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Gabi went out with Eli to try to forget about Chad. Paul and Sonny made love. Sonny, Paul, Hope, and Rafe planned to take down Deimos. Scooter blackmailed Nicole when he learned about her past as porn star. Tripp learned he was heir to the Vitale fortune. Eduardo hoped to reconcile with Kate. Eduardo told Dario about his new plan. Deimos set up Eduardo.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 3, 2017 on DAYS
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Chad and Abigail plan to renew their vows Chad and Abigail plan to renew their vows
Monday, April 3, 2017
by Mike

While J.J. and Lani were preparing to leave work and head to Club TBD for a double date with Sonny and Paul, Eli entered the police station and announced that the war between the DiMera, Kiriakis, and Hernandez families was going to be his case from that point forward because federal crimes had been committed, giving him jurisdiction.

Lani complained that no one had asked the FBI for help with the case. "You don't have to ask; we're the FBI," Eli countered. He thought it was clear that the Salem Police Department needed help, since the three families had committed countless crimes over the past few months, and no arrests had been made yet. J.J. clarified that one of Deimos' goons had recently been questioned. "I'll alert the media," Eli replied.

"You better not get in our way," Lani warned Eli. "Oh, I'm sorry -- do you not like when people interfere in your business? You sure didn't have a problem interfering in mine," Eli countered. J.J. quickly intervened, advising both Lani and Eli to calm down. J.J. added that although he would have preferred a heads-up before Eli had talked to the FBI about taking over the case, arguing about ownership of it wasn't nearly as important as closing it -- before things got even more out of hand. "We can find a way to work together," J.J. assured Lani and Eli.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Paul raved that he was looking forward to going on a double date with Sonny because it was the sort of thing that real couples did. "We are a real couple," Sonny stressed. Changing the subject, Sonny announced that he wanted to talk to Paul about something before they headed off to Club TBD. "I've decided to secretly work with the police to put Deimos back behind bars," Sonny continued.

Paul expressed concerns about what Deimos might do if he figured out what Sonny was up to. Sonny insisted that he was "dead set" on doing whatever it took to stop Deimos from destroying the Kiriakis family, and he needed Paul to be okay with the plan. Paul wasn't thrilled with Sonny's choice of words, but he agreed to be supportive nevertheless.

After being released from the hospital, Gabi went to the Brady Pub with Dario. Although he was upset with Chad for having chosen to say goodbye to her for good before she'd even had a chance to fully recover from what Deimos had done to her, he was glad that she had gotten some closure and would finally be able to start moving on with her life again. She insisted that things weren't as clear-cut as he was making them seem.

"He still loves you," Dario realized with a sigh. Shrugging, Gabi conceded that Chad's feelings for her didn't matter because he was married to Abigail. "I mean, what was I supposed to do -- jump up on my hospital bed and profess my love [to him]?" she asked. Dario revealed, to her surprise, that he had basically done just that to Abigail, minus the part about the hospital bed. Admitting that Abigail had essentially cut him out of her life as a result, he mused, "I guess that's how they've decided to deal with their marriage: eliminate any possibility of threat."

Eli soon entered the pub and flirted with Gabi for a few seconds before heading to the bar to pick up an order. "He is into you," Dario observed once the coast was clear. Gabi dismissively guessed that Eli really just felt guilty because she had been kidnapped the first time she had gone on a date with him. Dario was disturbed when Gabi added that Eli worked for the FBI and might also be investigating their family.

Kate entered the DiMera mansion while Chad and Abigail were in the midst of making plans to renew their vows. When Abigail stepped out of the living room to answer a phone call, Kate asked Chad if he was sure that choosing Abigail over Gabi was what he really wanted to do. Kate maintained that Gabi was a more suitable partner for Chad, stressing, "Abigail is a Horton. Things are always so black and white with those people."

"'Those people'? Lucas is a Horton, and so [was] Will," Chad pointed out. Kate argued that Lucas and Will had never been Hortons in the same way that Abigail was because she had raised Lucas, and Will had benefitted from Lucas' influence as well as Sami's. "Abigail is never, ever going to understand you the way Gabi does. Gabi gets that there's compromise -- [that] compromise is necessary in this world," Kate continued.

Chad insisted that there was nothing wrong with Abigail's desire to make him a better person. "You're a good person now. She should love you the way you are," Kate countered. Meanwhile, Abigail finished her phone call and realized, as she made her way back toward the living room, that Chad and Kate were talking about her. She lingered in the foyer and eavesdropped as Kate continued, "Chad, I have never seen you happier than the time that you spent with Gabi." Kate doubted that Chad's feelings for Gabi had magically disappeared just because Abigail had suddenly reentered his life.

Chad admitted that Kate was right. "I thought that they'd be gone by now," he added with a sigh. "Why? Because you wanted them to be?" she asked. "No -- because I am devoted to my wife and my son," he clarified. She argued that devotion and love were two completely different things. "You're in love with Gabi," she stressed, adding that even Deimos had been able to see that.

Chad angrily insisted that Deimos was going to pay for the stunt he had pulled. "But one thing that happened with all of that -- almost losing Abigail and Gabi -- was it brought me clarity; it reinforced my decision to say goodbye to Gabi. I can't see her. I don't want to be around her. I -- I -- I -- I am gonna commit fully to my marriage. That is how I will get over her," he continued. Kate observed, "Sounds to me like you're running away."

Later, after Kate left, Abigail told Chad that she had changed her mind about having a grand renewal ceremony; instead, she wanted it to be like their original wedding ceremony: an intimate affair at the mansion, with only a few guests in attendance -- including Kate, if he wanted her there. "It's just...[she] doesn't like me very much, [and] she wants you to be with Gabi," Abigail pointed out.

Chad insisted that Kate's opinion didn't matter. He assured Abigail that he loved her and didn't want to be with any other woman. She said she was certain that he meant that because he had chosen to save her first when Deimos had forced him to make a choice. He quickly changed the subject, wondering if she wanted to continue discussing the renewal ceremony over dinner at the Brady Pub.

At Club TBD, J.J. and Lani said goodbye to Sonny and Paul. "[Leaving] so early?" Sonny asked. Nodding, Lani complained that she and J.J. were going to be expected back at the police station bright and early the following morning to face Eli, who had wormed his way into their case. After J.J. and Lani left, Sonny admitted that although he enjoyed hanging out with them, he was happy to finally be alone with Paul.

Outside the club, Kate suggested to Marlena that it might be best for them to go someplace where the risk of running into Eduardo would be lower. Kate started to explain that Eduardo was trying to use Chloe to make her jealous, but she soon stopped herself and concluded, "You know, what do I care? Screw it! Let's go in." Proud of Kate for adopting such an attitude, Marlena happily followed her inside.

As Kate was looking around for Eduardo, she spotted Sonny and Paul. "You're with him? What the hell are you thinking?" Kate asked Sonny. Marlena tried to intervene, suggesting to Kate that it would be best for them to leave Sonny and Paul alone because it seemed like the guys were having a nice night out together, but Kate insisted that she couldn't do that. Nodding, Sonny asked Marlena to keep Paul company for a few minutes so he could talk to Kate privately.

"What is your problem?" Sonny asked Kate after pulling her aside. She wondered if he had forgotten that Paul was the guy who had broken up his marriage to Will. "It is more complicated than that, and you know it," he protested. Shaking her head, she maintained, "It's just not right. It's not right. It's like you're spitting on Will's memory." He assured her that he had been struggling with that very concern himself. "Kate, I have been resisting my feelings for Paul for a very long time. I hated myself for feeling them at all," he continued. She bitterly observed that he clearly wasn't resisting them anymore.

Sighing, Sonny stressed, "I loved Will. I wouldn't be who I am today without him. Not a single day goes by that I don't miss him. When I go to the park with Arianna, or we share ice cream together, [or] she calls me 'Daddy,' I miss him, and I would give anything to have him here right now...but he's gone, and he's never coming back." He added that Paul was a great guy who truly cared about him and Arianna. "I will never, ever forget about Will, but Paul is in my life now, okay? It would mean the world to me if you could respect that, please, and be happy for me. [But] if you can't, then at least just...stay out of it," he requested.

After wiping away a few tears, Kate wondered if Sonny loved Paul. Nodding, Sonny added that he was pretty sure that Paul felt the same way about him. "He better," Kate replied, forcing a smile. She apologized for her initial reaction, explaining to Sonny that it was simply hard for her to see him with someone else because she still missed Will so much. "I think Will would want me to find love," he guessed. "I know he would," she conceded. She sighed heavily as she embraced him.

Later, while Kate and Marlena were sipping mojitos, they discussed John's absence. Marlena admitted that she didn't know when John would be returning to Salem. "Aren't you worried?" Kate asked. Marlena confirmed that she was; she added, however, that she had accepted the fact that she was in love with a man who had a dangerous job. Kate optimistically predicted that John would be back in Marlena's arms soon.

Kate soon excused herself so she could flirt with a guy she had spotted at the other end of the club. Marlena warned that if Kate flirted with someone in Eduardo's club, he would surely find out about it eventually. Kate said she was counting on that. "Oh, this can't go well," Marlena muttered as she watched Kate walk away. Alone with her mojito, Marlena began fantasizing about what her reunion with John would be like.

Sonny and Paul kissed as they entered a room at the Salem Inn. When Sonny began unbuttoning Paul's shirt, Paul pulled away and asked if Sonny was sure. Sonny confirmed that he was then began kissing Paul again. Meanwhile, in a secluded section of the town square, J.J. declined Lani's invitation to go back to her place. He explained that he wanted to take things slowly with her because he wanted to earn her trust and show her that what they had together was about more than just sex. "That's the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me," she gushed.

When Chad and Abigail entered the Brady Pub and spotted Dario and Gabi, they decided to stay, reasoning that they were all bound to run into each other sooner or later, anyway. They took a seat at the other end of the pub without saying anything to Dario and Gabi. Dario talked Gabi out of leaving, reminding her, "We were here first." They tried to ignore Chad and Abigail but found it difficult to do so.

Abigail eventually stepped outside to answer a phone call from Jennifer. Abigail started to tell Jennifer about the vow renewal ceremony before realizing that Gabi had followed her. After ending the call, Abigail apologized to Gabi, who insisted that she was happy for Abigail and Chad. Gabi sadly added that she thought it would be best for her and Abigail to take a step back from their friendship, at least for the time being, to make things a bit easier. Abigail understood but hoped things would eventually return to normal.

Later, Chad and Abigail returned home and considered eating dessert together before deciding to skip it and go straight to their bedroom instead. Meanwhile, Gabi told Dario about Chad and Abigail's plan to renew their vows. "That's just fantastic. What a great way to end the evening," Dario grumbled. After Gabi parted ways with Dario, she called Eli and told him that she was ready to go on another date with him.

Scooter recognizes Nicole as Misty Scooter recognizes Nicole as Misty
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

At the Brady Pub, Steve and Kayla told Hope and Rafe about Tripp. Kayla expressed her concern that Tripp would never be able to get over the image of his mother that he had always imagined. While Rafe stepped aside to take a call, Steve fretted to Kayla and Hope about the situation with Tripp and whether the truth about Ava's death would be exposed.

At the loft, Tripp thanked Joey, Claire, Theo, and Ciara for letting him stay with them. The group agreed they were happy to have Tripp crash on their couch. Tripp said he was disappointed that he would not get to meet his mother, and he wondered aloud how Steve could have murdered someone that he had loved. Joey countered that Steve likely had seen Ava as someone who had wanted to destroy his family and not as someone he had once loved.

Ciara chimed in to remind Tripp that Ava had been a security threat after committing four kidnappings and causing a plane to crash. Joey reiterated that Steve had acted to protect his family, and he urged Tripp to give Steve the benefit of the doubt. With a nod, Tripp said he would think about Joey's words, but he wanted to do more research before he reached out to Steve.

While Claire and Ciara ordered pizza for the group, a smiling Tripp asked Joey if he was getting back together with Jade. Joey quickly said he wasn't. Joey swore that he only wanted to be friends with Jade. Smiling, Tripp said that the situation looked odd. After noting that he needed to run an errand, Tripp left. Alone with Claire and Ciara, Joey asked them to keep their belief that Joey had killed Ava to themselves. The girls promised to stay quiet. Theo returned from his bedroom, looking for his wallet. Claire pointed to his backpack. As Theo searched through his backpack, Ciara thought about the love letter she had planted in it.

After retrieving his wallet, Theo kissed Claire goodbye and averted his eyes away from Ciara as he passed her. Once Joey and Theo were gone, Claire apologized to Ciara for yelling at her the night Ciara had interrupted Claire's intimate moment with Theo on the couch. Claire asked Ciara to forgive her. With a shrug, Ciara said she forgave Claire for her comments. Smiling, Claire said she was glad that Ciara had interrupted her and Theo because it had made them realize that they should slow things down.

As Claire dreamily talked about making sure her first time with Theo was special, she appeared to remember that she was talking to Ciara. Claire apologized for flaunting her relationship in front of Ciara when Ciara was still in love with Theo. Ciara said she was fine, but she needed to go out. After Ciara left, Claire pulled out the letter she had stolen from Theo's backpack and muttered, "No way you're stealing my boyfriend."

In the square, Joey asked Theo about the tension in the loft. Theo informed Joey that Ciara had walked in on him and Claire when they had been about to have sex. His eyes widening, Joey cautioned Theo not to move too quickly with Claire. Joey advised Theo to have sex for the right reasons and to be prepared.

When the boys returned with pizza, Claire leaped into Theo's arms and kissed him. Steve and Kayla stopped by to talk to Tripp, and they were disappointed to learn that Tripp had gone out. Steve told Joey that Tripp had not returned his calls yet. While Claire and Theo were in their rooms, Joey told Steve and Kayla that in addition to Jade, Claire and Ciara also knew that he had been the one to murder Ava. Joey's parents were alarmed, but Joey assured them that the secret was safe. Steve hoped that he could get through to Tripp.

After giving up on Tripp's return, Steve and Kayla left, and Joey went into his bedroom. Theo returned to the living room, and an excited Claire joined him. Claire told Theo that a record label had reached out to her and told her that they were interested in working with her. Elated, Claire and Theo kissed. Theo suggested that they celebrate the news with a romantic dinner, but Claire suggested that they take a trip up to the Green Mountain Lodge instead. Unnerved, Theo said he preferred the dinner because he was not ready to go to the lodge yet.

At the pub, Rafe returned to the table to have lunch with Hope after wrapping up a phone call. Hope was on her phone, and Rafe saw that she was using spying software. Hope lied and said she was using the software for police business. Not fooled, Rafe demanded that Hope tell him what she was doing. Ciara walked in, and Hope eagerly greeted her daughter. As Rafe sighed in frustration, his phone rang with a call from Raines. Rafe pointedly remarked that Raines was on the phone, and Hope promised to fill him in soon.

While Rafe took his phone call by the door, a disappointed Ciara told her mother about the letter she had written to Theo to tell him about her feelings for him. Ciara said that since she had delivered the letter, Theo had been awkward around her. Ciara wondered aloud if she had ruined her friendship. Shaking her head no, Hope promised Ciara that she would always be friends with Theo. Hope urged Ciara to give Theo time to process things.

After Ciara left, Rafe returned to the table and renewed his inquiry about the spyware. Hope informed Rafe about her bug at the Kiriakis mansion, and Rafe did not approve. Hope asked Rafe to help her fix the reception on the bug. Rafe reluctantly agreed once Hope worked her charms on him. Rafe agreed that the bug might be their only shot to get a case against Deimos.

In the park, Tripp met up with Angelo, Ava's cousin. Tripp asked Angelo to tell him the truth about Ava because everyone he had talked to had made it sound like Ava had deserved to die. Shaking his head no, Angelo said that Ava had been flawed and had been a victim of her father's torture. Angelo added that Steve was not a saint and had toyed with Ava's emotions. Angelo talked about Ava and about how she had lost Steve and her baby, the only two things that had mattered to her. Angelo admitted that Ava had been obsessed with Steve.

Shaking his head, Angelo said he did not believe that the ISA would have ordered Steve to kill Ava. Angelo stressed that Ava had not been a threat and that Tripp could not trust Steve. Changing the subject, Angelo pulled out a stack of papers from his briefcase. Grinning, Angelo handed the papers to Tripp and explained that Ava had left the Vitali fortune to Tripp in the form of a trust. Overwhelmed, Tripp stared at the amount in the trust and shook his head in disbelief.

As a gift, Angelo then handed Tripp a stack of DVDs. Angelo explained that Ava had made the videos while she had been pregnant with Tripp. "She wasn't the monster people are saying she was," Angelo said. Angelo encouraged Tripp to watch the videos and get to know his mother. Grateful, Tripp thanked Angelo for his help. Once alone, Tripp sat on the park bench to watch the videos of his mother.

In Canada, Brady returned to the cabin with a bag of groceries and a bouquet of flowers. When Brady started to talk about the brochures he had picked up about the local area and the neighborhood, an agitated Nicole yelled at Brady to stop. Nicole asked Brady to return to Salem with Tate. As Brady shook his head no, Nicole pleaded with Brady to think about Tate and his separation from his family. Brady refused. Nicole admitted that she liked the idea of building a family with Brady, but she was worried about Brady and Tate. Brady urged Nicole to embrace her new life, and he promised to win Nicole over.

As Brady and Nicole set up for their dinner party with the neighbors, they talked about their cover story. Brady admitted that he had been studying up on information about the field of chemical engineering. Brady reassured Nicole that she would fit in with the surroundings, and all would be fine.

After Hillary and Scooter arrived for dinner, they talked about hiking. Brady and Hillary excitedly chattered about a nearby hiking trail as they went into the kitchen to check on the roast. Alone with Scooter, Nicole asked if he was okay. With a suspicious expression on his face, Scooter maintained that he knew Nicole from somewhere. When Brady and Hillary returned from the kitchen, Nicole excused herself to go into the other room.

Hillary asked Brady about how he and Nicole had met. Beaming, Brady admitted that his grandfather had introduced him to Nicole. Nicole returned from the kitchen, but she lingered in the doorway, listening to Brady talk. Brady smiled and said that he and Nicole had become good friends, which had built their trust in one another. Brady said that trust was important in a relationship.

While everyone cleaned up in the kitchen, Nicole returned to the living room to feed Holly. After Holly ate and burped, she spit up all over Nicole's sweater. Laughing it off, Nicole placed Holly in her crib and attempted to wipe the spit up off her clothes. When that failed, Nicole took off her shirt in order to change. Scooter entered the room as Nicole reached for a hoodie while still in her bra. Nicole hurriedly threw on the jacket and zipped it up.

Recognition dawned across Scooter's face. Scooter said that he believed that Nicole was Misty Circle. Nicole played dumb and said she did not know who that was. When Scooter gave a brief description of Misty's role in Locker Room Lolita, Nicole set her jaw and growled that Scooter was mistaken. "Who does my husband think you are?" Hillary asked as she returned to the living room with Brady.

Abigail wonders who Chad really loves most Abigail wonders who Chad really loves most> Abigail wonders who Chad really loves most Abigail wonders who Chad really loves most
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
by Mike

When Hillary started asking questions, Scooter claimed that Bridget was the spitting image of one of his coworkers. Nicole tried to hint that she was ready to call it a night, but Hillary insisted on keeping the party going with another round of drinks, which she offered to help Brady prepare in the kitchen.

Alone again with Nicole, Scooter said, "I kept my mouth shut for you. What are you gonna do for me?" He started to stroke her cheek, but she grabbed his hand and pushed it away, squeezing his fingers in the process. He cried out in pain and warned her, "Be nice, or I'll invite Freddie back to [my] place for a little screening [and] let him decide if you resemble Misty or not."

Sighing, Nicole released Scooter's hand and reluctantly confirmed that she had made appearances in porn videos as Misty Circle. "But that was a lifetime ago. That is not who I am now, so please respect that and let [this] go," she added. Laughing, Scooter guessed that Freddie didn't know about the porn videos. "Actually, he does know. And we worked really hard to put my past behind me, especially now that we have kids," she clarified. Scooter admitted that he had forgotten about the fact that Bridget and Freddie had kids. "[That's a] real good reason to keep [this] quiet," he mused.

Nicole was relieved at first, assuming that Scooter had decided to drop the matter, but he soon made it clear that he wouldn't cooperate unless she gave him something in return. " 'bout we pick a date?" he suggested. Before Nicole could respond, Brady returned with Hillary and wondered if everything was okay. Nicole forced a smile and claimed that she was getting tired. Hillary, having already consumed the extra drink she had wanted, took the hint and rushed Scooter to the front door.

Once the coast was clear, Nicole filled Brady in on what he had missed. Nicole hoped that the threat of being exposed to Hillary as a porn addict would be enough to prevent Scooter from pressing the matter, but Brady warned that Scooter might not care about being exposed. Brady suggested that another relocation might be the best solution to the problem. Nicole was willing to consider that option if necessary; she pointed out, however, that she could be recognized as Misty Circle anywhere in the world. Brady assured Nicole that he would protect her, one way or another. "You always do," she replied.

Brady placed a comforting hand on Nicole's shoulder, but she quickly pulled away and asked him not to do that again. "Nothing would make me feel better than for you to put your arms around me [right now, but] knowing the way you feel about me, [and that] maybe I will never feel the same way --" she began to explain. He dismissed her concern and convinced her to accept a hug.

Ciara entered the Brady Pub and greeted Roman, who had agreed to keep an eye on the place until Caroline returned from her visit with Kimberly. When Roman learned that some guy from a dating app was supposed to be meeting Ciara at the pub for a first date, he grumbled that he already disliked the guy for keeping her waiting. As she was about to give up and head back to her apartment, a young man entered the pub with a single white tulip. "Sorry I'm late. I, uh -- I didn't want to show up empty-handed, so I got this," he explained before handing her the flower.

Roman watched from the bar with a smile of approval as Ciara and Wyatt got to know each other better, bonding over their shared taste in music. When Ciara excused herself for a moment to take a trip to the bathroom, Roman introduced himself to Wyatt as Ciara's uncle. Roman warned Wyatt to treat Ciara with respect because she had been through a lot in her life. Wyatt stressed that he wasn't a player. He added that he thought it was great that Ciara had loving and supportive family members, since that indicated to him that she was a special person.

"Wow. Man, you certainly are saying the right things. But then again, so did Ted Bundy," Roman mused. "Who?" Wyatt asked. "Google him," Roman replied. Ciara soon returned and wondered what Wyatt and Roman were talking about. "The Cubs," Wyatt claimed. "You're a Cubs fan, too?" Ciara asked excitedly. Roman smiled again as Ciara and Wyatt began a new conversation.

Later, Roman gently kicked Ciara and Wyatt out of the pub, explaining that it was time for him to close the place for the night. Ciara and Wyatt were both shocked that so much time had passed since their date had begun. When he asked her if she would like to go on another date with him sometime, she happily accepted the offer. Before walking her out of the pub, he placed some cash on their table to cover the cost of their meal -- despite the fact that Roman had told him earlier that payment wouldn't be necessary. When he made eye contact with Roman, he received a nod of approval.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail drifted off to sleep while working alone in her bedroom. She later awoke with a start, having just dreamed that she had discovered Chad and Gabi having sex in the living room. When she entered the foyer and found that the living room door was closed, just as it had been in her dream, she nervously opened it -- and breathed a sigh of relief when Chad looked up from his laptop and warmly greeted her.

Later, after Abigail went out for a walk to get some fresh air, Chad received a visit from Theo, who wanted to talk to him about the situation with Claire. Talking to Theo about sex was clearly a bit awkward for Chad, but he understood why Theo didn't want to have the conversation with Abe, and he was pleased that Theo felt comfortable confiding in him about such delicate matters.

Theo explained that Claire was ready to have sex, but he wasn't sure if he was ready yet -- and, in any case, he didn't really know how to make the moment special. Chad advised that if Theo waited to have sex until he was in a relationship with someone he felt fully committed to, the timing would be right and the moment would be special. Chad warned, however, that if Theo tried to make things work with someone he wasn't fully committed to, someone would end up getting hurt in the end. Chad also recommended that it would be best for Theo to establish some sort of signal that would let his roommates know when he was with a girl and was not to be disturbed. Theo thanked Chad for the advice and left the mansion feeling certain that Claire was the girl he wanted to be with.

When Theo returned to his apartment, Ciara told him about her date with Wyatt. He was pleased to hear that it had gone well. After he entered his bedroom, she received a text message from Wyatt: "Had a great time. Can't wait to see you again!" She smiled as she read it.

Eli and Gabi met in the town square for their second date. When Gabi revealed that she had concerns about Eli's true reasons for wanting to get to know her better, he assured her that he wasn't using her for information about the war between her family and the DiMera and Kiriakis families. They soon began bonding over their shared interest in a game that involved searching real locations for hidden objects that could only be seen on a cell phone. While scouring the town square for one of the hidden objects, they ran into J.J.

After a brief conversation, Eli stepped into a nearby restaurant to order some hot chocolate. Once the coast was clear, J.J. wondered if Gabi knew what Eli did for a living. She dismissively insisted that she had nothing to hide. Nodding, J.J. admitted that he was actually glad to see Gabi with Eli, since Eli was a good guy, and she deserved some happiness, especially after what he had put her through. She assured him that she was over that and didn't want him to keep beating himself up about it. He acknowledged that she was respecting Chad and Abigail's marriage. He hoped that she would eventually find that same kind of love with someone.

After J.J. left, Eli returned and handed Gabi a cup of hot chocolate. She started crying when she realized that it didn't contain marshmallows. She complained that everyone always got marshmallows with an order of hot chocolate -- everyone except her, of course, because she never got what she wanted. He tried to get her to open up about what was really bothering her, but she declined, insisting that talking about it wouldn't change anything. He decided that if he couldn't solve the problem for her, he would at least distract her from it with another search for hidden objects in the town square.

J.J. joined Abigail in a secluded section of the town square, having agreed earlier to meet her there so she could talk to him about something important. She admitted with a sigh that she was still worried about Chad's feelings for Gabi. Dismissing the concern, J.J. assured Abigail that Chad loved her -- and only her. He theorized that she was having trouble trusting that because of what she had learned from their father, who had always had a bad habit of doing impulsive things in anticipation of the worst happening. He urged her to fight that instinct, warning that if she kept worrying that Chad was going to leave her for someone else, she might create a self-fulfilling prophecy. She thanked him for the advice and conceded that he was probably right, since, after all, Chad had chosen to prioritize saving her life over saving Gabi's.

After J.J. left, Gabi entered the area in search of one of the hidden objects. "Try all you want to get away from me. I'm not gonna stop until you're mine!" she said aloud to the hidden object before looking up from her cell phone and realizing that Abigail was standing nearby. Eli soon caught up with Gabi. Abigail seemed relieved when she realized that Gabi and Eli were on a date. After a brief conversation, Abigail started to walk away. Meanwhile, Gabi and Eli resumed their search for hidden objects. Abigail smiled as she watched them interact with each other, pleased to see that they were getting along well.

Later, Eli and Gabi found the last hidden object in the town square. They shared a celebratory hug then parted ways after agreeing to hang out again soon.

Meanwhile, Abigail returned to the DiMera mansion and found Chad asleep on their bed, a tablet computer resting on his chest. After quietly reassuring herself that J.J. had been right about the importance of having faith in Chad's love, she gently lifted the device to set it aside -- and realized that Chad had fallen asleep while looking at a photograph from the book drive. In the photograph, Gabi was peering over his shoulder at a book he was reading to Arianna. Abigail was nowhere to be seen.

Sonny makes a deal with Chad Sonny makes a deal with Chad
Thursday, April 6, 2017
by Mike

At Club TBD, Dario informed Eduardo that Myron had demanded a higher salary as motivation to complete the hacking software he had been developing for GDR Corp. Eduardo was willing to grant the request because he thought the end result would be worth the cost, but Dario warned that there wasn't much money left in the budget to begin with.

Dario thought GDR Corp could probably survive its financial crisis if Eduardo sold the club, moved the company to a smaller business front, and reduced the number of staff members on the payroll. Eduardo wasn't ready to take such drastic measures yet, so he decided to put in motion a plan to acquire more money. He wasn't willing to say much about it, but he admitted that it was risky.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad woke up Abigail, who was shocked to see how late it was. He explained that he had decided to let her get some extra rest that morning because she had spent the previous night tossing and turning in her sleep. "Bad dreams?" he guessed. "Something like that," she replied, thinking about what she had discovered on his tablet computer the previous night.

"I'm gonna start calling you 'Sleepless in Salem,'" Chad joked. Abigail was surprised to hear a Sleepless in Seattle reference from a guy, since the film was "kind of a chick flick." He admitted without shame that the ending always left him a mess. He thought he had watched it with her recently, but she was certain that it had been years since she had last seen it.

Later, Kate arrived to discuss business with Chad. To Kate's dismay, Chad invited Abigail to join the conversation. Kate chose her words carefully when she began telling Chad about the hefty profit that DiMera Enterprises had already made from the acquisition of Deimos' antiquities business, not wanting to reveal too much to Abigail. Abigail, having grown tired of hearing Kate talk in code, soon interrupted to clarify that she already knew all the dirty details about that particular acquisition.

Given how lucrative the antiquities business had already proven to be for DiMera Enterprises, Kate advised Chad to rethink his original plan to eventually return each artifact to its rightful owner. Abigail protested that it wouldn't be right for Chad to back out of the deal he had made with Grigor. "We'll get back to that," Chad evasively promised, ending the conversation.

Changing the subject, Chad asked Kate for an update on a courier who had been injured in a fight that had occurred during a recent business transaction at the docks. Kate vaguely reported that everything had been taken care of. Abigail, who was hearing about the incident for the first time, worriedly demanded details. "This is a dangerous business. People get hurt, Abigail," Kate dismissively replied.

Abigail wasn't happy with that response, considering it the kind of thing that Deimos would say. Sighing, Kate maintained that it had been a mistake for Chad to let Abigail participate in the conversation, since she clearly didn't understand the nature of the family business. Chad asked Kate to give him a minute alone with Abigail. Kate agreed, but before stepping into the foyer, she handed Chad a report that proved, in her mind, that it would be best to keep the antiquities business going. She guessed that he would be able to see, after reading the report, that she was right.

Once the coast was clear, Abigail began reminding Chad of the things he had said in the past about wanting to legitimize DiMera Enterprises. He assured her that he still wanted to do that -- eventually. "But we can't fight Deimos unless we are strong, okay? That is what he understands: strength. [So] until Deimos is out of the picture completely, I am gonna do whatever it takes to keep my family safe," he firmly added. She nodded then abruptly excused herself, claiming that she had some errands to run.

After Abigail left the living room, Kate rejoined Chad and asked him, "So, is this our new chain of command? We run every business decision past our moral compass?" Kate suspected that Gabi would have understood the importance of keeping the antiquities business going. "Gabi isn't my wife, Kate; Abigail is. And you need to start respecting that," Chad insisted. Kate argued that she had been respectful of Chad's marriage all along. "But I'm also a realist. You're like a son to me, and if I feel that you're doing something wrong, then I'm going to say something," she added.

Abigail stormed back into the living room and snapped, "You know, all due respect, Kate, but I think you need to shut the hell up, and you need to stay the hell out of our lives." Kate insisted that she had shown Abigail nothing but respect. "You have barely been respectful to me to my face, but the second that I turn around, you are telling that man, who is my husband, to leave me," Abigail countered.

Abigail continued, "This is my home. This living room you're standing in -- it's mine. It's a place in which you are a guest because my husband, for whatever reason, has chosen to be gracious. Don't wear out your welcome here." Kate looked at Chad, who hadn't said a word since Abigail had returned, and wondered if he was okay with the way that his wife was talking to her. Abigail didn't give Chad a chance to respond. "This is between you and me. I know you think I'm just some goodie-goodie Horton, [but] I'm telling you right now, [if] you want to mess with me, [then] you're gonna learn what it's like to be on my bad side," she warned Kate.

After Abigail left the living room again, Kate wondered if Chad had anything to say. "No. She said it all," he replied with a nervous laugh, seemingly glad that he wasn't on Abigail's bad side. Meanwhile, Abigail took Thomas to the town square, where they ran into Gabi. The women agreed that their plan to avoid each other clearly wasn't working very well, so they decided to abandon it.

Abigail asked Gabi about Eli. Gabi admitted that she'd had fun on her most recent date with Eli. Pleased to hear that, Abigail predicted that Eli might be a keeper. "Well, slow your roll. I mean, it's only been one and a half dates. It's not like I'm asking him to meet me at the top of the Empire State Building or something," Gabi joked. Taken aback, Abigail wondered why Gabi had said such a thing. "I don't know. I just -- I think I saw Sleepless in Seattle [recently]. I love that movie. Don't you love that movie?" Gabi replied.

After Gabi left, Abigail started digging through a diaper bag in search of wet wipes. "I know I put these wipes in here. I know that I did. Just like I know I did not watch Sleepless in Seattle with your dad. I know that. [He] watched it with Gabi," she told Thomas as she continued the search, unaware that Dario was standing behind her.

Dario made his presence known, wondering if Abigail was okay. She claimed that she was simply upset about the missing wet wipes, but he guessed that there was more to the story. She reluctantly explained that she had just been reminded of how much Chad and Gabi had in common with each other. He realized that she didn't feel comfortable talking to him about the matter because of what he had confessed to her at the hospital a few days earlier. He apologized for that and asked if she would be willing to forget it had ever happened so they could go back to being friends. She agreed to give the idea a try.

Elsewhere, Kate ran into Eduardo. "Where's Chloe? Hanging upside down, taking a nap?" she asked. Ignoring the dig, Eduardo reported that Chloe was at the spa, getting some well-deserved pampering as a gift from him. Kate insisted that Chloe deserved more than that. "[Like being] run over by a rusty lawnmower. That'd be nice," she continued. He disagreed, insisting that Chloe had a good heart -- and other attributes, as well.

Kate warned that she knew Eduardo was trying to get under her skin. "[And] actually, you are, because Chloe and I have a long history, and most of it's bad," she added. Shrugging, Eduardo unapologetically stressed that he liked Chloe. He admitted, however, that winning Kate was still his main objective in life. "Well, that's not working," she insisted.

Eduardo expressed skepticism, noting that Kate had recently flirted with some guy at Club TBD, right in front of a surveillance camera. He guessed that she had done that to make him jealous, but she claimed that she had no idea what he was talking about. Sighing, he insisted, "This game we're playing is ridiculous." He wanted her to end it so they could start dancing together again, but she walked away without saying another word to him.

Later, Kate met with Gabi, who wanted some business advice. While they were talking, they spotted Abigail and Dario at the other end of the town square, laughing about something. "Tell me that is as interesting as it looks," Kate said to Gabi. Gabi mused that Abigail had obviously changed her mind about avoiding Dario. Intrigued, Kate wondered why Abigail had wanted to avoid Dario in the first place. Gabi explained that Dario had recently admitted to Abigail that he was in love with her. Kate pointed out that if Abigail fell in love with Dario, Chad would be free to be with Gabi.

"[Maybe] in a perfect world, but that does not exist," Gabi replied with a shrug, adding that if there were such a thing as a perfect world, Kate would still be with Eduardo. Kate dismissively insisted that the conversation wasn't about her love life; it was about Gabi's. "If you want Chad back, I can help you," Kate offered. Gabi guessed that Kate just wanted something to do to keep her mind off her own problems. Kate claimed that her life was fine, but Gabi didn't believe that. "My dad loves you. I know this for a fact. And I also know that he doesn't go after something that isn't worth it," Gabi stressed before starting to walk away.

"The offer still stands. You and Chad belong together. Don't give up," Kate told Gabi. Gabi offered Kate the same advice before exiting the town square. A short time later, Kate spotted Eduardo again. She approached him and wondered if he had a few minutes to talk to her. He didn't, having already agreed to babysit Arianna for a while, but he said he'd be free later that day. They arranged a time to meet at Club TBD for drinks. He wondered if she would be willing to give him a hint about what the conversation would entail. "Well, remember earlier, when you said if I said the word, that we could start dancing? Maybe I will," she replied before walking away.

Elsewhere, Abigail wondered if Dario had ever figured out how much money had been raised during the recent event at Club TBD. She had assumed that he had been busy tallying up the club's expenses so he could deduct that from the total, but he clarified that he had no intention of billing her for anything that the club had provided that night. They joked around for a few minutes before parting ways.

Hope and Rafe tried to eavesdrop from the docks on a conversation that Deimos was having with Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion. They couldn't hear much due to unexplained interference that Rafe took as a sign that it was time to end the spy game. "What we hear on these devices could save someone's life!" Hope protested. "And I'm trying to save yours," Rafe countered.

Rafe was worried about the consequences Hope might eventually suffer as a result of her illegal surveillance, but she dismissively reminded him that it was easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. He countered that she didn't just have to worry about consequences from Commissioner Raines; she had to worry about consequences from Deimos, as well. She insisted that she wasn't afraid of Raines or Deimos.

Hope wondered why Rafe was suddenly shying away from danger. He explained that he didn't want to lose her again. She tried to assure him that everything was going to be okay, but he insisted that she couldn't guarantee that. He maintained that it was too risky to continue using the surveillance device -- especially since they already had another way of finding out what was happening inside the Kiriakis mansion.

Sonny delighted in taking pictures of Deimos' injured face, wanting to post them online later. Deimos refused to reveal who had assaulted him, insisting that he had many enemies and considered most of them to be at the same rank, whether they had launched an attack against him yet or not. He added, however, that his worst enemies -- the ones who were in a different rank -- were the traitors within his own family, including Sonny.

"What are you gonna do, huh? You gonna put me in a meat locker and leave me there to die? Gonna have a couple of your goons kidnap me and pump poison into my veins?" Sonny asked. Deimos clarified that he had something more glamorous in mind for Sonny's punishment. "It's obvious to me that I can't trust you anywhere near Titan business. It's also been made clear to me that Victor refuses to let you go. So...I'm just going to reassign you," Deimos explained, handing over a folder that contained paperwork that named Sonny as the new head of Basic Black.

Sonny protested that he didn't know anything about the fashion industry and was therefore not qualified to run Basic Black. "Oh, of course you are. Fabulous clothes, fabulous people... You know what? If you ask me, I think you were born for this," Deimos insisted. "Is that supposed to be an insult? Put the gay nephew in charge of the fashion business?" Sonny asked as his cell phone began chiming.

Ignoring the question, Deimos pointed out that if the text message Sonny had just received was about Titan business, he was no longer allowed to respond to it himself. "It's 'none of your business' business," Sonny replied as he read the message, which was from Rafe. Deimos left the living room after ordering Sonny to clear out his office at Titan right away. Once the coast was clear, Sonny rushed out of the mansion.

Sonny arrived at the police station a short time later. He joined Rafe and Hope in one of the conference rooms and assured them that Deimos hadn't followed him there, feeling confident about that because Paul had given him some tips to help him recognize whether he was being tailed. He reported that Deimos was getting increasingly paranoid and was also getting desperate for cash.

Hope guessed that Deimos' desperation might cause him to take more risks than he normally would. Rafe wondered if Sonny knew how Deimos planned to get more money. Sonny said he wasn't sure yet because Deimos had been pushing him away from the family business, but he intended to keep sniffing around until he found out. Rafe warned Sonny to be careful -- and to refrain from making dangerous moves. "It's too late for that. Let's just get him, okay?" Sonny insisted.

After leaving the police station, Sonny went to the DiMera mansion to see Chad. "Tell me something: did you have anything to do with this?" Sonny asked Chad, revealing a picture of Deimos' injured face. "I don't think he's ever looked better, personally," Chad replied, confirming the suspicion. Chad was surprised that Deimos hadn't ratted him out. Sonny explained that Deimos had simply said that he had many enemies.

"Chad, Deimos has been a cancer to my family ever since he got out of prison. It is time that I get rid of him -- once and for all," Sonny insisted. "Tell me what I can do to help," Chad replied without hesitation. Sonny warned that things could get ugly. Chad wasn't concerned, pointing out that things already were ugly. "So let's go all the way. Once Deimos is out of the picture, you and I sit down, and we end this war between our two families," Sonny suggested. "Deal," Chad agreed.

Rafe reluctantly returned to the docks with Hope, who had reasoned that since Deimos clearly didn't trust Sonny, the surveillance equipment was still the best way to figure out Deimos' next move. They eventually heard Deimos' end of a phone conversation with an unidentified person. "So, the robbery went well? Finally, something goes right!" he happily declared. He ended the call after arranging a time to meet with the person at the Sixth Street alley. Satisfied, Hope told Rafe, "We got him."

Scooter discovers Nicole's identity Scooter discovers Nicole's identity
Friday, April 7, 2017

In Canada, Nicole sat in the living room of her cabin, watching over a fussy Holly. Brady joined her and suggested that Holly might be teething. Nicole smiled faintly. Brady offered to watch the kids so that Nicole could take a nap. Shaking her head no, Nicole said she did not think she could sleep. Brady urged Nicole to take a shower while he took the kids out. With a tired smile, Nicole agreed.

In a diner up the street, Brady sat with Tate and Holly. Brady said that Nicole was his miracle. With a dreamy smile, Brady said that Tate would grow to love Nicole too. Back at the cabin, Nicole finished her shower and wrapped up in a towel. When Nicole went into the living room, she was startled to find Scooter waiting for her. Scooter threatened to expose Nicole's secret. Nicole reiterated that her husband, "Fred," knew about her past and did not care. With a dismissive grunt, Scooter said he was not talking about Nicole's porn career.

Scooter explained that he had researched and learned Nicole's real name and that she was a kidnapper on the run. Nicole nervously stammered that Scooter was mistaken. Scooter said he was certain that Bridget was Nicole Walker. Trapped, Nicole denied the charge again. Scooter added that he knew that Fred was Brady Black and a Kiriakis.

Nicole promised to give Scooter money, but he said he was not interested in riches. Scooter said he was only interested in sleeping with Nicole. Nicole recoiled as Scooter reached for her towel. Outside, a car door slammed. Breathlessly, Nicole cried out that Brady would kill Scooter if he found him in the cabin. Scooter threatened to expose Nicole then he escaped out the back before Brady entered the house.

No sooner had Brady said hello than he saw the pale look on Nicole's face. Brady asked what was wrong. Before Nicole could answer, Brady guessed that Scooter had dropped by to visit and pressure Nicole. Brady was furious. Hoping to defuse the situation, Nicole said that she was stressed about living on the run, and that was all that was wrong. Brady promised to take care of Nicole. After a couple phone calls, Brady informed Nicole that he had arranged for new IDs for them, but they would have to stay put for two weeks until the IDs were ready. Nicole muttered to herself, "I know what I have to do."

In the park in Salem, Paul met up with a distracted Sonny. Still riding the high of their night together, Paul asked Sonny to join him for lunch. Sonny was upset about Deimos. Sonny explained that Deimos had pushed Sonny out of the inner circle and exiled him to Basic Black. Paul offered to continue surveillance on Deimos, but Sonny argued that Paul was overconfident. Sonny said he could not wait for a smoking gun and needed to move on Deimos as soon as possible.

Concerned, Paul said that Sonny was a changed man. Sonny countered that he only wanted to protect his family. Paul begged Sonny to back off of Deimos and let the "professionals" handle him. Offended, Sonny yelled at Paul, "You don't think much of me, do you?" Angry, Sonny stormed off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos talked to someone on the phone about meeting them in the Sixth Street alley. After ending that call, Deimos called someone else and asked if they were ready to enact their plan. Maggie overheard Deimos, and she asked what the plan was. Deimos ended his call and grumbled that the younger generation of Kiriakis men was ruining everything. Deimos complained that he had given Sonny a new job and that Sonny was ungrateful. Still fuming, Deimos then noted that Brady had abandoned his family and the business.

Maggie urged Deimos to bow out of the family war, but Deimos said he could not lose face after the DiMeras had stolen his business. With a furrowed brow, Maggie asked Deimos if his cutthroat practices had gotten him anywhere. Maggie urged Deimos to give up his obsession with Nicole and move on. Shaking his head no, Deimos said he could not make Nicole love him, but he would make her respect him.

Maggie cautioned Deimos to watch his step, or he could end up back in prison. Maggie added that Victor had taken decades to learn what was important in life, and she wanted to spare Deimos that journey. Scowling, Deimos said that Victor owed him because he had forgiven Victor for framing him for murder.

With a sigh, Maggie reminded Deimos that the family had forgiven a multitude of Deimos' sins. Maggie added that because Deimos believed that he was owed everything, he had alienated everyone he cared about. Maggie warned Deimos not to force Victor to choose between Deimos and his family because Deimos would lose. Deimos asked Maggie if she was threatening him. "What are you going to do about it? Poison me? Again?" Maggie asked.

In the police station interrogation room, Hope told Rafe that the bug had cut in and out, but she planned on spying on Deimos' meeting at Sixth Street alley. Rafe and Hope agreed that the meeting was likely to set up a source for an infusion of cash into Titan. Rafe wanted Hope to stay at the station, but Hope refused. Hope asked Rafe if he was going back on his promise to take Deimos down together.

During Hope and Rafe's argument, Raines walked in with a stack of folders. With a raised eyebrow, Raines asked Hope why she was not at her desk. Raines handed the folders to Hope and ordered her to finish the reports and file them. After Raines left, Hope and Rafe gently mocked Raines. Rafe agreed not to stop Hope from going to the meeting in the alley.

While waiting for the meeting time, Hope returned to work to clear out the paperwork that Raines had handed off to her. Maggie arrived at the station to ask about the search for Holly. Hope sympathized with Maggie's plight, and she informed Maggie that the FBI believed that Nicole had crossed the border into Canada. Maggie shared that she had asked Chloe to make an appeal online for Nicole to return home.

Hope was annoyed that Chloe could not work out an arrangement with Nicole for custody, but Maggie blamed Deimos for ruining everything. Maggie confided that Deimos was obsessed with Nicole and was unraveling. Maggie said she was afraid of what Deimos might do. With a sigh, Hope said she believed that Deimos would shoot himself in the foot before he hurt anyone else.

When Maggie returned to the mansion, a stewing Sonny barged in, looking for Deimos. Sonny informed Maggie that Victor's share of the business was thriving but that Deimos' share of the business was rapidly losing money. Alarmed, Maggie asked Sonny if he had told Deimos his discovery. Sonny yelled that he had warned multiple people, including Victor, and no one had listened to him. Maggie urged Sonny to prove to the family that he could lead Titan.

At Club TBD, Eduardo chatted with his granddaughter, Arianna. Eduardo showed Arianna the bracelet he had purchased for Kate. After a little magic trick, Eduardo presented Arianna with her own bracelet. Arianna beamed and held out her wrist for Eduardo to put the bracelet on her. From the doorway of the club, Rafe watched his father with Arianna, and he smiled with pride. Eduardo told Arianna that her grandfather loved her. Rafe chimed in that Arianna's uncle loved her too.

Rafe and Eduardo talked about family, and Eduardo lamented not being a part of the family sooner. Eduardo said he did not want to miss another moment with his family. Rafe asked about the second bracelet on the table. Eduardo explained that he had purchased it for Kate and that she had refused it. With a twinkle in his eye, Eduardo said he was hopeful that Kate would accept it if he offered it to her again. After checking his phone, Eduardo said he needed to drop off Arianna and take care of business. Rafe warned Eduardo not to do anything stupid or illegal.

In the park, Paul called J.J. and asked him to continue to keep tabs on Deimos. After ending the call, Sonny rushed into the clearing and apologized to Paul for his behavior earlier. Sonny said that after they had spent an incredible night together, he hated that he had been so rude to Paul. Paul also apologized and explained that when he had asked Sonny to leave the investigation to the professionals, he had not meant that Sonny was incapable. Paul reasoned aloud that he had wanted to prevent Sonny from sinking to Deimos' level.

In the town square, Kate saw Deimos in the café and noticed his bruised face. When Kate inquired about the beating, Deimos growled that Chad was to blame. Deimos swore that no one would cross him and get away with it. Kate reminded Deimos that she had gotten away with crossing him. Deimos narrowed his eyes and reminded Kate that he could still report her for attempted murder.

Defensive, Kate reminded Deimos that she was close with the DiMera family and getting closer with the Hernandez family. With a smirk, Deimos mocked Kate's relationship with Eduardo. Unfazed, Kate said that unlike Deimos, she had allies she could count on. Deimos growled that no one would defeat him.

At the scheduled time of the meeting in the alley, Hope and Rafe hid in a corner and watched for Deimos. A man appeared with a briefcase. As the man rounded the corner, Rafe's mouth fell open as he realized the man was his father. Eduardo called someone on the phone and demanded to know why the person he was meeting with was not there. In their hiding spot, Rafe and Hope looked at one another in concern. At Club TBD, Kate waited at the bar, and she wondered aloud if Eduardo had stood her up.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos pulled Hope's bug out of the flower vase and smiled at it. Deimos threw the bug on the floor and crushed it underfoot. "Thank you, Hope. You made it so much easier for me to set you up. If my luck holds, you will eliminate one of my enemies for me," Deimos said with an evil grin.

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