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Abigail gave birth to baby Charlotte. Chad made a deal with Stefan to commit Abigail to Bayview. Ben confessed his feelings to Ciara. Claire paid Wyatt to confess to police that he had framed Ben. Ben forced Wyatt to tell the truth, and Ben told Ciara that Tripp had framed him. Paul ended his relationship with Will. Rex left Salem.
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Abigail goes into labor on Smith Island Abigail goes into labor on Smith Island
Monday, November 12, 2018
by Mike

At Doug's Place, Ben reluctantly admitted to Ciara, after an unsuccessful attempt to backpedal, "I didn't intend for this to happen...but the truth is [that I wish you didn't have a boyfriend because]...I have feelings for you."

Ciara stared at Ben in stunned silence, trying to process what he had just admitted to her. "You can't be that surprised. [I mean], we almost kissed the other day..." he reminded her. "Yeah...[but] I just thought that caught up in the moment..." she reasoned, shrugging. "[A] moment that's been building since I first got to know you at the cabin," he stressed.

"I know you didn't trust me at first. [I mean], why the hell would you? [But] then we got to know each other, [and] we got closer, [and] you gave me a chance when nobody else would. And I know I've told you this so many damn times [already], but I think it bears repeating -- you're the only person that allowed me to be more than just my past, [and] that meant more to me than anything. I felt a connection to you that I have never felt before -- with anyone," Ben elaborated for Ciara. "Unless I just imagined that..." he hesitantly added.

"No, uh...we definitely had a connection," Ciara assured Ben. "[But] why didn't you say anything sooner?" she wondered. "Uh...because it just, like...took me by surprise, [I guess]," he explained with a shrug. "[But] just recently, I stopped denying that I really care for you, and...I know it's a long shot, but...[I've been wondering] if you feel the same way about me," he continued, daring to allow a hint of hopefulness.

"Oh, Ben...I'm in love with Tripp," Ciara gently reminded Ben. "No, I know -- I know that, and I respect that..." Ben carefully began to respond. "[But] when you first made the choice to fully commit to [Tripp], it was right after your mom arrested me. You thought the worst of me [at that moment], and...I can't help but wonder...if that [hadn't happened]...would there have been a chance for us?" Ben continued.

Ciara scoffed at Ben. "Are you seriously suggesting that I only committed to Tripp because you were no longer an option?" Ciara asked incredulously. "I wouldn't...put it like...that...exactly..." Ben hesitantly tried to clarify. "But that is what you're saying," Ciara concluded with a shake of the head. "Oh, my God -- how egotistical can you be?" Ciara added before starting to storm off in disgust.

"Hey," Ben protested, stopping Ciara. "The timing was convenient, don't you think? I mean, you put off sleeping with this guy for a while, and then I'm [suddenly] out of the picture, [and] you finally decide to go for it -- I mean, that's not just a coincidence, right?" Ben argued. "Excuse me, but my decision to sleep with Tripp had nothing to do with you," Ciara defensively insisted.

"We have a history that is completely separate from you, so --" Ciara started to add. "That's right -- you have a history...[and] it's not all good," Ben pointed out. "That's none of your business!" Ciara insisted. "No, you made it my business when you told me about all your problems with this guy [while we were at] the cabin," Ben countered. "Yeah, and now I see that that was a terrible mistake!" Ciara snapped.

After giving the matter a moment of thought, Ben admitted with a sigh that Ciara was right. "It was egotistical of me to think that I could influence your love life. I only told you about my feelings for you because I wanted to be honest, but I put you in an awkward position [in the process]," Ben apologetically acknowledged. "I don't know what the hell I was thinking -- [I mean], even if there was no Tripp, I can't expect you to return my feelings. [And] to be honest with you, Ciara, I'm not even really sure that I'm capable of love," Ben added, sighing again. "That's not true!" Ciara quickly protested.

"You are capable of love, [and] I know that someday you'll be able to find someone who can return that love," Ciara confidently assured Ben. He forced a smile and thanked her for the words of encouragement then rushed off to continue searching for a job, knowing that he wasn't going to get anywhere with any of the business owners within her family. She fought back tears as she watched him exit the club.

At the Horton Town Square, Rafe and Hope questioned Tripp about the can of accelerant that had been planted at the cabin. Claire, who had butted in on the conversation, feigned shock while curiously observing that it sounded like Rafe and Hope were accusing Tripp of having been involved in the plot to link Ben to the fire that had almost killed Ciara.

"Tripp would never interfere with a police investigation!" Claire continued, stopping Tripp from confessing. "Even to protect Ciara?" Hope asked skeptically. "No -- not even for that reason," Tripp replied, deciding to follow Claire's lead. "I did want Ben behind bars, but I wouldn't stoop that low," Tripp innocently claimed.

"So, if we showed [the store owner] a photo of you, he wouldn't [identify you as the buyer of the can of accelerant]?" Hope asked Tripp, who responded with a cool shrug. Just then, Rafe received a tip about Chad's recent movements. "We're gonna have to table this for now. Don't leave the jurisdiction. We may have more questions [later]," Hope warned Tripp.

"Thanks for not ratting me out," Tripp said to Claire once the coast was clear. "[But] maybe I should have confessed when I had the chance," Tripp added. "Are you crazy? If you confess, [Ciara] will be furious with you!" Claire pointed out. "I know all the consequences, [but Hope and Rafe] are already very close to the truth, [and] they're going to keep digging! [Plus], the store owner could still [identify me]; I mean, I wore a cap and sunglasses, [but] he still remembered me enough to tell them about it, [and] if they show him my picture, I -- I'm totally screwed!" Tripp fretted. "Maybe not..." Claire countered, flashing a mischievous grin.

Hope and Rafe returned to the police station after realizing that the tip about Chad's recent movements had been a case of mistaken identity. Jennifer was waiting at the police station with J.J., who had been at the Horton house when Jennifer had listened to Hope's voicemail message about Stefan's claim that Chad had kidnapped Abigail.

"I'm guessing that neither one of you have heard from them?" Hope asked. "No," J.J. confirmed. "All the calls are going to voicemail," Jennifer added. "[Well, look, if Chad did kidnap Abigail], he's not gonna do anything to hurt her; he just wants to help her," Rafe assured Jennifer and J.J. "[Yeah] -- at least we know she's not in danger," Hope agreed.

"[I'm just] worried about Chad, because if he keeps trying to convince [Abigail] to commit herself, she is gonna put up a hell of a fight, 'cause she is adamant that she is not sick -- [that she is actually] being set up," Jennifer clarified before J.J. could interrupt. "By whom?" Rafe asked curiously. Jennifer shot J.J. a look of concern, as if suddenly remembering Rafe's connection to Gabi.

Rafe was stunned when Jennifer and J.J. carefully explained that Abigail was convinced that Gabi was simply making it look like Gabby was back. Rafe defensively insisted that Gabi would never do such a terrible thing to Abigail. J.J. admitted that there was no proof to back up Abigail's theory. "[And] Gabi's not the only one who's had a run-in with [Gabby] -- Kate did, as well," J.J. added.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire finished sharing a plan with Tripp. "It's a good idea, [but] I'm just not sure it's gonna work. I mean, there's a lot that could go wrong here," Tripp pointed out. "Okay, well, I mean, that's pretty much true about everything in life...and I think this might be the only way to get Hope off your trail," Claire countered.

"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, you're gonna be sacrificing a lot..." Tripp warned. "I am more than happy to help. You know how much I care about you," Claire sweetly replied, flashing Tripp a smile. "And I appreciate that -- I really do -- know that I'm in love with Ciara, right?" Tripp carefully replied, not wanting to lead Claire on.

"I am just trying to be your friend. [And] friends help each other out, right? [Look], I'm not expecting anything in return. [Just] trust me -- I would do this for any one of my friends," Claire assured Tripp.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan discovered Gabi in the living room and demanded to know what was going on. "I came here to talk to Abigail [because] I heard that she made this crazy decision to marry you, [and I wanted] to talk her out of it [because even though she's turned against me], I still want to help her --" Gabi tried to claim.

Stefan tiredly interrupted, certain that Gabi was lying. "[Okay, you're right] -- I am here because Chad told me that he was gonna kidnap Abigail [and try to] convince her to check herself into a mental institution, and I thought it was a bad idea, so I came here to stop it," Gabi backpedaled. "Well, you're too late," Stefan revealed.

"Sorry I even bothered you, [then]," Gabi said before trying to rush off. "You're not bothering me," Stefan insisted, blocking Gabi's path. "[And] since we're in a truth-telling mood, I just have one question for you -- was Abigail right [about you] framing her?" Stefan curiously added. "Your new bride has not been 'right' for a very, very long time," Gabi evasively countered. Nodding skeptically, Stefan pointed out that Gabby hadn't made an appearance since Abigail had moved into the mansion, which was more secure than the Horton house.

"I'm not setting her up! [I mean], I'm not capable of something [that] horrible!" Gabi defensively insisted. "Then I suppose you won't mind showing me what you've got in your bag there," Stefan countered. "Why would you want to look through my bag?" Gabi asked nervously. "I don't know -- maybe because you've had a sumo death grip on it since I walked in here," Stefan replied. "That's because [it's] my bag," Gabi explained with a shrug. "[And] if you must know, [it contains]...private items of Abigail's," Gabi claimed.

"A photo of Thomas, an invitation to her wedding -- [things that are meant to remind her of] what is important," Gabi continued. "That's very thoughtful of you. I'll make sure she gets those," Stefan replied, extending a hand expectantly. "No, that's okay. [They're] private mementos, so I will get them to [her]," Gabi insisted before trying to rush off again.

Stefan grabbed the purse as Gabi was walking away. "Give me that!" Gabi demanded, but Stefan ignored the order and peeked inside the bag. "What the hell is this, 'Gabby'?" Stefan asked, pulling a dark-haired wig from the purse. "I found that over there [in the corner], and I was gonna [show it to] Chad --" Gabi tried to claim, but Stefan didn't buy that explanation.

"I'm not the only one that saw Gabby!" Gabi reminded Stefan in an effort to regain control of the situation. "The next time you choose a witness, make sure you don't go for a card-carrying liar," Stefan dismissively countered before taking another peek inside the purse. "Sedatives -- prescribed in your name," Stefan curiously observed, holding up a bottle for Gabi to try to explain away.

"I have been prescribed those because you and Abigail ruined my life!" Gabi spat. "Oh, so you admit [that] you still resent her," Stefan replied. "Yeah, [but] Abigail and I, we have an understanding," Gabi claimed.

Stefan still didn't buy Gabi's innocent act -- and insisted that Gabi's prescription for sedatives was enough to prove that Abigail had been right all along. "Admit it! You hate Abigail! You blame her for ruining your life! You want revenge! You want her to suffer for what she did to you! So, you made everyone think that she was losing her mind again, didn't you?" Stefan guessed. "Yes, you're right -- I did that!" Gabi finally confirmed.

"She deserved it! I spent months in a prison for a crime I didn't commit! I got beat up so badly [that] I almost died, [and] I can't have children anymore!" Gabi spat. "None of that was her fault!" Stefan pointed out. "Nothing is ever Abigail's fault!" Gabi sarcastically agreed. "Why does everybody keep defending her? It is pathetic! [I mean], she hates you so much, and you just keep protecting her!" Gabi continued. "She's the mother of my unborn child -- a child you put at risk!" Stefan angrily countered. "Oh, please -- those sedatives are fine!" Gabi dismissively assured Stefan.

"I take it this is your way of getting revenge on me, as well," Stefan guessed. "Yeah, there are some other parts to my plan..." Gabi vaguely confirmed, delighting in watching Stefan struggle to accept the fact that Gabby was still gone -- probably for good. "But the ultimate goal was to have Abigail committed," Stefan concluded. "She stole my freedom, so I think it's only fair to do the same [to her]," Gabi explained.

"Why would Kate help you?" Stefan asked curiously. "I don't know. Maybe she believes in the cause," Gabi replied, shrugging. "[And] you're telling me you have no idea where [Chad took Abigail]?" Stefan added. "I'm afraid not," Gabi confirmed, flashing Stefan a taunting smile. "That's too bad. I guess I have no use for you now, then," Stefan concluded. Gabi's smile faded as Stefan started to contact the police.

At the Horton house, Jennifer wrapped up a phone conversation with Laura. "What did Grandma say?" J.J. asked after Jennifer ended the call. "That Chad left her a message [because] he wanted to talk to her, [and] he was with Abigail [at the time]," Jennifer replied. "Well, at least now we know for sure [that] they're together," J.J. noted with a sigh of relief. "Yeah, but what worries me is that Mom tried to call him back, and he didn't respond. And I understand that he doesn't want to answer our calls, but he reached out to her, so why wouldn't he answer [her call]? What is going on?" Jennifer wondered.

At the Horton cabin, Chad protested that Abigail couldn't be in labor yet because it was too early. "I'm aware of that...but I think there's been a change of plans..." she replied between gasps for breath. "My water just broke," she soon added, sending him into a panic. "This isn't supposed to be happening!" he complained. "You're the one who kidnapped a pregnant woman!" she countered. "[And] you couldn't take me somewhere closer to a hospital instead of a freaking island?" she incredulously added. "We're not that far from the mainland!" he argued. "[I'll just] call for help..." he added before realizing that Smith Island was a dead zone.

Chad wanted to carry Abigail back to the dock, where a doctor might be on hand for emergencies, but she insisted that there wasn't time for that. "You're gonna [have to deliver your brother's] baby. Are you okay [with that]?" she asked. "[We'll] talk about it later," he replied before letting her begin walking him through the delivery process. "I don't understand why I can't have a baby at a hospital, like everybody else," she grumbled between contractions. "[At least] you don't have a psychopath holding a gun to your head [this time]," he pointed out. "You're the psychopath this time," she countered. "That's not a nice thing to say!" he protested.

"I am so gonna hold this against you -- for a very long time!" Abigail warned Chad between screams of pain.

A short time later, Chad informed Abigail, "It's a girl!" They agreed that the baby was perfect.

At the Horton Town Square, Tripp wondered if Claire was sure that her plan was going to work. "Positive," she insisted. "[Besides], it's a little bit too late to back out now, 'cause [it's] unfolding as we speak," she added.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope resolved to show the store owner a picture of Tripp, just in case. Meanwhile, Wyatt entered the building. "I have a confession to make. I framed Ben Weston," Wyatt announced.

Gabi negotiates with Stefan Gabi negotiates with Stefan
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Will showed Paul their new apartment. "I'm guessing you decided to go minimalistic?" Paul asked as he looked at the empty living room. With an annoyed groan, Will called the store about the missing furniture. Will yelled at the salesperson when the person explained that the furniture would be delivered in three weeks. With a chuckle, Paul gingerly took the phone from Will.

"All I have to do is make one phone call, and this will be taken care of," Paul said. After Paul's call, a man named Rit arrived with furniture. After the furniture was loaded into the apartment, Will asked Paul how he knew Rit. Paul explained that he had starred in commercials for Rit's furniture store after they had helped him move.

"I want to see you on your feet as soon as possible," Rit said. Paul thanked Rit, and Will escorted him out of the apartment. "Welcome home!" Paul said to Will with a smile. Will offered to go to the pub for food while Paul unpacked the kitchen items. With a quick kiss, Will told Paul, "I'm glad you are home."

At the café in the square, Claire assured Tripp that someone else was taking the blame for planting evidence at the fire. Claire told Tripp that she had used her Bella prize money to bribe Wyatt into confessing to framing Ben. Tripp wanted to know what happened next. Claire dismissed the inquiry, but Tripp pushed.

"He knows it's me?" Tripp asked. "He wouldn't do it unless I told him," Claire said. Worried, Tripp groaned in discomfort. "Thanks to me, the cops had no reason to believe that you were the one that planted the evidence," Claire said. Tripp's eyes went wide. Claire turned around and saw Ciara standing behind her.

"Why are you two talking about planted evidence?" Ciara asked with suspicion. Claire noted that Hope and Rafe had questioned Tripp about the planted evidence. "You wouldn't do something like that, would you?" Ciara asked Tripp. Tripp said he did not know why Rafe and Hope had questioned him. Claire interjected that Hope had suspected Tripp because he was Ciara's boyfriend and hated Ben.

"Stay out of it, and maybe you should stop spreading lies about me," Ciara told Claire. Claire feigned confusion. Ciara explained that she knew Claire had lied and said that it had been Ciara's idea to help Ben look for work when it had been Claire's idea. "All I know is that you were just fine with it," Claire said. Claire returned to work.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Wyatt confessed to Rafe and Hope that he had been the one to plant evidence at the fire to frame Ben. Hope asked what type of accelerant Wyatt has purchased. "I don't know. I just grabbed something off the shelf and hoped it was the right stuff," Wyatt said. Hope asked Wyatt why he had framed Ben.

"Isn't it obvious? I wanted to protect Ciara from that son of a bitch," Wyatt said. Hope and Rafe peppered Wyatt with questions. "Why come forward now?" Hope asked. Rafe reminded Wyatt that it was a felony to plant evidence. Wyatt firmly stated that he had acted as a concerned citizen.

In Doug's Place, Ben thanked Ciara for being kind to him after he had confessed his feelings. Ben walked out. Ciara fought back tears. Outside the restaurant, Ben stared at the door.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan called the police to turn in Gabi. "You really don't want to do that," Gabi growled. Stefan hung up the phone and asked Gabi why. Gabi explained that it was a mistake to turn her in to the police because they both wanted Stefan to be with Abigail. Gabi argued that if Chad knew the truth, Abigail and Chad would reconcile.

"You know no matter how much they hurt each other, they are the kind of couple who end up back together," Gabi said. Stefan agreed. "I need to accept that I have lost the love of my life, and you need to accept that your little scheme here is going up in smoke," Stefan said. Stefan said his only interest was to have access to his child once it was born.

"I'm devoting my entire life to my son or daughter," Stefan said. "I totally get that. I have a daughter, and she means the world to me. She is the reason I started this little scheme, as you call it, because I needed to get even with Abigail for sending me to prison for committing a crime that she committed, a murder that she committed, taking me away from my daughter. And let me tell you, it was a very long time to earn [Arianna's] trust back. That was very important to me because she is the only child that I will ever be able to have," Gabi said. Stefan softened.

"I truly am sorry for you, and I get why you are angry, but I don't understand how any of that affects me," Stefan said. Gabi explained that Abigail and Chad hated Stefan and that they would cut Stefan out of his child's life. "That child will be raised as a Horton. Think about that," Gabi said. Stefan looked at the painting of Stefano and laughed.

"You know, when I was first thinking of coming here after having lived all over the world, I had hope. I had a mother. I knew my father's name. I thought I had a real chance at a family. But the DiMeras quickly made it clear that I was kidding myself. They took my mother from me. Did everything they could to deny my place in this family. And this baby is a chance at a new family, maybe even a dynasty of my own. And I'm telling you, I won't put that at risk," Stefan said.

Stefan told Gabi he would keep her secret, but he warned Gabi not to cross him. Gabi grabbed the wig, pills, and purse, and she turned to leave. Stefan ordered Gabi to call him if she learned where to find Abigail.

Outside the Brady Pub, Sonny sat on the bench and stared at a news story on his tablet. As Sonny rose from the bench, he saw Ben. Sonny told Ben to keep walking. Ben promised he did not want any trouble. Ben asked about Will's memory, and he asked why Sonny had not reconciled with Will. Sonny told Ben his relationship was not Ben's business.

"I'm sorry. For everything I did. But telling you about Will, I was hoping something good would happen for you that day," Ben said. Sonny thought about when Will had told him that he had decided to stay with Paul. Sonny shook off the memory. "I'm not going to talk to you about my personal life just so you feel better. Are you honestly trying to take credit because you almost killed Will?" Sonny asked.

"I came back here, where everybody hated me, because I sincerely wanted to make amends," Ben said. Ben added that he had been mentally ill when he had committed murder. "I'm getting really tired of people treating me like something they scraped off their shoe," Ben complained. Sonny countered that it was only a matter of time before the police locked Ben up again. With a shake of his head, Sonny walked into the pub. Ben left and headed to the police station.

When Ben arrived at the station, Hope and Rafe met with him in the interrogation room. Hope told Ben that Ciara's friend Wyatt had confessed to framing Ben for arson. "The point is, it wasn't Hope," Rafe said. Ben asked if they wanted an apology. "No, we just thought that you had the right to know," Hope explained. Ben asked about Wyatt. Rafe explained that the D.A. had decided not to press charges because it was a misdemeanor. Frustrated, Ben turned to leave.

"That doesn't mean you are off the hook for setting the fire that almost killed my daughter," Hope said. Ben threatened to sue the department for harassment. "Am I free to go now?" Ben asked. "For now," Rafe said. "I should have known that apology you gave me was a bunch of bull," Ben told Hope as he walked out. "We need to nail him for that fire before he hurts someone else," Hope told Rafe.

In Ciara's room at the loft, Tripp asked Ciara if she had been able to help Julie at Doug's Place. "It was okay," Ciara said without elaborating. Tripp asked Ciara if something had happened at the restaurant. "I saw Ben there," Ciara admitted. Ciara explained that Ben had walked in, looking for a job. Tripp asked what had happened. Ciara explained that neither Doug nor Julie would hire Ben, so she had discouraged Ben from applying for work there.

"[Ben] told me he has feelings for me that go beyond friendship," Ciara blurted out. Ciara explained that she had told Ben that nothing would happen with him. "It's over, okay? I knew that you would get mad about this, and I told you because I don't want there to be any secrets between us. I want to be as honest with you as you have always been with me," Ciara said.

In the square, Wyatt met up with Claire. "Mission accomplished. I'll take the other half of my money now," Wyatt said. Claire sent the money through a phone app. Wyatt explained that he had been let off the hook by the police and the D.A. With a grin, Wyatt said he was off to spend his money. Claire thanked Wyatt. "Any time!" Wyatt said cheerfully.

In the park, Wyatt placed an order over the phone and spelled out his name to the sales agent. As Wyatt turned the corner, he ran into Ben. "Get off the phone," Ben said. Wyatt hung up the phone. "Wyatt Stone? You're the rat who tried to set me up," Ben said. Ben confronted Wyatt and subtly straightened Wyatt's tie.

"You must be a pretty brave guy, huh? To mess with the Necktie Killer and think you can get away with it," Ben said. Wyatt asked who had told Ben. "The cops," Ben whispered. Ben grabbed Wyatt by his tie and pulled him close. "If I were still crazy, Wyatt, I might use this tie to choke you until you were blue," Ben growled. Ben shook Wyatt, breathing heavily. Once Ben's breathing slowed down, he let Wyatt go. "Lucky for you, I'm not still crazy," Ben said. Wyatt ran off.

In the Brady Pub, Will sat at the bar. Will looked across the room and saw Sonny, who waved. Will smiled. Sonny asked Will about his new apartment. Will explained that he was picking up dinner for him and Paul. Sonny started to walk away, but Will stopped him.

"I love you, and I always will, but that has to be the last time I say that out loud because it's, you know, too hard on both of us. But I want you to know that I write about my feelings for you in the journal that my mom gave me for Christmas," Will said. "That helps to know that," Sonny said. Sonny agreed that Will's feeling should stay in the journal.

"We know what we have between us. We don't need to say that out loud, and we don't need Paul to find out," Sonny said. Sonny urged Will to get home before his food grew cold. Sonny asked Will to tell Paul hello. With a sigh, Will left.

In the new apartment, Paul finished unpacking the kitchen boxes. "Might as well unpack Will's stuff," Paul said as he spotted another box. Paul opened the box and found Will's journal. With a look at the door, Paul gripped the journal tight.

In the cabin, Abigail cradled her newborn baby girl. "You pulled through like a champ," Chad said. "So did you. Different than when we had Thomas," Abigail commented. Abigail said that she was glad that Chad was with her that time instead of Ben. Chad said he was thankful that Abigail and the baby were healthy. With a sigh, Abigail said she was exhausted. Chad encouraged Abigail to sleep, and he promised to look after the baby. Chad gently took the baby from Abigail's arms.

Chad sat in the rocker and kissed the baby's head as Abigail drifted off to sleep on the couch. "That's your mommy right there. She's sleeping. You should probably get some sleep, too. You have the prettiest blue eyes, you know that?" Chad asked. As Chad cradled the little girl, he drifted off to sleep. When Chad awoke, Abigail was gone.

"Give me my kid," Gabby said as she exited the bathroom, wearing a wig. "You look a little surprised to see me," Gabby said. "No. I knew you were around somewhere. Thanks to you, I had to have Abby committed," Chad said. "I almost started believing I was wrong," Chad said. Gabby confessed that she had attacked Gabi and Kate and had sent the text to Stefan.

"Having that baby gave me the strength to come in and take over," Gabby said. Gabby claimed that the birth of her daughter had given her a second chance at life. Gabby said that Abigail had been "banished to the shadows."

"You will never see Abigail again. Now, if you will excuse me, I would like to take my daughter to see her father," Gabby said. As Gabby reached for the baby, Chad clutched the baby tighter and warned Gabby to back off. Gabby struggled to take her baby from Chad, but Chad fought her off with one arm.

Chad woke from his dream as the baby in his arms cried. "What happened? Why is she crying?" Abigail cried out as she startled awake from sleep. Chad explained that he had fallen asleep. Abigail asked for her daughter back. Chad hesitated then handed the baby to Abigail. With a smile, Abigail fussed over her daughter. Chad said he was going to search for a phone signal to call the hospital. After Chad went outside, Abigail smiled at her little girl.

"You've got the bluest eyes. Oh, God. You've got Chad's eyes," Abigail whispered as she looked at her baby girl. Abigail looked up as if she was considering the thought that Chad was the father. Outside, Chad held up his phone, anxious to get a signal. When Chad found a signal, he called Stefan.

"I have a proposition for you," Chad told Stefan.

Brady confirms Paul's fears about Will Brady confirms Paul's fears about Will
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
by Mike

Brady emerged from one of the Horton Town Square's stores just as Eric was walking past it. "[I just got Paul and Will] a housewarming gift, and I got something for Holly, [too]," Brady called out, retrieving a toy from a bag.

"You think buying her a gift's gonna help her forget that her mother's gone?" Eric asked incredulously, turning to face Brady with a scowl. "Nicole asked me to take care of Holly, [and] I don't need -- or want -- your help," Eric spat while shoving the toy against Brady's chest. "Come on, don't be --" Brady started to protest. "You were playing God with my life and Nicole's, and now she's dead, [so] I have to go [so I can] put her little daughter down to sleep," Eric tiredly explained before storming off.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah entered the living room and gasped, surprised to see that it had been filled with white roses and heart-shaped balloons. "I hope I got your attention," Rex began, emerging from a hiding place. "What are you doing here?" she demanded to know. "This," he replied before getting down on bended knee to propose to her again with the ring she had recently returned to him.

"Stand up," Sarah tiredly ordered Rex. "Not until you give me an answer," he insisted. "No, Rex -- the answer is no! Flowers and balloons aren't gonna make me forget the fact that you cheated on me -- twice!" she snapped. "[Or] maybe more than [twice]! How many were there, Rex? [And] how many more will there be?" she continued, fighting back tears. "It was just one other time, I swear!" he stressed.

"Look, I messed up -- in the biggest way possible -- but do you really want to throw away our entire relationship [so quickly]?" Rex asked Sarah while rising from the floor. "You threw it away [when] you disrespected me [by sleeping] with other women!" she argued. "God, you make it sound like I've just been sleeping around!" he complained, getting defensive. "You were sleeping around!" she countered.

Eric, who had returned a few minutes earlier and had just finished checking on Holly, suddenly interrupted to remind Rex and Sarah that there was a child upstairs. "What the hell is going on?" Eric wondered. "My ex-fiancé is trying to make the case that I should forgive him and take him back," Sarah explained, adding that it was hard to forgive someone for doing something that was unforgivable.

Sarah ordered Rex to leave the mansion immediately. "Come on, you don't really mean --" Rex tried to protest. "Yes, I do, because just looking at you -- [just] being in the same room as you -- causes me nothing but pain!" Sarah maintained. "Rex, maybe you should just let it go [and] live to fight another day," Eric interjected. "Didn't ask your opinion, Eric," Rex countered.

Rex asked for a minute alone with Sarah, but Eric refused to grant the request. "[Sarah] made it pretty loud and clear that she's not in the mood to talk, [so] just walk out the door," Eric advised while giving Rex a glare of warning. "You don't get to tell me to leave," Rex insisted, returning Eric's glare. "I'm only trying to help. I've done a lot of counseling, and [from what I've seen, when] people are this angry, problems only escalate. [Just] trust me on this -- you both need to calm down, [so] just take a walk," Eric repeated, refusing to back down. "Please -- just go," Sarah added.

Rex gave the matter some thought then sighed and turned to face Sarah again. "All right, I'll give you some space...but don't think for a second that I'm giving up on us, 'cause I'm not," he told her.

After Rex exited the mansion, Sarah thanked Eric for the help. "Sorry to drag you into the middle of all this. I know you only came here to see Holly," Sarah sheepishly added. "No, no -- she's asleep, [so] my work [there] is done for now," Eric assured Sarah. "Want to tell me what happened with you and Rex?" Eric asked, prompting Sarah to begin venting at once.

"If someone loves you, they're not supposed to hurt you!" Sarah tearfully argued at the end of the tale. "We hurt people we love all the time," Eric countered with a shrug. "But wounds do heal. [You know], I ruined Nicole's life, [and] she hated me for a long time, [so you and Rex] can come back from this...if you really want to," Eric added.

"I don't know how. [I mean], if someone lies to your face and betrays you, how do you ever trust them again?" Sarah wondered. Eric, perhaps thinking about Brady, didn't respond right away, causing Sarah to get embarrassed again. "I feel so silly [for] ranting to you about being cheated on when the [person] that you love died," Sarah admitted. "I'm not comparing pain," Eric insisted.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked. "No," Eric admitted with a sigh. "But I have to be strong for Holly --" Eric started to acknowledge.

As if on cue, Holly's cries began transmitting through the baby monitor that was sitting on the coffee table. Sarah insisted on going with Eric to check on Holly. "You came to my rescue with Rex, so the least I can do is help you change a diaper," Sarah reasoned. "[And besides], Holly's my niece, [so] I'm gonna be there for her, no matter what. And I'll be there for you, too," Sarah added.

At the Horton house, Hope tried to keep Jennifer from worrying about Abigail. "Have you talked to Eric since he got back?" Hope asked, going with the first distraction that sprang to mind. "No...[and] there's nothing to talk about. I've lost him," Jennifer sadly admitted. "Do you want me to talk to [him]?" Hope offered. "[No]. I think that I just need to find a way to live with my mistakes and move on," Jennifer replied.

At the Horton cabin, Abigail began thinking of names for the newborn baby. Meanwhile, elsewhere on Smith Island, Chad continued a tense phone conversation with Stefan, revealing that Abigail had gone into early labor. "It's a girl. [And] everything's okay," Chad added. "You damn well better not even think about keeping me away from my child," Stefan warned. "That's exactly what's gonna happen if you don't agree to my terms, 'cause I'm fine with raising that baby myself [and making sure] she'll never know who her real father is," Chad countered before proceeding to make a deal with Stefan.

Abigail had settled on a name by the time Chad returned to the cabin. "I found a high spot on the island [and] was able to make a call out," Chad vaguely informed Abigail. "So, help's on the way?" Abigail concluded with a sigh of relief. "Should be here soon," Chad confirmed with a sigh of guilt. "Hear that, Charlotte? We're gonna take you to the hospital and get you all checked out," Abigail told the baby.

"You named her Charlotte? [Is that in honor of] your favorite author, Charlotte Brontë?" Chad guessed. "Ah, you remember," Abigail replied with a nod of approval. "Of course. [You know], I've actually been trying to track down a first edition of Jane Eyre [for you] for Christmas," Chad revealed. "Aw, that's amazing. You're very thoughtful when you're not kidnapping me," Abigail joked.

"Everything that I have done, and everything that I will ever do, is because I love you, [and] I just want you to be safe and healthy," Chad stressed, sighing again.

At the Horton house, Hope received a phone call from Rafe, who revealed that Abigail had been found and was safe. Hope happily relayed the news to Jennifer, but Rafe continued talking -- and Hope's smile soon faded.

Meanwhile, Chad started to confess something to Abigail -- just as someone knocked on the cabin's front door. Chad went to greet a pair of paramedics, who quickly split up to tend to Abigail and Charlotte. "Is my baby okay?" Abigail asked one paramedic while allowing the other to strap her to a gurney for transport. "We'll want to get her checked out at the hospital, but her Apgar scores are good," the paramedic replied.

Stefan soon burst into the cabin. "What are you doing here?" Abigail asked, stunned. "I called him," Chad admitted. "I want to see my daughter," Stefan demanded after handing Chad a manila envelope. "You kept your word [for once]," Chad said to Stefan while checking the enclosed paperwork. "What the hell is going on?" Abigail interjected, getting agitated. "I had to make a deal with Stefan," Chad vaguely explained.

"You're having me committed?" Abigail realized. "We're not married anymore, so Stefan is [having you committed]," Chad clarified. "He gave me no choice, Abigail. I'm sorry. [He said that] if I didn't agree with him, then he would never let me see my daughter," Stefan stressed. "This is the only way I know [of] to save your life," Chad apologetically explained. "You are ruining my life!" Abigail angrily countered.

"Congratulations. You got what you wanted. You saw how betrayed she felt," Stefan told Chad after the paramedics left with Abigail. "Yeah, and I don't blame her, but what am I supposed to do? [I mean], I saw her in the wig [the other day, and] so did you, [and] Kate, [and] Gabi..." Chad reasoned, shrugging. "Yeah..." Stefan muttered, avoiding eye contact with Chad. "She has a mental illness, [and] I would never be able to forgive myself if something happened to Thomas -- or..." Chad continued, looking at Charlotte. "You did the right thing," Stefan declared. Chad sighed and nodded in agreement, not the least bit suspicious of Stefan's shifty behavior.

Changing the subject, Chad introduced Stefan to Charlotte. "Abby named her," Chad explained. "It's beautiful...and so is she," Stefan proudly mused as Chad hesitantly handed the baby over. "Hi, Charlotte. How are you? It's nice to meet you. It's me -- I'm your daddy," Stefan told Charlotte as Chad turned away to hide a sudden wave of sadness.

Will exited the Brady Pub just in time to catch Gabi putting an arm deep inside a trash can. "What are you doing?" Will curiously wondered. "I had a baggie of Arianna's snacks, [and] I was throwing them away. They were going bad," Gabi nervously claimed before quickly changing the subject, reporting that Arianna really missed Will. "I promise I will visit soon," Will stressed, clearly feeling guilty.

"I've just been busy getting Paul situated into his -- I mean, our -- new place," Will explained. "So, you guys are, uh...solid?" Gabi assumed. "Uh-huh. Yeah. Why do you ask?" Will replied. "I kind of thought that once you got your memory back, you'd get together with Sonny again," Gabi hesitantly admitted. "Yeah, a lot of people thought that, actually...including me," Will revealed, sighing.

"Wow. It must be so hard, staying away from the man that you love..." Gabi guessed after Will admitted to having given up a second chance at happiness with Sonny because of what had happened to Paul. "I just ran into [Sonny], and all I wanted to do was take him into my arms and tell him I love him [and] miss him," Will revealed, sighing again. "Sounds awful," Gabi mused. "You know what? It's -- it's...okay, because, you know, I'm -- I'm very glad that I get to be there for Paul, especially after everything he has done for me," Will insisted.

"Yeah, but...I mean, you and Sonny..." Gabi began to protest. "We're at peace with this decision, know, don't -- don't feel sorry for me," Will countered. "I wasn't," Gabi insisted.

"[It's just]'re making this huge sacrifice for Paul, and you've always been such a good person... I wish I could be more like you. [See], I have all this anger in my heart, and it comes out in the worst ways... [I mean], I wake up angry [every day, and I try to just] think about Arianna [and] Gabi Chic, [but I always end up thinking about how Abigail's getting] away with what she did to me, you know? [She] gets a chance at a happily ever after with Chad, [and] she's having another baby, [and] I don't even get to do that because of the beatings that I got in prison. [She] always wins, [and] I want her to feel the pain that I went through," Gabi elaborated.

"Does that make me an awful person?" Gabi asked. "Gabi, that makes you human," Will insisted. "[But] I hurt people; I am still hurting people!" Gabi pointed out. "Well, you've been hurt, Gabi. You've had a lot of terrible things happen to you," Will reasoned. "I'm sorry I didn't see that you were suffering," Will added with a sigh. "Don't be," Gabi dismissively replied, knowing that Will had been busy helping Paul lately.

"[Look], Gabi, I am not a saint, trust me. I have made mistakes. I have hurt people. That's the downside of having my memory back -- [that] I remember all of that," Will stressed. "You know, maybe staying with Paul is my way of atoning," Will mused with a shrug. "[And] it's not too late for you, Gabi. If you feel bad about the way that you've acted...fix it," Will matter-of-factly added.

Alone in the wheelchair-accessible apartment, Paul considered reading Will's journal. "You swore you wanted to be with me, Will, [but] were you just saying that? [Were you] just saying what I wanted to hear?" Paul muttered while blindly flipping through the pages of the journal. Sighing, Paul took one more look at the journal then tossed it on the kitchen table without having read a single word of it.

Seconds later, Brady arrived with the housewarming gift, which was in a wrapped box. "Maggie picked it out, so I know you're gonna like it. My gift-giving abilities are terrible," Brady admitted. Chuckling, Paul thanked Brady for the gift and promised to open it when Will returned from the pub. Changing the subject, Paul gently wondered how Brady was doing in the wake of Nicole's death. Brady started to answer the question then stopped abruptly, not wanting to vent to someone who was already dealing with so much. "It's seriously okay. [Actually], it's a nice change of pace, not thinking about my own stuff," Paul insisted.

"How are you?" Brady asked. "Um...stronger. [I mean], I bust my ass in physical therapy, and every day I'm able to do a little bit more than I could the day before," Paul reported, forcing a smile. "It's gotta be good having Will here, too, right? [For] love and support..." Brady guessed. "Yeah, he's been great..." Paul confirmed. "[But] I keep wondering if this is what he really wants...or if he's still in love with Sonny," Paul added, sighing.

"When I found out that Will had gotten his memory back, it was right after my fall, so my first thought was [that] I had lost him -- that he was gonna go right back to Sonny -- [but] he promised me that he wanted to be here with me -- that he loved me... [And] I'm trying not to [doubt him], but it's just...I just get this -- this feeling... [I mean], when we're talking, he just drifts off, and when we're together... I mean, it just feels different. [And] I came across his journal [earlier], and I was just -- I was so tempted to go through it... [And] I hate that I even had that thought. I mean, come on -- the guy got us this great place, [and] he's been with me through all of my P.T., [and] he's been nothing but kind, caring, and supportive... I mean, I wouldn't be where [I'm] at now if it weren't for Will. [So], am I just being a jerk for thinking this?" Paul continued.

"Paul, um...I think that you deserve to be with someone who is fully committed to you..." Brady hesitantly began. Confused, Paul impatiently prompted Brady to continue. "You're not crazy for having these doubts. [Look], you're my brother, [and] I've always wanted what's best for you, [but] I just got done playing God in Eric's life, and I'm not gonna do it in yours [anymore]," Brady eventually started to elaborate.

"When I was at the hospital [after your accident], I overheard Will talking to Sonny on the phone... [And that's how I found out that when Will] got his memory back, he recalled being in love with Sonny. [And] he swore to me up and down that nothing had happened [at that point, but] he wanted to get back together with Sonny, and it was something they both wanted to do. [And] I called him horrible [and] selfish for even thinking about breaking up with you in your condition. [See], I knew [your] road to recovery [was] gonna be hell, [and] I knew that Will breaking up with you at that point in time was gonna be a setback for you," Brady continued.

"So, Will's with me because I'm paralyzed," Paul summarized. "Don't go there. He cares about you. I know he cares about you," Brady argued. "But he wanted to leave, and you convinced him to stay with me," Paul countered. "I thought I was doing the right thing [at the time...but] I understand the paranoia, because that's what I felt with Nicole. I let the paranoia [and] jealousy [just] rip me up inside [and] wreck me, [and] I did not want that for my brother, [so] I'm sorry [I caused that]," Brady stressed, sighing. "He loves Sonny. Not me," Paul sadly concluded with a shake of the head.

"Look, man, the conversation that I overheard -- [that] was weeks ago..." Brady began to point out. "You heard what you heard," Paul numbly replied. "[But] things change. You guys have been spending so much time together [since then, and I know he] cares about you --" Brady tried to argue. Paul suddenly interrupted, asking Brady to leave. "I just need time to process all this before Will gets home," Paul explained.

Sighing, Brady reluctantly exited the apartment. "Thanks for the gift," Paul dryly called out before slamming the door shut.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eric started to say goodbye to Sarah, having decided to leave Holly in Maggie's capable hands for the rest of the night. "Anything else you need [before I head out]?" Eric asked. "Actually, yeah, um...I'm going stir-crazy being in this house, and I think Rex is gonna be back soon to get his stuff, [so]...would you mind taking me out somewhere?" Sarah hesitantly requested.

Meanwhile, Brady and Rex ran into each other in the town square. "I heard about Nicole. I'm so sorry. [You know], when you and I were [talking] at the pub, I had no idea that she was the woman that you lost," Rex told Brady. "[I also] lost my brother Eric [and] the woman I was gonna spend the rest of my life with," Brady revealed. "I know how you feel. I may have lost the love of my life, as well," Rex replied.

At the Brady Pub, Gabi thought about what Will had said earlier. "I want to be the person that Will thinks I am. I mean, it's not too late to tell the truth -- for Abigail's sake, and Chad's, and their child's..." Gabi mused before putting an arm back inside the trash can. She pulled out her dark-haired wig and her bottle of sedatives and stuffed both items back in her purse.

"Can I help you with something?" Hope asked when Gabi entered the police station a few minutes later. "It's about Abigail..." Gabi began. "Oh," Hope replied before proceeding to fill Gabi in on what had happened on Smith Island. Gabi was stunned -- especially when Hope revealed that Stefan had arranged for Abigail to be committed to Bayview.

Paul was staring sadly at Will's journal when the apartment door swung open. "Ah -- nothing like being walking distance from the pub!" Will declared in lieu of a greeting, joining Paul in the kitchen. "I think I'm gonna have my grandfather set up a pulley system so he can, you know, send chowder up by the bucket," Will jokingly added. " doesn't look like you unpacked very much..." Will curiously observed.

"Yeah, well, there's no need for unpacking, [because] I'm moving out," Paul replied, stunning Will.

Paul accuses Will of being in love with Sonny Paul accuses Will of being in love with Sonny
Thursday, November 15, 2018
by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Lucas spotted Rex, who was staring sadly at a diamond ring.

"Want me to keep walking?" Lucas asked. "God, no, Lucas -- it's good to see you," Rex insisted while tucking the ring in a pocket. "You, too," Lucas replied, shaking Rex's outstretched hand. "Been a pretty rough couple days," Rex noted. "Yeah, I guess you could say that," Lucas agreed with a sigh. "You holding up okay?" Rex asked carefully. "You mean after I found out the baby I thought was mine was really yours?" Lucas summarized.

"Lucas, I'm sorry..." Rex awkwardly began. "It's fine," Lucas insisted before quickly changing the subject, guessing that the ring in Rex's pocket meant that Sarah wasn't ready to forgive and forget yet. "I'm not giving up," Rex vowed. "Good luck with that," Lucas sincerely replied. "Next time you [see]...Emily...will you tell her [that her uncle] says hi?" Lucas hesitantly added. "You got it," Rex promised before parting ways with Lucas.

At Doug's Place, Brady sighed heavily while staring at a glass of club soda. Chloe soon approached and gently observed that Brady looked terrible. "I don't think I did the right thing," Brady admitted, sighing again. "I've been playing God in Paul's life, much in the same way I did in Eric's life, and I realized I should stop doing that...which may have been a big mistake," Brady began to elaborate. "[See], Will and Sonny are 'in love' again..." Brady continued, a bit mockingly. "[And when I finally informed Paul earlier]... I mean, he kept it together in front of me, but I think he was pretty ripped up inside," Brady concluded with one more heavy sigh.

"[Well, the truth] would have come out sooner or later," Chloe reasoned, shrugging. "[Yeah]. I wish that I would have told Eric the truth about Nicole...but I didn't, [and] now Nicole isn't here anymore, [and I didn't just take her away from Eric but also] her family [and] her friends... [They're all] gonna hate me. I mean, hell, you were her best friend, [so] I wouldn't [be surprised] if you hated me, [too]," Brady replied, suddenly looking even more depressed. Chloe refused to blame Brady for what had happened. "I mean, yeah, I loved Nicole -- she was like a sister to me, and I still can't believe that she's gone..." Chloe sadly began.

"But right now, we have to do everything in our power to make sure that [she] lives on in Holly's mind and heart," Chloe added, forcing a smile. "Yeah...[but] as much as I love Holly -- and I do love that little girl -- I don't think I can be around her [anymore], 'cause Eric has made it very clear that he does not want my help," Brady replied. Chloe quickly tried to move on to a happier topic of conversation -- Eve -- but Brady just sighed yet again and revealed, "I think that ship has sailed." Brady admitted that it would be really nice to one day have a relationship that didn't eventually implode. "What about us? We're still friends," Chloe pointed out.

Chloe comforted Brady with a hug -- just as Lucas entered the club. "Sorry, man," Brady stressed, quickly pulling away from Chloe. "No, no -- don't let me interrupt," Lucas teasingly replied.

Brady thanked Chloe for listening then rushed off. "You know that was just a friendly hug, right?" Chloe asked. "Yeah, I do," Lucas confirmed. "Looks like I'm not the only one around here who could use one of those," Lucas pointedly added. Chuckling, Chloe gave Lucas a hug then optimistically pointed out, "The holidays are coming up, [so] maybe that'll bring some joy to the world..."

Lucas couldn't believe that the holidays were right around the corner already. "You got plans?" Chloe curiously wondered. "Well...I don't know, I was thinking [that after everything that just happened with Emily], maybe I should spend some time with Allie, so I was thinking about going to Europe, where she is, and maybe spending Thanksgiving with her," Lucas revealed, adding that Chloe and Parker were welcome to tag along. "Oh, that is such a sweet offer, and I would love to -- I've been dying to go back since my time in Vienna -- but...we promised Craig and Nancy that we'd spend Thanksgiving [with them] in New York," Chloe replied.

"I'm gonna miss being with you [for the holidays], we always said, we have to put the kids first," Chloe acknowledged. "Yes, we did say that, didn't we?" Lucas agreed. "Well, thank you -- [you know], for standing by me through this whole baby thing. I don't think I could have gotten through it without you," Lucas added. "You wouldn't have had to. I'm with you -- all the way," Chloe replied before giving Lucas another hug.

Rex went to the Salem Inn to talk to Kate, who was sorry to hear that Sarah had refused to forgive and forget. "I don't know what else to do to get her to change her mind," Rex admitted. "You are not going to do anything. Let me handle Sarah," Kate replied. "What are you gonna do?" Rex asked nervously. "I'm gonna tell Sarah that on that night in question, you were very drunk, and that minx Mimi took advantage of you," Kate decided after a moment of thought. "That's...not what happened -- at all," Rex insisted. "You were drunk. How do you know?" Kate countered with a dismissive shrug.

"[Look], Mimi Lockhart -- she's a con artist, just like her mother is. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised at all if she [had actually gotten] pregnant on purpose, just to trap you," Kate continued. "That's highly doubtful, especially since Mimi thought that she physically could not get pregnant," Rex pointed out. "Or so she says..." Kate skeptically countered.

Rex maintained that what had happened with Mimi had been consensual. "You're not leaving me a lot of ammo [here], kid...but at least you're being honest," Kate conceded with a sigh. ", what I think I'm going to do is, I'm going to go to my future daughter-in-law, and I'm going to say that you had a one-time indiscretion which you are deeply, deeply sorry for, and that you deserve another chance," Kate decided after another moment of thought. "Um...since we're being -- it wasn't just one time. I cheated on Sarah twice," Rex clarified. "With Mimi?" Kate assumed. "No, there was...somebody else..." Rex admitted.

Kate was disappointed to hear that. "It's one thing to reconnect with a first love, but to sleep with a perfect stranger when you're committed to another woman..." Kate continued with a shake of the head. "I know! I'm sorry! [And] I'm not asking Sarah to forgive me right away; all I'm asking [is for her to give me] another chance," Rex clarified. "Well, I don't see why she would do that...and frankly, I don't think she's going to," Kate warned. "Honestly, I think you need to [focus] your efforts elsewhere -- [by going] after Mimi," Kate added, stunning Rex. "Not in that way! Mimi? She's trash!" Kate insisted, cringing dramatically.

"[All I'm saying is that] you need to be active in [your] little girl's life so she doesn't end up being just like her mother," Kate clarified. Rex was quick to defend Mimi as a great mother, but Kate had serious doubts and thought it would be best for Rex to closely monitor the situation, just to be on the safe side. "I have every intention of being a part of my daughter's life," Rex assured Kate. "I just really want Sarah to be a part of it, too," Rex added.

At the Brady Pub, Sarah thanked Eric for being willing to provide a few hours of distraction. "I really needed to get out of the house...and now I really need a drink," Sarah admitted. "Is that gonna be awkward for you? I know that you don't drink anymore..." Sarah quickly added. "It's fine," Eric assured Sarah before stepping behind the bar.

"Damn you, Rex Brady -- you ruined everything!" Sarah grumbled while waiting for Eric, who soon returned with a bottle of whiskey and a glass. "[Irish Reserve -- my grandfather always said] it cures all that ails you," Eric explained while filling Sarah's glass. "Even his jerk of a grandson Rex?" Sarah asked. "[I mean], I know he's your half-brother, but it's true -- Rex Brady is a lying, cheating, no-good son of a bitch," Sarah added with a shrug before taking a sip of whiskey. "Huh. Well...wonder what that makes me," Roman mused, startling Sarah.

Eric stifled a laugh as Sarah choked down the whiskey. "Roman, I am -- I'm so sorry --" Sarah began after coughing. "It's okay. [I mean], my son hurt you, [so] you have every right to be upset," Roman acknowledged. "Oh, I know I do. Not only did Rex sleep with Mimi Lockhart and get her pregnant, [but he also] cheated on me with another woman," Sarah matter-of-factly replied. "I, uh...didn't know that..." Roman admitted, stunned. "That makes two of us," Sarah declared before impatiently asking Eric for a refill.

Sarah quickly gulped down the second shot of whiskey. " know that's two down [already]..." Eric warned. "One for each time Rex cheated on me," Sarah countered, shrugging. "So, now that you know the truth about your son, you got any advice for me?" Sarah asked Roman expectantly. "You know, I think I'd, uh...probably best stay out of this..." Roman replied. "Smart man," Eric declared with a chuckle as Roman retreated to the kitchen. Sighing, Sarah grabbed the bottle of whiskey and filled the glass again, tired of leaving Eric in charge of the task.

"Maybe you should slow down..." Eric carefully suggested. "Maybe you should fasten your seat belt, 'cause I'm just gettin' started," Sarah dismissively countered before gulping down the third shot of whiskey. "But if my drinking is bothering you, you just say the word, and I can find another bar," Sarah added. "No, I told you -- it's fine," Eric replied. "You also told me to slow down, so..." Sarah pointed out. "Fair enough. No more comments from me," Eric conceded. "But at least let me get you a glass of water," Eric added. "If it's gonna make you happy, go for it," Sarah agreed while filling the glass yet again.

As Eric stepped behind the bar again, Sarah noticed a man and a woman at the other end of the pub -- and realized that they were in the process of getting engaged. Sarah stumbled over to the couple's table and drunkenly congratulated them -- then warned the woman, "I know that you're happy right now, but Mr. Perfect here will cheat on you -- I guarantee it."

Eric realized what was happening and quickly intervened. "Dude, do us a favor and get your girlfriend out of here," the man told Eric. "She's not my girlfriend," Eric clarified while trying to drag Sarah away. "Lucky you -- she's obnoxious as hell," the man declared. "Hey, hey -- I am not obnoxious!" Sarah protested. "This is obnoxious," Sarah added with a laugh before dousing the man with what was left of the fourth shot of whiskey. As Eric apologized to the man, Sarah warned the woman, "Just be sure that he doesn't have a baby with his Rex -- I mean, his ex!"

Eric dragged Sarah away while the woman began questioning the man. "Are you proud of yourself?" Eric asked as Sarah poured another shot of whiskey. "Uh, yeah, I'm very proud of myself. I provided a great public service, so I feel great about it. I feel --" Sarah replied before rushing off to the bathroom. Sighing, Eric tiredly chased after Sarah.

Roman, who had heard the earlier commotion, emerged from the kitchen to apologize to the newly engaged couple and waive their bill. Meanwhile, Rex entered the pub. Roman was quick to warn that it wasn't a good time for Rex to be at the pub, but Rex insisted that no other time would work. "I'm leaving town. I'm going to Pennsylvania to be with my daughter," Rex announced. "For how long?" Roman asked. "As long as she needs me," Rex replied with a shrug. Roman understood but admitted with a sigh that it was going to be hard to say goodbye to Rex. "I'll come home as soon as I can," Rex promised while giving Roman a hug.

Just then, Sarah emerged from the bathroom. "If you're here to plead your pathetic case again --" Sarah began. "I just came to say goodbye," Rex clarified. "I know you hate me, and I don't blame you at all...but Sarah, I love you -- only you -- and whether you believe that or not, it's never gonna change," Rex added. Sarah didn't respond but suddenly looked more sad than angry. Sighing, Rex went to say goodbye to Eric.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny stared sadly at a framed photograph of Will and Arianna. "I know I have to stop thinking about you, Will...but I can't..." Sonny muttered before setting the item aside with a heavy sigh. Seconds later, Adrienne joined Sonny in the living room. Sonny quickly realized that Adrienne was in a good mood. "[That's because] Bonnie Lockhart is on her way back to prison," Adrienne happily explained.

Adrienne quickly changed the subject, wanting to know what was going on between Sonny and Will. "Will and I are not together -- and we're never gonna be. [He's] with Paul," Sonny reminded Adrienne. "I'm sorry, Sonny, but that's the most asinine thing I've ever heard," Adrienne declared. "I know we talked about this before, but I clearly remember telling you [then] to think long and hard about it, and obviously you haven't! I mean, come on, Sonny -- this is what you've been praying for! [And now you finally] have the opportunity to be together -- to be a family [again] -- and the two of you are just throwing it away!" Adrienne added.

"It's done," Sonny insisted. "[And] in the long run, it's what's best for everybody. Will and I are in the past, and Will and Paul are the future," Sonny added. "What about your future?" Adrienne countered. "I don't know how to answer that, Mom. All I know is that Will and I are over," Sonny replied with a shrug. "[And] I guess I should just accept it, then, right?" Adrienne concluded. "Yes, you should," Sonny confirmed.

"Fine -- we'll find you someone new," Adrienne spontaneously decided. "Here we go..." Sonny muttered, groaning. "You have to get back out there -- and trust me, I know it can be scary flying solo, so your mother's gonna be your wingman," Adrienne continued. "I appreciate the offer, Mom, but --" Sonny began to protest. "Oh, we are doing this," Adrienne insisted.

"Where's your phone? [Let's] get on that dating app," Adrienne added. "Are you kidding me? I deleted that months ago, after it matched me with Leo, the catfishing crook that almost destroyed my life," Sonny protested. "You hooked one bad fish -- that doesn't mean they're all rotten," Adrienne dismissively argued. "Download it again, [and] let's take a look," Adrienne ordered Sonny. "You know those moments in life when you regret something that you haven't even done yet? This is one of those moments..." Sonny grumbled while reinstalling the app to humor Adrienne.

A short time later, Adrienne realized, while browsing user profiles, that Sonny was uncomfortable. "I'm being incredibly insensitive," Adrienne acknowledged with a sigh. "I'm so sorry, honey. My lame attempt to cheer you up is only upsetting you more," Adrienne continued. "It's okay. You meant well -- you always mean well -- [and] I appreciate it," Sonny assured Adrienne, managing a quick smile.

"I know you're heartbroken -- [and that] the only right man for you now is Will," Adrienne told Sonny. "Except I can't have him," Sonny sadly replied before seizing a hug from Adrienne.

At the wheelchair-accessible apartment, Will wondered why Paul suddenly wanted to move out. "I can't stay here. It doesn't feel right," Paul explained. "Why not?" Will asked. "Because I'm in love with you, Will -- and you're in love with someone else!" Paul clarified. "Please -- don't deny it," Paul added as Will stammered in shock.

"You're in love with Sonny. He's the man that you want to be with," Paul continued. "Where is this coming from?" Will finally managed to ask. "You read my journal," Will guessed. "No, actually, I didn't read your journal. I was tempted to, but I didn't want to be that guy -- [you know], the one who's so insecure that he invades his partner's privacy," Paul replied.

"Then why would you think --" Will started to ask. "I don't 'think' [it], Will -- I know!" Paul stressed. "I mean, deep down, I've -- I've always known. I just didn't want it to be real. [But even] talking to you now, it's just so clear -- you want to be with Sonny. [And] maybe not now, but eventually, you would [have left me for him, because he] is your soul mate, and you are madly in love with him...and the only reason that you're still here with me right now is [that] I'm in a wheelchair, right?" Paul continued. "Right," Paul concluded when Will didn't respond right away.

"I'm so sorry," Will eventually whispered, releasing a sigh of regret. "Can I explain?" Will asked. "You don't have to," Paul insisted. "I need to," Will countered.

"I need you to know that I never meant for any of this to happen. I was in love with you, Paul, you know -- I wanted a future with you -- [but] then...memories came back..." Will began to explain.

"Feelings," Paul clarified. "For Sonny," Paul added.

Will nodded then forged ahead. "I tried to fight it at first, but it was like my past and my present were colliding, you know? And there was you, and there was Sonny, and..." Will continued. "And then you knew that you needed to choose," Paul guessed, eliciting another nod from Will. "And I tried so hard to push those feelings away -- I wanted them to stay in the past -- but they wouldn't, 'cause those memories and those experiences...they're in my blood, they're in my bones -- they're who I am," Will continued.

"But that in no way invalidates or diminishes what we had, Paul. My love for you was real," Will stressed. "Just didn't compare to your love for Sonny," Paul sadly concluded, shrugging.

"When you started to remember your past, I told you [that] the one thing I wanted for you was just happiness, and if that meant stepping aside so that you could be with Sonny, I would have done that, and I would have wished you both the best. [But] you promised me -- repeatedly -- that those were just memories, [and] that I was the one that you loved," Paul reminded Will. "[And] I meant it," Will insisted.

"At the time, those memories were fragmented --" Will began to elaborate. "Okay, but at my dad's wedding, it all came back to you -- everything that you felt for Sonny -- and I specifically asked you if that was gonna affect us at all, [and] you said no. You promised me that they would have no effect on us," Paul pointed out. "That's 'cause I didn't want them to," Will apologetically explained.

"[Look], Sonny and I were gonna tell you...but then you sacrificed your own life to save my mom, Paul! You were in a hospital bed! You couldn't feel your legs! How was I supposed to tell you the truth then? How was I supposed to just break your heart and walk away? There was no way I was ever gonna do that to you!" Will continued.

"The last thing that I want is for you to stay with me out of pity," Paul grumbled. "It's not pity! I loved you, Paul! When I came back to Salem, I was so lost, [and] everyone was putting pressure on me to remember who I was -- except for you! You let me be who I was, [and] you made me feel safe and confident, and I fell in love with you!" Will stressed. "I owe you so much --" Will started to add. "You 'owe' me? Well, if that makes you feel obligated to stay, don't," Paul countered. "You belong with Sonny. He's the man that you're in love with," Paul insisted.

"I'm gonna make some phone calls and see how soon I can get out of here --" Paul began, reaching for a phone. "No -- I'll go, Paul. This apartment is set up for you," Will replied, already picking up a box of belongings. Paul tried to protest, but Will insisted with finality that the matter was already settled. "I'll have the rest of my stuff picked up as soon as possible," Will promised.

"So, I guess this is it..." Paul sadly concluded. "I wish things had been different," Will stressed. "Me, too...but I meant what I said -- I want you to be happy," Paul replied, tears welling up in both eyes. "I swear -- I never meant to hurt you," Will insisted. "I know," Paul quietly assured Will. Nodding, Will sighed and exited the apartment without looking back. As the door swung shut, Paul's tears began to fall.

Will drove over to the Kiriakis mansion and hesitantly approached the front door. "I'm here to, uh, see Sonny," Will explained when Adrienne opened the door. "Well, you just missed him," Adrienne replied.

"Where'd he go?" Will asked curiously. "Sonny's left Salem," Adrienne revealed, stunning Will.

Ben tells Ciara about Tripp Ben tells Ciara about Tripp
Friday, November 16, 2018

In the square, Wyatt walked up to Claire and handed Claire her money back. "The Necktie Killer threatened to strangle me," Wyatt said. Wyatt told Claire about his run-in with Ben. "I don't care how sane he claims to be -- the man is a psycho. So, this little scheme of yours is over. I'm out," Wyatt said. Claire begged Wyatt not to back out. Wyatt promised not to tell anyone about Claire or Tripp's involvement.

"That maniac is sitting on a hell of a lot of rage, and I don't want to be anywhere around him when he blows," Wyatt said. Claire assured Wyatt that Ben was not dangerous, and she promised to fix the situation. As Wyatt turned to walk away, Claire promised to pay Wyatt more money. Reluctantly, Wyatt agreed. Claire digitally sent the money to Wyatt.

"I still don't feel great about this," Wyatt said. Wyatt said he did not want to use the money to buy a bodyguard. From across the square, Ben watched Wyatt walk away from Claire and into the park.

In the loft, Ciara woke up in bed next to Tripp. "Best way to wake up ever," Tripp said with a chuckle. "I should see if grandma Julie needs me again today," Ciara said. Ciara reached for her phone and looked at the messages. "Someone just confessed to framing Ben!" Ciara gasped.

"Why would Wyatt plant evidence to frame Ben? It doesn't make any sense," Ciara said. Ciara noted that she and Wyatt were not close. Tripp argued that Wyatt's crush was enough of an incentive. Ciara said she did not understand why Wyatt would stick his neck out for someone that had tossed him aside.

"Because when he looks at you, he sees this smart, funny, kind, generous woman, and then he realizes how close he came to losing you. So, yeah, he planted the evidence," Tripp said. Ciara complained that Ben had been hurt by the scheme, but Tripp countered that Ben was dangerous. "I can't lose you, Ciara. I love you," Tripp said. "I love you, too," Ciara said. Tripp and Ciara made love.

While Tripp was in the shower, Ciara called Wyatt. A surprised Wyatt agreed to meet Ciara in the park off of the square. As Wyatt said, "You know I would never do anything to hurt you, right?" Ciara ended the call. Ben walked into the clearing of the park and aggressively leaned in toward Wyatt. Flustered, Wyatt confessed that Tripp had been the one to plant the evidence.

When Ciara arrived to meet Wyatt, she found Ben sitting on the bench instead. Confused, Ciara asked about Wyatt. "He is gone," Ben said. Concerned, Ciara asked Ben what he had done to Wyatt. "It wasn't Wyatt that framed me. It was Tripp," Ben said.

Outside the pub, Chad talked to Sami on the phone about E.J. "Nothing really surprises me anymore," Chad said. Chad thought about when the EMTs had taken Abigail away from her daughter. Ben walked around the corner and saw Chad sitting on the bench. Chad ended his phone call with Sami. "How did it go with Abigail?" Ben asked. Chad nervously looked around to make sure that no one saw him talking to Ben.

"You don't get to ask about Abigail. You don't get to ask about my family, not after what you did with my son," Chad said. Ben nodded in understanding. Chad warned Ben to stay away from his family. With a sigh, Chad walked away.

At Kate's hotel room, Gabi told Kate that Abigail was locked up in Bayview after giving birth. "Abigail is finally getting what she deserves," Gabi said with a grin. Gabi popped open a bottle of Champagne. Kate reminded Gabi that Chad still did not know that the baby was his child. "I want [Abigail] to feel my pain," Gabi gloated. Kate told Gabi that her plan was cruel.

"Abigail believed in you. She trusted that you were her best friend," Kate said. Gabi countered that Kate had been eager to help before. Kate said she had changed her mind. "Do you have even a shred of remorse about this?" Kate asked. Gabi admitted that she had not felt as great as she had expected to feel when Abigail had been sent to Bayview. Gabi said she had attempted to turn herself in at the police station. Gabi told Kate about her conversation with Will.

"You felt guilty, and yet you're here drinking Champagne," Kate said. Gabi said that Hope had told her about the baby and Abigail's commitment, and she had changed her mind. "I'm going to do the right thing somehow. Just not now," Gabi said. With a nod, Kate warned Gabi that she still needed to tell Chad that he was Charlotte's father. There was a knock at the front door.

"Kate. It's me. Can you open up?" Chad asked from the hallway. Gabi and Kate stared at one another. Gabi whispered to Kate to not tell Chad anything yet. Reluctantly, Kate told Gabi to hide then she opened the door and invited Chad inside. Kate told Chad that she was sorry to hear about Abigail. Chad told Kate about baby Charlotte.

"For a second, I looked into her eyes, and she was mine. I knew it with all my heart," Chad said. "And then I realized that she wasn't mine and that she was Stefan's. And then I made a deal with the devil. So, I traded the baby away," Chad said. Chad said he wanted to be a family with Abigail and Charlotte, but that was not possible until Abigail got help for her illness.

"She screamed for her baby," Chad said as he recounted when the EMTs had taken Abigail away. "It's the only way to save Abigail's life. The only way," Chad said as if to convince himself. Kate assured Chad that things would get better. Chad was not so sure. Chad explained that Abigail was paranoid and had accused Kate of drugging her. With a sigh, Chad told Kate that she was the only person left in the world that he could count on. Chad thanked Kate. Chad noticed the Champagne. Kate lied and said, "I had some company last night."

After Chad left, Gabi thanked Kate for helping her. Kate ordered Gabi to tell Chad the truth as soon as possible. Gabi argued that she needed to wait so that Stefan bonded with Charlotte before Gabi removed the baby from Stefan's life.

In Bayview, Abigail roused awake. J.J. sat in a chair beside her. Abigail asked about her baby, Charlotte. J.J. assured Abigail that Jennifer was with Charlotte, and that Kayla had said that the baby was healthy. "Are you in on this, J.J.? Did you help Chad and Stefan steal my baby?" Abigail asked. J.J. said he had been unaware of Chad's plan, and he was unhappy about it. Abigail complained that no one was on her side.

J.J. explained that he had confronted Gabi about the sleeping pills. Abigail argued that Gabby had not appeared unless Gabi had been around first. When J.J. mentioned Kate, Abigail argued that Kate was working with Gabi. Abigail noted that J.J. had to be suspicious if he had been willing to confront Gabi.

"What is best for me in Gabi's world is this," Abigail said, waving her hand around the room. Abigail argued that Gabi wanted to punish her. "I was this close to proving everything!" Abigail complained. Abigail told J.J. about what had happened with Kate before the kidnapping and how Kate had almost passed out. When J.J. said he would do anything to help Abigail, she demanded that he get her out of Bayview.

"I've been here before, J.J. I've fought my way back to my sanity and my family, but this time, I have a little bit of an upper hand because I happen to not be insane," Abigail said. Abigail vowed to prove that Gabi was to blame. With a hand on her belly, Abigail noted that she needed to nurse her daughter as soon as possible. J.J. assured Abigail that she would be home with her children soon. Abigail asked J.J. to check on Charlotte. With a nod, J.J. agreed. J.J. reminded Abigail to take her medication.

"I don't think there is anything in there that is going to solve my problem," Abigail said. J.J. counseled Abigail to remember that taking the medication would help with the doctors. Abigail grabbed the cup of pills and swallowed them. With a kiss on his sister's forehead, J.J. told Abigail that he loved her then he left. Once alone, Abigail cried.

In a hospital room, Jennifer fussed over baby Charlotte. "Your grandma is here, and I'm never, ever gonna leave your side," Jennifer said. Jennifer promised Charlotte that everyone would take care of her. "Get the hell away from my daughter," Stefan growled as he walked into Charlotte's room. Stefan reminded the nurse that he had left instructions to keep everyone out of the room. Stefan asked the nurse for privacy.

"I have every right to be with her," Jennifer said. Stefan told Jennifer to leave. "You sold out my daughter. She trusted you. God knows why, but you sold her out to get your hands on this sweet girl," Jennifer said. Stefan laughed. Jennifer asked why Stefan had turned on a woman he had purported to love.

"It was never going to work. Gabby was never coming back," Stefan said. Suspicious, Jennifer asked, "What do you mean?" Stefan argued that Chad had been the one that had sold out Abigail. Jennifer bristled. Stefan told Jennifer to talk to Chad because he had been the one that had committed Abigail.

"I don't need to twist the truth to make you the bad guy, because you are the bad guy," Jennifer said. Stefan ordered Jennifer to leave. As Jennifer lit into Stefan, Kayla entered and asked Stefan and Jennifer to stop arguing. Stefan complained that Kayla should not have let Jennifer into the room.

Kayla explained that she had believed it was the right thing to let Jennifer see her granddaughter. Stefan noted that Jennifer had met her granddaughter. With a groan, Jennifer told Stefan that he would not keep her from Charlotte. Jennifer walked out. Stefan fussed over the baby. When the nurse arrived with the bottle, Stefan was eager to feed Charlotte. Stefan held Charlotte in his arms as she cooed, and he promised to take care of her.

In the hallway outside, J.J. talked to Kayla about Abigail. "Abigail fought so hard to get healthy again, and she was really doing it," Kayla lamented. J.J. told Kayla that Abigail did not believe her alters were back, and she felt that Kate and Gabi had set Abigail up.

"She's actually been claiming that Gabi's been drugging her," J.J. said. Kayla thought about when Gabi had gotten a refill on her prescription of sleeping pills and had confirmed that the pills were safe for pregnant women. J.J. noticed the startled look on Kayla's face, and he asked her what was wrong.

In the square, when Tripp arrived for work, he told Claire about his conversation with Ciara about Wyatt. Claire told Tripp that she had talked to Wyatt and not to worry.

Chad went to the Horton house to ask Jennifer about Abigail. Jennifer slapped Chad across the face. At Bayview, Gabi visited Abigail.

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