Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 15, 2020 on DAYS
Rafe mourned the loss of David. Claire asked Ciara to name her as her maid of honor. Julie met Jake and warned him about Gabi. Claire told Ciara about Gwen. Sarah and Brady almost had sex. Xander installed a gravestone for Mackenzie. Ben asked Will to be his best man. Eli and Lani saved Ben, Jake, and Gabi from the mob. Gwen refused to give Jake the mob's book. Allie decided to have her baby in Salem. Gabi ran a DNA test. Chad returned to town.
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Eli and Lani saved Ben, Jake, and Gabi from the mob
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Claire begs Ciara for another chance Claire begs Ciara for another chance
Monday, June 15, 2020
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie lashed out at Xander for having been willing to help Kristen steal Sarah's embryo nearly two years earlier.

"In my defense, Kristen did blackmail me into agreeing to her plan -- [see], I promised Sarah I'd keep her pregnancy secret, and then I stupidly spilled it in front of Kristen, [so] she told me if I didn't cooperate, she'd tell Eric [and make it clear] that she found out from me. I was in an impossible position," Xander explained. "You put yourself in that position," Maggie stressed. "I get that," Xander agreed.

"I've made mistakes -- lots of mistakes -- [and] now I have to fix it, [so] that's why I'm here...[but] I need your help. [Look], I know I'm on thin ice with you, but you've gotta give me something, please -- because, clearly, my last idea was just terrible..." Xander continued. "I'm afraid to ask..." Maggie admitted with a groan, prompting Xander to elaborate.

"Jack made me understand that if I want Sarah to even consider forgiving me, then I have to make a more meaningful gesture, [so]...what would move Sarah to forgive me? What can I -- what can I give her, [or] tell her, [or] help her with [to] soften the blow of all the pain I've caused her?" Xander begged to know at the end of the tale. "The only thing that I believe she longs for, from the depth of her soul, is to have her precious daughter back...and since that's impossible --" Maggie began to respond. "That's it -- Maggie, you're a genius!" Xander raved before sharing an idea with Maggie, who found it touching.

"I can't guarantee you that it's gonna change Sarah's mind about you..." Maggie warned Xander.

At the Horton Town Square, Brady pulled away from Sarah and wondered what had prompted their kiss. "Xander thinks this is all an act, [so]...let's prove him wrong -- let's go [to the Salem Inn] right now and have sex," Sarah reasoned with a shrug before pulling Brady into another kiss. "That's a little drastic..." Brady protested after pulling away from Sarah again.

"I thought that we were partners -- [that we were] working together to make Xander and Victor pay. [Now], you got [your revenge against Xander already, but] what about me -- [I mean], does my revenge not matter anymore?" Sarah challenged Brady. "Of course your revenge still matters...[but] I just don't think having sex is essential to making Xander miserable..." Brady argued. "I am not going for run-of-the-mill misery here; I want to cause maximum pain, [and] if he finds out that we actually slept together, that will totally do it -- it will be a death blow," Sarah reasoned.

"Please do not tell me that replacing him as CEO is enough for you," Sarah begged. "I guess it's not," Brady conceded. "You 'guess'? [Look, this is] not just about my revenge -- why not double down on yours? Brady, you owe it to your daughter to deliver this death blow!" Sarah argued. "You know that once we do this, there's no going back, right? I mean, people are gonna find out -- [and] not just Xander," Brady warned. "I can handle that," Sarah insisted. "[And] you also know that I [still] love Kristen very much, [right]?" Brady assumed. "Of course -- [look], this is about hate," Sarah confirmed.

"Let's do it," Brady agreed after some thought, pointing Sarah toward the nearby Salem Inn.

At the Salem Inn, Claire politely asked for a minute of Ciara's time. "Relax. It's okay -- uh, I didn't break out of Bayview, if that's what you're thinking; I was released," Claire quickly clarified. "My mom said that you might be getting released soon, [but] I thought that you would go back to Hong Kong with your parents," Ciara admitted. "Yeah, that's what they wanted...but I refused [because] I want to make amends [for] all of the horrible things that I did to you, [and] I can't do that if I'm halfway across the world, [so] my Grandma Marlena and my Grandpa John agreed to be my guardians, [and] I'm staying with them," Claire explained.

"Good -- uh, I'm glad that you have their support. [But] you don't owe me anything; I mean, what happened between us, it's, uh...well, honestly, uh, I don't even think about it anymore -- well, at least, I try not to, you know? It's in the past," Ciara stressed. "Not for me..." Claire admitted. "It's okay -- I am okay, and I forgive you," Ciara maintained. "[And] that is so kind of you to say...but...what I've realized, after two years and countless hours of therapy, is that I will never be able to truly forgive myself [and] heal unless I can repair our relationship," Claire countered.

"Maybe we won't [ever] get back to being best friends, but I need to at least prove to you that I am not a psycho killer anymore, [so]...will you please give me that chance?" Claire begged. "I never thought that you were a 'psycho killer,' Claire -- just a very, very troubled young girl," Ciara stressed. "But, uh...I mean, you're better now, right? You have to be...or else they wouldn't have let you out..." Ciara hopefully reasoned. "I am better," Claire insisted. "[And] my doctors and Marlena [agree...but] what you think matters more than all of them, because you are the person I hurt the most," Claire acknowledged.

"There were plenty of times that I hurt you, too," Ciara admitted. "[That] is not the same," Claire stressed. "No...[but I was sometimes] unkind [and] inconsiderate... [You know], we didn't always bring out the best in each other... [But] all of that is over now -- [I mean], all the bad things [that] happened between us [are] in the past, [and] I forgive you," Ciara maintained. "Do you really mean that?" Claire wondered. "I do," Ciara insisted. "Okay -- then let me be your maid of honor!" Claire requested, stunning Ciara. "I can make sure that this is a wedding no one in Salem will ever forget," Claire assured Ciara.

"I'm so touched that you want to be a part of my wedding...but...I mean, you just got out of Bayview -- don't you think that...I don't know, you should be taking this time to focus on your recovery and focus on getting your life back together?" Ciara argued. "Yes...[but] I just don't want my whole life to revolve around my mental health -- [I mean], I'm sure you [have heard similar concerns] from Ben -- [and] being your maid of honor...well, it'll give me a purpose, you know?" Claire reasoned. "Not in an obsessive way!" Claire quickly clarified.

"I don't know, Claire -- I just...I'm thinking that, uh, this might be a little bit too much for you right now..." Ciara warned. "Really? Or is it that you don't trust me?" Claire countered. "It's not that I don't trust you, [because] I do... [I mean], I told you, I...I put that all behind me, [and] it's in the past now --" Ciara began to respond. "That's what you say, [but] it's not what I feel, [and] it's not what I see in your eyes...[and] it hurts to know that no matter what I do, you're always gonna look at me that way -- [you know], like you're scared of me, and you just wish that I would go away..." Claire argued.

"[And] it's just so unfair because, you know, you don't look at Ben that way..." Claire grumbled. "Don't compare yourself to Ben," Ciara advised. "How can I not? [I mean], he murdered people, and you're marrying him! That proves that you think [other] people can change, [so] why won't you just give me a second chance?" Claire countered.

"Okay -- I will think about it, [and] I will talk to Ben about it," Ciara hesitantly agreed after some thought, delighting Claire.

At the police station, Eli and Lani discussed Gabi's disappearance. "It's still too early to file a missing persons report. [And besides], when I think about all of the horrible things that Gabi has done to people -- I mean, seriously, Eli, have you ever known anyone to be so ruthless and sadistic? [You know], honestly, I think everybody in this town would be better off if Gabi just stayed gone," Lani declared. "I'm no fan of Gabi, either, [and] you know that...but this isn't just about her," Eli countered. "I know -- we got to think about Will and Sonny, [and] the fact that she is the mother to their daughter..." Lani conceded.

"Our friends are more important than some old grudge," Lani acknowledged, thinking not just about Will and Sonny but also about Rafe.

Jake was in the park, hanging fliers about Gwen's disappearance, when Julie approached from behind and warned that a permit was needed to do such a thing in Salem. "You!" Julie said with a gasp of disbelief when Jake turned around. Jake tiredly began to once again deny being Stefan -- then realized that Julie was about to faint.

After helping Julie get settled on a nearby bench, Jake went back to clarifying the situation, this time with a bit more patience. "I'd heard about you, but seeing you in person... [Well], it's a shock, [because] Stefan's heart [is] beating in my chest," Julie explained. "Oh -- so, you're that lady," Jake replied, prompting Julie to get the introductions out of the way. "Gabi told me she donated her husband's ticker to save your life," Jake continued. "'Save' my life? No -- she used that heart to try to blow me up!" Julie revealed, stunning Jake.

"Trust me -- Gabriella DiMera is very bad news," Julie warned at the end of the tale. "Oh, I've heard -- from a lot of people --" Jake admitted. "Smart people," Julie stressed. "But then there are others who clearly love her -- like her brother, [and] her daughter's dads..." Jake acknowledged before shrugging and thanking Julie for the warning.

Changing the subject, Julie asked about the fliers, prompting Jake to offer a few details about Gwen's disappearance. "If I see this girl, I'll tell her you're looking for her --" Julie promised. "No -- don't!" Jake begged.

Just then, Jake received a phone call from Lani, who demanded an immediate meeting at the police station.

Will went back to the auto repair shop to talk to Ben again about Gabi's disappearance, apparently aware that Jake's shift had already ended. "I wish I could be more help, Will --" Ben began to stress. "See, I think [that you actually] could have been of more help [earlier today]...if Jake wasn't standing right next to you [then]. But, I mean, we're alone now, can speak freely," Will reasoned. "I told you, Will --" Ben tried to reiterate. "I know what you told me, question is...were you telling me the truth?" Will countered. "Will, I swear to you -- the last time I saw Gabi was when I stopped her from jabbing Jake with a needle," Ben claimed.

"Okay," Will replied, backing down. "Damn it -- I...I really hoped you had more information [and] just couldn't say anything 'cause Jake was threatening you or something," Will continued, sighing. "[Anyway], I'm sorry that I -- if I made it seem like I didn't trust you... It's just...I don't know, uh, I've just been a little rattled... Like, my -- my -- my daughter's mom is missing,'s, um, tough... [But] I do -- uh, I do trust you, and, um, I'm grateful for our friendship," Will concluded, making Ben squirm a bit.

"I appreciate you considering me a friend," Ben stressed. "Well, I, even though you did try to kill me... You know, that's water under the bridge, so..." Will teasingly replied, drawing a groan from Ben. "If you really do feel that way about me, [then] maybe you wouldn't mind..." Ben realized. "'Wouldn't mind'...what?" Will wondered. "Being my best man," Ben concluded.

"If someone told me a year and a half ago that you were gonna ask me to be your -- be your best man, I would have said they were crazy..." Will admitted with a chuckle. "I just thought we kind of bonded [while] sharing that prison cell..." Ben reasoned with a shrug. "No kidding -- I'd be dead if you didn't stop your dad from stabbing me," Will acknowledged. "You had my back, too -- the entire time Ciara was trying to prove that I didn't kill my sister, right up until I almost got that lethal injection," Ben stressed.

"I'm really happy for -- for both [you and Ciara]..." Will began. "But not happy enough to stand up for me," Ben assumed.

"I get it," Ben assured Will. "I'd be honored to," Will clarified after making Ben sweat a bit longer.

Delighted, Ben thanked Will with a hug. "Wow, this is getting real -- I'm gonna be a married man in a few weeks..." Ben mused. "And maybe a dad, [too -- I mean], do you and Ciara want kids? Not that that's, like, really my business..." Will replied. "You're my...friend..." Ben acknowledged, apparently still finding it a bit odd to call Will, of all people, that. "[And] you're my best man now... So, yeah, it's fine to ask -- [and the answer is]...yes, since Ciara and I both love children, I assume we will...eventually...[or] maybe sooner...and we will definitely be asking you and Sonny for parenting tips [then]," Ben continued.

"Perfect -- [and], you know, if our babies are, uh, around the same age, then maybe they'll grow up to be pals..." Will mused, confusing Ben. "When is this happening?" Ben wondered after Will clarified the statement. "I don't know -- I mean, we're still sorting through our options... Uh, we really want one of us to be the biological father, but that means we'd need an egg donor and a surrogate, which we wouldn't need if we adopted...but, you know, adoption can be a complicated process, [too -- well], of course, you know [that, given the situation] with Rafe and your little nephew..." Will replied.

"Rafe lost custody of him," Ben revealed, realizing that Will hadn't heard the news yet. "That's awful! [Look], I'm sorry, man -- that's...that's gotta be hard for you... And for David -- I mean, little kids, they...they can sense when something's wrong... I mean, Ari -- Sonny and I have been trying to protect her, but...she's sad, and she's been anxious..." Will mused. "Because Gabi's not around," Ben realized, squirming again. "She keeps asking about her mom, and Sonny and I keep making excuses, but we know she's not totally buying them... I mean, the truth is, we have no idea where her mother is..." Will continued.

"I'm sure Gabi will...turn up soon..." Ben assured Will. "Yeah -- I mean, me, too...especially now that the police are looking for her..." Will agreed, stunning Ben, who nervously probed for more details.

At the police station, Lani and Eli began questioning Jake about Gabi's disappearance. Meanwhile, at the Salem Inn, Claire noticed Ciara's fliers about Gwen's disappearance. "I know her!" Claire revealed, stunning Ciara.

Claire tells Ciara about Gwen Claire tells Ciara about Gwen
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

At the garage, Ben told Will that he would be in touch with Will about his best man duties. "And I'm sorry if it seemed like I was accusing you of lying earlier, it's just, I really don't think Gabi would just abandon Ari," Will said. Ben assured Will that Gabi would return home soon. "Yeah, especially now that the police are looking for her," Will said. "What?" Ben asked with alarm.

Will explained that he had asked Abe for a favor, and Abe had called in Eli and Lani to search for Gabi "on the down low." Ben thought about when Jake had told him that the mob would kill Gabi if they learned that the police were involved. "Is something wrong?" Will asked. Ben shook off the memory, and he noted that he was surprised Will had involved the police when Gabi was out on bail.

"I don't believe she jumped bail, and even if she had, she would have been in touch by now," Will said. Will stressed that Gabi would not leave town without checking on Arianna. "That's why I'm really afraid that something bad happened to her," Will said.

When Will returned home to the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny was reading a book in the living room. Sonny asked about Will's conversation with Ben. "Was he covering [for Jake]?" Sonny asked. Will said that Ben had reconfirmed that he did not know where to find Gabi. With a sheepish grin, Will told Sonny about Ben's request to be Ben's best man. Sonny was surprised that Will had agreed to it. "It's strange, but he and I are friends now," Will said. Will explained that he had bonded with Ben at Statesville, and he said he believed that Ben had become a good person. Sonny said he trusted Will's judgment.

Sonny changed the subject to Gabi. As if on cue, Arianna walked into the room. "I can't sleep. I miss mommy," Arianna said. Will sat Arianna on the couch between him and Sonny. Will and Sonny lied and said that they had switched nights with Gabi, and she had agreed to let Arianna stay there. Sonny offered to read a story with Arianna.

"Can you please call mommy for me?" Arianna asked Will. When Sonny noted that it was too late to call Gabi, Arianna disagreed. "Mommy always wants to talk to me," Arianna said. Will and Sonny exchanged a look. Will said that Gabi had wanted Arianna to spend time with him and Sonny. "I'm still not sleepy," Arianna said. Sonny suggested that they talk to Arianna about their news. Will asked Arianna how she would feel about having a little sister or brother. "I'd rather have a dog," Arianna said.

"Taking care of a dog is a lot of work," Sonny said. "So is taking care of a baby," Arianna countered. Will chuckled. Will and Sonny noted that they should all think about it and discuss it later. Sonny suggested that they head upstairs and read a book together.

In the penthouse, John and Marlena returned home from visiting with Belle. "As much as I would have loved to have Belle with us, I think it's more important that Claire get a good night's sleep," Marlena said. While Marlena went to check on Claire, John called Belle and assured her all was well. Marlena returned and said that Claire was gone. After a frantic search around the penthouse, John started to call Belle and Shawn, but Marlena stopped him.

"We are her legal guardians, and she's not being held hostage here. She can come and go as she pleases," Marlena said. John agreed, but he was concerned that Claire had sneaked out on her first night. "Why didn't she tell us where she [was] going?" John asked. Marlena smiled. "I think I know exactly where she is," Marlena said.

In a warehouse, Gabi screamed for help while tied to a chair. The goon, Jimmy, returned and asked Gabi to stop screaming. When Gabi argued that Jimmy was stupid enough to leave her ungagged, Jimmy explained that no one could hear her; he just was tired of her screaming. "No wonder your husband dumped you," Jimmy said. Gabi corrected Jimmy and told him that her husband had died. Jimmy said that the only thing he cared about was that Jake's time limit to return the item had expired.

"Looks like your time is up," Jimmy said. Gabi rambled about how Jake could be her dead husband, but Jimmy had interrupted her in her quest to prove Jake's identity. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but Jake has something my boss wants, and I need it back," Jimmy said. Gabi offered to help Jimmy track down his missing item. With a shrug, Jimmy said he did not want to cross his boss, and he turned down Gabi's offer. Jimmy told Gabi that her fate was in Jake's hands.

In Ciara's room at the Salem Inn, Claire was shocked to see her friend Gwen on Ciara's flyer. Ciara was hesitant to believe Claire, but when Claire knew Gwen's name and why she was on the run, Ciara listened. When Claire mentioned that Gwen had arrived from Philadelphia, Ciara nodded. "Philadelphia. That's where her ex-boyfriend is from, too," Ciara said. "Wait, do you know him?" Claire asked. Ciara confirmed that Ben worked for Jake. Ciara asked Claire how she knew Gwen and where to find her.

Ben returned home, and he stopped dead when he saw Claire in the room. Worried, Ben stepped between Ciara and Claire, and he asked Claire why she was there. With a cheerful smile, Claire explained that the doctors had released her from Bayview. "I thought you were going to be going back to Hong Kong with your parents," Ben said. Claire said that she was staying with John and Marlena instead. Claire told Ben that she was happy for him and Ciara.

As Claire rambled on about the depressing nature of Bayview, Ben nodded nervously in agreement. "I'm just really happy to be here and to see y'all so happy together," Claire said. Ben suggested that Claire return to the penthouse so that he could talk to Ciara privately. "Is it about Gwen?" Claire asked as she held up the flyer.

Ciara asked Claire if Gwen was one of her followers. "I think I said too much already. Look, she is a really good person. I don't want to get her in trouble," Claire said. Ben stressed that someone's life was in danger. When Claire asked for details, Ciara noted that Gabi was in trouble, and Gabi was family. "You said you wanted to rebuild our relationship, so, go ahead. Tell us everything that you know," Ciara said. Marlena knocked on the door, and Ben let her in.

"There you are. I'm glad to see you. John and I were a little worried about you," Marlena said to Claire. Claire explained that she had not told Marlena that she was going out, because she assumed they had gone to bed. As Marlena texted John, Claire asked Marlena how she'd known where to find Claire. Marlena said she'd known that Claire had wanted to make amends with Ciara, and she had assumed that Claire would seek her out. Claire apologized for leaving without a word.

"Okay. You've seen her. Let's go," Marlena said. As Claire started to follow Marlena out, Ciara and Ben asked them to stay. "We really need to talk to Claire. She might have some information that could save Gabi's life," Ben said. Concerned, Marlena asked what was wrong. Ciara noted, "It's a really long story." Ciara promised to tell Marlena everything later, but they needed to find the woman in the flyer first in order to help Gabi.

"What's Claire have to do with this?" Marlena asked. Ciara noted that Claire knew Gwen. Claire announced that she liked Gwen and that she was not sure that she should tell anyone where to find her. "I don't want to get her in trouble," Claire reiterated.

"If Gabi is in trouble, if her life is at stake, just somebody else being in trouble is not a big deal," Marlena said. Marlena urged Claire to tell Ciara and Ben everything that she knew about the woman in the flyer. "You came here to make amends. Why don't you do that?" Marlena said. After a moment, Claire explained that Gwen was hiding at Bayview. Marlena asked Claire if she was sure that Gwen was there.

"She is kind of private. She mostly keeps to herself," Claire said. When Marlena noted that she had not seen Gwen at Bayview, Claire explained that Gwen was not sick and that she was hiding at Bayview to avoid her boyfriend. "She faked a breakdown," Claire explained. Claire added that Gwen's ex-boyfriend had been calling Gwen relentlessly and harassing her. "Is he dangerous?" Marlena asked. Claire said she did not know, but she knew that the ex was mixed up "with some very scary people."

"And now these people have Gabi," Ben chimed in. Ben announced that they needed to go to Bayview and talk to Gwen. When Claire noted that it was too late to visit Bayview, Ben asked Marlena for help. Claire asked to go with Ben, Ciara, and Marlena to Bayview because Gwen would not open up to them. Marlena insisted on taking Claire home, but she agreed to help Ben after that. Ciara wanted to join Ben, but he asked her to stay behind and talk to Jake. Claire hugged Ciara goodbye, and she asked Ciara to consider her request about the wedding.

When Claire returned home, John hugged her tightly. John stressed that as long as she lived with him, Claire needed to tell him or Marlena where she was going when she left the penthouse. Claire apologized. "I didn't mean to scare you," Claire said. Claire said she had wanted to talk to Ciara, and she thought the conversation had gone well. "Thanks to me, they are about to find the person that could save Gabi's life!" Claire said.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Lani and Eli questioned Jake about Gabi's disappearance. When Jake asked why Eli believed that Gabi was missing, Eli held up Will's statement. "Did Gabi show up at your place?" Eli asked. Jake thought about when the mob goon had kidnapped Gabi and dragged her screaming from his garage.

"Like I told Will and Sonny, I didn't see Gabi. But you two knew that because you took their statements," Jake said with a smile. Eli demanded the truth. "All right, I did leave out the part where Gabi tried to get my DNA. Does that sound normal to you? The lady is obsessed with me," Jake grumbled. Lani asked Jake when he had last seen Gabi. Jake lied and said the last time he had seen Gabi had been in the interrogation room when she had claimed that she had wanted him to remember that he was Stefan.

"I'm not," Jake stressed. Jake told Lani and Eli that they needed to leave him alone and head out to look for Gabi. "She doesn't like either of you very much. She could be headed out to jab one of you next," Jake said. Jake's phone rang with a call from Ben. Jake rejected the call. When Lani pushed Jake to talk, he grew defensive.

"I'm surprised that either of you give a damn about her," Jake said. When Eli asked what Jake meant, Jake mentioned all he had learned from Julie about the donated heart and blackmail. Jake said he was surprised that Eli and Lani were looking for Gabi when they could revoke her bail when she did not show up for court.

"I'd like to get going -- that is, unless you're going to arrest me," Jake said. "You're not under arrest, Jake," Lani confirmed. "Not yet, anyway," Eli added. Lani asked Jake to wait while they checked on a few things. Jake objected, but Eli firmly told Jake that he had no choice and should spend the time thinking. Once alone, Jake listened to the voicemail from Ben, warning him that the police knew about Gabi. Jake's phone rang. It was Jimmy.

"Looks like your 24 hours is up. So, do you have what you took from us, or do I kill your wife?" Jimmy asked. Jake asked Jimmy not to hurt Gabi. "You're going to get what you want, I promise you that," Jake stressed. Jimmy asked for a time, but Jake had nothing to offer. In an effort to buy time, Jake told Jimmy about the situation with the police. Jimmy gave Jake three hours to deliver the package. "I got as much to lose as you do," Jake said.

In the bullpen, Lani asked Eli if he believed that Jake was hiding something from them. "We let him stew for a while, it might get us something we can use," Eli said. Lani noted that they could not charge anyone until Gabi was officially considered a missing person. Eli suggested that they intimidate Jake and see if he talked.

Lani and Eli returned to the interrogation room, and they asked Jake who he had been talking to on the phone. Jake noted that he was not under arrest, and he did not need to talk to Lani or Eli. "Ever hear of entrapment?" Jake asked. Eli asked Jake to tell them what he knew. "I'll tell you everything I know for a fact. Gabi is not officially a missing person yet. So, you can't hold me or anybody else here," Jake said. Eli told Jake to stay in Salem. With a grin, Jake walked out. Lani and Eli looked at one another, and they followed Jake.

Jake went directly to the Salem Inn, with Lani and Eli hot on his tail. "What is he doing there?" Eli wondered aloud. "Whatever it is, we have to stick close to him," Lani said. Eli agreed and noted that Jake was their only lead. Upstairs, Jake told Ciara that he had been questioned by the cops, and he needed to find Gwen within the next three hours. Ciara told Jake that Ben was on his way to see Gwen.

At Bayview, Marlena spoke to a staff member about Gwen. "Turns out Claire was telling the truth. Turns out Gwen was admitted here a few months ago," Marlena said. Ben asked if they could talk to Gwen. "I'm afraid she is gone," Marlena said.

In a warehouse, Jimmy handed Gabi a cup of water, and she threw it at him. "You heard me on the phone before. I'm guessing you figured out that Jake wants to keep you alive," Jimmy said. Jimmy told Gabi that Jake needed to make his new deadline or else Jake would "find out what deadline really means. And so will you."

Gabi tries to escape Gabi tries to escape
Wednesday, June 17, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Jack surprised Jennifer with a candlelit dinner in the study -- but there was a catch.

"Thomas and Charlotte came in [while] I was planning our dinner, and they wanted to help, [so]..." Jack explained while revealing a bowl that contained a mixture of potato chips, popcorn, marshmallows, gummy bears, and chocolate syrup. "[But] they're already asleep, so we don't have to --" Jack continued. "If our grandbabies made this, we are gonna eat it," Jennifer insisted, drawing a gulp from Jack, who reluctantly played along.

Jennifer abandoned the idea after just one big forkful of the concoction, drawing a sigh of relief from Jack, who had only managed one small forkful of the mix but clearly thought that even that much was more than enough for one night. After producing a cell phone and posing for a picture with Jennifer -- one that would hopefully convince Thomas and Charlotte that the concoction had been eagerly devoured -- Jack rushed off to the kitchen then returned a short time later with a real meal, which the couple ate while discussing Gabi's disappearance, among other things.

Later, Jack and Jennifer, having decided that they didn't want to travel anywhere at that time, enjoyed an impromptu, long-overdue honeymoon night together in the study -- after covering Stefano's portrait with a tablecloth.

Gabi, who was still being held hostage at a warehouse, curiously probed for information about the item that Jake had stolen, but Jimmy refused to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Ben returned to the Salem Inn, where Ciara was in the process of filling Jake in on what Claire had revealed about Gwen earlier.

Ben told Ciara and Jake about Gwen's sudden departure from Bayview -- then suggested, as a result of advice that had been received from Marlena earlier, that it might finally be time to let the police know what was going on. "No!" Jake begged. "[Then] you need to tell us exactly what it is that Gwen took from you -- now," Ciara demanded, and Ben agreed, leaving Jake with no other choice than to comply.

Meanwhile, Gwen went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Claire, who had provided the address during their last conversation at Bayview so they could keep in touch with each other via letters. "What are you doing here?" Claire quietly demanded to know, not wanting to alert John, who was preparing two cups of tea in the kitchen at that moment. "I left [Bayview] when I overheard somebody phoning the hospital, looking for me -- now, you wouldn't know something about that, would you, Claire?" Gwen suspiciously replied. "Go to my bedroom and wait there -- [and] do not make a sound," Claire ordered Gwen while leading the way.

"Nice place..." Gwen observed. "Go!" Claire snapped -- just as John returned to the living room with two cups of tea.

"You just talking to someone?" John wondered. "Nope," Claire insisted. "Huh... Could've sworn I heard another voice..." John mused. "Well, I...I was working on a new song, and sometimes it helps me to just talk out the lyrics..." Claire claimed, and John accepted that explanation. "Thank you for the tea -- I think I'm, uh, gonna just take it to my room..." Claire continued, claiming a cup. "Good idea -- get some rest," John agreed.

"No more secrets, right?" John called out as Claire was walking away. "No more secrets," Claire confirmed with an innocent smile, but John seemed a bit skeptical.

Claire retreated to a guest bedroom -- and Marlena entered the townhouse just then, distracting John, who was disappointed to hear about Gwen's sudden departure from Bayview.

Meanwhile, Claire apologized for sharing Gwen's secret then explained why it had been necessary to do so.

"I'm guessing this is what they want," Gwen said to Claire at the end of the tale, removing a copy of Crime and Punishment from a duffel bag -- one that looked exactly like the copy Sonny had been reading earlier. "When I left Jake, I really wanted to hurt him 'cause I was so pissed, [so] I just took everything I could get my hands on, [including this...but] I had no idea [it] was so special -- [not until] I first started reading it at Bayview. I thought [it] was a bit highbrow for Jake, [but then] I noticed all these names and numbers written on the margins, so I think it's related to his boss," Gwen continued.

"His mob boss," Gwen concluded, drawing a gasp of concern from Claire.

Meanwhile, Jake finished telling Ben and Ciara about the book, which was really a makeshift ledger that could be hidden in plain sight. "Why would you take this book in the first place?" Ben wondered. "I was just trying to get out of the business, [so] I took it as an insurance policy. I had every intention [of] giving it back once I knew I was safe," Jake explained.

Meanwhile, Gabi tried to seduce Jimmy, who gave in pretty easily -- and was rewarded with a knee to the groin after removing Gabi's bindings.

Gabi tried to escape from the warehouse while Jimmy was recovering from the blow, but the only door was locked.

Jimmy taunted Gabi with the key to the lock then contacted Jake, who claimed to be ready to hand over the book.

Meanwhile, Claire tried to convince Gwen to return the book to Jake so Gabi could be rescued. "You know, if someone's willing to kill for this, it must be worth a lot of money, [so] why should I give away something so valuable and not get something back in return?" Gwen argued. "Before I went into Bayview, Gwen, three people almost died because of my actions, [and] I swore that if they let me out, I would do better [and] be better, [so] I can't have Gabi's death on my conscience!" Claire countered.

Meanwhile, John and Marlena discussed the possibility that Claire had sneaked off to see Ciara earlier because the goal of making amends had turned into an unhealthy obsession. "I think we have to manage our expectations -- I mean, Claire is still Claire, [a] bright, creative young woman --" Marlena began to reason. "[Who's also] impulsive," John concluded for Marlena, who nodded in agreement.

"But I do think she has a sense of what's right and what's wrong," Marlena optimistically assured John.

Meanwhile, Claire continued arguing with Gwen about the book. "Look, I'm just gonna go ask [my grandparents] to help us, okay?" Claire decided after explaining to Gwen that John and Marlena weren't exactly new to such situations. "If you do, [then] there's a big chance I'll be out that window and in the wide world by the time you get back...[and] when I don't want to be found, I'm very good at not being found," Gwen warned Claire.

Ben, Ciara, and Jake left the Salem Inn together. "Let's hope this plan of yours works," Ben said to Ciara.

Eli and Lani, who had been waiting near the Salem Inn, discreetly followed the trio through the town square.

Ciara led Ben and Jake to the Kiriakis mansion. "Tell me what we're doing here," Jake requested. "This is my grandfather's house. I am always welcome here, and so are my friends," Ciara explained. "Her grandfather once tied me to this chair right here while his nephew tried to choke the life out of me," Ben revealed, showing Jake the chair. "Sounds like a lovely guy," Jake mused. "He's a real sweetheart," Ben agreed.

"Got it!" Ciara, who had been searching a bookshelf, triumphantly announced while holding up the copy of Crime and Punishment that Sonny had been reading earlier -- which Ciara had apparently seen at some point while living at the mansion. The resemblance to the copy of Crime and Punishment that had been turned into a ledger amazed Jake, who admitted that Jimmy might not be able to tell the difference at a glance.

While Jake was scribbling some names and numbers in the margins of the book, Eli waited outside the mansion with Lani, who was battling morning sickness.

Meanwhile, Jimmy vowed that if it turned out that Jake was trying to pull some sort of trick, Gabi wouldn't be the only person who died that night.

At that same time, Claire introduced John and Marlena to Gwen, who had finally agreed to cooperate.

Jake, Ben, and Ciara try to rescue Gabi Jake, Ben, and Ciara try to rescue Gabi
Thursday, June 18, 2020
by Mike

Still bitter about having been struck in the groin earlier, Jimmy started complaining about how bony Gabi's knee had felt -- just as Luca, a fellow thug, entered the warehouse. "I bet you deserved it," Luca said to Jimmy, who had clearly not been expecting a visitor. "The boss sent me -- wanted to make sure the transaction went smoothly," Luca explained to Jimmy with a shrug.

"I thought you said you had Jake's girl," Luca challenged Jimmy while eyeing Gabi -- who was once again tied to a chair -- with obvious confusion. "I do!" Jimmy, who was just as confused, assured Luca while pointing at Gabi. "Where's Gwen?" Luca wondered, surprising Jimmy, who knew that Gabi didn't go by that name. "Who the hell is 'Gwen'?" Gabi jealously demanded to know, prompting Luca to teasingly conclude that Jake had never bothered to mention Gwen to "[the] sidepiece" -- a label that infuriated Gabi. "How long were, um, Jake and this 'Gwen' person together?" Gabi asked. "Quite a while, if memory serves," Luca replied.

"I think they got together right, uh, after he started working for us, so...about a year and a half," Luca continued. "Wait -- uh, so, met Jake only a year and a half ago?" Gabi translated. "Yeah," Luca confirmed. "That means Jake could still be Stefan!" Gabi realized, confusing Luca. "Something's off with this chick -- [she's] been babbling this nonsense since I met her," Jimmy explained to Luca. "You know, you two are laughing [now...but] you're not gonna be laughing when Stefan remembers who he is, [because then] he's gonna kill you [and] your boss," Gabi warned. "[Then] maybe we should kill him before he gets his chance," Luca countered.

"I'm not gonna let you hurt my husband, okay? I already lost Stefan once -- I'm not gonna lose him again!" Gabi insisted. "You're pretty loyal to this guy -- I wonder if he feels the same way..." Luca mused. "Yeah -- his time's almost up, [so] maybe he's not coming, after all..." Jimmy agreed. "He wouldn't leave me here," Gabi protested. "If what you say is true, he barely knows who you are," Luca countered, drawing a hint of concern from Gabi.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Jake finished turning the substitute copy of Crime and Punishment into a ledger -- but as Ben was objecting to Ciara's desire to participate in the next phase of the mission to rescue Gabi, Xander entered the living room and snatched the book. "I've been looking for [this] -- I'm in the middle of reading [it]. I'm tired of people taking things that belong to me..." Xander grumbled. "You've been reading Crime and Punishment?" Ciara replied. "Why is that so hard to believe?" Xander wondered. "That book doesn't even belong to you, Xander -- it belongs to Grandpa," Ciara stressed.

"Okay, pal -- I don't know who you are, but we need that book," Jake interjected. "Wow -- they're right; you really are a dead ringer for Stefan DiMera..." Xander observed, noticing Jake for the first time.

"Sure -- you can have [this book], Fake Stefan...after I'm done reading it," Xander continued. "You're just being spiteful," Ciara decided, still not convinced that Xander had ever actually read even a single paragraph of Crime and Punishment. "I've read it enough to know I relate to the main character -- [I mean], Raskolnikov, he committed a crime and rationalized it to himself that he did it for the right reasons, and now he has to face the consequences and deal with all this guilt and remorse," Xander countered. "Wow -- that's, uh...that's actually right... He really did read the book..." Ciara admitted to Ben and Jake.

"Get another copy -- go download it on your tablet or something," Ben advised. "Why should I, when I have this fancy one?" Xander wondered. "Because it's a matter of life and death!" Ciara stressed. "Aren't we being just a wee bit dramatic..." Xander assumed before starting to walk away with the book.

Meanwhile, at the Evans-Black townhouse, Claire and Gwen finished explaining everything to John and Marlena, the latter of whom was eager to relay the information to Ciara.

Ben and Jake tackled Xander to the floor so Ciara could reclaim the book -- and, during the chaos, no one noticed that Ciara's cell phone was vibrating on a nearby table.

"What the hell is wrong with you people? This is what I get for trying to embrace some culture?" Xander snapped at the trio before storming out of the mansion. "Since when is a book 'a matter of life and death'?" Xander grumbled while walking away from the mansion, unaware that Eli and Lani were hiding nearby. "What do you think Xander meant?" Lani asked Eli once the coast was clear. "I don't know...but he must have been talking about that book that Jake was writing in [when I peered through a window earlier]," Eli replied, and Lani nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Ben again objected to Ciara's desire to participate in the next phase of the mission to rescue Gabi, arguing that someone needed to stay behind to contact the police if things went awry. After Ciara grudgingly conceded the point, Jake exited the mansion with the book. "One hour...and if I don't hear from you before then --" Ciara began to warn Ben. "You will," Ben promised Ciara before following Jake out of the mansion. As soon as Ciara shut the front door, Eli and Lani started tailing Ben and Jake again.

While waiting for Ciara to return Marlena's phone call, John filled Claire and Gwen in on Gabi's connection to Jake. Gwen, who had known Jake for at least a year and a half, refused to take Gabi's theory seriously, but John and Claire admitted that, since Stefan had supposedly been dead for nearly two years, the timeline of events still allowed for the possibility that Jake's resemblance to Stefan wasn't just a weird coincidence.

"No -- [look], Jake and I were really close before things went bad, [and] he told me all sorts of things about his life and his childhood," Gwen maintained. "It's possible those memories weren't real -- [they] could have been implanted," John explained. "We know this crazy doctor..." Claire began to elaborate before apparently deciding that the details would only make Gwen even more confused.

John soon led Gwen to the kitchen for some food, leaving Claire alone with Marlena. "You haven't been here one night yet, and you have already deceived us twice!" Marlena pointed out. "I know. I am really sorry," Claire replied. "If you do it again, I will send you back to your parents," Marlena warned. "Please, please -- do not do that, Grandma! Like I said [before], I was just trying to make things right with Ciara...and it actually went okay! [And, as for Gwen], she needed my help, [so] what was I supposed to do -- just turn her away?" Claire argued -- just as John and Gwen returned.

"Don't blame Claire -- honestly, if...if it weren't for her, I would...I would still be running; [see], I hate to admit this about myself, but when I heard how many people were after this [book], I thought [that] maybe I could make some sort of a profit, [and] if it weren't for your granddaughter, I wouldn't have realized to do the right thing," Gwen informed Marlena, who was pleased to hear that but maintained that Claire needed to always be honest in the future -- a position that John supported. "Understood," Claire assured Marlena and John, who both seemed skeptical.

At the Salem Inn, Brady and Sarah, who were naked in bed together, each stared at the ceiling in silence.

"For the record, this has never happened to me before -- ever," Brady eventually stressed. "You can ask anyone --" Brady continued.

"I'm just gonna take your word for it," Sarah quickly decided. "[Anyway], it would have been a big mistake...[you know], had you been able to --" Sarah continued.

"We don't even have to talk about it -- we don't even ever have to talk about it ever, ever," Brady insisted. "Okay," Sarah agreed. "Never happened to me before," Brady reiterated.

"I wanted to go through with it -- I did -- [but] I couldn't stop thinking about Kristen," Brady explained. "Aw -- of course! [Look], I totally understand [that -- and], to be honest with you, Xander was all I could think about," Sarah replied. "Does that mean you're ready to forgive Xander?" Brady wondered -- just as Xander knocked on Sarah's hotel room door and called out a greeting.

"For now...just stick to the plan," Sarah instructed Brady before opening the hotel room door and greeting Xander, wearing only underwear. "We're kind of busy, as you can see, so..." Sarah began. "Yeah, I understand...but I need to show you something," Xander replied. "Now? It's kind of late..." Sarah protested. "I promise I'll stop bothering you if you just come with me this one time," Xander stressed.

After getting dressed, Sarah followed Xander to the cemetery -- and broke down at the sight of a headstone that read, "Mackenzie Horton -- forever with the angels; always in our hearts."

"I hope you don't mind -- [see], I've been racking my brain to try and think of some way to try to begin to make things up to you, and I just thought maybe I could spare you the pain of having to go through changing the headstone. [And] I'm the one who made the lie happen, so it seemed only right that I should be the one to undo it. [Anyway], I conferred with your mom, and she agreed you'd probably want something simple," Xander explained. "It's perfect," Sarah declared. "Hopefully, Mackenzie can rest in peace now...and you can find some peace, too," Xander reasoned before walking away.

Meanwhile, Brady broke down while thinking about Kristen and Rachel, knowing that they could be anywhere in the world at that moment -- and that it would be risky to try to contact them.

Xander eventually rejoined Brady at the Salem Inn and apologized for everything then rushed off.

After listening to Marlena's voicemail message, Ciara headed over to the Evans-Black townhouse to provide an update on the mission to rescue Gabi -- and was stunned to see Gwen there, with the actual makeshift ledger. Ciara tried to contact Ben, but the call went to voicemail. Gwen predicted that Jake and Ben's plan to pass off the substitute ledger as the real one would never work.

Jake and Ben arrived at the warehouse together and waited while a guard checked with Luca and Jimmy to make sure that it was okay to grant entry to the unexpected visitor as well as the expected visitor.

"I knew he wouldn't walk away from me!" Gabi bragged after Luca and Jimmy revealed that Jake was outside with a friend. "You shouldn't overestimate Jake's feelings for you -- [see], I saw him and, uh, Gwen back in the day, and they were pretty hot and heavy, so even if he is your dead husband, he definitely moved on," Luca warned, drawing a hint of concern from Gabi.

Jake soon entered the warehouse with Ben -- and gulped at the sight of Luca. "Looks like I'm not the only one who brought a plus-one to the dance..." Jake observed. "I'm a little surprised that the boss would send his right-hand man to this little exchange..." Jake admitted. "Yeah, well, the book is very important to him," Luca explained before reaching for the book, prompting Jake to protest that Gabi needed to be untied first as a show of good faith. "Is this Luca guy well-read? He's not gonna realize this book is a fake, is he?" Ben whispered to Jake while Luca and Jimmy were distracted. "Not sure...[but it's] too late to turn back now," Jake whispered to Ben.

After being freed from the chair, Gabi rushed toward Jake and Ben's side of the warehouse. "Hold your horses," Jimmy protested, grabbing Gabi. "Your move," Jimmy prodded Jake while holding a knife to Gabi's neck.

Jake tossed the book at Luca. "I'm not stupid -- these names and numbers are not correct," Luca declared after checking a few pages of the book. "Okay, you're right -- it's not the real book," Jake admitted. "You idiot! What the hell were you thinking?" Gabi snapped. "But I can get you the real thing -- I just need a little bit of time," Jake assured Luca, ignoring Gabi. "Sorry -- your time has run out," Luca replied.

Luca and Jimmy started to lead Gabi, Jake, and Ben out of the warehouse, ready to kill all three of them -- but Eli and Lani burst in just then, each wielding a gun.

Luca, who had not yet drawn a gun, reached for one, prompting Eli to react with a shot that incapacitated the thug.

Jimmy kept a knife pointed at Gabi's neck and refused to surrender. "They probably want you to kill me," Gabi admitted. "Why am I not surprised..." Jimmy muttered.

Lani suddenly showed signs of morning sickness. "You're pregnant?" Gabi grumbled. "Yes -- and I'm not feeling too well...but it'll be better as soon as I lay down; everything is always better when I lie down," Lani replied. Realizing what Lani meant, Gabi thrust an elbow into Jimmy's stomach then dropped to the floor, prompting Lani to fire a shot that incapacitated the thug.

Lani, who hadn't been faking the sudden wave of nausea, rushed out of the warehouse while Eli was securing the thugs -- then returned a short time later to help transport them to a vehicle.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue...[although that was] the least you could do, since you did get me into this mess in the first place..." Gabi snapped at Jake. "I didn't tell you to go snoopin' around my place, tryin' to steal my DNA!" Jake countered. "How'd you know [about] that?" Gabi wondered. "Sonny and Will told me," Jake explained. "[Yeah, well], Luca told me that you turned up in Philly only a year and a half ago, [which] means you could still be Stefan!" Gabi declared, drawing a groan from Jake.

Just as John was about to rush off to the warehouse with the actual makeshift ledger, Ciara received a phone call from Ben, who explained what had just happened.

After ending the call, Ben told Jake that Ciara was with Gwen, of all people. "As in...your ex-girlfriend?" Gabi snapped at Jake. "How the hell do you know that?" Jake wondered. "Luca told me," Gabi explained. "She has the book," Ben continued, drawing a sigh of relief from Jake. "What is up with this book?" Gabi asked. "We'd like to know that, too," Eli, who had just returned with Lani, stressed. "It's a long story..." Jake admitted.

Meanwhile, Ciara started to rush out of the Evans-Black townhouse to meet up with Ben, raving to everyone that the ordeal with the mob was finally over. "Not quite..." Gwen warned, holding up the actual makeshift ledger.

Gwen has a heated exchange with Jake Gwen has a heated exchange with Jake
Friday, June 19, 2020

Hope stopped by Rafe's house to deliver him bagels and coffee. "How are you holding up?" Hope asked. "I spent the morning packing up the rest of David's things," Rafe said. Hope told Rafe about Gabi's kidnapping. Rafe was furious that Abe had not told him when he had visited that morning. Hope attempted to calm Rafe down, and she stressed that Abe had wanted to protect Rafe and let him have some time to say goodbye to David. Frustrated, Rafe asked Hope to tell Abe not to make any more decisions on his behalf.

Kate greeted Lucas in the DiMera living room. "Good morning and goodbye," Lucas said as he started to leave. Kate warned Lucas not to go to Allie. "I have to go see her to make sure she doesn't make a mistake that we're all going to regret," Lucas said. Kate argued that the situation was bad enough without Lucas acting like Sami and upsetting Allie.

"I'm acting like her father!" Lucas argued. "If you continue to push her that hard, you're just going to push her completely away," Kate advised. Kate reminded Lucas that Allie had run rather than go to Lucas when Allie had learned she was pregnant. "You have to let her make her own decisions. You can't do that for her. She's an adult now," Kate stressed. Lucas corrected Kate and said that Allie was barely an adult. Kate offered to talk to Allie on Lucas' behalf. "Why is it better that you talk to Allie rather than me?" Lucas asked. "I understand her better than you do right now," Kate said. Lucas told Kate he did not want her parental advice.

In the square, Hope called out to Kate as she hurried past. Reluctantly, Kate stopped to talk. Hope said she had thought about the key to the city, and she had decided against taking part in the ceremony. "Seriously? What the hell is wrong with people? How can they be so dense, not to take my advice?" Kate wondered aloud.

"I'm just trying to make people's lives better," Kate complained. Kate said she had funded the ceremony for the key to the city because she had believed that Hope and Steve would be honored to receive the award. "I didn't realize you funded the event," Hope said, taken aback. Kate griped that funding the ceremony was her fault because she should have realized that no one listened to her. "Including my son!" Kate yelled.

"Lucas? What does he have to do with this?" Hope asked. Kate told Hope about Allie's pregnancy. "Lucas won't take my advice. Not only that, it's because he threw it in my face that I was a bad parent, and he certainly wouldn't want my help," Kate said. "He has to know that you really only want what is best for him now," Hope said. Kate thanked Hope.

"I guess I could stay chatting, but I do have things to do. Maybe next time, we could catch up at a meeting of concerned parents anonymous," Kate joked. Kate noted that she would talk to Lucas again. As Kate turned to leave, Hope mentioned the key. Kate waved Hope off and told her not to worry about the ceremony. "I will accept the key to the city," Hope said. "Seriously?" Kate asked with surprise. Hope said she understood that Kate's heart had been in the right place, and since Kate had spent money already, she did not want to embarrass Kate or Abe. Hope promised to talk to Steve.

At Eric's apartment, Allie found a note from Eric, who had gone to work. "As much as I'd like to stick around, better for me and everyone else if I just disappear," Allie said. Allie opened the front door to leave, but Nicole was returning from picking up breakfast and confronted her. "Are you going somewhere?" Nicole asked. "I'm leaving Salem," Allie confirmed. Allie asked if Nicole planned to talk her out of going.

Nicole said she would never attempt to talk Allie out of doing something that Allie believed was the right thing to do. "When Eric gets home, he is going to wonder why his niece is gone," Nicole said with a smile. Allie said she did not want to hurt Eric, but she had realized that it had been a mistake for her to run to Salem. Allie noted that Lucas had likely already told Sami and that her mother would make the situation worse.

"I don't want to be around when she arrives," Allie said. "That makes two of us. Maybe you can take me with you," Nicole joked. Nicole asked Allie where she was headed. With a shrug, Allie said she had only planned to leave and not much beyond that. Allie said she wanted to decide on her own about what to do about her baby. "Do you really want to be on your own right now?" Nicole asked. Nicole said that Eric would want to help Allie, no matter what, and Nicole promised to help keep Sami at bay if Allie wanted.

"I feel for what you're going through. Plus, your mom and I, we don't mix well. And I know she tends to turn everything into a catastrophe, and I do not want that for you," Nicole said. Nicole asked Allie if she was seriously thinking about ending her pregnancy. Through tears, Allie said she felt like she had waited too long to make the decision.

"So, you've decided to have the baby. One decision made. The biggest one," Nicole said. "Now I only have about a million more to make," Allie grumbled. When Nicole asked about the father, Allie groaned and complained that the paternity of her child was nobody's business. Nicole agreed, but she pointed out that Allie had not gotten pregnant on her own. "Shouldn't the father have some responsibility?" Nicole asked.

"The reason I haven't wanted to tell anyone about the father is that I'm scared of how they'll react," Allie said. Lucas banged on the front door. "I'll try to get rid of him," Nicole said. Nicole cracked open the door, and Lucas brushed past her. Nicole told Lucas that Allie had decided to keep the baby. Relieved, Lucas suggested that they go see Kayla for a check-up to clear Allie for travel back to Europe. Allie refused to go.

Lucas told Allie that she could not have her baby in Salem. Lucas promised that he and Sami would help Allie through her pregnancy. "That's not what I want!" Allie objected. "Well, if you're going to be a mother, it doesn't matter what you want anymore, does it?" Lucas shot back. Lucas apologized, and he blamed his temper on his run-in with Kate. "At least grandma Kate knows that I'm an adult and that this is my decision," Allie said. Lucas told Allie he would treat her like an adult when she acted like one. When Lucas noted that Allie had herself to blame for her pregnancy, a frustrated Allie stormed out of the apartment.

Nicole raised an eyebrow, and Lucas reminded her that he was attempting to do what was best for his daughter. "I know, and believe it or not, so am I," Nicole said. Lucas suggested that they call Sami and get her involved. Nicole argued that Sami was the worst person to contact.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Gabi told Will and Sonny how much she had enjoyed helping Arianna get dressed for school. "Thank you so much for protecting her while I was being held hostage," Gabi said. Will asked Gabi if she was okay. Gabi said she was fine and ready to prove that Jake was Stefan. Gabi pulled the DNA samples out of her purse. When Gabi announced that she was on her way to the lab, Will reminded Gabi that she was due in court.

"The charges against you are serious," Sonny stressed. "I am innocent. I didn't hurt Abigail. I didn't hurt Jake," Gabi said. Gabi added that Jake would thank her once she had the lab results. "I understand how much you wanna prove that Jake is Stefan, but none of that matters if they send you back to prison," Will said. Gabi promised that she would not miss her court appearance.

"You've seen Jake. Can you honestly say that's a different person than Stefan?" Gabi asked. Will agreed there were similarities. "That is him!" Gabi barked. Will cautioned Gabi not to get her hopes up. "[Jake] has his own memories," Will said. With a groan, Gabi argued that Rolf could have implanted memories in Stefan's head. Gabi told Will and Sonny that Jake had arrived in Philadelphia a year and a half earlier, and no one had known Jake before that.

"Stefan died two years ago and then, all of a sudden, somebody shows up that looks exactly like Stefan?" Gabi said. When Gabi mentioned Gwen, Sonny noted that even if Jake were Stefan, he had clearly moved on with another woman. "Because he doesn't know he's Stefan!" Gabi objected. "What if he likes being Jake, and what if he likes her?" Will asked. Gabi said she was not scared of competition. Gabi added that Gwen had run out on Jake after a fight. As Gabi turned and marched out, Will called out after her, "Don't be late to court!"

Will confided to Sonny that he was worried that Gabi was setting herself up for heartache in believing that Jake was Stefan. "You were living in Memphis as E.J. DiMera," Sonny reminded Will. Will thanked Sonny for believing that he had not been dead. "I understand why Gabi is so driven to find the truth. I mean, what if Jake is her husband? What if Stefan is living this other life and what if Gabi can bring him back?" Sonny asked.

When it was time to leave for Gabi's court appearance, Will suggested to Sonny that they pick up Gabi to make sure she made it to court on time. The doorbell rang. It was Allie on the porch. "You're pregnant," Will said as he saw Allie's belly.

In the garage, Jake thought about his conversation with Gabi in the park when he had first met her. Jake then thought about when Gabi had kissed him. Jake called Gwen and left her a voicemail asking to talk. "Talking is what always seems to get us into trouble," Gwen said as she entered the room. Gwen looked around the garage, and she commented that his new job was more honest than his last.

"I'm good with this life," Jake said. "Are you? Or are you just trying to hide?" Gwen asked. Jake guffawed. "This coming from the woman who checked herself into a loony bin. Sorry. Mental institution," Jake said. When Gwen mocked Jake's political correctness, Jake noted that someone had shown him that he was insensitive. "It wasn't really your strong suit," Gwen agreed. Jake said he did not want to fight, but he needed his book back. Gwen played coy about the book, but Jake pushed her.

"You were being an ass, and I just wanted to teach you a lesson on how you should treat people," Gwen said. "I don't care why you took it, but I need it back, and I need it back now," Jake growled. Gwen asked about Gabi. Jake said he did not want to hear about Gabi from Gwen, and he stressed that Gabi was a crazy woman, not his wife. Jake told Gwen that if Gwen believed he was involved with Gabi, Gwen should go back to Bayview to "deal with your issues."

"My only issue is that you were cheating on me!" Gwen yelled. "That never happened!" Jake countered. Jake called Gwen paranoid, and he changed the subject back to the book. Gwen noted that the mob goons were locked up, and Jake argued that the boss would send reinforcements to look for the book. "It's not my problem, is it?" Gwen said. Jake reminded Gwen that the mob had kidnapped Gabi because they thought she was Jake's wife.

Jake reiterated that there was nothing going on between him and Gabi and added, "It doesn't matter, because you and me? We're not together." "So, she is nothing to you?" Gwen asked. With a sigh, Jake told Gwen to keep the book, and he would send the mob after her. "You wouldn't do that, would you?" Gwen asked. "In a heartbeat," Jake said. Gwen bitterly noted that Jake was willing to risk his life for Gabi but had no trouble feeding her to the wolves. Jake asked Gwen to give him the book so that they could move on.

Frustrated, Jake grabbed Gwen's bag and rooted through it. Jake asked Gwen why she had not brought the book with her. "I bet your boss would pay a pretty penny for that book," Gwen said. Jake warned Gwen that his boss would sooner kill Gwen than pay her for the book. "I think you are trying to screw me out of the deal," Gwen said. Jake insisted that his only option was to use the book to buy his own life and that there was no money at stake. Jake asked Gwen what she wanted.

"I want an apology," Gwen said. "For what?" Jake asked. Gwen said that she wanted Jake to apologize for flirting with a woman named Denise in Philadelphia. "I told you, that was business," Jake said. Gwen argued that Denise had not been dressed for business. "Maybe she was offering, but I wasn't interested," Jake objected. Jake argued that Gwen's jealousy was in her head.

"I wouldn't be jealous if there wasn't a reason to be," Gwen argued. Jake chuckled with amusement. When Gwen asked Jake if he would apologize, he said, "When hell freezes over." "I guess I will see you in hell," Gwen whispered. Gwen started to storm out, but Jake grabbed her arm. Jake pulled Gwen close to him, and she whispered, "Say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry you're such a crazy, insecure bitch," Jake said. Gwen slapped Jake. Jake grabbed Gwen and kissed her. After a moment, Gwen pushed Jake away. "I remember our fights," Gwen said. "I remember how they ended," Jake added. Jake and Gwen kissed again.

Gabi returned home to the DiMera mansion and found Rafe waiting for her in the living room. "I just heard what happened! Are you okay?" Rafe asked as he hugged his sister. "I survived. It's what I do," Gabi said. Rafe asked Gabi why she had been at the garage, and Gabi admitted that she had been there to steal Jake's toothbrush. Rafe groaned. Gabi explained that she had dropped off the DNA samples at the lab on the way home.

"It's a big day. You need to be focused," Rafe said. Gabi asked Rafe about Rolf, and Rafe admitted that he had not spoken with Rolf yet. "Something came up," Rafe said. When Gabi asked what was more important, Rafe told Gabi about David's custody hearing. Gabi was outraged, but Rafe told her that there was nothing left to do but accept the judge's decision.

"Right now, all I can do is hope that Zoey lets me be part of [David's] life," Rafe said. Rafe apologized for not grilling Rolf, and he promised Gabi that he would go there and get a confession. "Thank you for believing in me when I've given you reasons to doubt me," Gabi said. Gabi added, "In the end, the truth will come out."

After changing clothes, Gabi talked to the Stefano portrait in the living room. "I'm going to prove to the world that I'm right. I'm going to bring your son home," Gabi said. "He's already here," Chad said. Gabi turned and saw Chad enter the room.

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