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Eve returned to town as Deimos' widow. Sami, Marlena, John, Paul, Sonny, Justin, Adrienne, and Lucas arrived in Memphis to learn the truth about Will. Sami, Marlena, and John found Susan Banks in Memphis. Susan told Sami that Will was dead. Adrienne told Lucas about Bonnie, and she went back to Justin. Ben escaped. Theo had news for Kate. Paul saw Will.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 30, 2017 on DAYS
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A mystery takes a strange turn A mystery takes a strange turn
Monday, October 30, 2017
by Mike

Victor and Brady were both shocked to see Eve back in Salem -- and at Deimos' grave, of all places. "Where else would I be but at my husband's side?" she reasoned with a shrug.

Neither Victor nor Brady understood the true meaning of Eve's comment at first, each man taking it as a reference to the other. "I wouldn't marry [Eve] if the survival of the species was at stake!" Victor assured Brady. "I would never marry Theresa's sister!" Brady assured Victor. "Oh, of course. I forgot that you have your standards, even if they are very low," Victor dryly conceded.

"It's nice to see the two of you haven't grown up at all; in fact, I really think that you've regressed," Eve tiredly observed. Victor and Brady were both stunned -- and quite skeptical -- when she clarified that Deimos had been her husband, but she quickly produced a marriage certificate to back up her claim. "Six months ago, Deimos and I eloped to New York," she helpfully summarized.

Victor dismissively insisted that marriage certificates could be forged and that, in any case, no member of his household could have sneaked out of town -- for an elopement or any other reason -- without his knowledge. "You know, Victor, you don't know as much about what goes on under your roof as you think," Eve countered.

"For example, the day that I came back [to Salem] to see Tate, there was nobody at the mansion -- except Deimos," Eve continued, reminding Victor that Brady and Nicole had been on the run with the kids at that time. Eve recalled that Deimos had broken the news to her and had then braced himself, assuming that she could always find a way to take pleasure in his misery, even while struggling to accept the fact that she might never see her nephew again. "[But] I had lost my teaching job, my apartment...I had lost everything. And I was -- I was missing Paige very much -- I'd just come from her grave..." Eve continued.

"[Anyway, Deimos] was in an emotional vortex, and here's the, um, full disclosure part: I, um...sorta...kinda...took advantage of that," Eve admitted, recalling how, over drinks, she had stroked Deimos' ego and had bonded with him over their shared hatred of Victor. Eve explained that after the elopement -- which had taken place during what Deimos had vaguely described to Victor as a business trip -- a brief honeymoon had begun. "[Then], one day, [Deimos] just left me on the beach, high and dry, [after getting] a lead on Nicole," Eve continued.

"[Anyway], I was notified that his remains were released, [so] that's why I'm here today," Eve concluded. Brady sarcastically observed that Eve seemed quite upset about Deimos' death, prompting her to counter that she was almost as upset about it as he was. She encouraged Victor and Brady to look into her claims, confident that they would soon realize she wasn't lying.

"So, tell us, [Eve]...what have you been up to since Deimos left you on that beach?" Brady asked. "More importantly, what do you want now?" Victor added. "Well...this is neither the time nor the place to have that particular conversation," Eve coyly replied before excusing herself, sarcastically guessing that Victor and Brady needed more time to grieve.

Kate summoned Theo to the DiMera mansion after Chad and Abigail -- dressed as a pirate and a princess, respectively -- went trick-or-treating with Thomas, who was dressed as a pumpkin. Theo doubted that anyone could have hacked DiMera Enterprises without triggering an alert, since he had drastically beefed up its security measures after Dario's attack on Countess Wilhelmina, so Kate was forced to consider the possibility that someone close to her was sabotaging the company. Theo was reluctant to get involved because he hated keeping secrets, but Kate convinced him that he needed to help her protect his family's legacy.

After stepping outside to give candy to a group of trick-or-treaters, Claire reentered her apartment and accidentally bumped into Tripp, who had been on his way to the shower and was wearing only a towel. The collision caused the towel to fall to the floor, leaving him standing naked in front of her. She didn't bother to look away as he awkwardly cleared his throat and reached for the towel.

"Finished with your inspection?" Tripp asked Claire before wrapping the towel back around his waist. She apologized for bumping into him. He explained that he had only been parading around the apartment in a towel because he had assumed that he had the place to himself. She clarified, with a hint of annoyance, that she was still planning to attend a Halloween party that night but was going to be a late arrival because Theo was busy dealing with something. "Well, when you get there, you're gonna knock 'em dead; that is, uh...that's quite a costume you've got there -- what there is of it," Tripp appreciatively observed, eyeing Claire's sexy cat costume.

Tripp started to retreat to the shower, but Claire stopped him and asked him not to tell Theo about what had just happened. "I mean, like, yeah, I saw you naked, but, I mean, we both know that it was no big deal, so..." Claire reasoned with a shrug. "Do you think [that] when you talk about seeing me naked, you could avoid the phrase 'no big deal'? Words can hurt," Tripp countered, managing a laugh.

After apologizing for the poor choice of words, Claire explained to Tripp that she simply didn't want Theo to find out about the incident because he had a tendency to get jealous about things -- and was, in fact, still kind of jealous of their relationship. "Which is, like, of course, totally ridiculous," Claire added with a nervous laugh. "Yeah, yeah -- totally," Tripp agreed, also laughing nervously.

Later, Tripp -- freshly showered and fully clothed -- rejoined Claire in the living room, where she was eating candy while waiting, with growing frustration, for Theo to return home. Tripp wondered what Theo was busy dealing with at that moment. "I don't know. He didn't tell me...which is really weird, because he usually tells me everything. He's like an open book," Claire mused suspiciously.

"Is that, that, like, an autism thing?" Tripp asked carefully, making it clear that he wasn't trying to be offensive. "I just don't know how to talk to him sometimes. I mean, he seems pretty much like a normal dude most of the time..." Tripp continued, stammering as he struggled to think of the appropriate way to word his questions. Claire assured Tripp that Theo was just like everyone else -- aside from the fact that he basically always said exactly what he was thinking at any given moment. "Then he's not like everyone else -- in a good way," Tripp argued.

Tripp suggested that it might be best for him to move out of the apartment, since Theo clearly had issues with him. "No, you cannot go! You can't! I would be completely devastated!" Claire protested, grabbing Tripp's hands. "Without your share of the rent, I would be completely broke," Claire quickly added, chuckling nervously. Claire assured Tripp that Theo would warm up to him eventually.

"He just has a huge problem with lying," Claire explained. Chuckling, Tripp mused, "Boy, does he live in the wrong town..." Claire assured Tripp that Theo would eventually forgive him for telling a lie.

Later, Theo returned home and vaguely informed Claire that he had been busy dealing with work stuff. When she pointed out that he needed a costume for the Halloween party, he grabbed a nearby hat and said he'd go as a baseball fan. She sarcastically praised him for putting so much thought and effort into the event.

Tripp encouraged Claire and Theo to enjoy the party. Realizing that Tripp didn't have any real plans for the evening, Claire started to suggest, "You know, if you want to, you could, like..." When he prompted her to continue, she lost her nerve and concluded, "Order a pizza. The new place on the corner is really good." She then rushed off with Theo.

In Memphis, Sami, Marlena, Sonny, John, and Paul found themselves in the home of a man who was wearing an Elvis costume. "Maybe this has to do with E.J.," Sami optimistically theorized, but Marlena was quick to point out that it was Halloween -- and, on top of that, they were a stone's throw away from Graceland. "No, of course. Of course you're right," Sami conceded with a sigh.

"If you're looking for candy, forget it. No costume, no candy," the man insisted, protectively seizing a nearby bowl of candy. John assured the man that no one was interested in candy. "Ah -- autographs!" the man guessed.

Sonny clarified, "We're here for answers. What do you know about Will Horton?" The man dropped his bowl of candy in shock but claimed that he didn't know anyone named Will Horton. The man ordered everyone to leave his house immediately, but Sami insisted that no one was going anywhere. "Oh, yeah? You might wanna rethink that," the man countered, drawing a gun.

Paul quickly seized the gun, recognizing at once that it wasn't real. John pulled back one side of his jacket to reveal that he, on the other hand, was armed with a real gun. Meanwhile, Sami contacted the local police and summoned them to the house, vaguely explaining that the man living there had committed a complicated crime. The man protested that he had done nothing illegal; in fact, he was the picture of clean living.

"We're looking for a man by the name of Dr. Wilhelm Rolf," John explained. "He claims that he was paid to bring my son back from the dead," Sami added.

"This is about Dr. Rolf? Why didn't you say so in the first place?" the man replied, flashing a smile. Sami demanded to know how the man knew Rolf. "In his professional capacity. He has what you might call a unique area of expertise," the man explained. Sami took that to mean that the man had hired Rolf to resurrect someone, and the man admitted that was true.

"So, you hired Dr. Rolf to bring Will back?" Sami asked excitedly. "Good God, no! I told you -- I never heard of Will Horton before tonight!" the man reiterated. "Ain't it obvious? The person I paid Rolf to bring back from the dead was me. Fans demanded it! Long live the king!" the man continued with a laugh.

"You think this is funny? This is my husband we're talking about -- the man that I love!" Sonny angrily protested. Paul silently absorbed the sting of the comment as John tried to calm Sonny down. "No, I'm not gonna calm down! He knows something about Will, and I want to know what it is!" Sonny continued. The man maintained that he had no idea what the group was talking about.

Sonny lunged forward, vowing that he would do whatever he had to do to figure out the truth about Will. "You do not touch the king!" the man warned, pushing Sonny away. Sonny lost his footing and hit his head on a coffee table, losing consciousness in the process. Marlena and Paul rushed to Sonny's side while John called for an ambulance. Meanwhile, Sami warned the man that he was going to pay for what he had just done.

As if on cue, a police officer arrived. Sami urged the police officer to arrest the man, vaguely explaining that he had not only assaulted a man but was also somehow connected to her son's disappearance. The man quickly produced a driver's license to prove that he was the owner of the house then informed the police officer that everyone else was trespassing. The police officer told Sami that, in that case, there was no cause to arrest the man.

Paramedics soon arrived to take Sonny to the hospital. Paul didn't want to leave Sonny's side but was forced to accept that he couldn't ride in the ambulance with Sonny because he wasn't Sonny's next of kin. John and Paul followed the ambulance to the hospital, leaving Marlena behind to keep Sami under control.

The man decided not to press charges against the group after the police officer warned that it would take quite a while to do so. The police officer advised that it would be best for Sami and Marlena to leave before the man changed his mind, but Sami refused, reiterating that the man was withholding information about her son's disappearance. When the police officer tried to forcibly remove Sami from the house, she called him an idiot and pushed him away, scratching him in the process. The police officer took that as enough of a reason to drag Sami down to the police station.

After the police officer left with Sami and Marlena, the man called out, "You can come out now. They're gone. Don't worry. Nobody knows you're here. That was a close one, but hopefully that's the last we've seen of them."

Ben escapes and kills Kayla Ben escapes and kills Kayla
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail and Chad settled into bed after an evening of trick-or-treating with Thomas. Chad asked what Abigail was reading, and she noted that she was reading Jane Eyre. Chad checked his phone, and curious, Abigail asked why he had been glancing at his phone all night. Chad admitted that he was waiting to hear about Ben's transfer. Chad apologized for not telling her about the transfer sooner. Abigail said she wanted the whole thing to be over.

At the police station, Hope was working when Rafe crept up behind her with a monster mask on. When Rafe grabbed Hope, she casually turned around and kissed Rafe's mask. As Rafe looked at Hope questioningly, Hope noted that she had smelled Rafe's cologne. Lani and J.J. joined Hope and Rafe, and Rafe asked about Ben's transfer to a more secure facility.

J.J. called Chad at the mansion and told him that Ben had escaped. Worried, Chad and Abigail got dressed and prepared to leave town. While Abigail packed up Thomas' things upstairs, Chad made arrangements on the phone to prepare the jet.

At the hospital, Kayla and Steve chatted by the nurses' station about the Halloween party on the pediatric floor. Steve told Kayla that he had promised Roman that he would check on the pub. Steve invited Kayla to join him for a beer after she finished her shift, but Kayla begged off, citing anxiety from her previous Halloween spent in a coffin, thanks to Orpheus. With a nod, Steve told Kayla he would see her at home. Behind them, a figure in scrubs and a mask exited the elevator and walked down the hallway.

The figure walked down to the morgue. On the steel table was Dr. Rolf's body. The figure pulled the mask off of his face, revealing Ben. Ben pulled out a needle and injected Rolf's body with a serum. Rolf revived from death. Confused, Rolf asked Ben what had happened. Ben explained that Clyde had sent him to revive Rolf. Ben asked Rolf for help reviving other victims. Rolf dressed in scrubs and a mask, and he accompanied Ben out of the hospital. As the two men stepped onto the elevator, Kayla joined them.

At the cemetery, Rolf dug up the graves of Serena and Paige. In the town square nearby, Lani, J.J., and Hope searched for Ben. Rafe called with a tip about suspicious activity out in the cemetery. When Hope met up with Rafe there, they stopped Rolf from leaving. With a grin, Rolf said, "Activate satellite." Hope went limp, and Rafe caught her before she fell to the ground. When Hope woke up, she corrected Rafe and told him that she was Princess Gina.

As Gina eyeballed Rafe, she noted that he was "a delicious specimen" but that her heart belonged to John. Rafe appealed to Gina to remember him, but an annoyed Gina pulled Hope's gun out of her holster when Rafe grabbed her arm. Gina leveled the gun at Rafe and ordered him to back away. Rafe said he did not believe that Gina could shoot him. Scoffing, Rolf said that Gina would not take orders from anyone except for him. Gina argued that shooting Rafe would draw unwanted attention.

With a shrug, Rolf suggested that Gina use a poison lipstick he had devised. Gina put on the lipstick while Rolf tied Rafe to a bench. Gina sat next to Rafe, and he pleaded with her not to go through with Rolf's plan. Gina hesitated. Rafe said he did not believe that Hope was gone. Gina kissed Rafe. As Rafe faded away, Gina started to recover her memories of Rafe. Crying, Gina said she could feel Hope's love for Rafe.

In the square, J.J. suggested to Lani that they split up so that they could search more ground. Lani told J.J. she was worried that he would lose his temper with Rolf if he found him, but J.J. promised that he would not make the same mistake as before. Reluctantly, Lani agreed to split up. After Lani walked into the park, J.J. turned and saw Paige across the square. Paige ran over and hugged a disbelieving J.J. Confused, J.J. asked Paige if she was real. Paige said she did not know what had happened, but she was happy to be back from the dead.

When Lani returned, J.J. introduced her to Paige. Jealous, Paige accused J.J. of cheating on her again. J.J. attempted to calm Paige, but furious, Paige grabbed a pitchfork from a Halloween display and stabbed Lani. Lani dropped to the ground, and J.J. held her in his arms as she died. Paige seductively crawled across the ground toward J.J. and begged him to give their relationship another chance. J.J. swore he would have nothing to do with Paige. Paige grabbed the gun from Lani's holster and pointed it at J.J. Scowling, Paige shot J.J. as he stared at her in horror.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla surprised Steve as he was checking the front door. Kayla explained that she had changed her mind about meeting Steve for a beer. As Kayla tugged at a scarf tied around her neck, Steve poured two glasses of beer. Kayla told Steve that she still loved him as much as she ever had. Kayla added that she knew it was not Steve's fault that Joey was in prison. Steve asked why Kayla had chosen that moment to tell him that. Tugging absentmindedly at her scarf, Kayla said that her ordeal the previous Halloween had proven to her that life was short. Steve noted that Kayla was behaving strangely.

A police officer knocked on the pub front door. Steve rose to answer it, but a nervous Kayla asked Steve to stay with her. When Steve asked why, Kayla said she was not ready to go home. As Steve walked to the door, a weepy Kayla told him that she loved him. The cop informed Steve that his wife had been strangled. Steve laughed. As Steve turned to point out that his wife was alive, he realized that Kayla was not in the pub.

Steve accompanied the cop over to the morgue to identify his wife's body. When Steve walked into the room and saw Kayla's body on the steel table, Steve broke down sobbing. As Steve cried over his wife's corpse, Ben announced from the shadowy corner of the room that he was sorry. Ben explained that Kayla had recognized him, and he had been forced to strangle her. Ben promised that he would fix everything and revive Kayla. Overwhelmed with grief, Steve choked the life out of Ben.

At the DiMera mansion, Chad was finalizing the plans for the jet when Serena walked into the living room. Surprised, Chad stared at Serena in disbelief. Holding the statue that she had used to smuggle diamonds out of Africa, Serena announced that she was there on unfinished business. Serena blamed Chad for her death because Ben had seen Chad with her. Serena argued that Ben would not have murdered her if he had not needed to pin a death on Chad. As Abigail returned to the living room, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Serena.

Chad urged Abigail to take Thomas and leave the house. Serena said that the was there to murder Chad as payback and that Ben would be next. Clutching the statue tightly, Serena swung the object, striking Chad on the side of the head. As Chad crumpled to the ground, Abigail dropped to his side. Fighting tears, Abigail murmured that Chad was dead. Serena said that Chad had deserved to die and that Abigail was next. Seeing the look of confusion on Abigail's face, Serena explained that she might not have been murdered if Abigail had not been cheating on Ben. Serena hit Abigail in the head with the statue.

In her bedroom, Abigail woke up from her nightmare. Chad assured Abigail that she had been dreaming. Abigail explained that she had had a terrible dream about Ben and some of their friends and family. After retrieving a cup of tea, Chad and Abigail talked in bed about her fears about Ben. When Chad pointed out that Abigail's book, Jane Eyre, had an interrupted wedding and a house set on fire, Abigail agreed that she should find a different book to read. Behind Chad and Abigail on the bedside table was the statue from Abigail's dream.

At the police station, Lani and J.J. informed Hope and Rafe that Ben's transfer had gone as planned. Hope suggested they all head home for the night. At the hospital, Steve returned to pick up Kayla after her shift, and they headed home. Downstairs in the morgue, Dr. Rolf's body lay lifeless on the steel table.

More people join the search in Memphis More people join the search in Memphis> More people join the search in Memphis More people join the search in Memphis
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
by Mike

After spending the night at the Memphis-area police station where Sami was being held, Marlena joined John at the nearby hospital where Sonny was being treated. Marlena reported that Sami had not been released yet. John, in turn, reported that Sonny had not woken up yet but was expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, Sonny opened his eyes and found someone sitting at his bedside, holding his hand. "Will? Will, is that really you?" Sonny asked excitedly. "Thank God you're finally awake. You gave us a really good scare," Paul replied.

Confused, Sonny began to explain, "I thought, um...that, uh..." Paul helpfully concluded that Sonny had been dreaming. Nodding, Sonny wondered what he had said to Paul earlier. "It doesn't matter," Paul insisted, forcing a smile.

Sonny winced in pain and raised a hand to his forehead, prompting Paul to report that Sonny had suffered a concussion but was going to be fine. "So I can leave?" Sonny asked excitedly, sitting up at once. Paul gently pushed Sonny back onto the hospital bed, insisting that he needed to get some rest first. "I don't have time for that!" Sonny impatiently countered.

Certain that the man in the Elvis costume was withholding information about Will, Sonny sat up again and started to climb off the bed, insisting, "I can't lie here! I have to get back to that house, Paul, and you can't stop me!" Paul pushed Sonny back onto the bed with more force than before, maintaining that his body needed time to recover first. "You know how important this is to me -- to find out if Will's alive -- [so] let me go!" Sonny demanded, struggling with Paul. Paul warned that Sonny would be risking his health if he left the hospital at that time. "I don't care!" Sonny dismissively countered. "Paul, please! Please!" Sonny begged.

Sighing, Paul promised that he would personally investigate the man in the Elvis costume while Sonny was recuperating. "I want to be a part of [the investigation]!" Sonny protested, forcing Paul to promise that he would also ask the doctors to release Sonny as soon as possible. Paul stressed that he had talked to Justin and Adrienne the previous night and had promised them that he would look after their son -- a promise he intended to keep. Paul then received a phone call from Gabi, who had been trying to contact Sonny since the previous night. Sonny wasn't ready to talk to Gabi just yet, so Paul stepped into the hallway to fill her in on what had happened.

As soon as the coast was clear, Sonny removed his blood pressure cuff and started to climb off the bed again -- just as Justin and Adrienne entered the room. Surprised, Sonny settled back onto the bed and greeted his parents, trying to hide his frustration. He managed to make small talk with them for a few minutes but got antsy again when they urged him to get some rest. "If I'm stuck in this bed, it's gonna drive me crazy!" he protested.

Adrienne warned that Sonny needed to take his injury seriously, and Justin advised that mothers were always right. "But last night --" Sonny began to explain. "We all know what happened last night," Justin interrupted, adding that he was planning to head to the nearby police station soon to make sure that the man in the Elvis costume wasn't planning to press charges. "He knows something about Will -- I can feel it!" Sonny insisted. Justin assured Sonny that they would figure out what the man was hiding soon enough. "But [first] we want to make sure that you're out of trouble, okay?" Justin added. "Okay," Sonny grudgingly agreed.

As soon as Justin left the room, Sonny turned to Adrienne and begged her to help him leave the hospital right away. Ignoring the request, Adrienne changed the subject, promising to take Sonny and Arianna to a toy store soon so Arianna could pick out any stuffed animal she wanted. Groaning, Sonny suddenly remembered that the next day was father-daughter day at Arianna's preschool. "Damn it! I can't believe I'm stuck here in this depressing hospital at a time like this, having everyone else get the answers for me! We've got this freak Elvis on the run, Sami's in trouble, and we're not closer to finding out about Will!" Sonny complained.

Adrienne pointed out that everyone else who had loved Will was just as anxious as Sonny was to find out if Will was still alive, but Sonny countered that everyone else who had loved Will had been on good terms with him at the time of his death, so the stakes simply weren't the same for them. "I hurt him, [and] he died thinking that I abandoned him," Sonny reminded Adrienne. "If I hadn't turned my back on him -- if only I was with him at the time that that happened..." Sonny continued, fighting back tears. Adrienne argued that Sonny had been justifiably angry at that time because of the problems in his marriage, but Sonny countered, "I was so judgmental! I was unforgiving! I pushed him and pushed him! He reached out to me, and I ignored him!" Sonny paused to breathe through a sudden jolt of pain but insisted he was fine.

Adrienne urged Sonny to stop torturing himself with feelings of guilt and regret, adding, "Emotions run high [in relationships] -- they always do -- and feelings, they get hurt -- and sometimes so profoundly -- because so much is on the line, but no matter how much hurt and disappointment there is, there is always the love." Sonny managed a smile and admitted that Adrienne always knew just what to say to make him feel better.

Changing the subject, Sonny wondered if Adrienne had managed to explain everything to Lucas yet. Adrienne reported that Lucas hadn't been in his hotel room when she had gone there to talk to him -- but a bunch of empty bottles of alcohol had been, giving her a troubling hint of what she would be up against when she finally managed to track him down. She hoped it wasn't already too late to get him back on the right path.

Sonny soon contacted Gabi to let her know that he unfortunately wasn't going to be able to attend the father-daughter event at Arianna's preschool. Gabi assured Sonny that Arianna, who had been disappointed at first, had cheered up a bit when Eli had offered to fill in for him. Pleased to hear that, Sonny ended the call after promising to keep Gabi posted on how the search for Will was progressing.

Marlena, who had been struggling to find a good lawyer to represent Sami, was thrilled when Justin greeted her in one of the break rooms and offered to handle Sami's case himself, explaining that there was legal reciprocity between Memphis and Salem that made it possible for him to do so. Justin was confident that he would be able to get Sami released as long as she didn't do anything to make her situation worse before he reached the police station. Knowing that was a lot to expect of Sami, Marlena and John exchanged looks of concern then wished Justin luck and rushed him off.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Sami hounded the police officer who had arrested her, dryly joking that he might want to tighten her cuffs a bit more because she could still feel her pinkies. He ignored her and walked away.

"Twice in one week," Lucas observed, joining Sami in the police station. Surprised, she wondered what he was doing in Memphis. He angrily explained that he had found out about her little search party and had decided to crash it. "[Will's] my son, too! He's my son, and you ditched me -- you cut me out of this!" he snapped, prompting her to point out that he was making a scene.

Sami apologized for leaving Lucas out of the search but argued that he couldn't really blame her for choosing to do so. "You're a drunken mess, Lucas, and everybody agreed that if we brought you along, you would have gotten us into trouble," she continued. Scoffing, he reminded her that they were in a police station at that moment because of her actions, not his. "You know what I mean," she dismissively replied.

"What'd you do this time, huh?" Lucas asked Sami. She filled him in on what had happened and unapologetically stressed that she would continue to do everything in her power to find out what had happened to their son, regardless of the consequences. She spontaneously asked him to cause a distraction so she could sneak out of the police station and continue the search for answers, suggesting, "Just do what you do best -- be a drunk." He defensively protested that he wasn't a drunk. She countered, "You can be today, right? [I mean], no one wants you to be sober more than I do, [but right now], I need your help, and Will needs your help!"

Lucas refused to go along with Sami's plan, fearing that it would just backfire and make things worse. Frustrated, she began lashing out at him for being unwilling to help, insisting that their son would be ashamed of him. "I should have known better than to count on a worthless drunk," she spat. "At least I can be honest about my drinking. I don't run and hide from things, like some people I know," he countered.

Sami wanted to know what Lucas meant, but he dismissively insisted that he didn't want to continue talking to her because she had no idea what he had been through lately. She argued that she did because she had loved their son just as much as he had. "And if you're talking about Adrienne, I'm sorry for what you went through, but at least she's still alive. I lost E.J. forever, okay? I spent a year chasing shadows across the globe, [and] I had to pretend that everything was fine for our kids [because] every morning, I had to wake up and be a mother to them," she continued.

"Look, we lose people that we love, and it sucks, but we can't sit here wallowing in self-pity, and we can't play the blame game; we have to just be brave and move on," Sami stressed, adding that if Lucas couldn't do that on his own, he needed to seek help because, one way or another, he needed to get his life back on track immediately. Annoyed, he countered that he hadn't rushed to the police station to listen as she threw his problems in his face; he had rushed there to help her get released. "But you know what? If you want out of here, get out of here on your own!" he spat before storming off, ignoring her attempt to stop him.

Sighing, Sami assured herself that she didn't need Lucas' help, anyway. The next time she saw the police officer who had arrested her, she sweetly apologized to him then provided a brief recap of everything she had been through lately, hoping that would help to explain her behavior. When she realized that he wasn't going to cut her any slack, she went back to hounding him, wondering why he was being so sensitive about the one tiny scratch she had given him earlier. Justin soon intervened, introducing himself to the police officer as Sami's lawyer. "She's all yours," the police officer replied, giving Justin a look of pity.

Sami was quick to ask about Sonny, so Justin reported that Sonny was going to be fine. Justin added that he had passed the local district attorney on his way into the police station and had arranged for Sami to be released right away. Justin warned, however, that the man in the Elvis costume, whose real name was Roger Fisher, had filed a restraining order against Sami and everyone else who had visited his house the previous night. "[And] you really can't afford to be arrested again," Justin continued. Sami grudgingly assured Justin that she would go straight to the hospital, not Roger Fisher's house, after being released.

Adrienne booked a room at a hotel across the street from the hospital so she could get some rest, having allowed Sonny to convince her that she needed it just as much as he did. She was pleasantly surprised when she ran into Lucas in the hallway outside her room, which happened to be directly across from his.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Paul confided in John about what had happened with Sonny earlier. "It's like he can't think about anything else [but Will]," Paul mused with a sigh. John wondered if Paul believed that Will was still alive. "I don't see how that's possible," Paul replied. Paul fretted about what might happen when Sonny's hopes were eventually crushed, doubting that Sonny would be able to recover from losing Will all over again.

John wondered if Paul had given any thought to what might happen if Sonny's hopes were eventually realized. "If Will is alive...I believe in my heart that Sonny would leave me. Seeing the way that he talks about him, the way that he looked at me when he thought that I was Will...I'm afraid that I'm going to lose him forever," Paul reluctantly admitted.

Later, Paul rejoined Sonny, who was annoyed to hear that the doctors wanted him to stay in the hospital for at least one more day. Sonny hopefully wondered if Paul and John had managed to find out anything about the man in the Elvis costume. "Nothing yet. And [he] took out a restraining order against all of us, so we can't go back to that house," Paul reported. Sonny remained convinced that the man was hiding something, so Paul promised that they would figure out what it was eventually. Sonny tried to apologize to Paul for what had happened earlier, but Paul quickly interrupted, insisting, "You don't have to say anything. I understand."

Meanwhile, Justin tracked John and Marlena down and assured them that the man in the Elvis costume was willing to forget about what had happened as long as everyone respected the restraining order he had filed against them. Realizing that John and Marlena were hearing about the restraining order for the first time, Justin mused that it was odd that Sami hadn't thought to tell them about it. Marlena clarified that Sami hadn't visited the hospital yet. Groaning, Justin concluded, "She lied to me. I should have known." Marlena feared that she knew exactly where Sami was at that moment.

After picking the lock on one of the windows of Roger Fisher's house, Sami sneaked inside and soon stumbled upon a shocking sight.

A familiar face is seen in Memphis A familiar face is seen in Memphis
Thursday, November 2, 2017
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor informed Maggie that, according to Justin, Sonny was going to be fine.

"What more could possibly happen in this family?" Maggie asked wearily. Victor hoped that, with Bonnie exposed and out of the mansion, the answer to that question was "nothing" -- and Maggie agreed. "Maybe things will go back to normal [now, and we'll have] no more scheming interlopers under our roof," Maggie mused optimistically -- just as the front door opened.

"I hope this isn't a bad time," Eve cheerfully stated, joining Victor and Maggie in the living room. Maggie assumed that Eve was looking for Brady and Tate, leading Eve to conclude that Victor hadn't shared the big news yet. "I was going to tell you [earlier], but then we heard about Sonny," Victor explained to Maggie. "[Heard what] about Sonny?" Eve asked curiously. "None of your business," Victor snapped.

Victor started to break the news to Maggie, but Eve soon interrupted, believing that he was taking too long to make a very simple announcement. "Just cut to the chase! Maggie, I'm part of the family now," Eve cheerfully revealed, adding, for clarification, that she was Mrs. Deimos Kiriakis, the grieving widow. "Unfortunately, what she's saying is true. I checked it out with a lawyer," Victor grudgingly confirmed.

For Maggie's benefit, Eve repeated the story of the elopement, just as she had previously told it to Victor and Brady. Maggie found it odd that Eve had waited such a long time to return to Salem after the elopement, but Eve explained with a shrug that she had simply never seen the point of doing so before, since Deimos had left her so he could chase after Nicole and had died shortly thereafter. "[But then] I received [official notice] that Deimos' remains [had been] released, so I thought it was time to come home and tell everyone the truth," Eve continued.

Victor sarcastically thanked Eve for taking the time to regale everyone with such a wonderful love story. "[But now] it's time for you to leave," Victor added. "Oh, that's not gonna happen, Victor. In fact...I'm moving in," Eve replied. As if on cue, a man entered the mansion with a stack of boxes in his arms and asked, "Where should I put your things, Mrs. Kiriakis?" Eve sweetly instructed the man -- Lars -- to put them in her late husband's bedroom. As Lars headed upstairs, Eve raved to Victor and Maggie that he was such a doll -- and one of her best people. "You have people now?" Maggie asked incredulously. "I do! It's fun!" Eve bragged.

Victor insisted that Eve wasn't welcome at the mansion. "I have no time for your shenanigans," he added. "I'm a widow now. Widows don't have shenanigans," she countered with a sigh of indignation.

Maggie intervened, explaining to Eve that the family was dealing with a lot at that time, particularly where Sonny was concerned. "He was supposed to marry Paul last week, [but] Ben Weston crashed the wedding," Maggie continued, prompting a stunned Eve to wonder why "that psycho" was roaming free. "He broke out [of Bayview and] came to the wedding [to] claim that he [hadn't killed] Will Horton -- that Will is still alive," Maggie explained.

"If Ben didn't kill Will, then what can that mean for my daughter? Ben [also] killed Paige -- or at least I thought..." Eve began before rushing off in search of answers, ignoring Maggie's attempt to stop her.

Victor wanted to seize the opportunity to toss Eve's belongings out, but Maggie insisted that he couldn't do that. "The hell I can't! This is not her house, and it's obvious she's up to something!" Victor pointed out. Maggie acknowledged that Victor was probably right about that, since Eve seemed to always have some sort of agenda. Maggie maintained, however, that Victor needed to show Eve some compassion because she was worried about her daughter at that moment. "All right, fine -- she gets twenty-four hours of compassion. Then we throw her out on her ass," Victor declared.

At the Horton Town Square, Lani watched as J.J. nervously checked his cell phone. "Trying to see how much time you have left before my dad shows up to grill you?" she guessed.

Nodding, J.J. pointed out that Abe had never exactly been his biggest fan. "He'll come around," Lani predicted. "When? Look, I've tried really hard to earn your dad's respect, but nothing seems to work. I mean, what's it gonna take? I mean, is the guy that closed-minded and stubborn that nothing I could do would ever be good enough for his..." J.J. complained before abruptly stopping himself, realizing, based on Lani's look of concern, that Abe was standing right behind him. Gulping, J.J. turned to face Abe, who was with Valerie, and offer him an apology. "[J.J.'s] not wrong," Valerie told Abe. "That's for sure," Lani agreed.

"You know, I was going to let him off the hook, but now you're all just piling on," Abe grumbled. Valerie helpfully changed the subject, asking J.J. and Lani for an update on the search for answers about Will's death and supposed resurrection. Lani praised J.J. for figuring out how to unlock Rolf's tablet computer, but J.J. was quick to add that Lani had found the device. "We make a great team," Lani concluded, smiling at J.J.

Lani caught her father's reaction to the comment, prompting her to ask, "Is there a problem?" Nodding, Abe pointed out that J.J. had recently been suspended. Lani tried to explain that there had been extenuating circumstances, but Abe didn't care, arguing that detectives needed to be able to stay calm in even the most trying situations.

J.J. appreciatively assured Lani that she didn't need to defend him then told Abe, "I take full responsibility for what I did." Valerie tried to change the subject again, but Abe forged ahead. "All I'm saying is that it worries me that my daughter is partnered with someone who can't keep his emotions in check," Abe explained, adding that such hotheadedness could one day get Lani, if not J.J., killed.

Lani believed that her father was being unfair, but J.J. admitted that Abe had every right to be concerned. "I lost my cool with Ben. I'm supposed to be better than that, and what I did was wrong. And I will work to make sure that nothing like it ever happens again. But Abe, I want you to know: there is nothing more important to me than your daughter's safety. I would never do anything to put Lani in harm's way. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and every time I'm with her, she inspires me to be a better man, a better cop, and a better partner," J.J. added.

Valerie found J.J.'s words quite touching, and even Abe admitted that it was nice to hear such things. "I hope you mean it," Abe added. "More than anything," J.J. stressed.

After giving the matter some thought, Abe conceded that he could be stubborn at times, just as J.J. had declared earlier, and that he probably had been too hard on J.J. up to that point. "I found Lani so late in life [that], you know, maybe sometimes I'm trying to make up for lost time [and] can get a little overprotective," Abe continued. Lani was quick to nod in agreement but gave her father a smile to show that she understood.

Eve interrupted at that moment, informing J.J. that she needed to talk to him about Ben's claim that Will was still alive. "Is it possible that Paige could be alive? I mean, do -- do you think?" Eve asked J.J. hopefully. "I asked Ben the same question. He swore to me that Paige is dead," J.J. apologetically replied. Scoffing, Eve skeptically suggested that, since she wasn't exactly on the best of terms with J.J., she probably would have received the same answer from him even if Ben had said that Paige was still alive. "You're the reason Paige and I were at odds when she was taken from me," Eve bitterly added.

Lani insisted that Eve wasn't being fair to J.J., and Abe added that J.J. wasn't to blame for what had happened to Paige. Eve ignored them both and stormed off, planning to continue her search for answers at the police station. J.J. apologetically excused himself then chased after Eve, feeling like it was his responsibility to help her process everything she had learned that day. Lani claimed that she understood but seemed a bit concerned.

When J.J. caught up with Eve at the police station, he stressed that if there had been even the slightest possibility that Paige was still alive, he would have spent every waking second looking for her. "But they're looking for Will!" Eve pointed out. J.J. explained that there were reasons to believe that Will was still alive. "Well, maybe there's reasons that Paige is..." Eve began hopefully. "She's gone," J.J. gently maintained. "I'm so sorry you got your hopes up," J.J. added as Eve began sobbing.

Lani entered the police station in time to witness Eve accepting a hug from J.J. When they pulled away from each other, Lani greeted them and apologized for the interruption.

"You're not interrupting," J.J. assured Lani before turning his attention back to Eve and telling her that he missed Paige, too. "You know, sometimes, the days are -- are really good. I -- I just think maybe...being back here in Salem, with all the memories..." Eve began as a way of explaining her sudden wave of emotions. "But I'm gonna have to get used to it again," Eve added with a shrug before surprising J.J. and Lani with the news that she was back in town for good.

In Memphis, Lucas reluctantly agreed to hear Adrienne out after she made it clear that she was prepared to camp outside his hotel room and bother him all day if necessary. "[Just] make it quick. I got a lotta drinkin' to do," he stressed before gulping down a shot of whiskey. "Care to join me?" he added as he refilled the glass. Sighing, she admitted that she hated seeing him in such a dark place.

Adrienne tried to convince Lucas to seek help, but he dismissively insisted that it was a bit too late for her to begin showing her concern, especially since it wasn't a coincidence that he had fallen off the wagon shortly after she had broken up with him. He was stunned and confused when she clarified that she wasn't the woman who had broken up with him. He was skeptical at first, concluding that he clearly wasn't the only person who had been hitting the bottle lately, but after hearing the whole story, he realized that she was telling the truth.

"So, what are you telling me? Are you telling me that we're good? That you still love me? That you want me -- you want to be together with me? Is that what you're saying?" Lucas asked hopefully. When Adrienne didn't respond right away, he added, "You do still love me, right?" She confirmed without hesitation that she did. "But not only me," he guessed.

Adrienne regretfully admitted that Lucas was right. "I thought about you the whole time I was in prison. [Every single day], I thought about coming home to you, and I was so afraid of what Bonnie was doing to you -- and to my family," Adrienne began to explain. "And Justin," Lucas guessed. Nodding, Adrienne admitted that she had been stunned to learn that Bonnie had gotten involved with Justin. "I had no idea that Justin still [had feelings] for me," Adrienne continued. When Lucas expressed skepticism, Adrienne clarified, "I guess I just didn't admit it to myself [until then]."

"[But] now you know...[and] that changes how you feel," Lucas concluded. Confirming the suspicion, Adrienne tearfully explained, "Lucas, please, you have to understand -- Justin rescued me, [and] after all those months, when he came into that prison, I was just so flooded with relief and gratitude --" Lucas interrupted to add that Adrienne had obviously also been filled with love for Justin, and she admitted that was true. "[And] without thinking about it, I just rushed into his arms...and I kissed him," Adrienne continued.

"Honestly, I didn't think it meant anything..." Adrienne began to add before letting her voice trail off. "Until you...what, saw me in the hallway?" Lucas guessed. Nodding, she tearfully apologized, prompting him to dismissively insist that she didn't need to waste any tears on him because he was going to be just fine on his own. He added that he hadn't just been drinking because of their breakup, anyway.

Knowing what Lucas was referring to, Adrienne acknowledged that she couldn't even begin to imagine what he had been going through since he had first heard the rumor that Will was still alive. Adrienne wanted to be there for Lucas as the search for answers continued, but he insisted, "I don't want your pity, and you don't have to feel obligated to give me your love, either!"

"You and I, we're over," Lucas declared, stunning Adrienne. "I'm sick of putting my faith in people and being disappointed all the time. It's not gonna happen anymore. No matter what happens between you and Justin, I have to move on," he continued. Sobbing, she reiterated that she wasn't the woman who had broken his heart, but he countered that she had just finished admitting that her heart didn't just belong to him anymore.

Lucas insisted that he couldn't put any more energy into trying to convince Adrienne, yet again, to choose him over Justin, since he had other things to worry about at that time. "I have no choice but to accept the fact that Justin loves you, and you love him," he concluded. "It doesn't look like you've accepted anything," she observed as he gulped down another shot of whiskey.

Lucas wondered if Adrienne was actively trying to make him feel bad at that point. She insisted that she wasn't, and she added that she had never realized before that she was harboring feelings for two men. "I knew! I knew the whole damn time! I knew [that] no matter how close we got, it was just a matter of time before you went back to him, and I knew I was losing the battle!" he countered.

Adrienne begged Lucas to let her help him get sober again, but he insisted that he didn't need her help. "[I just] gotta put this behind me so I can figure out how my son could possibly still be alive," he continued. "And if he isn't?" she asked. "Then I'm back to square one [and] I've gotta deal with the same stuff [all] over again, but I'll deal with it on my own!" he replied.

Adrienne reluctantly agreed to leave Lucas in peace, but before exiting his hotel room, she tearfully reiterated that she loved him and was sorry for hurting him. He broke down as soon as the coast was clear.

At the hospital, Paul joined Justin in one of the break rooms and reported that Sonny had just drifted off to sleep. Justin was glad to hear that Sonny had finally decided to stop fighting his body's need for rest. Nodding, Paul hoped that was a sign that Sonny was prepared to start taking better care of himself from that point forward. "Instead of chasing clues about Will?" Justin guessed.

", where did Marlena and my dad go?" Paul asked evasively, prompting Justin to explain that they were trying to save Sami from herself. Justin hoped that Sami hadn't gone back to Roger Fisher's house, but Paul hoped that she had, if only so they could all finally get the answers they were looking for and move on with life.

Justin encouraged Paul to check into a hotel and get some rest, but Paul insisted on staying at the hospital, just as Justin had assumed he would. "I really love your son, Justin," Paul stressed. "I know you do. You have demonstrated that time and time again," Justin replied, adding that he was sorry that the double wedding hadn't gone the way Paul had hoped it would. Paul dismissively assured Justin that it wasn't a big deal because things would get back on track as soon as the truth about Will's death was finally revealed.

Justin hoped that Paul knew that Sonny loved him. "I do know [that], and I know that if Ben hadn't shown up, we would have had a great marriage," Paul replied. "But if Will is still alive..." Paul began to add. Justin interrupted to point out that there was no confirmation of that yet. Nodding, Paul continued, "I'm just saying...if Will is alive...then I have to be realistic: there is a good chance that I am going to lose [Sonny]."

Paul wanted Justin to speculate on what Sonny would choose to do if Will reentered the picture, but Justin didn't feel comfortable speaking for Sonny on the matter. Nodding again, Paul apologized for posing such a question in the first place. Justin hoped that Paul would never have to worry about having to compete for Sonny, since that was a terrifying prospect. Paul wondered how Justin had gotten through that exact experience with Adrienne. "It was...tough...trying to take the high road. I mean, I love Adrienne, so I should want her to be happy, even if that means she chooses to be with someone else, [but] the low was awfully tempting," Justin admitted.

"The low road?" Paul asked curiously. Justin explained, "My Uncle Victor used to say, 'You need to look out for your own interests -- look out for yourself -- in this world.' And maybe he wasn't all wrong, because I often think that if I'd just fought a little bit harder, maybe I wouldn't have lost Adrienne." Paul thanked Justin for the advice and the support then excused himself so he could get some fresh air.

Later, Adrienne joined Justin and told him about her earlier conversation with Lucas. Justin was surprised to learn that Adrienne and Lucas weren't back together as a result of the conversation. "Why not?" Justin wondered. "Because of you," Adrienne replied.

At Roger Fisher's house, Sami was shocked to discover two wooden letters -- "E" and "J" -- hanging side by side on a wall in one of the bedrooms. "This cannot be a coincidence," she mused excitedly.

While Sami was searching the bedroom, John and Marlena entered it and inadvertently startled her. They tried to convince her that she needed to leave the house before someone caught her, but she refused, insisting that she needed answers. "And I have some new questions," she added, directing their attention to the letters on the wall. They both dismissed it as a coincidence, but she said she didn't believe in coincidences.

"Someone in this house paid Rolf to revive somebody, right? And Rolf never confirmed that it was Will, but it could have been Will, [or] it could have been E.J., [or] it could have been both of them! They could both be here!" Sami reasoned. Marlena warned that Sami was getting ahead of herself, and John added that they all needed to leave right away, while they still had a chance to do so. "I'm not leaving until I get some answers," Sami insisted through gritted teeth. Sighing, Marlena told John that the look on Sami's face was a very familiar one -- and it meant that there was absolutely nothing that could be done to change her mind.

Realizing that Marlena was right, John agreed that it would be best to just accept defeat and start helping Sami search the house. John stepped into another room, leaving Sami alone with Marlena, who helped her search the bedroom. After inspecting a pair of pants and realizing that they weren't long enough for a man of E.J.'s height, Sami sadly admitted to Marlena, "You know, I hate this, and it's all because of Ben...and Clyde...and -- and Rolf...and they make me feel like I'm doing it all over again -- I'm losing the son that I love and -- and the love of my life [all over again] -- know, it's not the missing them that's the worst; the worst part is the hope. And I keep trying to shove it down, you know? I keep trying to tell myself it's just wishful thinking. But I can't! I can't stop hoping!" Marlena hugged Sami, who broke down in her arms.

John soon returned and revealed that Fisher apparently wasn't the only person who lived in the house, since the closet in the master bedroom had been filled with women's clothing. John added that the house curiously contained no photographs of loved ones -- a phenomenon normally only seen in houses that belonged to people who had something to hide.

Sami wondered what kind of woman would be crazy enough to date Fisher, of all people. "I mean, have you ever met anyone as obsessed with Elvis as [that] guy?" Sami continued. "As a matter of fact, I have," John replied. "It couldn't be," Marlena insisted, realizing who John was talking about; she soon admitted, however, that it actually made perfect sense.

"Oh, no. You don't mean her," Sami asked worriedly. "She is E.J.'s mother," John pointed out. "So, what you're saying is, the woman who lives here -- who might have Will and E.J. -- is..." Sami began. "Susan Banks," John and Marlena confirmed together.

"Somebody say my name?" Susan asked as she burst into the bedroom with a shotgun and pointed it at the group.

Lucas went to a bar near his hotel, ordered a drink, and took it to a corner table. Later, when he was ready for a refill, he glanced at the bar on the opposite side of the room and wondered where the bartender was hiding. A man soon emerged from the back of the bar with a stack of boxes in his arms.

"Oh, my God. Oh, no, no, no. Not again. Not again," Lucas muttered fearfully, staring in horror at the man behind the bar -- who looked just like Will.

Susan tells Sami about Will Susan tells Sami about Will
Friday, November 3, 2017

Theo stopped by the DiMera mansion to talk to Kate about his research, but Kate was not home. Chad walked into the living room. Startled, Theo lied and said he was there to ask about Will. Chad said there was no news. Theo asked Chad if he wanted to play chess. Chad eyed Theo suspiciously, but he agreed to a game. As they played, it was clear that Theo was preoccupied. When Kate returned home, Theo hurriedly left.

Chad told Kate that Theo had been behaving strangely. As Chad wondered aloud whether Theo was hiding something, Kate shifted her eyes nervously. Chad theorized that Andre had tricked Theo into working with him to sabotage the company. Chad wanted to question Theo, but Kate convinced Chad to back off. Kate swore to find the culprit. After Chad left, Kate stared at the painting of Stefano. With a smirk, Kate said they needed to protect Chad. Kate noted that if Andre was the saboteur, "there will be blood."

At the police station, Abigail returned to work. Hope eagerly greeted Abigail and attempted to hand her a stack of files. With a sheepish shrug, Abigail said that she was there to quit. Abigail explained that she had taken the job to assert her independence, but she no longer needed to work. Abigail added that she wanted to find a job for which she had a passion. When Abigail offered to stay on until a replacement was hired, Hope shook her head no. Hope confirmed that the temp that had taken Abigail's place had been excellent and could take over the position. With a smile, Hope told Abigail that she hoped Abigail found her calling just like Hope had found hers.

After leaving the station, Abigail returned to the DiMera mansion and found Chad standing in the living room, staring at the wall. Abigail asked about Will, but Chad had no new information. Concerned, Chad mentioned his interaction with Theo. Abigail assured Chad that she did not believe that Theo would help Andre hurt Chad.

At the loft, Kate asked Theo why he had gone to the DiMera mansion to talk to her. Kate warned Theo that Chad was suspicious after Theo's visit. Theo reminded Kate that he was uncomfortable lying. Kate reminded Theo that they were protecting Chad until Kate could find concrete evidence that Andre was the saboteur. Theo said that he had found information about the culprit.

In the waiting room of the Memphis hospital, Adrienne told Justin that she had broken up with Lucas because of Justin. Stunned, Justin asked why. Adrienne admitted that after she had kissed Justin in prison, she had realized she still loved him and had been in denial. Adrienne added that she still loved Lucas and always would, but she had determined that she belonged with Justin. With a wide smile, Justin said he had never stopped hoping that Adrienne would return to him.

Shrugging, Adrienne said she had believed that Justin had moved on. Justin shook his head no. Justin confessed that he had never been intimate with Bonnie. Justin added that he had overlooked all the red flags because he had been so desperate to believe that Adrienne had wanted to be with him. "I'm here now, and I choose you," Adrienne said. They kissed.

With dreamy smiles, Adrienne and Justin agreed that their kiss still felt like the first time. Adrienne stressed that their relationship needed to be different this time. Justin swore that they would get things right. After a quick check on Sonny, Adrienne and Justin expressed their worries about their son's refusal to leave town until he learned all he could about Will. Adrienne said she felt bad for Paul. With a sigh, Justin said he understood how Paul felt. Justin said it was hard to do the right thing.

Justin told Adrienne that he was sorry that he had taken so long to realize how much he wanted to be with her. Adrienne said she was sorry that she had hurt Lucas, and she hoped Lucas could find the happiness that she felt with Justin.

In a Memphis bar, a drunken and bleary-eyed Lucas saw Will standing behind the counter, unpacking liquor bottles. Lucas wondered aloud if he was imagining his son. Lucas called out to Will, but the man behind the bar did not answer. Paul walked in and approached Lucas. When Lucas mentioned that he had seen Will behind the bar, Paul looked over but did not see anyone behind the bar. Lucas admitted that he had seen visions of his dead son previously.

Paul urged Lucas to stop drinking. Annoyed, Lucas asked why Paul was in town. Paul said he wanted to help everyone get closure. Paul asked Lucas if he was hopeful that Will was alive. Lucas complained that he could not afford hope because it had been too devastating to lose Will the first time. Paul said he hoped Will was alive, and he wanted to support Sonny no matter what.

Scoffing, Lucas told Paul that he was too nice. Lucas grumbled that nice guys always ended up alone. Lucas urged Paul to do whatever it took to hold onto Sonny. Paul advised Lucas to sober up, but Lucas warned that Paul could not save him. Paul urged Lucas to think about what Will would want for his father. Laughing, Lucas said he had already had that conversation with his dead son in the cemetery. Lucas stumbled to his feet and left the bar.

In the Memphis cabin, Susan pointed a shotgun at John, Marlena, and Sami. Sami accused Susan of hiding Will. Though slow to tell her story, Susan explained that her relationship with Edwin had fizzled out after E.J. had passed. Devastated, Susan had moved to Memphis to be closer to her icon, Elvis Presley. Susan explained that she had met her boyfriend Elvis there. When Marlena said that they had tracked Susan down from payments to Dr. Rolf, Susan admitted she had reconnected with Dr. Wilhelm Rolf over their shared frustration with Stefano. With a sly smile, Susan said that Rolf had developed a crush on her. Marlena said that Rolf had committed suicide.

John pleaded with Susan to lower her gun, but she was reluctant to do so because she did not trust Sami. Sami demanded to know what Rolf had done to help Susan. When Susan gripped the gun tighter, Sami refused to leave until she had answers about her son or E.J. Susan brightened at the mention of her son's name. Sami mentioned that E.J. had left her clues, but after a year of searching, she had not found him alive. Darkening, Susan said that was because E.J. was dead.

John and Marlena promised to leave Susan alone if she would tell them everything she knew about Will. Sami asked why the room was decorated for E.J. With a frown, Susan said she had kept the room as a sort of shrine so that she could feel closer to her son. Susan blamed Sami for E.J.'s death because they had failed to heed her warning about her premonition predicting his death. Susan said she had hated Sami ever since then and had vowed revenge.

"You took my boy, so I sold my soul to try and take yours," Susan growled. Sami pressed for answers. Susan said she had struggled emotionally and had realized that she had needed justice. Susan explained that had watched Ben kill Will. As Sami's eyes widened, Susan continued that she had called Rolf and asked him to inject Will with his secret serum to revive him. Susan said she had done it because she had felt deprived that she had not been the one to kill Will. Marlena was horrified, but Sami said she did not care what Susan had intended if Will was alive. Susan confirmed that Rolf had injected Will, but the treatment had failed. With a triumphant smile, Susan said Will was dead.

Back at the bar, Paul ordered food from the waitress. After some small talk, the waitress noted that her shift was ending and that Paul could get whatever else he needed from the bartender. Paul looked across the room at the bartender. It was Will.

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