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January 7 to 11, 2019
Kayla told Jack about her rape. Abigail warned Ciara to break off her relationship with Ben after Ben admitted he had kidnapped Gabi for Stefan. Eve told Jennifer that she planned to marry Jack. Xander demanded that Victor make him CEO of Titan. Hope convinced Ted to represent Stefan in an effort to get Stefan to flip on Ben. DiMera Enterprises hired Chad as the CEO. Ben attempted to quit his job, but Chad fired him. Ciara overheard Claire confess that she had plotted with Ben. Ciara fought with Ben about Claire, and Ben broke up with Ciara. Leo offered Xander information in exchange for sex. Sonny and Will worked together to dig up dirt on Leo. Ciara flew to South Africa. Chad set up the Deveraux family to have dinner together. Eric told Chloe that he would not pursue custody of Holly. Chad offered Eve a position at DiMera. Melinda Trask told Haley that no one could know they were sisters. Rex returned to Salem.
January 14 to 18, 2019
Chad made headway with Abigail. Jack decided to go home with Eve instead of Jennifer. Eric attacked Xander after he learned Xander was alive and in Salem. Abe warned Melinda to get along with Hope. John agreed to help Will track down Leo's mother. Haley opened up to Marlena. The police arrested Xander, but he was freed because the evidence had been deleted when Xander had conned Sheila. The government dropped the charges against Stefan. Chad offered to give Gabi back her company, but Stefan vowed to destroy it instead. Hope pleaded with Rafe not to leave Salem to help Sami with the children. Rex told Sarah that he had slept with her sister. Sarah kissed Eric. Xander agreed to sleep with Leo in order to obtain leverage against Victor.
January 21 to 25, 2019
Xander drugged Leo to avoid sex, but Leo learned that Xander had tricked him. Xander had sex with Sarah, and Eric ended his friendship with her because of it. Victor hired Brady as CEO of Titan. Kayla looked for Dr. Rolf's notebook in order to recreate the serum for Jack. Eve convinced Jack to run for mayor. J.J. and Jack bonded over a beer. Kate refused to entertain Ted's offer to reconcile. Haley treated Tripp for a burn. Claire and Tripp made out. The DiMera board named Stefan and Chad as co-CEOs. Rex was suspicious of Eric and Sarah. Melinda announced her candidacy as mayor. Haley confessed to J.J. that she was an illegal immigrant.
January 28 to February 1, 2019
Leo's mother, Diana, visited. Diana refused to give Will incriminating information about her son. Haley confessed to J.J. that she was an illegal immigrant. Rex and Sarah reconciled, and Eric wondered if he had feelings for Sarah. Will told Jack about the serum to restore his memory, and Jennifer told Jack that the notes to create the serum were missing. Xander stole Rolf's notebook from Eve. Ben told Tripp about teaming up with Claire, and Tripp walked out on Claire. Ben confided to Marlena that he was in emotional turmoil without Ciara. Adrienne warned Leo to stop harassing Sonny for sex. Eli and Lani confessed their love for one another. Someone sent a bloody knife to Chloe in the mail. A mysterious figure kidnapped Ciara and held her hostage in a cabin. When Diana saw John, she called him Roman.
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February 4 to 8, 2019
Tripp forgave Claire. When Ciara disappeared, Marlena told Hope that Ben had missed a dose of his medication. Stefan protected Chloe from two men who wanted to avenge El Fideo's death. John told Marlena that Diana Cooper was actually his former lover, Diana Colville. Jordan kidnapped Ciara and Charlotte to protect them from Ben. Eric accepted Sarah's apology and agreed to be friends again. Stefan invited Chloe to move into the mansion for her safety. Abigail rebuffed Jack. Jack let it slip to Eve that J.J.'s friend was an illegal immigrant. Chad confronted Ben about Charlotte. Ben found Jordan ransacking his room.
February 11 to 15, 2019
Jack confided to Eve about J.J.'s friend's immigration problem. Brady worried about Chloe's move into the DiMera mansion. Sonny and Will spent Valentine's Day at the Salem Inn together. Jordan pointed the police toward Ben. When Eli found Charlotte's blanket and Ciara's phone in Ben's room, Hope arrested Ben. Ben escaped custody and saved Ciara before she burned to death at the cabin. Jordan staged Kate's suicide, but Rafe found Kate in time and took her to the hospital. Chad returned Charlotte to Abigail. Abigail told Chad she wanted to be a family with him again. Sarah and Eric spent Valentine's Day dinner together. Jordan knocked Ben unconscious. Ted kissed Hope.
February 18 to 22, 2019
Sarah worried that Rex had cheated on her the previous Valentine's Day, and she investigated to confirm that was not the case. Chad and Abigail remarried and moved to Paris. Furious that Gabi had tied him up so that Sonny and Will could spend the night together, Leo handed over his photos to the police. Eli was forced to arrest Will and Sonny for attempted murder. John told Diana that he intended to inform Marlena that Leo was his son. Stefan fired Gabi. Eve discovered that Haley was Melinda's sister, and Eve convinced Jack to use the information for his campaign. Ben saved Ciara from Jordan but was shaken by the fact that he almost killed his sister. Abe appointed Ted as the interim D.A. The judge dropped the charges against Jordan and ordered her to go to Bayview for treatment. Claire thought about when she had set the first fire at the cabin.
February 25 to March 1, 2019
Jack betrayed J.J. and informed the world that Haley was an illegal immigrant and Melinda's sister. Haley moved out of J.J.'s apartment. Gabi convinced Mr. Shin to force Stefan to rehire her at DiMera Enterprises. Hope apologized to Ben. Chloe bonded with Stefan over chess. After the police released Will and Sonny, Will punched Leo. John defended Leo against Will. Rex proposed to Sarah at work, and she turned him down because of Eric. Rex asked Eric for help with Sarah. Victor made a deal with Diana to help Sonny in exchange for Victor's help with John. Victor told Marlena that John was Leo's father. ICE ordered Eli and Lani to arrest Haley. Melinda dropped out of the mayoral race. Tripp found the lighter that Claire had used to set fire to Ciara's cabin. Ben questioned his sanity.
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MARCH 2019
March 4 to 8, 2019
Claire lied to Tripp about the lighter. J.J. worried that Haley might be suicidal. Ciara told Haley she could hide out in the loft, but a jealous Claire told Eve where to find her. Jack announced his candidacy as mayor, and he swore to arrest Haley. Stefan rehired Ben. Ben broke up with Ciara, and Claire urged Ben to reconsider. Kate told Rafe about her past with Ted. Hope counseled Ted not to quit as D.A. Sarah told Maggie about her feelings for Eric. Stefan kissed Chloe, but Gabi interrupted. After Stefan called Gabi jealous, Gabi agreed to work with Brady. After confronting John, Marlena helped him steal Leo's DNA to test paternity. At Will's request, John broke into Diana's safe. Diana plotted to kill Marlena.
March 11 to 15, 2019
The police arrested Haley. Diana poisoned a box of cookies for Marlena. Marlena almost died from an allergic reaction to the cookies. Brady warned Rex that Eric might go after Sarah. Tripp and Ciara were suspicious that Claire had informed the police about Haley. Rex applied for a job at the hospital. Eric told Sarah about his history with Brady. Nurse Shelly covered for Diana and accused Kristen DiMera of poisoning the cookies. Sarah kissed Eric, and Brady saw them. John confirmed to Leo that he was Leo's father. Leo suspected that his mother had poisoned Marlena. Julie told Ciara that Ben was working for Stefan again. After Diana poisoned Marlena's I.V. fluids, Marlena went into cardiac arrest.
March 18 to 22, 2019
Marlena had a near-death experience. Eric swore to God that he would not pursue Sarah if Marlena survived. With Gabi's help, Brady set a trap for Leo and Stefan. The cartel shot up the DiMera mansion, narrowly missing Ben and Ciara. Sarah confessed her feelings to Eric, and he told Sarah that he only wanted to be friends. After a judge ordered Haley to leave the country, J.J. proposed to her. Haley rejected J.J.'s proposal in favor of marrying Tripp. Eve covered for Claire and told Tripp that a neighbor had tipped her off about Haley. Jennifer, Kayla, and Tripp lashed out at Jack for his willingness to ruin Haley's life for political gain. Rafe and Hope celebrated their first wedding anniversary, but Ted interrupted their plans. Gabi agreed to continue to help Brady spy on Stefan. John set a trap for Diana.
March 25 to 29, 2019
Stefan saw Brady kiss Chloe. The police arrested Diana for attempted murder. Diana told Leo and John that she had altered the paternity test. Leo signed annulment papers. Will fell ill soon after Leo had cursed him. Ciara forced Ben to seek treatment for an injury and gave him a sponge bath. Brady attempted to blackmail Eric. Sarah told Rex about her feelings for Eric. Chloe told Stefan she was not ready for a relationship. Eric told Marlena about his vow to God. Gabi kissed Stefan. Sarah accepted Rex's proposal. Claire filmed a marriage proposal between Tripp and Haley and posted it online. Rafe told Abe about Ted's past. Jordan told Rafe that she'd had a baby but denied she had set the first cabin fire. J.J. was suspicious that Claire had set the cabin on fire. Eve recorded Tripp's confession to Claire about his sham marriage.
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APRIL 2019
April 1 to 5, 2019
Hope felt abandoned by Rafe when he ran off to California to help Jordan track down her son. Abe refused Ted's resignation letter because of Jack. Ted kissed Hope. J.J. theorized that Claire's lighter had been used to start the first cabin fire after Jordan denied she had set it. An ICE agent interviewed Haley and Tripp. Eve and Jack called a rally to play Tripp's confession video, but the file had been deleted. Eve announced that she and Jack were getting married. Rex continued to run tests on Will. Brady asked Gabi to seduce and marry Stefan. Stefan asked Ben to track down cartel members, and that worried Ciara. Maggie asked Sarah if she was marrying Rex for the right reasons. Kate asked Victor for a job. Lani bonded with Jordan's baby.
April 8 to 12, 2019
Ted told Hope he loved her. Jordan asked Rafe to look after baby David. Claire yelled at Eve for failing to stop Tripp's marriage to Haley. Jennifer kidnapped Jack and begged him not to marry Eve. Rex gave Will bad news about his health. Rex pushed Sarah to set a date for their wedding. Eric made Marlena promise not to tell anyone about his feelings for Sarah. Hope told Rafe about Ted's confession, and Rafe announced he would move out until Hope decided what she wanted. Ben asked Ciara to spend the night with him. Claire interrupted Haley and Tripp's wedding. Jack stopped his own wedding.
April 15 to 19, 2019
Despite Adrienne's efforts at sabotage, Jack married Eve. Claire interrupted Tripp's marriage to Haley, but she decided against giving proof to Agent Smith that the marriage was a sham. Ciara and Ben almost made love. Marlena promised Eric that she would not tell Sarah about his feelings. Gabi suggested to Stefan that they should have sex. Brady tricked Chloe into having a picnic, and she was furious. Will had a seizure before his biopsy surgery. Eric offered to be Sarah's wedding photographer. The cartel attacked Chloe and Stefan. Eli killed Ramon. Hector shot Rafe and kidnapped Ciara.
April 22 to 26, 2019
Kate was suspicious of Ted's interest in Hope. Ben was wounded after he fought with Ciara's captor, but he rescued her. Victor hired Kate despite Maggie's protests. Eve urged Chloe to pursue a relationship with Stefan. Gabi and Stefan had hate sex. Chloe and Stefan had a date night at home. Maggie counseled Brady to take a break from dating. Jack suspected that Abe was involved in something with Sheila. Rafe told Hope that Ted was lying to her, and Ted claimed it was over jewelry. Rex informed Will that his tumor was benign. Brady told Gabi to cancel their plan to seduce Stefan. Nicole returned to Salem. Ciara and Ben made love. Eli and Lani argued about her connection to David. Sarah confronted Eric about his feelings for her. A mysterious figure kidnapped Holly.
April 29 to May 3, 2019
Xander kidnapped Holly with Ted's reluctant assistance. Nicole reunited with Eric, and she blamed Chloe for Holly's kidnapping. Sarah struggled emotionally with Nicole's return. Hope learned that Ciara and Ben had slept together. Immigration informed Haley that she would not be deported, but it meant that Tripp and Haley needed to remain married for years. Claire was forced to move out of the loft. Jack announced at a rally that Abe was having an affair with Sheila, so Sheila resigned in order to save Abe's campaign. Abe broke up with Valerie. Lani wanted to take a leave of absence to help Rafe care for David, but Eli and Rafe disagreed. Stefan and Gabi had sex again. Will started treatment.
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MAY 2019
May 6 to 10, 2019
Brady discovered Gabi's affair with Stefan, but Gabi convinced Brady that Stefan had rejected her. Ted tricked Rafe into believing that he had spooked the kidnapper. Sarah refused to tell Rex that she had almost left him for his brother. Victor threatened to call the police on Nicole, but Sarah defended her. Maggie confided to Sarah that she did not believe Victor loved her anymore. Xander gave Holly to a new family and staged a car crash to convince Nicole that her daughter was dead. Will's tumor did not change after treatment. Nicole refused to forgive Eric. Maggie struggled to remain sober. Using Claire's recording, Eve blackmailed Haley into confessing about her sham marriage.
May 13 to 17, 2019
Brady made a deal with Xander to obtain Nicole's confession in exchange for a job at Titan and a divorce from Nicole. Stefan rejected Gabi's advances. Rafe signed Hope's divorce papers. Lani continued to keep Ben separated from David. Melinda confessed that Haley was her daughter, not her sister. Jack won the race for mayor. After Sarah made a plea to Nicole on Eric's behalf, Nicole suspected that Eric was involved with Sarah. Tripp broke up with Claire after he learned that Claire was to blame for Haley's deportation. Claire almost confessed to Ciara that she had set the cabin fire. A judge ordered Haley's deportation, but J.J. grabbed Haley, and they ran off together. Xander's partner was revealed to be Nicole.
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JUNE 2019
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JULY 2019
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October 7 to 11, 2019
October 14 to 18, 2019
October 21 to 25, 2019
October 28 to November 1, 2019
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