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Vincent worked on Ben's subconscious. Eve returned to Salem in disguise, and Claire begged her to turn herself in. Will forgave Sami, and Sonny forgave Will. Allie bolted from Salem, and she left a note asking Nicole to raise her son. Jake helped Gabi close a deal for DiMera. Gwen kissed Chad in an effort to make Jake jealous. Justin agreed to help Bonnie. Sami asked Belle for legal help. Hope agreed to return to the PD.
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Eve returned to Salem in disguise -- and Allie bolted and left a note asking Nicole to raise her son
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Allie makes a decision about the baby Allie makes a decision about the baby
Monday, August 10, 2020
by Mike

Hope entered the police station and greeted Rafe, who was quick to rave about what had happened in New York City. "I heard you gave [Vincent] a bad beating -- [and] with your bare hands, [no less -- and then] you took his belt [and] tied him up with it! [You know], you've still got it!" Rafe declared. "He and Eve still got away," Hope countered, dismissing the praise. "I put an APB out on 'em," Rafe assured Hope. "You've gotta track 'em down, [because] as long as they're out there, Ciara and Ben are still in danger," Hope fretted to Rafe.

"How's Ben?" Rafe asked. "He's getting checked out [right now] at the hospital," Hope replied.

While passing through the park, Vincent contacted Eve, who was furious about what had happened in New York City. "I know things didn't work out the way that you wanted, but it could be worse -- at least Hope Brady and her daughter triggered that alarm and gave you time to escape," Vincent pointed out. "Don't worry about me -- I'm fine...and in Salem," Vincent revealed. "Of course no one saw me," Vincent insisted. "Don't worry -- you've been perfectly clear about what you want me to do, [and] as long as those checks don't bounce, I'll see this through to the bitter end," Vincent promised.

"There is one small problem -- the cavalry showed up before I was able to complete the treatment," Vincent admitted to Eve, who apparently didn't take the news very well. "Would you please get yourself under control?" Vincent begged. "I managed to sneak into the hospital --" Vincent tried to report. "Of course I was careful -- I wore scrubs and pretended to be an attending physician [then] eased my way into Weston's room," Vincent clarified. "[Anyway], the final dose of mind-altering drugs should be coursing through his veins as we speak. [And] the Brady girl joined him after I left, [so] I'm sure he's in her arms [right now]...and itching to wring her pretty little neck," Vincent concluded.

At the hospital, Ben awoke with a start after a nightmare in which memories of the brainwashing session had resurfaced for the first time. "What just happened?" Ciara wondered while reaching out to touch Ben, who recoiled as the memories continued resurfacing. "Oh, Ben -- you just had a nightmare," Ciara decided. "Listen, you've been through a horrible, horrible time, [but] Eve can't do anything else to you -- it's all over now," Ciara assured Ben, who had calmed down enough to accept physical contact but was still being plagued with memories of the brainwashing session. "It's all over now..." Ben repeated, somewhat robotically, while wrapping a hand around Ciara's neck and caressing it.

Ben tried to kiss Ciara, prompting a sudden coughing fit. "I was just starting to feel more like myself," Ben grumbled while accepting a cup of water from Ciara. "And now... [I just feel] strange again -- [I mean], I don't even know how to describe it; [it's like]...I'm right on the edge of remembering what happened to me, [but] I can't...quite..." Ben tried to explain to Ciara before more memories suddenly resurfaced -- memories that, for the first time, hinted at the purpose of the brainwashing session. "Did you just remember something?" Ciara wondered. "Still all blank," Ben claimed.

Ciara summoned a nurse to Ben's room, just to be safe. "I'm going home as soon as that bag of stuff runs through my arm!" Ben raved to Ciara after the nurse left.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Hope rode an elevator to Ben's floor. "Can you believe that Ben's tox screen came back practically clean?" Rafe asked. "I guess whatever they gave him is out of his system now. [You know], I just pray to God that whatever [it] was, it doesn't have any aftereffects," Hope replied. "[Eve] was working with Rolf [at one point], right?" Rafe pointed out. "Yeah -- that's how she got her hands on Jack in the first place," Hope confirmed. "I just hope she didn't also get her hands on the experimental drugs Rolf was cooking up in that lab of his," Hope continued, and Rafe agreed.

Rafe and Hope soon exited the elevator and headed off to Ben's room together -- just missing Vincent, who had returned to make sure that everything was still going as planned.

"I know somebody worked me over, but that's because of how I feel -- I don't remember any of it," Ben told Rafe, who remained hopeful that the memories would eventually resurface. "My best guess is [that Eve] couldn't stand seeing [you and Ciara] so happy, [so] she probably wanted [you] to die a slow, painful death," Rafe suggested to Ben.

"Get some rest -- you look exhausted," Hope said to Ben. "I am exhausted -- [and] I just want to go home," Ben admitted. "You still have half a bag of fluid left --" Ciara began to point out, but Ben ripped out the I.V. line just then, unwilling to stay at the hospital any longer.

Ben and Ciara soon left the hospital together -- walking right past Vincent, who followed them back to the Salem Inn then contacted Eve again. "Our boy just took Ciara into the Salem Inn. She's going to have a memorable night -- her last night on this earth..." Vincent reported, unaware that Ben hadn't taken the full dose of the mind-altering drug.

Meanwhile, Ben carried Ciara into their hotel room then placed a "do not disturb" sign on the doorknob.

Claire went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Marlena, who was quick to rave about what had happened in New York City. "If you had not realized that Eve was a person that had the motivation to kidnap Ben...well, I don't know [about you, but I think] this would have been a whole different conversation we're having, [because] Hope never would have been able to rescue him before it was too late. [Plus], you stayed loyal to Ciara, even though she wrongly accused you of trying to sabotage her wedding. [You know], I'm so incredibly proud of you!" Marlena declared, delighting Claire.

"I just cannot believe that I used to think I could count on Eve -- [I mean], she was the one [who] ruined the dress, stole the ring, poisoned Ciara's drink... I mean, she was setting me up 'cause she wanted everyone to think that I was the one who bombed the church!" Claire grumbled. "Eve has been through the worst thing that any parent could ever go through -- her daughter was murdered -- [and] ever since that happened, I think she's been trying to strike out at everybody -- [but] especially Ben. And now...[well], seeing Ben so happy [is] just unbearable for her," Marlena reasoned.

"I used to be like that -- [I mean], I was completely miserable, and I just decided that Ciara made me that way; [you know], I couldn't see that I was just making myself miserable. [But] that's never gonna happen again -- [I mean], I genuinely hope that Ciara and Ben have a long and beautiful and totally boring life together," Claire declared. "Well, they've been through so much, I -- I imagine they might just welcome a little 'boring,'" Marlena mused before changing the subject, wondering if Claire was still planning to move back to Hong Kong with Belle and Shawn. "[Actually]...what would you think about me possibly staying here?" Claire asked. "I would love that -- [and] John will be over the moon!" Marlena replied.

"What changed your mind?" Marlena wondered. "[Well, I mean], of course I want to be with my mom and dad, but I've hardly spent any time in Hong Kong; Salem is my home. [And] Ciara's finally starting to trust me again, [and] I definitely don't want to miss seeing Allie's baby once it's born --" Claire reasoned. "She already had the baby," Marlena revealed before showing Claire some pictures.

"I don't know how Allie can stand to give him up," Claire admitted. "She wants what's best for him, and she may decide that that's not being with her... [But], whatever she decides, we will support her wholeheartedly," Marlena replied.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sami continued begging for Will's forgiveness. "So, all you really care about is getting yourself off the hook with me -- surprise, surprise..." Will, who still had much bigger concerns, mused with a shake of the head. "No, that is not 'all' I care about," Sami insisted. "Sonny should be furious at me, not you --" Sami continued. "Oh, he is furious at you -- don't worry about that," Will interjected. "[Because] it's my fault that Allie backed out of letting you and Sonny adopt that baby. [And] I am so sorry that I screwed this up for you," Sami concluded, fighting back tears.

"You didn't force me to lie to Sonny and Allie -- I made that stupid choice on my own, [when] I could have said no. [And now] I just have to live with the consequences," Will acknowledged with a shrug. "I knew you were making a mistake...but, for whatever reason, I decided not to tell Allie or Sonny about it -- [no, actually], if I'm being honest, [it's because] I thought that if I know, maybe she would make up with Rafe, and we wouldn't get the baby," Will admitted. "So selfish..." Will conceded with a sigh.

"And I'm still being selfish, right now, by...forgiving you," Will concluded. "You're forgiving me?" Sami repeated, pleasantly surprised. "Don't I always?" Will acknowledged, shrugging again. "I'm so glad!" Sami raved before thanking Will with a hug. "Wait a second -- why is that 'being selfish'?" Sami wondered after pulling away from Will. "Well, because I'm -- because I'm still mad at you...but if I don't forgive you, then how can I expect Sonny to do the same for me?" Will reasoned.

"You and Sonny are gonna be okay -- [I mean], you've been through too much to let this stand in your way," Sami assured Will, who seemed hopeful but not quite as confident.

"I just hope I can say the same thing about Allie and me... I asked Eric to go talk to her, but, um, then we ended up having a fight, so he might not do that..." Sami continued. "Talk to her about...[what], making peace with you? Don't you think it's a little too soon for that?" Will replied. "Why does everyone keep saying [that]? She has to make this huge, life-changing decision, and she has to do it before she leaves the hospital! [And who else] is she gonna talk [it] through with -- Nicole?" Sami countered with a dismissive scoff before suddenly rushing off, having apparently realized that Allie might actually do just that.

At the hospital, Eric approached Nicole and Allie and admitted that it was a bit surprising to see them at the nursery, of all places. "I decided [that seeing the baby] might help me make up my mind about the adoption," Allie explained. "And...has it?" Eric asked. "Not really," Allie replied. "I didn't want to hold him [before, but] you think it's too late for me to change my mind about that, too?" Allie said to Eric and Nicole after some thought. "He's your baby -- of course you can hold him," Nicole assured Allie before rushing off in search of a nurse.

A few minutes later, Eric and Allie were back in Allie's room, waiting for Nicole to arrive with the baby. "Is it possible that you're deciding against Will and Sonny adopting the baby because [that] would be giving your mom what she wants? Maybe you should consider giving Will another chance," Eric said to Allie -- just as Nicole entered the room, carrying the baby.

Sami arrived a short time later, while Allie was holding the baby. "I thought you were gonna give Allie some space," Eric said to Sami. "I did!" Sami argued. "I meant more than an hour," Eric countered. "Did she change her mind about keeping the baby?" Sami asked, ignoring Eric's comment. "I haven't made any decisions yet -- [this] was Nicole's idea," Allie explained to Sami.

Eric and Nicole started to leave the room so Sami and Allie could have some privacy. "You can't leave me alone with her!" Allie protested. "I think it's best if you hear what she has to say," Eric reasoned, and Nicole agreed. "Don't blow it -- you might not get another chance," Eric whispered to Sami, who nodded in response.

"I just came here to apologize," Sami informed Allie once the coast was clear. "Rafe was always going to say that he couldn't adopt your baby -- you know that, right? It didn't matter what I said to him," Sami continued, prompting Allie to wonder when the apology was going to begin. "I can't apologize for wanting you to live your best life -- I want that for all of my kids," Sami reasoned. "Yeah, but living our best lives just means doing what you want -- I mean, like you have all the answers..." Allie countered. "No, I don't have all the answers -- I know I'm not the wisest woman in the world," Sami conceded.

"But I do know one thing, [which] you are learning right now -- this precious little baby, he's been a part of you for almost nine months while he was inside you, [but] now you're learning that he is gonna be a part of you forever, whether you raise him or someone else does. [And] this bond you have, it's like nothing else you will ever experience in your entire life," Sami stressed. "Okay, yes -- there's a bond...but that doesn't mean I'll be a good mother to him; I don't even know who I am yet, [and] I don't want to screw him up," Allie argued. "Well, sweetheart, maybe you could just learn from all of the mistakes that I made with you, [and] then you will be the most amazing mom in the entire world," Sami suggested.

"Oh, for God's sake, Mom -- [you know], you didn't mean to have any of us!" Allie pointed out. "None of you were planned --" Sami began to confirm. "We were mistakes," Allie summarized. "No! Maybe [you were each] an accident, but that is completely different, okay? [Look], I didn't know how much I wanted to be a mom until I had Will -- I didn't know how it would change me -- [but now]...I would walk through fire for all four of you, and you can't tell me that you aren't feeling exactly the same way," Sami countered. "Yeah, that's exactly how I feel -- I never thought I could love anyone this much," Allie admitted. "And that love just grows and grows, every single day," Sami stressed.

"I'm really glad we had this talk, [because] now I know exactly what I need to do," Allie said to Sami after some thought.

Meanwhile, at the nursery, Eric and Nicole watched the other babies sleep. "It must be hard for you -- [you know], being around here --" Nicole began to acknowledge. "Where Mackenzie died," Eric concluded. "If anyone was born to be a father, it's you," Nicole stressed. "I'm Holly's dad -- biology does not make you a dad," Eric countered. "You're absolutely right -- [and] maybe we should think about adopting a brother or a sister for Holly," Nicole suggested -- just as Sami arrived, carrying the baby.

"I know you're not gonna believe [this is sincere], but, um...thank you, Nicole -- [I mean], you convinced Allie to see the baby [and] hold him, [and] now she says that she knows what she has to do, so I really think she's gonna keep him!" Sami excitedly revealed.

Lucas entered the Kiriakis mansion with a stroller and joined Will in the living room. "I got this online -- [I mean], I know the baby's still in the hospital, but you're gonna need this before you know it --" Lucas began. "I guess you, uh -- you haven't heard, [but]...we're not getting the baby," Will interjected, sighing. "Sounds like [Sami] had you, you know, between a rock and a hard place," Lucas mused after hearing the whole story.

"[But] Sonny's a great guy, [so] he's gonna forgive you once he calms down -- he'll understand," Lucas predicted. "[And] you know Allie -- [she] acts on impulse --" Lucas continued. "Wonder where she gets that from..." Will interjected. "Right? But she's also very practical, so, you know, when she told you and Sonny that you couldn't adopt the baby, maybe she was acting on impulse, [and] she'll change her mind [later]," Lucas concluded. "I wish I was as optimistic as you are about all this," Will admitted. "Don't lose hope, [because] you may still be able to adopt your nephew yet," Lucas maintained. "I hope so," Will replied.

At the hospital, Sami, Nicole, and Eric returned to Allie's room together -- and discovered that it was otherwise unoccupied.

Eric soon found a letter that Allie had left behind. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine -- I just have to get out of here. I finally figured out what's best for the baby, and it isn't me. What I want is..." Eric read aloud, drawing a groan from Sami, who assumed that Allie had settled on giving the baby up for adoption -- and not to Will and Sonny.

"It's you, Nicole -- she wants you to raise her son," Eric summarized, stunning Nicole and Sami.

Jake disappoints Gabi Jake disappoints Gabi
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

In disguise, Bonnie attempted to skip town without paying her bill at the Salem Inn. Justin intercepted Bonnie in the square, and he promised to pay for her bus ticket if she stopped to talk to him. "In that case, maybe we can talk someplace a little more private," Bonnie said as she looked over her shoulder at the Salem Inn. Bonnie pushed Justin out of the square and into the park.

As Justin invited Bonnie to join him on the bench, she raised a suspicious eyebrow. Bonnie noted that if Justin wanted to tell her that she deserved to be "screwed" by her book contract, she did not want to hear it. "That's not why I want to talk to you," Justin said. Justin explained that he wanted to help Bonnie with her contract.

"Bless your ginormous and forgiving heart, Justin Kiriakis," Bonnie exclaimed. Bonnie hugged a surprised Justin. Bonnie asked Justin what had changed his mind. Justin explained that he hated it when people twisted the law to hurt people. "I want to make it right," Justin said. Justin asked Bonnie to let him take her case. When Bonnie noted that she did not have any money, Justin countered that he did not like to see anyone taken advantage of. "Even you," Justin said. Bonnie thanked Justin.

"First, we put these cheating bastards on notice," Justin said. Justin called the publisher, and he threatened to call a press conference. "Well, you can go to hell yourself. Miss Lockheart and I will see you in court," Justin said. Bonnie cheered when Justin ended his call. Justin noted that he did not like it when companies took advantage of people. "I can't let them get away with it," Justin said.

"Thank you. I absolutely do not deserve this, I know, but I have to tell you, I really appreciate it," Bonnie said. Bonnie added, "You're obviously a great lawyer, but you're also a good man. And you kinda remind me of my Mickey." "High praise," Justin said. Bonnie smiled.

Abe met up with Kate at the Brady Pub, and he told her about Lani and Eli's twin news. Abe congratulated Kate on Allie's baby. When Abe noted they had a lot to celebrate, Kate said, "We certainly do. And Vivian's dead." The smile fell from Abe's face. "I heard about Vivian's untimely demise," Abe admitted. Kate said she had looked in the coffin to confirm that Vivian was dead this time.

"You two have quite a history," Abe said. Kate noted that she had a laundry list of grievances against Vivian, and she rattled off a few. "You may not want to hear this, but you and Vivian were a lot alike," Abe said. Kate was insulted. Abe noted that Kate and Vivian were both driven, and he suggested that in another life, Vivian and Kate could have been friends. Kate disagreed. "I'm glad the viper's dead," Kate stressed.

Abe asked about the polls. "There has been an uptick in your approval rating," Kate said. Kate gave herself the credit, and Abe chuckled. "Joking aside, I see how hard you've been working," Abe admitted. Abe told Kate she was doing a great job. When Kate asked for a raise, Abe countered that Kate had only been working for him for three months. Kate argued that she had proven her worth. Abe agreed to a raise.

Kate admitted that she had had doubts about the job but that she really enjoyed working with Abe. "Even when you're cranky," Kate added. Kate said that she liked that Abe saw the best in people. Abe suggested that they celebrate Kate's raise, the twins, and Allie's new baby. "Is it your treat?" Kate asked. Abe nodded yes with a chuckle.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Jack and Jennifer cuddled on the couch in the living room. As Jack noted how much he loved to have alone time with Jennifer, a bathrobe-clad Gwen stumbled into the room and groaned. Gwen grabbed Jack and Jennifer's bottle of wine and took a giant swig from the bottle. "We were drinking that," Jack said. Gwen waved Jack off, and she noted that there was plenty more in the cellar.

"After the night I've had, I need this much more than you do," Gwen grumbled. "You must be Gwen," Jack said. Confused, Jennifer asked who Gwen was. "Stefan's twin brother's girlfriend," Jack whispered. Jack explained that Gwen had moved in with Jake, and they had taken over Lucas' room. Jack told Gwen that Lucas was Jennifer's brother. With a sigh, Gwen apologized for taking the room, and she explained that she had chosen it because it was close to the kitchen.

"Is Chad okay with all of this?" Jennifer asked. Gwen explained that Chad had invited her and Jake to move in. "You must be the in-laws," Gwen said. Jennifer introduced herself and Jack. Gwen complimented Jack's taste in wine. "I know," Jack muttered as he looked at Jennifer. When Gwen offered the bottle back, Jack waved her off. Jennifer asked Gwen about her night. "In a nutshell, Gabi has hijacked my boyfriend," Gwen said. Jack and Jennifer glanced at one another.

"Jennifer and I aren't exactly fans of Gabi, either," Jack said. Eager to chat about Gabi, Gwen noted, "That's right, because she fried your daughter's brains." Gwen told Jack and Jennifer that Gabi had interrupted her and Jake in bed. "There goes my sex tape. Totally ruined," Gwen lamented. "I hate it when that happens," Jack said. Jennifer smacked Jack on the arm. Gwen said she was disappointed that Jake had agreed to help Gabi. When Jennifer asked why, Gwen shrugged.

Gwen lamented that Gabi had interrupted her intimate moment. "And that was after I heard her tell Jake that I look like a cheap whore," Gwen said. When Gwen asked Jack and Jennifer if she looked like "a cheap whore," they quickly said no. "[Gabi's] a really nasty piece of work," Gabi complained as she took another swig of wine. Jack suggested that Gwen go to bed and get a good night's rest. With a nod, Gwen agreed. Gwen thanked Jack and Jennifer, and she went to bed.

In the square, Jake complained to Gabi about going to a fancy dinner. Gabi stared daggers at him. "I impressed the hell out of that DiMera client. Totally nailed it," Jake said defensively. "That was a total disaster!" Gabi objected. Jake argued that the guy had "eaten out of the palm of my hand." Gabi countered, "Unfortunately, so were you. Did you notice you had utensils?" Jake and Gabi continued to argue about whether the client liked him.

"[The client] didn't even bring up making the deal. And why would he want to work with someone who has no manners and is an incompetent jerk!" Gabi yelled. "Wow. So glad I agreed to do you a favor," Jake grumbled. With a sigh, Gabi noted that she'd only needed Jake to represent the DiMera class and style, and he had failed in his task. Jake yelled out, "Hey, everybody! Let's file this under 'no good deed goes unpunished'!" Gabi countered that Jake had made her look like an idiot.

Jake reminded Gabi that he had not wanted to go to the meeting and that it had been her idea. "I would never have done that if I'd known you were going to be a disaster!" Gabi barked. Jake argued that he deserved a thank you for doing her a favor. Gabi countered that Jake had destroyed all her work to wrest control of the company. "If I don't [get control], it's going to be your fault," Gabi growled. Jake asked Gabi why she was so determined to get the company back.

"For one thing, they own my company. I built Gabi Chic from the ground up, and Chad put it in limbo just to spite me. I need to revive it, but I need to be CEO to do that," Gabi explained. When Jake asked why else Gabi was so driven, Gabi argued that Stefan would want her to take over his company. "As opposed to an actual DiMera, like, say, Chad, or, I don't know, me?" Jake countered. Gabi laughed. Jake said he was not interested, but he did not think Gabi had a claim.

"You wouldn't know a good business deal if it bit you in the ass," Gabi said. Jake apologized for insulting Gabi, and he said he had no interest in fighting for the company. "All I care about is I don't have to wear one of these damn suits," Jake barked as he ripped off his tie. As Jake and Gabi's argument grew more heated, Gabi yelled that Jake was nothing like her husband. Furious, Jake yelled that Stefan was "dead as a doornail, and he ain't ever coming back." Gabi blanched.

"You're right. Stefan's gone. And it was my mistake to think that you could ever replace him. You're not half the man he was," Gabi said. "So you say. Over and over again," Jake muttered. Gabi noted that Stefan had had a way of making people feel like they were the only person in the world. "I miss that. I miss him. More all the time," Gabi said. As Jake started to say something, Gabi warned Jake not to take pity on her.

"I may never get over the loss of my husband, the loss of the love of my life, but I will have a life. If not for my sake, for my daughter's, because I am a good mom. And I am a strong woman," Gabi said. Gabi stomped off.

When Gabi arrived home, she interrupted Jack and Jennifer as they kissed on the couch. "Today is just not my day," Gabi complained. "I know what you mean," Jack said. As Gabi poured a drink, she asked Jack and Jennifer what they were staring at. Jack and Jennifer shook their heads, and Jack asked Jennifer if there was a full moon. Gwen returned for more wine. "Look what the cat dragged in. Where's Jake?" Gwen asked. "I don't know, and I don't care," Gabi said before she marched upstairs.

Gwen asked Jack and Jennifer what Gabi had said about Jake, but Jennifer noted Gabi had not said anything. "I wonder what happened?" Gwen said as she sat next to Jack. "I guess we'll never know. Now if you'll excuse us, my wife and I are going to enjoy what remains of this lovely evening alone together," Jack said as he motioned at the door. Jack and Jennifer rose to leave, and Jake walked in. "Where have you been?" Gwen asked. Jack and Jennifer shuffled out to avoid the scene. Jake apologized to Gwen for running out on her.

"It's just Gabi really needed my help," Jake said. Gwen groaned. "I got that. With what?" Gwen asked. Jake explained that Chad had missed a business meeting. "And Gabi needed you why?" Gwen asked. "It doesn't matter. It didn't work out," Jake said. Jake asked Gwen if she was still mad at him. "A bit," Gwen said. Jake told Gwen he would make it up to her. Gwen softened, and she agreed to meet Jake upstairs. After Jake left, Gwen called Chad and told him that Gabi had used Jake to hold a DiMera meeting.

Upstairs, Gabi pulled her photo of Stefan out of her dresser drawer. "When I saw Jake wearing your favorite suit, looking almost as handsome as you, it was comforting. Then, he had to go and act like a caveman at dinner," Gabi said. "It pretty much knocked me back into reality, but for a little while..." Gabi said with a shrug. Gabi added that she had not expected it to be so difficult to be around someone that looked like Stefan. There was a knock on the door. Gabi shoved the picture back in the drawer and said, "Come in!"

It was Jake, and he wanted to return Stefan's suit. "I hope the dry cleaners can get that garage smell out," Gabi muttered. Gabi dismissed Jake. "Not until you hear what I have to say," Jake said. Gabi said she did not have the energy to fight. "I don't want to fight with you, either. I just came up here to say I'm sorry. What I said before, I went too far. I know how much you still miss Stefan, and what I said was insensitive," Jake said. Gabi quietly thanked Jake. After Jake left, Gabi broke down in tears.

At the Salem Inn, Ben carried Ciara over the threshold into their room. Ben put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. "Now I have you all to myself," Ben said. Ciara asked Ben if he was sure that he wanted to celebrate their wedding night. "I really understand if you just want to take it easy and relax," Ciara said. Ben disagreed. As Ben nibbled on Ciara's neck, Ciara stopped him so that she could change into the lingerie she had bought for their wedding night. While Ciara was in the bathroom, Ben looked at a picture of him with Ciara, and he had a flashback of his torture. Ben flinched.

When Ciara returned, Ben kissed his wife. "Hold that thought," Ciara said. Ciara ran to the closet, and she furrowed her brow. Ciara explained that she had hung her wedding dress in the bathroom, but it was gone from the bathroom and not in the closet. "Where could it be?" Ciara wondered aloud. Ben thought of the brainwashing session. Ciara called the front desk about her dress, and they confirmed they would check with housekeeping.

"I hope it's not lost," Ben said as Ciara ended her call. "It's not like somebody broke in and stole it," Ciara joked. Ciara changed the subject back to their honeymoon, and she kissed Ben. As Ben kissed Ciara's shoulder, he thought about the torture. "No!" Ben cried out as he shoved Ciara away. Ciara asked what was wrong. Ben said he did not know why he had reacted that way. Ciara suggested that Ben was traumatized from his time with Eve and Vincent.

"I know that you're pretending that you are [okay] because you want to give me the wedding night that you think I deserve," Ciara said. "No, I know you deserve it," Ben corrected. Ciara said she did not need the perfect night if Ben was not ready. "We're going to be together forever, and we're going to have plenty, plenty of other nights to make love," Ciara said. Ben insisted that he wanted to make their first night together as husband and wife special.

Ciara ordered Chinese food, and she and Ben sat in bed and ate. "I'm just thinking about how many nights we're gonna be able to sit on top of the bed, insisting on each other to finish the last honey walnut shrimp," Ben said with a chuckle. Ben asked Ciara if she was disappointed in their wedding night. "After that explosion, I really thought that I lost you. And I thought that I would never have another moment like this with you ever again, so, as far as I'm concerned, this is a perfect night," Ciara said.

After dinner, Ben said he felt more like himself. "Maybe tomorrow you can make an appointment with Marlena, talk about what you went through," Ciara suggested. Ben agreed. Ciara handed Ben a fortune cookie. Ciara asked about the fortune. It read, "Your pleasure will become your pain and your pain your pleasure." Ben thought about the torture again. Ben lied and told Ciara that his fortune read, "Things don't always go as planned." Ciara chuckled. Ben asked about Ciara's fortune. "True love always triumphs," Ciara read. Ciara noted that she and Ben were proof that the fortune was accurate. Ciara kissed Ben.

Sami tries to locate Allie Sami tries to locate Allie
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
by Mike

Belle went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see Marlena -- and Claire, who actually wasn't there at that time.

"[Eric and Nicole] got tied up at the hospital, [so Claire] went over to [their place to relieve] their babysitter," Marlena explained. "Oh... [Well, then, I guess I'll have to] wait to tell her how proud I am of her," Belle -- who, of course, was fully aware of what had happened in New York City -- conceded. "[I am, too -- you know, since] Claire was the one who realized [that] Eve was the one who had the motive to hurt Ben, [that means], obviously, [that Claire] was the one who saved his life," Marlena summarized. "I get that [Eve] wants to avenge her daughter's death, but...kidnapping and torture?" Belle mused with a shake of the head.

"[Anyway, I'm glad that Eric and Nicole asked Claire to babysit Holly] -- it shows they trust her, [and] I feel like, [you know], all Claire has been trying to do since she got home is prove to everybody that she's trustworthy," Belle acknowledged. "I know. [And] it's been a rough time for her -- you know, [as soon as] she began to settle in, then she was accused of trying to sabotage Ciara's wedding," Marlena summarized. "Right -- [but], thank God, she was innocent...which I knew all along, but still..." Belle stressed. "[Anyway], I'm just ready to put it all behind us [and] get back to Hong Kong, where Shawn and I can really take care of our daughter," Belle declared. "Well, I know why you'd feel that way...[but] I just don't think she's gonna want to do that," Marlena warned.

"I think that Shawn and I could probably honor her wishes..." Belle conceded after Marlena finished explaining that Claire actually wanted to stay in Salem. "But maybe we [should] also stay for a bit -- just [to] make sure she's really okay," Belle, who was clearly not ready to say goodbye to Claire again just yet, decided. "I think that would be swell!" Marlena raved, giddy with excitement.

At the hospital, Eric watched as Nicole tried to contact Allie. "Straight to voicemail," Nicole informed Eric before recording a message for Allie. "She probably disabled her phone," Eric guessed after Nicole ended the call.

Sami soon rejoined Eric and Nicole. "A guard said that he saw a girl matching Allie's description get into a cab [earlier]," Sami reported. "Oh, no!" Nicole exclaimed. "Oh, yes -- [so now] my little girl is missing, and it is all your fault!" Sami spat at Nicole. "It is not --" Nicole tried to protest. "The hell it isn't! From the moment she knocked on your door, you've been working on her -- getting inside her mind, convincing her that you're a saint and I'm the devil --" Sami bitterly reasoned. "That last part you did on your own," Nicole dryly argued.

"Sami, I know you are upset, but you gotta stop with the insults and the accusations -- Nicole has done nothing wrong," Eric interjected. "Wake up, Eric -- she's done a lot wrong! [And] she doesn't have any problem with stealing other people's babies, if you'll remember Sydney! [You know], someday, the light bulb is gonna go off, and you are going to realize the two-faced, conniving snake you married...[but] I don't have time to convince you right now, because I have to go find my daughter!" Sami countered. "I am not going to let you take my grandson!" Sami warned Nicole before storming off.

"I swear -- I had no idea Allie was gonna do this!" Nicole assured Eric. "Of course you didn't -- neither of us did," Eric acknowledged before apologizing to Nicole for Sami's outburst. "I'm used to [Sami's outbursts]. Right now, I'm just concerned about Allie," Nicole stressed. "Me, too," Eric agreed.

"We didn't finish reading the rest of [Allie's letter -- you know, maybe we should] see if it gives us any clues to where she's headed," Eric suggested to Nicole before picking up the letter and starting to read it aloud again.

I've seen firsthand what an incredible mother Nicole is to Holly, so I know my son will be in very good hands -- not just with Aunt Nicole but also Uncle Eric. I obviously want him to raise the baby, too; since they're married, it's a great package deal. I know the plan was to have Will and Sonny raise my child, but my brother broke my trust. And my mother broke everything -- she ruined it all, just like she always does; no matter how many times it happens, she never learns her lesson.

[So], I know who I want to raise my child, [but] I haven't said why. Let's start with Nicole. What impressed me about her most is that she listened to my concerns and let me make my own decisions -- unlike my mother, she never tried to control or manipulate me; she saw me and heard me and, most of all, respected me. And Uncle Eric has so many qualities a child would want in a father. You can tell him anything without fear of being judged -- that doesn't mean he'll approve of everything, though...but instead of rattling off all of the ways you screwed up, he'll offer you guidance and support. That seems like the best way to parent -- with compassion and understanding. That's what Eric and Nicole have shown me, and why I'm completely confident that they are the best people to raise my son.

I know my mom is going to freak when she finds out that I want Nicole to raise her grandson, but this is my decision, not hers. I know Nicole and Eric will welcome my son into their lives, the way they welcomed me.

"[This] wasn't some random decision -- Allie took a lot of time to think about [it]," Eric realized. "Earlier, I mentioned that, you know, maybe we should adopt a brother or sister for Holly, [so]...maybe this is meant to be," Nicole suggested.

At the Brady Pub, Abe and Kate prepared to part ways. "That was a lovely working dinner," Abe declared. "It was -- we got a lot done, and it didn't even seem like work!" Kate agreed.

Abe and Kate shared a laugh then both reached for the bill at the same time, touching hands in the process. They smiled at each other, somewhat awkwardly, and then Kate snatched the bill from Abe. "I thought dinner was supposed to be my treat," Abe protested. "Yeah, well, [then] you gave me a raise, so [now] it's my treat," Kate explained.

"What's the catch?" Abe asked. "No catch -- and don't look so shocked; [after all, weren't you just talking about] seeing the best in me?" Kate replied. "Well, then...thank you, [and] I'll see you in the office tomorrow," Abe said before taking one last sip of coffee. "Or you could come home with me," Kate suggested, causing Abe to choke on the drink. "Is that the catch?" Abe wondered after recovering. "Oh, my God, no -- that's not what I meant!" Kate insisted with a scoff. "That contract you wanted to see -- I have it at home," Kate clarified. "Ah. Well, it's -- it's on the way..." Abe acknowledged before deciding to accept the invitation.

At the Brady-Walker apartment, Claire emerged from one of the bedrooms, armed with a baseball bat. "Get the hell out of here -- or I'll bash your face in!" Claire warned an apparent intruder -- who turned out to be Allie. "What are you doing here?" Claire and Allie asked each other in unison. "Eric asked me to babysit for Holly," Claire explained. "I just came to get my passport. I'm leaving Salem," Allie explained.

"You must feel so betrayed," Claire guessed after Allie finished explaining everything. "Yeah -- by all of them!" Allie stressed. "I'm so sorry, Allie -- this really sucks," Claire declared. "But you can't just take off and leave your baby here!" Claire protested. "Unless... Wait, is your mom gonna raise him?" Claire wondered. "That's what she's wanted from the moment she found out I was pregnant, [but] there's no way I'm gonna let that happen -- my mother is out of my baby's life...and mine!" Allie insisted -- just as Sami knocked on the apartment door and called out a greeting.

After Allie ducked into one of the bedrooms, Claire opened the apartment door and told Sami that Holly was the only other person who was there at that time. Sami explained what was going on with Allie, and Claire pretended to be hearing the information for the first time. Sami tried to search the apartment for clues to Allie's whereabouts, but Claire refused to allow that, reasoning that it would disturb Holly's slumber.

"You're wasting your time [here]...but I guess that gives Allie more time to get away..." Claire mused. "You make a good point," Sami conceded before rushing off.

Allie rejoined Claire once the coast was clear. "I'm actually glad that I heard all of [that], because it made me even more sure about giving my baby to Nicole. [I mean, did] you hear the way my mother talks about me -- calling me crazy and sneaky?" Allie complained to Claire. "She did seem genuinely worried about you..." Claire argued. "No -- what she's worried about is Nicole getting to raise my son," Allie countered.

"You obviously care about what happens to that little boy, [so]...look, Allie, I'm not judging you -- I completely understand why you would want to run -- but isn't there a small part of you that feels bad about leaving him behind? [I mean], are you sure that leaving town is what's best for your son?" Claire asked. "I did feel something for my child when I held him...but I also remember how I felt when I found out I was pregnant -- I was so scared and overwhelmed, and the thought of being responsible for another's just too much," Allie replied. "It's not like you'd be on your own -- you'd have help from our whole family!" Claire pointed out, but Allie refused to budge.

Claire gave Allie some cash. Allie thanked Claire for being so supportive. "I am really sorry to see you leave, 'cause I think you are really cool, and I think if we spent more time together, we'd be close," Claire declared. "I think so, too," Allie replied. "If you ever babysit for my little boy, give him a kiss for me," Allie requested, and Claire agreed.

At the DiMera mansion, Lucas continued a phone conversation with Will, who was pacing around the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, waiting for Sonny to finish telling Arianna that they wouldn't be adopting Allie's baby, after all. "Honestly, Dad, I -- I don't know if Sonny's gonna forgive me. [He's] pretty angry with me," Will fretted.

Shortly after Lucas finished talking to Will, Kate entered the mansion with Abe. "Hey, honey! So, Will and Sonny -- did they appreciate your gift?" Kate asked Lucas before starting to tell Abe about the stroller. "Yeah, about that... Uh, there's been a change of plans..." Lucas replied before telling Kate and Abe everything.

"I told you that secret was going to come out," Kate reminded Lucas at the end of the tale. "You knew, [too]?" Abe translated. "Lucas has a terrible poker face," Kate explained.

"Listen, I feel awful about keeping Allie in the dark...[and] if I had the chance to do it over again, I -- I would change everything and make better decisions. And I'm sure Will would, too," Lucas stressed. "Well, I feel badly for Will -- and for Sonny. They really were looking forward to, uh -- to adopting another child. [And], obviously, Sami forced Will to stay quiet," Kate mused. "Obviously -- but [that] doesn't matter [to Allie]; the bottom line is [that now she] won't let her brother adopt the baby. [And, as if it weren't bad enough that] the whole adoption's blowing up in his face, [now] it looks like his marriage is about to blow up, too," Lucas summarized, sighing.

"Well, you know, the two of them have overcome so much -- I'm sure they're gonna get through this, too," Abe predicted. "[I just hope you're right, Abe] -- I just hope that Will finds a way to get Sonny to forgive him," Lucas replied. "Will just needs to tell Sonny the truth -- [that this is all] Sami's fault! [I mean, Sonny has to know by now that] Sami's totally capable of making any situation chaotic!" Kate argued. "Shut the hell up, Kate," Sami, who had just entered the mansion, countered. "It's the truth, [and] you know it -- you need to learn to stay out of your children's business," Kate maintained. "That is actually hilarious, coming from you," Sami declared.

Changing the subject, Sami explained what was going on with Allie. "I am just here because I want to know if she hit Granny Warbucks up for some cash," Sami concluded. "No, she didn't," Kate insisted. "Okay... Well, if she does...please, Kate, do the responsible, decent thing, and do not give it to her!" Sami requested before rushing off.

"Sami and I don't agree on a lot, but we both want what's best for Allie's baby -- and that is not Nicole Walker," Kate declared. "Nicole is a good mother," Abe insisted. "Look, I know that she's a friend of yours, but you're totally deluding yourself if you think that she's reliable, because she is not a stable person," Kate countered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny joined Will in the living room. "So, did Ari take the news?" Will asked nervously. "She totally flipped out!" Sonny bluntly replied. "I gotta make this right..." Will decided before starting to rush upstairs to talk to Arianna. "No, no, no -- it's's not that dire," Sonny insisted, stopping Will. "But you just said that Ari 'flipped out' --" Will argued. "Yes -- because she assumed [that if] she wasn't getting a new brother, [then] she wouldn't be getting a puppy, [either]. But I assured her that that's not the case," Sonny clarified. "Oh... Okay... [So], Ari's fine [with us] not getting the baby?" Will summarized. "Yeah," Sonny confirmed.

"But I'm not," Sonny stressed. "Sonny, you have every right to be upset with me -- more than 'upset,' [actually]; disappointed, disillusioned --" Will began to acknowledge. "Enough with the mea culpa, Will -- I have heard this before! [Next], you're gonna start with your excuses -- that you didn't conspire with your mom [but instead] just 'kept quiet' about [what she had done, and] that you lied to me 'cause you didn't want me involved in the mess... I've heard this before!" Sonny countered. "I know -- and I know I screwed up, and I know what I did was...was so stupid, [and] selfish, [and] hurtful... But please, let's -- come on, let's not throw away our marriage because of my mistake!" Will begged.

"I thought our marriage was over when you were in prison and asked me for a divorce...[but then], after months of sheer hell, we found out that you weren't responsible for the accident that killed my mom, and you were free [again, and] we were free to live our lives together [again] -- like, do you know what an incredible gift that is?" Sonny challenged Will. "Of course I do!" Will assured Sonny. "Do you? Because it feels like you're taking it for granted, like you're taking us for granted -- otherwise, you wouldn't treat me this way! Like, how could you risk everything that we have?" Sonny countered. "What?" Will sputtered, stunned that Sonny had misread the situation that badly.

"Sonny, I [just] wanted something good -- I wanted a child -- for our family...[and] I wanted it so bad that, yeah, I put aside my best judgment to get it!" Will clarified. "[But] I have learned from that mistake -- [and] I know words seem cheap [right now], but...I swear to you, that will never, ever happen again, ever!" Will stressed -- as Sonny struggled to suppress a smile, seeing the situation differently for the first time. "Do you really -- like, really -- mean it?" Sonny asked Will, who immediately began nodding in response. "Because if you do...then -- then I'll forgive you, okay?" Sonny continued, drawing a sigh of relief from Will.

"Because I know that you're a good person, and I know that I've made my fair share of mistakes, [too -- and I see now that] this mistake [of yours] was all about doing something out of love for us and for Ari," Sonny continued. "And I do love you -- so much," Sonny concluded. "I love you," Will stressed before seizing a hug from Sonny.

"To say I'm relieved would be... Um... I -- I -- I wasn't sure you were gonna forgive me, and it was torture, honestly, to think... Uh, thank you -- I -- I'm -- I'm so grateful..." Will admitted after pulling away from Sonny. "You know, my mom always said that forgiveness is the highest form of love, and I think she's right," Sonny declared. "Well, your mom was always right, so..." Will agreed.

"I promise you, I will make this up to you, okay? [And] I think, uh, maybe a good place to start is by finding a surrogate --" Will continued. "Whoa!" Sonny exclaimed. "What? Oh -- too soon?" Will assumed. "A little too soon," Sonny confirmed with a chuckle. "[Besides], I think there's something more important we should figure out [first] -- the adoption," Sonny continued. "But...uh, you just said..." Will replied, confused. "[The adoption of] a dog, Will -- [you know], our daughter has her heart set on, uh, adopting a dog, so, um, I think we should focus our energy on that [first]," Sonny clarified. "Oh... Good idea," Will agreed before giving Sonny a kiss.

At the hospital, Eric and Nicole worried that Sami would refuse to honor Allie's wish for the baby. Meanwhile, Sami went to the Evans-Black townhouse to see if Allie was there -- and took the opportunity to fill Marlena and Belle in on what had happened. "I thought Will and Sonny were gonna raise the baby -- what made Allie change her mind?" Marlena asked. "Oh, who knows? I mean, Allie hasn't made any rational decisions since she got pregnant!" Sami replied. "I'll help you any way I can," Belle promised. "[Great] -- but I don't need you as a sister; I need you as a lawyer! You have to help me stop Nicole from getting anywhere near my grandson!" Sami begged.

Eve arrives in Salem Eve arrives in Salem
Thursday, August 13, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Jake woke up in bed with Gwen, who soon stirred, as well -- then immediately began trying to pick up where they had left off the previous night.

"I'm not in the mood," Jake admitted, pulling away from Gwen. "What? Oh, God -- are you ill?" Gwen replied, placing a hand on Jake's forehead. "No -- I'm just...not feeling it," Jake clarified. "[But]'re always 'feeling it' -- and then you're feeling some more things..." Gwen protested. "I've just...I got a lot on my mind," Jake explained.

"Well, it sure as hell better not be [about] Gabi!" Gwen snapped. "[That's it, isn't it] -- you don't want to have sex with me because you're thinking about Gabi, [right]? God, Jake, you're such a sucker!" Gwen continued when Jake didn't immediately dismiss the theory. "What does that mean?" Jake wondered. "It means that...just because she's put you in your brother's suit and is parading you around to these business meetings, [that] doesn't mean that she cares about you!" Gwen clarified. "Here's some news for you, love -- she's using you!" Gwen concluded.

"She's not 'using' me -- I volunteered to do her a favor," Jake claimed. "[And] it was no big deal," Jake insisted. "Yeah, okay -- you keep telling yourself that, [but] the truth is, she's sucking you into this war with Chad over the family company! [And] why do you want to be involved in that? Just let the two of them go at it, [and] you and I can have Champagne by the pool [in the meantime] -- the indoor, heated pool..." Gwen countered, again trying to seduce Jake. "That's not who I am," Jake stressed, again rejecting Gwen's advances. "[Then] put on some silk pajamas and fake it!" Gwen snapped.

"Look...if you're going to side with Gabi, this is not going to end well, Jake -- [and] besides, Chad's probably putting an end to her manipulative ways as we speak," Gwen warned. "Chad's out of town with his wife, so why do you think he's busting Gabi [right now]?" Jake wondered. "I don't know -- I'm just assuming that this 'Shin' bloke phoned Chad, pissed off [about that disastrous business meeting], and then Chad phoned Gabi to have a go at her," Gwen reasoned. "And then... Wait, why are we talking about this, anyway? Why are we even talking at all?" Gwen added before once again trying to seduce Jake, who climbed out of bed in irritation.

"Where are you going?" Gwen asked. "To grab breakfast," Jake replied. "Why don't we have breakfast in bed? [In fact, why don't we] stay here all day?" Gwen suggested. "I can't -- I gotta work," Jake insisted before rushing off, drawing a sigh of frustration from Gwen.

Meanwhile, in the study, Gabi continued a phone conversation with Li. "[Well], you did insist that a flesh-and-blood DiMera be there to meet Mr. Collins, and Jake was the only one available," Gabi reminded Li, who was apparently upset about what had happened during the business meeting. "[But] I'm here, [as well], and I am at your disposal in case you need anything -- unlike Chad, who obviously has other priorities," Gabi stressed before ending the call with Li -- then turning around and realizing that Chad was standing in the doorway. "You were saying?" Chad challenged Gabi.

"I thought you were in Florida with Abigail..." Gabi began, flustered. "Well, I was...until I found out about that little stunt you pulled last night," Chad clarified.

"What are you talking about?" Gabi wondered. "Don't play stupid, Gabi -- I know you called Mr. Shin's office, pretending to be my assistant, and moved up the dinner I had scheduled with Mr. Collins for later this week," Chad elaborated. "Where did you get that crazy idea?" Gabi asked. "[And] last night's not the first time you've tried know, do a little 'maneuvering' make me look bad," Chad continued, ignoring Gabi's latest attempt to feign innocence. "[I'm sure] you figured you'd swoop in and try to score some points with the big boss [once again, just like last time]...but it just didn't work out that way [this time], now, did it?" Chad concluded.

"Excuse me?" Gabi managed to choke out, still flustered. "[I knew that you were] desperate to worm your way back into DiMera...but I did not think that you were stupid enough to invite my brother Jake to a business meeting! I mean, listen, it doesn't surprise me that he made awkward jokes [or] acted like a buffoon, but...did he really lick barbecue sauce off of his fingers?" Chad said with a mocking laugh. "There will be other deals," Gabi insisted, having finally recovered. "None that you're gonna be a part of, [because] Mr. Shin is onto you [now, and] I'm definitely onto you, [too]," Chad countered, grinning triumphantly.

"[Now, if you'll excuse me]...I have to do damage control -- for my company," Chad declared before walking away from Gabi.

After spotting Jake in the kitchen, Chad went to see Gwen, knowing that it was safe for them to talk at that time.

"You did me a major solid when you called me and warned me [that Gabi] was up to something -- I owe you one," Chad said to Gwen. "I told Jake that Gabi's using him, and he refused to believe it -- [in fact, hearing it] put him in a really sour mood. How does he not see what a two-faced, miserable little schemer she is? I see it, you see it..." Gwen said to Chad.

"[You do] owe me one...[so] get Gabi out of here," Gwen challenged Chad. "I'm working on it," Chad assured Gwen. "Well, work faster, [because] whatever this is that's going on between [Gabi and Jake], I don't like it!" Gwen fretted. "Look, last night didn't go very well, so I'm sure Gabi and Jake's alliance is -- is over," Chad reasoned. "That's what I thought, too...but now I'm not so sure," Gwen admitted.

"[So...what], you think that he's into Gabi?" Chad asked after Gwen finished venting about Jake's earlier rejections. "[I have] no idea how he could be -- [not] when he could have [me instead]!" Gwen replied.

"Look, I want her gone, too, but we have to be smart, [so] just hang in there [and] keep watching her [for me]," Chad advised. "And if she's onto us?" Gwen wondered. "She has no clue you're my secret spy," Chad insisted.

Meanwhile, Jake joined Gabi in the study, and they soon began arguing about the disastrous business meeting again. Jake thought that Mr. Collins could still be won over, but Gabi wasn't convinced -- and assumed that it was too late, in any case, since Chad was no longer tied up in Florida. "[It] makes no sense..." Gabi grumbled, still struggling to understand how Chad had managed to figure out what had happened the previous day. "There's no way... She wouldn't..." Jake mused, realizing that Gwen might be responsible. "Like hell she wouldn't -- [I'm sure] that little tramp tipped off Chad!" Gabi decided after hearing Jake's theory.

At the police station, Rafe received an unexpected office visit from Hope, who wanted an update on the search for Eve. "The authorities in New York are looking for her, but no word yet," Rafe reported. "Well, can't you tell them to step it up?" Hope asked. "I wish I could, but you know the deal -- it's not my jurisdiction, so I have no control over the investigation," Rafe replied.

"What if Eve's not in New York?" Hope suggested after some thought. "You don't really think she came back to you?" Rafe protested. "A rational person wouldn't risk it -- returning to a place where so many people would recognize [them] -- but we are talking about Eve Donovan here; [I mean], she blew up a church full of people [then] tortured Ben, [so] I think it's safe to say that woman passed 'rational' a long time ago," Hope reasoned. "[Even so], I do not think that Eve would dare show her face in Salem again...but if it'll make you happy, I would be happy to put out an APB on her," Rafe assured Hope. "Thank you... Just the idea of anything happening to Ciara..." Hope replied.

Rafe comforted Hope with a hug. "You know, I spent so much time trying to put Ben Weston behind bars, and Ciara did everything she possibly could to convince me [that] he had changed [and] was a good man [who was] worthy of her love, [and] she was right... [You know], I just want them to have a good life -- I want them to be happy..." Hope stressed after pulling away from Rafe. "Same here," Rafe agreed.

"I remember what it was like being a newlywed -- [you know], the feeling [that] anything was possible, and the joy, and the excitement..." Hope wistfully mused, drawing a nod from Rafe. "[Of course, I also remember] the heartache when it all falls apart..." Hope quietly added, drawing a sigh from Rafe. "Do you ever think [about] our marriage?" Rafe wondered. "Sometimes -- [but] only the good times," Hope replied. "Me, too," Rafe stressed.

Rafe quickly changed the subject, putting out an APB on Eve to satisfy Hope. "Thank you -- [you know, I just want] to keep everyone in Salem safe," Hope said after Rafe finished the task. "If you really want to do that, [then] there's a highly effective way [you can] -- rejoin the force," Rafe encouraged Hope. "That...isn't exactly what I..." Hope stammered. "I've been planning on asking you for a while now," Rafe revealed while producing Hope's badge. "I am not sure how much longer Lani can keep working -- she's carrying twins, you know -- [and besides], I can always use a first-rate detective," Rafe reasoned. "Thank you...but..." Hope started to protest.

"[Look], Rafe, for more than a year, I...I treated this department like it was my own personal playground, showing nothing but contempt and disrespect for this place and everyone in it, so I highly doubt that anyone here would be thrilled to see me back," Hope admitted. "I would. I want you back. [And] I have a lot of clout around here. [So] you want the job or not?" Rafe countered. "Okay -- I accept," Hope decided after some thought, delighting Rafe, who immediately made the deal official.

At a motel, Vincent greeted Eve, who was wearing oversized sunglasses and a dark-haired, pixie-cut wig. "Don't worry -- nobody tailed me. I took all the back roads to get here," Eve stressed. "Still...coming to Salem was risky. Have you forgotten we're both wanted by the police?" Vincent countered. "No, Vincent, I haven't forgotten...but it's a risk I had to take, because I had to see for myself the pain on Ben Weston's face when he realizes that he has choked the life out of his beloved bride," Eve explained.

"[Although] I was hoping to [have heard by now] that there was a homicide at the Salem Inn last night... [I mean, why aren't] all the people in Salem out in the streets [right now], crying over Ciara -- [and] finally, finally crucifying Ben Weston for the heartless murderer that he is?" Eve grumbled. "Patience, Eve," Vincent advised. "Don't tell me to be patient, Vincent -- I paid you a boatload of money, [and] if that drug turns out to be a dud --" Eve snapped. "I assure you, the drug was formulated very precisely," Vincent insisted. "Well, it better be!" Eve warned.

"I'm gonna go to the Salem Inn and do a little snooping around, 'cause if Ben hasn't killed Ciara already, I need him to do it as soon as possible, [so he can finally start to] know pain like he's never known before -- [that same] relentless, unforgiving, never-ending kind of agony [that] I've felt every single second of every single day since that monster took my little girl away from me," Eve declared before storming off, drawing a sigh of concern from Vincent.

At the Salem Inn, Ben awoke with a start after a nightmare about choking the life out of Ciara. "Are you okay?" Ciara asked. "I just had the most horrible dream..." Ben replied. "Want to tell me about it?" Ciara suggested. "I wish I could...[but] I can't remember -- I just know something bad was happening," Ben claimed.

"[Well, clearly], you're still suffering [because of] what you've been through, [so] 'bout we call Dr. Marlena [and] see if she can squeeze you in [today]?" Ciara advised, and Ben nodded in agreement.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Claire began recording a voicemail message for Allie while alone in the living room. "You probably have your phone turned off, but whenever you get where you're going, could you just shoot me a quick text to let me know you're okay? Uh, I'm worried about you..." Claire said before ending the call -- then turning around and realizing that Marlena had entered the living room at some point.

"Who are you worried about, sweetie?" Marlena challenged Claire. "Ciara," Claire claimed. "[It's] very sweet of you [to be concerned...but Ciara and Ben are] back in Salem, safe and sound, [and] Eve can't hurt them anymore," Marlena assured Claire.

Marlena started to change the subject, wanting to talk to Claire about something else. "It's not my fault, Grandma -- I swear I was only trying to help!" Claire preemptively began to explain. "What's not your fault?" Marlena curiously demanded to know. "It, -- it sounded like you were about to blame me for something, and...well, I -- I broke one of your coffee mugs yesterday [when] I was putting it in the dishwasher," Claire claimed. "Okay. Thanks for letting me know," Marlena replied.

"So, uh...what did you want to talk to me about?" Claire wondered. "Well, um, it's about your mother -- uh, she came by yesterday to check on you when you were, uh, babysitting --" Marlena began to clarify. "Oh, right... And, by the way, that is the best gig ever! Holly is an angel, [so] it was smooth sailing the whole way -- seriously, not one bad thing case you were wondering..." Claire stressed. "I wasn't -- [I know] you're fabulous with children," Marlena replied.

"You know you can tell me anything at all, [right]? You just seem a little distracted to me," Marlena said as Claire's suspicious behavior continued. "Uh... Something bad did happen last night..." Claire began to admit. "[Sami] came by Eric's last night, looking for [Allie -- apparently, Allie] left town without her baby [last night]. It's so sad!" Claire elaborated. "I know...[and] you're right -- it's very sad. [And] it's also very worrisome," Marlena declared. "So...has -- has anyone heard from Allie?" Claire wondered. "No -- not as far as I know," Marlena reported.

"[Anyway, now it looks like] Eric and Nicole are gonna take care of the baby until Allie comes back...and hopefully that will be soon," Marlena assured Claire.

"[So, what] did you and Mom talk about?" Claire wondered, reminding Marlena of their earlier topic of conversation. "The idea of you staying in Salem -- and, um...she's on board," Marlena revealed, delighting Claire.

"What is the catch?" Claire asked knowingly. "[It's] more of a bonus -- [see], your parents know that you're a grownup, and that you're independent, and [that] you want to lead your own life...[but] they're just worried about how much they'll be missing you, so...they're planning on staying in Salem a little while longer," Marlena carefully replied. "So they can keep an eye on me, because they think I'm gonna go off the rails again," Claire summarized. "No, that's not true -- they just...they just want to be here for you," Marlena clarified. "I know," Claire conceded.

"[And your mom wants to be here] for Sami, too -- [see], Sami has asked for your mom's help in making sure that Nicole doesn't raise her grandson," Marlena revealed. "Legal help? [But]'s Allie's baby, [so] shouldn't it be her decision?" Claire protested. Just then, Marlena received an alert about Ben's request for an emergency appointment, cutting the conversation short.

At the Salem Inn, Ben and Ciara took a shower together. "Is there a rule saying we can't consummate our marriage twice?" Ben asked Ciara afterward. "No, but that would make you late for your appointment with Marlena, and that would be very rude, because [her assistant] did agree to squeeze you in, so..." Ciara replied, and Ben conceded the point.

A short time later, Ben and Ciara exited the Salem Inn together -- and Eve, who was approaching the hotel at that same time, narrowly avoided being spotted.

While Eve was watching Ben and Ciara from a hiding place, the couple ran into Claire, who was glad to see that they both looked okay. Ben seized the opportunity to give Claire a hug. "What was that for?" Claire asked after Ben pulled away. "To say thank you. I heard that you were the person that figured out that Eve could have been the person targeting me," Ben replied, prompting Eve to start silently fuming about Claire's role in the rescue operation. "[And also to] apologize for the way I treated you -- you swore you weren't trying to sabotage our wedding, [but] I didn't believe you, and that was wrong," Ben continued. "Don't worry about it -- I totally understand," Claire assured Ben.

Eve rushed off after Ciara started telling Claire about Ben's appointment with Marlena. While passing through the park a short time later, Eve contacted Vincent, who was still at the motel. "Make sure this session never happens -- [and] give him a dose guaranteed to make him have absolutely no feelings for Ciara [this time], so he will kill her! No more excuses!" Eve snapped at Vincent.

Ben soon headed off to the hospital, giving Ciara an opportunity to privately thank Claire again for everything. Ciara and Claire hugged and agreed to work on repairing their friendship.

After parting ways with Ciara, Claire headed off toward the park -- and bumped into Eve on the way. Despite the disguise, Claire still recognized Eve immediately.

Ben soon arrived at the hospital and entered Marlena's office -- where Vincent was waiting.

Gwen kisses Chad Gwen kisses Chad
Friday, August 14, 2020

In the park off the square, Claire ran into a disguised Eve. Claire lit into Eve for what she had done to Ciara, and she chastised Eve for not thinking about who could have been hurt in the bombing. Eve turned the conversation around on Claire, and she asked if Claire had thought about the consequences of setting a fire.

"Ciara, she hurt your feelings, and you felt you had the right to burn her alive!" Eve barked. Eve argued that what Ben had done to Paige was unforgivable and that the people that had supported Ben were justifiable collateral damage. "You're scaring me," Claire said. Eve reminded Claire that she had protected Claire when Claire had been in trouble. "I want you to walk away and forget that you ever saw me. Please, let me get the justice I deserve," Eve pleaded.

"I can't let you hurt more people," Claire said. Eve said that she had thought of Claire as a daughter. Claire called Eve an enabler. "I was nuts, and you kept cheering me on," Claire said. "I was looking out for you," Eve countered. With a gasp, Claire asked if Eve had been looking out for her when Eve had framed her for the bombing.

"Frame you? I don't even know what you're talking about," Eve said. Claire said she did not care if Eve admitted the truth because everyone in town knew what Eve had done. "What I do give a damn about is you, Eve. You need help," Claire said. Claire urged Eve to turn herself in to the authorities. "I have done the same kind of horrible things that you did," Claire said. Claire told Eve that killing Ben would not bring Paige back, but it would kill off Eve's humanity.

When Claire called Eve pathetic, Eve smacked Claire. "You know who would agree with me? Paige," Claire said defiantly. Claire argued that Paige would want Eve to get help. "Let me [help you], for Paige," Claire pleaded. Eve said that the only thing she wanted was revenge. Eve advised Claire to walk away from everyone in Salem because when Claire made a mistake, no one would stand up for her. Claire grabbed Eve's arm to stop her from leaving, but Eve shoved Claire to the ground and walked away. Claire rubbed her ankle, unable to chase after Eve.

At the police station, Rafe clipped Hope's badge to her waist. Rafe and Hope hovered close to one another. Ciara walked in. Rafe and Hope informed Ciara that Eve might have returned to Salem to seek revenge on Ben. Ciara confirmed that Ben was physically fine but emotionally fragile. When Hope suggested that Ben seek professional help, Ciara noted that Ben had gone to speak with Marlena. "He should actually be about finished, so I should go meet up with him," Ciara said. As Ciara started to leave, she advised Rafe not to let go of Hope again.

"When she told you not to let me go, she was talking about us working together," Hope said as she shifted her eyes away from Rafe. "I know," Rafe said with a smile. When Rafe explained that Ciara had liked what she had seen, Hope stressed that Ciara had seen her and Rafe "being friendly." Rafe said he believed that Ciara sensed that he and Hope were in a better place.

"It's such a relief being comfortable with one another again, and I'm happy about that," Hope said. Rafe agreed. Rafe changed the subject back to work, and Hope agreed that locating Eve and Vincent was their top priority. Hope promised to update Rafe as soon as she had read through the files. "Good to have you back, detective," Rafe said. Hope started to leave then stopped.

"I think we need to talk about what was happening when Ciara came in," Hope said. "A lot of things happened at once," Rafe said. Hope suggested that she and Rafe be friends and cops "for now." "I am so looking forward to working with you," Rafe said. "It's really good to be back, commissioner," Hope said.

Vincent intercepted Ben at Marlena's office, and he worked on Ben's subconscious. "[I am] conditioning you to do as you're told," Vincent told Ben. When Ben asked what Vincent had conditioned him to do, Vincent responded, "Murder." Ben remembered when Eve had handed him a necktie and had encouraged him to kill Ciara and end his pain. Ben shook in his chair as he remembered the torture.

"You told me to kill Ciara," Ben said. Ben swore that he would never hurt Ciara, no matter what Vincent did to him. "When it comes to killing pretty young women, you just can't help yourself," Vincent said. Vincent argued that Ben's urge to strangle women was a compulsion and could not be denied.

"There's a part of you that wants to kill. Likes to kill. And I know how to get to that part of you," Vincent said. Ben reiterated that he would never hurt Ciara. Ben vowed to leave Ciara behind if it meant it would protect her. Vincent told Ben that he did not have a choice. Vincent pulled a syringe out of his coat pocket.

"Think of this as performance-enhancing drugs for psychos," Vincent said. Vincent ordered Ben to give him his arm, and Ben slowly held his arm out. Ben shook as he fought against the conditioning. Vincent told Ben that the syringe was the last dose and would ensure that Ben would strangle Ciara. As Vincent put the needle against Ben's arm, someone knocked on the door.

"Ben? Dr. Evans? It's me," Ciara said. When Ben opened the door, he was surprised to see Ciara in the hallway. "You didn't hear me knocking?" Ciara asked. When a look of confusion crossed Ben's face, Ciara asked if he was okay. Ciara looked past Ben, and she asked about Marlena. "[Dr. Evans] had an emergency," Ben lied. "So, you decided to stay in her office?" Ciara asked. Ben said he had hoped that Marlena would return.

"I want to be alone with you," Ben whispered. "That can definitely be arranged," Ciara said. As Ben and Ciara walked home through the square to the Salem Inn, Ben squirmed as Ciara pulled him close. Ciara told Ben that he would feel better once he talked to Marlena and that he would feel safer once Eve and Vincent were in custody. Ben rubbed the necklace around Ciara's neck. "Is there something wrong with my necklace?" Ciara asked.

"Oh, my God, there you are!" Claire cried out as she hobbled over. Claire said she had seen Eve in the park. In a hotel somewhere in Salem, Eve stared at a photo of Paige and promised her that Ben would pay for her murder. Vincent returned to the motel room and informed Eve that he had been unable to administer the last dose of the serum to Ben. "The treatment is working. He no longer has a will of his own. He will do exactly as I tell him," Vincent assured Eve.

In Gwen's bedroom at the DiMera mansion, Chad assured Gwen that their spying arrangement would be fine if Gabi remained in the dark. Gwen told Chad that she needed more from Chad. Gwen asked Chad to jump in bed with her in order to make Jake jealous. Annoyed, Chad asked, "You steal Gabi's playbook?" Chad explained that he did not want to make Jake angry because then Jake would want revenge. There was movement in the hallway. Gwen grabbed Chad and kissed him. Gabi walked in and took out her phone for a quick picture.

"What, were you two in this together?" Chad asked Gwen. Chad argued that Gwen was just like Gabi. With a smirk, Gabi asked Gwen if she intended to tell Jake about the affair or if Gabi needed to tell him. Chad scowled at Gwen and said, "Your plan worked out so well." As Gwen pouted, Gabi told Chad that Li Shin had noticed Chad's absence.

"When you're back in Florida, trying to save your marriage, I'm gonna be here, making sure you lose DiMera," Gabi said. After Gabi left, Gwen told Chad to call Abigail before Gabi did. "I'll back you up. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to screw up your marriage," Gwen added. "Please, Abby knows I don't want anyone but her," Chad said dismissively. Chad announced that his working relationship with Gwen was over, especially since Jake had tanked the deal with the client. When Gwen suggested that Jake was a threat, Chad said, "I don't think so."

Gwen warned Chad not to underestimate Jake. Chad's phone rang. "Did you just say that the deal with Collins was closed?" Chad said in disbelief. "Told you so," Gwen muttered.

Downstairs, Gabi ran into the living room and was surprised to see Li Shin there with Jake. "I have some news about the Collins deal," Li said. Gabi apologized and offered to call Collins. "I'm afraid it's too late for that," Li said. Li explained that Collins had loved Jake. When Gabi asked why Collins had not closed the deal over dinner, Li shrugged and said Collins had not wanted to mix business with pleasure. Li thanked Gabi for inviting Jake to the meeting. "Good work," Li told Jake. After Li left, Jake laughed in Gabi's face.

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