Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 13, 2020 on DAYS
Eric and Kristen learned the truth about Rachel. Sarah dumped Xander at the altar, and she left town with Rachel. Will and Sonny discussed having another child. Hope remembered more of Gina's actions. Kayla told Steve about their divorce and Adrienne's death. Justin told Steve that he had almost killed Kayla. Kayla struggled to choose between Justin and Steve. Orpheus walked free. Evan's lawyer turned out to be his sister.
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Sarah dumped Xander at the altar, and Kayla struggled to choose between Justin and Steve
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Brady learns the truth about Mackenzie Brady learns the truth about Mackenzie
Monday, April 13, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla continued trying to jog Steve's memory. "I know you really want me to remember, Kayla...but I just can't -- it's all gone," Steve eventually declared, ready to give up.

"Stefano DiMera really messed with your mind -- he took it over -- but he could never take over your heart. We were married over 30 years ago, and for all those years, if we ever needed you, you'd go to the mat for us -- for me, for the kids... You never, ever quit on us, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna quit on you now," Kayla countered, fighting back tears. "Over 30 years ago?" Steve incredulously repeated, groaning at the scope of the memory loss. "And I remember every...every single minute of that day...and every word you said..." Kayla stressed before beginning to recite Steve's wedding vows.

Kayla was pleasantly surprised when Steve interrupted midway through the recitation and correctly finished it. "You remember?" Kayla asked hopefully. "How could any man ever forget you?" Steve lovingly replied.

Steve and Kayla hugged each other tightly, both crying tears of joy and relief. "Oh, Sweetness..." Steve whispered after finally pulling away from Kayla, who smiled in response to the comforting familiarity of the nickname.

"Okay..." Steve eventually began, taking a deep breath. "I remember you now...but...why did I forget?" Steve continued.

"Remember Dr. Rolf?" Kayla asked. "Oh, I think I know where this is going..." Steve replied, groaning.

Kayla confirmed Steve's suspicion with more details about what had happened. "How long?" Steve asked. "Almost two years," Kayla replied. "But it's over now, and the chip is out," Kayla assured Steve.

"[Stefano] didn't take over my mind and body so he could work for world peace; he wanted something -- or someone," Steve guessed. "You have just had major surgery, and I think you need to rest, so why don't we forget about [that for] now --" Kayla suggested. "He took me over [and] made me do something! What'd he make me do? Who'd I go after?" Steve demanded to know. "All right -- I'll tell you," Kayla decided.

"Oh, my God -- what have I done?" Steve muttered after Kayla explained everything. "You didn't do anything; Stefano did," Kayla stressed. "And you know who understands that and accepts that? John and Marlena. They do not blame you, so it makes no sense for you to blame yourself," Kayla assured Steve.

"So, the only person Marlena wants to be with now is John -- just like the only person I want to be with is you," Steve summarized, grasping Kayla's hands.

Squirming, Kayla pulled away from Steve. "You didn't come back, and you didn't call, and I was just so mad...and that's why I sent you those divorce papers -- to try to push you to come back... But just the divorce papers came back -- signed, without a word..." Kayla tearfully started to explain. "You know I'd never give up on us, baby! Tear 'em up, and we'll get remarried!" Steve dismissively reasoned. "I thought you didn't want I moved on -- I'm with someone else," Kayla apologetically admitted, stunning Steve.

Meanwhile, Kristen continued refusing to return Lily to Marta, even after the nurse stressed that the baby was on a tight schedule that was not supposed to be disrupted for any reason. "[It's not like I'm] taking her anywhere with me; [I just] need to hold her -- just a little bit longer," Kristen argued. "Please? She's safe, she's happy..." Kristen reasoned.

"I know what you've been through, but you can't --" Marta gently began to counter -- just as John and Marlena entered the break room. "Is there a problem?" Marlena wondered, sensing the tension. "Ms. DiMera is taking part in the cuddle program...and now she's refusing to give this child back," Marta explained before stepping aside to let Marlena handle the situation.

"You're very good with her," Marlena whispered to Kristen with a smile. "She was a little fussy, [but] she's sleeping like an angel now, and I just don't want anyone to wake her," Kristen explained to Marlena in an equally hushed tone. "I understand. I'll make sure nobody wakes her," Marlena assured Kristen, who nodded in response, ready to cooperate. Kristen fought back tears while carefully handing Lily over to Marlena, who carefully handed the baby over to Marta. Marlena followed Marta back to the nursery to keep an eye on Lily for Kristen, who stayed behind with John in the break room.

John filled a cup with water and handed it to Kristen. "You're being nice to me...[which just] confirms what I already suspected -- I really screwed up," Kristen mused. "Well, maybe [the experience] was a little, uh...too intense," John diplomatically suggested. "Holding, uh, a living, breathing baby in my arms? It was intense," Kristen agreed. "[But], honestly, I just...I wanted her to sleep," Kristen explained with a shrug, and John nodded in response, apparently certain that no harm had been intended. Marlena returned just then and apologetically reported that Kristen would no longer be allowed to participate in the cuddle program.

Kristen was disappointed but understood. "I have to look at it from their point of view -- why would you hand over a newborn baby to a crazy woman?" Kristen dryly summarized before saying goodbye to John and Marlena then starting to rush off. "Wait," Marlena called out, stopping Kristen. "I think you could...could use some help here -- someone to talk to, somebody who will be on your side..." Marlena gently suggested. "You're right -- I need to find a way to accept...that my Rachel is gone...and she's never coming back," Kristen sadly agreed. "Would you like us to take you home?" Marlena offered. "Oh... No," Kristen decided.

"You both have been so kind to me -- I mean, really kind -- but there is, uh...there's someplace that I need to be..." Kristen vaguely explained.

At Basic Black, Brady somewhat tiredly urged Eric and Nicole to go ahead and share whatever it was that they wanted to share. "Is this about your -- your big secret? [Let me guess] -- did Kristen do something 'horrible' that you 'need' to tell me about?" Brady defensively continued, perhaps recalling Nicole's recent argument with Kristen. "No,'s about Mackenzie," Eric gently clarified.

"Is she okay?" Brady wondered. "She's fine," Nicole insisted. "Good," Brady, who had been worried that Mackenzie's cancer had returned, declared with a sigh of relief. "You really love her, don't you?" Eric observed. "Of course I do, man -- she's my niece," Brady confirmed with a shrug. "Brady, she's...not your 'niece'; she's your daughter," Eric revealed. "Say that again?" Brady stammered, stunned and confused. "It's true -- she's yours," Nicole stressed. "I saw the birthmark, too, and -- and I started to wonder..." Nicole began to explain. "[And that's how] Nicole found out [that Mackenzie, not Rachel], died that night," Eric elaborated for Nicole.

"I've gotta tell Kristen!" Brady excitedly declared, fighting back tears of joy. "Oh -- brother, I'm so sorry!" Brady quickly added, feeling guilty. "Don't go there -- I want you to be there for Kristen...and that beautiful little girl that you have," Eric insisted. "I'm sorry!" Brady repeated before giving Eric a hug. "Does Sarah know?" Brady wondered. "Yeah, she knows," Eric confirmed.

"I'm suing --" Brady decided, furious that the hospital staff had allowed two babies to get mixed up. "The babies were switched -- on purpose," Nicole clarified.

"I'm gonna kill him!" Brady spat after Nicole elaborated that Xander had been behind the switch. "No, better yet -- you come with me, and we'll both kill him!" Brady said to Eric before starting to storm off. "We need to let Sarah handle this her way," Eric advised, stopping Brady, who reluctantly agreed. "I'm so sorry --" Brady reiterated. "I know...[but Sarah and I] need to face what you and Kristen have faced, [and] it's not gonna help either of us for you to grieve with us. Right now, you need to go to Kristen, and you need to tell her that your daughter is alive," Eric replied.

Nicole comforted Eric with a hug after Brady rushed off. Brady eventually found Kristen in the cemetery, telling Rachel about what had happened at the hospital earlier.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander breathed a sigh of relief and raved that Sarah was finally home. Without saying a word, Sarah shoved past Xander to get to Mackenzie's playpen. "You scared me -- I thought maybe you were getting cold feet," Xander admitted, trying to ignore Sarah's coldness. Staying silent, Sarah spun around to give Xander a glare. "What is it? What's wrong?" Xander wondered, chuckling nervously. "I talked to Victor -- he said you left the prison over two hours ago. Where were you?" Xander continued. "I went to Eric's," Sarah finally responded, making Xander even more nervous.

"He summoned you, didn't he? Probably [to give] you more grief about custody," Xander guessed. "And on your wedding day! He's such a jerk! That baby belongs with her mother!" Xander continued. "I agree," Sarah admitted, fighting back tears. "Anybody else want a little pick-me-up?" Sarah offered, stepping over to the bar to pour a stiff drink. "Are you okay?" Justin wondered. "What, exactly, did Eric say to you?" Xander wondered. "Whatever it was, just...forget about it, okay?" Xander advised. "I don't think I'll ever forget," Sarah, who still hadn't gotten around to pouring anything, fretted.

"If you're not sure about getting married, it's all right -- you don't have to do anything --" Justin began to stress, but Xander quickly interrupted.

"I know this isn't what you were hoping for -- I know how much I wish [Maggie] was here, [and] she's not [even] my mother -- but Mickey's here, and so am I, and it's just the three of us that matter," Xander assured Sarah. "In a few minutes, we're gonna be a family -- officially, I mean; I think we already are a family," Xander continued. "And I swear I will be a good husband to you -- and a good father," Xander concluded. "Xander swore -- [so, I mean, it] must be true, then, right?" Sarah said to Justin sarcastically.

"Are you okay?" Justin wondered again. "Yeah, I'm fine," Sarah insisted before signaling for the wedding ceremony to begin.

"There's something I haven't been totally honest about...[so], before you say 'I do,' you need to know the truth -- the whole truth," Xander said to Sarah during the exchanging of the custom vows. "I have done anything and everything to make this day happen --" Xander began to elaborate. "I know that now," Sarah numbly interjected. "I've lied over and over again, just like I always do...but I don't want to lie anymore -- not to you -- [so...look], you and I have been telling everyone [and] anyone that will listen that I'm a changed man because of you, [but the truth is that] I still do things -- bad things -- [and I do them] for bad reasons," Xander continued.

"The only thing in my life that I do for all the right reasons is love you, and I'm gonna do it 'til death do us part," Xander concluded, flashing Sarah a smile.

"Your turn," Xander eventually prodded Sarah. "Right..." Sarah, who had clearly been hoping for more from Xander, conceded.

"From...almost the time that we met, you saw how people hurt me, and you made it your job to look after me [and] fix things for me...[and] I knew the kinds of things that you did and the man that you were, but...slowly, little by little, that stopped mattering so much -- it stopped mattering at all -- [and] I told myself, 'He's good to me, and he's really good to my daughter...' My little girl is the center of my life... You delivered her, [and you even] held her before I did..." Sarah began. "Everything is about Mackenzie -- for both of us," Xander interjected. "Everything," Sarah agreed with a hint of coldness.

"[Anyway], all of the things that you did for me -- and for my daughter, even before she was born -- kind of...kind of made me forget all of the things that Nicole told me about you -- all of the things that everyone told me about you... I persuaded myself that you were different with me, and you were really, really different with my daughter... I mean, I know that I probably shouldn't say this, but it was almost like she...she brought us together -- I mean, [she's even] the only witness to what we're doing here today..." Sarah continued.

"But when I think back to a time when we didn't know each other very well or very long...that's when I started to lie -- or, I guess, when we started to lie together... I didn't tell Eric that he was Mackenzie's father, and you backed me up [and] said that you were... It's kind of funny when you think about it -- when you think about us... It all started with a lie..." Sarah concluded, scowling at Xander.

"Are you okay?" Justin wondered yet again. "I, uh...I just got lost in the past there for a second -- lost in the night that my baby was born," Sarah apologetically explained. "It was this horrible, beautiful night -- losing Adrienne, and going into labor before I could get to the hospital -- but I knew everything was going to be all right, because you were there, taking care of everything," Sarah said to Xander. "I remember being so scared to give my baby to the nurse to make sure -- to have her examined and make sure that the accident hadn't...hadn't hurt her..." Sarah continued, fighting back tears.

"But there was no reason to be scared, because you were there, [and] you took care of everything," Sarah concluded, scowling at Xander again.

Still somewhat confused, Justin led Xander through the exchanging of the traditional vows then repeated the process with Sarah.

"It's time for you to say 'I do,'" Xander eventually prodded Sarah. "How could I marry you after what you did?" Sarah spat.

Sarah confronts Xander about his deceit Sarah confronts Xander about his deceit
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kristen sat at Rachel's grave and wondered aloud how she was going to let her daughter go. Brady rushed in and pulled Kristen into a hug. "How'd you know I was here?" Kristen asked. Brady said John and Marlena had told him about the incident at the hospital. With a groan, Kristen admitted that the hospital had kicked her out of the cuddle program.

"Now, I am never going to hold another baby as long as I live," Kristen lamented. "That's not true," Brady corrected. "How am I supposed to accept that our daughter, Rachel, is dead?" Kristen cried out. Brady calmly told Kristen that she did not need to suffer.

"Our daughter is alive," Brady said. "How do you know that?" Kristen asked. Brady explained that there had been a mix-up at the hospital. When Kristen asked who was in the grave, Brady answered, "It's Eric and Sarah's." Confused, Kristen asked Brady how he had discovered the truth. Brady told Kristen about the birthmark.

"I have DNA results in my pocket to prove it," Brady said. "I'm too afraid to believe this," Kristen said. When Kristen asked how Brady had obtained the test results, Brady told Kristen that Nicole had run the tests, based on a suspicion. Brady pulled the test results out of his pocket and handed them to Kristen.

"No wonder I was so drawn to her. She's our baby," Kristen whispered. As Kristen hugged Brady, Nicole and Eric entered the clearing. Brady walked over and hugged his brother. "I don't know what to say, Eric, but I am so sorry, and I will pray for you," Kristen said. Kristen thanked Nicole for what she had done. "Let's give them some privacy," Brady said. With a nod, Kristen left with Brady.

Nicole comforted Eric as he talked to the grave of his daughter. "You were only with us for one day, and I just want you to know that that one day was the greatest day of my life, and I'm going to miss you," Eric said. Eric told his daughter that he would always love her.

Jack was gathered at Julie's Place with Jennifer, Doug, and Julie when John called Jack to update him on Steve's condition. Jack informed everyone that Steve was awake but had no memory of his life. "Well, you know how that is when the man you've loved for decades doesn't have a clue who you are," Julie said to Jennifer. Jack hugged Jennifer, and they chuckled. Doug added that Hope had recovered her memory, as well. Anxious to see Steve, Jack and Jennifer left for the hospital.

Doug assured Julie that Steve would recover his memory like Hope. When Julie stared off, Doug asked what else was bothering her. Julie noted that Steve and Kayla had a legendary love story, like she and Doug had lived. "Not as great!" Doug joked. Julie explained that her concern was that people changed over time. "I'm concerned about Justin," Julie admitted.

In Steve's hospital room, he was shocked to hear Kayla tell him that she had left him for another man. "You signed the divorce papers," Kayla explained. "But now you know that wasn't me. You know I'd never leave you in a million years, baby," Steve said. Kayla noted that she had been heartbroken and that it had not been the first time that Steve had broken her heart.

"But I swore I would never do that to you again. Do you remember that I swore to you?" Steve asked. Kayla said she had been miserable after Steve had abandoned her. "It just happened. It changed everything for me," Kayla whispered. Steve asked who Kayla had fallen in love with. "Justin," Kayla said.

"What about my sister? They split up again?" Steve asked. Kayla looked away. Steve pressed Kayla to explain what had happened because he did not believe that Kayla would have an affair with Justin. "I would never. Justin would never. Adrienne was the love of his life," Kayla said. Steve raised a puzzled eyebrow.

"What do you mean was?" Steve asked. Kayla informed Steve that his sister had died. Kayla held Steve's hand and told him about Adrienne's car accident. As Steve broke down in sobs, Kayla hugged him tightly. When Steve calmed, he complained, "I should have been here!" Kayla told Steve that Adrienne had known that Steve had loved her and that Adrienne had loved Steve, as well.

"When we were little, all we had was each other. We looked out for each other. I'm never going to see her again!" Steve said. As Steve started to sob again, Jack and Jennifer walked in. Steve turned his head away to hide his tears. Kayla stepped aside and informed Jack and Jennifer that Steve had his memory back. Elated, Jennifer hugged Steve. Jack noticed the tears in Steve's eye.

"What's going on?" Jack asked. "I had to tell him about Adrienne," Kayla admitted. Jack rushed over to his brother, and Steve hugged Jack. "I can't believe it. I can't believe she is gone. I can't believe we don't have our sister anymore," Steve cried out.

After Jennifer and Kayla left to give the brothers privacy, Steve said that when Kayla had told him about the microchip and the divorce, his first thought had been to call Adrienne for advice. Jack chuckled then his smile fell away.

"I'm kicking myself for being furious at you for missing that funeral. I should have known that something was seriously wrong. You would have gone through hell to be at Adrienne's funeral," Jack said. With a shrug, Steve asked Jack how he could have known about the microchip. Jack countered that he was alive because of Rolf, and he should have known that Rolf had done something to Steve.

"I heard I did some pretty bad things. Especially to Marlena," Steve said. Jack reminded Steve that he had not been in control. Steve argued that he had made a bad decision when he had left town to investigate the hack into his eye and had put his country above his family.

"I should have made Kayla my priority. If I had come back here sooner, this nightmare, none of it would have happened. Kayla would never have left," Steve said. Jack assured Steve that it was not his fault that Steve had left Salem to track down the hacker.

"Nope. But it was my fault that I didn't come back here sooner," Steve countered. Steve blamed himself for acting like a hero instead of returning to the woman he loved. With a grin, Jack told Steve that Jennifer had forgiven him after his mistakes.

"Kayla found out what happened to me, when she knew I could be saved, she didn't give up on me, either," Steve said. With a sigh, Steve lamented that Kayla had been hurt by his absence. "She's a survivor, Jack. She's got courage to burn, so she moved on. She made a new life for herself. Maybe she likes that life too much to give it up," Steve suggested. Steve said he understood why Kayla would want to stay with a reliable man like Justin.

Jack told Steve that Justin and Kayla had been good for one another. With a smile, Steve told Jack that Kayla had been the one that had "pulled me out of that black hole" that the microchip and surgery and put him in. Steve noted that from the way Kayla had looked at him, he had been certain that Kayla still loved him. With a shrug, Steve said he should have known that things "were not that simple."

"Not that simple is different than impossible," Jack counseled. "I don't know, man. It might be too late for us. This time I might have lost her for good," Steve said.

By the nurses' station, Jennifer asked Kayla, "What's ahead for you and Steve?" Kayla said she had not had time to think about what she would do if Steve had regained his memory. Kayla told Jennifer what she had done to help Steve remember his life. "He remembers your great love," Jennifer said. Jennifer asked if Steve knew about Justin. Kayla nodded yes. Kayla told Jennifer that Justin wanted Steve back, but Steve's return changed everything.

"We have been there for each other through such sad times. And I didn't think that I would fall in love again, but I have. Deeply," Kayla said. Justin exited the elevator. Justin walked over and asked what Jennifer and Kayla were discussing. "Steve regained his memory," Kayla said. "That's amazing," Justin said. After Jennifer left to talk to Doug and Julie, Kayla admitted to Justin that she had told Steve about Adrienne.

"It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Everyone loved Adrienne," Kayla said. Justin offered to take Kayla home. "If you need any backup, I'm here. If you need to stay here with Steve, I understand," Justin said. Kayla nodded yes. "You know where to find me if you need me," Justin said. Justin kissed Kayla, and he started to leave. "Justin, wait!" Kayla called out.

At the Salem Inn, Kristen and Brady returned to their room. Anxious, Kristen asked Brady why they could not go get their baby. "Eric and Sarah just found out the truth. They need time to say goodbye," Brady explained. Brady said it was only fair to give the parents one more night with the baby that they had believed had been theirs. Kristen said she was aching to hold her baby.

"Eric and Sarah have just started the grieving process. But we? We get to stop because we got a beautiful future ahead of us. The three of us," Brady said. Kristen wondered aloud how the doctor had made such a mistake. "It wasn't a mistake. It was Xander," Brady said.

In the Kiriakis mansion living room, Sarah pretended to marry Xander, but when it was time for Sarah to say, "I do," she pulled her hands away. "How could I? How could I marry you after what you did?" Sarah asked. "What did I do?" Xander asked in confusion. Sarah glanced over at the baby. Xander said he did not know what Sarah was talking about.

"Oh, my God! You let me fall in love with a baby that you knew wasn't mine!" Sarah screamed. "You're confused," Xander said. Sarah told Xander that Eric had told her the truth. "I know that my baby died the night she was born," Sarah said. Sarah added that she knew the little girl she had grown to love belonged to Brady and Kristen. Sarah announced that there would not be a wedding.

When Justin offered to stay as support, Sarah asked Justin to leave so that she could speak to Xander in private. "Please, let me explain," Xander started. "You lied to me about the most important person in my life. You let me think that that sweet baby over there is mine, and she isn't," Sarah said through tears.

"I did it for you," Xander explained. "You did it for me? My baby died, and you knew it, and you didn't tell me!" Sarah barked. Sarah went to the crib and looked down at the sleeping baby. Xander reminded Sarah of the birth. Sarah guessed that her baby had suffered a head injury.

"As soon as I held her in my arms, I loved her like she was my own. And when I placed her in yours, the look on your face, I'll never forget it. I was so happy. So, I put you both in my car and took you both to the hospital, and I was sure that everything was going to be all right," Xander explained. Xander told Sarah that when the doctor had examined the baby in the nursery, the baby had gone into distress.

"The next thing I knew, she was having a seizure," Xander whispered. "You saw her die, and you didn't tell me?" Sarah yelled. "I would have rather died myself than let you lose her. How could I tell you that she had died? I had to come up with some way so that you wouldn't feel that pain," Xander explained. Sarah shoved Xander away.

"So, you gave me someone else's baby?" Sarah screamed at Xander. In tears, Sarah told Xander that by letting her take the baby home, he had made her pain worse. "You let me see her through cancer and be terrified I was going to lose her," Sarah said. Sarah asked Xander if he had ever thought about when she and Eric would learn the truth.

"I just thought I could handle it!" Xander protested. Xander told Sarah that he loved her. "How can you say that to me? How can you say that when I've been hurt more than I've ever been in my life?" Sarah asked. Xander said he had wanted to protect Sarah because he loved her. "Do you actually think that's love?" Sarah asked.

"You lied to me about the most important person in my life. I mean, my God, you're delusional," Sarah said. When Xander countered that he had not wanted Sarah to lose her child, an angry Sarah shot back, "So, you gave me Brady and Kristen's?" Sarah yelled that letting Brady and Kristen believe that their child was dead was not an act of love.

"These are the last hours that I get with the baby that I thought was mine," Sarah said. Sarah explained that Eric was talking to Brady and Kristen. "How am I supposed to let her go?" Sarah asked. Xander argued that they did not have to give up their daughter. "We can take her right now and run away and never come back," Xander said.

"I told you we could go anywhere in the world for our honeymoon, and you wanted to take Mickey with us," Xander reminded Sarah. "Her name isn't Mickey! It's Rachel. And there isn't going to be a honeymoon," Sarah stressed. Xander urged Sarah to leave town with him and the baby as a family. Shocked, Sarah told Xander that he would have to be crazy to think that she would go anywhere with him.

"I never want to see you again," Sarah said. Xander pleaded for another chance, but furious, Sarah refused. "Get out of my face! So I can say goodbye to my baby," Sarah said. A tearful Sarah walked over to the crib. "Sarah, I just love you so much," Xander said. As Xander touched Sarah's arm, she wrenched it away. "I don't love you," Sarah said bitterly. Sarah warned Xander that when she returned downstairs, she would have Xander arrested if he were still in the house. Sarah picked up the baby and went upstairs.

Crushed, Xander collapsed onto the floor. After a moment, Xander rose to his feet and looked in the empty crib. Eric walked in. With tears in his eyes, Xander looked over at Eric.

Upstairs, Sarah sat on her bed with the baby. "My sweet little girl. I know I'm supposed to say goodbye to you, but I don't know how I'm going to let you go," Sarah said.

Eric lashes out at Xander Eric lashes out at Xander
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla spontaneously decided to have dinner with Justin, after all.

"If the offer still stands," Kayla backpedaled, not wanting to be presumptuous. "Of course," Justin confirmed with a smile, pleasantly surprised. "But what about Steve?" Justin wondered. "The, um, overnight staff has been briefed [about his condition, and] his brother's in with him [now], so I don't see any reason -- [I mean], I don't really need to stay," Kayla explained. "Medically, [maybe there's not a reason...but] how 'bout personally?" Justin argued. "Are you trying to get out of making me dinner?" Kayla countered.

"Steve wants to be with you," Justin guessed. "You want to be with him?" Justin wondered. "You know, um...all of this just happened, and it's pretty overwhelming, so do you think maybe you could just cool it with all the questions -- for now, anyway?" Kayla requested. "I'm sorry -- [you know], for pressuring you, [and for] being so insecure --" Justin began to respond. "You are not [being] 'insecure' -- [I mean], you have every reason to want to know how I want to feel about Steve," Kayla insisted. "But, right now, I just want to go home with you -- that's where I belong, [so that's where] I want to go...[you know], especially if you're cooking," Kayla continued.

Meanwhile, Jack advised Steve not to give up on Kayla just yet. "You just did your surgery. new -- it's a lot for all of us to process, including Kayla. [But] it's obvious to me that she still loves you," Jack reasoned. "How is [that] obvious [when] she's with Justin now?" Steve argued. "[She's with Justin] because...'you'...made it very clear that you didn't love her anymore...but now she knows that you never stopped," Jack explained. "I do love her...but maybe she's better off with Justin; [after all], even before Stefano and Rolf messed with my head, I had let [her] down so many times..." Steve conceded.

"[And] maybe I'm better off on a low-calorie diet with a, uh, well-planned program of exercise...but it won't make me happy," Jack countered. "Now I remember -- talking to you makes my head hurt," Steve grumbled. "Kayla loves you, dude -- always has, always will. Now, maybe -- maybe -- sitting in front of a fire with Justin while he drones on about torts was the best she could do [before, but now] you're back, and you're exciting -- [or], at least, you used to be. [I mean], you say that you still love Kayla, and your game plan is just to sit there and do nothing? [You know], you weren't always such a passive guy," Jack continued.

"I thought you liked Justin," Steve admitted. "I love the guy...[but] I just can't say good things about him when I'm trying to make you do something," Jack explained. "I don't need a pep talk -- I need the truth," Steve stressed. "You've seen them together. When Kayla is with Justin, is she happy?" Steve continued. "Depends on how you define 'happiness,'" Jack replied. "Ugh -- you gonna double-talk me to death now? Cut the crap and tell me the truth!" Steve snapped. "The truth is, I haven't spent that much time with them --" Jack revealed. "So, Justin does make her happy," Steve translated. "I think it's more a matter of propinquity," Jack reasoned.

"Would you speak English, dude?" Steve demanded. "The divorce papers came -- supposedly from you -- [and] Justin's a lawyer -- [plus, he had just] lost Adrienne, [and] Kayla loved Adrienne -- [so] Kayla and Justin started spending a lot of time together, [and] they developed a closeness -- which is the meaning of 'propinquity,'" Jack clarified. "Are they living together?" Steve wondered. "Yeah," Jack admitted. "In my house?" Steve roared. "Now, that's the Steve I'm talking about!" Jack raved. "Just answer the question!" Steve snapped. "He moved into Kayla's new place,, they're not living in your house," Jack replied.

"But they've made a home together," Steve summarized with a sigh. "[And] now you want me to break 'em up," Steve continued. "I want you to not give up," Jack clarified. "I've been very supportive of their relationship -- [in fact], full disclosure here, I've also told Justin not to give up --" Jack began to elaborate. "Oh, great -- [so], you're jerkin' us both around!" Steve incredulously concluded. "I care about you both, [so] I want you both to be happy," Jack explained. "Well, you ain't gonna get your wish, dude...because only one of us can be with Kayla," Steve countered. "[And], like so many times before...she's fine without me," Steve acknowledged.

"So, you're gonna do the 'far, far better thing' and bow out gracefully," Jack guessed, mocking the concept with a fake Old English accent. "That's demeaning to Kayla -- [I mean, she] loves Justin, [but] she also loves you, [and] she has a right to know how you feel about her, so give her a choice [so] she can make the decision accordingly," Jack advised.

"About what?" Kayla, who had decided to check on Steve before heading home with Justin, wondered. "I have a little headache, [so] I was trying to decide whether to push the call button or not, [because] I know they're really busy out there," Steve claimed, ignoring Jack's look of disapproval. "Well, I don't want you to be in pain, so I'll go write an order, and a nurse can bring you the meds," Kayla promised. "[Anyway], if you don't need anything else, [then] I'm about to go home..." Kayla continued. "To Justin? [Jack] told me," Steve replied. "I'm good," Steve insisted.

"She gave you the opening, [and] you didn't take it -- you didn't say anything!" Jack snapped at Steve after Kayla rushed off. "Seems to me...she's already made her decision," Steve reasoned with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Justin boarded an elevator while recapping the events of Sarah and Xander's wedding ceremony for Kayla, who discreetly took a longing look at Steve's room before also boarding the elevator.

At the Salem Inn, Brady explained to Kristen that Xander had purposely switched Rachel and Mackenzie in an effort to spare Sarah the pain of losing a child. "Well, now I understand the pain that I caused you and Theresa... I mean, maybe [this] was retribution, right?" Kristen conceded. "I don't think we should be looking back there. I -- I -- I want us to move forward," Brady stressed. "Oh, yeah -- I am moving forward...and I am looking forward to making Xander pay for what he did. [Trust me], when I get my hands on [him], he will wish he had never been born!" Kristen declared through gritted teeth.

"I hate his guts, too...[but] we need to think about the future right now -- [I mean], our little baby is alive and well, [and] it's not gonna be long before we're all a family together [and] happy --" Brady argued. "[So...what], he gets to just get off scot-free?" Kristen incredulously summarized. "I'm sure Sarah is making him pay in ways that we can only imagine," Brady predicted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander tiredly informed Eric that Sarah was upstairs, saying goodbye to Rachel. "[And] I don't have anything to say to you -- [and I especially] don't have time for one of your lectures -- [so] get the hell out of here," Xander continued. "A lecture? After what you did, you belong in a grave -- just like my little girl," Eric countered. "Go ahead and kill me -- I...I don't care. I've lost Sarah -- you could come at me with a baseball bat, and it wouldn't hurt more than [that]," Xander declared with a sigh.

"Why did you blow it all up?" Xander wondered. "Because it was the right thing to do," Eric explained. "But, of course, no one would expect for you to understand that," Eric acknowledged. "It was Nicole [who figured out the truth], wasn't it? I knew she was sniffing around..." Xander grumbled. "Brady and Kristen thought their little daughter was dead [thanks] to you, and you're all mad because Nicole [was] 'sniffing around'?" Eric incredulously summarized. "News flash, pal -- Nicole wasn't trying to 'do the right thing'; she's just a nosy bitch!" Xander bitterly spat.

Fed up, Eric punched Xander. "Feel better?" Xander asked Eric after recovering from the blow. "No," Eric admitted. "And you're not going to, either -- [not] for a very long time -- [because] you can be as pious as you want, but sooner or later, it's gonna dawn on you just how badly you screwed everything up. Sarah is gonna grieve for the rest of her life, and now you get to watch Brady and Kristen raise the kid that could have been yours if you'd just kept your mouth shut!" Xander declared. "One good reason for telling Sarah -- it stopped her from marrying a bastard like you," Eric countered.

"I love Sarah. I would have made her happy," Xander stressed. "I don't think sociopaths make good husbands," Eric argued. "I'm not a 'sociopath'!" Xander insisted. "Like hell you're not -- [after all], only a sociopath would stand by and smugly watch the agony that Kristen and Brady went through," Eric reasoned. "[You know], as much animosity as I've had towards Kristen, to see her go through what she went through after the loss of her daughter... Brady thought she was gonna crack through that grief -- that she would go insane, that she would take her own life..." Eric continued.

"And now [Sarah's] at the beginning of that same agony, [and she has to face it alone]...and that's all because of you," Eric concluded before heading off in search of Sarah and Rachel -- who were both gone.

While eating dinner at the town square's café, Will and Sonny chatted about the recent changes to Steve's condition. "If he has his memory back, does that mean he forgot about all the crazy stuff he did when he thought he was Stefano?" Will wondered. "I don't know," Sonny admitted. "Hmm. Well, it's good news, in any case," Will declared. "In fact, do you want to get a dessert later and celebrate the -- the end of Stefano and Princess Gina?" Will suggested. "I'm gonna pass, because too much sugar gives me weird dreams...and I've had...enough of those lately..." Sonny decided, shuddering.

"What? What are you talking about? What kind of weird dreams?" Will wondered. "Oh, it''s nothing..." Sonny insisted. "Well, you brought it up, so now you gotta tell me," Will argued. "Okay..." Sonny reluctantly agreed as Will, who was clearly intrigued, distractedly began taking -- but forgetting to swallow -- sips of water. "I had a dream that I...walked into our bedroom, were...having sex with Leo," Sonny revealed, causing Will to spit out all of the water and start choking. "Wow -- talk about an appetite suppressant..." Will muttered after recovering from the shock of Sonny's admission.

"You know, Sonny, I do believe in an open and trusting relationship, but you don't have to tell me everything..." Will dryly stressed. "Hold on -- did you not kind of force me to tell you?" Sonny defensively argued. "No, I did not 'kind of force' you -- you mentioned having a weird dream, and I assumed that you wanted to talk about it; otherwise, why the hell would you even bring it up?" Will countered. "And, by the way, that dream was disgusting, [not 'weird']," Will added. "It was disgusting," Sonny agreed. " that it's out in the open..." Sonny continued.

"Maybe we should talk about why I had [it]," Sonny concluded. "Okay... I mean, I hate to have to say this, but...are you implying that there was something I did or said that made you think that I was attracted to that... I -- I can't even think of a term demeaning enough to describe Leo..." Will replied. "No, I, uh -- I was not implying that at all... I'm -- I'm just -- I think I had the dream...maybe because I have, like, some deep insecurities that I'm not dealing with, or...I'm just really messed up, [or]...I don't know," Sonny clarified with a shrug. "Remember, like, three minutes ago, when we were having, like, a nice, normal dinner?" Will mused with a chuckle.

"Hold on -- [see], that wasn't [even] the weirdest part of my dream," Sonny revealed. "Okay... Well, then, please spare me the weirder part, because the less weird part already made me almost...hurl..." Will begged, choking again as a result of the memory. "Okay... Well, fine -- I'll just, uh...shut up, and...we won't talk about the dream..." Sonny agreed with a shrug. "Okay... Well, now we have to talk about the dream, because you brought it up again, [so] now you gotta tell me the rest of it," Will decided with a groan. "Are you sure?" Sonny wondered. "Yes...I think... Yes, I'm sure," Will confirmed.

"Okay... Well, I dreamed that Leo talked us into buying a baby from him, and then it turned out that he stole the baby from Abe and Sheila --" Sonny began to explain. "What? How -- how long was this dream?" Will interjected. "Know what it reminded me of?" Sonny continued, ignoring Will's question. "Not to eat pepperoni before bed?" Will dryly guessed. "No -- that you and I...we talked about having another kid," Sonny clarified. "Oh, right -- yeah, on Mother's Day. And we -- we said we'd discuss it further when I got home, but...then the accident happened..." Will recalled. "And everything went to hell for us..." Sonny summarized with a sigh.

"But that's in the past now, so...I was just wondering if you would like to talk about it again," Sonny continued. "Well, the reason that I -- I warmed up to the idea of having another child was because of a conversation I had with Abigail about having two kids. [She] said that two is a lot more complicated, but [she] ultimately convinced me that, you know, it would be worth it," Will explained. " want to go ahead with it?" Sonny assumed. "I mean, it -- it's a big step, you know? I mean, whether we use a surrogate or -- or adopt, it's -- it's gonna be a long process..." Will warned. "I know," Sonny agreed.

"Guess that's why people steal babies..." Sonny dryly mused, and Will agreed with a chuckle -- just as Sarah passed through the area with Rachel.

"I thought you and Xander were getting married tonight," Sonny called out, stopping Sarah, who had changed into street clothes before leaving the Kiriakis mansion earlier. "Yeah... The wedding's over... Um, I just wanted to stop and -- and grab Mickey a couple of things before we go on our honeymoon..." Sarah nervously explained. "You're taking her with you?" Sonny realized. "Yeah... It was, uh -- it was a last-minute decision... I just realized that I couldn't...stand to be separated from her..." Sarah uncomfortably elaborated.

"You know, Will and I were just talking about having another kid," Sonny revealed. "Yeah -- I mean, we...we know it's a long process, and it's a little bit more complicated for us than, uh...[you know], straight couples --" Will acknowledged. "We have to decide if we want to, you know, adopt or find a surrogate, so..." Sonny explained. "Adopting kind of scares me, though, because what if the biological parents want the baby back, you know? I mean, I -- I can't imagine what it would be like to have to give up Ari --" Will admitted.

"It's the worst thing in the world," Sarah stiffly declared before starting to rush off with Rachel. "Wait a second... If you -- you -- you just got married to Xander...where's your ring?" Will wondered after catching a glimpse of Sarah's left hand. "I, left my home..." Sarah claimed. "Oh... Well, I mean, I guess as long as your new husband is cool with it..." Will conceded. "He understands... It -- it was so big, and I tend to lose things when I travel, just...was safer to leave it home in my jewelry box..." Sarah explained. "So, where are you and Xander going on your honeymoon?" Sonny asked. "Uh...I -- I don't know yet..." Sarah replied.

"She's totally lying to us," Will said to Sonny after Sarah rushed off with Rachel. "[I mean], who waits 'til they get to the airport to decide where they're gonna take their honeymoon? And who takes off their wedding ring right after their wedding?" Will reasoned. "[But] why would she lie to us?" Sonny wondered. "Maybe she just -- she doesn't want to admit she made a huge mistake marrying that psychopath," Will guessed. "I bet she breaks up with him before the honeymoon is over," Will predicted.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Eric and Xander realized that Sarah had gone somewhere with Rachel. Eric was hopeful that Sarah had simply turned Rachel over to Brady and Kristen ahead of schedule, but a quick phone conversation with Brady revealed that wasn't the case. "She has to be on her way to you," Eric reasoned. "Listen, I'm gonna try her cell phone again, [but] she might be driving... Just, please, let me know if you hear from her," Eric added before ending the call. "I have a really bad feeling about this," Kristen admitted before rushing out of the Salem Inn in search of Sarah and Rachel, with Brady close behind.

Xander poured a stiff drink then trudged upstairs to sulk -- and try to figure out a way to win Sarah back.

Eric stayed in the living room and continued trying to contact Sarah -- but when Will and Sonny entered the Kiriakis mansion and recapped what had just happened at the town square, Eric was forced to admit that Sarah really was on the run with Rachel. After Eric explained everything, Sonny contacted someone at the airport. "The Titan jet just left a few minutes ago, and Sarah and the baby are on board...[and] they didn't file a flight plan," Sonny reported after ending the phone call -- just as Brady and Kristen entered the mansion. "She kidnapped our child!" Kristen fretted to Brady.

Evan's new lawyer causes trouble for Rafe Evan's new lawyer causes trouble for Rafe
Thursday, April 16, 2020
by Mike

While passing through Horton Town Square, Hope looked up at the Bistro's balcony and recalled what Gina had done to Jennifer -- who just happened to approach Hope at that exact moment.

Jennifer insisted that Hope wasn't to blame for anything that Gina had done, but Hope disagreed. "Whether I was 'programmed,' [or] 'brainwashed,' or...whatever...I hurt you -- badly," Hope argued.

"I hurt so many people..." Hope continued. "Julie told me that you were trying to track down Eve --" Jennifer replied, guessing which person was on Hope's mind at that moment. "I found her -- she's in New York City," Hope revealed. "You're still a good detective," Jennifer raved. "I apologized for railroading her --" Hope began to explain, ignoring the praise. "Great... How'd that go?" Jennifer asked dryly. "Exactly as I expected -- she...well, she threatened to take legal action against me," Hope elaborated. "She never disappoints..." Jennifer grumbled.

"Jen, I set her up -- I sent her to prison for a crime she didn't --" Hope began to summarize, believing that Eve had a right to be upset. "Right, but she's -- she's free, she's been vindicated, [and] it's all been taken care of! If she's gonna take legal action against anyone, it should be Rolf! [And], I mean, think of all the people that -- that -- that she has hurt! What Gina did to her pales in comparison!" Jennifer argued. "But it wasn't [Eve's] hands that pushed you off that balcony, [and it wasn't Gina's hands, either -- it was] mine," Hope stressed.

"I took a year of [Eve's] life, and I did the same thing to you...[and] what scares me [is that] when I did all of those horrible things, I was able to look the people I love in the eye, and I...I felt nothing," Hope continued. "Because it wasn't you!" Jennifer insisted. "It was!" Hope maintained. "[And] I should be punished for what I did," Hope declared.

"You can't be punished -- you didn't have control over your actions, [and] you didn't ask to have a microchip be put into your brain! You were a victim! You would never intentionally hurt someone, Hope -- especially me!" Jennifer argued, drawing a gasp from Hope, who suddenly remembered that Gina had tried to kill Jennifer more than once.

Jennifer excitedly reasoned that Hope had obviously found a way to stop Gina from finishing the job, but Hope sadly clarified that Ciara had unwittingly interrupted Gina's second murder attempt. "[And] what if she hadn't?" Hope fretted. "You would be dead right now!" Hope summarized after Jennifer refused to acknowledge the point. "[And] it was me -- I was holding that pillow over your face [while you were in the hospital]. I would have taken you away from Jack and Abigail and J.J. [And] I was a danger to your daughter, too -- I thought about killing her," Hope continued.

Jennifer maintained that Hope wasn't to blame for anything that Gina had done, but Hope still wasn't convinced.

At the Brady townhouse, Justin awoke and called out for Kayla, who didn't respond -- but did enter their bedroom a short time later, carrying a breakfast tray. "Homemade muffins? You didn't have to do that!" Justin protested. "I was up early," Kayla explained. "Yeah... I figured you'd already gone to the hospital..." Justin admitted. "Come on -- do you really think I would leave without saying goodbye to you?" Kayla countered. "Any other morning, I know you wouldn't leave without saying goodbye...but this isn't 'any other morning,'" Justin reasoned.

"You must be anxious to get back to the hospital," Justin continued. "You mean 'back to Steve,'" Kayla translated. "Right," Justin confirmed. "Well, he did have brain surgery, and I do want to see how he's doing today -- he is my patient --" Kayla admitted. "He's a lot more than a patient," Justin acknowledged. "[Sure] -- he's also the father of my children," Kayla conceded. "And they are worried about him... I talked to Stephanie this morning [and] told her I...I didn't think that we would be able to save his eye...but I do have, uh, an eye surgeon coming in this morning to check him out --" Kayla reported.

"You sound professional...but I know you're worried, [too]. You were tossing and turning all night long. [And you said] you got up early, [so I'm guessing] you hardly slept last night," Justin countered. "I did have a pretty restless night," Kayla admitted. "I wanted to reach out and hold you, but I didn't...because...I just...wasn't sure that's what you wanted..." Justin continued. "I guess what I'm trying to say is...I don't know where we stand," Justin concluded. "We need to talk about it -- we need to talk about everything," Kayla acknowledged. "But, right now, I need to get to the hospital and meet that specialist," Kayla added.

Justin sighed as Kayla rushed out of the townhouse.

Sonny went to the hospital to see Steve, who had asked a nurse to arrange the private family reunion. "I just found out about your mom yesterday," Steve explained. "Yeah, I -- I figured," Sonny replied. "So, did they catch the son of a bitch who was driving the other car?" Steve wondered. "Yeah... Yeah, the, uh -- the driver's in prison now..." Sonny awkwardly confirmed. "Good," Steve declared.

"I'm really sorry I wasn't -- I wasn't here for you back then," Steve stressed. "You know, I've -- I've had a lot of time with it...[but] this is new for you, so I -- I know it must hurt like hell..." Sonny replied. "Can't imagine my life without Adrienne in it..." Steve admitted. "Yeah... Well, that...doesn't...really ever change... You know, I -- I find myself, so many times throughout the day, thinking of her...and, you know, just wanting to ask her questions...or, you know, I'm like, 'Oh, I gotta call her,' you know, 'or she's gonna -- she's gonna worry' -- you know, stuff like that," Sonny revealed. "Yeah..." Steve agreed.

"I can hear her saying to me, 'You let Stefano's quack put a microchip in your head? What's the matter with you, dummy?'" Steve mused. "That sounds like her -- you know, that lady never had a problem speaking her mind," Sonny replied with a chuckle. "No -- she gave me so much hell, all the time..." Steve recalled. "But if anybody else did --" Steve continued. "She'd be all over them," Sonny agreed with a smile.

"You know, and I are, uh, thinking about having another kid..." Sonny revealed. "That's great news!" Steve raved. "Thank you... Yeah... [But] I just wish that I could, you know, talk to Mom about it," Sonny continued. "Yeah... Well, that doesn't mean she's not listening... The kind of connection you two had -- that doesn't...that doesn't go away," Steve stressed. "I do feel like she's...watching over us," Sonny admitted. "Yeah... I should have been watching out for her -- I should have been here for you, her, Kayla, my kids... But I wasn't," Steve acknowledged with a sigh.

"Even if you had been here, there -- there's not much you could have done, okay? It was a freak accident. Aunt Kayla and her team [here] did everything they could to save [Mom's] life, [but] she was hurt -- badly," Sonny stressed. "Oh... [It] just kills me to think of her like that..." Steve admitted. "Me, too," Sonny agreed. "And my own sister left this life, thinking I was a bum," Steve guessed. "You don't know that -- [after all], I mean, have you -- I don't know if you ever saw it, but she -- she cut you a lot of slack," Sonny argued. "She did..." Steve conceded.

"Still, I should have been here --" Steve maintained. "You would have been here...if Stefano and Rolf hadn't gotten to you first," Sonny acknowledged. "Oh, man... [I'd love] just to get my hands on those people --" Steve grumbled. "Me, too...but Stefano is gone, and Rolf is finally in jail," Sonny stressed. "Right..." Steve conceded.

"[And now] I need to get myself up [and] out of here and get my life back together," Steve decided. "I'm glad you brought that up...'cause now that -- now that we've talked about my mom...uh, I think it's time we talk about my dad..." Sonny replied. "I know that Kayla and your dad are together," Steve revealed. "Yeah... He -- he's -- I mean, he, out of his mind when -- when Mom died...and I -- I don't know if he would have gotten through it without Kayla --" Sonny began to explain. "If Kayla hadn't gotten those divorce papers from me, she wouldn't have been much more than a good friend to your dad," Steve argued. "But she did," Sonny countered.

"So...what, are you saying that even though it was actually Stefano who signed those papers, [they still mean] that my marriage is over?" Steve incredulously summarized. "I can't imagine what it feels [like] to come out of this [and] realize [that] while you weren't here, you were getting screwed over...[but] my dad and Kayla are -- are -- are good together, okay? They -- they were there for each other during the worst time in their lives --" Sonny tried to clarify. "And I'm really happy about that, [but] Kayla now knows that her situation isn't what she thought it was --" Steve argued. "You're not hearing what I'm saying," Sonny calmly stressed.

"My dad and -- it's not a rebound thing; they fell in love," Sonny gently revealed. "Kayla makes him happy, [and...what], you just expect him to walk away now that you're back?" Sonny continued. "I don't want to hurt a guy like your dad...but I do want my life back. [Now], you've been honest with me, [so] I'm gonna be honest with you -- Kayla is my one true love [and] the mother of my children, and I'm gonna win her back," Steve respectfully replied, having apparently just made a decision on the matter.

Shortly after Sonny left, Kayla arrived and wondered how Steve was feeling. "Pretty lousy," Steve admitted. "Well, your eye specialist will be here soon --" Kayla promised. "It's not my eye; it's my heart," Steve clarified, causing Kayla to get concerned. "Well, what's going on? Is it racing, or do you feel like it's skipping a beat, or...?" Kayla wondered. "[It's] broken," Steve elaborated, causing Kayla to get annoyed.

"When you went home with Justin [last night]...did you two make love?" Steve asked. "We are divorced, and my personal life is none of your business!" Kayla replied. "I'm thinking that's a no," Steve mused, grinning triumphantly. "Your specialist, I'm sure, is here. I'll go brief him --" Kayla stammered. "I told you [yesterday] that I wasn't giving up on you...[and] I never will," Steve stressed as Kayla rushed off.

Meanwhile, Sonny went to the Brady townhouse to tell Justin about what had just happened with Steve. "I appreciate you going to bat for me, [but]...maybe you shouldn't have," Justin argued. "I felt like I had to...'cause he was pretty up-front that he still loves Kayla [and] wants her back," Sonny explained. "Of course he does...and I don't blame him," Justin replied.

"But, um...she came home with me last night," Justin revealed. "So, she's made her decision?" Sonny assumed. "No, no -- she's too wise to rush a decision like that, [and] I'm not gonna force her to. She needs her space, and I'm gonna give it to her," Justin clarified. "That's very noble...but Uncle Steve is not gonna give her space, [and] those two have a lot of history," Sonny warned. "[But] a significant part of that history was pretty rough," Justin countered. "[Still]...maybe you shouldn't stand back and try to be fair; maybe you should fight for her," Sonny advised.

Jennifer went to the hospital to see Steve but ran into Kayla first -- and quickly realized that something was wrong. Kayla, who was still trying to recover from what had happened with Steve earlier, seized a hug from Jennifer.

While Kayla was confiding in Jennifer, Steve received an unexpected visit from Justin. "I think it's time for the two of us to have a talk," Justin said to Steve, who nodded in agreement.

At the police station, Rafe welcomed Eli and Lani back to work -- then awkwardly informed Eli that Abe didn't want to change commissioners at that time. Eli pretended to be upset but eventually dropped the act and assured Rafe that wasn't going to be a problem. "I couldn't report to anybody I respect more [than you...and] besides, I miss being out in the field; when I was [the] commissioner, all I did was deal with a bunch of obnoxious jerks," Eli stressed -- just as a woman entered the building and demanded to speak to the person who was in charge. "Like I was saying..." Eli muttered.

"I'm Commissioner Hernandez. How may I help you?" Rafe said to the woman. "I'm Zoey Burge. I represent Christian Maddox," the woman replied. "Oh... Lucky you..." Rafe dryly muttered.

"I demand that you release my client -- immediately," Zoey continued. "Yeah, that's not gonna happen -- [I mean], you do understand he's facing kidnapping charges, [right]?" Rafe countered. "You might want to have a look at this..." Zoey advised, producing a file. "Why don't you just sum it up for me," Rafe suggested. "It's a deposition. Mr. Maddox's father has taken full responsibility for the alleged 'kidnapping,'" Zoey explained. "Orpheus is in federal custody --" Rafe began to argue while snatching the file. "I just came from there," Zoey agreed.

"His statement is quite clear, so I'd appreciate it if you'd have an officer go and fetch my client," Zoey continued. "Yeah... Not a chance," Rafe maintained, tossing the unread file aside dismissively.

Rafe's attitude didn't surprise Zoey. "My client said you've been completely biased toward him [because] you're trying to keep him from being reunited with his son," Zoey summarized. "Your 'client' killed his son's mother [and] let another man take the fall for it -- [and] it's a miracle that [said] man wasn't executed. [And now] I'm supposed to release [him just] because his psychopath father says he didn't have anything to do with David's kidnapping? No!" Rafe countered. "Ms. Ridgeway's death was an accident. And the man who almost got executed was Ben Weston -- it's what should have happened to him after he committed three murders," Zoey argued.

"Right... Well, listen, the bottom line is [that] Christian Maddox was involved in David's kidnapping, and I don't care what he or his father has to say [in dispute of that fact] -- he has lost all rights to his son. [But] if you would like to take your paperwork across the street, maybe you'll have better luck with the judge," Rafe declared. "What do you think I am -- a neophyte?" Zoey countered with a laugh. "I just came from the courthouse. Judge Covelli and D.A. Giddens both agree -- Mr. Maddox has been exonerated," Zoey continued. "You might want to read this one -- it's a court order," Zoey concluded, producing another file.

"I may have to let your client go, but let's not forget -- he still has a murder charge hanging over his head," Rafe said to Zoey while Eli and Lani were fetching Evan. "Temporarily. He's looking forward to his day in court," Zoey countered as Eli and Lani returned with Evan. "Guess I'm a hard man to keep down," Evan bragged to Rafe. "Hmm. Well, enjoy your freedom...while you have it," Rafe replied.

"Who's with David right now?" Lani asked Rafe after Zoey and Evan exited the police station together.

At the park, Ben waited for a surprise from Ciara -- who eventually arrived with David. "How did you make this happen?" Ben asked Ciara. "I, uh, figured it out with Rafe last night," Ciara explained.

While Ben was playing with David, Ciara received a phone call from Rafe, who warned that Evan had just been released.

After ending the call, Ciara started to rush off with Ben and David, planning to take the child back to the Hernandez house and wait there, with all the entrances locked, until Rafe arrived.

Meanwhile, Zoey returned to the police station and demanded to speak to the commissioner again, prompting Eli and Lani to vaguely explain that Rafe had just left -- and that they were in charge for the time being. Zoey scoffed dismissively and started to exit the building again, not wanting to waste time dealing with Rafe's underlings.

"I bet you think you did a good thing by setting Evan free," Eli called out, stopping Zoey. "Evan?" Zoey repeated. "Sorry -- that's the name Maddox used when he came here to kill the mother of his son," Eli clarified. "Hmm. That's not what happened," Zoey replied. "Christian Maddox is going to prison, just like his dad -- and they will be there a long time, [because] kidnapping's a federal offense," Eli continued. "Eh...the Feds only get involved if the alleged 'kidnapping' crossed state lines," Zoey argued. "It's still a serious felony," Lani countered. "And Orpheus admitted to the crime," Eli stressed.

"And, with all the other crimes that he's done, he'll be [in prison] forever," Eli maintained. "Hmm. You're boxing above your weight, detective -- you don't even know what you're talking about," Zoey declared.

Ben and Ciara ran into Evan while they were trying to get David back to the safety of the Hernandez house. "Get out of our way," Ben demanded, but Evan ignored the command and stayed focused on David.

"I'm really glad I ran into you -- I got something so important I gotta tell you... [See], I wasn't just your --" Evan tried to inform David, prompting Ben to grab Evan by the neck and start squeezing tightly.

Rafe returned home and called out for Ciara, Ben, and David -- but found Orpheus waiting there instead. Meanwhile, at the police station, Zoey bragged to Eli and Lani that Orpheus was a free man.

Justin talks to Steve about Kayla Justin talks to Steve about Kayla
Friday, April 17, 2020

At the penthouse, John gave Marlena breakfast in bed. John wiggled an eyebrow and lifted the lid on the tray to reveal strawberries and cream. As Marlena giggled, John said he had wanted to soften the blow of bad news. "[Orpheus] is back, doc," John said. "Orpheus is dead. Please don't say that he's back," Marlena whispered. John confirmed Orpheus had survived his gunshot wound with the help of the ISA.

"Why would they do that?" Marlena asked. John explained that Pamela at the ISA had deemed Orpheus as too valuable an asset and had granted Orpheus full immunity. "So, he's back in Salem. Why?" Marlena asked. John explained that Evan was Orpheus' son. John said that Orpheus was back in federal custody for kidnapping David. Marlena worried aloud that the government would release Orpheus again, but John promised to protect Marlena, no matter what happened.

As Marlena cuddled up to John, he admitted that he was worried about Steve. Marlena urged John to visit Steve, but he was reluctant to leave Marlena alone. With a shrug, Marlena said that Orpheus was in jail, and she would work from home.

Justin visited Steve in his hospital room and asked about Sonny's visit. Steve explained that he had wanted to give his condolences to Sonny about his mother. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to pay my respects and grieve with everyone who loved [Adrienne]," Steve said. Justin said he knew how much Steve had loved his sister.

"But actually, I'm here to talk to you about Kayla," Justin said. "I'm happy to talk about Kayla. She's all I've been thinking about," Steve countered. Justin said that he had heard that Steve wanted to fight for Kayla. "I do," Steve confirmed. Justin agreed that Kayla was worth fighting for.

"So, stepping aside is not your plan?" Steve asked. Justin said the right thing to do was what was best for Kayla. With a smile, Steve noted that he had children and a long history with Kayla. Justin said he knew about Steve and Kayla's love story, and he wanted to tell Steve about his love story with Kayla.

"Kayla was lost, and the night that Adrienne was killed, it was like I'd stepped off a cliff. Free fall," Justin said. "And Kayla was there. She's always had a soft spot for anyone in need," Steve said. Justin explained that Kayla had needed him as much as he had needed her. Justin told Steve about his first date with Kayla at a jazz concert and picnic.

"We had gone to this thing alone together, but when we left, we were together. Even though neither one of us realized it at the time," Justin said. Justin explained that his love with Kayla was "made up of little rescues." Steve said he appreciated that Justin had been there for Kayla when she had been in pain.

"But the reality is, I'm back, and she is my wife," Steve said. "Ex-wife," Justin retorted. Steve noted that the divorce papers would not hold up in court. When Justin asked Steve if he was sure that Stefano was gone, Steve assured Justin that Kayla had removed the chip from his brain.

"You can't blame me for being protective, because you hurt a hell of a lot of people when you came back to town," Justin said. When Steve said he knew he needed to make amends with John and Marlena, a visibly angry Justin yelled, "What about what you did to Kayla?" Confused, Steve asked Justin what he was talking about. Justin started to defer to Kayla, but Steve ordered Justin to tell him what had happened.

"You seem to think that Kayla is not safe around me. Now if I did something to hurt her, I need to know about it," Steve said. Reluctantly, Justin told Steve about when Stefano had taken Kayla hostage in exchange for Marlena. "I was there for the exchange. You were ruthless. Brutal," Justin said. Justin explained that after Stefano had left with Marlena, he had locked Justin, Kayla, and John in the room and gassed them.

"Kayla almost died!" Justin yelled. "There is no way I could have done this! No matter how out of my mind I was, I would never try to kill Kayla. Never!" Steve said emphatically. John walked in. Justin quietly urged Steve to talk to John. After Justin left, John confirmed Justin's story.

"So, I kidnapped my wife, I went after yours, and I was ready to kill anyone who got in my way," Steve said. John advised Steve not to let the guilt eat at him, because Stefano had bent Steve to his will. "But to be so out of control that I would hurt my loved ones?" Steve asked. John said he and Marlena did not blame Steve for his actions. Steve wondered how Kayla could look at him without seeing the man that had almost killed her. John assured Steve that Kayla did not blame Steve, either.

When Steve wondered aloud how Kayla could get past what he had done, John joked that Steve did not have his full memory back if he did not remember how much Kayla loved Steve. After his chat with Steve, John was on his way out of the hospital when someone called to warn John that Orpheus was out of prison.

By the nurses' station, Kayla told Jennifer that she was conflicted about Steve and Justin's feelings for her. "I don't know what to do about it," Kayla confessed. Kayla told Jennifer that Steve had asked her if she had slept with Justin. "Are you kidding me?" Jennifer asked.

"I told him it was none of his business, obviously, but he guessed the truth. I didn't, but it's just because I'm so exhausted," Kayla said. Kayla grumbled that Steve had taken her lack of intimacy with Justin the previous night as confirmation that Kayla wanted to be with Steve. "Do you?" Jennifer asked. Kayla shrugged. Kayla said she felt safe and secure with Justin. Jennifer asked Kayla how she felt.

"I don't know how I feel. I love them both. I mean, is that a possibility?" Kayla asked. Jennifer chuckled. Jennifer told Kayla to close her eyes and picture who would be by her side in the future. "I honestly don't know," Kayla said. Jennifer said that Jack was conflicted, as well. "I can't even imagine how torn you must feel," Jennifer added. Jennifer suggested that Kayla listen to her heart.

"I need to do it sooner than later," Kayla said. Justin rounded the corner and looked at Kayla. "I was actually on my way out," Jennifer lied. With a smile, Jennifer walked away. "There is something I need to say to you, and it can't wait. It's about you and Steve," Justin said. Kayla did not want to discuss Steve, but Justin pushed on.

"I know that I am the underdog in this, and I was pretty much ready to step aside to make this easier for you, but I can't. You know why?" Justin asked. Kayla shook her head no. "Because I love the hell out of you, and I have every intention of fighting for you," Justin said. Justin said he understood that Kayla was struggling, but he wanted her to know that he would fight for her. "And I told Steve that," Justin added.

"You are my hero, Kayla Brady. And I like to think that I'm yours, and there is nothing that I want more than for you and I to keep saving each other for the rest of our lives," Justin said. Justin kissed Kayla's hand, and he left.

Justin headed over to Julie's Place, and he sat down next to Jennifer at the bar. Jennifer asked how Justin was doing. "I'm taking a stand. I made it very clear to Kayla how I feel. So now it is up to her. Does she want to be with me? Or with Steve?" Justin said.

At the hospital, Kayla returned to Steve's room. "I was afraid I scared you away," Steve said. Kayla joked that after living with an ISA agent for years, she did not scare easily. Steve apologized for asking about Kayla's relationship with Justin. "I was out of line," Steve said. When Steve noted that they should talk, Kayla nodded her head yes. "I've made a decision," Kayla said.

In the park, Ciara and Ben turned to walk away from Evan. "You need to know something, David. I wasn't just your babysitter!" Evan yelled before Ben grabbed Evan by the throat. "Ben, stop!" Ciara cried out. Evan gasped for air. As Ben pushed Evan to the floor, Ciara begged Ben to stop. Ben let go.

"I just got you back! I'm not ready to lose you again," Ciara said as she looked Ben in the eyes. "You psycho," Evan said. Furious, Ben moved to attack Evan again, but Ciara stopped him. Ben asked Ciara to take David home, but Ciara refused to leave Ben alone with Evan. Ben promised he would not do anything stupid. Reluctantly, Ciara left with David. Ben ordered Evan to get to his feet.

"I was protecting my nephew," Ben said. When Evan protested that he was David's father, Ben responded, "You're the man who murdered his mother." Ben vowed he would not let David around Evan. "If you really love that little boy the way you say you do, you'll leave him alone," Ben said. Evan argued that Ben was not a role model for David, either, since he had been the Necktie Killer.

"You're right. I am not a role model, but Rafe is. He's the only father that David knows, and I'm going to make sure to do everything in my power to keep it that way," Ben said. Evan vowed that he would not let Ben around his son. Ben countered that Evan could not scare him away. When Evan continued to push Ben's buttons, Ben got up in Evan's face and dared him to push Ben too far.

"Step away from my client!" Zoey yelled as she rushed into the clearing. "Who the hell are you?" Ben asked. Zoey introduced herself as "Christian's" attorney, and she stressed that "Christian" had every right to be a father to his child. When Ben noted that Evan was a murderer, Zoey countered, "As are you, Mr. Weston." Zoey added that "Christian" was "innocent until proven guilty." Zoey ordered Ben and Ciara to stop harassing her client.

"You want to help your client? Tell him to keep his mouth shut and stay the hell away from my nephew," Ben said. With a scowl, Ben walked away. Alone with her client, Zoey cautioned "Christian" to behave and avoid Rafe. "It's not going to take long for the commissioner to find an excuse to throw you in lockup," Zoey said. When Evan thanked Zoey for her help, Zoey smiled. "That's what big sisters do for little brothers, right?" Zoey said.

Rafe returned home and found Orpheus in his living room. Rafe grabbed his gun and warned Orpheus not to move, or he would shoot. As Rafe handcuffed Orpheus, Rafe asked him how he had escaped federal custody. "You're behind the times, detective," Orpheus said. "So are you. It's commissioner now," Rafe countered. Orpheus advised Rafe to call the station. When Rafe called Eli, he was shocked to learn that the federal government had dropped the kidnapping charges.

"It's all right. I just found this son of a bitch on my couch, so I'll just bring him in for breaking and entering," Rafe said. Eli said something to Rafe over the phone, and Rafe's face went pale. "What?" Rafe asked. After ending the call, an annoyed Rafe uncuffed Orpheus.

"The ISA says you're untouchable," Rafe said bitterly. When Orpheus commented that he was disappointed that David was not in the house, Rafe ordered Orpheus to leave. "I'm perfectly amenable to working out some visitation schedule," Orpheus said. Rafe told Orpheus that he would not be allowed anywhere near David. When Ciara returned home with David, Orpheus smirked and said that Rafe was mistaken.

Orpheus leaned over and said hello to David. Ciara stepped in front of the stroller. Orpheus narrowed his eyes and noted that Ciara was the woman that had dragged his son into the prison at gunpoint. "Must be tougher than you look," Orpheus said. "And you must be a lot dumber than you look, because there's no way that I'm letting you touch this little boy," Ciara said. "Blood has rights," Orpheus growled. Rafe warned Orpheus to leave, or Rafe would shoot him. With a nod, Orpheus said to David, "I'll see you soon, kiddo."

After Orpheus left, Ciara put David in his room with a video, and she returned to talk to Rafe. Ciara told Rafe about her run-in with Evan in the park and that Ben had handled it. "He didn't get violent, did he?" Rafe asked. Ciara said that she had reminded Ben that Evan was "not worth it." Rafe thanked Ciara for protecting David.

"Evan is David's father. That's just a fact, Rafe. No matter how horrible of a person he is or anything that he did, Evan is David's father," Ciara said. Ciara counseled Rafe to tell David the truth before someone else did. After Ciara left, Rafe watched David play on the floor with his truck. "There's something we need to talk about, okay?" Rafe said to David.

Ciara returned to the Salem Inn to wait for Ben. When Ben returned home, she rushed into his arms. "I was an idiot for going off on Evan like that. Thank you for stopping me," Ben said. "Like I said, I have no intention of losing you again ever," Ciara said. Ciara told Ben that Orpheus had been at Rafe's house.

As Marlena settled down to work in the penthouse, she thought about the last time she had encountered Orpheus, when he had locked her in a coffin. Marlena shivered at the memory. "Orpheus is in prison. He can't hurt me now," Marlena whispered to herself. Marlena thought again about when she had pleaded for her life when Orpheus had sealed her in the coffin. As Marlena shook off the memory, the doorbell rang. Marlena opened the door and found Orpheus standing in the hallway.

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