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Vincent told Ben and Hope that Ciara was dead. Melinda forced Eli to get evidence against Kristen by threatening Lani. Bonnie donated her court-awarded money to Sonny's company. Allie filed a police complaint about her rape. Lani questioned Tripp about the rape. Steve and Kayla debated Tripp's innocence. Claire told Allie about Tripp's past. Tripp confronted Allie. Victor fired Xander, but he gave Xander another chance thanks to Jan. Philip plotted with an unknown person to take over Titan.
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Vincent told Ben and Hope that Ciara was dead, Lani questioned Tripp about the rape allegations
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Allie and Tripp recall different versions of their meeting Allie and Tripp recall different versions of their meeting
Monday, October 5, 2020
by Mike

Kayla went to the Brady Pub to see Roman, who was in the process of decorating the restaurant for Halloween. "My first appointment [of the day] was canceled, and it occurred to me that I have not seen my big brother in a very long time," Kayla explained. "Well, good -- you can help me with [these decorations, then]," Roman suggested. "You don't seem very excited [about decorating]," Kayla observed. "Your nephew was supposed to help, but he bailed on me -- some lame excuse about helping starving people in Africa," Roman grumbled. "[Yeah, well, that's] your son -- the oddball who believes in helping people," Kayla acknowledged.

Roman gave Kayla a nod of agreement and expressed shame for having fathered such a bad person. "All joking aside, [though]...I don't know, Kayla -- [it just] seems like I'm losing family left and right; [I mean, it's not just] Eric [but also] Sami [and] Will... But at least we know they'll [all] be back sometime -- or we can visit them," Roman fretted. "[But] Ciara..." Kayla concluded for Roman.

Eager to change the subject, Roman started telling Kayla about Tripp's earlier visit. "He's back here to stay -- he wants to finish medical school here," Kayla revealed. "Steve's gotta love that," Roman guessed. "Well, you know, we're both really happy about it..." Kayla stressed.

"[Anyway, look]...Tripp ran into Allie [yesterday] and, um...realized that he had met her before -- [it was] in London...[and] it was [in] December -- [so], given the timing and the circumstances...Steve and I think that maybe Tripp is, uh, the father of Allie's baby," Kayla hesitantly admitted. "Then where in the hell has he been?" Roman asked incredulously. "Tripp didn't even know that Allie had been pregnant until Steve told him yesterday...[and] we don't even know if [he's] really the father," Kayla clarified. "He did bring up Allie's name [earlier...and] now that I look back on it, he could have been fishing for information..." Roman realized before conceding that Tripp was a decent guy who would step up and do the right thing if Kayla and Steve's suspicion turned out to be true.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Lani asked Allie to identify the victim of the rape that was being reported. "It was me -- I was raped," Allie clarified. "Last December -- I know it's a long time ago --" Allie began to elaborate. "That's okay -- the statute of limitations on rape hasn't expired yet, so we can still prosecute your assailant --" Lani stressed. "Assailant?" Allie repeated. "The man who raped you," Lani translated.

"Did you know him, or was he a stranger?" Lani asked. "Uh...sort of both, I guess -- I met him that night," Allie replied. "So, you know his name?" Lani assumed. "Uh...yeah... It's 'Tripp' -- 'Tripp Dalton,'" Allie revealed. "Isn't that...?" Lani realized. "Steve Johnson's son," Nicole confirmed. "But I didn't know that at the time," Allie stressed. "Where did you meet him?" Lani wondered. "At a club... And then we went back to my flat -- we were in London --" Allie clarified. "Is that where this happened?" Lani interjected, and Allie nodded in response.

"[That's] outside the U.S. jurisdiction --" Lani began to explain. "Are you saying he's gonna get away with this?" Allie asked. "This should have been something that you reported when you were in London --" Lani replied. "So, that's it?" Allie assumed. "[Look], I will take down all the information [you can give me about this], and then I will check [in] with the D.A.'s office and see what the next step is...but I cannot guarantee you that I won't be told that this falls under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police," Lani admitted. "I knew this was gonna be a huge mistake. Just forget the whole thing," Allie decided, fighting back fresh tears.

"Wait -- [I mean], I don't think you have anything to lose by telling Detective Price your story...[and then, no matter what the outcome is], at least you'll feel like you fought back," Nicole advised. "I guess..." Allie conceded before telling Lani everything else that Nicole had already heard earlier. "Do you know if [Tripp] used a condom?" Lani asked at the end of Allie's statement. "I don't think so, since I ended up pregnant," Allie replied. "You believe that he's the father of your child?" Lani translated. "He has to be -- I didn't have sex with anyone else," Allie insisted.

"I know how this looks -- I was drunk, and my memory from that night sucks -- believe me...right?" Allie asked Lani hopefully. "Of course," Lani confirmed. "Do you have enough to arrest Tripp?" Nicole wondered. "I don't want to speculate about that... [Look, honestly], there is a very small percentage of rape accusations that actually get a felony conviction..." Lani admitted. "[But] that doesn't mean you can't win your case," Lani said to Allie. "People are just gonna say I was drunk [and] had it coming --" Allie predicted. "You did nothing wrong," Lani insisted. "I know I don't remember much...but I remember saying no," Allie stressed.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve somewhat skeptically repeated Tripp's claim about having never slept with Allie. "[You know] you could tell me if you did, [right]?" Steve stressed. "[Yeah]...but I already told you I didn't," Tripp countered. "I know, but --" Steve replied. "But what?" Tripp asked.

"Are you saying I'm lying?" Tripp challenged Steve with a scoff of disbelief. "[No], I'm not...[but] you have to admit, the timing works out, [so]..." Steve clarified. "I know how it looks...but I didn't have sex with her, so there's no way I got her pregnant," Tripp maintained. "Okay -- [then] what did happen between the two of you?" Steve wondered. "Not a whole lot -- I'm actually surprised she even remembers me," Tripp admitted.

"Like I said before, I went to London with a couple guys from med school. They decided to stay in the night we got there, but I was jet-lagged [and] wide awake, so I went to a club...[and] I saw this, like, really cute girl standing by the bar, [and] she was checking out the room [and just] had this look [in] her eye that [said] she wasn't scared of anything, [so] I walked up to her [and] asked her [for] her name, and she said 'Allie' -- no last name, so there was no way to know that she was Kayla's niece. [Anyway], we made small talk for a little while, and I thought we were hitting it off, [so] I asked her to dance, [but] she said she'd rather not, [so I asked] why, [and] she said she didn't really like the song...but she said it with, like, a little bit of a smile, so I thought I still had a chance with her -- you know, I figured she was just playing hard to get or something," Tripp explained.

"[And then] I lost track of her for, like, an hour or so...but then I caught sight of her again, so I went up to her and asked her if she liked this song, [and] this time, she agreed to dance with me...but it was pretty obvious that she had gotten pretty wasted since the last time I saw her -- [I mean], she couldn't walk a straight line, let alone dance -- so I offered to take her back to her place --" Tripp continued. "Were you drunk, too?" Steve interjected. "No, no -- just exhausted," Tripp clarified.

"[Anyway], we took a cab back to her place, and I had to help her inside, and then she put on some music [and] tried to get me to dance, but she was stumbling all over the place...and then, uh...[well], she wrapped her arms around my neck [and] kissed me...[and] I guess I kissed her back for a couple of seconds...but then I realized I was basically holding her up, [so] I just helped her get into bed [then] wrote her a note with my first name and phone number on it [and] took off. I was hoping she would call me the next day, but she never did -- I mean, I never heard from her or saw her again until I ran into her yesterday. [And then] she looked at me like she hated me -- [and] she slapped me across the face," Tripp concluded. "Why'd she do that?" Steve wondered. "I have no clue," Tripp insisted.

"Maybe she was embarrassed -- [you know], for getting so drunk you had to take her back to her place, [and for] passing out [on you afterward]," Steve suggested. "Probably...[but] you'd think she'd also be grateful...right?" Tripp replied. "[Actually]...she was, now that I think about it -- [I mean], I remember her thanking me for getting her home safely; [of course], she was slurring her words a lot, and I could barely understand her, [but] I remember a 'thank you' in there somewhere," Tripp decided.

"Maybe she remembers how I put the brakes on after she kissed me, [and she thinks] I was saying she wasn't good enough or something? [But for her] to still be that furious after all these months [just because she] felt rejected that one night...[well], that doesn't make any sense. Not to mention the fact that I explained why I stopped kissing her [that night -- I explained that I thought] she was about to pass out," Tripp mused. "If she was that drunk, maybe she can't remember anything you said," Steve suggested. "That's true...[but] if she has any memory of that night at all -- I mean, [from] before she got totally drunk -- I mean, she had to have known that I liked her, right?" Tripp argued. "[And] you'd think she'd be grateful -- [you know], that you didn't take advantage of her," Steve added.

"Crazy coincidence that she's Kayla's niece..." Tripp acknowledged. "The odds of you two running into each other [there] have to be pretty low," Steve guessed. "Yeah, I agree...but it happened," Tripp replied, shrugging.

"[Anyway], you threw me for a loop when you said she had a baby -- [I mean], I don't know what to make of this whole situation. [But] I swear to you, I have no idea what I did to offend her...[unless]...could it be that Allie's an alcoholic? Maybe she was drunk when I ran into her [yesterday, too, and that's why] --" Tripp continued. "Apparently, she doesn't drink anymore -- not since she got pregnant," Steve reported. "Right... [Well], the truth is, she didn't seem drunk -- just angry and miserable, like I was some horrible villain. [But] I swear to you [that] as soon as I saw how wasted she was that night in London, all I wanted to do was get her home safely, help her out... I mean, hell yeah, I was attracted to her -- but, like, not when she was like that," Tripp concluded. "You're preaching to the choir, okay? I believe you," Steve assured Tripp. "Right... I know..." Tripp replied.

"Well, you can stop worrying about being a grandpa -- that kid is not mine," Tripp stressed. "I get that...but, just for the record, I would love to be a grandpa," Steve countered. "We're gonna need to wait a little while on that one, okay?" Tripp insisted -- just as someone knocked on the townhouse door.

Steve opened the door and greeted Lani, who immediately shot Tripp a glare. "I need to speak to your son," Lani informed Steve. "Is this, uh, official police business?" Steve asked. "Yes, it is," Lani replied. "I think it's best if we speak down at the station," Lani said to Tripp.

At the police station, Trask continued trying to convince Eli to seal Kristen's fate in order to protect Lani. "You don't have any concrete proof [that Lani helped Kristen flee from Salem]," Eli pointed out. "No...but I'm pretty sure I have enough to bring it to a grand jury -- [and that] they'll indict her. [And then] she'll lose everything, [and] you will have to raise your children alone," Trask countered.

"But I'm willing to forget everything I know, because I don't want to take down Lani; what I want is to put Kristen DiMera away, once and for all," Trask stressed. "Well, Victor Kiriakis and Brady -- they're both covering for her --" Eli pointed out. "Then you're gonna have to work extra hard," Trask advised, shrugging. "I need irrefutable proof of her guilt --" Trask demanded. "And how do you expect me to get that?" Eli wondered. "You're smart -- you'll figure something out," Trask replied, shrugging again.

"[But, honestly], what I'd really like is a taped confession --" Trask suggested. "From Kristen? [But] she'll never consent to that!" Eli protested. "Who said anything about getting her consent?" Trask countered. "That's entrapment --" Eli objected. "Law is complicated -- you leave that part to me," Trask advised, waving a hand dismissively.

"If I help you put Kristen away, Lani will never forgive me --" Eli fretted. "Even after you tell her it was to keep her from delivering the twins in prison?" Trask asked incredulously. "Lani sees a side of Kristen that you and I don't see, okay? She calls [Kristen] her best friend --" Eli explained. "Oh, come on, Eli -- Kristen is working her! [Look], you will be doing your wife a favor if you destroy that friendship!" Trask tiredly replied.

"What if I can't give you the kind of case that you want against Kristen?" Eli wondered. "Let's not talk about what might happen. [Now, look], I'm gonna give you some time to think it over...but I promise you this -- Kristen DiMera is going down, and whether or not your wife goes with her [is] entirely up to you," Trask responded.

Meanwhile, Hope and Ben waited, somewhat impatiently, for answers from Vincent, who had insisted on starting the tale of what had happened to Ciara from the very beginning instead of skipping straight to the part that mattered most. "[After I left Paige's old dorm room with Ciara, we went] to Wendy's house. [I had] every intention of doing to Ben's wife what he did to my fiancée -- 'turnabout is fair play,' [as] they say -- [but when I tried] to inject Ciara with a drug to make her more...'docile' -- I think that's the word -- [she] fought back and managed to stab me with my own syringe. [But] I managed, still, to subdue her and stop her from running away. But then the drug started to affect my mind -- I became confused [and] thought Ciara was Wendy, who'd come back to me," Vincent revealed.

"[So], I decided to drive to the airfield so that [we] could go away together...but as we got to the gate, I saw the wedding rings [and] was hit with the painful truth yet again -- Ciara was in the car with me, [and] Wendy was gone forever. [Well], I couldn't let [Ciara] make her way back to Ben, [so] I picked up my gun and pointed it at her...[and then] I shot her, [just like Ben] shot Wendy. [So], as far as the explosion goes...[well, by then, Ciara was already dead, so] she never knew what hit --" Vincent continued, prompting Ben to lunge forward in anger.

"Look at me!" Ben demanded after grabbing Vincent. "We're being played," Ben said to Hope after forcing eye contact with Vincent. "He's lying -- he's telling that story about Ciara because he gets off on seeing what it does to us!" Ben explained to Hope before starting to shake Vincent. "Admit it, you son of a bitch!" Ben ordered Vincent as Hope intervened. "Leave me alone with him -- I'll get the truth out of him!" Ben assured Hope. "You already know the truth -- Ciara is dead, and it's all because of you!" Vincent spat at Ben. "I didn't want to have to take your daughter from you -- truly, I wish there'd been another way to make him pay --" Vincent tried to explain to Hope. "Shut the hell up!" Hope snapped at Vincent. "Ciara's blood is on your hands -- and don't you ever forget it," Vincent said to Ben.

Hope dragged Vincent off to a holding cell then rejoined Ben. "He's lying, Hope -- he will say whatever it takes to torture me. [Look], I still think he has her locked up somewhere [or] something," Ben maintained. "I want to believe that -- more than anything -- [but] why would he do that?" Hope asked. "I don't know...but I know I won't take that bastard's word for anything. There is zero evidence to back up his story," Ben replied. "[Actually], there may be..." Hope realized after some thought.

Hope rushed off then returned a short time later, carrying an evidence bag, and showed it to Ben. "This is the gun Vincent placed on the ground before he took off when the car exploded. I checked the magazine, the chamber -- there's a bullet missing," Hope explained. "We don't know when he fired it, [but] if it was fired in the car, Forensics would have found a bullet casing, right?" Hope reasoned while flipping through the case file. "[That] looks like a bullet casing to me..." Hope admitted while examining a photograph. "But we don't know that for sure," Ben argued. "I'll have Forensics confirm it...and if it is, I want to know why the hell it wasn't in the report to start with," Hope declared. "[So]...Vincent -- was he telling the truth?" Ben asked worriedly. "I don't know," Hope quietly replied.

"All we know for sure is that Vincent may have fired that gun off in the car -- that does not mean that he shot Ciara," Ben decided after some thought, but Hope walked away numbly without even acknowledging the point. "Hey, Vincent...there's something maybe you didn't think about -- if you killed Ciara, I got nothing to live for, so if she is are you," Ben muttered while eyeing the gun that Hope had left behind.

Lani questions Tripp about London Lani questions Tripp about London
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Lani went to Kayla and Steve's home to talk to Tripp about Allie's allegations. "What allegations?" Steve asked. Lani explained that the allegations were serious enough that she needed to speak to Tripp at the station. "Although you haven't been charged with anything, you can call a lawyer," Lani said. Lani said she needed Tripp's responses on the record.

Annoyed, Steve ordered Lani to get a warrant. Tripp said it was fine, but Steve was upset. "It's not okay. She's not even telling you what she is bringing you in for," Steve said. Tripp told Steve that it did not matter because he had not done anything. "The sooner I answer the questions, the sooner this will be over," Tripp said.

In the Kiriakis mansion, Bonnie visited Justin to give him a notarized receipt. "I'm giving my entire settlement from the publisher to Sonny's new company," Bonnie said. "What?" Justin asked in disbelief. Bonnie said she had donated the money in Adrienne's name. Justin asked Bonnie why she had donated the money.

"Because I feel horrible, all right? Worse than horrible. For what I did to Adrienne, you know? And you," Bonnie said. Bonnie explained that when Justin had recoiled in disgust after she had kissed him, she had realized that Justin would never believe that she was sorry for the things she had done.

"So, I decided to put my money where my mouth is," Bonnie said. "This is just so generous," Justin said. Bonnie admitted that her motive was selfish, too. "Giving all that money for a good cause made me feel better about myself. Better than I have my whole life," Bonnie explained. Bonnie said she understood it was better to give than receive. "Thank you on behalf of Adrienne," Justin said.

"There was something inside [Adrienne] that I just don't have. Whatever that something was, I think that's what made people love her so much. And I hope that you are crystal clear about this, that for once, I don't want anything from you. This is for Adrienne because it's the right thing," Bonnie said. Bonnie asked Justin if he could forgive her. Steve walked in.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Steve asked. Steve lit into Bonnie, but Justin interrupted to explain that he had served as Bonnie's lawyer. Justin asked Steve why he was there. "Weren't you just leaving?" Steve sneered at Bonnie. Annoyed, Justin yelled at Steve not to order his client to leave his home. Steve apologized.

"I need your help," Steve said. Steve told Justin about Lani, and he explained that he did not know why Lani wanted to question Tripp. After Justin left for the precinct, Steve called Tripp and left a voicemail urging Tripp not to say a word until Justin arrived. "Voicemail?" Bonnie asked. With a scowl, Steve told Bonnie that he would never forget what Bonnie had done, and he yelled at her to back off of Justin.

"You don't have to berate me, all right? I feel bad enough as it is," Bonnie said. Steve said no one would believe her. With a groan, Bonnie said she knew. "That's why I did this," Bonnie said as she thrust her donation receipt into Steve's hands. Steve asked if the receipt was real. Bonnie pointed out that the paper was notarized. With a sigh, Bonnie started to leave.

"Wait. This would have meant a lot to Adrienne. Thank you," Steve said. "Thank you for saying that," Bonnie said. With a nod, Bonnie walked out.

At Titan, Xander asked the new intern, Charlie, to get him a protein shake. "Will the other Mr. Kiriakis want one?" Charlie asked. Xander said Philip would not be in the office that day. Philip walked in. "There you go, Xander. Assuming things without checking the facts," Philip said. Philip introduced himself to Charlie then he sat on Xander's desk.

"Get your ass off my desk," Xander growled. While Xander got up to pour a cup of coffee, Philip swiped the keys from Xander's desk. "Sorry. I forgot which was which," Philip said as he moved over to the other desk in the office. Xander pointed out that Victor had not fired Philip.

"Why would he fire me when he hates [Jan's] guts. Along with everyone else she has ever met," Philip said. Philip noted that when Xander had interrupted him and Jan, Xander had stayed behind with Jan. "I don't know what you're driving at," Xander said. Philip accused Xander of pushing Jan to have Philip arrested.

"I did tell her that people who make death threats should be reported, but it wasn't hard to convince her," Xander said. Philip accused Xander of paying Jan to make a claim with the police. "I think she just wanted to feel safe," Xander countered. Philip told Xander that he was stupid to believe that Victor would fire him for threatening Jan. As Philip called Xander names, Xander grew agitated. When Xander pulled back his fist to punch Philip, he elbowed Charlie, who had entered the room. The protein shake exploded over the front of Charlie's chest. Philip burst into laughter.

"Wait a minute. That was an assault, Xander. The shake should call the police so it can feel safe," Philip joked. Xander apologized to Charlie, and he gave him money for a new shirt. When Philip joked that Charlie needed to ask HR for hazard pay, a confused Charlie left. Philip noted that he and Xander should get to work. Philip called Victor and told him that Xander was to blame for his arrest. With a smug grin, Philip transferred the call to Xander's phone. "It's father. He wants to have a word with you," Philip said.

In the square, Allie sat on the bench and thought about her conversation with Lani about her rape in London. Claire walked over and hugged Allie when she saw tears on her face. "I know. It's so horrible," Claire said. Nervous, Allie shifted with discomfort. Claire said she hoped that the man that had killed Ciara burned in hell. "Ciara's dead?" Allie asked. "You didn't know? Then what were you crying about?" Claire asked. When Allie shifted uncomfortably, Claire apologized.

"There's something that I've been keeping inside for a long time, and everyone's going to know sooner or later," Allie said. Claire asked what had happened. "I was raped," Allie whispered. Allie told Claire that the rapist was her baby's father. "That's why you gave up your baby," Claire whispered. Claire asked about the man. Allie said she had not reported the rape before, but she had decided to report the rape because she had learned that the man lived in Salem.

"It's Tripp," Allie said. Claire was taken aback. "I know him, it's hard for me to think that of him. He was my boyfriend, you know?" Claire said. Allie explained that Tripp had taken advantage of her when she had been drunk. Claire admitted that she had not kept in touch with Tripp. Allie apologized for upsetting Claire, and Claire thanked Allie for telling her because she would have learned about it from someone else.

"I was pretty drunk that night, and I admit that night, my memory is spotty. I'm sure that it was Tripp that raped me, but since he is denying it, it could help, I think, if I knew more about him," Allie said. Claire nodded in agreement. "Is any of this shocking at all to you? Or do you think that he's capable of rape?" Allie asked. Claire stared in silence at the ground.

"You were in love with him, right?" Allie asked. "Obsessed, actually," Claire said. When Allie asked Claire if Tripp had been aggressive with her, Claire firmly said no. "When we were together, he was really sweet to me and shy. Aggressive? No," Claire said. After a moment, Claire added that Tripp had framed Ben for arson out of jealousy over Ciara.

"That's awful! Why would nobody tell me this?" Allie asked. Claire said she felt bad for telling Claire about the Ben incident. "Why would you feel bad? He raped me. I think that I have the right to know these things," Allie said. "So that people will believe you?" Claire asked. Upset, Allie remarked that everyone spoke of Tripp as if he were "the nicest guy in the world." Allie asked Claire if Tripp had ever been violent.

Reluctantly, Claire told Allie that Tripp had attempted to avenge his mother's death when he had first arrived in Salem. "How did he do that?" Allie asked. Claire told Allie that Tripp had held a scalpel to Kayla's throat. "I thought he had changed. But I guess he hasn't," Claire whispered. Allie told Claire that Tripp had held her down.

"Was [Tripp] drunk, too?" Claire asked. With a shrug, Allie said she did not know. Claire agreed that drinking was no excuse for rape. "I am so sorry," Claire said. Claire urged Allie to talk to a therapist. With a gasp, Allie said she had lost track of time and needed to get home to the baby. Claire said that she was there for Allie, and she hugged Allie goodbye.

At the police station, Lani escorted Tripp into the interrogation room. Lani told Tripp that she was recording their conversation, and she reminded him that he could have a lawyer present. "No. It's fine. Just tell me what this is about," Tripp said. Lani asked Tripp questions about London, and Tripp admitted that he had talked to Allie at a club in London. "Did you and Allie part ways at the club?" Lani asked. Tripp told Lani that he had taken Lani to her house. Concerned, Tripp asked Lani what was going on.

"Allie said that you raped her," Lani said. "Allie said I raped her? Is she trying to say the kid is mine?" Tripp asked. Lani explained that Allie had said she had been drunk and that Tripp had taken Allie home. "[I took her home] because somebody had to! But I didn't rape her! I was trying to take care of her," Tripp said. Lani explained that she had asked Tripp down to the station to get his version of the events.

"It's not a version. It's the truth," Tripp said. Tripp confirmed that Allie had been too drunk to be alone, so he had escorted her home to protect her from the guys in the club. "[Allie was] so wasted that it took her five minutes to give the cab driver her address. So wasted that she couldn't possibly remember anything about that night," Tripp objected. Tripp accused Allie of lying. When Lani questioned Tripp further, Tripp admitted that he had helped Allie upstairs and had left after Allie had passed out.

"So, there was nothing physical?" Lani asked. Tripp said no but then corrected himself and explained that Allie had kissed him. "But I stopped her. She needed to sleep it off," Tripp explained. When Lani noted that Allie had a memory of Tripp holding her down on the bed, Tripp yelled, "I wouldn't rape anyone!" With a sigh, Tripp mumbled that "no good deed goes unpunished."

Justin walked in. Lani started to tell him to wait outside, but Justin explained that he was there in an official capacity as Tripp's attorney. Justin asked Lani if she had charged Tripp with a crime. When Lani said no, Justin asked her to leave so that he could consult with his client. Justin reminded Lani that anything she had recorded was useless. "We'll see about that," Lani said before she walked out.

Once alone, Justin asked Tripp why Lani had dragged him down to the station. "Allie Horton said I raped her," Tripp said. Tripp added that he had attempted to help Allie that night. "This is going to be a long, nasty process," Justin advised Tripp. Justin asked Tripp what had happened with Allie. "Nothing happened!" Tripp yelled. Frustrated, Tripp walked out.

As Justin gathered his things to leave, Steve walked in. Justin told Steve that he had shut down Lani's interview. "Where is [Tripp]?" Steve asked. Justin told Steve that he had bad news. "You better sit down," Justin said.

Kristen paced her room at the Salem Inn as she talked to Brady on the phone about John. "It'll be good for John to spend a little more time with his granddaughter," Kristen said. Kristen ended her phone call when there was a knock at the door. Kristen expected to see Belle, but she was surprised to see Eli at the door instead. Worried, Kristen asked Eli if Lani and the baby were okay.

"We have bigger problems. Melinda Trask has Lani in her crosshairs," Eli said. Eli told Kristen about Melinda's threats. "I'm the one [Melinda] wants," Kristen objected. "Yes, you're the one she wants, but she has Lani over a barrel. [Melinda] has footage of Lani letting you go and footage of Lani talking to Brady right before he hopped on a Titan jet to find you," Eli said. Kristen confided that she had been worried that might happen. Angry, Eli countered, "Not scared enough to keep Lani out of your damn mess." Kristen apologized. Eli demanded to know what Kristen planned to do to help Lani.

After a moment of silence, Eli apologized for yelling at Kristen. "I will not let Lani pay for helping me," Kristen said. Eli asked Kristen to promise to confirm Eli's story that Lani had escorted her out of holding to bypass the press. "I'll do that and more," Kristen said. Eli thanked Kristen. "Maybe I underestimated you," Eli said. "I'm beginning to understand what Lani sees in you," Kristen responded. Eli apologized again for yelling.

"If you swear that you didn't tell Lani that you stabbed Victor, we should be all right," Eli said. "I'm just so sorry I put her in that position in the first place," Kristen countered. Kristen explained that Lani had known her well enough to know that Kristen had stabbed Victor. Eli said he understood why Kristen had wanted to hurt Victor. Kristen confessed that she did not remember grabbing the knife, but she remembered plunging the knife into Victor's stomach.

"It is because Victor is too evil to die that I am not facing murder charges, but that man, Victor Kiriakis, should be punished for what he did. But Lani? No. She should not be punished for what I did," Kristen said. Eli thanked Kristen. With a sigh, Kristen asked for time alone. Eli thanked Kristen for her help. "I'm helping Lani," Kristen said. With a nod, Eli walked out.

In the hallway, Eli reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. "Yeah, you helped her. You just have no idea how much," Eli said. Eli hit stop on a voice recording app on his phone. When Eli returned home, he listened to the recording of Kristen confessing to stabbing Victor. "Eli?" Lani said as she walked in. Eli froze, but as she started to complain about her day, it was clear that Lani had not heard the recording.

Lani changed the subject to Eli, and she asked about his conversation with Melinda. "She asked me a bunch of questions, trying to imply that you aided and abetted Kristen," Eli said. Lani asked if she should be worried. "No. [Melinda's] not going to pursue it any further. You can be sure of that," Eli said. Eli shoved his phone into his coat pocket.

Titan intern Charlie, sporting a clean shirt, walked through the square and accidentally dropped money as he was shoving it into his wallet. As Charlie kneeled down to gather the money, Claire tripped over him and spilled her drink on him. Charlie sighed in resignation.

Allie returned to Nicole's place, but Nicole and Henry were not there. Allie found a note on the desk. As Allie sighed, there was a knock at the door. It was Tripp.

Tripp confronts Allie Tripp confronts Allie
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
by Mike

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor continued a phone conversation with Xander. "Damn it, Xander, I thought you'd grown up enough to share authority...[but], obviously, I was wrong, [so] clean out your desk and get out of the building," Victor demanded. "You're firing me over this? [Look], I may have...misunderstood the situation...but when I heard Philip threaten to deal with [Jan] permanently, I --" Xander tried to explain. "I gave you a chance, and you blew it, [so] now I'm going to have my son run Titan as he sees fit," Victor maintained. "You can't do this to me --" Xander protested. "I just did it -- [and] the next time [you decide to] hire a woman to do your dirty work, make sure she's not a homicidal maniac like Jan Spears," Victor countered before ending the call. "Better watch who you're calling a 'homicidal maniac,'" Jan, who had just entered the mansion, warned Victor.

At Titan, Philip gloated about Xander's termination. "If you're looking for work...[well], Father did say [earlier that] the gardener's assistant just gave his notice..." Philip advised. "Careful -- you might end up pushing up daisies in that garden," Xander warned. "The Salem P.D. has a low threshold for filing assault charges, [so] you so much as breathe on me, [and] you'll be back behind bars, where you belong," Philip countered.

Meanwhile, Victor demanded to know how Jan had managed to get inside the Kiriakis mansion. "I told Henderson that Xander left me a message [about] wanting to see me -- which is the truth," Jan explained. "And then you figured you'd tiptoe in here and give me a heart attack [to] finish what you started all those years ago?" Victor assumed. "Oh, Victor -- you're still so sure the whole world revolves around you," Jan observed.

"I'm not the same girl you used to know," Jan insisted. "You may have fooled those quacks at the cuckoo's nest where they had you, but you don't fool me -- you're still the same girl who tried to electrocute me in a bathtub," Victor countered. "[And] I understand that Xander talked you into filing false charges against Philip --" Victor continued. "Those charges are not false...[and] nobody puts me up to anything," Jan clarified. "[In fact], that message [from Xander] that I mentioned -- that was [him] telling me to back off --" Jan began to elaborate. "You're lying," Victor guessed, prompting Jan to play the message. "[But] you can't threaten to kill a woman without having to answer for it, [so I'm not dropping the charges against Philip]," Jan concluded -- just as Xander entered the mansion.

"I didn't lay a finger on the old coot -- not that I wasn't tempted. [But], from the look in your eye, maybe I'm not the one Victor should be worried about..." Jan said to Xander before exiting the mansion. "I don't know what she told you, but --" Xander began to clarify for Victor. "She played the message that you left for her," Victor revealed before backpedaling on Xander's termination.

Meanwhile, at Titan, Philip continued a phone conversation with someone. "Xander was fired today, and the board just signed off on it, [so now] there's no one to stand in the way of our plans for Titan," Philip whispered.

At the Horton Town Square, Claire started to apologize for having just tripped over -- and consequently spilled a drink on -- Charlie. "I didn't even --" Claire began to explain before taking a good look at Charlie for the first time. "See you..." Claire finished with a smile and a quiet gasp of approval. "It's okay," Charlie insisted, returning the smile.

"Looks like I owe you a new shirt," Claire acknowledged. "This was a new shirt," Charlie revealed. "[But] don't worry -- uh, I have other new shirts..." Charlie quickly added, not wanting Claire to feel any worse about the accident. "You a shopaholic or something?" Claire wondered. "No -- uh, not on my salary -- [but] this is the second time today that somebody's nailed me with a smoothie, so..." Charlie clarified. "Wow -- [then] you are having a really bad day," Claire mused. "Yeah, I am..." Charlie agreed. "I just started a new job today, and my two bosses...[well], I'm pretty sure they hate each other's guts. [Anyway], they were, like, having it out when I walked in, and I ended up wearing one guy's smoothie, [so] he gave me some money to buy [new] shirts," Charlie elaborated.

"Where do you work?" Claire asked. "Titan Industries," Charlie replied. "Your two bosses -- they wouldn't happen to be Philip and Xander Kiriakis?" Claire guessed. "How do you know?" Charlie wondered. "Because I'm related to them -- [see], my great-grandfather is Victor Kiriakis; he's Philip's father [and] Xander's uncle," Claire revealed before shaking hands with Charlie. "It's nice to meet you -- sorry I had to ruin a brand-new shirt to do it, [though]," Claire stressed. " said you wanted to make it up to me, [so] you have any advice on, like, how to...'climb the corporate ladder' at your family's business?" Charlie wondered. "Are you sure you really want to do that? [I mean], you only got hit with a smoothie today, [but] from what I've heard...most days, those sharks at Titan are out for blood," Claire warned.

"[Well, then], there is...maybe one other way...that you could...make this up to me -- [I mean, if] you want to...go out with me...uh, after work..." Charlie suggested. "Uh...not -- not tonight..." Claire decided after some thought. "Sorry -- I...I...I get it..." Charlie replied before starting to rush off. "It's not you," Claire insisted, stopping Charlie.

"You made me laugh and forget about the rest of my life for a little while," Claire admitted. "I didn't even ask about your life," Charlie realized. "Do you not want to talk about it?" Charlie assumed when Claire didn't immediately respond. "Not the details...[but]...there's been a death in my family -- someone my age... [Plus], I just found out something awful about my ex -- really awful -- [and] I always thought of this guy as a good person, [but]..." Claire revealed. "You wouldn't have that problem with me -- what you see is what you get," Charlie promised while doing a goofy dance that made Claire laugh again. "I'm just saying..." Charlie added with a shrug before handing Claire a business card then walking away.

At the police station, Justin explained to Steve that Allie had accused Tripp of rape. "It's gotta be a mistake -- [I mean], Tripp told me all about the night he met Allie Horton, [and] he did not sleep with her, let alone rape her," Steve stressed. "He told me the same thing," Justin revealed. "I could see that he was telling me the truth. I know my son -- he's not a perfect person, but he would never do a thing like this," Steve insisted.

"Steve, this isn't going away," Justin warned. "You're still his lawyer...right?" Steve asked hopefully. "Will is my son-in-law, [and] Allie is his sister --" Justin hesitantly began to reply. "[And] Tripp is Adrienne's nephew -- and yours, too!" Steve countered. "This case could get moved to a courtroom in London --" Justin continued. "[But] while it's still here...?" Steve begged. "All right," Justin agreed after some thought.

At the hospital, Kayla continued a phone conversation with someone at Salem University. "I am Tripp's stepmother, so I have to admit to a little bias, but...I have watched him grow into a principled, caring young man, and I really think that he will be a fine physician," Kayla said before ending the call -- and spotting Nicole and Henry nearby. "[Henry] just had a checkup," Nicole explained to Kayla. "I couldn't help but overhear the end of your phone call..." Nicole admitted. "Oh -- yeah, [that was] the dean of the medical school; Tripp put me as, uh, one of his references [because] he wants to transfer here," Kayla clarified.

"Uh...Kayla, there's...something you don't know...about Tripp..." Nicole revealed. "Tripp and Allie met in London -- [and], given the dates, there is a chance that...Tripp is Henry's father," Kayla helpfully summarized for Nicole. "Allie is 100% sure Tripp is," Nicole stressed. "[And] you believe her," Kayla realized. "I do," Nicole confirmed. "[Well, look], Tripp hadn't even spoken to her since the night he met her -- [I mean], he didn't even know that she was pregnant -- [but] if it turns out that he is Henry's father, he will step up and take responsibility -- I know that," Kayla insisted. "It's more complicated than that..." Nicole declared.

"Allie told the police that Tripp raped her?" Kayla incredulously repeated after Nicole finished talking. "When did these memories come back?" Kayla asked, but Nicole refused to say anything else.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Allie stared at Tripp in shock. "I don't know what you're doing here, but I am not letting you in," Allie snapped. "Fine -- then you and your neighbors can all hear what I have to say," Tripp countered. Allie weighed the options for a moment then hesitantly stepped aside, prompting Tripp to quickly enter the apartment and shut the door.

"Why did you tell the cops that I raped you?" Tripp asked. "Because you did," Allie replied. "There's no way I raped you, okay? I didn't even go to --" Tripp began to argue. "You were at that club in London, okay?" Allie stressed, assuming that Tripp was about to claim otherwise. "And you asked me to dance with you, and I said no -- but, obviously, you don't know the meaning of that word," Allie continued. "I left you alone when you turned me down," Tripp countered. "And when I saw you again later, you said you wanted to dance -- and when I asked if you wanted me to take you home, you said yes to that, too," Tripp continued.

"So, you're saying that I -- that I asked for this?" Allie assumed. "No -- I'm telling you I volunteered to take you home because you were so wasted. [And then] I had to practically carry you to the cab [then] upstairs to your apartment," Tripp clarified. "And that was a year ago! Why are you making such a big deal of this now?" Tripp continued. "Because I just remembered what you did to me!" Allie explained.

"You were so drunk you could barely tell the cabbie your address, so how could you possibly remember anything else that happened after that?" Tripp challenged Allie. "You were counting on that, right? Me being too drunk to remember?" Allie guessed. "No -- I tried to look after you!" Tripp insisted. "You couldn't put words together, you could barely walk --" Tripp continued. "Yeah -- which shows that I could not have consented to having sex with you," Allie summarized. "Which is why we did not have sex!" Tripp stressed. "All I did was help you get into your apartment, and then get you into bed --" Tripp continued. "Yeah, I bet you did," Allie dryly interjected. "The only contact we made was when you kissed me -- and I stopped you because I didn't want to take advantage of you!" Tripp maintained.

"Then, when you passed out, I left my name and number on a pad by the bed, and then I went home," Tripp concluded. "I never got any note..." Allie argued. "And if you were such a perfect gentleman, then how did I end up pregnant?" Allie wondered. "Must've been some other guy," Tripp reasoned with a shrug. "There was no other guy; I didn't have sex with anyone during that time except you -- when you raped me!" Allie insisted. "That is not what happened!" Tripp countered. "I was drunk, [and] I don't remember everything from that night...but I do remember you being on top of me, and you holding down my wrists, and me saying no, and me yelling for you to stop -- and you didn't stop!" Allie summarized.

"Look, uh, I obviously don't know everything that happened to you that night --" Tripp acknowledged. "Yeah, of course you don't -- [because] you were wasted, too," Allie concluded for Tripp. "No, I wasn't," Tripp insisted. "I meant [that] I don't know what happened to you after I left," Tripp clarified. "After you left, I fell asleep...and I woke up in the middle of the night, and I knew -- I knew what you did to me -- and I was so sick that I puked my guts out --" Allie revealed. "You puked because you drank too much. I didn't do anything except get you home and help you into bed," Tripp maintained. "Yeah, helped me into bed -- and then you took off my clothes and...and took advantage of me!" Allie maintained. "No, I didn't -- I...I would never do that to anyone!" Tripp stressed.

"[And besides], the way you were acting [that night -- I mean], do you think [that] I was attracted to that? Not in the least! I mean, you could barely walk, you could make no sense, your eyes were bloodshot, you reeked of booze -- why the hell would I want to have sex with you?" Tripp continued. "Because you're disgusting!" Allie reasoned.

"And I don't want you here, [so] get out -- now!" Allie demanded. "No -- I'm not going anywhere until I make you see that you're wrong about me!" Tripp insisted. "You're not gonna 'make' me do anything!" Allie countered. "You're going to ruin my life over something I didn't do!" Tripp fretted. "I'm calling the police --" Allie warned while reaching for a nearby cell phone, but Tripp got to it first.

While Allie was trying to snatch the cell phone from Tripp, Nicole entered the apartment with Henry and demanded to know what was going on. "I opened the door, and he was standing there -- [and] I tried to [make] him leave, but he wouldn't --" Allie explained. "I just wanted to talk to her --" Tripp countered. "[And then] he took my phone so I couldn't call anyone for help --" Allie continued. "I was trying to find out why she's lying about me --" Tripp continued. "Keep it down before you wake up your son," Nicole warned Tripp. "That is not my baby -- there's no way!" Tripp insisted.

Nicole asked Allie to take Henry to another room. "I'm not here to make trouble," Tripp assured Nicole after Allie left with Henry. "Barging in where you're not wanted and scaring Allie to death is you not wanting to make trouble?" Nicole challenged Tripp. "I don't know what she told you about that night, but I know for a fact, Allie and I did not have sex," Tripp stressed, drawing a scoff of skepticism from Nicole.

"I was the one who was sober that night, and I didn't do what Allie thinks I did, okay? [Now, look], I don't know why Allie's lying, and I don't really care, [but] she listens to you, so you have got to get her to tell the truth --" Tripp begged Nicole. "I already did tell the truth," Allie, who had just emerged from another room, insisted. "I know you did," Nicole assured Allie. "How do you 'know' that? My God, you weren't there!" Tripp argued. Nicole ignored the point and threatened to contact the police, prompting Tripp to storm out of the apartment with a sigh of frustration.

"He had to deny it --" Nicole began to assure Allie. "[But] he seemed so shocked by all of it..." Allie noted. "Well, Allie, are you absolutely sure it was Tripp?" Nicole wondered. "I remember him holding me down, and...and I remember saying no, and...and saying to stop..." Allie maintained. "I just thought he was gonna say something different -- [you know, like]...I wanted it as much as he did -- but he's just saying nothing happened, [and...I mean], how could he say that [when] my son is on earth because of [this]? Henry is proof that something happened that night, and Tripp is still lying about it!" Allie continued.

Steve went to the hospital to find out if Kayla had seen Tripp recently. "You're not gonna believe what's happening --" Steve began to explain. "Nicole told me," Kayla revealed.

Steve and Kayla took turns sharing everything they knew about the situation. "What is up with Nicole -- what, is she egging Allie on or something?" Steve asked afterward, drawing a shrug from Kayla.

"Wait a minute -- you don't think Tripp did this, do you?" Steve challenged Kayla. "He was fairly dangerous [at one point]..." Kayla reminded Steve. "I thought you'd forgiven him [for that] --" Steve admitted. "I had...[but, recently], he said to me [that] maybe he hadn't changed as much as we had all hoped...[and then] he admitted to me that he had planted evidence to frame Ben Weston for the fire that almost killed Ciara...[so if] he was okay with sending an innocent man to prison, [then]..." Kayla reasoned. "Okay, so...Tripp made a bad call with Ben...but I'm sure he thought he was protecting Ciara," Steve guessed. "Or maybe he couldn't deal with the fact that Ciara preferred Ben over him -- [I mean], maybe he is one of those kind of guys that can't take 'no' for an answer," Kayla countered.

"Sweetness...we're talking about my son here -- a young man who has had so many painful struggles in his life [but has] turned things around now [and] wants to be a doctor...and that's mainly because he admires you so much. And you can't give him the benefit of the doubt? You choose to believe someone you -- you hardly know instead of my son, your stepson? I can't tell you how much that hurts me!" Steve declared. "I would never want to hurt you -- you have to know that -- [but] I just don't understand why Allie would lie. I mean, what could she possibly gain by making up such serious charges?" Kayla argued. "I don't know...[but] she was very drunk that night, [so] she probably [has] her facts mixed up," Steve suggested, drawing a scoff of disbelief from Kayla.

While passing through the town square, Tripp ran into Claire, who was reading Charlie's business card with a smile. "You son of a bitch!" Claire spat at Tripp. "Look, she's got it all wrong --" Tripp tried to explain after realizing that Claire knew about Allie's accusation. "I can't believe that I used to be in love with you! [But] I see you for what you really are now -- and so will everybody else!" Claire snapped before storming off, leaving Tripp speechless.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air
Thursday, October 8, 2020

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, October 12, and picked up where the Wednesday, October 7, episode concluded.

PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air PREEMPTION: Days of our Lives did not air
Friday, October 9, 2020

Due to NBC Sports coverage of the French Open tennis tournament, Days of our Lives did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the schedule change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, October 12, and picked up where the Wednesday, October 7, episode concluded.

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