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Dario told Abigail he loved her. Chad got revenge on Deimos. Steve told Tripp how Ava had died. Adrienne was declared cancer free then chose Lucas. Deimos learned Brady was on the run with Nicole. Victor lashed out at Eric. Eric pushed Jennifer away. Brady told Nicole he loved her. Nicole feared Hillary and Scooter were a threat. Andre had a warning for Gabi.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 27, 2017 on DAYS
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Steve and Tripp wait for answers Steve and Tripp wait for answers
Monday, March 27, 2017
by Mike

Brady arranged a meeting with Marlena at the Brady Pub, where he admitted, after making it clear that he was speaking to her not as a stepson but as a patient, that he was helping Nicole and Holly hide from the police. "I'm in love with her, which means I have to do everything and anything that I can to help her and her baby," he added.

Sighing, Marlena replied, "Tell me this isn't going where I think it's going." To her dismay, Brady confirmed that he was thinking about starting a new life with Nicole. "[I know you said] you love her, and you think you're doing the right thing, [but] do you feel that way because you want to make the life for her that Daniel wanted to make?" Marlena asked. Shaking his head, Brady reminded Marlena that he had entered Nicole's life long before Daniel had. Brady added that he had always been there for Nicole, just as she had always been there for him.

Believing it was inevitable that Nicole would be apprehended and sent to jail, Marlena gently warned Brady, "You know as well as I do [that] this is a dead-end street. It's going nowhere." Although she felt bad for Nicole, she advised Brady to rethink his plan, stressing that he needed to look out for himself and Tate. Refusing to change his mind, Brady vowed to do everything in his power to prevent things from ending badly.

"You and Dad, you always told me that when -- when you're in love -- being in love meant that you had to accept some sacrifices," Brady reminded Marlena. She wondered if he was even sure that Nicole felt the same way about him. "And if she doesn't... I mean, are you making the sacrifice for no reason at all?" she continued. Shrugging, he replied, "I guess that's a chance that I'm gonna have to take."

Later, Brady went to the Kiriakis mansion to get Tate. After packing a few things, Brady joined Victor in the living room and said goodbye to him. "I'm going on a...vacation with Tate -- an extended vacation," Brady explained. "With Nicole Walker as your tour guide," Victor guessed. Not bothering to deny the suspicion, Brady joked that he was putting his own little spin on The Brady Bunch.

"God, you're so sweet. And so stupid," Victor observed. Brady admitted with a wry smile that he was going to miss Victor. "We could Skype. That way you could belittle me online," Brady dryly suggested. Unamused, Victor warned that Brady's plan to live happily ever after with a fugitive wasn't going to end well. "When are you gonna stop trying to save lost causes and start saving yourself?" Victor wondered.

Ignoring the question, Brady asked Victor to say goodbye to Maggie for him. Victor sighed and nodded, realizing that he wasn't going to be able to change Brady's mind. "If you need anything -- anything at all..." Victor began. Nodding, Brady gave Victor a hug then started to walk away before stopping himself, wanting to make it clear before leaving that he loved Victor. Victor confirmed that he knew that, and he added that he simply wanted Brady to be happy. "I think we will be," Brady predicted.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail told Chad that they needed to go to the hospital to check on Gabi. Confused, Chad reminded Abigail that they had previously decided it would be best to sever ties with Gabi. "[That] doesn't matter anymore, Chad. Everything is different [now]," Abigail insisted. Chad was impressed that Abigail was willing to set aside everything so Gabi would know that her friends were still in her corner.

At the hospital, Eduardo and Dario stood watch over Gabi, who had not yet regained consciousness. Eduardo informed Dario that Gabi might have to undergo intubation if her breathing didn't improve soon. Dario fretted that if that happened, Gabi could end up like someone he'd known in Los Angeles who, due to complications from intubation, had never regained the ability to breathe on his own.

Frustrated that the Salem Police Department had not yet been able to make Deimos pay for his crimes, Dario vowed to take matters into his own hands. Eduardo understood Dario's need for revenge but insisted, "We cannot afford to keep mindlessly escalating this war. We need to be smart and win it -- permanently." Dario reluctantly agreed to hold off on going after Deimos. "But if anything happens to Gabi --" Dario began to add. "Oh, trust me -- we will respond," Eduardo promised.

Chad and Abigail arrived at the hospital a short time later, just as Dario was emerging from Gabi's room. Dario began lashing out at Chad, blaming him for what Deimos had done to Gabi and Abigail. Abigail stopped Dario, arguing that it would be best to focus on Gabi for the time being. "You want to focus on Gabi? Okay. Gabi's not getting any better. Her breathing is labored and getting worse, and the doctors can't figure out why. It's like she -- she's not even trying," Dario reported before storming off in frustration.

After making sure that Chad was okay, Abigail went to check on Dario, who was cooling off in one of the break rooms. He apologized for his outburst. She assured him that she understood why he was angry. "[But] you weren't there. I mean, [Chad] saved Gabi's life, really, so you need to be directing all of [your] anger at Deimos," she continued.

"Trust me, I will make sure that Deimos pays for what he did. But what about what Chad did?" Dario asked. Abigail began to acknowledge that Chad had provoked Deimos, but Dario interrupted, clarifying, "I'm not talking about Chad and Deimos; I'm talking about him...and you...and Gabi." Abigail reminded Dario that she was responsible for the bond that had developed between Chad and Gabi. Dario argued that Chad should have let Gabi go the moment he had learned that Abigail was still alive. "[But] he wanted to keep Gabi on a string. That jerk has two women in love with him, and he doesn't deserve either one of them!" he continued.

Abigail insisted that the situation wasn't as simple as Dario was making it seem. "I'll tell you what's simple: he has a wife -- a wife who is beautiful, and sweet, and smart, [and] deserves a husband who will treat her like that. You deserve someone who loves you and only you, like -- like I do," he countered. Taken aback, she started to ask him about the girl he had been seeing, but she quickly realized that there was no girl. He admitted that tricking her hadn't been one of his proudest moments. "[The truth is that] I have been attracted to you ever since you came back to town and I found you in that alley," he continued.

Abigail gently reminded Dario that she was married to -- and in love with -- Chad. He countered, "But [Chad] only loves you with half a heart, and that is not fair. He doesn't deserve you, and you don't deserve to be stuck with him." He walked away without waiting for a response. She fought back tears as she thought about what he had just told her.

Eduardo joined Chad outside Gabi's room and thanked him for saving her life. Chad was surprised that Eduardo didn't share Dario's opinion about what had happened to Gabi -- and who was responsible for it. "Dario needs to be angry right now. It's easier than facing the possibilities," Eduardo explained.

Nodding, Chad stressed that although he couldn't prove his claim, he was absolutely certain that Deimos was the one who had kidnapped and poisoned Gabi and Abigail. Eduardo assured Chad, "We're in the same position regarding that man. I will move on him eventually, but I don't just want revenge, you know? I want to make sure that he is broken; I want to see him in pieces, powerless. [And] to do that, I need proof." Chad promised to get Eduardo that proof.

Changing the subject, Eduardo filled Chad in on Gabi's condition -- and the risks of intubation. Eduardo then excused himself so he could check in with Gabi's doctor. After Eduardo left, Chad entered Gabi's room and took a seat at her bedside. Grasping her hand, he told her, "I need you to pull through this. You have -- you have way too much to live for: your family, Arianna...and me. I can't lose you, Gabi. I won't."

Later, Abigail rejoined Chad in the waiting area. As he was updating her on Gabi's condition, Eduardo emerged from Gabi's room and asked one of the nurses to page Gabi's doctor right away. Concerned, Chad wondered what was going on. "I don't know what changed, but something -- something brought her back. She's fighting again. Her breathing is a lot better, [and] I don't think they're gonna have to put her on that damn machine!" Eduardo happily reported. Chad breathed a sigh of relief. Abigail was also pleased to hear the good news, but she seemed a bit concerned about Chad's level of investment in Gabi's well-being.

Meanwhile, Gabi woke up and called out for Chad, certain that she had heard him talking to her earlier. Dario told Gabi to forget about Chad. "He's with his family, and you are with yours, where you belong," he stressed.

While alone in the living room of her apartment, Jade swallowed another handful of pain pills. When Joey emerged from his bedroom a short time later, she cried out in pain and expressed concern that something was wrong. She asked him to stay with her until she started feeling better. Someone knocked on the apartment door as he was trying to decide how to respond to the request.

Joey opened the apartment door and greeted Kayla, who asked for a minute alone with him. Jade reluctantly headed upstairs, upset that Kayla was cutting her out of the conversation and hadn't even bothered to ask about her condition. Once the coast was clear, Joey pointed out that Kayla had been a bit blunt in dealing with Jade. "Well, maybe you haven't noticed, but she doesn't take subtle hints," Kayla pointed out.

Changing the subject, Kayla filled Joey in on how the search for Tripp had gone. Joey wondered what Tripp knew about Ava. Kayla answered that Steve wasn't planning to tell Tripp much about Ava unless the DNA test confirmed that Ava was Tripp's mother. "And even then, I don't know if he should know --" Kayla began to add. "That I killed her?" Joey concluded.

Meanwhile, someone else knocked on the apartment door. When Joey opened it, he found Steve standing outside with a young man. "You must be Tripp," Joey guessed. "And you might be my brother," Tripp replied as he shook Joey's hand. Steve informed Kayla and Joey that a nurse at the hospital had said that it might take a while for the lab to finish running the DNA test. Kayla contacted someone at the hospital and confirmed that the lab was backed up at that time. Tripp was frustrated that he was going to have to wait awhile longer for answers.

As Tripp was trying to convince Steve and Kayla to tell him more about Ava, Jade returned to the living room and introduced herself, resisting the urge to state that she was anything more than a roommate to Joey. Jade told Tripp that his name was cool, and he returned the compliment. "Jade, uh, you know, this is kind of," Joey hesitantly pointed out. Jade claimed that she had only stepped into the living room to retrieve her tablet computer. No one noticed when she headed back upstairs with a second item -- the bottle of pain pills.

Kayla explained to Tripp that Jade was still recovering from a recent surgery. Nodding, Tripp told Joey, "You've got one good-looking roommate, dude." Kayla quickly changed the subject, asking Tripp about his adoptive parents. "Not much to say. My mom died when I was really young. [As for my dad], I don't know where the hell he is, and I don't really care," Tripp replied. Steve assumed that Tripp's adoptive father had walked out on him. Tripp clarified, "I got tired of him using me as his punching bag, so I split. But to cut him some slack, I'm pretty sure he never really wanted a kid. Adopting me was my mom's idea." Tripp guessed, to satisfy Steve's curiosity, that he had been on his own for the past five or six years. "Look, I'm not real good at talking about myself, okay?" he added to end the conversation.

As Tripp looked around the apartment in admiration, he said to Joey, "Cool place, dude. What's the rent for a joint like this?" Shrugging, Joey admitted that he wasn't sure, since Steve and Kayla were footing the bill. "Looks like you won the parent sweepstakes. Hey, maybe I can get in on that act, huh?" Tripp mused with a chuckle.

Later, as the wait for the test results continued, Steve pulled Tripp aside and revealed that his father had been a real nightmare, too. "It gets better," Steve assured Tripp. "I guess I'll have to wait and see," Tripp replied. Meanwhile, Kayla received a phone call from someone at the hospital. After a brief conversation, she ended the call and announced, "The results are positive."

Steve said he was happy to hear that. He hoped that Tripp was, too. "Yeah. Yeah," Tripp confirmed. As Steve and Tripp embraced, Jade collapsed at the foot of the stairs, clutching the right side of her abdomen in pain.

Chad punishes Deimos Chad punishes Deimos
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

At the loft, Kayla examined Jade after she fell down the stairs and passed out. Worried, Kayla ordered Jade to accompany her to the hospital for tests. Jade objected, but she acquiesced when Joey agreed to go with her. Unsure what to do, Tripp offered to walk around town while Steve, Kayla, Joey, and Jade were at the hospital. Steve told Tripp he was welcome to hang out in the loft until Steve returned with dinner. Steve promised to answer questions about Ava when he returned.

After settling Jade in a hospital room with Joey, Steve and Kayla talked about Tripp. Steve lamented that Tripp had suffered through a rough childhood, but Kayla reminded Steve that there was nothing he could have done. When Steve mentioned that he planned to talk to Tripp about Ava, Kayla asked Steve what he would say. Steve promised to stick to the official story of Ava's death.

Steve returned to the loft with burgers, and he and Tripp sat down to eat and talk. Tripp was ravenous. With an embarrassed shrug, Tripp explained that he had not always had a lot to eat growing up. Tripp asked about Steve's eye patch. Steve explained that a bar fight over a woman had caused him to lose his eye. With a sigh, Steve admitted that with the exception of Kayla, most of the women he had chosen to be with had been bad decisions. Tripp asked if Ava had been a bad decision. After a moment's consideration, Steve carefully said that Ava had not been stable.

Steve told Tripp about Ava's family and the short version of his history with her. Steve stressed that Ava's father had forced Ava to give up Tripp for adoption. As Tripp listened raptly, Steve added that he just learned about Ava's pregnancy two years earlier. Steve off-handedly mentioned again that Ava had not been stable. When Tripp asked about Ava's reaction to the news that her son was alive, Steve shifted his gaze away.

Steve's cell phone rang, and he took Kayla's call. Kayla updated Steve on Adrienne and Jade's conditions. When Kayla asked about Tripp, Steve said he needed to go, and he hung up abruptly. Tripp wondered aloud why Steve was avoiding talking about Ava's reaction to the news about her son. Self-conscious, Tripp asked Steve if he was lying for Ava because she had never wanted Tripp in her life. Steve said that Ava had wanted Tripp, but she was not there because she was dead. Steve stepped closer to Tripp and bluntly said, "I killed her."

In the park, Abe consoled Valerie as she cried over Eli. Valerie said that the reasons why she had kept the secret were important, and she needed to explain them to Eli. Frustrated, Valerie said she could not explain herself to her son if he continued to ignore her. Abe stressed that Eli had not stopped loving Valerie, and he needed time to reconcile with her. Abe promised to stand by Valerie. Shaking her head no, Valerie said she needed to handle things on her own. Valerie explained that she would remain in Salem and fight for her son.

At the hospital, Joey sat by Jade's bed and talked to her about Tripp. Jade asked Joey if he was worried that Tripp would find out that Joey had killed Ava. Panicked, Joey looked around the room to make sure no one had heard Jade. Jade swore to continue to keep his secret. Kayla entered the room with a stern look on her face. When Joey asked what was wrong, Kayla explained that Jade had almost overdosed on her pain medication. Jade lied and said that she had forgotten she had taken a pill and had mistakenly taken another.

Shaking her head no, Kayla said the levels of the drug in her blood showed that she had taken a few extra. Joey asked Jade what she was hiding from him. Jade started to say she had been hoping for Joey to comfort her, but after a long, thoughtful pause, Jade instead said, "I was hoping to make the pain go away." Joey offered to help Jade set up a schedule for her pills and help her through her recovery.

While Jade rested, Kayla talked to Joey in the hallway. Kayla warned Joey not to send mixed signals to Jade. With a groan, Joey said that he was the only person that Jade had in her life, and he would not leave her. Joey added that Jade knew they were friends only. Joey returned to Jade's room, and a worried Kayla watched him walk away. Valerie stopped by the hospital, and she asked Kayla if there was still an opening in cardiology. Thrilled, Kayla hugged Valerie and welcomed her to the team.

At the pub, Abe ran into Eli and asked him to talk. Annoyed, Eli sighed but agreed to listen to Abe. Abe pleaded with Eli to talk to Valerie. Eli noted that Lani had already talked to him, and although he appreciated that Abe's heart was in the right place, he wanted Abe to back off. Eli explained that he needed to do some soul-searching because his mother was not who he had believed her to be. Eli said he could not forgive Valerie's lies. Abe argued that Valerie was hurting, and she and Eli needed one another. Shaking his head no, Eli suggested that Abe help Valerie through her heartache instead.

At the Salem Inn, Valerie unpacked her bags. Abe stopped by. Noting the look on Abe's face, Valerie asked him why he looked so serious. Abe admitted he had talked to Eli, and he apologized for interfering in Valerie's life. Valerie thanked Abe for reaching out to her son. His face softening, Abe said that he had learned that he had liked fighting for Valerie. Abe added that he fought for the people he loved. Both Valerie and Abe admitted that neither one of them had expected to fall in love again, but that they both had fallen for one another.

At the police station, J.J. showed a photo of Rigo to Chad and asked him if he had been the one that had taken Gabi, Abigail, and Chad hostage. After a cursory glance, Chad said no. Frustrated, J.J. told Chad that Abigail and Gabi deserved justice. When Chad appeared unmoved, J.J. said that the war needed to end, and he asked Chad for his help.

Training a steely gaze at J.J., Chad argued that there was no evidence to link Deimos to the crime scene. Chad added that if he had any evidence to convict Deimos, he would not give it to J.J. because he had a score to settle with Deimos. Alarmed, J.J. warned Chad not to do anything rash on his own. Chad argued that there was nothing to tie Deimos to the crime and no way to convict him.

Down on the pier, Deimos paid off Rigo to leave town. After Rigo left the pier, Deimos walked up toward the pub and ran into a man with a gun. The man confronted Deimos, noting that he had already taken care of Deimos' bodyguard and security team. With a gun trained on Deimos, the man led him away to the warehouse where Gabi and Abigail had been tied up. After the man secured Deimos to a chair, Chad entered the room. While the man beat Deimos to a pulp, Chad sat in the corner and played a video game on his phone.

After Deimos had been worked over, Chad dismissed his henchman. Chad jokingly asked Deimos if he had ever played the video game he had with him then commented that Deimos only liked games that included torture and death. Chad pointed out that Deimos was tied up in the same room where Deimos had left Gabi and Abigail to die. Furious, Chad growled that Deimos was a sick animal for ordering the execution of two young mothers. Deimos complained that the war was supposed to have been over, but Chad had reignited it by stealing his antiquities business. Deimos argued that the first kidnapping had been no big deal and had not warranted retaliation.

Shaking his head no, Chad countered that he and Gabi had almost died in the freezer, and he considered that a very big deal. Chad argued that his theft had been a business matter, but Deimos' poison plan had been personal. Chuckling, Deimos said he had learned that to take down an adversary, he needed to go after the people that his adversary loved. With a raised eyebrow, Chad asked Deimos if his love was Nicole. Deimos bristled slightly. Chad needled Deimos about Nicole, saying that she had been overjoyed to leave Deimos in the dust. Furious, Deimos yelled at Chad.

Chad started to leave then stopped. Chad crouched beside Deimos and shoved a gun under Deimos' chin. Seething, Chad muttered that the humane thing to do to a sick animal was to put it down. Chad pushed the gun harder against Deimos' jaw. Deimos matter-of-factly said that Chad was no killer. With a shrug, Chad said, "Not yet." Chad offered Deimos one chance. Chad said if Deimos promised to end the war and do no more violence, then he would let Deimos go. Deimos nodded. Chad wished Deimos well in escaping his bonds.

At the police station, Eli met up with J.J. for lunch. J.J. complained that he wanted the war between the families to end. Eli offered support from the FBI. With a small smile, J.J. thanked Eli for the offer, but he explained that Eli would have to convince Commissioner Raines to accept the help. Officer Rafferty called J.J. to tell him that Rigo had been sighted. J.J. rushed over to the park. J.J. arrested Rigo and escorted him back to the station.

In the interrogation room, J.J. showed Rigo video footage of him abducting Abigail. J.J. also reminded Rigo of his criminal record. As Rigo sneered, J.J. urged Rigo to flip on Deimos or head to prison with a life sentence. With a grunt, Rigo said Deimos would kill him if he ratted him out. Rigo asked for a lawyer.

Adrienne chooses her man Adrienne chooses her man> Adrienne chooses her man Adrienne chooses her man
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Gabi's hospital room, Gabi wrapped up a phone call with her mother, assuring her that she was fine. Eli entered with a bouquet of flowers as Gabi hung up the phone. Eli lightly teased Gabi for ditching him early on their date because he could have protected her that night. With a hopeful look on his face, Eli asked Gabi if she was willing to give him another shot at a date. Gabi said she was not ready to date anyone. Laughing, Eli joked that his ego was wounded.

Eli picked up Gabi's phone and entered his contact information in it. When Gabi raised an eyebrow, Eli noted that Gabi would have his information for when she changed her mind about him. Eli asked about Deimos' involvement in the kidnapping, raising Gabi's suspicions. Gabi asked Eli if he was visiting her out of concern or to pump her for information. Eli confessed that he wanted to help J.J., and he hoped Gabi would identify Rigo as her kidnapper, since Rigo was in custody.

Upset, Gabi refused to discuss her kidnapping. Eli apologized for upsetting Gabi, and she accepted his apology. Valerie called Eli's phone, but he sent the call to voicemail. When Gabi asked him about the call, Eli explained to Gabi what had happened with his mother. Gabi said she understood why Eli was angry, but as a mother, she also understood that a mother would do anything to protect her child. Gabi assured Eli that he would get over his anger. When Eli disagreed, Gabi explained that she had forgiven her father for abandoning her. Gabi offered to be there for Eli if he ever wanted to talk. With a nod, Eli thanked Gabi for the offer.

Down the hallway, Justin, Lucas, and Sonny carried an assortment of Adrienne's favorite things into her room. As Adrienne smiled at all her men, Dr. Ong entered and shared the good news that the tests had shown that Adrienne's cancer had not spread. Dr. Ong asked Adrienne to limit her visitors to one at a time so that she could rest and recover. Justin offered to call Steve and Kayla, and Lucas offered to call Kate. Adrienne gasped. Adrienne said that she had told Kate something important, but she could not remember what.

After Lucas and Justin shared a look, Justin said that Adrienne had told Kate to "tell him I love him," but Adrienne had neglected to tell Kate who the man she loved was before she had passed out. Anne entered with a get-well gift, ratcheting up the awkwardness of the room. Adrienne explained that she needed to talk to Lucas and Justin, and after a couple more hints, Anne left. Lucas and Justin told Adrienne that they could talk later, but Adrienne insisted that she answer the question that had been hanging over their heads since the aborted wedding.

Sensing bad news, Lucas asked if he could talk to Adrienne alone first. With a nod, Justin and Sonny left. Lucas sat next to Adrienne and held her hand. Lucas said his gut feeling was that Adrienne had chosen Justin and that he understood that it was difficult for Adrienne to walk away from her shared history with Justin. Fighting his emotions, Lucas told Adrienne that he wanted her to be happy and healthy. As Lucas asked if they could remain friends, Adrienne chuckled.

Adrienne said she had no regrets and that she loved Lucas. Lucas did not understand what Adrienne meant. When Lucas again said he understood why Adrienne had chosen Justin, Adrienne interrupted him to repeat that she loved Lucas. "I chose you. Back in the hotel room and before my surgery. Right here and right now. I choose you. Today and every day for the rest of our lives," Adrienne said with happy tears in her eyes. Lucas grinned.

"You have no idea how happy you've made me," Lucas said, beaming. "Not near as happy as you've made me," Adrienne countered. Lucas joked, "I would have bet money that you chose Justin." Adrienne laughed.

"You, Lucas Horton, are the one I want by my side, day in and day out, for the rest of my life. It's just, I'm not the same person I was before the surgery, and when you asked me to be your wife, you weren't counting on all this," Adrienne said. Lucas shook his head in disbelief. "You're the most amazing, beautiful, smart, funny, beautiful woman that's ever been in my life. Nothing about you has changed," Lucas said. Swooning with joy, Adrienne kissed Lucas.

Justin paced in the hallway outside Adrienne's room until Lucas sent him in to see Adrienne. After Justin left, Anne walked over to Lucas and asked him if he was okay. Breaking into a wide smile, Lucas announced that Adrienne had chosen him. Taken aback, Anne congratulated Lucas on the good news. Fighting her disappointment, Anne stammered that she needed to deal with some doughnuts, and she ran out of the hospital.

In Adrienne's room, Justin hugged Adrienne and asked if she was okay. Adrienne explained that Lucas had wanted to assure her that he was okay with the decision either way. As Justin nodded expectantly, Adrienne said that she had chosen Lucas. Adrienne stressed that she loved Justin and cherished their life together, but after fighting cancer, she realized she needed a calmer relationship. Adrienne said that Justin was great in a crisis but usually grew bored of her in everyday life. Justin said he understood, and he admitted that he had grown to like Lucas as a friend.

Justin said he wanted to remain friends with Adrienne, and she readily agreed that she wanted the same thing. Justin promised to always be there for her. With a sad smile, Justin said he only wanted to make sure that Adrienne was happy. Adrienne and Justin agreed that they would be friends forever. Choking back his emotion, Justin left to retrieve Sonny from the lounge.

Justin told Sonny that Adrienne had chosen Lucas. Sonny appeared crestfallen, and he comforted a clearly emotional Justin. Justin assured his son that he would be fine. Justin urged Sonny to sit by Adrienne's bed so that he would be there when she woke up. With a nod, Sonny went into his mother's room. Adrienne stirred awake, but Sonny encouraged her to go back to sleep. Once Adrienne drifted off, Sonny whispered, "I hope you made the right decision."

In the hallway, Lucas and Justin talked. Lucas said he had been surprised that Adrienne had not chosen Justin and that he had only wanted Adrienne to be happy. Justin agreed that he wanted the same thing. With an encouraging smile, Justin told Lucas that he was sure that Lucas would make Adrienne happy. Lucas told Justin that he appreciated the sentiment. After nodding in agreement, Justin warned Lucas not to take Adrienne for granted like Justin had done. Lucas reached out his hand, and Justin shook it.

At the loft, Tripp asked Steve why he had killed Tripp's mother. Steve explained that he had been undercover with the ISA and that the organization had ordered Steve to neutralize Ava because she had been a threat. When Tripp asked for specifics, Steve firmly said the information was classified. Steve assured Tripp that there was plenty of information in the public record that Tripp could research to confirm Steve's story.

Kayla and Joey returned to the loft as Tripp attempted to storm out. When Steve explained what they were discussing, Joey announced that Steve had not told the whole truth. Kayla quickly intervened and noted that Ava had been lethal and insane. Kayla added that Ava had been wildly jealous. When Kayla briefed Tripp on the various crimes that Ava had committed, including causing a plane crash that had killed her father Shawn and kidnapping Hope, Tripp shook his head in disbelief. Kayla encouraged Tripp to talk to Hope at the police station about Ava to confirm the story.

Kayla pleaded with Tripp to understand that Steve was not a psychotic murderer but instead someone that had protected his family. Unsure, Tripp asked why he should believe Steve's story instead of believing that the story was a lie to cover up his mother's murder. Steve reiterated that there was information in the news archives that would back up his version of events.

Kayla urged Tripp to return home with them to sleep, but Tripp refused. Joey offered Tripp a spot on his couch at the loft, and with a slow nod, Tripp accepted the offer. After Steve and Kayla left, Tripp researched Ava on the Internet, and the Internet confirmed his father's story. Joey handed Tripp a set of sheets for the couch. Tripp admitted that his mother appeared to be a "real whack job."

Joey stressed that Ava had hated his parents and had been out to hurt them. Joey appealed to Tripp not to hold Ava's demise over Steve because Steve was a good man. "He still killed my mom," Tripp said sullenly. After Joey headed off to bed, Tripp called someone on the phone and asked them about Ava.

While walking through the park, Kayla called the hospital for updates on Jade and Adrienne. Kayla told Steve the good news about Adrienne. Elated, Steve said he was anxious to visit his sister in the morning. When Steve asked about Jade, Kayla asked him if he was worried that Jade would tell Tripp the truth about Ava's death. Steve assured Kayla that he would talk to Joey and make sure he kept the secret from Tripp. Kayla asked Steve if he was worried that the lie would hurt his relationship with Tripp.

"The boy just found out that the father he never knew killed the mother he'll never meet," Steve said. Steve vowed not to give up on Tripp because he wanted to be a father to him, but he understood it would be difficult.

Brady confesses his feelings to Nicole Brady confesses his feelings to Nicole
Thursday, March 30, 2017
by Mike

After receiving a text message from Eric, Roman went to the Horton Center to see him. Eric asked if the Horton Center could host a fundraiser at the Brady Pub. Roman was happy to allow that, noting that it was good to see Eric passionate about something again. "You know, Jennifer knew what you needed, and she wasn't gonna take no for an answer, so face it, son: that woman is good for you," Roman added.

When Eric learned that the sink at the Brady Pub was in need of repair, he volunteered to fix it. Roman tried to turn the chore into a dinner date, with Jennifer as a third guest, but Eric dismissed the idea, pointing out that Jennifer was his boss. Eric added that he wasn't interested in having a social life, anyway. Roman argued that everyone needed friends, but Eric insisted that he was doing his best to avoid having friends.

Roman observed that Eric obviously had at least one friend, since the basket of muffins on his desk couldn't have just materialized out of thin air. Eric explained that the runaway teen he was helping had baked them in his kitchen. Roman guessed that Eric had to feel good about helping a teen get off the streets. Eric insisted that he wasn't helping needy people so he'd have a reason to feel good about himself; he was doing it so he'd have a reason to wake up every morning. "Well, you know what, Eric? That's a start," Roman replied.

At the Horton Town Square, Hope and Jennifer caught up with each other over cups of coffee. When Hope wondered how Eric was doing at the Horton Center, Jennifer reported that he had an amazing ability to talk people through their problems. "I wish that he was as understanding with himself," Jennifer added with a sigh.

Nodding in agreement, Hope changed the subject, carefully revealing to Jennifer that she knew about what had happened before Eric had begun his prison sentence. "Maybe the feelings [are] still there?" Hope suggested, pointing out that Jennifer, like Eric, was single at that time. Sighing again, Jennifer replied, "I don't think Eric is ready to stop being alone. [And] I don't think he ever will be."

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail received a visit from Dario, who claimed that he had decided to stop by while in the neighborhood to see how she was feeling. She didn't buy that, so he admitted that he really just wanted to have a discussion about what he had blurted out at the hospital earlier -- so much so that he had been waiting outside for Chad to leave the mansion so he'd have a few minutes to talk to her privately. "Look, I'm not here to put the moves on you, okay? It's just, what I said is out there, and I can't stop thinking about it. And I just don't want things to be weird between us," Dario explained before showing himself into the living room.

Abigail reluctantly followed Dario and agreed to hear him out. He said he understood that she was in love with Chad. "The thing is, before I shot off my big mouth, I thought you and I were friends. And I don't have many of those in my life, [so] I don't want to lose you as a friend," he continued. She assured him that he would never have to worry about that because she would always remember that he had been there for her during a very dark time in her life. She was worried, however, that things would never be the same again. She reasoned that it simply wouldn't be fair of her to keep hanging out with someone who had feelings for her while asking Chad to stay away from someone who had feelings for him.

Sighing, Dario mused, "You know, I hope -- I hope Chad appreciates what it's like being married to a woman like you. I'm -- I'm not sure he really does." Abigail argued that Dario wasn't being fair to Chad. Dario countered that Abigail was only seeing what she wanted to see. "But if your wish is that I keep my distance from you, then I will. But if [Chad] ever hurts you, you know where to find me. And I -- I hope, for your sake, he never does, but if he does, [I'll] show you what love really means," he continued.

Before Abigail could respond, Jennifer burst into the mansion and started to apologize for her tardiness. "Am I interrupting something?" she asked when she found Abigail standing in the living room with Dario. Abigail shook her head, and Dario added that he had simply wanted to see for himself that Abigail was okay. Jennifer thanked Dario for the part he had played in saving Abigail's life. Dario nodded and showed himself out of the mansion.

"He seems to care quite a bit for you," Jennifer observed once the coast was clear. "Worse than that -- he told me he loves me," Abigail replied. Jennifer was glad to hear that Abigail had set boundaries with Dario. "You don't need [him] to make a new problem for you," Jennifer reasoned. Abigail nodded in agreement but admitted with a sigh, "Still, he was my rock for so long. I'm really gonna miss him."

Later, after receiving a text message from Roman, Jennifer went to the Brady Pub to see him. When she arrived, he was nowhere to be found -- but Eric was behind the bar, trying to repair the sink. Jennifer greeted Eric and explained that she was looking for Roman so she could talk to him about holding a fundraiser at the pub. Eric reported that everything had already been arranged.

Somewhat confused, Jennifer started to excuse herself, but Eric stopped her, admitting that he could use her help with the sink. Using her tablet computer, she read a website's step-by-step instructions on sink repair to him as he worked to fix the problem. When he was done, she started to excuse herself again. Pointing out that it was almost lunchtime, he invited her to have lunch with him at a café in the town square, reasoning that they needed to discuss the fundraiser, anyway. She happily accepted the offer.

Eric arranged a time to meet Jennifer at the town square, wanting to change his clothes first. When he sent her a text message to let her know that he was twenty minutes early, she was in the process of applying lipstick. She quickly replied to let him know that she was on her way but had to make a quick stop somewhere first. He waited anxiously, holding a single red rose in his hand.

Chloe went to Club TBD to ask Eduardo for an update on the search for Nicole and Holly. He assured her that his contacts were following a lead at that time and would have more information for her soon. She thanked him with a passionate kiss. He correctly guessed, when she pulled away from him, that she had simply been putting on a show for Kate, who had entered the club moments earlier.

Kate approached Eduardo and Chloe and observed, "I see that [Chloe's] thanking you for your services in the only currency she understands." Chloe insisted that she had simply gotten carried away because Eduardo had just informed her that he had found a lead on Holly's whereabouts. Nodding skeptically, Kate told Eduardo, "I was so hoping that you would see through her tactics."

"I see through a lot. Pretty good at that, actually," Eduardo replied before changing the subject, wondering why Kate was at the club. Kate explained that she was hoping to talk Eduardo out of trying to take on Deimos alone. "Tangling with Deimos is probably more risky than dealing with [Chloe], although I'm not sure about that," Kate added. Chloe insisted that she wasn't the dangerous one because she had never tried to poison anyone. "What a nicer place the world would be if I had succeeded," Kate mused.

Eduardo asked Chloe to give him a minute alone with Kate. Chloe agreed but flirtatiously assured Eduardo that she would rejoin him later. "I can't believe that you don't see how ridiculous this is," Kate told Eduardo after Chloe walked away. Eduardo made it clear that his relationship with Chloe wasn't serious. He added, "Damn it, [Kate], I want you. I'm on record as saying so. I'm ready, willing, and able to make a commitment to you. If you don't want to reciprocate, hey, that's your right, but you can't push me away and then tell me who I can and cannot spend my time with. It does not work that way." She stared at him for a moment then exited the club without saying another word to him.

Later, Chloe received a phone call from Parker while she was passing through the town square with Eduardo. Eduardo went to get some frozen yogurt from a nearby restaurant so Chloe could have some privacy. On the way there, he ran into Deimos, who was still sporting bruises from Chad's recent retaliation. Eduardo promised that what he was going to do to Deimos would be much worse. Deimos dismissively insisted that he wasn't afraid of Eduardo. "You [could] join forces with Chad and Andre, and [I'd] still end up on top," Deimos bragged. "Keep dreaming," Eduardo countered before walking away.

Hope soon entered the town square and spotted Deimos. "I take it the other guy looks worse?" she guessed. She advised him to see a doctor, but he insisted that his injuries weren't serious. After he walked away, she went to a secluded section of the town square and donned an earpiece in anticipation of his return to the Kiriakis mansion. She soon heard his end of a phone conversation, during which he vowed that he would eventually make Chad pay for having him assaulted.

Concerned, Hope rushed over to the DiMera mansion to warn Chad. Abigail greeted her at the door and reported that Chad had left earlier. Hope told Abigail about what Chad had done to Deimos. Stunned, Abigail nervously wondered how Deimos was going to retaliate. Shrugging, Hope stressed, "This war between the three families -- it has got to stop, or someone is gonna end up dead."

Nicole was shocked when Brady showed up on her doorstep with Tate and revealed, "We're here to stay." She was even more surprised when he explained, while she was listing reasons for him to return to Salem right away, that he wanted to build a life with her in Canada because he was in love with her. He admitted that he had been just as surprised when he had reached that conclusion during his visit to Salem. She thought that he was just confused because he had been spending so much time with her lately, but he insisted that his feelings for her were real.

"[Brady], it means so much to me to have you here with me, but I don't -- I don't think that's love," Nicole maintained. "There's only one way to find out, isn't there?" Brady countered before kissing her. She responded to the kiss, but when it ended, she expressed more reservations, insisting that she didn't have time for a relationship because Holly was her priority. He assured her that he understood because Tate was his priority. He reasoned, however, that being a parent didn't have to mean giving up a chance at love.

Nicole allowed for the possibility that Brady might really be in love with her. "But what if I'm not ready to love you back?" she asked. He assured her that he could be a patient man. "I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to change your mind about me, anyway," he added. He promised, however, that he wouldn't pressure her at all. She warned that she might never feel the same way he felt. He optimistically predicted that she would at some point -- if she allowed herself to let her guard down long enough to give the idea a chance.

Putting a hand on Brady's chest, Nicole asked, "Is this you talking...or is this Daniel's heart?" He conceded that his connection to her might have been strengthened as a result of having Daniel's heart. He added, however, that he still possessed his own mind and his own soul. "I love you. I want to make a life with you and our children. And, Nicole, there is nothing that's gonna keep me from doing that," he vowed.

While Dario was drowning his sorrows at Club TBD, he received a phone call from someone. After a brief conversation, he rushed off, leaving behind a full shot of tequila. He found Eduardo and Chloe together in the town square, discussing their plan to make Kate jealous. Dario revealed that, according to one of Eduardo's contacts at Border Patrol, Nicole and Holly had crossed into Canada. "[And] they weren't alone; they were traveling with some guy," Dario continued. When she heard the description of the guy, Chloe grumbled, "It has to be Brady. I can't believe that he's helping her!"

Andre offers Abigail some advice Andre offers Abigail some advice
Friday, March 31, 2017
by Mike

Nicole continued trying to talk Brady out of staying with her in Canada, fearing that he would end up in prison if she got caught at some point, but he assured her that no one was ever going to find them because their trail had gone cold at the border. An unexpected visit from Hillary interrupted the conversation. She was with her husband, Scooter, and was glad to see that Freddie was back from his business trip.

While introductions were being made, Hillary heard a second child crying. Confused, she wondered who it was. "Our son. He was at his grandfather's, and Freddie just brought him back," Nicole explained when Brady returned from checking on Tate. Hillary protested that Bridget and Freddie had never said anything about having a son. "You never said anything about having a husband," Nicole countered with a shrug.

Hillary explained to Scooter that she hadn't thought to tell Bridget and Freddie about him because she sometimes forgot that he existed. Hillary revealed to Brady and Nicole that Scooter was a math professor. "Freddie, I actually thought that you two might have something in common -- you know, [with you] being a chemical engineer and all," Hillary told Brady, who exchanged a nervous look with Nicole.

Brady dodged Scooter's questions about math software, claiming that he couldn't talk about what he used at work because of a pesky confidentiality agreement. Changing the subject, Brady wondered where Scooter's classes were taught. "A small college in Winnipeg," Scooter answered. Surprised, Brady noted that Scooter had a long commute to work each day. "Well, I'm on sabbatical -- working on a book," Scooter explained.

Scooter abruptly turned his attention to Nicole, certain that he had seen her somewhere before. Forcing a laugh, Nicole claimed that she had concluded that she had a look-alike out there somewhere because strangers were always noting that she looked familiar. Changing the subject, Nicole asked Brady to get drinks for Hillary and Scooter. Hillary wanted a beer, but that wasn't available, so Scooter decided to accompany Brady to the kitchen to pick out an alternative. "I know what she likes," Scooter assured Brady. "You think you do," Hillary muttered with a hint of bitterness.

After Brady and Scooter left the room, Nicole asked Hillary about the book that Scooter was writing. Hillary dismissively replied, "I don't really see him finishing it anytime soon [because] he spends too much time on the Internet -- social media, YouTube, and, uh, of course, there's the porn." Taken aback, Nicole wondered if Hillary was okay with the idea of Scooter viewing porn. "No, but it's better than the alternative. I would never put up with him cheating on me," Hillary replied. She added that Scooter was under the impression that she didn't know about the porn. Shaking her head in disbelief, she bragged, "I'm a cop. Nothing gets past me."

Later, after drinks had been consumed, Hillary offered to host a dinner party for Bridget and Freddie. Brady tried to politely decline, pointing out that the kids were still a bit too young to go out to a dinner party, but Hillary didn't take the hint, insisting, "Then we'll bring the dinner party here!" Eager to begin the preparations, Hillary rushed Scooter to the front door without waiting for her offer to be accepted. Before leaving with Hillary, Scooter took another look at Nicole and muttered, "Damn it, I know I've seen you someplace."

Once the coast was clear, Nicole filled Brady in on what Hillary had told her earlier. "Nicole, if [Scooter] was watching [your porn videos], he probably wasn't paying too much attention to your face, okay?" Brady pointed out. Nicole considered the possibility that the AMBER Alert was where Scooter had first seen her, but Brady doubted that it had ever been broadcast outside Salem.

"I hope you're right. [But] I really don't like mixing it up with them," Nicole grumbled. Brady admitted that he didn't particularly enjoy Hillary and Scooter's company, either. "But I don't think we can afford to freeze them out. We have to appear like a nice young family that's new to the neighborhood -- and honestly, Nicole, [being] a nice young family doesn't sound too bad to me right now," Brady added.

Nicole still had reservations about Brady's plan to start a new life with her, so he promised that he would return to Salem immediately if she could honestly tell him that she hadn't felt anything during their earlier kiss. She admitted that she couldn't do that. "I didn't think you could. So guess what? Looks like I'm in this for the long haul," he replied.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor studied Deimos' bruised face and sarcastically mused, "It's so surprising that a man as beloved as you would get the crap kicked out of him." Victor added that Deimos looked like Marlon Brando's character in On the Waterfront had looked at the end of that film. Victor wondered which of Deimos' "friends" had done the honors. "It was Chad DiMera. [And] he made a very big mistake," Deimos replied.

"Come on. You go around poking people in the eye and get surprised when they retaliate? You're lucky Chad DiMera's not the animal you are. He only went after you. You attacked his family," Victor pointed out. Deimos insisted that Victor had no room to lecture him about morality. Victor clarified, "I am talking about family -- my family. Brady's gone, Tate is gone -- [and] even I think he's better off on the run with --"

"Wait a minute. Are you saying that Brady took off with Nicole?" Deimos interrupted. Meanwhile, Chloe burst into the mansion. She confirmed the suspicion and demanded to know what he was going to do about the matter. After Victor left the room, Chloe filled Deimos in on what Eduardo's contact at Border Patrol had told her. Deimos grumbled that Nicole had made a very big mistake. "This isn't over, all right? Nicole's not gonna throw her life away for some mealy-mouthed pretty boy. I won't let that happen," Deimos promised Chloe.

Scoffing, Chloe replied, "Okay, well, [from] where I'm standing, it doesn't look like there's much that you can do. I think you've lost [Nicole] for good." Deimos insisted that if that turned out to be true, it would be Chloe's fault, not his. Chloe wondered how Deimos could possibly blame her when everything she had done had been about protecting her child. "[Holly's] not yours, Chloe!" Deimos pointed out.

"And Nicole is not yours!" Chloe countered. Insisting that Brady was a good guy, Chloe added, "For once, Nicole actually made the right choice." Annoyed, Deimos ordered Chloe to leave. She took one last shot at him before showing herself out, guessing that she wasn't the only person who would have thoroughly enjoyed watching him get beaten up.

Victor ran into Eric in a secluded section of the town square and guessed, after seeing the rose in his hand, that he was about to go on a date with someone. "Daniel used to go on dates. He doesn't anymore. He's dead," Victor mused. Eric said he had been managing to have plenty of guilt about what had happened without any help from outside sources. Victor sarcastically agreed that Eric seemed consumed with guilt.

"Have fun on your date. What are you gonna do -- have a few cocktails, go for a spin? Make sure you tell the young lady to, uh, buckle her seatbelt," Victor advised. Eric reported that he had stopped consuming alcoholic beverages and had also stopped driving. "You want a dog yummy?" Victor asked. Guessing that Marlena and Roman had convinced Eric that people would welcome him back to Salem with open arms, Victor stressed, "Maybe there are a few weak-minded ones that will, but most of us won't -- and never will. [Personally], I wish I never had to look at your face again."

Victor continued, "I know you went to Maggie to ask her forgiveness. Must have made you feel better. Ever think [about] what it did to her? I can tell you one thing: she won't talk about it, but she hasn't slept since. It's torture for her that you're back in Salem. You may believe in a forgiving God, but you're just being a selfish bastard to expect [forgiveness] from people who loved Daniel." He walked away without waiting for a response.

Jennifer arranged a meeting with Maggie in the town square, wanting to let her know about the planned date with Eric. "Does that bother you?" Jennifer wondered. "I'm...surprised. Kinda out of the blue," Maggie replied. Jennifer assured Maggie that Eric knew he had made a terrible mistake. Maggie stressed that she had forgiven Eric and didn't want him to agonize over what had happened.

Maggie hesitantly reminded Jennifer, "You loved Daniel once. And there just seems to be a lot of baggage here -- I mean, including Eric's drinking and your addiction. Are you sure this is a healthy step -- not just for Eric, but for you, too?" Shrugging, Jennifer admitted that she wasn't sure. "I just know that I have feelings for him, and...I just feel like we both need to give this a chance and see where it leads," Jennifer continued.

Later, Jennifer tracked Eric down at the Horton Center. She apologized for her tardiness, assuming that he wasn't at their planned meeting place because he had gotten tired of waiting for her. He said that wasn't what had happened. "I was...reminded of how much I hurt you. And I won't let [that] happen again," he explained. She assured him that she wanted to explore their relationship. "I don't," he replied. She protested that he needed to stop punishing himself for what had happened. He clarified that he still had every intention of moving on with his life. "Just not with you in it," he added before walking away.

Eric went to the town square, where he tossed Jennifer's picture in a trash can after taking one last look at it. Meanwhile, back at the Horton Center, Jennifer retrieved her cell phone from her purse and considered calling Eric. She eventually put the device away again, deciding that he could probably use some space. "But I'm not giving up," she vowed.

Maggie entered the Brady Pub as Chloe was gulping down a full glass of wine. "I'm a little upset, okay?" Chloe defensively explained when Maggie shot her a look of concern. Chloe was surprised to learn that Maggie hadn't heard about Brady's move to Canada. Chloe admitted, "A part of me is really angry, [but another] part of me is kind of relieved." She explained that she didn't trust Nicole to keep Holly safe, but she did trust Brady.

Maggie pointed out, "There is a way to ensure that this has a happy ending: [you] could share custody with Nicole." Chloe quickly rejected the idea, but Maggie warned that it might be the only way for Chloe to get Holly back in her life. Chloe doubted that Nicole would be open to the idea, since Holly was already in her life. Maggie guessed that Nicole would welcome the opportunity to stop living on the run. "You said you only started this custody fight because you [were] worried about Deimos [being] in Holly and Nicole's life. Well, he is no longer in their life, and he never will be [again]. Chloe, isn't it time to compromise?" Maggie reasoned.

Later, Maggie returned home and told Victor about the conversation she'd just had with Chloe. Victor admitted that Brady's move to Canada wasn't news to him. Maggie wondered why Victor hadn't tried to stop Brady. "[Because] he has convinced himself, again, that he's in love with Nicole. And when he's suffering from that particular delusion, he's hard to stop," Victor explained.

When Chad returned home, Abigail immediately began questioning him about the recent injuries Deimos had suffered. Chad hesitantly admitted that he had given Deimos "a taste of his own medicine." Abigail wasn't amused when Chad added, "It was a small taste!" Abigail feared that the cycle of retaliations would continue until someone died, but Chad clarified that Deimos had promised not to retaliate. "Right, 'cause his word means so much," Abigail sarcastically muttered.

Frustrated, Chad wondered if Abigail trusted him to handle the matter or not. She didn't answer the question, guessing that no response would stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do, anyway. Changing the subject, she announced that she was going to see Gabi -- and she wanted him to join her. He didn't think that was a good idea, but she disagreed. "You need to trust me on this," she insisted. "Oh, okay. I trust you, but..." he countered before letting his voice trail off. "We need to start putting some things back together, and [visiting Gabi] is a good place to start," she continued. "Fine! Let's go!" he shouted back.

At the hospital, Gabi received an unwelcome visit from Andre, who wanted to remind her that Chad was already taken. Gabi assured Andre that there was no need to threaten her because she, like Chad, was trying to do the right thing. "Everyone tries, darling," Andre replied with a chuckle of skepticism. He warned that he would do whatever he had to do to protect Chad's marriage.

After Andre left, Chad and Abigail arrived and wondered how Gabi was doing. Gabi reported that she was being released later that day. Abigail soon received a text message. After reading it, she excused herself, explaining that she needed to return home to send a file to someone. She insisted, however, that there was no need for Chad to join her, since he and Gabi probably had a lot to discuss.

After Abigail left, Chad hesitantly told Gabi, "I don't -- I don't really know what -- what is left to know, besides goodbye." She assured him that she understood why he had chosen to make saving Abigail's life his priority. He insisted that wasn't what had happened. "I went to Abigail first [because] I knew in my heart that I could count on you to catch that vial," he explained. She admitted with a shrug that she had known what he had expected her to do because they had been in sync at that moment. "We always are," he mused.

Chad apologized to Gabi for everything he had put her through. "This hurts. Can't deny that. But you know what? Talking about it doesn't help," she replied. Nodding, he assured her that if she ever needed anything, he would be happy to help. She hinted that she would probably never take him up on that offer. "Like you said, it's time to say goodbye," she added. After a long silence, he quietly said goodbye to her then reluctantly walked away.

While Abigail was working at the DiMera mansion, she received a visit from Andre, who was looking for Chad. Abigail reported that Chad was at the hospital with Gabi. Confused, Andre said he had been under the impression that Chad and Gabi had cut all ties with each other. "They needed some kind of closure," Abigail reasoned. "Again?" Andre asked incredulously.

Sighing, Abigail explained to Andre that Chad felt guilty about what had happened to Gabi. Andre insisted that Deimos was responsible, not Chad. "I know, Andre, but you can't tell people how to feel. It doesn't work. Chad feels like it's his fault, and I can't pretend like he doesn't feel that way, so he needed to talk to Gabi about it," Abigail replied.

Andre feared that Gabi might try to take advantage of Chad's guilt, but Abigail dismissed the concern, assuring Andre that Gabi wasn't a villain. Abigail added that she couldn't be jealous of Gabi's relationship with Chad because she had set in motion the chain of events that had caused it to develop in the first place. "[Besides], I know I don't have to worry anymore," Abigail concluded with a shrug.

"Why? Because Chad told you that you didn't? Men have been known to shade the truth in situations like this," Andre pointed out. Abigail clarified that Chad hadn't told her that she didn't have to worry about his feelings for Gabi; he had shown her. "He had one vial of the antidote, and he chose to save me first," Abigail continued.

Andre mused that it seemed like Chad's actions had been in agreement with everyone, since he had managed to save Abigail and Gabi. "I know that Chad loves you. It's just...the sooner that they get all of this into the past, the better. In the meantime, don't miss the opportunity to remind Chad that you are the love of his life. The mother of his child. His wife -- 'til death do you part," Andre advised.

Later, Chad returned home and found Abigail sitting alone in the living room. She wondered if he was okay. "Yeah, I'm great," he muttered. She spontaneously suggested that they could renew their vows and take a second honeymoon as a way of unwinding from all the recent stress in their lives. Nodding, he encouraged her to pick a date. He forced a smile that faded as soon as she hugged him.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gabi broke down while thinking about happier times with Chad.

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