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Maggie saw Kristen in Nicole's hotel room and told Brady. Ben underwent hypnosis to remember the fire. Eric warned Nicole that Xander wanted to alter Holly's autopsy report. Jack arrested Jennifer for assault. Tripp delivered fake passports to Haley and J.J. John asked Eve to give him Rolf's diary. Xander refused to return the diary to Eve. Kayla told Will he might have days to live.
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Maggie saw Kristen in Nicole's hotel room and told Brady
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Monday, May 27, 2019

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, NBC aired its annual coverage of the French Open tennis tournament and, as a result, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, May 28, and picked up where the Friday, May 24, episode concluded.

Maggie sees Kristen Maggie sees Kristen
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

In Brady's room at the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny saw Maggie hurriedly shoving a bottle into a brown paper bag. Concerned, Sonny asked Maggie what she was doing. Maggie fumbled for an excuse, and she lied and said she had found the bottle of liquor in Brady's laundry. Sonny furrowed his brow with concern.

"Brady's fallen off the wagon?" Sonny asked. "Yeah. I suppose that's the only explanation," Maggie said. Maggie said it was no surprise after all that Brady had been through with Chloe and Holly. Sonny nodded. "Thank God he has you as a sponsor," Sonny said. Maggie promised to always be there for Brady.

After Sonny left, Maggie locked the door and clutched the bottle to her chest. Maggie unscrewed the top and sipped from the bottle of vodka. With a few sips of liquid courage in her, Maggie called for a car to pick her up at the rear entrance of the mansion.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady told Victor that Nicole had kissed him. Victor was unsurprised. With a scowl, Victor cautioned Brady to investigate whether Nicole was working with Xander. "She ruined your life once; she'll gladly do it again," Victor grumbled. Brady stressed that Nicole was grieving, not scheming. Brady added that Nicole's heart belonged to Eric.

"Nicole thinks Eric is responsible for her daughter's death. Can't stand the sight of him," Victor said. Brady said he believed Nicole would forgive Eric in time. With a sigh, Brady told Victor that Maggie had made him understand that he could not find happiness until he looked inward.

"That's the only way I could go into a healthy relationship. It made a lot of sense to me," Brady said. "Believe what you want. All I know is that if Maggie were that good at relationships, she wouldn't be sleeping in your bed," Victor said. Brady thought about when he had found Maggie drunk on the couch the night before. Brady asked Victor to take it easy on Maggie.

"That woman is tougher than you think. She puts up with me," Victor noted. Brady cautioned Victor not to push Maggie too far. With a scoff, Victor told Brady his marriage was not Brady's business. "Don't take your marriage for granted. You'll regret it," Brady said.

As Brady exited the living room, he ran into Sonny in the foyer. Sonny said that he was worried about Brady. When Sonny said he had found Maggie in Brady's room, Brady rapidly warned, "You can't say anything." Sonny said he would not tell anyone but he needed Brady to promise him that he would go to a meeting. Confused, Brady asked Sonny if he meant to a meeting with Maggie. Sonny nodded and pointed out that Maggie was Brady's sponsor. Brady asked Sonny what he was talking about. Sonny explained that Maggie had told him about Brady's slip-up and the bottle of vodka in Brady's room.

"Yeah. I did. It was there. I was going through a rough patch, but I did not drink it. So that's the good news," Brady said. Sonny was relieved. Brady promised that he would talk to Maggie, and he headed upstairs. Brady was dismayed to find that Maggie was no longer in his room. Brady called Maggie's cell phone, but it went to voicemail. Brady left a message and begged Maggie to call him back.

In the town square, Kate saw Will looking at the plaque for Tom and Alice Horton. When Kate said hello, Will asked her if he was related to Tom and Alice. Surprised, Kate asked, "You don't remember Tom and Alice?" Will sighed. "I should, shouldn't I?" Frustrated, Will worried aloud that he was forgetting the people that he loved. Kate asked Will if he knew her.

"Yes, I know who you are. You're my grandma Kate," Will said. Kate laughed in relief. Will remembered that Tom and Alice were his great-grandparents. Worried, Will wondered aloud whether he would keep forgetting people. Kate promised Will that he would get better. When Kate asked Will if he had eaten, Will meekly said no. Kate suggested that they eat at the café.

At the police station, Hope cleaned out her office. Hope laughed as she saw Ted carrying out boxes from his office, as well. Ted suggested that they go out to dinner to celebrate their unemployment. After stowing away their belongings in their cars, Ted and Hope walked through the square and discussed where to eat. When Ted suggested Doug's Place, Hope declined and noted it was Doug and Julie's anniversary. While Ted and Hope discussed alternatives, an agitated Will approached Hope.

"What's going on? Are you on a date with this guy?" Will asked. Angry, Will reminded Hope that Ted had helped frame Sonny and blackmail him. "He kept us apart for months, and those might have been the healthiest months that I had," Will shouted. Ted warned Will not to yell at Hope. Kate intervened and asked Will if he was okay. Will shook off his anger and apologized.

"The doctor said I'd be experiencing some behavioral issues, but I shouldn't have done that, and I'm sorry," Will said. Hope assured Will that it was fine. When Will apologized again, Kate added that every word Will had said had been true. Kate took Will by the arm and guided him out of the square.

When Will returned home, Sonny asked what was wrong. "I'm scared. Can you hold me?" Will asked. Sonny promised Will that they would recreate Rolf's formula and find a cure for Will's illness.

At the café in the square, Ted asked Hope if she had second thoughts about having dinner with him. "You've put your old ways behind you, haven't you?" Hope asked. "I promise. I will not disappoint you," Ted said.

In Eric's apartment, Eric, Rex, and Sarah discussed Rex's run-in with Xander at the hospital. Eric said he had a theory. Concerned, Sarah asked Eric if he believed that Holly had not died in the accident. Eric said he believed Holly had died, but he was worried that Nicole might hold out hope that her daughter had survived.

"I was only a few feet away from the van when it started up in flames. There's no doubt in my mind that we lost Holly that day, but what if Xander wanted Nicole to believe something else?" Eric said. Eric argued that Xander wanted new leverage over Nicole. Sarah asked Eric if he believed that Xander wanted Nicole back.

"If he's that determined to hurt Nicole, then how do we know he won't try something else?" Sarah wondered aloud. Eric noted that he needed to warn Nicole, but Rex stopped Eric from leaving. Rex asked Eric if it was the right time to talk to Nicole. Before Eric could answer, Kate called Rex to tell him about Will's confrontation with Hope in the square.

"I'm so worried. I just feel like his condition is getting worse," Kate said. Kate asked Rex if he had reviewed Rolf's papers yet. Rex promised to grab the materials and review them. When Rex ended the call, he left to retrieve Dr. Rolf's files. Alone with Eric in the loft, Sarah asked him if he still intended to go warn Nicole. Eric said he needed to think first.

"You're never going to give up on her. And you shouldn't," Sarah said. "I'm sorry," Eric whispered. Sarah said she was sorry about the kiss, and she promised it would never happen again. "I just want you to be happy," Sarah added. Eric said he wanted the same for Sarah, Rex, and Brady. Sarah wished Eric luck with Nicole.

When Rex returned with the notes from his time with Dr. Rolf, he reviewed them with Sarah. Rex confided that he was afraid of what they would find in Dr. Rolf's files. "He had a drug that could bring human beings back from the dead. I mean nobody should have that power," Rex said. As Rex flipped through the file, Dr. Rolf's outline for the creation of a mask to disguise a person's face was visible among the materials.

In her room at the Salem Inn, there was a banging on Kate's door. Kate was surprised to find a scowling, drunk Maggie in the hallway. "You've been meeting with my husband behind my back!" Maggie yelped. Kate rolled her eyes and said, "You would know that because we have had this conversation before, but I don't think you would remember it because you are drunk as a skunk."

Maggie denied the allegation, but Kate countered that Maggie could barely stand on her own. Maggie admitted that she had been drinking. "You are the reason that I've gone down this road," Maggie said. Kate said she did not believe that Maggie was that insecure about her marriage. Kate suggested that what it was really about was Holly. Kate told Maggie that she was a strong woman and that her issues stemmed from guilt.

"What you're feeling right now is the pain of knowing that you could have saved [Holly's] life if you had just insisted that Victor bring Chloe and Holly into your home," Kate said. Kate explained that she knew that Nicole had blamed Maggie because Victor had told Kate about the fight. Kate yelled at Maggie to confront Nicole because she would not feel better until Nicole gave her absolution.

In Nicole's hotel room, Nicole removed a mask to reveal that she was actually Kristen DiMera underneath. Xander smiled as he remarked that he sometimes forgot that Kristen was his partner and not Nicole.

"I must admit, I was skeptical, you passing yourself off as saintly Nicole," Xander said. Xander said he had underestimated Kristen's survival powers and had believed she had burned to death in the fire. "I am my father's daughter. And like the phoenix, I rose from the ashes of that fire," Kristen said. With a grin, Kristen said she would never die.

"Are you ever going to let Ted Laurent in on the fact that you are my silent partner?" Xander asked. Kristen laughed. "I'm not taking the risk," Kristen said. Kristen explained that she did not intend to leave the room without her mask and that Xander would be the only one that would know her secret. With a sigh, Kristen stared in the mirror. Xander looked at the mask with disgust and asked about the composition of it.

"Dr. Rolf was a man of many talents," Kristen said. "Was?" Xander asked. Kristen explained that she had inherited Dr. Rolf's materials, since he was gone. Xander asked Kristen why she had chosen to impersonate Nicole. With a shrug, Kristen pointed out that Nicole was roughly her height and body type.

"It helped that she was conveniently dead," Kristen added. Kristen explained that Nicole also helped her get Brady back. "Wouldn't you like to give Eric another spin? I mean, he does seem stubbornly determined to not let you go," Xander noted. Kristen said she had no interest in Eric. Concerned, Xander asked what Kristen planned to do if Eric did not give up on Nicole. Kristen answered that she would be forced to take "drastic measures."

"How much more drastic? You did just stage the death of a little girl," Xander argued. Kristen said staging Holly's death had been the only way to convince Brady that Nicole no longer wanted to be with Eric. With a smile, Kristen noted that Holly was in a safer place than in a home with Chloe. With a shrug, Kristen argued that there was nothing drastic about the situation at all. Taken aback, Xander asked Kristen if she did not think staging a car wreck with bodies and changing an autopsy report was dramatic.

"That's child's play. You just wait," Kristen said as she raised a glass of Champagne toward Xander. Xander asked Kristen why she wanted Brady back after he had used her. Kristen's face darkened, and she said, "He didn't use me." Kristen said she was certain that Brady still loved her. Xander told Kristen she was being unrealistic.

Kristen countered that Xander was the unrealistic one because he had set his sights on Sarah, who was already torn between two other men. Xander frowned. "If Sarah is free from Rex, most likely Eric will be distracted from pursuing Nicole," Kristen said. Kristen told Xander that it would be good for him to compete with Eric for Sarah's affections.

Xander worried aloud that Ted would have an attack of conscience and tell someone that Holly was alive. With a shrug, Kristen encouraged Xander to deal with Ted on his own. Xander changed the subject back to Brady, and he asked Kristen if she had thought her plan through. Xander pointed out that Brady had slept with both Kristen and Nicole and that he would know the difference if Kristen slept with him again.

"I made a few subtle modifications to my body, including removal of my precious phoenix tattoo," Kristen explained. Kristen assured Xander that if Brady grew suspicious, she could claim that the differences were due to Nicole's injuries in the fire. "He'll never be the wiser until I'm ready to tell him the whole truth," Kristen whispered. With a chuckle, Xander remarked that Brady was not very smart and that it would be easy for Xander to take control of Titan.

"Once you've wrested control of DiMera from Stefan, we will rule this town," Xander said with a grin. Kristen pulled out her red dress and announced that she intended to spend the evening alone. With a toothy smile, Xander offered to help Kristen. Kristen stared daggers. "With your zipper," Xander added. Kristen thanked Xander for the help.

As Xander unzipped Kristen's dress, his face lingered by hers. Xander looked at Kristen's body as she reached for her dress, and he whispered, "There's really no rush, is there?" Kristen told Xander to get out of her room. With a shrug, Xander said, "Your loss." Xander sauntered out.

Kristen was struggling to get into her dress when there was a knock at the door. Assuming the visitor was Xander, Kristen yanked open the door and shouted, "What the hell do you want?" A shocked Maggie stared at Kristen's face. Kristen slammed the door. Maggie started to knock.

"Kristen! I saw you! Open up, or I'm calling the police!" Maggie shouted. When Kristen opened the door again, she had her Nicole face and wig back on. "Maggie? What are you doing here?" fake Nicole asked in a groggy voice. Maggie muttered, "Kristen DiMera." Nicole noted that Kristen was dead. When Maggie insisted that she had seen Kristen in the hotel room, Nicole told Maggie to sleep off the alcohol. Nicole slammed the door in Maggie's face again.

Outside the pub, Eric ran into Xander. Eric told Xander that he knew that Xander had attempted to take the coroner's files about Holly's death. Eric warned Xander to stay away from Nicole. Xander reminded Eric that Nicole was not interested in Eric's help. With a grin, Xander noted that he had just left Nicole's hotel room. Xander warned Eric that the last thing Nicole wanted was to talk to Eric.

Ben wonders if Claire tried to kill Ciara Ben wonders if Claire tried to kill Ciara
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
by Mike

On Smith Island, Haley watched as J.J. paced around the Horton cabin, anxiously waiting for a phone call from Rory.

"Are you sure you can trust this guy? I mean, you said he's really sketchy," Haley fretted. "Yeah, he's -- he's totally sketchy...but that's exactly why we need him right now," J.J. replied, trying to sound confident.

Just then, the burner phone rang. "So, according to what I have in my hot little hands, you and your girl are now...Mr. and Mrs. Dylan and Lily Manheim. New identities, new addresses -- the works," Rory informed J.J. while inspecting a pair of fake passports. "[But] we still need passport photos...[and] you and your hot babe are all over the Internet, [so] you're not gonna get far with those faces," Rory added. "You think we need disguises," J.J. summarized. "Or...I could take her out of the country for you, 'cause nobody's lookin' for me," Rory teasingly suggested. "Thank you, thank you," J.J. replied.

After ending the call, J.J. went out to a storage shed to grab a chest of props that could be used to create disguises. "Growing up, I, uh -- I heard all kinds of legends about various Hortons, uh, hiding out here back in the day," J.J. explained to Haley after returning to the cabin with the chest. "From what?" Haley asked curiously. "You'd be surprised," J.J. vaguely replied. "Your family is very strange," Haley declared.

At the Salem Police Station, Eli received a visit from Jennifer, who wanted to know how the search for J.J. was progressing. "I've been reaching out to some of his boarding school buddies. Some of them are exactly the type of shady people you'd reach out to if you were running from the law," Eli reported. "He doesn't run with that crowd anymore," Jennifer stressed. "Doesn't mean he wouldn't reach out to 'em in a bind," Eli countered. "Know anything about a guy named...Rory?" Eli added. "Unfortunately," Jennifer replied. "Think J.J. would reach out to him?" Eli asked. "No!" Jennifer insisted.

Unconvinced, Eli produced a photograph. "Is that him?" Eli asked Jennifer, who was reluctant to help at first but eventually confirmed that the man seen in the photograph was indeed Rory.

At the park, Rory contacted J.J. after receiving a set of photos for the fake passports. "How do they look?" J.J. wondered. "Perfecto -- just like I said they would," Rory replied. "Um...I'll be there in...a few hours or so..." Rory added in a way that J.J. recognized. "You aren't driving, are you?" J.J. asked worriedly. "What, you think I'm taking my private jet?" Rory jokingly countered. "No, it just...sounds like you're a little messed up..." J.J. carefully replied, not wanting to upset Rory. "Chill, bro -- I'm walking to the ferry," Rory defensively promised before ending the call.

Just then, Eli entered the park and made a show of pretending to bump into Rory. "Excuse you," Rory snapped before starting to exit the park. "You're Rory, right?" Eli asked casually. "Who's asking?" Rory demanded to know. "Detective Eli Grant -- Salem P.D.," Eli clarified, flashing a badge. "You're a friend of J.J. Deveraux," Eli continued. "I wouldn't say that we're friends," Rory innocently countered. "Well, I was just wondering if you'd heard from him," Eli explained. "How'd you find me?" Rory suspiciously wondered. "Wasn't hard -- I mean, you spend a lot of time around here, don't you?" Eli replied.

"Yeah, well...I haven't heard from J.J. in years; once he became a cop, he didn't have any time for his old pals," Rory bitterly stressed before starting to exit the park again. "Mind if I take a look through your backpack?" Eli asked. "[I mind] if you don't have probable cause," Rory replied, prompting Eli to inhale dramatically and note the scent of marijuana in the air. "You're gonna bust me for smelling like weed?" Rory incredulously summarized. "You can cooperate, or you can give me a hard time -- it's up to you," Eli replied with a shrug. Rory reluctantly handed over the backpack, and Eli quickly found a bag of marijuana inside it.

"Come on, man -- you know that's no big deal," Rory protested. "Still a crime," Eli countered. "Okay, great -- well, can you just write me my ticket or whatever? I have things to do, places to go..." Rory impatiently complained. "Yeah, you sure do -- starting with the Salem Police Department," Eli replied. "Fine, let's go, then -- but, just for the record, this is totally bogus," Rory tiredly stressed.

While following Eli out of the park, Rory removed the fake passports from a pants pocket and dropped them in a planter.

At the loft apartment, Claire attempted to talk to Tripp about Haley and J.J. "[They're] all over the news. I don't know how they've managed to keep away from the police so far," Claire mused, trying too hard to act casual. "J.J.'s resourceful," Tripp pointed out, giving Claire a shrug. "Or they had help," Claire countered, eyeing Tripp suspiciously. "How do you think they pulled it off?" Claire wondered. "I have no idea...but I'd really rather not talk to you about it," Tripp replied. "Okay...but you were there when they escaped, right?" Claire continued. "That was the last I heard from 'em," Tripp insisted. "Is it? Really?" Claire asked.

"'re just...not gonna answer me?" Claire added when Tripp didn't respond right away. "Why the hell should I?" Tripp countered. "I guess you shouldn't," Claire conceded. "Look, I just want you to know [that] if Haley or J.J. need any help at all, I am here, okay? I mean, if they need money, I can ask my -- my Pop-Pop about getting an advance from my trust fund --" Claire continued. "That won't be necessary," Tripp insisted.

"I know I've given you a lot of reasons not to believe me [or] trust me, but I do want to help --" Claire maintained, but Tripp was no longer listening, having just discovered a missing sock tucked under a cushion of the couch. "I've been looking for this... It must have fell [from that pile of laundry you did]..." Tripp began to muse before noticing that the sock had an odd chemical odor.

"I spilled a bottle of nail polish remover on a pile of your clothes, and that is why I did your laundry," Claire nervously claimed. "Why didn't you mention this earlier?" Tripp asked. "I guess I, um...I wanted to get the credit for doing your laundry without having to admit that, um, I was the one who messed up your clothes in the first place," Claire replied. "How did you spill the nail polish remover?" Tripp wondered. "I don't know... know, I've been really...tense -- shaky -- lately... I even...dropped...some of Maggie's figurines at the mansion..." Claire explained.

"I'm sorry," Claire innocently stressed. "Well, look, I'm...I'm still a long way from getting over what you did...but Kayla helped me see that I'm not so innocent myself..." Tripp began to respond, knowing what had caused Claire's tension. "Are you saying that you might be able to find a way to forgive me?" Claire asked hopefully. "I don't know when -- or if...ever -- I'll be able to really forgive you for what you did...[but] I do know [that] this is partly my fault, [so]...I'll try," Tripp hesitantly promised, delighting Claire.

At the DiMera mansion, Ben greeted Ciara, who had just arrived from the guesthouse.

"I thought we were going to dinner," Ciara began. "Ugh, I'm sorry -- Stefan is on the warpath right now. He has me going over every single security report until we can figure out how the hell we messed up this whole Holly situation," Ben explained. "He's blaming you?" Ciara asked. "Eh, he doesn't have to -- I blame myself," Ben replied with a sigh, adding that Stefan was in a bad mood because Chloe and the kids had moved out. " dinner," Ciara concluded. "I'm afraid I'm gonna be stuck here all night," Ben apologetically confirmed. "Guess I'll just have to keep you company, then," Ciara reasoned with a shrug and a wink.

Ciara headed back to the guesthouse and soon returned to the mansion with one of Maggie's broken figurines and a bag of supplies. While turning the chess table into a makeshift work station, Ciara told Ben about Claire's recent tantrum -- and the casualties of it. "Only one [figurine] is salvageable, but I figured it'd be worth a shot," Ciara concluded with a shrug. "That's very generous of you...especially considering your history with good ol' Claire," Ben noted. "Eh, we're doing better now, so I thought I'd try to help her out with a little bit of super glue and elbow grease. I just wish it were this easy for Claire to put herself back together," Ciara replied.

Ciara glued the figurine back together then showed it to Ben, who was impressed. "You actually may have saved Claire's life. Knowing how much these things matter to Maggie, I wouldn't be surprised if she's at your mom's office right now, filing charges," Ben joked, prompting Ciara to clarify that the new mayor had actually given Hope's job to Eve. "Terrific. Eve is the one person who hates my guts more than your mother," Ben noted with a groan. "We convinced my mother of your innocence; I'm sure we can do the same thing with Eve," Ciara tried to assure Ben, who wasn't nearly as confident.

While Ben was worrying about the new police commissioner, Ciara noticed that glue was starting to drip down the side of the figurine. Knowing that Maggie would also be able to notice the issue, Ciara immediately began trying to get rid of the evidence with the help of a bottle of nail polish remover, and Ben quickly recognized the chemical's odor as a familiar one. "When I went over to the loft to pick up your spare charger, I smelled the same thing..." Ben recalled. "Claire was probably just using it to do her nails or something," Ciara guessed. "She said she didn't smell anything," Ben skeptically argued.

"Believe it or not, if you use this stuff enough, you kinda get used to it," Ciara explained with a shrug, still not seeing any cause for alarm. "Okay...[but] it's also pretty flammable," Ben noted. "I guess..." Ciara conceded. "When I walked in, I saw Tripp's pile of clothes on the ground, [and] I made a joke to Claire about her torching them. She pretty much bit my head off," Ben revealed. "What, exactly, are you suggesting?" Ciara wondered. "I wasn't even serious when I asked Claire if she was gonna torch Tripp's clothes...but what if she was?" Ben elaborated. "I also asked her about that lighter, [and] she got all defensive about that, too," Ben added.

"Okay -- I don't think you're just talking about Tripp's laundry anymore, [so] what, exactly, are you saying?" Ciara asked again. "I've seen some really weird behavior from Claire -- going all the way back to when she tried getting me to, you know, break up you and Tripp... [And] I've spent months thinking about this cabin fire -- trying to prove my innocence, trying to figure out who the hell would want to do this to you -- and after all this time, it's still unsolved... What if the answer was right in front of us this whole time? [I mean], I know this sounds crazy, but is it possible that Claire was the one who set [it]?" Ben replied.

"How could Claire have set [it]? Only a psychopath would do that!" Ciara argued. "Right -- only a psychopath..." Ben agreed with a mirthless chuckle. "Sorry -- I didn't mean that," Ciara stressed. "All I know is that this arson case is still unsolved, [and] I know I didn't do it, [and] Jordan swears she didn't do it, [so] is it that much of a leap to think that crazy Claire is capable of doing it?" Ben reasoned. "Claire may be impulsive and insecure, but she would never try to kill anyone, Ben -- especially me. [She's] not capable of murder," Ciara insisted. "I didn't think I was, either..." Ben skeptically countered.

"You were mentally ill --" Ciara began to argue. "Maybe she is, too. [I mean], isn't it at least worth looking into?" Ben reasoned. "No, Ben, it's not, because you're wrong...and I'm done with this discussion," Ciara snapped.

John and Marlena went to the Brady Pub for a round of drinks. While John was ordering, Marlena received a phone call from Sonny, who revealed what had happened to Will earlier that day. After ending the call, Marlena worriedly relayed the bad news to John, who apologetically shared more bad news -- Rex's notes from his days as Rolf's apprentice didn't seem to contain any mention of the memory-jogging serum that had apparently caused Will's tumor. "[And since Rolf's] diary just disappeared out of Seth Burns's office..." John began to add with a sigh. "You know what? I've got an idea -- how to find it..." Marlena mischievously announced.

Marlena contacted Kayla, who happily supplied the necessary information for John to log into the hospital's security system. "Rolf's diary was last seen in Seth Burns's office. This footage is gonna show us everybody who came and went from there," John mused while accessing the security system on a laptop computer. "[I'm going to narrow down] the window to a six-month time frame -- from last summer, when the FDA confiscated that drug, to this January, when Jack showed up in Salem," John decided as Marlena watched closely. The search eventually yielded proof that Eve was the person who had stolen Rolf's diary from Burns's office.

After John headed off to confront Eve, Marlena received a phone call from Ben, who admitted to needing some help.

At the police station, Eve received an office visit from Jack, who wanted to know how the search for Haley was progressing. Eve didn't have any news to report yet but was quick to remind Jack that Haley wasn't the only person who was being hunted. "J.J. made his choice; now he has to live with the consequences. You and I cannot be seen as going easy on friends and family the same way that Hope and Abe were," Jack said with a shrug.

Ignoring Eve's protests, Jack snatched a file from the desk and curiously examined it, expecting it to pertain to Haley and J.J.'s case. "Why are you fixating on Ben?" Jack demanded to know after realizing the true purpose of the file. "You really have to ask me that?" Eve replied while rushing over to the office door to shut it. "There's a time for everything. [I mean], the reason that you and I won this election is because of my stance on immigration, [so first] we have to show our constituents that I can follow through on the campaign promise!" Jack argued. "I want to find Haley just as much as you do," Eve stressed.

"But I've got a lot to prove here as the commissioner now! I mean, people are comparing me to Hope! They're waiting for me to fail!" Eve continued, adding that ridding the town of Ben was just as important as ridding it of Haley. "It's not gonna be easy..." Jack warned. "I know it's not gonna be easy -- hell, he's already beaten the raps on those murders by convincing the shrinks that he was insane -- [but] I...still have a loose end out there...that I can use to bring him down," Eve cryptically replied. "What do you mean, 'use to bring him down'?'re not gonna frame him...are you?" Jack asked incredulously.

"This is a partnership, Eve, [and] there can be no secrets between us! I am more than willing to do what needs to be done to take down this monster, but I have to know what it is we're doing! If you trust me, you will tell me the truth!" Jack added when Eve tried to dodge the question. "All right -- the truth is...Ben didn't torch that cabin...but I do know who did," Eve reluctantly informed Jack. "[Then] you need to bring them in!" Jack insisted. "The person who set that fire doesn't deserve to suffer, Jack...[but] Ben Weston does," Eve argued. "Except...that he...didn't do it," Jack countered.

"He killed three people!" Eve stressed. "What did we preach out there on the campaign? To be tough on crime! [And] what demonstrates that better than getting a serial killer off our streets?" Eve continued. Unmoved, Jack demanded to know who had really set the unsolved cabin fire, but Eve refused to answer that question. "It's better if you don't [know]," Eve reasoned. "[But] trust me -- this is gonna be a win for you, all right? [And]...I need this; I need it for my daughter, and I need it for myself. I have got to have some kind of closure here," Eve added.

"All right. Go ahead. Fry him," Jack decided after some thought. "I intend to," Eve replied with a grin.

Meanwhile, in one of the conference rooms, Rory refused to say another word to Eli without first contacting a lawyer. Eli shoved a desk phone at Rory then exited the conference room -- and ran into Jack, who nosily demanded to know who had just been hauled in. "It's an old friend of J.J.'s. He's on the phone with his attorney," Eli irritably revealed.

J.J. was horrified when Rory called and revealed that there had been an unexpected complication. "Did they find the passports?" J.J. asked worriedly. "What am I, an amateur?" Rory replied with a scoff. "I managed to ditch them before they hauled me in -- on a B.S. charge, too! You know, half the country's already legalized weed, so for them to --" Rory began to add. "Rory! Focus!" J.J. snapped before asking for the location of the passports.

After ending the call with Rory, J.J. contacted Tripp, whom Claire was in the process of trying to seduce. Grateful for the interruption, Tripp rushed out of the apartment to answer J.J.'s call. Claire wanted to eavesdrop but received a phone call from Eve at that exact moment, spoiling the plan. "I need you to bring me the lighter that you used to set the fire -- and I need it now," Eve demanded when Claire answered the call.

Claire irritably retrieved the lighter and started to storm out of the apartment with it -- just as Ciara arrived. "Where's the fire?" Ciara asked with a chuckle, surprised that Claire was in such a rush.

Back at the police station, Eli reluctantly agreed to give Jennifer -- who had shamelessly played the family card -- some time alone with Rory. "You just made my bad day even worse," Rory grumbled when Jennifer entered the conference room. "I know you don't like me...and I don't like you, either...but we both care about J.J., [so] if you know where he is, please tell me," Jennifer begged.

Meanwhile, Eve received an unwelcome office visit from John. "Got a second?" John asked. "Actually, I'm dealing with a lot of confidential police work, so I'm extremely busy. [I mean], you wouldn't believe the mess Hope left me. [Salem's] got a lot of criminals out there that need to get exactly what they deserve," Eve replied. "Maybe you should start with yourself," John suggested.

At the park, Tripp searched a planter and found a bag that was supposed to contain the fake passports -- but it was empty. "Looking for these?" Jack asked, emerging from a hiding place with the fake passports.

John questions Eve about Rolf's diary John questions Eve about Rolf's diary
Thursday, May 30, 2019
by Mike

Alone in one of the bedrooms at the Kiriakis mansion, Xander opened a briefcase and tossed a file on top of Rolf's diary. "Holly Jonas' original autopsy report -- the one that says she's not really dead. Glad I held onto that. Never know when I'm gonna need some leverage to hold over Kristen DiMera's crazy head..." Xander mused while closing the briefcase and returning it to its hiding place.

At the park, Tripp pretended to have no idea what Jack was holding. "Passports -- for your wife, Haley, and your cousin J.J.," Jack explained.

Tripp again feigned ignorance, but Jack wasn't convinced. "I can help you get out of this...but you'd have to tell me where Haley and J.J. are," Jack stressed. "I have no idea where Haley and J.J. are...but how did you know where I was? Are you having me followed?" Tripp demanded to know. "Not at all," Jack insisted.

"I was down at the police station earlier when Detective Grant brought in J.J.'s old pal Rory for questioning," Jack began to explain. "Never heard of him," Tripp claimed with a shrug. "[Well, anyway, Eli thought Rory was] on the phone with his lawyer, [but] I suspected otherwise, [so I listened in on the call from another phone, and] I was right -- Rory called J.J. and told him where he could find the passports [Rory had been forced to] ditch when Eli busted him," Jack continued. "And then J.J. called you and asked you to pinch hit," Jack guessed.

"So, if you don't want to be the stoner's cellmate, you need to tell me -- right now -- where J.J. and Haley ran off to," Jack demanded. "They wouldn't have had to run if you and Eve hadn't outed Haley as undocumented. You're probably never gonna see your son again, and that is your own damn fault," Tripp spat, glaring at Jack. "All right -- you had your chance. I'm gonna take you --" Jack began, grabbing Tripp.

Just then, Jennifer approached Jack from behind and swung her purse at his head, knocking him out.

"Where did you come from?" Tripp asked, staring at Jennifer in disbelief. "I was at the police station. I got Rory to admit that he made fake passports for J.J. and Haley, but the police took him away before I could find out where they are [hiding]," Jennifer explained as Tripp collected the passports, which had scattered when Jack had been knocked out. "It's probably safer you don't know [where J.J. and Haley are hiding]," Tripp decided. "You really need to get out of here -- right now," Tripp advised, but Jennifer didn't want to leave Jack alone and unconscious. "Be careful -- and tell J.J. to be careful...[and] that I love him," Jennifer stressed.

After Tripp rushed off, Jennifer tried to rouse Jack, who didn't respond. Jennifer eventually grew concerned enough to call for an ambulance, but just then, Jack released a groan and slowly sat up. "Loretta?" Jack muttered, staring at Jennifer. "Are you okay?" Jennifer asked. "No, I'm not okay! Someone bashed me on the head...and I'm assuming it was you!" Jack snapped. "You are assuming wrong. I was walking by, and I saw you lying on the ground," Jennifer claimed, but Jack was skeptical -- and Xander soon appeared out of nowhere to confirm what had really happened, having witnessed the whole event.

"Where's Tripp?" Jack asked Jennifer, who shrugged in response then started to walk away. "You just assaulted the mayor!" Xander pointed out, blocking Jennifer's path.

Jennifer turned to Jack for help but didn't receive any. "For God's sake -- I'm the mother of your children!" Jennifer incredulously reminded Jack. "I made a promise to restore law and order to this town. It's an obligation I plan to keep," Jack countered before ordering Xander to escort Jennifer to the police station.

At the Horton cabin on Smith Island, J.J. passionately kissed Haley, who responded favorably at first but eventually pulled away, worried that Tripp could arrive at any moment. "[That] would be a little awkward..." J.J. breathlessly conceded before deciding to just hold Haley for a while instead. "Tripp should have been here by now..." J.J. eventually realized, releasing a sigh of concern.

Just then, Tripp arrived and explained the reason for the delay. J.J. wasn't the least bit concerned about Jack, dismissively insisting, "He has a pretty hard head -- goes with his heart." Tripp felt the same way, finding it difficult to decide which person was worse -- Jack or Eve. J.J. agreed that the pair deserved each other, adding that it was still hard to believe that Eve had stooped to the new low of secretly recording Tripp and Claire's private conversations. Tripp clarified that Claire was the person who was actually responsible for that particular underhanded tactic, surprising Haley and J.J.

"Just when I think Claire is done with this crap, she proves me wrong," J.J. mused with a shake of the head. "Yeah...[and now she] swears she's sorry, [and] she's desperate to make it up to me, [and] she says she'll do anything to help you guys -- even get, uh, an advance on her trust fund from Victor," Tripp reported. "She's two-faced! Why would any of us believe a word she says?" J.J. argued.

"[At least] we're never gonna see her again once we get to Canada..." J.J. assured Haley. "Yeah, well, no one's going anywhere tonight. I got here so late, we missed the last ferry," Tripp apologetically revealed.

At the police station, Jack ordered Eli to book Jennifer, who was outraged.

"Lucky for you [that] I came along just in time to give you a helping hand," Xander told Jack after Eli reluctantly led Jennifer to one of the conference rooms. "Thanks," Jack replied. "Eh -- we're old pals, right?" Xander reasoned with a shrug. "Yeah... I have such fond memories of you selling me to Eve after that fire in Nashville," Jack sarcastically agreed. "I tend to think of it more as...matchmaking. I mean, after all, you guys found true love, and now you're married and running this town," Xander argued.

"You owe me one," Xander stressed. "If I owe anyone anything, it's Eve," Jack countered. "Everybody here -- everyone -- they all want me to be someone I don't even remember. But Eve -- she loves me for who I am now. She supports me, she encourages me... I don't know where I'd be without her," Jack added before walking away. "Probably back with your ex-wife..." Xander quietly mused, smirking.

Later, after Eli failed to get anything useful out of Jennifer, Jack demanded to know the outcome of Rory's interrogation. "He's in a cell, under strict orders from his lawyer to keep his mouth shut," Eli tiredly revealed before walking away, sick of dealing with Jack. Still desperate to find J.J. and Haley, Jack decided to take a stab at questioning Jennifer, who remained uncooperative. "All I'm trying to do is bring our son home!" Jack stressed. "It's your fault that our son is a fugitive!" Jennifer countered.

"If you won't help, then so be it -- enjoy spending the night in jail," Jack warned Jennifer with a shrug. "I would rather be in jail than anywhere near you," she spat, glaring at him.

Elsewhere, Eve scoffed at John's implication that the new police commissioner, of all people, was a criminal. "Now, if you're suggesting that Jack and I 'stole' this election, that's a whole different --" Eve began to brag. "I'm not here about Jack; I'm here about a different creep," John tiredly clarified. "Dr. Rolf -- his diary mysteriously disappeared from the hospital a couple months ago, and I think you stole it," John elaborated. "Based on what?" Eve asked, squirming a bit. "I pulled up the security footage, and I took a look at it," John explained before summarizing what the search had revealed.

"Since when does being alone in an office make somebody a thief, hmm? And why would I want my hands on the mad scientist's diary, anyway?" Eve asked. "Well, maybe because you knew it contained the formula that could restore Jack's memory, and that's the last thing you wanted," John replied. "I brought him back here to Salem. I brought him home. Now, if I was really concerned that he was gonna reconnect with his family, why would I do that?" Eve innocently argued. "Maybe because you couldn't resist sticking it to Jennifer," John guessed.

"[You were close to having] it all -- power, prestige, revenge -- [but] that damn diary was floating around out there somewhere, threatening to blow up everything, [and] you couldn't let someone else get their hands on that formula, [because] if they replicated the serum and gave it to Jack..." John reasoned before wrapping up the theory with a shrug. "You stole that diary to keep that from happening. Now, give it up," John impatiently demanded. "I don't have it," Eve insisted, glaring at John. "I don't believe you," John countered, returning Eve's glare. "I don't give a damn whether you believe me or not. I'm telling the truth," Eve maintained.

"I went to Burns's office because I wanted to talk to him about setting up, um...a fellowship on behalf of my daughter's memory," Eve claimed. "That's very generous. A feel-good story like that -- you'd think the local media would be all over it. [So, it's] funny I haven't heard a word," John skeptically mused. "Well, you know, I waited in the office for him, [but] he never showed up, so I had to leave, and then the campaign started, and I didn't have time to follow up," Eve explained with a shrug. "Why are you interested in this damn diary, anyway?" Eve asked irritably. "Because Will has a brain tumor, and we feel it's Dr. Rolf's serum that caused it," John revealed.

"I'm...sorry to hear that... I...had not...heard that..." Eve stressed, softening at once. "That tumor -- it's,'s not responding to traditional medicine, [and] he's getting worse by the day, this point, our only hope is to replicate that serum so the doctors can find a cure. But without the formula, it's impossible. So, to get back to your question...finding that diary -- it's a matter of life and death. [And] we've already lost Will once; to have to go through all of [that] again, when there's a chance we could save him... He's got his whole life ahead of him -- got a beautiful daughter [and] a great partner -- [and] he's just too young to die," John continued.

"That is exactly how I felt when Ben Weston took my daughter from me. No parent should ever have to bury their child," Eve bitterly stressed. "No," John agreed. "Look...I understand that you had to play hardball through this campaign here -- 'win at all costs' and all that. I get it. And you did, and you -- you won, and you have the power now. But let me just tell you this -- there's nothing more powerful in the world than being able to help someone in desperate need, and that would be Will right now," John added. Although the news of Will's plight had clearly struck a chord, Eve continued pretending to know nothing about Rolf's diary that could be of any help.

John still wasn't convinced. "You know what kind of pain is coming if you don't [help out here] -- you know better than anybody -- and I can't believe you would wish that on anybody, so if you have any idea where that diary is, we would all be very grateful if you would speak up now...before it's too late," John stressed before exiting Eve's office. Eve waited until the coast was clear then released a groan, clearly conflicted.

At the loft apartment, Claire tried to sidestep Ciara, vaguely claiming to be running late for a meeting with someone. "[This will] only take a second," Ciara promised before showing Claire the repaired figurine.

Pleasantly surprised, Claire offered a tight hug of gratitude that prompted Ciara to wonder if something was wrong. "These past couple of weeks have been, um...really, really hard on me," Claire vaguely admitted, not wanting to reveal the real reason for the unusually extreme display of emotion. "Maybe it would help if you talked to your Grandma Marlena," Ciara gently suggested, causing Claire to get defensive. "That's exactly what Tripp said to me! Yeah, that's -- that's the real reason you're here right now, isn't it? He put you up to this...because you both think I'm crazy!" Claire guessed.

"No -- [I'm just] concerned because it's obvious that you're devastated --" Ciara carefully began to clarify. "I'm upset," Claire countered. "[But] I definitely don't need a shrink; all I need is for Tripp to trust me again," Claire insisted. "I really hope that works out...but if you ever feel overwhelmed...or like you can't do this on your own, there are plenty of people in this town for you to talk to -- [like] me and your Grandma Marlena," Ciara reiterated. Claire forced a smile and nodded in agreement. "Have you heard anything about J.J. and Haley?" Claire asked, eager to change the subject. "I don't get the inside scoop [anymore]," Ciara replied.

"I'm sorry [Grandma Hope] got fired," Claire stressed, knowing what Ciara meant. "I still can't believe Eve took her job!" Ciara grumbled. "And Eve has been all over Ben lately -- like, we were at the town square, and out of nowhere, she attacked him, telling him that she's gonna make him pay for what he did to Paige. [And even though] the cops can't just go after Ben, [I think it'd be] a mistake to underestimate Eve, [because she'll do] whatever it takes to hurt Ben," Ciara added. Claire feigned ignorance and declared that Ben was lucky to have Ciara's support. "It, like, blows my mind to think of how scared I was of him [at first]," Ciara mused.

"You want to know what else blows my mind? [Thinking about] how we used to fight all the time -- about Tripp, and Theo, [and]... I mean, we really could have killed each other!" Ciara added with a chuckle, oblivious to Claire's sudden discomfort. "Thank God we put all that behind us," Ciara declared while seizing a hug from Claire, who didn't respond.

Marlena went to the DiMera mansion to see Ben, who wanted to be hypnotized again. "I have to remember everything that happened that night of the fire at the cabin," Ben insisted. "But there's nothing to suggest that you were responsible, [so] why would you be concerned?" Marlena asked. "Now that Eve Deveraux is the new police commissioner, she's determined that I go down for torching that cabin. I was walking through the square, minding my own business; she steps in front of me, starts screaming and hitting me..." Ben somewhat bitterly began to explain. "Her daughter died at your hands," Marlena gently pointed out.

"Which, of course, is why she hates me -- [and] why wouldn't she? My God -- it was her only child!" Ben conceded, softening a bit. "I told Eve that I would be sorry for what I did for the rest of my life, but that actually doesn't even start to describe it, Dr. Evans. haunts me every day, [and] it's gonna continue to haunt me for the rest of my life. I'd give my life right now if it meant bringing back those victims -- if that were only possible..." Ben continued, sighing. "All I can do now is try to be a good person, try to do for others... And, Dr. Evans, I swear -- to God, to you -- I will never hurt somebody ever again," Ben concluded.

"And I did not set that fire at the cabin with Ciara inside," Ben stressed, and Marlena agreed that there was no proof to suggest otherwise. "Eve will find some -- somehow. The woman is determined to put me behind bars -- by any means necessary," Ben fretted. "That would be an abuse of power. She can't convict you of a crime you didn't commit just because she wants revenge," Marlena tried to assure Ben. "Did you see how she ran that campaign for mayor? The woman isn't concerned about right and wrong," Ben countered. "Yes, I see your point..." Marlena gravely conceded.

"Look, the bottom line is...the only way that I can protect myself is to figure out who the hell really set this fire," Ben summarized. "All right -- let's try it," Marlena agreed.

The first hypnotherapy session didn't yield any new information, but afterward, Ben immediately asked Marlena to try again, certain that they were missing something. "You know, I kept asking you to remember what you saw...[but] that's only one of your senses. Let's try something different," Marlena decided, and Ben eagerly nodded in agreement.

During the second hypnotherapy session, Ben again recalled the trip from the cabin to the nearest pharmacy, where he had picked up a fresh supply of medication and had immediately taken the first dose of it, which had kicked in on his way back to the cabin. However, he also recalled, for the first time, that he had heard, among other things, a few brief notes of music during the return trip -- and he could tell that he had been close to the cabin then, because he recalled smelling smoke while the music was playing. He hummed the music a few times but wasn't able to figure out where it had originated -- or if it was even important.

At the police station, Eve contacted Claire -- whose cell phone's ringtone was what Ben had just remembered hearing on the night of the unsolved cabin fire.

"Where the hell are you? I thought you were gonna bring me the lighter," Eve began when Claire answered the call. "Sorry -- I got held up. I'm -- I'm leaving right now," Claire, who had just said goodbye to Ciara, replied. "Well, then, just hang onto it for the time being. I've got enough to worry about right now," Eve told Claire before ending the call.

A short time later, Xander entered Eve's office and revealed what had happened at the park earlier. Eve was amused to hear that Jennifer had been arrested for assaulting Jack.

"I am glad you're here, 'cause I wanted to talk to you," Eve began, changing the subject. "You have something that I need," Eve continued. "Oh? Well, you know I'm happy to oblige, but you could at least buy me a drink first," Xander suggestively replied, but Eve wasn't amused. "I need you to give me back Rolf's diary -- now," Eve demanded, surprising Xander.

Maggie tells Brady she saw Kristen Maggie tells Brady she saw Kristen
Friday, May 31, 2019

In the interrogation room at the police station, Jennifer told Jack that she would rather be in jail than spend time with him. "Suit yourself. While you're making yourself at home downstairs in the tombs, I'll be charging you with assault. I wonder what tomorrow's headlines are going to be?" Jack said. "I'll take my chances," Jennifer retorted. When Jennifer pointed out that Jack appeared to be enjoying her situation, Jack warned Jennifer that she would not be enjoying anything in prison.

"A real prison this time, not some fake prison where you can wear some cute little guard's uniform," Jack said. Jennifer's mouth fell open. "What did you just say?" Jennifer asked in amazement. Jack warned Jennifer not to play games with him. Jennifer told Jack that he had described when she had dressed as a guard to visit him in prison when he had been framed for murder.

"You said it because you remembered it. Because your memory is coming back!" Jennifer said excitedly. Jack disagreed. "I like my life as it is. I am the mayor of Salem. I have a beautiful wife. I choose to think of the future," Jack stressed. With a nod, Jennifer said that the decision to remember was out of Jack's hands. "You may not want to remember, but I don't think you have a choice," Jennifer concluded.

"Where is J.J.?" Jack demanded. Jennifer shrugged. With a nod, Jack said he would get an officer to take Jennifer downstairs to a cell. As Jennifer sat alone in the room, she thought about when Jack had remembered the name Loretta. Jennifer smiled.

"I don't care what you say, Jack. Your memories are starting to come back, and they happen when you're with me. So, I'm not giving up on you, even when we are at each other's throats. I'm gonna make sure that I bring you back," Jennifer said.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a worried Brady paced his room and called the police to ask them to keep an eye out for Maggie. Maggie walked in. "Forget about it. She just walked in," Brady said before he ended his call. Brady asked Maggie where she had been. Maggie shrugged off the question. Brady asked Maggie how much she had had to drink.

"Why don't you get off my back?" Maggie said defensively. "You promised me you were going to stay here and sleep it off, remember?" Brady said. Maggie warned Brady not to order her around. Brady explained that Sonny had told him that he had found Maggie in Brady's room with a bottle of vodka. Maggie confessed that she had been upset when she had thought about Holly's funeral.

"You told Sonny a bald-faced lie. You told Sonny that that was my bottle," Brady said. Maggie started to leave, but Brady stopped her. "I never thought in a million years that you would betray me and throw me under the bus because you wanted another drink!" Brady barked. Maggie broke down into tears and apologized.

"God knows you've covered for me many times. Where did you go?" Brady asked. Maggie explained that she had gone to visit Kate and confront her. Maggie added that Kate had told her that Maggie was responsible for Holly's death. Brady assured Maggie that Nicole was grieving and did not mean to blame Maggie. With a nod, Maggie said she had gone to visit Nicole. As Maggie thought about her visit with Nicole, she remembered that Kristen had answered the door.

Though the memory was fuzzy, Maggie said she remembered that Kristen had answered the door to Nicole's room. "You really think you saw Kristen?" Brady asked in disbelief. "I know I did," Maggie said firmly. When Brady noted that Maggie had been drinking a lot, Maggie countered that it would have taken a lot more alcohol than she had imbibed for her to not recognize Kristen.

"She answered Nicole's door, and she was in this bright red dress," Maggie said. "It sounds like her," Brady said hollowly. Brady asked if Kristen had explained why she had been there. Maggie told Brady that Kristen had scowled at her and slammed the door. "Is it possible that you just saw Nicole in a red dress?" Brady asked. Maggie said that Nicole had been in the room, as well.

When Brady reminded Maggie that Kristen had died in the explosion, Maggie listed all the other people that had survived the explosion. Brady suggested that Maggie had been confused by what she had seen in Nicole's room. Maggie reiterated that she had seen Kristen at the Salem Inn. Brady promised to go to the hotel and see if he could confirm Maggie's report. Brady tucked Maggie into his bed, and he told her not to drink while he was gone.

Downstairs in the living room, Sonny was surprised to find that Will was gone when he returned from the kitchen with ice cream. Will walked in and asked Sonny why he looked so worried. Sonny said he had been worried because of Will's increasing episodes of disorientation. Will explained that he had lost track of time while staring at Arianna as she slept. Will reminisced about the time he and Gabi had conceived Arianna.

Will wondered aloud if his tumor was punishment for conceiving a child he had not planned on. Sonny assured Will that Arianna was surrounded by love and would have a wonderful life. "You're always saying to me how proud you are to be her dad. And you damn well should be," Sonny said. "I hope I get to be there to help her grow up," Will lamented. Sonny told Will that they would fight Will's illness.

"We have to stay positive. And we have to move forward with hope and determination. We're not giving up now," Sonny said. With the tension eased, Sonny and Will sat on the couch and watched a movie while they ate ice cream. Will rubbed his temples, and a worried Sonny asked Will if he was okay. With a chuckle, Will said he had brain freeze. When Will said he felt better, a relieved Sonny smiled. Will wobbled, then fell off the couch onto the floor.

Eve called Xander into the commissioner's office to ask him to return Dr. Rolf's diary. Curious, Xander asked Eve why she wanted the information that could restore Jack's memory. Eve waved off Xander's concern and stressed that Jack would never see the diary. Xander asked why Eve needed the diary.

"John Black just told me that Will has a brain tumor," Eve explained. Eve said the doctors needed the formula to help Will. Suspicious, Xander asked Eve why John had asked her for the diary. Eve told Xander that John had spotted her at Seth's office the day the diary had been taken. Xander refused to return the diary.

"Let [Will] die. What do we care what happens to him?" Xander said. "And people say I'm a heartless witch," Eve countered. With a shrug, Xander noted that Sonny could raise Arianna. "No wonder you're the black sheep of the Kiriakis family," Eve quipped. Eve advised Xander to help Sonny's husband if he had any hope of winning over Victor.

"You just want the diary," Xander sneered. Eve explained that Will was a little older than her daughter had been when she had died. Eve said she did not want to see Will die and leave a small daughter behind, either. Xander warned Eve that the doctors would not only use the serum to help Will but might use it on Jack to restore his memory.

"Jack doesn't want his memory back," Eve said. "What man doesn't want to remember the good times?" Xander asked. Eve assured Xander that Jack was happy with his life. Xander said if he had lost his memory, he would "fight like hell" to recover it.

"[Jack] doesn't want the serum. Not if it will give him a brain tumor," Eve said. Xander cautioned Eve not to keep secrets from Jack. Eve countered that she did not have to admit to taking the diary because she did not currently have it. Eve asked Xander to turn in the diary to the police. Xander said he did not want to give up the diary. Xander added that if Eve attempted to take the diary from him, he would make sure Jack knew that Eve had given it to him.

"You've set up shop right here in Salem. Now, do you really want the new police commissioner to watch every move you make?" Eve asked. Xander scowled. As Eve leaned over her desk and guessed that Xander was working on a scheme, Xander leaned over the desk, his face inches from hers. Jack walked in.

"What are you doing with him?" Jack asked. Eve said Xander had told her that Jennifer had hit Jack over the head. Suspicious, Jack asked Xander why he had gone to Eve. With a grin, Xander said he had been congratulating Eve on her new job. With a matching grin, Eve noted that second chances were just as important for Xander as they were for her. Xander promised to testify about Jennifer's actions, and he jokingly said with a wink, "You owe me, Mr. Mayor."

After Xander left, Jack remarked, "I hate guys that wink." Eve agreed that she was not fond of Xander, either. When Jack asked Eve if Xander had been harassing her, Eve said she was upset about Will. Eve commented that Will had survived Ben's murder attempt and that it was important to her that someone had survived Ben's killing spree.

"Now [Will's] got a brain tumor, Jack. It's just not fair," Eve said. Jack assured Eve that the doctors would find a cure for Will's tumor. "How many miracles does one person get?" Eve asked. At the Salem Inn, Xander smiled smugly as he looked at Rolf's diary.

At the hospital, Sonny fussed over Will as he sat in bed. "You scared the hell out of me," Sonny said. Will thanked Sonny for helping him. When Kayla arrived, she informed Will that his vital signs were good. Kayla said she did not know why Will had passed out, but she had ordered more tests.

"Can you stay with him?" Kayla asked Sonny. "Just for the rest of my life," Sonny said with a smile. When Kayla returned with the test results, she informed Will and Sonny that the tumor had grown larger. "But it's benign," Sonny protested. Kayla explained that if the tumor continued to grow, it could kill Will. Will asked how long he had to live. With a shrug, Kayla said she did not know for sure. Will pushed Kayla to give him an estimate. "It could be a matter of days," Kayla said.

In her room at the Salem Inn, Kristen caressed her Nicole mask and smiled. Kristen told her mask that she was not worried that Maggie had seen her real face because Maggie had been too drunk to remember.

"I didn't want to bring you back from the dead. It was the only way that I could step foot in this town," Kristen said to the Nicole mask. "They've all forgotten about you in your heyday but I haven't. You siccing that flesh-eating bacteria on Chloe and kidnapping Sami's kid and passing it off as your own? And then accusing the saintly Jennifer Horton of pushing you down a flight of steps? Back then, you had panache," Kristen said with a chuckle.

"It's too bad you went soft after that. But I guess Brady liked the new and improved Nicole. He just couldn't forget you. I hate having to be you to get him. And now your loyal puppy Eric keeps following me around. God, why did you dump Brady for Eric? That's insane!" Kristen said. Eric banged on the door and demanded to talk to Nicole. Kristen grabbed her voice modifier and pushed it against her throat.

"I have nothing to say to you. Leave me alone!" Kristen, in Nicole's voice, yelled through the door. Eric refused to leave until Nicole opened the door. "This isn't about you and me. You've made it clear that we are over. This is about something else," Eric yelled. Kristen said she did not want to talk about Holly. Eric yelled back that he had news about Xander. Kristen pulled on her wig, mask, and a bathrobe, and she opened the door.

"Sorry to disturb you, but this is important," Eric said as he walked in. Eric told Nicole that Rex had caught Xander attempting to change Holly's autopsy report. "I believe that Xander is trying to make it look like Holly's still alive," Eric said. Nicole stifled a laugh. Surprised, Eric asked Nicole why that was funny. Eric noticed the open bottle of Champagne.

"Today, of all days, you are drinking Champagne?" Eric asked. Nicole said she had toasted to the memory of her daughter. "I told her that the day that I meet her in heaven will be the best day of my life. Are you satisfied?" Nicole said. Nicole added that Holly's autopsy was not funny. Confused, Eric asked Nicole why she had laughed. Nicole explained that it was amazing that Xander was still attempting to get into Victor's good graces.

"I know she is never coming back. Rafe saw the kidnapper put Holly in the van. And I saw that little body bag they took out of it after the engine exploded," Nicole said. Nicole commented that she hoped Holly's death was a dream, but she knew that she was awake and in hell. Eric reached out to comfort Nicole, but she warned Eric not to touch her.

"I'm never going to see my baby girl again because of you," Nicole yelped. Eric stepped back. "How do you live with yourself, you monster!" Nicole screamed. Eric protested that he had believed that Holly had been better off with Chloe. Nicole ordered Eric to get out of her life. Eric said he could not stop thinking about Nicole sitting alone in her room.

"I'm used to being alone! I've gotten good at it," Nicole said. Nicole told Eric she hated him. Eric grabbed Nicole's arms and ordered her to listen to him. As Nicole struggled against Eric's grip, the two shouted at one another. Brady overheard the shouting from the hallway as he approached Nicole's door. Brady banged on the door.

"Leave me alone!" Nicole cried out as she wrenched herself free of Eric's grip. Nicole toppled over onto some glassware, and she knocked the glass off the table as she fell to the ground. Brady broke open the door and found Eric leaning over Nicole. Nicole turned over and lifted her bleeding arm. "What the hell have you done?" Brady cried out.

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