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Ciara confronted Claire with proof that she had cheated in the contest. Eve broke things off with Brady when she mistakenly believed he had helped Claire cheat. Raines's girlfriend beat up Gabi in prison. Will and Sonny buried the hatchet. Miguel accidentally drugged Brady. Chad beat up Stefan and was arrested. Gabby went on the run. Miguel kidnapped Chloe at gunpoint.
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Gabby tries to stop Chad from killing Stefan Gabby tries to stop Chad from killing Stefan
Monday, April 23, 2018
by Mike

At Statesville, Gabi was in the recreation room, reading a book, when three other inmates -- women who knew her from her previous prison stint -- started harassing her. A fourth inmate intervened before a fight could begin.

Gabi didn't recognize the fourth inmate but was impressed with the woman's ability to control the other three. Gabi thanked the woman then extended a hand and introduced herself. "[Diane]. I'm pretty new, but I'm a fast learner...and it looks like you could use some protection," the woman observed. Gabi was surprised to learn that Diane knew all about her. "[So], what are you in for?" Gabi asked Diane.

"My boyfriend got himself involved in some questionable business dealings. I helped him out, but something...unforeseen happened...and we got screwed out of our dream," Diane explained. She stressed that she'd had nothing to do with the illegal activity that had ultimately landed her in prison -- and that her boyfriend hadn't deserved to take the fall for it, either.

"You know what the interesting part is? I think you might know him. [His name is] Lou -- Lou Raines," Diane continued, glaring at Gabi. Diane blamed Gabi for what had happened to Raines, reasoning, "Making funny money -- most people don't care much about that, [so if we'd gotten caught], we could've been tagged a few years and been out. But with the assault and the kidnapping and the rest of it, he's in for twenty-five years, and I'm in for ten, [and it's all] because you couldn't mind your own damn business!"

Gabi optimistically suggested that Diane might be able to score an early release due to good behavior. "I'm not interested in good behavior -- at least not where you're concerned," Diane replied, backing Gabi into a corner. The other three inmates rushed over, each eager to help Diane deal with Gabi. Gabi called out to the recreation room's sole guard, who ignored her pleas and walked away. "She and Lou go way back. She's on my side. So, yell as loud as you want -- nobody's gonna save you," Diane told Gabi before starting to pummel her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny was en route to the living room when the doorbell rang. He opened the front door and found Will standing outside, holding a gift bag.

"Sorry to bother you. I just wanted to talk to Adrienne about work, and I brought something, um, for Ari while I'm here," Will explained. He was somewhat disappointed to learn that Arianna was already asleep for the night and that Adrienne was still at the Spectator office, pulling an all-nighter for a deadline of some sort. "Seems like I struck out," he concluded with a sigh.

Sonny invited Will in then congratulated him on landing a job at the Spectator. "You've always been an amazing writer," Sonny gushed. "Uh...well, I hope I still am, you know? I definitely...have some nerves," Will admitted. Adrienne had already told Sonny all about Will's first assignment, but Sonny was disturbed when Will revealed how he planned to approach it. Sonny insisted that Will couldn't interview Clyde Weston, of all people.

Sonny quickly backpedaled, clarifying, "Of course you can; I just don't think it's a good idea. Not that you asked..." Will appreciated Sonny's concern but didn't understand how it could possibly be risky to interview someone who was behind bars. "Doesn't make him any less of a threat," Sonny insisted. Sighing, Will admitted that Paul had basically said the same thing.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't..." Will awkwardly began. "Mention Paul's name in my presence?" Sonny concluded. Sonny assured Will that it was okay, reasoning, "It'd be strange if you didn't, you know? 'Cause you two a -- in a relationship." Will still felt bad, but Sonny maintained, "You can say [Paul's] name as many times as you want around me. I'm not gonna fall apart, I promise."

"Okay. Good to know," Will replied before getting the conversation back on track, eager to hear Sonny's concerns about Clyde. "Paul told me [Clyde] stabbed you..." Will began before realizing with a groan that he had just made the same mistake again. "Will, I just told you -- [it's okay]. I'm not so thin-skinned that I can't hear you say your boyfriend's name without me having an attack of jealousy," Sonny insisted.

"Boyfriend?" Will repeated, somewhat surprised. "I guess know, I don't really...see him that way," Will admitted with a shrug. "How do you see him?" Sonny asked. "Just as, like...someone I'm involved with," Will replied, shrugging again. Nodding, Sonny assured Will, "You can say the name of the guy that you're involved with without me having an attack of jealousy."

Will chuckled at Sonny's rephrased statement then clarified that he hadn't meant to shortchange his ex. "[It's not that I think] you can't handle it; [it's just] be honest, when I, you know, talk about Paul when I'm with you...well, it -- it makes me uncomfortable. There's something that doesn't feel right about know, 'cause I know I, you know, used to be with you, and...I know that...we would...probably still be...together...if, you know, my psyche weren't messed with..." Will awkwardly explained. Sonny confirmed that Will was probably right about that but added that it was time for them both to move on with their lives.

Steering the conversation back to Clyde once again, Sonny warned Will, "[The guy] is a total psycho -- [I mean, he's lethal], and I'm not [just] talking about physically; I'm talking mentally, as well, with all the head games..." Sonny thought it would be safer for Will to talk to Susan instead, but Will explained with a sigh that Susan still had an unhealthy attachment to him -- and, in any case, she was still institutionalized and quite fragile. Nodding, Sonny asked Will to at least promise not to underestimate Clyde. "I know that a lot's gone down between us, but I want you to be safe...'cause I -- I do still care about you," Sonny stressed.

"I care about you, too," Will replied. "Um...what I -- what I mean is --" Will started to clarify, but Sonny stopped him. "It's good to hear, honestly, that -- that you care about me. So, don't take it back, okay? Or even qualify it," Sonny requested with a chuckle. Will assured Sonny that he hadn't been considering doing that. "I just don't want to..." Will began. "What, lead me on?" Sonny concluded.

"I think we're beyond that point," Sonny assured Will, who nodded in agreement. "[In fact], I want to let you know that I've been making progress lately...which is good. And when I say 'progress,' uh, I mean I no longer think about you every minute of every day," Sonny added, getting a chuckle out of Will. "When I do think about you, though, it''s not that longing for, you know, what we had -- not anymore. You know, I -- I just...I really want you to be happy, and I really want you to have a good life," Sonny continued. "I want that for you, too," Will replied.

Forging ahead, Sonny told Will, "[Plus], now that I'm not, you know, feeling hurt and rejected -- well, at least not to the extent that I did initially -- I'm able to have more empathy for everything that you're going through, everything that you've gone through... Like, I can't even imagine what it would be like to -- to lose your memories, you know, [and] to not recognize the people that were once the most important people in your life. All that love they gave you, all that love you gave them... Like, to not remember that..." Sonny stopped suddenly, shaking his head in disbelief.

Will told Sonny, "I really appreciate you saying that...and -- and speaking of more empathy, I feel the same way; I mean, I can't imagine what it would be like to love someone so much and then have them...treat you like a stranger." Sonny was quick to object, acknowledging, "Will, you didn't 'treat' me like a stranger; I mean, I was a stranger. So, your response to me, to your family...I completely understand."

Nodding, Will continued, "Now that I have had the pleasure of getting to know you, and I've found out, you know, what an amazing guy you are, know, it just makes me feel...proud...that, you know, someone like you wanted to share his life with me." Smiling, Sonny returned the sentiment. Will hoped to eventually have a real friendship with Sonny, who said he would love that -- especially for their daughter's sake.

As if on cue, Arianna emerged from her bedroom and rushed downstairs, explaining that she'd just had a bad dream. "I want Mommy!" she continued.

Sonny reminded Arianna that her mother was still on a business trip. "She doesn't know?" Will quietly asked Sonny while Arianna was busy opening her gift bag. "Haven't found the right moment," Sonny quietly replied. Arianna soon repeated that she wanted her mother. "Well...that 'right moment' might be now," Will noted.

Realizing that Will was right, Sonny hesitantly admitted to Arianna, "I know that I said [your mommy] was gonna be home very soon, but she might not be home as soon as I thought." Sonny assured Arianna that her mother missed her just as much as she missed her mother. "And she would totally, totally be here -- to love you, and read you your stories, and tuck you in, and gobble you up with kisses -- if she could, but...unfortunately, right now, she, uh...she doesn't have a choice," Will added, prompting Arianna to wonder if her mother was okay. Will hugged Arianna and told her that her mother was going to be just fine. Sonny suggested that Arianna, who already said prayers for her mother and her other loved ones each night, could start saying a special nightly prayer for her mother to return home soon. Arianna nodded, clutching her new stuffed animal.

Will and Sonny tucked Arianna back in bed then returned to the foyer to continue their conversation. Will thought that Arianna had taken the bad news fairly well, and Sonny agreed but guessed that having her fathers at her side had probably helped -- as had the new stuffed animal. Sonny felt bad about having misled Arianna for so long. Will understood that Sonny had been hoping for a swift resolution to Gabi's predicament. "[But] now that Abigail swears Gabi confessed, it might take a little bit more than bedtime prayers to make those charges go away," Will pointed out. Sonny chose to believe that Gabi's name would soon be cleared. Will hoped that was true but assured Sonny, "If, you know, that doesn't happen, and Gabi is sentenced, I will be here for that conversation [with Ari], too." Sonny thanked Will for staying involved in Arianna's life despite his amnesia.

As Sonny started to show Will out, Leo approached the mansion. "Wow. Tonight is full of surprises," Sonny mused. Leo assumed that Sonny and Will were in the middle of something, but Will clarified, "I was actually just leaving." Once the coast was clear, Leo handed Sonny a work document, explaining, "No motive, no scheme -- just doing my job." Sonny made it clear that, in the future, Leo needed to email work documents to him instead.

"Wow. What exactly did he say to you?" Leo asked Sonny defensively. "I bet Will couldn't get here fast enough to unload about Vivian and me," Leo continued. "I wanted you to hear it from me, but it looks like I'm too late," Leo concluded. Confused, Sonny clarified that Will hadn't said anything about Leo or Vivian. Leo claimed that Vivian had tried to enlist his help with something, but he had blown her off. Sonny was somewhat suspicious, guessing that Leo might be hoping to use the incident as a way of scoring points with him; however, he appreciated the information and vowed to keep his guard up.

At the police station, Hope struggled to understand why Abigail had been impersonating Gabi. Shrugging, Rafe excitedly concluded that, in any case, the surveillance footage was definitive proof that Gabi had been framed. Hope disagreed, pointing out that it would take a lot more than a still image of Abigail in a wig to prove that Gabi hadn't killed Andre.

Hope and Rafe rushed over to the hospital to see if Marlena was still there, knowing that Chad had recently convinced Abigail to talk to her. In Marlena's office, Hope and Rafe found a note from Chad that Marlena apparently hadn't seen yet. Suddenly concerned, Rafe decided to contact Chad -- and soon discovered that Chad had actually left him a voicemail message earlier.

At the DiMera mansion, Kate refused to believe that Abigail had killed Andre, insisting that Vivian was just spewing lies in an effort to protect Andre's true killer, Stefan. "Uh, Kate...she may be telling the truth," Marlena hesitantly revealed, knowing that if Abigail really had killed Andre, that would explain why she had suddenly developed dissociative identity disorder.

"What could possibly have driven Abigail to kill a man that she loved so much?" Kate wondered. Vivian was quick to remind Kate that Abigail had a history of violent behavior, pointing out, "She burned down a funny farm!" Marlena asked Kate if there had been any tension between Abigail and Andre in the days leading up to his murder. Kate admitted that Abigail had been upset with Andre for stealing Gabi Chic from Gabi. "But I don't think it's possible that [Abigail] killed Andre [just] because he fired her best friend," Kate added. Shrugging, Marlena said there was only one person who could fill in all the missing pieces of the puzzle -- Abigail.

Kate conceded that, based on the surveillance footage that showed a dark-haired woman leaving Andre's office with a bloody piece of the murder weapon, it was indeed possible that Abigail -- or one of Abigail's alters -- had killed Andre. "[If it's true, then] when she realizes that, it's going to destroy her. And Chad -- when he finds out that the woman that he loves killed the brother he loved..." Kate fretted. "Don't forget -- the wife he loves loves the brother he hates," Vivian helpfully added. "Oh, shut up!" Kate irritably replied.

Kate worriedly asked Marlena if Abigail was already beyond help. Shrugging again, Marlena told Kate, "I'm gonna do everything that I can for Abigail...[but] the fact is that the alter Gabby has such a strong hold right now... I can't promise anything." Kate mused with a sigh that the only positive aspect of the whole situation was that Gabi would soon be exonerated.

Meanwhile, Chad struggled to process what he had just walked in on. He fought back a wave of nausea, realizing that his wife and his brother had just slept together.

"And I plan on doing it again," Gabby matter-of-factly informed Chad, who concluded that his wife wasn't in her right mind. Gabby clarified, while getting dressed, that Stefan was actually the only person who was capable of making her feel like her true self. "[And] my name's not Abby. Stop calling me that," Gabby added, further confusing Chad. "What's your name, then?" Chad demanded to know.

Gabby started to answer the question, but Stefan interrupted, agreeing with Chad's assertion that "Abigail DiMera" was the name of the woman who was in the room with them. Stefan also confirmed Chad's suspicion that Abigail was under his control at that moment. "Fix it, then! Reverse it!" Chad ordered Stefan, who claimed that Abigail's brainwashing was irreversible.

Seething with rage and unable to control it any longer, Chad lunged toward Stefan's side of the bed and began pummeling him. "Stop it, please! I love him!" Gabby tearfully begged Chad, who ignored her protests and continued the assault. "Oh, my killed him!" Gabby fretted after Chad finally backed away from Stefan, exhausted.

Gabby rushed to Stefan's side and breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that he was, in fact, still alive. "Run. Run, baby. Please run," Stefan quietly choked out. Meanwhile, Chad approached and reached for his wife, assuring her that he was going to find a way to undo what his brother had done to her.

Gabby shoved Chad away then rushed off. He tried to chase after her but was too exhausted to match her pace. Sighing, he returned to his brother's side, determined to finish what he had started earlier.

As Gabby fled from the mansion, she dialed 9-1-1 and frantically informed the operator, "I need to report a, um, crime at the DiMera mansion. Um...Stefan DiMera -- he was beaten in his bedroom, and he's barely alive!"

Meanwhile, Hope and Rafe entered the mansion and heard the commotion upstairs. They soon found Chad, who had pulled Stefan off the bed and was kicking him while shouting, "Die, you son of a bitch!" Rafe pinned Chad against a wall as Hope stared in shock at Stefan's motionless body.

Chad is arrested Chad is arrested
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

In the hospital hallway, J.J. talked to Kayla about a patient. Dispatch called J.J. and ordered him to go to the DiMera mansion to attend to a head wound. Kayla worried aloud that the injured party was Abigail or Thomas. With a nod, J.J. rushed off to the scene.

Ciara went to the café in the square with Wyatt, which made a working Tripp jealous. Wyatt stepped away to take a phone call. "I thought you couldn't stand Wyatt," Tripp said. "I changed my mind. Like some people change their votes," Ciara snapped. Ciara announced that Wyatt had voted for her. With a smirk, Ciara demanded a table for her and Wyatt at the café.

Once seated, Wyatt apologized to Ciara for tricking her with Theo. Ciara told Wyatt she forgave him. When Wyatt stepped away to go to the bathroom, Tripp walked over and asked Ciara why she no longer hated Wyatt. Tripp asked Ciara if she wanted to make him jealous. Ciara shrugged off the question.

Tripp stressed that he did not have feelings for Claire. Ciara complained that Claire had cheated in the Bella contest. Tripp disagreed. Ciara noted that Tripp was incapable of pointing out Claire's faults. Frustrated, Tripp noted that Claire had attempted to cheat but had been unable to do it.

After Tripp told Ciara what had happened with Theo and Claire, Ciara noted that it was totally Tripp's fault for her loss, since his vote was the deciding factor. Tripp asked Ciara why she was willing to forgive Wyatt but not him. Wyatt returned to the table and asked Tripp for a burger. Tripp blew him off and went over to help Steve take a seat at a table. With an eyebrow raise, Steve asked Tripp what was wrong. Tripp confided that Ciara was eating at the café with Wyatt, the man that had caused her to leave town. Tripp told Steve about the contest and why Ciara was mad at him.

"You didn't vote for Claire because you still have feelings for her, did you?" Steve asked. Tripp said the vote had been platonic because he was with Ciara. Steve was surprised to hear that Tripp had been dating Ciara. With a shrug, Steve noted that Ciara was stubborn like her parents. Across the café. Wyatt confessed to Ciara that he had blown off his morning classes to hang out with her. Ciara said she wanted to see him again. As the two flirted, Tripp stewed nearby as he watched them.

At Doug's Place, Claire visited Julie to celebrate her contest win. Claire asked if Julie was still mad at her for telling Hope about Rafe's affair. Julie swore that she was not taking sides. Julie added, "I applaud you. It was the right thing to do. It was the brave thing to do." Relieved, Claire said that Ciara was still furious with her. Claire lamented that winning the contest had not made her feel better because no one had wanted to celebrate her win. When Claire mentioned that even Theo was mad at her, Julie asked why.

"I kind of asked Theo if he could rig the contest for me," Claire said. Claire noted that Theo had said no, and she had not cheated. Suspicious, Julie asked Claire if she was saying that she had surged unexpectedly without cheating. Claire thought about when she had run into Wyatt and had asked him to help her hack the contest. Wyatt had said he had not wanted to hurt Ciara. Smiling, Ciara had told Wyatt that Ciara was dating someone. Wyatt had appeared hurt. Shaking off the memory, Claire told Julie that her followers had shown up and voted.

Claire thought about her conversation with Wyatt again. Claire had told Wyatt that Tripp had been a placeholder for Wyatt, and eventually, Tripp would see that Ciara wanted to be with Wyatt. "What if Ciara had lost by one vote. Her boyfriend's vote. Wouldn't that be epic? Could you make that happen?" Claire asked. Wyatt said it was possible. Claire had told Wyatt that he would be able to be there for Ciara. "Then we would both get what we want," Claire had said.

Reluctantly, Wyatt had agreed to help Claire rig the contest.

In the present, Claire told Julie that she was not a hacker and could not have rigged the vote. With a nod, Julie told Claire that she had been a good friend to Ciara. "No. I haven't been," Claire said. When Julie asked how, Claire lied and said she had "tried to cheat." Claire said she wanted to focus on her singing career.

Julie advised Claire to remember that family and being a good person were all that mattered in life. Julie reminded Claire that she could also talk to her. With a smile, Julie congratulated Claire on being the new face of Bella. Claire texted Wyatt, "Hope everything's going well with Ciara."

At the café, Tripp approached Ciara's table after Wyatt left. Tripp grumbled that Wyatt had left his phone in the bathroom. As Tripp started to hand the phone to Ciara, he saw the text message from Claire.

In the park, Gabby called 9-1-1 to ask for an ambulance to go to the DiMera mansion. "I can't lose you. I cannot lose the man that I love," Gabby said to herself after ending the call. Nearby, Steve heard Abigail's voice as he walked by, and he called out to her. Gabby frowned. Steve walked over, but she turned away. "Who's that?" Steve asked. Gabby pretended to be Abigail and said she was upset. Steve offered Abigail an ear to listen.

Abigail said that Chad had been picking fights with her and upsetting Thomas. Steve said it sounded like Stefan was the cause of the fights. Abigail argued that Stefan was a good man. With a nod, Steve suggested that Chad had been cautious because Stefan was Stefano's son. Steve told Abigail that he loved her and that she was family. When Steve added that one could not break the bonds of family, Abigail's voice echoed. Gabby grabbed her head and shook it, hoping to quiet Abigail's voice in her head. Gabby rushed off.

A the DiMera mansion, Rafe pulled Chad off of Stefan as Chad kicked an unconscious Stefan on the floor. Hope confirmed that Stefan was barely alive, and she called for an ambulance. The operator reported that an ambulance was already en route. Chad confirmed that Abigail had already called the police. Confused, Hope asked what had happened. Chad shouted that he had found Abigail in Stefan's bed. On the floor, a groggy Stefan mumbled, "Gabby."

Chad said that Abigail had said she believed she was in love with Stefan and had clearly been brainwashed. Chad wanted to look for Abigail, but Hope said no. Rafe arrested Chad for aggravated assault. J.J. arrived, evaluated Stefan, and loaded him into the ambulance.

At the police station, Hope told Chad that she had no news on Abigail yet. Panicked, Chad asked Hope to keep looking. Hope asked about Chad's attorney, but he stated he did not want to bother with his attorney. With a nod, Hope quietly told Chad that she and Rafe had reviewed new footage from Hong Kong. Hope confirmed that the dark-haired woman in Hong Kong was Abigail in a wig. Chad said he had seen Abigail in the same wig in Stefan's room. "He told me that he brainwashed her!" Chad barked.

"He raped her. He raped my wife, Hope," Chad said haltingly. Hope vowed to make Stefan pay for whatever he had done to Abigail. Chad lamented that he did not know how long Abigail had been under Stefan's thrall. "She said that her name wasn't Abby!" Chad said. Hope asked Chad if he believed Stefano had been involved. Chad said it was solely Stefan's plan. With a groan, Chad told Hope about his game of chess with Stefan. Chad added that Abigail had been wearing Gabi Chic clothes for a while.

"He killed my brother, then what he did to my wife, and then make it look like she was the one who murdered him," Chad said. Worried, Hope called Marlena and Kate, but neither answered their phone. Angry, Chad yelled that Stefan had taken everything from him. "My family! My job! My wife!" Chad yelled. With a sigh, Chad noted that Abigail was distancing herself from everything that meant anything to her. After Hope talked to the hospital about Stefan's condition, she warned Chad that he could be charged with murder. Chad said he did not care. "I want my wife back," Chad said sadly.

At the hospital, J.J. rushed Stefan into an exam room. Rafe asked Kayla when he could question Stefan. Kayla said that with the brain injury, it was not a question of when Rafe could question Stefan but if Rafe could question him. In the corner, Gabby lurked. When J.J. returned to the hallway to talk to Rafe, Gabby eavesdropped. J.J. said he was worried about his sister. J.J. argued that Stefan had taken advantage of Abigail. Kayla joined them and said that Stefan had bleeding on his brain and that his chances of recovering were "less than 50/50."

Kayla asked about the next of kin, but Rafe and J.J. were stumped. Rafe told J.J. that Abigail was acting strangely and wearing a dark wig. Rafe added that he believed that Abigail had been the woman on the security tape the night of Andre's murder. J.J. shook his head. "I thought it was strange when she said Gabi had confessed to her, but I didn't think she was outright lying," J.J. said. Rafe said at least they had proof that Gabi was innocent. Rafe's phone rang. The prison called to tell him that Gabi had been injured in a fight.

Steve arrived at the hospital. Kayla told him about Stefan. When Kayla noted that Abigail was missing, Steve said he had just spoken to her in the park. In Stefan's room, Gabby sat next to his bed. "It's me, Gabby. I'm here, and I'm not going to leave you," Gabby said.

Tripp and Ciara set a trap for Claire Tripp and Ciara set a trap for Claire
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
by Mike

Lucas went to the Kiriakis mansion to tell Maggie that Chloe had decided to turn down the job in Mexico -- and would be joining him for dinner later. Brady, who was looking forward to having dinner with Eve later, told Lucas that it seemed like they both had solid reasons to celebrate. "But no drinking," Lucas and Brady simultaneously assured Maggie, who said she hadn't been planning to go there, anyway. Lucas and Brady agreed that they were so happy that they didn't even want to drink anymore. Maggie was excited for both men. "[Just] be home by curfew," she jokingly warned them.

Later, Victor joined Maggie in the living room and observed that she seemed to be in a really good mood. "Well, I'm happy -- I'm happy for Brady. Eve has decided to give him a second chance," Maggie explained. "At...what, destroying his life?" Victor countered. Sighing, Maggie admitted that Eve certainly wasn't her favorite person in the world. Maggie added, however, that Eve made Brady happy, and that was all that really mattered. "He shouldn't be alone," Maggie insisted. "No -- better [to] be with Deimos' black widow," Victor sarcastically agreed.

"[Sure], Eve is not a saint, but at least she's not a train wreck -- [unlike] her sister..." Maggie pointed out, reminding Victor that Theresa was the one who had abandoned Brady and Tate in favor of a selfish and self-destructive life of substance abuse. "That's not exactly how it happened..." Victor muttered. Confused, Maggie wondered what Victor was talking about. "What's done is done," Victor evasively replied. Changing the subject, Victor hoped that Maggie was prepared to pick up the pieces after Brady's next inevitable heartbreak. Maggie somewhat irritably assured Victor that Brady was perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

After Maggie went to check on Tate, Victor contacted Shane and asked about Theresa. "I'm glad to hear that [she's] safe. That was quite a sacrifice that she made, leaving her family to go down to Mexico and be with that thug Mateo so he wouldn't harm Brady or Tate," Victor said after Shane finished talking. "I appreciate the update, Shane. I'm glad she has you to look after her," Victor added, unaware that Maggie had just returned.

"Who were you talking to?" Maggie asked Victor after he ended the call. "Just business," he replied. She skeptically noted that the part of the call she had overheard hadn't sounded like "just business" to her, but he maintained that it hadn't been about anything important. She concluded with a shrug that she was apparently hearing things, then -- just as she had earlier, when it had sounded like he had actually been defending Theresa.

Outside Doug's Place, Claire ran into Eve, who advised her to consult with a lawyer before signing the mandatory Bella contract. "It's a big commitment, sweetheart, and I want to make sure that you know exactly what [you'll be signing] up to do," Eve explained, adding that there was a lot more to the job than just fun and games. Claire dismissively insisted that she was ready for all of it.

"[Maybe, but remember] -- you're on your way to being a celebrity [now, which means] you're gonna have millions of eyes on you...and you know how social media is these days. [I mean, just] one mistake, and it's goodbye [to your] career, goodbye [to] your contract, goodbye [to] your entire future! I mean, you will be defined by any foolish mistake that you make for the rest of your life," Eve warned.

Meanwhile, inside the club, Julie approached Chloe, who was busy clearing off one of the tables. "Chloe, don't bother with that -- [or] worry for a moment about leaving Doug and me in a bind. We're more than happy to run this club while you're away, making that wonderful opera engagement in Mexico... We might even buy you out! The important thing [is] that you follow your heart and your dreams -- even if they take you far, far away," Julie stressed. Smiling, Chloe thanked Julie for the support. "But I'm not going anywhere, because what my heart wants is here, in Salem," Chloe continued, causing Julie's own smile to fade.

Eve soon joined Chloe and Julie's conversation. Chloe admitted that it had been really hard to turn down such a tempting offer. "I'm sure it isn't too late to change your mind," Julie hopefully suggested. "Yeah, not gonna happen," Chloe replied. Surprised, Eve noted that it had always seemed like Chloe wanted nothing more than to star in her own opera. Chloe said that had indeed been a lifelong dream of hers.

"[But as I] started thinking more and more about my time in Vienna... [You know], it was really great to be appreciated as an artist, but...every night, after a show, I'd go back to a hotel by myself, and it was really lonely. It made me realize that I do want a relationship," Chloe explained. Julie soon rushed off, uninterested in hearing about Chloe's love life.

Chuckling, Eve observed that Julie clearly wasn't Chloe's biggest fan. Chloe hoped that Eve, unlike Julie and Kate, would be happy to hear that she was planning to stay in Salem. Eve confirmed that she had no intention of trying to talk her friend out of taking a chance on love -- especially since she had recently decided to do the same thing.

At the Martin mansion, Lani struggled to stay calm while listening to Eli's rambling assurances about the manageability of her medical condition. "We just need to go about this like we do anything else -- assess the facts, work the evidence, solve the case," he insisted before rushing off to make her something to eat. He returned a short time later with a big bowl of nachos -- loaded with cheese, chopped jalapeńos, and three kinds of meat.

"Eli, that's stakeout food!" Lani spat, suddenly losing her last ounce of patience. "We're not at work, and this baby isn't a case that I need to solve!" she added before rushing off to the bathroom, feeling nauseous.

Later, Lani emerged from the bathroom and stormed out of Eli's room -- just as Julie arrived with food from Doug's Place, having received a call for help from Eli earlier. Lani softened a bit as Julie presented a variety of foods that were known to be more appealing to pregnant women, including grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, and kale. After Lani started eating, Julie decided to leave, satisfied that Eli was no longer in the doghouse.

Julie paused at Eli's desk, where she had placed her keys earlier. "Is the baby okay?" Julie asked worriedly, noticing a stack of pamphlets about high-risk pregnancies. Eli and Lani vaguely assured Julie that everything was going to be fine. Still concerned, Julie mused, "You know, I couldn't think of any upside at all [to] Chloe not taking that job in Mexico, [but] if Doug and I aren't [always] busy at the club, I'll have more free time to help the two of you! [Lani, I'll be] available for you twenty-four-seven [and] call you every day [to] make sure you're getting the right things to eat, [and] getting plenty of rest, [and] obeying your doctor's orders... [And, you know, I should even] accompany you to all [your] medical appointments!" Eli and Lani carefully insisted that, while Julie's incredibly generous offer sounded great, it really wasn't necessary.

"I see where you get your control issues from," Lani told Eli after his grandmother left. They took turns apologizing to each other for their earlier behavior then went through the pamphlets together.

When Julie returned to Doug's Place, Eve was sitting at a table with Brady, and Chloe was sitting at a different table with Lucas. Both dates seemed to be going well -- so well that no one noticed when Miguel entered the club and joined Julie at the bar. "Sorry to bother you, but, uh...I'm a huge fan of Chloe Lane," Miguel told Julie, who was shocked to hear that Chloe had fans. Julie offered to introduce Miguel to Chloe, but he declined, claiming that he was incredibly shy and therefore preferred to admire the singer from afar. "So do I..." Julie muttered. Miguel asked Julie to present Chloe with a bottle of Champagne; he stressed, however, that he didn't want it to be presented as a gift from a fan. Julie was quick to warn Miguel that Chloe's date was a recovering alcoholic. Nodding, Miguel instructed Julie to add a glass of club soda to the order.

Julie prepared the drinks then went to the other end of the bar to get a decorative umbrella to add to the glass of club soda. While Julie was distracted, Miguel retrieved a vial of clear liquid from his jacket pocket and added the concoction to the club soda. Julie soon returned with the umbrella. Miguel watched as Julie carried the drinks over to Chloe and Lucas' table. Julie claimed, when asked, that the drinks were being provided on the house so Chloe and Lucas could toast to Chloe's decision to stay in Salem. Satisfied, Miguel exited the club. Seconds later, Chloe asked Julie for another round of drinks, having decided that it would be nice to share the moment with Eve and Brady. "They don't call 'em 'divas' for nothin'..." Julie grumbled before going to prepare a second glass of Champagne and a second glass of club soda.

At the Horton Town Square, Ciara admonished Tripp for reading the text message Wyatt had just received, insisting that it wasn't cool to invade a person's privacy like that. "Hmm. Yeah. So, I guess, you know, you wouldn't care that the message was about you [or] that it was sent by Claire..." Tripp replied before starting to walk away with Wyatt's cell phone.

Ciara chased after Tripp and demanded more details. Tripp read the text message aloud -- "Hope everything is going great with Ciara" -- then wondered when Ciara had mentioned to Claire that Wyatt was back in the picture. "Claire and I are barely speaking. She's the last person I'd ever share anything with," Ciara replied. "Oh, really? I thought that was me," Tripp countered before forging ahead, wondering how Claire had found out.

Eager to know the answer to that question, Ciara seized Wyatt's cell phone from Tripp and started entering likely passwords in an effort to unlock it. After a few failed attempts, Ciara remembered that Wyatt had mentioned that he would be celebrating a birthday the following week. "He wants to take me to some concert. He's so into me," Ciara tauntingly added. Unamused, Tripp irritably instructed Ciara to stop talking and try the date.

"Yes! We're in!" Ciara triumphantly shouted as Wyatt's cell phone accepted the entered combination of numbers. Ciara searched through Wyatt's old text messages but wasn't able to find any others from Claire. Tripp was ready to conclude that Claire had simply seen Wyatt with Ciara somewhere recently, but Ciara wasn't ready to give up just yet. "There's one more thing that I can try..." Ciara told Tripp.

Claire was alone in her apartment, performing for an audience of stuffed animals, when she received a text message from Wyatt's cell phone. Pleased to have confirmation that things were going well on Wyatt's end, Claire wrote back: "Looks like we both got what we wanted." Realizing the implication, Tripp took Wyatt's cell phone from Ciara and composed another text message: "I'm assuming you're talking about the contest." Claire confirmed: "Duh. We both know I'd never have won if it wasn't for you." Ciara was thrilled to have proof that Claire had gotten someone to rig the contest, but Tripp warned that they didn't really have definitive proof yet. Knowing that Tripp was right, Ciara took Wyatt's cell phone back from Tripp and sent Claire another text message: "Good thing I was able to fix the votes." Claire quickly replied: "Yep. Our little secret, right?"

"Wrong, Claire! You are so done! Your dirty little secret is about to come out," Ciara said aloud after reading the latest text message from Claire. Ciara couldn't wait to humiliate Claire the same way Claire had humiliated Hope, but Tripp thought it might be best for Ciara to just drop the matter instead. "You don't need this, Ciara. You don't need to be the new face of...whatever, okay? Let Claire have it. Let her live every day of her life with the guilt of knowing that she took something that she did not deserve," Tripp advised. Ciara hesitated, reluctant to let Claire win. "That's just it, okay? She didn't win. I know it, you know it...and, more importantly, Claire knows [it]. So, let her have the red-carpet events and the magazine covers, all right? She needs that way more than you do," Tripp maintained.

"And what do I have?" Ciara countered. "Me," Tripp replied with a shrug. Touched, she told him that she was sorry for her recent behavior and grateful that he was still willing to be there for her, even after everything she had done lately to push him away. He stressed that he would always be there for her, no matter what she decided to do with the information she had just learned about the contest.

"You mean that?" Ciara asked. "Yeah, I do," Tripp confirmed, flashing a smile. "I hope so...because there is no way I'm letting Claire get away with this," Ciara insisted.

Tripp sighed as Ciara pointed out that Claire was, after all, the person who had repeatedly lectured everyone on the importance of exposing the truth about Rafe's infidelity, even at the expense of Hope and Rafe's happiness. "Now that the truth is about her, why should it be any different?" Ciara reasoned with a shrug.

Meanwhile, Claire received a visit from Wyatt, who was looking for Ciara because he wanted to ask if she had his cell phone. Claire was horrified -- especially after another text message arrived from Wyatt's cell phone: "I know what u did, U CHEATING BITCH!!"

Tripp and Ciara confront Claire and Wyatt Tripp and Ciara confront Claire and Wyatt
Thursday, April 26, 2018
by Mike

At the hospital, Steve told Kayla about his earlier encounter with his niece. Kayla pointed out that Steve was going to need to give a statement to the police because his niece was being considered a person of interest. Steve was frustrated that his blindness had prevented him from being in full control during the encounter, but Kayla assured him that it wasn't his fault.

Meanwhile, at the Brady Pub, Jennifer -- who had just returned to Salem -- told Eric about the crazy experiences she'd had that day in Chicago, where she had been pursuing a lead for a new story. "My phone died, and my charger was in my other purse," she explained, adding that having an inoperable cell phone hadn't just prevented her from being able to stay in touch with people; it had also forced her to take old-fashioned notes instead of recording everything. "[And] I can't even read my writing!" she grumbled while flipping through the pages of her notepad.

Eric plugged Jennifer's cell phone into a spare charger he kept behind the bar then turned off his own cell phone as a gesture of solidarity. The couple agreed that it was kind of nice to be alone together with no distractions, anyway. They started chatting about their relationship and soon found themselves forgetting all about cell phones -- until hers suddenly chimed, having finally regained enough battery power to retrieve her unread messages.

Kayla, who had been trying to reach Jennifer, finally got a call through seconds later -- just as Jennifer was curiously noting that she had received "a million" messages while her cell phone had been off. "I am sorry to tell you this, but in case you haven't seen the news alert...there's an APB out on Abigail," Kayla informed Jennifer. Confused, Jennifer worriedly probed for more details.

Wyatt was relieved when Claire reported that Ciara was in possession of his cell phone. Panicking, Claire informed Wyatt that wasn't a good thing. Wyatt laughed off Claire's concern that Ciara had been using his cell phone, explaining that it was password-protected. Claire irritably countered that Wyatt clearly should have chosen a stronger password. "And, obviously, since I thought I was texting you, I pretty much sent back a confession that we fixed the contest!" Claire continued. "Oh, man -- that means we're..." Wyatt began. "Screwed!" Claire concluded.

At the Horton Town Square, Ciara wondered if Tripp was okay with what she had just done. "No, I'm actually not okay -- with any of it," he admitted. "You know, I've actually hated this damn contest from day one -- not just because it's caused problems between you and Claire [but also] because it's caused problems between you and me," he continued. "[And] I don't give a rat's ass who is the new face of Bella magazine. [I mean], once this comes out, you're gonna be the winner, [but] that might make you not be you anymore...[and] I don't want to lose you," he concluded with a shrug.

At Doug's Place, Brady and Eve shared a toast with Lucas and Chloe then excused themselves, wanting to spend some time alone together. Lucas and Chloe returned to their table and started chatting about Brady and Eve, who seemed happy together despite their recent issues. Lucas soon loosened his tie and complained that it felt like the club had suddenly gotten twenty degrees hotter.

Brady led Eve to a secluded section of the town square, where he surprised her with an offer to take her on an impromptu trip to either Paris or Tahiti, depending on her preference. Scoffing, she dismissively reminded him that they had obligations and therefore couldn't just fly off to another country at the drop of a hat. Undeterred, he assured her that Basic Black and Bella could survive without them for a few days -- and that Maggie would be more than happy to take care of Tate while they were gone. He added that she would have her own hotel room because the trip wasn't about trying to pressure her into anything she wasn't ready for; it was simply about continuing his efforts to regain her trust. She gave the matter some thought then admitted, "I've never seen spring in Paris..."

Meanwhile, Ciara told Tripp that Claire couldn't be allowed to get away with what she had done, since she would just keep doing similar things in that case. Ciara added that, more often than not, she would probably be the one who ended up getting hurt. Tripp conceded that Ciara was probably right about that. "Do you remember telling me [that] the only reason you entered this contest is because you didn't think you were as confident as [Claire] is?" Tripp asked Ciara, who confirmed that she remembered saying that. "I think you got that all wrong. I think she's the insecure one," Tripp continued. Ciara found that hard to believe because, after all, Claire was always bragging about how beautiful, talented, and popular she was. "[Truly] confident people don't have to brag," Tripp argued.

"[So], do you want me to feel sorry for her?" Ciara asked incredulously. "No, no -- I'm just saying that I think she's in a really bad place right now...and that's the only reason that I voted for her," Tripp clarified.

Nodding, Ciara promised to give Tripp's observations some thought -- later. "Right now, I'm going to go have it out with Claire. She can't just cheat her way to happiness," Ciara continued. Tripp agreed to join Ciara for the confrontation, knowing that Claire really did need an intervention of sorts. As Tripp and Ciara headed off to their apartment, Brady and Eve approached them, en route to the Titan jet.

Brady and Eve assured Ciara that she was still welcome to model for them anytime, even though she hadn't won the contest. "The thing is, um...I didn't lose," Ciara clarified. Confused, Brady and Eve wondered what Ciara was talking about. Ciara explained that Claire had rigged the contest. Tripp confirmed that Ciara was right -- and that there was proof to back up the claim. "[And] she didn't do it alone; she had help," Ciara stressed before rushing off to confront Claire, with Tripp in tow. Stunned, Eve quickly concluded that Brady had to be Claire's partner in crime. Brady insisted that wasn't true, but Eve wasn't convinced.

Ciara and Tripp arrived at their apartment just in time to stop Claire, who had decided that she was going to have to hide out somewhere until things settled down. Claire nervously backed away from Ciara while asking her to stay calm. Ignoring Claire's request, Ciara spat, "You know, I am so sick of you being all about you! You don't care if you have to lie and cheat as long as little Claire gets everything her little heart desires!" Claire protested that Ciara wasn't being fair. "And you're all about fairness," Ciara sarcastically countered.

"You couldn't handle me winning this contest -- you couldn't deal with the fact that some people might think that I'm just as good-looking as you are -- so...what, you got [Wyatt] to help you fix the results?" Ciara continued. Wyatt started to apologize to Ciara, explaining that he had only agreed to rig the contest because he had assumed that would be his best chance to finally win her back. Confused, Ciara asked Wyatt to elaborate. "I thought if you lost by one vote --" Wyatt began. Interrupting, Tripp realized, "Ah -- my vote."

Ciara was outraged that Wyatt had manipulated the situation so he could swoop in and pick up the pieces of her broken heart. "That's how you get a woman to like you -- [by] making her feel like a loser?" Tripp asked Wyatt with obvious disgust. "It wasn't my idea; it was all hers," Wyatt clarified, pointing at Claire.

"In my defense --" Claire began. Interrupting, Tripp insisted, "You don't have a defense right now, okay?" He made it clear that her actions disgusted him just as much as her accomplice's did. "You played me [the same way] you play everybody [else]," he grumbled. She tried to protest, but he interrupted her again, stating that he wasn't done yet. "You did not care that Ciara was mad at me; that's what you wanted. You couldn't just win the contest, could you? You had to come between her and me [in the process], and that was like a little bonus to you," he continued, shaking his head in disbelief.

Claire defensively reminded Tripp that Ciara had never really cared about the contest, anyway. "[But] I do care, so I thought I'd make a better face of Bella," Claire continued. Ciara countered that a lot of voters had obviously disagreed. "[Otherwise], they would have voted for you [instead of me]. It was a contest, Claire! 'May the best man win' and all that! I won -- fair and square -- and you stole that from me!" Ciara spat. Claire, eager to cut to the chase, wondered what Ciara was going to do to her. "I already did it," Ciara revealed, adding that Brady and Eve didn't know the whole story yet but would soon enough.

Ciara turned to Wyatt and made it clear that she never wanted to see him again. He started to leave but soon remembered that she still had his cell phone. She shoved it at him and advised him to change his password.

After Wyatt left, Claire reminded Ciara and Tripp that they couldn't throw her out because her name was on the lease. "So, [Ciara], how 'bout I just step down as the new face of Bella, and I can let you --" Claire began to offer. Interrupting, Ciara guessed, "[You just want to] step down before Eve and Brady can fire you [because then you can] make it look like I only got [the job] because you didn't want it." Claire gulped as Ciara warned her that she wasn't going to get off that easily. Claire stayed silent for a few seconds then conceded that Ciara and Tripp were right to be disgusted with her.

"I don't know what got into me, really... I think I just told myself that I deserve to win this contest because it's all I have, you know? [I mean], Theo's on the other side of the world, [and] so are my parents, and I could see you two getting closer, and, um...I guess I just got really jealous," Claire explained with a shrug. "Still, that's not an excuse," Claire quickly added. Tripp advised that Claire needed to learn to be grateful for what she did have -- and realize that no one had everything. Nodding, Claire acknowledged that Tripp and Ciara had every right to hate her because she would definitely hate them if she were in their shoes. "I just want you to know that I really am sorry, and I swear to you, I will never do anything like this again," Claire stressed before retreating to her bedroom.

Alone with Tripp, Ciara apologized again for the way she had been treating him recently. "The thing with Wyatt -- I [just] wanted to make you jealous," she admitted. "Yeah, well, it worked," he revealed. She promised that, from that point forward, she was going to stop playing games with him -- because, after all, playing games made her no better than their roommate. "You gonna forgive me?" she asked hopefully. "I already have," he assured her, adding that he just wanted to go back to the way things had been before. "I'm not exactly sure where we were [before]," she told him. "I am," he replied before giving her a kiss.

While passing through the town square, Miguel contacted his employer and assured the person, "Lucas should be feeling the effects of the drug by now. With any luck, Chloe Lane will realize she gave up her big break to be with a man who's still a lush." After ending the call, Miguel continued walking -- and soon got close enough to hear the argument Eve was having with Brady. Brady was still trying to convince Eve that he hadn't helped Claire rig the contest, but it was getting increasingly difficult for him to form coherent sentences. "Oh, my God -- you're drunk! You even lied about being clean and sober!" Eve concluded. "I'm not drunk! You saw me, Eve -- you saw [that] I was drinking club sodas all night with Lucas!" Brady countered, slurring his speech and struggling to maintain his balance. Miguel rushed off, realizing what had happened.

Meanwhile, at Doug's Place, Chloe shared a dance with Lucas, who had started feeling much better after Chloe had figured out that Julie had turned off the air conditioner in an effort to save money. "You never used to be the type to dance with me in an empty restaurant," Chloe told Lucas. Shrugging, he stressed that he had no intention of taking her for granted again because he knew just how lucky he was to have her back in his life.

"I thought about you a lot the last couple years. I was gonna write you, text you, or email you, but I -- I didn't do any of those things, [because] I thought you would reject me, and you know me -- I don't deal with rejection very well," Lucas informed Chloe, who admitted that she would have been happy to hear from him because she had actually thought about him a lot in recent years, too. He stressed that he was determined not to blow his second chance with her. "Yeah, well, it takes two to blow it," she acknowledged. She assured him that she didn't regret her decision to turn down the job in Mexico, since she liked the idea of raising her son in the town she'd grown up in, she liked the idea of being a businesswoman, and she liked the idea of taking a chance on love again. He vowed to keep her convinced at all times that she had made the right choice.

After the dance ended, Lucas reluctantly said goodnight to Chloe, who thought it would be best for them to take things slowly because he was still in an early stage of his recovery. Once the coast was clear, Miguel emerged from the back of the club and approached Chloe, startling her. "I'm sorry, Ms. Lane. I was hoping we could do this the easy way..." he began.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Eve walked away from Brady in disgust, insisting that she never wanted to see him again. He tried to chase after her but soon collapsed.

Steve catches Gabby Steve catches Gabby
Friday, April 27, 2018

At Doug's Place, Chloe asked Lucas if they could take things slowly. Lucas promised to court Chloe in any manner she felt most comfortable. With a smile, Chloe said goodnight, and she locked the front door after Lucas left. When Chloe turned around, she found Miguel standing there. Miguel said he wanted Chloe to rethink her decision. When Chloe said she would not change her mind, Miguel pulled out a gun and leveled it at her.

"I was hoping your change of heart would have been a little more organic, which is why I targeted your significant other instead," Miguel said. Panicked, Chloe asked about Lucas. Miguel explained that he had drugged Lucas so that he would have appeared drunk. With a shrug, Miguel explained that Brady had taken the drug by mistake. Chloe exclaimed that Brady was also a recovering alcoholic. Miguel joked that Chloe ran with a colorful crowd.

In the square, Brady slurred his speech. Eve accused Brady of getting drunk. "I'm seeing you for who you really are, and that's a sad excuse for a man. You can drink yourself to death for all I care," Eve said as she stormed off. Brady reached out to her and collapsed onto the ground. Lucas found Brady as he was walking by, and he asked Brady what had happened. Brady said Eve had dumped him because she had thought he had rigged a contest and gotten drunk.

"Seems like she might be right, man. Bro, you are totally wasted," Lucas said sadly. Brady insisted that he had not had anything to drink. Brady asked Lucas to take him to the hospital because he did not feel well. Lucas lifted Brady to his feet and helped him walk to the hospital.

Eve knocked on the locked door at Doug's Place. Miguel told Chloe to let Eve in but not to tell her anything. When Eve asked about the man watching from the corner, Chloe said Miguel was the man that had offered her work in Mexico. Miguel said he'd had a final offer for Chloe, and she had accepted.

"What about Lucas?" Eve asked with surprise. Chloe said she had made her decision. Eve asked to talk to Chloe privately, but Chloe said Eve could talk freely in front of Miguel. Chloe said she hoped that Lucas would understand her decision. Shaking her head, Eve told Chloe it was smart to cut her losses. Eve complained that Brady had rigged the Bella contest and had gotten drunk to boot. Chloe warned Eve to listen to Brady's explanation, but Eve refused.

"I'm done with him," Eve said with disgust. Miguel asked Eve if she could leave him alone with Chloe so that they could finish making arrangements for her trip. Eve hugged Chloe goodbye. Nervously, Chloe asked Eve to tell Lucas that her choice to leave made the most sense for everyone. When Miguel urged Chloe to wrap things up, Eve cautioned Miguel to back off and let Chloe say her goodbyes to Lucas herself. Chloe said she had no time. With a shrug, Eve encouraged Chloe to make time to at least call Lucas. After Eve left, Miguel told Chloe she could not talk to Lucas.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Chad asked Hope to set him free so that he could find Abigail. Hope urged Chad to remain calm. "I am not frustrated. I am enraged," Chad growled. Hope said she understood how Chad felt. Chad apologized as he remembered that Rafe had cheated on Hope. Hope said, "I cannot afford to let it consume me, and right now, neither can you." Chad nodded in agreement. Hope asked Chad to be on his best behavior.

Hope exited into the precinct bullpen and ran into a panicked Jennifer and Eric. Hope told Jennifer and Eric about what had happened with Abigail, Stefan, and Chad. Eric asked if Stefan had killed Andre, but Hope said they were still piecing together the situation. Worried, Jennifer went into the interrogation room to talk to Chad. In tears, Jennifer hugged Chad and said, "I'm so sorry." Chad told Jennifer, "He didn't just brainwash [Abigail]. He raped her."

Chad explained that he had walked in on Stefan and Abigail in bed together. Jennifer cried out and stifled sobs. Chad told Jennifer what had happened and that Abigail had defended Stefan. Shaking his head, Chad said he had wanted to kill Stefan and would have succeeded if Hope and Rafe had not arrived. Chad apologized for not chasing after Abigail.

"We will find out exactly what he had done to her," Jennifer said. Jennifer asked about Stefano, but Chad said he believed Stefan was solely to blame. "Whatever I'm going through, I can't even imagine what Abigail is going through after whatever he did to her," Chad said. "We have to get her back," Jennifer pleaded.

In the bullpen of the precinct, Hope asked Eric if he had heard from Marlena that day. Eric shook his head no. Rafe called to tell Hope that Gabi had been beaten up in prison. Hope told Eric that Gabi was in the hospital then she left to check on Stefan. Eric called Marlena and left a voicemail. Jennifer joined Eric in the bullpen, and she broke down in tears. "What is wrong with my daughter?" Jennifer cried out.

In the interrogation room, Chad thought about when he had found Abigail in bed with Stefan and the fight after. Chad remembered seeing Abigail cradling Stefan in her arms. With a scowl, Chad furrowed his brow.

At the nurses' station in the hospital, Steve asked Kayla why Stefan would have brainwashed Abigail. Kayla said she could not speculate about Stefan's motives. Kayla encouraged Steve to talk to Rafe about his encounter with Abigail in the park. When Kayla noted that she thought Rafe was in Stefan's room, Steve nodded and headed across the hall to find Rafe.

In Stefan's room at the hospital, Gabby sat at his bedside and talked to him. "I don't even want to imagine my life without you. I didn't run. Obviously. I just didn't want to go anywhere without you. I didn't want to leave you here alone. I'm afraid if I do, I'll leave you forever," Gabby whispered. Gabby laid her head on the pillow next to Stefan, and she began to sing to him. Stefan stirred awake.

"Gabby?" Stefan asked hopefully. Gabby smiled at Stefan. Confused, Stefan asked what had happened. Gabby reminded Stefan that Chad had beaten him up after catching them in bed together. Stefan begged Gabby to leave, but she refused. "I'm not going to leave you. Ever," Gabby said. Stefan reminded Gabby that it was only a matter of time until the police realized that Gabby was the woman from the security footage. Gabby said she did not want to live without Stefan.

"They will find you and will find out that Abigail killed Andre, and they will lock you up," Stefan pleaded. Stefan promised that he would find Gabby later but that he needed her to leave right then. Reluctantly, Gabby kissed Stefan goodbye. The door opened behind her, and Steve ambled in. Steve called out for Rafe, with no response. Gabby remained silent. Steve bumped into Gabby. "Who's that?" Steve asked suspiciously. Gabby lied and said she was a nurse. Steve tightened his grip on Gabby's arm. "I'm sorry, Abigail. I can't let you go," Steve said.

"I'm not Abigail," Gabby growled. Gabby added that Stefan was the victim, not her. Steve begged Abigail to get help, but she refused. Steve asked Gabby to talk to Kayla. With a nod from Stefan, Gabby agreed to talk to Kayla if Steve agreed to let go of her arm. "I'm not that stupid," Steve said. Steve said he knew that Stefan had brainwashed Abigail because she would not have left her son and husband so she could be with Stefan.

"The cops are looking for you. You know that, right? If you run, you won't get far," Steve said. Steve encouraged Abigail to talk to Kayla. Reluctantly, Gabby agreed. With a firm grip on Gabby's arm, Steve escorted her into the hallway. Once in the hall, Gabby pushed Steve aside and ran for the elevator. Steve cried out for help. As the elevator doors opened, Hope stepped off the elevator, stopping Gabby dead in her tracks.

Lucas arrived at the hospital with Brady, and Kayla rushed to help them. Kayla examined Brady and said that he appeared to be intoxicated. As Brady lay unconscious in the exam room, Lucas said he had been with Brady at the bar and had not seen him drinking. Kayla said she would order a toxicology screen and continue to flush out his system. Lucas called Eve, and she blurted out that she was sorry that Chloe had changed her mind. Confused, Lucas asked Eve what she meant. Eve told Lucas that Chloe had decided to take the job in Mexico.

"She didn't say anything to me earlier. What changed her mind, Eve?" Lucas asked. Eve said she wasn't sure. Confused, Eve asked Lucas why he was calling if it was not about Chloe's decision. Lucas informed Eve that Brady was in the hospital. Eve argued that Brady had "brought this on himself." Eve wished Lucas luck with Chloe then hung up. Eve looked at the photo on her phone that the foursome had taken at Doug's Place. Eve muttered to herself that she would not worry about Brady.

Lucas called Chloe's cell phone. At Doug's Place, Chloe begged Miguel to let her answer the call. Miguel said no. Chloe added that her son and parents would miss her. "You'll be very convincing, won't you?" Miguel said as he took Chloe's phone. At the hospital, Lucas wondered aloud why Chloe had changed her mind. Worried, Lucas went over to Doug's Place. The door was unlocked, but no one was inside. Lucas found a note from Chloe on the bar.

In the park, Chloe asked Miguel why his boss was so insistent on her going to Mexico. "All will be revealed soon," Miguel said. At the hospital, Brady was asleep in bed when Eve cautiously crept into his room.

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