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Jack and Jennifer kissed. Kate told the police that Vivian had shot her. Kristen told Brady about the baby. A car almost ran over Ciara, and Ben blamed Jordan. Xander asked Sarah not to leave town. Lani cornered Vivian, and she shot Stefan when he jumped in front of his mother. Doug took Julie out for the evening, and she weakened. Kayla declared that Stefan was brain dead.
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Stefan was declared brain dead after Lani shot him when he jumped in front of Vivian
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Vivian learns that Kate is awake Vivian learns that Kate is awake
Monday, September 30, 2019
by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Jack pulled away from Jennifer and happily declared, "[That kiss was]...just like I remembered."

Jennifer found it hard to believe that, after all the setbacks, Jack had finally remembered everything. "It just felt like everything was against us all the time, [so I eventually] started to lose hope..." Jennifer admitted. "[That's] not on Eve, or even Shah -- [it's] all on me, [because] there's no excuse for the way that I treated you," Jack fretted. "None of that even matters anymore, because that person is gone," Jennifer stressed.

"I am freaking-out excited for our kids to find out this news! They're gonna be so happy!" Jennifer raved -- just as J.J. arrived, as if on cue. "I lied to you [about that call I received earlier], and I'm sorry -- I just couldn't risk your mother's life [by] disobeying Shah's orders," Jack explained to J.J. after Jennifer gave a quick recap of the kidnapping ordeal. "Don't worry about it, 'cause all I care about is that you're both safe," J.J. assured Jack.

"You were a real hero, Dad," J.J. continued. "Yes, he was -- [and] he even has a giant lump on his head to prove it," Jennifer pointed out. "[It's] nothing compared to the lump I got that [time] I jumped off that ladder [while] trying to put up the Christmas tree that [one] year -- it was, like, the size of a goose egg, I think," Jack recalled. "That was the first time I heard you swear," J.J. reminded Jack. "How do you remember that? Did -- Mom, [did] you tell him?" J.J. wondered after laughing with Jack and Jennifer about the incident. "No, no -- I got my memory back. I remember everything...including my son," Jack clarified, smiling at J.J.

"This is unbelievable!" J.J. declared with a shake of the head after Jack explained how the unexpected turn of events had occurred. "I have my dad back!" J.J. happily summarized before hugging Jack, who regretfully vowed to find a way to make up for everything that had happened during the mayoral campaign. "It's in the past. The way I look at it, that -- that wasn't you," J.J. assured Jack before changing the subject, wanting to share the good news with Abigail right away. Jennifer loved J.J.'s idea, but Jack pointed out that it was the middle of the night in Paris at that moment, so the trio decided to wait a few hours before calling Abigail.

At the hospital, Hope waited in Julie's room with Doug, who was perched in front of a window, hoping to see certain things happening outside. "What is going on? Why are they taking so long to prep Julie for surgery?" Doug impatiently wondered. "I can't believe it -- our prayers have been answered, [and] my precious Julie is gonna get a new heart! [I just] hate that our joy is coming at the expense of Kate and her family..." Doug continued. "We all do. It's a terrible tragedy. [But] Kate's death won't be in vain," Hope stressed -- just as Kayla entered the room, looking quite serious. Doug and Hope both sensed right away that there had been some sort of setback.

"Doug, I'm so sorry," Kayla stressed after awkwardly recapping the unexpected turn of events. "Please, don't be -- in a way, it's good news," Doug acknowledged, forcing a smile. "Julie?" Hope asked worriedly. "I'm gonna bring her back up here [and] make her as comfortable as possible..." Kayla replied before exiting the room. "How in the world are you and I gonna break the news to Julie?" Doug fretted, and Hope shrugged in response.

Kayla soon returned with Julie then left again a short time later -- and ran into Jennifer, Jack, and J.J. at the nearby nurses' station. Kayla breathed a sigh of relief and hugged Jennifer, who promised to explain everything -- and undergo a precautionary examination -- later. "Right now, I just -- I need to see Julie," Jennifer insisted, and J.J. agreed. "Of course...[but, first, I just need you to know that] things have taken a turn for the worse," Kayla began to reveal. After a quick summary of recent events, Kayla pointed Jennifer and J.J. in the direction of Julie's room -- then made a confession to Jack once the coast was clear.

"This whole thing with Shah was my fault! I -- I'm the one that set her up [with him] in the first place! I -- I thought he was such, uh...a kind and caring person! He's been on my staff for years! I mean, how could I be so wrong about a person?" Kayla fretted. "You can't blame yourself. Nobody knew the guy was gonna snap," Jack stressed. "I guess you're right," Kayla conceded.

"I mean, you [never] really know someone; you [never really] know the darkness that is inside of them, I guess..." Kayla continued. "You could say that about me, too. We both know what I did to you," Jack acknowledged. "We've been over that --" Kayla began. "Yeah...but now I can remember everything -- every awful moment," Jack clarified, surprising Kayla. "I got my memory back. I can remember it all -- the good, the bad, and the unforgivable," Jack explained. "That's amazing!" Kayla raved. "Yeah, it is... I just wish that there were certain memories that could remain forgotten," Jack replied.

"You and I worked through all that. You owned what you did to me, and you earned my trust back...and, eventually, my friendship," Kayla stressed. "Yeah... I just -- I don't understand your capacity to forgive... I mean, I don't even -- I don't think that there's that much difference between the old Jack and the new Jack," Jack countered before rushing off to get some air, feeling overwhelmed.

Jennifer and J.J. entered Julie's room just as Doug and Hope finished awkwardly explaining that Kate had made a last-minute recovery. "Good for her. She always was a tough cookie -- just like me," Julie noted. "I'm in God's hands now. I'm fine with that," Julie assured everyone. "But you're not gonna give up, because we Horton women are strong, and we are not gonna let some crazy doctor -- or a misbehaving heart -- keep us down," Jennifer stressed before changing the subject, revealing that Jack's old memories had all returned earlier. "[Hearing that has] done my failing little heart good," Julie declared.

Meanwhile, Lucas entered Kate's room and reported that Austin was in the process of filling the rest of the family in on what had just happened. "So, uh...where's Will?" Lucas asked, looking around the room. "Will went to, uh, update Sonny," Kate replied. "Coward..." Lucas grumbled before turning the comment into a cough. "Listen, um...there's something I want to tell you, okay? [And the] last thing I want to do is upset you, but --" Lucas awkwardly began to explain. "Oh, honey, honey -- that's all right, seriously. I already spoke to Will all about it," Kate stressed, surprising Lucas. "And Rafe," Kate continued, confusing Lucas.

"Of course I'm going to speak to Rafe [about it]. The police need to know who shot me," Kate reasoned with a shrug. "Oh -- right..." Lucas agreed, realizing that two completely different things were being discussed. "Who did shoot you?" Lucas asked. "That bitch Vivian -- Vivian Alamain!" Kate replied. "I'm not surprised -- I mean, you know, Will said that from the very beginning," Lucas informed Kate before offering to track down Vivian, clearly hoping to postpone the inevitable. "Are you kidding? Don't waste your time! With any luck, Rafe is arresting her right now," Kate argued, disappointing Lucas.

Lucas probed for more details about the shooting, still not ready to change the subject. "Wait a minute -- you crawled out of a grave with...with an almost-fatal gunshot wound? How did you do that? [And] how did you [make it over] to the hospital?" Lucas asked incredulously during Kate's recap. "You know, I tried to flag down a car, but I realize now -- I mean, I was covered with blood and dirt, and I must have looked like [something out of] The Walking Dead... [Anyway], this homeless guy -- he saw me, and...and I think he just took pity on me, [so] he walked me all the way to the hospital," Kate explained.

"That's insane! That is incredible! I mean, I always knew you had a survival instinct in you, but this is ridiculous, Mom! You're like a superhero!" Lucas raved. "I should have never given up hope. I should have known that you were gonna wake up," Lucas admitted with a sigh of regret, finally ready to confess. "You look so nervous," Kate curiously observed. "You have no idea..." Lucas confirmed, squirming. "All right, I'm just gonna come out [and] say it... [See], Kayla [said] that the odds of you coming out of your coma were, like, slim to none -- more towards 'none' -- [and] Julie needed a new heart, so..." Lucas continued.

"You were willing to kill me so my organs could be donated to the needy? You couldn't give me just a little bit more time?" Kate snapped after Lucas finished confessing.

"Julie and I aren't exactly close, but I do feel badly for her -- and Doug," Kate conceded after softening a bit. "[So], you understand why I had to make the decision I made, [and] you forgive me?" Lucas asked hopefully. "Oh, honey -- of course I forgive you," Kate replied. "However, I think that I may transfer that health proxy to Austin -- because, perhaps, if this occasion comes up again, he won't be so quick to pull the plug," Kate quickly added. "Fine -- if he wants the job, he can have it. I don't want anything to do with it," Lucas insisted. "As long as I know I'm still your favorite," Lucas jokingly added. "Possibly..." Kate replied.

"[Besides], if there's anyone to blame, it's that -- it's that backstabbing bitch," Kate declared. "Vivian?" Lucas assumed. "Her, too...but the one I'm talking about is Kayla," Kate clarified. "You can't blame Kayla --" Lucas began to argue. "Oh, really? She's supposed to be an expert, and she's nothing but a quack! [You know], I have half a mind to sue her and this entire hospital for medical malpractice!" Kate countered. "Would you just try to relax [and] concentrate on getting better? You can't take on a lawsuit right now, anyway!" Lucas protested. "What are you talking about? I can do two things at once! I am excellent at multitasking!" Kate proudly insisted.

Lucas advised Kate to focus all that anger on Vivian -- the person who really deserved it. "That bitch better be in police custody right now," Kate grumbled.

Jennifer tracked down Jack in the park after Kayla explained what had happened earlier. "Memories are a double-edged sword," Jack admitted with a sigh, and Jennifer nodded in response then offered a comforting hug.

At the DiMera mansion, Vivian called the hospital and posed as Billie again, hoping to get confirmation that Kate's heart had been given to Julie. "Kate is awake?" Vivian incredulously repeated. "Oh, yes -- of course I'm happy! I'm her daughter, after all..." Vivian told the person on the other end of the call while reaching for a nearby flask. "I'm just, uh...a bit surprised, that's all," Vivian explained after gulping down some alcohol. "I had been told that the -- that the -- that the situation was dire," Vivian continued. "No, no, no, no, no -- don't put the call through, thank you. No, no -- we want Mommy to get her rest," Vivian insisted.

Vivian ended the call then released a panicked cry of frustration while smacking the house phone against a desk. "Now it's only a matter of time before [Kate] points the finger at me..." Vivian fretted.

Meanwhile, Stefan and Gabi made plans for a belated honeymoon in Europe then started kissing each other passionately while en route to their bedroom -- just as Rafe arrived to arrest Vivian. "She's not here," Stefan claimed after Rafe explained what had just happened at the hospital. "That's not true. Stefan's lying. Vivian's upstairs -- third door on the left," Gabi clarified, annoying Stefan and delighting Rafe. "What the hell are you doing? I know you don't like my mother, but why betray her like that? Why betray me?" Stefan snapped at Gabi after Rafe headed upstairs. "I didn't," Gabi insisted, directing Stefan's attention to the living room.

"Oh, for God's sake..." Stefan muttered as Vivian emerged from a hiding place. "Yeah -- I saw her skulking around back here, so I just sent [Rafe] upstairs. You're welcome," Gabi continued. "Thank you very much for not telling your brother where I was," Vivian said to Gabi. "What are you doing down here?" Stefan asked Vivian. "I came to tell you that Kate is awake," Vivian explained. "I know -- and she told the police you were the one that shot her," Stefan revealed. "So I heard. Now...what are we going to do about it?" Vivian replied. Gabi suggested the secret tunnels as a new hiding place, and Vivian -- who was extremely claustrophobic -- reluctantly agreed.

Rafe returned shortly after Vivian entered the secret tunnels through the living room entrance. "You said she was upstairs in her room," Rafe protested, and Stefan and Gabi shrugged in response.

"She probably went out to eat," Stefan suggested. "Why don't you check Doug's Place?" Gabi added. "I'm gonna stay here and keep searching. In fact, I think I'm gonna start in the tunnels," Rafe countered.

Kristen tells Brady about her pregnancy Kristen tells Brady about her pregnancy
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

A frustrated Kristen paced her room at the Salem Inn as she waited for Brady to return her phone call. There was a knock at the door. It was Xander. Xander told Kristen that Sarah had decided not to get an abortion. When Kristen asked about the doctor at the clinic, Xander explained that he had made a generous donation to the clinic to buy the doctor's silence. Xander added that he had erased all evidence of Sarah's appointment, including footage of the incident.

Kristen asked why Sarah had changed her mind, and Xander told Kristen about Sarah's dream. Xander admitted that he did not know whether Sarah intended to tell Eric about the baby, but he made Kristen promise that Eric would not hear the news from her. Kristen assured Xander that the only baby she was interested in was the one that she was carrying.

In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah stared at her belly and thought about the conversation she had had with Xander at the clinic about keeping her baby. Brady walked in and saw Sarah staring out at nothing. After Brady called out Sarah's name a couple times, she snapped to attention. When Brady asked if everything was okay, Sarah was speechless.

"You want to talk about it?" Brady asked. Sarah declined the offer, but Brady reminded Sarah that they had agreed to rely on one another to get over their exes. Sarah asked about Brady. "I feel in control. As a matter of fact, I got a voicemail from Kristen. You know what I did with it? I deleted it," Brady said. Brady asked Sarah again what was bothering her.

"It's complicated, and honestly, I don't think unloading on you would help the situation at all," Sarah said. Brady told Sarah that she had helped him move past a dark place, and he wanted to help her. "You can trust me. You can tell me anything," Brady said. Before Sarah could share her secret, Kristen walked in. Brady told Kristen to leave, but she refused. When Brady asked why, Kristen told Brady that she was pregnant with his baby.

"This is desperate. Even for you," Brady said. Kristen insisted that she was telling the truth. "Rolf was giving me fertility treatments back in Nashville, and despite overwhelming odds, we were successful," Kristen said. When Kristen noted that Rolf had confirmed the pregnancy, Brady argued that Rolf could not be trusted. "You're going to have to have your pregnancy confirmed by a real doctor," Brady said. Kristen pointed at Sarah and said, "What about her?"

Brady refused, but Kristen talked Brady and Sarah into agreeing to administer a blood test. While Sarah fetched her bag, Kristen told Brady, "I keep telling you that I'm in your blood, and you are going to see that you are in mine. Mine and my child's." Sarah returned and took a vial of Kristen's blood for testing. Sarah offered to put a rush on the test.

"I already know what the results will say. I just want Brady to know," Kristen said. Brady turned away from Kristen. "We're going to have a baby, Brady. A precious, miracle baby, and no matter what people say, I know that you will not turn your back on him or her, or me," Kristen said. With a nod, Kristen walked out.

In the square, Nicole sat with Eric in the café. Nicole signed the paperwork to start work at the Horton Center again. "You have your life back," Eric said. "Yes. I do. The life that Kristen stole from me," Nicole muttered. Rolf walked around the corner, and Nicole scowled. Rolf told Nicole and Eric about Kate's improved health. Rolf explained that he had always had a soft spot for Stefano, and Stefano had had a soft spot for Kate.

"I'm always in favor of preserving life, which is why I refused to perform a certain procedure today," Rolf said cheerfully. Curious, Nicole asked Rolf what he was talking about. Rolf said he had declined to terminate a pregnancy. Nicole yelled at Rolf for helping Kristen wreak havoc on their lives. When Eric joined in, Nicole softened and assured Eric that Kristen would not be able to hurt them or reconnect with Brady.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Rolf said as he walked away. Nicole and Eric returned to their coffee, and Nicole admitted that she could not stop thinking about Rolf. Eric suggested that they leave Rolf in the past. As Eric took Nicole's hand in his, Xander approached.

"There is the happy couple," Xander said. Eric rose to his feet and ordered Xander to leave. With a nod, Xander pulled divorce papers out of his jacket and handed them to Nicole. "Already signed," Xander said. Xander added that there were no tricks. Unconvinced, Nicole said she would give the papers to her lawyer to look over.

"And now, there is nothing that can get in the way of us being together," Nicole said as she looked at Eric. Xander shifted his eyes away and left. Nicole pored over the papers and sighed with relief. "These divorce papers are clean," Nicole said. Eric smiled. Nicole said she believed she and Eric were finally getting a second chance. When Nicole worried about Julie's second chance, Eric offered to walk Nicole over to the hospital to see her.

At the hospital, Kayla went into Kate's room to check on her condition. "Help!" Kate called out. Kayla assured the other staff that everything was fine in Kate's room. When Kayla asked Kate to calm down, Kate joked, "What, so you can sedate me and sell me for body parts?" Kayla apologized for the diagnosis that she had shared with Lucas. Kate yelled that she wished Kayla had consulted with Rolf because he made every effort to save lives.

"I know how this looks, and I truly feel terrible about what this did to you and your family, and to Julie and her family," Kayla said. Kate complained that she did not understand how Kayla had given such poor advice to Lucas. "To be clear, I did not give him advice. I presented the facts so that he could make an informed decision," Kayla stressed. Kate asked Kayla how she could have been so wrong, and Kayla admitted that Kate's recovery was a medical miracle.

"Medically speaking the odds of you waking up were nearly none," Kayla explained. Kate asked Kayla if the case she had presented to Lucas had been colored by their past interactions. "It's not exactly like we're friends, is it?" Kate asked. Shocked, Kayla reminded Kate that she had taken an oath "to do no harm." Kate argued that there had been bad blood between her and Kayla since Kate had threatened to get Kayla fired after she had covered up for Tripp.

"You've hated me since I blackmailed you, and then the whole thing got worse when you agreed to help Stefan retaliate against me for what happened to Vivian," Kate yelled. "I feel sick about what I did, but I didn't know how else to help Steve," Kayla said. Kayla added that Kate had shot Vivian. "And she shot me back," Kate grumbled. Kayla suggested that Kate redirect her anger toward Vivian.

Kate told Kayla about her confrontation with Vivian in the park and in the cemetery. "She wanted me to see the open grave. She wanted me to see her intention," Kate said. Kate joked that she was lucky the grave had not been too deep. "It's a miracle you survived," Kayla said. Kate argued that her will to survive and get to the hospital should have been enough to convince the hospital staff not to give up on her so quickly.

"We didn't. Kate, the decision was made when you showed all signs of going into a persistent vegetative state," Kayla explained. Kate said she wanted to sue the hospital. "I was wrong, and I'm going to do everything in my power to figure out why," Kayla said. Kate accused Kayla of rushing to judgment to help Julie. Offended, Kayla denied the charge, and she argued that Kate's will to live had beaten the odds.

"Now that Julie's not getting my heart, what happens to her? Can you help her?" Kate asked. Kayla noted that Kate had been Julie's last hope, and the only thing the doctors could do was make Julie comfortable. "But I am happy that your family has you back. I mean that," Kayla added. "Maybe I won't sue you. Even though you really deserve it," Kate said quietly. Kate asked Kayla to tell Julie that she was thinking about her.

In the DiMera living room, Stefan objected to Rafe's plan to search the tunnels. "I don't need a warrant. See, I have probable cause. There's a wanted fugitive who may be armed and dangerous down there," Rafe said. Rafe added that if he did not find Vivian in the tunnels, then he would return with the entire police force. Rafe ducked into the tunnels.

"I have a feeling this isn't gonna end well for any of us," Stefan said. Worried, Gabi said, "You're scaring me." Stefan walked back his statement and said that he was worried about whether Vivian had escaped. Stefan apologized to Gabi for getting her into trouble. With a sigh, Stefan called his lawyer and arranged to meet him at the police station.

When Rafe returned to the living room without Vivian, Stefan said, "I told you she's not here." Rafe showed a scarf that he had found in the tunnels. Gabi reminded Rafe that "half the town has been locked in those tunnels" and that the scarf could have belonged to anyone. Rafe showed the initials "VA" on the scarf.

"Your mother was definitely down there. The question is, where is she now?" Rafe asked. Rafe called the police station and ordered an APB for Vivian. Rafe demanded that Stefan and Gabi tell him where to find Vivian. "We're telling the truth -- we both are. We don't know where Vivian is," Gabi protested. Rafe accused Gabi of sending him upstairs as a diversion so that Vivian could escape through the tunnels.

"That's a hell of a baseless accusation to make against my wife," Stefan grumbled. "You've hit a new low. You have, and it's not going to be long until you are back in prison, and we both know that is not a good place for you," Rafe said to Gabi. Rafe turned to Stefan and noted that he would arrest him as an accessory. Annoyed, Rafe started to walk out.

"If you catch Vivian. And if she made her way into those tunnels, she could be anywhere now. Finding her is going to be like finding a good cop in this town," Stefan said. Rafe argued that he would be waiting for Vivian whenever she exited the tunnels. "Vivian will be caught, and when she is, you're both going down with her," Rafe said.

After Rafe left, Stefan expressed his hope that Vivian would be able to stay one step ahead of the police. "I hope so. For your sake and mine," Gabi said. Stefan urged Gabi not to worry about Rafe because he could not prove that he or Gabi had helped Vivian. Stefan thanked Gabi again for helping his mother. "I hate her guts, but I do love her son very much, with all my heart," Gabi said. Gabi kissed Stefan.

In the garden outside the mansion, Vivian popped out of a tunnel exit. Rolf called out to Vivian. Caught, Vivian played it cool, but Rolf was not fooled. "So, you are in some kind of trouble, I take it?" Rolf asked. Vivian asked Rolf to help her hide. Rolf was reluctant to get involved. As Vivian caressed Rolf's chest, Vivian reminded Rolf of their evening chats together in Chicago, and an unimpressed Rolf countered that Vivian had done all the talking on those nights.

"You should have stayed in Chicago. At least that way, you wouldn't be in Salem, where you are wanted for attempted murder," Rolf reasoned aloud. "So, you heard," Vivian said as her smile fell away. Vivian argued that she did not understand how Kate had recovered from her coma. Rolf told Vivian that he had revived Kate in honor of Stefano.

"It was a spontaneous resurrection," Rolf explained. Rolf told Vivian he had happened upon Kate in the hospital and had given her the serum. "You wasted it on her?" Vivian asked in exasperation. Changing tactics, Vivian asked Rolf if he could put her in contact with Stefano. Rolf said that even if he knew how to contact Stefano, Stefano could not help Vivian with her problem due to time. "I do know someone who might," Rolf added.

At the hospital, Rolf delivered flowers to Kate in her room. "I wanted to offer my congratulations on your unexpected and quite remarkable recovery," Rolf said. Rolf added that Stefano would be proud to know that Kate had survived.

In the garden outside the tunnels, a frustrated Rafe wondered aloud where to find Vivian. At the Salem Inn, Kristen returned to her room and found Vivian waiting for her. "I need something from you, and it's not optional," Vivian demanded. Vivian asked Kristen to hide her from the police.

In the Kiriakis living room, Brady stared at the wall in disbelief. Brady thought about the night he had slept with Kristen, when he had believed that she had been Nicole. "Is it possible what Kristen said is true? My God, could she be carrying my baby?" Brady wondered aloud. Xander walked in and asked about Sarah. Brady muttered that Sarah was at the hospital. Xander noticed Sarah's medical bag on the table, and he asked about it.

"That's Sarah's. She took a blood test," Brady said. "Wait a minute. She told you?" Xander asked with surprise. Brady looked at Xander with suspicion. Over at the hospital, Eric and Nicole stopped in front of the nurses' station. Eric went to talk to a nurse about whether he could visit Julie, and Nicole stayed behind to wait for him. Sarah rounded the corner and did not notice Nicole standing nearby.

While on the phone, Sarah said, "This is a personal favor. I have to order a pregnancy test for as soon as possible." Nicole stared over at Sarah in disbelief.

Vivian pulls a gun on Kristen Vivian pulls a gun on Kristen
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
by Mike

Ben approached the Hernandez house, steering clear of each window, and knocked on the front door then waited for Jordan to open it.

"I have nothing to say to you," Jordan insisted as Ben barged into the house. "Well, that's too damn bad, 'cause I'm not going anywhere," Ben countered.

Jordan produced a cell phone and started to call Rafe, but Ben snatched the device and tossed it aside. "You came by my place when Ciara was there alone," Ben pointed out. "To bring back the gift that you bought David," Jordan explained, shrugging. "You could have just mailed it to me. [The truth is that] the gift was an excuse, Jordan. I know what you were really doing there -- [you were] trying to send me a message [by showing me] how easily you could get to Ciara," Ben countered. "You think I'm a threat to Ciara?" Jordan incredulously summarized while shoving Ben a few times.

"We both know who the real threat is!" Jordan continued, scowling at Ben. "I love [Ciara]! I would never hurt her!" Ben insisted. "You don't even know what real love is -- [and] you can't know it, because you were never shown it as a child! I tried as hard as I could to be there for you, but it was never gonna be enough, because Clyde is your biological father! He is part of you, and the evil that you have deep inside of your veins [as a result] -- I know you feel [it]!" Jordan argued. "Clyde was evil...but I'm not. The doctors said I'm better now," Ben stressed. "Doctors can be fooled," Jordan dismissively countered.

"People don't change," Jordan matter-of-factly declared. "How 'bout you?" Ben asked. "I'm not like you; I am not a killer," Jordan replied. "How can you say that? You killed our mother [and] her unborn child -- [and] you did it on purpose!" Ben reminded Jordan, who denied the accusation at first then admitted, when pressed, that it was indeed true. "She deserved it. I did what I had to do to prevent another bad seed from being born. [But] I'm not that person anymore. I am better now," Jordan stressed. "And what about the evil that's deep inside of you?" Ben countered. "I'm not you," Jordan maintained.

"You're not me, 'cause I actually am better now," Ben agreed. "[No, you're still] so sick, and the only regret that I have is that I failed in getting you put away for good. And if Ciara gets hurt now, it won't be my fault," Jordan warned. "If Ciara gets hurt again, God help me, I swear to you --" Ben began to vow, grabbing Jordan's arms. "You gonna strangle me? You know, Rafe is gonna be home any minute now. I'm sure he would love to see you threatening me. He'd be able to get you put away for good, where you belong," Jordan countered, glaring back at Ben.

"I'm gonna warn you for the last time -- stay the hell away from Ciara," Ben advised before letting Jordan go with a light shove. Jordan smirked mischievously as Ben stormed out of the house and slammed the door shut.

At the hospital, Julie awoke and greeted Doug with a smile. "We're alone?" she asked, looking around the room. "Yes," he confirmed. "Good," she declared, puzzling him.

"I have something very important to ask you," Julie began to explain to Doug -- but Hope and Eric entered the room just then, interrupting the conversation. "I understand that you and Nicole are back together," Julie said to Eric, who happily confirmed the news. "Your husband here told me not to give up hope," Eric informed Julie, prompting Doug to offer more advice. "One -- cherish every day with the woman you love. Two -- never, ever take her for granted. [And always remember] three little words -- 'Yes, my love,'" Doug stressed. "That's the secret of a long and happy relationship," Julie teasingly agreed.

Sarah took Kristen's blood sample to a lab then headed toward the nearest break room in search of coffee -- and ran into Nicole on the way. "You look upset," Sarah curiously observed before worriedly asking about Holly. "Holly's fine. I'm -- I'm here with Eric. He's visiting Julie," Nicole clarified. "How are you holding up? I mean, this has gotta be really stressful for you, [as] part of [Julie's] medical team and part of her family... Not to mention...whatever else is going on with you...personally..." Nicole awkwardly continued, puzzling Sarah.

"I don't really know how to say this, so I'm just gonna come out and say it..." Nicole decided before bluntly asking if Sarah was pregnant. "Did he tell you I was?" Sarah asked. "Who?" Nicole replied. "Wait -- what makes you even think that I am?" Sarah continued. "Well, I -- I overheard you on the phone, saying you had to run a pregnancy test," Nicole explained, drawing a laugh and a sigh of relief from Sarah. "That wasn't for me... [See, I was just] doing Brady a favor," Sarah clarified, and Nicole groaned in response, realizing the implication.

"I owe you an apology, [because] I just assumed that you were pregnant -- with Eric's baby," Nicole admitted to Sarah -- just as Eric entered the break room. "You're pregnant?" Eric asked Sarah, stunned. "Just a misunderstanding," Nicole clarified for Sarah. "You have nothing to worry about from me," Sarah awkwardly assured Eric before explaining that Kristen was the one who might be pregnant. Sarah, Nicole, and Eric each hoped, for Brady's sake, that Kristen was lying about being pregnant -- but the trio knew that the claim could be true.

Ben entered Julie's room and apologized for the interruption. "Just wanted to let you know that I'm here. I'll be in the waiting area," Ben told Ciara before starting to leave. "Please, stay," Doug requested. "I know we've been a little hard on you lately..." Doug began. "You had good reason not to trust me," Ben acknowledged. "From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for what you did. If you had not performed the CPR and revived my wife..." Doug continued. "I'm glad I could help, [and] I only wish I'd gotten there sooner," Ben stressed, shaking Doug's outstretched hand.

Julie also thanked Ben. "Ciara loves you so much. I'd do anything for her," Ben reasoned with a shrug.

After Ciara and Ben left, Julie asked Hope to fetch a rosary from the Horton house. "Why do I have the feeling that you were just trying to get rid of Hope?" Doug said to Julie once the coast was clear. "Because I was," Julie admitted, eager to resume the conversation that had been interrupted earlier. "I want you to -- to promise me something...but, no matter what I ask, you have to answer with the words you taught to Eric," Julie stressed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Xander continued discussing a pregnancy, each unaware that they weren't talking about the same one. "I don't get it -- why...why does she need another blood test if she already knows she's pregnant?" Xander wondered. "I'm the one that insisted she get a blood test. You think I'm gonna take her word for it? [We all know] the woman is a manipulative, deceitful liar," Brady explained.

"You're talking about Kristen," Xander realized. "Who the hell did you think I meant?" Brady wondered. "I knew you were talking about Kristen," Xander insisted. "Really? 'Cause you seemed thrown," Brady countered. "I was playing dumb," Xander explained. "Playing?" Brady dryly repeated. "She let it slip earlier [then] warned me not to tell anyone...[and] I know you think I'm a dummy, but I'm not dumb enough to cross that crazy bitch," Xander coolly stressed, adding that Kristen had clearly wanted to be the one to tell Brady about the pregnancy. "To say she was 'excited' to share the news with me is an understatement," Brady confirmed.

"So, that she's got your dough in her pizza oven, what does that mean for you [two]?" Xander wondered. "I don't want a child with Kristen DiMera!" Brady stressed. "Understood...but we don't always get a choice; sometimes, we [just] have to make the best of it. [And], for what it's worth, I think Kristen's telling you the truth, [because] she's played this game before, [and] she's too smart to think that she can get away with faking it [again] -- at least, not for very long... [Plus], you did sleep with her," Xander argued. "I thought she was Nicole!" Brady insisted. "Keep telling yourself that, mate..." Xander countered.

"I can't wait to see the look on Uncle Vic's face when he finds out his CEO knocked up Kristen DiMera. We'll see who's the black sheep in the family after that one..." Xander teasingly warned Brady.

Shortly after Xander left the living room, Sarah entered the mansion and apologetically informed Brady that Kristen was indeed pregnant. "I've just been so concerned about Kristen, and what this means to me, that I didn't...I didn't really realize, until just now, that there's a real kid here, at stake," Brady mused after reading the results of the pregnancy test. "I didn't really expect that reaction..." Sarah admitted. "Me, either...[but] a baby is always a blessing, given any circumstances...right?" Brady reasoned. "Yeah..." Sarah agreed as Brady rushed out of the mansion.

Xander soon returned to the living room. "Everything okay?" Xander asked, seeing that Sarah was upset. "No, everything is not okay," Sarah replied before recapping what had just happened at the hospital. "You thought that I told [Nicole you were pregnant] -- that I'd betrayed your secret? [Look], I would never do that to you. I made you a promise," Xander assured Sarah. "So, they [still] don't know?" Xander assumed. "Thankfully, no...but, honestly, this whole thing made me realize that they can never find out, and I have to take action, [so] the only thing that I can do [is] leave Salem," Sarah declared, stunning Xander.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen scoffed at the idea of helping Vivian, of all people. "You have been nothing but a nuisance ever since I brought you back to life, [so] why would I want to protect you [from the police]?" Kristen asked. "Because I -- I'm going to ask you very nicely," Vivian replied, pulling a gun out of a purse. "You're not very good at murdering people," Kristen dismissively pointed out, knowing that Kate was still alive. "Practice makes perfect," Vivian countered with a shrug, keeping the gun aimed at Kristen. "[Kate] woke up [and] ratted on me, [so] the entire police department is now looking for me," Vivian bitterly explained.

"Maybe I'm dense, know, it's still not clear to me why you're here," Kristen admitted. "You saved my life before, [so] why shouldn't you do it again?" Vivian reasoned.

"It was Dr. Rolf who injected you with the miracle serum --" Kristen tried to protest. "[But] it was the two of you, [together], that brought me back to health, and you were the one who provided we stayed in...for months...and months..." Vivian countered, making the second part of the argument sound more like a bad thing than a good thing. "None of which was a picnic," Kristen agreed, feeling just as bitter about the experience -- albeit for very different reasons. "You really did give a new meaning to the words 'high maintenance,'" Kristen complained. "Proudly," Vivian admitted.

"You wouldn't have gone through all of that trouble [unless] I was of some value to you," Vivian reasoned. "Maybe I just value human life," Kristen argued, causing Vivian to laugh hysterically. "You wouldn't have lifted a finger to help me unless you had some larger purpose in mind for me," Vivian guessed before challenging Kristen to finally reveal that larger purpose. "Your son is in my family home. He's usurped the DiMera legacy --" Kristen began to explain. "It's his legacy, too! You're not even a blood relative!" Vivian pointed out. "I'm more of a DiMera than he ever will be!" Kristen argued.

"I want it all back, so I thought you could be some useful bargaining chip," Kristen continued. "[Then] why didn't you just say to Stefan, 'Give me your company, and I will give you your mother'? He would do anything for me!" Vivian countered. "Can I answer the question with you not pointing that gun at me?" Kristen requested. "I'm more comfortable this way," Vivian insisted. "Yeah, well, I'm not...and if you're so big on the sanctity of the mother-child bond, you should respect my wishes, [because] congratulations are in order, Vivian -- I'm pregnant!" Kristen revealed, surprising Vivian.

"[Now], point that gun someplace else -- I don't want it to go off accidentally!" Kristen snapped. "'Accidentally' on purpose," Vivian warned. "Is that supposed to be a joke?" Kristen asked. "There is nothing funny about me fighting for my freedom -- nothing whatsoever! [Now], you start thinking of a way to keep me safe, or you can start worrying about yourself and your little baby, [because] I have escaped the grave more times than I can tell you, [and] there's no way I'm gonna rot away in a prison cell!" Vivian replied. "What do you expect me to do?" Kristen wondered. "You're a schemer, baby. Start scheming," Vivian suggested.

Just then, Brady knocked on the hotel room door and called out to Kristen, whom Vivian immediately warned to stay quiet.

Outside the Brady Pub, Ben started to tell Ciara about what had happened with Jordan earlier -- but a phone call from Stefan quickly interrupted the conversation. Ciara headed toward a nearby parking lot with a takeout order, giving Ben some privacy. As Ben answered the call, Ciara's screams -- and the squeal of a car's tires -- interrupted Stefan's response.

Tragedy occurs as Vivian tries to flee Salem Tragedy occurs as Vivian tries to flee Salem
Thursday, October 3, 2019
by Mike

After finishing a work shift, Rafe handed off the search for Vivian to Lani then returned home and called out to Jordan -- who didn't respond.

Meanwhile, Ben helped a visibly shaken Ciara get settled in a chair inside the Brady Pub. "[Whoever was driving that car] almost killed me, okay? I jumped out of the way just in time! The bastard must have seen me! It's like he was trying to kill me!" Ciara stressed. "Are you sure it was a man?" Ben wondered. "No -- all I saw was the headlights," Ciara clarified. "Did you see anything about the car? [Or] anything else?" Ben continued. "No, I'm sorry -- nothing. It all happened so fast. But whoever it was must have been drunk, or high, or --" Ciara replied. "Jordan," Ben suggested before contacting the police.

Rafe was just about to put a frozen dinner in the microwave when Jordan entered the kitchen from another room and announced that real food had already been prepared and was warming in the oven at that moment. "I didn't know you were here. I called out to you and David [when I got home earlier]," Rafe stated, surprised. "Oh, I'm sorry -- I didn't hear you. I was singing him to sleep," Jordan replied, waving a hand dismissively. Rafe, who had been too busy searching for Vivian to eat lunch, shrugged and dropped the subject, already drooling over the thought of "real" food.

Lani arrived a short time later, just as Rafe and Jordan were about to start eating. "Don't tell me that you found Vivian already!" Rafe incredulously protested. "This is another matter," Lani clarified before explaining what had happened to Ciara earlier. "What are you doing here? You -- you think I had something to do with this?" Jordan asked, scoffing indignantly. "You do have a history [of] threatening Ciara's life," Lani pointed out. "That was when I was sick. I am better now," Jordan dismissively clarified. "Ben thinks you were the driver," Lani revealed. "Well, Ben is wrong. I -- I've been here, taking care of my son, all night," Jordan insisted.

"You were just getting home when I talked to you on the phone about an hour ago," Lani reminded Rafe, who agreed with the timeline. "Can anyone vouch for you?" Lani asked Jordan skeptically. "My baby. He's not speaking yet," Jordan dryly replied. "What make and model is your car?" Lani wondered. "I don't have a car," Jordan revealed.

"Did Ben or Ciara [identify] Jordan as the driver? [Or] can they identify the car?" Rafe interjected. "No," Lani admitted. "And no one is certain that this person was actually trying to run Ciara down? [I mean, this happened at the pub, and sometimes, when] people have had a few too many drinks, they drive irresponsibly," Rafe continued. "And that lot is not lit very well," Jordan recalled. "And I'm so happy that she's okay," Jordan stressed. Lani nodded skeptically then exited the house after apologizing to Rafe and Jordan for the interruption.

"Did you try and run Ciara down earlier?" Rafe asked Jordan as soon as the coast was clear. "I can't believe you could think --" Jordan began to protest. "I called out for you when I got here, and I didn't hear anything, [and] I know you said that you were singing to [David], but I can hear the nursery from here, [and] I didn't hear any singing, okay? [And] you could have come in the other door," Rafe pointed out. "After all that I went through [just] to be with my son, you think I would really leave him here, by himself, to go try and run over Ciara with a car?" Jordan countered.

"Ben is the only threat there is to Ciara," Jordan insisted before rushing off to check on David, who had just started crying. Rafe sighed, still not sure if Jordan was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, at the pub, Ben told Ciara about what had happened earlier that night. "[During my confrontation with Jordan], I told her I knew what she did to my mom, [and now] I'm afraid she used that car to hurt you or kill you as a message to me -- payback," Ben fretted. "Jordan's been saying [that] she's worried about you -- worried that you're gonna get hurt by me..." Ben continued. "That's the same kind of crap she was saying right before she took me to the cabin, Ben! Why didn't you tell me?" Ciara replied. "I wanted to, [but] you're already so worried about everything with Julie..." Ben apologetically explained.

"But now I realize that it's important for you to know, Ciara, because you being with me is putting a target on your back," Ben acknowledged -- just as Lani entered the pub.

"What did you think she was going to say?" Ben asked incredulously after Lani revealed that Jordan had denied being involved in the earlier incident. "I don't have a shred of proof to arrest her on," Lani replied with a shrug. "So, there's really nothing you can do until Jordan actually kills someone," Ben grumbled. "The law says I can't lock her up just because you think she's dangerous. You, of all people, should appreciate that," Lani countered before advising Ben and Ciara to stay far away from Jordan in the future. After leaving the pub, Lani instructed a police officer to take Jordan's photograph to all the rental car agencies in the immediate area.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander refused to let Sarah leave Salem. "Did I just hear you say you're not going to 'let' me do something?" Sarah snapped. "All right, I -- I sounded a bit like a caveman there," Xander conceded.

"[But] come on -- I mean, it's still early days for you to be talking about leaving Salem! It's gonna be a while before you start looking know," Xander argued. "I know...but it kills me every time I run into Eric and Nicole -- and it can't be easy for them to see me, either," Sarah countered. "Why should you throw your life away just to make things easier for them?" Xander asked. "It's not about them -- or just about them... [Look], I'm not a martyr [who's] just making life easier for Eric and Nicole; if I leave Salem, I'm doing it for the baby -- and for me," Sarah replied before starting to head upstairs to pack.

"What about all the people who love you?" Xander called out, stopping Sarah. "My mom will still be a part of my life -- and the baby's. She just -- she won't see us every day. [But] she has Victor, and for reasons I -- I really just don't understand, she loves him...and now she has Holly [back, too, so] she will be fine," Sarah reasoned. "I'm not talking about your mum; I'm talking about me," Xander clarified. "You've tried to be a friend to me, and I -- I really appreciate that, but...there can never be anything more between us --" Sarah began to reiterate. "I wasn't talking about that; I know that," Xander grumbled.

"I need you to keep me honest," Xander explained. "When have I ever kept you honest?" Sarah wondered. "You're the only person who can call me a 'disgusting pig' and still feel like a friend," Xander continued. "We'll email," Sarah promised. "No -- I need the personal touch," Xander insisted. "I mean, if you leave town, who's gonna stop me from falling back into my wanton ways? I mean, before you know it, I'll be lying, and stealing, and locking people in secret rooms..." Xander reasoned. "Have you done something I don't know about?" Sarah asked. "I almost did something -- something, uh...something terrible..." Xander admitted.

"Kristen -- she, uh...she knows a lot about me...and she's made me help her hurt a lot of people..." Xander vaguely explained. "But I don't want to do things like that anymore, and I feel like...if you were in Salem, I'd be better at standing up to her, so...would you think about staying? For me?" Xander continued. "You want me to stay your conscience?" Sarah summarized. "I want you to stay for lots of reasons," Xander stressed.

Sarah gave the matter some thought then promised to at least hold off on making a decision until the following day.

At the Salem Inn, Brady continued knocking on Kristen's hotel room door and calling out greetings.

"He knows that I'm here, and he's not leaving, [because] he also knows that I would never turn down a chance to see him," Kristen warned Vivian, who reluctantly agreed to let Brady in. "But you betray me, and so help me, I will put a bullet in Brady -- and then I'll shoot you and your little baby, too!" Vivian vowed before ducking into the bathroom and shutting the door.

"Who else is here?" Brady suspiciously demanded to know when Kristen finally opened the hotel room door. "No one," Kristen insisted, but Brady eyed the bathroom door, unconvinced. "What you heard was, uh, me talking to my new obstetrician on the speakerphone," Kristen claimed, and Brady accepted that explanation -- or, at least, didn't challenge it further.

"I'm here because I saw the test results. Apparently, you really are pregnant," Brady conceded. "[But I still] have no way of knowing whether the kid is mine or not," Brady continued, dodging Kristen's attempt to seize a celebratory hug. "Are you serious? Who else could be the father?" Kristen asked incredulously. "Off the top of my head? I don't know -- Xander? He works for you, and he loves making money..." Brady replied with a shrug. "I'd never let that cretin touch me!" Kristen indignantly protested, slapping Brady. "You walked around town in a rubber mask, pretending to be Nicole. I don't know what you wouldn't do," Brady countered.

"I knew you hated me, [but]..." Kristen grumbled, hurt. "When it is safe for the baby, I'll get a paternity test," Kristen promised, drawing a scoff from Brady, who sarcastically agreed that the results of paternity tests could always be trusted completely -- especially in Salem. "Don't have any grand illusions that this -- this child is going to bring us back together, 'cause that's not gonna happen," Brady insisted, but Kristen remained hopeful. "[You just] needed a reason to be with me, [and now] you have it -- [after all], how could anyone question you sharing [your] life with the mother of your child?" Kristen argued. "Was [that] the idea all along?" Brady asked.

"If the baby is mine, I will do my best to be a good father...[but] that's it; there's nothing in this for you," Brady stressed. "I know this is a shock to you --" Kristen began to respond, undeterred. "There's nothing that shocks me anymore that you do," Brady admitted. "[And I understand] that you're not as overjoyed about the news as I am --" Kristen continued. "You're right -- I...I wouldn't call me 'overjoyed' right now," Brady confirmed. "You can forget about using this baby to try to get me back, 'cause [that's] not gonna happen," Brady insisted before rushing out of the hotel room and slamming the door shut.

Vivian emerged from the bathroom, still holding a gun, and joined a visibly disappointed Kristen on the bed. "If I were you, I would forget about Brady. Just focus on your baby. A man will always be able to turn on you, but a child [will] put its mother first," Vivian advised. "You don't know what you're talking about. Brady shut me out before, but he has never been able to stay away," Kristen insisted. "Men are, at best, flawed creatures, but Brady sounded very adamant just --" Vivian began to argue. "Mind your own business, you old bat, and get out of here! I'm done giving you a place to hide!" Kristen snapped.

"I don't need your help, [because] my son is going to help me leave this horrid little town," Vivian, who had engaged in a hushed phone conversation with Stefan while stuck in the bathroom earlier, proudly revealed before starting to leave. "Oh, one more thing -- uh, the goon that held us in Chicago, he said there were other people to answer to besides you, [and] it's not me, [and] it's not dear Dr. Rolf, [so]...who could it be? Stefano?" Vivian curiously wondered. "Beat it!" Kristen impatiently demanded, shoving Vivian out of the hotel room and slamming the door shut. Alone, Kristen picked up a book of baby names and began reading it with a smile.

Marlena was passing through Horton Town Square when Brady emerged from the Salem Inn. "I just saw Kristen," Brady admitted when Marlena observed that it seemed like something was wrong. "Oh... Not sure that's a very good idea..." Marlena began to advise. "She's pregnant. [And] I think it might be mine," Brady blurted out, stunning Marlena. "The test results that you saw -- they were real?" Marlena asked. "Sarah showed them to me, [and] she wouldn't lead me on," Brady replied. "Marlena, I may have conceived a child with the very woman that drugged Sami, put a gun in her hand, and ordered her to shoot you!" Brady fretted.

"You're going to have to insist upon having a paternity test --" Marlena began to advise. "Kristen volunteered to have a paternity test done," Brady revealed. "That doesn't mean anything," Marlena insisted. "I told her [that] if this baby is mine, I will do my best to be a proper father, but there's no way in the world that this child is going to bring Kristen and I together," Brady assured Marlena. "You've gotta be completely sure of that," Marlena warned. "Are you implying that I'm not? I love you, but I -- I really wish you wouldn't try to undermine me!" Brady defensively countered. "I'm speaking from tragic experience here," Marlena pointed out.

"You can't ever underestimate Kristen, [because] if you do, she'll take advantage of you. And you can't ever...well, let her make the next move; you have to be the aggressor," Marlena advised. "How do I do that?" Brady asked. " could file for full custody... And if -- if you do that, and -- and you get it, know, John and I would certainly be here to help you the whole way," Marlena replied. "You're probably right," Brady conceded before rushing off -- just as Vivian emerged from the Salem Inn, wearing a hooded cloak. "Vivian?" Marlena called out, but Vivian ignored the greeting and ducked out of sight.

Marlena ran into Lani a short time later and reported the earlier encounter with Vivian.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan surprised Gabi with a gift -- a double-heart pendant necklace.

"At first, when the jeweler showed it to me, I thought, 'Eh, it's a little trite...' But then...I thought about it, and I realized it's perfect, [because] I gave you my heart, and along with [that] came the opportunity to break it -- and you didn't do that. I have never made myself so vulnerable to anybody before, let alone [trusted them] enough to let them in...that is, until I met you. [You've shown] even a cynic like me what love and devotion is, and I promise you, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life showing you the same love and devotion, [and] I'm gonna be by your side until the day I die," Stefan said to Gabi, who fought back tears while listening to the speech.

"I'm just thinking about all the time we wasted hating each other and trying to hurt each other," Gabi explained when Stefan asked about the sudden display of emotion. "Those days are over now," Stefan assured Gabi before rushing off to meet up with Vivian, who was waiting to board the DiMera jet and flee the jurisdiction on it.

Meanwhile, Lani caught up with Vivian in the park. "I was hoping to leave town peacefully, but since you seem determined to interfere with my plans..." Vivian snapped before pointing a gun at Lani, who managed to fire first -- just as Stefan arrived and jumped in front of Vivian, taking the bullet in the neck.

Stefan fights to survive Stefan fights to survive
Friday, October 4, 2019

At the Salem Inn, Jack went to Eve's room to apologize for wrongly accusing her of trashing the lab. Jack told Eve about Henry Shah and how Jack had saved Jennifer's life. When Jack told Eve that he was sorry, Eve scoffed.

"But not sorry you used me," Eve said. Jack reminded Eve that they had mutually used one another. When Jack compared their marriage to the one they had entered into many years before, Eve raised an eyebrow. Jack told Eve that he had recovered his memory.

"All of it?" Eve asked. Jack told Eve to ask him what Vern had said when he had learned that Jack was married to Eve. Eve asked Jack how he had recovered his memories. Jack explained that his memories had rushed back because of his "love for Jennifer." Eve reminded Jack that he was still married to her.

"You know how long those nasty divorces can be drawn out," Eve said. "You wouldn't do that to me, would you?" Jack asked. "It would serve you right," Eve grumbled. With a nod, Jack started to leave. Eve grabbed Jack's wrist to stop him. Jack pleaded with Eve to release him from her life. Jack added that he would never let go of Jennifer again and that it was pointless for Eve to attempt to keep him apart from Jennifer.

In the park, Lani and Vivian pointed guns at one another. Lani warned Vivian to drop her weapon. When Vivian appeared to make a move, Lani fired her gun. Stefan jumped in front of the bullet to save his mother. Vivian let out a blood-curdling scream and dropped to her knees next to her son. Lani ordered Vivian to drop her weapon, and Vivian threw the gun to the side. As Lani kicked the gun away, blood flowed out of the bullet hole in Stefan's neck.

"You shot my son!" Vivian yelled at Lani. Lani called for an ambulance, and Vivian asked Stefan why he had jumped in front of her. "To save you," Stefan gurgled. Stefan whispered to Vivian to run away and meet the plane at the airfield. Lani dropped down on the ground next to Stefan, and she applied pressure to his wound to slow the bleeding. Vivian slowly rose to her feet as a look of confusion crossed Lani's face. "Please save him!" Vivian cried out as she ran from the scene.

Jennifer arrived at the hospital with doughnuts for Julie. Hope started to take one, but Jennifer stopped her. Jennifer explained that she had added marijuana to the donuts because Kayla had said it might help calm Julie.

In Julie's room, Eli and Abe discussed where Julie could be. Kayla walked in, and she asked about Julie. As Abe and Eli exchanged looks of alarm, Jennifer and Hope walked in with the doughnuts. Jennifer worried aloud that Julie had checked herself out of the hospital against medical advice. Hope's phone beeped with a text from Doug that explained that he and Julie were safe but had left the hospital.

"I know Doug loves Julie, and he would do anything to make her happy, but I don't think he really thought this through," Jennifer lamented. Hope realized that Julie had sent her to pick up Julie's rosary so that she could get rid of Hope. Eli suggested that they head out to look for Doug and Julie, but Hope said she knew where to find them.

Eli and Hope decided to track down Doug and Julie while Jennifer opted to stay and wait for Jack. Abe said he needed to get back to work, but he asked Jennifer to tell Julie that he would return soon. When Abe asked for a doughnut for the road, Jennifer promised to make Abe his own batch instead. With a nod, Abe left.

"Julie is not going to be happy about being dragged back here," Eli said. Hope suggested they would break out the doughnuts and celebrate Julie's life. After Hope and Eli left, Jack arrived. Jack asked about Julie, and Jennifer said she had stayed behind to wait for Jack while Hope and Eli looked for Julie and Doug. Jennifer asked about Jack's conversation with Eve.

"I apologized. I tried to make her see that it's time to let go. This crazy need for revenge just eats away at her," Jack said. Jennifer asked Jack if he believed he had gotten through to Eve. Jack said he did not know. Jennifer stressed that Eve would never be able to come between them again. Jack agreed. Jack added that since he had his memories back, he remembered all the things that Julie had done through the years to push him and Jennifer together. Jack said he hoped he would have a chance to thank Julie.

In Eve's hotel room, she finished off her shaker of martinis and stared at a photo of her daughter. "There's nothing left for me in this town except bad memories and your grave," Eve whispered. Frustrated, Eve muttered that there was nothing left for her in Salem.

At the DiMera mansion, Gabi curled up in bed and thought of her romantic evening with Stefan. "Hurry back, babe," Gabi whispered. Gabi drifted off to sleep, and she dreamed that Stefan had returned home to tell her that Vivian had left town. "Now we can be alone together," Gabi said. "Not exactly," Stefan said. Gabi noticed a wound on Stefan's neck. Gabi woke up and screamed Stefan's name.

Worried, Gabi called Stefan's cell phone, but he did not answer. When Gabi dialed again, she heard his phone and turned to see Vivian rush into the bedroom. "Get to the hospital now!" Vivian yelled. Worried, Gabi asked what was wrong. "Stefan's been shot," Vivian said bluntly. Vivian told Gabi to get to the hospital because Stefan needed Gabi.

"What did you do?" Gabi shouted as she got dressed in the closet. Vivian explained that Stefan had taken a bullet intended for her, and then he had told her to run. "And then you left him there? He is your son!" Gabi yelled from the closet. Vivian insisted she had only done what Stefan has asked her to do. Once dressed, Gabi exited the closet, and she stared daggers at Vivian.

"Why don't you go save yourself, you selfish bitch!" Gabi barked. Vivian said she would join Gabi at the hospital, but she did not want to get caught. "I never should have helped you get away with anything," Gabi muttered. Vivian asked Gabi to tell Stefan that she loved him. "It should have been you shot, not my husband," Gabi yelled as she marched out of the room.

"My son, my son. How can I leave without knowing that you're okay?" Vivian wondered aloud. Stefan's phone rang. "I know I'm late. Hold the damn plane until I get there," Vivian growled into the phone. Once the call was ended, Vivian started to cry. Vivian noticed Stefan's briefcase and opened it. Inside were the hospital scrubs Stefan had taken from Vivian. "There's something I need to do before I leave town," Vivian said.

At the hospital, the EMTs arrived with Stefan and Lani. Kayla escorted Stefan into a room to stabilize him. "You can do this," Kayla encouraged an unconscious Stefan. As Stefan's vital signs crashed, Kayla worked to restart his heart. In the waiting area, Lani stared at her blood-stained hands. Abe saw his daughter and asked if she was all right.

"I tracked down Vivian Alamain. I tried to detain her. She pulled out a gun, and I returned fire, and I don't know, it all happened so fast," Lani stammered. "You shot Vivian?" Abe asked. Lani explained that she had accidentally shot Stefan when he had jumped in front of Vivian. "I shot him," Vivian whispered as Gabi walked into the hallway.

As Lani started to apologize, rage burned in Gabi's eyes. "You shot my husband," Gabi started. Abe interrupted to note that the shooting had been an accident. "Is that what you said when J.J. shot Theo? Oh, and you were so understanding and forgiving, right?" Gabi asked. Gabi told Lani that she would pay for what she had done. When Abe reasoned aloud that the hospital was not the place for a scene, Gabi said she needed to see her husband and would deal with Lani later.

"I can't believe this is happening. Dad, he was barely alive when we got here. What if he dies?" Lani asked. As Lani broke down in tears, Abe hugged her. "Don't let him die," Lani whispered. Abe's phone kept ringing, and Lani urged Abe to go into work, since he was the CCO at DiMera. Abe was reluctant to leave, but Lani pointed out that since his daughter had shot Stefan, the press would be anxious to talk to him specifically.

"You were doing your job," Abe said. "Then you need to do yours. I'll be fine," Lani said. Lani added that Eli was at the hospital, and she would be fine. Abe urged Lani to call him if she needed anything. "I just need Stefan to be okay," Lani said.

By the time that Gabi arrived in Stefan's room, Kayla had been working on Stefan for twenty minutes. Stefan's heart restarted, but he had been deprived of oxygen for too long. Kayla told Gabi that Stefan was brain dead. In the doorway, a scrubs-clad Vivian watched and listened. Gabi gasped, and Vivian choked back sobs.

At Doug's Place, Doug pushed Julie's wheelchair into the restaurant. Julie thanked Doug for letting her take him out for one last romantic evening together. Doug and Julie reminisced about the old club and the first time Doug had seen Julie. "You blew my socks off," Doug said. "I don't think I could make your socks droop," Julie said about her appearance at that moment. Doug handed Julie a compact, and she fussed over the way she looked.

"I'm not gonna go to my grave, looking like this," Julie said. Doug offered to help Julie with her makeup, and he reminded her of when he had dressed like a clown. Julie smiled. "You'll always be the most beautiful girl in the world," Doug said. Julie worried aloud that Doug's text message to Hope would tip her off as to where to find them.

"Don't worry. I told her leave us be," Doug said. Julie reminded Doug that Hope was as stubborn as he was. Doug said he had felt compelled to text Hope because he did not want the family to worry about them. "I don't want them to worry, either, but darling, all those teary, cheery faces telling me I had to fight? I know it's the best intentions they have, but it's a death watch, and I couldn't take it anymore," Julie said. Doug told Julie that he loved that she had never taken herself too seriously.

Doug and Julie thought about past moments in their life together, including when Julie had dressed as a hotdog, their vaudeville act, and when Julie had ridden a mechanical bull. As Julie laughed, Doug commented on the color in Julie's cheeks. "Laughter really is the best medicine," Doug said. "So are you," Julie countered.

"You know how loved you are, don't you?" Doug asked. "I know I'm loved, but most gloriously by you," Julie said. Doug and Julie thought about moments from their life including dancing, their wedding, their first kiss, and other intimate moments. "After this life comes the next. You and I will never run out," Doug said. Julie asked if she had been a good wife. "The best," Doug said as he fought back tears. Doug kissed Julie, and she swooned with exhaustion.

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave the hospital," Doug said. Doug asked if there was anything he could do for Julie. "Dance with me," Julie whispered. Doug grabbed the handles of Julie's wheelchair and moved it gently around and sang to her. Julie smiled and waved her arm. "I have loved you with every breath since the moment I saw you, and I always will," Doug said. "Yes. Always, my love. Always," Julie whispered before her body went limp.

When Hope and Eli arrived, Doug was sitting across from Julie, her head on her chest. "I know this is probably Julie's idea, and you want to make her happy, but we need to get her back," Hope said before she saw Julie slumped in her wheelchair. "I'm afraid it's too late for that now," Doug said as he wept. Hope hugged Doug, and Eli started to cry.

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