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Eric told Jennifer he wanted to be with her. J.J. and Lani got engaged. Eli agreed to keep the baby's paternity a secret. Stefan had Andre's phone. D.A. Trask charged Gabi with murder. Kayla told Steve he had been poisoned. Steve caught John injecting him with an unknown substance. Stefan found Abigail in the DiMera mansion, dressed as Gabi and holding the murder weapon.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 12, 2018 on DAYS
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Kate receives a shock at the mausoleum Kate receives a shock at the mausoleum
Monday, February 12, 2018
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad woke Abigail, who had been having another nightmare. Abigail explained to Chad that, in the nightmare, Andre's office had still been taped off as a crime scene, but she had entered it, anyway -- and had then approached his desk, upon which sat the lower portion of the urn that had been used to kill him. When she had reached inside the urn, she had discovered that it was filled with blood. Then, while she had been staring at her blood-soaked hand in horror, someone else had suddenly joined her in the office. "Looking for this?" Gabi had asked, producing the urn's lid.

Chad guessed that Abigail's nightmares were simply part of her grieving process. Unconvinced, Abigail theorized that Andre was actually trying to tell her something through dreams -- the only way in which he could still communicate with her. Chad remained certain that Gabi was innocent, and Abigail claimed that she still believed that, too. "But why is there so much evidence against her?" Abigail wondered.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Eli entered the mansion and greeted Stefan, who grumbled, "I really need to speak to Harold about failing to announce visitors." Stefan guessed that it was difficult for Rafe and Eli to continue investigating Andre's murder, since Gabi was suddenly the prime suspect. "[And] the footage of her coming and going from the scene of the crime -- it's difficult to spin that any other way but guilty," Stefan mused.

"It's funny you mention that -- the footage -- [because] that's exactly why we're here," Rafe revealed. Stefan maintained that the missing portion of the surveillance footage was a result of scheduled maintenance -- and that the suspiciously convenient timing was merely a coincidence. Nodding skeptically, Rafe insisted that, in any case, it was important to determine exactly what had happened during that missing block of time, one way or another. "[So] where were you [then]?" Eli asked Stefan. Chad, who had just entered the living room with Abigail, said he'd love to hear the answer to that question, too.

"As I've already explained, I wasn't in the building [then]," Stefan claimed. "There is one thing that does stick out, though..." Stefan quickly added, recalling that Gabi had refused to have dinner with him that evening. Abigail confirmed, when prompted, that she had witnessed the exchange. "[And] when [Gabi] walked away [from us, she had been] on her way to Andre's office, as a matter of fact," Stefan continued.

Rafe and Eli found it hard to believe that Stefan had only seen Andre once that day -- during breakfast at the DiMera mansion -- but Stefan explained with a shrug that he was simply the kind of guy who trusted his employees to handle their own departments, even in the days leading up to the relaunch of a new acquisition. "[And] we just have to take your word for that," Eli concluded, eyeing Stefan suspiciously.

Scoffing, Stefan defensively mused, "My mother warned me this would happen -- [that] no matter what the crime, [whether it's] murder or dog-napping, the Salem P.D. will try [to] hang a DiMera for it." Eli and Rafe insisted that they simply wanted to know the truth. "[The truth is that] Andre double-crossed [Gabi] and blew her dreams to hell, so she killed him for it," Stefan summarized, shrugging again. Chad argued that Gabi would never do anything to risk being separated from Arianna again, but Stefan countered that Chad, as Gabi's former lover, couldn't exactly be trusted to view the situation objectively. "If you think that's funny, it's not," Abigail snapped.

Ready for the conversation to end, Stefan tiredly asked Rafe and Eli if there was anything else he could do for them. "We're still looking for Andre's cell phone," Rafe revealed. Stefan tried to suggest that Andre might not have taken his cell phone with him to the office on the day of his murder, but Eli was quick to clarify that Kate had seen her husband using the device while at work that day. "The killer could have taken it 'cause there was something incriminating on it," Rafe mused. Abigail promised to search the mansion for Andre's cell phone, just in case. Meanwhile, Stefan excused himself, explaining that he had an important business call to make.

"Nice guy," Eli sarcastically muttered as Stefan exited the mansion. Rafe wondered if either Chad or Abigail had any potentially pertinent information to add. Abigail didn't want to say anything, but Rafe and Eli could tell that something was on her mind, so she reluctantly revealed, with Chad's encouragement, that Gabi had threatened to kill Andre shortly after he had fired her. "A figure of speech, I'm sure," Chad guessed, and Abigail agreed. "Except the person that she [said] that about [ended up] dead the same day," Eli pointed out, sighing. Abigail felt guilty, but Rafe assured her, "We need to hear the truth...even if it's something we don't want to hear."

At the police station, Trask stunned Gabi and Justin with the announcement that Gabi was being charged with first-degree murder. Justin incredulously pointed out that the evidence against Gabi was circumstantial at best. Justin accused Trask of making the case personal -- a way to right the supposed wrong of Gabi's early release for Nick's murder -- but Trask insisted that wasn't the case.

Trask offered Gabi a plea deal, reasoning, "Andre DiMera cheated you out of your life's work. You were angry. Things got out of control. This is my one chance to help you. If you plead not guilty and [are subsequently] convicted of murder in the first degree, you will spend the rest of your life in jail...but if you take this [manslaughter] deal, you could be out in nine years. You've already missed your daughter's first words [and] first steps...[but] this way, you'll be out in time to see her graduate from high school. You made a mistake. This is your chance to do the right thing -- for yourself [and] your little girl."

Justin wanted to talk to Gabi before she made a decision about the offer, but she insisted that wasn't necessary. Gabi told Trask, "You're right to come at me as a mother, because there is nothing more important to me than my daughter, [and] it terrifies me to think that I might not spend the rest of my life with her, [and] I'm scared because this looks really bad...[but] I raised my daughter to tell the truth, [so] I'm not gonna lie [and] confess to some crime I did not commit!" When Trask warned that the offer wouldn't be on the table much longer, Gabi shrugged and folded her arms defiantly. "See you in court," Trask said before walking away.

Meanwhile, Hope contacted Will and left him a voicemail message, asking him to call her back as soon as possible so they could continue their earlier conversation. Seconds later, Carrie entered Hope's office, eager to discuss Gabi's recent arrest. Hope insisted that, with the murder investigation still open, Anna wasn't necessarily in the clear just yet. Carrie was relieved to hear that, at the very least, Roman wasn't going to be charged with obstruction of justice. Carrie started to rush off to tell her parents the "semi-good news," but Hope stopped her and extended a wedding invitation, revealing that the big event was going to take place on the first day of March. Suddenly uncomfortable, Carrie forced a smile and hesitantly accepted the invitation, claiming, when asked, that she was simply surprised because she hadn't expected to be invited to the ceremony.

"I'll let you know if we're free," Carrie promised before starting to rush off again. Still suspicious, Hope wondered, "Does this have something to do with what happened with Sami?" Carrie feigned ignorance, prompting Hope to clarify, "She and Rafe were married once before, [so] maybe that makes you uncomfortable?" Carrie breathed a sigh of relief and assured Hope, "No, it's definitely not about that." Carrie maintained that Hope had simply caught her off guard. "Sami is happy for Rafe and you -- as am I. We're thrilled. And he's a great guy. No one deserves a second chance at love more," Carrie added before finally managing to escape.

Later, Rafe joined Hope and sadly filled her in on what he had learned during his visit to the DiMera mansion. Hope was confident that Gabi's threat to kill Andre had simply been a figure of speech, and Rafe agreed, but he was concerned that there would eventually be too much evidence for the district attorney -- and, ultimately, a jury -- to ignore. Hope soon received a text message about Trask's decision to charge Gabi with first-degree murder, confirming at least part of Rafe's fear. Rafe was relieved to hear that, on the bright side, Gabi was out on bail for the time being.

Meanwhile, Justin informed Gabi that he didn't know who had posted her bail. Assuming that Rafe was the person to thank, Gabi hoped that he hadn't put up his house as collateral to cover the cost. "Only a problem if you're going to run," Justin pointed out. Gabi assured Justin that she had every intention of staying in town and fighting to clear her name.

"Trask thinks that I'm capable of murder just because someone stole my company? Well, she's [about to] see how dangerous I can be when someone tries to take me away from my kid!" Gabi spat, prompting Justin to warn that, while he appreciated her fighting attitude, she might want to dial it back just a bit. "Trask is very good at what she does, [and if] you say the wrong thing at the wrong time, she'll have no problem using your words to take you down," Justin continued. Gabi conceded the point but angrily maintained, "Someone killed Andre and is trying to frame me [for the crime, and] I'm gonna find out who it is -- and I'm gonna make damn sure they pay!"

At DiMera Enterprises, Stefan unlocked one of his desk drawers and pulled out Andre's cell phone, which was locked. "[The password] can't be 'phoenix'..." Stefan muttered, suspecting that was too obvious. "Really, Andre? Using our father's sobriquet? How very unoriginal of you," Stefan added with a shake of the head when, to his surprise, the password actually worked. Stefan listened to a voicemail message -- "Andre, it's Stefan. So, I heard you fired Gabi. Yeah, we, uh...we need to talk. If you don't mind staying late, I'll come to your office so we can discuss the future of Gabi Chic" -- then started to delete it -- just as Abigail joined him in his office.

After leaving the police station, Gabi ran into Chad in the park. When she started to tell him about what had happened earlier, he revealed that he was the one who had posted her bail. "I believe you're innocent, and I know you're being framed," he stressed.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Rafe told Eli that Gabi was out on bail. Rafe thanked Eli again for having Gabi's back, pleased to know that she was dating someone she could count on. "Except when she couldn't..." Eli muttered with a sigh, prompting Rafe to wonder what that was supposed to mean.

At the hospital, Marlena greeted John and somewhat testily demanded to know where he had been since the previous night. He claimed that he had been with his new client all night -- and that he couldn't talk about the case. "Is it more important than your best friend's life?" she asked incredulously. "Trust me when I tell you that if I was the one in that hospital bed, and Steve was out there last night, he would have done exactly what I did," he replied. She seemed suspicious but assured him that she did, in fact, trust him.

Lucas, operating on Harold's advice, trekked across the DiMera property in search of Kate, who was standing outside the mausoleum, trying to muster the courage to enter it. Neither Lucas nor Kate noticed Will's wallet, which was on the ground near the mausoleum's entrance, partially covered with snow. "I'm sure you're not here to pay your respects to Andre," Kate guessed. "I'm actually looking for Will. Have you seen him?" Lucas asked. "I wanted him to meet me here in case you needed us, but he didn't [return any of my calls, and] he wasn't in his room [at the Martin mansion]," Lucas continued.

"Honey, he's a young guy; I'm sure he has better things to do than to spend time with dead people or hold the hand of a woman that he doesn't even remember," Kate replied. "Well, I don't have anything better to do," Lucas assured Kate, adding that he loved her and wanted to be there for her in her time of need. Smiling, Kate thanked Lucas for the kind gesture then confided in him about what had happened when she had admitted her true feelings to her husband shortly before his murder. Lucas felt guilty for having advised Kate to take a chance on love, but she insisted that she didn't regret doing that; she simply regretted that her last conversation with her husband had been a heated one.

Changing the subject, Kate asked to hear about Lucas' life. Lucas assured Kate that he was still sober -- and that he had taken his own advice and asked someone out. Kate was happy to hear that -- until Lucas revealed that Chloe was the lucky woman. "I am gonna lock you in this crypt if you even think about..." Kate began, grabbing Lucas' arm and dragging him toward the mausoleum's entrance. Lucas stopped Kate and clarified that she had nothing to worry about -- at least for the time being -- because Chloe had taken a job in Vienna. Kate hoped Chloe would decide to stay there forever. Lucas insisted that Chloe had changed, but Kate countered that Andre had seemed like a changed person, too.

Lucas offered to stay with Kate while she was inside the mausoleum, but she insisted that she wanted to be alone for a while. Nodding, Lucas gave Kate a hug then rushed off in search of Will. Kate took a deep breath, entered the mausoleum -- and gasped in shock.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, John convinced Marlena to go home and get some rest. After she left, he slipped a syringe out of the sleeve of his coat -- something he had picked up when he had gone outside for some fresh air earlier. Then he entered Steve's room and shut the door.

John attempts to kill Steve John attempts to kill Steve
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

At the loft, Ciara told Tripp she would pray for his father. Ciara hugged Tripp. Claire watched from her bedroom as Ciara told Tripp, "Call me." After Tripp left for the hospital, Claire asked Ciara if she was interested in him. Changing the subject, Ciara asked Claire if Theo was excited that Claire was going to visit him. Claire suggested that Ciara liked Tripp. Ciara insisted that she was only friends with Tripp, and he was not her type. Claire casually rattled off a list of attractive things about Tripp.

"I happened to be comforting him about his dad," Ciara explained. Ciara told Claire what had happened to Steve. Ciara added that Tripp had been upset after Kayla's call, and she had "felt for Tripp." "Clearly," Claire said. Frustrated, Ciara asked Claire to stop insinuating that she liked Tripp. Ciara asked if Claire was jealous. Claire said no. With narrowed eyes, Ciara accused Claire of being interested in Tripp.

Claire protested that she had observed Tripp's good qualities because they were friends, not because she was interested in dating him. "Stop denying that you're hung up on two guys at the same time!" Ciara yelled. Angry, Claire said she would not dignify the accusation. Claire stomped into her room and slammed the door.

In the hospital, Steve slept while John crept into his room. "I'm so sorry, partner," John said as he slid a syringe out from his coat sleeve. John inserted the needle into Steve's I.V. Tripp entered and demanded to know what John was doing. John quickly dropped the needle behind the bed. When Tripp asked again, John said he was checking on his friend. With a sigh, Tripp apologized for overreacting.

John asked about Kayla. Tripp said Kayla had asked him to join Steve because she had not wanted him to be alone. "You had the same thought? Best friend, didn't want him to be alone?" Tripp asked. John said it was harder for him than Tripp could imagine. Tripp lamented that he had hurt Steve and Kayla when Tripp had arrived in Salem.

"I wasted so much time. Time I'll never get back. Especially if something happens to him," Tripp said. John encouraged Tripp to tell Steve what Steve meant to him while there was time. As John turned to leave, Tripp thanked John for visiting his father. "I just wish there was more I could do for him," John said quietly as he left.

At the police station, Rafe asked Eli why he believed he had disappointed Gabi. Eli confessed that he had slept with Lani. After Eli explained what had happened the night of the affair, Rafe commented that the mistake was in the past. With a sigh, Eli encouraged Rafe to hit him. Rafe declined. Eli said that although he did not deserve Gabi, he hoped Rafe would not tell his sister the truth. Rafe said he would not say anything. Rafe added that he was mad, but he understood.

"I did the same thing," Rafe said. Rafe explained what had happened after his brief breakup with Hope. The two men commiserated on their predicaments. "We're not cowards. We're just looking out for other people," Rafe muttered. "Look at us, taking the high road," Eli added sarcastically. With a sigh, Rafe said he was glad he had been able to discuss his problem with someone. Eli said he hoped they would be able to find Andre's phone so that they could protect Gabi.

In the park, Chad informed Gabi that he had posted her bail because he knew she had been framed for Andre's murder. Chad said he believed Stefan was to blame. Shaking her head, Gabi disagreed. Gabi noted that Stefan had already taken control of the company by the time of the murder. With a sigh, Chad wondered aloud if Andre had been Stefan's insider contact. Gabi asked about Abigail's opinion. Chad said that Abigail did not want to think ill of Andre, and he asked Gabi to keep his theory secret from his wife.

"If Andre and Stefan were working together, why would Stefan want to kill Andre?" Gabi asked. Chad noted that Stefan was cutthroat in business. Gabi agreed that Chad's theory appeared plausible. Gabi asked Chad if he believed Stefan was the murderer only because Chad hated Stefan. With a nod, Chad said he did not like Stefan, but he would not blame Stefan for murder simply because he was unhappy that Stefan had bested him in business.

"I loathe him, but I'm not going to be mad at him for being ruthless. He's trying to take my wife, and that, I'm not okay with," Chad said. Gabi assured Chad that he had nothing to worry about. Chad agreed. Gabi told Chad that on the day of the murder, Abigail had complained that Stefan had attempted to stir up a fight between her and Gabi. Confused, Gabi wondered aloud why Stefan continued to push Abigail's buttons. Gabi suggested that Stefan had continued to provoke Abigail so it would throw Chad off balance.

"If Andre and Stefan were working together, do you think Stefan put Andre up to firing me?" Gabi asked. "He knew you would confront Andre," Chad said. Chad suggested that Stefan had hired a look-alike to place Gabi at the scene of the crime. Through gritted teeth, Gabi noted that if their theory was correct, Stefan had plotted to set her up from the start. Gabi wondered aloud why Stefan had bothered to tell her that he would talk to the board on her behalf. Chad noted that Stefan would know that the board would never approve of hiring a murder suspect.

"Stefan does have that DiMera DNA. He has chess in his blood," Chad said. "A grand master is after me! And I've always sucked at chess!" Gabi cried out. Chad reminded Gabi that he was great at chess and would look out for her. With a groan, Gabi grumbled that D.A. Trask had a grudge against her for her early release from prison. When Gabi said that she was glad that the D.A. had no witnesses, Chad shifted his eyes guiltily. Chad explained that Abigail had been forced to tell Eil and Rafe that Gabi had threatened to kill Andre.

"Oh, my God! She sold me out!" Gabi exclaimed. Defending his wife, Chad said he had urged Abigail to tell the police the truth. Chad added that it was better to tell the truth early than to have the truth get out during the trial. As Gabi fumed, Chad argued that Abigail had shown she was on Gabi's side because she had said that she did not believe Gabi had actually meant what she had said. Panicked, Gabi chastised herself for dismissing her plea deal. Chad urged Gabi to spend time with her daughter and stay positive.

In his office, Stefan played his voicemail on Andre's phone. Abigail walked in, and Stefan set the cell phone aside. Abigail thought about when Rafe and Eli had mentioned that Andre's killer might have taken Andre's phone. Abigail asked Stefan what he had been listening to when she had walked in. Curious, Stefan asked Abigail what she meant. Abigail said he had heard Stefan's voice talking about Gabi Chic. With a shrug, Stefan said he had been listening to a note to himself and that he did not believe Gabi's reinstatement would be beneficial to the company.

Abigail reminded Stefan that Gabi was innocent until proven guilty. With a shrug, Stefan noted that Gabi had anger management issues. Stefan added that the detectives investigating the murder were Gabi's brother and boyfriend, who had no incentive to build a case against Gabi. "There was another person in his office that night. The person who probably still has his phone," Abigail said as she watched Stefan's reaction.

Stefan said he believed Rafe had mentioned the phone as a red herring to throw the suspicion off of Gabi. Abigail said she believed Gabi was innocent. Chuckling nervously, Stefan said he was amazed that Abigail and Chad were so eager to defend the woman that had broken up their marriage. Abigail growled she would always trust Chad over Stefan. Stefan promised he was not out to screw up Abigail's relationship with Chad. Abigail asked Stefan why he was obsessed with mentioning Gabi's past with Chad. Defensive, Stefan suggested that Abigail should go home and grieve.

Stefan cracked a joke about Abigail's mental illness, angering her. Abigail yelled at Stefan for making light of mental illness as if it were a game. With a waggling eyebrow, Stefan called Abigail a great opponent. Abigail argued that Andre had not played her, unlike Stefan. "It was because of Andre and Chad and my family and the fact that I got the proper treatment, that's how I got through that. And I don't want to cover it up. I don't want to pretend like it didn't happen because I want someone else who is facing the same struggle to look at me and see that you can beat it," Abigail said.

As Abigail turned to leave, Stefan stopped her. "I meant what I said about wanting to be your friend. Especially now that Andre is gone. I know Chad loves you, but I also know that you don't see eye to eye on Andre's murder. If you ever need to talk, come to me," Stefan said. Abigail warily eyed Stefan. Stefan touched Abigail's arm, and she recoiled. "I'm not fragile. I don't need your support," Abigail noted. Abigail reminded Stefan that they were family and not friends. "I did love Andre, and I will get justice for him," Abigail said. After Abigail left, Stefan deleted his voicemail from Andre's phone.

After packing for her trip, Claire emerged from her room and found Ciara taking delivery of Valentine's Day flowers from Theo. "If someone didn't know you as well as I do, they would think you were actually happy for me," Claire joked as she took the flowers. With a groan, Ciara said she had a headache. Claire warned Ciara not to use Tripp to get over Theo.

"You're starting with Tripp the same way you started with Theo. You're telling him your deepest, darkest secrets. I'm onto you," Claire said. Ciara asked what Claire meant. Claire said she had heard Ciara and Tripp talking. Claire said she had heard Ciara tell Tripp that she did not want to tell Claire her secret because she had a big mouth. Relieved, Ciara said she stood by her comments to Tripp.

Claire continued to push, but Ciara said she did not feel comfortable sharing the secret with Claire. Ciara added that the secret had nothing to do with Claire. When Claire asked if the secret was about Theo, Ciara said no. Ciara encouraged Claire to forget about what she had heard. Grabbing her purse, Ciara left to go to church to say a prayer for Steve. "There's no way I'm going to let that go. Whatever that secret is, I will find out," Claire whispered to herself.

At the mausoleum, Kate was stunned to find Billie inside. Billie said she had rushed home to Salem because Kate's husband had died. Kate was confused as to why Billie had waited in the mausoleum for her and had not even called. Shaking her head, Billie encouraged Kate to leave with her for a drink. Suspicious, Kate asked Billie if she was hiding something. Billie smiled. Kate talked about how surprised she had been to discover her feelings for Andre.

"It hurts a lot more than I thought it would," Kate said. Billie hugged her mother. After a moment, Billie encouraged Kate to leave and get out of the cold. As Kate placed a flower in the vase next to Andre's name, she noticed a bullet casing on the floor. Billie shifted her eyes away as Kate pointed out another bullet casing. "This place belongs to the DiMeras. I'm surprised there are not more of them," Billie said. Billie suggested that the casings were old.

Suspicious, Kate wondered why no one had noticed the bullet casings during the funeral. Billie reiterated that it was freezing, and she encouraged Kate to leave. Reluctantly, Kate agreed. As Kate and Billie exited the mausoleum, Billie's phone beeped with a message. Billie excused herself to handle a problem. When Kate asked if Billie would be around later, Billie said she would be in touch. Kate walked off, and Billie doubled back to the mausoleum.

Once inside, Billie was surprised by John. John said he had been hiding to avoid Kate. Billie asked about Steve. With a shrug, John said that he had been ready to administer another dose to Steve, but Tripp had interrupted him. John was relieved he had been thwarted. John asked if Billie had been able to clean up the scene before Kate's arrival. Nodding, Billie explained that she had been almost finished, but Kate had interrupted her before she had completed the task. Billie added that Kate had found two bullet casings.

Billie said she believed Kate had bought her cover story. John pulled a wallet out of his pocket and showed it to Billie. John explained that Will had dropped his wallet outside the mausoleum. Shaking her head, Billie said they would worry about that later. Billie asked John what they should do about Steve.

At the hospital, Tripp sat at Steve's bedside. Through tears, Tripp asked his father to fight to get better. "I can't lose you now. I love you so much, Dad. I just wish I'd told you sooner," Tripp whispered.

Eric realizes why Jennifer has moved on Eric realizes why Jennifer has moved on
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady contacted Victor and left him a voicemail message: "[Just] wanted you to know that I took your advice [and] told Eve that I want a 'real' relationship. And I think she bought it, too. I took her out the other night, and I, uh, wined and dined her, and opened up to her, actually wasn't that bad of an evening... Anyway, uh, the point is...listen, I am close to getting my old job back, and I wanted you to know that."

After Brady ended the call, Eve cleared her throat to announce her presence. "What's going on, Brady? How are you close to getting your old job back?" she asked curiously. Chuckling nervously, he claimed that he simply had a feeling that things were about to start going his way again, since he had cut back on the alcohol consumption and had promised his grandfather that he would start going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings again.

Tate soon joined Brady and Eve in the living room, hiding Valentine's Day cards behind his back. Eve, who had taken Tate to the park earlier, informed Brady that the boy had received a very special Valentine's Day card from a fellow preschooler he had a crush on, whose name was McKenna. "Giving him pointers on how to be a ladies' man?" Eve asked Brady. Scoffing, Brady insisted, "He doesn't need pointers; it's in his DNA!"

Tate gave Brady two handmade Valentine's Day cards. One was for Brady, but the other was for Theresa, and inside that one, Tate had written a note: "To my mommy, I love you, and I miss you." Taken aback, Brady struggled to think of the right thing to say to Tate about Theresa's absence. Eve helpfully intervened, admiring Theresa's card and assuring Tate that his mother would love it.

"You know, I miss her, too. You know what she is? She's my little sister. She is!" Eve informed Tate. "How 'bout the two of us make a special box, and you can decorate it however you want to, [and] whenever you have something that you want to give your mommy, you can put it right in that box, and then one day, you're gonna be able to give it to her, and she's gonna be able to see all of the love [from you], full to the top!" Eve suggested to Tate, who liked the idea. Eve hugged Tate and assured him that mothers never stopped loving their children, even when they were apart from each other.

Later, while Tate was sleeping, Brady raved that Eve had managed to handle the delicate conversation -- one he had certainly not been prepared for -- amazingly well. "Well, unfortunately, I've had a lot of practice," Eve pointed out, reminding Brady that Eduardo had never been a part of Paige's life. "You know, I could just strangle Theresa right now! I mean, it's one thing to walk away from a guy like...a guy that you love...but it's a completely different story to walk away from your own child," Eve grumbled. "[Tate and I] are better off without her," Brady dismissively insisted before quickly apologizing to Eve for badmouthing her sister.

Giving Brady a pass, Eve forged ahead, confessing that she had dialed her sister's old cell phone number a few days earlier and had left a voicemail message but had never received a response. Sighing, Brady admitted that he was trying his best to be the equivalent of two parents. "But I learned a long time ago [that] you cannot replace a mother," Brady continued, thinking about his own childhood. Brady thanked Eve for being there for Tate -- and for being someone he could at least "sort of" consider a friend. Smiling, Eve put a hand on Brady's cheek and assured him that she, too, was happy that they were "sort of" friends.

Brady guessed that Valentine's Day wasn't going the way Eve had hoped it would go, but she assured him that she had enjoyed helping him with his son on the holiday because doing that had actually made her feel useful for a change -- and it was certainly better than crying and drinking away her loneliness as she had the previous few years. Brady smiled at Eve then started kissing her, prompting her to pointedly declare that it was probably a good time for her to head upstairs and get some rest. Nodding, Brady agreed that it was probably a good time for him to stay downstairs and get some work done.

Shortly after Eve walked away, Brady received a text message from Victor: "Got your message. Keep up the good work! Reel the bitch in and then GUT HER LIKE A FISH!!" Scoffing, Brady gulped down some whiskey then sarcastically muttered, "Happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Grandpa."

At the police station, Hope told Rafe that she was going to the hospital to check on Steve. Rafe offered to accompany Hope so they could celebrate Valentine's Day together afterward, but she assured him that wasn't necessary, guessing that he probably wasn't in a celebratory mood because of what was happening with his sister. He insisted that he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife-to-be, especially since he had already done basically all he could do for his sister that night, anyway.

At the Horton Town Square, Tripp munched on a doughnut while trying to pry the secret recipe out of Jennifer, who was distributing snacks to friends and family members who were working on Valentine's Day. Ciara had also decided to pay Tripp a visit, and Eric, who just happened to be passing through the area, stopped to say hello, too. Tripp quickly finished his treat then rushed off to wash his hands so he could get back to work.

Ciara chased after Tripp, wanting to talk to him about something. Eric stuck around to try to secure his own doughnut, but Jennifer apologetically insisted that she didn't have any to spare because she still had more stops to make. Nodding, Eric changed the subject, wondering if Jennifer would like to have dinner with him at the Brady Pub after she finished making deliveries. Jennifer declined, explaining that Henry Shah was actually taking her to Doug's Place later. Eric forced a smile and encouraged Jennifer to have a good time.

At the hospital, Kayla greeted Steve, who quickly directed her attention to the bouquet of yellow roses that was sitting on his bedside table. "They're beautiful. Who sent 'em to you?" she asked. "They're not for me, silly!" he replied. "Happy anniversary, Sweetness," he added as she leaned in to give him a kiss.

Later, while Kayla was gone, Hope and Rafe arrived to check on Steve, who dismissed their concerns and assured them that he would be out of the hospital in time to attend their wedding. Hope and Rafe didn't stay long, knowing that Steve probably wanted to spend some time alone with Kayla.

Shortly after Hope and Rafe left, Kayla returned -- with a tray of food Maggie had sent over from Chez Rouge. After Steve and Kayla finished eating, Kayla reported that Stephanie had called earlier and was thinking of visiting soon. Kayla claimed that Stephanie simply missed her family, but Steve could sense that Kayla was trying to hide the fact that their daughter was really just worried that her father wouldn't be around much longer. Steve assured Kayla that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. "You better not," she warned him, forcing a smile.

Later, after Steve finally drifted off to sleep, Kayla read the note that was attached to the bouquet of roses: "Baby, I'm not real good with words. All I know is...I love you." Sighing, Kayla curled up next to Steve on the hospital bed, kissed his cheek, and held him tightly.

Ciara caught up with Tripp in the town square and wondered how he was doing. He grumbled that he was annoyed because the hospital was backed up and therefore hadn't been able to determine the results of his father's latest round of tests yet. She guessed that the hospital was short-staffed, since it was Valentine's Day, after all.

Changing the subject, Ciara reminded Tripp, "You cannot tell [Claire] about our secret, okay? No matter how much she grills you." Tripp assured Ciara that he would never blab to Claire. "You better not, because if she ever finds out that Rafe slept with Sami...I'm telling you, it would be a total disaster," Ciara stressed.

Tripp wondered if Ciara would ever trust Claire again. "Never," Ciara insisted. Sighing, Tripp, who had been holding out hope that Ciara and Claire would eventually reconcile, muttered, "I give up." Softening a bit, Ciara explained to Tripp, "You may think that I am just dying to trash her, [but] Claire and I used to be best friends, so it [actually] makes me very, very sad that she and I have issues [now]."

Later, as Tripp's work shift was ending, Hope and Rafe passed through the area and stopped to say hello. Tripp was relieved to hear that Steve had been in good spirits when Hope and Rafe had visited him earlier. Hope asked Ciara to go shopping with her the following day so they could pick out some things for the wedding, but Ciara apologetically explained that she had already made plans for that day. "But the day after tomorrow could totally work," Ciara assured Hope. Turning to Rafe, Ciara stressed that she was happy that he was going to be marrying her mother soon.

After Rafe and Hope walked away, Ciara led Tripp to her nearby motorcycle and offered to take him for a ride on it, hoping that would keep him from thinking about what was happening to his father, at least for a while. Tripp hesitantly donned Ciara's spare helmet then got behind her on the motorcycle and put his hands on her hips. Insisting that he would fall off if he didn't hang on tightly, she grabbed his arms and wrapped them around her waist then started the motorcycle and told him, "Get ready for the ride of your life!"

Meanwhile, Hope paused in the park to ask Rafe if they could cancel their planned wedding rehearsal and subsequent dinner. He assured her that he was completely fine with that idea. Relieved, she changed the subject, inviting him to go to Smith Island with her the day before their wedding so they could finally have a real camping trip together. "You're not superstitious about me seeing you the day of our wedding?" he asked incredulously. "No, [because] if I am lucky enough to wake up with you beside me, then I know it'll be perfect," she replied before giving him a kiss.

Hope and Rafe decided to go ahead and exchange Valentine's Day gifts while they were in the park. Hope's gift for Rafe was an approval of his request for time off to attend their wedding -- and, of course, the surprise trip to Smith Island. Rafe's gift for Hope was a long string of beads that reminded her of a rosary. "It's from an old Mexican custom called el lazo," Rafe clarified. "It's a lasso -- so I can wrangle you," Rafe playfully continued. "But it also symbolizes commitment, faith, and eternity -- which is how long our marriage is gonna last," Rafe concluded as Hope helped him wrap the beads around their shoulders.

At the Brady Pub, Eric chatted with Roman and Anna, who both seemed concerned about him. "I know how hard it is to be without the one you love on Valentine's Day," Anna assured Eric as he squirmed uncomfortably. "When Tony died, I...well, let's just say it took me years to even think about moving on with someone else. And how could you not be missing Nicole? She hasn't even been gone that long!" Anna continued. Forcing a smile, Eric insisted, "I miss Nicole, but I'm not pining away." Unconvinced, Anna told Eric that he could drop the act. "I know what I heard," Anna stressed, confusing Eric.

After Anna elaborated, Eric clarified that she had misinterpreted the conversation she'd overheard him having with his father a few weeks earlier. "The woman I really want to be with is Jennifer...[but] now she's having dinner with another man tonight, and I just can't figure out what happened. [She] changed right after New Year's [and] said she just wanted to be friends," Eric continued, sighing. Anna flashed a sheepish grin and reluctantly admitted to Eric that she might be responsible for that. Eric rushed off after realizing what had happened.

At Doug's Place, Julie served Jennifer and Henry -- while making it fairly obvious that she didn't approve of their blossoming relationship. Once the coast was clear, Jennifer apologetically explained to Henry that Julie was simply protective of her. Henry guessed that Julie would prefer to see Jennifer with Eric. Jennifer insisted that Julie was going to have to let go of that idea because Eric was in love with another woman and would probably never truly get over her. Nodding, Henry made it clear to Jennifer that he was enjoying spending time with her. She smiled and assured him that she liked spending time with him, too.

Later, as Julie was preparing to show Jennifer and Henry a plate of desserts, Eric entered the club. Smiling, Julie loudly announced, "We have a unique dessert on the menu tonight, [and] this is the very last serving. It was made by Jennifer -- with love -- and I know she intends it for someone really special..." As Julie walked away, Henry reached for the doughnut she had been showcasing.

"Hands off, doc! That doughnut belongs to me!" Eric shouted while approaching Jennifer and Henry's table.

Eric admits his true feelings to Jennifer Eric admits his true feelings to Jennifer
Thursday, February 15, 2018
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail said goodbye to Stefan, who was sitting alone in the living room, reading something on his tablet computer. "We are going to celebrate Valentine's Day," Chad explained, wrapping an arm around Abigail's waist. "You gonna just stay at home? With your mother?" Chad added with a mocking laugh before walking away with Abigail, uninterested in getting a response from Stefan.

Annoyed, Stefan set aside his tablet computer then walked over to the nearby chess table and began entertaining himself with a few solo rounds, culminating in the elimination of one of the kings. Glancing at Stefano's portrait, Stefan mused, "You'd probably approve of that move...against anyone except your beloved Chad...[but] now that Andre's gone, he's the only one standing in my way."

"[And] once the remaining king has fallen, what becomes of his queen?" Stefan continued, sighing dramatically. "I heard you had to learn the hard way about capturing a queen -- [that if you] fail to capture her heart, [then] you lose -- [but] I promise you this, Father: I won't repeat your mistake," Stefan vowed, seizing the remaining king's queen.

At the Horton Town Square, J.J. took a seat at Doug's table and excitedly asked, "Did you get it?" Grinning, Doug teasingly searched his pockets and eventually produced a jewelry box. While opening it to reveal the enclosed diamond ring, Doug told J.J., "This was a very special ring to Alice -- very, very special. She always wanted it passed down to one of her favorite grandchildren." J.J. happily guessed that Lani would love it. Doug suspected that J.J. was right about that. "But before you put this ring on her finger, you and I need to have a little talk," Doug added, suddenly sounding more serious than usual.

"[This is] a big moment in your life, J.J.," Doug noted, feeling obligated to bestow a few words of wisdom on behalf of J.J.'s father and grandfather. "I just want to make sure that you're not rushing into anything," Doug continued. Confused, J.J. reminded Doug, "Lani's having my baby." Doug argued that having a child with someone wasn't necessarily a good reason to marry that person right away -- or ever, for that matter.

"When did you become so liberal?" J.J. asked incredulously. Chuckling, Doug explained, "Well, a lot of water's flowed under this old bridge." Doug didn't doubt that J.J. and Lani would always love their child; what he was more interested in talking about, at least at that moment, was whether they would always love each other. "Yes," J.J. answered without hesitation, certain -- since before the baby had entered the picture -- that Lani was the woman he wanted to be with for the rest of his life. Satisfied, Doug slid the jewelry box across the table to J.J., who eagerly reached for it -- just as Lani arrived.

Doug stood to greet Lani, blocking her view in the process. He congratulated her on her pregnancy then excused himself, confident that he had caused enough of a distraction.

Outside Doug's Place, Julie greeted Eli with a hug then glared at Gabi and said, "I'm surprised to see you out and about tonight. [Didn't think] you'd be in the mood, since you were [just] charged with murder." Gabi insisted that she was innocent, and Eli added that he was going to do everything in his power to prove that. Horrified, Julie begged Eli not to go to bat for Gabi, of all people. Gabi went to freshen up, not particularly interested in hearing the rest of Julie's comments. Meanwhile, Julie continued, "I know you have feelings for her, [and] your personal relationship is your business, [but] Eli, I want you to think of the larger picture here! What if she's guilty? You know, it's one thing to defend a lover; it's something else to go to the mat for a convicted murderess who is now being charged with a second murder!"

Eli irritably maintained that Gabi was innocent. Unconvinced, Julie forged ahead, warning Eli, "You have so many wonderful opportunities in front of you now, you know? You could be the next police commissioner, [or] the next mayor, [or even] the next governor!" Eli insisted that he was satisfied with just being a detective for the time being, but Julie continued, "Well, [even that career could] go right down the tubes if you stand up for a woman like Gabi Hernandez!" Trask approached and confirmed Julie's fears, confidently stressing that Gabi was going to be sent to prison again -- this time for good -- and that anyone who sided with her would end up looking like a fool when she was ultimately proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. Eli continued defending Gabi, who soon rejoined him.

Trask delighted in taunting Gabi, promising to use Abigail's testimony about Gabi's threat to kill Andre as yet another nail in Gabi's coffin. Gabi insisted that had simply been a figure of speech, but Trask wasn't convinced -- and guessed that a jury wouldn't be, either. "Bet you're wishing [you'd taken] that plea deal right about now," Trask continued with mock sympathy. "It's only a matter of time, Ms. Hernandez. Once we find your coat and the lid to Tony DiMera's urn, my case against you will be airtight," Trask concluded, sending Gabi running off in frustration.

Scoffing, Eli glared at Trask and derisively observed, "You really are a piece of work." Meanwhile, Gabi ran into Chad and Abigail, who wondered why she seemed upset. "You sold me out!" Gabi snapped at Abigail. Chad reminded Gabi that Abigail's only choice had been to tell the police the truth, and Abigail added that Gabi still had her full support. "I'm really feeling the love, Abigail," Gabi sarcastically countered. Chad defended Abigail, insisting that what was happening wasn't her fault. "Of course not! Nothing is ever Abigail's fault!" Gabi spat before storming off.

Meanwhile, inside the club, Jennifer insisted that Eric was being rude and owed Henry an apology. "No, Jennifer -- I need to apologize to you," Eric countered before proceeding to explain to Jennifer that she had been pulling away from him lately because of a misunderstanding. "I don't want Nicole; I want you," Eric assured Jennifer as Henry squirmed uncomfortably.

Henry started to excuse himself, but Jennifer stopped him and insisted that Eric was the one who needed to leave. "You can't just barge in on me like this when I'm on a date and then just give me this big speech and expect me to just fall into your arms! It doesn't work like that!" Jennifer told Eric, who incredulously wondered if she had heard anything he had said. "It doesn't matter!" Jennifer snapped. "I am here on a date, and I think that you should leave!" Jennifer continued. Sighing, Eric agreed to respect Jennifer's wishes. "[But I am] gonna take this doughnut!" Eric maintained, reaching for the treat he had claimed earlier.

"Well, that was awkward," Henry muttered after Eric left. Before Jennifer could respond, Abigail approached with Chad. Jennifer had a brief chat with Abigail, pleased to see that Andre's death hadn't hit her so hard that she was unable to celebrate Valentine's Day with her husband. After Chad and Abigail claimed their own table, Jennifer turned her attention back to Henry and wondered if he was ready to finally eat dessert.

Henry insisted, despite Jennifer's protests, that they first needed to talk about what had happened earlier. "You've been so gracious [and] considerate [in honoring] our date and my feelings, and I appreciate that -- I really do -- but we're both adults, so let's be honest: you're here with me, but your heart is with Eric Brady," Henry knowingly observed. Jennifer tried to assure Henry that he was wrong, but he wasn't convinced because, deep down, he had known all along that she was still hung up on someone else. "Maybe you [sent Eric away] because you didn't believe what he had to say, or maybe you're [just] scared of getting hurt, [but] I better go [either way], before I get hurt," Henry concluded, forcing a smile. Sighing, Jennifer apologized to Henry, who gave her a nod then went to pay for their meal.

Meanwhile, Julie served Trask a free drink. "An Alabama Slammer -- emphasis on the 'slammer,'" Julie explained with a smile. Trask thanked Julie but was quick to add that she couldn't discuss the details of an ongoing investigation with anyone. "Of course not...but as a concerned grandmother, I'd like to share some of my thoughts about Gabi Hernandez," Julie replied. "Share away," Trask begged, intrigued. Julie pointedly hoped that Trask would ensure that Gabi, who had ended up walking away from her last murder with little more than a slap on the wrist, wouldn't be allowed to escape true justice a second time. "Count on it," Trask promised.

Satisfied, Julie rushed off to Chad and Abigail's table with a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. Chad and Abigail were confused -- until Julie explained that Stefan had paid for the treat. While opening the bottle, Julie casually informed Chad and Abigail that Trask was close to nailing Gabi for Andre's murder -- and apparently only needed Gabi's coat and the urn's lid in order to secure a guilty verdict. Chad stressed that Gabi was innocent until proven guilty. "Yes, of course..." Julie grumbled before quickly turning her attention to another group of customers.

Stefan, who had been watching from the bar, approached to pour Champagne for Chad and Abigail. "Are you following us?" Chad asked. "No, no, no -- of course not. I had no idea that you would be here, of all places," Stefan insisted. "I had planned on staying in tonight, but, uh, the house got a little quiet," Stefan continued, prompting Chad to complain that the DiMera mansion hadn't been quiet since Vivian had moved in. Chuckling, Stefan concluded that when he had spotted Chad and Abigail while enjoying a drink at the bar, he had decided to send them a bottle of Champagne as a peace offering of sorts.

After Stefan walked away, Abigail tried to share a toast with Chad, but he found himself unable to force down the Champagne, since he didn't want anything from his brother, of all people. Chad glared at Stefan, who was talking to Trask at the bar, and suspiciously grumbled, "I don't like the way that looks..." Abigail urged Chad to just ignore Stefan.

Trying to take Abigail's advice, Chad presented her with a Valentine's Day gift -- a charm for her bracelet. Abigail loved the gift but could tell that Chad wasn't going to be able to forget about Stefan's presence, so she suggested that it would probably be best for them to just head home and continue celebrating privately. Stefan watched enviously as Chad gave Abigail a kiss to seal the deal.

Chad and Abigail soon approached Stefan, who was flirting with Trask, and returned the bottle of Champagne. "I'm sure some would enjoy the gesture, but we're not really interested, [so] enjoy it. We're gonna go enjoy each other," Chad pointedly explained before leading Abigail out of the club. When the coast was clear, Chad informed Abigail, "I think Stefan killed Andre."

"Looks like you're the odd man out," Trask teasingly observed, prompting Stefan to counter that he didn't feel left out at all because, after all, he was in the company of a beautiful woman. "You're charming -- I will give you that -- but I am observant, and I just observed you observing your brother's wife," Trask maintained. Shrugging, Stefan dismissively explained that he simply couldn't resist admiring any beautiful woman who crossed his path. While pouring Champagne for Trask, Stefan added that she was the one he wanted to get to know better that evening.

Meanwhile, Jennifer told Julie about what had happened earlier. Julie admitted that, although Henry hadn't really managed to impress her at all, she was inclined to agree with his suspicion that Jennifer had chased Eric away out of fear of getting hurt. Realizing that Julie and Henry might have a point, Jennifer abruptly excused herself, wanting some time alone to think about things.

While Julie was fretting about Jennifer's love life, Doug emerged from the kitchen and announced, with a big sigh of relief, that the last order of the night had just been handled. "Considering that most of the staff had the night off and we were down to one cook, I would say that [our first] Valentine's Day at the new Doug's Place was a huge success!" he declared with a wide grin -- one that faded when his wife admitted with a sigh that she wasn't sure about that.

After Julie told Doug about all the drama that had occurred at the club that evening, he reminded her that her loved ones were adults who could take care of themselves. "Here's something that'll take all your worries away -- if all is working as planned, right this very moment, J.J. is making Lani a happy woman with one of your grandmother's rings," he added, flashing another smile -- one that got bigger when his wife finally smiled back at him.

At the Brady Pub, Eric finished his doughnut and sighed as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Jennifer soon entered the pub and approached him. "What happened to your date?" he asked. "I'm looking at him," she replied. She smiled as he leaned in to give her a kiss.

Eli caught up with Gabi in the park and tried to calm her down, reassuring her that he believed in her and planned to do everything in his power to prove her innocence. "What if that's not enough? What if you do everything in your power, [and] karma [still comes back] to bite me for what I did to Nick?" she fretted. He assured her that she wasn't experiencing karma; she was experiencing a frame-up.

Gabi shared Chad's theory with Eli, who vowed to find Andre's true killer, whether that person was Stefan or someone else entirely. Smiling, Gabi thanked Eli for his continued support and wondered how she had gotten lucky enough to have such a great guy in her corner. "I wish I was the man that you thought I was, but the truth is, I'm far from it," Eli admitted with a sigh.

Eli claimed, when asked, that he was thinking about his regretful past with Sheila Watkins, the ex-convict he'd known since childhood. "You want to talk about it? I'm a great listener," Gabi offered, prompting Eli to fret that she might not understand. "After everything that I've been through, and after everything you have done for me? Come on. There's no judgment here; it's all love," she assured him, adding that when he was ready to talk, she'd be just a phone call away. He forced a smile and gave her a hug then started leading her out of the park.

Minutes later, Eli passed through the town square with Gabi -- and saw that J.J. was in the process of proposing to Lani.

Stefan learns the identity of the fake Gabi Stefan learns the identity of the fake Gabi
Friday, February 16, 2018

As Eli and Gabi walked through the square, they saw J.J propose to Lani at the café. Lani giddily jumped in J.J.'s arms and said yes. Eli stewed at the sight. When J.J. placed the ring on Lani's finger, Gabi interrupted to congratulate them. Gabi asked if they planned to marry before the baby was born, and J.J. said he was hopeful. Lani eagerly agreed.

"How great would that be for our baby for us to be a solid family? To have my last name? To have my father's last name?" J.J. said. Lani agreed. J.J. invited Eli and Gabi to join them at the pub for a drink. Glowering, Eli said, "We have a lot to talk about."

In their bedroom at the DiMera mansion, Chad and Abigail discussed Andre's murder. Chad said he believed Stefan was the culprit. Chad told Abigail his theory about Andre working with Stefan. Abigail was indignant and defended Andre's memory. Chad apologized.

Chad and Abigail decided to return to their romantic evening instead of discussing the murder. Abigail gave Chad her father's angel wing pendant. "Why are you giving this to me now?" Chad asked. Abigail said that Andre's death had made her sentimental. Abigail said that after losing Andre, she did not want to lose Chad as well.

At the pub, while Gabi and J.J. fetched drinks at the bar, Lani explained to Eli that she believed they should not tell anyone about the true paternity of her baby. When Lani asked Eli if he agreed with her reasoning, he remained silent. Lani pleaded with Eli to remember that everyone would be happier if they pretended that J.J. was the father of her baby. Shaking his head, Eli said he hated the thought of his child not knowing he was its father, but he hated the thought of them losing the people they loved even more.

Across the room, J.J. talked to Gabi about her arrest. J.J. promised that he would stick by Gabi's side just like she had stuck by his side during his attempted suicide. Overwhelmed, J.J. told Gabi that he owed her everything for saving his life so that he could live his life with Lani and their child. When they returned to the table, Gabi toasted to Lani and J.J. Eli and Gabi wished the couple "all the best."

After Eli and Gabi left, J.J. asked Lani what she and Eli had been discussing. Lani lied that she and Eli had been discussing a work issue. Excited about the proposal, J.J. called Abigail and told her about his engagement to Lani. Elated by the news, Abigail and Chad celebrated at home by sharing a cupcake and making love. Later, Abigail had a nightmare that Gabi was Andre's murderer. In the dream, Gabi walked in wearing the missing coat and laughing about murdering Andre.

At the pub, J.J. confessed to Lani that he had asked Abe's blessing to marry Lani. Lani was amazed that Abe had given his blessing. "I can't wait to be a family," J.J. said. "We already are," Lani cooed.

At Doug's Place, Stefan had a drink with D.A. Melinda Trask. Trask grilled Stefan about his interest in Abigail. Stefan flirted with Trask to avoid the issue, but he admitted that he had feelings for Abigail. Trask told Stefan that his "charms [were] somewhat effective." Trask added that in light of the upcoming murder trial, she did not think she should spend any more time with Stefan. Curious, Trask asked if Stefan was flirting with her to learn about the case. A defensive Stefan said he had taken no part in Andre's murder. Trask stressed that she believed Gabi was the murderer.

With a shrug, Stefan apologized for not having the footage needed to seal the D.A.'s case. Trask complained that Justin could argue that Gabi had not been at the scene of the crime. Stefan asked Trask if she was concerned about being seen in public with him. Trask hinted that she was open to spending time alone with Stefan privately. Reaching across the table, Trask touched Stefan's hand and asked him to go home with her. "I know you're still hung up on Abigail. And I know you want to move on. So why don't you move on me?" Trask asked.

Gabi and Eli returned to his apartment. As Gabi chattered on about how happy she was about Lani's baby, Eli stared at the wall. Gabi asked Eli if he was worried that he would not have a future with her because of the murder charges. Shaking his head no, Eli said he was not worried. After taking off his shirt, Eli swooped Gabi into his arms to distract her.

In the hospital, Billie surprised Steve in his room. Billie asked about his condition. While Steve explained about his autoimmune disease diagnosis, Kayla walked in. Kayla was surprised to find Billie sitting with Steve. Billie's phone beeped with a message, and she hurriedly said goodbye and left.

Once alone, Kayla raised an eyebrow at Steve. Steve asked Kayla if she was jealous. Kayla scoffed at the idea. Kayla explained that she was edgy because she had learned that Steve had been poisoned. Kayla noted that the poison was almost undetectable. Concerned, Steve asked if he might have ingested the poison accidentally. Kayla shook her head no. Kayla urged Steve to rest while she did more research.

At the mausoleum, the blackmailing ISA agent asked John why his contacts had witnessed John pull a gun on Will. John explained that Will had discovered that he had been poisoning Steve, and he had been forced to take action. John added that he had been forced to shoot Paul, as well, but that shooting had been an accident. Bristling, John yelled that he had given up enough for the mission.

"Van Damme will have us both killed if you're lying. I need to make sure your story checks out," the agent said. The agent asked to see Will and Paul's bodies. As John and the agent walked into the mausoleum, John pulled a gun. The two men struggled. The agent wrested the gun away. "You didn't kill Will Horton or your son, did you?" the agent asked. John said the agent would never believe him anyway. The agent announced that he was taking over the mission and that John was no longer needed.

As John closed his eyes and waited to be shot, the gun fired. John opened his eyes. He saw Billie holding a smoking gun and the agent collapsed on the floor, dead. John thanked Billie for her help. With a groan, Billie complained that she had to clean up another one of John's messes. John left for the hospital. Steve was sleeping in his hospital bed when John walked in and inserted a needle into Steve's I.V. Steve grabbed John's wrist. "John? What are you doing?" Steve asked.

Eli woke up alone in his room. Eli called out to Gabi, with no answer. At the DiMera mansion, the woman that looked like Gabi, wearing her coat, crept into the darkened mansion and placed her keycard and the urn topper on a desk. Stefan walked in and turned on the light. "Gabi?" Stefan asked. The woman turned around to reveal it was Abigail in a wig.

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