Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on DAYS
Vivian met Gabby. Stefan promised Gabby he would frame someone else for Andre's murder. Steve learned he was going blind. Hope and Rafe eloped, but they decided to still proceed with their wedding with family and friends. Ciara heard Claire's recording of her conversation with Tripp, and she begged Claire not to tell Hope the truth. Claire yelled out at the wedding that Rafe had cheated on Hope.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 26, 2018 on DAYS
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Claire considers exposing Rafe's secret Claire considers exposing Rafe's secret
Monday, February 26, 2018
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor recorded a voicemail message for Maggie, who was ignoring his phone calls. Meanwhile, someone opened then shut the front door. "Maggie?" Victor called out hopefully.

"No, darling -- it's someone who actually gets you," Vivian replied, joining Victor in the living room. He groaned as she sauntered over to the couch and took a seat. He was surprised to learn that she knew about his marital woes, since she wasn't exactly his wife's best friend. She clarified that she didn't know the details but was certain that something was going on because she had spotted his wife checking into the Salem Inn earlier. She tried to assure him that he was better off without his "proverbial ball and chain," prompting him to counter that she was "a proverbial pain in [his] ass" -- and needed to leave immediately.

Vivian ignored the command, determined to discuss business with Victor. He was stunned when she suggested that it was time for a merger between DiMera Enterprises and Titan Industries. "Are you insane?" he asked incredulously. "I think the word you're looking for is 'inspired,'" she countered, insisting that a merger was a win-win idea for the two companies. "No venture you're involved in could have the word 'win' in it," he argued.

Vivian tried to change Victor's mind, but he made it quite clear that he would never forge a professional relationship with her. Sighing, she abruptly changed tactics, seductively suggesting, "[Then] how about a personal relationship?" He was just as opposed to that idea, reminding her that he was a married man. "Apparently not for long..." she countered, prompting him to add that, in any case, the very thought of forging a personal relationship with her made his skin crawl.

"But, Victor, I could be the Lady to your Macbeth, the Hepburn to your Tracy, the...Lucy to your Schroeder!" Vivian protested. "Talk about loony tunes..." he grumbled in response. Ignoring the dig, she stood while adding, "I could also give you a lovely piece of heaven..." Then she opened her coat, revealing to him that she was wearing nothing underneath.

"Oh, for God's sake, cover yourself up!" Victor ordered Vivian while putting a hand over his eyes. She hesitantly closed her coat, looking a bit hurt, as he added that he loved his wife -- and, in any case, would never forge a personal relationship with someone who was obviously both deluded and demented. She countered that his belief that his marriage could be saved made him the deluded and demented one. "[After all], you must have done something pretty naughty to drive away [such a] codependent, clingy woman," she reasoned. "My focus right now is [on] driving you away," he spat, ready to drag her off the property if necessary.

Scoffing, Vivian left after warning Victor, "Now that my son is the head of the venerable DiMera family, we're gonna come after you and your beloved company -- and when we do, we won't show any mercy!"

At the DiMera mansion, Gabby advanced toward Stefan's closed bedroom door. "What are you doing?" Stefan whispered. "I'm letting [Chad] in," Gabby replied. Panicking, Stefan blocked Gabby's path and quietly insisted that they couldn't be seen together because that would just raise a lot of unwanted questions. "Things are [already] complicated enough, don't you think?" Stefan added.

Realizing that Stefan was right, Gabby retreated to the closet. Once the coast was clear, Stefan greeted Chad and apologized for the delay, explaining, while putting on a shirt, that he had been in the middle of changing clothes. "Is somebody, uh, in here? I heard voices..." Chad asked, looking around Stefan's bedroom curiously. "Speakerphone," Stefan claimed, clearing his throat nervously.

Knowing that was a flimsy cover story, Stefan quickly changed the subject, guessing -- with a pointedly dismissive laugh -- that his brother had been hoping to catch him harboring the woman who had been seen on the surveillance footage. Chad didn't bother to deny that, insisting that someone had gone to great lengths to make it look like Gabi was the woman in question -- and Stefan was the most likely suspect. "I'm gonna find out what happened that night, one way or another," Chad vowed. "Careful what you wish for -- you might not like what you find," Stefan countered. Confused, Chad wondered what that was supposed to mean.

Dodging the question, Stefan encouraged Chad, "[If] you think I'm guilty, then go ahead -- search my room!" Stefan started opening wardrobe doors and emptying desk drawers in an effort to keep attention away from the places where things were actually being hidden, but Chad declined to do a more thorough inspection of the bedroom, guessing that his brother was smart enough to choose a less obvious place to stash incriminating evidence. Chad maintained, however, that Stefan was definitely hiding something. Nodding, Stefan mused that it was refreshing to see that Chad was done pretending to play nice with him. Chad admitted that he preferred being open and honest about his disdain for his brother, anyway. "[If] that's how you feel, feel free to move out," Stefan challenged Chad.

"[We'll] be gone within the hour," Chad replied before heading off in search of Abigail. Surprised, Stefan quickly backpedaled, telling Chad that Abigail and Thomas didn't deserve to be uprooted just because of a petty sibling rivalry. Chad warned Stefan not to expect any favors in exchange for the sudden change of heart. Stefan countered that Chad would at least owe him an apology when the truth was finally revealed.

After Chad left, Gabby emerged from the closet and smacked Stefan's shoulder. "Ow! What was that for?" he demanded to know. "You scared me half to death!" she replied, upset that he had dared his brother to search the room. "It was a gambit, and it worked," he explained with a shrug. "This time," she countered, adding that he needed to stop treating everything as a chess game.

Stefan flirtatiously pointed out that protecting the queen was the whole point of chess, prompting Gabby to complain that she hadn't felt particularly protected earlier. "Just trust me," he assured her. "I'll sleep on it," she replied before starting to leave. "When will I see you again?" he wondered. "Don't worry. I'll come out...when I can," she promised. He waited until the coast was clear then opened his laptop and typed "split personality" into a search engine. "Okay, Abigail -- let's figure out what's going on in that head of yours..." he muttered while scanning the search results.

John went to the hospital to see Steve -- and was horrified to learn that the poison might have caused irreparable damage. John prayed that the antidote simply hadn't finished working its magic yet, prompting Kayla to angrily wonder if he had done much praying while administering dose after dose of poison to her husband. Kayla stormed off without waiting for a response, sick of looking at John. Steve started to apologize to John on Kayla's behalf, but John dismissed Steve's concern, acknowledging that Kayla had every right to hate him for what he had done. John expected Steve to be upset with him, too, but Steve understood John's dilemma.

Later, Kayla returned with Steve's latest test results. John started to leave at Kayla's request, but Steve argued that John deserved to know what was going on. Sighing, Kayla grudgingly accepted Steve's decision. "It's what I was afraid of -- you're losing your sight," Kayla sadly informed Steve, adding that the poison had damaged his cornea, and the antidote simply wasn't capable of repairing that damage. Steve reasoned with a shrug that, on the bright side, blurry vision was better than no vision at all, but Kayla feared that things were going to get progressively worse. "It could be just a matter of time before you are completely blind," Kayla fretted.

While Tripp and Ciara were gone, Claire summoned her grandmother over to their apartment for a private chat. Marlena was disappointed that Claire had been secretly recording Tripp and Ciara's conversations, but Claire argued that, while it certainly hadn't been her finest moment, that was beside the point. "Isn't it good that we know the truth [now]? Doesn't Grandma Hope have the right to know?" Claire reasoned.

Marlena pointed out that Claire didn't know the whole story -- and that Ciara, who presumably did know the whole story, had already decided that revealing the secret would only cause unnecessary pain. Claire suggested that Ciara might just be waiting for the perfect time to reveal the secret and cause the maximum amount of damage, but Marlena doubted that Ciara was that calculating.

Claire insisted, when asked, that she didn't have ulterior motives for wanting to reveal the secret herself. "[I only] want to tell Grandma Hope the truth [because] I love her so much, and I just want to make her happy," Claire explained. "And you think hearing this would make her feel happy?" Marlena countered. "Think long and hard before you do something that would be so destructive for this whole family," Marlena advised.

After leaving the apartment, Marlena joined John in the park -- and quickly realized that he was upset about something. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kayla complained to Steve, "Too bad your 'good friend' John didn't research his poisons a little more closely!" Steve tried to defend John, who had been in an impossible situation, but Kayla insisted, "I don't care about [John's] feelings; all I care about is you, [and] if you lose your vision because of [that] man..." Steve reminded Kayla that they had faced worse situations in the past and had won each time. "We're gonna do it again. We're gonna get through this -- together," Steve assured Kayla, giving her a hug.

At Smith Island, Hope explained to Rafe that she had invited a justice of the peace over so they could have a private wedding ceremony. Chuckling awkwardly, Rafe apologized to the unexpected guest, who took the misunderstanding in stride, joking that jumpy grooms were simply part of the package. After the man retreated to the bathroom to dry off, Hope assured Rafe that she had thought of everything -- including the rings and the el lazo. Rafe was concerned that Julie, who had gotten ordained in anticipation of the big day, would kill Hope for getting married ahead of time in a private ceremony, but Hope doubted that Julie would mind.

Claire, alone in her apartment, stared at Hope and Rafe's wedding invitation while trying to decide what to do next. Setting aside her cell phone, she assured herself, "There's still time left. At least she hasn't married him yet."

Meanwhile, at Smith Island, Hope and Rafe said goodbye to their guest then began celebrating the fact that they were officially husband and wife at last.

Vivian sees Gabby Vivian sees Gabby
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

In the DiMera mansion living room, Stefan read Kim Donovan's book about her multiple personalities. Stefan read aloud the symptoms of the illness. While Stefan was preoccupied, he did not see Vivian walk in. Vivian took the book from Stefan. Curious, Vivian asked Stefan why he was reading about Kim. Stefan asked Vivian if she knew Kim. With a cackle, Vivian said she knew all about Kim. When Vivian asked Stefan why he was reading the book, Stefan lied and said he had found the book on the shelf.

Not convinced, Vivian asked Stefan not to lie to her. Stefan said he had no secrets. Kate walked in. When Vivian asked what was wrong, Kate explained that Gabi's preliminary hearing was that morning. Vivian cheerfully noted that it was a relief that the board had not hired Gabi back before she had been arrested. At the desk, Stefan placed his tablet on top of Kim's book to cover it.

"Have you no decency at all? This young woman, her life is on the line, and all you can worry about is whether it's going to garner bad publicity for you," Kate barked. Stefan said, "I just hope that justice prevails today." Kate chuckled ruefully. Vivian warned Kate not to belittle her son when Kate had been a horrible mother to her own children. Vivian accused Kate of murdering Andre. With narrowed eyes, Kate said she had been angry with Andre, but she had not done anything more than offer him an ultimatum.

Kate countered that she believed Vivian and Stefan had something to do with the murder. "There is definitely a killer in the house, and it sure as hell isn't me," Kate growled. Vivian encouraged Kate to move out. Kate said she would leave, but she was too worried that Stefan and Vivian would harm Chad next. Kate threatened vengeance on Vivian if anything happened to Chad.

In their bedroom, a sleeping Abigail curled up next to Chad. Abigail dreamed that she asked Andre who had hurt him. With his dying breath, Andre said, "It was Abigail." A horrified Abigail was startled awake. Alarmed, Chad asked Abigail about her dream. Abigail said she had dreamed the same dream as before, but this time, Andre had said that Abigail knew who had murdered him. "We both know who killed Andre. It's Stefan, right?" Chad said.

Abigail pointed out that they had no proof that Stefan was the murderer. Chad reassured Abigail not to worry about her dream. Abigail asked Chad about his search of Stefan's room. Chad said he had not been able to search the room but he had confronted Stefan about his theories regarding him. Chad added that Stefan was not stupid enough to leave incriminating information in his room. Shaking his head, Chad said he wanted to focus on finding the woman from the surveillance video. "I think I might know who that is," Chad whispered.

Chad told Abigail that he believed Trask could be Stefan's accomplice, but Abigail was unsure. Abigail said it was unlikely that Trask would jeopardize her job. Shaking his head, Chad argued that Trask was ambitious and would need Stefan's fundraising support to climb the political ladder.

After Chad and Abigail dressed and headed downstairs, Stefan and Vivian called out to the couple as the couple was on their way out the front door. Stefan wished them good morning. Abigail said she and Chad were going to the courthouse to support Gabi. "I want the real murderer to be caught," Abigail grumbled. "I'm sure you do, Abigail," Stefan said.

Eli woke up a sleeping Gabi in his apartment. With a groan, Gabi asked if it was the day of her hearing. Eli told Gabi not to worry about the future. "We're not going to go there," Eli said as he hugged Gabi. After dressing, Eli told Gabi that there were no witnesses to corroborate Stefan's alibi during the murder. Eli said he was hopeful that there would not be enough evidence to prosecute Gabi. Gabi was skeptical.

"We are going to do everything, and I mean come hell or high water, to prove that the person on the surveillance footage is not you," Eli said. Gabi mentioned Chad had a theory about the murderer. With a quizzical eyebrow pop, Eli asked Gabi to tell him what she knew. Gabi told Eli she would fill him in on the way to court.

In the cabin on Smith Island, the newly married Rafe and Hope woke up in one another's arms. "I think this is the most perfect way to start the day. Being married to the man I love," Hope said. Rafe said he was worried that Julie would be furious with them for eloping. Hope said she believed Julie would understand.

"All I know is I married the love of my life with whom I want to spend the rest of my life," Rafe said. "I am so lucky," Hope countered. Laughing, Rafe said he would like to hear what Hope thought about him after a month of marriage. "I trust you with everything, and I always will," Hope said. After getting dressed, Hope noted that they should remove their wedding rings until after the second ceremony. Rafe placed his in his coat pocket, then swept Hope into his arms. Stumbling about, Rafe carried Hope out of the cabin, over the threshold.

At Doug's Place, Julie asked Claire about how to fashion her hair for the wedding. Claire sullenly continued preparing wedding favors for the guests while Julie chattered. As Julie lamented that Hope had canceled the rehearsal dinner, Claire remained quiet. Julie asked Claire about the song she had recorded for the wedding. When Julie reached for Claire's phone, claiming that she wanted to test the acoustics on the speaker, Claire shouted, "No!"

Claire apologized for yelling, and she explained that she did not want anyone to hear the song before she was ready to play it. With a sigh, Julie said she wanted to be prepared. "I'm hoping this marriage is a wonderful turning point for her," Julie said. Julie added that Rafe had proven himself time and again. When Julie started grumbling about Gabi, Claire sat in stunned silence. Julie said she hoped Gabi would be locked up and unable to attend the wedding. Julie added that she hoped Eli would realize that Gabi would only hurt him.

"There is almost nothing worse than seeing your loved one involved with somebody you know is going to hurt them and powerless to stop it," Julie said. Claire's face fell. Julie asked what was wrong. Claire said she was fine. When Julie pushed Claire to talk, Claire said she had learned a secret and was unsure what to do. Julie asked Claire to tell her what she had learned. With a sigh, Claire said she could not say anything.

At the police station, Eli was surprised when Gabi told him that Chad suspected Melinda Trask as the woman on the surveillance tape. As Eli said her name, Trask walked in. Trask noted that it was unorthodox for the detective on a murder case to sleep with the suspect. "I wasn't aware that my personal life was anybody's business but my own," Eli said. Trask promised to make sure that Eli was removed from the case.

"Hope is marrying Gabi's brother today. Good luck trying to keep personal and professional lines separate there," Eli said. Grabbing a file, Eli asked Trask about her alibi for the night of Andre's murder. With a frustrated laugh, Trask asked Eli if he was serious. Eli nodded yes. Trask warned Eli that it was an unwise career move to threaten the district attorney. When Eli pushed for Trask's alibi, she said she had been at dinner with Justin.

When Rafe and Hope arrived, a nervous Gabi asked Rafe to go home and get ready for his wedding instead of sitting through her hearing. Rafe refused. Gabi protested, but Hope interjected to say that she had plenty of time to change for the wedding. Gabi insisted. Rafe relented, and he made Gabi promise to be at their wedding. Once Rafe and Hope left, Eli apologized to Gabi for asking Trask about her alibi. Chad and Abigail arrived. Gabi told them that Trask had confirmed her alibi, and Trask was more motivated than ever to prosecute Gabi because they had questioned her.

"I didn't even do anything wrong!" Gabi cried out. Abigail assured Gabi that they believed her and that they would stick by her side. Frustrated, Gabi wondered aloud what had happened to the woman on the surveillance video. Abigail hugged Gabi. While Gabi was in the bathroom, Eli informed Chad that the police had finished their investigation at Andre's office. Chad asked Abigail if she wanted to go to the office with him, but she begged off, noting that she had a headache. Gabi returned to Eli's side. "The truth always comes out in the end," Eli told Gabi.

At Doug's Place, Hope and Rafe arrived. Julie complained that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. As Hope smiled serenely, Julie stopped talking. Julie asked about Gabi's hearing. Rafe promised that Gabi would be at the wedding. Through a forced smile, Julie muttered, "Wonderful." While Julie was in the back, Rafe asked Hope if she was going to tell Julie about their wedding. Hope joked that she wanted there to be witnesses in the room to keep Julie from killing her over the news of their elopement. Across the room, Claire scowled as Hope and Rafe kissed.

At DiMera Enterprises, Kate helped Chad pack up Andre's belongings. Kate looked at a photo of her with Andre then quickly put it down. Kate lamented that the last time she had been in the room had been when she had fought with Andre and then had found him dead on the floor. "It all seems to start with when Stefan came to town," Kate said. "My feeling is that the killer is living under the same room as us," Kate added.

In his room at the DiMera mansion, Stefan read aloud from Kim's book, "Always proceed carefully when interacting with an alter. Any unexpected confrontation could have dangerous consequences. Downstairs, Vivian was sipping her tea when she saw Gabby exiting the secret passage, dressed in her black wig and Gabi's coat. "Abigail?" Vivian asked in confusion.

Vivian has a tense encounter Vivian has a tense encounter
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
by Mike

While sharing a meal at the Brady Pub, J.J. and Lani made plans for their future wedding ceremony. Eventually, J.J., caught up in the moment, spontaneously suggested to Lani that they could get married that very day, since, after all, practically everyone they'd want to have at their wedding was already planning to attend one that day, and Hope and Rafe probably wouldn't mind sharing the stage with another couple. Lani appreciated J.J.'s enthusiasm but was quick to remind him that Salem's most recent attempt at a double wedding had been a disaster -- and they probably wouldn't be able to obtain a marriage license on such short notice, anyway.

Realizing that Lani was right, J.J. conceded that it would be better to wait, in any case, because they deserved a wedding that was just about them. Lani jokingly warned J.J. that they might have to share the spotlight with her father, who was really excited that she was about to get married and start a family. Chuckling, J.J. casually admitted to Lani that he had been prepared for opposition when he had voiced his plan to propose to her -- but he hadn't been prepared to receive it from such an unlikely source. "Valerie was [the one who was] all about [us] not rushing into anything, [and] I still can't figure out why she wasn't on board," J.J. mused with a shrug.

At the police station, Eli received a visit from Valerie, who had just heard that Trask was moving forward with Gabi's trial. Eli admitted with a sigh that he felt powerless to help the woman he loved. Valerie expressed confidence that Eli, as a skilled detective with a personal investment in the case, would eventually find a way to clear Gabi's name. "I have to, [because] the idea of Gabi [being] separated from Arianna..." Eli began.

"There's nothing worse than not being in your child's life," Valerie agreed. "Not subtle, Mom," Eli grumbled. "I'm not trying to be," Valerie countered. Eli maintained that it was best to let Lani continue pretending that J.J. was the baby's father, but Valerie forced Eli to consider, for the first time, just how difficult it was going to be to live in the same town with his son or daughter and be nothing more than a spectator in that child's life -- especially since the Grant, Carver, and Deveraux clans were so closely connected to each other. Eli grudgingly conceded that his mother had a point but was quick to add that he had to think about more than just his own best interest.

"I get that...[but] let me ask you this -- if Lani and J.J. weren't engaged, and you weren't with Gabi, would you be making the same decision?" Valerie wondered. "That's a hypothetical," Eli pointed out. "That's a nonanswer," Valerie countered. "Well, it's all that I got," Eli replied with a shrug. Sighing, Valerie fretted about the possibility of Eli eventually feeling the same kind of regret she'd felt when her decision to keep him away from his biological father had ended badly. Eli tried to assure his mother that history wasn't going to repeat itself, but she argued that he couldn't be sure of that. Annoyed, Eli snapped that his mother needed to drop the subject.

"[Look], what matters right now is Gabi, [and] the last thing that she needs to worry about [while facing a murder charge] is the mistake that I made with Lani," Eli insisted with finality.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny apologetically informed Gabi that she had arrived just a few minutes too late. "[Ari's] cold got worse [last night, and] she barely slept, [so] her pediatrician called in some cough syrup, and she's finally taking a nap [now]," Sonny explained. Gabi agreed with Sonny's suggestion that it would probably be best for Arianna to skip Hope and Rafe's wedding ceremony in favor of more rest, even though the child had really been looking forward to the big event. "[At least now] you can have some alone time with Eli," Sonny pointed out. "Yeah, before I get sent [back] to prison [for good]," Gabi replied with a sigh of defeat.

Sonny tried to assure Gabi that everything was going to be okay, but she insisted on being realistic. "Arianna is the most important thing in my life, and I need to [prepare her in case] the worst happens," Gabi reasoned. Sonny maintained that the worst was absolutely not going to happen but added, for the sake of argument, "If it does, [then] Will and I will step up [for Ari]. Even though we're not together anymore, we both love that little girl." Gabi warned that Sonny might have to bear most of the responsibility himself because, while it was obvious that Will did indeed love Arianna, the fact of the matter was that his memory loss might make it difficult for him to care for her on a daily basis. Sonny promised Gabi, "As far as I'm concerned, I am just as much a father to [Arianna] as Will [is], and she will always have a home with me."

At DiMera Enterprises, Chad and Kate agreed that Stefan was probably Andre's true killer. "[And] if Stefan is willing to kill somebody in his own family, imagine what else he's willing to do," Chad mused. Nodding, Kate added, "I see so much of Stefano in Stefan -- you know, the cunning, the calculation, the having to win at all costs... I'm very concerned [about] what he's capable of -- [and] who he might hurt next."

Kate warned Chad that it probably wouldn't be easy to prove their theory. "Stefan thinks like your father, [and] he has a she-devil as his mother, [so] I think we have to be very careful in the way we approach this," Kate reasoned. "Maybe that's the key -- the...'she-devil,'" Chad suggested, having noticed that Kate was good at pushing Vivian's buttons. Chad thought that Kate might be able to provoke Vivian into blurting out something incriminating, but Kate was certain that Vivian would never fall for such a trick, especially from an archenemy. "God, I really wish that lobotomy had gone through..." Kate joked with a groan of frustration.

"It's times like this that I really wish your father was still alive," Kate added, knowing that Stefano wouldn't have tolerated any attempts to annihilate his family, even from within. "Even if my father [is still] alive, it's not like he's gonna just ride in and save the day, [so] we have to deal with this ourselves," Chad insisted. Kate noted with a sigh that nothing -- not even solving Andre's murder -- would change the fact that he definitely was dead. Chad gave Kate a sympathetic nod as she stuffed a framed photograph in her purse -- one in which she was posing next to her late husband, and they both looked happy.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan continued reading Kimberly's book from the comfort of his bedroom, unaware of what was happening downstairs. "It's important to realize that an alter under sudden duress will resort to fight-or-flight mode," Stefan read as Vivian mockingly wondered why Abigail was wearing such a ridiculous costume. "Flight generally occurs when the person suffering from multiple personality disorder feels cornered and is unable to control their environment," Stefan continued as Gabby insisted that she wasn't wearing a costume; she was simply being herself -- Gabi Hernandez. "Fight occurs when the alter sizes up the immediate threat and finds his or her footing. Knowing the situation is within their grasp or control, this challenge can be very intoxicating for the alter," Stefan continued as Vivian, suddenly concerned, decided to warn Chad that Abigail was unwell. "Whatever you do, never agitate the alter," Stefan concluded right before a scream of terror interrupted his concentration.

Stefan rushed downstairs and found Gabby chasing Vivian around the living room with a fire poker. Stefan seized Gabby's makeshift weapon then asked if Vivian was all right. "Barely. I think you better call Chad. His wife has flown over the cuckoo's nest again!" Vivian replied. "This bitch is going down!" Gabby countered, lunging toward Vivian again.

Stefan held Gabby back while assuring Vivian that he would handle the situation himself. "Don't mention this to anyone -- especially Chad," Stefan warned Vivian before dragging Gabby off to his bedroom. Alone in the living room, Vivian turned to Stefano's portrait and said, "What are you looking at, you old fool? It's not my fault that your favorite son married a Horton with a screw loose!"

While passing through Horton Town Square, Gabi spotted Kate and seized the opportunity to thank her for attending the earlier hearing. Kate made it clear that there wasn't a doubt in her mind that the district attorney was trying the wrong person for her late husband's murder. "Andre was not my favorite person, but I wouldn't have killed [him], you know? He was still a human being," Gabi stressed. "Unlike some others," Kate knowingly replied. Gabi, noticing that Kate was carrying around a framed photograph of Andre, offered sincere condolences and a warm hug. Kate forced a smile and pointedly vowed that she wasn't going to lose anyone else she loved.

Vivian, curious to know what Abigail had been doing in the secret tunnels, started to take a closer look -- just as Chad entered the DiMera mansion. Startled, Vivian claimed, when asked, that she was looking for the wine cellar. Chad didn't buy that, certain that Vivian knew exactly where the family's wine collection was truly stored. "Well, then, what is this?" Vivian asked, gesturing toward the secret tunnels. "They're abandoned. Nobody uses them anymore," Chad explained. "Then why is this panel open?" Vivian continued. "I don't know -- [because] it's an old house? It's not a big deal. Who cares?" Chad dismissively replied, closing the false panel.

Changing the subject, Chad wondered if Vivian had seen Abigail recently. "Well, I thought I saw Abigail, but,'t her," Vivian replied with an awkward chuckle as Chad turned his attention to a lamp that had been knocked over during Vivian's earlier encounter with Gabby. Vivian claimed that it had been like that when she had entered the living room. "Maybe Abigail knocked it over," Vivian suggested with a shrug. "You know, she's had a lot of grief over Andre, and...I mean...well, how's she holding up?" Vivian continued. Chad insisted that Abigail was fine -- and that, in any case, neither Vivian nor Stefan needed to worry about his wife because he could take care of her himself. "I'm gonna go look for her," Chad added before walking away. "You may not like what you find..." Vivian quietly predicted.

Meanwhile, in Stefan's bedroom, Gabby continued ranting about Vivian, who was obviously crazy. "I understand that it upset you when my mother called you Abigail, but you're a smart woman. Think this through. What would it look like if accused murderer Gabi Hernandez is also accused of attacking a sweet, innocent old woman?" Stefan patiently pointed out. Gabby insisted that Vivian wasn't sweet or innocent but conceded that, regardless, Stefan did have a point. Gabby started fretting about how everything was falling apart, prompting Stefan to assure her that everything was going to be okay -- because he was going to find someone else to take the fall for his brother's murder. "Who?" Gabby asked. "I don't know yet, but there's plenty of people in this town [who are] guilty of something or other," Stefan replied with a shrug.

Gabby was surprised that Stefan would do such a thing for her, but he assured her that he would in a heartbeat. She was saddened to learn that he'd need her beloved coat in order to properly frame someone; however, he managed to convince her that it was in her best interest to hand it over to him. "The best thing for you to do [while I'm handling this is to just] lie low, okay? No popping out of hidden passageways, and certainly no threatening people with pokers," he advised as he took her coat. Nodding, she promised to do just that then left his bedroom after thanking him for being on her side.

As Stefan was stuffing the coat in his wardrobe, someone knocked on his bedroom door. When he opened it, his mother demanded, "All right, the truth, Stefan -- tell Mommie Dearest what the hell is going on with your friend Abigail!" Meanwhile, Chad, unable to locate Abigail, returned to the living room and took another look at the false panel. "What were you really up to, Vivian?" he curiously mused as he reopened it and started to step into the secret tunnels, unaware that he was no longer alone.

"Chad, wait!" Gabby blurted out, still wearing her wig.

Chad sees a new side of Abigail Chad sees a new side of Abigail
Thursday, March 1, 2018
by Mike

Maggie arrived at Doug's Place while Julie was in the process of rehearsing for Hope and Rafe's wedding ceremony. "I've never married anybody before, let alone Hope," Julie explained to Maggie, laughing nervously. Maggie expressed confidence that Julie would be a great officiant. Maggie added, while handing over a gift for Hope and Rafe, that, unfortunately, she wasn't going to be able to attend the big event.

"It seems [that] my marriage is on the rocks," Maggie explained with a sigh, adding that she knew herself well enough to know that she wouldn't be able to hide her sadness during the wedding ceremony, and she didn't want to put a damper on what was supposed to be a happy day for Hope and Rafe. Julie probed for more details, but Maggie refused to give specifics about Victor's latest transgression.

"How can I give people advice if they won't tell me what the problem is?" Julie grumbled. "People?" Maggie repeated, confused. "Oh -- Claire. [She] has some secret anguish, [too]," Julie clarified, dismissively adding that it was probably just a typical case of a young person making a mountain out of a molehill. Returning to Maggie's woes, Julie advised that all marriages hit rough patches from time to time. "[Just] work it out!" Julie concluded. Forcing a smile, Maggie patiently reminded Julie that Victor and Doug were two completely different people -- and, therefore, Julie's idea of a "rough patch" was likely much easier to work through.

"I thought Victor valued me more than he valued Titan Industries, [but] it's becoming so clear that [he] is never gonna be able to give up control," Maggie continued with a sigh. Julie, still hoping to reduce the issue to something that could easily be resolved, pointed out that Victor was from a generation of men who typically believed that their work was the primary thing that defined them, and it was therefore difficult for them to ever truly retire. Maggie clarified, "It's not just that; it's what he's willing to do to hold on to [his] power. I love him, but if I look the other way and allow him to do those things, I'm not just a supportive wife -- I'm a co-conspirator." Sighing, Julie finally accepted defeat. She insisted, however, that Maggie needed to stay with family at the Horton house while on the outs with Victor instead of staying in a room at the Salem Inn.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady confronted Victor, having just realized that Maggie had moved out. Victor downplayed the situation, reasoning, "If [Maggie] was serious [about leaving me], she'd have told Eve everything, [but] she didn't, [so] she'll be back [eventually]." Brady, still reeling from Maggie's recent condemnation of the plan to reclaim Basic Black, considered telling Eve the truth himself, but Victor insisted that Brady needed to stop feeling guilty and stay focused on the task at hand. "If you want to run Titan, you have to be ruthless when the occasion calls for it," Victor stressed.

Sick of waiting, Victor ordered Brady to stop messing around and to figure out a way to get Eve to the altar -- immediately. Brady protested that Eve was a smart woman who would definitely get suspicious if he randomly suggested eloping at such an early stage of their relationship. "You and Theresa were married on a whim," Victor pointed out. "We were in Vegas [and] both high as a kite at the time --" Brady began to clarify. Interrupting, Victor tiredly insisted, "I don't care what you have to do, but you get yourself married to that witch one way or another -- and the sooner the better."

Eve went to Claire's apartment to announce that the search for the new face of Bella was proceeding as planned. Claire apologetically explained that she was still interested in entering the contest but hadn't had time to apply yet because she had been too preoccupied with other things lately. When Eve hinted that she was a good listener, Claire vaguely clarified that she was dealing with something she needed to handle on her own.

Accepting that response, Eve quickly changed the subject, commenting on a dress that was hanging on a hook over Claire's bedroom door. Claire explained that the dress, which was waiting to be ironed, was for Hope and Rafe's wedding ceremony. Eve guessed that Hope would have a long and happy marriage with Rafe, who seemed to be nothing like Eduardo or Dario, but Claire expressed doubts about that -- doubts that puzzled Eve.

Continuing to dodge Eve's questions, Claire wondered how things were going with Brady. "[Well], you know, we rushed into...something...with the help of copious amounts of alcohol -- so don't ever do that, really -- but we [eventually] got our heads on straight and slowed [things] down, and...I don't know, it's''s been really...nice," Eve admitted with a shrug.

Claire was pleased to hear that, knowing that Brady had been hurt more than once in the past and was in desperate need of a break from that cycle. Eve acknowledged with a sigh that there were people in Salem who believed that she was no better than any of the other women Brady had been with in recent years, but Claire dismissively insisted that those people were wrong. Touched, Eve seized a hug from Claire.

Ciara tracked Tripp down at the Horton Town Square and wondered why he was still working. He was confused -- until she reminded him that he had previously agreed to accompany her to her mother's wedding ceremony. Groaning, he apologized for forgetting about the big event. She could tell that something was bothering him, so he admitted that he was distracted because he had learned earlier that his father wasn't completely out of the woods yet. She comforted him with a hug and urged him not to give up hope. She assured him that she'd understand if he wanted to skip the wedding ceremony, but he insisted that he needed to be there to represent the Johnsons -- and he couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her out of her "biker-chick" clothes, anyway. She wasn't thrilled about having to wear a dress all night but predicted that it would be a fun evening regardless.

After saying goodbye to Claire, Eve headed over to the Brady Pub for lunch with Brady -- and realized, within seconds of joining him, that he was upset about something. He told her about his grandfather's marital woes and claimed that he felt guilty because he had never bothered to think about how his power struggle with his grandfather might affect his grandfather's marriage. She tried to assure him that he was a good guy who was being unnecessarily hard on himself, but he insisted that he didn't deserve her support -- especially since he had treated her really poorly in the past. She reasoned that he had probably learned that behavior from his grandfather.

"That's why you need to be out from under [Victor's] thumb -- [and you will be after] Bella magazine takes Basic Black straight to the top," Eve assured Brady, confidently adding that they could eventually take over all of Titan if they set their minds to it. Nodding, Brady agreed that Victor certainly wasn't fit to run Titan himself any longer. "And I know exactly what I have to do to make sure that I'm the one that replaces him..." Brady added, remembering what Victor had said earlier. Abruptly changing the subject, Brady proposed a toast to Maggie's sudden realization that Victor wasn't good enough for her. "Are you sure that's such a good idea?" Eve asked, somewhat concerned. "It's not a 'good' idea; it's a great idea," Brady dismissively insisted, signaling for a bottle of Champagne.

At Doug's Place, Maggie received a phone call from Victor, who begged her to return home so they could work things out. Maggie refused after learning that Victor still had no intention of telling Eve the truth.

Tripp finished his work shift then headed home with Ciara so they could get ready for the wedding ceremony. Ciara put the finishing touches on her surprise video montage while Tripp changed clothes. When he emerged from his bedroom, half dressed, to ask her to help him decide between two different dress shirts, she got a bit flustered but tried to act cool. After telling him which shirt to wear, she forced herself to turn her attention back to her montage, which she wasn't completely satisfied with yet. She explained, as he donned the shirt and began buttoning it, that the video was fine, but the accompanying song didn't feel right.

"Claire was working on a song for the wedding, right? Maybe that could work," Ciara suggested, reaching for Claire's cell phone, which had been left unattended. Tripp didn't think it was wise for Ciara to be messing with Claire's cell phone without permission, but Ciara reasoned, "[You're] always telling me that I should get along with Claire, [and] using her song in my montage is like us doing something together for the wedding." Chuckling, Tripp conceded, "I guess you could look at it that way..." Ciara added that the benefit of not asking for permission first was that she wouldn't have any obligation to use the song if it turned out to be horrible.

"Oh, look -- here's something that she recorded yesterday. It's probably the song. Let's hear it..." Ciara continued, preparing to play an audio file she had just found.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian curiously observed that Stefan didn't seem particularly surprised that Abigail was suddenly acting weird. Sighing, Stefan reluctantly explained everything to Vivian, who wanted to alert the police -- until he revealed why she couldn't. "Abigail saw us with Andre's body? What...exactly...did she see?" Vivian asked worriedly. "I don't have to spell it out for you, do I?" Stefan replied.

Vivian and Stefan shared a look as they each thought about what had happened on the night of Andre's murder. Stefan had found Vivian in Andre's office, standing over his dead body. "I came in here and found him like this!" Vivian had claimed. "Really? Because just a few hours ago, you tried to convince me that he had to die," Stefan had skeptically countered. "Well, I admit that I was thinking about it, [but] I wouldn't have done this," Vivian had insisted, gesturing toward Andre's head wound. "I would have done this," Vivian had added, pulling a gun out of her purse.

"Did you do it?" Vivian had asked Stefan, who had insisted that he hadn't. "The only reason I'm here right now is because I called [Andre] and told him to stay late because I needed to talk to him. [But] I wasn't gonna show up; [instead], a couple of my guys [were going] to kidnap him, just to get him out of the way. But they were under strict orders not to kill him. Let me be clear on something here -- I can be as ruthless as I have to [be], but I'm no murderer," Stefan had stressed. "Neither am I -- well, not at the moment, anyway," Vivian had replied. They had left together after grabbing Andre's cell phone.

Knowing that Vivian remembered exactly what had happened, Stefan saved himself the trouble of recapping it, instead explaining with a sigh that he hadn't been concerned at first because the security system had been disabled at the time of their visit to Andre's office, and he had assumed that meant they had managed to escape undetected. "[But] I was wrong. Abigail saw us," Stefan continued. "Don't you mean 'Gabi'?" Vivian countered. Vivian guessed that Abigail had posed as Gabi in order to get away with murdering Andre, but Stefan clarified, "I think Abigail believes that she is Gabi."

"Whatever. [Either way], Abigail has a screw loose! And she killed Andre! She's gotta be locked up!" Vivian insisted. Stefan maintained that Vivian couldn't turn Abigail in to the police, reasoning that Abigail would surely tell DiMera Enterprises' board members their secret as a way of retaliating, but Vivian guessed that Stefan was more concerned about protecting Abigail because he was in love with her. "That's not true," Stefan insisted. "Well, I certainly hope not, because if you play recklessly with Abigail, you, my son, could be her next victim," Vivian warned.

Stefan assured Vivian that there was nothing to worry about because he was reading Kimberly's book to learn how to deal with Abigail's unique form of mental illness. "[It] states that alternate personalities [can] do things that the host doesn't know [about], so 'Gabi' could have killed Andre, and Abigail has no idea about any of it," Stefan explained.

Groaning, Vivian complained, "Oh, my God, my head is spinning!" Vivian felt even more overwhelmed after Stefan revealed that he planned to frame someone else for Andre's murder as a way of protecting Abigail -- and he wanted her to help him do that. Sighing, Vivian wondered who Stefan wanted her to frame -- and how he expected her to do it without getting caught in the process.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Chad emerged from the secret tunnels and greeted his wife, not noticing that a wig had been tossed in a corner of the foyer. He explained that he had been about to investigate the secret tunnels because he had caught Vivian trying to sneak into them earlier, and he was pretty sure that she was up to something. "You can't do that!" the woman he was talking to insisted.

Confused, Chad wondered why his wife didn't want him to enter the secret tunnels. "Because...they're dangerous...and...your father, he put a lot of traps back there...and then who knows what Vivian could have rigged up -- I bet she probably wanted you to see her coming out of there," the woman reasoned. Chad dismissively insisted that he could take care of himself. "I know, but I...I...just lost Andre, and...I'm a little bit overprotective. Don't want to lose you, too," the woman countered. Touched, Chad gave his wife a hug and assured her that she wasn't going to lose him; in fact, she was stuck with him for good.

The woman stiffened in Chad's arms. When Chad pulled away, he noticed for the first time that his wife was wearing an outfit he had never seen before. "Oh...I get it," he assured his wife, giving her a flirtatious look. The woman stiffened again as he began kissing her neck. "I put this on because Gabi gave it to me," the woman explained.

Pulling away again, Chad concluded with obvious disappointment, "So, then, it's not...we're's not for me?" Sighing, he reluctantly changed the subject, vowing that Stefan was going to pay for framing Gabi for Andre's murder -- and Vivian was going to pay, too. "She's a hateful old bitch," the woman spat.

Chuckling, Chad approvingly asked, "Who are you, and what have you done with my wife?" The woman hesitantly insisted that it wasn't completely out of character for her to use profanity. "Yeah, but I never heard you call anybody a hateful old bitch before," Chad replied between attempts to give his wife more kisses.

Stiffening yet again, the woman explained that she'd had an encounter with Vivian earlier that had apparently upset her more than she'd realized. Suddenly concerned, Chad threatened to throttle Vivian, but the woman he was talking to assured him, "Don't worry about me -- I know how to handle a woman like Vivian." Undeterred, Chad made it clear that he would never let anyone hurt his wife or his son.

"Did anyone ever tell you you're a very sweet man?" the woman replied, somewhat impressed. "Well, I just love you...and you look so good in this dress...[I mean], you always look good, but [this is] super sexy...[and] I just can't control myself right now..." Chad explained between renewed attempts to kiss his wife.

"Maybe we should go someplace more private?" the woman suggested, playing along. Chad liked that idea, but the woman quickly added, "I hate to ruin the moment, but didn't you say that you were gonna put Thomas' train together today?" Groaning, Chad jokingly wondered who Thomas was then grudgingly conceded that his wife was right. "We could pick back up later," the woman promised. "Deal," Chad agreed before rushing upstairs.

Once the coast was clear, the woman -- Dr. Laura -- picked up the wig and disapprovingly muttered, "You almost got us in a lot of trouble, Gabby. It would have brought about our downfall. But, fortunately, I am here now, and everything is under control." Then she calmly stepped into the secret tunnels and shut the false panel behind her.

Claire disrupts the wedding Claire disrupts the wedding
Friday, March 2, 2018

At the loft, Ciara decided to pair Claire's song with her video montage. Claire was in her room, but she had left her phone on the desk. Ciara grabbed the phone. "You think you should ask Claire for permission before you look in her phone?" Tripp asked hesitantly. Ciara rationalized that she wanted to work together with Claire. Claire found a recording from the previous day, and she assumed that was the song. When Claire pressed play, she and Tripp realized that Claire had recorded their conversation.

Claire exited her room looking for her phone. Claire heard the recording playing. Claire rushed over and grabbed the phone. When Ciara asked for an explanation, Claire said she had accidentally recorded them. Worried, Ciara asked how much of the conversation Claire had recorded. Claire asked if Ciara had said something she did not want Claire to hear. Narrowing her eyes, Claire asked what Ciara thought she had heard. Ciara mentioned Claire's scatting, and Claire's response made it clear that she had listened to the recording.

"Why did you pretend that you didn't hear the conversation?" Ciara asked. Claire explained she had decided to take the high road. Ciara asked Claire if she had heard anything else. "You don't want to miss your mom's big day," Claire said pointedly before she left.

At Eric's place, Jennifer dropped by to meet him for their date. Eric greeted her in a towel. Smiling, Jennifer noted that Eric frequently appeared in a towel when he was expecting her over. With a grin, Eric suggested that Jennifer liked to arrive early to catch him in a state of undress.

In the park, Eli met up with Gabi to go to the wedding. Gabi joked that Eli looked like someone had picked out his clothes. Eli admitted that his mother had picked out his suit. Gabi asked about the murder case. Eli said he had reached out to a friend at the FBI to enhance the video. "I'm 100% certain that you're innocent, and I'm going to prove it," Eli said. "A lot of people are convinced that I'm guilty," Gabi said sadly.

At Doug's Place, Doug asked Julie if she was nervous about officiating the wedding. Doug cheerfully told Julie that she would be spectacular. "You love Hope, you love Rafe, say what you feel," Doug suggested. Julie agreed. "Not many women have been as lucky as me. For most of my life, you loved me, honored me, cherished me, and I have no doubt Rafe is gonna do the same for Hope," Julie said.

Outside the restaurant, Jennifer hesitated before heading inside with Eric. Jennifer explained that she had seen a lot of weddings, and many had ended badly. "What am I doing? My cousin is getting married, and I'm with the most handsome guy in Salem," Jennifer said. "And the luckiest," Eric said before kissing Jennifer.

At the police station, a white-suited Hope visited Rafe as he was dressing in the interrogation room. "Wow," Rafe said breathlessly. "I accept that wow because I think you're pretty wow," Hope cooed. Hope noted they should keep their secret marriage quiet until after the ceremony. When Hope suggested that they bail on the second ceremony, Rafe said no. Rafe said he was looking forward to standing up in front of his friends and family and pledging his love to Hope.

After Hope left to finish getting ready, Gabi visited Rafe as he was finishing dressing. Rafe promised his sister that he would find Andre's killer. Shaking her head, Gabi said she did not want to talk about her legal troubles on Rafe's wedding day. "Our family has screwed up over and over, and you're just trying to make sure you fix it for all of us," Gabi said as she adjusted Rafe's tie. Rafe muttered that he had made mistakes.

"At least you're honest with your mistakes. And your mistakes don't hurt other people," Gabi said. With a deep sigh, Rafe appeared to be on verge of confessing to his affair. Hope walked in. Gabi rushed over to block Hope from view before the wedding, but Rafe said everything was fine. As Rafe and Hope beamed at one another from across the room, Gabi smiled. Eli joined the group as Hope helped Rafe with his tie. Gabi noticed there was lipstick on Rafe's collar. Gabi offered to help Hope with her makeup.

After the ladies left, Eli joked about the lipstick on Rafe's collar. With a stern look, Rafe growled that the lipstick was Hope's. Eli apologized for his joke. Rafe then apologized and said he was on edge. "You're almost there, man," Eli assured Rafe. "Thanks again for keeping my secret," Rafe said as Hope returned to the room. "What secret?" Hope wondered aloud. Eli stammered a denial as Gabi returned. Rafe admitted he hated keeping secrets, and he needed to tell the truth. Nervously, Rafe said that he had told Eli that they had already gotten married.

Confused, Gabi asked for details. Rafe told her about the cabin. Hope was disappointed that Rafe had not kept their secret. "You're too good a guy to be good at keeping secrets," Hope said. Gabi and Eli promised not to tell anyone about the secret wedding. After they left, Rafe asked Hope if she was upset with him. "If I catch you in another lie, there's no telling what I might do. I'm a good shot. Don't forget," Hope said playfully.

J.J. and Lani arrived at Doug's Place. J.J. joked that Julie could perform their wedding next. Lani noted that they did not have a date set yet. Julie and Eric chatted with J.J. and Lani while Doug took drink orders. When J.J. asked Lani about a wedding date, Lani said she wanted to enjoy being engaged for a while.

Rafe and Hope arrived at the restaurant and informed Julie that they had written their vows. Flustered, Julie said she wanted to make sure the couple's first day together went smoothly, Hope said she had news that could ease the pressure on Julie. Before Hope could spill her secret, Julie cried out to Eric for advice. Eric suggested that Julie should keep the focus on the bride and groom. "You don't want anyone else to steal the show," Eric noted.

At the bar, Claire scowled. Julie walked over and asked Claire if she was still bothered by her secret. Across the bar, Ciara and Tripp overheard Claire and Julie. Worried, Ciara wondered aloud if Claire had overheard her and Tripp say that Rafe had slept with Sami. In horror, Ciara watched Claire walk over to Rafe and Hope. Rafe told Claire he was excited about her song.

"You think you know someone, but do you really? Are you open and honest with one another?" Claire asked. Hope stressed that she and Rafe were open and honest with one another. Hope promised that their marriage was a good one. As Claire hugged Hope, Rafe looked at Claire quizzically.

Valerie walked in and greeted Eli. Eli warned Valerie not to talk about Lani and J.J. Nearby, Jennifer and Abe laughed about the next wedding being their children's marriage. While J.J. went to the bar, Valerie slipped over to Lani's table and asked to talk. When the women got outside, a furious Valerie accused Lani of manipulating Eli. Lani said she was marrying J.J. because she loved him. "You love him so much you'll marry him, passing off another man's baby?" Valerie asked. "You did," Lani said defiantly.

Valerie warned Lani that the truth would come out. Eli exited the restaurant and asked the women what was going on. Eli warned Valerie to butt out of his life because he had made a decision about the baby. "I'm asking you to respect my choices," Eli said. Eli escorted Lani inside. Abe found a visibly upset Valerie outside. Citing illness, Valerie said she was headed home. Abe offered to take her. Valerie was resistant, but she agreed.

Inside the restaurant, Julie greeted Ciara. Probing, Ciara asked Julie if she had talked to Claire about her secret. Julie said Claire had not told her specifics. Julie suggested that Ciara talk to Claire. In need of a vocal warm-up, Claire walked to the back office. Ciara followed her and confronted her about the conversation Claire had recorded. Claire admitted that she knew that Rafe had slept with Sami. Claire and Ciara fought over the phone. Tripp found the two women fighting, and he yelled at them to stop.

"This wedding should not happen!" Claire yelled. Ciara told Tripp that Claire had recorded them on purpose in order to learn the secret. Ciara argued that Hope deserved to be happy, and she told Claire to keep the secret. "You're going to take this secret to your grave, even if I have to put you there myself," Ciara growled. "You always tend to know what's best for everyone, don't you? You're telling yourself that you're keeping this secret to protect your mom," Claire said. "That is what I'm doing," Ciara protested.

"No. You're doing it because you're just like Rafe. You are a liar and a coward. You couldn't commit to Theo, and so you lost him," Claire said. Claire added that she was relieved that Ciara had not broken Theo's heart by dating him. Claire said she would not let Ciara hurt Hope, then she ran out. Frantic, Ciara and Tripp chased after her to stop her from saying anything to Hope.

At the bar, Doug joked to Rafe that if Rafe did not make Hope happy, he would have to answer to Doug and everyone in Salem. Doug and Rafe toasted to the wedding. At J.J.'s table, Gabi told him that she had watched Valerie go outside with Lani. When J.J. admitted that Valerie had been overly interested in their wedding, Gabi wondered aloud why. J.J. saw Eli and Lani return inside.

At the bar, Rafe told Hope, "I want the world to know that I have married the most incredible woman in the world". "Everyone is going to know the truth soon enough," Hope whispered. Julie announced the start of the ceremony. "Who wants to see these two beautiful people become husband and wife?" Julie asked. Everyone in the room cheered. Hope interrupted to say that she and Rafe had an announcement.

Before Hope could say another word, Claire rushed in with Ciara and Tripp on her heels. Claire begged Hope to talk privately. With a pleading look at Rafe, Ciara said, "She knows." Rafe started to take Hope aside. "Rafe cheated on you!" Claire yelled. In shock, Hope backed away from Rafe.

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