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Sami took out a restraining order against Eric and Nicole to prevent them from taking home Allie's baby. John collapsed from an aneurysm as he fought with Sami about the baby. Hope and Rafe danced around their romantic feelings. Victor appointed Xander CEO, but Philip returned home and blackmailed Victor to give him the job instead. Sonny asked Will to move to Phoenix. Gabi opposed letting Arianna move with Will. Ben continued to act strangely, and Vincent gave Ben a final dose of the serum. Chad and Gwen faked an affair to force Jake to give up his interest in DiMera Enterprises. John had a seizure after his surgery.
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Philip returned home and blackmailed Victor to give him the CEO job
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A custody battle begins A custody battle begins
Monday, August 17, 2020
by Mike

At the hospital, Marlena tried to contact Ben, but the call went to voicemail. "Uh, Ben, it's Dr. Evans... Uh, I -- I'm sorry that I had to cancel our session on such short notice...[and] especially upset because the 'emergency' wasn't really that much of an emergency... So, if you'd be so kind, give me a call, and we will reschedule," Marlena said before ending the call -- just as Kate peeked inside the psychiatrist's office.

"Got a moment?" Kate asked. "For you? Come in!" Marlena replied. "Okay, so...Lucas has not heard a word from Allie. I'm really hoping that you have," Kate began while settling in a chair at Marlena's desk. "No, I haven't," Marlena reported, drawing a sigh from Kate. "Maybe you'll hear from her when she runs out of money," Marlena suggested. "I'm not giving her another dime," Kate insisted.

"I just feel really badly for the baby -- [I mean], he doesn't even have a name! [And] I just find it really difficult to believe that Allie actually wants Nicole to raise [him]," Kate declared. "Allie stayed with [Nicole and Eric] when she was here, and she and Nicole got very close," Marlena explained. "Yeah, [but] she only came up with the plan because Sami stopped Rafe and Will from adopting the baby. I mean, Nicole is her third choice -- [and] she has no idea who the real Nicole is!" Kate argued. "'The real Nicole' has been a very good mother to Holly -- and a good wife to my son," Marlena stressed. "Yeah, well, she wasn't a good wife to my son," Kate countered. "I'm sorry [about that...but the fact remains that] Allie has asked [Nicole] to adopt her child," Marlena replied.

"[And] it's not just Nicole adopting the baby -- I mean, it really is Eric and Nicole," Marlena pointed out. "A lot of people might see that as you favoring your son over your daughter," Kate warned. "If I'm taking anybody's side, it's Allie's -- I mean, she's the birth mother, [so] she has a right to be respected here," Marlena argued. "Allie abandoned her baby, so I think [that], for the time being, she's given up any right to have a say in the matter," Kate countered. "I'd think you'd have a little more compassion -- [I mean], look, we're both mothers, [and] we've both been through so much with our children --" Marlena reasoned. "True... [Look], we're both on the same side [here] -- all we want is the best possible care for the baby," Kate conceded.

"[I mean], do you remember the hell that Will went through when Sami and Lucas were battling over custody? [You know], I wouldn't want to see any child go through that again, [so] let's hope it doesn't happen," Kate concluded, and Marlena agreed.

Meanwhile, Sarah informed Eric and Nicole that the baby had gained enough weight to be released from the hospital.

Eric and Nicole's apartment wasn't the least bit ready for the arrival of a newborn baby, so Sarah offered to postpone the discharge process until the following day. While Eric and Nicole were discussing the matter, Sarah started receiving flirtatious text messages and revealing selfies from Xander. Eric and Nicole were both clearly curious about Sarah's sudden distraction, but the doctor provided no explanation, and the newlyweds decided not to pry. Eric and Nicole ultimately gave Sarah permission to start the discharge process right away, having decided that they didn't want the baby to have to stay at the hospital any longer than necessary. Sarah gave Eric and Nicole a nod then rushed off, still receiving messages from Xander.

"Wish we had enough time to nail this custody down [before taking the baby home]..." Eric fretted. "Me, too...but at least Allie wrote a letter saying that she wants us to have the baby --" Nicole replied. "That's not legally binding, and when Sami finds out that this baby is [already] with us, she's gonna go ballistic," Eric countered. "Changing your mind about keeping the baby?" Nicole asked. "We don't know how this is gonna work out -- [I mean], if we bring him home, Sami's gonna go into high gear [and] make our lives a nightmare; [she's] gonna hire a platoon of lawyers..." Eric explained. "So, it doesn't matter what Allie wants?" Nicole summarized. "I'm pretty sure [that when] Allie chose us, [she was just] thinking, 'What would drive my mother the craziest?'" Eric argued, but Nicole disagreed.

"[Look], that baby needs a home, and I want it to be with us, even if it's not forever," Nicole stressed, and Eric caved -- just as Belle approached and handed over a document. "I've agreed to act as Sami's attorney, [so...that is] a restraining order -- it prevents you from taking custody of [the baby]," Belle summarized. "Why am I not surprised..." Nicole grumbled. "Listen, if it hadn't been me, it would have been some other lawyer. [Sami's] terrified about Allie [and this] decision to ask you two to adopt the baby -- [Sami] thinks it was impulsive," Belle explained. "We're very aware of Sami's feelings," Eric muttered. "Has anyone even bothered to ask about your feelings, [or did Allie not] discuss this decision with you before she disappeared?" Belle countered. "No," Eric admitted. "[But] we want to carry out Allie's wishes," Nicole insisted.

"Is Sami suing for custody?" Nicole asked. "I can't discuss her plans with you," Belle replied. "Don't you care about what your niece wants?" Nicole wondered. "Of course I do...[but] I think we can all agree that Allie wasn't actually making an informed decision; she'd just given birth [and] was under all kinds of pressure --" Belle started to explain. "From Sami!" Nicole stressed.

"[And], as a mother, you know, I feel bad for Sami," Belle continued. "[I mean], she blew it with her daughter, just like I did, and I'm getting a second chance to make things right with Claire, and I think that [Sami] deserves that same opportunity," Belle concluded. "This isn't about Sami fixing things with her daughter -- [in fact], she doesn't care about her [daughter or] her grandson; she's doing this because she doesn't want me to have him, [which just proves that] she's the same selfish bitch she's always been! [Well, Eric and I] genuinely care about that baby, so you tell your client that we will not give him up without a fight!" Nicole declared.

"Wow -- I'm really sorry about this; I didn't realize you felt so strongly about taking custody. [You know], honestly, I just hope Allie comes back and says she's changed her mind and wants to raise the baby herself...[but] whatever happens, I just hope that we can work through this in a civilized way, so nobody gets hurt," Belle stressed before saying goodbye to Eric and Nicole and rushing off.

"It didn't occur to me [before, but]...if we do win and get to take the baby home...what if Allie does come back, [or] Sami pulls a fast one --" Nicole began to acknowledge. "Or the baby's father comes out of the woodwork," Eric pointed out. "Then your heart will be broken again, just like you said [earlier], if you want to pull out of this, I'm backing you 100%," Nicole concluded. "I said that before I knew what Sami was up to. [But] you were right -- she's not thinking about the baby; she just doesn't want you to have him. So, we have to be [the] grownups in that room, and we have to do what's best for that baby," Eric decided, delighting Nicole.

At the Brady Pub, Sami tried to contact Allie, but the call went to voicemail. "Allie, it's your mom again... Um, I just wanted you to know that your son gained two more ounces... I hope you got the photos that I texted -- I hope you're looking at them... The pediatrician says that he is doing great...but I'm sure he misses you...'cause we all miss you... Anyway, I just hope you'll be in touch, because I just want to know that you're doing all right... Your dad and I love you very much, Allie..." Sami said before ending the call -- just as Lucas entered the pub. "I sent Allie pictures of the baby, and she hasn't responded to them, and I'm just worried that she's gone [for good] -- that we're never gonna see our little girl again..." Sami fretted before breaking down in Lucas' arms.

"I went to the hospital [earlier, and] one of the nurses there told me that the baby's gonna be discharged today, so [I was on my way over] to Will and Sonny's -- I got 'em, uh, a baby carriage, [but] I guess they won't be needing that now, [so] maybe I'll just give it to Nicole and Eric --" Lucas informed Sami. "The hell you will!" Sami snapped before telling Lucas about the restraining order.

"[So], what happens to the baby [now]?" Lucas wondered. "I'm gonna take him home -- and then, the day after tomorrow, I'll take him to Italy with me --" Sami clarified. "You are not taking my tiny grandson on a plane, unvaccinated --" Lucas protested. "I have to get back to E.J. --" Sami explained. "[And] while you're hovering over what's left of E.J., who's gonna take care of the baby -- an Italian nanny?" Lucas countered. "No -- of course I'm gonna make time for the baby!" Sami insisted. "Like you did with Allie? [I mean], it's your fault she got pregnant by someone she doesn't even care about --" Lucas argued. "That is not fair! First of all, your mother was the one who was egging her on and giving her all that money!" Sami stressed.

"I am a good mother!" Sami declared. "Such a great mother that your own daughter wants nothing to do with you [and] won't even let you anywhere near her child," Lucas countered. "If you're trying to hurt me, it's working," Sami admitted before starting to rush off. "I am sick and tired of worrying about your feelings -- [I mean], all I do is worry about your feelings!" Lucas complained while following Sami outside. "You pushed Allie too hard, and look what happened -- she's gone because of you, all right? She hates you -- she wants nothing to do with you --" Lucas continued, earning a slap from Sami. "This whole thing is your fault!" Lucas concluded without missing a beat.

"Listen, I don't want to fight with you, okay? But this is important, [and] we need to figure this out together," Lucas began again after recovering from the blow. "I've already figured it out," Sami stressed. "You got a restraining order against Nicole and Eric, but that doesn't give you the right to take someone else's baby out of the country," Lucas countered. "It's my grandson," Sami pointed out. "It's my grandson, too, and I don't want him to go," Lucas shot back. "So, you want Nicole to raise him?" Sami assumed. "No -- I don't want that, either," Lucas admitted.

"Maybe he could live with me at the DiMera mansion -- you know, with me and my mom," Lucas suggested. "So, let me get this straight -- I can't take our grandbaby to a beautiful villa in Italy, but you want to take him to the House of Usher with crazy Gabi Hernandez and your horrible mother?" Sami summarized. "You know, I don't mind you having custody, as long as you don't leave Salem," Lucas clarified. "[But] I don't live here anymore -- [or] even have a place to stay here," Sami pointed out. "You can't stay with your mom [and] John -- [you know, just] until you find a place of your own?" Lucas suggested. "What about E.J.?" Sami protested. "What about him? [Look], this is it -- final offer," Lucas countered.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor filled a glass with whiskey then settled in a chair in the living room. "The Greek Islands were better than I remembered...but a man wants to be in his own home. To the peace and tranquility of a quiet house," Victor mused before taking a sip of the drink, unaware that Bonnie had just entered the mansion. "Hey! Anybody --" Bonnie shouted while passing from the foyer to the living room, causing Victor to choke on the drink. "Who let you in here?" Victor demanded to know after recovering. "Henderson," Bonnie replied. "I should have pensioned him off years ago..." Victor grumbled.

Bonnie tried to give Victor a copy of Love Made Me Loony. "I'm not interested in your book -- or anything else that you're peddling," Victor insisted. "Don't flatter yourself, you old goat -- I've moved on," Bonnie declared. "Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out," Victor advised. "For your information, I'm here to see Justin," Bonnie clarified. "Oh? You think that you can get your meat hooks into him now that he's broken off with Kayla, huh? [He'll] kick you out before you get a chance to shake your maracas," Victor predicted. "I don't think he'd kick out his client," Bonnie argued. "He would no sooner have you as a client --" Victor began to protest. "Actually..." Justin began to admit, joining Victor and Bonnie in the living room.

"You're a damn fool," Victor declared after Justin finished explaining the situation. "She may look like Adrienne on the outside, but on the inside -- night and day!" Victor continued. "Either she goes, or I do!" Victor concluded. "Whatever -- [I mean], I'm not gonna change my mind," Justin replied with a shrug.

"Just ignore him -- he's, uh, jet-lagged and cranky," Justin explained to Bonnie after Victor stormed off. "Really? 'Cause he kind of seems like he always does..." Bonnie argued before conceding that Victor had a right to hold a grudge, given their history. Changing the subject, Bonnie presented Justin with a cowboy hat as a token of appreciation for the legal help.

Eric and Nicole entered the mansion while Justin was putting on the hat as a way of humoring Bonnie -- who soon left, somewhat reluctantly, so Eric and Nicole could talk to Justin privately.

Eric and Nicole teased Justin about the cowboy hat then changed the subject, asking for help with the custody battle.

"It's too bad nobody can reach Allie, because if, you know, she had signed guardianship papers or made a statement in person, [you'd] have a stronger case..." Justin admitted after hearing all the details. "Do you think we have any kind of case without Allie?" Nicole asked. "I do...[but] I don't need to tell the two of you that Sami is going to be a formidable opponent," Justin replied. "We don't want to put you in an awkward position -- we know that you were helping Will and Sonny, you know, with the adoption process, before it fell through..." Eric stressed. "They'll understand that this is what Allie wants [and] that I'm just trying to help you make that happen," Justin predicted. "I'll take the case, but I can't make any guarantees," Justin declared.

Sarah used a lunch break as an opportunity for a quick romp with Xander at the Salem Inn.

"I wish I didn't have to go back to work...but, next week, I can spend a whole day here [with you]," Sarah said to Xander afterward. "I might not have a whole day to spend with you next week...or for weeks to come," Xander warned. "Why not?" Sarah demanded to know. "Well, that got your attention, didn't it?" Xander observed. "Why not?" Sarah repeated. "Victor's due back from Greece today, [and] you and I might not have much time to play...once he puts me back to work at Titan," Xander explained. "You really think he might do that?" Sarah wondered, calming down at once. "Yeah -- hopefully as CEO. [See], before [Victor] left, he said Brady was probably gonna step down -- [and] I was his first choice [for a replacement]," Xander confirmed with a grin.

"[But] this is Victor [we're talking about, and] he does so love to pull the rug out from under a bloke..." Xander admitted with a sigh. "Well, I think he's gonna go through with it," Sarah predicted before rushing off. Xander soon received a text message from Victor, who requested an immediate meeting at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander rushed over there and bragged to Victor about having reconciled with Sarah then eagerly changed the subject, hoping that the meeting was going to be about the CEO position. "My offering of that job was a bit too soon," Victor admitted.

While passing through the town square, Lucas bumped into Bonnie. "What's the matter with you? You drunk or something?" Bonnie snapped. "Relax, will you?" Lucas countered. "Hey, I'm not the one who staggered into someone else," Bonnie reasoned. "No, you're the one who climbed into bed with a man who didn't want you there," Lucas summarized. "Well, don't you worry your pretty little face about that, because that won't ever be happening again, 'cause I am so over you now," Bonnie stressed before rushing off. "Yeah, right... What, do you got your sights set on somebody else?" Lucas wondered once the coast was clear.

Marlena helped Sami and the baby get settled in the Evans-Black townhouse. "I am not happy about being in the middle of this -- [I mean], you slapped that restraining order on your brother just because he was trying to do what was right for Allie and the baby," Marlena declared. "If it had been [just] Eric, I wouldn't have had a problem, but Nicole --" Sami tried to explain. "Is a very good mother," Marlena stressed. "So am I," Sami countered. "I never said you weren't. [Anyway], look, you've gotten what you want -- now I want something from you. [See], I want you to have a civilized conversation with Eric and Nicole," Marlena replied. "Okay -- I mean, I'll do my best..." Sami agreed. Marlena nodded then rushed off to get baby formula and some fresh air, still clearly annoyed with Sami.

A short time later, Sami received a visit from Eric and Nicole.

A fight with Sami turns tragic A fight with Sami turns tragic
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

At the hospital, a lovesick Sarah texted Xander, and she smiled at the memory of their night together. Lani stopped by and told Sarah that she was worried that something was wrong with the babies. Sarah offered to call Eli, but Lani said she did not want to worry Eli until she had news. After an exam, Sarah confirmed that Lani had likely suffered Braxton Hicks contractions.

"Isn't it too soon for that?" Lani asked. Sarah noted it was not out of the ordinary for someone with twins to suffer false labor earlier in the pregnancy. Sarah confirmed that Lani did not need to be on bed rest. "Braxton Hicks can subside if your change your position," Sarah explained. Sarah counseled Lani not to sit for too long and to stay hydrated.

"Remember when I told you I didn't want to worry [Eli]? That's only part of the story," Lani confessed. Lani told Sarah that she was worried that Eli would think she was losing her mind. Sarah reassured Lani that her fear was normal after suffering a stillbirth. "You can call me anytime," Sarah told Lani. "You don't think I am worrying too much?" Lani asked. "No. I think that you are acting like a mom," Sarah said.

Sarah's phone rang, and she looked at the ID. Sarah frowned. "Not who you were expecting?" Lani asked. Sarah admitted that she had hoped that it had been Xander on the phone. "Are you two back together?" Lani asked. "We made it official last night," Sarah admitted. When Lani congratulated Sarah, Sarah thanked her. "Not everyone is as supportive," Sarah said. Sarah admitted that Xander had done questionable things in the past, but she was hopeful for the future.

Xander arrived at the Kiriakis mansion and welcomed Victor home from Greece. With a grin, Xander informed Victor that he and Sarah were back together. "I'm glad to hear that. I'm sure Maggie will be, too," Victor said. Xander thanked Victor for putting in a good word with Sarah for him. "It means a lot [that] you finally believe in me. I assume you've called me here today to discuss where I fit in at Titan," Xander said. With a nod, Victor said he could not offer Xander the CEO job.

"Do I need to remind you of our conversation when you told me that you thought Brady would be stepping down?" Xander asked. Victor said he remembered. Xander complained that Brady needed to decide whether he wanted to be CEO or not. Xander added that it was not fair to leave Victor hanging for an answer. Victor said he did not want to make a decision until he spoke to Brady.

Xander asked Victor why he was so loyal to Brady after everything. Victor reiterated that he was waiting for Brady to return his calls. "Brady was more than happy to run the company into the ground. How can you ever trust him again?" Xander asked. Victor said he gave Brady credit for telling him the truth about the sabotage.

"Not everyone admits to their mistakes. Now that Brady's gotten some distance from the situation, he may decide that he wants the job, after all," Victor said. Victor explained that he was worried that if he hired Xander without checking with Brady, Brady would feel betrayed. "He's my grandson. I don't want to lose him again!" Victor yelled. Victor admitted that Brady had yet to return any of his phone calls.

"That's a quality you want in your CEO," Xander joked. "He'll call when he is ready," Victor stressed. When Victor reiterated that he needed to talk to Brady before he would make a decision, Xander grabbed Victor's phone and called Brady. Victor argued that Brady would not answer the call. "Brady?" Xander said. Xander chastised Brady for not taking Victor's calls.

"Let me talk to my grandson!" Victor demanded. Xander gave the phone to Victor. "I've been trying to call you," Victor said. Victor asked Brady if he planned to return to Salem. After a few murmurs of agreement, Victor said, "Yes, Brady. We're on the same page. I'll see you soon." Xander asked what Brady had said. Victor explained that Brady had given Victor his blessing to hire whomever he wanted as CEO.

"Congratulations. The job is yours," Victor said. "[Sarah] will be very excited for me," Xander said. "She should be. It's what you've always wanted," Victor said. With a grunt, Xander noted, "Except I'm only getting it because Brady doesn't want it anymore. As usual, I'm your second choice." Victor disagreed. Victor said that although he had wanted to talk to Brady first, it did not mean that Brady was the best man for the job.

"And I am?" Xander asked. "You and I have had a rocky history, to say the least. Took us a long time to get to where we are today," Victor said. Xander reminded Victor that Victor had repeatedly called him incompetent over the years. "And untrustworthy, unreliable, dim," Victor added. Victor said that Xander had proven over time that he was the right person for the job.

"Titan is a family business. It belongs in the hands of the family. So, there is nothing more to say, other than welcome home, son," Victor said. "Thanks, dad!" Philip said as he walked in. Xander's eyes went wide, and he looked at Victor.

In the park, Shawn met up with Hope as she searched the area where Claire had confronted Eve. "Any luck?" Shawn asked. Hope said she had no evidence and no leads. Hope worried aloud about letting down Ciara and Rafe. When Shawn noted that Hope and Rafe made a good team, Hope asked, "Do we?" Hope told Shawn that she and Rafe had shared a moment after Rafe had given her the badge.

"I have been thinking about it," Hope admitted. Shawn asked what had happened. Hope admitted that she and Rafe had hugged. "I probably imagined there was more to it than there was," Hope said. Shawn noted that it would be a good thing if Hope and Rafe got back together, especially because they were friends. "Which is why we should stay that way. And Rafe feels the same," Hope said. Shawn advised Hope to talk to Rafe and tell him how she really felt about him.

At the police station, Eli told Rafe that he had the report on Claire's confrontation with Eve. Confused, Rafe asked why Lani had not finished the report. "She said she needed fresh air. She went back to the park to investigate the crime," Eli said. Rafe told Eli that he had rehired Hope as a detective. "That's excellent news," Eli said. "Hopefully," Rafe muttered. Eli asked what was wrong. Rafe explained that his personal feelings for Hope made the hire complicated.

"Personal? Does that mean something is going on between you and Hope again?" Eli asked. Rafe stressed that he and Hope were just friends. "This isn't an interrogation. I'm also your friend. You can talk to me," Eli said. Rafe confided that he and Hope had shared "a moment." Rafe smiled at the thought of the intimate moment he and Hope had shared when Rafe had clipped on her badge. Rafe said he had probably misread the situation with Hope.

"You and Hope getting back together sounds like a good thing to me," Eli said with a grin. Rafe stressed that he did not want to screw up his friendship with Hope again. When Rafe noted that he and Hope had decided to shake hands instead of hug, Eli laughed. "You shook hands?" Eli asked. Eli urged Rafe to tell Hope how Rafe really felt about her.

When Lani returned to the police station, she and Eli went into the interrogation room to talk privately. Lani told Eli about her Braxton Hicks and her trip to the hospital. "I know exactly what to do if it happens again," Lani said. Eli asked Lani how she felt. With a smile, Lani said that Sarah had told her to call anytime. "You did the right thing," Eli said. When Lani said she should have told Eli the truth, he said he knew that Lani had wanted to protect him.

"I was also afraid of what you would think," Lani said. Lani confided that she was concerned that Eli would think she was paranoid. Eli said he understood why Lani had been scared. "After everything that we've been through, I just want everything to go right," Eli said. Eli reminded Lani that she did not need to stress and freak out alone.

In the police station bullpen, Rafe talked on the phone to an officer about a lead on Eve. Rafe saw Hope enter, and he told the officer he would call him back. "Do you have a minute to talk?" Hope asked. "I actually want to talk to you, too," Rafe said. Hope hesitated, then she lied and said she had wanted to talk about her search at the park. Rafe also chickened out, and he said, "That is what I wanted to talk to you about, too." Rafe suggested that he and Hope should talk in his office.

At the penthouse, Sami fussed with her sleeping grandchild on the couch. Eric and Nicole knocked on the front door. "So, what are you doing here?" Sami asked. "You got a restraining order against us? You selfish --" Nicole started. Sami slammed the door as Eric attempted to calm Nicole down. Eric knocked again, and he yelled that he wanted to talk to Sami about Allie's baby. Sami opened the door and shushed Eric.

"You're going to wake the baby," Sami said. "You brought the baby home from the hospital?" Eric asked with astonishment. "You have no right!" Nicole objected. Sami argued that as the baby's grandmother, she had a right to take custody. Nicole countered that Allie did not want Sami to raise the baby. Eric suggested that they discuss the matter calmly, but Nicole muttered that it was impossible to be rational with a crazy person.

"Oh, you want to talk crazy? You want to compare résumés?" Sami asked. Eric noted that they would not leave until Sami talked to them. Sami invited Eric and Nicole inside. Eric told Sami that she had been out of line with the restraining order. "I had to protect my grandson," Sami said. "From your own brother?" Nicole asked. "No, of course not. From you," Sami said. Sami accused Nicole of manipulating Allie.

"We've already heard all this," Eric said. Sami told Eric to wake up and see that Nicole was using the baby to hold onto Eric. "[Nicole] is only doing what Allie asked her to do in the letter," Eric argued. Eric asked Sami to read the rest of the letter to understand what Allie wanted. When Sami asked to see the letter, Eric looked at Nicole. "We gave it to our attorney," Nicole announced. Nicole told Sami that Sami had started the fight, and they would not back down.

"Between your daughter's letter and your twin brother on the opposing side, you don't have a chance," Nicole said. While Sami took the baby into the other room to sleep, Eric reminded Nicole that Justin had not discussed going to court. "Justin is your attorney?" Sami asked as she returned. "We shouldn't even be talking about court," Eric said. Eric said he wanted to work things out with Sami. Sami countered that Nicole should not have joined Eric if he was serious about keeping things civil. As Nicole and Sami continued to bicker, Eric begged for both of them to stop arguing.

"Why don't we just let Belle and Justin battle it out in court?" Sami said. Eric reminded Sami how awful a court custody case could be on a child. Eric stressed that Sami needed to read Allie's letter and understand what Allie wanted.

"We can talk this out and put the best interests of the child first," Eric said. "I'm listening," Sami said. Eric apologized for not having the letter with him. "You had to give it to your attorney to make me look bad," Sami said. Nicole encouraged Eric to tell Sami about the letter.

"I read it many times. I know everything that Allie wrote in that letter," Eric said. Sami asked Eric to tell her about Allie's words. Eric told Sami that Allie had explained that she had felt that what was best for the baby was for Nicole to raise him. "She made it clear that she sees me in the picture. 'Package deal' she called it," Eric said. Sami argued that Allie did not know what was best for the baby.

"[Allie] has done nothing but demonstrate poor judgment. Setting aside her pregnancy itself, she talked to Rafe briefly and decided that he should have the child, and then she decided that Will and Sonny should have the child, and then she decided that the two of you should have the child. How long before she changes her mind again?" Sami asked. Nicole blamed Sami for driving Allie away because Sami had repeatedly told Allie that she did not trust Allie's judgment.

"You put all kinds of pressure on her to do what you want. And when she doesn't do what you want, you go around her, and you put pressure on other people," Nicole said. Nicole added that Allie's letter had said that Allie had felt betrayed by Will and angry that Sami never changed her ways. Sami argued that she had behaved as a parent.

When Nicole called Sami toxic, Sami grew defensive and ordered Nicole and Eric to leave. As Eric held Nicole back, Sami opened the front door as John returned home. Angered by Nicole's continued remarks, Sami charged at Nicole, and Eric stepped between the two women.

"What the hell is going on in here?" John barked. Nicole explained that she and Eric had stopped by to talk to Sami about an agreement. "We want to do what is best for the baby," Eric said. John agreed. "That sounds great except that everything Nicole just told you is a lie," Sami muttered. Sami argued that Nicole had either tricked Allie into giving Nicole custody, or Nicole had forged the letter herself.

"That's insane!" Nicole objected. "She wouldn't do that, and you were with us when we found the letter," Eric said. Eric said he and Nicole had wanted to deescalate the situation, but "Sami is making it impossible." "Nicole makes it impossible," Sami countered. When Sami offered to call the police, John asked Sami not to do that. John asked Eric and Nicole to leave for the moment.

"It's kind of clear you're not going to get anywhere today," John said. "He's right. We came here to reason with Sami, but she's not ready to listen," Eric said. "This isn't over," Nicole said on her way out. When Sami thanked John for taking her side, he snapped at her. "I'm not taking your side! I'm on theirs," John stressed. John rubbed the back of his head, and he scowled at Sami.

When Eric and Nicole returned to their apartment, Nicole apologized for not being able to control her temper around Sami. "Everything that's happened to Sami and her grandson is her own fault," Eric said. Nicole asked Eric if he was ready to fight Sami. "She's just gone too far this time, and I hate to say it about my own sister, but she needs to be stopped before she destroys any more lives," Eric said.

At the penthouse, Sami asked John why he was not on her side. "Because I'm not happy with how you are handling this situation," John said. John argued that Sami had made the situation about her and had ignored Allie's pain. "My baby girl had a child with a man we don't even know. I don't even know his name! John, do you have any idea how that makes me feel?" Sami asked.

"At this point, how you feel is not of major relevance to me, and you know why? Because I am more concerned about your daughter and that little baby," John said. John added that he was appalled that Sami had convinced Belle to help her. "Belle offered to help me," Sami corrected. When John announced that he was going to call Belle and ask her to rescind the restraining order because it was wrong, Sami disagreed.

"You are turning this into an ugly destructive mess that is going to hurt everybody in my family, including your mother, and I'm not going to let that happen," John growled. Sami grabbed the phone from John's hand. John grabbed the back of his head and winced.

"I thought we had finally come to a good place after all these years! We'd finally figured some things out. And now you just need to stay out of this!" Sami shouted. When Sami argued that John was not her father and not the baby's grandfather, John swayed on his feet. Sami realized that something was wrong. John collapsed to the floor, and Sami dropped to her knees beside his unconscious body. "John!" Sami screamed.

Will and Sonny make a big decision Will and Sonny make a big decision
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
by Mike

Maggie went to the hospital to see Sarah, who had just finished reading Xander's text message about Titan's new CEO.

Maggie was delighted to hear about Xander's promotion -- and was also delighted to hear that Sarah had reconciled with Xander.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander paced around the living room while listening to Victor's effusive comments about Philip's unexpected homecoming. "Welcome home, Philip," Xander eventually interjected, stiffly. "Last time I saw you, you were terrorizing Salem with Clyde and Orpheus -- I'm surprised you're not still serving time for that," Philip replied, just as stiffly. "I've paid my debt to society -- and to this family," Xander explained. "If you say so..." Philip muttered. "My son is home again, and this calls for a drink!" Victor suddenly declared, prompting Philip to head over to the bar. "Xander?" Philip offered. "I'll pass," Xander decided.

Philip filled two glasses with whiskey then handed one of them to Victor. "To my son's return!" Victor raved while beaming at Philip, oblivious to Xander's disappointment.

"So, tell us...why'd you come back?" Xander challenged Philip. "Why wouldn't I be here? This is my home!" Philip reasoned. "Technically...but you haven't set foot in this house in...what, five years?" Xander noted. "I've been busy," Philip explained. "Too busy to visit your father after he had a stroke?" Xander countered. "Xander --" Victor protested. "No, Xander's right -- I should have come home to see how you were doing in person [back then]. I'm sorry," Philip said to Victor. "Well, you're here now -- that's what counts!" Victor declared. "For nothing..." Xander muttered.

"I'm sorry -- I just think you deserve a bit more respect and attention from the son you've hardly heard from all these years," Xander explained to Victor. "Look at you, being all protective!" Philip mockingly praised Xander. "Last I heard, you couldn't even stand to be in the same room with this guy," Philip reminded Victor. "Victor and I have come a long way -- in fact, we're working together," Xander revealed. "Not to be too critical, but I did see the shrubs out front could use a trim..." Philip advised. "I'm not the gardener anymore -- I'm the CEO of Titan," Xander clarified.

"Good for you," Philip said to Xander with a forced smile after getting more details about the sudden change.

Xander soon headed off to Titan, albeit reluctantly, so Victor could have some time alone with Philip.

"I hope [your return] means we'll have some time to repair our relationship," Victor admitted. "That would depend on you, Dad," Philip warned. "I know you were unhappy with me before you left town --" Victor began. "'Unhappy'? Deimos kidnapped me [and] drugged me, and you took his side! 'Totally disillusioned' might be a better way to put it -- I...I felt betrayed!" Philip clarified. "I was just trying to do what I thought was best for the family," Victor explained. "And I was collateral damage. I guess some family members are more important than others..." Philip grumbled.

"Let me make it up to you," Victor offered. "Make me CEO of Titan," Philip demanded. "[And] if I don't, you'll leave again?" Victor guessed. "You need time to think about it. I'll give you that," Philip replied before exiting the mansion.

Maggie went to Titan to see Xander, armed with balloons. "'Feel better soon'? 'Welcome, baby boy'? Is there something I should know?" Xander asked while inspecting the balloons. "Sarah was just determined -- she wanted you to have something to show you how proud she is of you -- [and] that's the best the hospital gift shop had to offer," Maggie replied.

Maggie congratulated Xander on the promotion and the reconciliation. "You were one of the first people in this town to take a chance on me -- I'll...I'll never forget that," Xander stressed. "You saved my life -- I think we're kind of even," Maggie countered before starting to head off to the Kiriakis mansion. Xander warned Maggie that Philip was there.

While eating lunch at the town square, Shawn and Belle discussed Hope's return to the Salem Police Department -- and the moment that Hope had recently shared with Rafe.

"It would be wonderful if they got back together," Belle declared. "I agree -- my mom was really happy with Rafe. [But] they did have their share of problems..." Shawn replied. "Yeah -- like Rafe sleeping with my sister. [And] they might not be able to get past that," Belle acknowledged. "I don't know about that -- I mean, look at us! You and I, we overcame a similar...marriage crisis," Shawn argued. "Yeah, we did," Belle conceded.

"Philip... You know, I used to -- I used to have trouble saying his name, but now I'm okay -- I'm okay because you and I, we worked it out, and now we're better than ever," Shawn stressed. "You know, it's still difficult for me to say his name, too... I know that I've said this many, many times before, but...I am truly, deeply sorry for how much I hurt you. And I want you to know that Philip is out of my system for good -- and you're the only man for me, Shawn-Douglas," Belle stressed. "You've more than proven that to me," Shawn assured Belle.

"I do still feel guilty, though, about your relationship with Philip -- or, [I should say], that you don't really have a relationship with him anymore..." Belle admitted. "I don't...[but] I'm okay with that," Shawn replied.

"I do gotta admit that, uh...just the sight of the guy -- I want to do things that I regret," Shawn declared. "I can understand that. Lucky for us, Philip's nowhere near Salem," Belle replied.

Later, Shawn helped Belle decide to try to convince Sami to reach some sort of compromise with Eric and Nicole, for the baby's sake.

Shortly after Belle left the town square, Shawn ran into Philip. "What are you doing in town?" Shawn asked, glaring at Philip. "I could ask you the same thing," Philip replied, glaring at Shawn. "[We came back] for my sister's wedding -- and then we decided to stick around for a while, spend some time with Claire..." Shawn explained. "How is she? I heard there were some issues..." Philip countered with a hint of judgment. "Claire's fine," Shawn snapped.

"I don't suppose you're just passing through," Shawn guessed. "Actually...I finally decided to stop running from my legacy -- and embrace it," Philip declared.

Maggie entered the Kiriakis mansion and started telling Victor about how happy the promotion had made Xander. "I'm afraid his happiness may be short-lived," Victor began to reveal, sighing.

At the Brady Pub, Will ordered two glasses of whiskey then produced a cell phone and started fiddling with it while waiting for Sonny -- who eventually arrived and apologized for the delay.

"Any word on Allie?" Sonny wondered. "No," Will reported. "[But] I was [just about to] check in with Mom [again] -- you know, she feels really guilty about our fight, so I want to let her know that you and I made up --" Will continued. "Well, before you make that call, um...I have some news -- and it could change everything," Sonny began to reveal, grinning. "Sounds serious... Let me guess -- Ari wants two puppies now," Will replied, chuckling worriedly. "No, no, no -- it''s nothing like that," Sonny assured Will.

"Um...I got a call from my brother Alex --" Sonny began to clarify. "Is everything okay?" Will wondered. "Better than okay," Sonny stressed. "Last year, soon after my mom died, my brothers and I, we wanted to start a business venture in honor of her, and one of the ideas actually got funding, and it's about to take off," Sonny explained. "That's awesome!" Will raved. "Yeah!" Sonny agreed. "[But] does this change things for us?" Will asked. "Um...I want to take on a leadership role with this project -- I want to run the company," Sonny replied, grinning again.

"I think it's great that you've found something that excites you," Will declared before prodding Sonny for more details about the project. "Where do I start... Um, we partnered with a research scientist, and he developed an A.I. program that can actually analyze mammogram results on a deeper level. This could revolutionize detecting and treating breast cancer -- and, in some cases, even predict it," Sonny summarized. "Wow! So...I mean,'re going big, obviously," Will mused, clearly impressed. "Yeah! Well, you know, my mom, she was a proud cancer survivor, and our company will be able to allow her strength and her light to live on and -- and help people, you know, who -- who need that hope and -- and healing," Sonny reasoned. "Yeah! Adrienne would be so proud of you!" Will raved.

"So...I mean, how -- how does this work, and, like, when -- when would you start?" Will wondered. "We would start, uh, immediately --" Sonny began to respond. "Cool!" Will interjected. "[But] there is just, hitch..." Sonny continued. "Okay... Oh, so now we get to the part about how this changes things for us," Will guessed. "Yes -- uh, 'cause it definitely would," Sonny admitted. "Um...we're building the facility in Phoenix, where my brothers are --" Sonny continued. "Phoenix?" Will repeated. "So, if I -- if I want to run the company...I need to move to Arizona," Sonny concluded.

"'''re leaving me? You...want to...uh, just abandon me and move to Arizona? Uh, I mean, is this because of our fight?" Will assumed. "No! No, no, no -- not at all! No, I -- I -- did I, like, sound angry when I was telling you this?" Sonny replied. "No, you didn't, but --" Will began to explain. "I want us to move together, as a family -- you, me, and Ari," Sonny clarified. "Oh..." Will said, relieved.

"Uh...but what about Gabi?" Will wondered. "She can come visit as much as she wants [and] stay with us [while she's there]...and I was even thinking, too, that, during the summer, Ari can be here in Salem, and then, during the school year, she can be in Arizona with us," Sonny reasoned. "Uh... I mean, would Gabi even agree to that?" Will mused. "I hope so," Sonny replied. "And do you think it's -- would it be good for -- for Ari, even -- you know, splitting her time between two cities?" Will continued. "Look, I -- I know this is, like, crazy, okay? And -- and I -- I don't -- I don't want to just, like, uproot our lives, and -- and you're right about Ari and Gabi, [and] I don't want to do anything that's not good for them," Sonny stressed.

"But the thing that I'm concerned about most is you," Sonny continued. "Look, I don't want you to feel like you're being railroaded or pressured into this at all -- I want you to be 100% comfortable, [and] if you're not, I will tell my brothers to go on and do this without me," Sonny concluded. "And -- and pass up the opportunity that means so much to you?" Will translated. "You and Ari -- your happiness -- means more to me than anything," Sonny insisted.

"Well, I mean, there are a lot of factors to consider -- number one being our daughter, like you said --" Will began to acknowledge. "But she -- she loves Phoenix, [and] hanging out with her cousins --" Sonny pointed out. "You mean 'she never wants to leave their swimming pools,'" Will translated. "Well, you know, there -- there are, uh, more things in Arizona than just swimming pools -- there's a lot of great newspapers, and with you being such a brilliant writer, you could find a job in no time," Sonny continued. "But still, what -- what about Gabi?" Will wondered again. "I don't know -- I think we just have to talk to her, but I think she'll be okay with it, as long as she can see Ari whenever she wants, and [can] have Ari every summer," Sonny predicted.

"You -- you really want to do this, don't you?" Will concluded. "I really do," Sonny admitted.

"So...? So, what do you think?" Sonny prodded Will. "Uh... Phoenix is a long way away..." Will began to respond. "You don't want to move," Sonny translated. "I mean, it's not that... I mean, I -- I love Salem -- I love our -- our lives here, you know? And most of our family is here, and who knows how long my mom is gonna stick around..." Will started to clarify. "Uh, on second thought, let's do it," Will suddenly decided. "Very funny," Sonny dryly declared, but Will wasn't laughing. "Are you serious?" Sonny wondered. "Yeah, I am -- this is an amazing opportunity, and I love you, and you deserve to pursue your dream," Will replied. "Are you sure?" Sonny challenged Will. "Yeah," Will maintained.

"[But], I mean, let's not book the plane tickets yet, [though, because] there's still one big hurdle we have to overcome if we're gonna take Ari to Arizona -- that little thing called 'shared custody,'" Will reiterated. "Yeah -- well, 'cause being 2,000 miles apart, we can't divide the week up, like we're doing now," Sonny conceded. "We gotta get Gabi on board first, like I said," Will summarized. "I do believe we can figure out some sort of arrangement, [though]. Right?" Sonny continued. "I -- I hope so..." Will replied, shrugging. "I think Gabi is gonna be on board, know, right now, her whole life know, in flux...and I -- I think she knows that Ari is better off with us right now," Sonny predicted. "We know that -- I'm not sure she knows that," Will argued.

"Well, then, let's -- let's go talk to her," Sonny suggested. "Tonight?" Will translated. "Yeah -- better off just getting it over with, right? So we know where we stand," Sonny reasoned. "Good point," Will agreed before gulping down both glasses of whiskey. "Ready?" Sonny asked with a laugh. "Ready as I'll ever be..." Will replied with a shudder before leading the way out of the pub.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Sami shook John's motionless body. "John? Come on, John -- you gotta wake up! What's happening? Is this your way of making me apologize? Because it's working, all right? I'm sorry -- I'm really sorry! I -- I -- I just say things, you know? I say things when I get upset that I don't mean! And I didn't mean this! I'm sorry! You are a part of our family -- you're the most important part; you're -- you're our rock!" Sami tearfully stressed while tucking a pillow beneath John's head. "Please, John -- please, you have to get better! Come on -- wake up, please!" Sami begged.

"I don't know what to do!" Sami fretted -- just as Marlena returned from fetching baby formula.

"We were just talking about Allie's baby, and the custody situation, and...and then he had this funny look on his face, and he grabbed the back of his head, and then he just collapsed!" Sami explained as Marlena sprang into action. "He's not breathing!" Marlena fretted before instructing Sami to dial 9-1-1.

Marlena started performing CPR, and John eventually began breathing again.

The ambulance eventually arrived. Sami wanted to accompany Marlena to the hospital, but Marlena instructed Sami to stay behind, not wanting to disrupt the baby's slumber. "Call me when you know anything," Sami requested. "I will," Marlena promised. "John is so strong -- he is going to be okay," Sami stressed while giving Marlena a hug.

"He has to be okay -- he just has to be okay..." Sami muttered once alone in the townhouse. "This cannot be happening..." Sami fretted while pacing around the living room.

Belle eventually arrived and started trying to convince Sami that it would be best to reach some sort of compromise with Eric and Nicole. "Okay, well, it's too late for that, so..." Sami replied. "Why?" Belle asked. "Nicole and Eric were here earlier, and --" Sami began to explain. "Let me guess -- you made things worse," Belle summarized. "Well, actually, they are the ones who came barging in..." Sami began to clarify. "That's not important right now, okay? Belle, there's something you need to know..." Sami continued.

"So, you and my dad were just talking, and he passed out?" Belle repeated after Sami finished delivering the bad news. "Yeah -- and it was just really sudden..." Sami stressed. "So...what, is it, like, uh, a heart attack, or a stroke, [or]...?" Belle wondered. "They didn't know," Sami reported. "This just doesn't make any sense! You know, he's in perfect health -- what could have caused this?" Belle fretted. "Sometimes these things just happen..." Sami replied. "Well, thank God you were here when he collapsed -- oh, my God, Sami, you probably saved his life!" Belle declared before thanking Sami with a hug. "Belle, um, I --" Sami began to protest as Belle pulled away. "I'm, uh, gonna get to the hospital," Belle decided before starting to rush off. "I'm sorry -- I'm...I'm so sorry..." Sami concluded. "It's okay," Belle insisted.

Sami broke down once alone in the townhouse again.

After recovering, Sami picked up a framed photograph of John and Marlena. "I have never made it easy for you to be a part of this family, John...but you've always had my back -- you've always been there for me -- and the things I said today, I didn't mean them -- I really didn't -- so you have to get better, okay? Please -- please get better, John, so that I can make things right," Sami fretted, fighting back fresh tears.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Marlena watched as Sarah examined John, who was still unconscious. "Sami, um, said he grabbed his head before he passed out," Marlena reported. "Has he been complaining of any other symptoms lately?" Sarah wondered. "No," Marlena insisted. "And what was he doing before he lost consciousness?" Sarah continued. "Uh, Sami said they were talking, and then he just collapsed," Marlena revealed. "Well...we won't know for certain until we run some tests, but...given his motor responses and his brain stem reflexes...if I had to guess..." Sarah began to summarize. "Ruptured aneurysm," Marlena concluded for Sarah, who confirmed the suspicion. "We'll get a CT scan, CTA, and MRI, and I will do every test I can to rule out a heart attack or tumor," Sarah promised.

Later, while John was undergoing the tests, Belle joined Marlena and requested an update. "He's gonna be okay, though...right?" Belle asked hopefully after hearing the tentative diagnosis. "Yeah -- of course he is..." Marlena replied with a hint of hesitation.

Gabi learns that Will and Sonny are moving Gabi learns that Will and Sonny are moving
Thursday, August 20, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Gwen overheard Chad's end of a phone conversation with Li.

After Chad finished talking to Li, Gwen probed for the context of the conversation, prompting Chad to admit that, as it turned out, Jake's business meeting -- which everyone had originally viewed as a disaster -- had actually been quite successful. Gwen proudly warned Chad not to underestimate Jake.

Chad asked Gwen to talk Jake out of going to Kansas City to dine at one of the new client's favorite barbecue joints. "If you really want my're going to have to give me what I really want," Gwen suggestively challenged Chad.

Meanwhile, Gabi stormed into the study and stopped in front of Jake, who was lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a few bottles of beer, watching a movie. "Turn that down! I'm trying to get some work done around here!" Gabi snapped before snatching the remote control from Jake. "Sorry -- I'm just watching this great old movie --" Jake managed to explain before Gabi turned off the television. "I don't care!" Gabi insisted while tossing the remote control back at Jake. "That reminded me of our dinner last night with the client -- it's called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," Jake continued while Gabi was storming back out of the study.

"Get your filthy feet off the [couch] -- do you know how much that costs?" Gabi snapped at Jake after reentering the study. "Oh, please -- with the money DiMera stands to make from this Collins deal, I can buy all new furniture. Besides, this place needs a refresh -- it's not really my taste," Jake argued, dismissing Gabi's concern. "Oh? I didn't know you had any!" Gabi countered, forcing Jake's feet off the couch.

"You know, when Gwen and I first moved in here, I kept thinking to myself, 'I am not cut out for this life -- all the fancy suits, and the wheeling and the dealing...' Turns out, when you got raw, natural talent, like I do, who needs any of that other stuff?" Jake bragged, ignoring Gabi's insult. "Raw talent?" Gabi repeated. "Yeah! You saw the way the client ate up everything I did, like I'm the second coming of Stefano DiMera himself! What can I say, Gabs? I'm a natural! And who would I be to deny the DiMera family of those gifts? And, hey, this is benefiting you, too, [so] I don't understand why you're so mad --" Jake reasoned. "I'm not 'mad' -- [it's just that] you really just get under my skin," Gabi clarified.

"Instead of worrying about the family business, I'd worry about your relationship -- [see], it slipped my mind to tell you [earlier, but] I caught your girlfriend kissing your brother!" Gabi warned Jake. "Is that the best you can do to get under my skin?" Jake challenged Gabi, scoffing at the claim. "I saw it with my own eyes -- Chad and Gwen [were] making out in your bedroom just a few hours ago -- [but] if you don't believe me, go and ask her yourself," Gabi advised Jake, who immediately stormed off to do just that.

Jake found Chad and Gwen together and demanded to know what was going on between them. "We were just talking..." Gwen innocently explained. "'Talking'? Is this how you dress for conversation?" Jake jealously countered, eyeing the nightgown that Gwen was wearing. "Depends on the conversation..." Gwen coyly replied.

"Oh, come on, darling -- what's the matter? You don't trust me?" Gwen challenged Jake. "Gabi told me that she saw the two of you making out in this very room, [so...what], are you gonna deny that you're going behind my back with my brother?" Jake snapped at Gwen. "Well, I guess there's no sense in lying, since the truth is out now... [See], ever since you and I moved in here, Chad and I have had this real attraction to each other, [and] we've been fighting it, [but] today, we, um...gave in to each other," Gwen claimed, wrapping both arms around Chad's fully clothed body.

"Oh? Is that what happened? You're cheating on your wife with your brother's girlfriend?" Jake asked Chad. "Well...actually...yeah," Chad replied, giving Jake an unapologetic shrug then draping an arm around Gwen's shoulders. "I thought you were better than this!" Jake protested. "Well, you know, Gwen's right -- ever since you guys moved in, there's just...there's been this thing between us...[and] I wasn't gonna act on it, but Abigail's been away, and I've been...I've been lonely...and then I walked in here, and I saw her dressed like this... I mean, what do you expect me to do?" Chad explained. "How 'bout you keep your filthy paws off my girl!" Jake demanded. "Sure -- just stay out of my business," Chad countered.

"What the hell's that even mean?" Jake wondered. "It means I'm the only one that deals with Collins. You stay the hell out of DiMera," Chad clarified. "I really don't think you're in any position to be making demands," Jake argued. "I was running this company before you knew who you were," Chad reasoned. "[Which] must make it sting even more that I outplayed you. Now, get the hell out of here -- before I beat your ass!" Jake countered. "There's no need for violence -- we're both 'businessmen'..." Chad sarcastically protested. "You should go now, Chad," Gwen helpfully advised. "Gladly -- uh, I said what I had to say, [and], clearly, you two have a lot to talk about..." Chad conceded before exiting the bedroom.

"I can't believe that son of a bitch kissed you!" Jake grumbled. "Yeah, know, it...kind of went both ways, really..." Gwen stressed. "I want you to stay the hell away from him!" Jake demanded. "Well, that might be hard, seeing as we both live under the same roof..." Gwen warned. "I don't care -- I don't want you going anywhere near him!" Jake maintained. "Okay -- I'll try... It's not like you'd really notice, anyway, though -- [after all], you're always running off with bloody Gabi --" Gwen argued. "On business!" Jake explained. "Yeah, that's what you keep saying...[but the point is], you're always leaving me here alone, can you blame me for seeking attention from somewhere else?" Gwen reasoned.

"So, that's why you made a play for Chad -- you're jealous of Gabi?" Jake assumed. "I just want to know [that] I am still your top priority," Gwen clarified. "And how can I prove that to you?" Jake wondered. "Cancel your trip to Kansas City," Gwen requested.

Meanwhile, Will and Sonny entered the mansion and nervously greeted Gabi, who was irritably cleaning up the mess that Jake had left behind in the study.

"Sorry for dropping by unannounced..." Will cautiously began, growing even more nervous in light of the realization that Gabi was in a bad mood. "No, it's fine -- it's nice to see some friendly faces, after the night I've had," Gabi admitted. "You okay?" Will asked. "Long story. What's up?" Gabi replied. "Well, we...we have some news..." Sonny cautiously began, also even more nervous than before. "Good news or bad news?" Gabi wondered. "Good news...I hope..." Will clarified, and Sonny nodded in agreement. "Are you having another baby? Did Allie say yes to the adoption?" Gabi guessed with a squeal of excitement. ", uh, we're not adopting Allie's baby, unfortunately -- and we're not having one of our own, either..." Will reported.

"Then...what is it?" Gabi prodded Will and Sonny. "We're moving to Arizona!" Sonny revealed, quickly and cheerfully. "When? Why?" Gabi demanded to know, stunned. "Uh...well, Sonny's brothers are starting a new business venture, and they want him to be CEO..." Will began to explain. "Yeah -- they've been talking about it for a while, and one of the projects finally got funding..." Sonny continued for Will. "It is a biotech startup that, according to Alex, could revolutionize the way we detect breast cancer..." Will continued for Sonny. "It could really change the world -- and...and we're able to honor my mother's memory at the same time, so..." Sonny concluded for Will. "That's wonderful! I know she'd be very proud of both of you!" Gabi declared.

"I mean, I'm gonna miss you guys a lot -- and, obviously, Arianna, too -- but if this is what you want, then it's great -- uh, and you know I'm always gonna make things work," Gabi stressed. "Y-yeah..." Will began to clarify, sensing that Gabi hadn't exactly grasped the full implications of the news yet. "Uh...well, uh, you know, actually, we were hoping that we would, um...take Ari with us," Will continued. "The hell you will!" Gabi snapped.

"Look, we know, Gabi, that this is a big request --" Sonny began to explain. "A 'request'? Let me get this straight -- you call taking my daughter across the country a request?" Gabi repeated. "Ari is our daughter, too," Will pointed out. "You realize what you're doing to her? You're just taking her out of her life, away from her mother... You do realize you're making her start over, [right]? She just started her school year! After everything that she's got going on in her life --" Gabi protested. "Okay, okay... How 'bout this -- we will wait until we're settled; we'll find a house, and we'll get Ari enrolled in a good school, and then we'll bring her, after Christmas break --" Will suggested. "Are you kidding me?" Gabi snapped.

"She's gonna be settled in her life [by then], with her activities, with her friends... You're gonna pull her out in the middle of a school year?" Gabi summarized. "Well, then, why don't we wait until the end of this school year -- have Ari come out to Arizona in the summer... And you could come, too -- come visit for a little while --" Sonny suggested. "That's impossible -- I have a career, in case you haven't noticed! Oh, and by the way, I signed up Ari for -- for horse camp!" Gabi objected. "Okay, then, you know what? We'll find her a horse camp in Arizona --" Will offered. "Yeah, well, that's what everybody wants to do -- ride horses in the middle of the desert, with 150-degree weather!" Gabi sarcastically agreed.

"Okay, then we'll find something else for her to do, then --" Will promised. "Something else that doesn't uproot her life!" Gabi demanded. "All right, that -- I'm sorry, that's -- that's part of being in a family. Ari's gonna have to learn to compromise -- and so are you," Will countered. "I need to 'compromise'? That's -- that's your advice, when you're threatening to take away my child?" Gabi protested. "No one is 'threatening' you, Gabi," Will insisted. "Let me tell you both -- I will never, ever compromise when it comes to my daughter!" Gabi declared.

"Calm down for a minute --" Sonny advised. "'Calm down'? How can I 'calm down' when you come and just drop this on me?" Gabi snapped. "Because what matters most is that we all love Ari, and we want what's best for her --" Sonny reasoned. "I know what's best for her!" Gabi stressed.

"Let's just sleep on it, okay? And we can come up with a resolution in the morning," Sonny suggested. "Yeah -- that sounds like a great idea," Will agreed. "Right?" Will prodded Gabi.

Gabi took a deep breath. "I'm sorry..." Gabi began to respond, calmly. "I'm sorry that I got angry with both of you -- I love you very much, and Ari loves you very much..." Gabi continued, still speaking calmly. "But I am telling you that no amount of 'sleep' is ever gonna change my mind -- you're never gonna take away my daughter!" Gabi spat before storming off to another room.

After Will and Sonny exited the mansion, Gabi stormed back into the study and stopped in front of the bar. "'Compromise'? I'll show you 'compromise'! I'm gonna stay here with Ari, and then you can go away -- that's my compromise!" Gabi grumbled while filling a glass with whiskey.

"Problem?" Chad, who had just entered the study, assumed. "Yes, I have a 'problem' -- your two best friends are trying to take my daughter a thousand miles away!" Gabi summarized with a scowl. "What?" Chad replied, confused. "Oh, you didn't hear? Will and Sonny are leaving Salem!" Gabi clarified before gulping down the drink.

Will and Sonny entered the Kiriakis mansion and settled on the living room couch. "Well, uh...that went better than expected!" Sonny said to Will with a shrug, sounding relieved. "Are you kidding me? We're lucky we got out of there with our lives!" Will countered with a chuckle, unsure if Sonny was being sarcastic. "Yeah...[but] she didn't throw anything at our heads, so that's a positive," Sonny reasoned. "Well, at one point, she looked like she wanted to...and I was ready to duck, in case the popcorn bowl went flying," Will admitted.

"You know, I can't blame her -- you know, I...I don't want to uproot Ari's life and take her away from her mother," Sonny conceded. "But I also can't see us moving to Arizona without our daughter," Sonny stressed. "Yeah -- neither can I," Will agreed. "Well, the good news is, we don't have to decide anything tonight...and, whatever it is [we decide], we'll figure it out together," Will declared before giving Sonny a kiss.

At the police station, Rafe and Hope had another awkward moment while discussing the search for Eve.

Rafe eventually cut the conversation short, advising Hope to take the rest of the night off so they could resume the search for Eve early the following morning.

Later, Rafe received a phone call from Hope -- then rushed over to the Brady house after hearing that some sort of emergency needed to be handled there.

When Rafe arrived at the Brady house a short time later, Hope explained what had happened. "Your washing machine isn't working -- that's why you called me?" Rafe incredulously summarized. "Well, I know it's not an international crisis, but...I mean, clean clothes are important, right?" Hope defensively reasoned. "Most people would say [they're] a necessity," Rafe conceded.

Rafe got doused with water while trying to fix the washing machine, but Hope insisted, between laughing fits, that it wasn't an issue because the dryer still worked.

While Rafe was sitting with Hope on the couch in an undershirt, waiting for the overshirt to dry, they shared a round of drinks and reminisced about old times.

After the overshirt finished drying, Rafe said goodnight to Hope then left -- although more awkwardness occurred during that exchange.

Eve, who was still holed up in a motel room with Vincent, fretted that, thanks to Claire, the police were onto them. "After everything that I did for that little girl... [You know], it's not my fault that she got blamed for what I did!" Eve grumbled. "I understand you feel betrayed, Eve...but, according to [the news], the police have no clue where you are," Vincent stressed. "[But] it's just a matter of time before they track me down!" Eve predicted. "I tried to warn you it was a risk, coming back to Salem --" Vincent pointed out. "I would have been long gone by now if you had already given Ben that drug!" Eve countered. "I tried!" Vincent insisted.

"[Look, with] the amount of conditioning we've given Ben already, it's only a matter of time before he kills Ciara," Vincent promised. "I hope you're right..." Eve muttered.

"[Honestly]...I'm...actually...kind of glad that, uh...Ben hasn't killed Ciara yet... [See], all the days seem to have melted into one [lately], and I just kind of lost track of what the date was... [You know], maybe it's fate -- [I mean], all the delays, maybe [they're] meant to be... [I mean], of all the days on the calendar, the perfect day for Ben Weston to murder his wife just happens to be tomorrow -- [see, that's when] my life was changed forever, [when] my beautiful daughter was found strangled to death in her dorm room... [You know, I had] never felt that kind of pain before, [and] I didn't think I would survive it..." Eve mused.

"[Anyway], that's why it has to happen tomorrow -- because I want Ben to feel as terrible on that day as I do; I want tomorrow to make him suffer the way it's made me suffer. [Although] it's gonna be worse for him, because every time it appears on the calendar, he is gonna be reminded that his beautiful wife is dead -- by his own hand," Eve stressed. "It would truly be poetic justice, wouldn't it?" Vincent conceded. "Do you happen to have the final dose of that drug handy?" Eve wondered. "I do...[but], to be certain that it works tomorrow, it needs to be administered tonight," Vincent admitted. "Well, then, what are you waiting for?" Eve prodded Vincent.

While eating dinner at the town square, Ciara and Ben discussed Eve's return. Ciara, who was wearing a strip of cloth as an accessory, eventually removed it then stepped aside to contact Hope and find out if there were any leads on Eve's whereabouts yet. Ben eyed the strip of cloth -- then eyed Ciara. When Ciara finished talking to Hope a short time later, Ben was nowhere to be found -- and the strip of cloth was gone, too.

Ben eventually appeared behind Ciara and handed over the strip of cloth. "You forgot this," Ben explained. "You, a little distracted..." Ciara observed. "I'm just, uh...on edge, knowing that Eve's back in town," Ben reasoned. "Well, you know, according to my mother, there -- there hasn't really been a trace of Eve, so..." Ciara reported. "I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing..." Ben admitted.

Later, at the Salem Inn, Ciara wondered if Ben had managed to book another appointment with Marlena yet. "Yeah -- I'm gonna see her tomorrow," Ben confirmed. "Hopefully, she can help me figure out why I've been having this...weird feeling...ever since I got away from Eve... [I mean], it's just like...I just know something bad is coming...and I don't know how to stop it..." Ben fretted. "Well, I may not be a doctor like Marlena, but I think I know a way that I can try to take your mind off of it," Ciara declared before kissing Ben and leading the way to their bed.

Ben wrapped both hands around Ciara's neck while they were making out on the bed. "I love you so much..." Ben eventually whispered before letting go of Ciara's neck and starting to undress.

Later, while Ciara was showering, Ben opened the hotel room door to grab a hot fudge sundae that had been ordered from room service, unaware that Vincent had somehow intercepted it. Ben was unable to stop Vincent from entering the hotel room and administering the final dose of the mind-altering drug. Shortly after Vincent left, Ciara emerged from the shower and joined Ben, who was unable to reveal what had just happened.

Vincent rejoined Eve at the motel. "By tomorrow morning, [Ben will] be primed and ready to murder Ciara," Vincent assured Eve.

John suffers a setback John suffers a setback
Friday, August 21, 2020

At the police station, Jack and Jennifer demanded an update from Rafe about the search for Eve. "We know better than anyone what a vindictive witch she is," Jennifer said. Rafe told Jack and Jennifer that the police had a few leads on Eve, but nothing concrete. "You better [catch her] soon before she hurts someone else," Jennifer said.

In her Salem motel, Eve looked through a box of Paige's keepsakes, and she placed Paige's necklace around her neck. "Oh, my, Paige. I still miss you," Eve said as she looked heavenward. Vincent returned. "You dressed for a funeral," Vincent commented. "I'm dressed for a celebration because today Ben Weston is going to feel my pain," Eve said. Eve said she was excited to finally get justice for her daughter. "I've come up with a way to make my revenge against Ben even sweeter," Eve said.

At the Salem Inn, Ben dressed in a suit. Ben paused as he stared at his necktie, then he put it around his neck. As Ben attempted to tie his tie, Ciara walked up behind him and kissed his neck. "I can't get this damn thing on right," Ben complained. Ciara offered to help him with his tie. "It's easy," Ciara purred. Ciara pulled the necktie off of Ben and draped it around her neck, then she pulled Ben back with her toward the bed. Ciara jerked backward. Eve had a grip on the necktie and was choking Ciara on the bed. Ben woke up screaming.

"Are you okay?" Ciara asked Ben. Ben's stare lingered on Ciara's neck. Ciara turned Ben's face back to her eyes, and she asked him if he had had another nightmare. Ben said he did not remember his dream. "I'm sure whatever it was about has a lot to do with what Eve and Vincent did to you," Ciara said. Ciara said she was thankful that Ben had rescheduled his appointment with Marlena. "Was that today?" Ben asked. Ben looked at his phone.

"Six years ago today, I murdered Eve Donovan's daughter. I can't believe I forgot. This might sound crazy but I don't ever want to forget," Ben said. Ben argued that if the pain of his victims went on, so should his pain. "Or maybe it is time to forgive yourself," Ciara countered. Ben said he could not be forgiven.

"You were a different person, and you have done your work. You have proven to me and to so many other people that you are not capable of doing something like that ever again," Ciara said. Ben said he wanted to believe that was true. Ciara begged Ben not to doubt his recovery. "Maybe I deserve it?" Ben wondered aloud. Ciara told Ben that he was safe from Eve.

At the hospital, Hope was alarmed when she walked into John's hospital room and found Marlena alone, folding John's clothes. "I'm so sorry," Hope whispered. Marlena noted that John was still alive but in surgery. "Have you gotten any sleep at all?" Hope asked. "I'm not going to go to sleep until I know that John is okay," Marlena said.

In the waiting area, Steve talked to Sami on the phone, and he urged her to stay home with the baby. "As soon as we know something, someone will give you a call," Steve said. As Steve ended his call, Kayla rounded the corner. Steve asked Kayla for an update on John's surgery. "John made it through the surgery, and he is in recovery," Kayla said. Kayla told Steve that they would not know the extent of the damage until John woke up or if he woke up.

"If? What are you saying, Kayla?" Steve asked. Kayla said she did not have an answer yet. Hope exited John's room, and she asked Kayla about John's surgery. "As good as can be expected," Kayla said. "We'll hold onto that," Hope whispered. When Hope asked if there was anything she could do to help, Steve asked Hope to take Kayla to the Brady Pub while he kept an eye on John and Marlena. "I don't want to leave you," Kayla said. Steve assured Kayla that he was fine. Steve promised to call Kayla when John woke up.

At the Brady Pub, Jack talked on the phone to his source at the police department, and the source confirmed what Rafe had told Jack and Jennifer. Jack assured Jennifer that the police would find Eve, but Jennifer was still unsure. Jack spotted Kayla and Hope enter, and he waved them over and invited them to join him and Jennifer.

"We have news about John," Hope said. Kayla told Jack and Jennifer about John's aneurysm, and she confirmed that the surgery had been a success. "We won't know the extent of the damage until he wakes up," Kayla said. Jack offered to go to the hospital to sit with Steve, and Kayla agreed. "Steve plays all tough, but John is just so weak and helpless, and his recovery is unknown. I think Steve is pretty shaken," Kayla said.

After Jack left, the food arrived. Kayla announced that she was going to save half of her sandwich for Marlena, since she likely would forget to eat. Kayla asked if there was any news about Eve. Hope noted that although there were no new leads, she would not stop until Eve was arrested. "It is so good that you are back on the force," Kayla said. Hope said she was thankful that Rafe had offered her a job.

"Is that weird?" Jennifer asked. With a puzzled look on her face, Hope asked Jennifer why it would be weird. "We're friends. We're in a great place. I personally could not be happier," Hope stressed. Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "When I just said, 'is that weird,' I meant because you were his boss and now he is your boss, and now I'm thinking this is weird because you are talking about just being friends, and that is way more interesting," Jennifer said. "Super interesting," Kayla added with a smile. Jennifer asked Hope if there was something going on between her and Rafe.

Hope reminded Jennifer and Kayla that Rafe was her boss. "You might as well tell us because we are just going to hound you until you do," Kayla said. Jennifer agreed. "Okay, there was a hug," Hope admitted. "That's a start!" Jennifer exclaimed. When Jennifer asked if there was any other information, Hope added, "[Rafe] fixed a kink in my washer." Kayla and Jennifer laughed as they teased Hope about her washer. With a grin, Jennifer said that when she had been at the police station, Rafe's face had looked different when he had talked about Hope. Hope argued that she and Rafe were happy to be friends again and did not want to ruin it with romance.

"Don't you think?" Hope asked. "Wrong," Kayla and Jennifer said in unison. Jennifer urged Hope to talk to Rafe and find out if he felt the same way about Hope as Hope did about him. "You can waste a lot of time, worrying about the what ifs and do nothing, or you can trust your feelings and just talk to him," Kayla advised. Kayla added that she had just left John and that it had been a reminder that life was short. "Get over yourself and go for it," Jennifer said.

After Hope left, Jennifer and Kayla talked about Hope and Rafe, and they both wished aloud that things would work out for them. "It's days like this that I know how important it is to surround yourself with people you love. I just hope Rafe and Hope don't waste another second," Kayla said. As Kayla started to leave, Jennifer asked to join her. "I just think that John and Marlena need all the love and support they can get right now," Jennifer said.

In John's hospital room, Marlena sat on the bed next to John and talked to him. "So many people love you and are praying for you and your recovery," Marlena whispered. Steve walked in. "Is there anything I can do for you?" Steve asked. Marlena asked Steve to sit with John while she went to her office to cancel her schedule for the day.

After Marlena left, Steve sat next to John's bedside. "This is not the way it ends. Heroes don't die laying in a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines. You know that, right?" Steve said. Steve told John that John was his hero. "I need you to wake up," Steve demanded.

While Steve sat in silence next to John, Jack walked in. "I'm so sorry," Jack said. Jack asked to join Steve, and Steve nodded yes. "I know John was always more of a brother to you than I ever was, but I'm here for you," Jack said. "You're right. John is my brother. But you're my brother, too," Steve said. Steve smiled sadly at Jack.

After Marlena collected her emotions in her office, Ben walked in. "I really appreciate you taking the time to help me," Ben said. Marlena took a deep breath, before she turned to face Ben and apologize. "I was about to call you and cancel our session. It feels so wrong to me after I canceled our last session, it's just that there is so much going on with John," Marlena said. Marlena told Ben about John's surgery.

"[John] is still unconscious. We won't know anything until he wakes up," Marlena said. Marlena apologized again for canceling Ben's appointment. "Do not apologize. Of course, you had to be with him," Ben said. Ben asked Marlena if she was okay. Marlena said she was fine. Ben told Marlena that she was family. "Maybe right now, you can let me be there for you," Ben said. Marlena hugged Ben and cried.

After a moment, Marlena wiped her tears and apologized for crying on Ben's shoulder. "It's completely inappropriate," Marlena said. "I don't know about that. It seems exactly like what one friend would do for another," Ben countered. Marlena asked Ben how he was doing. Ben said he could not shake the feeling that something was wrong.

"If I could remember what happened to me, maybe I could sort things out and try to move on," Ben said. Concerned, Marlena gave Ben the name of a colleague. Ben thought about when he had talked to Vincent in Marlena's office. "Are you remembering something?" Marlena asked. Ben shook off the memory of Vincent, and told Marlena that he had experienced déjà vu. Marlena wanted to talk, but Ben told Marlena not to worry about him. Ben took Marlena's recommendation, and he left.

In John's room, Steve told stories about John and how John had saved Steve's life. "I wish I'd been there to see it," Jack said. "Well, you're here now," Steve said as he clapped his brother on the shoulder. Marlena returned, and Steve confirmed that there had been no change in John's condition. "I was just telling Jack some Black Patch horror stories," Steve said. Marlena chuckled. "I bet John just loved hearing the sound of your voice in the room," Marlena said. Steve said he believed John would wake up just to tell him to shut up. Steve and Marlena smiled at one another.

After Jack and Steve left, Marlena told John that she loved their amazing life together. Marlena looked at her bracelet. "These charms remind me of how much more time we have. Of our future. I just need you to wake up and come back to me so we can keep on making more amazing memories," Marlena said. Marlena put her head on John's shoulder. "Everyone is praying for you," Marlena said. John threw back is head and appeared to suffer a seizure. "No!" Marlena shouted out.

As Rafe worked in his office, Ciara stopped by to talk to him about Eve. Rafe said he had no news about Eve, but he was hopeful that having Hope back on the force would make the difference. "I'm extremely worried about Ben," Ciara confessed. Rafe asked Ciara if Ben had remembered what Eve and Vincent had done to him. Ciara shook her head no. "[Ben] is not acting like himself," Ciara added. Ciara shared her fear that Ben would not get better until Eve was captured and sent to prison.

"With your mom on the case, Eve behind bars is pretty much a done deal, because when Hope Brady wants something, she does not stop until it happens," Rafe said. Ciara smiled. Rafe saw Ciara's face, and he stressed that he and Hope had agreed to just be friends. "So there has been a discussion?" Ciara asked. Flustered, Rafe blushed, and Ciara called him on it. "I'm not blushing," Rafe objected as Ciara laughed at him.

"I appreciate you being curious about my relationship with your mother, but frankly, right now, this is making me uncomfortable," Rafe said. Ciara apologized for prying, but she asked Rafe if there was anything between Rafe and Hope. Reluctantly, Rafe admitted that there was something with Hope, but he did not know if Hope felt the same way. Ciara reminded Rafe about one of her school crushes and how Rafe had pushed her "to go for it."

"He turned you down flat, didn't he?" Rafe said. Ciara nodded yes. Rafe apologized. "The point is, I'm glad that I knew. I wanted to know so that I could stop obsessing over him," Ciara said. Ciara told Rafe that she wanted the same for him. Ciara asked Rafe to talk to Hope, but Rafe was adamant that he did not want to mess up his working relationship with her. "Just talk to her," Ciara pressed. Rafe promised Ciara that he would think about it.

When Hope returned to the police station, she went into Rafe's office and asked to talk. Before Hope could say another word, Rafe's phone rang. There was a lead on Eve's location.

At Eve's motel, she continued to go through her box of keepsakes as she listened to Paige's song. As Eve hummed along to the music, her phone rang. "I should have known I'd hear from you today," Eve spat out as she answered her phone. Eve yelled at Paige's father on the phone. "What have you done? Nothing!" Eve yelled. Eve added that she would never be okay until Ben paid for his crimes.

When Ben returned home to the Salem Inn, Vincent was waiting for him. "What the hell are you doing here? Get out of my room," Ben said. Vincent told Ben, "You're going to obey me. Just like the last time you saw me." Vincent told Ben that he would do exactly what Vincent told him to do.

In the hallway outside her room at the Salem Inn, Ciara talked to Claire on the phone about Eve and Vincent. "Those two better hope that they get caught by the police, because if I see either of them first, I swear to God, I'm going to kill them," Ciara said. As Ciara put her key in the door, inside the apartment, Ben twisted his necktie around his hands.

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