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Brady told Eve that Nicole had murdered Deimos. Nicole plotted with Victor to hurt Theresa. Hope saved Ciara from the burning cabin. Ciara defended Ben. Leo's body disappeared. Abigail learned the results of her paternity test. Brady and Theresa reached an agreement for joint custody, but the judge terminated Theresa's visitation rights because there were drugs in J.J.'s apartment. To protect Theresa, J.J. claimed ownership of the drugs.
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Will and Sonny prepare to stage Leo's death Will and Sonny prepare to stage Leo's death
Monday, July 9, 2018
by Mike

At the Salem Inn, Eve convinced Brady to reveal the identity of Deimos' killer, arguing that, as the man's widow, she had a right to know who had done him in.

"[I found the amulet] in Eric's room..." Brady began -- just as Eric knocked on Eve's hotel room door. "Don't mention anything that I just told you," Brady quietly warned Eve before reluctantly letting Eric in.

After apologizing for the late visit, Eric explained that Chloe had mentioned, during an earlier chance encounter, that the custody hearing was getting pretty ugly. "[J.J. and I were] hoping maybe [we] could maybe negotiate -- broker -- a peace agreement between [you and Theresa] -- for Tate's sake," Eric continued. Scoffing, Eve insisted that peace wasn't in the cards, especially after everything that Theresa had done that day.

"[First, Theresa] had her lawyer put Maggie on the stand [in an effort to make Brady look like] the worst drug addict [and] drunkard that ever walked the face of the earth, [and then] the shyster tried to accuse [Brady] of killing Deimos -- [and] I know for a fact that that's not true!" Eve told Eric, ignoring Brady's protests. "You have a hell of a nerve to come in here and play peacemaker when you're the one that --" Eve continued.

"Eve! Let me handle this!" Brady demanded, finally silencing Eve. Brady explained to Eric that Theresa was a scorned, jealous woman who was using Tate as a way of punishing Brady for moving on with Eve. "I appreciate you coming here and trying to mediate, but we're way past that point, [so if you really want to help], go to St. Luke's and light a candle and pray to God that I'm the one that wins this thing," Brady added.

"How could you shut me up like that?" Eve asked Brady after Eric left. "How can you stand there and chat with [that] man when you know that he is the one that killed Deimos? Why are you protecting him?" Eve continued. Sighing, Brady clarified that the amulet had indeed been found in Eric's room -- but there was more to the story than that. "Well, why don't you tell me the rest -- right now," Eve demanded. Brady hesitantly complied.

After hearing the whole story, Eve insisted that the truth needed to finally be revealed to the world, if only to clear Brady's name. Brady was reluctant to agree to that idea, having long since lost interest in punishing Nicole for loving Eric. "If I turn Nicole in, she's gonna go to prison, and her poor daughter is gonna have no one," Brady fretted. "And if you don't, [the] same thing could happen to you and your son," Eve countered.

At the Brady Pub, Roman greeted Jennifer, who had just returned from a conference in Chicago. "If you're looking for Eric, he's not here," Roman informed Jennifer, who was actually already aware of that fact. "He's gonna meet me here," Jennifer explained before changing the subject, asking Roman about the annual Fourth of July celebration. Sighing, Roman reported that it had been canceled because no one had been in the mood to celebrate. Jennifer was horrified to hear that Ciara had recently gone missing -- and that Ben might be involved. Wanting more information, Jennifer immediately tried to contact Hope, but the call went to voicemail.

Roman kept Jennifer distracted with questions about Abigail and J.J. Roman also asked about Jennifer's relationship with Eric. Roman was glad that Eric had gotten over Nicole and was finally with the right woman.

Eric soon arrived and greeted Jennifer and Roman, the latter of whom immediately rushed off to the kitchen to get some food for the couple. Eric seized the opportunity to give Jennifer a passionate kiss.

Later, Eric told Jennifer about Brady and Theresa's custody battle. "J.J. and I decided to talk to them separately to see if we could get them to work out some kind of shared custody. I don't know how J.J.'s doing, but I struck out with Brady," Eric reported, sighing. Jennifer hoped that Brady's willingness to be in the same room with Eric meant that the brothers might soon be able to finally get past what had happened with Nicole.

Hope and Rafe traced Ciara's cell phone to the cabin, which was still burning when they arrived. Ciara was passed out on the floor of the cabin, having tried -- and failed -- to flee from it on her broken leg. Hope and Rafe managed to carry Ciara out of the cabin before the fire got too intense. Rafe called for EMTs and firefighters as Hope performed CPR on Ciara, who eventually regained consciousness -- just as Ben returned.

Rafe quickly pulled a gun on Ben, who seemed quite confused. "What's wrong -- did we screw up your little plan?" Rafe guessed. "I didn't do it, I swear! I swear! I swear I didn't do it! I swear to God!" Ben insisted.

Justin entered the Kiriakis mansion and immediately asked Sonny, who was standing in the living room, about the missing rug. Sonny stuck to Will's story about Arianna having spilled grape juice on the rug. "We sent it off to be cleaned," Sonny concluded. "We have an entire staff here. They've been cleaning up messes in this house since before you were born," Justin pointed out. "Guess I overreacted," Sonny explained with a shrug.

Nodding, Justin changed the subject, reminding Sonny that the sexual harassment trial was scheduled to begin the following day. Sonny dismissively blurted out that there was no need to prepare for it, prompting Justin to warn that Sonny needed to take the matter seriously because Leo's lawyer, Ted, was a real shark. "We have to be ready. We have to bury [Leo]," Justin stressed. "You're absolutely right," Sonny agreed, gulping.

"The most important thing to remember is [that] you've done nothing wrong," Justin continued, causing Sonny to squirm. "And if you see Leo in the courtroom..." Justin began to add. "Dad, you -- you don't have -- you don't have to worry about it, okay?" Sonny nervously stammered. "Well, I am worried, [because] Leo's lawyer is gonna try and get to you," Justin maintained.

Justin tried to walk Sonny through a mock trial but quickly realized that Sonny wasn't paying attention. "There's something I'm not telling you," Sonny apologetically admitted to Justin. "And it's about Leo," Sonny added, looking sick. "Sonny, I'm your lawyer. Anything you say to me is privileged. And, more importantly, I'm your father, [so] if you're struggling with something, I want to know what it is," Justin stressed when Sonny didn't continue right away. Sonny, having lost the nerve to share what was really bothering him, instead admitted with a sigh that he had recently tried to trick Leo into confessing, on tape, that the sexual harassment lawsuit was bogus.

"I wish you hadn't done that, but I certainly understand your frustration,'s -- it's not the end of the world," Justin assured Sonny, who quickly changed the subject, revealing that John had managed to dig up some dirt from Leo's past. "Certainly refutes [Leo's] claim that he's an innocent victim," Justin mused as Sonny summarized John's findings. "[But] I have to be careful how to use this -- I can't just attack him -- [so] I'm gonna read through this," Justin added, taking John's report from Sonny. "I will do everything in my power to make this Leo problem disappear," Justin promised before walking away. "You're not the only one..." Sonny muttered.

Meanwhile, at the Martin mansion, Will prepared to meet up with Sonny -- just as Paul arrived. "Were you on your way out?" Paul asked curiously. "Uh...yeah, I was just going to get some coffee," Will claimed.

"Could that just wait a minute?" Paul wondered, eager to talk to Will about something. "Sonny seemed pretty stressed when I saw him at his house [earlier]," Paul began. "You were at his house?" Will asked, feigning ignorance. "Yeah. I was looking for you," Paul explained, quickly adding that it hadn't been the creepy kind of search. Will apologized again for having failed to warn Paul before going off the grid. Paul, trying to downplay just how troubling Will's earlier disappearance had been, claimed that it was an understandable oversight. "Anyway, uh...what happened while you were [at Sonny's]?" Paul asked, ready to change the subject.

"What do you mean?" Will evasively replied. "Did Sonny think that the information [about Leo would] help his case? Because he didn't want to talk to me about it at all [when I was there]," Paul clarified. "Oh! Oh, yeah, um...well, that's just because he said he wanted to show it to Justin first," Will explained. "Oh, okay. I see. Well, it's not like we didn't try to help..." Paul noted, perhaps having expected more excitement from Sonny.

Will reluctantly admitted, when asked, that Sonny had been excited to hear that Rolf's serum was starting to show results. "But, um, he also understood that it doesn't change how I feel about you -- [that] you and I are in love, and that's the way things are gonna stay," Will added before giving Paul a kiss. Thrilled, Paul breathed a sigh of relief. "I can't even tell you how much it means to me that you remember being with Sonny [but] still want to be with me," Paul admitted, beaming. "And I -- wow, I mean, for you to say that to him..." Paul began to add as Will checked the time. "Am I keeping you from something?" Paul asked, confused.

"'s just, you know, the reason [I was] going for coffee [earlier] is because I'm on a deadline, and I gotta file this story first thing in the morning, and I -- I haven't even started yet, so..." Will apologetically explained to Paul, who understood and offered to wait up with him. "Oh, no -- I mean, that's okay. I'm gonna have the light on all night, and I'll be tapping away on my laptop, so, I mean, you wouldn't be able to get any sleep," Will pointed out. "Is this you asking me to stay at my place tonight?" Paul asked, clearly disappointed. "Wow! Wow, wow, wow! So, you're, uh -- you're kicking me out!" Paul added, shaking his head in disbelief.

"Paul..." Will apologetically began. "I'm just kidding, Will," Paul replied, cracking a smile. "I mean, I'm -- I'm a little disappointed, but, uh, I get it," Paul added. Will was quick to stress that Paul wasn't the only one who was disappointed. "But, you know, I got work to do, and you are a major distraction," Will added. Nodding, Paul wished Will luck with the article and asked him to call as soon as he finished submitting it.

Will waited until the coast was clear then rushed off to meet up with Sonny near the place where they had left Leo's car earlier. "Sonny, I hate this! Are -- are we sure we're doing the right thing? We can still -- we can still feasibly go to the cops," Will pointed out. "Will, we put [Leo's] body in a rug [and put that] in the trunk of his car. How are we gonna spin that for the cops?" Sonny countered.

Conceding the point, Will went over the plan with Sonny, who was armed with supplies to remove fingerprints from the car and prevent other incriminating evidence from being left behind. They hoped that when the cops discovered Leo's body in a wrecked car, the conclusion would be that the accident was the cause of death. Will also hoped that he wouldn't be assigned the story. Will and Sonny each took a deep breath then rushed off to Leo's car to execute the plan.

Jennifer was still at the pub with Eric when Paul arrived and asked Roman for a beer. Paul complained, in a good-natured sort of way, that he was drinking alone because Will was busy working on an article.

Meanwhile, Will and Sonny returned to their rendezvous spot, both looking dazed. "Please tell me you have a plan B," Will asked Sonny hopefully. "I can't believe this is happening," Sonny numbly replied. "Oh, it's happening. Leo's car is gone, and so is Leo's body," Will summarized. "What the hell are we gonna do?" Sonny worriedly asked Will.

Brady makes a proposal to Theresa Brady makes a proposal to Theresa
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

At Eve's apartment, Brady lay awake in bed as Eve stirred. Brady admitted that he had not slept very well because he had been thinking about how to get full custody of Tate. Eve reminded Brady that he could win the custody case if he told the court that Nicole had murdered Deimos.

"You can't keep protecting Nicole, or else you could lose custody of your son," Eve said. Brady refused. Eve argued that Brady would be "righting a wrong" if he turned Nicole in to the police. Shaking his head no, Brady said that Deimos did not deserve justice. Brady added that Nicole was a good mother, and he did not want Nicole to lose her daughter. Concerned, Brady said he needed to talk to Theresa.

J.J. returned home and found his smoke alarm blaring. Theresa had burned a batch of cookies she had made for Brady and Tate. J.J. was confused. Sheepishly, Theresa admitted that she felt guilty about how things had gone in court.

"Maybe [the cookies] would help [Brady] remember when he didn't hate me?" Theresa asked hopefully. Theresa said she had not known that Ted would be so aggressive in court, but she understood that Ted had done whatever was necessary to secure custody of Tate. When J.J. countered that Brady was fighting because Theresa had sued for custody first, Theresa said she had had no choice because Eve had poisoned Brady's mind.

"I never dreamed that coming home would be so awful," Theresa lamented. J.J. encouraged Theresa to make peace with Brady. "Do you want sole custody of Tate because that's what's best for him, or is all this just to get back at Brady?" J.J. asked. Theresa objected but then admitted that J.J. was right. J.J. told Theresa that he admired her strength.

"You've got to do what's best by [Tate]. You've got to put yourself and your feelings on hold," J.J. said. There was a knock at the door. J.J. opened it and found Brady. Brady asked to speak to Theresa about Tate. Theresa nodded at J.J. and asked him to stay. When Theresa noted that J.J. knew about what had happened in court, Brady grumbled about Ted's attack on him. Theresa countered that Chloe had said harsh things about her. When Brady argued that Chloe had told the truth, Theresa grew emotional.

"You self-righteous hypocrite! I was forced into the bowels of hell to protect you and Tate. And you know what, you want to pass judgment on what I had to do to get out? No, ask yourself seriously, do you think your precious Eve would have done things differently?" Theresa said. Theresa argued that her sister would have protected herself, as well. J.J. intervened and asked Brady to state why he was there. Brady said he wanted to make a proposal.

Brady asked for shared custody. Theresa argued that Brady was suggesting shared custody because he was scared of losing. Brady reminded Theresa of Tate's kidnapping.

"We swore to each other that we would always what? We would always put [Tate's] needs before ours. Always. Theresa, can't we do that now?" Brady asked. With tears in her eyes, Theresa reminded Brady what she had done to protect their son.

"Up until yesterday, you were more than happy to just turn my son over to my sister 'cause you want to swap me out for a much, much, much older model," Theresa yelled. J.J. interrupted and quietly urged Theresa to think about the proposal. The oven timer rang. While Theresa attended to her cookies, Brady muttered to J.J. that Theresa was so angry that she was not thinking straight.

"[Theresa's] angry because you treated her like crap. Look I'm gonna do the best I can to get this settled, but you've got to take the gloves off for your son's sake," J.J. said. Theresa returned with a tin of cookies. Brady asked if the tin was a peace offering. "They're for Tate," Theresa said quietly. Theresa noted that she remembered the cookies were Tate and Brady's favorite.

"I remember when we were all happy. The three of us," Theresa said. Theresa turned around to hide her tears. Brady promised to tell Tate that the cookies were from her. Brady asked Theresa to remember what he had said. Theresa nodded yes. After Brady left, Theresa broke down in tears. J.J. asked what she wanted to do. Theresa shrugged.

Eve met up with Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. Eve asked Victor to help Brady secure custody of Tate by throwing Nicole under the bus. Victor refused to help Brady because he had walked out on the family. Eve argued that Isabella would be disappointed in Victor.

Eve asked Victor for the proof of Nicole's guilt. Victor admitted that the recording was in the safe. When Victor opened the safe, he discovered that the recording was gone. Victor suggested that Brady had to have taken the recording when he had moved out of the mansion. Eve countered that she and Victor needed to find a new plan to protect Brady.

At the loft, after talking to Julie on the phone, an elated Claire told Tripp that Ciara had been found with Ben. Tripp was frustrated, and he wondered aloud what Ben had done to Ciara. Claire wanted to go to the hospital with Tripp, but he told her no. Tripp argued that Ciara did not want to see him with Claire. Tripp urged Claire to wait at the loft. With a nod, Claire asked Tripp to call her and let her know how Ciara was doing.

In the hospital, Ciara slept in bed while Hope talked to Rafe on the phone. Hope explained that the doctors had reset Ciara's leg, but that the doctors had also conceded that whoever had rendered first aid to Ciara had done a good job. Rafe promised he would get the truth out of Ben about what had happened with Ciara.

When Ciara woke up, Hope jokingly told her that she was grounded. Ciara apologized for worrying her mother. Hope said she would make sure Ben would never hurt anyone ever again.

"He didn't hurt me. He saved me," Ciara said firmly. Ciara explained that Ben had rendered first aid after her accident. Confused, Hope asked why Ciara had not told Hope that she was at the cabin when they had spoken on the phone. Ciara said she had not wanted to return home. Hope argued that Ciara should not have been alone with Ben, but Ciara countered that Ben had been kind to her.

"He didn't keep me there. It was my choice to stay. I didn't want to come home, and he took care of me," Ciara said. Hope argued that Ben was still a serial killer. Ciara disagreed. Shaking her head, Hope noted that Ben had taken Ciara to the same cabin that he had taken Abigail. Ciara insisted that Ben had not set the fire.

"He was playing with you. Ciara, he is mentally ill," Hope said. Ciara argued that Ben had been kind. Ciara added that she had sent Ben to the pharmacy to get his medication. Mid-sentence, Ciara stopped. Ciara remembered when Ben had lost his composure and had yelled at her. Ciara thought about when she had pulled her knife out for protection, and Ben had wondered aloud whether he had changed at all.

Concerned, Hope asked what Ciara was thinking. Tripp walked into the room. Hope attempted to shuttle Tripp out of the room, but Ciara insisted on speaking with him. Ciara assured Hope that she had told Hope the truth. Reluctantly, Hope left. Tripp quietly asked Ciara if she was okay. Ciara nodded yes. When Tripp raised a quizzical eyebrow, Ciara asked Tripp what he meant. Tripp noted that it was only natural for Ciara to be upset after a maniac had held her hostage.

"Ben is not a maniac. So, don't ever say anything about him ever again. Got it?" Ciara snapped. Tripp apologized for upsetting Ciara. Confused, Tripp asked Ciara why she wanted to defend a man who had kidnapped her. Ciara urged Tripp not to talk about Ben. Changing the subject, Tripp told Ciara that he would do anything to fix his relationship with her. Ciara said she was too tired to talk about their relationship.

"Right, we can talk about this later. I just hate seeing you like this, knowing this is my fault," Tripp said. Ciara told Tripp not to feel guilty because her accident had been her fault. Ciara encouraged Tripp to let go of his guilt. Tripp told Ciara to let him know if she needed anything. With a nod, Ciara turned away from Tripp, and he left. Tripp returned home to the loft and found an eager Claire. Claire begged for details, but Tripp was quiet. Tripp explained that Ciara had defended Ben. Claire scrunched her face in confusion.

At the police station, Ben asked Rafe if Ciara was okay. Rafe accused Ben of the same crime he had committed against Abigail. Ben swore that he had not set the fire. When Ben mentioned that he had been out retrieving his medication, his eyes widened. Ben asked for his medication. Rafe refused to provide Ben's medication until he told the truth about what had happened at the cabin. Ben insisted that he had not set fire to the cabin because he would never hurt Ciara.

"I'm gonna make sure that you never hurt anyone again," Rafe growled. Rafe left the interrogation room to retrieve Ben's medication. Hope arrived and asked about the interrogation. Rafe told Hope that Ben had sworn that he had helped Ciara and had not set the fire. Shaking his head, Rafe said he believed Ben thought he had told the truth. Hope said they would have to get all the evidence they needed from forensics because Ciara had said that Ben had rescued her.

"Stockholm syndrome?" Rafe asked. "Seems like it to me. She actually believes that he rescued her, took care of her. Ciara needs to know exactly who he is," Hope said with dismay. Hope and Rafe returned to the interrogation room. Ben asked about Ciara. Hope noted that Ben's mental health assessment on his release papers contradicted his actions at the cabin. Ben asked for his medication again. Ben added that Ciara would corroborate his story. Hope argued that the forensic evidence would tell the truth.

"You're wrong about me. And Ciara knows it," Ben said calmly. Rafe gave Ben his medication, and he adjourned to the bullpen with Hope. Hope stressed that she would never believe that Ben had changed. Rafe noted that he wanted to return to the cabin and inspect the scene. Hope said she needed to see Ciara. Before leaving, Hope stared through the window at Ben in the interrogation room. When Hope returned to the hospital, Ciara was gone.

At the police station, Ciara hobbled into the interrogation room on crutches. Ben smiled with relief at the sight of her.

Will and Sonny keep a secret from Paul Will and Sonny keep a secret from Paul
Wednesday, July 11, 2018
by Mike

At the hospital, Marlena found Hope in Ciara's room, looking panicked. "Ciara -- she's gone!" Hope frantically explained. "I have to find her!" Hope added, starting to leave.

"Hope, wait a second," Marlena called out while checking Ciara's chart. "Marlena, I don't have time for this --" Hope began to snap. "No, no -- wait a second," Marlena insisted, seeing that an MRI had been scheduled for Ciara's injured leg. Marlena guessed that Ciara was undergoing the test at that moment. "Why didn't they tell me?" Hope complained. "Because [Ciara's] an adult. They don't need your permission," Marlena pointed out.

Annoyed, Hope seized the opportunity to lash out at Marlena for having refused to object to Ben's release. "In my professional opinion, Ben's treatment was successful. We found the right medication for him, and, for all intents and purposes, he's a changed man," Marlena patiently maintained. "But he's not -- [and] my daughter was almost his next victim!" Hope countered, glaring at Marlena.

"If I was wrong about Ben, then I'm terribly sorry," Marlena calmly stressed. Softening a bit, Hope revealed that Ciara was apparently suffering from Stockholm syndrome. "Or is it possible that Ben did take care of her?" Marlena argued, knowing that Ciara had arrived at the hospital in fairly good shape, aside from the smoke inhalation. Hope scoffed dismissively, stunned that Marlena could even suggest such a thing.

"I'm just trying to sort [everything] out," Marlena explained with a shrug. "Where's Ben right now?" Marlena asked curiously. "In custody at the station," Hope answered, adding that it was comforting to know, at the very least, that Ben couldn't get anywhere near Ciara at that moment. Marlena offered to talk to Ben and try to determine exactly what had happened at the cabin. "Are you kidding me right now? He already fooled you once!" Hope replied, scoffing again. "I don't need answers from Ben. I know he set the fire to kill Ciara, and this time, I'm gonna make sure that he stays locked up -- for the rest of his life," Hope added.

Just then, a nurse arrived to take Ciara to the MRI lab. "You mean she's not down there right now?" Hope asked, panicking again. "Why did I let you talk me out of..." Hope snapped at Marlena while rushing off.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Ben breathed a sigh of relief as Ciara assured him that, according to her doctors, the smoke inhalation hadn't done any real damage. "Looks like they fixed up your leg," he observed. "The doctor actually complimented your splint job," she replied. He assumed that she had already been released from the hospital, but she clarified that she had actually sneaked out of her room to pay him a visit -- and get some answers. "After you left, I fell asleep. And I don't know how long I was out for, but when I woke up, the cabin was filled with smoke. [So]...did you set that fire?" she demanded to know.

Ben looked Ciara right in the eyes and assured her that he hadn't, adding that he had no idea how the fire had started because he had been at the pharmacy then, getting his meds. "[When I returned to the cabin and saw you on the ground], I thought you were dead. I was so scared," he admitted, his voice wavering a bit as he spoke. "Because you knew you were gonna get blamed?" she guessed.

"No, Ciara -- because...because I care about you, and I don't want to see something bad happen to you ever again!" Ben clarified. Ciara couldn't help wondering, despite Ben's apparent sincerity, if he could have set the fire and forgotten afterward that he had done so, since he had been really messed up earlier. He assured her that he remembered everything that had happened after the effects of his meds had worn off.

"[After I left the cabin], I white-knuckled it all the way [to the pharmacy], even though the voices in my head were telling me that it was a trap [and] that the cops were sitting there, waiting for me. [But] as strong as [the voices] were, my desire to help you was stronger. [And I felt my meds] kicking in on the way back to the cabin, [and] by the time I got there, I was thinking clearly again. The hallucinations, the voices -- they were all gone. Ciara, you gotta believe me. I would never light that cabin on fire with you in there," Ben maintained. He was quick to add, however, that he understood why the situation looked bad, since he had torched that cabin once before.

"If I set that fire, why would I come back?" Ben asked. "They say criminals like to return to the scene of the crime, arsonists like to watch things burn..." Ciara noted, shrugging.

"I set one fire! I'm not an arsonist!" Ben shouted, clearly frustrated. He quickly calmed down and added with a sigh of regret, "But I am a serial killer, and you have every reason to be afraid of me...and to not trust a word I say. Nobody's ever gonna forget what I did, so I might as well get used to the fact that I am never getting out of here."

Ciara didn't know what to believe but was quick to acknowledge that there was no denying the fact that Ben had cared for her at the cabin and had probably even saved her life. "[But do] people really change?" she wondered. "My doctors thought I could," he replied with a shrug. "[But] I know some people don't feel that way, [and that] no matter what I do, I'll always be the Necktie Killer," he added, sighing.

"When we were in that cabin, you asked me when I sleep," Ben reminded Ciara. "The answer is, 'Hardly ever.' Because every time I close my eyes, I'm haunted by what I did. I used to think of myself as a good person, someone who cared about people... I know that sounds crazy now. But I am forever sorry for what I did to those people I killed, and to the families, and to the loved ones that are gonna miss them forever," he stressed, sighing again. "I can't change what happened, or what I did, but that's why these past few days at the cabin meant so much to me -- because, for once, I got to help someone," he continued.

"All I can hope is that when the police finally investigate the site of the fire, somehow they're gonna prove that I am not responsible," Ben concluded -- just as Hope burst into the conference room and hugged Ciara protectively. Ciara assured Hope that everything was fine. "[I just] needed to ask [Ben], face to face, if he set that fire," Ciara explained to Hope. "[And] he says he didn't," Ciara continued.

"Of course he set that fire," Hope maintained, glaring at Ben. "Ciara, you can't trust him," Hope advised. "But I do, Mom. I do trust him -- and I believe him," Ciara replied, giving Ben a nod.

At the Salem Inn, Ted entered Kate's room and reported that Leo had skipped the first day of the trial. "I thought maybe you took matters into your own hands," Ted admitted with a shrug. "Even if I wanted to do that, I don't know where to find him," Kate insisted. Ted and Kate agreed that Leo's sudden disappearance was quite odd. "Why I ever threw my lot in with that weaselly little con man, I will never know," Kate grumbled. "What if he decides to go public with the fact that I put him up to that lawsuit? [I mean], if he starts spilling now, he's going to implicate Chad, [too]!" Kate fretted, adding that Stefan would love that.

"The world is filled with liars and backstabbers, and they're all coming after me," Kate concluded. "[Sounds] like you're a little bit paranoid," Ted observed. "It's not paranoia if it's true," Kate countered. "Everything's gone to hell since I pulled this trigger," Kate added, removing Vivian's gun from a desk drawer. "It's some kind of crazy karma for shooting Vivian. [This gun is] cursed, and it's ruining my life," Kate insisted.

"The gun is not cursed, and your life is not ruined," Ted assured Kate, taking the weapon from her and putting it back in the desk drawer. He added that she was too strong to allow herself to fall apart. "You don't know me," she dismissively countered, fighting back tears. He gave her a kiss then braced himself for the consequences, but she didn't punish him with yet another slap; instead, she pulled him toward her bed.

At the Horton Town Square, John and Paul chatted over cups of coffee during a quick break from work. Paul admitted, when asked, that Sonny actually hadn't seemed all that excited to learn that Leo had a shady past. "I went over to [Sonny's], looking for Will, and Sonny [thanked us] for digging [that dirt] up...[but] he seemed agitated, [like] he was in a hurry to get me out of there," Paul explained, clearly puzzled.

"I couldn't help but feel like something [was] going on inside of that house...[and, in fact, my] first instinct was [that] maybe Will was still [there], but I know that's not true," Paul continued, happily adding that Will had told Sonny about the memories that Rolf's serum had restored -- and that Will had also made it clear to Sonny that the restored memories hadn't changed anything. "So, things are still good between the two of you?" John checked. Nodding, Paul admitted with a sigh, "Last night was the first night that, uh, I didn't spend with Will since we've been together. Couldn't sleep a wink. [Anyway], he said he was working on a story."

"You don't doubt that?" John asked, unsure because of Paul's choice of words. "No, I don't doubt that!" Paul quickly replied.

"Okay, maybe a few weeks ago, if he would have asked me for a night away, then maybe I might have been a little nervous,, nothing like that -- not anymore," Paul continued. "[We have] a very strong relationship. [And] whatever he and Sonny had in the past, that is over now, and the only thing binding them now is their friendship and them being Arianna's parents," Paul confidently concluded.

Meanwhile, at the Martin mansion, Sonny told Will about what had happened at the courthouse earlier. "I had to pretend that I thought [Leo] was gonna show up, even though I knew he wasn't -- because I killed him!" Sonny explained with a sigh. "By accident!" Will stressed. "Dead is dead!" Sonny dismissively replied. "[And] I just keep waiting [to hear] that someone found [Leo's] car -- and Leo!" Sonny fretted.

Will had also had an eventful morning. "While you were in court, I did everything I could to try and find Leo's car -- I called every impound lot within a 50-mile radius -- and no sign of [it anywhere]," Will informed Sonny, who took that to mean that someone had stolen the car. "But we have the keys," Will pointed out. "Can't someone hot-wire it?" Sonny countered with a shrug.

Sonny fretted that Leo's car could be halfway across the country at that point -- or could have been dismantled for parts. "So...what happens, then, if someone opens the trunk and finds Leo's body wrapped up in Maggie's rug?" Will wondered. Sonny hoped that the hypothetical "someone" wouldn't be a cop -- or a law-abiding citizen who was willing to talk to a cop.

"Isn't it a weird coincidence that we left the car there for...what, a few hours...and it mysteriously disappears?" Sonny noted. "You think someone was following us?" Will concluded. "I don't know, [but]...when I was arguing with Leo -- before you showed up; before he tried to convince me to marry him -- he admitted that someone put him up to filing the lawsuit -- [that] someone took over after [Vivian] died. What if that's the person who took the car?" Sonny suggested with a shrug. Sighing, Sonny again apologized to Will, still feeling guilty for having gotten him involved in such a big mess. "What did you tell Paul?" Sonny wondered.

"I told him I needed to work on a story -- alone. But...I mean, I'm sure he sensed something was wrong," Will replied with a sigh -- just as Paul knocked on the door then quickly entered Will's room, carrying a bag of food. "Hey! Special delivery from..." Paul began before seeing that Sonny was sitting next to Will -- on Will's bed. "What's going on? I thought you said you had a deadline for your story," Paul reminded Will, clearly confused.

Will claimed that Sonny had interrupted to report that Leo hadn't shown up for the first day of the trial. "Why not?" Paul asked curiously. Sonny stammered and shrugged, trying to think of an appropriate response. "How would Sonny know what goes on in Leo's head?" Will eventually answered for Sonny. Paul conceded the point while eyeing Sonny suspiciously.

"Well, maybe, uh...maybe [Leo] figured out that my dad found all the dirt from his past, [and] he didn't want it to come out in court," Paul suggested. "[Or] maybe he just knew he couldn't win," Will agreed. "Yeah, but I don't like the 'maybes,' so let me see if I can, uh, pick up on Leo's trail, track him down..." Paul began to offer. "No! No, don't -- don't do that!" Sonny blurted out.

Confused again, Paul wondered why Sonny was objecting. "Because...I'm happy that [Leo's] gone. That guy tried to destroy my life, and I hope I never see him again," Sonny explained, trying to look and sound innocent. Paul understood that sentiment but found it surprising that Sonny wasn't at least curious to know why Leo had suddenly disappeared. "I mean, you know...he's not here, so I'm okay with it," Sonny replied, shrugging.

"All right, fine -- it's your call," Paul conceded. Changing the subject, Paul gestured toward the bag of food while apologetically explaining that it was going to have to be divided up if Sonny was planning to stick around for a while, since the order had only been intended to feed two people. "Oh, know, actually...I'm -- I'm so sorry, but, um, they -- they actually asked me to put the other -- the story I was writing on hold, um, and now I'm supposed to do a story on the trial -- you know, the no-show -- and Sonny offered to give me an exclusive," Will claimed. Getting the hint, Paul told Will and Sonny to enjoy the food.

"Call me when you're done?" Paul asked. "Absolutely," Will promised. Paul gave Will a quick kiss then left the room, looking a bit disappointed.

"Do you think he sensed something?" Sonny asked Will once the coast was clear. "Yeah, I think he did. He's a P.I., so he's very good at spotting B.S.," Will replied, adding that it would probably only be a matter of time before Paul would figure out what was really going on. "If you need to tell him, then you should. Honestly, okay? It's not fair for me to ask you to keep that secret," Sonny told Will, who was quick to note that Paul would then be an accessory to the crime. "It's your call," Sonny reiterated. "I'll think about it...but for now, Leo's death needs to stay between us," Will insisted.

Gabi went to the Kiriakis mansion to see Arianna, who was still upset with Gabi for having gone away for such a long time -- and for having failed to return when originally expected. Arianna refused a gift from Gabi, tossing it across the living room in disgust. Maggie tried to help, but Gabi understood and insisted that if Arianna wanted to stay with Sonny for a while longer, that would be fine.

Maggie assured Gabi that having Arianna at the mansion had, for the most part, been an absolute pleasure. "You're almost the perfect little girl -- at least when you're not spilling grape juice on my rug," Maggie jokingly told Arianna, who insisted the incident had never happened. "Well, Ari, your daddy Will said [it] did. Now, listen, I don't care in the least, sweetheart -- it's no big deal -- but, I mean, why would he say it if it weren't true?" Maggie reasoned. Arianna concluded that Will was obviously lying -- just as Gabi had recently lied. Arianna ran off without waiting for a response.

Later, while Gabi was fretting to Maggie about the possibility that Arianna would never forgive or forget, an intense pain suddenly silenced her. Maggie was concerned, but Gabi dismissively insisted that the spasm wasn't a new thing and was probably just residual damage from the prison attack. Maggie advised Gabi to consult with a doctor as soon as possible. Gabi promised to do so then started to leave -- and doubled over in pain again.

Maggie, even more concerned than before, rushed Gabi off to the hospital, leaving Arianna in the capable hands of a nanny.

Gabi receives devastating news Gabi receives devastating news
Thursday, July 12, 2018
by Mike

Jennifer entered the Brady Pub, carrying a plate of sixteen fresh doughnuts, and greeted Eric, who eyed them hungrily -- and expressed disappointment when she insisted that they weren't for him.

Eric jealously wondered how J.J., who wasn't even celebrating a birthday that day, had managed to get lucky enough to earn a plateful of doughnuts that he didn't have to share with anyone. "I just wanted to do something nice for him," Jennifer claimed with a shrug. "Or maybe, uh...keep an eye on him [and] make sure he's, uh, not getting too close to Theresa?" Eric knowingly guessed. "Maybe," Jennifer admitted.

"Given my history, I am in no position to criticize Theresa," Jennifer acknowledged. "It's just...when she and J.J. [first] got together, they were both using. And I don't want him to backslide. He's so strong [and] stable right now, but he's still dealing with everything that happened with Lani, [and] he is susceptible to bad influences still. [And], Eric, we both know, better than anyone, what can happen when two vulnerable people get together -- especially when there's a history of substance abuse," Jennifer continued. Eric understood Jennifer's concern but chose to believe that J.J. and Theresa had both learned from past mistakes.

"I know [Theresa] can be a little self-centered at times..." Eric began to add. "A little?" Jennifer incredulously interjected. "Okay, a lot," Eric conceded before stressing that, in any case, Theresa had a good heart. "Hmm. And what happens when one of Theresa's old pals wants to pay a visit [and] party with her?" Jennifer asked skeptically. Eric confidently assured Jennifer that if that happened, J.J. would likely know how to be supportive of Theresa without getting sucked into the drama. "After all, someone did raise that kid right..." Eric added, giving Jennifer a wink.

Meanwhile, at J.J.'s studio apartment, Theresa stared longingly at a picture of Brady and Tate. J.J., who had just finished taking a shower, commented on the picture, prompting Theresa to snap at him for intruding on a private moment. She quickly apologized and explained that she was simply wound up because of everything that had happened recently -- and everything that was still happening.

"You know what really gets me? My parents! They know I'm back in Salem, but do they come see me? Nope! Kim and Shane Donovan are just too damn busy to come see their bad-seed daughter! You know, I -- God, I mean, I know I've made them ashamed most of my life, but...come on, I'm still their kid, you know?" Theresa grumbled before apologizing again. "It's okay," J.J. insisted as Theresa wiped away tears. Theresa disagreed, aware that J.J. probably had better things to be doing at that moment -- and was certainly under no obligation to listen to the babblings of an emotional wreck, in any case. "I want to," J.J. assured Theresa.

J.J. advised Theresa to think long and hard about what Brady had said earlier. "He's right -- you two need to put aside your differences [for Tate's sake]," J.J. insisted. "'s your life -- your choice -- and whatever you decide, I'll have your back," J.J. added. Scoffing, Theresa wondered when J.J. had gotten so mature. He assumed that she was just busting his chops, but she assured him that she was genuinely impressed.

J.J. dismissed the praise, reasoning that Theresa had changed a lot over the years, too. She didn't seem to think her changes had been quite as positive as his had been.

Theresa admitted that she had been thinking about the past a lot lately. "I think that, you know, one of the reasons I partied so much was just so I could be around people -- and they didn't necessarily have to be good people, [just as long as] I wasn't alone," she mused. "[This is] super embarrassing for me to admit, but...I think part of the reason I don't want to share custody with Brady is because...I'm afraid of being alone," she added, fighting back fresh tears. "[I'll have Tate] part-time, [but] all of those other days [and] nights, you know, I'm gonna be by myself, [and] I'm gonna have to build a life without a partner," she concluded before breaking down.

J.J. insisted that Theresa was strong enough to handle being alone. "You took on Kristen DiMera and El Fideo -- two of the most vicious, vindictive people on this planet -- because you wanted to be with your son," J.J. pointed out, adding that Theresa didn't just "put up a badass front" but was, in fact, actually a badass. "Take it from someone who knows, 'cause I have a mom who would travel to hell and back to protect me. So does Tate -- [and] that makes him a lucky kid," J.J. concluded. Theresa smiled and thanked J.J. for the kind words. Sighing, she fretted that she wanted to do what was best for her son but didn't know what that was.

Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Eve contacted Victor. "I'm not looking anymore, because [the recording's] not here. We're just gonna have to move on to plan B," she informed him.

"What's plan B?" Brady asked curiously, joining Eve in their hotel room -- which was in disarray. She quickly ended the call then claimed that she had been talking to an assistant who was having trouble locating some contracts. "And I've been looking for them for about an hour now, and I can't find them [here, either]," she added to explain the mess.

"Just call Stefan [and] have him order some new contracts," Brady advised. "That was plan B," Eve replied before changing the subject, attempting again to persuade Brady to reveal that Nicole had killed Deimos.

Brady remained determined to continue protecting Nicole. Brady optimistically assured Eve, however, that keeping Nicole's secret probably wouldn't negatively impact the custody battle because the custody battle would probably be over soon, anyway. "I went to see Theresa, and I brought up the idea of sharing custody for the sake of our son, [and] she said she'd think about it," Brady excitedly elaborated, adding that Theresa had seemingly had a recent change of heart -- and had even baked cookies as a peace offering of sorts. "[Theresa's] coming after us with guns loaded, and you're falling for some Betty Crocker act?" Eve asked incredulously.

Brady wanted to believe that Theresa would ultimately do what was best for Tate, but Eve didn't share Brady's optimism. "I don't doubt whatsoever that Theresa loves [Tate], but love is not what is driving this custody case here. What's fueling Theresa is anger, bitterness, [and] jealousy, because [she] wants you back, and if she can't have you, then everybody else be damned," Eve warned Brady, who saw a lot of himself in that description. "Oh, please -- you're nothing like that," Eve insisted. "When Nicole left me for Eric, I was," Brady countered. "If I can get over it, maybe Theresa can, too," Brady added with a shrug.

Just then, Theresa arrived to talk to Brady -- alone. Sighing, Eve reluctantly stepped into Tate's bedroom -- and listened from there as Theresa once again begged Brady for another chance. "Theresa, for the last time...I'm with Eve now, [and that's] not gonna change," Brady gently stressed. "I hear you," Theresa said with a sigh as Eve returned. "No matter how hard I fight, I'm not gonna get what I want, so...[enough's] enough. Tate has to come first," Theresa added. "I accept your offer. I agree to joint custody. I'll have my lawyer call Justin to work out the details," Theresa concluded before rushing off, not wanting to break down in front of Brady and Eve.

Stunned, Brady briefly celebrated with Eve then went to look for the supposedly missing contracts, happy to once again be able to focus on such trivial problems. While Brady was searching other parts of the hotel room, Eve contacted Victor and quietly explained that there was no longer a need for alternative solutions to the custody issue. "What do you mean, 'It's too late to stop it'?" Eve worriedly asked Victor.

Meanwhile, Theresa returned to J.J.'s studio apartment and found someone rummaging through a cabinet under the kitchen sink. "This gentleman's from Child Services, and, uh, since you're living here, he's just doing a routine inspection," J.J. explained to Theresa, who tried to assure the man that it was no longer necessary to do that because a shared custody arrangement had just been negotiated.

The man ignored the announcement, focused instead on something he had just found hidden in the cabinet -- a bag of cocaine.

At the hospital, Gabi approached Kayla's office -- just as Kayla was ending a phone conversation with Abigail, who wanted to know when the paternity test would be finished. "It's okay, Kayla -- I was with Abigail when she found out she was pregnant, [and] I encouraged her to get a paternity test," Gabi revealed. Kayla was relieved to know that Gabi hadn't just heard too much information. Kayla was quick to stress, however, that she still couldn't discuss the matter, even with someone who knew what was going on. Gabi clarified that she actually wanted to discuss something else entirely.

"I mean, it's just -- it's so not a big deal; I've just been experiencing some pain [in my] lower back [and] abdomen. [And] it kind of goes off and on, [but] I was just with Maggie, [and] it was pretty bad, [so] she insisted I go to the hospital. [And the E.R.] was packed, [but] she didn't want me to leave until I spoke to you, at least," Gabi explained. "I'm sure it's nothing -- it's probably just a pulled muscle -- [but] it's been hurting since I was beaten up in prison," Gabi continued before quickly changing the subject, wondering if Joey had managed to stay relatively safe in prison thus far. Kayla thanked Gabi for asking and confirmed that Joey was safe.

Kayla asked for a detailed description of the injuries Gabi had suffered during the attack. "I had a broken arm, a couple of cracked ribs, [and] internal bleeding, which we had to do surgery for...[but] I was given a clean bill of health when I was released," Gabi explained. Nodding, Kayla wondered if Gabi had time to undergo a few tests. Gabi contacted Maggie to make sure that someone was still watching Arianna -- who refused to talk to Gabi.

Meanwhile, at the Horton house, Chad, who was lying in bed with Abigail, spontaneously suggested that it was time to have another baby. Abigail struggled to think of a response -- and ended up not saying much at all.

Back at the hospital, Kayla conducted a few tests then gently informed Gabi, "The pain you've been experiencing is from a systemic infection of your reproductive organs -- most likely a result [of] the surgery you had in prison -- [and] the residual effect of a serious infection like this...[well], we are going to treat it aggressively, and you will recover, and you'll have no more pain...but it also means that there's a chance that your ability to carry a child will be compromised." Stunned, Gabi admitted that she had never really thought about having another child before -- but that didn't mean that she wouldn't one day want to get pregnant again.

"I don't know how to react," Gabi shakily admitted. "It just feels like [no matter what I do], I just keep getting punished!" she grumbled, fighting back tears. "Before Andre was killed, everything was fine -- with my business, with my daughter -- [and], I mean, we had so much to look forward to...and it just feels the blink of an eye, it's [all] gone!" she fretted.

Kayla hugged Gabi and promised that everything was going to be okay. "The good news is that this infection can be treated with antibiotics. And I'm also gonna write a prescription for the pain," Kayla continued, but Gabi was no longer listening. Kayla scribbled a few things on the top sheet of a prescription pad then tore it off and handed it over, regaining Gabi's attention.

As Gabi stared blankly at the prescription, Kayla received an alert about an emergency. "All of this is Stefan's fault -- and Abigail's," Gabi grumbled after Kayla rushed off.

While Gabi was fuming, a nurse peeked into the office, looking for Kayla. Gabi explained that Kayla was dealing with an emergency at that moment. Nodding, the nurse placed a sealed envelope on Kayla's desk then walked away. Once the coast was clear, Gabi took a look at the envelope -- and realized that it contained the results of Abigail's paternity test.

Theresa faces the judge Theresa faces the judge
Friday, July 13, 2018

In J.J.'s apartment, Theresa yelled at him after the social worker from child protective services left. Theresa was furious that the social worker had found cocaine under the kitchen sink, and she lashed out at J.J. Shocked, J.J. swore he had not been using drugs. A confused Theresa wondered how the drugs could have ended up in the apartment if neither she nor J.J. was using drugs.

"Of course. Someone planted them. I know exactly who that was," Theresa said. Theresa argued that Brady had planted the evidence when he had been at the apartment. Theresa chastised herself for trusting Brady. When J.J. noted that he had not seen Brady go near the sink, Theresa yelled that J.J. had not watched Brady the whole time. Unsure, J.J. said he had not watched Brady closely. Theresa yelled that the drugs were a typical Kiriakis trick.

"How could I have been so stupid? I'm going to lose Tate when I had fought so hard to get my son back," Theresa said through tears. Theresa called Ted's office, and the secretary informed Theresa that the social worker had filed a report with the court. Theresa told J.J. that she needed to head to court. J.J. encouraged Theresa not to give up. With a grunt, Theresa said she refused to give up on her son then she marched out.

In Eve's apartment, she frantically called Victor and ordered him to call off plan B. Victor told Eve that it was too late. Eve told Victor he needed to do whatever it took to undo the damage Victor had planned for Theresa's custody case. Brady walked into the room and overheard Eve talking on the phone. Eve noticed Brady, and she hurriedly ended her phone call. Eve lied and said that there was an issue at the office. With a nod, Brady kissed Eve.

"I'm happy. I expected this long, drawn-out war with Theresa, with my son right in the middle of it, but I'm walking away pretty unscathed, and I couldn't have done it without you. I'm getting what I want! I'm getting custody of my son," Brady said happily. Eve averted her eyes nervously. Justin called Brady and informed him that the judge wanted to meet.

"I'm so ready for this nightmare to be over," Brady said, relieved. With tears in her eyes, Eve shook her head in dismay while Brady's back was turned to her.

In the square, Chad ran into a teary-eyed Gabi. Chad asked what was wrong. After Gabi dried her eyes, she told Chad that Kayla had informed her that she had developed an infection after her surgery in prison. Gabi added that due to scarring from her injuries, she would likely never be able to carry any more children. Chad told Gabi that he was sorry.

"Why? It's not your fault. It's not your fault that I got sent to prison for a murder I didn't commit," Gabi said. Gabi apologized for snapping. Chad said Gabi had every night to blame Stefan for her troubles. Concerned, Chad asked Gabi if she was in pain. With a shake of her head no, Gabi said she felt fine. Chad asked Gabi if she intended to see a fertility specialist. Gabi said she wanted to focus on her daughter for the moment. Chad urged Gabi to spend the day with Arianna, but Gabi told Chad that her daughter hated her.

"Not only am I not going to be able to have another child, Chad, I've lost the one that I already have," Gabi said. As Gabi broke down in tears, Chad put his arm around her to comfort her. Gabi asked how Thomas had reacted when Abigail had returned home after her absence. Chad pointed out that Thomas was much younger, and he suggested that Arianna had higher expectations because she was older. Chad reminded Gabi that Arianna had suffered through a lot in the past year.

"Give it some time. Eventually, when she realizes her parents are back and back for good, I'm sure everything will be forgiven," Chad said. Gabi nodded in agreement. Chad pointed out that Arianna was angry just as Gabi had been angry at Abigail when Gabi had been in prison. Gabi stressed that she understood that Abigail had been sick. Gabi added, "When I think about what it cost me? I'm working on it."

Chad told Gabi that he knew she was a good person. As Gabi stared at Chad, he asked her to reconsider working for Stefan. Gabi explained that she could not walk away from Gabi Chic. "Nobody deserves happiness more than you do," Chad whispered. Gabi said she felt the same way about Chad. Gabi asked if he was still happy with Abigail. Chad nodded yes.

"Kind of a miracle that Abigail recovered so quickly," Gabi said through gritted teeth. Chad said Abigail was still in therapy. Chad added that Gabi would get through the rough patch. With a smile, Chad offered to talk to Arianna. Happily, Gabi took Chad up on his offer.

"Have you and Abigail ever thought about having another one?" Gabi asked. Chad admitted he had talked about it with Abigail. Chad confessed that he wanted more children. With a nod, Gabi wished Chad luck, and she hurriedly rushed off.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan read Chad's interview about his new job at Titan. Furious, Stefan threw a glass at the wall. "Easy there, tiger," a voice said. Stefan turned and saw a vision of Gabby sitting behind the piano. Stunned, Stefan stumbled over to his former lover. Gabby warned Stefan that she was only a drunken vision.

"I'm gone forever. There's not even a tiny piece of me still left inside of her," Gabby said. Gabby lamented that she and Stefan had not been stronger than Chad and Abigail. When Gabby said they had lost, Stefan countered, "The hell we did!"

After Ted and Kate had sex in her hotel room, Kate commented that she was happy to have a relationship that was purely about sex. Kate admitted that her marriage had been fairly platonic. With a grin, Ted kissed Kate. Ted's phone beeped with a notification to appear in court.

A nervous Abigail walked into Kayla's office at the hospital and asked Kayla about the paternity test results. When Kate gave Abigail a quizzical look, Abigail panicked and asked if Kayla's expression meant that the test had shown that Stefan was the father of her baby. Kayla told Abigail that she had not reviewed the test results yet. Kayla added that if her face had appeared upset, it was because of news about Ciara. With a head shake, Kayla said she was concerned that Ciara had checked out of the hospital too soon.

Abigail asked what had happened to Ciara. Hesitantly, Kayla told Abigail that Ciara had been found with Ben. Kayla told Abigail that Ben had found Ciara on the road and had taken her back to the same cabin where he had held Abigail. Abigail wondered aloud how anyone could believe that Ben was cured, but then Abigail noted that people in Salem felt the same way about her. Kayla assured Abigail that everyone understood that Abigail was better. Kayla encouraged Abigail to remember that there was a 50% chance that the baby was Chad's child.

"I hate keeping secrets from my husband," Abigail complained. "I know what you mean," Kayla said as she stared at the materials for Steve's bionic eye on the corner of her desk. Kayla shuffled through the papers on her desk until she found the envelope with Abigail's test results. Kayla offered the envelope to Abigail, who tentatively took it. Abigail said she was not ready.

"No matter what happens, I'm here for you. And no matter what, Chad is too," Kayla said. Abigail said she was sick to her stomach at the thought of sharing a child with Stefan. Abigail wondered aloud if Chad would be able to forgive her. Kayla reminded Abigail that Stefan had taken advantage of her. Kayla urged Abigail not to blame herself. When Kayla asked how Gabi had known about the pregnancy, Abigail said Gabi had been a good friend to her. Kayla urged Abigail to open the envelope. With a nod, Abigail asked for privacy. Kayla reminded Abigail that she was there for her if she needed emotional support.

In her hotel room, Kate smiled to herself when someone knocked on her door. Believing it to be Ted, Kate hurriedly ran to answer the knock. Stefan was in the hallway. Kate pulled Stefan into her room, and she angrily reminded him that he could not be seen with her. Stefan countered that he would not be in Kate's room if she had done what he had asked. Stefan demanded that Kate give him information about Titan. Kate refused.

"What happens when I show the judge the photos of you and Leo?" Stefan wondered aloud. Stefan noted that Leo had conveniently disappeared. As Kate raised an eyebrow, Stefan warned that the scandal could destroy Chad and Titan. Kate pointed out that in either scenario that Stefan had presented, Chad would lose his company. Stefan argued that Kate would act out of self-preservation.

Kate asked Stefan why he was so intent on destroying his brother. With a shrug, Stefan said he was more interested in sending Kate to prison. There was a knock at the door. It was Chad. Stefan grinned at Kate.

In the park, Abigail saw an emotional Gabi standing alone by the bench. Abigail asked Gabi what was wrong. Gabi lied and said that her allergies were bothering her. Gabi asked about the paternity test. With a shrug, Abigail said she had not been able to open the envelope. Gabi suggested that Abigail would feel better once she knew the truth. Abigail announced that she wanted to be alone. Gabi asked Abigail if she was sure she wanted to be alone if the news was bad. Abigail opened the envelope.

At the courthouse, Justin was sitting alone at a table when Eve rushed in. Eve told Justin that there was a problem with the custody case. Concerned, Justin asked what was wrong. Eve admitted that she had asked Victor for help. When Justin asked what Victor had done, Eve said she was not sure. Eve added that she had asked Victor to call off the plan once Theresa had offered to settle the custody dispute, but Victor had told her it was too late to change course.

"I don't even know what he did. I'm just praying to God that whatever it is, it doesn't happen before the judge can sign off on this custody agreement," Eve whispered. Theresa marched in with J.J. and Ted. Brady was right behind them. Theresa growled at Ted to crucify Brady. Stunned, Brady asked what was wrong. Alarmed, Justin said he would call Victor. Before Justin could place the call, the judge arrived and called the courtroom to order.

"I know it is short notice, but under the circumstances, I had no choice but to call an emergency hearing. You see, during a routine child welfare check of Miss Donovan's living situation, a baggie with a suspicious substance was found. Laboratory testing has determined the substance to be cocaine," the judge said. "Are you kidding me?" Brady marveled aloud. Justin turned and looked at Eve, who shrank in her seat, embarrassed. Brady yelled at Theresa for using drugs again.

"Save the performance, Brady! We both know you planted those drugs at J.J.'s," Theresa barked. Theresa assured the judge that she was not taking drugs and that she believed Brady had planted the drugs at J.J.'s apartment when he had visited that morning. Brady swore that he had not planted the drugs. Brady argued that he had believed they had reached a custody agreement that morning.

"I can't believe I ever trusted you. Why did I ever love you?" Theresa muttered as she stared into Brady's eyes. "I mean, my God, Brady. I was actually starting to feel bad about going for full custody," Theresa said. Theresa vowed that after she obtained custody, she would not let Brady near her son ever again. Eve stared at the floor, unable to watch the scene before her.

The judge ordered Theresa to sit down. The judge added that Theresa was in no position to threaten Brady. After noting Theresa's history of drug use, the judge ordered the suspension of Theresa's visitation rights. Theresa cried out, and the judge urged Ted to calm down his client. Once calmed, Theresa growled that she would fight Brady with her last breath. The judge warned Theresa not to make threats. When Theresa argued that there was no proof the drugs were hers, the judge asked who the drugs belonged to if not Theresa or J.J.

"Actually, your honor. They do. The drugs are mine," J.J. said. Stunned, Justin turned and looked at Eve. Wide-eyed, Eve stared at Brady, refusing to look at J.J.

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