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Gabi confessed her plan to Abigail. Valerie accepted a job offer at an out-of-town hospital. Paul left Salem. Lani was jealous of Eli and Sheila. Ben told Ciara that Tripp had framed him. Tripp broke up with Ciara because of her feelings for Ben. Sonny reunited with Will.
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Gabi proudly confesses everything to Abigail Gabi proudly confesses everything to Abigail
Monday, November 19, 2018
by Mike

At the police station, Lani greeted Abe, who was looking for Eli -- and seemed to be in a foul mood. "[Eli's] not in yet. Everything okay? [Is] Sheila parked in your spot again?" Lani asked teasingly. "[I just] need to talk to [Eli] about a case...[but actually, Sheila isn't] in anybody's spot! Today's her first day of work, and she's nowhere to be found! So, if you happen to see her...tell her she's fired!" Abe angrily replied.

Although Abe had expected nothing but trouble from Sheila all along, Lani was surprised to hear that Sheila was off to such a bad start. "I thought Eli would make sure that she got here on time...but he's MIA, too... Let me call him and see --" Lani offered, already reaching for a nearby phone. "Don't bother. I'm gonna borrow someone temporarily from the police department. But if you do happen to find her...tell her I never want to lay eyes on her again," Abe replied before storming off. Undeterred, Lani dialed Eli's number -- and grew concerned when the call went to voicemail.

Lani rushed over to the Martin mansion and knocked on the door to Eli's room. "I tried to call, but you didn't answer," Lani began to explain when Eli opened the door, wearing only a towel. "Didn't hear it. What's going on?" Eli replied as Lani barged into the room. "My father is on the warpath because your good friend Sheila didn't show up for work today," Lani elaborated.

Just then, Sheila emerged from Eli's bathroom, wearing a robe. "[Eli], that shower is so nice and warm. Oh -- hello, [Lani]," Sheila casually stated before grabbing a stack of clothes and stepping back inside the bathroom to get dressed. "So, now you're blowing off work to hang out with your good friend Sheila?" Lani asked as Eli also started getting dressed. "I wasn't 'blowing off' anything...and yes, she's my friend -- and just so you know, that's all she is," Eli replied. "Right. And not that I care, but is that why you two are just parading around together half naked?" Lani skeptically countered.

"We weren't 'parading around' -- [she just] had some food last night that made her sick as a dog," Eli explained as Sheila emerged from the bathroom again. "Word to the wise -- do not partake in those oysters at Doug's Place. Them slimy little things had me up all night," Sheila warned Lani with a groan. "But thanks to Eli, I'm feeling slightly human again," Sheila added.

"Now, I need to go ahead and get to work..." Sheila concluded before starting to rush off. "You're two hours late, and my father never wanted to hire you in the first place, [so] don't bother -- you're fired," Lani unapologetically revealed. "Well, damn. Well, you think it's too much to ask for you to smooth things over with him?" Sheila wondered. "Yes," Lani tersely replied. "Fine, whatever -- then I'll just have to work my Sheila magic on him myself," Sheila decided, shrugging. "Deuces!" Sheila added, flashing Lani the peace sign.

"What's your problem?" Eli asked Lani after Sheila left the room. "My problem?" Lani incredulously countered. "Sheila has no money, and you just decide to take her to Doug's Place for dinner?" Lani continued. "I didn't 'take her' to Doug's Place. I had some food leftover in my fridge that probably had been in there too long," Eli clarified. "Okay, so...I know why Sheila didn't show up for work this morning, but you didn't call because...?" Lani wondered. "Because I was up all night with her. I finally dropped off around 5:00 a.m., and I slept through my alarm," Eli explained.

"Why are you grilling me like I'm some perp?" Eli asked defensively. "Because I was worried!" Lani snapped. " you're...mad..." Eli curiously observed.

Lani denied being angry, but Eli wasn't convinced. "I don't get it. When I told you I wanted to be with you, you shot me down, so why are you acting like you're jealous of Sheila?" Eli wondered. "'Jealous'? Of Sheila? You can't be serious!" Lani dismissively countered. "Then what's your problem?" Eli asked. "I don't know -- maybe that I took a risk with my dad and helped get her that job, and she made me look like a fool!" Lani complained. "Well, don't blame me. I didn't ask you to do [that]," Eli pointed out. "I didn't say you did!" Lani replied. "Then why are you here, taking my head off?" Eli wondered.

"If you didn't want to help Sheila, then why did you?" Eli continued. "I thought [the reason] would have been obvious..." Lani evasively replied. "I wouldn't have asked if [it was]," Eli pointed out. "Because I'm a nice person!" Lani explained with a shrug. "[Look], she has nowhere to stay, [and] she's been staying here with you because she can't afford rent on her own --" Lani began to add.

"Oh, okay -- [and] if she gets [a] job, then she'll have a place to stay, and we won't be on top of each other in this tiny little room...right?" Eli realized with a grin. "That's not why... Stop smiling at me! You know what? This was a waste of my time!" Lani replied before storming off. "I'll be [at the station] soon," Eli called out, stifling a laugh. "Take your time! You weren't missed!" Lani shot back as Eli's door slammed shut.

At the police station, Sheila tried to explain the situation to Abe, who was quick to assume that she had gotten sick the previous night because she had partied too much. "Well, now you can sleep it off some more, [because] I've already put in for a new assistant," he revealed before ordering her to leave. "I drug myself out of bed [while] sick to get here! That doesn't count for anything?" she protested. "Come on, Mr. Mayor -- this is the first break I've had in years! Decades, even! [And] I'm just asking for a chance! [Look], I'm only late because of those damn oysters!" she continued. "What?" he asked, still not sympathetic but suddenly confused.

"That's what made me sick -- I ate Eli's leftovers," Sheila explained to Abe. "[You know], if I would have shown up [on time], I would [have been] puking all over your office," she added. "I don't have time for these excuses," he dismissively replied, still skeptical. "'Excuses'? I --" she began to protest before suddenly turning away from him to vomit. "I am so sorry! Do you believe me now?" she asked him after recovering.

At the Horton house, Chad recovered from Jennifer's slap then wondered what had prompted it. "I thought that [we] had agreed that [Abigail] needs help," Chad pointed out. "Well, we certainly disagreed about how to make that happen!" Jennifer spat. "I didn't have another choice!" Chad insisted. "Really? You didn't have another choice [than to] take my very pregnant daughter to a deserted island and not tell anybody?" Jennifer countered. "Would you prefer that I left her in a house with the man that raped her?" Chad asked, confused. "No, I would prefer that you told me what was going on instead of making [unilateral decisions]!" Jennifer clarified.

"I tried to call you so many times, and you never picked up your phone! Do you have any idea how worried I was?" Jennifer continued. "I didn't have any reception!" Chad explained. "Of course! Everyone knows there's no reception [there]!" Jennifer countered. "I didn't know that!" Chad insisted. Jennifer guessed that Chad hadn't cared to check, either, since Abigail had been pregnant with someone else's child -- and that child's welfare, therefore, hadn't been much of a concern to Chad. "That's not true!" Chad protested, amazed that Jennifer had even suggested such a thing. "I put [all that] aside as soon as I delivered that baby!" Chad added.

"And then you used that baby as a bargaining chip and sent her to the wolves!" Jennifer angrily summarized. Chad tried to assure Jennifer that Charlotte would be fine with Stefan, but Jennifer was quick to remind Chad that Stefan wasn't exactly the most reliable guy in the world. "Yeah, well, it's his daughter, not mine," Chad pointed out, shrugging. "It's Abigail's daughter, too!" Jennifer countered, getting even more worked up.

"You made a decision with your horrible brother, [and] you didn't talk to me [first], and you didn't get my consent, so not only am I scared to death about Charlotte and the life that she is starting with your sadistic brother, but do you have any idea what this separation is gonna do to [Abigail's] mental state, [or how much it's gonna] add to her misery [to know] that you took her newborn baby and put it in the hands of a man that she despises? What in God's name were you thinking?" Jennifer continued. "I was thinking about your daughter -- that's what I was thinking! Everything I've done is for her!" Chad defensively replied.

"And now that she's at Bayview, we can do something to help her --" Chad started to add. "Oh, there's no 'we' -- [or have you forgotten that] you are not her husband [anymore]? You walked out on her when she needed you the most, so from now on, you have no say in what goes on in her life," Jennifer insisted. Scoffing, Chad refused to apologize to Jennifer for anything. "What I did wasn't just for Abigail; it was for [Thomas], too, 'cause she's in no place to take care of [him, just like she] sure as hell isn't in a place to take care of a newborn," Chad argued, shrugging. "So, Charlotte's in [better] hands with a monster?" Jennifer incredulously countered.

"[You know, Stefan's already said that] I'm not allowed to see my grandchild!" Jennifer informed Chad. He dismissively promised to fix that, but she doubted that he would be able to do so. Fed up, she threw him out.

At Bayview, Gabi said to Abigail, "Surprised to see me? Yeah, I know -- 'family only' -- but I wanted to see my BFF so badly that I might have bent the truth a little bit. [See], I told the nurse that I was J.J.'s wife, [which] makes me your sister-in-law. [Anyway], I think it's time that we get a couple of things straight." Uninterested, Abigail tiredly ordered Gabi to leave.

"Abigail, you're hurting my feelings, okay? I'm your best friend!" Gabi dramatically protested. "I don't really think you were ever my friend," Abigail countered. "How can you say that?" Gabi asked, pretending to be hurt. "Do you not remember [that] you were the maid of honor at my wedding? I have the photos to prove it!" Gabi continued.

"You've really got an album from that day?" Abigail asked skeptically. "Because that's the day that Chad showed up and announced that [Nick wasn't the father of your baby]," Abigail pointed out, adding that Gabi's relationship with Nick hadn't exactly ended on a happy note. "Glass houses, Abigail. Are you really gonna sneer at me for murdering the man that tried to rape me? [I mean], you're the one that killed your own brother-in-law in cold blood!" Gabi countered. "You are such a bitch. It is no wonder that your life is a mess," Abigail mused with a laugh and a shake of the head. "Ouch. That really hurts," Gabi claimed.

"[Here I am], trying to recall a happy, wonderful memory, and you've gotta go [and] take it to the negative! But I guess that goes with the territory -- [I mean], when you're as sick as you are, you always see the dark side of the moon, right?" Gabi continued. "Well, I think everything's pretty dark when you're around," Abigail agreed. "Oh, Abigail -- there you go [again]. I mean, you always know how to hurt me to the core," Gabi complained.

Abigail again ordered Gabi to leave, but Gabi refused to do so without first getting an apology from Abigail. "[You have to] take back what you said about us not being friends, [because] I clearly remember us being very good friends, okay? [See], I think you're confusing me with Chad, [because] he's the only person that's ever really hurt you," Gabi argued.

"So, now you're trying to turn me against Chad," Abigail summarized. "I think he did that himself. [I mean, he teamed] up with Stefan -- the man he says he hates -- and then both of them [stabbed] you in the back by locking you up, stealing your baby, [and] throwing away the key. What a tragic ending to your fairytale love story. My heart goes out to you, really. I mean, I can't even imagine what it'd be like to be away from my child..." Gabi continued with mock sympathy. "Oh, wait -- actually, I can, thanks to you and Stefan," Gabi added. "And you're just never gonna let that go, [are] you?" Abigail guessed.

"God knows I've tried," Gabi admitted, dropping the act. "I've probably [reminded myself] a hundred times [that] it wasn't really you who sent me to prison, [and] it wasn't really you who kept me away from my baby for months. No -- it was your sick, twisted alters, right? Because poor, sweet, innocent Abigail -- she'd never hurt me, [and] she'd never want to ruin my life. [But] the person who killed Andre and framed me for that murder looks exactly like you -- same features, same height, same wimpy little voice..." Gabi continued, scowling.

"That was a pretty rough time -- [especially for] my five-year-old daughter, [who] thought that I had abandoned her, [and] hated me [as a result]. Do you know what that's like? No, no -- I guess you don't...but you are gonna find out. Although, now that I think about it, you're not Charlotte's mother. [I mean], you can't have it both ways, okay? You claim that [Gabby] killed Andre and sent me to prison, so that means [Gabby] is Charlotte's mother. [You know], I'm surprised that [Gabby hasn't] come out [to] claim that baby as hers [yet]," Gabi concluded.

"[That's] because I'm not sick anymore," Abigail reasoned, adding that Gabi had simply been making it look like Gabby was back. "Just admit it," Abigail challenged Gabi.

Smirking, Gabi unceremoniously removed a dark-haired wig from her purse and confirmed, "[Okay], smarty pants. [You've been] 100% correct [all along]."

"To want to destroy my life -- to hate me that much..." Abigail began to muse with a shake of the head. "With the passion of a thousand burning suns," Gabi stressed through gritted teeth. "I want nothing more than to see you pay for what you did to me. [I mean], when you got back from being dead for a little while, I stepped aside so that you and Chad could be together [again], and how is it that you thank me? You thank me by getting me locked up for a crime I didn't commit! And now, because of that, I can't even have children [anymore]!" Gabi continued.

"I never meant to hurt you!" Abigail insisted. "But I do want to hurt you!" Gabi countered, shrugging. "You just keep leading this amazing, great life, and I'm the one that just keeps getting screwed! [I mean], you didn't even get punished for what you did -- you didn't even get a slap on the wrist -- because everything [always goes your] way!" Gabi continued.

"Why are you just confessing all of this now?" Abigail wondered. "Because you can't do anything about it. [I mean], I have you exactly where I want you. [And] no one is gonna believe anything that you say [about this conversation], because [it'll be coming] out of a crazy person's mouth!" Gabi cheerfully explained.

Fed up, Abigail jumped out of bed and slammed Gabi against a wall. "[If] you want me to be Gabby so badly, [then] you got her! I'm not sick [anymore], but Gabby is still a part of me, and whatever hell you think she put you through before, you have no idea what's coming at you now!" Abigail spat, wrapping both hands tightly around Gabi's neck.

Just then, Chad entered the room. Stunned, Chad quickly pulled Abigail off of Gabi. "I just came to talk to her [because] I wanted to tell her that no matter what we've been through, [I'll always be] here for her, [and] I want her to recover... [But], Chad, she attacked me, [and] she told me that I was the reason why she was here, [and] that she was Gabby, and that she was gonna --" Gabi tearfully claimed through gasps for breath. Abigail tried to convince Chad that Gabi had actually just confessed that Gabby had never really been back, but when Chad went to search Gabi's purse for the wig, it was nowhere to be found.

Horrified, Abigail demanded to know what Gabi had done with the wig. Gabi, who had tossed the wig behind a dresser while Chad had been getting Abigail calmed down, feigned ignorance. "Chad, is she hallucinating [now]? Is this [a new symptom]?" Gabi asked. "She's getting more violent, [too]," Gabi added. "You want to see violent? I will so show you violent!" Abigail spat, lunging toward Gabi again.

Chad quickly intervened and called for help. "You are not gonna get away with this!" Abigail warned Gabi while being forcibly removed from the room.

While Chad was distracted, Gabi picked up the wig and stuffed it back in her purse. He soon returned and apologized to her for what had happened.

"How's Abigail?" Gabi asked. "They had to restrain her and throw her in a more secure room," Chad reported. "What the hell were you thinking, showing up here?" Chad demanded to know. "I was just trying to get through to her, okay? I wanted her to remember that we were friends. I was trying to get back to how things used to be," Gabi claimed. "Yeah, that's never gonna happen," Chad insisted.

Gabi grinned triumphantly as Chad walked away.

At the park, Ben told Ciara that Tripp had planted the can of accelerant at the cabin -- and Claire had bribed Wyatt into taking the fall for the crime. "Why on earth would she --" Ciara began to ask. "Because she was trying to protect her good buddy Tripp," Ben guessed. "Look, I know he's your boyfriend and all, and I'm not trying to make any trouble between you guys. I just thought you should know what kind of guy he really is," Ben added.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire reassured Tripp that Wyatt was never going to reveal the truth about the can of accelerant. Tripp admitted to having regrets about framing Ben, but Claire insisted that there was no reason for Tripp to feel guilty. Tripp eventually decided that Claire was right. Just then, Claire's phone chimed. "Okay, well, this makes no sense at all..." Claire mused, chuckling nervously. "Wyatt returned the money to my account," Claire continued. "Why, Tripp? Why?" Claire asked worriedly. "Maybe it's a glitch," Tripp suggested with a shrug. Unconvinced, Claire rushed off in a panic to find Wyatt, who wasn't answering her calls.

Claire ran into Ben while passing through the park. "Why have you been lying to me?" he asked. "I don't get it. I mean, here I am, [thinking we're] a team --" he began to add. "We are a team!" she nervously insisted. "No, we're not -- not if you're working for Tripp," he countered. "Whose side are you really on?" he demanded to know, eyeing her suspiciously.

Meanwhile, Ciara joined Tripp in the town square and revealed what Ben had just said. "I'm sorry to be bringing this up. I know you already told me that you didn't [frame Ben], and I want to believe you...[but] I just have to be sure. [And] I know this sounds totally crazy --" Ciara began to add. "No, it doesn't...[because] the truth is, Ciara...I'm the one who framed Ben," Tripp admitted.

Paul says goodbye Paul says goodbye
Tuesday, November 20, 2018

In the police precinct, a still-ailing Sheila vomited on Abe's shoes. With a look of disgust, Abe walked away to get cleaned up. Abe returned with his shoes wrapped in a bag and asked Sheila to take them to be cleaned. Abe added that he needed Sheila to pick up his spare shoes from his office, as well.

"Does that mean I still have a job?" Sheila asked with surprise. Abe confirmed Sheila was not fired. "In the future, if you feel sick, call and let me know," Abe said. As Sheila rushed out to deal with the shoes, Valerie walked in and asked to talk to Abe privately. Abe escorted Valerie into the interrogation room.

"I've just been offered a job back at my old hospital in D.C. Chief of staff!" Valerie said with a grin. Abe asked Valerie if she had made her decision. Valerie asked Abe to move with her to D.C. Surprised, Abe noted that he was the mayor and could not leave town. Valerie suggested that Abe could move later.

"We could do a long-distance relationship," Valerie suggested. "I don't think so," Abe said. Valerie said both the opportunity and Abe were important to her. "But not important enough for you to pass on this opportunity," Abe said. Valerie said she was disappointed if Abe thought it was a competition between Abe and her job. Abe argued that the distance was not something he wanted.

"You want us to be together but on your terms. Meaning you get to stay in your job as mayor, but I have to turn down this opportunity," Valerie noted. Angry, Valerie said, "To hell with that." Annoyed, Valerie walked out. Sheila walked in as Valerie breezed past her. "Problem?" Sheila asked.

Abe explained the situation with Valerie. Sheila said that long distance was not good. Sheila added that Valerie had wanted to be chief of staff since Sheila and Eli had been kids. "I'm so happy for her! Aren't you?" Sheila asked. Abe raised an eyebrow. Sheila asked Abe if he was too selfish to be happy for Valerie. Abe bristled at the accusation.

"Your girl gets her dream job, and you expect her to turn it down so that you aren't alone at night? And you don't even put a ring on it?" Sheila said. Abe ordered Sheila to answer the phones. With a shrug, Sheila walked back to her desk.

Paul asked Brady to stop by his apartment to talk. Paul informed Brady that he had confronted Will and "set him free." "I didn't think I believed in soul mates after Sonny," Paul admitted. Paul said he did not know if he could feel that way again. Brady advised Paul to keep himself open to a relationship in the future.

"I'm not worried about you. You'll find love again. You're a good guy. You will find love again," Brady said. "I do hope that I find love again at some point. And I know that I did the right thing. Will is in love with Sonny. They belong together," Paul said. Paul explained that Will had moved out. Brady asked what Paul planned to do next. "I'm leaving Salem," Paul said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Will left a message on Sonny's voicemail. "Where are you, Sonny?" Will wondered aloud.

At the hospital, Kayla discharged Marlena. John was thrilled to take his new wife home. Will entered Marlena's room. When John suggested that they go see Will's new apartment, Will's face fell. "There has been a change in plans, and I'm moving out," Will said. John left to find Paul.

"I'm pretty sure that John hates me now," Will said. Marlena assured Will that John was just worried about Paul. Will said that when Paul had confronted him, he had owed Paul the truth. Marlena told Will that he had done the right thing. With a sigh, Will explained that Sonny had left town before Will had been able to tell him about the breakup with Paul. Will explained that Sonny had left on the Titan jet, and Will had no idea where Sonny had flown.

"Give it some time. I think when he finally hears your messages, I think he'll call you back," Marlena counseled. "He has to come back," Will said quietly. Will wondered if he would be able to be friends with Paul in the future. Marlena shrugged. Will's phone rang with a call from Adrienne. There was no news about Sonny. Marlena assured Will that he would hear from Sonny soon.

When John arrived at Paul's apartment, he asked how Paul was doing. Paul said he was fine. Brady informed John that Paul was leaving Salem. "I've already made arrangements to move back to San Francisco," Paul said. Paul explained that his mother had told him about an experimental therapy program in California. Paul added that since Will was no longer a barrier to the therapy, he had called about a spot in the program.

"Are you sure that you are doing all this for the right reasons?" John asked. Paul said he was not running away. "It would be hard for me to be here in Salem with Will and Sonny back together and all that. But mostly I could be with my mom, who I really, really miss. I could be hopeful because I could probably walk again someday," Paul said. Paul told John and Brady that he would miss them, but that he needed to do what was best for him.

"I need to get back on my feet again. In more ways than one," Paul said. Paul showed John the information on the clinic. John was impressed. John said he wanted Paul to stay in town, but he understood that the clinic was what was best for Paul. John asked Paul when he was headed out. There was a knock at the door. Paul's new aide, Luke, arrived to help Paul move.

"You're one of my idols," Luke said. Luke explained that Paul had helped give Luke the strength to come out. As Brady helped Luke take Paul's luggage downstairs, Brady asked Luke if he was single. When Luke admitted that he was single, Brady waggled a playful eyebrow at Paul. Paul smiled as Brady left with Luke. Paul apologized to John for leaving him high and dry at the detective agency. Paul said he was grateful for all the time he had been able to spend with John. John teared up.

"It was a great beginning," John said. "I grew up thinking that my father died when I was young, and I used to lie awake in bed, thinking what kind of man my father was. And then I met you, and I saw the way that you cherished Marlena and the way you protected your family and the way you fought for what was right. You have surpassed every expectation I have ever had about [you as a] father," Paul said.

"I'm so proud of you," John responded. John told Paul that he loved Paul's big heart, and he asked Paul to keep his heart open. John and Paul hugged and said they loved one another. Brady returned to tell Paul that his stuff was packed. Paul said it was funny that he had arrived in town to recuperate from his shoulder injury and was leaving for therapy for a different injury.

"I'm not hiding anymore, and I'm not pretending to be anyone I'm not. And for that, I do owe Sonny and Will a lot," Paul said. "Who is Sonny and Will?" Luke asked as he returned to the apartment. John chuckled. John told Luke that Paul would tell him on the flight. With a wave goodbye, John and Brady left with Luke. Paul looked around the apartment and sighed.

In the park, Ben told Claire he did not like to be "played." Claire claimed she had done everything possible to make sure that Ben won over Ciara. Ben told Claire she had thrown him under the bus. As Ben advanced closer to Claire, her eyes widened. Claire explained she had not known that Tripp had framed Ben until after Ben had been cleared by the police.

"I managed to score some more points with Tripp and that is good for the both of us," Claire said. "You know what would be good for me? If I went to the police and I had Tripp arrested," Ben said. Claire warned Ben that Tripp had prior offenses and would not skate like Wyatt. "I thought we were friends?" Claire asked. Ben grew quiet. Claire asked how Ben had learned the truth.

"Don't worry. I didn't hurt [Wyatt]," Ben said. Claire groaned. When Claire asked Ben if he planned to tell Ciara the truth, Ben confirmed that he had already told Ciara. Claire smiled. "Now Ciara will be furious with Tripp," Claire said. Ben reminded Claire that Ciara would hate her, too. Claire shrugged off Ciara's anger and noted that Ciara was usually angry with her.

"You cannot tell the police about Tripp," Claire said. "The guy set me up!" Ben grumbled. Claire told Ben that if he stole Ciara, he was even with Tripp. Ben told Claire he did not trust her and wanted to end their alliance. "You, the Necktie Killer, don't trust me?" Claire asked with a chuckle. Ben nodded. "Tripp and Ciara can never know that we were working together," Claire said.

In the café in the square, Ciara asked Tripp why he had framed Ben. Tripp said he knew Ben had been guilty, and he had acted to protect Ciara. "You almost ruined Ben's life. Are you even sorry?" Ciara asked. Tripp said his only regret was that Ben was not in jail. Ciara was furious. Frustrated, Tripp reminded Ciara that Ben had been the only person at the scene. Tripp added that Ben had killed people in the past. Ciara swore that Ben had changed after intensive therapy. Tripp said that although he believed people could change, he did not think that was applicable to someone who had murdered multiple people.

"When you are capable of actually making someone die, how do you know they are not capable of doing it again?" Tripp asked. Tripp explained that he had acted once Ciara had invited Ben to live in the loft. Ciara reminded Tripp that he had endangered her mother's job. Tripp said he regretted the harm to Hope. Ciara asked Tripp if he was okay with Wyatt taking the blame.

"Wyatt has been more than compensated," Tripp huffed. "You know damn well that that is not the point. I really thought you were better than this, but I guess I was wrong," Ciara said. Tripp argued he had been protecting Ciara. Confused, Ciara asked Tripp how he had been able to frame Ben. Tripp told Ciara that he had learned how from a case his father had worked on. Ciara asked about Claire. Tripp confirmed that Claire had only learned the truth recently.

"You lied right to my face and not just then, but you've been lying to me since the day they found the evidence that you planted," Ciara said. "I did this for you," Tripp stressed. "No. You did this for yourself," Ciara countered. Ciara explained that Tripp had been jealous of Ben, and Tripp had worked to drive a wedge between her and Ben.

"So, what are you thinking? That I manipulated you? Because that is totally unfair, Ciara. I asked you over and over again because I didn't want to pressure you [to have sex]. And you said you were [ready]. I thought this was something we both wanted," Tripp said. "I thought this was something we both wanted because I didn't know the truth," Ciara said.

"So, if Ben had still been an option, you might have sent me packing? And you sure as hell wouldn't have made love to me," Tripp said. Tears welled in Tripp's eyes. "I love you, and I thought you loved me, too," Tripp said. Tripp pointed out that Ciara was hung up on Ben. "Do you have feelings for Ben?" Tripp asked. Ciara stared at Tripp in silence.

"I knew there was something more going on with you and Ben," Tripp said. Ciara avoided the question, but Tripp persisted. "I guess I have my answer," Tripp said. As Tripp started to walk away, Ciara stopped him. "This is about us," Ciara said. "There is no more us. Not anymore," Tripp said. Tripp announced he needed to return to work then walked away. Ciara ran off.

As Tripp cleared a table, Claire approached him. Claire said she had talked to Ben. Tripp noted he had talked to Ciara. "We broke up," Tripp said. "I'm so sorry. Really," Claire said. As Tripp headed into the restaurant with the dishes, Claire smiled to herself.

In the park, Ben stopped Ciara as she walked by. "I just confronted Tripp. We're done," Ciara said. Ben asked to talk, but Ciara refused. "I can't talk about it. Especially not with you," Ciara said.

The residents of Salem celebrate Thanksgiving The residents of Salem celebrate Thanksgiving
Wednesday, November 21, 2018
by Mike

Valerie went to the Martin mansion to meet up with Eli so they could head over to Doug's Place together for Thanksgiving dinner.

As Eli finished getting ready, Valerie nervously admitted to having some news to share. "Oh, boy... Good news or bad news?" Eli wondered. "It's good! It's good!" Valerie insisted. "Um...I have been offered a chief-of-staff job," Valerie continued. Pleasantly surprised, Eli congratulated Valerie with a hug. "I had heard that, uh, Steve had got some assignment out of town. I guess Kayla's going [to join] him, huh?" Eli mused, not knowing why Steve was really gone. "Actually, this offer isn't [from University Hospital]; it's from the hospital in D.C. [that] I used to work [at]," Valerie hesitantly clarified.

Taken aback, Eli wondered if Valerie was actually considering the job offer. "It's an opportunity of a lifetime, Eli," Valerie pointed out, shrugging. "Yeah..." Eli conceded. "And you have been talking about this for as long as I can remember..." Eli added with a sigh. "You deserve it, Mom. I'm proud of you. And as much as I love having you here with me, I'm gonna visit you a lot, and we're gonna Skype all the time," Eli concluded, giving Valerie a smile and a nod of approval. "So, you understand why I have to take [the job]?" Valerie asked. "Of course," Eli confirmed. "Then why can't Abe?" Valerie fretted.

At the Horton Town Square, Abe and Lani wrapped up a videoconference with Theo, Brandon, and Celeste.

"Theo seems really good -- [and] hopeful," Lani noted as Abe turned off the tablet computer they had been using. "Yeah. He's made a lot of progress lately. I'm really proud of him," Abe agreed. "But Brandon...[he was] so quiet," Abe added with obvious concern. "Still in shock," Lani guessed. "Yeah... Nicole's death -- it was heartbreaking for...for so many people..." Abe mused, sighing heavily.

Changing the subject, Abe began venting to Lani about Valerie's plan to leave Salem. "I know how important this job is to her, [but] you'd think that [she'd] want something more [at this point in her life -- like] a home, a family..." Abe argued. "Same could be said for you, Dad. [I mean], you've been a great mayor for Salem, but you are not the only one who can do the job," Lani countered. "So, what are you trying to say -- that I should leave my job and move to D.C. with Valerie?" Abe asked incredulously. "Believe me -- I don't want you to. I'm just...I'm pointing out that there are options," Lani explained with a shrug.

At Doug's Place, Julie fussed over every last detail of the planned Thanksgiving dinner, despite Doug's repeated assurances that it was going to be perfect. "Spots on the glasses? That will never do!" Julie grumbled, reaching for a towel to wipe away the water stains that had been left on the crystal glasses. Just then, Sheila entered the club. "Am I early?" Sheila asked Julie, noticing that no one else had arrived yet.

"I'm Sheila -- Eli's friend," Sheila continued. "Oh -- what a relief!" Julie exclaimed, shoving the towel at Sheila. "My husband is basting the turkey, [and] I have to make sure he isn't basting himself! See what you can do about the spots on the glasses!" Julie added. "Uh...okay..." Sheila replied as Julie rushed off to the kitchen. With a shake of the head, Sheila reached for one of the glasses and started cleaning it.

When Julie returned a short time later, Sheila was in the process of placing the cleaned glasses on the table that had already been prepared for guests. "Not bad. Not bad at all," Sheila decided with a nod of satisfaction after completing the task. "Well, where are the salt and pepper shakers? And the berry bowls for the cranberry sauce?" Julie asked. "How [could I have known that] you wanted me to --" Sheila began to reply, confused.

"Never mind -- I'll get them myself!" Julie impatiently declared, already reaching for a nearby stack of bowls. "Now, [that] kitchen is a disaster, [so] I want you to go in there and get started on the pots and the pans, and when you've finished with that, go into the men's room and give it a good scrubbing --" Julie started to demand. Interrupting, Sheila protested, "I don't work for you, so either treat me with respect, or I can just leave."

Julie apologized for having inadvertently disrespected Sheila. "I get a little bossy when I'm under pressure," Julie explained. "But you are Sheila -- [as in] 'Sheila, Eli's friend' -- right?" Julie added. "Yes," Sheila confirmed. "Well, then, you are here to help set up for the dinner!" Julie reasoned with a shrug before giving Sheila a few more orders.

"And be sure -- be absolutely sure -- to clock in, because, you know, I pay double on holidays!" Julie concluded. "I don't care what you pay, [because] I don't work for you," Sheila repeated. "I happen to be the executive assistant to the mayor of Salem," Sheila continued. "Abe Carver?" Julie asked, surprised. "Well, he's the mayor, isn't he?" Sheila confirmed. "And don't dare look at me like that -- [as if] I can't have a job that important," Sheila defensively added. "Of course you can have a job that important. Why wouldn't I believe [that]?" Julie replied. "Five minutes ago, you assumed I was the dishwasher," Sheila reminded Julie.

"Because I hadn't been told that you had turned down my job offer!" Julie explained to Sheila as Doug emerged from the kitchen to find out what was going on. Julie and Sheila took turns filling Doug in on the misunderstanding -- and, in the process, went right back to bickering with each other. Eli soon arrived with Valerie and tried to defuse the situation. Eli was still hard at work when Abe entered the club a few minutes later.

"Grandma, you did tell me to invite any orphans," Eli pointed out. "You never told me that Sheila was going to be your 'orphan' -- [or] that she had turned down my job offer!" Julie countered. "Mea culpa, Grandma," Eli diplomatically replied. "It's her culpa, too, [for] jumping to conclusions!" Sheila protested. As Valerie stifled a laugh, Julie again apologized to Sheila, who skeptically accepted the apology.

"I baked you a sweet potato pie," Sheila told Julie, gesturing to a container that Eli had carried over from the Martin mansion. "Lani did, too. She had a work emergency," Abe, who was also carrying a container, explained. Doug took both containers and headed off to the kitchen with them, wanting to check on the turkey. Julie offered Sheila one last apology -- which seemed much more sincere than the others -- then chased after Doug.

Abe and Valerie tersely greeted each other. Afterward, Abe gave Sheila a greeting that was only slightly warmer. "Just so you know, [Mr. Mayor]...I wasn't able to pick up your shoes yesterday," Sheila revealed. "I lost the ticket. [And] can you believe the guy couldn't find [them] without the number? [But] don't get upset, because there is an awesome Black Friday sale tomorrow at Salem Shoes, [so] all I have to do is just get you a new pair [then]," Sheila added. "I don't want a new pair of shoes! I like those shoes!" Abe protested. Eli quickly intervened, reminding everyone that it was Thanksgiving -- a time to set aside differences.

Later, after the meal, Abe and Valerie -- who had admitted to being thankful for each other during a pre-dinner ritual -- apologized to each other for what had happened the previous day. "[I shouldn't have] lost my temper [and] stormed out," she insisted. "My new assistant tells me that I'm being selfish [by] not supporting you, [and] so did Lani, and...I think they both have a point," he admitted. "I know how important your career is to you, [and] this is an incredible accomplishment. I'm so proud of you. I've always been proud of you. [And] I realize now that I couldn't live [with myself if I knew that I had] held you back," he added.

"So, what is it you're saying?" Valerie wondered. "That we have to make this long-distance thing work," Abe clarified, giving her a smile. "Whatever it takes to keep you in my life," he stressed. Delighted, she gave him a kiss and thanked him for understanding.

Meanwhile, Sheila emerged from the kitchen and approached Eli. "[I was] trying to help [Doug and Julie] with the dishes, [but] do those two lovebirds ever stop singing? [Seriously], it's like being stuck in a Broadway musical! [Plus], my feet are on fire, so can we please just go?" Sheila begged. "Now? [But] I was hoping that Lani would [show up]," Eli protested. "If she does, then you can just run on back [here], like the lovesick puppy you are, but until then, can we hit the road?" Sheila countered, already exiting the club. Sighing, Eli followed Sheila outside, looking a bit concerned about Lani's extreme tardiness.

Sarah went to the Brady Pub to apologize to Eric for what had happened the previous night. "How you feeling?" Eric asked. "Like I got hit by a truck -- a truck that was filled with whiskey," Sarah replied. "It's all kind of blurry, but I do remember accosting some poor couple about the futility of relationships..." Sarah added, cringing. "My dad comped their meal, so no harm, no foul," Eric assured Sarah.

Eric offered to make a serving of Roman's secret hangover cure for Sarah. "I'm gonna need it if I'm gonna survive Thanksgiving at Chez Kiriakis," Sarah predicted. "What are your plans for the holiday?" Sarah asked as Eric started making the hangover cure. "Well, Mom and John [are] having a quiet dinner [at their place], and my Dad [is] actually serving food at the Horton Center. [But] I was there earlier today, so I thought I'd just come and hang here," Eric replied. "Eric, you cannot spend Thanksgiving alone!" Sarah protested as Eric finished preparing the hangover cure.

Eric served the concoction to Sarah and warned that it tasted even worse than it looked. "I can't believe I just did that so that I can spend a holiday with Victor Kiriakis!" Sarah grumbled after choking down the drink. "Oh, it'll be fun," Eric assured Sarah. "It would be so much more fun if you came along," Sarah countered, practically begging Eric.

Eric declined, not feeling particularly sociable. "I know I have plenty of blessings in my life, and at some point in time, I will be properly thankful...but right now, not so much," Eric stressed. "[Plus], I don't think Victor would be so thrilled to see me," Eric pointed out. "Just bring him a bottle of his favorite scotch. He'll get over it," Sarah dismissively countered. "[Besides], shouldn't we be trying to make this [day] great for Holly?" Sarah shamelessly added. Eric wasn't happy with the low blow but conceded the point and reluctantly agreed to join Sarah for Thanksgiving dinner at the Kiriakis mansion.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Justin joined Adrienne in the foyer. "You know what to do?" she quietly asked him. "Don't worry about me. I'm a pro," he assured her.

Satisfied, Adrienne doused both eyes with saline drops then led Justin into the living room, where Maggie and Victor were chatting about the planned Thanksgiving dinner. "It's just that it's Thanksgiving, and I just miss him so much..." Adrienne tearfully interjected, talking to Justin. "I know, Adrienne, [but] come on -- you have to celebrate with us. It's what Sonny would want," Justin protested. "But, Justin, I'm not gonna be good company," Adrienne insisted. "I'm sorry, everyone. I think I'm just gonna go to my room and --" Adrienne began to announce.

"Adrienne is upset because we can't find Sonny. Can you please tell us where he is [and] bring him home [so] his mother can celebrate Thanksgiving?" Justin asked Victor, stopping Adrienne's attempt to leave the room. "I'd like that, too, Victor!" Maggie stressed. "Nice try, but I'm not buying the act, Adrienne. [Look], Sonny left so he could get over Will, [and] he needs more time [for that to happen]. And your crocodile tears are not gonna make me change my mind [about that]," Victor insisted. "[But] Sonny only left because he didn't know that Paul and Will broke up! He doesn't even know that he can actually be with Will again!" Adrienne protested.

"Oh, so I should [just give Will a chance to break Sonny's] heart all over again?" Victor asked incredulously -- just as Will entered the mansion. "Victor, that's not fair!" Justin objected. "'Fair'? How many times has Will broken Sonny's heart? Wasn't that long ago [that] he moved back in here, only to leave and go chasing after Paul again," Victor countered as Will listened from the foyer. "Because Will didn't know who he was!" Adrienne pointed out. "That's no excuse. He's selfish and fickle, just like his mother, and it's my job to protect my nephew against him," Victor insisted. "Unbelievable!" Adrienne complained to Justin with a shake of the head.

"Some things never change," Will mused, entering the living room with a bouquet of flowers for Maggie. "Happy Thanksgiving," Will added with a sigh.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Victor demanded to know, glaring at Will. "Justin and I invited him," Adrienne explained. "If Sonny were home, he would want Will to join us," Justin added. "Well, Sonny's not here, so you should have your holiday elsewhere," Victor ordered Will. "Please, Victor! You know that Sonny still loves Will!" Maggie protested. "I know that he's attracted to him for some unknown reason," Victor conceded. "Why am I the only one that cares about [leaving] Sonny open for another betrayal?" Victor added, giving each of Will's supporters a look of disbelief.

"Victor's right," Will interjected. "I have hurt Sonny. And it's not exactly my fault that I lost my memory, but I did choose Paul," Will admitted. "Sweetheart, none of that matters now, really," Adrienne tried to assure Will. "Yeah, well, it matters to me," Will insisted. Will handed the bouquet of flowers to Maggie then left the mansion with a sigh.

"For God's sake, Victor, it's Thanksgiving! This is the day that we appreciate family! Can't you at least pretend to have a heart?" Maggie snapped. Victor seized the opportunity to complain that the mansion wasn't even filled with family members anymore -- just freeloaders. "Can we at least try to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving? I know -- I'll turn on a football game! Organized violence always seems to cheer you up!" Justin suggested. "Don't be a smartass, Justin," Victor countered as Adrienne stifled a laugh. Just then, Sarah entered the mansion with Eric.

"What's he doing here?" Victor asked Sarah, ignoring Eric's attempt to hand over a bottle of scotch. "I invited him," Sarah matter-of-factly explained. "You invited the man who killed my godson to Thanksgiving dinner?" Victor asked incredulously. "No way in hell he's gonna eat with us," Victor insisted, not even bothering to look at Eric.

Maggie, who was clearly embarrassed, apologized to Eric on Victor's behalf. "I should go and check on the food...although I really don't know who's gonna be here to eat it," Maggie added before rushing off to the kitchen with Will's bouquet of flowers. "We're gonna go, too," Justin announced for Adrienne. "Before dinner?" Victor protested. "We should be spending Thanksgiving with our son, [but] you won't tell us where Sonny is!" Adrienne reminded Victor. "I was protecting him!" Victor insisted. "Keep telling yourself that," Justin countered. "Enjoy your turkey. Try not to choke on it," Justin added.

"I'm gonna go check on Holly, and then I'm gonna be on my way," Eric told Sarah before heading upstairs, leaving the bottle of scotch on the coffee table.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Sarah, who was suddenly alone with Victor, snapped. "The man just lost the woman that he loves! Don't you have any ounce of humanity left in you?" Sarah continued. "Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?" Victor countered. "I'm your stepdaughter!" Sarah replied. "[And] are you aware that your new friend Eric killed your brother Daniel?" Victor asked. "It was an accident, for God's sake!" Sarah stressed. "And you don't have any room to talk! How many crimes have you committed? How many lives have you ruined?" Sarah added.

"This is my house, damn it!" Victor declared. "And all you do is make people feel miserable [in it] -- including my mother! If she was smart, she'd take off that wedding ring and shove it right in the turkey!" Sarah spat.

After Sarah stormed off, Maggie returned with a plate of appetizers. "Where is everyone?" Maggie asked. "Who cares? Nothing but a bunch of whiners and ingrates, anyway," Victor dismissively replied, reaching for a snack.

Meanwhile, in the foyer, Sarah tried to apologize to Eric, who had just finished checking on Holly and was preparing to leave. "Help! Sarah! Please help! He's choking!" Maggie suddenly called out from the living room.

A few minutes later, Victor, who was recovering from the scare, admitted with a sigh, "If I had died, there would have been dancing in the streets of Salem tonight, [considering my] bad behavior today."

Victor apologized to Maggie for having chased everyone away earlier. "I just hope it's not too late to make things right," Victor added, turning to Eric. "I'd like you to stay and have Thanksgiving dinner with us," Victor requested. Just then, Holly entered the living room, proudly wearing a holiday dress that had been a gift from Sarah. "[If I get to sit] next to this little angel, I'm in," Eric assured Victor before showering Holly with kisses.

While passing through the park, Will received a phone call from Sami. "How's E.J. doing? Oh, he's starting to communicate? That's great! Um...yeah, I wish you were here, obviously, but I'm -- I'm glad you two are together. What am I doing tonight?, Sonny's not here. I don't know -- I don't know when I'm gonna see him..." Will said during the phone conversation.

Later, while passing through the town square, Will spotted Justin and Adrienne, who were having dinner together. "Why aren't you at Victor's?" Will asked curiously. "The same reason you aren't," Justin replied. "You're not seeing your family tonight?" Adrienne asked. "No, John and Marlena wanted to stay in. They didn't want to do a big thing," Will explained, shrugging.

"Anyway, sorry -- enjoy your dinner," Will added before starting to walk away. "No, stay with us!" Adrienne insisted, and Justin agreed. "You sure?" Will asked. "Sonny would not want you to be alone," Adrienne reasoned.

After dinner at the Kiriakis mansion, Eric and Sarah bonded while playing with Holly upstairs. Meanwhile, in the living room, Victor offered Maggie the wishbone. "You have any Thanksgiving wishes left?" Victor asked. "A lot of them," Maggie admitted. "How 'bout one that I can actually fulfill," Victor suggested. "I wish Sonny would return to Salem and be with Will," Maggie announced. "That wish has already been granted," Victor revealed.

After dinner with Justin and Adrienne at the town square, Will went back to the park and tried to call Sonny again. "Hey, um, Sonny -- it is me again. I have no idea when you're gonna get this message, but I just wanted to call and say happy Thanksgiving...and that I'm thankful to have you in my life. I love you," Will said before ending the call. "I'm just as thankful for you, Will," Sonny replied, approaching Will from behind.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air
Friday, November 23, 2018

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air.

This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on November 26, 2018, and picked up where the November 21, 2018, episode concluded.

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