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Theresa asked Brady to sleep with her in exchange for Bella. Eve made a deal with Stefan for her and Brady to work at Gabi Chic. Xander stole Brady's recording of his confrontation with Nicole about Deimos. Will took the serum. Kayla made a deal with Stefan. Ben set Ciara's broken leg.
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Sonny gets exciting news from Will Sonny gets exciting news from Will
Monday, June 11, 2018
by Mike

Theresa awoke and looked around her unfamiliar surroundings with obvious confusion. Then she groaned.

J.J. watched Theresa from the kitchen of the studio apartment he had offered to share with her for the time being. "I take it you're not a morning person," he guessed, chuckling. "I was just having the most incredible dream [about reuniting with Brady and Tate]," she clarified. "And now I'm awake to face the nightmare that is my life," she added before burying her head in a pillow and proceeding to sob.

J.J. took a seat on the edge of the bed and gave Theresa a sympathetic pat on the back. "I feel like all I do is cry around you," she mused with a sigh of embarrassment after regaining her composure. "I seem to have that effect on a lot of women," he joked. He dismissed her concerns about seeming pathetic and weak, assuring her that it was okay to have feelings. He vowed not to let anyone know that she wasn't always a tough girl.

J.J. encouraged Theresa to help herself to a bowl of their favorite brand of chocolate-flavored cereal, guessing that she could use some comfort food. "I can't believe you still eat [that stuff]!" she mused, shaking her head. "The one addiction I haven't beat," he admitted with a shrug. They shared a laugh as they recalled that, during their partying days, they had proven to be capable of going through multiple boxes of the tasty treat in one night.

J.J. told Theresa where to find the cereal then stepped into the bathroom to take a shower. Seconds later, someone knocked on the apartment door. With J.J.'s shower already in progress, Theresa reluctantly left the comfort of the bed and went to see who was waiting outside. Jennifer, who was with Eric, flashed a smile as J.J.'s apartment door swung open -- a smile that quickly faded. "What the hell are you doing here?" Jennifer demanded to know, staring at Theresa in disbelief. Theresa, wearing only an EMT shirt that J.J. had provided as nightwear, awkwardly greeted Jennifer and Eric then squirmed as they joined her in the apartment.

J.J. soon emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and started to say something to Theresa about fast showers. He stopped himself when he realized that they were no longer alone in the apartment.

"I should -- I should probably explain, huh?" J.J. stammered as Theresa retreated to the bathroom and shut the door. "Yeah. That would be a really good idea," Jennifer confirmed.

Nodding, J.J. stepped over to a dresser and retrieved a few articles of clothing from it. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Eric settled on the couch. "I like having my own place, [but] it doesn't give me much more privacy [than I had at the Martin mansion]," J.J., whose only option at that moment was to get dressed right behind Jennifer and Eric, awkwardly admitted. "You would have more privacy if your bathroom wasn't otherwise occupied," Jennifer pointed out.

J.J. defensively explained that Theresa didn't have anywhere else to go. Eric acknowledged that it had been generous of J.J. to offer Theresa a place to stay for the time being. "[But] are you sure you're ready to bring [this] kind of complication into your life?" Eric asked. "You are still so vulnerable, and now you're dealing with someone who has a history of taking advantage of people! She ruins people's lives!" Jennifer added.

"Nice to see you, too," Theresa replied, emerging from the bathroom in the same dress she had been wearing the previous night. "[But] if you have something to say, I'd prefer you say it to my face," she added. J.J. tried to keep things civil, not wanting everyone's day to get off to a bad start, but Theresa dryly argued that it would be fitting for her to ruin everyone's day, since that was what his mother expected her to do, anyway.

"Look,'s no secret that you and I never really got along. You thought I was a bad influence on Brady. [But] is Eve any better?" Theresa asked, hoping to convince Jennifer to talk some sense into Brady. "[And] Eric, come on -- you're Brady's stepbrother. You guys are close, right?" Theresa continued, also hoping to get Eric's help. "We're not on the best of terms at the moment," Eric admitted with a sigh. Confused, Theresa wondered what had happened. "Nicole happened -- another selfish woman who took off and didn't care about who she hurt," Jennifer pointedly replied.

Eric quickly stopped Jennifer, insisting that was all ancient history -- at least in Theresa's case. "[All that] matters now is that you're back home [and] safe, [so]...I'm not sure Brady's gonna listen to me, but I will do whatever I can to help," Eric assured Theresa, who was grateful for the support. Suddenly fed up, Jennifer decided to talk to J.J. some other time instead. Jennifer said goodbye to J.J. then rushed off, with Eric in tow.

"Sorry about that," J.J. told Theresa once the coast was clear. She assured him that she was fine then quickly changed the subject, asking, with obvious concern, "What did [your mom] mean about you being vulnerable?"

"It's a long story," J.J. vaguely explained. "You listened to mine," Theresa countered. Nodding, J.J. hesitantly elaborated, "I had a difficult year. Lani and I were dating, and, uh...well, after a, uh...a misunderstanding, uh...she and Eli slept together, and, uh...she got pregnant. For a little while, I thought the baby was, uh -- was mine. [And that] helped get me out of a very dark place I was in around the holidays, and, uh...well, my mom, she's -- she's just worried I'll fall back into that." Theresa understood Jennifer's concern. "I can't believe that you were going through all that [and] still helped me," Theresa mused. "Helping someone else [helps] me, too," J.J. replied.

J.J. declared that what Theresa had done to protect Brady and Tate had been nothing short of heroic. Theresa wished Brady could see it that way. "You know, he's had a night to cool down, [and] I bet you he's seeing things differently this morning, [so] why don't you head over to the mansion and talk to him?" J.J. suggested. Suddenly feeling hopeful again, Theresa rushed off after thanking J.J. with a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Maggie discussed Ben's recent release from Bayview. "Every day, more bad news," Victor grumbled, adding that Sonny was really getting raked over the coals in the press as a result of Leo's accusation. Maggie was certain that Sonny was innocent, but Victor insisted, "Guilt and innocence don't matter. I've told you [that] before. In business, as in life, perception is reality, and the reality is...we're in crisis."

"[Then it] looks like I arrived here just in time," Xander mused, joining Victor and Maggie in the living room.

Xander, for once wearing a flashy suit instead of nothing more than a pair of board shorts, flashed Victor and Maggie a smile then began lobbying to be named Titan's newest CEO. Xander acted completely professional at first but soon changed tactics, realizing that neither Victor nor Maggie had any intention of taking the sales pitch seriously. "I know your darkest secrets, Uncle. [Now], if I was CEO of Titan, I'd have more than enough reason to protect them...[but] if I am out of the picture at Titan, I have a moral obligation to share whatever I know about [Deimos'] unsolved murder with the police. [So], it's time to make a decision, Uncle -- will you give me a chance to actually help this family for once...or do I help the police put you away for whatever is left of your short, miserable life?" Xander asked, grinning triumphantly.

Victor called Xander's bluff. "You have no problem with me telling my story to the police?" Xander asked incredulously. "You'd just be incriminating yourself in an unsolved crime, [and] I bet Commissioner Brady would be more than happy to pin this homicide on you," Victor reasoned with a shrug. Xander released a sigh of defeat, realizing that Victor was right. "On your best day, you're half the man that Sonny and Brady are, and this little negotiation proved that you're not up to running Titan; in fact, you're not up to running a lemonade stand!" Victor continued. "You'll pay for this one day," Xander vowed before storming off.

Xander passed Theresa on the way out of the mansion. "I should have left you to rot in Mexico," Xander grumbled before stepping outside and slamming the door shut.

"What's his problem?" Theresa asked Victor and Maggie. "Where do I start?" Maggie replied. "Eh, you know what -- never mind, Maggie. I just -- I'm -- I'm here to see Brady," Theresa explained.

Theresa was stunned to hear that Brady and Tate had moved out of the mansion earlier that morning. "I tried to tell [Brady] he was making a mistake, but he wouldn't listen," Victor grumbled. Maggie explained that Brady's decision had been about protecting Tate from Victor and Theresa. "Maggie, I'm [Tate's] mother!" Theresa protested. "And what about Parker's mother? You were both content to leave Chloe captive in Mexico!" Maggie snapped. "It's not that simple!" Theresa insisted. "Oh, it never is -- with either one of you! So, if you ask me, Brady did the right thing!" Maggie countered before storming off, ignoring Victor's attempt to stop her.

"You know, I was on your side 'til you threw me under the bus with that whole Chloe situation," Victor told Theresa, who apologetically explained that Brady had demanded the truth. "Yeah, well, the truth ruined everything," Victor grumbled. Theresa insisted that it wasn't too late to repair the damage, but Victor disagreed, arguing, "What's done is done. [Eve] has got her claws in Tate and Brady [now], and she's not gonna let go."

Scoffing, Theresa refused to give up without a fight. "I hated every single minute when I was in Mexico, but I learned some very valuable lessons on how to eliminate the competition, and my big sister is in for un mundo de dolor, with or without your help," Theresa told Victor before starting to storm off. Sighing, Victor tiredly stopped Theresa. "Before you go all gangster on [Eve], I've got a better idea..." Victor began.

At the Salem Inn, Brady and Tate got settled in Eve's room. "Any regrets?" Eve asked. "Not one," Brady replied without hesitation.

Later, while Brady and Eve were discussing Bella's modeling campaign, Tate announced, "I. Am. Bored!" Brady wondered if Tate wanted to go to the zoo with John and Arianna, who had made plans to go there that day and would probably be starting the journey soon. Tate declined, explaining, "I want my mommy!" Eve managed to change Tate's mind after reminding him of how much fun he'd had on a previous trip to the zoo, during which his mother had taught him all kinds of tricks -- such as stuffing goodies in his pockets -- to make the animals pay special attention to him. He rushed off to the bathroom to finish getting ready for the trip.

Once the coast was clear, Eve warned Brady that Tate's desire to spend time with Theresa was only going to get stronger. "I think maybe we should reach out to her, you know, and just get a handle on all of this before it gets ugly," Eve suggested. "It might be a little late for that," Brady hesitantly admitted. Eve was stunned to hear that Brady had actually threatened to take Tate away from Theresa the previous night.

"Do you want bloodshed? Because that's exactly what's gonna happen if you try to keep Theresa away from her son," Eve warned. Nodding, Brady assured Eve that it had simply been a heat-of-the-moment thing -- and that Theresa would understand that. "Are you sure? [Because] you've threatened [Theresa and] moved her son in with me. That is a declaration of war if I ever saw one," Eve noted, clearly concerned.

At the Martin mansion, Paul, who was lying in bed with Will, admitted that it was still hard to believe that Ben was free -- and had actually shown up the previous night to try to make amends. Paul was grateful that Chad had arrived at just the right time to give Will some backup. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here to kick [Ben's] ass out," Paul stressed.

Will acknowledged that Ben had done a lot of horrible things in the past. "[But]...I mean, he swore he wanted to make up for it..." Will mused with a shrug. Paul didn't buy that Ben was no longer dangerous. "I mean, he almost strangled you to death!" Paul stressed, adding that Will was lucky that he couldn't remember the full extent of what he had endured on that fateful night. "Yet," Will countered.

Nodding, Paul wondered if Will had heard back from the hospital yet. "They actually said they would call today to set a start [time] for treatment," Will reported. Meanwhile, someone knocked on Will's door. "It's weird to think that, like, I could check into the hospital one day, and then check out [later], remembering my old life," Will mused while getting out of bed to greet the visitor, wearing only a pair of boxer shorts.

Will opened the door and found Sonny standing in the hallway. "I, uh, should've texted ahead," Sonny admitted, eyeing Paul, who was still in bed -- and also wearing only a pair of boxer shorts. "Oh, no, it's okay. Um...yeah, well, uh, we just -- we kind of had, like, a late night, so we slept in," Will awkwardly explained, stepping aside so Sonny could enter the room.

"I'm jealous," Sonny admitted. "Of the sleeping-in part," Sonny quickly added, explaining that Arianna had woken up really early that morning in anticipation of Gabi's scheduled release from prison.

"[See, I] found out the news when [Ari] was already in bed last night -- you know, about the incident that happened in prison," Sonny told Will. "That's why I'm here -- because I don't know when Gabi's gonna be released, and we need to find a way to make it better for Ari," Sonny continued.

Meanwhile, Paul started to retreat to the bathroom so Will and Sonny could have some privacy. "You can be a part of this," Will assured Paul. "No, just -- just let me know what I need to do to help," Paul replied before stepping into the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar.

"When Ari realized that Gabi wasn't gonna be [coming home today], she had an epic meltdown," Sonny revealed as Will got dressed. Will regretted telling Arianna that Gabi would be returning soon, but Sonny pointed out that Gabi's release had seemed like a sure thing at the time. Will and Sonny agreed that Gabi was definitely being set up -- again.

"I can't believe Gabi's still in prison while Ben Weston is walking around free," Will grumbled. Sonny was stunned to hear about Ben's release -- and about what Will had been forced to deal with the previous night. "I'm really sorry. You know, if there's anything I can do to help, please let me know," Sonny stressed.

"It's okay. You've got -- you've got your own stuff going on," Will replied. "Don't remind me," Sonny grumbled.

Will was stunned to hear about the lengths Leo had gone to in an effort to discredit Sonny. Will promised to provide testimony for Sonny if necessary. Will was certain that Paul would be willing to testify, too. "And, you know, we're also more than happy to take Ari for a while [today] -- you know, when she gets back from the zoo," Will added.

"Oh, no, that's okay. I want to spend the day with her. You know, she's the best thing in my life right now. She's really the only thing in my life right now," Sonny admitted. "That's not true," Will insisted. "I lost my job. I lost..." Sonny began to counter before letting his voice trail off. "All right, well, uh...I'm gonna call you later," Sonny added before starting to rush off.

Will stopped Sonny and revealed, "There's something that I need to tell you -- uh, about my past." Sonny was thrilled to hear that Will's memory might soon be restored. Sonny grasped Will's hands while exclaiming, "This is...huge! [I mean], it could change everything...for you. [And] you have no idea how I've wished and I've dreamed of this moment -- that there could be a miracle that could bring back your memory, you know? To make you the Will that I..."

"Loved?" Will concluded when Sonny stopped talking. Meanwhile, Paul emerged from the bathroom and saw that Will and Sonny were holding hands and had locked eyes with each other. Paul watched Will and Sonny for a few seconds then closed the bathroom door to announce his presence. Will pulled away from Sonny then filled Paul in on what was being discussed. Sonny gave Will a few more words of encouragement before rushing off.

"Guess we know what he wants, right? [I mean], Sonny wants you to get your memory back so you'll remember that you still loved him [when Ben attacked you]. Is that what you want?" Paul asked once the coast was clear. Will assured Paul, "Me getting my memory back has nothing to do with Sonny; [it] has to do with me remembering who I am -- remembering my family, remembering my daughter."

Paul admitted to being worried about having to compete with Will's memories of Sonny. "You won't be competing," Will insisted. "Remembering who I am is only gonna make my feelings for you stronger, because then I can love you with all of me; I can love you as a complete person. Paul, I want to remember my past, but I don't want to relive my past," Will continued.

"So, you're not worried [that this] could change how you feel about me?" Paul asked. "No. Nothing could change that," Will insisted.

A short time later, Will received a phone call from someone at the hospital. "The serum is ready," Will informed Paul after ending the call.

While passing through Horton Town Square, Sonny ran into J.J., who asked about the sexual harassment lawsuit. Sonny admitted with a sigh that things weren't looking good. "What's crazy is that in the middle of all that misery, I may have just gotten some good news. [See], it turns out there's a chance that Will might finally get his memory back," Sonny excitedly added.

"[This is] the one thing that's giving me a glimmer of hope [right now]," Sonny admitted. "So, you're thinking that once [Will] remembers what you guys had, he'll come back to you?" J.J. guessed. "That wouldn't be a bad thing, right?" Sonny replied with a shrug and a wide grin.

While Eve and Tate were at the zoo, Brady received an unexpected visit from Theresa, who cryptically insisted, "From now on, you and I are going to be seeing a lot of each other...whether you like it or not."

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander sneaked into the living room with a duffel bag and unlocked the wall safe with the help of his safecracking skills. "Sorry, Uncle, but I'm not leaving this house empty-handed," he muttered while tossing stacks of cash in the duffel bag. "What have we got here?" he curiously mused when he found a small, bulging envelope with a label -- "Nicole Walker" -- on the front.

Xander finds leverage against Brady Xander finds leverage against Brady
Tuesday, June 12, 2018

In Will's room, he told Paul that the hospital had been able to replicate Rolf's serum. Despite Will's assurances, Paul said he was still worried about what would happen. "If I'm being honest, now that it is suddenly a possibility, I'm a little afraid, too. Of it changing me," Will confessed. "I'm not going to be okay until I go through with this. I need this, and it would mean the world to me if you would be there with me," Will said. Paul promised to stand by Will's side.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Xander broke into Victor's living room safe and found an envelope marked "Nicole." Curious, Xander decided to listen to the recording on the recorder inside the envelope. Sonny walked in and asked Xander what he was doing. Xander lied and said he was going to leave a note for the family. With a smirk, Xander said he had rescued Theresa, and no one had appreciated his efforts.

"What did you take?" Sonny asked. Sonny grabbed Xander's bag, and a couple stacks of cash fell out. Xander called Sonny a "spoiled little boy." Sonny growled that no one loved or wanted Xander. With a grin, Xander said it was no wonder that Will had walked out on Sonny. Adrienne interrupted to separate the two men. Sonny threatened to call the police, and Xander said he relished the opportunity to spill dirt on the family to the cops. As Sonny's eyes narrowed, Xander said he was happy to leave. With a grin, Xander shoved the recorder into his black bag and left.

In the living room, Sonny told Adrienne that Will had found a serum to restore his memory. Sonny asked Adrienne why she had not told him about the serum. Shaking her head, Adrienne said the serum had been a long shot, and she had not wanted to raise Sonny's hopes. With a smile, Sonny informed Adrienne that Will had made progress with the serum. Sonny expressed hope that he would be able to reconcile with Will. Sonny said he still had moments with Will and Arianna where he felt like they were still a family. "If I knew at the end of the day that I was coming home to the man I love, it would be so much easier," Sonny said. "You hold onto that," Adrienne agreed.

At Eve's hotel room, Theresa told Brady that Victor had given her control of Bella. Eve overheard. "Are you freaking kidding me?" Eve exclaimed. Eve argued that Theresa did not care about the business. With a grin, Theresa reminded Eve that Brady had pulled the same stunt with Eve. "Great minds think alike," Theresa said with a wink.

Theresa reviewed the plans for the Bella campaign, and she noted that she had her own ideas. Brady warned Theresa that the new arrangement would not work. Theresa agreed that it would be difficult to watch Brady and Eve together at the office. Eve added that Theresa would not be able to drive Eve and Brady apart. With a nod, Theresa agreed to let Eve run Bella if Brady agreed to run Titan and return home with her. Brady groaned.

"You're offering me Bella as a consolation prize?" Eve asked in astonishment. Brady accused Theresa of implementing Victor's plan for him. Brady warned Theresa that none of Victor's schemes would work. With a huffy sigh, Theresa told Brady and Eve she would see them at work. Theresa exclaimed she needed better ideas from both of them as she stormed out.

After Theresa left, Eve asked Brady if he was sure he wanted to pass up the opportunity to run Titan. Eve said she did not want to stand in the way of Brady's dream. Brady told Eve that he had believed that running Titan would fulfill him, but he'd realized that Eve was the thing that fulfilled him. "I'm not about to trade that for anything in the world," Brady said. Brady and Eve made love. Afterward, Eve confided her fear that Theresa would destroy their relationship. Brady stressed, "There is no way she can destroy us."

In her office, Kayla called Stefan and told him that she had dirt on Kate for him. Kayla asked for assurances that no one would know that she had been Stefan's source. As Kayla stressed that Marlena could not know about the deal, Marlena walked in. "Can't know about what?" Marlena asked casually. Kayla ended her call. Kayla lied and said she had been talking to Steve. Marlena offered to leave, but Kayla asked her to stay. Kayla said she had hit a dead end regarding the bionic eye. Marlena asked what had happened. Kayla informed Marlena about the DiMera patent complication.

Marlena noted that Stefan was cruel and vindictive like his father. With a nod, Marlena added that Stefan would want to lash out at Kate, as well. With a shrug, Kayla argued that Kate and Stefan were similar personalities. Kayla asked Marlena if Kate had confessed anything about the night she had shot Vivian. Suspicious, Marlena asked Kayla why she was interested. Kayla shrugged off the question and explained that it had made her wonder what else Kate had gotten away with over the years. As Marlena raised a curious eyebrow, Will and Paul interrupted.

Kayla handed a report over to Marlena with the chemical makeup of the serum. Paul asked Kayla if the serum would help Will recover his memories. Kayla shrugged, unsure. Will said he wanted to use the serum. Marlena told Will she was ready to begin, and she escorted Will out of the room.

Paul stayed behind and told Kayla that he had been praying for Steve's recovery. Kayla thanked Paul. With a nod, Paul ran to catch up with Will and Marlena. Alone in her office, Kayla called Kate's hotel and asked for Kate's room number. Kayla explained that she was Kate's doctor, but the desk clerk refused to provide the information.

In an exam room, Marlena stressed to Will that she did not know what the effects of the serum would be on Will. Paul said he and Will had discussed the options, and they both wanted to move ahead. Marlena said she did not want to be responsible for hurting Will. "It is my choice. No one would blame you," Will said. "Sami would," Marlena retorted.

Will stressed that he wanted to remember his family. Shaking her head, Marlena said she was worried about the process. With a nod, Will told Marlena if she did not want to be a part of the process, she did not need to help. Will added that he would move forward with or without Marlena's assistance. Marlena said she still had reservations, but she relented to Will's determination. With a sigh, Marlena injected Will with the serum. "Call me crazy, but I've got a good feeling about this," Will said.

In her hotel room, Kate stared at Vivian's gun, and Kate thought about when she had shot Vivian. Someone knocked on the door, startling Kate. When Kate opened the door, Ted was standing there with food. Kate was alarmed, and she worried aloud that someone would see Ted with her. Ted asked to talk strategy, and Kate ushered him inside her room. Ted flirted with Kate, but she remained chilly toward him. Kate stressed that she wanted Titan destroyed. Curious, Ted asked Kate if she was avoiding personal issues by focusing on business.

"Okay, Dr. Freud, enlighten me. What am I avoiding?" Kate asked brightly. Ted suggested that Kate was upset about her deceased husband. Kate said her husband had betrayed her and that she was not mourning Andre. Ted confided that he had lost his wife the previous year to cancer. Ted added that he had stayed by his wife's side until the end.

With a quiet voice, Kate said she was a cancer survivor, and she knew firsthand how important it was to have family stand by a person through their illness. Kate and Ted toasted to family. After lunch, Kate escorted Ted to the door. Kate stressed that no one could know of her connection to Ted. Down the hallway, Kayla overheard Kate's comment.

In the Brady Pub, Eric told Roman that Theresa was back in Salem and staying with J.J. Eric confided that he was worried that Theresa would not give up on Brady. Eric told Roman about Theresa's Mexican adventure, and Roman shook his head in disbelief. Eric explained that Theresa had asked him to speak to Brady but that things were still not good with Brady because of the Nicole fiasco. "With Nicole, it was a lot of drama," Eric said sadly. Eric admitted that life with Jennifer felt "like home." Roman reminded Eric that the only thing that mattered was whether Jennifer made Eric happy.

Outside the pub, Xander examined the recorder he had stolen and pressed play. Brady's voice said, "Like covering up the fact that you murdered Deimos." Xander's eyes widened, and he smiled. Xander listened to the recording of Brady yelling at Nicole. Satisfied with his new toy, Xander pocketed the recorder. As Xander started to enter the pub, Eric exited and warned Xander not to enter the building. Xander teased Eric about Nicole. Eric bristled.

"You're just sad she dumped you. But what if she didn't? What if that is not what happened at all?" Xander asked enticingly. Eric stared silently at Xander. As Xander needled Eric further, Eric yelled that he was over Nicole. Eric ordered Xander to leave town. With a nod, Xander said he would leave, but he added that he would return to town sometime. As Xander walked over to the square, he ran into Theresa. Xander told Theresa she was welcome to leave with him. Theresa refused to give up on Brady. Xander nodded at his bag and said that he was leaving town with "a score worth more than all the diamonds in the world."

Tripp asks Hope for help Tripp asks Hope for help
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
by Mike

Tripp was at home, recording yet another voicemail message for Ciara, when the apartment door swung open.

Tripp couldn't help sighing when Claire, not Ciara, stepped into the apartment, having just finished running a few errands. "I know -- I'm probably the last person that you want to see right now," Claire acknowledged. "No, it's not that; it's just..." Tripp began. "It's Ciara you [really] want to see," Claire concluded without a hint of jealousy or anger.

Claire remained convinced that Ciara was probably fine. Nodding, Tripp conceded that Ciara had most likely spent the night at Hope's place. "I just wish I knew for sure, [because] knowing how upset she was after she saw you and me together... If anything bad happens to her, I'll never forgive myself," Tripp told Claire, sighing again.

Tripp tried to contact Hope, but the call went to voicemail. He knew that she might just be busy at that moment; however, he guessed that it was just as likely that she had heard about what had happened and wasn't the least bit interested in talking to the jerk who had hurt her daughter. He left a message but doubted that she would even bother to listen to it.

At the police station, Hope told Abe about what had happened when Ben had visited Will at the Martin mansion the previous night. Abe hoped that Chad truly had managed to convince Ben to seek a fresh start somewhere far away from Salem. "The last thing I want is for that homicidal maniac to be close to the people we love," Abe stressed.

Changing the subject, Abe wondered how things were going between Hope and Rafe. "Sort of the same, unfortunately...although I did call off the annulment, [and that was all] thanks to you and a few other people," Hope revealed. Abe was happy to hear that. "Just focus on the reasons that you fell in love with him," Abe advised. "I'm trying," Hope quietly replied.

Rafe soon emerged from a conference room. Abe greeted Rafe then rushed off after giving Hope a playful wink.

Before Rafe could take advantage of the opportunity, Hope started listening to Tripp's voicemail message: "Uh, hi -- it's Tripp. Um...sorry to bother you, but I was, uh, wondering if we could talk about if you could just give me a call back whenever you get this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks." Intrigued, Hope dashed off to see Tripp, promising to talk to Rafe some other time.

Sighing, Rafe returned to the conference room, where Eli was in the process of asking an old informant -- who just happened to be Raines's cellmate -- to try to get information out of Raines about Diane's death.

Eli soon ended the call and assured Rafe that the informant was willing to help. Rafe was grateful to Eli for going to the trouble of contacting the informant, who apparently had a tendency to talk incessantly about trivial matters. "[I mean], knowing everything that you're going through [right now]... How's Lani?" Rafe asked. "She's managing. I mean, she hasn't had any problems lately," Eli reported.

"[And] I'm happy to put in extra work [right now], because pretty soon...well, you know, I'm gonna have my hands full," Eli added, grinning excitedly. Nodding, Rafe admitted to being envious of Eli. "I always thought I'd have kids of my own, but,, I guess it wasn't in the cards," Rafe explained with a shrug. Rafe fondly recalled bonding with Sami's kids -- especially Johnny, who had always had a special interest in the FBI.

At the Horton Town Square, Lani and Valerie ate lunch together and discussed the baby. Lani was taken aback when Valerie asked to be present for the baby's birth. Valerie quickly withdrew the request, sensing that it had made Lani uncomfortable. "The last thing I want to do is know, especially after I forced another important decision on you -- to tell Eli that he was the father," Valerie stressed.

"I was pretty angry about that at the time, as you know...but, um...I realize now that you were right," Lani replied, acknowledging that Eli had deserved to know the truth -- and that Valerie, having been in a similar situation in the past that had ended badly, had simply been trying to prevent history from repeating itself. "I really [do] forgive you," Lani stressed, eliciting a sigh of relief from Valerie.

Claire arrived a short time later, just as Valerie was preparing to head back to work. "I'm guessing you heard?" Claire asked Lani after Valerie left. "Yeah, I heard," Lani confirmed, knowing what Claire was talking about. Claire accepted full responsibility for having driven Theo away -- and even admitted with a sigh that their breakup had probably always been inevitable.

"[I mean], he's a really good person, and I'm...not," Claire continued, shrugging. Lani assured Claire that everyone, including Theo, made mistakes from time to time. "[Maybe, but they're] nothing compared to the mistakes that I've made," Claire countered, adding that what had happened the previous night had been one of the worst mistakes yet. "I swear, sometimes I just hate myself!" Claire blurted out.

Confused, Lani wondered what Claire was talking about. Claire swore Lani to secrecy then began to elaborate. "[I know] -- I'm a terrible person, [right]? I mean, you can say it," Claire told Lani after finishing the tale.

Lani refused to judge Claire, having once been in a similar situation. "I broke Ciara's heart!" Claire stressed, shocked that Lani wasn't outraged. "Because your own heart was broken. You were hurting over what happened with my brother, so you wanted to make yourself feel better; you wanted to feel loved," Lani countered. "[And] the good news is [that] so many people love you --" Lani began to add, but Claire quickly interrupted.

"Lani, I know you mean well, but the thing is...I don't deserve it! I don't deserve their love!" Claire tearfully declared. Lani gave Claire a hug and insisted that wasn't true.

Tripp was surprised when Hope showed up at the apartment. "I got your message [and] thought it'd be much better to speak face to face," she explained. Nodding, he started apologizing profusely, assuming that her daughter had already told her about what had happened the previous night. When he realized that she had no idea what he was talking about, he quickly filled in the blanks, sharing too much information in the process.

Hope eventually interrupted Tripp's rambling confession. "I get it," she assured him, finding his story about seeking comfort in the arms of another woman quite familiar.

Tripp begged Hope for help, desperate to make things right with Ciara. Hope promised to try talking to Ciara on Tripp's behalf. "She's in her room, right?" Hope guessed before starting to head that way. Confused, Tripp clarified that Ciara had stormed out of the apartment the previous night and hadn't been back since then. Tripp was alarmed to learn that Hope hadn't seen or heard from Ciara since sometime the previous day.

"Where could she be?" Tripp worriedly wondered as Hope started dialing Ciara's cell phone number.

Meanwhile, Ciara awoke in an unfamiliar place -- the badly charred cabin in which Abigail had given birth to Thomas. Ben, who had been trying to care for Ciara but had also been struggling with memories of everything that had happened at the cabin, was standing in a corner, staring at the flame of the still-working lighter that had been used to start the fire that had nearly killed Chad and Abigail.

"Oh, my God!" Ciara exclaimed, staring at Ben -- and the menacing flame -- in horror.

Ciara's loved ones begin searching for her Ciara's loved ones begin searching for her
Thursday, June 14, 2018
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Brady waited impatiently at the unattended bar. "Who do I have to bribe to get service around here?" Brady eventually called out, looking around the place with a sigh of irritation. "Me," Eric replied, emerging from the kitchen.

Brady was surprised to see that Eric was working at the pub. Eric explained that Roman was running errands. Nodding, Brady started to leave. "Wait -- you don't have to do that. Stay. I -- I won't bite," Eric assured Brady, who reluctantly returned to the bar. "What do you want?" Eric asked. "What I want is a double scotch on the rocks, [but] what I will order is a club soda," Brady replied.

"Tough day?" Eric guessed while preparing Brady's drink. Nodding again, Brady began to tell Eric about everything that had happened since Theresa had returned to Salem.

"And you're only drinking club soda?" Eric asked at the end of Brady's tale, clearly impressed. "E for effort," Brady joked with a shrug. Eric didn't want to make matters worse but couldn't help wondering if Brady was truly over Theresa. Scoffing, Brady guessed that Theresa had gone to Eric for backup -- and that Eric had agreed to help Theresa because, after all, blood was thicker than water.

"[Look], I happen to be in love with someone else now," Brady reminded Eric. "And, furthermore, if anyone's bad for me, that would be Theresa. [I mean], forget about how she was when she left; remember how she was in the very, very beginning? [Well], she's reverted back to that," Brady added. Eric was quick to stress that Theresa had a good heart and only acted out in times of desperation.

Changing the subject, Eric admitted that it was nice to be having a civil conversation with Brady again. "I was just telling my dad how much I miss having my brother in my life. Maybe you and I could --" Eric began to add.

Meanwhile, Brady received a text message. "It's the publicity director of the magazine, [asking questions I can't answer] because I work for Theresa now. [Look], I gotta take care of this," Brady explained to Eric with a sigh of frustration before starting to leave. Eric urged Brady to give Theresa one more chance to do the right thing. "Even if I was open to that, I don't know where she is," Brady admitted. "I do," Eric replied.

Theresa burst into J.J.'s studio apartment and excitedly began to share some good news. J.J., who was in the midst of a workout, complained that Theresa was going to make him lose count if she kept talking. She teasingly shouted random numbers as he finished a set of repetitions and set aside his dumbbells.

"Oh, good -- you're done! [So], I took your advice -- I went over to Victor's to talk to Brady -- [and Brady] wasn't there, but Victor was, and that wonderful old goat -- oh, he gave me just the weapon I need to screw up Brady and Eve!" Theresa told J.J. with a squeal of delight. "Oh, for God's sake -- will you please just put a shirt on, okay? It's kind of distracting," she added, turning away from him.

J.J. complied while pointing out that Theresa wasn't exactly qualified to run a magazine. "Bella is a fashion magazine, and, if you recall, I was [once] a fashion designer of some renown," she reminded him. "But don't you have to sell advertising, and manage entire departments, and make money?" he countered. "Blah, blah, blah -- you're missing the point, [which is that] Eve -- and, more importantly, Brady -- work for me now, [and that means] that Brady can't cut me out of his life [anymore]," she bragged. "[And] once we're working side by side, Brady's gonna remember how much he loves me!" she predicted.

J.J. doubted that things were going to work out the way that Theresa was hoping they would. "If I was Brady, I would hate your guts right now," J.J. warned. "[But] you're not Brady," Theresa dismissively countered. "[And how else] am I supposed to remind him of the love that we had for each other? [I mean], I needed to get in his orbit, [and that's what] I did," Theresa continued. "Whether he likes it or not," J.J. added.

Theresa defensively insisted that Brady didn't really want a life with Eve. "[He still] loves me, [but] he's not willing to admit it to himself," Theresa continued, drawing a look of skepticism from J.J. "I'm serious! [Look], if Eve and Chloe hadn't come over [the other night]... I mean, [Brady and I] were thisclose to making love!" Theresa stressed. "I didn't ever need to know that," J.J. protested, chuckling uncomfortably.

"Yeah, well, it's true!" Theresa maintained. "You know, if those two bitches had just shown up, like, an hour later, [Brady and I] would've [already] sealed the deal [by then, and he] wouldn't have listened to anything that came out of their mouths, you know? He would've had my back!" Theresa continued. "You put a lot of stock into your skills in that area," J.J. observed, clearly amused. "Well, I don't mean to brag..." Theresa replied.

Theresa grumbled that it was going to be difficult to find another opportunity to score some alone time with Brady because Eve was always going to be nearby at work. J.J. guessed that Theresa, who had always been quite resourceful, would figure something out sooner or later. "I knew you were trouble the first time I met you," J.J. added, chuckling. "As I recall, you loved that about me," Theresa teasingly countered.

Meanwhile, someone knocked on the apartment door. Theresa was delighted to see that the visitor was Brady. "I was hoping that we could talk," Brady told Theresa, who quickly shot J.J. a look. "Oh. Right. I was just going out," J.J. claimed, taking the hint. After J.J. left the apartment, Theresa cheerfully stated that it was nice to finally have a chance to catch up with Brady without anyone else around to derail things.

"I didn't come here to catch up; [I came here] to ask a favor," Brady clarified. "You know I'd do anything for you," Theresa replied without hesitation. "[Then] cut the crap and give me back the magazine," Brady demanded.

Brady insisted that Theresa wasn't qualified to run a magazine. "And Eve is? She's a lounge singer!" Theresa incredulously countered. Ignoring the point, Brady made it clear that Theresa's plan wasn't going to work. "I know you're trying to insert your way back into my life to get me back, [but] I love Eve, [and] there's nothing you can do to change that," Brady stressed with finality.

"Fine, okay? You can have Bella...[but only if] you make love to me one last time -- right here, right now," Theresa seductively replied.

At the Brady Pub, Eric handed J.J. a menu and apologized for the delay. "It's all good, man -- I'm just here killing time [because] I got kicked out of my place so Theresa and Brady could talk," J.J. explained. "Could you tell how it was going?" Eric asked curiously. "I didn't have time. She wanted me gone," J.J. replied. Nodding, Eric thanked J.J. for having given Theresa a place to stay for the time being.

"[Look], I've known Theresa all my life. She's my cousin, [and] I love her. [But] I care about you, too, [so]...don't let yourself get dragged into what I'm pretty sure could be a mess," Eric advised J.J. before walking away.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire took a quick break from work to talk to Eve, who was clearly annoyed. "[Ciara] decided she wasn't gonna show up for her first big photo shoot. She didn't call, she didn't leave a message -- she just blew us off," Eve explained with a sigh of frustration. "Sorry. I think that might be my fault," Claire admitted before proceeding to tell Eve about what had happened the previous night.

"No wonder [Ciara] is off hiding from the world!" Eve declared at the end of Claire's tale. "Sorry," Claire repeated. "Eh, you know what, honey -- I don't blame you; [I blame] the boyfriend," Eve replied. "I can't tell you how many times I used to tell Paige, 'You know, deep down, all men are just dogs.' I actually thought that Tripp was gonna be an exception to the rule, but...obviously, I was wrong," Eve added with a shake of the head.

"What about my Uncle Brady?" Claire countered. "Well, hmm...[okay], he's an exception to the rule," Eve agreed.

Claire insisted that Tripp really was an exception to the rule, too. "Last night wasn't [his] fault. I came on to him," Claire explained. "So...just one quick little fight, and he's [already] moved on to the next girl?" Eve asked incredulously, not yet ready to let Tripp off the hook. "Well, I'm not just any girl, you know. He's been into me for a very long time -- way before Ciara. But I was with Theo then," Claire clarified.

"But eventually [Tripp] was into Ciara," Eve pointed out, still not seeing a reason to give Tripp a free pass. "Yeah, but still...sometimes it's just really hard to get people out of your system, you know, if you really had a thing for them. [I mean], it's just...that feeling -- it never goes away, even if you think you've moved on to someone else," Claire countered before getting back to work. Eve sighed as Claire walked away.

Hope, still in Tripp's apartment, recorded an urgent voicemail message for Ciara. Meanwhile, Tripp remembered that Ciara had taken Wyatt along on a previous joyride. Tripp contacted Wyatt, who denied having seen or heard from Ciara recently. Hope, alarmed to learn that Ciara might have been on the motorcycle the previous night, contacted someone at the police station and told the person to keep an eye out for accident reports.

"God, this is all my fault! And if she has been in an accident..." Tripp began to fret. "Don't go there," Hope advised before rushing off to check in with various family members.

Claire finished working then returned to Eve's table and announced, "If Ciara's too broken up to [continue as] the face of Bella, I would be happy to help out. [I mean], I am the first runner-up." Eve was quick to point out that Claire was also the contestant who had rigged the competition. "[But] nobody really knows that, so...maybe I'll give you a call -- that is, if Bella hasn't gone up in smoke already," Eve added.

Claire was surprised to hear that Theresa had taken control of Bella. "[I know] you're really bummed out right now, but there must be something that you can do, right?" Claire reasoned with a shrug. Eve gave the matter some thought -- and soon got an idea.

At Doug's Place, Doug emerged from the back office and approached Julie, who was staring intently at something on a tablet computer. "What is so interesting on that thing?" Doug asked curiously. "Gabi Hernandez is at it again!" Julie explained with a sigh of disgust. "She gets cleared from one murder, [and] now she's implicated in another one -- some inmate at Statesville," Julie elaborated as Doug tried to interrupt.

"Please, don't give me the lecture about how I mustn't be hard on Gabi Hernandez, [the] 'poor little thing,'" Julie preemptively protested as Doug continued trying to say something. "Maybe she didn't kill Andre, but she certainly killed Nick! And her brother is no better than she is! Rafe Hernandez is a liar and a cheater, and if I ever set eyes on that man again, I swear --" Julie continued, still refusing to give Doug a chance to speak.

"You'll what?" Rafe asked, approaching Julie and Doug. "I didn't see you come in," Julie admitted to Rafe, who had already guessed that. "Why didn't you say something?" Julie quietly asked Doug. "I tried!" Doug replied.

Rafe didn't bother to defend himself but was quick to stress that his sister was being framed for murder -- again. "[And she] wouldn't even be in prison were it not for Abigail," he pointed out. "[Look], all I ask is that you give my sister the same kind of understanding that you would give another family member," he added. "I want us all to get along...especially now that there's a chance Hope and I [could] work things out," he concluded.

Doug and Julie were both surprised to hear that Hope was thinking of taking Rafe back. "I will support whatever my daughter decides," Doug diplomatically vowed. "Let's see what happens next," Julie tiredly added.

Meanwhile, Hope burst into the club. "I really hope somebody here has seen Ciara since last night -- or at least heard from her -- because otherwise...I think she might be missing," Hope breathlessly explained. Doug, Julie, and Rafe each denied having seen or heard from Ciara recently. Julie started to blame Tripp for what had happened, but Hope quickly interrupted, lacking the patience to listen to one of Julie's tirades at that moment.

Rafe stepped aside to put out an APB on Ciara's motorcycle. Julie carefully suggested that it might be wise to start calling nearby hospitals, too. Nodding, Doug stepped aside to take care of that. "I'm scared to death that Ciara is lying somewhere, hurt, and there's no one there to help," Hope admitted to Julie, sighing worriedly. "Damn it -- that bike, that damn motorcycle..." Hope grumbled.

Rafe and Doug soon returned. Rafe reported that Ciara's disappearance had been logged at the Salem Police Department as well as the police departments of three neighboring counties. Doug, in turn, reported that none of the nearby hospitals had recently admitted a woman who matched Ciara's description. Doug optimistically guessed that Ciara was probably just hiding from the world at that moment out of pain and anger.

"Why isn't she answering her phone?" Hope wondered. "Maybe the battery died," Rafe suggested with a shrug. "Remember phone booths? Never missed them until now," Julie mused.

Doug and Julie soon went to make a sandwich for Hope, whose protests were ignored. "I'm trying so hard not to panic right now," Hope admitted to Rafe after Doug and Julie left. "It hasn't even been twenty-four hours [yet]," Rafe pointed out. "[But those] are the most important hours!" Hope worriedly countered. "I'm telling you, I have this really bad feeling. Where is she? Where is my daughter?" Hope fretted while accepting a hug from Rafe.

Tripp sighed as Claire, not Ciara, stepped into their apartment. Tripp was alarmed to hear that Ciara had been scheduled for a photo shoot that day but hadn't shown up for it. Claire was equally alarmed to hear that Hope didn't know where Ciara was, either. "It's like she just got on that bike and just...vanished," Tripp mused. "You're really worried," Claire observed. "I'm more than worried; I'm scared," Tripp admitted, fighting back tears.

At the cabin, Ben assured Ciara that he wasn't going to hurt her. She expressed skepticism and tried to move away from him but found that she was too injured to do so. "I'm sorry, but I'm pretty damn sure that your leg is broken, [so] you might want to keep from moving it," he advised her. "[And] if I wanted you dead, I would have left you on the side of the road," he added, causing her to suddenly remember the accident.

"Oh, my God -- I took that curve way too fast. I wasn't even looking at the road; I was thinking about them," Ciara recalled. "Who's 'them'?" Ben asked curiously. "I don't want to talk about it," Ciara insisted. "I get that. For the last couple years, all I've had is shrinks telling me to open up about my feelings. No fun. Glad that's over now," Ben mused.

Ciara found it hard to believe that Ben had been released from Bayview, so he showed her his release papers to prove that he was telling the truth. "This can't be right!" she incredulously protested. "That's exactly what everybody else said -- including your mother," he admitted. "[But no one] could find a single reason to keep me in that place," he continued. "Other than the fact that three people are dead, and you did it," she countered.

"I wasn't in my right mind back then," Ben explained. "And you are now?" Ciara asked skeptically. "Yes. Don't worry, Ciara. You don't have anything to fear from me. I promise," Ben stressed.

Ciara argued that Ben would have taken her to a hospital if he had truly wanted to help her. He explained that he didn't have a cell phone of his own and couldn't use hers to call for help because it was dead. He added that he couldn't drive her to a hospital because he didn't have a car. "[Look], I tried to carry you, [but]'re a little heavy...[but that] was okay; [it's just that] I got lost, and then I realized I had to get you inside before the night came, and then I remembered this cabin," he continued. "I've been here before. I didn't want to have to come back, but there was nowhere else. It just brings back bad memories," he admitted, sighing.

Ciara was curious, so Ben explained how he had begun to regain his sanity -- and what he had done after he had been released. She wondered if he was trying to help her as another way of making amends. "[Not just that]; I also know what to do," he assured her. "My dad used to beat up on my mom and my sister, [so] I know how to tape up ribs and splint broken bones. And after Jordan and I took off, she finished off her physical therapy training [and] taught me even more," he continued. "You're in good hands," he promised before going to look for another blanket for her. "Yeah...I'm great..." she skeptically muttered.

Ciara begs Ben not to hurt her Ciara begs Ben not to hurt her
Friday, June 15, 2018

In J.J.'s apartment, Theresa offered to exchange control of Bella if Brady agreed to sleep with her. Stunned, Brady said no. Theresa explained that if Brady felt nothing after sleeping with her, she would walk out of his life. Brady stared in silence at Theresa. After a moment, Brady called Theresa desperate. Theresa admitted that she was desperate to reconcile her family. She wrapped her arms around Brady's neck, and Brady stared, tempted.

"We're done here," Brady said as he pulled away. Theresa vowed to hold onto Brady, and she reminded him of their wedding and their vows. Brady said he remembered. "I'm not yours. Not anymore," Brady said. Theresa said she was confident that Brady would remember his love for her if they made love. Brady shook his head in disbelief. Theresa argued that Brady was tempted. As Brady stared in silence, Theresa said that Brady had forgotten their connection.

"How can you really let me go unless you're 100% sure?" Theresa asked. Theresa leaned in to kiss Brady. Brady hesitated, but Eve knocked on the front door, and the spell was broken. Eve was surprised when Brady opened the door. Theresa said she and Brady had been about to make love. When Brady told Eve about Theresa's offer, Eve noted that Theresa had always "been a slut." Eve added that she and Brady no longer needed Bella. Eve explained that she had agreed to partner with Stefan at Gabi Chic. Theresa threatened to send Victor's attorneys after Eve and Brady.

"I was wondering when this Theresa would show up," Brady growled. Brady told Theresa that things were over between them. Once alone, Theresa muttered, "This is war." Theresa promised payback.

In the square, Brady told Eve, "You may be as brilliant as you are beautiful." Eve laughed about Theresa's crazy offer to Brady. Brady assured Eve that Theresa was out of their lives. Brady and Eve kissed in celebration.

At the loft, Claire told Tripp that she had emailed Ciara's friends in case anyone had seen her. Tripp confided that he was scared that Ciara was injured. "Just call me, Ciara. Tell me you're all right," Tripp said to his phone. Worried, Tripp said he needed to go search for Ciara. Claire promised to stay at the loft in case Ciara returned home.

In the pub, J.J overheard Lani talking on the phone to Eli about a baby shower. "It's what most couples do," Lani told J.J. when he asked about it. "So, you're a couple?" J.J. wondered. Lani said she was not dating Eli. With a smile, Lani asked J.J. if he wanted to join her while she waited for her order. The former lovers sat at a table, and Lani talked excitedly about becoming a mother. J.J. told Lani that he believed she would be a great mom. Lani asked about J.J.'s new apartment. With a shrug, J.J. said he liked his new place except for his houseguest, Theresa.

"I didn't think you and Theresa were exactly friends," Lani said with curiosity. J.J. explained that Theresa needed help. Lani urged J.J. to be careful with Theresa. "How could Theresa hurt me any more than you did?" J.J. asked. Lani shrank away from J.J., hurt. J.J. apologized. With a shrug, Lani said she deserved it. Lani asked J.J. if he would ever forgive her. J.J. said he forgave the affair, but he had trouble getting past Lani's lying. Fighting tears, Lani told J.J. that she was sorry she had hurt him.

"This baby is going to be a reminder of that for the rest of our lives," Lani said. J.J. said he thought about what life could be like if he forgave Lani, but he knew that he would have to watch Lani and Eli make parenting decisions every day. When Lani asked J.J. if he could do that, J.J. said he didn't know. Lani groaned. When J.J. asked if she was okay, Lani said the spotting and cramping were normal. "Or you could be in labor," J.J. suggested.

At the police station, Hope told Eli that his priority case was to find Ciara. Hope updated Eli on the situation. While Hope stepped aside to take a call, Eli asked Rafe why they were ignoring all their cases to find Ciara instead. "If this was anyone else's daughter, would we be asked to do this?" Eli questioned. Rafe suggested that Eli remember that he was about to be a father and should show empathy.

"Hope would do anything for Ciara, and that poor girl has been through hell and back," Rafe said. Rafe added that he loved Ciara like she was his own daughter, and he would do anything to protect her. Nearby, Hope listened to Rafe's impassioned speech about Ciara. When Eli went to check leads, Hope walked over and thanked Rafe for his kind words about Ciara. Rafe stressed that he had meant every word. Rafe suggested they track Ciara's phone to find her location.

In the cabin, Ciara begged Ben to take her to the hospital. Ben refused. Ben explained that he needed to handle the situation on his own because he did not believe anyone would pick him up quickly enough. Ben added that no one would believe his story about finding Ciara either. Ben removed his belt. Visibly uncomfortable, Ciara begged Ben, "Don't do this!"

"I know that look. Fear. I've seen it before," Ben said. Ben assured Ciara that he did not want to hurt her and needed the belt to set her leg. Ben added that he needed to set the leg right away because they could not wait for a doctor to examine her. As Ciara relaxed, Ben asked Ciara for permission to touch her leg.

"You either let me fix it or you run the risk of losing your leg. What's it gonna be?" Ben asked. Ciara said she did not want to trust Ben. As Ciara groaned, Ben argued they needed to act fast. Ciara said she wanted assurances that Ben would not attack her. Ben walked over to his bag and pulled out a knife.

"You have every reason to be afraid," Ben said softly. Ciara cried out again. Ben offered the knife to Ciara for protection. Ben renewed his request to tend to Ciara's leg. Ciara reluctantly agreed. Ben explained that he needed to rip Ciara's pants. Ben gave Ciara a towel to bite down on while he set the leg.

When Tripp returned to the loft, he showed Claire a flyer for another missing person. Claire noticed that the person in the flyer had been missing for months. Claire wondered aloud if something horrible had happened to Ciara. Frustrated, Claire blamed herself for Ciara's disappearance. Tripp told Claire that they could not think negatively about Ciara but needed to instead hope for the best. With a nod, Claire walked over to the computer to work on a flyer for Ciara.

Hope called Claire and asked for the password to Ciara's phone so that they could track it online. Claire did not know the right code, but she told Hope a few guesses. Frustrated, Hope thanked Claire for her help. Claire asked Hope to keep her updated. After Claire ended the call, Tripp asked for information. Claire explained that the police were attempting to track Ciara through her phone.

Tripp lamented that he had not known about Ciara's rape sooner. Tentatively, Tripp asked Claire to tell him about what had happened with Chase. Claire explained that Chase and Ciara had been friends until Chase had grown possessive of her.

"Ciara was always really supportive. Saw the best in him even when there wasn't much of it," Claire said. Claire added that Ciara had supported Chase because she had known that Aiden's actions had not been Chase's fault. Claire finished by telling Tripp that Chase had kissed Ciara one day, and Chase had attacked Ciara after she had declined his advances. As Tripp gripped his fist and wished aloud that he could confront Chase, Claire explained how Ciara's friends had tied up Chase and offered him up to Ciara. Tripp asked what had happened.

"Even after everything that Chase had done to her, she couldn't bring herself to get revenge that way," Claire said. Claire explained that Chase was in a sanitarium. Tripp marveled at how anyone could have hurt Ciara. Tripp worried aloud that he had let Ciara down. Claire finished up the flyer as Tripp stared at a photo of Ciara.

At the police station, Hope, Rafe, and Eli attempted several passwords to access Ciara's phone, but they had no luck. While Eli contacted a friend at the FBI for help, Hope confided to Rafe that she was scared. Rafe called the rangers station at Green Mountain, and he emailed a photo of Ciara over. The rangers agreed to look for Ciara's bike. Eli returned with information on how to get around the password. The next step was to answer security questions. With Hope's help, Eli was able to log in and locate Ciara's phone on a map.

At the cabin, once the leg was set, Ben told Ciara she was a "rock star." Ben taped up Ciara's leg, and he encouraged her to talk to keep her mind off the pain. When Ciara sat there in silence, Ben talked about a set of tinker toys Jordan had used to set a broken bone once. Ciara gripped the knife tightly. Ben said he did not want to think about the past but concentrate on the future. Ben asked about the accident. Ciara thought about when she had walked in on Tripp and Claire. "I just crashed, all right," Ciara said sullenly. Ben said he respected Ciara's desire to keep quiet.

Ciara thanked Ben for setting her leg. "I hope we got to it fast enough," Ben mumbled. Ben asked Ciara if she was thirsty. Ben poured a cup of water, and he said that he might be gone for a while. Ben explained he was headed out to find help. "Wait. Don't go," Ciara said as Ben reached the door.

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