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Xander moved out. Victor asked Sarah to reconsider her feelings about Xander. Marlena asked Allie to reconsider giving up her child. After Justin overheard Hope and Jennifer talk about Steve's feelings, Justin told Kayla, and he left her at the altar. Kayla and Steve left town for a romantic getaway. Bonnie visited Justin. Jake met Vivian. Vivian made a deal with Kate. Gabi and Jake made a celibacy pact. Chad cozied up to Gwen.
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Justin left Kayla at the altar, and Kayla and Steve left town for a romantic getaway
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Kayla and Justin's wedding day begins Kayla and Justin's wedding day begins
Monday, July 6, 2020
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander finished packing then stepped into the living room, which had been decorated for Justin and Kayla's wedding ceremony, to say goodbye to Victor, who was trying to solve a crossword puzzle.

Victor assumed that Xander had decided to move out of the mansion as a way of protesting Brady's reinstatement as Titan's CEO. "Just between us, there's a good chance that Brady may be stepping down [soon...and] you did a wonderful job as CEO, [so] you're my candidate to replace him," Victor revealed, surprising Xander. "So, don't go away mad --" Victor continued. "Just go away," Sarah interjected, joining Victor and Xander in the living room. "If the job opens up, I'm definitely interested," Xander assured Victor. "But I'm not moving out because I'm mad about being fired; I'm moving out because that's what Sarah wants," Xander clarified.

"Since when do you get to tell people they can't live in my house?" Victor snapped at Sarah. "Leave her alone. [Look], her mother's here, so [this is] where she needs to be...which means I have to go," Xander said to Victor. "I understand you're angry about what Xander and I did...[but] it seems to me that he's rather contrite, [so]...can't you give him a break?" Victor challenged Sarah. "I tried...[but then] he offered to give me another person's baby to replace Mickey --" Sarah began to explain. "And that made you angry? Seems to me like a very nice gesture..." Victor mused. "Because you're just as clueless as he is!" Sarah spat.

"Where can I reach you?" Victor asked Xander after realizing that the matter was settled. "Salem Inn," Xander replied. "Please, uh, give Justin my every best wish for a happy future...even though the bastard didn't invite me to the wedding..." Xander grumbled before exiting the mansion. "Seems you and I need to have a little talk," Victor said to Sarah once the coast was clear. "Look, I [just] came downstairs to tell you that Mom's cold got worse, so she has to stay in bed -- I don't want it to turn into bronchitis," Sarah reported, hoping to distract Victor. "So, she has to miss the wedding," Victor translated before forging ahead, to Sarah's dismay.

"Xander's changed because of you, [just like] I've changed because of your mother. [And], like Xander, I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, [but] Maggie's always forgiven me. [And] when I tell her how important that is to me, she always says she'd rather be with an imperfect man that she loves than miserable and alone. Think about that," Victor advised Sarah.

During a coffee break at the town square, Jack and Jennifer discussed Gabi's acquittal, which had blindsided the reporters just as much as it had blindsided Chad -- and Abigail, as well. Jennifer wasn't convinced that sharing the news with Abigail had been the right thing to do, but Jack argued that Abigail would have eventually found out about what had happened one way or another -- and that it was therefore best to ensure that loved ones, not strangers, delivered the news. "[But] what if [it] slows her recovery process, knowing all of this?" Jennifer fretted. "I still think that honesty is the best policy," Jack reasoned.

"Except when it comes to Steve and Kayla," Jennifer countered. "Steve had plenty of time to tell Kayla how he felt, [and] he didn't -- [and] it's not [our] place [to do so]. If anyone is going to tell Kayla the truth, it has to be him -- it has to be," Jack maintained. "[Fine] -- I will do it his way," Jennifer grudgingly promised once again. "But I don't like it," Jennifer quickly clarified once again. "Do you?" Jennifer challenged Jack, who still didn't want to get involved but was at least willing to concede that it wasn't fair of Steve to make any decision for Kayla, let alone such a potentially life-altering one.

Steve, who was still crashing on the couch at Hope's house, awoke to the aroma of fresh coffee. " is the day..." Hope, who had just entered the living room with two cups of the beverage, hesitantly began while handing over the cup that was meant for Steve. "I hardly slept a wink," Steve sarcastically declared. "[I mean, I just can't wait to receive] my very own key to the city --" Steve continued. "Kayla's getting married today -- that's why you didn't sleep," Hope countered. "[That's] today? Totally slipped my mind," Steve claimed. "Right..." Hope replied.

"I [truly] do believe that Kayla has a good future with Justin, [and] I don't want to ruin her happiness," Steve maintained. "And what about your happiness?" Hope wondered. "I get free coffee every morning at Casa de Brady, [and] this afternoon, I'll be getting my very own key to the city -- what more could a dude ask for?" Steve reasoned with a shrug.

Jack was alone in the town square, waiting for the award ceremony to begin, when Xander walked by, en route to the Salem Inn. Jack seized the opportunity to ask for an update on Xander's campaign to win back Sarah. "I'd rather not go into the details, but...let's just say I stepped in it -- up to my knees," Xander admitted with a sigh. "I've done that a few times myself...[but] if Jennifer Horton could still be putting up with me after all these years, there may [still] be a chance [for] you and Sarah Horton," Jack stressed. "I appreciate you saying that...[but] maybe it's time I move on," Xander conceded before walking away with another sigh.

At the Brady Pub, Sonny treated Justin to breakfast as a way of trying to make up for the previous night, when Sonny and Will had failed to observe the time-honored tradition of taking the groom out for drinks on the eve of the wedding ceremony. "You two seemed a little...upset...when I [saw you last night...and] I heard you guys talking about Allie..." Justin recalled. "Eh, we didn't want to get into it [then] -- we wanted you to get a good night's sleep -- [and] I don't want to talk about it [now, either, because] the focus should be on you today," Sonny replied.

"Having pre-wedding jitters?" Sonny wondered. "To be absolutely honest...yeah, I am," Justin admitted. "Dad, if you're feeling guilty about marrying another woman -- [one] that isn't Mom -- [then you should know that] I truly believe this is what Mom would want," Sonny stressed. "Did one of my idiot brothers say something?" Sonny continued. "No, no -- they know, they...they wished us the best...and, actually, they said they were sorry they couldn't be here..." Justin reported. "Okay... Then what is it?" Sonny asked. "Steve," Justin clarified.

"Look, you can't deny that he's back in town -- or that he was brainwashed when he signed those divorce papers -- [and that] kind of takes the edge off of complete bliss... I just keep waiting for the other shoe to drop..." Justin explained. "Dad, Kayla loves you now. [And that] sucks for Uncle Steve, [and] I'm sorry [about that]...but that's life. [Kayla] had a choice to make, and she made it. The battle's over," Sonny argued. "But it doesn't feel like I won -- it feels like Steve [just] took himself out of the running," Justin revealed.

"And what if he changes his mind?" Justin fretted. "If Uncle Steve was gonna make a move on Kayla, he's not the kind of guy that would do it on her wedding day. And even if he did, who's to say that Kayla would want him? [So] Mom would say...'stop borrowing trouble,'" Sonny advised. "Thank you for the pep talk -- [you know], you are the best son anyone could wish for," Justin replied. "You're just saying that 'cause I'm your only son showing up for your wedding," Sonny guessed. "To be perfectly honest...I'm not sure your brothers are sold on me marrying Kayla," Justin admitted. "Because they haven't seen how happy she makes you," Sonny reasoned.

Sonny paid the bill then led Justin out of the pub while raving about how the Kiriakis mansion had been decorated for the wedding ceremony -- and they both froze at the sight of Steve, who was en route to the town square. Steve seized the opportunity to ask for a minute alone with Justin, who decided to grant the request. Sonny reluctantly headed off to the town square to pick up a few things for the wedding -- and soon crossed paths with Jack, who was equally concerned about what Steve wanted to say to Justin. Meanwhile, Steve again encouraged Justin to marry Kayla -- then guessed that the union had Adrienne's blessing, as well.

At the Salem Inn, Xander let a woman into a room then placed a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob and shut the door while undoing shirt buttons -- just as Sarah approached the room, having possibly seen everything.

Justin rejoined Sonny and revealed what had just happened with Steve. "So, are you gonna relax and enjoy your wedding day now?" Sonny wondered. "I do feel like a certain weight has been lifted," Justin admitted. Meanwhile, Jack went to the pub in search of Steve, who revealed what had just happened with Justin. "In other words, you lied through your teeth," Jack summarized. "Don't. Start," Steve warned.

At the Brady townhouse, Kayla received an unexpected visit from Will, who apologetically revealed that the wedding might have to be postponed because the justice of the peace had just backed out of the event for some reason -- and no one else seemed to be available as a substitute. Jennifer and Hope soon arrived, and both happily argued that it would clearly be best to just postpone the wedding. Kayla didn't want to do that -- and Will eventually thought of another option. "I just can't even believe you did that so fast..." Jennifer grumbled after Will finished getting ordained online, and Hope agreed. "I know, right?" Will replied.

Kayla and Will were both oblivious to Jennifer and Hope's shared disappointment about the salvaged wedding. "Thank you for being such a genius -- and [for] the brilliant idea!" Kayla raved while hugging Will, who soon rushed off to get ready for the wedding. "Hopefully, that will be the last fire we put out today," Kayla said to Jennifer and Hope, who both forced smiles and nodded in response.

After helping Kayla get ready for the wedding, Jennifer and Hope left the townhouse together -- and started discussing Steve's secret. "I hate the thought of Kayla and Justin getting married when she has no idea how much Steve wants her back," Jennifer fretted to Hope while they were passing through the park together -- both unaware that Justin was nearby, en route to the cemetery, and could hear everything they were saying.

Justin and Kayla's wedding is interrupted Justin and Kayla's wedding is interrupted
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Outside the pub, Jack sat next to Steve on the bench, and Jack reminded his brother that there was still time to fight for Kayla before the wedding. "I've thrown Kayla's life into a tailspin too many times. I won't do that again," Steve said. Jack told Steve to make sure he could live with that decision for the rest of his life. With a shrug, Steve said it would be a horrible idea to wait until the day of Kayla's wedding to confess his feelings.

"What good would it do? She loves the guy. She said yes when he proposed," Steve said. Jack reminded Steve that Kayla had convinced herself to give up Steve before when she had married Jack. "Yeah, but unlike you back then, Justin isn't a creep," Steve said. With a nod, Jack told Steve that he did not think it was fair for Steve to keep his feelings from Kayla and Justin. Steve said he could hear Adrienne in his head telling him that if he had not run off after Stefano, he would have been in Salem to help Kayla get Justin through the loss of Adrienne. Jack laughed.

As Jack's smile faded, he warned Steve not to put other people's happiness before his own. "It's about damn time, isn't it?" Steve asked. "Please don't," Jack said. Steve said he loved Kayla too much to ruin her wedding. With a pat on Jack's shoulder, Steve walked away.

At the café in the square, Marlena told John that she was disappointed that they had to attend the key ceremony rather than go to Justin and Kayla's wedding. John confessed that he was relieved. "Steve's my best friend, and I know, no matter what he says, this is killing him to stand by while Kayla marries another man," John said.

In the park, Hope and Jennifer talked about how Steve had sworn both of them to secrecy about Steve's unresolved feelings for Kayla. Nearby, Justin overheard the conversation. "I hate the thought of Kayla getting married when she has no idea that Steve wants her back," Jennifer said. Jennifer wished Hope good luck at the ceremony, and she left to meet with Kayla. Justin called out to Hope.

"I thought you'd be home, getting ready for the wedding," Hope said. Justin told Hope he had overheard her conversation with Jennifer. "Steve wants Kayla back?" Justin asked. Justin told Hope that he had spoken to Steve, and Steve had stressed that he wanted Justin and Kayla to get married and be happy together.

"I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that Steve is still in love with Kay," Hope said. Hope explained that Steve would not act on his feelings. Confused, Justin asked Hope why Steve had not told Kayla about his feelings. Hope told Justin that Steve had planned to tell Kayla, but he had witnessed Justin propose to Kayla first.

"Kayla found the letter from him in the office right after I asked Kayla to marry me," Justin whispered. Justin noted that if Kayla knew the truth, "It could change everything." Justin asked Hope why she had not told Kayla. Hope said that she and Jennifer had decided that the only person that could tell Kayla about Steve's feelings was Steve. "And he has chosen not to," Hope added. Justin frowned.

"If I thought for a second that Kayla didn't really, truly love you, I'd tell you," Hope said. Hope told Justin about how Kayla had excitedly talked about him that morning. Hope urged Justin not to let what he had heard about Steve ruin his wedding day. Justin nodded yes.

"I wish I could be there today. I have a key to accept," Hope said sheepishly. "I heard," Justin said. "I hope your day is perfect," Hope whispered. Hope kissed Justin on the cheek, and she left.

Before the ceremony started in the town square, Kate told Abe about the process. "You do know that I've done things like this before?" Abe said. Kate nodded. Abe complained that the ceremony was a PR stunt, but Kate argued that the PR stunt would be good for Abe. When Kate noted that everyone was running late, Abe told Kate she should not have scheduled the event at the same time as "Steve and Kayla's wedding." Abe corrected himself.

"Is that a Freudian slip?" Kate asked. Abe said he was "just in the habit of saying Steve and Kayla." Marlena and John arrived. "May I see your speeches?" Kate asked. When John noted that he had his speech in his head, Kate groaned. "I'm simply going to thank Hope and Steve for coming to the rescue and stopping Orpheus from blowing us all to smithereens," John said. Frustrated, Kate swore she would strangle Hope and Steve if they did not show up for the ceremony.

When Hope arrived, Kate asked about Steve. Hope shrugged. "It wouldn't surprise me if he ditched this and crashed the wedding," John whispered to Marlena. "Bite your tongue," Kate barked at John. Kate spotted Steve approaching, and she called out to him. "Is that what you're wearing?" Kate asked Steve. Dressed in his usual attire, Steve said, "I mean, did you rent me a tux or something?" Abe assured Steve that his attire was fine. Kate wanted to discuss the ceremony, but Hope pulled Steve aside to talk first.

Hope told Steve that Justin had overheard her and Jennifer talking in the park about Steve's love for Kayla. "He's not going to say anything to Kayla, is he?" Steve asked. Hope said she did not think Justin would say anything, but she also pointed out that half of Salem knew the truth. "Don't you think it's time you told the one person who really needs to know?" Hope asked. Kate interrupted to demand that the ceremony start.

As Abe introduced the recipients of the award, Steve thought about his first wedding to Kayla. "I took your strength and your courage, and I spoke," Kayla had told Steve that day. "You remember when I told you that everything I have, everything I am, is yours? I meant that. The strength that I gave you today, I got it from you," Steve had said. As Abe announced Steve's name, he stared into the distance, lost in thought. Kate nudged Steve, and he stepped forward to accept the key to the city from Abe.

After the ceremony, Hope, Steve, and Abe chatted. "Maybe [the key] will help us get out of jail someday," Steve joked. "What it will do is get you punch and sandwiches at the reception," Abe said. Kate joined the conversation to announce that there was no room in the budget for a reception. "Since the reception was canceled, why don't we head over to Brady Pub and celebrate," Marlena suggested.

While everyone walked over to the pub, Kate stopped Abe. "The aftermath of an event is always more important than the event itself," Kate said. Kate told Abe that her stream of the ceremony had received over 100,000 hits. Abe's eyes went wide. Kate said that Abe was famous because he had given a wonderful speech. "You wrote that speech," Abe said. Kate countered that Abe had given the speech heart and warmth. Kate asked Abe to admit that the ceremony had been a good idea. With a sly smile, Abe agreed.

At the Brady Pub, Steve, Hope, and Marlena ate while John told a story about a case. Steve stared at his spoon, clearly not listening. "You okay, man?" John asked. Steve said he was fine. "You're among friends, be honest. While we sit here trading war stories, Kayla is marrying your brother-in-law," Hope said. Steve admitted that he and Kayla had spent more years apart than together. "Stop being a martyr," Hope said. John told Steve to listen to his heart.

"This is not The Graduate. I'm not going to go crash the wedding and declare my love," Steve said. Steve added that Kayla should already know how he felt about her. "Has it occurred to you maybe she doesn't know?" Marlena asked. Marlena reminded Steve that he had repeatedly told Kayla to move on. Hope agreed.

"Is it possible that you're afraid of being rejected by her?" Marlena asked. Steve said no. "Let's do something about it," John said. Marlena asked Steve to make a decision that he could live with for the rest of his life. Steve said he could not watch Kayla move on with Justin, so he planned to go to Europe to handle a Black Patch case. "You mean leave Salem indefinitely?" John asked. "Exactly," Steve confirmed.

In the Kiriakis living room, Will broke the news to Sonny and Victor that he had stepped in and been ordained as a minister when the justice of the peace had been forced to cancel officiating Justin's wedding. Will, Sonny, and Victor joked about what else could go wrong with the wedding.

"After what Justin has been through, he deserves this happiness. And Kayla deserves it, too, after what Steve Johnson put her through," Victor said. Will announced that he needed to prepare for the ceremony, and Victor noted that the bride and groom had six weddings under their belts already. "The important thing is to do [the ceremony] fast so that we can all start drinking," Victor joked.

Will asked Sonny if he had heard from Allie. Sonny said no, but he reminded Will that not a lot of time had passed. Victor asked about Allie. Will told Victor that Allie was in town and pregnant. Sonny explained that Allie intended to give her baby up for adoption. With a shrug, Sonny said that Allie wanted Rafe to adopt the child, but he and Will were still hopeful that they would be able to adopt the baby. Victor advised Will and Sonny that the adoption would be a mistake.

"There are children all over the world who need a new home. Find one that is not related to Sami," Victor counseled. Sonny argued that Victor did not have the moral authority to tell him what to do after what Victor had done with Sarah's child. Will interrupted, and he begged Sonny and Victor to stop arguing. Will suggested that the situation would be moot if Rafe decided to adopt the baby.

After Will headed upstairs, Victor asked Sonny about Justin. "He said he was going to put flowers on mom's grave, but he seemed a little nervous. Sad," Sonny said. Confused, Victor noted that he had not seen Justin "this happy in ages." Justin entered. Sonny asked what was wrong. Justin said he had placed a bouquet of flowers on Adrienne's grave, and it had reminded him of his first marriage to Adrienne.

"Adrienne and I hadn't known each other for very long, and we had no idea what was ahead of us. No idea that our future would include four sons, four weddings, infertility, cancer, so much drama, and so much happiness," Justin said. Victor noted that weddings later in life were simpler. "It's less grand, but you have a better idea of what lies ahead. No more sons, one wedding, fewer tears, and hopefully much more happiness," Victor said. Victor asked for Sonny to pour ouzo to celebrate.

With drinks in hand, Victor toasted, "You're a lucky man. At the end of your life, you will have had two wonderful wives. You deserve this happiness. Yamas!"

While preparing for her wedding, Kayla found the wedding photo of her and Steve. Kayla thought about her first wedding. Joey called Kayla from prison. "I wish you could be here, too," Kayla said. Kayla dabbed the tears from her eyes, and she asked Joey if he had spoken to his father. Joey said he had. "I just want you to know that your dad and I will always be connected because of you and Stephanie," Kayla said. Kayla said that Steve wanted her to be happy and that she wanted to marry Justin. Joey told Kayla that he was happy for her.

When Jennifer arrived, Kayla was still drying her eyes. Jennifer asked what was wrong. Kayla explained that she had been talking to Joey and that she missed her son. "He was very sweet and supportive and happy for me and Justin. But I could hear in his voice that he really wished that me and his father were remarrying," Kayla said. Jennifer averted her eyes. Jennifer told Kayla that Joey did not know what Kayla and Justin were like as a couple. "[Joey] wants you to be happy," Jennifer said. "I am happy, Jen. I am marrying a wonderful man," Kayla said.

After Jennifer helped Kayla get ready for the wedding, she gave Kayla a blue topaz bracelet. "It is something old, borrowed, and blue. And it is something Adrienne gave to me after Abigail was born," Jennifer said. Jennifer noted that the stone represented "clarity of feelings." As Jennifer placed the bracelet on Kayla's wrist, she asked if Kayla was having any second thoughts. Before Kayla could answer, Jack barged in. Jack asked if he had interrupted anything.

"No. Your wife was just asking me if I had any second thoughts about getting married today. And the answer to that question is yes. I am," Kayla said. Kayla explained that all brides felt that way. "This feels different, and I know what blessings a marriage can bring, but I also know that you can feel so alone in a marriage, more than you did when you were even single," Kayla said. Kayla explained that her marriage to Steve had been a roller coaster and that she needed someone reliable like Justin.

While Kayla went to her room to retrieve her purse, Jack sighed. "Sounds like she's giving herself a sales pitch," Jack said. "Yeah because she believes that Steve doesn't love her anymore," Jennifer said. When Kayla was ready, Jack and Jennifer escorted her over to the Kiriakis mansion for the ceremony. Jack and Jennifer stood by the doorway to the living room as the music cued up. Justin and the attendees looked expectantly at the foyer, but Kayla did not appear.

"I think something is wrong," Sonny whispered to Victor. Worried, Jennifer ducked back into the foyer to check on Kayla. Kayla was dealing with a broken shoe. Jennifer asked Jack to stall while she fixed "a wardrobe malfunction." Jack closed the doors and asked Henderson to stop the music. Jack lied and said he had forgotten that he was supposed to recite one of Kayla and Justin's favorite poems.

"Maud Muller on a summer's day, raked the meadow sweet with hay," Jack started. In the foyer, Kayla asked Jennifer if she looked okay without shoes. "You look so beautiful," Jennifer said. In the living room, Jack continued to drone on with his poem. "This is dad and Kayla's favorite poem?" Sonny asked Victor. "I knew this would happen. He's finally lost his mind," Victor muttered. When Jack recited the line "what might have been," Justin thought about Jennifer and Hope's conversation in the park. Justin closed his eyes.

Jennifer opened the doors, and the music cued up again. Kayla appeared and started down the aisle. When Kayla reached Justin, she took his hand and smiled. Will started the ceremony. When Will asked if there were any objections, Justin said, "There is something I need to say."

Justin tells Kayla that Steve still loves her Justin tells Kayla that Steve still loves her
Wednesday, July 8, 2020
by Mike

At the Brady Pub, John, Marlena, and Hope took turns trying to talk Steve out of committing to an ISA mission in Europe that could take months or even years to complete.

"[It] means you're gonna have to go underground," John stressed. "Yeah -- where I won't have to watch Kayla and Justin be happy together," Steve replied. "[But] what about your children?" Marlena wondered. "I will figure out a way to explain it to them," Steve replied. "[Maybe] Justin's conscience got the better of him, and he decided to tell Kayla that you're still in love with her," Hope suggested. "Justin's not gonna tell Kayla how I feel about her -- I mean, he's a decent guy, but he's not an idiot, [so] he's not gonna jeopardize spending the rest of his life with her," Steve replied.

"Disappearing isn't gonna make you forget Kayla," John warned. "It's a start...[and it's] what I want [and] what I need, [so]...what about it, John?" Steve impatiently countered. "Why do you need my permission? Hell, you're a grown man -- if you want to run away, go for it," John bitterly replied. "Actually, I'm flying away -- I got a ticket to DC [already]," Steve clarified. "When does your flight leave?" Marlena interjected. "Soon," Steve revealed. "John, I love you like a brother, but I can't stay here and watch my wife be married to another man," Steve explained.

"You know, I just doubled our caseload because I brought you back into the business," John complained. "Why are you being so stubborn about this?" Steve wondered. "Because I know this mission -- if you get on that flight, I will never see you again!" John fretted. "Honey, you're not gonna change his mind. He needs our support right now," Marlena advised, and Hope agreed, leaving John outnumbered. "Okay -- it's settled!" Steve triumphantly summarized before saying a quick goodbye to John and Marlena then rushing off with Hope to get ready for the flight.

Marlena watched sympathetically as John reluctantly dialed a phone number. "Well, at least Shane's happy..." John grumbled after telling the ISA about Steve's decision. "I know how much you love having Steve with you --" Marlena began to respond. "It's not about me, Doc -- this just isn't good for Steve, going off again... [I mean], my partner's not a young man anymore..." John stressed. "Hey, what about a game of darts?" Marlena randomly suggested. "With you? I'd just crush you!" John bluntly replied. "It'd be nice for you to win [for a change], wouldn't it?" Marlena coolly reasoned, knowing that John had always lost to Steve.

John chuckled and started reminiscing about Steve -- then suddenly realized why Marlena had broached the topic of darts in the first place. "Thank you," John whispered to Marlena, who smiled and nodded in response.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will stepped aside with obvious confusion, giving Justin the floor. "[Kayla], there is nothing I would love more than to hear you take me as your lawfully wedded husband..." Justin began. "But I can't let this wedding go on without you knowing the truth -- [you see], I was on my way over here today, and I just happened to overhear Hope and Jennifer talking..." Justin continued, drawing a quiet groan from Jennifer. "They were discussing Steve's feelings for you -- [you see], he still loves you, honey...and he wants you back," Justin concluded, stunning Kayla.

"I feel so bad..." Jennifer said to Justin. "After you left, I talked to Hope," Justin said to Jennifer. "[Kayla], Steve never stopped loving you [and] never stopped wanting to be your husband, [but...well], you know how guilty he felt about abandoning you, and getting caught by Stefano, and treating you so badly... [Anyway, I guess] he got past [that eventually and] realized that he couldn't live without you...[but then] he saw me make a complete fool of myself in the middle of the nurses' station [with my proposal, so] he backed off [again]," Justin said to Kayla.

"I wanted to tell you --" Jennifer began to explain to Kayla. "Steve confided in me, [and then] I told Jennifer because we don't keep secrets from each other," Jack quickly clarified for Kayla, not wanting Jennifer to get any of the blame. "Hope said it was really hard [on everyone], keeping it from you...[but they all] agreed that it was up to Steve to talk to you," Justin informed Kayla. "[And] you know how stubborn he is," Jack reminded Kayla. "[Yeah, this is] just like him -- confide in all my friends but not in me," Kayla grumbled. "He was just trying to do right by you," Jack stressed.

"Good God, I can't believe we're rehashing this here -- [I mean], who cares what Steve Johnson feels? Let's just get on with [the wedding]!" Victor interjected. "Victor's right -- why are you talking about [Steve] now?" Kayla asked Justin. "[Because] I couldn't get married unless you knew the truth," Justin clarified for Kayla with a shrug. "[But] what am I supposed to do [with this information]?" Kayla wondered. "Just think back to the day that Steve went to the hospital [to talk to you, and ask yourself]...if he had [gotten] the chance to tell you what was in his heart before I proposed, would we still be standing here right now?" Justin replied.

"You do know what you are asking me to process here, right in the middle of our wedding...[right]?" Kayla asked incredulously. "It's not fair," Justin apologetically acknowledged. "I'm not blaming you," Kayla stressed. "I wish I had taken a different route today -- not gone through the square and overheard Jen and Hope's conversation... We'd be married now -- we'd be celebrating with everyone..." Justin mused. "But getting all existential doesn't change the fact that I did hear what I heard -- and, even before I heard it, it's been on my mind that maybe you've been avoiding your feelings for Steve because you didn't want to hurt me..." Justin continued.

"I want you to have whatever makes you the happiest," Justin concluded. "I don't know what to say..." Kayla admitted, fighting back tears. "You don't have to say a word -- I can see it in your eyes," Justin conceded, forcing a smile. "The reason I didn't come straight to you after I talked to Hope is because I went to the cemetery [instead]..." Justin began to explain.

"I wanted to tell Adrienne that if things had been different -- if she had survived that accident -- that I would still be married to her, and you would still be our dear friend... And the thing that I've learned about falling in love with a dear friend is that [the] friendship doesn't die..." Justin continued. "Steve wants you back, and as a man who is madly in love with you, I wish that wasn't the case...but as a man who -- who is your friend and always will be, I'm happy for you," Justin concluded before giving Kayla a hug. "Justin, you mean so much to me... I never wanted to hurt you like this..." Kayla stressed. "I know. We are good," Justin replied.

"Thank you all for coming, [but] there isn't going to be a wedding today," Justin said to the guests before rushing out of the mansion.

"I'm gonna go find my dad," Sonny said to Will. "Okay, yeah -- let me know if there's anything I can do," Will said to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Jennifer comforted Kayla, who was staring at Justin's guitar, which was leaning against the fireplace. "You know, I will never hear the song [Justin wrote for me as my 'something new']..." Kayla realized. "Did you see how hurt [Justin] was? I mean, how could Steve do that?" Kayla grumbled. "[Steve] thinks that [Justin] deserves you more [because] Justin is 'such a good man,'" Jack explained. "Well, [Justin] certainly proved [that] today, didn't he?" Kayla mused. "Kayla, I know that you love Justin...[but] you belong with Steve," Jennifer argued. "Do I? I mean, I'll always love him...but do I?" Kayla countered. "I think you do," Jennifer maintained.

"[But] the only way that you'll know that is if you go to him right now [and] talk to him," Jennifer advised. "Yeah -- that's what I'm gonna do!" Kayla decided before starting to rush off.

"I don't have any shoes," Kayla suddenly remembered, prompting Jennifer to remove and hand over a pair of shoes.

Sonny followed Justin to the Brady townhouse. "You don't have to do this now," Sonny argued as Justin started packing. "It's Kayla's [place]. I'd rather try to avoid another gut-wrenching encounter [with her later]," Justin explained, prompting Sonny to offer to help. "I was really proud of you today, Dad -- I don't know if that helps at all, but..." Sonny stressed. "It does," Justin admitted.

Justin eventually stumbled upon a framed photograph of Kayla and Steve that had been hidden in a drawer. "That's just what you needed to see..." Sonny mused. "Not that it's a shock -- I mean, I would never dream of getting rid of your mom's pictures..." Justin conceded. "You know, after Will and I broke up, the only thing that helped was time..." Sonny advised. "You're helping me -- a lot," Justin stressed.

Justin thought about putting the framed photograph back in the drawer but decided to leave it out on display instead.

Kayla went to Hope's house in search of Steve, who wasn't there. Kayla and Hope took turns getting each other up to speed on everything that had happened on their respective ends that day. "Go to the airport -- maybe you can catch [Steve]," Hope encouraged Kayla. "I'd better, [because] he has some explaining to do," Kayla complained to Hope before rushing off.

At the airport, Steve finished recording a voicemail message for Jack -- then received a phone call from Hope. "Sorry, Sweet Thing -- no time," Steve decided before sending the call to voicemail and boarding a plane.

Jack and Jennifer went to Hope's house in search of Steve. While Hope was explaining everything, Jack received Steve's voicemail message, which sounded like a very final goodbye.

Sonny returned to the Kiriakis mansion and explained to Will that Justin had gone to the Brady townhouse to pack -- and had then requested some time alone. "Do you know where he went?" Will asked. "I have a pretty good idea," Sonny replied. Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Justin knelt beside Adrienne's grave and said with a sigh, "Here we are again -- just you and me..."

"Things didn't work out the way I planned... Remember me telling you that Steve was just pretending to be over Kayla? [Well], I decided I couldn't keep it from her. I guess I should have known when Steve came back that it would end this way, [because] if that guy was anywhere on this planet, Kayla would be drawn to him...and if anyone can understand that, it's me, because if I found [out] that there was a chance that you were alive -- [even if you were] living in Timbuktu -- I wouldn't stop until I found you; there would be no one else for me," Justin continued as someone else entered the cemetery.

"Adrienne?" Justin said to the new arrival.

Kayla arrived at the airport and realized that Steve's plane had just taken off seconds earlier.

As Kayla broke down, Steve appeared, having decided not to take the flight.

Kayla and Steve reunite Kayla and Steve reunite
Thursday, July 9, 2020
by Mike

While passing through the town square, Lucas ran into Kate, who was still celebrating the fact that a social media post about the earlier award ceremony had gone viral.

"Over 300,000 'likes' now!" Kate bragged while practically forcing a clearly uninterested Lucas to look at the post. "This was a big accomplishment, you know -- when I took over this job, the social page, it was absolutely dead! [And] this is only the beginning! I have so many ideas for this, Lucas -- it's gonna be great! I am gonna put this town on the social media map!" Kate stressed. "Great -- now your life has purpose..." Lucas muttered. "Seriously? Don't do that to me! Really? [You know] could maybe show a little enthusiasm [and] support, perhaps -- 'Hey, Mom, what are your ideas?' You know, something like that..." Kate protested.

"I'm sorry, [but] I don't feel enthusiastic or supportive right now, [okay]? I'm worried about Allie...[and] what she's gonna do with the baby," Lucas explained. "I think Allie is doing the sensible thing -- [I mean], she's not ready to take care of a child; she just got out of childhood herself!" Kate declared. "I was young [when I became a parent, too], but I thank God every day that I didn't give Will up," Lucas countered. "I wonder what Will would have to say about that..." Kate dryly mused, annoying Lucas. "Honey, it's the truth! [I mean], look at what Will went through -- he practically raised Sami, rather than the other way around!" Kate maintained.

"[Let's be honest -- when people think about the history of] Lucas Horton [and] Sami Brady...I mean, the word 'stable' does not come to mind," Kate stressed. "You're gonna say that to my face? Really? Why don't you give me a break -- I'm under enough stress!" Lucas protested. "I just want you to understand the fact that raising a child in a loving home, with parents that want it [and] can take care of it [and] handle it -- I mean, that's not a bad thing," Kate explained. "Ironic, because I [already] told you there's a couple who could handle that," Lucas noted. "Yes, of course -- [and] that's wonderful; I mean, [Will and Sonny are] great parents," Kate conceded.

"[Right] -- Will is a very stable, responsible father, isn't he? So, I guess Sami and I didn't screw him up that bad, did we?" Lucas triumphantly summarized. "Okay, I can totally see you're not gonna let me live that down..." Kate replied with a groan. "Eh, maybe if I was more 'stable' [and] didn't have so many problems..." Lucas bitterly suggested. "I don't even see why you're upset about this, [because Will and Sonny are] wonderful parents [and are] obviously willing to adopt the baby -- [and that means] it still stays in the family; I mean, it's not like Allie would be giving away her child to a stranger!" Kate argued with a shrug.

"You're right -- she's not," Rafe agreed while approaching Kate and Lucas' table. "This is a family matter and has nothing to do with you," Kate stressed. "Actually, it does -- [see], Allie asked me to adopt her baby," Rafe countered, stunning Kate and Lucas. "Same old story -- as soon as Allie hears something she doesn't like from Sami and I, [she] runs to her doting 'stepfather'..." Lucas grumbled after realizing that Allie had first confided in Rafe about the pregnancy after a father-daughter argument. "Lucas, that's not fair," Kate argued. "Or true, for that matter," Rafe insisted.

"[Look, this] caught me completely by surprise, but it was totally her idea -- [I mean], I guess she thinks I'd be a good father and give the child a good home," Rafe summarized. "Well, news flash -- Will and Sonny are thinking the same thing," Lucas revealed, surprising Rafe. "I should talk to [Allie] and clear this all up," Rafe decided before rushing off.

As soon as the coast was clear, Lucas started to dial Sami's cell phone number, believing that no one was better suited to put a quick stop to Rafe's consideration of Allie's offer. "Are you crazy?" Kate protested, snatching Lucas' cell phone. "You promised Allie that you wouldn't tell her mother, [so] unless you're willing to risk losing [her] forever... [I mean], do you remember how you felt when I ever-so-gently tried to guide your life --" Kate continued. "Ruin my life," Lucas clarified. "You forgave me...countless times, [including] times when I shouldn't have been forgiven...[but] Allie is one-half Sami, which means [that] she is unforgiving," Kate concluded.

Allie went with Eric and Nicole to the Brady Pub for dinner -- then tried to back out of the meal after spotting John and Marlena inside the restaurant. "No one is gonna judge you," Eric assured Allie, who nodded then entered the building and greeted John and Marlena, still clearly nervous. "Good to see you," Allie stressed. "Well, I'm glad you feel that way -- we didn't know because you hadn't returned our phone calls," Marlena replied. "Yeah -- we...we were starting to think that maybe you were avoiding us," John joked. "Actually...I kind of was," Allie admitted. "Why?" Marlena wondered. "Because of this..." Allie, who was wearing a hoodie, began to explain.

"I know what you must think -- I'm mother all over again..." Allie preemptively acknowledged after removing the hoodie. "Well, first of all, I love your mother very much...but I don't think you're her 'all over again'; I think you are unique in your own way, and I love you as much as I love her," Marlena stressed. "I feel so stupid --" Allie admitted. "You know what? Let's not say 'stupid'; let's say...'human,'" Marlena suggested. "I just wish that, uh, you'd come to John and me earlier -- you know, we're always here for you," Marlena continued, drawing a nod of agreement from John. "Thank you," Allie replied, clearly relieved.

"See? I told you!" Eric reminded Allie with a wink. "He and Nicole have been so great," Allie raved to John and Marlena, prompting Eric to argue that only Nicole truly deserved such praise. "Allie and I, we've...had our moments, and I've been told I can be quite 'patriarchal'..." Eric admitted. "He doesn't think I should give the baby up for adoption," Allie explained. "You're giving the baby up for adoption?" Marlena repeated. "[Yeah -- and] Eric thinks it's a terrible idea," Allie elaborated. "Well, [that's] not exactly true -- I just told her that it was a very big decision," Eric clarified. "[But] I've made [it] -- I'm not keeping the baby," Allie stressed with finality.

"Does your mother know you're pregnant?" Marlena wondered. "No -- [and] that's how I want it, [so] that's how it's going to stay," Allie replied. "Is this why you didn't want me to convince Sami to come to your wedding?" Marlena asked Eric and Nicole. "I wanted her to come to the wedding for Eric's sake...but not if she's gonna throw Allie under the bus," Nicole explained. "Well, I guess it's a good thing that I never reached Sami, [then]," Marlena decided. "Everybody thinks I'm wrong -- about everything!" Allie grumbled, sensing disapproval from Marlena.

"Allie, you just told your grandmother -- all in the space of three minutes -- that you're having a baby, and you're giving it up for adoption, and you're not telling your mother. That is a lot to process," Eric pointed out. "Eric's right," Marlena stressed. "Yeah... Honey, I think what might help this along here is if you could try to explain to your grandma why you don't want your mom to know about the baby," John suggested. "She'll only make things worse!" Allie reasoned. "I don't think that's fair -- in fact, I...I think she might even be able to help --" Marlena argued. "She's not going to help; she's gonna take over!" Allie insisted.

Eric and Nicole started to head off to the upstairs bedroom with a suitcase, sensing that it might be best to give John and Marlena some time alone with Allie. Confused, Marlena wondered why Eric was moving into the upstairs bedroom. "It's the night before the wedding -- tradition," Eric explained. "This being such a traditional family..." Allie sarcastically mused, drawing a look of disapproval from Eric.

"I'm really getting on his nerves -- even when I'm trying not to..." Allie admitted to John and Marlena after Eric rushed off with Nicole.

Returning to the earlier topic of conversation, John and Marlena promised to keep Allie's secret -- but they again argued that it would be best to tell Sami the truth, especially since secrets had a way of getting out in the Evans-Black family. John and Marlena were surprised to learn that Allie was considering letting Rafe adopt the baby -- and that Will and Sonny were potential candidates, as well. Allie thought that things would be less complicated if Rafe adopted the baby, but Marlena thought that things would be less complicated if Will and Sonny adopted the baby. "I really want to do what's right for this baby..." Allie stressed.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Will and Sonny discussed Allie's baby. "I think I'm gonna go over [to Eric and Nicole's place and] talk to her, one on one," Will eventually decided. "You think that's a good idea? I just don't want her to feel like we're pressuring her..." Sonny warned. "Oh, yeah -- no, uh, I won't make her feel that way; I know, I want to know what she's thinking..." Will clarified.

Sonny nodded then gave Will a kiss for good luck. "I think I might need it," Will admitted with a nervous chuckle before saying goodbye to Sonny then rushing off.

At the cemetery, Justin stared in disbelief at a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Adrienne. "You're alive!" Justin raved before giving the woman a kiss. "I'm not who you think I am --" the woman began to explain after pulling away from Justin. "It doesn't matter that you can't remember who you are -- Jack and Will, they couldn't remember who they were, either, at first!" Justin assured the woman. "[But] Dr. Rolf --" Justin continued, ignoring the woman's attempts to interrupt. "Stop!" the woman finally shouted to silence Justin. "I don't understand what you're talking about, okay? [But] you're making a mistake -- I'm not Adrienne," the woman stressed.

"Bonnie?" Justin realized. "Hi... Um... It's good to see you again..." Bonnie replied. "[But]...your hair, your clothes..." Justin protested. "Yeah, I know -- I look like Adrienne...even more than before," Bonnie acknowledged. "It was my publicist's idea -- to make me look more...'conservative,'" Bonnie explained. "Your publicist?" Justin repeated. "Yeah. Turns out literature is very...commercial...these days...and although I tried to stay very true to my personal style, I was at this book signing once, and I had this leopard-print, U-collar top on that I absolutely loved...and, uh...well, my cleavage had a bigger following than me..." Bonnie elaborated.

"[Anyway], it kind of distracted people from my writing, [so]..." Bonnie concluded with a shrug. "Maybe because your cleavage is deeper than your writing! And didn't that book come out a long time ago?" Justin snapped. "Well, yeah...but it just came out on paperback, [so] Love Made Me Loony is [back] on the best-seller list," Bonnie clarified. "Can you believe that? From ex-con to best-selling author!" Bonnie bragged.

"Why? Why are you here?" Justin impatiently demanded to know. "Why else? To pay my respects!" Bonnie explained. "Where the hell do you get off? You kidnapped my wife -- you dumped her in a prison and stole her life! You put her through living hell, and now you want to pay your respects? [You know], I can't believe that my wife is dead, and you are on a freaking book tour! [She] died taking someone to the hospital to have a baby -- she died helping someone else -- while haven't helped anyone in your whole miserable life!" Justin spat.

"I'm sorry -- I am sorry, [okay]? I'm sorry I let Anjelica use me like that --" Bonnie stressed. "Great -- blame a dead woman for what you did!" Justin grumbled. "I am not! [Look], read my book -- you're gonna see how I felt --" Bonnie continued. "You mean buy your book? You felt so bad that you wrote a book so you could cash in on it!" Justin countered.

"Oh, my God -- I can't believe I am seeing you today, of all days..." Justin mused with a mirthless chuckle. "You really have a sick sense of humor..." Justin muttered while looking skyward. "What do you mean? What happened?" Bonnie wondered. "'What happened' life blew up in front of me -- and then I bumped into you, a woman who I had hoped was burning in hell!" Justin began to clarify.

"Why didn't you just keep your mouth shut?" Bonnie wondered after Justin finished explaining everything. "That's what I would have done..." Bonnie admitted with a shrug. "Hmm. The fact that you wouldn't have done it confirms that it was the right thing to do," Justin stressed. "[Well], you could look at it this way -- you ripped the Band-Aid off fast," Bonnie summarized, shrugging again. "Is there any way to just make you leave me alone?" Justin begged. "Eventually, Steve and Kayla would have ended up together [again, because] supercouples -- no matter what happens...they end up together," Bonnie declared.

"Supercouples?" Justin repeated. "Duh -- like Patch and Kayla... John and Marlena... Jack and Jennifer... Me and Lucas..." Bonnie elaborated. "Obviously, love makes you even more than just 'loony' -- you are delusional, ridiculous, and very, very pathetic, [too]! Lucas probably hasn't forgotten that you tried to pimp out your own grandchild as his daughter, [you know]!" Justin argued. "We have a journey ahead of us," Bonnie agreed.

Bonnie knelt beside Adrienne's grave, ready to change the subject. "[You know], if there's one thing I learned [from] being Adrienne --" Bonnie began. "Pretending to be Adrienne!" Justin clarified. "Whatever... [Look], I'm just saying that I learned that you two were a supercouple, too...and I'm sorry it came to an end," Bonnie continued. "I'm sorry you thought I was her," Bonnie concluded before rushing off.

A short time later, while passing through the town square, Bonnie spotted Lucas and fantasized that they would have a happy reunion. "It could happen..." Bonnie insisted with a hopeful smile.

Will and Rafe ran into each other outside Eric and Nicole's apartment, where they had both gone to talk to Allie. "I had no idea that you and Sonny were interested in adopting Allie's baby," Rafe stressed. "[And] we didn't know that Allie had already talked to you about adopting the baby [when we started making plans to do so]. Sonny and I are okay with whatever happens," Will stressed.

Justin returned to the Kiriakis mansion and assured Sonny that everything was okay. After Sonny headed upstairs, Justin entered the living room and found Kayla's engagement ring.

At the airport, Steve greeted Kayla then wondered where Justin was hiding, assuming that the newlyweds were about to board a plane and fly to their honeymoon destination. "Justin's not here -- [and] we didn't get married, [because he] stopped the wedding [after] he found out [that] you still loved me [and] wanted me back," Kayla revealed. "He told you," Steve realized, stunned. "Why didn't you tell me?" Kayla snapped. "Because I could see how happy you were with Justin, [and] I honestly thought that you were better off with him than me; [I mean], you know how many times I've messed up your life..." Steve explained, shrugging.

"[Anyway], when the reality set in [that] you were getting married, I realized I couldn't stand by and watch that happen, [so I took] a Black Patch case for the ISA -- I was gonna go deep undercover, disappear... [But] I couldn't walk away -- I couldn't leave you; I love you too much --" Steve continued, earning a slap from Kayla, who had finally heard enough. "Listen, I wasn't trying to play God; I was trying to not hurt you again -- and we both know how lousy I am at that..." Steve concluded after letting Kayla lash out. "Yeah, we do..." Kayla agreed, managing a slight chuckle.

"I'm so mad at you, [and] I feel so bad about what I've done to Justin..." Kayla stressed. "I know," Steve replied. "But I couldn't become his wife, knowing that you still loved me..." Kayla admitted. "[Yes], I love you -- all the days of our lives," Steve confirmed. "[And I guess that, for me], it's like that damn song -- 'I will always love you'...but I'm not happy about it," Kayla tearfully grumbled. "I get that," Steve regretfully conceded.

Steve spontaneously offered to take a trip somewhere with Kayla, who happily agreed.

Vivian and Kate strike a deal Vivian and Kate strike a deal
Friday, July 10, 2020

In the DiMera living room, Chad talked on the phone to Abigail. Abigail wanted Chad to stay in Salem, but he refused. "See you soon, okay?" Chad said. As Chad ended his call, Gabi sauntered in with a tray and a covered dish.

"Chad! I so loved what you did for me the other day. Serving me, what was it you called it? Oh, right. My last meal before I went back to the slammer," Gabi said with a chuckle. Gabi shoved the chess pieces off the table and put the tray down on the board. Gabi lifted the cover to reveal an envelope on a plate. "What is that?" Chad asked. Gabi told Chad that enclosed in the envelope were DNA test results proving that Jake was Stefan. Chad grabbed the envelope and read the test results.

"I'm going to wait to say I told you so until your head stops exploding," Gabi said. Chad said he could not care less about his brother. Gabi asked Chad to talk to Rolf and convince him to help restore Stefan's memory. When Chad pointed out that Gabi had threatened to take back the company once Stefan's memory was restored, Gabi countered that she had only said that Stefan would have as much claim to the company as Chad.

"Whatever convoluted language, bottom line, no," Chad said. Chad laughed. Gabi told Chad that with or without his help, Stefan would remember and help her "grind you into dust." Gabi stormed out. As Chad crumpled up the DNA report, Jack and Jennifer walked into the living room.

"Bad news?" Jack asked. "Depends on who you ask," Chad said. Chad explained that Stefan was alive and that Gabi intended to take back the company with Stefan. "You need to stop her. You cannot let her do this to your family," Jennifer said. "I need to be in Florida with Abigail," Chad said. Jack disagreed. Jack warned Chad that he needed to stop his brother. Jennifer agreed, and she said that Abigail would insist that Chad stay and fight for the company.

"I can't let her deal with what she is going through alone," Chad argued. Jack told Chad that Abigail would not be alone, because he and Jennifer were going to Florida to be with Abigail. "The kids really want you here," Jennifer told Chad. When Chad argued that Jack and Jennifer needed to run a newspaper, Jack and Jennifer decided that Jennifer would go. Chad promised to fly to Florida if Abigail needed him.

Above the garage, Jake stirred awake. "Morning. Did you forget I was here?" Gwen asked. "Of course not," Jake said. Gwen kissed Jake. "Making up with you always makes all the fighting worth it," Gwen said. After sex, Gwen looked around the room and talked about sprucing up the apartment.

"You're not thinking about moving in here. are you?" Jake asked. Gwen asked Jake if he intended to forget everything about his life outside of Salem. Gwen put Jake's hand on her heart and said, "You very clearly chose me." When Jake said he had been upset and confused, Gwen argued that Jake had not been upset and confused when they had had sex the previous night or that morning. Jake noted that they had not discussed getting back together.

"I just assumed," Gwen said. Worried, Gwen asked Jake if he was resistant because of Gabi. Jake asked Gwen to be reasonable. Angry, Gwen said she did not like to be dismissed. Jake argued that he was emotionally overwhelmed after seeing the DNA results and meeting his mother. "So, yeah, I just wanted to be with the one person who knows who I am right now!" Jake barked. "So, you're saying you used me?" Gwen asked. Jake made Gwen look at him, and he told her that he liked being with her. Gwen groaned.

"I more than like being with you. You totally turn me on. You know that," Jake said. Gwen asked Jake if they were together or not. When Jake hesitated, Gwen said she would not wait for him. Gwen pushed Jake back onto the bed and climbed on top of him. "I need to know now if you think this is worth waiting for or not," Gwen purred. As Gwen leaned down to kiss Jake, Gabi knocked on the door.

"Open up. I know you're in there!" Gabi shouted through the door. Gwen groaned in frustration. "It's Gabi," Jake whispered as he shoved Gwen aside. Jake ordered Gwen to get dressed. "Hide in the bathroom," Stefan said. "You're joking," Gwen countered. Gwen added that she was no one's other woman. Gwen marched to the door and opened it so that Gabi would see her and Jake in a state of undress.

"She doesn't look very happy, does she?" Gwen said with a smirk. "What the hell is this?" Gabi demanded as she stomped into the room. Gwen said she had spent the night. Shocked, Gabi asked Jake how he could have slept with another woman after learning that Gabi was his wife. Jake said he understood how much the DNA test meant to Gabi, but the results meant nothing to him. "Which means that you mean nothing to him," Gwen added. Gabi asked Gwen to let her talk to Jake in private, but Gwen refused. Jake handed Gwen her clothes and asked to talk later.

"If you think I'm going to leave you alone with your old lady here, you have another thing coming," Gwen whispered to Jake. Gwen reminded Jake of the night they had spent together. "I will call you later," Jake said. Furious, Gwen grabbed her clothes and said, "Maybe I'll answer, and maybe I won't!" As Gwen got dressed, Gwen warned Gabi not to trust Jake with her heart.

After Gwen left, Jake told Gabi that he had slept with Gwen to "forget about everything." Gabi told Jake that she had spent the night wondering how to get Stefan's memory back. Gabi told Jake that Vivian needed to talk to Rolf. "The problem is Vivian and Rolf are locked up in completely different places," Gabi said. Gabi asked Jake not to sleep with anyone until she secured the serum. Jake laughed.

"I'm not promising you anything having to do with my sex life," Jake objected. Gabi reminded Jake that they were married. "You promised me that we would have the rest of our lives to love each other. That's all I want," Gabi said. Gabi said she would prove that Stefan wanted the same, and she asked for more time. Reluctantly, Jake agreed not to sleep with anyone. "I'm doing this for me, not you," Jake added. Gabi asked to shake on it.

"Complete celibacy until we find out who I am. That goes for you, too," Jake said as he shook Gabi's hand. "Not going to be a problem. And once you remember everything, you're going to see it was worth the wait," Gabi whispered.

As Chad walked into Julie's Place, he talked to someone on the phone about digging up dirt on Jake Lambert. Chad sat next to Gwen at the bar. "Bad day?" Chad asked. "It was going great until this DiMera bitch just showed up and ruined everything," Gwen said. When Gwen confirmed she was talking about Gabi, Chad offered to buy the next round of drinks.

At the café in the square, an excited Ciara and Ben talked about their upcoming nuptials. As Ciara noted that the wedding was on track, Claire interrupted to talk about the wedding dress. Claire explained that she had borrowed money from John to pay for the damaged dress. "Even though you didn't ruin it," Ben muttered under his breath. Ciara slapped Ben lightly on the chest. Claire added that she had taken the dress to the cleaners to work on repairing the damage.

"It is really the least I can do. I am the maid of honor," Claire said. Claire asked Ciara if she needed help with anything else. "Bling!" Claire blurted out. Claire offered to help Ciara with her jewelry. When Claire jokingly pointed out that the "hunk of junk" on Ciara's hand was a sign that she needed help, Ciara smiled as she noted that the ring on her finger was her engagement ring.

"It is actually a washer from my dad's motorcycle," Ciara explained. Claire apologized. "That is actually very romantic," Claire said. Ben noted that he was saving up for a real ring. "Ben and I are actually headed to the jewelry store," Ciara said. Claire asked to join them. "That's not going to happen," Ben said bluntly. Ciara said that she and Ben wanted to pick out rings as a couple. With a nod, Claire said she understood but that she knew more about diamonds than they did. Claire offered to help relieve the stress of the unknown.

"And I want to help after the whole screw-up with the dress," Claire added. Claire looked at Ben, and she asked him if he wanted to have that moment of surprise over the ring rather than have Ciara pick it out herself. "Ben is not making me do anything. Although it would be really nice to be surprised, though," Ciara said as she looked at Ben with a smile. Ciara said she would love for the groom and maid of honor to pick out the ring together. Alarmed, Ben grabbed Ciara's arm and pulled her aside to talk privately.

"I'm sorry, but I think this is a really bad idea," Ben said. Ciara told Ben that she believed Claire wanted to do the right thing. Ciara reminded Ben that he could say no to Claire's suggestions. "I feel really bad for her. She has gone through hell," Ciara said. Ciara added that Claire was "trying to be sweet and caring, and she deserves a second chance, just like you did." With a sigh, Ben agreed to go shopping with Claire.

When Ciara returned to the table, she said, "Pick me a winner." Thrilled, Claire jumped to her feet and hugged Ciara. "We are going to get you a spectacular ring for a spectacular wedding," Claire said. Ben frowned.

Ben and Claire went ring shopping together, and afterward, they walked through the park. "Can you believe the great price the salesman gave you?" Claire said. "You are a good negotiator," Ben admitted. Claire and Ben agreed the ring was perfect. Ben thanked Claire for her help. "Your fiancée should be here any minute, so I'm going to let you two have some alone time," Claire said with a grin. As she walked away, Claire reminded Ben to post a picture of his engagement to Ciara.

When Ciara arrived, Ben got down on one knee. "You found it?" Ciara asked with a gasp. "Ciara Alice Brady. I am the luckiest man on earth to be marrying you. And I want you to have this ring as a symbol of my lasting love," Ben said. When Ben opened the ring box, it was empty.

Eli and Lani were asleep in bed as someone gently knocked on the front door. Lani stirred awake, and she answered the door. It was Vivian. Lani looked at the gun in Vivian's hand. "Why so shocked, Detective Price? Did you think you were going to get away from me that easily?" Vivian said. Vivian warned Lani not to wake Eli, or she would be forced to kill him, too. Lani asked Vivian how she had escaped.

"Prison bars are no threat to a mother who is avenging the wrongful death of her son," Vivian said. Vivian fired the gun. Lani cried aloud as she woke from her nightmare. Eli comforted Lani and promised her that Vivian would never hurt anyone again. To cheer Lani up, Eli made breakfast in bed.

"You are spoiling me," Lani said. Lani asked if they would ever leave their home. "That's what newlyweds do. They stay in bed a few days. A few weeks," Eli said as he nibbled Lani's neck. Lani suggested that they needed to go back to work, but Eli asked for a little longer in isolation. "You talked me into it," Lani said before she kissed Eli.

As Eli grew more passionate, Lani reminded Eli that they had agreed to go into work. "Don't worry. This won't take long," Eli said. "Don't go easy on me, husband," Lani whispered back. After Eli and Lani made love, Lani suggested that she and Eli call in sick to work. "Vivian Alamain's arraignment is today. We need to make sure that she gets everything that is coming to her," Eli said.

At the police station, Kate visited Vivian. "What are you going to do? Shoot me again?" Vivian asked. Kate patted her purse and said, "Maybe, just maybe, I have a gun right here." Vivian scoffed at the idea and argued that Kate would not have made it through the metal detectors. "Have you ever heard of polymers?" Kate asked. Vivian told Kate that she should tell a more believable lie.

"Underestimating me can be a deadly mistake," Kate said. Kate pulled a plastic gun out of her purse. "Say hello to Satan," Kate said. As Kate pulled the trigger, water shot out, and Vivian screamed. "Actually, that was quite refreshing. It's very hot in here," Vivian said. "You're lucky it wasn't holy water, Vampira," Kate retorted. Kate told Vivian that if Vivian escaped justice in the courtroom, Kate would find her and drive a stake through her heart.

"It's time that you paid for some of your crimes, Kate," Vivian said. Vivian announced that she planned to tell the police commissioner that Kate had shot her. Kate chuckled and noted that no one would believe Vivian. "I can be very convincing, and since you now work for the mayor, all I have to do is use the words 'murder one.' You have a lot more to lose than I do," Vivian said. Kate told Vivian that although she loathed Vivian, she would let it slide.

"You don't tell anyone that I tried to kill you, and I won't testify that you tried to kill me," Kate said. Vivian said she needed more. "I want my son back," Vivian said. Vivian told Kate about the DNA test. "A mother knows her son," Vivian added. Vivian asked Kate to talk to Rolf about the serum. Vivian promised that if Kate secured the serum, Vivian would keep Kate's murder attempt a secret.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Eli demanded as he walked into the room with Lani. Kate said she had wanted to make sure that Vivian could not hurt anyone else. "Believe me. She won't," Lani said. Lani warned Kate not to use her mayoral credentials for access to prisoners. "I have a very important appointment with my doctor," Kate stressed as she stared at Vivian. Vivian wished Kate luck.

As Lani followed Kate out, Vivian yelled out to Lani that Lani had nothing to fear from her. "It seems you did not kill my son, after all," Vivian announced. A look of shock crossed Lani and Eli's faces. "We knew Gabi was running a DNA test. It's a match?" Eli asked. Vivian confirmed that Jake was Stefan, although he did not have his memory back yet. "By the way, I'm so sorry about that mess at the wedding," Vivian added.

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