brady didn't want to talk about the matter. "Apparently, she slipped and went back on drugs. Figured that family life wasn't for her anymore, [so she] just took off," Eve reported. Nicole was shocked to realize that she apparently hadn't known her former business partner as well as she had once believed. Eve pointed out that it was extremely hard for some people to truly kick a drug habit for good.

Changing the subject, Eve explained that she had returned to Salem to ensure that Tate would at least have a mother figure in his life, if not his real mother. "My life has been, you know -- it's been empty since Paige [died], and then...sometimes, being alone in New York is just -- it's hard. It's awful. It's hell. I -- I still miss much," Eve admitted. Nicole comforted Eve with a hug, stressing that she knew the feeling all too well.

Philip awoke and found himself tied to a chair in a room at the Salem Inn, already starting to feel the effects of the sodium pentothal Deimos' goon had administered. Deimos soon arrived to question Philip about his earlier phone conversation with Nancy. Philip wasn't very helpful at first, rambling about how he had been planning to meet with Chloe and convince her that they were meant for each other, but Deimos persisted until Philip eventually muttered, "Embryo."

Deimos started to lose his patience, not understanding what the word had to do with the secret about Nicole that he was trying to get Philip to reveal, but as he was preparing to administer another dose of sodium pentothal, he suddenly realized the significance. He tried to get Philip to confirm that Chloe was carrying Nicole's baby, but Philip lost consciousness before saying another word. "Damn it! You know what? You're gonna open your eyes, and you're gonna talk to me, you son of a bitch!" Deimos shouted at Philip, who remained unresponsive.

Meanwhile, Brady burst into the hotel room and demanded to know what was going on. "A little birdie told me that you kidnapped your nephew, tied him up, and drugged him. Are you kidding me? Are you insane?" he added as he separated Deimos from Philip. Deimos apologetically conceded that he had gotten a bit carried away. "Look, I needed to get some answers, and I needed them quickly," he explained. He assured Brady that Philip would be fine after the drug wore off, stressing that it had no side effects whatsoever. "Okay, doctor," Brady skeptically replied.

Deimos summoned his goon and told the man to move Philip to another hotel room and stay with him until the drug wore off. After the goon left with Philip, Brady revealed that he had overheard Deimos questioning Philip about something involving Chloe and Nicole. Deimos claimed that Brady had misheard what had been said, but Brady knew that was a lie. When Brady threatened to get Victor involved, Deimos reluctantly explained that he had overhead Philip talking to Nancy earlier about a secret they were keeping from Nicole. "I believe Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole's baby," Deimos added.

Deimos tells Brady about Chloe's surrogacy Deimos tells Brady about Chloe's surrogacy
Tuesday, December 13, 2016

At the pub, Sonny told Kayla that he was frustrated that Adrienne had kicked him out of her hospital room. Kayla smiled and told Sonny that she had just spoken to Adrienne, who was in a positive mood. Steve arrived with Paul to talk business with Sonny. With a grin, Steve asked Kayla to meet him in the park in an hour.

After Kayla left, Paul and Steve told Sonny about their surveillance of the Hernandez shipping enterprise. Steve remarked that it was odd to ship counterfeit goods in such a low volume. With a nod, Sonny asked Steve and Paul to continue their surveillance but keep a distance. Sonny wanted to take a wait and see approach before acting.

After Steve left to meet Kayla, Sonny told Paul that he was feeling better. Sonny explained that his mother's doctors sounded hopeful about Adrienne's prognosis. When Sonny noted that Adrienne needed to undergo more tests before the doctors could decide on her treatment, Paul suggested that Adrienne had kicked everyone out of her room because she had no answers to anyone's questions. Paul suggested a walk, and with a shy grin, Sonny agreed.

In the square, Sonny and Paul talked over coffee. Sonny told Paul that Adrienne had always said that the thought put into a gift was more important than the gift itself. Sonny added that he treasured a pillow that Adrienne had given him more than any toy he had received for Christmas. As Sonny's smile fell, Paul reminded him that Adrienne had the love and support of her friends and family. Paul added that Sonny had him as a friend as well.

Sonny spotted mistletoe nearby, and he wondered about the origins of the kissing tradition. With a grin, Paul said that it was most likely created by someone angling for a kiss. Sonny and Paul stared into one another's eyes. As the length of the stare grew more intimate, Derrick interrupted and said hello to Paul. Feeling awkward, Sonny excused himself to return to work.

In the park, Kayla saw a box wrapped in a bow on a bench. Hesitant, Kayla reached for the card. From the bushes, Steve joked that he knew Kayla could not resist a present. Kayla laughed and noted that Steve had always loved to give out Christmas presents early. Steve urged Kayla to open the gift, and she was floored to see a scrapbook inside. Steve explained that he had made a book of their life together. With a glow on her face, Kayla looked at a photo from their first wedding. Steve told Kayla that she still took his breath away, and she said she felt the same way about him.

"No matter what tried to keep us apart, we always found our way back to each other," Steve said. Steve urged Kayla to flip to the last page. When Kayla checked the back, she found a wedding invitation for Valentine's Day. Grinning, Steve joked that he would have a hard time forgetting their wedding anniversary on that date. Kayla told Steve that he had given her the only Christmas present she needed. After they kissed, Steve gushed to Kayla that he could not wait to marry her again. Laughing, Kayla told Steve that it had been his best proposal yet.

At the Salem Inn, Brady was furious that Deimos had kidnapped and drugged Philip. Deimos explained that he had overheard Philip tell Nancy not to tell Nicole about Chloe's secret. Deimos said he had felt compelled to act. After Deimos explained that Chloe had been a surrogate but the IVF had failed, Brady shook his head in disbelief. Deimos said that Philip had confessed that Chloe's secret was about an embryo. Deimos added that Nicole had frozen several embryos at a clinic.

Brady reminded Deimos that Chloe had freaked out when she had learned that Deimos was not the dad and that it did not make sense because Chloe would have told Nicole if she had been carrying Nicole's child. Shaking his head, Deimos argued that Chloe had left town without telling Nicole about the embryo because she hated Deimos. Confused, Brady wondered aloud why Chloe had not told Nicole when she had first implanted the embryo. With a shrug, Deimos suggested that Chloe had wanted to spare Nicole the heartbreak if another IVF treatment failed.

Brady warned Deimos not to harass Chloe. When Deimos said that he instead wanted to convince Nicole to call the clinic, Brady advised against it. Brady cautioned Deimos to keep the theory from Nicole until he had absolute proof. Brady argued that Nicole did not need to get her hopes up again. When Deimos asked for help, Brady agreed -- on the condition that Deimos would not drug or abduct anyone else.

In the Kiriakis living room, Nicole read a story to Tate. Maggie watched from the doorway until Nicole noticed her. Maggie commented that Nicole had calmed down Tate after he had been fussy all day, teething. With a smile and a shrug, Nicole explained that she and Tate helped one another to forget the pain in their lives. Nicole said that she missed Parker. Concerned, Maggie asked Nicole why she had not seen Parker.

Nicole explained what had happened at the clinic and why Chloe had felt betrayed. Maggie noted that the situation sounded like Nicole had chosen Deimos over Chloe and that Chloe was likely upset about that. When Nicole lamented that she did not understand Chloe's hatred of Deimos, Maggie counseled Nicole to remember that the why was not important. Maggie urged Nicole to reach out to Chloe and repair their friendship. Taking Maggie's advice, Nicole left a voicemail for Chloe, pleading with Chloe to call her back.

At the Brady Pub, Sonny talked to Brady about his concerns with the Hernandez shipping contract. Sonny explained that if the Hernandez family was doing anything illegal, it could negatively affect Titan's P.R. Brady was furious that Sonny had hired Steve and Paul behind his back. Sonny argued that he wanted to know the extent of the smuggling operation so that they were not surprised if the operation was exposed. Shaking his head, Brady warned Sonny not to tell Victor because Deimos was the head of Titan.

Sonny growled that he did not trust Deimos. Brady argued that Deimos had recently showed that he cared about the family and should not be dismissed as untrustworthy. When Sonny pointed out that Brady was defending Deimos, Brady countered that Sonny appeared to be pushing for a coup. Sonny told Brady that if he planned a coup, he would have approached Brady to lead it. Brady reasoned aloud that the counterfeit bags and shoes were not hurting anyone and that Sonny should drop the investigation before Deimos fired him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole stared at her phone as Deimos returned home. Nicole informed Deimos about her conversation with Maggie, and she expressed her concern that Deimos would not approve of Nicole's plan to reconnect with Chloe. Deimos encouraged Nicole to talk to Chloe. With a smile, Deimos urged Nicole to convince Chloe to return to Salem. Nicole sighed and said she feared that the reason Chloe had left town would be the reason Chloe decided not to return to Salem.

After Nicole and Deimos made love upstairs, Nicole told him about her Daniel dream. Nicole said that she had felt a sense of peace, as if Daniel had given her permission to move on with her life. Nicole said she was relieved. Nicole snuggled close to Deimos, and she fell asleep. When Nicole woke later, she was alone in bed. Nicole stared at Daniel's engagement ring on her finger. Struggling to remove the ring, Nicole said goodbye to Daniel.

"I'm doing what you asked me to do. I'm moving on," Nicole said. With a sigh of peace, Nicole removed the ring and placed it in her purse. Crying, Nicole curled up in bed. Downstairs, Deimos was on the phone as he paced the living room. Deimos asked a nurse to make an appointment for him to talk to Dr. Lee about a large donation for the clinic.

In the town square, Derrick and Paul shared a meal as a breathless Sonny ran up to their table. Sonny asked to speak to Paul in private. While Derrick paid the bill, Sonny ordered Paul to end his investigation into the Hernandez smuggling operation. Sonny explained that he did not want to cause any problems in the family. When Paul asked why, Sonny noted that Brady had said it would be better to be ignorant of the truth. Paul disagreed, but an annoyed Sonny said to drop it. As Sonny walked away, Derrick asked Paul what was wrong. "He just fired me," Paul said hollowly.

Adrienne finds out what she's up against Adrienne finds out what she's up against
Wednesday, December 14, 2016
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos asked Brady to cover for him if Nicole woke up and wondered where he was. "What don't you want her to know?" Brady wondered. Deimos explained that he was planning to go to the fertility clinic to get some answers. "I'm not coming back until I find out if Chloe is carrying Daniel and Nicole's baby," he added before leaving.

Later, Nicole joined Brady in the living room and wondered if he had seen Deimos yet that morning. "He said he'd be out for a while," Brady replied. Confused, Nicole explained that she was about to go for a jog, and Deimos had expressed interest in joining her when she had mentioned it to him the previous night. Brady offered to take Deimos' place. Nicole doubted that Brady, who probably couldn't even remember the last time he had gone jogging, would be able to keep up with her. "Try me," he dared her.

Later, as she was jogging through the town square with Brady, Nicole paused for a moment to catch her breath. "Someone can't handle the pace, huh?" he tauntingly observed. She accused him of being overly competitive, and he countered that she was the most competitive person in the world. They kept the banter going for a bit longer, and when they were finished, she noted that it was nice to see him smiling again.

"I agree," Kate said as she approached Nicole and Brady, who each offered her a lukewarm greeting. "But I guess we're all gonna be in a better mood now that Theresa's left town," she mused. Forging ahead despite Nicole's objections, Kate added that she couldn't believe they had actually gone into business with "that woman" at one point. "But what she did to you and the baby -- that really is unforgivable," she told Brady, who was uncomfortably sipping water so he wouldn't have to respond. When Nicole objected again, Kate defensively explained, "I'm trying to be nice."

"Nice? That's not possible, okay? You suck at it," Nicole countered. Insulted, Kate walked away in a huff. Once the coast was clear, Brady thanked Nicole for running interference for him, admitting that he really had no desire to talk to anyone -- especially Kate -- about what had happened with Theresa. "I just want to move on," he stressed, and he observed, as he eyed the bare ring finger of Nicole's left hand, that he obviously wasn't the only one who was trying to do that.

Nicole told Brady about the dream she'd had the previous night. He assured her that if she was ready to move on with Deimos, he would support that decision. "But you have reservations," she guessed. He confirmed the suspicion but acknowledged that he was clearly in no position to offer her advice about her love life. "[And] I think you're right about Deimos. I think he's really worked hard to try to do right by the family. And I can tell you this: I think he would do just about anything to make you happy," he added.

At the fertility clinic, Deimos presented one of the doctors with a sizable check. The doctor was grateful for the donation to the facility, but when he realized that Deimos wanted him to bend a few rules in exchange, he decided to return it. Deimos apologized for overstepping and urged the doctor to keep the check, promising that there would be no strings attached.

As Deimos was leaving the doctor's office, he discreetly fiddled with the lock on the doorknob. Later, while the doctor was with a patient, Deimos sneaked back into the office and searched the man's computer for information about Chloe's visits to the clinic. He managed to confirm that she had made an appointment back in May, but before he could determine if she had undergone in vitro fertilization on the day of the appointment, he heard the doctor in the hallway.

Deimos distanced himself from the computer and claimed, when the doctor entered the office, that he was looking for his keys, which he had accidentally left behind earlier. "And there they are," he added, pretending that he had just spotted them on the doctor's desk. The doctor suspiciously warned that he could probably dig up some dirt on Deimos easily enough. "Be my guest," Deimos coolly replied as he pocketed his keys. He left after telling the doctor to remember to cash the check as soon as possible, since it was worth a lot of money.

When Brady and Nicole returned to the Kiriakis mansion, they found a large package sitting on the coffee table in the living room. It was addressed to Theresa, and because Brady didn't have a forwarding address for her, he decided to open it and find out what was inside. He was somewhat confused when he realized that it contained a train set she had ordered as a Christmas gift for Tate. Sighing, he wondered how she could do such a thoughtful, loving thing for her son one day and abandon him the next day. "What happens when, one day, my son looks at me, and he says, 'Dad, why did Mom leave?' What the hell am I gonna tell him?" he fretted.

Later, Deimos returned home and found Brady and Nicole in the living room, testing out the train set. Nicole stood to greet Deimos with a kiss, wondering where he had been all day. "I had an appointment I had to run out to," he replied. Nicole soon excused herself so she could take a shower and change out of her jogging outfit.

Once the coast was clear, Deimos filled Brady in on what he had discovered at the clinic. Brady wondered what Deimos planned to do next. Deimos said he was going to figure out if his theory about Chloe's pregnancy was accurate. "[And if it is], I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure that Nicole gets her baby," he vowed.

Meanwhile, Nicole emerged from the shower and donned a robe. As she was searching her closet for something to wear, she received a text message from Chloe, conceding that it might be a good idea for them to talk in person soon. She quickly composed a reply, agreeing to the meeting and expressing her hope that Chloe was finally ready to tell her everything.

At the hospital, Adrienne ran into Justin while trying to get away from a nurse who was eager to schedule her next doctor's appointment. "Oh, my God! If you're following me, you can just cut it out right now!" she snapped before sidestepping him and continuing her walk to the nearest elevator. He chased after her and explained that he simply wanted to know how her earlier appointment had gone. "It went swell," she replied.

As Adrienne started to add that she would like some space, Steve and Kayla joined her and Justin and began asking their own questions about the appointment. When she realized that the trio wouldn't be satisfied with anything less than a detailed recap of what had happened, she sighed and admitted, "First, I got the lecture about canceling my -- my mammogram appointment, and then...I found out I'm stage two." Kayla explained to Justin and Steve that the diagnosis meant that the cancer had not yet left the breasts. "That's a good thing," she stressed.

"Yeah, yeah, that's -- that's what I thought, uh...but then I had the fun of learning that because I have the BRCA gene mutation, breast cancer, in me, tends to be more aggressive, so my doctor wants me to have a double mastectomy and chemo. And that's the four-one-one. Any more questions?" Adrienne stoically continued. Justin reached out to comfort her with a hug, but she backed away, insisting that she was fine and had everything under control. She explained that she would first undergo chemo to shrink the tumor, which was less than five centimeters large. She optimistically suggested that it might just melt away during the process, and Kayla confirmed that it was indeed possible for such a thing to happen. "I mean, I'll still need the surgery [either way], but, you know, step at a time," Adrienne added.

Adrienne assured Steve and Justin that the surgeon Kayla had referred her to was a man who had done tons of mastectomies. "And I get to have reconstruction, which -- which is great, 'cause who knows -- maybe I'll end up with the hooters of a twenty-year-old, you know? Which would be awesome," she added. When no one laughed at her joke, she reassured them that she was fine then rushed off after thanking them for their concern. "She is so not fine," Justin muttered before chasing after her.

Justin caught up with Adrienne as she was passing through a secluded section of the town square. "That was quite a show you put on for, uh, Steve and Kayla, [but] I am not leaving until you tell me the truth," he told her. She sighed and reluctantly admitted that although her oncologist had advised her to start chemotherapy right away, she had not yet been able to muster up the strength to schedule the appointment.

Justin voiced his belief that Adrienne never would have developed breast cancer if he had encouraged her to go through with the preventative mastectomy she had considered having when she had first learned that she had the BRCA1 gene mutation. "This may come as a shock to you, but my world does not revolve around what you think, Justin. I was never gonna have that mastectomy," she admitted, explaining that she had simply been trying out the idea in her mind.

"But you will now, right?" Justin asked. Shrugging, Adrienne admitted that she hadn't decided yet. She started to talk about alternative treatment options she had researched online, but he reminded her that Kayla had already determined that those wouldn't be enough in her case. He offered to make the appointment for her and even accompany her to the treatment sessions. "I'd be happy to do it. So would Sonny, and Steve, and Kayla. And even though I have issues with the guy, Lucas would go, too. Take your pick," he added.

Adrienne declined, fighting back tears as she explained that her loved ones were too close to the situation for comfort. "I can see the fear in your eyes, and I can't look at that right now. And I know you love me, and I love all of you, but right now, I just -- I just -- I just need to be alone, you know?" she stressed. Justin nodded and reluctantly walked away after assuring her that she could contact him at any time.

After regaining her composure, Adrienne contacted Kate and asked to see her. "I wanted to thank you for coming to the hospital yesterday," Adrienne explained when Kate arrived a short time later. Kate dismissively insisted that her visit hadn't been a big deal and that she hadn't exactly done much to help Adrienne. "You held my hand, and that's all I needed," Adrienne replied.

Kate took a seat next to Adrienne and recalled that when she'd had cancer, she hadn't wanted to talk to anyone, either. "Stage two," Adrienne quietly revealed, and she proceeded to tell Kate about the proposed treatment plan. Kate was surprised to hear that Adrienne had not yet scheduled the appointment. "You went up against Sami Brady when you thought Will wasn't right for Sonny. Now, how does cancer compare to that?" Kate asked. Adrienne managed a chuckle as she pointed out that she had been doing that for Sonny, not herself. "[But] now you have to be just as fierce an advocate for yourself," Kate stressed.

"I don't think I have it in me, Kate," Adrienne tearfully replied. Kate argued that if there was anything Adrienne had in spades, it was guts. "It's one of the things I can't stand about you," she added, eliciting another laugh from Adrienne. Guessing that Adrienne simply needed a jumpstart, Kate got her to reveal the name of her oncologist then contacted the hospital and asked for the doctor, claiming to be Adrienne's personal assistant. She then offered her cell phone to Adrienne. Adrienne tried to silently protest at first but eventually accepted the device and shakily informed her oncologist, "I'm ready to make that appointment now." After ending the call, she broke down in Kate's arms and admitted that she was scared.

At the hospital, Kayla gently assured Steve that it wasn't unusual for a cancer patient to be in denial. Confused, he argued that Adrienne's bluntness had clearly demonstrated that she wasn't in denial. Kayla wasn't convinced, pointing out that Adrienne had a tendency to try to flip things around when she didn't want people to know that she was scared. "Of course she's scared. But she knows what she has to do. And it's a lot, but she's gonna do it," Steve replied.

Kayla maintained that Adrienne probably hadn't even begun to accept the fact that she was about to have both of her breasts removed. "For God's sake! This is my sister you're talking about, not some random patient!" Steve protested, adding that Adrienne was going to be just fine. "I know you need to believe that," Kayla softly replied.

Annoyed, Steve told Kayla not to talk to him like he was five years old. "Are you saying you think she's not gonna make it?" he asked. She assured him that she wasn't saying that; she was just saying that the situation was serious. "And I think that maybe you're in a little bit of denial yourself because you love her so much," she added.

"I just think she's gonna beat this. That's all," Steve stressed. Kayla warned that Adrienne's road to recovery would be a long and difficult one, and she would need a lot of treatment before it would even be possible for her to hear someone tell her that she had beaten breast cancer. He grumbled that he was glad Adrienne wasn't around to hear what Kayla was saying. "Look, I know you don't want to hear --" Kayla started to reply. "And I'm not gonna hear it," he snapped before storming off, ignoring her attempts to stop him. Sighing, she muttered, "Well, that went well."

At the Brady Pub, Jade contacted Joey and asked to see him. When he arrived, she stressed that she would prefer not to get into another argument with him because her doctor had warned her that stress could make her morning sickness worse. "I don't want to make you sicker, but I can't get over the fact that you didn't tell me you were off the pill," he replied.

Jade complained that she had hated being on birth control medication because it had caused weight gain and headaches. Joey remained convinced that she had gotten pregnant on purpose, but she insisted that wasn't true. "I just thought if it did happen, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world," she added before rushing off to the bathroom, grumbling that he had just made her nausea return.

When Jade returned a short time later, Joey wondered if she was all right. She confirmed that she was -- at least for the time being. "I think they call it 'morning sickness' because it starts in the morning, but for me, it lasts all day," she explained. "Guess you didn't think of that when you went off the pill," he replied. She countered that he hadn't been thinking, either, because if he had been, he would have worn a condom. He insisted that he would have if he had known that she had stopped taking her birth control medication. "But now we're both stuck," he added.

"Okay. You don't want to be a daddy. I get it. [And] every word that comes out of your mouth tells me you'd suck at it, anyway. I'll raise my baby on my own," Jade snapped. She accused Joey of being selfish and expecting her to do everything on her own, but he protested that she was putting words in his mouth. "I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be a good father. So if you can't raise this baby, and we can't get along, then I'll do it by myself," he added, guessing that his parents would be willing to help him if needed.

"Okay, now I get it. The three of you are planning to take my baby away from me. Well, you can forget it!" Jade countered before starting to storm off, ignoring Joey's attempt to deny the accusation. Before she reached the exit, she doubled over in pain, and when he asked if she was just having another wave of morning sickness, she shook her head and fearfully admitted that she wasn't sure what was wrong.

Joey rushed Jade to the hospital and waited nervously near the nurses' station while Kayla was examining her. Steve soon joined him and listened as he explained what had happened. When Kayla emerged from Jade's room, she reported that Jade was going to be fine. "Her obstetrician said that the vomiting caused dehydration and that the pains were most likely abdominal cramps," she continued.

Joey blamed himself, explaining that he had gotten into an argument with Jade earlier. Steve and Kayla weren't happy to hear that Jade had lied to Joey about being on birth control medication, but they advised that the teens needed to find a way to get past that and start getting along with each other. Nodding, Joey asked Kayla to tell Jade that he was sorry and that he was glad that she and the baby were both okay.

Later, Joey and Steve joined Kayla in Jade's room and watched as she performed an ultrasound, revealing the first images of the baby Jade was carrying. Afterward, Joey and Jade spent some time alone together, staring at a sonogram picture in amazement as they tried to guess if the baby was a boy or a girl. They vowed to do their best to be good parents.

Meanwhile, in the waiting area, Kayla and Steve apologized to each other for their earlier argument. Steve assured Kayla that he didn't want her to sugarcoat Adrienne's situation for him. Kayla promised that she would do everything she could to ensure that Adrienne received the best possible treatment. "And there's something I should have told you [earlier] -- they have made so much progress with breast cancer. If Jade and Joey have a girl, she most likely won't have to worry about breast cancer in her lifetime," she added.

Sighing, Steve wondered if Joey and Jade had just thrown away what had been left of their youth -- or if he and Kayla were going to end up raising the baby themselves. "Ugh. I can't think about that right now," Kayla replied. She and Steve agreed, however, that they would both be there to support Joey and Jade every step of the way.

Andre reveals a secret to Chad Andre reveals a secret to Chad
Thursday, December 15, 2016
by Mike

At the prison, one of the guards watched from a corner of the recreation room as Hope tried to get the computer to boot up. The guard eventually approached Hope and joked that even the ghost of Steve Jobs probably wouldn't be able to get the machine to work properly. "Not like I have anything else to do," Hope replied.

Changing the subject, the guard revealed that she had just figured out where she had seen Hope before. "Front page of the paper?" Hope guessed. Shaking her head, the guard recalled that when one of her friends had gotten shot in the line of duty, he had received daily visits from Hope while recovering at the hospital. "He told me you were the one who saved his life," the guard added.

Hope tried to dismiss the praise, insisting that the EMTs and surgeons who had treated the man were the real lifesavers, but the guard pointed out that Hope had put herself in the line of fire to apply pressure to the man's wound and keep him safe from further harm while they had been waiting for help to arrive. "He would've done the same for me. That's what cops do: they look out for each other," Hope replied with a shrug. The guard nodded in agreement before walking away.

"Why don't they get a room?" Coco, who had been listening from a corner of the room, quietly asked Sheila, who had also heard the conversation. "Girlfriend's making sure she has friends in high places," Sheila guessed. Coco insisted that she and Sheila needed to put Hope in her place and make it clear to her that things didn't work like that in prison.

Later, the guard returned with a new inmate, Annabelle, and introduced Hope to her as one of the few prisoners who could actually be trusted. The guard then rushed off to deal with a fight in one of the other sections of the prison. "So, what are you in for?" Hope asked Annabelle, who replied that she had been busted for forging prescriptions and selling pills. Annabelle admitted that she was scared, prompting Hope to warn that although it was natural for Annabelle to feel that way, she needed to quickly learn how to hide her fear so the other inmates couldn't prey on it. Hope advised Annabelle to be particularly mindful of Coco and Sheila.

Later, while Annabelle was alone in the recreation room, Coco and Sheila entered it and cornered her. As they began to make suggestive remarks about what they planned to do to her, Hope returned and warned them to back off. Refusing to give Annabelle up without a fight, Coco and Sheila began trading swings with Hope. Annabelle shrank into a corner of the room and started calling for the guard, who soon arrived to break up the fight.

"They started it! She was just looking out for me!" Annabelle told the guard, who dragged Coco and Sheila away while promising to send a medic to take a look at Hope's injuries. Once the coast was clear, Annabelle thanked Hope for the help and wondered if she was okay. Hope confirmed that she was. "This isn't over, though," she guessed, wincing in pain as she wiped some blood off her lip.

Later, while Hope was alone in the recreation room, the guard returned and admitted that she was impressed with the way Hope had handled Coco and Sheila earlier. She warned, however, that she didn't expect Coco and Sheila to back down anytime soon. "It's funny. Even in here, under these circumstances, you're still, deep down, a cop -- still protecting people," she observed before handing over her cell phone as a way of rewarding Hope's earlier heroics. "By the way, you've got a pretty nasty bruise forming [on your face]," she added before leaving the room, knowing that Hope would want to hide the injury from her loved ones.

Hope tried to contact Ciara first, but the call went to voicemail. After leaving Ciara a message, Hope arranged her hair and angled her head in a way that made her injuries less visible. She then started a videoconference with Rafe, who was thrilled to hear from her. "I just spoke with Justin, and he says he has good news about your appeal. He thinks it's gonna go through," he revealed.

Although Hope was glad to hear that, she wasn't particularly interested in wasting time talking about the appeal; instead, she wanted Rafe to indulge her with fantasies about things they might be doing together at that moment if she weren't stuck in prison. He happily complied, but as she got wrapped up in the conversation, she forgot about her injuries and absentmindedly tucked her hair behind her right ear, making the injuries visible. He expressed concern, but she assured him that the inmates who had attacked her looked much worse than she did. She then wrapped up the call so she could give the cell phone back to the guard, who had just returned.

At the Horton house, Abigail informed Jennifer and J.J. that she was ready to reveal herself to Chad. She insisted, however, that she first needed to fix her hair and put on some fresh clothes so the moment would be perfect. Jennifer volunteered to do the required shopping, and while she was gone, J.J. helped Abigail look for the stuffed animal Doug had found outside after her recent escape from the attic. When they failed to locate it, J.J. offered to track Doug down at the golf range and find out where he had put it. She started to accept the offer then changed her mind and told him not to worry about it. After he left the room, she donned an oversized hat and ducked out of the house.

Father Louis agreed to meet with Chad in a secluded section of the town square to talk about Abigail. There, Chad unveiled an angel statue and accompanying memorial plaque he had commissioned in her honor. He explained that he had gotten the necessary permit to plant the statue there so her loved ones would have a place to go to remember her, since she didn't have a grave. He added that he had chosen the angel statue because he had always thought of her as an angel, even before her death. Father Louis thought the memorial was perfect.

Later, as Abigail was passing through the area, she spotted Chad and Thomas at the memorial site. She considered revealing herself to them, but before she could muster up the nerve to do so, Chad began telling Thomas that it was time for them to start trying to move on with their lives. She watched in horror as he removed his wedding band and buried it in the dirt of the planter the angel statue was standing atop.

Abigail rushed off in tears and ran into Dario as she was passing through an alley near the docks. He comforted her with a hug, and after she calmed down, she told him about what she had just witnessed. He advised her to go back to Chad and reveal herself as originally planned, reasoning that Chad had only decided to move on with his life because he believed he had no other choice. Realizing that Dario was right, Abigail thanked him for the advice then rushed off to find Chad again.

Chad summoned Andre to the memorial site to show it off to him. Andre said it was a lovely tribute to Abigail's memory. He smiled knowingly as he added that he found it hard to believe that she was truly gone. "Yeah, I know. know, sometimes I get this feeling, like she's so nearby," Chad admitted. Andre vaguely suggested that there might be a reason for that.

Changing the subject, Andre admitted that he had been keeping something from Chad. "I've been working on a program that has the potential to restore our family to its former power," he revealed. Chad wondered if Andre had also acquired swampland in Florida. "I just knew you were gonna be skeptical. [But] I've been working on this program [that allows me to] access cameras. Any cameras -- phone cameras, computer cameras... I can actually locate anyone in this world within hours. Now, others have dabbled in this technology, but what I'm doing is a game changer," Andre explained.

"That's how you found Weston and Orpheus," Chad realized. He wondered why Andre hadn't used the technology to locate Abigail when she had escaped from Shady Hills. "Because it wasn't ready -- not at that time," Andre replied. He added that when he had recently told Kate about the technology, she had insisted that he needed to let Chad in on the secret, too. "In my own defense, I've been working on this [since] long before I [rejoined] DiMera Enterprises. It's been just a long, complicated process. I didn't even know if it was gonna pay off," he continued.

Recognizing the incredible potential of the technology, Chad noted that it could easily be abused if it fell into the wrong hands. "Well, we have to make sure that doesn't happen," Andre stressed. Chad pointed out that DiMera Enterprises had no claim to the technology because Andre had developed it before rejoining the company. Andre dismissively insisted that he was committed to DiMera Enterprises and wanted the company to benefit from the technology. "But there is, as usual, a small catch," he added with a chuckle.

Chad wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that. After he braced himself for the catch, Andre continued, "I have an opportunity to sell this technology to the highest bidder, [although] there are a few kinks that need to be worked out [first]. The only problem is, someone caught wind of what I was doing, and they stole some of my plans and microchips from our plant in China." Chad assumed that was the real reason Andre had suddenly agreed to let him in on the secret.

"Not at all! The reason I delayed in telling you was because I wanted it to be a fait accompli so I could prove to you that I am an asset to this company," Andre insisted. He added that Kate was using her resources to try to figure out who had stolen the microchips so he could get them back before the thief had a chance to work out the kinks and secure a buyer. "The race is on...and the stakes are sky-high," he muttered with a sigh.

"I hope you understand one day that, as my brother, there is nothing that I wouldn't do to help you," Andre stressed. "Which is why I'm gonna help you," Chad replied, acknowledging that it wasn't like he had a social life to focus on at the moment, anyway. After Andre expressed his gratitude, Chad urged him, "Start from the beginning, and tell me everything."

At the Brady Pub, Rafe told Gabi about everything Chad had been doing to help Hope. Joking that he was no longer sure that Chad was really a DiMera, Rafe admitted that he could see why Gabi liked working with the guy. She clarified that she had actually quit that job so she could pursue other career opportunities.

When Dario joined his siblings a short time later, they were discussing potential Christmas gifts for Adriana. Rafe wanted to get Gabi's opinion on an outfit he had bought for Adriana, so she followed him to his car, leaving Dario in charge of looking after her purse while she was gone. Once the coast was clear, Dario started to search the purse for the hidden microchip, but Gabi soon returned and demanded to know what he was doing. He claimed that he had been looking for a pen, and he grumbled that she seemed to have everything but that in her purse.

"Well, you never go through a woman's purse. It's off-limits," Gabi informed Dario as she seized the purse from him. She located a pen with ease and handed it to him before excusing herself, explaining that she was going to have to help Rafe return the outfit and pick out a new one because he had bought the wrong size. Dario sighed with frustration as he watched her walk away.

Later, Gabi rejoined Dario at the pub. While they were chatting, J.J. arrived to pick up an order of food. He greeted Gabi with a kiss on the cheek and asked if she was still interested in going on a date with him later that night. She confirmed that she was. After he left, she dismissed her brother's advice about keeping him on a short leash, insisting that was no way to rebuild trust in a relationship. She added that he had promised never to cheat on her or lie to her again. "[And] guys never make promises they can't keep," Dario sarcastically replied before returning the pen and walking away.

When Jennifer returned to the Horton house with an armful of dresses for Abigail to choose from, J.J. revealed that Abigail was nowhere to be found. They hoped she was with Chad, having realized that he wasn't going to care what she was wearing, anyway. J.J. optimistically noted that Abigail seemed to finally be in a good place again, and he guessed that she would only continue to improve after reuniting with Chad and Thomas.

"I just hope that it's soon, because I don't know how much longer I can keep this secret from Gabi. But I know I have to, okay? Gabi can't know about her," J.J. added, unaware that Gabi had just arrived for their date and could hear what he was saying because Jennifer had left the front door partially ajar.

Abigail's plan falls apart Abigail's plan falls apart
Friday, December 16, 2016

At the DiMera mansion, Chad told Theo that Stefano had tricked Hope into shooting him. Theo was furious, and he knocked over the chessboard. After a deep breath, Theo thanked Chad for telling him the truth, and he said he wanted to think about things for a bit. With a nod, Theo walked past Andre as he entered the living room. Chad told Andre what had happened with Theo. With narrowed eyes, Andre asked Chad if he had told Theo that Hope had still pulled the trigger.

Scowling, Chad said he had not told Theo everything because he did not want Theo to know that their father had been a coward. Chad said that what Stefano had done was unforgivable because no one should play God with other people's lives. Andre nodded and averted his eyes.

In the town square, Abe and Valerie had coffee together. Julie was walking by and stopped to say hello. A beaming Abe told Julie that Valerie was staying in town for Christmas. When Abe mentioned Valerie's son, Julie asked about him. Valerie was vague on the details, despite Julie's repeated attempts to get information or a picture out of Valerie.

While Abe took a phone call, Julie and Valerie talked about the holidays. Julie was devastated that she would be separated from Hope over the holidays. When Valerie asked if David was returning to town, Julie chuckled. Julie noted that she and David fought too much and kept their distance from one another. Julie asked Valerie to meet for lunch sometime, and Valerie agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Theo talked to Ciara about what Stefano had done to trick Hope. Theo asked Ciara why she had not told him about it. With a shrug, Ciara said she had not wanted to upset Theo's memory of Stefano. Ciara asked Theo to promise that they would never let their families hurt their friendship. Shaking his head, Theo said that he was mad at Stefano, not Ciara. Theo took Ciara's hand in his. Across the room, a jealous Claire watched.

Smiling, Ciara told Theo she had a gift for him. Ciara pulled out a bag of Theo's favorite cookies. When Ciara hugged Theo, Claire walked over and said hello. Claire told Ciara that Caroline was asking for her. With a nod, Ciara went upstairs to see her grandmother. Claire kissed Theo. As Theo pulled Claire tight to his body, Ciara returned downstairs and saw the two making out. Hurt, Ciara slipped out the back door.

Ciara walked over to the square to clear her head and ran into Julie. Ciara confessed that she had watched the boy she liked with another girl. Raising an eyebrow, Julie asked Ciara if the boy knew about Ciara's feelings. Ciara said she was only friends with the boy and did not know if she could be happy for him with another woman. Julie advised Ciara to remember that she could not force friendship or love.

Back at the pub, Claire and Theo said down to eat. Theo confided that he had noticed that Ciara had made him cookies even though she did not like to bake and that Ciara also hugged him a lot. Theo shrugged. Claire wanted to order food, but Theo wanted to wait for Ciara to return from upstairs. At the front entrance, a laughing Abe and Valerie entered the pub to pick up food. When Abe and Valerie said hello, Theo asked if they were on a date. Valerie said that she and Abe were just friends out shopping together. As the two went over to the bar to get take-out, Theo whispered to Claire, "I really hate that liar."

At the bar, a smiling Abe told Valerie that he believed Theo was growing to accept Abe and Valerie's friendship. After getting their food, the two left. A waitress noticed that Abe had left his wallet behind, and she took it over to Theo. Theo offered to run after his father. Claire asked to order food first, but Theo was already racing out the front door. Hungry, Claire opened the bag of cookies that Ciara had given to Theo.

When Ciara returned to the pub, she made a snide remark about the cookies. Claire rolled her eyes and said she would stop eating them. Claire's phone beeped with a text message from Paul about a birthday present for Theo. Giggling, Claire said that Paul had secured her a Ron Santo baseball card for Theo and that she hoped to have a perfect Christmas with him. Ciara seethed in silence.

In the park, Abe asked Valerie to join him for dinner. Smiling, Valerie responded that she did not want to intrude. "Never," Abe whispered as he leaned over and kissed Valerie. Theo trotted around the corner and saw his father kissing the woman Theo hated. Theo scowled.

From the front porch of the Horton house, Gabi overheard J.J. telling Jennifer that he did not want to keep a secret about "her" from Gabi. After knocking on the door, Gabi played it cool and did not ask about what she had overheard. Gabi and J.J. left for their date. When Abigail arrived home, she told Jennifer that she had decided to tell Chad that she was alive. Thrilled, Jennifer handed Abigail a bag of nice dresses she had purchased. Excited, Abigail went upstairs to doll herself up for her meeting with Chad.

When Abigail returned downstairs, Jennifer gushed over Abigail's transformation. Jennifer offered to drive Abigail over to the DiMera mansion, but Abigail declined noting that she needed to do it alone. After saying goodbye, Abigail walked outside and called Andre.

In the park, J.J. and Gabi sat on the bench by the memorial for Abigail. J.J. asked Gabi if she wanted to see a movie, but Gabi said no. Gabi gently hinted that she wanted J.J. to talk to her. Squirrelly, J.J. said he was preoccupied with work. Gabi reminded J.J. that they had agreed not to keep secrets from one another. J.J. reiterated that he was worried about work and nothing else. Upset, Gabi said she was not feeling well and wanted to leave.

As J.J. started to ask what was wrong, Julie walked into the clearing and said hello. Gabi briskly left. Julie noted that things would never be good between her and Gabi. Annoyed, J.J. countered that Julie had driven Gabi away. Frantic, J.J. called Gabi and left her a voicemail, pleading with her to call back.

J.J. headed home. When J.J. told Jennifer about Gabi's terrible mood, he confided that he was worried that Gabi could tell that he was lying to her about a secret. J.J. asked Jennifer if she thought Gabi knew the truth. With a shrug, Jennifer said she did not know. Jennifer told J.J. about Abigail's plan to tell Chad and that the lying would be over soon. With a sigh, Jennifer noted that Abigail was fragile, and she was worried that Abigail would go back into hiding if things did not go well with Chad.

Andre went to the park to meet up with Abigail at her memorial statue. Abigail was excited to tell Chad the truth. Andre warned Abigail that their reunion might not be the stuff of fairytales. With a shrug, Abigail said she was not sure if Chad would ever forgive her, but she could not lie to him anymore. Abigail said she had witnessed Chad at her memorial, removing his ring and vowing to move on with his life. Andre asked Abigail to be the one to break the news. Abigail nodded, and they left.

At the DiMera mansion, an upset Gabi barged in to talk to Chad. Gabi complained that J.J. was lying to her, and she was frustrated. Chad hugged Gabi to calm her down. When Chad asked what had happened, Gabi told him what she had overheard J.J. say to his mother. Chad cautioned Gabi not to jump to conclusions and throw away love over a misunderstanding. Chad growled that he had left his ring at Abigail's memorial and planned to move on with his life. Gabi took Chad's hand in hers and told him she was sorry.

Clearing his throat, Chad pulled away. Gabi said that even if J.J. was not lying, she did not think she could ever trust him, since he had cheated on her. Groaning, Gabi said she could not live her life suspicious all the time. "I guess we both need to say goodbye," Gabi said.

Both Gabi and Chad admitted that they did not want to be alone. Slowly, the two leaned toward one another and kissed. In the foyer outside the living room, Andre escorted Abigail into the house. Andre promised to leave Abigail and Chad alone after he broke the news to Chad. When Andre opened the door, the smile fell from his and Abigail's faces as they saw Chad and Gabi kissing passionately in the living room.

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