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Steve and Kayla rekindled their romance. Lucas confronted Bonnie at her book signing. Ben accused Claire of stealing Ciara's engagement ring. Eric and Nicole married. Sami crashed the wedding and had a food fight with Nicole. Allie told Sami about the adoption. Sami yelled at Rafe. Ivan told Jake, Gabi, and Vivian that Jake was Stefan's twin brother. Ciara gave Claire the benefit of the doubt. Rafe told Gabi that Vivian was dead.
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Sami crashed Eric and Nicole's wedding and clashed with Allie
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Eric and Nicole's wedding day begins Eric and Nicole's wedding day begins
Monday, July 13, 2020
by Mike

While getting dressed in the Brady Pub's upstairs bedroom, Eric contacted Nicole, who was in their apartment, also getting dressed. "The next time I see you, it'll be at our wedding," Eric noted. "I can't wait," Nicole replied.

Shortly after ending the call, Nicole received an unexpected visit from Lucas, who barged into the apartment and demanded to see Allie. "Nice to see you, too..." Nicole said dryly. "She's running errands for me [right now]. remember that Eric and I are getting married today, [right]?" Nicole continued. "Yeah, I do...but, uh, this is really important," Lucas replied. "So is my wedding...and it starts in a couple of hours, so I don't have time for this," Nicole stressed. "As many weddings as you've had, Nicole, I'm sure you'll get everything under control," Lucas countered.

"I'm just gonna sit here and wait for Allie..." Lucas decided before flopping down on the couch and starting to complain that it wasn't particularly comfortable. "I thought you were giving Allie space," Nicole protested. "I was -- I really was -- [but] then I found out she [wants to] give her baby to Rafe, [and] I'm not okay with that," Lucas explained.

"Rafe would be a good father --" Nicole tried to stress. "Eh...yeah...he anybody else but my grandchild," Lucas countered. "It just seems weird to me -- [I mean, Rafe is Allie's] former stepfather [and] Sami's ex! [And now] Sonny and Will want to adopt the baby, [too -- I mean], it's like a tug of war; it's like a free-for-all, and the baby hasn't even been born yet!" Lucas continued. "Ugh -- Lucas, would you stop with all the drama? [Look], Will and Sonny and Rafe all agreed to respect Allie's wishes, [so] the only person pressuring Allie is you!" Nicole tiredly argued. "I am offering love and support and comfort!" Lucas insisted.

"[But] now things are out of control, [so] I was thisclose to calling Sami yesterday...[but] my mom talked me out of it," Lucas admitted. "Well, for once, I agree with Kate," Nicole stressed. "[Sami] has a right to know!" Lucas insisted. "Oh, I am so tired of people saying that -- [I mean], Allie's rights are all I care about!" Nicole countered.

"And, you know, quite frankly, I don't want to talk about Sami on my wedding day!" Nicole declared. "How many weddings is this for you, by the way -- is it three or four? Might be five..." Lucas mused. "It's my last," Nicole vowed before kicking Lucas out of the apartment. "I actually like Eric, [so] I hope this is your last wedding..." Lucas admitted from the hallway. "Thank you," Nicole replied. "As long as you don't mess it up," Lucas continued, annoying Nicole, who slammed the apartment door in Lucas' face while refusing to pass any messages along to Allie.

Meanwhile, Eric received a visit from Roman, who had just finished preparing the Brady Pub for the wedding ceremony. "Are you sure [the guest list] shouldn't include Sami?" Roman wondered. "Dad, you know how much I love Sami...but Nicole and I made a promise to Allie that we wouldn't tell [Sami] about the pregnancy, [and] if she shows up at [the] wedding, there's no way we can hide it from her," Eric reasoned. "True...[but] your sister's gonna eventually find out, and [then] we're all gonna pay big-time for keeping her in the dark -- [I mean], we both know that, right?" Roman countered, and Eric nodded in response.

Changing the subject, Roman produced a letter that Caroline had written at some point in anticipation of Eric's eventual wedding day. "Ma always thought ahead," Roman recalled. "She asked that you read that -- alone -- before the ceremony," Roman stressed, stopping Eric from opening the letter immediately. "I am so happy for you -- you are about to marry the woman you love, and there is no better feeling," Roman declared.

At the park, Ben slowly stood up and closed the empty jewelry box then looked at Ciara with a mixture of shock and confusion. "Maybe [the ring is still] in your pocket," Ciara suggested. "No, it was never in my pocket," Ben insisted. "That's weird... I wonder what could have happened..." Ciara mused. "I know what happened -- Claire," Ben decided after a moment of thought. "When I was paying, [she] offered to hold the ring box -- [and] that's when she must have --" Ben reasoned. "What, snatched my engagement ring? I mean, you really think that she would do something like that?" Ciara argued.

"There has to be some other explanation," Ciara insisted, but Ben wasn't convinced.

Claire was sitting on a bench outside the Brady Pub, tucking something into a purse with a mischievous grin, when Allie passed through the area, en route to Eric and Nicole's apartment. "Oh, my God..." Claire began while staring in disbelief at Allie's stomach, which wasn't hidden beneath a hoodie for once. "What's the story? Who's the father? You gotta tell me everything!" Claire begged, but Allie insisted that there was no time for details that day, since Eric and Nicole's wedding was scheduled to begin soon. "You're coming, right?" Allie assumed. "Wouldn't miss it," Claire confirmed.

Allie noted that it was "kind of crazy" that so many weddings had been scheduled for that July -- including Ciara and Ben's, which would cap off the eventful month. "I could not be happier for [them]," Claire stressed.

Shortly after Allie rushed off, Ciara and Ben passed through the area, en route to the jewelry store -- and Claire released a gasp of horror after learning that the engagement ring was missing. "You don't think I took it --" Claire began to protest. "Hey, you said it -- I didn't," Ben countered. "Look, Claire, we are not accusing you of anything; we just think that it's kind of a funny coincidence that, you know --" Ciara began to clarify. "I was around when your dress was ruined [and] when the ring went missing," Claire acknowledged. "[So], if you know anything --" Ciara prodded Claire.

"I did not ruin your dress, and I did not take the ring!" Claire insisted. "I really, really want to believe you --" Ciara began to respond. "But you don't -- [in fact], you think I've lost my mind again [and] want to ruin your big day!" Claire guessed. "I didn't say that --" Ciara tried to clarify. "You didn't have to!" Claire snapped before storming off.

While preparing for a book signing in the town square, Bonnie ran into Jack, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation with Abigail. "Oh, my God -- Adrienne!" Jack exclaimed while hugging Bonnie. "You're back -- it's a miracle, just like me! [Which means] you have no memory, [but] that's okay -- I'm gonna help you!" Jack continued, ignoring Bonnie's attempts to correct the misunderstanding. "You're helping me right now..." Bonnie admitted while groping Jack, who had not yet ended the hug. "Adrienne?" Jack protested with a gasp of shock. "Jack, that's not Adrienne -- it's Bonnie Lockhart," Justin, who had just emerged from a nearby store, clarified.

"Bonnie Lockhart? [But] could you [dare] come back here [after] you caused so much misery? [And]'re in Adrienne's clothes!" Jack stammered. "A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to earn a buck, and it turns out I, [too], have a gift with the written word, Jack -- not just you! And I'll tell you one more thing: I have remorse -- plenty of it -- and if you'd buy my book, you'd see I said nothing but nice things about your sister!" Bonnie snapped. "I'll tell you what you can do with your damn book --" Jack began to counter. "Jack, don't give her any more story ideas," Justin quickly advised.

"Well, if everyone's gonna be that judgy, I'm gonna be lucky to sell one flippin' book in this dang town..." Bonnie grumbled after Justin and Jack left the town square together.

Jack gave Justin a ride to the Kiriakis mansion, and they had a round of drinks there while talking about Bonnie's likeness to Adrienne. "I hate having that scheming, scamming, two-bit look-alike anywhere near this town, [so] hopefully she'll just sign her books and get the hell out," Justin declared. "I don't know why she wouldn't -- [I mean], what possible reason could she have to stay?" Jack replied.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Bonnie spotted Lucas and started fantasizing that they would soon be having sex right in the middle of the book signing, in front of everyone who had gathered for the event, because it would be impossible for them to resist each other for even a second once they locked eyes. "You've got a lot of nerve, showing your face around here!" Lucas spat, snapping Bonnie back to reality.

"Why are you being so hostile?" Bonnie wondered. "You made me think you were Adrienne, and [then] you made me think that Mimi's baby was ours!" Lucas summarized. "It was the only way I could get out of prison! I never meant to hurt you -- honestly!" Bonnie explained. "You broke my heart! I loved that little girl!" Lucas insisted. "I am so sorry! Please give me a chance -- I will do anything!" Bonnie stressed. "[If] you want to make it up to me, [then] convince my daughter not to give up her baby!" Lucas blurted out, surprising Bonnie, who probed for more details but wasn't given any.

"If you think I'm gonna give up that easily, hot stuff..." Bonnie muttered after Lucas stormed off.

While alone in the Brady Pub's upstairs bedroom, Eric started reading Caroline's letter:

"Dear Eric, if I was still here, I'd tell you that I know I'm not supposed to play favorites...but, from the moment you were born, there was something special about you -- you were the child who felt so much, and so deeply... I know how important being a priest was to you, given your deep faith...but ever since you left the priesthood, I've prayed that you would find the deep and abiding love I shared with your grandfather."

Eric fought back tears while reading the rest of the letter:

"It's not always easy, but it will be the joy and rock of your life. If you're reading this, [then] it must be your wedding day, and my prayer has finally been answered. I hope the woman lucky enough to be your wife makes you happy beyond your wildest dreams. She sure as hell better, because if she even thinks about hurting you, she will face the wrath of your Grandma Caroline. Wherever I am, I am with you. I love you."

Allie entered Eric and Nicole's apartment with a few things for the wedding. "Just so you know...your father stopped by, and he knows that you're thinking about giving Rafe the baby," Nicole warned Allie, who guessed that Lucas hated the idea. "I am so sure about this, Nicole...[but] my dad just makes me feel [like wanting to give my baby up for adoption makes me] a selfish, horrible, terrible person," Allie admitted. "You are none of those things -- I mean, you've given this a great deal of thought, [and] there's nothing 'selfish' about wanting what's best for your child," Nicole assured Allie, who appreciated the support.

While Nicole and Allie were discussing the likelihood that Sami would eventually find out about the baby -- and would cause a lot of drama at that point -- Claire arrived to apologize for being unable to attend the wedding ceremony. "I'm just really not feeling too well -- yeah, uh, I think I'm coming down with something..." Claire claimed before rushing off in tears, leaving Nicole and Allie confused.

Meanwhile, outside the Brady Pub, Ciara and Ben discussed their earlier encounter with Claire. "She's playing you," Ben insisted. "No -- I can't believe that," Ciara protested. "Because you always want to see the good in people...even when they don't deserve it," Ben summarized. "Can we please just look [for the ring] one last time? [I mean], maybe [it] fell out of the box [somewhere]!" Ciara suggested.

"I know this is hard for you, but I think you need to accept that Claire took the ring," Ben said to Ciara after they finished searching every possible place a second time, from the jewelry store to the park and everywhere in between. "I know this is not what you want to hear, but I think maybe it's time you find another maid of honor," Ben advised Ciara -- as Claire eavesdropped from a nearby section of the park.

Steve and Kayla approached the door to a hotel room at an undisclosed location, both looking exhausted. "The last hotel room in this godforsaken town," Steve noted with a sigh. "Well, at least it's a hotel room, with an actual, real bed," Kayla raved, also sighing. "16 hours of travel hell was not exactly what I had in mind [for our trip]..." Steve admitted while struggling to open the door, which eventually yielded to Kayla's more delicate tactics. "Sweetness, I just want to tell you...after everything we've been through, I'm so grateful you're here with me," Steve stressed while the door was still just partially ajar. "So am I," Kayla replied.

"It's not a five-star hotel, but I can promise you a good night's sleep," Steve declared before leading Kayla into the room -- which, to their surprise, featured two twin beds. "Well, they're hardly lumpy, [at least]..." Kayla observed, eyeing the inviting beds longingly. "Hardly..." Kayla repeated with a groan after flopping down on one of the beds and realizing that its looks were deceiving. "Regretting jumping on the first plane out of Salem [yet]?" Steve wondered. "A trip to Lake Louise sounded good..." Kayla admitted. "Well, here's hoping they, uh, fix whatever's wrong with the plane, and we'll be lakeside by lunchtime tomorrow," Steve stressed.

While handing loungewear to Kayla, who had no luggage and was still wearing a wedding dress, Steve acknowledged that it would probably be best for them to sleep in separate beds for the time being, anyway. "24 hours ago, you were just about to marry Justin, [and] now you're here with me -- that would make anyone's head spin. So, I'm all for taking it slow," Steve assured Kayla, who still felt guilty about what had happened with Justin. "Maybe this won't make you feel any better, but the fact is, Justin knows that you and I are the love of each other's life...just like my sister was for him," Steve argued, and Kayla nodded in agreement.

Kayla changed clothes in the bathroom then rejoined Steve, and they began reminiscing about Stockholm, where they had shared a similar room -- and had faced similar challenges in terms of their feelings for each other. "How many times have you done 'what's best for me' without consulting me, [or made] decisions about my life -- [about] what I want [and] need -- without even asking me?" Kayla tiredly wondered. "I'm still afraid I'm gonna hurt you, Sweetness," Steve quietly admitted. "[But] the bad habit I have of making decisions for you without asking you first -- I'm not gonna do that anymore," Steve promised.

"[Anyway], I guess we should get some sleep," Steve suggested before climbing into one of the beds and turning away from Kayla -- who soon climbed into the same bed. "You sure?" Steve asked. "Yeah," Kayla replied.

Eric and Nicole marry Eric and Nicole marry
Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Eric sat in his room at the pub and read aloud from a letter that Caroline had left him. "If you're reading this, it must be your wedding day, and my prayers have finally been answered. I hope the woman lucky enough to be your wife makes you happy beyond your wildest dreams. She sure as hell better be because if she even thinks about hurting you, she will face the wrath of your Grandma Caroline. Wherever I am, I am with you. I love you," Eric read aloud. "I love you, too," Eric whispered.

At Eric's apartment, Marlena returned with Holly, fresh from the nail salon. Nicole was getting dressed for her wedding, and she squatted down to Holly's level. "Your nails look so pretty," Nicole said. "I think she is the most excited girl in the world," Marlena said with a chuckle. "Second most excited," Nicole said with a smile.

With Allie and Holly in the bedroom, Nicole sat down with Marlena on the couch to talk. Marlena thanked Nicole for helping Allie. "She's actually a great kid. She's sweet and funny," Nicole said. Nicole struggled to put a bracelet on, and Marlena helped her. Nicole admitted that she was shaky with nerves.

"I just want today to be perfect for Eric," Nicole said. Nicole explained that she did not want people to doubt her marriage to Eric. Marlena reminded Nicole that Nicole and Eric had no doubts about marrying one another. With a sigh, Nicole admitted that she was worried about how Marlena felt about her. "I want Eric to be happy. It's clear to me that you make him happy. So, I hope it lasts forever," Marlena said.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Vivian groaned aloud as Kate returned from her talk with Rolf. "It wasn't easy, but I managed to get him to tell me where to get my hands on the serum," Kate said. Vivian asked Kate why she was not tracking down the serum. "That mission has already been accomplished," Kate said as she pulled three syringes out of her purse.

"Before you get too gooey, the last time Rolf got this serum for Gabi, it turned out to be a very different chemical and almost fried Stefan's brain," Kate warned Vivian. When Vivian asked how they could confirm if the serum was the one they needed, Kate shrugged. "We could test it on a guinea pig," Vivian said as she studied the syringe in her hand. Vivian lunged forward, and plunged the syringe into Kate's arm. Kate pulled the syringe out and dropped it on the table.

"What the hell did you do to me?" Kate sputtered. Kate complained that she could not believe that Vivian would hazard injecting Kate with poison after Kate had gone to Rolf on Vivian's behalf. "You had a conversation, what a martyr!" Vivian said with an eye roll. Vivian chuckled and told Kate that the situation reminded her of when Kate had almost given her a lobotomy. "That was not my fault!" Kate objected.

Vivian leaned forward and asked Kate how she felt. Kate joked that she had a horrible hallucination before her, before she admitted she was only staring at Vivian's face. Vivian asked Kate not to joke about the serum that could save her son's life. Kate laughed. Kate told Vivian that she remembered where she had left her favorite pen that she had lost last year. "This is the real thing," Kate said as she looked at the syringe. A joyful Vivian thanked Kate for her help, and she ordered her to give Jake the shot.

"What, am I a nurse now?" Kate objected. Kate argued that she had fulfilled her end of the deal. "So, it doesn't bother you that I'm going to the police and telling them that you shot me in cold blood?" Vivian asked. Kate groaned. "This blackmail is over," Kate stressed. Vivian shoved a syringe into Kate's hand and said, "But today is not the day, is it?"

At the bar at Julie's Place, Chad stopped a drunk Gwen from getting another round of drinks. "I'm just ecstatic I've found the one person in this town that hates Gabi DiMera as much as I do," Gwen said. "Just throw a rock, you'll hit another," Chad joked. Gwen chuckled. Gwen and Chad toasted to "hating Gabi DiMera" as Gabi walked in.

"What are you going to do about it, bitch?" Gabi asked. Gwen groaned with disappointment when she saw Gabi's face. Gabi warned Gwen not to cross her. "Chad here, he knows what I'm capable of," Gabi said. Chad laughed. Gwen told Gabi that Gabi was jealous that Jake still loved Gwen. With a smirk, Gabi countered that Gwen had checked herself into a mental institution after Gwen had dumped Jake. "So, now you want him back?" Gabi asked.

"I forgot how good the sex is," Gwen purred. "That's because he was fantasizing about me the entire time," Gabi shot back. Gwen attempted to attack Gabi, but Chad restrained Gwen and warned her that Gabi was not worth the trouble. Gabi informed Gwen that Jake had sworn he would not have sex with Gwen until his memory was restored.

"When he remembers how great his life was? He is never going to want to come near you," Gabi said. Gwen argued that Jake might take a break from her, but he would never kick Gwen out of his life. Gwen staggered to her feet to leave. Chad offered to call a cab, but Gwen said she wanted to walk.

After Gwen left, Gabi said, "Moving on?" Chad noted that he and Gwen had just met and that their only connection was a mutual hatred of Gabi. "I thought you were in Florida?" Gabi asked. Chad said he had decided to stay in town with the kids. With a raised eyebrow, Gabi looked around the room and asked where the kids were hiding. Chad warned Gabi to stay out of his business. Gabi said she had seen Chad and Abigail break up a hundred times, but Chad stressed that he and Abigail were a strong couple.

"Your husband just returned from the dead. I'd think you'd be practicing gratitude. Maybe even turning over a new leaf," Chad suggested. Chad argued that Gabi was still jealous of his relationship with Abigail. Gabi chuckled. "Are you and Abigail even a thing anymore?" Gabi asked. "Are you and Stefan?" Chad countered. Chad told Gabi that she should hope that Jake would not regain his memories because then Jake would remember that Gabi had only married him for money and power.

"Stefan loves me," Gabi said. "It's news to him," Chad pointed out. Gabi argued that even if Jake did not remember her, she would make him fall in love with her all over again. "I had to live without the man that I love for two years. There is nothing that I won't do to get him back," Gabi muttered. Chad told Gabi she did not have much of a choice because Rolf had not cooperated. Gabi argued that "Stefano's son" could convince Rolf to hand over the serum. Chad said no.

"I'm talking about his other son," Gabi corrected. With a raised eyebrow, Chad asked Gabi how she planned to drag Jake to the prison to see Rolf. Gabi informed Chad that Jake wanted to know the truth. With a shrug, Chad argued that Jake likely had read up on Stefan and knew that "he had been a pretty terrible human being." Chad said that if he were Jake, he would not want his memory back.

Jake sat in his room at the garage and read a news article about Stefan's history with Abigail. Gwen knocked on the door, and Jake reluctantly let her in his room. "Why are you ignoring me?" Gwen asked. Jake admitted that he felt confused. "I think it would be best for me, for you, if we took a break," Jake said. Gwen disagreed. Gwen hugged Jake from behind and kissed his neck. Tempted, Jake took a moment before he turned Gwen down.

"I just found out that this Stefan guy raped his sister-in-law," Jake said. Jake told Gwen about Abigail's mental illness. "So, that's not consensual," Jake noted. "I wasn't in Bayview because I had a mental problem," Gwen countered. "But you are drunk," Jake stressed. "This is consensual," Gwen stressed. Gwen kissed Jake. Tempted, Jake kissed Gwen back, then he pushed her away. "Who are you?" Gwen asked.

"I don't know who I am! And I'm not sure I want to know!" Jake yelled. As Gwen stormed out of the room, Gabi arrived. "I should've known you'd be here," Gabi complained. Frustrated, Gwen shoved past Gabi and walked out. "You promised me!" Gabi barked at Jake. Jake swore that nothing had happened between him and Gwen. Annoyed, Jake told Gabi that she could not keep barging into his home. Gabi agreed. Gabi told Jake about her idea to talk to Rolf about the serum.

"That won't be necessary," Kate announced as she walked in. Frustrated, Gabi told Kate to leave. "Would love to, but first, I have a present for you," Kate countered. Kate pulled the remaining two syringes out of her bag. Overjoyed, Gabi asked Kate how and why she had secured the serum. "Just take it. It's a gift," Kate said. Gabi asked Kate why she would want to help Jake. "You weren't [Stefan's] biggest fan," Gabi said. "No, I wasn't. But his mother is," Kate countered.

"You sure it's the real deal this time?" Jake asked. "Vivian was kind enough to test it on me, and I'm still standing, but if you don't believe it, take it to a lab, have it tested," Kate advised. Jake refused to take the serum. "Don't you want your life back?" Gabi asked. Jake said he did not want to remember Stefano's life. When Kate agreed, Gabi told Kate to butt out.

"Everyone knows I'm team Chad, so," Kate said with a shrug. Kate said she did not care what Jake did; her part was done. Kate handed the syringes to Gabi, and she walked out. "Whether you remember it or not, you were Stefan. And I know you've done some questionable things, but you have done some great things," Gabi said. Gabi offered to take the serum to a lab for review. With a groan, Jake grabbed a syringe and yelled, "I can't take this anymore!"

"Do not inject yourself! We don't know if that is real or not," Gabi objected. Jake shoved the needle into his arm. "We'll find out soon enough, won't we?" Jake said. Shocked, Gabi nodded.

At the police station, Vivian rested her head on her arm as she waited for her lawyer. Someone walked in. "Thank God you're here," Vivian said.

Gwen returned to Julie's Place. Chad was paying his bill in preparation to leave. "Thought you went home to sleep it off?" Chad asked. Gwen noted that she did not have a home. Gwen stumbled, and Chad caught her. "Let's get out of here," Chad said. Confused, Gwen asked Chad where he was taking her. Chad promised to be a gentleman. With a nod, Gwen accompanied Chad out of the restaurant.

At the Brady Pub, Nicole, Marlena, Allie, and Holly arrived for the wedding. Abe, Roman, and John fussed over the bride. "Faith would be so proud of you if she were here today," Abe said. Nicole smiled. Roman welcomed Nicole to the family. "I just want to say thank you, [Roman, John, and Marlena], for raising Eric to be the wonderful person he is. The man of my dreams," Nicole said. Nicole heard someone walking down the stairs, and she panicked at the idea that Eric might see her before the wedding. John rushed to the stairway to block Eric while Nicole went in the back with the ladies.

Once the coast was clear, John let Eric enter the main room. "You ready, son?" Roman asked. "I was born ready," Eric confirmed. John, Roman, Abe, and Eric stood at the bar as guests for the wedding shuffled in and took their seats. The flower girl, Holly, dropped flowers as she marched down the aisle. Roman took Holly's hand, and they sat down. Allie and Marlena followed down the aisle, and they took their seats. The wedding march started, and Nicole appeared in the doorway to the back room. Eric and Nicole's eyes filled with happy tears.

As Nicole and Eric clasped hands in front of Abe, Abe talked about how happy he was to officiate the wedding. "The Bradys have always been family to me, and Nicole is my family," Abe said. Abe talked about the importance of the pub to the families. "Shawn and Caroline, they would be thrilled to see their family gathered here for the marriage of their beloved grandson," Abe added. Abe noted that Shawn and Caroline were there in spirit.

"Two people in love do not live in isolation. Their love is a source of strength that not only nurtures each other, but the world around them," Abe said. Abe talked about the support of the community, and he asked the wedding guests to share their love and support. "We will," the guests said in unison. As Abe started the vows, Eric interrupted to say that he had participated in a lot of weddings.

"[Weddings] are about family coming together. Over the 20 years that I've known you, and loving you, I've realized that I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you. And I don't want to be away from that beautiful little girl, Holly," Eric said. Eric told Nicole that he wanted nothing more than to raise Holly with Nicole. "Thank you for being my family. Thank you for being my wife. I love you," Eric said.

With a nervous laugh, Nicole said she could not let Eric be the only one to say something. "Before you came into my life, I thought I knew who I was. I was proudly independent. A loner, really. But I had big dreams. Some might say schemes. But the first time we were together, I chose money over love. And I never thought I'd get a second chance. And our paths crossed again. And there was a little hiccup. I mean, you were a priest. But thanks to me, you have been thoroughly corrupted," Nicole said. Nicole thanked Eric for forgiving her multiple times.

"No matter what life throws at us in the future, I know that we will get through it together," Nicole said. "I love you so much," Eric whispered. "I love you more," Nicole said. "Impossible," Eric said with a laugh. Abe asked the couple if they were ready to take their vows. "I've been ready for about two decades," Nicole joked. Nicole and Eric thought about moments from their history together then they said their vows, and they exchanged rings. Abe pronounced Eric and Nicole husband and wife.

"I present to the world, Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Nicole Brady," Abe announced. "My deepest condolences," Sami said as she walked into the pub.

Sami confronts Allie Sami confronts Allie
Wednesday, July 15, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas started composing a text message for Allie while waiting for Kate in the study -- but the first few versions were deleted out of fear that they might sound too demanding. "I would really like it if we could talk," Lucas eventually decided to write, saying each word aloud as it was typed. "Me, too," Bonnie, who had entered the mansion without Lucas' knowledge, said from the doorway to the study.

"You left in such a huff before that you never gave me a chance to apologize properly," Bonnie, who had apparently followed Lucas to the mansion, explained. "For...what, posing as Adrienne and breaking my heart?" Lucas summarized. "That -- yes," Bonnie confirmed. "And trying to convince me that someone else's baby belonged to me?" Lucas continued. "That, too," Bonnie conceded. "Well, I don't think 'sorry' is gonna cut it, so you can leave now, all right?" Lucas snapped. "No, I know -- [and] that's why I brought a peace offering," Bonnie stressed, producing a copy of Love Made Me Loony.

"Why would I want this?" Lucas wondered, snatching the book. "You're a big part of it, all right? Just...please, the inscription," Bonnie replied. "No, thank you!" Lucas snapped, returning the book. "I'm not leaving 'til you do," Bonnie warned. "Really? You're gonna pull that on me?" Lucas protested. "Really," Bonnie confirmed. "Fine -- if it means getting rid of you..." Lucas grumbled.

"Dear Lucas, I hope you know how sorry I am for hurting you. It was never my intention. You're a wonderful man, not to mention a fantastic lover," Lucas read aloud before stopping abruptly, clearly embarrassed. "It's true!" Bonnie insisted before prodding Lucas to finish reading the inscription. "I often think about our wonderful one night of passion. I know you were too drunk to remember, and you thought I was Adrienne, but it was really special to me. In an effort to make things up to you, I propose we share another night of passion -- one you definitely won't forget," Lucas continued before again stopping abruptly, unable to stifle a chuckle.

"Do you recall the mechanical bull in my old bar? I would ride you like a..." Lucas tried to conclude before finally giving up. "You haven't even gotten to the good part yet!" Bonnie protested. "I'm not reading that -- that's disgusting!" Lucas insisted, shoving the book at Bonnie. "I can't believe [that] you actually put [that] in a book!" Lucas admitted while trying to escort Bonnie out of the mansion. "All is forgiven now," Lucas assured Bonnie with a forced smile. "I can help you with your daughter's pregnancy!" Bonnie, who had been trying to escape from Lucas' grip, blurted out.

"Your situation with your daughter reminded me of an argument I had with my own sweet Mimi, [back when she] asked me to babysit, and I ended up taking Emily to the mall...where I got her ears pierced," Bonnie began to summarize. "This is helping" Lucas interjected. "She said I overstepped my bounds...[but] eventually, she came around to seeing that I was right, [because] Emily loves her pierced ears [and] doesn't even remember the pain!" Bonnie continued. "Great story..." Lucas grumbled. "Don't you see where I'm going [here]? When we [grandparents] know best, we gotta be persistent!" Bonnie concluded.

"[So], you have to do whatever it takes to stop Allie from giving up her baby!" Bonnie advised. "You're right -- [I mean], I need somebody in my corner [to] back me up on this!" Lucas decided. "Oh, Lucas -- I would love to help you!" Bonnie agreed. "I need Sami!" Lucas concluded, drawing a groan of disappointment from Bonnie.

"Looks like Hurricane Sami already blew into town," Lucas reported after a brief phone conversation with Sydney.

At the Brady Pub, Allie quietly groaned at the sight of Sami, whose unexpected arrival seemed to be drawing similar feelings of trepidation from Eric and Nicole as well as their other wedding guests. "I'm so sorry for the interruption -- I had no idea that my brother was getting married today. Maybe my invitation got lost in the mail..." Sami bitterly explained to everyone.

"Sami, please don't make a scene," Marlena begged, approaching Sami cautiously. "Don't worry, Mom -- I'm not here to 'make a scene'; I'm here for my daughter," Sami clarified before sidestepping Marlena and storming toward Allie, who had already taken the liberty of hiding the obvious evidence of pregnancy behind a shawl. "Did Dad call you?" Allie asked. "No," Sami replied.

"You and I should have a little chat," Sami insisted while grabbing one of Allie's arms. "Sami, this is not a good time," Eric stressed, stopping Sami from dragging Allie away. "Of course," Sami conceded with a mirthless chuckle, turning away from Allie to face Eric. "I'm so sorry -- I had no idea," Sami repeated. "You know, I just went to your apartment to see you...and, of course, no one was there, so I just decided to swing by the pub [and] check on Dad..." Sami explained. "I had no idea I would find my entire family here -- for your wedding..." Sami grumbled. "To her," Sami concluded, shooting Nicole a glare.

"Here we go..." Nicole muttered. "Sami, I am sorry that you weren't invited today..." Eric stressed. "But after I told you about our engagement, you sent me a text, and you clearly stated how you felt --" Eric pointed out. "Well, yeah -- [that] she's not good enough for you, [and that] I'm pretty sure [she's] gonna break your heart and ruin the rest of your life," Sami shamelessly summarized.

"But that doesn't mean you don't invite me to your wedding!" Sami argued. " kind of does..." Nicole countered. "What did you do, [Nicole -- did] you force him to not include me?" Sami guessed. "Sami, no -- Nicole did not 'force' me to do anything; she was the one who wanted you to be here today," Eric insisted. "Really? For once in her entire life, Nicole Walker decided to be selfless?" Sami skeptically summarized. "Mom, don't blame Nicole -- it was me; I'm the one who didn't want you here," Allie admitted, approaching Sami while still clinging tightly to the shawl. "Why?" Sami wondered, clearly surprised.

"I don't feel like dealing with you right now -- I need space," Allie vaguely explained. "So, you forced your Uncle Eric not to invite his own twin to his wedding? You must know how that feels!" Sami protested, from one twin to another. "I knew you'd pressure me to go back home -- that's why I asked you to stay away," Allie claimed. "Obviously, you didn't listen -- you never do..." Allie grumbled. "Why would I listen to you after your behavior in London -- the partying, the drinking, the spending money like it grows on trees...?" Sami countered. "Come on, Samantha -- cut her some slack," John advised. "John, stay out of this!" Sami snapped.

"Sami, let's not do this right now," Roman begged. "We'll make sure that you and Allie have plenty of time to talk [later]," Marlena promised. "I'd like to talk now," Sami insisted. "I don't want you behaving that way in Salem!" Sami warned Allie. "I haven't!" Allie assured Sami, and Eric and Nicole both backed up the assertion. "That is wonderful to hear," Sami admitted.

"But it is still time for us to go home now," Sami declared, grabbing one of Allie's arms again. "I don't want to go home -- I'm fine here!" Allie stressed, pulling away from Sami while managing to maintain a firm grip on the shawl. "Don't you think that you are imposing on your Uncle Eric? He's a newlywed -- I'm sure Nicole wants her new husband all to herself!" Sami argued with a hint of disgust. ", I'm fine with her living with us," Nicole assured Sami with a shrug. "Well, I'm not 'fine' with it, Nicole -- I don't want you corrupting my daughter!" Sami countered, scowling at Nicole.

"What are you hiding from me?" Sami randomly challenged Allie, who gulped in response. "Sami, you gotta be exhausted, [so] why don't we go upstairs so you can get some rest, okay?" Roman helpfully suggested, giving Allie time to recover. "I am not going anywhere -- not without my daughter!" Sami vowed. "You can't tell me what to do, Mom -- I'm an adult!" Allie stressed. "Then you better start acting like one, [because right now], your life is a mess, [and] you need to get it together!" Sami argued. "You're one to talk; [after all], your life is always a mess...and, from what I hear, it always has been!" Allie countered.

"Let's not do this now," John interjected, echoing Roman's earlier advice. "No -- let's!" Allie insisted. "Mom, I want you to go away and leave me alone!" Allie stressed. "Okay, Alice Caroline Horton, we are done with this -- you are coming home with me right now!" Sami demanded, grabbing one of Allie's arms once again. "Sami, I think you're making a big mistake --" Nicole warned, giving Allie an opportunity to again pull away from Sami. "I don't care what you think, Nicole -- why don't you mind your own business?" Sami countered. "Don't talk to Aunt Nicole like that!" Allie protested. "Aunt Nicole?" Sami repeated.

"She married your uncle, like, five minutes ago, and already, she's your 'Aunt Nicole'?" Sami incredulously objected. "Yes -- she's my family...[and], unlike you, she's really nice to me; she actually listens, [and] she doesn't judge [or] make everything about her!" Allie explained. "Oh, that is a laugh..." Sami insisted. "I trust her -- I tell her things I would never tell you!" Allie stressed.

"Oh, really?" Sami replied with a scoff. "Yeah, because you'd just make it worse!" Allie explained. "Like what?" Sami wondered. "Like maybe the fact that I'm pregnant!" Allie admitted, removing the shawl -- and rendering Sami speechless. "Surprise," Allie whispered, shrugging. "You all knew that my daughter was pregnant [and] that I didn't know," Sami eventually managed to summarize. "Yeah," Marlena confirmed for the group. "Unbelievable!" Sami grumbled. "It's a good time for me to say my farewells..." Abe decided before starting to do just that.

"It is nice to see you," Abe said to Sami on the way out of the pub. "And, for the record...I didn't know she was pregnant," Abe continued, drawing a slight chuckle from Sami. "But, parent to parent...go easy on her, all right?" Abe concluded. "I'll take it under advisement," Sami promised.

John also decided to leave, sensing that the pub wasn't the best place for Holly to be at that moment, and Roman decided to tag along with them for ice cream in the town square. "We do love you -- very much," Roman assured Sami before following Abe, John, and Holly out of the pub.

"Shouldn't you go with them?" Sami suggested to Nicole. "I think I'm needed here," Nicole reasoned. "Really? I don't think you're needed here," Sami protested. "Mom, I want her here," Allie stressed. "Okay, fine -- I don't care," Sami conceded. "I just want some answers -- and I want them right now!" Sami demanded. "I asked everyone to keep [my pregnancy] a secret -- including Dad," Allie revealed. "Why was I the only one deemed unfit to hear this information?" Sami wondered, hurt. "Because of how you're acting right now!" Allie explained. "My little baby girl is having a child! How am I supposed to act?" Sami countered.

"Maybe you could try not yelling at me," Allie suggested. "I'm sorry," Sami whispered, fighting back tears. "You sound exactly like Dad right now," Allie complained. "He's right, baby -- you are too young to have a child!" Sami insisted. "You were younger than me when you had Will," Allie stressed. "Exactly! [Look], you know how much I love your brother, [but it was a] complicated situation; I had to drop out of school [and] work that much harder to get ahead in life --" Sami countered. "I think she understands the consequences," Marlena interjected. "I don't think she does!" Sami protested.

"I don't think she has any idea how her entire life is going to change forever --" Sami continued. "No, it's not...because I'm not going to raise this baby," Allie revealed, rendering Sami speechless again.

Sami couldn't believe that Allie was planning to give the baby up for adoption -- and that everyone else except Lucas seemed to be okay with that decision. Sami tried to object to the idea, but Allie refused to reconsider.

Allie stormed out of the pub, and Marlena followed. "This is all your fault!" Sami snapped at Nicole. "I understand [how you feel], but you're handling this the wrong way --" Nicole began to advise. "I'm not taking parenting advice from a baby-stealing ex-porn star!" Sami insisted. "That is enough --" Eric tried to interject. "Allie came to us because she needed someone! And maybe she wouldn't have run away from you if you were a better mother!" Nicole countered. "You bitch!" Sami spat, shoving Nicole into the nearby wedding cake. Eric tried to break up the ensuing fight but wasn't very successful.

Meanwhile, Marlena comforted Allie in the park -- and, at that same time, John and Roman ate ice cream with Holly in the town square while discussing the fact that karma seemed to be catching up to Sami.

At the auto repair shop, Gabi struggled to process the fact that Jake had just unceremoniously taken a dose of Rolf's memory-jogging serum. "I had to shut you up somehow," Jake reasoned with a shrug. "[And now] we can finally settle this," Jake stressed while bracing for the effects of the drug. "Is it working? Are you getting your memory back?" Gabi eventually asked with a mixture of hope and concern. "No -- I got nothing... How long is this stuff supposed to take to work, anyway?" Jake impatiently replied. "I think it works different with everybody... Will -- it took a couple doses with him," Gabi reported.

"Luckily, we have another syringe," Gabi acknowledged. "[But let's just] take some time [and] relax [first]," Gabi decided. "[Although]...Jack Deveraux -- he got all his memories without even using the serum; all it took [for him] was a little whack over the head, [so] maybe we should try that," Gabi suddenly realized, picking up the nearest heavy object. "You can't be serious!" Jake protested before realizing that Gabi actually was serious. "I'm not gonna let you crack me over the head!" Jake insisted. "Even if it might bring your memories back?" Gabi argued. "Or give me a concussion...or, worst-case scenario, kill me..." Jake countered.

At the police station, Vivian stared in disbelief at a clearly welcome but also clearly unexpected visitor. "Madame, you should know by now -- I'm always at your service," Ivan stressed while grasping Vivian's free hand. "Madame, I'm so sorry it took me so long -- I was hiking in the Himalayas," Ivan explained. "Yes, well, it doesn't matter [now]," Vivian insisted.

"I can't even believe they let you in to see me," Vivian admitted. "I convinced them I was your attorney," Ivan whispered. "Oh, Ivan -- ever resourceful!" Vivian raved.

"I need your help -- more than ever! I'm in terrible trouble!" Vivian revealed. "That's nothing new... What happened this time?" Ivan replied. "Oh... Well... I... I... I crashed a stupid wedding and tried to murder the bride -- but I had a very good reason!" Vivian summarized. "I have no doubt..." Ivan dryly agreed. "Oh, Ivan, I knew you'd understand!" Vivian obliviously gushed.

"Oh -- [and I have] the best news! Stefan isn't dead; he's very much alive!" Vivian reported. "Madame, have the police deprived you of your medication? They are not allowed to do that!" Ivan protested. "I assure you, Ivan, I'm quite lucid!" Vivian insisted. "[But Stefan] was declared brain dead, and his heart was donated to Julie Williams!" Ivan argued. "I know those are very hard details to [get past, but] I saw him! [He] goes by the name of...ugh, 'Jake Lambert'...[but] he's the exact image, [and] Gabi did a DNA test [that] was an exact match to Stefan, [so] he has to be my son -- it's the only explanation!" Vivian maintained.

"Well...[actually, Madame], that is not the only explanation..." Ivan, who had gone pale, admitted with a groan. "I think, Madame, you need to get that young man over here..." Ivan continued while producing a cell phone and handing it to Vivian, who was clearly confused but quickly contacted Gabi -- who, at that moment, was still trying to convince Jake to agree to be clobbered.

"Gabi and Stefan are on their way," Vivian assured Ivan after ending the call. "Good..." Ivan replied while taking the cell phone back from Vivian. "Ivan, whatever light you can shed on my son, please -- tell me, now!" Vivian begged. "With all due respect, Madame, I think we'd best wait for the others," Ivan insisted. "Why are you being so cryptic?" Vivian wondered. "You will know soon enough..." Ivan promised.

Gabi and Jake eventually arrived. "This is Ivan Marais, and he has been my manservant for many years --" Vivian began to explain to Gabi and Jake. "Technically, I'm not anyone's 'manservant' anymore; I've been a man of independent means for quite some time --" Ivan tried to clarify. "Let's not bore them with details!" Vivian advised Ivan. "What are we doing here? Why does this...guy...want to talk to me?" Jake impatiently interjected. "'Jake'...I know you don't remember, but you have met him before --" Vivian stressed. "You mean Stefan met him before," Jake countered. "Right," Vivian conceded.

"Ivan is the man who told me you were stillborn and then sent you to an orphanage -- and that's why I couldn't raise you!" Vivian revealed. "And why did you do that?" Jake challenged Ivan. "As I explained to Stefan once before...I did it to protect Madame. [See], Stefano DiMera seduced Madame [then] abandoned her once he took her ruby --" Ivan began to explain. "Please tell me that's not a euphemism..." Jake begged as Gabi cringed in disgust. "It was an actual ruby -- a priceless gem," Ivan clarified. "Stefano used Madame, [and] when he left, she was completely devastated," Ivan continued.

"I thought it was best that she not be burdened with a child born of that affair -- a child that would remind her, every day of her life, of her pain," Ivan concluded. "And Ivan's sorry for that action," Vivian stressed. "Yes -- and I'm also very grateful you have since forgiven me," Ivan confirmed. "[But] there is much more to the tale -- even Madame does not know the full story [yet] -- [and] I'm afraid, Madame, once I tell you my story, I will have to beg you for your forgiveness all over again," Ivan admitted. "Oh, for God's sake, just get on with it -- don't keep us in suspense!" Vivian demanded.

"It all goes back to the day Stefan was born... [You see], it was a difficult birth, [as] you remember, [and] after many hours of excruciating labor, you delivered the baby and then passed out... [And] while you were passed out, there was a...surprising turn of events... [You see], the doctor realized you were still in labor -- [that] there was another baby on its way," Ivan explained. "Twins?" Gabi summarized.

Sami and Allie try to make amends Sami and Allie try to make amends
Thursday, July 16, 2020
by Mike

At the police station, Vivian and Gabi both struggled to process Ivan's revelation that Jake was Stefan's twin brother.

"You named him 'Jake'? Jake!" Vivian eventually snapped at Ivan incredulously. "Madame, would I name anyone 'Jake'?" Ivan dismissively replied. "What the hell is wrong with 'Jake'?" Jake defensively interjected. "Well, you're a DiMera [and] an Alamain; you need a name of dignity and stature -- something I would pick!" Vivian explained to Jake with a shrug. "Focus, [Vivian] -- it doesn't matter [what] his name [is]! You have, uh, another son -- [that's the point]!" Gabi stammered, looking disappointed. "Who knew I'd be so fecund?" Vivian countered, looking proud.

"[Ivan], you say [that Vivian] had twins [but] didn't know it -- how the hell could that have happened?" Jake protested. "I thought you would never ask... [You see], the second baby was tiny and sickly, [so] Dr. Stewart put him in an incubator [and] said he would not last for more than a few hours. [In the meantime], I took the other baby away from the hospital -- [you know], in case DiMera [were to come] looking for [him] -- but the doctor didn't know where we went, so he could not tell me the second baby survived. [And] I did not want [Madame] to grieve for a child [she] didn't even know existed --" Ivan revealed.

"[So, that's why you didn't] tell me about the other baby when you told me about Stefan," Vivian summarized. "Hold on one minute -- [look], I need some proof!" Gabi demanded. "I think I know where I can find that..." Jake announced, producing a cell phone. "You're gonna call your mother?" Gabi assumed. "Adoptive mother!" Vivian clarified. "No -- we don't talk; she doesn't return my calls," Jake admitted. "[But, Gabi], when you first started telling me that I'm this 'Stefan' guy, I tracked down the agency who handled my adoption. Guess it's time to give them a call..." Jake explained before dialing a phone number.

"Well...turns out the doctor who delivered me was a 'Dr. Stewart,' and I was...a small and sickly baby..." Jake began to report after ending the call, scoffing at the description. "So, [Ivan's] telling the truth," Jake concluded. "Oh!" Vivian exclaimed happily. "Oh!" Gabi exclaimed sadly. "My baby!" Vivian continued, gazing at Jake lovingly. "So, you''re're not my Stefan?" Gabi continued, gazing at Jake despairingly. "No -- I'm afraid not," Jake confirmed, prompting Gabi to break down. "You really loved him," Jake sympathetically acknowledged, and Gabi nodded in response. "I'm so sorry," Jake stressed.

"I just so wanted you to be him..." Gabi eventually managed to choke out. "Look, I didn't know the guy, [and] I'm not sure I even would have liked him, but...he was very lucky to have somebody love him the way you did," Jake declared. "Thank you!" Gabi replied before breaking down again.

"Ugh, there she goes again..." Vivian observed. "Gabi, Kayla told you that Stefan was brain dead!" Vivian pointed out. "This is no time for tears -- we should celebrate!" Vivian insisted. "I found a new son whose name is..." Vivian began to rave. "We need to do something about that name," Vivian stressed. "[But] this is a very happy day!" Vivian maintained.

"I'm gonna leave you guys alone," Gabi decided before rushing off. "I'll go with you," Jake offered before starting to follow. "Don't!" Vivian protested. "She's in pain!" Jake explained, clearly annoyed with Vivian for being so oblivious to that fact. "Right! [And] do you really think she wants to be comforted by a person who looks exactly like the person that she knows she's lost forever?" Vivian reasoned. "Sometimes, she surprises you," Ivan said to Jake with a shrug, referring to Vivian -- who, both men knew, had a point.

"Now, [let's] start to get to know each other..." Vivian suggested. "How the hell do we 'get to know each other' when you're up on murder charges?" Jake wondered. "Don't be so gloomy! It was just attempted murder!" Vivian clarified. "You tried to shoot a cop -- at her own wedding, in front of witnesses -- and it's only 'attempted' murder because another cop grabbed the gun!" Jake summarized. "Oh, darling -- you're an Alamain [and] a DiMera; we just don't think like that!" Vivian countered. "Ugh -- I should have been there in his early childhood..." Vivian fretted to Ivan.

"I don't think you're right," Jake declared. "That's not something she likes to hear," Ivan warned. "And I don't think Gabi should be alone. Like it or not, I'm part of this train wreck, too," Jake decided before starting to rush off in search of Gabi. "Look what happened to your brother!" Vivian called out in protest, but Jake didn't stop. "Ugh -- children just never listen..." Vivian grumbled to Ivan.

Vivian turned away from Ivan with a dramatic sigh, apparently lost in thought. "Madame, are you angry with me for keeping this secret from you?" Ivan eventually wondered. "Oh -- you're still here?" Vivian suddenly realized. "Of course, Madame -- and I will stay for as long as you need me," Ivan stressed. "Of course you will -- because you're devoted to me!" Vivian raved. "Indeed, I am," Ivan confirmed.

"Ugh -- there's so much work to do!" Vivian, who had never even acknowledged Ivan's earlier question but was showing no obvious signs of anger toward the former manservant, declared. "Stefan came to me as this very sophisticated, suave, successful person, and now I've got this...lump...that I have to educate, and... Ugh -- where to begin? Where to begin?" Vivian fretted.

"Madame, may I suggest we begin by figuring out how to keep you out of the slammer?" Ivan interjected. "You are so grounded, Ivan -- you go right to the heart of the matter!" Vivian raved. "Of course -- I can't be incarcerated; my son needs me!" Vivian declared. "So do I, Madame," Ivan stressed. "Oh, that's very sweet," Vivian somewhat reflexively acknowledged, as if Ivan had simply been stating the obvious, and the response was only a courtesy. "You know, I tried to apologize to that 'Lani' person, but I don't think she bought it -- she's very vindictive; I can see it in her eyes!" Vivian grumbled.

"I'm gonna have to think out of the box," Vivian decided. "The box... The box!" Vivian repeated. "By George, I've got it!" Vivian mischievously informed Ivan, who sighed worriedly.

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Gabi bitterly explained everything to Stefano's portrait. "So, now I've lost Stefan again!" Gabi concluded -- just as Jake entered the study.

"How did you get in here?" Gabi demanded to know. "Butler," Jake revealed. "Didn't know people still had butlers..." Jake admitted. "I told him I didn't want to see anybody!" Gabi protested. "Well, he seemed kind of freaked out -- kind of the way you were when you first saw me," Jake reported. "Don't remind me!" Gabi begged. "Who were you...?" Jake wondered, checking the study for the person Gabi had been talking to earlier. "Huh. Is that my father?" Jake guessed after spotting Stefano's portrait. "Yes..." Gabi began to confirm before suddenly realizing something.

"That's why you're here -- you're here for the money!" Gabi snapped. "No, Gabi -- I came here because of you," Jake clarified. "Bull -- you can't stand me!" Gabi argued. "I saw your face when we found out I'm not your husband, and I saw how much you loved him...and then I understood why you did the things you did... [So], I just wanted to make sure you're okay," Jake maintained. "I will never be 'okay' again -- [and] I don't need your pity, so you can just go!" Gabi spat, turning away from Jake. "And don't you ever come back here, 'cause I never want to see that face again!" Gabi added, unaware that Jake was already gone.

At the Brady Pub, Sami and Nicole continued fighting as Eric tried to intervene. "Don't you try to turn my daughter against me -- I'm not gonna let you!" Sami spat at Nicole. "I'm not gonna let you ruin my wedding!" Eric snapped at Sami. "Honey, she already has -- look at the cake!" Nicole fretted to Eric, causing Sami to finally calm down -- and even look somewhat remorseful.

"[Look, Sami], I didn't turn Allie against you -- you did that all on your own," Nicole insisted, drawing a scoff of indignation from Sami. "She kept saying she didn't want you to know, and everyone -- everyone -- tried to get her to tell you, but she just kept saying, over and over, that 'my mother is only gonna make it worse' -- [and] you certainly proved your daughter right today," Nicole elaborated, reawakening Sami's fury. "Interloper!" Sami spat, flinging a handful of cake at Nicole, who responded in kind. "Stop!" Eric demanded. "Didn't you hear what she called me?" Nicole protested, wanting Eric's support. "You don't even know what it means!" Sami guessed.

Fed up, Eric picked up Sami -- who, with no other options available at that point, starting trying to kick Nicole while being carried away. "Sit down [and] stop talking -- [just] listen!" Eric demanded while lowering Sami onto the chair farthest from Nicole. "Go upstairs and get yourself cleaned up," Eric instructed Nicole. "Okay..." Nicole grudgingly agreed, apparently still wanting Eric's support. "Look up 'interloper' while you're up there -- maybe you can learn something!" Sami called out while Nicole was walking away. "Shut up!" Nicole shot back at Sami before disappearing from view -- but staying within earshot.

"I can't believe you married her!" Sami complained to Eric. "I talk -- you listen," Eric snapped, silencing Sami. "On a dark, stormy night, your daughter -- unannounced -- showed up on my doorstep. [She said] that she was pregnant [and] did not want you to know about it, [and then] she said [that] if I [told] you, then she would run away, and then nobody would find her. [So, Nicole] welcomed her into [our] house. And how did you repay her? By ruining our wedding!" Eric continued. "Sorry," Sami reflexively interjected. "No, you're not -- you were pleased with yourself," Eric knowingly countered.

"You know, you are the one person in the world that I can't stand to have mad at me," Sami admitted before offering a more sincere apology to Eric, who responded in kind then forged ahead. "Your daughter's having a baby. She's scared. She's faced with big decisions. She's not thinking straight," Eric concluded. "I see your point," Sami conceded. "That would be a first..." Eric joked, but Sami wasn't amused.

"I'm gonna go to [Allie and] grovel," Sami decided after some thought. "[Then] it'll be okay, [and] we can start planning -- [I mean], now that I know, she doesn't have to go through with this adoption; I can help her, [and] we can raise [the baby together] --" Sami continued. "This is Allie's child, [so] it's her decision to make," Eric interjected. "Not if she's making a decision that she will regret for the rest of her life! [Look], you remember how hard things were for me with Will when he was born [while] I was so stupidly young, [but] it worked out, [and now] he's the center of this family! Allie's just not thinking long-term!" Sami concluded.

"I know for a fact [that] she is -- [that] she has a plan [for] who would adopt the baby..." Eric clarified. "You can't just stop there!" Sami protested. "I've already said too much," Eric decided.

At the park, Marlena continued comforting Allie. "I hate my mother!" Allie tearfully declared. "You don't mean that," Marlena argued. "Yes, I do!" Allie maintained. "This is exactly why I didn't want her here -- why I didn't want her to know [about the baby]! Whenever my mom gets involved, everything just goes to hell!" Allie stressed. "It was gonna come out eventually, you know -- maybe it's best that she [knows] now," Marlena suggested.

While Allie was disagreeing with Marlena, Lucas called from the DiMera mansion to warn that, according to Sydney, Sami was en route to Salem at that moment. Allie informed Lucas that Sami was actually already in Salem -- and already knew about the baby, too. "Dad says he's gonna come here [so] we can deal with Mom together," Allie summarized for Marlena after ending the call.

"Not that there's any 'dealing with' that woman, 'cause she's crazy!" Allie declared. "Look...while I don't defend what your mother did announce that you were pregnant, in front of a lot of people, and that you were going to give up the baby for adoption," Marlena argued. "She's the one who showed up and crashed the wedding and ruined everything!" Allie countered. "That's what she does -- that's who she is," Marlena acknowledged with a shrug. "[But]...what, you're blameless here?" Marlena challenged Allie, who conceded the point with a sigh. "She just makes me so mad!" Allie stressed. "So you've said already," Marlena replied.

"You're mad at both of us," Allie guessed. "I'm not 'mad' -- I'm tired; I'm tired [of] this dance you both do, year after year after year, whether it's about [a] bedtime, a curfew, a prom dress...or a baby," Marlena admitted. "This is a human being, and you can't use it as [a] rope in a tug of war," Marlena stressed. "You're telling me to grow up," Allie translated. "I'm telling you what I think should be obvious to you -- your mother cares about you [and] wants what's best for you, [so] maybe you could stop being combative, which only incites her more, and you could try being a little more...understanding," Marlena clarified. "I can try," Allie agreed.

"Oh?" Marlena challenged Allie, who smiled and nodded in response. "Thank you!" Marlena raved before hugging Allie, pleasantly surprised -- and also relieved.

Lucas eventually joined Allie, and they headed off to the Brady Pub together in search of Sami, leaving Marlena alone in the park.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny apologized to Will for the poor timing of the matter that had caused them to miss Eric and Nicole's wedding. Will dismissed the concern, assuring Sonny that Eric had understood why they had been worried about Justin. "Who, for the record, I think is doing much better, by the way -- [I mean], I think it's a good sign that he's angry about Bonnie being back; at least it's, you know, [better than] feeling nothing," Will declared. "It's hard to feel 'nothing' when she's around," Sonny grumbled. Will and Sonny both hoped that Bonnie was only back in Salem for a book signing -- for Lucas' sake, in particular.

Will and Sonny eventually received a visit from Marlena, who wanted to warn them about what had happened earlier.

"So, yet another Salem wedding ends with a bench-clearing brawl," Will dryly summarized after Marlena finished explaining everything.

"Does [Sami] know that Will and I want to adopt the baby?" Sonny wondered. "She's about to find out," Marlena guessed. "If Mom thinks it's between us and Rafe, she's gonna do a full-court press for us...[but] if we get custody, and we have Mom's grandchild, she might want to live with us -- or at least, like, stay here a lot of the time -- and God help us if that happens!" Will fretted to Sonny as Marlena nodded in agreement.

Sami was still trying to get more information out of Eric when Allie and Lucas entered the Brady Pub. "Food fight?" Allie observed. "The reception was kind of an homage to John Belushi," Eric claimed.

After Eric and Nicole left, Sami greeted Lucas then apologized to Allie. "I would really like a chance to just pretend like the last couple hours didn't happen, [so] maybe we could just start over --" Sami hopefully suggested. "No, we can't just forget the last couple hours -- any more than I can forget all the years where I didn't know what was going to happen next, what you were going to do next..." Allie bluntly countered. "Meaning...?" Sami wondered. "Meaning...I love you, but I do not want you involved in my child's life," Allie clarified.

"I know I'm not a good mom --" Sami began to admit after recovering from the sting of Allie's statement. "I didn't say that. [Look], I don't want you out of my life. Do you think it was easy for me to not tell you about this? [But] I don't want my child growing up with all the drama!" Allie elaborated. "What 'drama'?" Sami sarcastically protested before realizing that it was too soon for jokes.

"[Look], I know what you're going through -- I've been through it -- [and] Uncle Eric told me that you have someone in mind [to] adopt the baby, [but] you don't have to do that now --" Sami argued, seeing Allie's pregnancy as an opportunity to make up for past parenting mistakes. "It's too late for that!" Allie stressed before starting to explain to Sami that offers had already been made to potential adoptive parents.

Sami actually liked the idea of Will and Sonny adopting Allie's baby, since they were family -- and excellent fathers, as well. Sami was rendered speechless, however, when Allie revealed that the other candidate was Rafe.

Eric and Nicole returned to their apartment together. While Nicole was showering, Eric contacted Roman to make sure that Holly was okay. Shortly after Eric ended the call, Nicole emerged from the shower, wearing lingerie that seemed to be at least partially intended to make up for the way the wedding had ended. Eric assured Nicole that all that mattered was that they were married. "[Yeah, but] I wanted to do that corny thing -- you know, where you freeze the top [of the wedding cake then] have it on your anniversary..." Nicole fretted. "That is kind of corny..." Eric agreed before casually directing Nicole's attention to a box that contained the top of the cake.

"Oh, you're the best husband ever!" Nicole raved before kissing Eric, who led the way to their bedroom.

Sami accuses Rafe of manipulating Allie Sami accuses Rafe of manipulating Allie
Friday, July 17, 2020

At the penthouse, Claire told Ciara that she knew that Ben did not want her in the wedding. "I can't ignore the fact that ever since you took this job, terrible, horrible things keep happening. Like my dream wedding dress getting ruined or my engagement ring going missing," Ciara said. "And since Ben thinks I'm responsible, you do, too. You believe him over me, and I get that," Claire said. Ciara admitted that she did not want to believe that Claire was guilty.

"I need you to look me in my eye, and I need you to pinkie swear that you didn't do it," Ciara said. Claire swore that she had not done "any of these horrible things." Claire noted that she had spent two years in therapy, confronting what she had done to her best friend. "I know that what I did was so wrong, and I would never let something like that happen again," Claire said. Claire added that she only wanted the best for Ciara.

"I will not let you down. I swear," Claire said as she held up her pinkie. Ciara shook Claire's pinkie, and they hugged. Wiping away tears from her eyes, Ciara asked Claire if she wanted to coordinate their schedules for the big day. With a grin, Claire said she had a surprise for Ciara. When Claire returned from her room, she had a wedding dress bag.

"This is like a real, real miracle. How did you even do that? How did you fix my dress?" Ciara asked. "I just wanted to surprise you," Claire said. Claire offered to take the dress to the wedding for Ciara so that she did not need to lug it around town, but Ciara noted that she was headed home. "Actually, you are not," Claire said. Claire reminded Ciara that it was the night before Ciara's wedding. Claire suggested that they go out for drinks. Ciara agreed, and she made plans to meet up with Claire at Julie's Place after she ran an errand.

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen wandered into the living room and surprised Gabi. When Gabi asked Gwen how she had gotten into the house, Chad rushed in behind Gwen to stop her from pouring another drink. Gabi asked Chad if Abigail knew that he was escorting women like Gwen home for drinks. Chad explained that he had invited Gwen home because she was drunk, and he had wanted to make sure that Gwen was okay.

"Why do you even care?" Gwen asked. Gwen wondered aloud why Gabi was home instead of working to restore Jake's memory. "That mission is impossible. See, as it turns out, he is not [Stefan]," Gabi explained. Gwen cackled with glee. Chad asked about the DNA. Gabi told Chad that Jake was Stefan's twin brother and about the circumstances of Jake's birth.

"So, Jake is still Jake," Gwen said. "Yes, Einstein. He is," Gabi grumbled. Gwen walked toward Gabi, and she asked if Gabi planned to leave Jake alone. Gabi stared in silence. Gwen thanked Chad for his help. Chad offered his driver to Gwen to get her home safely. "Don't mind if I do," Gwen purred as she sauntered past Gabi.

"I know you want to gloat. Just say it. You are very happy that my husband is still dead," Gabi said. Chad said that Stefan had been "a monster." Chad argued that from the moment Stefan had arrived in Salem, he had worked to destroy Chad and his family. "He raped my wife," Chad stressed. "That wasn't Abigail. That was Gaby with a y, and he only wanted her because she looked like me," Gabi countered. Chad chuckled in disbelief. "He took advantage of a mentally ill woman. I'll never forgive him for that," Chad said. Gabi agreed that Stefan had not been a perfect person, but he had been Chad's brother.

"I'm glad he is dead, and the truth is, I'm glad the two of you won't be able to come after my company," Chad said. "But you have new competition," Gabi pointed out. Gabi warned Chad to watch his back. Chad laughed. "I am not worried about Jake Lampert," Chad said. Gabi argued that Jake was Stefano's son and that he would want his share of the company.

"You think he's going to make a claim to it?" Chad asked. "I think he has got every right to try," Gabi argued. Chad told Gabi to wish Jake luck. "I will. It is going to be my pleasure to see the man that looks like my late husband kick your butt to the curb," Gabi said. With a laugh, Chad noted that they would have to wait and see what Jake planned to do.

In Ben and Ciara's room at the Salem Inn, Jake informed Ben that he was Stefan's twin brother. "That is completely crazy. How did Gabi take the news?" Ben asked. Jake noted that Gabi was devastated. Ben asked Jake if he was relieved or disappointed that Gabi would not be around anymore. "Dude! Of course, I'm glad Gabi's not going to be harassing me anymore. She's a total pain in the ass," Jake said. As Jake rattled off reasons not to like Gabi, Ben smirked and asked Jake if he was protesting too much. Jake said he was more worried about Vivian.

Ben invited Jake to drinks with Will. "I'd be a total downer," Jake said. Jake told Ben he would see him at the wedding. "For what it's worth, I may not be who you thought I was, but I'm glad I still have you as a friend," Jake said. With a nod, Jake walked out.

At the police station, Sami marched into Rafe's office and announced that she wanted to report a crime. "A police commissioner is trying to steal my grandchild," Sami said. Sami accused Rafe of convincing Allie to give him her baby. Rafe swore that he had not given Allie the idea. Rafe explained that he and Allie had spoken about David, and Allie had decided to give Rafe the baby. "You gave her the sob story about your difficult situation with Jordan's baby?" Sami asked. Rafe told Sami that her accusations were unfair and also that they were the same comments that Lucas had made to him.

"I did not ask [Allie] for the baby. She offered the baby. It completely caught me off guard, and for the record, I didn't say yes," Rafe said. Rafe explained that he needed time to think. Sami asked Rafe to tell Allie that the answer was no. With a sigh, Rafe told Sami that he knew she was surprised and upset, but he resented her making accusations at him when they had been getting along. Sami apologized for insulting Rafe.

"Don't you think that the idea that my ex-husband is trying to adopt my grandchild is a little bit strange?" Sami asked. Rafe agreed. Rafe added that the only thing that mattered was that the child ended up in a loving home. "No. What I want is for Allie to raise her own child," Sami said. Sami refused to let Allie hand her child over to Rafe. Hurt, Rafe gave a sarcastic, "Thanks."

"This isn't about you. I think you're going to be a great father, I really do," Sami said. Sami explained that if Allie went through with the adoption, the best choice would be Will because then the child would still be raised in the family. "Of course. I'm not considered family anymore," Rafe said. "You know that's not what I mean," Sami said. Sami asked Rafe to talk to Allie and convince her not to give her child to Rafe.

"So, now you want me to manipulate your daughter?" Rafe asked. Sami asked Rafe to do the right thing for everyone involved. "Just think about it," Sami said. With a nod, Sami walked out.

In the Brady Pub, Allie complained to Will about Sami's appearance at Eric's wedding. Allie told Will that Sami had argued that Allie was not ready to raise a child but also had insisted that Allie raise her own child. "[Sami] loves all her kids. She just doesn't respect us and thinks we are not capable of making our own decisions," Allie said.

Allie informed Will that Lucas had later convened a civil meeting between Allie and Sami, but Allie stressed that Sami still wanted to help Allie raise her baby. When Allie told Will that she had told Sami about Will or Rafe as possible parents, Will asked how that had gone. Allie said Sami was open to Will adopting the baby, but after hearing about Rafe, Sami had walked out. "She went to see Rafe," Will said.

"Hopefully, it is just limited to yelling and there is no physical violence involved," Will said. Allie said she understood why Sami was angry to have been kept in the dark about the pregnancy. "What I want is to give this baby a good home. A good life," Allie said. "And you will," Will countered. Will told Allie that he did not want to pressure her, but he wanted her to know that he and Sonny were ready to adopt her baby. With a smile, Allie thanked Will for being so patient.

"Out of curiosity, are you leaning one way or the other?" Will asked hesitantly. Will apologized. "No, you have every right to know what I'm thinking. But I don't want to lead you on," Allie said. Will said he understood that Allie had asked Rafe first. Allie confided that it felt weird for her brother to adopt her child. "I think you and Sonny would be great dads, but I can't give you an answer until I know how Rafe feels," Allie said. Will said he understood and would respect Allie's decision.

After Allie left, Ben arrived to meet Will for drinks. "This time tomorrow you will be a happily married man," Will said. Will toasted to Ben "getting everything you deserve." Ben said he did not deserve Ciara in his life, but he was thankful for her and for Will's friendship. When Will apologized for not doing more for the bachelor party, Ben shook his head no. "At least you're not trying to sabotage the wedding like the maid of honor," Ben said. Ben updated Will on his suspicions about Claire.

"I just hope Ciara takes my advice and gives [Claire] the boot," Ben said. Will promised to keep an eye on Claire at the wedding. "Ciara might not have picked the best maid of honor, but I definitely picked the right best man," Ben said. As Ben and Will clinked glasses, Sami walked in. "What the hell? This day keeps getting better and better," Sami said. Sami reminded Will of what Ben had done.

"Ben and I, we bonded in prison," Will explained. Will told Sami that Ben had saved his life in prison. "As well he should after he tried to strangle you," Sami argued. When Ben interrupted, Sami shut him down. Will asked Sami to hear Ben out.

"I know words aren't adequate, they're not going to change how you feel about me, but they are all I have right now. So, I'm sorry for the pain I caused you, the pain I caused so many people. I'm ashamed of my past. I'm more than ashamed. I don't have a day that goes by that I don't feel horribly guilty. That I don't feel undeserving for all that is good in my life now. But in order to go on with this second chance that I was generously given, I've tried my damnedest to be a good person. I'm not sick anymore," Ben said. Ben told Sami that if not for Will, he would have given up on Ciara.

"I think Ciara is a really smart woman. It's too bad she is making such a huge mistake," Sami said. "I'm sorry you feel that way, Mrs. DiMera. But I'm sure you'd rather catch up with your son than attack me," Ben said. Ben thanked Will for the drink, and he left. "You just can't help yourself, can you? First Eric and Nicole and now Ben," Will said. Sami grimaced. Will told Sami that he had talked to Allie. Sami admitted that she had spoken with Rafe.

"Why would you do that?" Will shouted. "I am on your side!" Sami countered. Sami said that if Allie decided to give up her baby, Sami wanted Will and Sonny to raise the child. Sami confirmed that she had told Rafe the same thing. "What did he say?" Will asked. Sami said Rafe had not given her an answer, and she advised Will to keep his mouth shut while she worked on Rafe.

Allie ran into Claire at the penthouse as Claire was headed out to meet up with Ciara. "What are you doing here?" Claire asked. Allie explained that she was there so that Eric and Nicole could have the apartment for their wedding night. "How are you doing?" Allie asked. Confused, Claire said she was fine. Allie reminded Claire that she had bailed on the wedding because she had been sick. Claire explained that she felt better after she had rested.

"I needed to make sure that I was better in time for Ciara's wedding, because I am her maid of honor," Claire said. Claire asked about Eric's wedding. "Pretty much perfect until my mom showed up and ruined everything," Allie said. Allie told Claire about Nicole and Sami's fight. Although Allie was ready to go to bed, Claire insisted that Allie join her and Ciara for a girls' night out. "If nothing else, it will just take your mind off things for a while," Claire said.

Ciara visited Rafe at the police station. Rafe asked Ciara why she was not out partying for her bachelorette party. With a grin, Ciara said she was headed for drinks next. "You once told me that before my dad passed, he asked you to take care of his family," Ciara said. Rafe confirmed that Bo had said that. "I've been doing the best that I can to look after you guys," Rafe said. Ciara told Rafe that he would always hold a special place in her life.

"Maybe you could walk me down the aisle tomorrow?" Ciara asked. Rafe was taken aback by the request. "You've always been a father figure to me," Ciara said. "I'd be honored," Rafe said. Elated, Rafe hugged Ciara.

After her emotional talk with Rafe, Ciara met up with Claire and Allie at Julie's Place. Claire carried drinks to the table. "One soda for the mother to be, and Zombies just like we used to drink in high school," Claire announced. Claire and Ciara reminisced about a crazy night out, and Ciara said she did not want to repeat that night. "Of course not, but you can at least have this one drink," Claire said.

Ben called Ciara, and she stepped aside to talk to him about her night out. Ciara told Ben that she wanted to give Claire the benefit of the doubt. Ben agreed to respect Ciara's decision. "It's going to be the best day of our lives," Ciara said as she smiled at Claire across the room.

At the garage, Gwen rushed into Jake's room. "I just heard the news. Thank God it is you and not that horrible woman's husband," Gwen said as she hugged Jake tightly. "Nothing has changed. I'm still good old Jake," Jake said. Gwen pointed out that Jake was a DiMera. "Darling, we're rich," Gwen said. Gwen kissed Jake passionately.

Rafe called Gabi at the DiMera mansion to check if Jake was there. Gabi told Rafe that Jake already knew he was Stefan's twin. "I heard about that," Rafe said. Rafe told Gabi that he wanted to talk to Jake about his mother. "Vivian is dead," Rafe said.

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