Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on DAYS
Chad and Abigail got engaged, as did Sonny and Paul. Victor told Brady he would keep Nicole's secret. Nicole wanted to confide in Eric. Joey said his goodbyes and left for prison. Eli and Abe planned their next move to nail Raines. Marlena and John knew Hattie had needed help to pull off the switch. A drunken Lucas made love to "Adrienne." Angelica keeled over and died.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on DAYS
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John makes an unexpected discovery John makes an unexpected discovery
Monday, August 21, 2017
by Mike

At the hospital, Abigail stared at Chad in disbelief and asked him to repeat what he had just said.

"I said 'marry me' -- which, I realize, sounds more like an order than a question," Chad conceded with a nervous chuckle. After requesting a do-over, he began anew, "If there's one thing the last few months have taught me, it's [that] I know where my home is -- I know where I belong -- and I'm tired of running away from fate out of fear. I just want to come home. I love you, Abby. Will you marry me...again?"

"Don't tell me that there's a priest that's about to come in here and officiate," Abigail asked Chad with more than a hint of genuine concern. He assured her that he didn't have anything like that up his sleeve. He added that although he had just gotten back together with her days earlier, the fact of the matter was that life was short, and he therefore didn't want to waste any more time before making her his wife again.

Abigail told Chad that she couldn't marry him because she was still married to Dario -- and it could take years to end that marriage without making Immigration officials suspicious. "And, to be honest, I'm okay with [waiting]. I don't even know if we should really live together [in the meantime]," Abigail continued. When Chad started stammering in disbelief, Abigail lost her composure and admitted with a laugh that she had simply been messing with him. Adding that Justin was already working on getting her marriage to Dario annulled, Abigail assured Chad, "Of course I will marry you."

Thrilled, Chad gave Abigail a kiss then abruptly excused himself, promising her that he would be right back. When he returned a short time later, he had her old engagement ring in his hand. "I wanted to make it official," he explained before slipping the ring back on her finger -- where, according to him, it had always belonged.

Andre left the Brady Pub before Roman and Kate had a chance to notice his presence. Seconds later, Kate pulled away from Roman and asked him, "Really? Now? After all this time?"

Roman explained that his earlier talk with Marlena had made him realize that he wanted love in his life again. "Kate, I have never stopped thinking about you, [even after] all these years. You and I, we had something very special, and it was taken from us, so I'm kind of thinking maybe we should try again," Roman continued.

Kate admitted that Roman had caught her off guard, adding that she never would have guessed that he still had feelings for her. "[I'm surprised, too, but] I think John punching me in the head kind of jarred some things loose," Roman jokingly explained. "So this is actually [just] a symptom of post-concussion syndrome? That's not very flattering!" Kate protested.

Chuckling, Roman clarified that getting punched had simply cleared some things up. "We'd still be together if Andre hadn't gotten in the way," Roman pointed out. Kate wasn't sure about that, but Roman was -- especially since, as far as he was concerned, the spark they'd had back then was still evident, even at that very moment.

Kate tried to remind Roman that she was a married woman, but he dismissively countered that even someone who wasn't an ex-detective could clearly see that she wasn't in love with Andre. "Don't you want something real in your life, Kate? Don't you miss that?" Roman asked. Ignoring the question, Kate walked away after advising Roman to continue icing his jaw.

Later, Roman smiled as he thought about his earlier kiss with Kate. Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Kate dodged a conversation with Andre, telling him that she had a lot on her mind. "I'm sure you do," Andre muttered after Kate walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole remembered that she had been in possession of the amulet at some point on the night of Deimos' death. Brady suggested that Nicole might have simply found the amulet after Eric had stashed it in his room, but she clarified, as more memories began resurfacing, that she had gone to the living room in search of Eric -- and had found Deimos there instead.

Nicole recalled that Deimos had approached her, and she had picked up a nearby knife in response -- the same knife that had later been found in his chest. "Doesn't mean you used it," Brady pointed out. "But, Brady, there's more," Nicole replied, remembering that Deimos had taunted her with snide remarks about the court's decision to put Holly in foster care. "He's the reason I lost my little girl again," Nicole tearfully realized.

Nicole explained that Deimos had revealed that night that he had convinced the judge to declare her unfit to raise Holly -- a feat that, according to Deimos, hadn't been particularly difficult because, after all, Nicole was perhaps the most unfit parent in the history of unfit parents. Deimos had also revealed that the judge had no intention of ever returning Holly to Nicole. "I'm leaving Salem tonight, and I'm taking [Holly] with me," Deimos had vowed. Deimos had then produced the amulet and tauntingly placed a curse on Nicole, promising that she would live out the rest of her days, barren and childless.

Nicole continued that when Deimos had tried to leave, she had chased after him with the knife, and during the ensuing struggle for control of the weapon, it had gotten plunged into his chest. "I did it. I killed him," Nicole tearfully concluded, remembering how Deimos had slumped to the floor and taken his last breath. Nicole informed Brady that she had then retreated to Eric's room with the amulet, which she had eventually thrown at a wall in fear of its rumored curse. "It landed in a corner, under a chair," Nicole recalled. Stunned, Brady hesitantly admitted, "That's where I found it."

Sobbing, Nicole told Brady, "You thought it was Eric, but it was me all along! I'm -- I'm guilty! I murdered Deimos! All this time... J.J. was arrested, and so was Sonny... But it was me! I stabbed Deimos!" Brady tried to comfort Nicole, assuring her that she had simply been acting in self-defense. Nicole wanted to share her memories with the police right away, but Brady insisted that she couldn't do that, reasoning, "There's no guarantees. You may not go to prison, but you could [still] lose Holly for the rest of your life." Nicole broke down in Brady's arms and worriedly asked him, "What am I gonna do?"

While shopping at the Horton Town Square, Bonnie ran into Anjelica, who nervously pointed out that Adrienne was supposed to be at Sonny's hearing at that time. "Get down to the courthouse! Now!" Anjelica ordered Bonnie.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Justin interrupted Sonny's attempt to ask Paul a very important question. Sonny and Paul were thrilled when Justin announced that Sonny was free to go. Surprised that only one of his parents was present for the big moment, Sonny asked his father, "Should we be worried [about Mom]?" Justin assured Sonny that Adrienne had probably just buried herself in work that day as a distraction.

Shortly after Sonny rushed off with Paul, Bonnie arrived and greeted Justin, who had to share the good news with her twice in order to get an appropriate response. "Sorry it didn't register [the first time]; I've just been so afraid to get my hopes up," Bonnie stammered before quickly changing the subject, revealing that she had recently broken up with Lucas. "I tried to make it work with him, you know? ['Cause] he's so attractive, and funny, and charming, and... Um, anyway, my heart...wasn't in it...because you were in my heart, Justin. It's always been you," Bonnie explained.

"We've shared so much over the years. Being married...getting married...uh, getting divorced...oh, and our children -- so many children -- four children! So many memories...good and bad... I really want it back. Tell me you want that, too," Bonnie continued. Justin admitted that he had been waiting to hear those words since the day Adrienne had chosen Lucas. "This is all I've ever wanted," Justin added before kissing his ex-wife.

While Paul and Sonny were lying in bed together in Paul's room at the Martin mansion, having just finished "making up for lost time," Sonny pointed out that he had been on the verge of asking Paul a question when Justin had interrupted them earlier. "I was gonna ask you to marry me," Sonny revealed, adding that Paul's faith in him had been what had helped him get through the days he had spent behind bars. Paul happily accepted Sonny's proposal.

At the Salem Inn, Hattie reluctantly agreed to talk to John, who demanded to know why Marlena had kissed Roman earlier. Hattie insisted that she had done nothing wrong, adding, "You're just a -- you're -- you're -- you're a second-rate Roman Brady, you know? You're just a stand-in for him! And -- and -- and this relationship [is] over, so you should just accept that, because I certainly have!" John insisted that he would never accept that.

After John left, Hattie contacted Anjelica and told her, "I'm finished! It's over! Kaput! Finito! Whatever you want to say, but you know what? I am never playing Marlena Evans again!" Hattie added that she was planning to leave Salem right away because she had only agreed to pose as Marlena in order to win Roman's heart, and he had just rejected her. Anjelica assured Hattie that Roman wouldn't be able to resist her "considerable charms" for very long. "Well, I do have a way about me," Hattie agreed. After giving the matter a couple seconds of thought, Hattie decided to stick around for a while longer.

Anjelica was relieved -- until Hattie warned her, "There is trouble a-brewin'!" Hattie explained that Marlena had managed to contact John the previous night from Bayview. Anjelica insisted that Hattie needed to go to Bayview to make sure that Marlena was sedated and no longer had access to a cell phone. "Now, before it's too late!" Anjelica ordered Hattie.

Hattie reluctantly headed over to Bayview, unaware that John was tailing her. While an orderly was helping Hattie find a supervisor to talk to, John picked the lock on Marlena's padded cell and started to free her from her straitjacket. Marlena groggily informed John that Hattie had taken her place on the night of his return to Salem. "That explains everything," John muttered as he continued fiddling with the straitjacket.

The cell door suddenly slammed shut, and when John rushed to the window to find out what was going on, Hattie told him, "Now you and Marlena can have a little undivided time together. You've been wanting that, right?"

Joey heads off to prison Joey heads off to prison
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Abe was sitting in his cell at the jail when Theo dropped by for a visit. Theo demanded answers. Abe swore that he would never knowingly break the law. Curious, Theo asked Abe if he had taken his laptop because it had information about Dario on it. Abe swore that he was not connected to Dario or his criminal activities. Theo said he hoped Abe was free soon.

In the main room of the police precinct, Hope, Jennifer, a Spectator reporter, and Raines held a press conference and discussed how difficult it was to believe that Abe had been a counterfeiter. Jennifer argued that the counterfeit bills used to buy the jewelry were not conclusive proof that Abe was the counterfeiter. When Jennifer asked to speak to the agent on the case, Hope informed her that Eli was the agent. Raines told Jennifer to speak to Abe then he ended the press conference. As the reporter and Raines walked away, Jennifer asked Hope why she believed Abe was guilty.

Seeing a look flutter across Hope's face, Jennifer asked her if something else was going on. Jennifer promised that she was asking as family and not as a reporter. Hope said she hated what the arrest meant but that she had an obligation to uphold the law. Justin interrupted to announce that Valerie had retained a new lawyer for Abe. With a shrug, Justin said Valerie had been upset that Abe had not been released on bail.

Justin asked Jennifer about Abigail, and she said that Abigail was better. Smiling, Jennifer said Lucas had helped her get through the ordeal. Justin told Jennifer that Adrienne had dumped Lucas, and that he would need Jennifer. Justin added that he was back together with Adrienne.

Shocked, Jennifer said she had not heard the news. Justin said he was as surprised by Adrienne's decision as anyone. Justin added that he hoped Lucas was okay because he genuinely liked him. Worried, Jennifer left to call Lucas. Hope asked Justin what had changed Adrienne's mind, since she had seemed so happy with Lucas. Justin shrugged. Hope advised Justin not to rush into a relationship until he and Adrienne were both sure that was what they wanted.

At the Martin house, Julie told Eli that she was furious with his decision to arrest Abe. Julie said she wanted her house back from Eli. Eli swore that he had not been gunning for Abe. Shaking her head, Julie said that Abe was "the most upstanding person I know." Julie urged Eli to think about how illogical it was for Abe to turn to crime so late in life when he had no need for money. Through tears, Julie said that accusing Abe was hurting Hope as well.

Eli promised to review the evidence and make sure that Abe was treated fairly. As Julie sighed, Eli said that if Abe was the honest person she said, then the evidence would prove he was innocent. Eli promised that if he did not give Abe a fair shake, he would move out of the house. With a small smile, Eli said he knew it was a bad idea to be on Julie's bad side.

When Eli arrived at the precinct, he apologized to Hope and Raines for missing the press conference. Eli asked if Abe had changed his story. Raines said that Abe still claimed he was innocent. Raines added that the arrest was unpopular and that Eli would be wise to make a strong case. Staring at Raines, Eli commented that it was difficult to accept that a public official had abused his position for economic gain. As Raines agreed, Hope furrowed her brow and studied the faces of the two men.

At the loft, Claire grumbled about the comments she was reading online about Abe when she arrived home. Tripp was in the hallway, and he peered in at Claire through the open front door. Tripp cautioned Claire to ignore the online trolls. Claire smiled and told Tripp she was glad he was still in town. Tripp explained that he had decided to stay. Tripp talked about Joey's decision, and Claire deduced that Tripp did not want Joey to turn himself in. Tripp said he had realized how much his mother had hurt Steve, Kayla, and Joey and he understood that Joey had believed he'd had no choice but to kill Ava.

Claire said Joey had not been himself for a long time. With a nod, Tripp said that Joey was going to prison that day. There was going to be a goodbye meetup at the pub, and Claire planned to go. Tripp said Steve had invited him, but he had decided not to go. Claire told Tripp that if Steve had invited him, it was because he saw Tripp as family and wanted him there. Nodding his head, Tripp said he needed to earn his place in the family first.

After Claire read a text from Theo, Tripp asked about him. Claire admitted that she and Theo were just friends. Tripp told Claire that she was a cool person and that Theo would see the light. Tripp and Claire hugged as Theo returned home. When Claire asked about Abe, Theo said Abe had claimed he was innocent. Theo was not sure he believed Abe. Changing the subject, Theo told Claire they should head over to the pub. Tripp stayed behind.

In the pub, Roman told Joey that he was proud that Joey wanted to take responsibility for what he had done to Ava. Joey said he had cut a deal with the district attorney and was ready to go to prison. Shaking his head, Joey said he hated that he had hurt his mother. Kayla overheard her son as she walked into the main room from the back. Kayla told Joey that she supported his decision. When Kayla said she was fine, Joey countered that Kayla would not be okay until she reconciled with Steve.

Kayla asked Joey if he would have turned himself in if Tripp had not moved to Salem. Shaking his head no, Joey stressed that he had felt guilty long before Tripp's arrival. Joey added that Steve had not had any choice but to invite his other son to Salem. Joey said he was scared of prison, but he believed he could get through the experience if he knew that his parents were happy together. Roman interrupted and asked to talk to Kayla alone.

While Joey walked across the room, Roman reminded Kayla that she and Steve would need to lean on one another once Joey was in prison. Kayla said she did not know if that was possible.

In her hotel room, Bonnie reviewed her files about Justin's history with Adrienne. Steve knocked on the door. Panicked, Bonnie flipped to the pages about Steve for a quick refresher, then she opened the door and greeted "Patch." Surprised, Steve commented that he could not remember the last time his sister had called him Patch. With a shrug, Bonnie said she liked to keep Steve on his toes.

Steve hugged Bonnie, and he confided that he felt like his world was falling apart. Bonnie hesitantly patted Steve on his back. When Bonnie asked what was wrong, Steve mentioned Ava, and he raised an eyebrow when Bonnie seemed surprised to hear that he had shot Ava. When Steve said he had covered for Joey, Bonnie murmured, "Joe?" "Your nephew," Steve said hotly. Bonnie said she was just surprised by the news. Steve explained what had happened and what Joey had decided.

"Prison? Oh, no. He can't go there. He could run into...," Bonnie said before stopping. Curious, Steve asked Bonnie what she meant. Bonnie said Joey was too young to go to prison. Agreeing, Steve said he had pulled some strings to get Joey placed in a minimum-security prison. When Steve mentioned that Kayla would never forgive him, Bonnie assured Steve that Kayla would forgive him in time.

Steve invited Kayla to the pub to say goodbye to Joey, but Bonnie demurred. Steve insisted that he needed his sister's support. With a nod, Bonnie agreed. Steve added that Lucas was invited, and Bonnie blanched. Bonnie told Steve that she had broken up with Lucas. When Bonnie added that she was back together with Justin, Steve raised an eyebrow. "You're full of surprises today," Steve said.

When Steve arrived at the pub, he saw Joey and Kayla talking at a table across the room. Joey went into the back to see Roman so that Steve and Kayla could talk. Once alone, Steve told Kayla that he had made arrangements to keep Joey safe in prison. Kayla thanked him.

"Joe was never gonna be at peace. And that said, I probably should have thought more about the impact bringing Tripp here would have on Joe. But I just couldn't stand the thought of not knowing a child of mine," Steve said. Steve told Kayla that being with her meant more to him that anything and that he loved her. Steve took Kayla's hand and told her that he could not lose her again.

Wiping away tears, Kayla said she had said things that she regretted. Steve told Kayla that she did not need to apologize. When Steve asked if there was a chance for them, Kayla said she could not get through it without him. Steve promised they'd be there for one another and their son. Joey returned, and they hugged as a family.

When Theo and Claire arrived at the pub, Joey told them that Steve was going to cover his part of the rent until they could find a new roommate. Claire promised to visit Joey in prison. Over at the bar, Julie, Roman, and Hope talked about Joey's confession. Julie told Hope that she had yelled at Eli for pushing Hope to arrest Abe. When Hope looked down, Julie asked Hope if she believed Abe was guilty. Hope simply noted that everyone made mistakes.

Bonnie walked in, and Kayla and Steve rushed over with Joey to see her, believing she was Adrienne. After Bonnie gave Joey an awkward goodbye, Jennifer pulled Bonnie aside and asked about Lucas. Bonnie said she had realized that she wanted to be with Justin. Confused, Jennifer reminded Bonnie how devoted Lucas had been to her throughout her cancer treatment. Bonnie noted that Jennifer sounded mad. Jennifer gasped. Jennifer said that she and Adrienne were friends and business partners, and Bonnie had been heartless to Lucas.

"Who are you to say something like that to me? I'm not the one hooked on pain meds," Bonnie said. Jennifer's mouth dropped open. Angry, Jennifer reminded Bonnie that she was in recovery. Bonnie apologized and said that she had not wanted to hurt Lucas, but she had to stay true to her heart. Before Jennifer could respond, Justin walked in and hugged Bonnie. Jennifer walked away. Justin kissed Bonnie as a stunned Kayla, Steve, and Hope watched. Steve noted that they could not judge Adrienne after all she had been through.

After saying goodbye to Joey, Justin and Bonnie returned to her hotel room. Justin attempted to undress Bonnie, but she shut him down. When Justin asked why, Bonnie said, "We can't."

Joey returned to the loft and found Tripp waiting for him. Tripp said he wanted to say goodbye. When Joey mentioned the pub, Tripp said that the pub gathering had been for Joey. Smiling, Tripp said lots of people would miss Joey, including him. Tripp apologized again for hurting Kayla. Joey said he was relieved everything was out in the open and that Tripp would get to know Steve better. The brothers hugged.

At the hospital, Steve escorted Kayla to a hospital room to remind her of the day that Joey had been born. The couple talked about how Joey had struggled as a preemie. Steve noted that their son was a fighter. Kayla agreed. Steve and Kayla went over to the loft to escort Joey to prison. With a relieved smile, Joey hugged his mother. Joey looked one last time at the loft and left with his parents.

Eli visited Abe in his jail cell and asked about Theo. With a frown, Abe said, "Didn't think enough about how this would affect him. I just hope I haven't made a terrible mistake." Eli countered, "You won't have to play this role much longer. Just until we make Dario's silent partner think he's in the clear." Eli apologized to Abe for pushing him into his plan.

"It didn't occur to you that Dario's partner could be her boss. And after all his talk about how the corrupt Bradys ran the police department, he gets Roman's job and he uses it as a front for his counterfeiting ring," Abe growled. "Commissioner Raines. Who would have guessed?" Eli said.

Lucas continues his downward spiral Lucas continues his downward spiral> Lucas continues his downward spiral Lucas continues his downward spiral
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
by Mike

Eric was at the Brady Pub, eating lunch and working on a letter in which he planned to confess to Nicole that he still had feelings for her, when Lucas stumbled through the entrance and shouted, in mock game-show-announcer fashion, "There he is -- the lying, cheating, backstabbing brother!"

Chuckling at his own antics, Lucas continued that he had heard from Brady that Eric was sleeping with Nicole and had even recently done a sexy photo shoot with her. "You know, [Eric], the funny thing is, you hooked up with Nicole when [she was with me, too]. Boy, you just can't quit her, can you?" Lucas mused.

Realizing that Lucas had fallen off the wagon as a result of what had happened with Adrienne, Eric offered to take him to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Ignoring the offer, Lucas demanded to know how Eric could betray his own brother in such a horrible way. "Lucas, I would never betray Brady. [This] is a total misunderstanding," Eric insisted.

"Oh, really? Really? You don't have the hots for Nicole?" Lucas asked skeptically. Eric stressed that Nicole was just a friend. Still not convinced, Lucas said that he could relate to Eric's plight because, after all, he, too, was in love with a woman who wanted to be with another man. "Difference is, I've accepted it. So why don't you come to the bar with me, man? We'll have a drink -- get you a little shot of reality on the rocks, okay? You can pay," Lucas added before heading toward the bar. Eric stepped in front of Lucas and insisted that wasn't going to happen on his watch.

Scoffing, Lucas wondered why his sobriety was so important to Eric, of all people. Eric explained that he cared because Lucas had once helped him with his own addiction problems, and he wanted to return the favor. Annoyed, Lucas started to stumble off in search of another place to drink, prompting Eric to point out that Lucas was in no condition to drive. "I'm not gonna drive, you moron! I'm gonna take a cab, you idiot! Who do you think I am -- you?" Lucas countered as he exited the pub, bumping into a wall on his way out. Eric quickly contacted Jennifer and left her an urgent voicemail message, explaining that he needed to talk to her about Lucas.

At the DiMera mansion, Andre revealed to Kate that he had witnessed the kiss she had shared with Roman the previous day. "Roman kissed me," Kate stressed, adding that the kiss had meant nothing. "Or perhaps it's a slippery slope to an illicit affair...[and] how do you think the board would react if they discovered that you were cheating on your doting better half -- the crucial DiMera half of this relationship?" Andre countered. Kate maintained that it had been nothing more than a simple, meaningless kiss, and she coolly guessed that Andre had no proof that it had even happened in the first place.

"There's always a next time, 'cause I'm gonna be watching you," Andre warned Kate, who cursed at him in anger -- just as Chad entered the mansion. "Everything okay?" Chad asked. "Just the usual marital bliss," Andre replied before changing the subject, wondering if Abigail was doing well. Chad confirmed that Abigail was doing really well, and he happily added that he was, too, since she had agreed to marry him again. Andre was delighted to hear that, but Kate was upset with Chad for tossing Gabi aside so quickly. "Oh, you know as well as I do that Kate's understanding of the affairs of the heart is not very good, [so] just ignore her," Andre dismissively advised Chad before excusing himself, pointedly claiming that he was in the mood to watch a movie -- Roman Holiday, perhaps.

"Is Andre being...weirder...than usual?" Chad asked Kate once the coast was clear. "You have no idea," Kate replied, adding that it would be best for Chad to just ignore Andre. Changing the subject, Kate wondered if Chad was sure that he wanted to get back together with Abigail. Chad confirmed that he was, and he added, for the record, that Gabi was actually the one who had ended their relationship. Kate wasn't surprised to hear that Gabi had freed Chad to be with Abigail, since Gabi was an amazing woman. Chad insisted that Abigail was an amazing woman, too. "Eh, if you like that 'damsel in distress' type," Kate dismissively replied.

Kate admitted that she was worried about Chad because Abigail had broken his heart more than once in the past. Chad countered that he had broken Abigail's heart more than once, too. Sighing, Kate reluctantly assured Chad, "If you're happy, I'm gonna suck it up." Satisfied, Chad changed the subject, wondering how Kate's relationship with Andre was going. "Oh, my God, it's just like one big chess game," Kate replied, adding that she was grateful that she had martinis to help her cope. "[But] the poor soul doesn't realize that I'm always two steps ahead of him," Kate stressed with a chuckle. "In high heels, no less," Chad agreed.

Later, Lucas stumbled into the mansion and greeted Kate, who quickly realized that he was drunk. "Adrienne dumped me," Lucas explained. "I told you so," Kate replied with a sigh, adding that she had always known, even after forging a friendship with Adrienne earlier that year, that Adrienne would end up hurting Lucas sooner or later.

Kate continued that Lucas should have walked away from Adrienne when he'd had the chance, but he had been unable to do that, just as he had been unable to walk away from Sami, Nicole, and Chloe. Kate promised, however, that, on the bright side, Lucas would eventually realize that being rid of Adrienne was a good thing; he just couldn't see that yet because the pain of the breakup had driven him back to the bottle. Lucas angrily countered, "Don't pin this on Adrienne! I drink because of you -- because of your insults, and your interfering, and everything you do to me!"

Ignoring Lucas' comments, Kate warned that she would fire him from Countess Wilhelmina if he didn't sober up right away. "Of course you would," Lucas mused, shaking his head in disbelief. "It's called 'tough love,' Lucas," Kate unapologetically explained. "Do you know any other kind?" Lucas spat before storming out of the mansion.

Later, Andre rejoined Kate in the living room and offered to negotiate with her so they could avoid getting into an all-out war with each other. "I'm done being marginalized. What, do you think I'm inferior to you? I'm Stefano DiMera's eldest living son; I bring value to the company, to this relationship, [and] to this family," Andre continued.

Kate agreed to hear Andre out, but when he revealed that he wanted to be named co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises, she scoffed and insisted that the board members would never approve such a request because they believed that he was certifiably insane. Andre wondered if Kate would accept his terms if he managed to find a licensed psychiatrist to attest to his sanity. "Oh, you are certifiable!" Kate dismissively replied before walking away. Scowling, Andre turned to the portrait of Stefano and declared, "I've been more than gentle with Kate, Father -- [in] deference to you [as well] as to the affection that Chad shows her -- but she has pushed me too far!"

Jennifer went to the hospital to see Abigail, who excitedly revealed that Chad had asked her to marry him again. Jennifer had reservations about the sudden development, given Abigail and Chad's history, but Abigail insisted that things were going to be different that time because she finally felt worthy of Chad's love and considered herself his equal. Nodding, Jennifer hesitantly declared that she was happy for Abigail.

Later, while Jennifer and Abigail were discussing Abe's arrest, Lucas stumbled into the room with a concealed bottle of alcohol in his hand. Jennifer dragged Lucas out to the nurses' station, seized the bottle from him, and tossed it in a nearby trash can. Jennifer begged Lucas to let her help him get over his breakup and get sober again, but he shook his head and rushed off, ignoring her attempts to stop him.

Jennifer returned to Abigail's room and told her about Adrienne's recent decision to get back together with Justin. "Something's not right [with Adrienne]," Jennifer insisted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole found Brady in the living room, standing at the bar. Concerned, Nicole wondered what Brady was doing. Brady turned away from the bar and claimed that he had simply been lost in thought. Nodding, Nicole recalled that neither she nor Brady had slept well the previous night. Nicole still couldn't believe that she had killed Deimos, but Brady assured her that no one else would ever know that.

Paul soon arrived and excitedly mentioned that, with Sonny finally cleared of all charges, the police simply needed to find the amulet because the person who was in possession of it had to be Deimos' true killer. Nicole abruptly excused herself, prompting Paul to assume that something was wrong. Brady claimed that everything was fine. Changing the subject, Brady added that Nicole hadn't been sleeping with Eric, after all.

Paul was pleased to hear Brady's good news, and he couldn't resist sharing his own good news. Brady happily congratulated Paul on his engagement to Sonny. "Maybe you and Nicole will be next, huh?" Paul suggested.

Later, after Paul left, Nicole returned and informed Brady that she was off to the Horton Center. Brady seemed annoyed but claimed, when asked, that he was no longer worried about Nicole spending time with Eric. As soon as the coast was clear, Brady poured a shot of whiskey and gulped it down. A short time later, Nicole arrived at the Horton Center and greeted Eric, who was in the process of completing his letter to her. "[You seem] so intense. What are you working on?" Nicole asked casually.

At the Salem Inn, Justin realized, after a few minutes of confusion, that Adrienne probably wasn't ready to get intimate with him yet because of her recent surgery. Relieved, Bonnie played along, confirming that she needed more time. Justin stressed that he would be happy to wait as long as necessary to finally be with Adrienne again.

A short time later, Sonny arrived to see Adrienne. Sonny was surprised when Bonnie greeted him as Jackson, but he didn't dwell on the oddity for very long before changing the subject, wondering why Justin was with Adrienne. Bonnie announced that she had just gotten back together with Justin. Sonny was thrilled to hear that at first, but he soon realized that Lucas was probably devastated. Bonnie claimed that she felt awful about hurting Lucas but had needed to follow her heart.

Changing the subject, Sonny announced that he had just gotten engaged to Paul. "I'm so happy for you and Paul -- your football star," Bonnie told Sonny, who quickly corrected her mistake but, again, didn't dwell on it for very long. Sonny soon excused himself so he could head over to the hospital to see Abigail. After Sonny left, Justin said that he was happy for Sonny because, after having lost Will, it was time for him to finally find real love again. Bonnie agreed then spontaneously asked Justin if she could move back into the Kiriakis mansion. "Pack your things. I'll see you later," Justin said before leaving.

Later, while Bonnie was admonishing herself for having made mistakes during her earlier conversation with Sonny, Lucas arrived and insisted that he wasn't leaving until he had a serious talk with Adrienne.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Sonny ran into Chad, and the two simultaneously asked each other, "Will you be my best man?"

Anjelica fears that her plan is falling apart Anjelica fears that her plan is falling apart
Thursday, August 24, 2017
by Mike

At the hospital, Chad and Sonny congratulated each other on getting engaged. They agreed to be each other's best man, and they decided, after a brief and playful argument, to flip a coin later to determine which couple would get to be the first to choose a wedding date.

Meanwhile, Jennifer fretted to Abigail that Adrienne had broken Lucas' heart -- and his spirit, too. "Doesn't really sound like Adrienne to me," Abigail mused. "Not the Adrienne that I know and love," Jennifer agreed. Abigail felt bad for Lucas but acknowledged that she couldn't really judge Adrienne because, after all, she had been indecisive in dealing with relationships from time to time, too.

Jennifer argued that mental illness had contributed to Abigail's indecisiveness, but Abigail insisted that she couldn't use that as an excuse for every single time she had given guys mixed messages. Abigail added that she might not have been as willing to believe Dario's lies if she hadn't been so determined to prove to Chad that she could move on from him just as quickly as he had moved on from her. Jennifer was pleased to hear that, on the bright side, Justin was confident that he would be able to get Abigail's marriage to Dario annulled.

Later, after Jennifer left, Chad rejoined Abigail and teased that he had some news to share that was going to make her happy.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady casually stepped away from the bar as Victor curiously noted, while joining him in the living room, that Eric hadn't been arrested for Deimos' murder yet. Brady explained that he had decided not to turn the amulet over to the police because things had changed since his last conversation with Victor. Victor was disappointed to learn that Brady had allowed Nicole to convince him that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion about her relationship with Eric. "I know you don't like to hear it, but I know how Nicole operates. [Even if] she's not cheating on you now, that doesn't mean she won't be by noon," Victor warned.

Victor added that Eric shouldn't be allowed to get away with murder, regardless of whether or not he was sleeping with Nicole. Brady declared Eric innocent but refused to elaborate, leading Victor to conclude that Nicole was Deimos' true killer and that Brady was protecting her. Brady reluctantly admitted that Victor was right. After hearing the whole story, Victor grudgingly promised Brady that he wouldn't share Nicole's secret with anyone. "But you gotta hold on to that amulet -- curse or no curse -- [because] as long as you have it, she won't go to prison. You're responsible for her freedom; she's gotta remember that," Victor added before leaving.

Later, Sonny arrived and greeted Brady, who quickly stashed the amulet in a desk drawer and claimed, when asked, that what he had just put away was one of Victor's old, forgotten heirlooms.

At the Horton Center, Eric told Nicole that he was writing a letter to potential donors to stress the need for more donations. When she asked to read it, he said that she would have to wait because he was too embarrassed to let anyone see the rough draft. She assured him that he was an excellent writer, and she added that she was sorry that she hadn't read the letters he had written to her sooner, since they could have helped her heal at a time when she had been so filled with hatred that she had been susceptible to the charms of a man who had turned out to be pure evil.

Changing the subject, Nicole revealed to Eric that she had worked things out with Brady the previous night. Nicole considered confiding in Eric about what else had happened the previous night, unaware that at that same moment, he was thinking about confessing that he still had feelings for her. As Nicole and Eric simultaneously began to speak, Jennifer arrived to talk to Eric about Lucas. Jennifer offered to leave, sensing that she was interrupting an intense moment, but Nicole insisted that wasn't necessary then abruptly excused herself, promising Eric that she would be back later.

Anjelica was in a secluded section of Horton Town Square, trying to get in touch with Bonnie, when Hattie arrived and greeted her. "Another one who doesn't answer her phone or return messages," Anjelica grumbled, adding that she had tried to contact Hattie the previous night. "Don't get yourself all sideways about it -- you'll have a stroke!" Hattie warned Anjelica, who impatiently demanded to know what had happened at Bayview.

Hattie hesitantly admitted that John had followed her to Bayview and had discovered Marlena there. "And you are just telling me this now?" Anjelica asked incredulously. Hattie assured Anjelica that John had been taken care of, leading Anjelica to conclude that Hattie had killed him. Offended, Hattie stressed that she would never "ice" anyone because she wasn't a psychopath.

Hattie continued that she had simply locked John in a padded cell with Marlena. "Good thinking, huh?" Hattie proudly concluded. "Oh, Hattie, that is not good thinking; [in fact], that is not thinking at all!" Anjelica irritably replied. Anjelica feared that the whole plan was about to fall apart as a result of what Hattie had done, but Hattie calmly insisted that everything was going to be just fine.

At the Salem Inn, Bonnie, having realized that Lucas was drunk, advised him to go home and get some sleep. Lucas flopped down on the hotel room's only bed, prompting Bonnie to remind him that it wasn't his bed anymore. "I don't have anything anymore," Lucas grumbled as Bonnie helped him to his feet. "My own mother's gonna fire me from the company I saved, my sister wants to take me to a meeting that's not gonna do any good, my son is dead, my daughter is God knows where... I don't have anything -- except for you. You're here with me now. I can't lose everything. I can't lose you, too," Lucas continued.

Bonnie stressed that Lucas was a good man and that breaking his heart had nearly broken hers. "Why are there two of you?" Lucas asked. "What?" Bonnie nervously replied. "There's two of you. Oh, there's two of everything," Lucas continued, reaching for the nearby desk in an effort to brace himself -- and knocking Bonnie's cheat-sheet collection to the floor in the process.

Bonnie rushed to pick up the open binder, but Lucas got to it first and noticed some of the things it contained, including a collection of his corporate headshots. Bonnie snatched the binder out of Lucas' hand and stuffed it in a drawer as he started asking questions. "This is so embarrassing, [but], you know, sometimes it's hard to -- hard to let go, and I just missed much..." Bonnie hesitantly explained, putting a hand on Lucas' shoulder. Emboldened, Lucas spontaneously kissed his ex-girlfriend. Bonnie tried to resist at first but soon changed her mind and started kissing Lucas back.

Later, while Lucas was in bed with Bonnie, he paused and curiously observed, "You're different. You're not Adrienne." Bonnie dismissively countered, "Really, Lucas, what's in a name, hmm?" Shrugging, Lucas picked up where he had just left off with his bedmate.

At Bayview, Marlena awoke and found herself alone in her padded cell. Certain that John had been with her earlier, Marlena tried to recall exactly what had happened after Hattie had locked them in the cell together.

Marlena eventually remembered that while John had been trying to free her from her straitjacket, they had filled each other in on what had happened since their separation, and just as that conversation had been wrapping up, two orderlies had barged into the cell and grabbed John. When Marlena had told the orderlies to let John go, one of the orderlies had countered that Hattie needed to shut up. "That's not Hattie! That's Dr. Evans, and I'm John Black! Let me go, you fools!" John had protested while struggling to free himself. "[The real] Dr. Evans already told us -- today you're John Black; tomorrow you're John Robicheaux. Worst case of dissociative identity disorder we've ever seen. You're as crazy as Hattie!" the other orderly had countered while helping his colleague drag John out of the cell.

Worried about what might have happened to John next, Marlena cried out, "John! Can you hear me?" John, also in a straitjacket, soon replied, communicating with Marlena through an air vent that connected their two padded cells. "I'm right here, Doc. I'm right here," John weakly assured Marlena.

Meanwhile, Anjelica went to the Salem Inn, with Hattie in tow, to see if Bonnie, like Hattie, had somehow managed to royally screw up the plan since their last conversation. Bonnie insisted that it wasn't a good time, but Anjelica ignored her protests and barged into the hotel room. Horrified to see that Lucas was passed out on the bed, Anjelica demanded to know, "[Bonnie], what have you done?" Bonnie shrugged and flashed Anjelica a sheepish smile as Hattie enviously declared, "[Bonnie], honey, you got lucky!"

Anjelica fights with Bonnie and Hattie Anjelica fights with Bonnie and Hattie
Friday, August 25, 2017

In the Kiriakis living room, a worried Paul told Sonny that he had not been able to locate John to tell him the good news about the engagement. Paul said he was overwhelmed by emotions. Concerned, Sonny asked if Paul wanted to elope. Paul said he wanted to proclaim his love for Sonny in front of a room full of people.

Gabi sat in the square and was emotional as she looked at an Intruder headline about Chad and Abigail. Across the square, Nicole thought about when she and Eric had told one another that they could not lie to each other. Gabi noticed Nicole and asked if she was okay. Nicole asked the same of Gabi. Breaking down into tears, Gabi hugged Nicole. Gabi showed Nicole the Intruder cover. When Gabi mentioned Deimos, Nicole shifted her eyes away. Gabi said she hoped that that the murderer was never caught. Nicole counseled Gabi to remember that her heart would "heal in time."

In the hospital, Chad told Abigail that Sonny and Paul were getting married. Abigail smiled serenely. When Chad asked why Abigail did not seem excited, Abigail said she could not help but think about Will and Ben. Chad said Will would want both Sonny and Abigail to be happy. As Abigail and Chad joked with one another, Gabi walked in with a get-well card. Abigail eagerly asked Gabi to join them. Chad saw Gabi staring at Abigail's engagement ring.

"I should have told you about us getting married again," Chad stuttered. Gabi said she knew that they were together and wished them happiness. With a stoic nod, Gabi left. Abigail urged Chad to talk to Gabi. When Chad caught up with Gabi in the hallway, she sternly said she was happy for them. Chad apologized for hurting her. Shaking her head, Gabi said she had hurt herself. Gabi said it had always been clear that Chad and Abigail belonged together.

As Chad attempted to compliment Gabi, she stopped him. Gabi asked Chad to concentrate on Abigail and let her focus on her feelings. While Chad walked back into Abigail's room, Sonny and Paul arrived. Sonny told Gabi about their engagement. "Wow, that is great. It seems like everyone I know is getting married," Gabi said before running off. Sonny went after her.

When Sonny found Gabi in the lounge, she told him that she had only needed a moment to indulge her sadness. Gabi said she was incredibly happy for Sonny and Paul. After a hug, Gabi said that she needed time to process her emotions about Chad but that she would be fine. Sonny reminded Gabi that he was her family too. Chuckling, Gabi told Sonny that their relationship had changed a great deal from the night of Arianna's birth. Sonny assured Gabi that she and Arianna would be in his life forever.

Back in Abigail's hospital room, Abigail congratulated Paul on his engagement to Sonny. When Paul noted that he wanted to ask John to be his best man, Abigail beamed. Paul admitted that he had not been able to find his father. Sonny entered the room as Paul left another voicemail for John.

Sonny told the group that Gabi would be fine then he changed the subject to the weddings. Abigail suggested that they plan a double wedding. At the nurses' station, Gabi looked through the window of Abigail's room and saw the two couples laughing. With a sigh, Gabi walked away.

At the psychiatric hospital, John and Marlena talked to one another through a vent in the padded wall. Both were in straitjackets, with no hope of rescuing each other. Marlena theorized aloud that Hattie had committed them so that she could secure Roman. With a sigh, Marlena added that the plan did not seem like Hattie. Marlena remembered when Hattie had told her, "The strawberries and whipped cream? We spiked them. You couldn't resist, could you?" Marlena said she was sure that Hattie was working with someone.

Curious, John urged Marlena to think about a person with whom Hattie could partner. Marlena's eyes went wide. Marlena suggested Stefano as a candidate. Not convinced, John reminded Marlena that Stefano had betrayed Hattie once, and she would not work with him again. When Marlena and John talked about the people with a motive, they dismissed Dr. Alex North from the list of candidates. John promised Marlena that he would never let her go again once they were reunited.

At the Horton Center, Jennifer and Eric talked about Lucas' drinking. Eric told Jennifer about his interaction with Lucas at the pub. Fighting tears, Jennifer lamented that Lucas had fallen off the wagon. Jennifer added that a broken heart was a hard thing to live with. Eric looked at his notebook that contained his letter for Nicole, and he shoved it into a drawer. Recounting her own history with addiction, Jennifer said she wanted to return the favor to Lucas and help him through his struggle. Eric reached across the desk and squeezed Jennifer's hand.

Jennifer said she was thankful for her friendship with Eric. When Jennifer asked Eric what she had walked in on with Nicole, Eric explained that Brady had misunderstood something. Concerned, Jennifer said she knew that Brady struggled with jealousy. When Eric noted that Marlena had dumped John, Jennifer's jaw dropped open. Worried, Jennifer announced that she needed to find Lucas.

In the town square, Nicole read an article about the Deimos murder case. There were no current suspects. Nicole returned to the Horton Center as Jennifer wished Eric well with Nicole. Hiding in the hallway, Nicole frowned in confusion as she listened to the conversation. Once Jennifer left, Nicole walked into the office.

Anjelica burst into Bonnie's hotel room with Hattie. Anjelica was furious to find a naked Lucas in Bonnie's bed. With a groan, Anjelica called Lucas "the bottom of the barrel." Bonnie defended him. When Anjelica urged the women to help her get rid of Lucas, Bonnie refused. Anjelica wanted to talk privately, but Hattie shrugged and said Lucas was out for the count. Anjelica yelled at Bonnie for ditching their plans. Unfazed, Bonnie argued that she had wanted to help Lucas because he had been hurting.

Anjelica told Bonnie that she had risked exposing herself as an impostor because Lucas was intimately familiar with Adrienne's body. Shrugging, Bonnie said Lucas had noticed some differences but that she had distracted him. Bonnie added that Lucas would forget the specifics but would have the vague memory of one last night with his beloved Adrienne. As Anjelica stewed, Bonnie barked that Lucas was a good person. Bonnie yelled that Lucas was an alcoholic, and Anjelica's plans had ruined his life.

"I don't know about you, sister, but I don't think I could live with myself!" Bonnie yelled. Anjelica said she did not care about Bonnie's conscience. Bonnie asked Anjelica if it was worth hurting Lucas to reunite with Justin. Anjelica nodded yes emphatically. When Hattie mentioned collateral damage, Anjelica called both women idiots. Bonnie warned Anjelica not to disparage them. When Hattie leaned in imposingly, Anjelica suggested they take a break. Hattie argued that they should call the plan off. Bonnie chimed in that Anjelica should secure better accomplices if she hated them so much.

Smiling, Bonnie told Anjelica that she would not live happily ever after with Justin if he ever discovered that Anjelica had locked the woman he loved in prison. Hattie added that John would get out of the psychiatric hospital and rat them out. "I think your party is over," Bonnie purred. Anjelica urged her cohorts not to give up so soon. When Anjelica reminded the women of their revenge targets, Bonnie jumped in and argued that Lucas did not deserve to get hurt. Hattie added that Roman had preferred her more as Hattie than as Marlena.

Anjelica argued that both women would benefit financially if they continued. Fed up, Hattie countered that she was happy to work as a cook. For her last trump card, Anjelica reminded the women that if the plan failed, they would return to Statesville, and she would walk free. Anjelica pointed out that there was no evidence connecting her to the kidnappings. Growling, Bonnie said she would tell Justin the truth.

When Bonnie threatened to use Anjelica's binder against her, Anjelica attacked her. As Bonnie and Anjelica struggled for control of the binder, Anjelica gasped and fell over onto the chair. "You give up, Anj?" Bonnie asked with a chuckle. A look of worry crossed Hattie's face. Hattie felt Anjelica's neck for a pulse and found none. "She's dead," Hattie announced.

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