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Hope arrested Vincent, and he promised to tell her about Ciara. Allie told Nicole that Tripp was Henry's father. John continued to struggle with his temper. Jan forced Shawn to arrest Philip. Belle acted as Philip's lawyer, annoying Shawn. Brady convinced Kristen to stay in Salem. Sarah warned Xander not to return to his amoral ways. Jake asked Abigail for help with Chad. Melinda told Eli to find evidence against Kristen, or she would send Lani to prison. Allie decided to press charges against Tripp for rape. Tripp told Steve that he had never slept with Allie.
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Allie decided to press charges against Tripp for rape
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Allie and Tripp have a tense reunion Allie and Tripp have a tense reunion
Monday, September 28, 2020
by Mike

Lani went to Julie's Place to meet up with Abe, who was still watching Rachel. "Change of plans, Dad -- I am not actually picking up Rachel [right now]," Lani began to explain when Abe tried to hand Rachel over. "I was hoping to [relieve you of your babysitting duties once] the charges against Kristen were dropped...but that's not gonna happen now -- [because] the new D.A. wants Kristen's head on a platter," Lani continued. "Rehiring Melinda Trask? [Seriously, Dad], what the hell were you thinking?" Lani concluded. "[After] D.A. Giddens just quit out of the blue, I needed to [find] somebody who could [get] up to speed fast, and Melinda knows the job, the town, and the office --" Abe reasoned. "Okay, I get that...but you could have at least given me a heads-up!" Lani argued.

"Fire her ass!" Lani demanded. "I have no grounds -- [I mean], I can't fire the D.A. [just] because my daughter has a problem with her!" Abe insisted. "Yeah, you can -- you're the mayor!" Lani countered.

"Lani, I'm proud of your loyalty to your friend, but if Kristen is proven guilty of attempted murder, then she has to be punished for it," Abe stressed. "Not by Melinda Trask -- if she's running the show, Kristen will not get a fair trial, [and] that's not [right]!" Lani protested. "Belle can bring that up at Kristen's arraignment -- [you know], argue that Melinda should recuse herself and let one of her assistants take the lead... But, ultimately, it's up to the judge to determine whether [Melinda] can set her personal feelings aside. [And if she can't, that] could ultimately end up hurting her case -- [I mean], it's like when a defendant represents themselves; they can go in with all the passion in the world, but they can't really argue effectively [because] they're too close to it all," Abe reasoned. "I do not see that being a problem for Melinda," Lani argued.

"Well, whoever is the prosecutor, there will be a trial, then there will be a verdict, [and] all we can do is accept it and move on. [But], from what I understand, the case against Kristen isn't very strong -- [I mean], what does Trask have besides Victor's statement?" Abe said to Lani, who squirmed a bit while replying that there was nothing else to the case. Abe watched with a hint of suspicion as Lani rushed off.

At the police station, Brady spotted Trask and called out a greeting. "Ugh... You can't see Ms. DiMera right now," Trask preemptively insisted, unable to think of any other reason for Brady to initiate a conversation. "She's in [one of the conference rooms] with your sister, conferring about the arraignment this afternoon," Trask explained. "I know," Brady replied.

"Ugh... [Look], if this is another one of your, uh, pathetic attempts to confess to a crime we all know your baby mama committed --" Trask preemptively protested, deciding that was the only other reason Brady would initiate a conversation. "I want to know what I have to do to make you let go of this vendetta against Kristen and just drop the case," Brady clarified.

"Are you offering me a bribe, Mr. Black?" Trask wondered. "No -- I'm just asking you to be reasonable," Brady explained. "I really don't have time for this..." Trask declared before starting to rush off. "Please hear me out," Brady begged, stopping Trask, who sighed impatiently. "I know that you're in agony over Haley's death, [and] I completely, completely empathize with you -- [I mean], when Kristen and I were under the impression that our little girl was dead --" Brady continued. "If you're trying to make me feel bad for Kristen, you can stop right there!" Trask interjected. "[But Haley's death] was an accident, [and] D.A. Giddens understood that -- that's why he declined to press charges. Kristen, in no way, meant to hurt your daughter," Brady concluded.

"She meant to hurt your grandfather," Trask countered. "There is absolutely no proof that Kristen [stabbed my grandfather]," Brady stressed. "I have a statement from [him] --" Trask pointed out. "Yes, but it was taken in the hospital, when he was barely conscious, and he later retracted [it]," Brady replied. "Listen, without evidence, you can't --" Brady tried to argue. "Oh, fear not, Mr. Black -- if I need more evidence, more evidence I shall get," Trask promised before abruptly ending the conversation, having just spotted Eli nearby. Brady sighed as Trask followed Eli into one of the conference rooms and shut the door.

"In preparation for Ms. DiMera's arraignment this afternoon, I've been reviewing the file on Victor Kiriakis' stabbing, and since you are the lead detective on this case, I'd like to ask you a few questions, [because]...I'm sorry, but there are several glaring holes," Trask explained to Eli, who carefully tried to cooperate.

"[So], you took Mr. Kiriakis' statement [at the hospital and then] came here to question [Kristen...but], in the meantime, she left the police station, collected her things at the Salem Inn, and then fled town... [You know], I just can't help but wonder how she knew to run..." Trask mused at the end of Eli's summary of events. "I have no idea," Eli claimed. "I do -- someone tipped her off, [and that person] must have been on the inside," Trask decided after some thought, making Eli squirm a bit. "[Not necessarily -- Rafe] could have called [in about Victor's confession], for all I know, [and] if he did call it in, then maybe Kristen overheard," Eli argued. "[Well, either way], I want a full account of everything that happened in this station that day, [so] have it ready for me when I get back from Ms. DiMera's arraignment," Trask demanded before rushing off.

Lani arrived a short time later and joined Eli in the conference room. "[My dad's] not gonna fire Melinda -- it will be up to Belle to convince the judge that Trask should remove herself," Lani reported. "We better hope she does," Eli stressed before revealing what had just happened.

At the hospital, Steve won a round of gin against John -- using, among other things, the One-Eyed Jack of Spades. "It's my lucky card," Steve explained with a shrug.

While shuffling the deck of cards in preparation for the next round of play, John apologized to Steve again for what had happened earlier. "[I understand that random outbursts are] a part of your recovery, [so] don't sweat it," Steve reassured John -- just as Kayla arrived. "My favorite!" Steve raved after noticing that Kayla was carrying a fresh apple pie. "No, don't touch -- I made this especially for John," Kayla stressed while keeping the treat out of Steve's reach. "I hate apple pie," John revealed, waving a hand dismissively. "I'm sorry -- [that] was...unbelievably rude, [and] I don't even know why I said --" John quickly backpedaled. "It's fine," Kayla insisted. "[And do] you know why it's [fine]? Because now that baby is all mine!" Steve reasoned.

"[Although maybe I'll let Tripp help] -- he could sit down and eat this whole thing in one fell swoop," Steve continued. "Yeah, I heard your boy's back in town -- that's good news! So, is he planning on sticking around?" John replied, grateful for the opportunity to change the subject. "Well, we hope so -- let's see how things shake out," Steve answered.

Brady soon entered the room. "I'm going to, um, have to apologize in advance, [just in case] I say anything that is harsh, rude, or totally off-color," John said to Brady after Steve and Kayla rushed off with the pie. "I'm... Oh, what the hell was [Doc] calling [it]... 'Emotionally labile' -- [in other words, I'm displaying] erratic behavior [that's] a common aftereffect when you blow a fuse in your brain," John explained before starting to tell Brady about the recent outbursts. "[And, finally], I was just on the phone with Allie earlier, [and] I was trying to tell her [that] I was just really happy that all this custody stuff was finally sorted out, [but]...let's just say that it didn't come out the way I intended it -- [I mean], I just, you know, wanted Allie to know that I'm really happy to have her back home, [but]..." John concluded.

"I'm sorry about that -- [but it] sounds like something that's gonna wear off, though...right?" Brady reasoned. "I hope so..." John admitted before changing the subject, having heard about Kristen's arrest. "I feel responsible, [because] Kristen wouldn't have come back to Salem if I hadn't gotten sick," John fretted after Brady shared everything that had happened at the police station earlier that day. "Don't apologize for that -- Kristen knew the risks that she was taking by coming back into town," Brady stressed. "I am sorry that you're having to go through this -- [you know, the person] who should be going to jail [is] Vic, because none of this would have happened if that lousy son of a bitch hadn't tried playing God again and..." John spat before managing to stop the latest outburst.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Henry cooed at Nicole, who nodded in response, pretending that the baby was making a point. "I shouldn't have asked [your mommy about your daddy earlier] -- it's none of my business," Nicole agreed. "But I can't help but wonder..." Nicole explained. "[Who is he] -- and does he even know you exist?" Nicole mused.

A short time later, Nicole received an unexpected visit from Kate, who had been hoping to check on Allie but was happy to settle for spending some time with the baby instead. "Well, this custody compromise certainly worked out well for you..." Kate mused. "Kate, I know [that] I'm not your favorite person [and that] this isn't what you wanted...but at least this way, Allie is [in Salem], being a mother to her son," Nicole reasoned. "Actually, I'm grateful [for that] -- and I'm relieved that Sami couldn't take my great-grandson all the way across the world," Kate admitted after some thought.

Kate was surprised to learn that Allie had named the baby earlier. "'Henry' -- that is such a good name; it's classic [and] refined!" Kate declared -- praising only the first name due to Nicole's inexplicable omission of the middle name. "I wonder where [Allie] got it from..." Kate mused. "Well, uh, it definitely didn't come from the father's side..." Nicole revealed before telling Kate about Allie's earlier reaction to the suggestion. "Interesting -- [I mean], every time I ask her about the father, she always has [that same sort of] rather extreme reaction and just shuts the conversation down, [so] all I know [about the matter] is that, uh...whatever happened between Allie and, uh, the father of the baby, it just ended so badly that she's adamant that he not be a part of her son's life," Kate informed Nicole.

"I'm concerned about Allie -- [I mean], it's not good, keeping all this inside..." Nicole fretted. "If she wants to move ahead with her life, she definitely has to deal with what happened [with the father]," Kate agreed. "I blame Sami -- I mean, her daughter shows up here, pregnant [and] terrified [and] overwhelmed, and instead of offering comfort and understanding, Sami goes on the attack [and] rips into Allie about how reckless and irresponsible she is, [so it's] no wonder she doesn't want to share her story [after all of that]; I mean, she probably feels ashamed!" Nicole reasoned. "Well, now [that] she's living here, [maybe] she'll confide in you," Kate suggested. "I hope so -- God knows I have experience in lousy relationships," Nicole acknowledged. "Not gonna argue with that..." Kate replied.

At the park, Allie and Tripp stared at each other in disbelief. "Wow, this is...crazy -- uh, I never thought I'd see you again," Tripp admitted. "Neither did I," Allie replied. "This random... What are you doing in Salem?" Tripp wondered. "My family's from here," Allie revealed. "My family lives here, too," Tripp disclosed. "You've got to be kidding me..." Allie grumbled. "What are the chances, right?" Tripp mused.

"Whatcha been up to?" Tripp wondered. "What the hell do you think I've 'been up to,' you son of a bitch?" Allie spat before slapping Tripp. "What the hell did you do that for?" Tripp asked. "Oh, please -- like you don't know!" Allie replied. "I don't!" Tripp insisted. "You really are the biggest jerk... [Actually, never mind] -- you're not even worth it," Allie declared before starting to storm off.

"Wait --" Tripp requested while grabbing Allie's right arm. "Get your hands off me!" Allie snapped, pulling away from Tripp. "I'm sorry -- I'm just...confused; I don't understand what's going on here," Tripp explained. "[I mean], why are you being so hostile? [Look], if you think I forgot about you, I didn't; [in fact], I've actually thought about you a lot since that night we met in London --" Tripp continued. "Really? Well, I didn't think about you at all!" Allie insisted.

"Really? Okay... Well, that's a bummer -- I was hoping to hear from you..." Tripp admitted. "Well, I am so sorry -- forgive me for not getting in touch; I had something a lot more important on my mind than you!" Allie stressed. "What?" Tripp wondered. "What could be more important than you? Oh, I don't know -- uh, global warming, the Bears, my toenails..." Allie replied.

"Clearly, you're upset, but I'm telling you the truth, okay? I really have been wondering what happened to you ever since I left London," Tripp maintained. "Whatever. [Look], I have to go, [so]...just pretend you never saw me, okay? And I'll do the same," Allie countered before starting to storm off again. Tripp was too stunned and confused to bother trying to stop Allie a second time.

Allie returned to the Walker-Brady apartment and greeted Nicole, who quickly realized that something was wrong. "On my way back from the store, I...ran into somebody that I hoped I'd never see again... [I ran into] Henry's father -- [apparently], he has family here; [he said] his dad lives in Salem, [but] I had no idea..." Allie explained. "Well, maybe I know them -- what's his name?" Nicole asked. "Tripp," Allie replied. "[That's] not a very common first name... I wonder if it could be Tripp Dalton..." Nicole mused, and Allie shrugged in response, having never gotten the last name of the baby's father. "Should I know who that is?" Allie wondered. "It's Steve Johnson's son," Nicole clarified, stunning Allie.

At the hospital, Kayla informed Steve that Tripp had helped out with the baking of the pie. "[And] we had a nice little chat," Kayla added. "He was a little nervous you wouldn't be on board because of everything that went down before," Steve revealed after Kayla elaborated on the subject of the chat. "Well, he needn't be -- I told him that, despite our rocky beginning, I know what a good guy he is and what a good heart he has, and he has my blessing to come back here. [I mean, look], I know that he was a troubled kid, but he completely turned his life around, and I know that he would never hurt me or anybody else [now]," Kayla stressed -- just as Tripp approached. "What happened [at Salem University's] admissions office?" Kayla wondered. "I haven't had a chance to go over there yet," Tripp admitted. "Why?" Steve asked. "I just got held up -- it's really no big deal," Tripp replied.

Kayla soon rushed off to check on a patient, leaving Tripp alone with Steve, who could tell there was more to the story. "On my way over to the school, I ran into this girl I met a while back -- [a girl] I met last year, when I was in London over Christmas break -- [and] it was kind of -- no, it was very -- awkward..." Tripp admitted. "You're never gonna believe this, but she said her family lives here... [Anyway], her name's Allie --" Tripp continued. "Allie Horton?" Steve asked. "'Horton'? As in, like...Horton?" Tripp replied. "Yeah -- she's John's granddaughter...[and] she was living in London last year...'til she came back to have her baby," Steve elaborated, stunning Tripp.

Shawn arrests Philip Shawn arrests Philip
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Shawn was surprised to find Victor in Hope's office at the police station. Victor asked about Hope. When Shawn informed Victor that Hope was out searching for Vincent, Victor wished aloud that Hope would arrest or kill Vincent for murdering Ciara.

"Actually, my mom thinks there's a chance that Ciara might be alive," Shawn said. Shawn told Victor about the evidence the police had collected. "You think [Hope] is grasping at straws?" Victor asked. "My mom has already lost one child. So, the idea of losing another, it's just unimaginable. So, I can understand why she wouldn't want to go there," Shawn said. Shawn added that he understood that Hope needed to confirm the truth with Vincent.

With a sigh, Victor announced that he needed to return home for Philip's welcome home dinner. "I know there was bad blood between you and Philip, but I assume you're past that by now. Especially since he rescued you all when Jan Spears tried to blow you up at your reunion in New York," Victor said. "So, you know Jan's back," Shawn said. Victor admitted he could not believe Jan was free to roam the streets.

In the Kiriakis living room, Maggie told Philip about the welcome home dinner she had planned for him. Maggie recited the guest list, which included Xander. Philip smirked. "I mean, you and Xander have just been named co-CEOs of Titan; that's a very important partnership. So, please tell me it's off to a good start," Maggie said. Philip thought about his last conversation with Xander at the office where Xander had threatened him.

"Let's just say our partnership is more like a match made in hell," Philip said. "Your father had such high hopes that his co-CEO idea would work. What's the problem?" Maggie said. Philip called Xander an inexperienced idiot.

"From what I've heard, in the short time that Xander has been running Titan on his own, he's been doing quite well. I mean your father said the fourth quarter profits have far exceeded expectations," Maggie said. Philip called the profits a fluke, and he reiterated that Xander's future was "in the backyard not the boardroom." Maggie reminded Philip that he had been absent for five years.

"I think it was a bit presumptuous of you to just walk in and give Victor an ultimatum," Maggie said. "I'm claiming my birthright," Philip said. "More like demanding it," Maggie countered. With a shrug, Philip argued that he was a good negotiator, which made him a good CEO. "Titan had a CEO. Xander," Maggie said. Maggie encouraged Philip to work with Xander and help Victor though the loss of Ciara, Sonny, and Arianna. Philip countered that he would not let a thug steal what was rightfully his company.

"I know that you tend to see the best in people, but surely you see that Xander is bad news. That my father is making a terrible mistake by trusting him," Philip said. Maggie disagreed. "Please don't tell me you're on Team Xander?" Philip asked. "Actually, I am. I have seen another side of the man since you left town," Maggie said. Philip asked Maggie if Xander had threatened her. Taken aback, Maggie told Philip that the opposite had happened.

"When I was in prison, when I believed that I had caused the accident that killed Adrienne and my granddaughter, I tried to take my life. Xander found me in the cell, and he saved my life. That's why I'm alive. Has he made mistakes? Yes. But he is sincerely trying to do better," Maggie said. Maggie added that Philip did not need to like Xander, but he should attempt to get along with him because Xander was a part of the family.

Upstairs, Sarah encouraged Xander to shower and get ready for dinner. Xander attempted to talk Sarah into taking a shower with him, but his phone rang and interrupted. There was no caller ID for the call. "Sometimes I get work calls from numbers I don't recognize. I should take it," Xander said. When Xander answered, it was Jan Spears.

"I think we need to talk," Jan said. Xander thought about when Sarah had warned him to stay away from Jan, and he had surreptitiously slipped his business card to Jan. Xander asked Sarah to hop in the shower while he wrapped up his business call. Once Sarah was gone, Xander asked Jan what she wanted. Jan told Xander that she had thought about his suggestion to talk to the police about Philip's threat to kill her.

"What changed your mind?" Xander asked. "Mostly, I realized that if I play my cards right, I could end up with Shawn," Jan said. Jan explained that Philip would ask Belle to act as his attorney and that it would drive a wedge into Belle and Shawn's relationship. "When it all falls apart, yours truly will be there to pick up the pieces," Jan said.

"You had me at reporting Philip to the police. So, do it. The sooner the better," Xander said. As Xander ended his call, Sarah returned from the bathroom. "I thought you were going to join me," Sarah said. Xander explained that he had been hung up on his phone call. With a grin, Xander unbuttoned his shirt and asked Sarah to join him.

"I just got out!" Sarah objected. "I'm sure you're still a little dirty," Xander whispered. Sarah leaned in close to Xander and helped him undress. "Let's go find out," Xander said as he guided Sarah back into the bathroom.

In Hope's office at the police station, Shawn called Belle and left her a voicemail about meeting for dinner. "I miss you," Shawn said before he ended the call. Behind Shawn, the door to the office opened. It was Jan. "Maybe I can keep you company," Jan said. Worried, Shawn jumped to his feet and told Jan to stay away from his daughter. Jan swore she had only been at the house to offer her condolences for Ciara.

"I'm truly sorry for your loss," Jan said. Frustrated, Shawn told Jan to leave. Jan explained that she was there on business. "I'm about to help you get Philip Kiriakis out of your life," Jan said. Jan told Shawn about Philip's threat to kill her. "I'd like to file a formal complaint," Jan said. Jan said that Philip had grabbed her and terrified her. "If you're just trying to do this to get brownie points with me, then you know what? It's not going to work," Shawn said. Jan insisted that she feared for her life. Shawn told Jan that he did not believe her. "Are you going to do your duty or not?" Jan asked.

In the Kiriakis living room, Victor, Maggie, and Philip chatted. Maggie proposed a toast to Philip. "May this be a prosperous, permanent, and peaceful homecoming," Maggie said. Philip handed an investment opportunity to Victor. As Victor flipped through the proposal, Maggie suggested that they suspend business for the evening. With a chuckle, Victor vetoed the suggestion. Philip told Victor that they needed to move quickly to acquire the business he had his eye on. Philip asked for Victor's blessing to move forward.

"It's not my okay you need. It's Xander's," Victor said. "I don't see why we need Xander involved in this," Philip muttered. As Xander and Sarah walked into the room, Xander asked Philip what he was talking about. Victor handed the proposal to Xander to review. Xander said he would be hesitant to make the deal because of the risks involved. Philip exploded.

"I'm sorry, I'm not going to listen to Xander bloviate! He should just be straight with everyone and tell them he hates the idea because it came from me!" Philip shouted. Xander disagreed. Sarah asked Philip to hear Xander out. When Philip continued to argue that Xander was petty, Xander calmly interrupted to note that he was familiar with the company.

"I agree. They do have great potential," Xander said. "I thought you said there was a significant risk," Philip countered. Xander explained that one of the partners was eccentric, but he was confident he and Philip could work things out. "That's the attitude I like," Maggie said. Victor asked Xander what the next step was. Xander said he and Philip could talk in the morning, but the evening should be a celebration of Philip's return home.

"That's bull, and you know it. You hate that I came back to town, and you hate working with me just as much as I hate working with you," Philip growled. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Victor asked. Xander said it was fine, but Victor insisted that Philip was out of line. "I can't believe that this Neanderthal has you all snowed!" Philip said. Sarah defended Xander.

"Let's calm down. There is absolutely no reason for us all to be fighting, especially when Maggie has worked so hard to bring us all together for a lovely meal," Xander said. Maggie suggested that they head into the dining room. As Maggie rose from the couch, Shawn walked in. "Is there any news on Ciara?" Victor asked. "No. I'm actually here about another police matter," Shawn said. Shawn asked Philip to join him at the station for questioning. Philip scowled and asked Shawn to question him there.

"This is about you threatening to kill Jan Spears," Shawn said. "You're kidding, right? I told you that in confidence, and now you're going all cop on me?" Philip whispered. Victor demanded to know what was going on. Shawn explained that Jan had made a formal complaint, and his job required him to follow through.

"For God's sake! Jan was trying to attack your wife and daughter! I was only trying to warn them!" Philip said. Shawn asked Philip if he had threatened to kill Jan. "I didn't mean it literally," Philip said. Shawn asked Philip if he had grabbed Jan's arm and yelled in her face. With a shrug, Philip said he was not sure. With a sigh, Shawn noted that Philip had admitted to assault, and Shawn was forced to arrest him. Sarah looked over at Xander and narrowed her eyes. As Shawn read Philip's Miranda rights, both Victor and Philip objected.

"How can you listen to anything Jan says? She's a pathological liar," Philip argued. Shawn guided Philip out of the house as Victor yelled for a phone to call a lawyer. "No worries, Uncle. I'm on it," Xander said as he stepped into the foyer. Sarah followed him. "You were behind this, weren't you?" Sarah asked Xander.

At Nicole's apartment, Allie admitted to Nicole that the father of her baby was named Tripp. "Tripp Dalton?" Nicole asked. With a shrug, Allie said she did not know. Nicole explained that Tripp was Steve's son. "So, you're saying that Tripp's father is my Uncle Steve?" Allie asked. Nicole clarified that Steve was her great-uncle by marriage, and therefore, not a blood relative. Allie was resistant to the idea that her Tripp could be Steve's son.

"That would be way too big of a coincidence. I mean, there has to be another Tripp in this town, right?" Allie asked. With a shrug, Nicole went to the computer to pull up a photo of Tripp. "That's him," Allie whispered. Nicole guessed that Allie and Tripp had not been in a relationship. Allie admitted that she had only met him once. "That's all it takes," Nicole said.

When Allie decided to pour a drink, Nicole encouraged her not to keep her feelings bottled up inside. Allie assured Nicole that she was fine. "I want you to talk to me. If you're comfortable. I am on your side, no matter what," Nicole said. Nicole assured Allie that she would not judge her. Allie told Nicole about her time in London and how she had failed to find a job as planned, but had instead partied and lived off the money she had secured from Sami.

"I was shopping all day, then hitting the hot spots at night, rolling in at dawn, and doing it all over again," Allie said. Allie admitted that she had slept through all the job interviews she had managed to secure. As Allie cringed, Nicole reminded her that Nicole was not there to judge Allie's actions. Allie continued with her story. Allie talked about when she had met Tripp in a club. Allie admitted she had been too drunk to fully remember the evening.

"God knows I've had nights like that. Where you barely remember anything," Nicole said quietly. With a nod, Allie said that she remembered that Tripp had asked her if she wanted him to take her home. "And I said yes," Allie said. Nicole asked Allie what had happened next. "We had sex. I got pregnant. End of story," Allie barked. Nicole thanked Allie for sharing her story. Upset, Allie went to bed.

At the hospital, Tripp told Steve about his run-in with a woman from his past. When Tripp mentioned that the woman's name was Allie, Steve asked Tripp if he meant Allie Horton. "[Allie is] John's granddaughter. She was living in London last year. 'Til she came back to Salem to have her baby," Steve said. "Her baby?" Tripp said as his face drained of color. Steve nodded yes. Curious, Steve asked Tripp when he had met Allie, and then he did the math.

"I gotta ask you, son, could you be that baby's father?" Steve asked. Before Tripp could answer, Claire interrupted to ask about setting up a memorial service for Ciara. "That's a really nice idea, Claire, but do you think you should really do that, since Hope thinks it is possible that Ciara is still alive?" Tripp asked. Steve was shocked by the news.

"I hope they find Vincent and Ciara," Steve said. Claire explained that she wanted to prepare a memorial service in case Hope and Ben learned that Ciara had died. "People could speak. They could share stories. Memories. We could have a slideshow of nice pictures. I would sing, of course," Claire said. Tripp offered to help Claire. Steve asked Claire for a few moments to speak to his son first, but Tripp insisted that they talk later, and he left with Claire.

Claire and Tripp went to the café in the town square to talk about plans for the memorial. As Claire and Tripp looked through photos of Ciara at the wedding, Claire said, "She was so happy." Claire grew teary-eyed. "We can do this later. It's okay," Tripp said. Claire wiped away her tears and insisted they push on. Claire flipped through more pictures on her tablet and pointed out guests at the party.

"And this is my cousin Allie. Allie was Ciara's maid of honor," Claire said. When Claire noted that Allie had returned to town "super pregnant," Tripp said, "I can see that." Claire talked about Allie's failed attempts to give her baby away. "Allie is really cool, though. You'd like her if you met her," Claire told Tripp.

"Actually, I have met her," Tripp said. Before Tripp could say anything more, Jan called out to Claire. "Who's your friend?" Jan asked. Claire introduced Tripp to Jan. When Jan asked to speak to Claire privately, Tripp told Claire he should go. Tripp explained that he needed to check with the university about transferring to medical school in Salem. "If you need help planning, just give me a call," Tripp said.

After Tripp walked away, Jan teased Claire about snagging a future doctor. "Tripp and I aren't dating. We used to, but it's a long story," Claire said. Jan offered to listen, but Claire said she did not want to talk about Tripp. "What did you want to talk to me about?" Claire asked. Jan reminded Claire how they had discussed how people were reluctant to give them a second chance.

"You understand change like that is possible. Your parents don't. At least not for me. So, they will probably tell you that I went to the police station because I was stalking Shawn," Jan said. Jan swore that she had gone to the police station for legitimate reasons and that she had not expected to see Shawn there. "I was making sure justice is served," Jan said.

Ben joins Hope's search for Vincent Ben joins Hope's search for Vincent
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
by Mike

During Kristen's arraignment, Belle managed to convince the judge to grant bail -- and, upon learning the good news, Brady tracked down Abe and picked up Rachel.

Later, at the Salem Inn, Kristen tried to convince Brady that they needed to flee from Salem immediately. "I can have the DiMera jet gassed up and ready to go in less than an hour, [and] we could be in Europe by morning --" Kristen reasoned. "No!" Brady insisted. "[But my freedom] is just temporary, Brady -- [I mean], Trask wants to see me in prison forever, [so this is my only] chance to stay out --" Kristen argued. "Unless we beat the charges," Brady countered. "I can't risk that -- I can't risk losing [Rachel] again --" Kristen fretted. "I can't let you [run]," Brady maintained.

"Are you worried that Belle's gonna get in trouble if I leave town?" Kristen wondered. "My sister can take care of herself. I'm worried about us. [Look], life on the run [is a] horrible existence, trust me -- you wake up every morning wondering if today is the day you're going to get caught -- [and] I don't want that life for you or [Rachel]," Brady clarified. "[So], if I don't stay -- if I choose to run --" Kristen began to summarize. "I'm going with you," Brady assured Kristen, who had clearly reached the opposite conclusion. "Well, we both know that I'm not one to run from a fight...[so] we're staying," Kristen decided after some thought, delighting Brady.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander led Sarah to their bedroom so they could continue their conversation about Philip's arrest without the risk that Victor and Maggie would overhear it. "[If you're worried about Victor and Maggie overhearing our conversation], I guess that answers my question -- [I guess that means] you did have something to do with [this, and] the 'business call' you took while I was in the shower [was actually a call from] Jan," Sarah decided. "It was, but --" Xander began to respond. "Damn it, Xander -- you lied to me!" Sarah snapped.

"Look, Jan called me, [and] all I did was offer her the support she needed [to] stick up for herself -- I mean, Philip's a hothead and a bully, and he deserves to face the consequences of his actions for a change, [so]...I may...have Jan that she file a complaint against Philip," Xander explained with a shrug. "What an honorable way to [get Philip out of Titan]," Sarah sarcastically declared. "[Hey], you're the one who told me you wanted me to go for it at Titan [and] get everything that I've worked so hard for," Xander pointed out. "But not like this!" Sarah countered.

"Philip is family, and he has had a tough life, so if you could just try and put your differences aside and get along -- [if you could just try] to treat [Philip] with even a modicum of respect --" Sarah requested. "So, I have to treat him with respect, while he treats me like I'm still the bloody gardener?" Xander incredulously summarized. "Yeah, actually, you do -- it's called 'taking the high road'!" Sarah tiredly confirmed. "I don't enjoy being talked to like I'm a child, Sarah -- and I don't really need a lecture on how to live my life, thanks! [You know], I thought you'd be supportive of me -- I thought you'd try and see things from my point of view -- but, instead, you're going on and on about how disrespectful I'm being to poor, wee Philip! So, my burning question is...why are you being so protective of him?" Xander countered.

"I'm protecting you, you idiot!" Sarah stressed. "I hardly need protection from Jan Spears --" Xander insisted with a laugh. "[This isn't] about Jan Spears -- or even Philip, for that matter! It's about you -- [it's about protecting you from] falling back into old habits [that] got you in trouble before, like ruthlessness and vindictiveness! And, look, I get [that] people in town here -- and, hell, all over the world -- think that those are qualities that help you succeed, but I would much rather watch you fail miserably in business than know that you got there by being underhanded and amoral!" Sarah clarified.

"Okay -- good to know. Point taken. [At least] now I know where you stand..." Xander grumbled. "'Now' you know where I stand? Like this is the first time that we have ever had this conversation? [Look], this is where I have stood since we have gotten together, Xander! I need you to care -- I need you to care passionately -- about being a decent person -- and not about being like your uncle, who is corrupt and greedy and power-hungry!" Sarah countered. "You're worrying needlessly, Sarah -- I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have --" Xander promised. "I'm not so sure of that," Sarah admitted.

"I need you to know that if you do go back to your old ways -- if you go back to being a man who lies and cheats...or, for example, switches a mother's baby with another one -- I will not put up with it ever again; it will be over between us [if you do that]!" Sarah warned. "Sarah, you are the most important thing in my life, [and] I hate it when I disappoint you in any way... [Look], I'm ambitious, and sometimes that ambition makes me a know, ruthless...but my main ambition in life is making you happy, [and] every other ambition pales in comparison," Xander stressed.

"Well, then, what would you say if I told you that you have to let Philip run Titan -- [that] you have to give up all of your CEO ambitions and spend your days completely devoted to doting on your significant other?" Sarah challenged Xander. "I'd do that in a heartbeat. The only thing in this whole world that I won't give up is you," Xander assured Sarah, who responded with a kiss, seemingly satisfied.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire somewhat skeptically probed for details about Jan's supposedly legitimate reason for having gone to the police station earlier that day. "My life was threatened -- and I was assaulted!" Jan revealed, making Claire feel guilty for having been skeptical. "It was...pretty scary!" Jan insisted, drawing even more concern from Claire.

"[But then] someone suggested it's time I finally stand up for my rights, [so] that's exactly what I'm gonna do, [because] I've gone too long letting other people push me around. See, when you're someone like me, people think they can take advantage, because they know no one will ever believe [your] side of the story -- so, no matter what I do, everyone thinks [that] I'm crazy and that I'm always manipulating someone --" Jan continued. "I totally know what that's like -- ever since I got out of Bayview, people have been looking at me the exact same way," Claire interjected.

"I'm glad I finally found someone who can relate. It's [just] too bad the two of us can't be friends..." Jan mused. "Jan --" Claire began to respond. "No, it's fine -- I get it; I mean, your parents have good reason to be suspicious of me, given our history," Jan acknowledged. "Well, I don't judge you," Claire stressed. "And that means a lot," Jan admitted.

"But I know how this is gonna go when they hear about what happened to me -- I mean, I bet that they would [even] view this totally innocent conversation as part of some nefarious master plan --" Jan continued -- and, as if on cue, Belle approached just then and demanded to know what was going on. "I can explain --" Jan insisted. "I thought I made myself perfectly clear [when I said] that you were to stay away from my daughter -- [and] I am pretty sure that Philip warned you about that, too!" Belle interjected. "I'd be careful about what you say next -- [I mean], if you're about to threaten me like Philip did, the two of you might just share a cell together [tonight]..." Jan countered. "It was Philip?" Claire realized. "Yeah -- he put his hands all over me, [so] I reported [him] for assault," Jan confirmed.

"Claire, do not buy into this -- only a total idiot would believe anything that came out of that woman's mouth!" Belle advised. "Well, then, you're with a 'total idiot,' because Shawn's the one who went to question Philip about what [happened]," Jan revealed. "[Listen, it's] not that I'm looking for [Philip] to be locked away, [but] I just want to feel safe," Jan explained. "Hopefully, he can find a good lawyer to help get him out of this mess..." Jan mused. "Maybe you know one?" Jan suggested, and Belle scoffed in response then stormed off, ordering Claire to follow.

Jan soon received a phone call from Xander, who had decided that they needed to reverse what they had set in motion earlier. "Don't worry, Xander -- I'll make sure Philip gets what's coming to him," Jan muttered, sending Xander's call to voicemail. Just then, Jan spotted a photograph of Ciara that Claire had dropped earlier. Jan picked up the item with a mischievous smirk.

At the police station, Philip continued complaining about having been arrested -- and about Shawn's involvement in the matter. "I'm just doing my job," Shawn explained. "The hell you are -- this is personal, and I'm not gonna let you get away with it!" Philip countered. "Wow -- you just won't shut up, will you?" Shawn observed.

"[After] what Jan did to us in New York...[well, I mean], why the hell am I the one [who's being] arrested, [and] why in God's name are you on her side?" Philip asked. "'On her side'? The mention of her name makes me sick, Philip -- [and], in a perfect world, I'd want her to spend the rest of her life in prison! But I'm not stupid enough to lay hands on her!" Shawn replied. "All I was doing was trying to protect your wife and daughter!" Philip stressed. "Well, how 'bout this -- from now on, you leave that to me," Shawn advised.

"You really are gonna go through with this charade of arresting me!" Philip realized with a scoff of disbelief when Shawn started typing up a report about the arrest. "You confessed to assaulting Jan Spears, and she filed a formal complaint," Shawn reminded Philip. "You sure this isn't about your jealousy clouding your mind? You sure this isn't about you coming home to find Belle in my arms the other night?" Philip asked. "I just want to get this over with. [And], for the record, me finding Belle in your arms -- it only upset me because you're a devious swine who wants to get in between the two of us. But our relationship is solid -- we are committed to each other, and we have never loved each other more -- [so] I'm 100% certain that she doesn't want anything to do with you," Shawn replied -- just as Belle entered the police station with Claire.

"I heard what happened to Philip, [so] I'm here to represent him," Belle explained, prompting Philip to flash Shawn a smirk. "Wow -- word travels fast..." Shawn mused. "[Yeah -- Jan] was trying to get her hooks into our daughter again, [and when I interrupted, she] told us that she reported [Philip]," Belle clarified.

Belle led Philip into one of the conference rooms so they could talk privately, leaving Shawn alone with Claire, who insisted that the conversation with Jan had been completely innocent. "[In fact, Jan's] the victim here -- [Philip] threatened her [and] put his hands on her!" Claire stressed. "Jan Spears is a pathological liar, [so] why would you believe anything that she says?" Shawn argued. "Why did you?" Claire countered.

"I know that you think that you and Jan came from similar situations, but you're better now; she isn't. You have a good heart; she doesn't. She is vicious [and] dangerous, [and] you don't understand how this woman can manipulate and change the facts... [Look], you are not safe being around her -- [she] is a sick woman, and you need to stay the hell away from her!" Shawn warned Claire.

Meanwhile, Philip complained to Belle about Shawn's part in what was happening. "Jan reported you, [so Shawn] had to do his job," Belle reasoned. "Let's be honest, Belle -- this isn't about the law; it's about your husband still hating me," Philip countered. "How Shawn feels about you in all of this is completely irrelevant. [Look], Jan is targeting us again, [and] we need to stick together. [I mean], you saw what she did at the Last Blast reunion in New York, [so you know that] Jan is still a threat to us. [And] this is no different than it was in high school -- she will do whatever it takes to divide and conquer, [and this time], she is trying to get to us through my daughter," Belle summarized. "Seems to be working..." Philip mused.

Later, Belle privately informed Shawn that their dinner plan was going to have to be altered slightly. "[I have] to go down to the courthouse to arrange Philip's release -- [I mean], I don't want him to spend the night in jail -- [so] why don't you keep our dinner reservation, [and] I'll be there for dessert," Belle suggested. "Don't worry about it -- I'm just gonna go stop by a drive-through. Take care of Philip," Shawn somewhat bitterly replied before rushing off, ignoring Belle's protest.

Jan went to Hope's house to see Claire, who was alone there. Claire, who was listening to music, gasped when Jan approached from behind. "I hope you don't mind me letting myself in -- the door was unlocked... I tried knocking, but... [Anyway, look], you really have to be more careful, Claire -- anyone could just come in here..." Jan, who was carrying a purse, began before reaching for something that was concealed within it, drawing another gasp from Claire. "You must have dropped this in the square when your mother dragged you away," Jan guessed after pulling the photograph out of the purse. Claire took the photograph with a few words of gratitude then breathed a sigh of relief as Jan exited the house.

At an undisclosed location, Hope recorded a voicemail message for Shawn while approaching a hotel room. "I'm closing in on Vincent -- I can feel it," Hope, who had just returned to the hotel after picking up a pizza from a nearby restaurant, said before ending the call -- and realizing that the hotel room door was partially ajar. Hope drew a gun then cautiously entered the room -- and found Ben waiting inside.

Hope breathed a sigh of relief then greeted Ben. "I thought you were still in the hospital," Hope admitted. "I just got released -- [and] when I got home [afterward], Claire was there, [and] she said that you went after Vincent, so I came looking for you," Ben explained. "She also said that you think Ciara might still be alive," Ben continued. "I do," Hope confirmed. "We have a photo of Ciara in the car at the tollbooth, but that was [taken] 30 minutes before we cornered Vincent at the airstrip -- [and] a lot can happen in 30 minutes," Hope reasoned. "[So], Vincent's the only one who knows the truth," Ben summarized.

"If I had to guess, any cash [Vincent] had for his getaway probably burned up in the car when it exploded, [because] this town [is] the last stop on a bus he was seen boarding, [and] a man matching his description used a stolen credit card to buy groceries at a local market about a half mile from here --" Hope continued. "Which means if he uses it again, we can catch him," Ben realized.

"You and I haven't talked since that night... [Tell me], is there anything that you remember that might indicate if Ciara was or wasn't in the car?" Hope asked. "No -- Hope, I didn't see anything [other than] smoke and flames; [I mean], I never saw her body [or] heard her voice," Ben replied. "Then there's still hope," Hope concluded, managing a smile.

Later, while sharing the pizza with Ben, Hope received word that someone had just used the stolen credit card again. Hope and Ben rushed off to the place where the purchase had occurred -- and they soon found Vincent in a nearby park. Hope had a gun drawn, but Vincent still tried to run, prompting Ben to pounce. "Let me go," Vincent ordered Ben. "I'm sorry to inform you, but you no longer have control of my mind," Ben countered.

Hope and Ben took turns asking questions, before Vincent refused to talk without an attorney present. "We're gonna get answers out of you one way or another, you bastard," Ben promised as Hope handcuffed Vincent.

Lani and Eli worry about Trask's investigation Lani and Eli worry about Trask's investigation
Thursday, October 1, 2020
by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Kate entered Jake's bedroom, somewhat sneakily, and started rummaging through a wardrobe. Jake soon emerged from the bathroom, wearing only a towel, and demanded to know why Kate was snooping. "Actually, I'm not 'snooping' -- I was missing a dress, and Harold told me it was probably in with your dry cleaning," Kate clarified, drawing a nod of skepticism from Jake, who insisted on taking over the search. "Found it," Jake eventually called out with a hint of surprise before handing the dress to Kate.

"Nice suit -- I mean, especially for someone who is usually in a T-shirt and jeans," Kate said to Jake while eyeing a suit that the dress had been hiding from view. "It's Stefan's," Jake explained. "Why are you wearing your dead brother's suits?" Kate wondered. "It was Gabi's idea -- [she wanted me to] put a fancy suit on [and] help woo Collins into investing in DiMera," Jake clarified. "She was using you," Kate translated. "Maybe she was using me...[but], in the end, Collins actually liked me [because] I was real," Jake countered.

"I heard," Kate admitted. "[Anyway], I'm expecting to close the deal any day now, which is why I had the suit cleaned," Jake concluded. "The deal's already been done -- [Chad] took care of it," Kate revealed, stunning Jake.

Meanwhile, Gwen sipped coffee while pacing around the otherwise unoccupied study -- then stopped in front of Stefano's portrait. "You and I never had the pleasure of meeting, sir... From what I understand, I think I would have liked your style...and you would have liked mine, too -- especially 'cause you and I both think that Abigail's a conniving bitch," Gwen mused. "Between you and me...I'm going to destroy her -- and you're going to have a bird's-eye view of the entire thing," Gwen whispered -- just as Abigail approached the study.

"Having a little chat with Stefano?" Abigail assumed. "Uh...actually, I was...I was just talking to myself..." Gwen claimed before changing the subject, offering to prepare a mug of decaffeinated mocha java for Abigail. "Thank you...[but I don't have time] -- I gotta get ready for work," Abigail replied as Chad entered the study. "The Spectator awaits the [return] of Mrs. Abigail DiMera," Chad dramatically declared. "How did they ever survive without me?" Abigail jokingly wondered, drawing a genuine laugh from Chad and a forced one from Gwen.

"Thank you [again] for offering to take care of Charlotte and Thomas," Abigail said to Gwen. "Of course -- it's my pleasure; [I mean], they're absolute lovely angels! [And] I love children -- really, I do; [in fact], I was a babysitter when I was a teenager --" Gwen stressed. "[You know, Abigail and I] don't really know that much about you, [now that I think about it]...and, considering you're gonna be taking care of our children, I think now would probably be a pretty good time for you to fill us in," Chad challenged Gwen, and Abigail didn't object.

Gwen stammered while trying to decide how to respond -- but Kate entered the study just then, interrupting the conversation. "Thomas cannot find his backpack, and Charlotte has gum in her hair. Don't you think the nanny should be attending to her charges rather than chatting up her housemates?" Kate said to Chad and Abigail. "You're right -- I should," Gwen admitted to Kate, grateful for the excuse to rush off. "[But], just to be clear, I really don't want Gwen to be treated like she's a servant, [so] could we please just treat her like a member of our family?" Abigail begged Kate. "Good to know..." Kate noncommittally replied.

Gwen rushed off, and Abigail soon followed. "Hiring Jake's ex as a nanny -- do you really think that's smart? I mean, is she even qualified?" Kate said to Chad once the coast was clear. "We were in a bind [because] Abby [decided] to go back to work [after I had already advised the previous nanny to find another gig], and before we could start looking for someone else, Gwen offered...[and, look], at least she wants to pay her way -- [at least] she's not a freeloader, like Jake," Chad replied. "Jake's your brother," Kate countered.

"[And] he's a little angry --" Kate began to warn Chad -- just as Jake entered the study. "Oh, I'm a hell of a lot more than just 'a little' angry," Jake stressed. "The Collins deal -- what the hell?" Jake snapped at Chad. "I told you I was gonna handle it, and I did," Chad explained with a shrug. "You could have at least given me a chance [to close the deal first] -- DiMera's a family company, and I deserve as much of a chance as you do to make my mark --" Jake argued. "You deserve nothing! You're lucky I don't kick you out of the house -- I sure as hell ain't working with you!" Chad countered before rushing off, with Kate close behind.

Abigail returned a short time later. "Thought you'd be at work [by now]," Jake admitted. "My car won't start," Abigail explained. "Want me to take a look?" Jake offered. "I don't need your help!" Abigail insisted. "Did I do something to upset you?" Jake wondered. "You [led] me to believe that there was more to Gwen kissing my husband than there actually was!" Abigail snapped. "Guilty as charged," Jake conceded.

"I was just trying to stir up trouble for Chad, and I wasn't fair to you in the process... [Look], I'm sorry," Jake stressed. "Wow -- you admit it and you apologize?" Abigail mused. "Well, yeah -- I was an ass [then, but] most of the time, I'm a pretty decent guy, [so when] I screw up, I own it," Jake explained. "Okay," Abigail replied, apparently convinced that Jake was being sincere.

"Now [that that's settled], let me give you some advice -- watch out for Gwen," Jake warned. "Because she kissed Chad? But she apologized --" Abigail argued. "She didn't mean it -- the apology, that is," Jake insisted -- just as Gwen approached the study. "[Look], I know Gwen, [and] Gwen doesn't do anything that doesn't help Gwen," Jake continued as Gwen eavesdropped from the hallway. "I don't know [about that -- I mean], offering to take care of my kids so I could go back to work seemed pretty generous," Abigail countered. "Maybe she thought you'd send her packing otherwise," Jake suggested.

"[Look, Gwen] and I had a pretty rough start, but she's putting forth a lot of effort [to make up for that], so I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt," Abigail decided after some thought. "I wish your husband could take a page and give me the benefit of the doubt..." Jake grumbled. "[Chad] and Stefan had a very, um...complicated relationship, [and] when he looks at you, he sees everything that he hated about his brother," Abigail explained. "Ah -- so, me and this face, we don't stand a chance, huh?" Jake translated. "You will have to prove yourself," Abigail confirmed.

"I just want to be a real part of this family, Abigail -- [I mean], that whole Collins deal happened because of me, [and] I just want my brother to appreciate me for what I've done [and] give me a chance..." Jake stressed. "Look, uh, I know this is a lot to ask, and I completely understand if the answer is no, there any way you could go to bat for me with Chad -- [you know], tell him I'm not the enemy?" Jake requested. "I can try, [but Chad] is very stubborn, [and] the history with Stefan is very, very ugly, so I don't know how much good it will do," Abigail warned. "[Still], you're willing to try, [and] that means a lot," Jake replied before again offering to take a look at Abigail's car, wanting to repay the favor. Gwen ducked out of sight after Abigail decided to accept Jake's offer.

Once the coast was clear, Gwen entered the study and again approached Stefano's portrait. "Well, your daughter-in-law is certainly trusting...[and] now she and Jake are practically best friends... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I bet you are! Now I just have to figure out how to do it..." Gwen mused with a smirk.

Meanwhile, at the town square, Kate suggested that Chad might have been a bit too hard on Jake earlier. "I think he gets under your skin because he looks like the man that slept with your wife," Kate reasoned. "Stefan didn't 'sleep with' Abigail -- he raped her when she wasn't in her right mind," Chad clarified. "[And] I know how painful that situation still is for you...[but] that was Stefan, not Jake. [And] Jake has this kind of, you know, 'man of the people' vibe that's actually kind of appealing [to those like] Collins, [so] maybe you should use [that to] your advantage," Kate stressed. "[Still]...I don't trust him," Chad maintained. "Okay -- [then] what about if I keep an eye on him for you?" Kate offered. "Really?" Chad asked. "I would do anything to help you -- [including] spending time with Jake," Kate replied.

Brady and Kristen took Rachel to the hospital to see John -- but they ran into Marlena first. "I wish you hadn't [come]..." Marlena admitted. "[Kristen], I don't know if, uh...if Brady has told you, but...John hasn't been himself since the aneurysm, and I'm just afraid that seeing you might trigger him," Marlena explained. "That's a good point -- I...I didn't think about that..." Brady conceded. "Would it be all right if [Brady and Rachel go] in to see him [without me]?" Kristen asked. "I think he'd like that," Marlena replied.

Brady soon rushed off with Rachel -- and Marlena started to rush off, as well, but Kristen objected. "I'm sure you were hoping never to see me again..." Kristen began. "Please know that I didn't ask Brady to take the blame for what I did to Victor -- I will take responsibility for what I did [and] accept the consequences if I am found guilty," Kristen continued. "Brady seems to think that you'll be acquitted," Marlena noted. "[Because] he is noble and optimistic. [And] who knows -- maybe there is a picket fence in our future..." Kristen replied.

"[But] the reality is [that] I've done something that I could be punished for, and if I am, [then] Brady will have to raise our daughter alone...and he is such a wonderful father, but a little girl needs [to have] a woman in her life, [as well, so]...I have something important [to] ask you, [just in case] I do go to prison -- would you help raise Rachel?" Kristen concluded. "I didn't see that coming..." Marlena admitted. "I'm not asking for myself; I'm asking for Rachel. [And] it would mean everything to me if you were there for Brady [and] my little girl. [But] I will understand, whatever you decide," Kristen stressed.

"Before you went into labor, you came by the [townhouse, and] I told you [that] being with Brady and having a child -- [that] I hoped it would change you. And I didn't have a lot of high hopes for that [then], but I actually think that it has. [So]...if you end up going to prison, I'll keep an eye on your daughter," Marlena agreed after some thought, prompting Kristen to offer a hug of gratitude.

Brady returned in time to witness the unexpected sight. "Did I miss something?" Brady wondered. "Well, no, not exactly -- we were just, um...saying how much we love you and your daughter," Marlena explained. "How was, um, Rachel's time with her grandfather?" Rachel asked. "He very much enjoyed [it...but] I didn't want to tire him out too much, [so]..." Brady replied. "Thank you for that," Marlena said.

"Good luck with your, um, trial..." Marlena called out as Kristen was walking away with Brady and Rachel. "Thank you, Marlena -- um, I'll need it..." Kristen replied. "Wow..." Brady mused with a shake of the head, still stunned that Kristen and Marlena were being so civil with each other.

At the police station, Eli pulled Lani into one of the conference rooms and shut the door. "I told you last night [that] Trask wants the duty list, the call logs, and the surveillance footage from the day that Kristen got out of here," Eli reminded Lani. "I was able to stall [Trask] last night, but I don't know how much longer I can put her off --" Eli continued. "Maybe the surveillance video isn't as bad as you think --" Lani interjected. "It's already queued up -- take a look for yourself," Eli countered while directing Lani's attention to a tablet computer.

"What does [that] footage actually prove, [though]? Kristen wasn't even a suspect yet, and [as far as anyone can tell from that footage], all I did was question her about Brady's confession [then] let her out of the station!" Lani argued, prompting Eli to pointedly replay the footage. "You are scaring me --" Lani admitted. "You should be scared!" Eli stressed.

"[This is] bad -- it's a nightmare; it's everything you should have anticipated [but] didn't! [And] I have to turn this over to Trask, and she's gonna see exactly what I saw [when I first watched it months ago] -- you helping Kristen escape! [And] Trask will definitely use it against you!" Eli warned. "I can't go to prison!" Lani fretted. "You won't, all right? I'm not gonna let that happen," Eli promised.

Eli suggested that it might be best to tell Abe everything, but Lani rejected the idea. "I don't want to get him involved in this -- [I mean, he'd] be so disappointed [and] so heartbroken [if he knew that] his daughter is a dirty cop, [and he'd] think that he has to resign, because he is so honorable..." Lani reasoned. "[But the truth is going to come out -- Trask] made it very clear she wants all of the surveillance footage this morning," Eli stressed. "And there is plenty of footage for her to see...[but] maybe [she shouldn't see the part] where I am leading Kristen out of the station," Lani argued.

"You want me to delete it?" Eli translated. "I have already put you in a horrible position by helping Kristen, and I don't want to do that to you again... [But] what if, while you are hard at work at your desk, the footage is 'accidentally' deleted -- [I mean], then your hands are clean, [and] you wouldn't have to lie, [and] the problem would just go away," Lani clarified.

Eli started to protest but received a phone call just then that couldn't be ignored -- and, as a result, Lani ended up alone with the surveillance footage.

Abe invited Trask to the Brady Pub for breakfast. "Well, this [was] very nice...and rather unexpected, given our history," Trask admitted to Abe after they finished eating. "Thank you -- for breakfast and for asking me back as D.A.," Trask added. "[Actually], I wanted to talk to you about [that]... I have some concerns," Abe revealed.

"Look, when I offered you this position, Kristen DiMera wasn't in custody, and I never anticipated that you would be prosecuting the woman --" Abe elaborated. "Who murdered my daughter!" Trask spat, prompting Abe to counter that Haley's death had been ruled an accident. "[So], given the depths of your personal feelings, I think it's best for everyone involved if you would recuse yourself," Abe concluded. "Oh, no, Mayor -- I'm a professional, no matter what my personal feelings are; I took an oath to uphold the ethical standards of the office of the district attorney, and that is exactly what I intend to do!" Trask insisted.

"I hope that's the case, but --" Abe began to counter, still concerned. "If you think that I would ever let my personal feelings or my prejudices interfere with my job -- ever -- then why the hell would you bring me back as D.A.?" Trask wondered. "There's more involved here than [just] your 'personal feelings,' Melinda -- you lost your daughter --" Abe tried to reason. "But I haven't lost my integrity or my professionalism -- which is why I [intend] to follow the facts!" Trask stressed. "[Then how about] a compromise -- instead of you trying the case, [why don't you] let one of your A.D.A.s do it?" Abe suggested, drawing a laugh from Trask. "Even if I agreed to that -- which I'm not saying I will -- I would still be leading the investigation, gathering evidence..." Trask pointed out.

Abe still thought the idea was worth consideration, but Trask disagreed. "This case has been grossly mishandled from the beginning -- and, as mayor, I'd think it'd be in your best interest if, this time, we got it right," Trask argued. "[Still]...the optics of this case and your obvious conflicts of interest -- it's all very troubling," Abe maintained. "Again, I will do my job -- I will follow the facts and the evidence wherever they may lead, [even if doing so actually] exonerates Kristen DiMera of the attempted murder of Victor Kiriakis," Trask promised. "That's all I can ask," Abe decided after some thought, apparently satisfied.

"I'm sure you know that my daughter, Lani, is good friends with Kristen --" Abe began to add. "I had no idea... [That's] not a friendship I would have predicted..." Trask admitted. "Well, they met in Italy, and Kristen was there when Lani really needed a friend --" Abe explained. "Interesting..." Trask muttered as Abe continued talking, stressing that Lani had also been asked to keep personal feelings out of the case.

After saying goodbye to Abe, Trask headed over to the police station to see if Eli had finished gathering all of the evidence that had been requested the previous night -- but Lani was the one who handed over the surveillance footage.

Melinda gives Eli an ultimatum Melinda gives Eli an ultimatum
Friday, October 2, 2020

At the police station, Eli handed Melinda Trask a list of everyone on duty at the station the night of Kristen's escape from custody. "And the footage I asked for?" Melinda asked. "It's right here," Lani said as she handed a laptop to Melinda. While Melinda reviewed the footage in the interrogation room, Eli asked Lani if she had deleted the footage of her helping Kristen. Lani said she had wanted to edit the footage, but she had realized that Eli had been right about not bending the rules.

"That's not the kind of cop I want to be," Lani said. "If you didn't delete that footage, you're not going to be any type of cop at all," Eli shot back. With a shake of his head, Eli said he did not understand why Lani continued to cover for Kristen. "But I love you for it," Eli added. "You love me for aiding and abetting Kristen's escape?" Lani asked. Eli said he loved that Lani was a loyal friend.

"[And] that being a friend means more to you than being a cop," Eli added. Lani said that Kristen had helped her through the worst time of her life. "I can't just forget about that. Not to mention that she is the reason that we are together," Lani said. Lani stressed that if she had to choose between her friend and her job, "I'm letting the job go." Eli worried aloud that Melinda would use Lani to settle her score against Kristen. Eli told Lani to stay out of Melinda's way while he worked to defuse the situation with the D.A.

As Eli walked toward the interrogation room, Hope walked into the precinct, pulling a handcuffed Vincent behind her. "Is the interrogation room open? Is it free? I'm gonna need it," Hope said. Hope told Eli and Lani how she had tracked down Vincent. Eli asked about Ben. Hope admitted that she had forced Ben to drive back separately to keep him from killing Vincent.

"Did he say if Ciara was in the car [when it exploded]?" Eli asked. "Won't talk without a lawyer," Hope said. Ben arrived and grabbed Vincent by the lapel. "Talk! Or I'll kill you," Ben said as he shook Vincent. Eli pulled Ben off of Vincent, and he ordered Ben and Hope to leave. Lani agreed with Eli, and she promised to call Hope when she had news. Ben resisted, but Eli asked Ben to let the police follow the rules so that Vincent did not escape justice on a technicality. Reluctantly, Ben left with Hope.

Melinda asked Eli to meet with her in the interrogation room, and he followed her inside. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't charge your wife with obstruction of justice?" Melinda demanded. Eli played dumb, so Melinda showed him the footage. "Looks like Detective Price is leading Kristen DiMera out," Eli said. "Looks a little furtive, doesn't it?" Melinda pressed. Eli noted that the press had been everywhere that day and that Lani might have been leading Kristen on a path to circumvent the crowd.

Melinda argued that Lani had helped Kristen escape from the precinct after Kristen had confessed to stabbing Victor. "Lani's a cop. If Kristen confessed, why would she help Kristen get away?" Eli asked. Melinda shrugged. Melinda mentioned that Lani had grown close to Kristen in Italy at the convent.

"I am talking about a cop helping a suspect escape. A suspect that killed my daughter. Do not mess with me!" Melinda yelled. Melinda played footage of Lani submitting to Eli to be handcuffed. Eli played dumb again.

"It is at this time that you attempted to arrest Kristen DiMera, only to find out that she had disappeared. This is you confronting Detective Price for what she had done, and she is telling you to go ahead and arrest her. Except you didn't," Melinda said. Melinda reminded Eli that she had more footage to support her theory, and she pulled up another clip of Lani with Brady in a heated conversation.

"Right after that, Mr. Black left. Seems like he left here and went directly to an airstrip and boarded the Titan jet to Paris. The very same city that, apparently, Miss DiMera went to," Melinda said. Melinda argued that the only way Brady could have known where to find Kristen was if Lani had told him. Melinda threatened to send Lani to prison for years if Eli did not cooperate. As Eli sighed, Melinda noted that she believed that Lani was a good cop except for this incident, and that her preference was to put Kristen in prison instead of Lani.

"What do you want me to do?" Eli asked. "Simple. I need undeniable proof that Kristen is guilty. Something that will put her away for life. You get me that, and I'll drop this entire investigation into Detective Price," Melinda said. Melinda reminded Eli that Kristen had done enough things in her life to warrant prison and that there was no need for Lani to give birth to Eli's children there.

In the bullpen, Lani processed Vincent's paperwork, and she handed him papers to sign. "I get it, everyone here gets it. Ben Weston has done a lot of horrible things to a lot of people," Lani said. Lani said she understood why Vincent would want revenge against Ben for Wendy's murder.

"The evidence against you is overwhelming. You are going away for a very long time," Lani said. Lani urged Vincent to tell Hope the truth and give her closure. "How would your fiancée, Wendy, feel about what you're doing? She died helping complete strangers," Lani said. Lani argued that Wendy had dedicated her life to helping mothers, and she asked Vincent how Wendy would feel about him hurting Hope.

At Kayla and Steve's apartment, Kayla cooked Steve a special breakfast. "Where's Tripp?" Steve asked. Kayla noted that Tripp had already left. "He mentioned that he was going to go to the pub," Kayla said. Kayla asked if everything was okay. Steve told Kayla about Tripp's meeting with Allie, both in London and in the park off the town square. Steve explained that Tripp had met Allie in London while on a vacation from school.

"Do you think that Tripp is the father?" Kayla asked Steve. Steve noted that Tripp had appeared to be genuinely surprised by the news of Allie's pregnancy. "Did you ask him if he slept with her?" Kayla said. Steve admitted he had asked Tripp if he could be the father, but Claire had interrupted the conversation. "If he is the father, I need to help him step up to the plate," Steve said.

Outside the Brady Pub, Tripp sat on a bench and thought about his run-in with Allie in the park. Tripp then thought about his conversation with Steve about Allie's baby and its paternity. "Tripp! I heard you were in town," Roman said as he walked up to Tripp and hugged him. Tripp offered his condolences for Ciara, and he asked about Hope's investigation. "[Hope] texted me. She nabbed the psycho that blew up the car," Roman confirmed.

Over coffee in the pub, Tripp asked Roman about Allie. Roman talked about baby Henry. "I don't know anything about the father," Roman said. Before Tripp could respond, Ben and Hope walked into the pub. Roman rushed to meet them. Hope told Roman that Vincent was at the precinct, but he had not said anything about Ciara yet. Roman took Hope's hand and assured her that he was there for her.

"The way I'm managing to keep going is to be numb," Hope admitted. Hope confessed that she was pushing her emotions down and not facing them. "I just want my baby girl back," Hope whispered. Across the room, Ben stewed at a separate table. Tripp walked over to Ben with a cup of coffee for Ben, and he said, "I'm really sorry." Tripp's phone beeped with a message from Steve to go home.

After Tripp left, Ben joined Hope at her table while Roman went back to work. "He's not going to say anything. He's got me right where he wants me. The guy couldn't make me kill Ciara, but he can damn sure make sure I don't know if she is dead or alive," Ben said. Hope's phone rang with a call from Lani. Lani told Hope that Vincent wanted to talk to Hope and Ben. When Ben and Hope arrived at the station, Vincent told them that he would tell them everything they wanted to know about Ciara.

At Nicole's apartment, she talked to Eric on the phone about Henry. When Eric asked about Allie, Nicole lied and said that everything was fine. "I miss you so much already," Nicole said. Allie exited her bedroom, so Nicole ended her call. Nicole stopped Allie before she left. Allie said she was on her way to the store. Nicole insisted that she and Allie finish their conversation about the night Allie had met Tripp.

"Something is bothering you," Nicole said. When Allie insisted she was fine, Nicole pointed out that Allie was awfully eager to rush out without seeing her or the baby. "What if there is something wrong? What if I don't want to talk about it? What if I don't even want to think about it, okay?" Allie said. Allie said she did not want to talk about the past.

"Just because it's in the past doesn't mean it stops hurting," Nicole said. "I'll get over it," Allie insisted. Nicole noted that Allie had shut down when she'd gotten to the part of the story where Tripp had taken her home. Allie admitted that she did not know what had happened. "So, you blacked out?" Nicole asked. Allie nodded yes.

"My friends used to be amazed at how much I could drink and still make sense. Still be standing up," Allie confided to Nicole. "I was pretty good at that myself. Way back when," Nicole confided. Allie muttered that Henry did not deserve her as a mother. Nicole cautioned Allie not to beat herself up over what had happened in London.

"You only hurt yourself. Isn't that punishment enough? You're sober now, right?" Nicole said. With a nod, Allie said she had stopped drinking to protect the baby until she could decide what to do about her pregnancy. Nicole told Allie she was not alone. "What is the last thing you remember?" Nicole asked.

"I remember Tripp taking me home, but I don't remember anything that happened in my apartment until the next morning," Allie said. Nicole asked Allie if she had been too drunk to consent to having sex with Tripp. "I'm not sure," Allie said. A look of worry crossed her face. "I just remembered. I didn't jump him. He was on top of me," Allie said. Nicole reasoned aloud that if Allie had needed Tripp's help to get home, then he'd been aware that Allie had been in no position to consent to sex.

"How do you know I didn't [consent]?" Allie asked. Nicole asked Allie if she wanted peace of mind. Allie stared in silence. Nicole pushed Allie to remember that night. "Whenever I think about that night, I get a really bad feeling. I don't know why," Allie said. As Nicole reached for Allie's wrist, Allie pulled away and said, "No!" Nicole asked what was wrong.

"That night. There was a hand on my wrist. He was holding me down," Allie said. Nicole asked Allie if she remembered anything else. Allie stammered, "I said no." Nicole argued that if Tripp had assaulted Allie, she needed to report it to the police. "I can't. They'd arrest Tripp. That's Uncle Steve's son," Allie said. Nicole countered that Allie remembered that she had not consented, and that was enough. When Nicole offered to go with Allie to the police station, Allie panicked about people she knew seeing her at the station.

Tripp returned to Kayla and Steve's apartment as Kayla left for the hospital. "I think we need to finish the conversation we started yesterday," Steve told Tripp. Steve asked Tripp if it was possible that he was the father of Allie's baby. "I am not the father of that baby," Tripp stressed. Tripp said he had never slept with Allie.

At Nicole's apartment, Lani visited Allie at Nicole's request. Nicole explained that Allie needed to talk to Lani, but she had not felt comfortable talking to Lani at the station. With a nod, Lani sat next to Allie on the couch. "What's going on?" Lani asked. With a deep breath and tears in her eyes, Allie said, "I want to report a rape."

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