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A Stefan look-alike named Jake hired Ben as a mechanic. Gabi fainted when she saw Jake in town. Brady confessed to stabbing Victor to protect Kristen. Someone drugged Abigail, and the evidence pointed to Gabi. Kayla told Steve that she could not save his eye. Rex ran into Sarah in Paris, and he called the police when she refused to return Rachel to Kristen. Victor named Kristen as his assailant.
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A Stefan look-alike named Jake hired Ben as a mechanic, and Gabi fainted when she saw Jake in town
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Kristen confesses to Brady Kristen confesses to Brady
Monday, April 27, 2020
by Mike

After leaving the cemetery, Gabi headed back to the town square's Gabi Chic store to see if Stefan would appear in the windowed entrance again -- but Will appeared instead.

"I heard you got fired...[and] you weren't answering your phone, so I figured you might be [here]. What happened?" Will began. "Chad and Abigail happened -- they lobbied Li Shin and the board [to] get rid of me, and they won, so now Chad is CEO...[and], apparently, DiMera owns [Gabi Chic, so I was even] let go as the head [of] my own store, [and now] I am locked out!" Gabi explained.

"I'm so sorry --" Will began to stress. "Oh, don't be -- [see], those two losers think that I'm just gonna slink off with my tail between my legs, [but] they are in for a rude awakening!" Gabi declared with a scowl before rushing off. "What do you mean by that?" Will wondered, chasing after Gabi. "If you did something that could get you in trouble -- especially if it involves Chad and Abigail -- [then] you need to tell me right now!" Will insisted, catching up to and stopping Gabi. "I haven't done anything, okay? I'm just saying I'm not gonna go down without a fight!" Gabi clarified.

"You feel wronged, [and] you want revenge, [but] let's think about what [that] got you in the past --" Will tried to warn. "I do want revenge against Chad and Abigail -- and I'm gonna get that!" Gabi stressed, drawing a groan of concern from Will. "But...I'm gonna do it in a court of law [this time -- see], I told them tonight that I'm gonna be suing DiMera for wrongful termination!" Gabi continued. "I understand how much Gabi Chic means to you, [but]...have you thought that maybe this is all a sign that it's, you know, time to move on [and] find something new?" Will suggested, still concerned. "Move on?" Gabi incredulously repeated.

"This is Stefan's legacy we are talking about!" Gabi snapped. "Stefan's dead," Will gently reminded Gabi. "I know that in my head, but try telling that to my heart!" Gabi countered.

Gabi told Will that Stefan had appeared in the windowed entrance of the town square's Gabi Chic store earlier. "You know that's impossible...right?" Will asked. "Yeah, he died, [and then] I made the monumental mistake of giving Julie his heart...but...what if Stefano or Rolf -- what if they intervened during the surgery? It could happen, right? [I mean], Rolf brought you back, didn't he? [And] not only you!" Gabi replied. "I thought Rolf told you that the serum would not work on Stefan --" Will argued. "That's what he said..." Gabi conceded.

"But...given everything that's been happening lately -- I mean, downloading Stefano into a microchip, turning Hope into a psychotic princess -- [well], I'm having a very hard time believing anything that comes out of Rolf's mouth [anymore]!" Gabi admitted. "So...what, you're saying that -- that Rolf might have saved Stefan [and is] just keeping him hidden somewhere?" Will incredulously summarized. "Rolf had half of Salem on ice in Nashville! [So], the formula -- [let's say it really] didn't work on Stefan; maybe [Rolf just] went back and whipped up a new one! [And maybe] the heart that's inside of Julie [isn't really] Stefan's!" Gabi reasoned.

"I don't think that's plausible..." Will maintained. "We are talking about Stefano DiMera here! Everything in his life was about his legacy [and] controlling his children -- making sure they are in line and doing his bidding! I mean, look at what he did to Chad!" Gabi pointed out. "Yes, that's true...but Chad --" Will tried to argue. "Is an idiot! [And] Tony, he flew off with that cuckoo Anna, [and] Kristen -- please!" Gabi concluded for Will, waving a hand dismissively. "So, what are you saying -- Stefano, like, has a kid 'in reserve' somewhere, 'just in case'?" Will incredulously translated. "The man was a tyrant -- an egomaniac!" Gabi reasoned.

"[And] you're having a hard time believing he had a secret weapon stashed away -- uh, a fail-proof plan, a plan B? Come on! [I mean], even with everything that you have been through [and] seen, you [still] can't believe [that] maybe Stefan could be alive?" Gabi continued. "I get why you'd go there,, I can't believe it," Will confirmed. "Why? I mean, Stefan was young [and] fit... I mean, why couldn't [Rolf] have saved him?" Gabi argued. "Well, from what I understand, Stefan's body wasn't the issue..." Will reasoned. "Yeah, [Stefan] was brain dead...and Rolf told me that, medically, he could never bring him back..." Gabi conceded.

"I'm sorry," Will stressed. "Thank you... You know, I don't -- I don't mean to whine... It's just very unfair -- you know, it's very unfair, because Sonny got you back, [and] Jennifer got Jack, [and] Chad even got Abigail back after she faked her own death a couple years ago... But what about me, huh? Don't I deserve a happy ending, too?" Gabi replied, fighting back tears. "Everybody deserves a happy ending," Will declared. "I know I should be grateful -- I mean, I have you, [and] Arianna, [and] Sonny..." Gabi acknowledged. "[But] you wanted a family with your husband," Will concluded for Gabi with a nod of understanding.

"I'm sorry that you're missing him so much...[but] if you're convinced that you saw [him], maybe there's a logical explanation. [Now], obviously, you know, I -- I wasn't his biggest fan, but I know he loved you, [and] I know he made you feel safe, [and] you're going through so much right now, [so] maybe seeing Stefan is...kind of like a coping mechanism...[or], if you want to get spiritual, maybe it was a guardian angel -- you know, needed comfort and...and safety, [so] Stefan appeared," Will suggested. "Does that make me a freak?" Gabi asked. "It makes you human," Will replied.

"[But] you don't always need to rely on a ghost, you know? Not as long as I'm here," Will stressed before giving Gabi a hug.

At an auto repair shop, Ben stared in shock at the mechanic who looked and sounded exactly like Stefan. "You okay? You looked like you've seen a ghost," the mechanic said to Ben, who managed a slight chuckle in response to the observation then tentatively addressed the man as Stefan. "Jake," the mechanic clarified.

"Who the hell is Stefan?" Jake wondered. "My old boss...and you look exactly like him," Ben explained. "[Then] he's good-looking," Jake summarized. "[And] dead -- [or], at least, I thought that until I just walked in here..." Ben admitted. "Hmm. Well, they say everybody's got a double out there somewhere -- maybe this guy you're talking about is mine," Jake reasoned.

"[Anyway], as much as I'd love to stand around and talk about my handsome's getting late, and I got a ton of work to do, so...what can I do for you?" Jake continued. "Uh, I just need a few parts to rebuild the carburetor on my girlfriend's bike...and I also wanted to inquire about the mechanic job that was posted online," Ben explained. "Well, the parts, I can help you out with...but as far as the job goes, the position's been filled," Jake replied. "Oh, wow -- they found somebody already?" Ben asked. "Yeah -- me," Jake clarified.

"Sorry for the confusion, buddy, but they just hired me this morning, and I guess they forgot to take down the listing..." Jake continued. "Got it," Ben assured Jake before changing the subject, handing over a list of needed parts. "I'll be in touch," Jake promised. "My contact info is on the back... [Oh] -- I'm Ben, by the way... Um, I'm sorry for staring -- it's just that the resemblance...really is crazy..." Ben replied before starting to rush off. "Hang on a second," Jake called out, stopping Ben. "When they hired me, they said they were thinking about taking on another mechanic, [so] promises, [but] I'll talk to them," Jake offered, delighting Ben.

"Business is clearly booming, [and] I can't handle all this work on my own...[and] if you know enough to keep up with a bike with specs like the one on this paper, and you're willing to work hard, maybe you can give me a hand," Jake reasoned. "I'll tell them that you're willing for me to be your boss, [and] that'll be how it works. You're okay with that?" Jake continued. "Absolutely," Ben confirmed. "[But] don't even know me, [so]...why are you willing to stick your neck out for me?" Ben wondered. "Any reason I shouldn't?" Jake countered. "My past -- it's's kinda complicated, [and] it's been a problem with other potential employers..." Ben admitted.

"I just want to be transparent... [Look], I'll give you references, a résumé -- whatever you need --" Ben continued. "This is about me, not you. [I mean], like I said, I got more work here than I can handle, [and] you seem more than qualified for the job, [so] I don't care about your past. [Now], if I can make it happen, do you want a shot or not?" Jake countered. "Absolutely," Ben confirmed. "Good. [Then], like I said, no promises, but I'll ask. I got a good feeling about you," Jake concluded before going back to work. "Thank you, man -- [I mean]...'Jake,' right?" Ben replied. "Yep. Not 'Stefan' -- what the hell kind of name is that, anyway?" Jake mused.

At the police station, Brady informed Kristen that Victor had been stabbed earlier. "You don't seem very surprised," Brady worriedly observed. "The old man got what he deserved," Kristen bitterly declared. "You did it, didn't you?" Brady guessed. "Yes," Kristen admitted. "Oh, God -- I'm gonna be put away in prison for the rest of my life, and I'm never gonna see my baby girl again!" Kristen realized after telling Brady the whole story. "I will take care of everything," Brady assured Kristen before rushing off. "Brady can't fix this -- it's over; we'll never be a family with Rachel..." Kristen muttered, fighting back tears.

At the hospital, Eli and Lani exited an elevator and called out to Sonny. "Do you have any idea who might have [stabbed Victor]?" Lani wondered. "It's no secret that my Uncle Vic has a lot of enemies, [but] no one's jumping out at me," Sonny admitted. "What about Orpheus? I heard he's on the loose, [and] he hated my Uncle Vic -- there's bad blood between them," Sonny suggested after giving the matter a bit more thought. "We'll look into it," Eli promised. "[But first] we're gonna head out to the crime scene [and] get that knife dusted for prints," Lani declared. The detectives offered Sonny a few words of comfort then rushed off together.

A few minutes later, Ciara rejoined Sonny and reported that Kayla had just taken Victor into surgery. "We are going to find out who did [this], and when we do, we will make them pay," Sonny assured Ciara.

Brady entered the Kiriakis mansion, located the knife that Kristen had used to stab Victor, and started wiping all fingerprints off of its handle with a napkin -- just as Eli and Lani arrived.

"I can explain --" Brady began. "How you stabbed Victor? We're all ears," Eli replied. "No -- [see], Sonny called me [and] told me what happened, [so] I raced over here [and] found the knife just now," Brady clarified. "How did you get past the uniforms?" Eli asked. "I came in through the back -- I parked near the garage... I didn't even see a uniform," Brady explained. "They were told to wait for us to get here before they entered the crime scene," Lani revealed. "You shouldn't have touched this," Lani continued, taking the knife from Brady. "I know -- I wasn't thinking. My mistake," Brady conceded.

"Didn't you have a falling-out with your grandfather?" Lani recalled. "I have 'fallings-out' with my grandfather all the time, but I certainly didn't attack the guy," Brady replied.

Unconvinced, Eli and Lani dragged Brady off to the police station for further questioning. Kristen insisted that it was ridiculous of Eli and Lani to suggest that Brady, of all people, could ever harm Victor. "But I did," Brady claimed, fearing that Kristen was about to confess. "Don't try to dispute it, 'cause you know that [is] what happened. What I want you to focus on is our little girl -- I want you to make sure that you are there when Rachel is found. You promise me that, okay?" Brady said to Kristen, who nodded in response -- then broke down as Eli and Lani escorted Brady into one of the conference rooms.

At the DiMera mansion, Abigail continued mistaking Chad for Ben -- and soon started physically attacking Chad in response to a perceived threat from Ben.

Confused, Chad tried to offer words of comfort, but Abigail remained convinced of Ben's presence -- until the hallucination stopped just as randomly as it had started.

"Ben was here, [and] he was trying to strangle me with that --" Abigail explained to Chad while pointing to a tie that was lying on the couch. "[That's] my tie. I took it off, [and] you started to lose it. [Ben] wasn't here," Chad assured Abigail, who refused to believe that story at first but eventually began to accept it as the true version of what had just happened.

"I think we need to go to the hospital [and] have Kayla check you out," Chad suggested. "You mean Marlena," Abigail translated. "I swear to you, I saw him -- I know I did," Abigail defensively insisted. "I'm not disputing that...but it was obviously a hallucination, [so] I think that we need to just go to the hospital and check it out," Chad gently maintained. "Okay," Abigail agreed after some thought.

Chad and Abigail dropped Thomas and Charlotte off at the Horton house then headed over to the hospital, where Sonny and Ciara were still waiting for an update on Victor's condition. While Chad was looking for a nurse, Abigail spotted Sonny and Ciara, who were comforting each other with a hug. "Let go of her!" Abigail called out, believing that Sonny was Ben and was strangling Ciara. "Get your damn hands off her, Ben!" Abigail demanded, but Chad returned just then and intervened. "Is everything all right?" Sonny asked. "She just needs to get some rest," Chad replied before ushering Abigail into one of the available patient rooms.

Chad returned a short time later and apologized to Sonny and Ciara on Abigail's behalf then explained what was going on. "Ben's changed, Chad -- he's not like that anymore!" Ciara insisted. "I'm not saying he is," Chad clarified. "Why is she seeing Ben all of a sudden? Is she having some kind of relapse?" Sonny asked. "I don't know... I, uh...I thought everything was fine -- you know, after her treatment for DID -- but..." Chad replied.

"[Anyway], what are you guys doing here?" Chad continued. "My grandfather..." Ciara began to explain. "He was stabbed," Sonny concluded for Ciara.

Chad offered Sonny and Ciara a few words of support then rushed off to check on Abigail. "I can't go through this again -- I just can't!" Abigail fretted to Chad, fearing the worst.

Meanwhile, Ben arrived and greeted Ciara and Sonny. "I got your message," Ben said to Ciara while offering a comforting hug. "I'm so scared..." Ciara admitted to Ben, fighting back tears.

Ben was stunned to hear about what was going on with Abigail. "Well, Abigail isn't the only one who is seeing things tonight..." Ben admitted, thinking about Jake. "Brace yourself for this one..." Ben warned.

Meanwhile, Gabi tried once more to catch a second glimpse of Stefan's reflection in the windowed entrance of the town square's Gabi Chic store, but nothing happened -- until Gabi walked away with a sigh of disappointment, at which point Jake approached the store and took a long look at it then continued passing through the area.

Abigail gets a surprising diagnosis Abigail gets a surprising diagnosis
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Zoey, Orpheus, and Evan met up in the park. When an impatient Zoey noted that she had invited Orpheus as a courtesy, Orpheus demanded that his daughter show him respect. "You damn well better include me in everything that has to do with my grandson," Orpheus growled. Zoey explained that she had told Rafe about her custody petition for David.

"You're that tyke's auntie. Blood wins. So, it's a done deal," Orpheus said. "Rafe's lawyer just filed an emergency motion to get my custody petition thrown out," Zoey countered. Evan was furious. "He can't keep my son away from me. Or you. This is how he wants to play? He'll be sorry," Evan muttered.

"Jordan tried to get between you and your kid, and we know how that turned out," Orpheus said. "Would you stop!" a disgusted Zoey yelled at her father. Zoey urged Evan not to do anything stupid. "Trust the system. Go through the courts," Zoey urged Evan. Orpheus objected, but Zoey asked Orpheus not to underestimate her.

"I say we listen to Zoey. The only reason we're free is because she is a brilliant lawyer, Evan said. "You may be a legal eagle, but I'm not a fan of trusting a system that is always stacked against us," Orpheus complained. When Zoey reminded her father that the custody petition had been his idea, Orpheus said he believed it would be easier to take David and skip town. Zoey argued that a life on the run was not a good life for David. When Zoey added that kidnapping could cost Evan any chance at raising his son, Evan agreed with his sister.

"Fine. We'll do it your way. For now. But keep in mind, when it comes right down to it, taking David and disappearing is always an option," Orpheus said. Zoey's phone beeped with a notification from the courthouse.

In the penthouse, Marlena told John about Abigail's admission to the hospital. Marlena asked John about Brady. "I can't believe that he stabbed Victor," John said. John asked about Eric. Marlena admitted that Eric was struggling, but she added that she was confident Sarah and Eric would start to heal once Rachel was returned to Kristen and Brady.

As John opened the door to leave, Hope rushed in. Hope asked if there was anything she could do to help with the search for Rachel. "No. Thanks for the offer," Marlena said. "It's the least I could do," Hope explained. Hope said that after all that had happened, she wanted to make things up to Marlena. "Doc and I, we have forgiven you and Steve for what you did. Maybe it's time you both started forgiving yourselves?" John suggested.

As Abigail slept in her hospital bed, Chad watched her and whispered, "Everything is going to be okay. We're gonna figure out what's going on." A worried Jack and Jennifer rushed into the room, and Chad informed them that the doctor had sedated Abigail after she had suffered hallucinations.

"Does she really think that you're Ben?" Jennifer asked. Chad nodded yes. Chad said he did not know why Abigail had started hallucinating. Abigail stirred awake. Abigail smiled when she saw her parents, then a look of horror crossed Abigail's face. Abigail hallucinated Orpheus standing behind a bomb-strapped Jennifer, with a trigger in his hand.

"We're here for you, Abigail. Right here," Orpheus said. In reality, the man standing behind Jennifer was a worried Jack. As Jennifer attempted to assure Abigail that she was okay, Abigail yelled out, "I will not let you hurt her! I will not let you hurt my family!" Chad put his arms around Abigail and restrained her. "Your mom is safe! You're safe!" Chad yelled. Abigail stopped struggling, and she looked at Chad. "I did it again. I'm so sorry," Abigail whispered. Marlena entered. "We need your help," Jennifer said.

Down the hall at the nurses' station, Justin asked Kayla about Victor's condition. "He made it through the surgery, but he is in critical condition," Kayla said. In a wheelchair, Steve maneuvered his way down the hallway, and he saw Justin talking to Kayla by the nurses' station. As Justin told Kayla that he loved her and hugged her, Kayla looked over Justin's shoulder and saw Steve. Kayla pulled away.

"Where did you go?" Justin asked. Kayla noted that she was tired from surgery. "I love you, too," Kayla said. Kayla kissed Justin, and Steve frowned. Justin suggested an evening at home, and Kayla agreed. "See you later, girlfriend," Justin said. "Goodbye, boyfriend," Kayla said as she watched Justin leave.

Kayla returned to paperwork, and Steve said good morning. "I didn't realize you were mobile," Kayla said. "Better than laying around in a hospital bed all day," Steve countered. Steve told Kayla that he was happy she had taken his advice and stayed with Justin. "You didn't just say that," Kayla grumbled. When Steve looked confused, Kayla told him to "go to hell."

Steve asked Kayla why she was so angry with him. "You implied that it was your idea that I'm with Justin," Kayla said. Kayla stressed that she had chosen Justin, not Steve. "You need to turn down your ego, because then you would realize that I never left him," Kayla said. "I'm sorry, Sweetness," Steve apologized.

"Maybe you don't need to call me that anymore," Kayla said. Steve looked stricken, but he agreed. Steve explained that what he had meant was that he believed Kayla would be better off with Justin. "I'm glad you made the choice that you did," Steve said. Steve promised that after his consultation with the eye specialist, he would be out of Kayla's life. With a nod, Kayla said she would call the specialist.

At the nurses' station, Jack, Jennifer, and Chad waited while Marlena talked to Abigail. When Kayla returned, Jennifer asked Kayla if she thought Abigail was having a relapse of her dissociative identity disorder. "It certainly could be a possibility, but we need to wait until we get the test results back," Kayla cautioned Jennifer. "Well whatever it is, it came out of nowhere. It scares the hell out of me," Chad said. Kayla's phone rang with a call from Steve's eye specialist, so she stepped aside to take the call.

When Jennifer wondered aloud what they would do if Abigail had relapsed, Chad refused to "go there." Chad said he intended to trust Abigail and wait for her direction once test results were in. "So, you're convinced this is not dissociative disorder?" Jack asked. Chad said the situation was different than the last time because Abigail was eager to get help.

In Abigail's room, Marlena asked her if she had had any other breaks from reality since Abigail's treatment with Laura. "No, I've been taking my meds. I've been stable. I've been good -- I mean, I've been great," Abigail said. Marlena reminded Abigail that she was under stress, and the stress might have triggered her episode. Abigail disagreed. Abigail said her marriage was strong.

"I think we have to take your history into account here," Marlena said. Marlena reminded Abigail that she had pretended to be okay in the past. Marlena asked if Abigail was doing the same thing. "I'm not crazy," Abigail stressed. Abigail said she was not hiding a relapse.

"No one cares more about my mental health than I do. I almost lost my family before, and I almost lost myself. And I promised myself that I would never get there again," Abigail said. Fighting back tears, Abigail argued that she had done everything she was supposed to do to stay mentally healthy. "I'm being honest. Here I am. I'm here because I'm trying to figure out what's going on with me," Abigail noted.

After Marlena talked to Abigail, she met up with Jack, Jennifer, and Chad at the nurses' station. Marlena explained that she saw no evidence of a relapse. "Knowing what it isn't is a start," Chad said.

Steve returned to his hospital room and thought about a memory of Kayla delivering him a cup of chowder during a previous stay in the hospital. As Kayla had sat on his bed that day, she had spotted Adrienne's notebook. "[Adrienne] is gonna need a quote from you about how the love of my life helped me get my sight back," Steve had said. Kayla had kissed Steve.

"I do love you, Sweetness. That's why I had to let you go. It's the right thing to do," Steve whispered. Hope walked in with a bag in her hand. "Not thrilled to see me, huh? Join the club," Hope said. With a smirk, Steve asked Hope if she had clam chowder in her bag. Hope told Steve she had his other favorite, an egg sandwich. Steve asked Hope how she was doing. Hope told Steve about her visit with John and Marlena.

"They forgave me, too. So why are we so miserable?" Steve asked. "John said it was time that you and I forgive ourselves, but I could never forgive myself for trying to kill someone I love," Hope said. "There's no forgetting what I did to Kayla. No words that could make it better. There's no promise that I'm still the man she loved," Steve said. Steve added that Kayla resented him for pushing her toward Justin, but he was satisfied to know that Kayla was happy with a good man.

"That's the closest that I'll ever come to forgiving myself," Steve said. Hope took Steve's hand in hers. "You're probably the only person in the world that knows where my head's at," Steve said. Steve said he was thankful that Hope understood his motivations and would not fight him. Kayla entered and told Steve that she had bad news about his eye.

In Abigail's room, she hallucinated that Orpheus was at the foot of her bed with a trigger for a bomb in his hand. "How does it feel to know that your whole life is about to blow up?" Orpheus asked. Abigail closed her eyes. Orpheus clicked the trigger for the bomb. Abigail averted her eyes and whispered, "It's not real." When Abigail looked up again, Orpheus was gone. Abigail breathed a sigh of relief.

When Jack and Jennifer returned, Abigail confirmed that she had not had a hallucination for twenty minutes. "We're here to help you get better," Jack said. Abigail thanked her parents for staying with her, and she asked them to pick up the grandchildren. Jennifer offered to pick up the kids and let Jack stay.

Once alone, Abigail told her emotional father it was okay to leave. "I wasn't there before when you went through this sort of thing, but now I'm here. I'm here, and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to help you get better," Jack promised. Jack hugged Abigail. Chad returned with results from the lab. "Somebody drugged you," Chad said.

At the police station, Rafe stared at a photo of David on his desk. Justin walked in. Justin updated Rafe on Victor's status, and he asked about Brady. "Not saying a whole lot. I'm really sorry for everything your family is going through," Rafe said. With a nod, Justin said he was there to discuss David's custody case. Justin told Rafe that he had filed a request to throw out Zoey's petition for custody of her nephew. Rafe informed Justin that he had confirmed that Zoey was Orpheus' daughter.

"The fact that Zoey is David's blood relative certainly changes things," Justin said. Rafe argued that Zoey's family was enough to keep a judge from giving Zoey custody. "I don't think who her father or brother are is relevant," Justin said. Rafe scoffed at the idea. "They're criminals," Rafe objected.

"Which is exactly what people can say about your family," Justin reminded Rafe. "Your father is in prison. Gabi was in prison. More than once," Justin added. Rafe yelled that he had never been to prison. With a sigh, Rafe asked if that meant Zoey had the edge, since she was a blood relative. Justin assured Rafe that he had a strong case as the legal guardian.

"Jordan made it clear that you were her choice to raise her son," Justin added. Justin said he was optimistic. With a smile, Justin asked if the trains on Rafe's desk were David's toys. Rafe smiled. "Fun age," Justin commented. "I want to be there for all of [the ages]," Rafe said. With a nod, Justin said he would head over to the courthouse and see about an update.

After Rafe returned to work, John visited. "They won't let me in to see Brady. What's up with that?" John asked. Rafe explained that Brady had confessed to attempted murder. When John asked about evidence, Rafe demurred. "I know how that works. Just a father trying to look out for his son, you know?" John said as he picked up one of David's toy trains from the desk. Rafe promised John that he would do what he could to help Brady. "You do whatever you need to do to keep Orpheus away from your kid," John countered.

After John left Rafe's office, Justin returned from the courthouse. Justin explained that the judge had agreed to let Zoey's petition for custody continue, which meant that Rafe's adoption was on hold. "So now what?" Rafe asked. Justin explained that the next step was a standard custody battle where Rafe and Zoey would each show why they would be a better parent. Rafe swore to dig up any family secrets and "bury Zoey with them."

While waiting in the park for Zoey to return from the courthouse, Orpheus complained about her attitude. Evan reminded Orpheus that he could trust Zoey. "You have my word. I won't say anything to Zoey about what we did," Evan said. Zoey rounded the corner into the clearing. Zoey informed Orpheus and Evan that her customary petition was going forward with the court.

"Don't mess it up," Orpheus muttered before he walked away. Zoey asked Evan what he had been talking to Orpheus about. Evan lied and said he and Orpheus had not been talking about anything important. When Evan asked Zoey to let her curiosity go, Zoey countered that she was fighting for custody of Evan's son.

"You can bet that Rafe Hernandez is going to come at me with everything he's got to prove that I'm unfit," Zoey said. When Evan noted that Zoey was practically perfect, Zoey countered that she was more concerned about what Rafe would dig up about Evan and Orpheus. "Unless you are willing to lose your son forever, you need to tell me what you and dad were talking about. Whatever it is, I won't tell dad you told me," Zoey promised.

In the town square, John met up with Marlena and told her that he had been unable to meet with Brady. "What do you know? Just the pair that I was looking for," Orpheus said as he ambled over. John warned Orpheus to walk away. "It looks like both of our boys could be on the hook for murder. Maybe we could help one another," Orpheus suggested.

Chad and Abigail grow suspicious of Gabi Chad and Abigail grow suspicious of Gabi
Wednesday, April 29, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Kayla informed Steve and Hope that a specialist had determined that the damage to Steve's left eye was beyond repair.

"Well, it's not like I haven't been through this before..." Steve noted, drawing a nod from Kayla, who produced Steve's eye patch. "I thought you might need this..." Kayla explained. "I was so hopeful that we would be able to fix your eye..." Kayla continued, sighing. "The chances were slim to none -- we both knew that," Steve replied, shrugging.

"Thanks for holding on to my spare," Steve said while taking the eye patch from Kayla, and their hands touched during the exchange -- a detail that Hope noticed. "Want me to change your bandage and clean your wound?" Kayla offered. "No, you don't have to do that -- [just] get a nurse or somebody to come in," Steve replied. "Well, I'm here [already, so] I could -- I mean, I don't want you to have to wait any longer..." Kayla reasoned.

"Thanks for doing this..." Steve said to Kayla after Hope left. "Well, I know, big a deal it is for you..." Kayla replied. "Yeah... Except for a few doctors and a nurse or two over the years, no one's ever seen this mess under here -- no friends, no one but you," Steve confirmed. "And I know how hard it is to look at..." Steve continued, cringing. "It's a part of you. I could never have a hard time looking at you," Kayla insisted.

"Thank you, Sweetness," Steve said after Kayla finished the procedure. "I'm sorry -- can't stop calling you that... Old habits..." Steve explained. "How does it feel [to have your patch back on]?" Kayla wondered. "You know -- like an old pair of shoes," Steve declared. "You really are your old self again, aren't you?" Kayla mused, chuckling at the familiar description of the eye patch. "I know it in my head, but I can't quite believe it..." Steve replied.

"Who I was [and] what I did -- it haunts me..." Steve continued. "You don't have to carry the burden of these past few months any longer -- it's over," Kayla insisted. "It's not 'over' for me. I hurt so many people -- my friends, my family..." Steve countered. "[And] everybody has let it go -- everybody but you," Kayla stressed. "I can't let it go, [because] these images keep flashing across my mind -- they're like...memories that aren't even mine..." Steve explained. "I think you're gonna have to make a choice to [just leave them] in the past [and] forgive yourself for everything," Kayla advised.

Steve and Kayla locked eyes with each other -- but Hope returned just then and inadvertently ruined the moment. "I'm sorry -- am I interrupting?" Hope began. "No -- he's all set," Kayla replied before rushing off to start the process of getting Steve discharged. "Got a place to go?" Hope asked Steve. "Not really," Steve admitted. "[And] I don't feel comfortable imposing on anyone... I'm kind of like a man without a country -- I don't belong anywhere," Steve continued. "I know exactly how you feel," Hope stressed.

Later, while Steve was leaving the hospital in a wheelchair that Hope was pushing, Kayla stopped them. "Do you know where you'll be staying? I mean, the kids -- the kids want to know..." Kayla said to Steve. "Hope invited me to stay with her," Steve revealed. "He didn't have anywhere else to go," Hope explained. "That's really very generous of you..." Kayla said to Hope, clearly stunned. "Well, I'll let the kids know, then..." Kayla promised Steve. "Don't worry about it -- uh, I'll be in touch with them," Steve assured Kayla.

"See you around," Steve said to Kayla. "See you around," Kayla agreed in a whisper, fighting back tears.

Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail exchanged knowing glances as Jack wondered what kind of monster would deliberately drug someone with a hallucinogen and allow that person to believe that the hallucinations were a sign of mental illness. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Abigail said to Chad. "How could I not?" Chad said to Abigail. "Clue me in here," Jack begged Abigail and Chad.

"There's only one person who hates me enough to actually make me think that I was losing my mind again," Abigail began to explain to Jack. "One person that has the motive and the means," Chad continued for Abigail. "Who?" Jack impatiently prodded Abigail and Chad, who took turns explaining what had happened the previous day. "We were celebrating with Champagne [at Julie's Place, and] then Gabi showed up [and] yelled at us [and] grabbed the Champagne bottle --" Chad recalled near the end of the tale. "Right -- [so] she could have...[you know], slipped something, maybe, into [the bottle then...or] my glass..." Abigail reasoned.

"I'm convinced," Jack admitted before starting to contact the police. "Just sit tight," Chad advised before rushing off.

At the police station, Rafe received an unexpected visit from Gabi, who wanted to vent to a sympathetic person about what Li had done the previous day.

"[I caught Chad and Abigail] celebrating [at Julie's Place] -- they were toasting -- [and] I couldn't let them get away with that..." Gabi began to explain near the end of the tale, drawing a groan of concern from Rafe. "Tell me what you did," Rafe demanded. "I broke the lock [on] my store [and went inside because] I have a lot of personal belongings in there [and] was not about to let Chad and Abigail take everything from me," Gabi admitted. "Why do I get the feeling that breaking into the store isn't the only thing you did?" Rafe challenged Gabi. "You have to understand -- they fired me, and I have --" Gabi tried to reason.

"Stop!" Rafe snapped, startling Gabi. "Damn it, Gabi, I can't take this anymore -- and certainly not right now!" Rafe continued. "Rafe, they were trying to destroy me --" Gabi stressed. "That does not mean that you can do whatever it is that you want to do [then] come running back to me again to bail you out! [I mean], how many times have we talked about this -- how many times have you done something crazy and illegal [then] come running to me for help? [And] it's always someone else's fault for provoking you! [And] then you promise me that you're not gonna do it again, [but] you always do!" Rafe countered.

"'re not gonna help me?" Gabi assumed -- just as Chad entered Rafe's office. "I came to press charges," Chad explained to Rafe. "Against you," Chad elaborated, glaring at Gabi. "If this is about the storefront, she's already told me about it --" Rafe began to assure Chad. "Rafe!" Gabi protested. "And she's very sorry, [so...just] give her a break -- she's had a rough year; she lost her husband, her job, now her business... [Look], I'm sure she is more than willing to pay for the damages --" Rafe continued. "I don't give a damn about the lock on the store -- [I'm here because] she drugged my wife!" Chad clarified.

"I'm gonna need more," Rafe declared after hearing Chad's whole case against Gabi. "Why? She's done [this] before -- [she] drugged my wife into thinking that she was insane before!" Chad pointed out. "So what? [I mean], why would I do it now?" Gabi argued. "Because you're upset that I got the CEO position and you finally got what you deserve," Chad reasoned.

"I should have known that you were gonna protect your sister. [Look], you better do your job -- now -- or I'm gonna do it for you," Chad warned Rafe before storming off. "I'm beginning to wonder which one of them is crazier -- [I mean], Abigail is certifiable, and Chad was just turned into a psychotic robot by his psychotic father --" Gabi mused. "Did you do it?" Rafe wondered. "Of course I didn't!" Gabi insisted. "Swear to me on Arianna's life," Rafe challenged Gabi. "How could you ask me to do that?" Gabi protested. "If you're innocent, you shouldn't have a problem with it," Rafe reasoned as Gabi squirmed.

At the hospital, Abigail admitted to Jack that it was a relief to know the cause of the hallucinations. "I'm not losing my mind again," Abigail summarized. "You and I have not had the chance to talk about [that] -- not much..." Jack carefully acknowledged. "It's not really something that I like to revisit too often... It was the worst time of my life, and I nearly lost my family and myself... But I got treatment, and, know, I've been strong and stable ever since..." Abigail vaguely explained. "I'm so proud of you," Jack stressed. "I'm proud of me, too, [because] coming back from mental [illness] wasn't easy," Abigail replied.

"For Gabi to make me think that I was losing my mind again..." Abigail continued with a shake of the head. "[You two were once] such good friends, [so] did it go so wrong?" Jack wondered. "We never really recovered from everything that happened when she fell in love with Chad," Abigail explained. "That would make things complicated..." Jack conceded. "[And then] I did what I did to Andre, and then Gabi went to prison [for it] --" Abigail elaborated. "[Where] she was beaten...and now she can't have children, [and] she can't forgive you [for that]," Jack recalled. "Right... [And] it's sort of hard for me to forgive myself for that, [too]..." Abigail admitted.

Abigail informed Jack that Gabi had pulled a similar stunt in the past as a way of getting revenge. "But it's not gonna work this time -- I mean, how could it? Chad and I -- we're way too strong for that now, [and] we could never be in that place again -- [that place] where we were vulnerable and Gabi could wreck our lives... [Plus], now everyone knows what Gabi's capable of," Abigail stressed.

Chad eventually returned and told Abigail and Jack about what had happened at the police station. "If the police don't do something about Gabi, I will," Chad vowed, drawing a grin from Abigail.

At the Horton Town Square, John and Marlena tried to walk away from Orpheus, who blocked their path and continued offering to help Brady. "You know what, Milo? I haven't had a good laugh today, so why don't you tell me how you think you can help. [Actually], first, why don't you tell me why you want to help," John challenged Orpheus. "Well, like I say, I empathize -- my own son, Christian, has been accused of strangling Jordan Ridgeway, the mother of his child --" Orpheus began to explain. "He confessed," Marlena pointed out. "Because Ciara Brady had a gun on him," Orpheus countered.

"What does [this] have to do with Brady?" John tiredly demanded to know. "He confessed, as well -- he admitted to stabbing his own grandfather -- and no one had a gun to his head when he said it," Orpheus noted. "What's your point?" John wondered. "John, you and I have been enemies in the past --" Orpheus began to explain. "You're still enemies," Marlena stressed. "No, Marlena -- right now, we're just two fathers, trying to protect our children --" Orpheus argued. "If you say so..." John muttered. "Look, John...on this one, I'm actually on your side," Orpheus maintained.

"As far as I'm concerned, they could just pin a medal on Brady for stabbing that old goat -- I mean, he's the most corrupt and selfish son of a bitch that ever walked the earth, [and] I'm just glad he's finally getting his comeuppance and not walking away scot-free --" Orpheus continued. "You're the one who's 'walking away' after all the crimes you've committed," Marlena interjected. "Well...what can I say? Justice is blind..." Orpheus reasoned with a shrug. "I'm over this," Marlena said to John, who agreed. "If something bad happens to Brady, I don't think you'll ever be able to forgive yourself for turning down my offer," Orpheus warned.

"Did you just threaten me?" John wondered. "Oh, I'm not threatening anyone -- I'm just...simply offering to help," Orpheus clarified. "A well-placed call to the right person, [and] your son could be free by tomorrow," Orpheus continued. "Hmm. Well, if it's so easy, why didn't you make that call for your son? He's still up on murder charges, right?" John countered. "Yeah... That's...that's a bit more complicated -- I'm...I'm still working on that..." Orpheus admitted. "Yeah, I'm sure... Well, for the sake of argument, let's say I take you up on your offer -- what do you want in return?" John replied. "To be made whole for my troubles," Orpheus vaguely explained.

"If you agree to accept my help with Brady, I'll tell you my terms, and we'll make a deal. [Now], I'll give you time to think about it, but I suggest you don't delay -- you don't want to see your son railroaded the way they're trying to railroad mine," Orpheus continued. "[That's] different -- your son is guilty," Marlena stressed. "[The point is that] he's my son, and I could lose him -- the [same] way John could lose Brady, and Brady could lose his children," Orpheus countered. "Think about it, John. I look forward to speaking to you soon," Orpheus concluded.

At the park, Zoey continued probing for details about the matter that Evan had discussed with Orpheus earlier. "[It has] nothing to do with the custody case -- or David," Evan insisted. "Why don't you let me be the judge of that," Zoey countered. "Is this about Jordan's murder? Was Dad involved in that?" Zoey continued. "No -- [it has] nothing to do with that, either," Evan replied. "Then what?" Zoey wondered.

"Chris, you can trust me. After everything we've been through together... Come on -- you need me! I can help you!" Zoey stressed. "Okay, fine..." Evan agreed after some thought. "Dad and I did something -- something horrible..." Evan admitted in a whisper, fighting back tears. "My God, Chris -- [this] is worse than I imagined..." Zoey declared with a shake of the head after hearing the whole story.

"It wasn't my idea -- I never wanted any part of it!" Evan insisted. "Then why did you go along with it?" Zoey wondered. "Because he pressured me -- he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer! [And] I was in a bad place [back then -- you know], after the Jordan thing, and having to be a nanny to my own son... [Look], I'm not trying to let myself off the hook here, know how relentless Dad can be -- [he] said that he was the only one that could help me out with David, and that meant that I had to help him out, too..." Evan explained. " caved," Zoey concluded.

Evan seemed annoyed with Zoey's choice of words at first but decided not to object. "Maybe I'm not a strong person, because I did exactly what he asked me to [do...and] I've regretted it ever since," Evan conceded with a sigh. "I've made some terrible mistakes..." Evan acknowledged. "Not gonna argue with you there...but I'm here to help you now," Zoey stressed.

"Maybe I never should have told you what we did," Evan fretted. "Chris --" Zoey began to respond. "I never should have told anyone what we did!" Evan continued. "I'm your sister --" Zoey pointed out. "And my lawyer -- which means you have to keep what I said confidential, no matter what...right?" Evan hopefully summarized. "I would never tell anyone. What happened -- it has to stay buried forever. If someone else were to find out, you could lose a lot more than just custody of your son," Zoey replied before starting to rush off, having just learned of a ruling on Rafe's request for a restraining order.

"Hang on," Evan called out, stopping Zoey. "Dad can't find out I told you what we did -- he could totally turn on me, [and] you and I both know what that would mean," Evan stressed -- just as Orpheus approached.

"Well, if it isn't my two favorite people in the whole world... What are you talking about?" Orpheus began. "Nothing," Zoey replied before rushing off. "Your sister putting pressure on you [to] tell her everything that might be used against our family in court?" Orpheus asked Evan. "I know how her mind works," Orpheus continued. "She's just trying to be a good lawyer. [She's] doing everything that she can to get my son back to me," Evan explained. "And I'm not?" Orpheus countered. "I know you are," Evan stressed. "As a matter of fact, I may have, uh, made some progress in that regard..." Orpheus revealed.

"[See], I've laid the groundwork to turn some old enemies into potential allies -- a new dynamic that may end up benefiting us all," Orpheus elaborated.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Marlena wondered if John was actually considering the possibility of accepting Orpheus' help. "No, of course not -- I don't think he'd give it, anyway. [But] I'm thinking it might be smart to play along -- let him think that I'm desperate enough to take him up on his proposition. It might just be the easiest way to figure out what he's really up to," John replied.

At the police station, Gabi continued objecting to the idea of swearing on Arianna's life that someone else had drugged Abigail -- and when Zoey entered Rafe's office, Gabi seized the opportunity to rush off.

"Now's really not a good time --" Rafe began. "Oh, you're gonna want to hear this -- it concerns you and David. [See], your restraining order to keep my father and brother from seeing him was just tossed out by the judge, [so] it seems you have no choice but to allow for visitation [now]," Zoey revealed, stunning Rafe. "I'm not gonna stop protecting [David]," Rafe vowed. "Face it, Commissioner -- you lost [this] round. And, if I were you, I'd prepare to lose the next one, too. Look forward to seeing you in court -- where I'm planning on being awarded custody of my nephew," Zoey countered before exiting the office.

While passing through the town square, Gabi froze in shock at the sight of Jake.

Brady and Kristen stick to their story Brady and Kristen stick to their story
Thursday, April 30, 2020
by Mike

Ben tried to convince Ciara to leave the hospital at least long enough to eat a quick meal somewhere. "I can't leave...and I'm not even hungry," Ciara insisted.

"[But] you should go [and] check on that job [with]...what's his name [again]?" Ciara continued. "Jake," Ben reiterated. "I still can't get over how much [he] looks like Stefan," Ben admitted. "Well, they say that everyone has a double --" Ciara reasoned. "But he moves like Stefan, [and] his smile [is] the same, [and] his body language... [I mean], if I didn't know Stefan was dead, I'd swear they're the exact same person," Ben stressed.

At the Horton Town Square, Gabi fainted at the sight of Jake, who noticed and rushed over to try to help.

More people soon gathered around Gabi, who eventually regained consciousness and called out for Stefan. "Honey, try 'Kate,'" a familiar voice replied from the crowd.

"Where's Stefan?" Gabi demanded to know while looking around the town square. "In the cemetery," Kate replied. "No -- [he] was here!" Gabi insisted. "I think that you fainted, [and then] you must have been dreaming," Kate suggested. "I'm telling you, he was here!" Gabi maintained. "You didn't see him?" Gabi assumed. "No, because I don't see dead people," Kate explained. "I think we need to get you to the hospital -- I think you're delusional, baby --" Kate decided. "I'm not delusional -- [and that] wasn't the first time I saw him; the first time [was] in the reflection of [that] window!" Gabi revealed, pointing to the Gabi Chic store.

"Look, I know [that] living in Salem is like living in [a] land of the living dead right now, but even Rolf couldn't bring Stefan back -- you gave away his heart," Kate stressed. "I know that...but...I also know what I saw," Gabi countered before rushing off to the Brady Pub for some tequila. "You're already seeing things that aren't there!" Kate protested, chasing after Gabi.

"I wasn't hallucinating," Gabi maintained after agreeing to settle for coffee instead. "That's Abigail's department," Gabi continued, confusing Kate. "Chad didn't tell you? She's back in the hospital -- she's seeing crazy visions of Ben," Gabi explained. "Oh, my God -- not again..." Kate said with a groan. "Oh, no -- it's not 'again'; this time, she was drugged...and everybody thinks it's me," Gabi elaborated. "Well, is it?" Kate wondered. "Why does everybody keep asking [that]?" Gabi grumbled. "Because they know you," Kate guessed.

At the auto repair shop, Jake -- whose sudden disappearance from the town square had apparently been a nervous response to the crowd that Gabi's fainting spell had attracted -- started working on a customer's motorcycle.

Ben eventually entered the shop and watched in silence, still in awe of the many similarities between Jake and Stefan. "I got the part for your girlfriend's bike," Jake revealed after noticing Ben's presence. "Oh, great -- thank you, man," Ben replied. "Did you get a chance to talk to your boss about me?" Ben asked hopefully. "He said he doesn't know you from Adam -- [you know], doesn't know your work history [or] anything about you --" Jake began. "Got it," Ben stressed with a groan before starting to leave. "[But] that was me yesterday, [and] look at me now!" Jake continued, stopping Ben.

"Like I said [before], I got my fair share of work cut out for me here, which means you [still] have a good chance of being hired by me -- I'm gonna be your boss -- [but] you gotta prove yourself first, [so if] you can get the engine on this bad boy running, you're in like Flynn," Jake concluded before letting Ben take control of the motorcycle's repair. "Great, man -- I'm glad there's [still] hope," Ben declared. "So am I, 'cause you and me -- I think we're gonna hit it off," Jake replied. "You know, most mechanics have dirt under their nails..." Jake noted while watching Ben work. "Yeah, well, this would be a career change for me...if I get hired," Ben explained.

"What'd you do before?" Jake wondered. "Security," Ben revealed. "For the guy who looked like me?" Jake assumed. "Yeah," Ben confirmed.

"Looks like you know what you're doing," Jake declared after Ben finished repairing the motorcycle. "If you think I know bikes, you should see my girlfriend," Ben bragged. "You got a woman in your life?" Ben asked.

Xander went to the hospital to see Victor, who had not yet woken up. "Brady's gonna pay for doing this to you," Xander vowed with a scowl. "It'd be different if Brady had stabbed me -- [I mean], I wanted Sarah [and] that baby; I was out for myself, as always -- but he had to have known you were only trying to protect Maggie, [because] you cared for Maggie the way you've cared for Brady 17,000 times," Xander continued.

"And [to think that] I was trying to warn you about Kristen -- [I mean], when she found out you were in on [the baby switch], I was sure she was gonna try and kill you, [but it turns out that] Brady beat her to the knife... [You know], it's not just what he did [that angers me] -- it's that it could turn out that, uh, the last thing you ever saw in your life was him coming at you with a knife. [I mean], he stabbed an old man -- an old man who loved him -- [and] you had to watch him do that to you..." Xander concluded with a shake of the head before changing the subject, revealing that Sarah was still on the run with Rachel.

"I managed to get her on the phone, [and] I tried to convince her that I was her best chance to get away, but she wouldn't tell me where she is -- said she doesn't trust me --" Xander grumbled. "I can't imagine why..." Ciara mused, joining Xander in Victor's room. "I can't even believe that Sarah answered the phone. I mean, look at what you two have done -- Maggie's in [prison]; Sarah is God knows where, [and] if they find her, she'll go to prison forever, and if they don't, Brady will never see his own [daughter] again; you convinced Sonny that his husband killed his [mother], and Will went to prison for something that he didn't even do..." Ciara summarized.

"I've hurt people terribly --" Xander conceded. "Oh, please -- you can drop the 'contrite puppy dog' act, okay? Because I am not Maggie, and I will not fall for your crap," Ciara countered. "We really did believe that if Maggie found out what she'd done, then it would have killed her --" Xander stressed. "Well, lucky, lucky Maggie, huh? What better than to be 'loved' by two Kiriakis men?" Ciara mused with obvious sarcasm.

"And you wanted to help Sarah because you 'love' her, [too]," Ciara continued. "I do! [Look], Sarah wanted that baby so much --" Xander tried to explain. "[But] the baby died...and that's horrible, and the pain that Sarah would have felt [if she had been told the truth back then] would have been unbelievable...but what about now, after a whole year of believing that Rachel was her little girl, [and] loving her, and holding her, and taking care of her, and falling more and more in love with her every single day? How is Sarah supposed to lose that baby now, huh? How the hell is she ever gonna get over this?" Ciara countered.

"You don't have to tell me what I've done to [Sarah and Maggie] -- I never stop thinking about it!" Xander insisted. "Too bad you weren't 'thinking' before you and Grandfather decided to play God," Ciara noted.

Eric went to the police station to see Brady, who was quick to ask about Victor. "The doctors aren't offering a lot of hope -- they don't think he's gonna make it," Eric reported. "If [he] dies, you're facing murder one. [And] what I'm not understanding is how you could try to kill someone -- anyone, let alone your grandfather. [I mean], when you found out what Xander did, you didn't even try to kill him. [So], what the hell happened? [And] tell me the real story," Eric continued. "That is the real story," Brady insisted, but Eric still wasn't convinced.

"I wasn't thinking -- I was in a fit of rage!" Brady explained. "Someone was...[but] you're not violent, [so] you could have never done it," Eric argued. "But I did, [and] if I could take it back, I would -- [I mean], I never meant to... [Look], it's like one of those -- those sick Greek plays that Grandfather always talks about, you know? [This one would be about a] family curse, and how [a man] couldn't stop playing God, so his own flesh and blood had to kill him -- you know, The Fall of the House of Kiriakis. It's very poetic," Brady reasoned.

"Wow. That's, um...what's the [phrase] that I'm looking for? 'A bunch of bull'! I know you, [so] I know you [wouldn't] do [this] unless you were drunk as hell, [and I know] you weren't, [because] I saw you [before the stabbing]," Eric objected. "I wasn't drunk when I buried Vivian [alive]," Brady reminded Eric. "That was premeditated -- it was calculated, it was levelheaded... The person who stabbed Victor was in a frenzy," Eric countered. "I did go into a frenzy -- [I mean], I hated him [in that moment, and] he deserved everything that happened to him!" Brady insisted.

"You don't even know how you feel about [this] -- that's [how] I know you didn't [do it]. You said [earlier that] you were sorry [and] that you wish you could take it back --" Eric argued. "I don't want to talk about [this] anymore --" Brady declared. "Listen to what you're saying -- [I mean, things like] 'fit of rage'... [That's] not you; that's Kristen," Eric continued. "Kristen didn't even know that Victor was involved in the baby switch until after I stabbed him. She didn't have any motive to kill him, brother -- I did," Brady claimed. "That's your story, and you're sticking to it," Eric summarized. "You're getting on my nerves," Brady warned.

"Sorry. Let me know if you need anything," Eric replied before starting to rush off. "Actually...uh...when we -- [no], when Kristen -- finally gets Rachel back...since she thinks of you as a dad already, would you mind, um, being there for her? [You know], because I obviously can't be," Brady requested, fighting back tears. "I'll be there," Eric promised.

Nicole went to the Salem Inn to see Kristen, who was obsessively poring over maps of European countries in search of the most likely places for Sarah to be hiding with Rachel.

"Looks like a war room in here...and you look like hell," Nicole observed with a cringe after entering Kristen's hotel room. "What do you want?" Kristen impatiently demanded to know while continuing to work. "Well, I -- I came by to see how you're doing..." Nicole hesitantly replied, as if already starting to get a good sense of the answer to that question. "Eric went to talk to Brady... Have you seen [Brady since his arrest]?" Nicole continued. "No, I have not seen him!" Kristen tiredly admitted, still not looking up from the maps. "I promised him that I was gonna find Sarah, and I'm not gonna stop until I do!" Kristen explained.

"Your concern has been duly noted, [so] you can go now!" Kristen concluded. "Eric and I want you to know that we'll do whatever we can to help --" Nicole stressed, staying put. "That is very, very sweet, but I thought you hated my guts," Kristen admitted. "Well, of course I do...[but] I'm doing this for Eric, and I'm doing this for Brady and his daughter, and if I give up on you, then I'm giving up on her," Nicole reasoned.

"I know what you're going through, and I know that it's hell --" Nicole continued. "You know what? I don't need you to be nice to me, [and] I don't want you to understand me, because I don't deserve [it] -- I don't deserve any of [it] -- after what I've done!" Kristen insisted. "[And] just what have you done now?" Nicole wondered, eyeing Kristen suspiciously.

"You know better than I do what I've done -- [I mean], I stole your identity, and I kept Holly from you..." Kristen evasively summarized. "You know, maybe losing my baby is just payback from that," Kristen mused with a sigh. "Maybe...but Brady didn't deserve all of this, now, did he?" Nicole countered. "I don't need to be reminded that none of this is Brady's fault --" Kristen insisted. "Except trying to kill Victor -- I mean, it's hard to walk that back..." Nicole argued. "Okay, I need to continue to work --" Kristen stressed. "Maybe I can help," Nicole offered. "Thank you, but I've got the whole DiMera security department [on this already]," Kristen revealed.

"Well, just so you know, Eric is racking his brain, trying to remember everything -- anything -- Sarah said that could help figure out where she took Mickey --" Nicole reported. "Rachel!" Kristen clarified. "I know -- I'm sorry," Nicole stressed. "[No], I'm sorry -- [I mean], I can't lose it like that anymore..." Kristen replied. "You're angry and frustrated -- it's understandable," Nicole reasoned. "Is it? I mean, is it 'understandable' [that] I pushed a nurse down a flight of stairs [out of anger and frustration]? What about her mother [and] J.J. -- I mean, do you think it's 'understandable' to them that I killed her?" Kristen fretted.

"You were overwhelmed --" Nicole acknowledged. "Oh, my God, it happened all over again -- the same..." Kristen continued, breaking down.

"I thought maybe it had," Nicole admitted, drawing a gasp of shock from Kristen. "This is classic Kristen DiMera -- and it's obvious to me that you're the one that stabbed Victor," Nicole continued, glaring at Kristen. "I won't lie -- when I found out [that Victor was behind the baby switch], I did want to kill [him]...but Brady got there first," Kristen claimed. "Then what did you mean when you said [that] this is happening 'all over again'?" Nicole wondered. " baby is stolen, and Brady is in jail, and I am all alone -- no matter what I do, I always...I always end up alone," Kristen explained.

"Well, of course you're alone -- everyone in Salem is related to someone that you tried to kill," Nicole reasoned. "Get out, or I'm gonna --" Kristen snapped. "Kill me?" Nicole guessed.

"I am not taunting you; I am just trying to get you to think, [because] crazy ladies need to make big changes if they want to be good at motherhood. I love Holly more than life itself, and she can be obstinate, [and] defiant, [and] drive me up a wall...but I have got to be the grownup [and] keep it together, [because] that's the job. So, before Brady goes to prison and leaves Rachel entirely in your hands, you need to ask yourself...are you up to it? Can you...not be you?" Nicole advised before exiting the hotel room. "Can I?" Kristen wondered.

Nicole and Eric met up in the town square and took turns sharing their suspicions about the true story of Victor's stabbing. "Brady's not gonna back down," Eric predicted. "Maybe Kristen will," Nicole suggested.

Kristen went to the police station to see Brady. "I have decided that I am not gonna let you do this -- I'm gonna confess," Kristen informed Brady. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Victor woke up.

In Paris, Sarah sneaked Rachel out of their apartment complex so they could get some fresh air -- and they ran into Rex at a nearby café.

"Is this Mickey?" Rex assumed before starting to interact with Rachel. "Mm-hmm... Why are you here?" Sarah nervously replied. "A medical convention, actually," Rex explained before asking Sarah the same question. "Vacation," Sarah claimed. "Oh, I bet you need that -- [I mean], the past few months must have been pretty intense for you... But my mom said the transplant went well, [and Mickey] looks healthy..." Rex mused.

"How's Emily?" Sarah wondered. "Good -- great, actually -- [and] Mimi [is] quite an amazing mom..." Rex reported. "On another note, they offered me, uh, a job here...[but] I turned them down flat, [because] I realized that I don't want to be away from Chicago -- I want to be [around] to watch my little girl grow up, 'cause [that's] the most important thing in the world to me," Rex continued. "I know exactly what you mean..." Sarah admitted.

"My mom tells me that you are engaged to Xander -- when's the happy day?" Rex asked. "I changed my mind -- weddings don't really work out all that well for me, anyway," Sarah replied. "I vaguely remember," Rex conceded. "I am so sorry --" Sarah stressed. "No, stop -- look, Sarah, I was just trying to will us into being happy and being in love with each other, [and] trying to will you into forgetting about the fact that I had cheated on you multiple times and fathered a child with one of those women, [and] trying to will myself into not seeing that you and Eric were in love..." Rex admitted.

"Was Xander [a] rebound?" Rex wondered. "Can we not talk about it?" Sarah repeated. "That bad, huh? [Well, look], I'm happy you woke up,, Xander? Come on!" Rex continued. "Thank you for not talking about it," Sarah grumbled. "Is that why you're here? [I mean], there's no better place to visit when you've called off a wedding..." Rex joked, but Sarah clearly wasn't amused.

"Where you staying?" Rex wondered. "I, uh..." Sarah stammered. "Don't want to tell me," Rex guessed. "It's okay -- [I mean], you wanted to get away from everything with your baby, and I am the absolute last person on the face of the earth that you wanted to run into, [and] I understand that. Call me, uh, 'the Ghost of Weddings Past,'" Rex summarized. "Something like that..." Sarah muttered.

"Motherhood looks really good on you," Rex stressed. "Say hi to Eric for me, and I'll see you in Salem --" Rex continued. "No, you won't," Sarah insisted before rushing off with Rachel.

Still thinking about Kate, Rex decided to be a good son and make the time for a surprise phone conversation. "What's new in Salem? What have I missed?" Rex asked Kate.

Victor names his assailant Victor names his assailant
Friday, May 1, 2020

In the hospital, Victor's eyes fluttered open. Elated, Ciara told Victor that she was there, and she asked him if he recognized her. When Victor said nothing, Ciara ran off to find Kayla. Kayla returned with Ciara, and Kayla confirmed that Victor's vital signs were good. Victor attempted to talk, and Kayla urged him to rest. Kayla told Ciara that Victor's heart had been severely damaged in the attack and would need time to recover. Ciara lamented that Maggie was not there to sit with Victor. Kayla asked Ciara to give her time to examine Victor. Reluctantly, Ciara kissed Victor goodbye and promised him that she would be back.

At the police station, Eli showed Lani the forensics report on the murder weapon from the Kiriakis crime scene. "Clean as a whistle?" Lani said. Eli noted that Brady had admitted to wiping the prints off the knife. "I don't know Brady that well, but stabbing his own grandfather doesn't seem like something he'd do," Eli said. Lani argued that Victor's lie about Rachel's death was motive enough to stab Victor.

"It adds up to me," Lani said. Eli suggested that Kristen had pushed Brady to action. "Stabbing an old man seems more her style," Eli said. "I don't think she was in on it," Lani said. When Eli asked why, Lani said that Kristen had been surprised by Brady's confession.

Lani called the hospital to follow up on Abigail's tox screen, and the nurse confirmed that Abigail had ingested a hallucinogenic drug. "[Abigail] is doing good now, but she's still in the hospital," Lani told Eli. When a confused Eli asked why Abigail had taken drugs, Lani explained that Chad had accused Gabi of slipping drugs into Abigail's Champagne. "Gabi is still messing with Abigail?" Eli asked. "It looks like it. I would really love to get that girl," Lani grumbled.

The hospital called Eli. "We might actually get to find out what happened to Victor Kiriakis. He just regained consciousness," Eli told Lani before he left the precinct.

Gabi returned home to the Kiriakis mansion, and she thought about when she had spotted Stefan in the square. "It couldn't be him. It's impossible," Gabi whispered. As Gabi sipped a drink and thought about the man in the square, Lani marched in.

"Abigail DiMera was drugged. I need to ask you some questions," Lani said. Gabi told Lani that she'd had nothing to do with the drugs. Lani noted that the drug found in Abigail's system was not on the market and could only be found at DiMera Enterprises. The color drained from Gabi's face. Gabi protested her innocence. Lani noted that Gabi had had means, motive, and opportunity to drug Abigail.

"The D.A. might go easy on you if you just admit what you did," Lani said. As Gabi rolled her eyes, Lani noted that Gabi had gaslighted Abigail in the past. "And Abigail has framed me before. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe her multiple personalities are back?" Gabi asked. Lani noted that Chad had confirmed that Abigail's DID was fine.

"What about Chad? He was talking to the walls last week! You have nothing on me," Gabi yelled. "You do know that it is only a matter of time until we make the case," Lani growled. Gabi urged Lani to follow up on any leads as long as she left the house. After Lani left, fear crossed Gabi's face as her tough façade fell away.

At the garage, Ben worked on a bike with Jake to show that he had the requisite skill set for a job there. After Ben went on at length about Ciara, he asked if Jake was in a relationship. "Why do you wanna know if there's a lady in my life?" Jake asked. With a shrug, Ben explained that he wanted to get to know Jake. "There's nobody right now," Jake said.

"But there was someone," Ben said. Annoyed, Jake warned Ben to mind his own business. Ben nodded and returned to work. "I didn't mean to bite your head off; it's just been a while since I've talked about her," Jake explained. Jake added that he should probably tell Ben about his ex, since Jake knew everything about Ben's girlfriend. Ben smirked. Ben and Jake returned to work on the bike.

"You got me thinking about my ex now," Jake said. Jake noted that his ex was the kind of woman that got in a guy's system and drove him nuts. "I liked how tough and stubborn she was, and there was the fact that she was drop-dead beautiful," Jake said. When Ben asked about the breakup, Jake noted, "Life goes on. People change."

Ben started to ask another question, and a visibly annoyed Jack asked Ben if he was always chatty. With a shake of his head no, Ben explained that Jake reminded him so much of his friend Stefan that it made him curious. Ben asked Jake where he was from originally. "It's a long story," Jake growled. From outside, Ciara called out to Ben. Ben yelled to Ciara to meet him in the shop.

When Ciara walked in, she stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Jake. Ben introduced Ciara to Jake. "I'm sorry I can't stop staring at you," Ciara said. "I look a lot like his dead boss," Jake noted. Ciara corrected Jake and said he was a dead ringer for Stefan. "I can't even imagine what Gabi would do if she saw you," Ciara said. With a shrug, Jake noted, "I don't know any Gabi."

Ciara said that Gabi had been married to Stefan, who had been shot by a cop. Ciara explained that Stefan had taken the bullet for his mother. When Ciara noted that Stefan had been brain dead after the accident, Jake chuckled. "I'd like to meet the guy, but it don't sound like you come back from that!" Jake said. As Jake returned his focus to the bike, Ben pulled Ciara aside.

"What made you show up here?" Ben asked. Ciara explained that Victor had woken up. Ben congratulated Ciara on the good news, and he asked if that meant she was free that evening. "I don't know yet. Kayla said that it's all very touch and go, but I'm sure he will fight his way through," Ciara said.

"Good. We can celebrate that and my new job. I think I got a new job?" Ben said. Jake scowled, then smiled. "You're doing a good job. You can stick around," Jake said. Ben thanked Jake for the chance. Jake asked Ben, as a new employee, to watch the garage while Jake ran a few errands. With a nod, Jake walked over to Ciara and shook her hand. "If you don't already know, he's crazy about you," Jake whispered conspiratorially. Ciara smiled.

"I still can't believe how much Jake looks like Stefan," Ciara said after Jake left. Ben agreed. "I hate Gabi, I do -- I hate her so much for what she did to my grandma Julie, but somebody ought to warn the girl. Can you imagine what it would be like if she ran into him on the street?" Ciara said.

In the park, Gabi paced as she left a voicemail for Rafe on his phone. "Was it your brilliant idea to sic Lani on me after I told you I did not drug Abigail? You know what that woman has done to my life. She is the reason I will never see Stefan again!" Lani barked into the phone. As Gabi ended her call, she turned and saw Jake walk into the clearing. Gabi shook her head in disbelief.

After Kayla finished her exam of Victor, she urged him to get some sleep. Eli walked in. "I was wondering if I could question Mr. Kiriakis?" Eli asked. Kayla told Eli that Victor was not up to an interrogation. Eli promised to make it fast. When Kayla asked Victor if he was able to answer a couple questions, he nodded yes. Kayla stepped aside, and she let Eli get to work.

Victor had trouble speaking, so Kayla suggested that Eli return later. "Just one more question, and I'll go," Eli promised. Eli asked Victor if Brady had stabbed him. Victor struggled to speak, and his heart rate started to escalate. Kayla stepped in. After Kayla and Eli left the room, Victor whispered, "Kristen."

In the interrogation room at the police station, Kristen told Brady that she wanted to confess to stabbing Victor. Brady countered that he had a better shot at a shorter sentence on a lesser charge than Kristen. "But I'm the one that stuck a knife in your grandfather's chest!" Kristen objected. Kristen asked Brady why he had covered for her.

"I love you, and my grandfather's a career criminal. When it comes right down to it, Kristen, this is my fault," Brady said. Brady said that it was his fault because he had not cut Victor out of his life sooner. "I should have kept you away from that freaking house. Instead, I brought you in!" Brady lamented.

Kristen told Brady that Nicole had asked her if she had stabbed Victor. Brady said Eric had asked him the same question. "I told him that you didn't know anything about Victor being involved in the baby switch before I stabbed him, so you had no reason to hurt him," Brady said. Brady urged Kristen to stick to the story. Kristen argued that she could not live with the guilt of Brady going to prison for something he had not done.

"For once in my life, I am going to tell the truth," Kristen said. "You do that, and you are never going to see your daughter again," Brady countered. Kristen argued that even if she let Brady take the fall, that did not guarantee that she would find their daughter. Brady reasoned aloud that the D.A. was still mad that Kristen had not been charged for Haley's death.

"You could be put away for the rest of your life," Brady counseled. "I wish I would have thought about that before I tried to kill Victor," Kristen whispered. "No one is going to hear it from me. It will never come out," Brady promised. "Unless Victor survives," Kristen said. Brady asked about Victor's prognosis. Kristen noted that Victor had survived surgery.

"If he pulls through, I guess I could find a way to force him to keep his mouth shut," Brady muttered. When Kristen asked how, Brady said he would remind Victor of what he had done. "You don't think that he's gonna pass up the chance to ruin my life?" Kristen asked. Brady was insistent, but Kristen argued that Victor did not want Brady to go to prison any more than she wanted that.

"You're probably right. There's really no way to control him," Brady agreed. "There's one. I could go to the hospital and finish him off," Kristen suggested. Brady asked Kristen to promise him that she would stay away from Victor. Kristen agreed. "I don't think I can let you take the rap for what I did," Kristen said. Brady reminded Kristen that she needed to stay free for their daughter's sake.

When Kristen lamented the happy life they could have been living, Brady shook his head no. "I mean, I don't think a happy life was in the cards. Never was. I mean, the minute I found out you were pregnant, I should have realized that," Brady said. Brady said he should have known Victor would intervene.

"I basically ruined your life, Kristen," Brady said. "You did not ruin my life," Kristen stressed as she hugged Brady. Wiping away tears, Kristen told Brady that she would not let him go to jail. "We are gonna find our baby girl, and we are going to raise her together," Kristen promised.

In the bullpen of the precinct, Lani called Eli on the phone and told him that she had questioned Gabi. "She denied everything. She's been in the system long enough to know that we have nothing to charge her with, but I'm not giving up," Lani said. Eli told Lani that Victor had been too weak to talk. Eli said he intended to stay at the hospital a little longer and question Victor one more time.

"I hope you have some luck. Brady's arraignment is today," Lani said. "Yeah, and a victim's statement could change everything," Eli noted. After his chat with Lani, Eli waited around the hospital until Kayla retrieved him at Victor's request. Eli asked Victor to confirm whether Brady had stabbed him. "You should know that he has already confessed," Eli added. Victor struggled to speak, and he slowly shook his head no. "Kristen," Victor whispered. "Are you saying that Kristen DiMera stabbed you?" Eli asked. Victor nodded yes.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Kristen waited for Brady to return from court. Lani walked in. "Things were a lot easier back in the convent," Lani said. Kristen chuckled, and she wiped the tears from her eyes. Lani said Brady had asked her to check on Kristen. "I haven't had a mental breakdown yet," Kristen joked. Kristen started to cry again as she talked about her kidnapped daughter and Brady's predicament.

"It's possible that Brady won't even be charged," Lani interjected. When Kristen asked how that was possible, Lani explained that Victor needed to press charges first. "Now that he has regained consciousness," Lani started. "What? Victor's awake?" Kristen asked with a note of panic in her voice.

In Paris, Sarah talked to Rachel in their apartment about her run-in with Rex. "He's probably calling the Salem police right now," Sarah worried aloud. Sarah reasoned aloud that Rex would learn the truth and find her. Sarah talked through her options but could not find a good one. Rachel started to cry. Sarah looked for Rachel's blanket, and she groaned as she realized that she had lost the blanket on her walk.

At the café, Rex called Kate in Salem and asked her for an update on all the town gossip. Kate teased Rex for taking so long to check in with her. "I think there are probably a few things that are of interest to you," Kate said. Kate told Rex about Hattie and about Kate's application for a job at the mayor's office. Rex asked if there was anything else.

"Oh! Did I tell you Brady stabbed Victor in the heart, confessed to the crime, and is currently in jail?" Kate said. Shocked, Rex asked what had happened. Kate told Rex that Victor had survived. "Why would Brady do that?" Rex asked. Kate told Rex about the baby switch. "My poor brother. He must be so devastated," Rex said. When Kate noted that no one knew where Sarah had run off to with Rachel, Rex's mouth fell open in shock.

Sarah rounded the corner and entered the café with Rachel. "I have to go," Rex said to Kate. Rex promised he would talk to Kate again soon, and he ended the call. "What are you doing back?" Rex asked Sarah. Sarah explained that she had lost the baby's blanket. "She just can't sleep without it," Sarah said. Rex looked under the tables and found it. As Sarah reached for the blanket, Rex refused to let go of it.

"Give me my daughter's blanket back," Sarah said. "Sure. Except that's not your daughter, is she?" Rex asked. Sarah played dumb. "Of course, she's my daughter," Sarah said. Rex told Sarah about his phone call with Kate. Sarah denied that she had kidnapped Rachel, but Rex pushed. Rex said he understood that Sarah was in a lot of pain, and he urged her to do the right thing.

"You're a good person. This is not you. So, I know that when you calm down and you see things clearly, you will do the right thing and you will take this child back to her actual parents," Rex said. "Not in a million years," Sarah said. Rex groaned. As Sarah turned to leave, Rex urged Sarah to think about how a life on the run would negatively affect a little girl.

"It's not a life for a kid," Rex said. "It's better than being raised by a lunatic like Kristen DiMera," Sarah growled. Rex said he sympathized, but Sarah could not make that decision. In tears, Sarah talked about how she had shepherded the baby through cancer treatment. "I'm the one who took care of her every minute of her life. I love her even more than I thought it was possible to love someone," Sarah stressed. Sarah refused to give up Rachel.

"I'm sorry. You leave me no choice," Rex said as he took his phone out of his pocket. Rex told Sarah that he was calling the police.

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