Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 9, 2018 on DAYS
Ciara took the lead in the Bella contest. Claire asked Theo to help her rig the competition. Tripp told Ciara that he wanted to be with her. Brady bet Eve that Claire would win the Bella contest or else he would stop pursuing Eve. Sonny broke things off with Leo. Paul overheard Leo plotting with Vivian against Sonny. Hope asked for an annulment, and Rafe refused. The jury found Gabi guilty of murder. Marlena confronted Gabby, and Gabby and Stefan locked Marlena in the tunnels.
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Gabi learns her fate Gabi learns her fate
Monday, April 9, 2018
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie, who was playing a card game with Victor, casually mentioned that Sonny was seeing a new guy -- and, according to Adrienne, the relationship was already getting pretty serious. "Great, just what I need -- another CEO on the rebound," Victor grumbled, prompting Maggie to wonder why he always had to be so cynical about everything. He promised to change his tune if the new guy passed inspection.

"Gin!" Maggie suddenly shouted -- just as someone entered the mansion. "Martini time already? Make mine dirty," Vivian requested, joining Maggie and Victor in the living room. Victor, annoyed that Henderson had let Vivian in, declared that he should have pensioned the butler off years earlier. Vivian admitted, in Henderson's defense, that he hadn't given her a warm welcome -- or even offered to take her coat. "Probably afraid you were naked [underneath] again. Didn't want to turn to stone," Victor guessed. Unamused, Vivian removed her coat to show that she was, in fact, clothed underneath.

Vivian wanted to talk to Victor privately, but Maggie refused to leave. Eyeing Maggie disapprovingly, Vivian hinted that Victor's life would have been much more exciting if he had married her instead of settling for a woman who thought it was fun to waste time playing gin, of all things. "If we lead such a boring life, how come you keep barging into it?" Maggie wondered as Vivian prepared a martini for herself.

"I came here to bury the hatchet," Vivian began. "In my skull, no doubt," Maggie interjected. Sighing, Vivian tiredly insisted that it was time for Maggie to leave the past where it belonged -- in the past. Victor pointed out that Vivian's threats against Titan weren't exactly ancient history, but she dismissively assured him that those threats had only been made because his rejection had hurt her feelings.

"Can't we just have a healthy competition?" Vivian asked. "Sure...if I could believe anything coming out of your mouth. Trouble is, I don't," Victor replied. Maggie agreed with Victor's belief that Vivian was simply trying to lull them into a false sense of security with her offer of a truce. "It won't work [on us, and] it won't work on Sonny, either," Victor insisted, certain that Vivian and Stefan were no match for his grandnephew.

At the Horton Town Square, Leo told Sonny, "You are looking at [Titan's] new executive assistant to the CEO." Stunned, Sonny told Leo, "And you're looking at your new boss."

Sonny found it hard to believe that was news to Leo, who had been receiving paychecks that bore the signature of Titan's CEO, but Leo innocently pointed out that the name that appeared on each paycheck was Jackson Kiriakis, not Sonny Kiriakis, and that most people would never even think to consider the possibility that someone so young could be in complete control of such a major company. Leo added that Sonny had never really said much about what he did for a living -- probably because most of their conversations had been about Will. "[And I never asked] because I never cared about what you did or what you have," Leo stressed. Sighing, Sonny admitted that he still had doubts. "If there's something you need to tell me, you'd better do it right now...or we're done -- and you're also out of a job," Sonny continued.

Leo reminded Sonny that they hadn't shared their respective surnames when they had first met each other, meaning that he'd had no way of knowing back then that the new man in his life was even a Kiriakis, let alone that Kiriakis. Leo admitted, however, that spending the night with Sonny at the Kiriakis mansion had made the connection pretty obvious. "So, instead of [filling me in], you trotted down to HR and applied for a job as my assistant?" Sonny asked incredulously. "It wasn't like that!" Leo insisted, adding that he had interviewed for the job weeks earlier and could proudly state that he had gotten it on his own merits.

"I hope this doesn't change things between us," Leo concluded. "Well, it does. We're through," Sonny replied with finality, adding that he had learned from his uncle that having sex with an employee was a bad idea. "So...that's it?" Leo asked incredulously. "We do have one [other] option -- you could turn down the job," Sonny suggested. Leo refused to do that, insisting that he had earned the job and wasn't willing to give it up, even if keeping it meant losing his chance with a guy he really liked. "Then I can't see you anymore," Sonny reiterated.

"Is there anything that I can do to change your mind?" Leo asked, reaching for Sonny's hands. "I wish there were...but this is a line that I cannot cross," Sonny replied, pulling away from Leo. Nodding, Leo told Sonny, "[Then] I guess I'll see you at the office." Sonny sighed as Leo walked away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Maggie agreed that Salem had been a much nicer place before Vivian had returned to it. "As long as she's around, we can't let our guard down -- not for a second," Victor stressed.

Leo met with Vivian in the park and told her about what had just happened with Sonny. Leo was surprised when Vivian admitted that Sonny had done exactly what she had expected him to do. "Are you still working for him?" Vivian asked. "If you want me to," Leo replied with a shrug, clearly confused. "Oh, I want you to," Vivian confirmed with a wicked grin.

"Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be...well, I don't have to spell it out, do I?" Vivian continued. "No," Leo replied, getting the picture.

At the courthouse, the judge announced that the jury had found Gabi guilty of murder. Horrified, Gabi began lashing out at the jury, the judge, and the district attorney, insisting that what they were doing to her was wrong.

As Justin tried to get Gabi under control, Trask smugly mused that it wasn't exactly wise for a defendant to get on the bad side of the judge who was going to be determining her sentence. "Shut up," Rafe snapped at Trask.

Chad guessed that Justin could appeal the conviction, and Justin assured Gabi that was true. "We wouldn't have to appeal [if you had] put me up on that stand [like I asked you to], so this is all your fault!" Gabi spat, glaring at Justin. He maintained that calling her to the witness stand wouldn't have helped her case, but she insisted that he couldn't be sure of that. She demanded to know how he planned to fix things.

Justin informed the judge that the defense planned to appeal the conviction. Snickering, Trask said she couldn't wait to hear the supposed grounds for the appeal. Trask added that, since the defendant had just been convicted of murder for the second time, a sentence of life without the possibility of parole seemed appropriate. Justin protested that Trask was trying to deny his client the right to a fair sentencing hearing. "I'll hear arguments on sentencing a month from now," the judge declared. Justin wanted Gabi to be released on her own recognizance until then, but Trask managed to convince the judge that would be too risky.

Rafe was outraged when Trask warned the judge that Gabi would probably receive special treatment if she was held at the local jail until her sentencing hearing. "I'm sure we could work out some arrangement at Statesville," Trask sweetly suggested. Justin insisted that would be cruel and unusual punishment for his client and her daughter, but the judge agreed with Trask's argument that Gabi was a danger to everyone -- including Arianna.

After the judge announced that court was adjourned, Trask walked over to Justin's side of the courtroom and smiled at Gabi triumphantly. "[Bet you're starting to wish] you hadn't turned down my plea deal. You know, you might want to base your appeal on ineffective counsel. Have a great day," Trask told Gabi before walking away. "I really hate that bitch!" Gabi declared through gritted teeth. "You're not the only one," Justin muttered.

Justin apologized to Gabi and urged her to try to stay positive, adding that he was going to start working on her appeal right away. As Justin exited the courtroom, Gabi admitted to Rafe and Chad that it was going to be hard to stay positive because she had just lost the last ounce of faith she'd had in the justice system. Gabi noted that it had been easier to accept her fate the previous time because she had known that she was guilty.

Rafe offered to stay with Gabi until she was processed, but she declined, reasoning that he'd already had to see a family member off to prison too many times in his life. Chad assured Rafe that he would stay with Gabi instead, so she wouldn't be alone. Nodding, Rafe headed off in search of Arianna, knowing that it was finally time to tell her what was going on.

Justin met with Sonny to give him the bad news. When Sonny expressed concern for Arianna, who was about to lose a parent yet again, Justin revealed that Rafe wanted to talk about that with Sonny and Will -- together.

Chad, alone with Gabi at the courthouse, vowed to expose the mystery woman's true identity -- and figure out why Abigail had lied on the witness stand. Gabi begged Chad to hurry.

At the hospital, Kayla went to see Marlena, eager to talk to someone about what was happening to Steve. Kayla also wanted to talk to Marlena about Abigail, having noticed that Marlena had recently viewed Abigail's medical file. Marlena confirmed that Abigail had asked for her help but apologetically added that she, of course, couldn't discuss the details. Nodding, Kayla decided to take comfort in the knowledge that Abigail was receiving care from one of the best psychiatrists in the country. Marlena thanked Kayla for the compliment then changed the subject, suggesting that they could meet for dinner sometime the following week. Kayla accepted the invitation.

After Kayla left, Marlena realized that her eyeglasses were missing. "Dr. Laura," Marlena realized with a groan.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan faced off with Dr. Laura, who struggled to keep Gabby suppressed but eventually lost the fight. Thrilled to finally have Gabby back, Stefan opened a bottle of Champagne so they could celebrate their victory. Gabby wanted Stefan to pick up where he had left off with her, but he was concerned that if he did that, her host might emerge again.

"She already did," Gabby suddenly remembered. Stefan was shocked to hear that Abigail had talked to Marlena Evans, who had realized that Abigail had dissociative identity disorder. Gabby assured Stefan that Dr. Laura had prevented Abigail from hearing that diagnosis, but Stefan knew that Marlena wouldn't let it go. Nodding, Gabby informed Stefan that Marlena was actually expecting to see Abigail again that day.

"You need to call her and make up some excuse [to explain] why you can't make the appointment," Stefan instructed Gabby. "Or you could just lie to my face," Marlena suggested, joining Stefan and Gabby in the living room.

Gabby attacks Marlena Gabby attacks Marlena
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

At Doug's Place, Lucas asked Chloe about renting a house at the lake. Preoccupied, Chloe stared off into space. Lucas asked Chloe why she was so distant. As Chloe playfully rolled her eyes, Lucas asked Chloe if she was thinking about Miguel's offer. Chloe admitted that she was intrigued by the offer. Lucas said the offer sounded shady. When Chloe argued that she had talent and should pursue job opportunities, Lucas told her that she should not give up on her dreams. Lucas said he was worried about this particular offer and whether Miguel was a stalker.

Miguel walked in, all smiles. Miguel asked Chloe if she had considered his offer. With a sheepish smile, Chloe said she was still weighing the pros and cons. "You've left me no choice. Time to bring out the big guns," Miguel said as he reached inside his coat. Worried, Lucas jumped to his feet and slammed Miguel down onto the table.

Chloe ordered Lucas to let Miguel go. As Miguel stood up, he pulled a plane ticket out of his coat pocket. Chloe apologized to Miguel for Lucas' overreaction. Lucas was angry. Miguel explained that he wanted to give Chloe a plane ticket to Mexico so that she could speak with his employer face to face. Chloe started to thank Miguel for his offer, but Lucas interrupted to say that Chloe was not going to Mexico. Miguel argued that Lucas was Chloe's ex and should butt out.

"The decision should be completely up to Miss Lane. I hope to hear from you soon," Miguel said as he left. Lucas warned Chloe that it was dangerous to accept the plane ticket. Chloe said she did not want to turn down an opportunity without thinking about it first. Lucas argued that the person would not hide their identity if the offer was genuine. Narrowing his eyes, Lucas said he knew who the mystery patron was.

In the park, Miguel talked to his employer on the phone. "Lucas has turned into a major problem," Miguel said.

In the loft, Tripp asked Ciara about her mother. Ciara and Claire both stared at their computers. Tripp asked the women if the contest winner would be announced that day. Claire sarcastically noted that Tripp was aware that it was the big day. "What could be more exciting and meaningful than being judged by your appearance?" Tripp joked. Claire and Ciara stared daggers at Tripp. Cowed, Tripp retreated to the kitchen and fixed breakfast.

As Tripp sat down to eat, he watched both Claire and Ciara continue to stare at their laptops. Claire asked Tripp if he had voted. Tripp said he wanted to remain neutral. Claire suggested that Tripp should vote for Ciara because they were "a thing." Tripp stressed that Ciara knew how he felt about her and that he had no intention of getting in between his two roommates. After Tripp left for work, Claire said, "He didn't even vote for you? Some boyfriend."

The results were posted online. Claire was alarmed that Ciara had not only made it to the finals but had more votes than her. Ciara cheerfully congratulated Claire. Annoyed, Claire said that Ciara's congratulations were hollow, and Claire asked how Ciara had fixed the competition. Ciara argued there was no way to fix the contest.

Claire explained that she had a bigger social media following and that it did not make sense that Ciara was ahead in the vote count. Ciara argued that people had voted for her because they'd thought she should win. Lashing out, Claire said that Ciara was Tripp's consolation prize because he could not have Claire. Hurt, Ciara admitted she had entered the contest to beat Claire. "I knew those congratulations were phony," Claire said.

Ciara groaned. "You say you're my friend, but you literally try to take away everything that means something to me. And people think I'm a selfish bitch," Claire said sadly. Claire grabbed her things and stormed out of the loft.

At the café in the square, Eve talked on the phone to her contact Frank about the contest. Eve stressed that she was running the contest, not Brady. Eve asked Frank to send her the voting numbers as soon as he had them tabulated. When Brady arrived at the café, he touched Eve's shoulder. Eve growled at Brady not to touch her ever again. Brady pointed out that his photo was on Eve's computer. Eve confirmed that Brady was correct, but she explained that she was working on the masthead for the website. Eve refused to show Brady her work.

Eve and Brady's phones beeped with a notification that the results of the voting were live on the website. Eve noted that both Ciara and Claire had made it to the finals and that Ciara was far ahead of Claire in the vote count. "I think it is important never to give up too soon," Brady said. "I think it's time that you cut your losses and accept defeat," Eve countered.

Brady asked Eve why she was rooting for Ciara to win the contest. Eve said that Claire should focus on her music career. When Brady pointed out that Claire's music gave her a built-in fan base, Eve asked him if he was suggesting that they rig the contest. Brady firmly denied the charge. Brady reminded Eve about their first date when they had conceived of the contest and Eve had said that Claire was the perfect look for the magazine.

As Tripp returned with their drinks, he overheard Eve tell Brady that Ciara was ahead in the contest and would win by a landslide. Tripp joked that he hoped his apartment was not on fire as he headed back inside the café. Brady argued that Claire could still win, but Eve said no. Brady said he liked to root for the underdog. With a grin, Brady suggested that they bet on the contest. Brady asked Eve to give him another chance if Claire won. Brady added that if Ciara won the contest, he would leave Eve alone. Eve shook Brady's hand and agreed to the terms.

After his meeting with Eve, Brady walked through the square and ran into Claire. Brady congratulated Claire on moving on to the finals in the contest. Claire was pessimistic about her chances, since Ciara had pulled ahead in the voting. Brady encouraged Claire to hang on to hope. Brady urged Claire to get her followers on social media to vote for her. "I have a lot of reasons to root for you," Brady said with a smile.

"If you wanted me to win, could you, like, make it happen?" Claire asked. Brady said he could not tamper with the contest. "I need to win this one by the book," Brady said. Confused, Claire asked Brady if he meant that she needed to win it by the book. Brady said that was what he had meant. With a hug, Brady told Claire that he believed she could win. "So, maybe for him it would be illegal," Claire said to herself. "What would be illegal?" Tripp asked as he overheard Claire. Claire said she had been talking to herself and not to worry about it.

At the loft, Eve stopped by to talk to Ciara. Eve told Ciara that she was likely to win but to be prepared for any outcome. Concerned, Ciara asked Eve if she was pulling for Claire to win. "Nothing would make me happier than to see you win this contest," Eve assured Ciara.

In the interrogation room at the police precinct, Rafe talked to Chad on the phone. Rafe asked Chad to assure Gabi that there were plenty of people available to take care of Arianna. Chad promised to stay with Gabi while the police processed her. As Rafe asked Chad to tell Gabi that he loved her, Hope walked into the room. Hope told Rafe that she had heard about Gabi. When Hope asked what had happened, Rafe said Abigail had testified against Gabi. Hope was shocked. Rafe confided that he believed Stefan had done something to Abigail. Hope admitted she had never seen Abigail in Hong Kong, only the dark-haired woman.

In a show of comfort, Hope hugged Rafe. Hope promised Rafe that she would work tirelessly to help Gabi. Rafe thanked Hope for supporting him after what he had done to her. When Rafe said he hoped that Hope still loved him, she said, "I don't. I can't." Hope explained that she did not think their marriage was worth fighting for because it had been a lie. Rafe was incensed.

Hope said that the fight that had caused their broken engagement was as much a factor in her decision to end the relationship as his lie about sleeping with Sami. Hope reached into her purse and pulled out the annulment papers that Belle had drafted. Hurt, Rafe looked at the document. Hope noted that she had already signed the papers.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan urged Gabby to call Marlena and make up an excuse to avoid going to therapy. "You could do that. Or you could lie to my face," Marlena said tersely as she entered the living room. Stefan introduced himself to Marlena. Marlena noted that Abigail had missed her session. Stefan explained that they had been preoccupied with a PR emergency because Gabi was on trial for murder.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Marlena asked. Stefan lied and said the wig and the dress were part of the Gabi Chic line. Gabby chimed in that she had worn the items because they did not have a model available. With a nod, Marlena asked Gabby if she was ready for their appointment. Marlena pointedly told Gabby that she could remove the wig. "It certainly does alter your appearance," Marlena said with suspicion.

Gabby said she was not interested in having a therapy session at her house. When Marlena asked Stefan to leave so that she could talk to Abigail privately, Gabby insisted that Stefan stay. Marlena asked Gabby how much she remembered of their conversation. Folding her arms defensively across her chest, Gabby said that she remembered that Marlena had accused her of having dissociative identity disorder.

"I told Dr. Laura that. I assume you're acquainted with Dr. Laura?" Marlena asked. Gabby called Marlena a "quack" for accusing her of having two separate personalities. Marlena corrected Gabby, noting that she believed there were at least three personalities. Marlena asked about her missing glasses. Gabby shrugged. Marlena explained that Dr. Laura had taken the glasses in order to feel more comfortable, just like the wig appeared to make Gabby more comfortable.

"Dr. Laura is the gatekeeper for all the personalities," Marlena explained. When Marlena added that Dr. Laura had fooled Marlena into thinking that she had been talking to Abigail, Gabby grumbled. Marlena asked to whom she was speaking. Gabby introduced herself. Confused, Marlena asked Gabby if she was Gabi Hernandez. Gabby explained that she was a completely different person.

With a scowl, Marlena turned to Stefan and demanded to know why he had not told Chad about Gabby. Gabby said she did not need help. Marlena argued that Gabby was an alter, not a person. In defiance, Gabby yelled that she was a person then she grabbed Stefan and kissed him passionately. "You two are involved? What the hell is the matter with you? She's ill. She needs you to help her," Marlena pleaded. Gabby said she did not want Chad because he was a cheater and treated Abigail horribly.

Narrowing her eyes, Marlena noted that Stefan had taken Chad's home and company, and she asked him if he wanted to take Chad's wife, as well. Marlena warned Stefan that Abigail was not well. Shaking his head, Stefan said he did not think of Gabby as ill. "I see Gabby as all the things Abigail wanted to be but couldn't because of people like you," Stefan said. Taken aback, Marlena accused Stefan of emulating Stefano. "Your father took advantage of me when I was not well," Marlena explained. Marlena pulled out her phone and announced that she was calling Chad.

Gabby took Marlena's phone. Gabby said that she would sue Marlena if Marlena betrayed her confidentiality. Marlena countered that she was not constrained by confidentiality if the patient was a danger to herself or others. Marlena added that Abigail was her patient, not Gabby. Stefan asked Marlena if Abigail had given her permission to tell Chad about Abigail's condition. "She would if she could," Marlena said.

Stefan added that Gabby was with him of her own free will. Marlena demanded her phone back. Stefan threatened to ruin Marlena's life if she told anyone about Abigail's condition. Marlena refused to leave until she could treat Abigail. Gabby declined, citing her concerns about integration.

"You think that Chad isn't going to notice this. That Kayla isn't? That Jennifer isn't? Everyone is so worried about you because they think you're not behaving like yourself. And how long can you go wearing that wig?" Marlena asked. As a realization swept over her, Marlena gasped. Marlena said Abigail's testimony in court made sense. With a nod at the wig, Marlena said, "Gabi said that she was not the person with the long dark hair on that surveillance video. That was true. It was you," Marlena said.

Stefan told Marlena that her theory was ridiculous. When Marlena asked Stefan if he had killed Andre and used Gabby to frame Gabi, both Stefan and Gabby told Marlena she was crazy. Marlena said she had an obligation to report any information about a murder. Worried, Stefan claimed that he had killed Andre. When Stefan offered to turn himself in, Gabby grabbed a fire poker and hit Marlena over the head. Startled, Stefan stared at Marlena's unconscious body.

Stefan asked Gabby why she had hit Marlena. Gabby complained that she could not let Stefan turn himself in to the police. Shaking his head, Stefan said he had been buying time. Gabby argued that Marlena would not have changed her mind about talking to the police. "What do we do now?" Gabby asked.

Stefan and Gabby try to cover their tracks Stefan and Gabby try to cover their tracks
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
by Mike

Chad followed Gabi to Statesville and met with her in the visitor's lounge after she was processed.

"Rafe called. [He wanted you to know that] Ari's surrounded by the ones that she loves, [and] Justin's already filed for an appeal," Chad reported. Gabi, finding it difficult to get excited about an appeal being filed, maintained that she shouldn't have even been convicted in the first place. Chad reassured Gabi that he believed that she was innocent.

"We're gonna prove that Stefan murdered Andre and framed you," Chad promised. "Even if it means implicating your wife?" Gabi countered.

Chad remained convinced that Stefan was somehow controlling Abigail, but Gabi had doubts. "[Maybe Abigail willingly] helped Stefan frame me because, deep down, she hasn't forgiven me for being in love with you," Gabi suggested. Scoffing, Chad insisted that Abigail was over that. Gabi, still skeptical, argued -- at the risk of sounding sexist -- that women were inherently more jealous than men and didn't just get over such things, especially when they knew that the feelings in question hadn't been one-sided. "[And you've always said that] you and I had something that was special," Gabi pointed out.

Chad confirmed that was true but maintained that Abigail would never send an innocent woman to prison as an act of spite. "[Then] have you ever stopped to think that maybe her mental illness is back?" Gabi asked. Chad refused to even entertain that theory, believing that if Ben's unexpected appearance at the double wedding the previous fall hadn't broken Abigail, nothing ever would again.

Chad insisted that, with Stefan turning out to be a chip off the old block, mind control was still the most likely explanation. "[Abigail's] been off ever since we got back from Hong Kong, [and] I think Stefan took her there to...I don't know, do something to her -- brainwash, hypnotize..." Chad explained with a shrug. Gabi concluded that, in any case, the bottom line was that Chad was going to have to prove that his wife had committed a crime in order to prove that his ex-girlfriend hadn't. "I'll prove what I need to prove," he assured her before they parted ways.

At the Salem Police Station, Rafe tried to convince Hope to reconsider her decision to have their marriage annulled. She refused, insisting that they never should have gotten married in the first place. "When I think about us in the cabin, promising to love, to cherish, to honor... I don't feel joy. I don't feel happiness. You know what I feel? I feel like a fool," she admitted, adding that it was impossible to build a successful marriage on a lie.

Rafe tried to apologize for his actions, but Hope didn't want an apology from him; she only wanted his signature. "Not a chance in hell," he insisted, tossing the annulment papers in the nearest trash can.

While waiting for Marlena at the Brady Pub, John chatted with Brady, who was upset because Eve had just refused to have dinner with him. John was disappointed to learn that Brady had stooped to Victor's level in an effort to regain control of Titan, since Brady was supposed to be better than that, and one's integrity was more important than any job. John suspected, however, that Eve might eventually forgive Brady -- if he groveled enough.

At Doug's Place, Chloe confided in Eve about the mysterious job offer she had recently received. Eve encouraged Chloe to take the job. "Who cares what Lucas thinks? Or any man, [for that matter]? Don't let them stop you from pursuing your dreams! They'll only break your heart in the end. They're not worth it," Eve insisted.

Chloe knew that Eve was only saying that because of what had happened with Brady, but Eve argued that the advice was still sound, regardless of what had prompted it. Eve confirmed, when asked, that Brady was still trying to win her back. Chloe was surprised that Eve had actually made a bet with Brady to settle the matter, one way or another, for good. Chloe suggested that, deep down, Eve might be hoping to lose the bet, but Eve insisted that wasn't the case. "Right now, I'm just focusing on my career, [and] I suggest you do the same," Eve advised Chloe.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan checked Marlena's pulse then announced, "Congratulations, Gabby -- you haven't killed again." Unamused, Gabby reminded Stefan that Abigail was the one who had murdered Andre. Meanwhile, the front door slammed shut. "Someone's here! What are we gonna do?" Gabby asked Stefan while worriedly eyeing the living room's closed doors.

Kate, who had paused in the foyer to flip through a stack of mail, soon heard a noise in the living room. Curious, she went to investigate -- and found the room unoccupied. "I know I heard something..." she muttered while looking around the room. She eventually noticed that the false panel that led to the secret tunnels was partially open. "Now, that's strange..." she mused, peeking behind it.

Before Kate could continue investigating, Lucas barged into the mansion and declared that he knew exactly what she was up to. "Did you really think you were gonna get away with this?" he asked incredulously. She insisted that she had no idea what he was talking about. "Miguel! And offering Chloe a job in Mexico!" he elaborated. "Who's Miguel? And, believe me, Mexico wouldn't be nearly far away enough," she countered.

Lucas remained convinced that Kate was responsible for Chloe's mysterious job offer. Kate didn't blame Lucas for being suspicious, musing that the job offer sounded like the sort of thing that should have been extended to a much more talented singer. "[But] do you [really] think I'd do something that extreme?" she asked incredulously. He reminded her that she had done things in the past that were even more extreme.

"Look, do I wish that I had thought of this idea [of] appealing to her ego? Yes, I do. But I had absolutely nothing to do with this," Kate stressed, adding that, regardless of the source, the job offer sounded like the sort of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that only a fool would reject. "Except that it stinks all over," Lucas argued, believing that no truly legitimate benefactor would have any reason to keep his or her identity a secret.

"Well, I don't know...I mean, if I were a fan of Chloe, I'd kind of be ashamed of it, too," Kate joked. Unamused, Lucas insisted that Kate's dig hadn't been necessary. Conceding the point, Kate grudgingly acknowledged that Chloe was gifted. "And I think [this is a great] opportunity [for her] to be able to share that gift with lots of people...far away from here," Kate cheerfully added.

Kate argued that Lucas needed to be more supportive of Chloe, but he maintained that there was something fishy about the job offer. Kate wondered if Lucas was truly trying to look out for Chloe or if he was just worried about the possibility of losing her. Annoyed, Lucas impatiently ordered Kate to swear that she'd had nothing to do with the job offer. "I swear," she stated, holding up her right hand and making eye contact with him.

"You're amazing. After all this time, I still can't tell if you're telling the truth or not," Lucas grumbled with a shake of the head before storming out of the mansion, ignoring Kate's attempts to stop him.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Gabby moved Marlena to a room in the secret tunnels that Dr. Laura had turned into a hiding place for the alters' outfits and accessories. Gabby insisted that Marlena knew too much and was going to have to be eliminated, but Stefan wasn't willing to resort to murder as a way of solving a problem.

"[Then] how in the world are we gonna pull this off?" Gabby asked Stefan worriedly, knowing that Marlena would eventually be missed. Stefan decided that, for starters, Marlena's car would need to be moved, and a text message would need to be sent from Marlena's cell phone to John's, explaining why she had missed their dinner date. Stefan assured Gabby that would buy them a bit of time to think of a way to get out of the mess they were in. Gabby, still concerned, decided to start packing for a quick getaway, just in case.

At Doug's Place, Lucas told Chloe about his earlier conversation with his mother. "So...this could be a legitimate job offer?" Chloe concluded. "Eh, I don't know about 'legitimate' -- [I mean], this thing is [still] super weird," Lucas replied. Shrugging, Chloe admitted that, in any case, it was an extremely tempting offer -- and she really wanted to accept it.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan emerged from the secret tunnels and paused in the living room to send a text message to John from Marlena's cell phone, which hadn't been picking up a signal earlier. "Were you down in the tunnels?" Kate asked curiously, joining Stefan in the living room. "It was open when I came in," Stefan claimed, adding that the hinges were probably loose. Stefan promised to get the false panel fixed as soon as possible so Thomas wouldn't wander into the secret tunnels, which were dangerous. "That's not the only dangerous thing in this room," Kate declared, eyeing Stefan suspiciously.

John soon received a text message from Marlena's cell phone: "Sorry I missed dinner. Still with a patient." The text message puzzled John -- because he was in Marlena's office at that moment, looking for her.

Meanwhile, as Gabby packed for a potential getaway, Marlena started to regain consciousness.

Paul makes a surprising discovery Paul makes a surprising discovery
Thursday, April 12, 2018
by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Ciara spotted Claire, who was supposed to be working but seemed to be devoting most of her attention to her cell phone.

"Staring at it won't change the numbers, you know," Ciara tauntingly advised, guessing that Claire was keeping tabs on the contest standings. Scoffing, Claire pointed out that there was still time for her to catch up to -- and then surpass -- her main rival. "Not nearly enough. [Soon], for the first time in your 'princess' life, you are gonna be a loser. Oh, but on the bright side, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Hey, maybe you can write a song about that!" Ciara countered before walking away. Tripp -- who, like Claire, was in the middle of a work shift -- watched the exchange from afar but chose not to make his presence known.

Later, Claire contacted Brady and assured him that she was trying her best to get more people to vote for her. She expressed doubts about being able to pull off the upset but promised not to give up just yet. After ending the call, she started filming a video for her followers to thank them for supporting her music -- and hopefully motivate them to support her other endeavors, as well.

Tripp again watched from afar, not wanting to get involved, but Claire eventually spotted him. He greeted her with an awkward chuckle and guessed that she was excited about being in the final round of the contest. Nodding, she explained that she was trying to get more votes but couldn't just ask for them because that would make her look desperate. She wanted him to ask instead, but he reminded her that he had decided to stay neutral. "A social media endorsement [would make it] look like I'm choosing you over Ciara, and I just -- I just can't do that," he explained. "No, it's not that you can't. You won't," she countered, hurt.

Claire argued that not submitting a vote for anyone was essentially the same as submitting a vote for the person who was already in the lead. "[Plus], with Theo on the other side of the planet and my career totally stalled, [it's] like this contest is all I have, [and] if I lose, I will have nothing," she added with a dramatic sigh.

Tripp pointed out that it wasn't like Claire to give up on something so easily, but she insisted that she had already done everything she could possibly do to gain support from the masses -- all to no avail. "Everybody just keeps on moving on to the next 'sneezing Pomeranian' video," she grumbled. "And that is the difference between Internet friends and real friends," he replied.

Tripp assured Claire that he would never abandon her because he was a real friend. Touched, she hugged him and conceded that he had, in fact, always been there for her in every way that truly mattered. "Well, if it wasn't for you, I [would've] just, you know, run away [when] all that drama [was happening] with Steve and Kayla, but you encouraged me to stay," he acknowledged with a shrug. "That was the best decision I ever made, and you got me there," he concluded. She was happy to hear that she had managed to help him in some way, especially since she was aware that she had hurt him in the past, back when he'd had feelings for her. "That was a really weird time in my life. I mean, Theo and I had [just had] that huge misunderstanding [because he'd] tried to buy me all those followers..." she added before letting her voice trail off.

Grinning, Claire spontaneously asked Tripp to cover the last thirty minutes of her work shift. She rushed off without waiting for a response, leaving him looking puzzled -- and a bit concerned.

At the police station, Rafe told Hope that if she wanted an annulment, she'd have to take him to court in order to get it. "Why are you doing this?" she asked. "'Cause I can," he replied.

Annoyed, Hope insisted that Rafe, as the person who was responsible for ruining their relationship, didn't get to have a say in how the next phase of it played out. He dismissively countered that he knew her well enough to know that she was only pretending to be annoyed to hide the fact that she was really just worried -- worried that she would eventually forgive him if she didn't immediately sever all ties to him.

Hope insisted that wasn't true, but Rafe remained convinced that it was. He backed her into a corner while warning that he was never going to let her go. She scowled at him until he finally walked away -- then she smiled.

Ciara arrived a short time later -- just as Hope was fishing the annulment papers out of the trash can. Ciara insisted that was exactly where the annulment papers belonged, but Hope disagreed -- and stressed that it was good that Claire had decided to reveal Rafe's secret. "It's not like she did it to help you, Mom! She did it to hurt me," Ciara protested.

"But I found the perfect way to smoke her sorry ass," Ciara added with a mischievous grin. Hope didn't approve of the plan, believing that Ciara hadn't entered the contest for the right reasons, but Ciara insisted that she didn't just want to win to "stick it to" Claire. "I've never been first at anything, [so being in the lead is] such a rush, and who knows what could happen [if I win]? I could get offered an internship, or [get a] job offer... I actually feel excited about the future -- about being me -- [and that's] a totally new experience," Ciara explained. Nodding, Hope assured Ciara that, in that case, she'd have her mother's full support.

Hope assumed that Ciara would be willing to return the favor. Ciara quickly clarified, however, that she still had no intention of supporting her mother's decision to get an annulment.

Claire -- who had rushed home after ditching Tripp -- contacted Theo and sadly informed him that she was actually losing the contest. "Hey, um...Theo, do you remember, um, that one time that you bought me all of those, uh, online followers?" she began casually. "Right, yeah -- no, I mean, I know I was really mad...then...but...could you maybe, me some votes?" she asked. "[Or] maybe you could use some of your computer-genius-y magic to help me win," she added. "What? Oh, my... Of course I don't mean 'rig the contest'! My God! I mean...unless you think you would know how..." she continued.

After leaving the police station, Ciara went to the town square to see Tripp, who was fiddling with his cell phone when she arrived. "What are you up to?" she asked curiously. "I...just voted in the contest," he hesitantly replied. She was thrilled -- until he clarified that he had voted for Claire.

Elsewhere, Leo met with Vivian, who was disappointed to learn that Sonny had repeatedly rejected Leo's advances at work that day. Vivian impatiently ordered Leo to find a way to get back in Sonny's bed -- immediately.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny tucked Arianna in bed then joined Justin in the living room and admitted with a sigh that it was getting increasingly more difficult to lie to the child about her mother's whereabouts. "[But] I just...I can't bring myself to break her heart and tell her the truth," Sonny continued. Nodding, Justin assured Sonny that there was no shame in giving Arianna at least one more night of peaceful rest.

Justin offered to keep an eye on Arianna so Sonny could spend some time with Leo. Sonny appreciated the gesture but clarified, while releasing another sigh, that Leo was no longer anything other than his employee. "What are the odds? I haven't dated in...forever...and [I find a guy who just] happens to work at Titan! It's unbelievable!" Sonny grumbled. "Of all the gin joints..." Justin agreed.

Justin confirmed, as Titan's legal counsel, that Sonny was right to have reservations about getting involved with an employee. "Maybe you should just fire Leo," Justin suggested. "Believe me, I've thought about it...but he's a starving artist, and he needs the job. Plus, he was really proud of himself [for landing it]. I don't want to take that away from him," Sonny explained. Sonny planned to let Leo get some experience at Titan then help him move on to bigger and better things at another company, but Justin pointed out that it wasn't like that would happen overnight. "If [Leo] cares enough to want to make this work, he should [just] quit [now]," Justin insisted.

Sonny soon received a phone call from Leo, who wanted to talk to him right away -- in person. Sonny hesitantly agreed to join Leo for coffee in the town square. Justin wasn't sure that was a good idea, but Sonny reasoned that nothing bad could happen in a public place. "[And] maybe he's decided to quit, and he wants to tell me face to face," Sonny optimistically added before rushing off.

Rafe entered the mansion as Sonny was leaving it. "What brings you here?" Justin asked. "Hope wants to annul our marriage, and I want you to fight her with everything you got," Rafe explained. Justin respected Rafe's determination but warned that if Hope truly wanted an annulment, no one would be able to stop her from getting it. "The most I can do is stall the process," Justin concluded with a shrug. Rafe told Justin to do that.

Confused, Justin wondered what Rafe was hoping to accomplish. "You can't force someone to stay married to you if they don't want to," Justin pointed out, adding that it might be best for Rafe to just give Hope some space. Rafe countered that Justin hadn't given Adrienne space when they had been separated. "[Besides, I already gave Hope] space, [and] she came back with annulment papers, more space," Rafe insisted.

Later, Rafe rejoined Hope at the police station and took the annulment papers from her. She assumed that he had decided to cooperate, but he clarified that he planned to put the matter in his lawyer's capable hands.

Harold let Paul into the DiMera mansion just as Kate was about to continue investigating the secret tunnels. "Am I interrupting?" Paul asked, sensing that Kate was preoccupied. "No. [It's just that] Stefan was here earlier, [acting] more suspicious than ever...but, of course, like mother, like son," Kate explained. Nodding, Paul proceeded to fill Kate in on Vivian's most recent activities.

Kate was disappointed that Paul didn't have much to report -- except for the fact that Vivian had visited Victor and Maggie earlier to try to trick them into believing that she wanted a truce. "I'm sorry that I don't have more information to give you, but my dad and I have been on overload [ever since] Steve lost his eyesight," Paul explained. "Oh, really? Because even a blind Steve could do better than that," Kate countered.

Kate spontaneously fired Paul, who was shocked but reluctantly agreed to respect her decision. He started to show himself out, but she stopped him and hesitantly conceded that she might have allowed her frustration to cloud her judgment. "You make my grandson happy," she acknowledged. "He makes me happy, too...but it's gotta be a lot more than just your grandson [that's keeping] me on this case," he countered.

"[Then] I'll rehire you because Steve and John [say] you're the best, and I need the best. [But] I need you to promise that you're going to find out exactly what Vivian is up to...and do it soon," Kate told Paul, who gave her his word.

Adrienne treated Will to dinner at the Brady Pub as a way of celebrating his first day at the Spectator. He thanked her again for being willing to give him a chance, despite the fact that he had hurt her son. She assured him that she knew that it wasn't his fault that he couldn't remember his past -- or the feelings he'd once had for Sonny.

Changing the subject, Adrienne informed Will that she had a great idea for his first article. "What's it about?" he asked curiously. "You," she replied.

Confused, Will pointed out that he wasn't exactly an expert on his own life, since he couldn't remember most of it. "Actually, it's not the story of your life I'm interested in; it's the story of your death," Adrienne clarified. Chuckling nervously, Will informed Adrienne that his mother had been so desperate to help him regain his memory that, at one point, she had actually arranged a recreation of his strangulation. "So, I -- I -- I'm not super excited about going there [again]..." he continued as she listened in stunned silence. She apologetically assured him that she hadn't meant to suggest that she wanted him to write about that traumatic event.

"What I want to do a story on is actually your resurrection," Adrienne clarified. "Dr. Wilhelm Rolf injected you with a drug that brought you back from the brink of death. That's extraordinary...and I think it could make the story of the century," she continued, excitedly adding that the miracle drug could potentially save the lives of countless people who were suffering from cancer and other deadly diseases.

Will reminded Adrienne that Rolf was dead. "[But] he might have shared [his research] with someone," she countered. "Susan Banks is [still] very much alive --" she started to add.

Interrupting, Will insisted, "There's no way in hell that I'm interviewing Susan." He explained that Susan had suffered a mental breakdown after being forced to admit that he wasn't E.J. -- and, from what he'd gathered from Roger in the months since then, she was still quite fragile. He guessed that inserting himself back into her life would just make things even worse. He added that, in any case, he wasn't sure that it would be good for his health, either.

Nodding, Adrienne assured Will that she understood and didn't want him to do anything that he wasn't comfortable doing. "But the story is compelling, Will, and the potential benefit to terminally ill people -- it's incalculable! So..." she added. "You want me to think about it," he concluded.

Sonny met with Leo in a secluded section of the town square and wondered why he had chosen to change the venue at the last minute. "We need to be alone [so I can do] this," Leo explained before giving Sonny a kiss.

"What was that?" Sonny asked after Leo pulled away. "Something I've wanted to do all day -- [and] I know you wanted to, also," Leo replied. Leo tried to convince Sonny to agree to have a secret relationship with him, suggesting that it would be hot. Sonny refused, explaining that he had been in a secret relationship before and hadn't liked how it had made him feel. Leo kept trying to change Sonny's mind, but Sonny insisted with finality that if Leo wasn't willing to quit working at Titan, they could no longer have anything other than a professional relationship with each other.

Kate went to the pub for a drink and was pleasantly surprised when Will approached her table and asked to join her. She assured him that she wasn't upset with him for taking a job at the Spectator, since writing was what he was truly meant to be doing. "How's it going?" she asked curiously. "Um...strangely," he admitted, chuckling. He proceeded to fill her in on the assignment he had just been given.

Kate understood Adrienne's point of view, since she, too, was a cancer survivor. "So, you think I should take the assignment," Will concluded. "I really hate that word -- 'should' -- [but] I think you will weigh the pros and cons, and then you'll decide for yourself," Kate replied. Still conflicted, Will admitted that, while he loved the idea of making a difference with his writing, the very thought of talking to Susan again filled him with anxiety.

Kate informed Will, "There may be someone else that you could talk to..."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin told Adrienne about Sonny's decision to stop seeing Leo. Sonny soon entered the mansion and joined Justin and Adrienne in the living room. "So, how'd it go with Leo? He quit the job?" Justin asked curiously. "Nope. [He just wants] to have his cake and eat it, too. But I'm off carbs, so he's out of luck," Sonny replied with obvious annoyance before heading upstairs.

Meanwhile, Vivian, who had eavesdropped on Leo's entire conversation with Sonny, complained that Leo had failed the mission. "Don't worry. I'm not giving up on Sonny -- not by a long shot," Leo assured Vivian. "Good...because you don't want to let me down," she warned him.

Paul watched from afar as Vivian and Leo parted ways.

Chad asks Abigail why she lied Chad asks Abigail why she lied
Friday, April 13, 2018

In the square, Tripp told Ciara that he had voted for Claire in the competition. "How could you?" a hurt Ciara said. Tripp chased after Ciara. "It was one vote!" Tripp yelled. "It was your vote, and it matters to me," Ciara said.

At the loft, Claire talked to Theo on the computer about the competition. Claire wanted him to hack into the website to rig the contest, but Theo disagreed. Theo noted that hacking would be cheating. Claire countered that Ciara's lead was unfair and possibly because Ciara had cheated. Claire added that Ciara had entered the contest out of revenge and not because she was interested in winning.

"If you help me with this, you will be my hero forever," Claire pleaded. Ciara stormed into the loft. Claire ended her call and asked Ciara why she was upset. Tripp walked in, and Ciara stared daggers at him. "Did you finally come to your senses and vote for me?" Claire joked. Tripp gave Claire a warning glance. Giddy, Claire said she would leave and call Theo with the good news. After Claire left the room, Ciara started toward her own room. Tripp stopped her. Tripp explained that Claire had been obsessing over the contest because it was her chance to prove her success.

"I saw how much this meant to her, and I saw how bummed she was when her online friends weren't coming through," Tripp said. Tripp added that he knew Claire would lose, and he wanted to ease the pain for her. "I'm not going to be anyone's second choice," Ciara objected. Tripp reminded Ciara that she had entered the contest out of spite and not because she wanted to take part.

"You don't even want to win. Claire wants this more than anything!" Tripp said. "She got my vote, but you got me. I'm choosing you, Ciara. I want to be with you," Tripp whispered. Ciara grabbed Tripp and kissed him.

In the square, Claire called Theo and told him that she had received another vote. Claire made another plea to Theo to help her.

At Doug's Place, Jennifer and Chad ran into one another. Chad asked Jennifer how she was feeling. Confused, Jennifer said she was fine. Jennifer commented that she had not been able to find time to talk to Abigail since Gabi's trial. When Jennifer mentioned Gabi's confession, Chad said he did not know what had been said, but he planned to find out what had happened.

Outside the pub, a worried John left a voicemail for Marlena, urging her to call him back. John went inside and walked over to Kate's table. John motioned to a second drink on the table and asked if he was interrupting anything. Kate noted that the spare martini was for Andre. "It helps me miss him less," Kate said. John marveled at the fact that Kate had really loved Andre. "The heart wants what it wants," Kate said with a shrug.

John asked Kate if she had seen Marlena. John explained that he had not heard from Marlena after she had texted that she had a meeting with a client. Kate assured John that Marlena was likely fine. Worried, John said he could not shake the feeling that something was wrong. Kate again assured John that Marlena could take care of herself. Kate promised to tell Marlena that John was looking for her if she showed up.

After John left, Jennifer walked into the pub and walked over to Kate. Kate reluctantly acknowledged Jennifer. Jennifer asked Kate for a comment for the paper about Gabi's conviction for Andre's murder. "Gabi Hernandez did not kill my husband," Kate said. Kate added that the jury had based their verdict on false testimony. When Jennifer asked Kate if she believed Abigail had lied, Kate said she was certain that Gabi would not have confessed to Abigail. Kate vowed not to rest until the true killer was "brought to justice."

At the hospital, John returned to Marlena's office to check her calendar. John saw that Marlena's last appointment had been with Abigail. In a room in the DiMera tunnels, a groggy Marlena woke up. Gingerly touching the back of her head, Marlena groaned. Marlena remembered her conversation with Stefan. Marlena attempted to open the door but found that it was locked. Marlena cried out for help.

In the DiMera living room, Gabby played the piano. Stefan walked into the room and listened as Gabby sang about feeling alive. "Maybe I can do some things that Abigail can't. Maybe I am real," Gabby said at the end of her song. Stefan encouraged Gabby to remove her wig in case Chad returned home, but Gabby was reluctant because she felt comfortable in her wig. When Stefan made eyes at Gabby, she reluctantly agreed.

Gabby stressed that she did not want to be integrated into Abigail. When Stefan nodded in agreement, Gabby kissed him. Stefan told Gabby that Gabi had been found guilty and sent to Statesville. Gabby cautioned that they were not in the clear yet.

In Abigail's mind, she stared around a black and white room, frightened. "How did I get here?" Abigail asked. Abigail thought about her last memory, and she remembered asking Marlena for help. Abigail then remembered Marlena starting to explain her diagnosis, but she had no memory of what Marlena had said. Worried, Abigail yelled that she needed to find Marlena. Abigail pulled on the doorknob in the room but found it locked.

In the DiMera living room, Gabby pulled away from Stefan. Stefan asked Gabby if she was okay. Gabby realized that Abigail could not leave the room in her mind, and she smiled and assured Stefan that she was fine. Concerned about Marlena, Stefan said he wanted to check on her. Gabby cautioned Stefan to be careful. After Stefan ducked into the tunnels, Chad returned home.

"Why did you lie to me?" Chad asked. Chad said he had spoken to Jennifer, who had confirmed that Abigail had not been with Jennifer the previous night. "None of your business," Gabby said. Chad stopped Gabby from leaving. In her mind, Abigail picked up the receiver of the phone in the room. Abigail heard Chad's voice pleading with her to talk to him. Abigail then heard Gabby's voice dismissing Chad. In the living room, Gabby told Chad that he was smothering her. In her head, Abigail listened in on the conversation through the phone, helpless.

Abigail asked Chad to help her, but he could not hear her through the phone. Gabby did hear Abigail. Gabby shook her head, and Abigail's phone went dead. Gabby told Chad that he needed to accept Gabi's guilty verdict. Chad refused. Chad said he believed Abigail had misheard Gabi and that Gabi was innocent. "You still think Stefan is messing with my head, don't you?" Gabby asked.

In the tunnel room, Marlena looked at the clothes on the rack. Marlena noted that there were two different kinds of clothes on the rack. Stefan walked in. Marlena asked Stefan if he had stashed her in the room. "What happens next?" Marlena asked. Stefan said Marlena would need to stay in the room until "they" could figure out the situation. Marlena picked up Kim's book about DID from the desk and told Stefan that he could not help Abigail. Stefan said he had no interest in curing Abigail because he was in love with Gabby.

"Oh, my gosh! You think she is a real person, don't you?" Marlena asked. Stefan said he did not want to lose Gabby. "All you really need to know is she doesn't exist. Gabby isn't a person. She's an alter," Marlena stressed. Marlena asked Stefan to let her treat Abigail. Stefan said he understood what Marlena was asking, but he could not risk losing Gabby. Marlena cautioned Stefan to remember that Abigail and Dr. Laura would fight for control of Abigail's body.

"Whatever you do to shut out the other alters, Abigail will find a way to make herself heard," Marlena said. Marlena added that Gabby would not be able to fully take over. With a shrug, Stefan said he would cherish all the remaining time he had with Gabby. "I know obsession when I see it. If you stay on this path, it will take over your life," Marlena warned. Marlena told Stefan that Stefano had been obsessed. Marlena urged Stefan to be a better man than his father and do the right thing.

In the DiMera living room, Gabby told Chad that Stefan had not done anything to her mind. Chad reminded Gabby that his family had a history of messing with people's minds. With a sigh, Gabby told Chad to call Marlena and make an appointment. In Abigail's mind, she frantically tapped the phone and called out to Chad.

Chad went upstairs to make the call. As Abigail wandered around the living room, she grabbed her head in pain. John knocked on the living room door. John asked Gabby if she had seen Marlena. Gabby averted her eyes. In her head, Abigail cried out for Chad. Across the room in her head, Andre called out to Abigail. "I'll help you," Andre said quietly. Andre smiled at Abigail.

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